San Diego Center for Children Annual Report 2016-2017

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San Diego Center for Children

The History of San Diego’s Oldest Children’s Nonprofit A Proud Legacy of Impact & Results 130 years ago, a powerful idea to create change for those less fortunate in San Diego was manifested by a dedicated group of philanthropic women who came together to give their skills, time and money. Among them were individuals who today are associated with San Diego’s history, such as Mrs. W.W. Stewart, Anna Lee Marston, Elisha Babcock, Dr. Charlotte Baker and Kate Sessions.



Their hunger for change was due to many women being abandoned, widowed or living in poverty as result of San Diego’s increase in population and lack of government services. The Women’s Christian Temperance Union founded The Women’s Home Association in 1887, by investing $1,000 in a home in downtown’s Gaslamp District. Their efforts quickly grew to caring for homeless, abused and orphaned children, and The Women’s Home became what we now know as the San Diego Center for Children. As San Diego’s oldest children’s nonprofit, the San Diego Center for Children has evolved to become a nationally accredited organization helping children and families struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. 130 years later, that “spark” and $1,000 investment has grown to employ over 350 culturally and trauma-informed team members who serve the needs of over 1,000 individuals every day across 8 program sites and within hundreds of homes, schools and communities throughout San Diego County. From July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017, the Center empowered the lives of 7,740 youth and family members from all backgrounds through its comprehensive and nationally accredited continuum of individualized therapeutic, educational, foster care and transition age services. Grounded in a rich history, the organization continues to look forward, driven by a commitment to bring care to even more families in need through innovation and best practices.

Annual Report 2016-2017 | Celebrating 130 Years


Protect the Joy of Childhood. Prevent Emotional Suffering. Incite Change.

Inspire a world where all children and families live joyful and healthy lives.


San Diego Center for Children

Message from San Diego Center for Children Leadership

Dear Friends and Supporters, We are thrilled for your partnership and support of the San Diego Center for Children as the organization celebrates its 130th year of impact within our community. What began in 1887 as a home for women and a children’s nursery in San Diego’s present Gaslamp District, evolved through various relocations and name changes to become what we now know today as the San Diego Center for Children - a nationally accredited organization that employs more than 350 trauma-informed team members serving the needs of more than 1,000 individuals throughout the county each day.

Moisés Barón, Ph.D., President & CEO

We very much appreciate your support of the Center’s vital programs, serving children and teens struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral health challenges. It is because of you and fellow supporters that the Center continues to thrive as the oldest children’s nonprofit in the region providing hope and healing to families in need of support. It is with great appreciation that we celebrate this banner-year with you.

Keith Wilson, Ph.D., Chairperson, Board of Trustees

Moisés Barón, Ph.D. President & CEO

Annual Report 2016-2017 | Celebrating 130 Years

Keith Wilson, Ph.D. Chair of the Board of Trustees


Our Rich 130-Year History


A nursery is added to help homeless and orphaned children





Successful Transitions© is established to help transition age youth

2015 Family Wellness Center in La Mesa expands to provide autism services and comprehensive family-centered services




North County Academy expands to provide school-based therapeutic services to students, grades 1-12

Center is approved to provide therapeutic services as a qualified special education service provider by the California Charter Schools Association


Name officially changed to the Women and Children’s Home of San Diego



San Diego County and private donations fund a new building in Balboa Park

WrapWorks, the Center’s wraparound program, is contracted by the County of San Diego, to serve children and teens in the foster and probation systems through 2019


Name changed once more to the San Diego Children’s Home Association



Center adopts a trauma-informed approach with its services and program delivery with families



Contracted with San Diego County Office of Education to provide school-based therapeutic services at North County Foster Family Academy for Agency Stabilization students, and Treatment grades 6-12 program is re-awarded 5-year Due to increased contract with San student base, SDCC Diego County as sole Academy capital provider to provide expansion begins, therapeutic services adding classrooms to foster youth living and therapeutic in Foster Family spaces Agency homes

Center awarded accreditation by The Joint Commission



A gift from Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Sefton helps build children’s infirmary; the annual Charity Ball begins, naming the Association as the beneficiary for many years


Philanthropic women join forces to establish a home for destitute and helpless women

Kate Sessions’ inaugural Flower Festival raises $1,500 for the Home and a merger on the horizon

Center awarded re-accreditation by The Joint Commission



Main campus in Linda Vista goes solar through a generous gift from Sullivan Solar Power



A move from Balboa Park to Linda Vista



Music therapy modalities are introduced to youth

Receives tax status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit


SDCC Academy receives accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

Foster Family Agency Stabilization and Treatment Program (FFAST) is awarded 5-year contract with San Diego County as the sole provider to provide therapeutic services to foster youth living in Foster Family Agency homes


2017 SDCC Academy student athletes achieve the “Triple Crown” winning CAPSES softball, football and basketball championships for 4 consecutive years Annual Report 2016-2017 | Celebrating 130 Years


First Residential Treatment Program in California to have public school classrooms on-site



Iris Auxiliary founded

Name changed to the San Diego Center for Children


SDCC Academy (formerly Creative Learning Academy) opens special education high school classrooms to serve students in grades 9-12

All special education programs are integrated as to what we know today as SDCC Academy



SDCC Academy (formerly Children’s Learning Academy) opens as a nonpublic school in which 5 special education elementary/middle school classrooms were established and closely integrated with our Residential Treatment Program

Clark Adolescent Residential Treatment cottage is unveiled to further support teens in the Center’s 24/7 care, joining the Fergusson, Jacobs and Serenity cottages that provide nurturing environments for young children


Celebrating 130 years as San Diego’s oldest children’s nonprofit and moving forward with a continued mission to help children, teens and families 5




youth and family members





Our Collaborative Impact & Reach

program sites 4 located 4 throughout

350 culturally and trauma-informed team members

San Diego County

Hundreds of homes, schools and communities

Evidence-based therapeutic, educational, foster care and transition age services were accessible to families of all backgrounds and circumstances. With a superior quality of care, nationally accredited by The Joint Commission, each youth served through our programs received individualized treatment that was strength-based, child and family centered, and culturally relevant.


of youth served improved after discharge


family involvement during youth treatment


of youth were discharged to a lower or same level of care after treatment


of youth avoided psychiatric hospitalization

San Diego Center for Children made an impact on my life. It was a home away from home. If it wasn’t for the Center and other facilities afterwards, I honestly think I would be somewhere where I don’t want to be, sitting in a cellblock somewhere.

