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2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

The Maeya Culture Exchange Group LLC provides a platform for different cultures to explore, share and communicate with one another. Our purpose is to increase mutual understanding and appreciation between people from different cultures through education and culture exchange. The Economic globalization brings financial benefit; Maeya Culture Exchange Group LLC brings harmony through culture and art environment.

As a cultural project management firm, Maeya Culture Exchange Group LLC produces and manages two international film festivals every year in the United States. One is Universe Multicultural Film Festival that is held in Los Angeles every April, and the other is San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival that is held in San Diego every September. Maeya’s brand-new annual production is Epic ACG Fest that is held in Albany every November.

Maeya has many years of experience in the promotion and distribution of family-friendly films, both in the U.S. and in China. As of to date, Maeya has the distribution rights of 63 films imported from China. All of the films have been promoted through participation in various film festivals.

In February 2013, Maeya proudly presented Cheng Ying Rescues the Orphan, Maeya’s first theater production at Studio 54 Theater in New York’s Broadway as well as at the Warner Grand Theater in Los Angeles. On October18, 2016, Maeya present this Chinese Yu Opera, for the first time, at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, the home of Academy Awards.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

Welcome Letter from Executive Director Lynn Tang

Dear SDIKFF attendees, It is with great pleasure and honor that we present the 2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival (SDIKFF) at Carlsbad City Library , Carlsbad Senior Center, and Howard Brubeck Theatre from August 25h to 27th, 2017. The screenings and events at this year's festival are, as always, promoting the idea of entertainment with education. This year, attendees could choose to view 125 unique films from 23 countries ranging from features to shorts, from documentaries to animation, from the silly to the sublime. You could also participate in industry panels and workshops and engage film Q&As, hosted film receptions and galas, plus the real people action show “Screenplay Showcase”. This year is our 9th year to screen films from China at our festival. A privileged Chinese film delegation will attend the 2017 SDIKFF. This collaboration has proven to be an effective way for filmmaking communities to inspire and learn from each other. The high-quality Chinese family and children films have served as entertainment and education for our audience. The SDIKFF provides a platform that allows for freely sharing your views and ideas with those who take part in the same ideals of entertainment and stimulation of all ages through cinematic stories.


On behalf of the SDIKFF committee, we thank you for being a part of our festival in the sunny San Diego. I sincerely thank for the sponsors, supporters, volunteers who make this event possible. Sincerely,

Facebook.com/SDIKFF @ SDIKFF

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival


2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival


2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival


2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival


Sherwood Jones

Ewart Chin

Michael Matteo Rossi Producer | Director

Film Festival Chairman

Mark Stephen Terry

Xander Bailey

Jeri Jacquin

James Riley

Marte Riley

Aditya Sharma

Robert Cox

Rachelle Casillas

Film Festival Chairman


Movie Critic


Actor | Writer


He Huang (Miaomiao) Actress

Movie Critic


Tammie Starr Model | Actress

Han-Ki Kim

Movie Critic

Media Host

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival


Siyi Sun

Shane P. Allen

Antonio F. Vianna

Shawn Rohrbach

Qiang Li

Jonathan Ball

Gailee Walker Well

Qinghui Men



Producer | Actress

Director | Actor




Erik Lundmark


Distributor | Producer

Tianyu Jiang

Giovanna Salas


Producer | Director

Jun Wang

Director | Screenwriter

Dan Yuan

Marketing Professional

Yongzhi Zang Investor

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival



Jun Lu

Tao Li

Yuqin Lu

Producer | Actor

Producer | Director



David Vega

Producer | Actor

Kris A Wright

Screenwriter | Producer

Hua Cai

Director | Screenwriter

Xianfeng Xu

Producer | Director

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival



Screening and Event Venue CARLSBAD SENIOR CENTER

Schulman Auditorium Meeting Room 1775 Dove Lane Carlsbad, CA 92011

Auditorium Activity Room 799 Pine Ave Carlsbad, CA 92008




Golf with Stars

Palomar College

29381 Village Parkway Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

1140 West Mission Road San Marcos, CA 92069

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

TICKETING Screening Pass (For any film) Screening Pass

$ 10 (Adults) $ 5 (Seniors/Students)

Screening Pass - Family (4-pack passes)

$ 25

Screening Pass for Group 10+

$ 5/each

Day Pass

$ 25 $ 12 (Seniors/Students)

Festival Events Panel Discussion – Screenplay for Worldwide Audience

$ 25

Panel Discussion – Film Pitch & Catch

$ 25

Panel Discussion – Work with China

$ 25

Panel Discussion – Distribution Innovations

$ 25

Screenplay Showcase


Cultural Fashion Competition Show


Family Film Market

$ 15

Cultural Mixers

Opening Night Gala

$ 45

Dinner Reception – Cultural Mixing Night

$ 45

Award Ceremony

$ 75

Online Ticketing http://2017sdikff.eventbrite.com

Group Tickets (minimum 10) On the Door

call 310-541-8040

Accept cash and major credit cards


2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

SCREENPLAY COMPETITION FEATURE SCREENPLAYS 52 Hertz (China) - Siyi Sun Pageant Dad (USA) - Liam Healy and Conor Healy The Joyrider (USA)- Kirk Davis The Oscar (USA) - Julia Liberman The Sky is A Frozen Ocean (China) - Siyi Sun

SHORT SCREENPLAYS Minnie Noir (USA) - Katie Grotzinger Please Give Me True Love (China) - Mei Wang Sea World (China) - Xin Zhu Super Daddy - After Rain Tomorrow (China) - Yi Mu The Boy with Lipstick (China) - Xiaoqiang Zhang The Fields of Yaru (USA) - Catherine Fridey The Possibility of Impossible Dreams (UK) - Michael Rowney



Provide scholarships to students who dream of pursuing higher education in the social sciences Encourage beneficial exchanges among different cultures and education systems Promote shared cultural beliefs and values

STCA is honored to be the co-host of the 2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival Get involved with us! http://www.stculture.org

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

SHORT FILM SHOWCASES 1 4 H.U.M.A.N.S. Voices Unlocked: A True Story A Twilight Journey Acceptance!!!! Black Water Don't Forget Us Don't Get Tagged Frankenstein's Many Brains Full Circle Halfway House

