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Calendars an excellent tool for advertising and branding Besides being time, day and year indicators, calendars also act as great pieces of art and vintage collection. Moreover, they are excellent brand ambassadors and are a hot favorite for any business house, Corporate, a Trader, Professional, institutions, hospitals, Industrial house, media and entertainment houses, celebrities etc. They promote your brand or your product and create a deep impact on the customers.

They leave a very lasting and lingering effect especially if they are of vintage categories, which make great gift items. This is what makes them an excellent advertising medium. For this purpose, there numerous online calendar stores which not only allow you to select, buy or make calendars but also assists you to design personalized calendars or custom desk calendars to suit your requirement. Here are some of the options in calendars, which act as your brand ambassadors:

Large Wall Calendars These calendars are extremely decorative with a blend of mainstream, unconventional creativity and artwork. Most of the wallpapers have innovative themes viz. folk, travel, nature, animals, vintage or classic cars, Hollywood celebrities, festival, paintings etc. which besides being a timeless piece of art add a remarkable dĂŠcor to the walls. They are proud pieces of possession and strong display value and presence attracting great

viewer ship and compliments. They are priceless assets in any office, home, corporate or boutiques or showroom as they reflect a refined taste of the owner. They can be either made out of cloth, card stock, paper, metal spiral, matt or glossy texture.

Landscape Calendar Breathtaking views and themes of varied landscape across the globe with premium and superior quality of paper, are the features of these calendars and make them one of the most sought after items in advertising. These calendars are normally printed on heavy weight glossy or matt card stocks which are immensely appealing. They are exclusively selected by travel companies for their aesthetics and beauty quotient. They are excellent promotional and branding tools for the Travel and their promotional tours or Holiday packages.

Personalized Calendars These (advertising) calendars are exclusively selected by Celebrities, Professionals, Boutiques, shops, advertising houses, Beauticians, therapists etc. who have specialized services to offer . They present these to a set segment of clientele to promote niche and exclusive services. Wide range of personalized products can be fully customized to meet the need be of the calendar customer be it personal or business . Such calendars tinges emotional value to the receiver. Many big hospitals use these types of calendars , and they are also used as wedding & anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, Graduation gifts, New Baby gifts, Baptism , Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. As opposed to being a date and day specifier, they serve more as a gift item or a memoir.

Buy Calendar 2014 With advanced information and technology, online trading is extremely handy and convenient shopping exercise. In fact, it is so easy today that you can create, personalize, customize, download and print a calendar as per your specifications and taste. They provide an exotic range of calendars that they print

in advance and deliver them free of costs. For instance, you can buy calendars for 2014 that are personalized for you at an extremely competitive price.

Conclusion : Promotional calendars are not only great promotional tools but they maximize brand visibility to a huge extent in a highly competitive field without overshooting your budget limits. So, next time, don’t forget to pack in a calendar as a part of your corporate gift item. Good luck to buy calendars for 2014.

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Calendars an excellent tool for advertising and branding  

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