- Center Alumni

Over 50 Master’s and Doctoral graduate students – from 15 programs participated in our professional training programs – in the areas of psychology, counseling, special education and social work.

Overview of People Served Youth Served by Race/Ethnicity Ages 0-21

13% Other/ Multi-Racial



6% Unknown 4% Asian/Pacific Islander 1% Native-American

24% Hispanic

25% of the 1,450 youth we served are foster youth

36% Caucasian

Youth Served by Gender

Our 8 Program Sites

Ages 0-21


San Marcos

1% Other

52% Male

47% Female


Serra Mesa Linda Vista Main Campus

La Mesa Spring Valley South Bay

Annual Report 2016-2017 | Celebrating 130 Years

San Diego Center for Children


Empowering Youth, Their Families & Communities Ava, 9-years-old, was once again experiencing behavioral problems at home and at school. It became a constant struggle for her to complete homework, chores, and to get to school on time. Although Ava is a compassionate, funny and kind child, her frustrations and troubles with transitions would lead to outbursts that included yelling, breaking objects and occasionally physically lashing out at others. Ava had received services through our Family Wellness Center a year prior as a referral from her school in partnership with our County contract. This time around, her mother could identify the signs of Ava’s behaviors worsening and called the Family Wellness Center for support once again. During our screening process, it was suspected that Ava might be struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorder due to her difficulties with transition, rigidity in performing certain tasks, low frustration tolerance, and challenges in social interactions and communication with peers that led to many difficulties.

Ava was referred to our autism services for a consultation with a licensed clinician. The consultation shed light on the factors underlying Ava’s behavior, which gave her parent hope that a different approach could be helpful in addressing Ava’s behavior. Family goals were formed by our team, including a therapist and Family Care Coordinator, using our proprietary Family Needs Assessment© and Family Action Plan©. Ava received weekly therapy services under the supervision of our Autism Specialist and completed a psychological assessment from one of our licensed clinical psychologists. Ava also participated in our science-based social skills group for children with autism and similar challenges in order to enhance her relationship building and social skills in a fun, engaging environment with youth her age. While many challenges that Ava was experiencing were addressed in therapy, her mom also needed support in understanding how to best support Ava and her struggles. Ava’s mom was paired with our Family Care Coordinator to receive psycho-education and support, and to learn selfadvocacy skills. Additionally, our team helped educate Ava’s mom about her diagnosis, and how to plan and advocate for Ava’s educational needs during her Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings at school, in which our team participated in as well. After 8 months of receiving therapeutic and behavioral services, Ava developed more awareness and skills regarding her emotional regulation and rigidity. She took steps toward identifying how to interact with peers to create improved relationships and interactions, as well as increased perspectivetaking that boosted her communication skills. Ava’s growth was recognized by her school and teacher that she was asked frequently to be a school and classroom helper.


San Diego Center for Children

Growth was also experienced by Ava’s mom in her increased knowledge of the IEP process and her legal rights. Additionally, she learned how to access community resources to properly advocate for her and Ava’s needs. Through the comprehensive family-centered

services provided by our Family Wellness Center, Ava and her mom successfully graduated from their therapeutic treatment and continue to show growth in all areas of life. *The child’s name has been replaced in order to protect their identity.

Our Empowered Families© Methodology:

Expanding Mental Health Services for San Diego Families:

We developed this new approach after witnessing the challenges many families in our community experience in getting timely, appropriate and affordable mental health services for a child struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral problems. Our unique, proprietary methodology helps families identify all their needs to then develop an individualized Family Action Plan that serves as a blueprint to help families receive the services and support they may need. The Family Action Plan complements the therapeutic services that are being provided to their child and leads to a more comprehensive and holistic approach to empower families in need. Other services include resource identification and linkage, advocacy, coaching and coordination with other services. By assessing and treating the family as a whole, we are able to see more positive and sustained outcomes.

Price Philanthropies Foundation awarded a 3-year grant for $220,000 to support our Family Wellness Center’s implementation of the Empowered Families© methodology. The Family Wellness Center provides a range of services to effectively meet the mental health needs of a child and their family – regardless of the severity of their mental health needs or insurance coverage. The grant supports collection of outcomes data to evaluate the needs of families seeking services and the impact of the services provided. Price Philanthropies is investing in the San Diego Center for Children’s Family Wellness Center as part of our efforts to make mental health services more accessible and affordable for children and their families.

Partnering with Schools: The Family Wellness Center partners with the County of San Diego and school districts (La Mesa/Spring Valley, Grossmont, Lemon Grove and Lakeside) to allow students in 27 elementary, middle and high schools to receive services on their school campus and at our La Mesa location. Family participation in services is key to successful outcomes. Case management support is available to assist families in obtaining additional services to help their children succeed. Psychiatry services for medication evaluation and management are also available to youth receiving therapy services at our clinic.