5 Germany USA USA Canada USA India USA USA Australia USA USA

6 10 7 4 4 6 11 7 15 4 16

Canada USA Russia USA USA

6 6 26 2 30

2 Damsels in Distress Dear New President Draw Me Happy Fox and Bear Geijyutsu Wa Mirai

3 Boris & Babette Netherlands 9 It's Little Things that Make a Big Difference Germany 4 Joy Unbroken USA 6 Never Alone UK 20 Picnic Perfect USA 7 Rain or Shine USA 9 Seeds USA 2 Sentiment USA 2 The Cosmospenguin in Sushiland Austria 12 The Ocean Under Our Feet Brazil 10 The Party Australia 4 Work Australia 5

4 Drew's Dancing Drum Flowers Geez Louise Gemma I Haven't Said Goodbye Yet InSight Intrepid Jingliks

Plastic is Forever Poverty and How to Change Its Path Split The Ledge The Lost

USA Colombia USA USA India

20 4 15 5 27

China USA New Zealand UK China USA

17 6 16 18 4 32

Norway USA USA USA USA Australia Taiwan UK

7 16 15 3 9 10 12 16

USA USA Lithuania USA USA France USA USA

6 3 9 14 7 24 2 2

USA USA UK Canada USA USA Switzerland France

5 3 6 40 14 11 8 4

6 Please Give Me True Love (China) Pool Shark Possum Reading Lindsay Keegan's Diary Roast Duck of Dream Sky Takes a Bite Out of Crime

7 Colours! The Next Step The Pixie Fighters The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story The Sea-Team Today? Togetherness Trigga

8 Joya Mia Love & Goodwill The Portrait of Fear The Power of Positivity Tommy & the Little Free Library Vesper Walk On What Single People Do

9 USA China USA USA Taiwan USA USA Russia

5 15 19 6 4 15 18 11

4 to 5 Addy's Odyssey Amazing Things Happen Anthems: A Journey Around the World August Beauty School Bibi Land Birdy Wouaf Wouaf

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

SHORT FILM SHOWCASES 10 Birpurush - The Hero Within Brand New Day Bumazhki Chasing Rabbits Cicada Corky Dance with the Cockcrow Dear Congress Dear Henri, Doctor of Monster

12 India USA Russia USA USA USA China USA USA Brazil

16 4 6 13 4 6 14 3 13 11

11 Kitten Witch Kizuna KOYAA - Naughty Toy Car Leo & Tig Lily Magic Concert Trick Masha Time! Mimi & Lala Miss Persona My Haggan Dream Nature Calls New Toy Not One of Us Pizzly Bear

The Autograph The Basket The Boots The Catch The Chocolate Soldier The Dragon's Scale The Fox

India India USA Canada USA New Zealand Australia

20 15 12 15 12 11 11

China USA USA USA Argentina USA China China

39 5 7 15 8 21 20 7

13 New Zealand 9 USA 4 Slovenia 3 Russia 11 USA 4 USA 4 USA 10 Taiwan 4 Canada 3 Northern Mariana 9 Islands USA 8 Brazil 7 USA 9 USA 4

Run Away Child Small Strawberries Supermom Tanguito Argentino Thank God For Jelly Pretty Face The Gift

Greetings! A huge welcome to all attendees of the 2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival! We’re proud to host this year’s festival and bring a wide range of cultures together to see what we all have in common as well as what makes our life experiences different.

Film is a universal language that transcends barriers of age and culture. The power of story and images can be immediately felt by both young and old, no matter what country you call home. And since we have all been kids at one time or another, we can easily relate to all of these films. This weekend we celebrate this powerful art form, as well as what we all share in common when the lights dim and the show begins. I hope you will not only enjoy the films we have to share, but join us for our enjoyable social gatherings and educational panel presentations. See you there!

Sherwood Jones Chairman 2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

FILMS MADE BY KIDS 4 Germany | 6 min Short | Animation Director Theo Pfaff Writers Teresa Hilser, Sofia Kunz Producers Nils Dinger, Samuel Saurer "Humans are cool – there's always a buzz!", the grandchild tells his grandmother who is an old Black Forest cairn. She's skeptical. Does mankind need nature? Does nature need mankind?

A TWILIGHT JOURNEY Canada | 4 min Short | Animation | Fantasy Director/Producer Keaghan Miyako Mary TIerney A mother wolf was not able to take care of her baby anymore because she was not healthy enough. So, a fox which happened to come by took the baby and cared for it…

ACCEPTANCE!!!! USA | 4 min Short | Drama Director/Writer/Producer Ella Warner

Cast Bella Martinez, Olivia Borris

A girl who is socially challenged would rather read a book than interact with her peers. When a girl with special needs approaches her, again...and again...and won’t give up....then she finally learns to "accept".

BLACK WATER India | 6 min Short | Documentary Director/Writer/Animator Tanmay Srivastava This documentary is about The Cellular jail, situated 630 miles (1,353 km) away from mainland India in The Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

BORIS & BABETTE Netherlands | 9 min Short | Mystery Director/Producer Merlijn Remmig Writers Merlijn Remmig, Floris de Vos, Bianca Remmig Cast Rowan Remmig, Luna Yilmazoglu A writer is having troubles with writing an adventurous story, which makes the young character in his script getting bored. But the story all turns when the young character sees this mysterious girl and suddenly finds himself in a great adventure.

DON'T FORGET US USA | 11 min Short | Documentary Director Rachel Svatos Producer Morgan Gullett

On November 8, 2016 a decision was made. As kids, we watched how you reacted, what you said and what you did. You acted like children and yet, you are the adults. Want to know how we feel about that?

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

FILMS MADE BY KIDS DON'T GET TAGGED USA | 7 min Short | Documentary Director Jermiah Victor Jermiah Joseph, the founder of KidsServe, saw there is a need for kids at and under his age. He gets the message about Human Trafficking before it is too late.

FRANKENSTEIN'S MANY BRAINS Australia | 15 min Short | Fantasy | Comedy Director/Writer Angus Grant Producers Liam Grant, Alistair Grant, Olivia Qi Cast Angus Grant, Laura Sonnemann, Max Sonnemann, Charlie Sonnemann, Liam Grant Igor helps his master fetch many different brains to give Frankenstein different personalities.

FULL CIRCLE USA | 4 min Short | Comedy Director/Writer James Labuda Cast Pablo Berruto

Producers Tommy and Leily Labuda

A boy named Pablo rides a subway train to school with his homework that is due that day. But when he gets off the train, he realizes he left his homework on the train…

H.U.M.A.N.S. USA | 10 min Short | Comedy Director/Writer Johnathan Newport Producer Sara Breaux Cast Johnathan Newport, Kieran O'Dell, Anna Maria Shockey, Claire Burton, Zach Wilson This is a comedic oral history of life over the past 70 million years that examines and personifies the ongoing competition between Evolution and Extinction.