- Robert E. Price CEO of Price Philanthropies Foundation

- Robert E. Price, CEO of Price Philanthropies Foundation Annual Report 2016-2017 | Celebrating 130 Years


Empowering Youth, Their Families & Communities When Diana Puleo was first introduced to Christian, he was 7-yearsold and had already lived in 12 foster homes. Diana began the journey to adoption a few years earlier and was excited to get to know Christian through foster care and eventually adoption. Diana had been informed of some of Christian’s behavioral struggles from his previous foster parent, but quickly learned over the next two years that she was not going to be able to help Christian alone. From explosive outbursts at home and school to self-harming, destructive behaviors, he eventually needed to be placed in a residential treatment program. But navigating the mental health care system was frustrating and both Diana and Christian felt scared, anxious and isolated. Christian came to the Center when he was 9-years-old, lived on our main campus in our Residential Treatment Program and attended school at our WASC accredited K-12 nonpublic school, the Academy. “It was the first time I felt like we had a team,” says Diana. “We were all working together for Christian.” Although he was in the 4th grade, it became apparent that not only was Christian struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral health disorders, he was also struggling to read. Christian was only able to read at a 1st grade level. Christian also struggled socially and he spent a great deal of time under a chair in his classroom for the first year.

It was the first time I felt like we had a team... We were all working together for Christian. 10

San Diego Center for Children

With tears in her eyes, Diana vividly recalls a conversation she had with Academy Principal, Nancy Macnamara. “She asked me what I wanted for Christian. “What was my goal,” says Diana. “I said I just want him to graduate from high school with a diploma. I said that every year because it didn’t seem possible at times.”

Academy & School-Based Services During the academic year, 335 students from over 20 school districts were served through our Academy, a WASC accredited K-12 nonpublic school, and our school-based programs, LifeSchool in South Bay and North County Academy in Carlsbad.

Through intensive therapeutic services in both our Residential Treatment Program and in-home therapy, while also working hard academically at the Academy, Christian accomplished the goal of graduating from our Academy in June 2017. Christian has future plans to work with children in order to provide them with mentorship and skills for a bright future.

“I know that he can do whatever he wants to do,” says Diana. “He has worked so hard for this.”



Total Students

School Districts


Empowering Youth, Their Families & Communities Joshua had a history of physical aggression, causing damage both at home and school. He would become incapable of controlling his strong emotions at any point and his family often felt like they had to tiptoe around him. Joshua also avoided school and would quickly shut down and disengage. Family dynamics were severely strained due to Joshua’s actions, but also because his family did not know that his struggles were linked to an underlying mental health condition. At age 15, Joshua was referred to our WrapWorks program by San Diego County Probation Department while he was receiving care from a local residential facility. Just prior to this, Joshua was diagnosed with Bipolar II, a mood disorder. A WrapWorks team was put into place immediately when Joshua was discharged to provide psycho-education and supports to help him return and stay safe back at home, decrease his aggressive outbursts, successfully get him off probation, and to help him and his family adjust to the living transition and his new medication plan. Our WrapWorks team, provided at-home and individualized services over an 18-month period that helped build on the strengths of Joshua and his family. Over this time, Joshua and his family were motivated and hopeful of a more fulfilling future because of the treatment meetings and activities the team conducted that closely matched their interests and dynamics. Joshua and his family were constantly reiterating their family mission statement and even open to having their treatment meetings at different locations, even outdoor nature walks, to help navigate through their struggles and progress Joshua accomplished multiple goals during his treatment and saw increased stability in many areas of his life. He successfully stepped down from residential treatment on a new medication and was able to build awareness about his bipolar diagnosis. Additionally, through the efforts of our WrapWorks team, the family successfully advocated for a different school placement for Joshua. After two school placements, a good fit was found and the team collaborated closely with his school to ensure continued success.


San Diego Center for Children

Joshua and his mother loved their WrapWorks team and kept requesting extensions to keep services open. Joshua specifically stated that he could not have accomplished his treatment goals or have been successful since transitioning home without the support of WrapWorks services which were “always there for him”. Before the end of his treatment, WrapWorks connected Joshua to our Family Wellness Center for further outpatient treatment and support services. Additionally, he was connected to a community-based psychiatrist. Joshua continues to do well as a thriving sophomore in high school and has plans to explore a college education in culinary or video game developing.

A Life Transformed With his family’s support, Joshua was able to live at home and stay safe Created a lifestyle where he could cope with his bipolar diagnosis, adjust to new medication and still accomplish his goals Learned how to positively manage his emotions Successfully graduated from probation and was able to get his record sealed Attended school regularly and was happy with his school placement Completed a summer job training program Learned about finances and how to save money Improved communication with his mother Made new friends

*The child’s name has been replaced in order to protect their identity.

Has a more positive and healthy relationship with his family as a whole

What is Wraparound?

A Team of Support

Wraparound is a comprehensive and proven treatment modality that “wraps” a youth and their family with support systems and relevant resources in their community to prevent a youth from escalating into a higher level of care or to help them transition back home from intensive treatment.

In order to meet the unique needs for more than 80 families a month, our WrapWorks team involves a very diverse staff with various backgrounds, skills and connections in the community. Each team can include an Intensive Care Coordinator, Parent Partner, Youth Partner / Skills Trainer, Therapist / Substance Abuse Specialist, and Wraparound Fidelity Specialist. Working alongside program managers, clinical supervisors and administrative staff are additional roles that allow the true wraparound model to be realized for each child and family.

WrapWorks is the Center’s wraparound program, contracted with the County of San Diego, to serve children and teens, ages 3-18, in the foster and probation systems. WrapWorks provides a youth and their family with a team of 3-5 mental health professionals to provide the following intensive supports that help increase their self-sufficiency and stability in their homes and communities: 4 Care coordination 4 Case management 4 Individual and family therapy 4 Medication management 4 Peer support partners

Annual Report 2016-2017 | Celebrating 130 Years

4 24/7 Crisis intervention 4 Safety planning 4 Family-driven goal setting 4 Connection to community resources


Future Growth As a leading pioneer and expert in children’s mental health, we continue to chart into the future of providing effective and innovative services to children and families struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. In addition to hiring and retaining qualified staff members, our attention to offering state-of-the art facilities that provide nurturing environments while implementing evidence-based interventions and programs that make a lifechanging impact, are key to our success.

The teachers and staff are what I needed.

SDCC Academy Expansion

The Center is here to help kids. They’re

Our onsite WASC accredited K-12 nonpublic school provides special education to 150 students a year from over 20 school districts in our county. Personalized instruction by our multidisciplinary team in a therapeutic and nurturing environment is important to ensure student success.

good and they’ve helped me.

– SDCC Academy Student

The expansion of our Academy campus included upgrades to current facilities and 4 new buildings to better meet the needs of the growing number of students we serve. This significant project marks the beginning of our efforts to build for lasting impact with plans to renovate and expand the main campus to better serve the children, teens and families needing our care and support.

Academy Expansion Generously Supported by: Del E. Webb Foundation The Hervey Family Fund at The San Diego Foundation County of San Diego Neighborhood Reinvestment Program Las Patronas


Sullivan Solar Power Iris Auxiliary San Diego Gas & Electric Whillock Contracting MLA Studios

*Project was funded in whole or in part with the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program funds provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to the City of San Diego.

San Diego Center for Children

Successful Transitions© Program

I’m just really excited to learn new things that

We recognized a long-standing need in our community for increased support for at-risk youth (15 to 21-years-old) as they transition into adulthood. While this life transition is one of excitement and opportunity for many, it can be overwhelming and present a number of challenges for emerging adults who struggle with behavioral health challenges, learning differences, a history of trauma, or are in foster care.

will help me. Like knowing how to cook, take the bus, applying for jobs and other stuff.

– Student in Successful Transitions Program

In order to meet the unique needs of these transition age youth, we developed a new methodology, the Successful Transitions© Program. This process guides transition age youth in creating a comprehensive and personalized plan for their future that helps build skills and the community connections they need to achieve their goals and well-being. Through the generous support from philanthropic groups, we have further implemented our initiative and developed a network of other providers, agencies and organizations to partner with us to create transformation in the way we help at-risk transition age youth become successful, independent adults. Youth receive tools, individualized coaching and support, and hands-on training to help them implement their goals in the areas of: 4 Education

4 Housing

4 Job & Career

4 Health & Mental Health

4 Independent Living Skills We additionally offer teens certification in CPR & First Aid, Therapy Dog Handler and Food Handlers.

Annual Report 2016-2017 | Celebrating 130 Years


Financial Stability

Statement of Financial Position



Total Assets


$ 14,310,166

$ 14,683,942

Total Liabilities




Total Net Assets



$ 10,089,754

Total Liabilities & Net Assets

$ 14,683,942

$ 14,310,166

Fees for services - county and school districts for services 4% Fees non-government


Revenue & Support

6% Fundraising 1% Other income

Statement of Activities for June 30, 2017 Revenue and Support

Fees for services - non-government






Other income



Total revenue and support

$ 22,686,724



Fees for services









Total expenses

$ 22,418,995

Change in net assets



Net assets beginning of year



Net assets end of year




3% Fundraising


9% Overhead


88% Services

Fees for services - government

San Diego Center for Children

Community Support & Collaborations Our success would not be possible without the many donors and volunteers who provide their valuable resources of time, treasure and talent to ensure our mission and vision are accomplished.

Our Corporate ComMISSIONer program is a network of philanthropic, communityminded businesses that help to fulfill our mission. We are thrilled to continue vital partnerships with outstanding organizations that have generously supported our efforts through sponsorships, underwriting, employee giving, volunteerism and more throughout the year.

Supporting the Center for 39 years, the Iris Auxiliary’s mission is to provide the “extras” that help the children and teens have the same experiences that other children enjoy. By volunteering and fundraising throughout the year, Iris Auxiliary donated $27,000 this fiscal year to our efforts.

By providing a unique blend of volunteerism and much needed resources through specific opportunities throughout the year, our JoyMakers continue to make an impact toward our mission. Caring organizations, community and civic groups, school clubs and local businesses have provided generous underwriting and volunteer resources for the children and families we serve…creating JOY throughout our organization!

More than 500 volunteers donated a total of approximately 3,000 hours of service to benefit the Center last year. We truly value and appreciate their time and efforts toward special events, campus beautification and overall support.

I visited the Center with a colleague last year and was really moved to see all they do for kids and families in San Diego. I knew then that I wanted to get involved in any way I can, and for me that meant volunteering my time. I am proud to be a part of what the Center does for the community.

Through our employee-run Live for Life Committee, we offered 455 wellness classes and activities this fiscal year with 1,523 instances of staff participation from approximately 189 individual team members.

130 years ago, a group of well-known and philanthropic women saw a need to help provide for San Diego’s most vulnerable children. By coming together and raising $1,000 to purchase a home in the Gaslamp District, the seeds of the San Diego Center for Children were planted and remain rooted in our history. The 1887 Founders Society at the San Diego Center for Children is a group of generous, visionary and community-minded friends who support the Center through an annual gift of $1,000 or more in unrestricted funds… much like our Founders!