HALFWAY HOUSE USA | 16 min Short | Drama Director/Writer Bentley Eldridge Producer Matt Eldridge Cast Ted Dowling, Chris Lane, Shannon Dowling, Delaney Taylor, Quinn Liebling In a small Pacific Northwest town, citizen Ronald Alabama provides a room for a prisoner, who is out on parole, in order to earn much needed cash. The prisoner, Jeff Jacobs, joins the household. But Ronald has neglected to explain the situation in advance to his family…

IT'S LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE Germany | 4 min Short | Animation Director Julian Kuhlmey Writer Teresa Birkenstock Cast Lea Waller

Producer Max Grießhaber

Without any help, hundreds of starfish are going to die. They were left behind when the early morning tide receded. A man who took a morning walk at the beach saw them and picked up one after another and threw them back into the water.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

FILMS MADE BY KIDS JOY UNBROKEN USA | 6 min Short | Musical Director/Producer/Writer Alejandro Lombard Cast Rafaella Lombard, Kylie Cantrall To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

NEVER ALONE UK | 20 min Short | Drama Director/Writer/Producer Olivia Maiden Cast Lauren Carver, Olivia Maiden, Kimberley Shopland, Velton Lishke , Susie Maiden This is the story of one young girl's courage and resilience to overcome the guilt and grief of her sister's death and reconnect with her family and friends who she became distant from.

PICNIC PERFECT USA | 7 min Short | Comedy Director Cal Thacher Writer Cass Pham Thacher

Cast Audrey Thacher

A young girl arranges an elaborate picnic for her 92-year-old great-grandmother. But somehow things don't go as planned.

RAIN OR SHINE USA | 9 min Short | Documentary Director/Producer Steam Academy

Cast Diego, Christ, Bella, Derek, Jeremiah

Some of the media students researched and reported on the history of water in San Diego. They included some interesting people that had an impact on water and water conservation. They focused on Charlie Hatfield who was known as The Rainmaker.

SEEDS USA | 2 min Short | Experimental Director/Writer/Producer Milo Bennet-Shephard Cast Miles, Nick Music Kevin MacLeod Two men argue over a packet of seeds until a young boy sees the true answer to their conflict. So, the seeds of cooperation are sewn.

SENTIMENT USA | 2 min Short | Drama Director/Producer/Writer Harrison Fuller

Cast Kaelan Kelly

This is a 2 minute short film depicting the courage of a young man realizing that too often, we don't appreciate important people in our lives until it is too late.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

FILMS MADE BY KIDS THE COSMOSPENGUIN IN SUSHILAND Austria | 12 min Short | Animation | Comedy Director/Writer/Cast Luca Potskhishvili Producer Lana Berndl The adventures of the Cosmospenguin, who is just on a diet, lead him from his home planet Jupiter up to the light years distant praised Sushiland.

THE OCEAN UNDER OUR FEET Brazil | 10 min Short | Drama | Romance Director/Writer Fernando Oikawa Garcia Producers Fernando Oikawa Garcia, Renata Trincha Oikawa Cast Caio Zanette Mouco, Julia Santos Pinto One day, Caio notices he can no longer bear the feelings he has for his friend Julia and tries to muster the courage to declare his emotions‌

THE PARTY Australia | 4 min Short | Comedy Directors/Writers/Cast Sam Winspear-Schillings, Matthew Robertson-Cachia A reluctant party guest is recruited by an enthusiastic host.

VOICES UNLOCKED: A TRUE STORY USA | 7 min Short | Documentary Director/Producer/Writer Johnathan Newport A younger brother of a teen with non-speaking autism creates a short documentary to raise awareness of the unappreciated abilities of people with autism, while also highlighting the "Rapid Prompt Method" or "RPM", a new form of therapy.

WORK Australia | 5 min Short | Comedy Director/Writer/Producer Eli Rauchberger Cast Eden abukasis, Jasmine karro, Gemma serebro Three young people share their experiences about their jobs and how they prepare for work.

ROAST DUCK OF DREAM China | 4 min Short | Fantasy Director/Writer/Cast Siman He

Producer Jianhua He

Siman had an amazing dream in which he was enjoying a roast duck feast.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

FILMS MADE BY YOUTH DAMSELS IN DISTRESS Canada | 6 min Short | Animation | Fantasy | Adventure Director/Writer Raine Bracken Prince Charming doesn't always find what he's looking for. This isn't your average fairytale.

DEAR NEW PRESIDENT USA | 6 min Short | Documentary | Comedy Director/Writer Cameron Scout Bontrager Producers Cameron Scout Bontrager, Dewayne Bontrager Cast Cameron Scout Bontrager, Amelia Thomas-Horowitz, Sawyer Northrop, Melina Welch Cameron wanted the world to know that the youth have a voice too. The interviews reveal children's thoughts on the recent election and the upcoming 4 years.

DRAW ME HAPPY Russia | 26 min Short | Drama Director Dmitry Rogov Writers Dmitry Rogov, Tatyana Miroshnik Producers Alexey Rogov, Dmitry Rogov Cast Kirill Popov, Fedor Dobronravov, Ekaterina Selefonkina, Anastasia Panina Artem started his own small business to save some money and go abroad. Nothing can stop him: not a serious lineless of his mother, not even his father’s and sister’s problems…

FOX AND BEAR USA | 2 min Short | Animation Director Madeleine Arundale Two creatures have an encounter in the woods and discover the value of forgiveness.

GEIJYUTSU WA MIRAI USA | 30 min Short | Documentary Director Saoirse Loftus-Reid This documentary chronicles Jonas Clarke Middle School’s journey from the auditions of the "The Jungle Book" to the final performance in Japan.

JOYA MIA USA | 6 min Short | Family | Drama Director/Writer Ella Warner Cast Fred Warner, Ava Boris, Alison Robertson

Julia grows up with a fierce bond with her grandfather, and as she gets older, so does he - and his memory is disappearing. One day he sees Julia as a complete stranger, and that devastates her, and must learn how to cope the best way she can.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

FILMS MADE BY YOUTH LOVE & GOODWILL USA | 3 min Short | Family | Drama Director/Writer Kelly Tran Producers Jenna Ligdas, Lauren Balint Cast Maxine Warren, Paul Anthony Reynolds, Riley Reynolds A girl brings a box into Goodwill.

PLASTIC IS FOREVER USA | 20 min Short | Documentary Director/Writer Dylan D'Haeze Producers Dylan D'Haeze, Dawn D'Haeze Dylan, a 13 year old filmmaker from the San Juan Islands, follows plastic trash to where it ends up, and shows how kids can help make a difference in a world that is increasingly dependent on plastic.