– Dori Wittman, Center Volunteer

Annual Report 2016-2017 | Celebrating 130 Years


Fundraising Events Wacky Wonky Wonderland – December 11, 2016 Our signature holiday festival and donation drive was a smashing success as we raised $35,000 and received over 5,000 toys, games and gift cards for our children, teens and families. Event guests enjoyed festive food and drinks, jumpers, pictures with Santa and Wacky Willy, and a parade of over 200 Vespa scooters decked out in holiday gear! Our children are our future, so we need to protect and encourage their present. Why do we do this? Because all of life’s troubles can sometimes melt away with one smile from or to a child. —Joe Binning AKA “Wacky Willy”

130th Anniversary Celebration – May 4, 2017 Raising a record-breaking $417,000 for our programs, our “Protecting Hopes & Creating Dreams” gala brought over 350 guests to the Marriott Marquis to help celebrate this milestone occasion. We presented Bank of America with the PATH Award for their generous support of the Center’s Successful Transitions© initiative to help transition age youth build a positive pathway to adulthood. Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer joined us to welcome over 350 guests, emphasizing the importance of children’s mental health programs. We are here tonight because every child deserves the opportunity to succeed in health and in life, and if we can help them today, we can secure a better future for all of us tomorrow.

Thank you to our generous event sponsors who helped us raise funds and awareness of our life-changing services: Bank of America BB&T - John Burnham Insurance Services, California Bank & Trust Calpine Corporation 18

Dowling & Yahnke HUB International LANtelligence Inc. Manpower Mark Schroeder & Co.

MEPCor Inc. NRG Energy, Inc. RPS Monument San Diego Foundation SDG&E

Southwest Airlines Sullivan Solar Power Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation Takeda California

San Diego Center for Children

Donor Wall 3rd Corner Wine Shop and Bistro ABILITY Network Inc. Glenn Ables Reid Abrams Academic Bridge Creators a Del Norte Club Nancy Adams Susan Adamson Adobe Kenneth Ahacic Albert Einstein Academy Middle School Brigette Allen Keenan Allen The Ursula Alletag Fund of The Jewish Community Foundation Alliance Healthcare Foundation Alliant Insurance Services Inc. Gregg and Sheri Allison Helen Allison Allstate the Giving Campaign Kirjah Amantea Amazon Smile Foundation Bunny Amendola American Assets Trust Duane Anderson Jerry Anderson Frederick and Alice Andrus Anonymous Anonymous Donor Bank of America Charitable Foundation Anonymous Donor Advised Fund of the Liberty Hill Foundation Suzanne Applebaum Aquarium of the Pacific Carlos and Sharon Arbelaez Nicolette Arden Kimberly Arguello Kaycee Armstrong Stephanie Armstrong Sam Arnsdorff Peter Aubrecht Automated Controls, Inc. Autumn Houston The Salon Jim Avery and Susie Sides Anam Awan

Samuel Bachman Bagby Beer Company Charles Bahde Chris and Marta Baker Aldona Maria Balciunas John and Monica Ball Ballast Point Brewery Bank of America San Diego Larry Banks Barbarella Restaurant Barney & Barney Foundation Moisés and Vicki Barón Mike Barone Leticia Barron Anita Bartram Solar Bears Bill and Charlotte Baum Grant Baumann Elizabeth Bazar BB&T John Burnham Insurance Corp. Mary Beavers Beck Ellman Heald Agency Inc. Dave and Alison Beck David Beck Curt Becker Michel Bell Riamour Bell Bellus Academy Belly Up Tavern Belmont Park Sarah Benham Benihana Inc. Kathleen Bennett Michael and Linda Bennett Benziger Family Winery & Imagery Estate Winery Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties Paul and Maralyn Bevilaqua Shira Bicknell Big 5 Sporting Goods Bike & Kayak Tours The Bike Revolution Bikes for Kids Darcy and Robert Bingham Fund Lisa Bingham

Annual Report 2016-2017 | Celebrating 130 Years

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography Larry and Marla Black Dawn Blaikie Michael and Nancy Blake Bruce and Yvonne Blankenship Michael and Irena Blessent Arthur and Barbara Bloom Foundation Bernard and Heidi Blotner Bryan Boehme Bryan Bome Boomers Susan Bourrillion Richard Boyce and Elaine Rogers Brack & Mason Attorneys At Law Mary Bradbury Bradford Portraits Katie Brady Jessica Bratz Richard Bregman Brett Lauren Susie Brewer Brian’s 24 Restaurant Bar & Grill Brigantine Restaurant Corp. Brow Lounge La Jolla Beth Brown Evelyn Brown Lauren Brown Micki Brown Paul and Julie Brown Sandra Brown Rachel Brumbaugh Antonina Brunetto Brutten Family Foundation John Bucher Dave Buck Carol Buckley Kristi Bulish Christa Burke The Burnham Foundation Esther Burnham Estate Christine Calderon California Bank & Trust Michael Calimee Callaway Golf Company Peter Callstrom and Patti Riley

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Community Service Association, San Diego Unified School District Elizabeth Conaughton Roseann Concannon Aaron and Lori Contorer Robin Coon Coop and Patricia Cooprider Kelle Cooter Paula Cordeiro Corelation Gabriel Corona John and Catherine Corpus Gary Cox Courtney Craig Kelly Crampton Hal Cranston Marta Cree Matthew Creighton Charles and Billie Crow Jose Cruz Cupcakes Squared, Inc. Friends & Family of Bill Cushing D.Z. Akin’s Restaurant Debbie Daniels Dave and Elaine Darwin David C. Copley Foundation Barbara Davies Louise Davis Paul Davis Davy Architecture Ric and Michele Davy Carol Dawidowicz Zainal Dawlah Janie DeCelles Jasmine Delgado Dell Cyndi Deppe Catherine Derecki The Design League Design Traditions Inc. Robert Diaz Disneyland Kyle Doan Maria Dominguez Glenn and Karen Doshay Paul and Kelly Dougherty Dowling & Yahnke, Inc. Scott and Candi Drury Mika Duff 20

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Tracey Franks Dale Franz The French Gourmet William and Judy Friedel Susan Fuller Mike Gallagher Grecia Garcia Michael Garcia Sarah Garcia Anupam Garg and Biraj Shah Julie Garland Gaslamp District Media Frederick Gasparro Mike Gault and Michelle Mueller Dave and Janet Geier Teresita Gelbart Geppetto’s Toys Zina Geyser Giggle Moon Jon and Bobbie Gilbert George and Alison Gildred Jacqueline Gillman Sarah Gilman Girard Gourmet Girl Scout Troop 4280 Glassbaby White Light Fund Joyce Glazer Ray Gliner Glorietta Bay Inn Goal Structured Solutions, Inc. Gary Gohring Jonathan Gold Hope Goldsmith Mark and Kris Goldstein Johnna Gomez Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic Jeff Goodman Lisa Goodman Delores Gordon Amanda Gowan Grant Thornton Dean and Laurie Gray Valerie Graziano Terry Green Jon and Jackie Greulich Nancy Greulich Rick Griffin Heather Grot Thomas and Louise Guarnotta

Ben and Stephanie Gustin Clark Guy H & M Sportfishing Landing Brian and Melanie Hagerty Ronald Hansen Shea Harbour Jesse and Jane Haro Harrah’s Resort Southern California Emily Harris Jennifer Harter Husam Hasenin Vince Heald and Clinton Walters Hendrick Auto Brook Hernandez Concepcion Hernandez Domenica Hernandez Hervey Family Fund Jim and Linda Hervey Gladys Highly John and Ann Hill Hitachi America Ltd. Hazel Holbrook Holland America Cruise Line Connie Holtzman Seymour Holzman Honda of El Cajon Rebecca Horn Hornblower Cruises and Events Samuel and Reena Horowitz Steven Horstman Roy Houston and Pamela Hansen Jeffrey and Misty Howard HP Inc Sandra Hrna HUB International Insurance Services, Inc. Kendra Huffman Zoe Hughes Kim Hui Irene Hunt June Hunter Marjorie Huntington Michael Hurlburt and Cheryl Rode David Hurley Ickler Electric Corporation Il Fornaio Coronado Iris Auxiliary The Irving Group Robert Ivanjack and Diana Day Ashton Ivey San Diego Center for Children

J* Company Youth Theater The J.C. Foundation Solange Jacobs Randolph Charles and Karen Jacobson Sarice Jaehn Tom and Delnora Janecek Dana Jarzynka John Jenkins Charles and Jane Jennings James Jensen and Mili Smythe William and Irene Jernigan Mark and Ali Jesinoski Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego Philip Jia Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern JMI Realty Austin Johnson Bill and Wendy Johnson George Johnson and Mary Montgomery Johnson Jarrod Johnson Maria Johnson Warren Johnson The William and Wendy Johnson Fund of The Jewish Community Foundation Monica Jones The Paula B. and Oliver W. Jones Family Foundation Inc. Duane and Betty Joseph Just Call Us Volunteers Randall and Marilyn Kaforey Lyle and Sue Kalish Brigitta Kalker Stath and Terry Karras The Kasperick Foundation Vince and Candace Kasperick Sundiata and Carla Kata Mel and Linda Katz Kearny Moto Park Richard and Katheleen Kelley Robin Kellman Kendra Scott Rex and Connie Kennemer Kevin Kenny Kerr Family Foundation Cheryl Kessler Kids Gear for Baseball

Joan Kiesner Thompson Ivy Kim Michion Kimble Brian and Carrie Kintz Devere Fader Jamie and Scott Kintz Richard and Linda Kintz Jeffrey and Natalie Kirkman Mark and Angie Klaus John Koch Ray Kociencki Ursula Koehler Perry Koon Leonard and Betty Kornreich Chris and Heather Kosinski Mike and Karen Kowalski Jack and Genevieve Krakauer Fund Donald and Patricia Krebs Andrew and Pamela Kurz David Kvederis Tom and Margot Kyd KyXy Radio L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Diane La Flam La Jolla Hair Studio & Gallery La Jolla Playhouse La Jolla Shores Hotel George and Betsey LaBreche Jim LaFreniere The Lakeside Collaborative Lamb’s Players Theatre Lorelei Lamphiene Fernando Landa Jeffrey Landon Taylor Langston LANtelligence, Inc. Las Patronas George and Carol Lattimer Quinn Laudenslager The Lauer Fund Lucy Laurain David and Jennifer Lawson Dan Leech Carlos and Linda LeGerrette The Leiberman Charitable Fund Saul Levine and Ann Garland Mary Levinson Liberty Hill Foundation

Annual Report 2016-2017 | Celebrating 130 Years

Joan Liddell Drew and Annie Lieberman Marc and Caryn Lieberman Maryam Lieberman Melissa Lieberman Kara Liederman Lily Lai Foundation Bill Litjen Lit’l Pepper Gourmet Ken Little Wei Liu The Lodge at Torrey Pines William and Devon Logan Josefina Lomeli David Long William Lopez and Phillip Collum Michael Lorch and Martha Schreiner Lorch The Lot Jill Lozier Kelly Lozier Linus Lum Aine Lutes Tina Luu Ron and Noreen Lyons Deborah Lys Ihor Lys Patricia MacDonald Maria Macrae Nancy Maddocks Lisa Magorien Tim and Courtney Mahar Manni Malhotra Gene and Barbara Malone Soledad Manalo Sherman and Leslye Manchester Manpower Charles and Sharon Manzuk Heidi Maretz Matthew Marino Maritime Museum San Diego Mark Schroeder & Co., Inc. Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Claire Marti Nancy and Mike Martin Alyssa Martinez Julia Martinez Ted and Lidia Martinez Ken and Kari Martone