POVERTY AND HOW TO CHANGE ITS PATH Colombia | 4 min Short | Documentary Director Bianca Mangravite This PSA was created to help two great non-profit organizations - Fundacion Nutrinfantil that is fighting poverty in Colombia and its partner FXB International which fights poverty worldwide.

SPLIT USA | 15 min Short | Animation Director Ben Keeline Producer MaryAnn Keeline Writers Patricia Leejohnson, Genna Walgamuth This is a fun Irish tale of leprechauns and fairies, created by two middle schools at opposite ends of the globe, which are Bohermeen NS in Meath, Ireland and Cottonwood Creek Charter School in Northern California.

THE LEDGE USA | 5 min Short | Experimental Director Danielle Takahashi The film delves into the imagination of a young artist facing fears and insecurities when taking on creative challenges. However, the beauty of overcoming these mental blocks prevails.

THE LOST India | 27 min Short | Documentary Director/Writer Prateek Srivastava Producers Prateek Srivastava, Tanmay Srivastava The film is about three slum kids and their feelings after the demolition of their home.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

FILMS MADE BY YOUTH THE PORTRAIT OF FEAR Lithuania | 9 min Short | Drama | Sci-Fi Director/Writer Auguste Kuneviciute Cast Viktorija Elenah Kruk, Marius Bareikis, Nikolas Verseckas Victoria is selling cosmetic products from door to door until something unexpected happens and fear starts to follow her in every step she takes.

THE POWER OF POSITIVITY USA | 14 min Short | Documentary Director Wendy Lobel Producers Wendy Lobel, Stephanie Angel, Alex Beaton It talks the extraordinary story of a boy who battles an inoperable brain tumor, soul-crushing bullying and depression. Alex's life takes a surprising turn when he attends a camp for kids with cancer and begins to see his world through a different lens.

TOMMY & THE LITTLE FREE LIBRARY USA | 7 min Short | Drama Director/Producer/Writer Kylie McGuire Cast Jack Summers, Maraia Mariselli, Dale Jones A lonely young bookworm, Tommy, ventures away from his usual hangout by the Little Free Library and goes to the local park to try to make a friend.

VESPER France | 24 min Short | Thriller | Mystery Director/Writer Keyvan Sheikhalishahi Cast Götz Otto, Agnès Godey, Keyvan Sheikhalishahi Marge Ofenbey shuts herself away from all in a house to flee her sinister and manipulative husband. She asks her nephew Christian for help. But, Christian will discover soon the secrets hidden by Marge and Walter…

WALK ON USA | 2 min Short | Experimental Director/Writer Trevor Chase Cast Jeremy Chase, Stuart Chase Narrator Derwood Chase A father looks back on his life and his connection with his late son.

WHAT SINGLE PEOPLE DO USA︱2 min Short︱Drama Director Mary (Yifei) Liu Writers Mary (Yifei) Liu, Ries Chirrick Producers Ries Chirrick, Julia Massy Cast Hagen Cloward As a high school student, what happens if you don't get a date to Homecoming?

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - SHORTS 4 TO 5 USA | 5 min Short | Drama Director/Producer Craig Knowles

Writer/Cast Arran Knowles

On the eve of his 5th birthday, a young boy discusses his last day of being 4.

A DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS DAY USA | 19 min Short | Animation | Music Writer Anthony Rodriguez A semi animated children’s Christmas story is told in rhyme with 5 songs. The story begins on Christmas Eve at a zoo that is at risk of being closed because of low attendance within a populated city.

ADDY'S ODYSSEY USA | 3 min Short | Comedy Director/Writer Kenneth Carnes Cast Kale Clauson, Adam Carnes A depressed puppet seeks life advice from a philosophical surfer dude.

AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN UK | 6 min Short | Animation| Educational Director/Writer/Producer Alex Amelines Cast David Gant This is an introduction to autism that aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and acceptance in future generations.

ANTHEMS: A JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD Canada | 40 min Short | Documentary Director Stephanie Dieter Producers/Writers Stephanie Dieter, Travis Daniel Brown 10-year old Canadian singer and Guinness World Record-holder Capri Everitt embarks on a unique journey with her family to 80 countries where she sings the national anthem of each country in the national language in an effort to raise money and awareness for orphaned and abandoned children around the world.

AUGUST USA | 14 min Short | Drama | Music Director/Producer/Writer Xueying Ren

Cast Joaquin

A newly immigrated boy meets a deaf old man. They help each other, making their hearts grow closer.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - SHORTS BEAUTY SCHOOL USA | 11 min Short | Drama Director/Writer Samantha Shada Cast Zoe Staig, Samara Weisberg

Producer Sorina Sambula

A young girl learns what it takes to behave like a woman with a little help from her older cousin and the beauty industry.

BIBI LAND Switzerland | 8 min Short | Animation | Adventure | Comedy Director/Writer/Producer Joel Stutz Bibi land is an educational cartoon designed to teach young kids basic words and numbers. To make the learning process as fun and entertaining as possible, the animation is rich of wonderful fairy tale music and adventurous explorations.

BIRDY WOUAF WOUAF France | 4 min Short | Animation Director/Writer Ayce Kartal Producer Les Valseurs

Music Jérôme Rossi

Birdy is an adorable bird used to be pampered by his family. But from the day he starts barking, his dad drives him out. A series of misfortunes goes until he runs across another croaking chick.

BIRPURUSH - THE HERO WITHIN India | 16 min Short | Drama| Action Director/Writer Saurabh Chatterjee A kid wants to live Tagore's dream of being a hero. The modern world brings in new challenges in the dream. Will the kid be successful? Are Tagore's thought still valid in the modern world?

BRAND NEW DAY USA | 4 min Short | Animation | Fantasy | Adventure | Comedy Director Patricia Beckmann Wells Music Big D and the Kid's Table We are all stardust. For small creatures like us, the vastness is bearable only through love. The story is based on Brad's solo in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

BUMAZHKI Russia | 6 min Short | Animation Director Alexey Mironov Writers Vadim Volya, Evgeny Golovin, Leonid Kaganov This is episode 35 of Paper Tales, the creative journeys of the paper cut-out duo, the moose Aristotle and woodpecker Knock-Knock, in the origami wonderland.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - SHORTS CHASING RABBITS USA | 13 min Short | Drama | Adventure Director Jacob Smith Producers/Writers Jacob Smith, Julia Myers Cast Carolani Bartell, Isabella Kaze Ericka, a 13-year-old girl, suspects that her mom might be a spy and launches her own espionage effort with her best friend to find out what's really going on.