Charles and Sandi Matranga Stacy Matseas Elbert McCune Kevin and Lisa McAllister James McCabe McCarthy Family Foundation Kevin and Leann McCarthy Dave and Maureen McCaslin Christopher McClellan Chris McCloskey Dennis McConnell Tim and Elizabeth McCormley Sara McCracken Edwin McGinnis McGrory Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation Jack McGrory and Una Davis Nora McIntyre W. Scott McIntyre Memorial Fund Austin McKinney Damian and Lori McKinney Steven and C.L. McMahon Deborah McNeil Joseph McQuaide Derel and Beatrice Meadows Amanda Meisner Krystina Ann Mendoza MEPCor Inc. Alex Mercandetti and Inju Sturgeon Barbara Mercer Lori Merten Mesa College Elizabeth Meyer Andrew Meyers Robert and Holly Mihalik Mile High West San Diego Denver Broncos David and Shelley Miller Jurate Miller Kimberly Miller Paul Miller Mingei International Museum Kenneth Mink Brad Minnaert Juan Minton Theodore Mintz Ali Mirza and Noushin Vahdat Miss BS Coconut Club, LLC Mission Federal Credit Union


Mitch and Rebecca Mitchell Linda Mitrovich Barry and Linda Mogol Money/ Arenz Foundation, Inc. Garret Montoya Jessica Montoya Mary Moore Karitina Morett Sid and Patricia Morris William and Wendy Morris The Mueller/Gault Charitable Foundation Nancy Mullen Tom and Jill Mullen James Mulvaney Kevin Mulvey Lopez Muria Family Mutual of America Foundation Esther Nahama Mary Naimish Nascar Raicing Experience National Foundation for Autism Research Naresh Nayyar John Neble Elizabeth Nellis Jon Nelson Patricia Nelson Network for Good James and Lynne Newman Foundation NFL Alumni Association San Diego Chapter Phuong-Anh Nguyen Jessica Nielsen Roel and Theresa Nieto Mike and Linda Niggli Greg Noonan Sherry Nooravi North County Family Chiropractic Julie North NRG Energy, Inc. Helen Nusinow Alex Oat Priscilla Ochoa Mary O’Connor Dick and Bobbi Oestreicher Mark and Jeannie Oestreicher Oggi’s Sports Brewhouse Pizza Kenneth and Jessica Ogren Thomas Ohno-Machado Courtney Olinger Rebecca Orbegoso 22

Orness Design Group, Inc. Mark and Lorrie Ostrander Marcus and Ann Otto Sally and Howard Oxley Pacific Beach Shore Club Pala Casino Jennifer Palmiotto Wendy Panagos PAR Electrical Contractors LaDonna Parham Shavoy Parham William and Jolyn Parker The Patio Group Brad and Julia Peck Joseph Pelochino Ted and Laura Pena Jeannine Perlman Ron Perlman and Monica Perlman John and Ellen Person David and Kristin Peters Eliot and Stephanie Peters Peterson Family Trust Charme Petruccio Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Matching Gifts Program Piatti Restaurant Jam Pickens Dom Piegaro John Pike Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP Dave and Cathy Pinchetti Pizza Nova Jay and Jean Pohl Point Loma Sea Foods Gina Pollack Esther Poon Brad and Cevin Poortinga Ron and Debbie Porterfield Cecelia Post Price Philanthropies Foundation Pro Back Office John Prochazka Promises2Kids Chelsea Prout Proven Recruiting PRP Wine International Esme Puga John and Toni Pyjar Qualcomm Inc

Shlok Rajyaguru Rams Hill Richard and Maria Randazzo Daniela Rassvetaieff Michelle Redondo David Regus Steven and Karen Reid Ken Relethford Harvey Rempel ResMed Foundation Reuben H. Fleet Science Center Tony Reyes Shawn and Kim Reynolds RHA Inc. Gregory Richardson Rhona Richardson Susan Richman Timothy Rickel John Rigby and Teri Appelson Joseph and Sharon Risse Bernice Ritterbeck and Pamela Scott Virginia Rivera Yvonne Rivera Nancy Rix Greg and Carolyn Robinson Eva Rode James Rojas Oscar Rojas Randall Rose Susan Rosenberg Eric Rosenthal Ross Stores, Inc. Royal India RPS Monument Alex and Veronica Rubio Ralph and Dione Rubio William and Beverly Rulon Michael Ruzzo Tommy Sablan Jonas Salomon San Diego Air & Space Museum San Diego Air Tours San Diego County Board of Supervisors, Community Enhancement Program The San Diego Foundation San Diego Insurance Adjusters Association San Diego Museum of Man San Diego Nice Guys San Diego Padres

San Diego Symphony Orchestra San Diego Zoo Eduardo and Amelia Sanchez Sandbar Grill Jerry Sanders and Rana Sampson Jesse Sandoval Eric Sanschagrin Jorge Sarmiento Nancy Sasaki Saucony Save Our Heritage Organisation Sawdust Art & Craft Festival Hermeen Scharaga Lee and Theresa Schavrien Torrie Schiller Andrew Schlosberg Art Schmidt and Patricia Sinay Emily Schneider Mike and Meg Schneider Myron and Doreen Schonbrun Dick and Patricia Schonfeld Marcy Schroder Ann Schultz Thea Schultze Children’s Fund Schwab Charitable Fund Mark Schwartz Rodger and Georgeanne Schwecke James and Marilyn Scoffin SDG&E Ryan Seals Seaworld of California Tracy Seibel Sempra Energy Foundation Sempra Energy-Information Security Onder and Yasemin Sengur Edward Sexaner Dean and Eileen Shabsin Aida Shadfan Nirav Shah and Parina Parikh Sharp HealthCare Foundation Gwendolyn Shelton Rod & Sylvia Sherwood Fund Thomas and Maureen Shiftan Laurie Shock Taarini Shukla Ted and Emily Shults Fern Siegel Joseph and Dina Silva Silver Charitable Trust San Diego Center for Children