CICADA USA | 4 min Short | Animation Director/Writer Gabriela Borregales

Producer John McIntosh

This is a story about a sweet cicada that learns being yourself is the most beautiful song of all.

COLOURS! Norway | 7 min Short | Family Director/Producer Ann Holmgren A colorful man finds a robot that loves fruits. He feeds the robot with different colorful fruits and then a robot baby appears!

CORKY USA | 6 min Short | Animation | Fantasy | Adventure | Musical Director Ty Primosch A corkscrew with a screw loose battles a giant glass bottle to uncork seven magical lightning bugs.

DANCE WITH THE COCKCROW China | 14 min Short | Drama Director/Producer Yuanbao Zhang Writers Dengjian Wang, Yixue Cao Cast Huachen Xu, Yongle Li, San Men, Yufang Tu

In Jin Dynasty, Zu Ti and Liu Kun became the students of an old man who fed chickens. They got up early every dawn when the cock crows and practiced sword playing.

DEAR CONGRESS USA | 3 min Short | Documentary Director/Producer Annie O'Neil

This is a very short visual letter to Congress from some children of America. Understanding that there are problems in Congress, they share what they have been told about how to get along.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - SHORTS DEAR HENRI, USA | 13 min Short | Drama | Fantasy | Family Director Matthew Sandager Producers Matthew Sandager, Matthew Burgess Writer Matthew Burgess Cast Shondra Floyd, K. Lamonte Jones, Kemari Joy McClary An imaginative young girl searches for ways to communicate with her grandfather after he's gone.

DOCTOR OF MONSTER Brazil | 11 min Short | Horror | Fantasy Director Gustavo Teixeira Writers Gustavo Teixeira, Rodrigo Estravini Producer Daniel Mascarenhas Cast Nábia Villela, Marielle Cecconello Dudu has already chosen his future profession. Now he'll have to face his fears to become a doctor of monsters.

DREW'S DANCING DRUM USA | 5 min Short | Animation Director Brandon Chappell Cast Chance Chappell, Adwoa Dora, Joseph Del Ponte, Charter Road Drew loves playing his drum for people until he is bullied by a boy named Malcolm. His dad encourages Drew to go on drumming and befriend the very boy that bullied him.

FLOWERS China | 15 min Short | Drama Director Bin Chen Producer Chengli Ma Cast Zien Han, Yitao Lu, Li Gong, Yu Wang

Writer Min Zhu

Meng Hao is running a florist. One day, a little girl shows up at his shop and orders the carnations for her mom for the next 70 years.

GEEZ LOUISE USA | 19 min Short | Comedy | Musical Director/Producer/Writer Mary Kerrigan

Cast Hannah Wieczorek

Louise, a 9-year-old rollerblading girl, has a knack for creative danger. Her kooky Grandma and brothers spend the day searching for the family’s escaped pet bird but Louise has other plans inside the neighborhood construction site…

GEMMA USA | 6 min Short | Drama | Family | Sci-Fi Director Cristopher Stauffer Cast Isabella Margolin, Anya Margolin

A restless night for two sisters prompts a bedtime tale involving Gemma, an other-worldly being whose crash landing and discovery on Earth changes a family forever.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - SHORTS I HAVEN'T SAID GOODBYE YET Taiwan | 4 min Short | Animation Director Tu Hao-Chin Writer Wang Rou-Ting Animators Chen Sheng-pei, Tu Jie-en, Lai Wei-ni

Producer Shu Yi-Chi

Little Tadpole, a 9-year-old girl, experienced the death of her younger sister a year ago. Facing the unbearable sadness and feeling of loss, she despises the Chinese people’s habit of “not to look at, not to listen to and not to talk about” death and bravely relates her own story.

INSIGHT USA | 15 min Short | Documentary Director/Producer Nicolas Lopez This documentary sheds light on the stunning extra-sensory abilities manifest in children who practice a groundbreaking meditation technique taught at a holistic medical center in Bogotá, Colombia.

INTREPID USA | 18 min Short | Fantasy | Adventure | Family Director Alexa Tuttle Producer Bryce Cyrier Writers Bryce Cyrier, Alexa Tuttle Cast Valeria Rose Lohman, Austin Dammann, Daz Byard In an effort to make her senior thesis unforgettable, a brilliant and overly ambitious witch named Hazel attempts to steal the ancient book of Merlin from her magical university's enchanted library.

JINGLIKS Russia | 11 min Short | Animation Director Anton Vereschagin Producer Oleg Roy Writers Oleg Roy, Amina Vereschagina, Anastasia Zubkova, Ekaterina Nevolina This is about the adventures of little merry people called Jingliks and their animal-friend Bedokur, who is the master of mischief. His curiosity continually draws the friends in different situations, from which they make amazing discoveries.

KITTEN WITCH New Zealand | 9 min Short | Fantasy | Adventure | Animation Director James Cunningham A precocious kitten wants to be a witch’s familiar and must pass a test or she will forever be just a simple cat, but the witch sees something in the kitten she does not expect.

KIZUNA USA | 4 min Short | Animation | Drama | Fantasy Director Emily Lin Cast ShoDoMe, Maty Cisse, Emily Lin

When a young boy’s pride hurts his older brother, a lonely ghost tries to save him, but only makes matters worse for the two.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - SHORTS KOYAA - NAUGHTY TOY CAR Slovenia | 3 min Short | Animation Director/Producer Kolja Saksida Writers Kolja Saksida, Marko Bratus Cast Frano Maskovic, Ziga Saksida It's a rainy day, and Koyaa decides to tidy up his room. When he is done cleaning, he proudly looks around, stepping on a toy car he overlooked. He takes a crazy ride, zig-zagging around the place like a figure skater out of control!

LEO & TIG Russia | 11 min Short | Animation Directors Alexander Lutkevich, Evgeniy Golovin In a whimsical world in the Far East, where taiga, mountain range, and sea exist together, live two cubs and best friends: an Amur tiger cub named Tig and a Far Eastern leopard cub named Leo.

LILY USA | 4 min Short | Fantasy | Drama | Family Director/Writer Angela Park Cast Carissa Bazler, Anne Letscher Lily forms a bond with a plant after moving from her home. Her imaginary world takes on a life of its own that Lily’s mom dismisses.

MAGIC CONCERT TRICK USA | 4 min Short | Family | Animation Director/Producer/Writer/Animator Harvey Droke An orchestra conductor inadvertently obtains a magician's wand on the night of his big concert.

MASHA TIME! USA | 10 min Short | Family Director Allen Price Writers Ken Mann, Allen Price Cast Belle Fockler, Jack Gross, Talia Martin A clever little girl could easily conquer the world and she knows it.

MIMI & LALA Taiwan | 4 min Short | Animation | Family Director Sung-Chi Lo Writer/Producer Chiung-Fen Lin Cast Te-yi Chiang, Wan-ru Yan, Pei-yun Chiang, Pei-chia Chiang Mimi and Lala are adorable twin sisters. Their dad and mom love them very much and always prepare everything in pair: two sets of clothes, two sets of food or two bicycles. However, Grandpa and Grandma send them only one big bunny as a gift…

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - SHORTS MISS PERSONA Canada | 3 min Short | Music Directors Brandon Lane, Brandon Lane Producer/Cast Kimberly Persona

Writer Brandon Lane

Miss Persona sings a rainbow song to help cheer her friend Bernard up.

MY HAGGAN DREAM Northern Mariana Islands | 9 min Short | Family Directors/Writers Rob Sams, Laura Sams Cast Kaya Rasa Producers Rob Sams, Laura Sams, Stephani Gordon

On the island of Saipan, a young girl's mysterious dream about a haggan, or green sea turtle, leads her to investigate the sea turtles that live around her home. Join her adventure to find turtles, which leads to a wonderful birthday wish.

NATURE CALLS USA | 8 min Short | Comedy | Animation | Family Director Darrell C. Hazelrig Writer Sam Carter Cast Casey Holloway, Patrick Fleming, Aileen Loy, Hannah Fierman, Leslie Carrera-Rudolph While out on a hike with granola boyfriend, a young woman's smart phone is snatched from her purse by a stick. The phone is then discovered by, and subsequently stolen from, various anthropomorphic animals until, finally, Mother Nature herself has to interject.

NEW TOY Brazil | 7 min Short | Animation Director Rogerio Boechat Producers Marcio Shimabukuro, Daniela Moreira Writers Rodrigo Amim, Mauricio Stal Cast Pamella Rodrigues On a boring day, a baby gets a teddy bear from his mom. The new toy becomes his best friend. Over time, it turns into a tedious object. He carries it around sadly, until destiny surprises him...

NOT ONE OF US USA | 9 min Short | Animation Director/Writer/Producer Bill Jarcho

Animator Sean Burns

When a brutish band of clay-morphing meanies invades and conquers a tribe of peaceful natives, their callous actions escalate to a shocking finale.

PIZZLY BEAR USA | 4 min Short | Family| Fantasy Director/Producer/Writer Cecelia Condit

Music Renato Umali

Unlike imaginary landscapes where trees talk and frogs turn to handsome princes, Pizzly Bears are actually a new species. They are a cross between a Grizzly and Polar Bear.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - SHORTS PLEASE GIVE ME TRUE LOVE China | 17 min Short | Drama Directors Luxi Zhang, Xueyong Wang Writers Yulin Zhang, Mei Wang Cast Xiaomeng Feng, Jiayi Xu, Jierui Wang Xiaohao and Xiaohe are classmates. Their dads apply different ways to love their children. Xiaohao’s dad always get gifts for him while Xiaohe’s dad always spend time with her.

POOL SHARK USA | 6 min Short | Fantasy | Adventure | Thriller Director Pat O'Malley Writers F.P. Handerson, Pat O'Malley Cast Garrett Johnson, Sicily Fontaine, Michele O'Malley-Daly A nice relaxing day at the pool turns into a nightmare for Tyler and his sister, Lisa, when a shark starts to terrorize them. They must find a way to defeat the shark, or else become its dinner.

POSSUM New Zealand | 16 min Short | Comedy | Adventure | Family Director/Writer Dave Whitehead Producers Dave Whitehead, Paul Murphy, Sadie Wilson Cast Taungaroa Emile, Duane Evans Jr., Maaka Pohatu Set in New Zealand in the 1970s, Possum is a tale of two young brothers who accompany their lumberjack father to a forest campsite. At odds with each other, the two hatch a plan to head into the woods and hunt for a notorious possum named Scar.

PRETTY FACE China | 20 min Short | Drama Director/Writer Dandan Zhang Producer Yong Zhang Cast Ziqing Wan, Letong Mayang, Xuan Wang, Zhen Zhang Jiandan burned her face when she was little. Though she grew up in the struggles and misunderstandings, she managed to earn the respect from others who regard her as a pretty face.

READING LINDSAY KEEGAN'S DIARY UK | 18 min Short | Comedy | Adventure | Romance Director/Writer Tom Hawgood Producers Tom Hawgood, Lexi Rose Cast Brooke Ramsay, Flynn Allen, Sam Campbell-Boross, Samuel Scott When three 13-year-old boys hear that Lindsay Keegan, the next door neighbor, has written the name of the one boy she likes in her diary, they decide to break into her house and stop at nothing until they read it.

RUN AWAY CHILD China | 39 min Short | Family Director Feng Yang Producers Xianfeng Xu, Qiang Li Cast Decheng Ren

Writers Feng Yang, Dianxue Wang

Xiaomeng runs away from home as his parents are too busy at work. While his parents are desperately worried, Xiaomeng meets a father and his daughter whose love melts Xiaomeng’s heart.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - SHORTS SKY TAKES A BITE OUT OF CRIME USA | 32 min Short | Comedy | Suspense | Adventure Director Charles Carr Writers Charles Carr, Marsi Carr Producer Art Animates Life Films Cast Audrey Linder, Kylie Young, Mateja Schmidt, Jaden Gottfried, Andrew Janusek A children's sleepover turs to adventure and danger when kids visiting a friend’s new home in the country become unwitting witnesses to a serious crime. These young detectives set out to figure out what has happened and rescue a very special friend in danger.

SMALL USA | 5 min Short | Animation | Fantasy | Action Director/Producer/Writer Kailin Gow Smalley or 'Small' as she is called, is the smallest ant in her army ant colony, but she packs a big surprise and heart that may end up saving the colony including those who bullied her.

STRAWBERRIES USA | 7 min Short | Comedy | Romance | Drama Director Donggyun Han Writers Maggie Briggs, Donggyun Han Producer Patrick clement Cast Grace Keyt, Josie Girand, Daniel Kunningham A shy girl and her best friend accidentally gift a condom instead of candy and must retrieve it before her crush discovers their embarrassing mistake.