Edward and Kathy Silver Alyse Simon Leonard Simon and Candace Carroll Six Flags Magic Mountain Donna and Harry Skinner Dan and Monica Skopec Lorine Slack Aimee Smith Barbara Smith Deborah Smith Donald Smith Marilyn and Will Sniffin David and Phyllis Snyder So Cal Elite Traffic Erika So Frank and Victoria Somers Rodney and Zola Sornson Southwest Airlines John Sowers and Lori Pashnik David Spees and JoEllen Patterson Katie Speirs St. Germaine Children’s Charity Neal and Kam Stehly Jeff Stein Zach Stone Pamela Stones Paul Stoughton John and Carolyn Strauss W V Stutzman Bradley Styer Tamara Suguitan Sullivan Solar Power Dan and Katie Sullivan Maureen Summers Sunrun Supannee Laurene Swancoat Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation Symbolic Music Band T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving Laurie Tajima Takeda California David Tam Dan Taylor Sharon Taylor Paul Tharp Brian and Gwynn Thomas Margo Thomas

Terry Thomas Frank and Nancy Thompson The Thursday Club Foundation Tickets for Kids Charities Jack Togut Allyson Tolliver Brett and Julia Tomko Krista Torquato Juan and Christina Tovar George and Linda Townshend Bill and Stephanie Tribolet True North Tavern Truist TW2 Marketing, Inc, Gail Uilkema Angela Ulrich William Ulrich Union Bank United HealthCare Svs Inc. United Way - Central Indiana United Way - Greater Los Angeles United Way - San Diego County United Way California Capital Region United Way of San Diego County Tocqueville Society Edmund Ursin The US Grant Peter and Akiko Vajda Mario Valdez Kelly van den Heuvel Roslin Varghese The Venetian Italian Ristorante Vespa Motorsport Alissa Viggianelli Vital Decisions Nicholas and Carolyn Vitalich Phong Vu Nem Vulovic Cindy Walker Dave and Charlene Walker Matthew Walker Mike and Deborah Walker William Wallis Jen Walsh Elaine Walters Collin Waring Mary Warner Thomas Warren and Teresa Young Warren Warwick’s

Annual Report 2016-2017 | Celebrating 130 Years

Watkins Wellness Wawanesa Insurance Company Earl Wederbrook Nathan and Anita Weedmark Wells Fargo Foundation West Coast Tavern Adele West Meena Westford Diana Wettig Judy White Jenine Whittecar Abner Wigdahl Christopher and Holly Wilkens Christine Williams Luke Williams and Mariah Archer-Williams Denita Willoughby Kevin and Rachel Wilshusen Dorothea Wilson Keith Wilson Linda Wilson Caroline Winn Judith Wittman Ryan and Dori Wittman Woodstock’s Pizza, Inc. Edward Woolf Regis and Kristi Worley WundaBar Pilates - San Diego Barbara Ybarra Rita Yeasted Victor and Guadalupe Zuniga

San Diego Foundation donor

Corporate ComMISSIONers


1887 Founders Society *


We have made every effort to include our donors who graciously made a financial or in-kind donation from 7/1/16 - 6/30/17. If you have found an error or omission, please contact Karitina Morett, Development Coordinator, at (858) 569-3935 or


Leadership Team Board of Trustees Keith Wilson, Ph.D., Chairperson Vice President Takeda San Diego Ann Garland, Ph.D., Vice-Chairperson Professor and Chair, Department of Counseling & MFT University of San Diego Frank Fornaca, Treasurer President The ReadiGroup, Inc. Paul Davis, Secretary Manager, Sponsorships Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

Jackie Greulich Student and Career Services Manager University of San Diego School of Business Candace Kasperick Program Nurse, Children & Youth in Transition San Diego Unified School District Jean Pohl Special Education Resource Specialist, Retired San Diego Unified School District

Patricia Riley General Counsel McKinney Advisory Group

Doreen Schonbrun Interim Executive Director Arts and Culture Commission San Diego

Nancy Rix Managing Partner Dickerson Rix and Co., LLP

Gwynn Thomas Vice President HUB International

Veronica Rubio Senior Vice President & Senior Private Banker City National Bank

Moisés Barón, Ph.D. President and CEO San Diego Center for Children

Meg Schneider Technical/Proposal Writer, Retired

Advisory Council Jodie Brokowski, Esq. General Counsel Children’s Specialists of San Diego Tim Carter Director, Alternative Funding Solutions Employee Benefits Division Barney & Barney, Marsh & McLennan Agency Dave Cieslak President & Co-Founder Scutari & Cieslak Public Relations

Linda L. Katz Community Leader, Civic Activist Richard Kintz, Esq. Partner, Corporate Practice Group Sheppard Mullin (of counsel) Bruce Kramer Director North County Consortium of Special Education (retired)

Lidia S. Martinez Community Affairs & Grassroots Manager Southwest Airlines

Pam Werner Senior Executive Director of Development UCSD Health Sciences (retired)

Lynne Newman Former SDCC Board Member Former Kids Aid Auxiliary Member Phyllis Snyder Active Community Leader Rest Haven Children’s Health Fund Rady Children’s Hospital

Senior Leadership Moisés Barón, Ph.D. President and CEO Cheryl Rode, Ph.D. Vice President of Clinical Operations Lori Barnes, LMFT Senior Director of Campus Programs


Alison Beck Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement Pam Hansen, LCSW Senior Director of Specialty Clinical Programs

Misty Howard Director of Quality Assurance

Nancy Macnamara Director of Education

Diana Landis Director of Finance

Pamela Ross Director of Human Resources

San Diego Center for Children


Funding for a portion of our programs provided by the County of San Diego


San Diego Center for Children

3002 Armstrong Street San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: (858) 277-9550 San Diego Center for Children

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