SUPERMOM USA | 15 min Short | Sci-Fi | Fantasy | Action | Drama Director/Writer Jason Honeycutt Producers Jason Honeycutt, Nicholas Pellegrini Cast John Hensley, Justine Herron, Kaylee Dennis, A Leslie Kies, Garret Sato A daughter thinks her mother is a real life super hero. She might be right.

TANGUITO ARGENTINO Argentina | 8 min Short | Romance | Animation Director/Producer/Writer/Animator Joaquin Braga This is a story of two post lights dancing under the moonlight by the beautiful sound of tango.

THANK GOD FOR JELLY USA | 21 min Short | Family Director/Writer/Producer Marci Krown Cast Lilly Mae Stewart, Robert Charles, Carys Hay, John Kyle Ganotisi A girl's mission is to carry out her father's values on gratitude and goes on a journey with her stuffed rabbit, brother and two friends in order to do so. What she finds is clearly unexpected.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - SHORTS THE AUTOGRAPH India | 20 min Short | Drama Director/Writer Mohit Modi Producer Syed Sultan Ahmed Cast Vedanth Dattani, Jasleen Marwah, Gaurav Dwivedi, Chirag Lobo Shaunak bumps into his idol Animesh at a mall and takes his autograph on his palm. To prevent losing the autograph and his lucky charm, Shaunak stops washing his hands, which leads to a series of consequences that don’t leave him very happy or feeling lucky.

THE BASKET India | 15 min Short | Animation | Drama Director Suresh Eriyat Producer Nilima Eriyat Animators Mukund Bhaleghare, Adam Wyrwas, Sanjay Patkar, Swati Agarwal Two insignificant lives lost and found in time.

THE BOOTS USA | 12 min Short | Comedy Director/Writer Leah Cohen-Mays Cast Chase Benymon, Indira G. Wilson, Erik Mitchell, Paige Noel, Zenzi Moon An adorable little guy named Donovan goes on a shopping trip with his family and spots a pair of boots that he simply must have. After being told no, he throws an epic tantrum which results in him spending the summer learning a lesson he'll never forget...

THE CATCH Canada | 15 min Short | Drama Director/Writer Holly Brace-Lavoie Cast Charli Birdgenaw, Billy Iliopoulos, Joseph Napolitano, Sara Bradeen Morgan who loves fly fishing in the river near her home. She also likes a boy. But boys don’t like girls who fish. Morgan can't seem to reconcile her two interests. Will she have to choose one over the other?

THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER USA | 12 min Short | Drama| War Director Jackson Smith Writers Ryan Stratton, Jackson Smith Producer Amber Berck Cast Lilith Max, Charlene Geisler, Connie Smith, Dan Cheatham II, James Giusti In 1945 in Germany, two refugees, Maria and her mother, are working on a farm in the German countryside after they are forced out of their home by violence and political upheaval. It is there that little Maria makes an unlikely friend, an American soldier.

THE DRAGON'S SCALE New Zealand | 11 min Short | Fantasy | Drama | Adventure Director/Writer/Producer James Cunningham Cast Narelle Ahrens, Drew Cunningham, Darryl Harbraken A warrior and his son are on a quest to fix the son's stammer. But the boy must teach his father that he's all right as he is.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - SHORTS THE FOX Australia | 11 min Short | Family | Comedy Director/Writer Louise Turley Producer Donna Hensler Cast Arjen Goessens, Carolyn Bock, Michael Veitch, Peter Barron, Russell Williamson Winning the footy match was never going to be easy, but with a fox at full forward, it just got a lot harder.

THE NEXT STEP USA | 16 min Short | Fantasy | Drama | Family Director/Writer Rachel Medeiros Producers Rachel Medeiros, Rosanna Medeiros Cast Jania Gomez, Rodrigo Ortega, Isabella X. Hernandez, Rogelio Hernandez Jr. Sofia and her two siblings thrive in their imaginary world, but that begins to crumble when their brother's physical limitations prevent him from fully immersing himself in that world. Sofia quickly finds herself unprepared to deal with her brother's reality.

THE PIXIE FIGHTERS USA | 15 min Short | Comedy | Drama | Family Director/Writer Dani Schoffman Producers Nick Bailey, Alexandra Savramis When David, an 8-year-old boy, learns that his father has leukemia and the prognosis is poor, he decides to find the cure himself. After misunderstanding the doctors words, "The Big C", David recruits his friends and together they become The Pixie Fighters.

THE ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS TOY STORY USA | 3 min Short | Animation | Sci-Fi | Comedy Director/Writer/Producer Raymond Montemayor Cast Edwin Frank Ortiz, Taylor Koster, Maliya Montemayor, Whitton Frank, Robert Nixon Craving the attention of her busy father, a 7-year-old Star Wars fan disobeys her father and unknowingly starts a rebellion with his Star Wars toy collection that has surprising consequences.

THE SEA-TEAM USA | 9 min Short | Animation | Comedy | Sci-Fi Director Sam Roth Producer Vincent Salvano Cast Sam Roth, Brandon Simanski, Ed McBurney Two janitors, Marty and Dino, working under a team of superheroes on their fantastic submarine base. But when given an opportunity to prove themselves as heroes in their own right, will they rise to the occasion?

TODAY? Australia | 10 min Short | Family | Drama | Fantasy Director Heather Maggs Cast William Mellor On Katie’s first day of school, she attempts to make friends but finds herself unable to talk to the other children. She must find the courage within herself to be brave.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - SHORTS TOGETHERNESS Taiwan | 12 min Short | Family | Drama Director/Writer Jie Lee The divorce caused Hao Lee to live with his father in weekdays and meet up his mom once a month. While today is the day for Hao’s mom to pick him up, she is late as she is concentrated on her work. Hao doesn’t have a chance to chat with her and turned out using his bad temper against her.

TRIGGA UK | 16 min Short | Family | Fantasy Director/Writer Meloni Poole Producer Deborah Aston Cast Lily Aslandogdu, Thea Barnes A girl would rather not speak and prefers to live as a horse, but the girls at school just won’t leave her alone.

THE GIFT China | 16 min Short | Drama Directors/Writers Jun Wang, Zhen Liu Producer Hongchun Liu Cast Feifei Yu, Cheng Liu, Sophia Liu, Liling Liu Little nose is a student in a special school. One day, he exchanges gifts with Xiaoya and gets a Spiderman toy. However, when it is time to switch the gift back, he can’t find Xiaoya…

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - FEATURES 1ST SEMESTER Philippines | 90 min Feature | Family | Comedy Director/Writers Dexter Hemedez, Allan Ibanez Producers Carlson Chan, Oligario Paglinawan A single mother sends her son to a prestigious university, only to find him home after experiencing separation anxiety. What follows is a re-examination of the mother and son relationship.

A FILM OF CINEMA Brazil | 84 min Feature | Family Director/Writer Thiago B. Mendonça

Producer Renata Jardim

Bebel, the daughter of a film director in crisis, wants to make a movie with her friends for a school project. The making of the film turns into a great adventure, and takes Bebel, her family and her friends to a wondrous trip through the history of cinema.

ANOTHER ME IN THE WORLD China | 75 min Feature | Family | Fantasy Directors Lu Han, Xiaoyu Wang Writers Qi Zhan, Lixuan Han, Xinai Li, Ziqian Ye Producer Xun Hong Cast Ziqian Ye, Yiran Luo, Junhao Liu, Jinchang Liu, Ziyi Wen, Jiayi Mei With an angel’s help, five little kids find another version of them in the world and get to understand the courage, love and selflessness.

BARKLEY China | Taiwan | 88 min Feature | Animation | Fantasy | Adventure Director Li-wei Chiu Producers Wayne Chen, Shih-Ling Wang Writers Li-wei Chiu, Chau-ErGu, Ke-Fa Liao A boy lost in an animal city dominated by mysterious power. Before dawn, he must make every effort with Barkley to reveal the secret....

BIRD Russia | 92 min Feature | Comedy Director Kseniya Baskakova Producers Eduard Pichugin, Irina Baskakova Writers YaroslavaPulinovich, Andrey Rumyantsev, KseniyaBaskakova Cast Ivan Okhlobystin, EvdokiaMalevskaya, GarikSukachev, Anastasia Melnikova A famous rock musician is undergoing treatment in a hospital. Kate, a teenage girl from the same hospital, who neglects all the doctors and even her own mother, becomes his companion in misfortune.

FAKE GUARDIANS China | 92 min Feature | Action | Comedy Director Weiqing Chen Producer Yi Qiao Writers Weiqing Chen, Jia Deng Cast Yishan Zhang, Chenling Zhu, Lanxin Zhang, Evonne Xie Three unpaid employees are on an adventure to claim back their salaries. They come across a kid and somehow become the nanny…

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - FEATURES HIGH SCHOOL 9-1-1 USA | 86 min Feature | Documentary | Family Director Tim Warren Producers Tim Warren, Kelli Joan Bennett It’s not every day you hear about 80 high school students working together to run an Emergency Medical Service organization. But that is exactly what the six newly elected senior officers in charge of leading Darien EMS-Post 53 do every day.

LESSON OF MAGIC Ukraine | 90 min Feature | Family | Comedy | Fantasy Director/Writer Liliya Soldatenko Producer Alexander Leydiker Cast Elena Yaschenko, Herman Barer, Ilya Choporov, Maria Kaminskaya, ViolettaMityeva Four high school teens are caught in a tangled game of Sorceress and Witches from a different world where the power of the Crystal Eye can change the world.

LITTLE ISLAND GUARDIAN China | 106 min Feature | Drama | Educational Director Hua Cai Producers ChangbinCai, Jiaping Lin, Lingling Chen Writers Hua Cai, Bin Wu, Jian Xia Cast Hua Cai, Xue Bai, Zhonghu Liu On a little island, Dajun Shi, the principle of Haidao Boading Elementary School, is working very hard to lead the students to sustain ecological balance and protect natural environment.

NO CHOICE China | 89 min Feature | Family | Drama Director/Writer Jianguo Gao Producer Bin Wang Cast Chengsong Fang, Yixin Huang Xiaoshan, a 8-year-old boy from Banpo village, takes eight chickens from home to the market and try to solve the problem to sell them all by himself…

PRINCESS SPARKLY BUTT AND THE HOT DOG KID Canada | 63 min Feature | Family | Comedy | Sci-Fi Director/Writer Brandon Lane Producers Kimberly Persona, Brandon Lane, Adam Crosby Cast Kimberly Persona, DJ Edwards, Sam Graham, Jason Gaignard, Ingrid Hansen A space exploring princess discovers she can control time with her butt. Does this mean she has 'the chosen butt'?

SHAANU - THE OPTIMIST India | 96 min Feature | Family Director/Writer K.N.T Sastry Producer Children’s Film Society, India Cast Baby Jhanavi, Master Satwick, Shivajiraja, Madhavi,Shafi A 9-year-old girl believes that when she predicts things, they are bound to happen. Submersed in her own world of beliefs and miracles, she enrolls as a kho-kho player in the school. Her talent is recognized and she marches ahead to participate in district level tournament.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - FEATURES TENNIS BUDDIES India | 111 min Feature | Family | Drama Director Suhail Tatari Writer Anoop Wadhwa Cast Dakshita Patel, RanbirShorey, Divya Dutta, Major VikramjitKanpal, Haru Sharma Anushka, the only child of the SinghsDilip and Jaya, is the apple of their eye. Dilip has his eyes trained on making her India’s premier tennis player and he is unrelenting in his pursuit.

THE KIDS FROM 62-F USA | 114 min Feature | Sci-Fi | Family | Adventure Director/Writer Imani Shakur Producers Imani Shakur, Alvin Mount Cast April Marshall-Miller, Darius Marcell, Eden Mccoy, Gigi Capetta, Logan Schaefer A group of kids find classified information from NASA and an object from another Planet. They work to get it back to its Alien rightful owners.

THE MAGIC OF CHILDREN Austria | 71 min Feature | Fiction | Fantasy Director/Producer/Writer Ruth Rieser Cast Samy Molcho, Marie-Charlotte Goess, Leonard Robert Rieser, Johanna Waltl It is summer and “Circus Dimitri” has arrived in the Realm of Children. But where are the children? “There’s nobody here”, clown Leon declares sadly, and he sets off to find them.

WHAT DO WE WISH FOR THE WORLD? Brazil | 70 min Feature | Drama Director Igor Amin Writer Vinícius Cabral Producers Igor Amin, Vinícius Cabral Cast Olívia Blanc, Milena Megrè, Sofia Sgarbi, Helena Trojahn, Silvia Fuller Luzia is a shy young girl who has a very creative and good-humored imagination. Due to a school project, she is faced with the challenge of interacting with her classmates to create a music project. From then on, Luz expands her creativity and materializes her ideas.

ELLE SCORD SINGER ¶ ACTRESS ¶ MUSICIAN Elle is 10 years old. She plays piano, guitar, and violin. Elle has been singing since she was 4 years old. Elle has been acting since she was 6 years old. Elle also enjoys song and story writing.

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival