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Lori Donchak to Serve as Mayor of San Clemente

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SC’s Got Milk California Milk Processor Board is based in San Clemente E Y E O N S C / PAG E 7 After years serving as Chairman of the California Milk Processor Board, which was created by state law to help increase the consumption of fluid milk, Steve James, now Executive Director, has brought the operation behind the famous “Got milk?” slogan to San Clemente. Photo by Christina Scannapiego

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SC S a n C le m e n te

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO Residents opposed to the Distrito La Novia mixed-use project in San Juan Capistrano, overlooking the San Diego Freeway, this month filed 3,500 signatures in a referendum attempt to stop the development. Those against the development of housing, horses, retail and commercial space say it is too big and does not fit the character of the area. If 2,000 of the signatures are those of registered San Juan Capistrano voters, the issue can be put on the ballot. But the developer, of Advanced Real Estate Services, said he likely will just ask the City Council to rescind its approvals of Distrito so he can proceed with an already-approved 440-unit housing project on most of the same property. San Clemente resident Charles Mann helped Capistrano residents in the effort.


Next Door W hat ’s goin g on in our n e ig h b oring towns

DANA POINT Residents from all corners of the city awoke to the heavy smell of gas in the air on the morning of December 3 prompting many calls to authorities. According to Emergency Services Director Mike Rose, he received a quick response from the gas company explaining the odor was due to construction in the area of I-5 and Oso Parkway that required the alteration of a gas transmission pipeline due to the widening of the Oso Parkway Bridge. “Gas was shut off on both sides of the construction area to relieve the pipeline pressure—a controlled blow down—which resulted in the lingering gas odorant in the air,” said gas company spokesman Duane Cave. “There is no leak and no danger to the public.” The blow down occurred between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. near Avery Parkway and Camino Capistrano.

San Clemente’s Top 5 Hottest Topics

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…A New Mayor?

THE LATEST: Lori Donchak will serve as Mayor for 2011, after a 3-2 vote by the City Council on Tuesday. The Mayor’s job in San Clemente is largely ceremonial. Donchak was supported by Jim Evert and Jim Dahl. Evert was selected Mayor Pro Tem. Donchak, who was just re-elected in November, has served as Mayor previously. Tuesday also saw new councilmen Evert and Tim Brown sworn in. Brown and Councilman Bob Baker voted against the selection of Donchak and Evert. Mayor Donchak spoke of the coming year asking that words such as “common ground” and “optimism” become commonplace in the council’s vocabulary and that the city move forward with a renewed outlook. Before moving on with the agenda, Baker made a comment—presumably upset by being passed over as the new mayor—stating that he felt it was strange how Donchak spoke so positively about working together in light of the “stunt” that was pulled in the evening’s mayoral election. When asked to elaborate on what he meant by that, he declined saying only that everyone knows what he was talking about. Baker had served 2010 as Mayor Pro Tem. WHAT’S NEXT: The City Council next meets at 7 p.m. on December 14, in a joint meeting with the Golf Course Committee. The next regular council meeting is December 21. FIND OUT MORE: See the city’s website at —Andrea Swayne


…Alpay as School Clerk?

THE LATEST: The Capistrano Unified School District Board of Trustees elected a new leadership team on Tuesday night after five members were sworn into office, signaling what might be a significant shift for the sevenmember panel. Trustee Jack Brick, a Dana Point resident who previously served as Clerk, was elected president. Brick was first elected to the board

in 2008. Trustee Dr. Gary Pritchard, a resident of Aliso Viejo, will be the vice president, and Trustee John M. Alpay, a San Clemente resident, will serve as Clerk. Pritchard and Alpay, were elected to the board in November and sworn in on Tuesday night. Trustees Ellen Addonizio, Anna Bryson and Lynn Hatton also took the oath of office. Addonizio and Hatton live in Mission Viejo. Bryson is a resident of Laguna Niguel. Alpay’s selection was unanimous, but the other votes for the board leadership were 4-3, significant because Brick voted with the three trustees elected in November. That election broke a 7-0 lock on the board from a “reform” group that parents believed was more concerned about ideology than students. The reform trustees, including San Clemente’s Mike Winsten, contended they were correcting years of mismanagement. Brick and Trustee Sue Palazzo, a San Juan Capistrano resident, did not face election this year. Their terms end in 2012. WHAT’S NEXT: Trustees have an earlierscheduled special meeting on December 13. Alpay on Tuesday made a motion to move school board meetings back to Monday nights, because the Tuesday-night schedule conflicts with City Council meetings in San Clemente, Capistrano and other cities, but that motion failed 4-3. Addonizio said the Monday schedule did not give her enough time to read all of the material required. FIND OUT MORE: See the Beyond the Blackboard blog at www.sanclementetimes. com —Jonathan Volzke


…NRC Meeting?

THE LATEST: The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff will meet with Southern California Edison Co. (SCE) officials on December 14 to discuss the status of performance improvements at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. It will be the first public meeting since SCE brought in Peter (Pete) Dietrich as senior vice president and chief nuclear officer

on December 9. SCE officials will describe their progress in improving human performance, problem identification and resolution, and safety conscious work environment at the plant. WHAT’S NEXT: The meeting, which will be open to public observation, will begin at 6 p.m. in the Trestles Room of the Doubletree Guest Suites at 34402 Pacific Coast Highway, Dana Point. The meeting is open to the public. Those in attendance can ask questions of NRC staff before the meeting ends. FIND OUT MORE: Additional information on the NRC concerns is available in the March 3 annual assessment letter at: http://www. —JV


…A New Hospital at Camp Pendleton?

THE LATEST: A groundbreaking ceremony was held December 2 to officially begin construction on a replacement Naval Hospital aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton at the 70 acre site near the main entrance of the base. This $394 million construction project is the largest American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 project in the Department of the Navy. The new 500,000 square foot, multi-level facility will replace the current 37-year-old hospital and will enhance the quality and availability of care to the Sailors, Marines and family members in the southern California region. The ceremony’s guest speaker was Vice Adm. Adam M. Robinson, Jr., Surgeon General of the Navy, who stressed the importance of the Marine Corps/Navy Medicine team. “Wherever Marines go, Navy Medicine will be there,” said Robinson. “Navy Medicine’s commitment to Marines will never waver, no matter where they go or what they do.” The services available in the new hospital will include inpatient medical facilities, surgical suites, ancillary departments, emergency care, primary care, specialty care clinics, support spaces and facilities for

non-ambulatory patients with stays in excess of 24 hours. WHAT’S NEXT: The hospital is scheduled to be completed in January 2014 and be ready for operation later that year. FIND OUT MORE: See mil/nhcp.cfm?xid=55B02640&id=12353 —JV


…New Contract for Firefighters?

THE LATEST: Members of the Orange County Fire Authority will contribute toward the cost of their pension packages and new hires will receive less in retirement benefits under a new contract approved during a special meeting on December 2. The Fire Authority is governed by representatives from each city it serves. Councilman Jim Dahl represents San Clemente. “I am very proud of the Chief and his team, our firefighters, and my colleagues for coming together to resolve the long-term budget deficits facing our agency,” Neil Blais, OCFA Board Chair, said in a statement. “Balancing operational cuts, reserves and these concessions restores the OCFA’s financial health without reducing emergency services to our residents.” The amendments are projected to reduce OCFA expenses by $27 million over the next four years and eliminates the projected $14 million operating deficit for fiscal year 2011/12 had the concessions not been given by the two labor groups. WHAT’S NEXT: “Highlights of these achievements include an affordability formula that directly ties future raises to the health of the economy and requires that all future raises will be negotiated only after all of the agency’s fiscal needs are met,” Supervisor Pat Bates said in an announcement of the deal, which she said took nine months to reach. Effective this year, Bates said, firefighters and chiefs will start by contributing 2.5 percent of their pay, increasing 2.5 percent yearly, compounding to 9 percent by 2014. FIND OUT MORE: —JV Have a story idea or topic you would like to read about? Send your suggestions to

December 9–15, 2010 • San Clemente Times • Page 3

Eye on SC

SC Sheriff’s Blotter Compiled By Jonathan Volzke All information below is obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Web site ( and reflects data available from calls placed from the field by the responding officer(s). An arrest doesn’t represent guilt. The items below are just a sampling of the entries listed on the OCSD Web site.

Monday, December 6 ABANDONED VEHICLE Loma Lane, 100 Block (1:29 p.m.) A gray Toyota pickup had been parked in the same spot since November 22. TRAFFIC HAZARD Calle Puente, 1100 Block (2:06 p.m.) A caller complained about people who double-park and violate other laws at Las Palmas Elementary School. ASSIST OUTSIDE AGENCY Avenida Pico, 700 Pico (12:42 p.m.) A teen between the baseball field and McDonalds in the parking lot was reportedly drunk.

DISTURBANCE La Paloma, 200 Block (10:02 a.m.) Two women were reportedly yelling, and had been since 3 a.m. One was reportedly hearing impaired. WELFARE CHECK Cristianitos Road/Freeway (6:44 a.m.) A woman was reportedly running east on Cristianitos. She wore a yellow T-shirt and nothing else, according to the California Highway Patrol. Deputies drove her to the off-ramp to look for her clothes, then back to Carl’s Jr., where they called for Animal Control to deal with a stray Rottweiler mix.

Sunday, December 5 CITIZEN ASSIST El Camino Real, 2200 Block (5:12 p.m.) A woman called yelling and screaming about arresting someone, then the line disconnected. ASSIST OUTSIDE AGENCY Avenida del Presidente, 3200 Block (2:38 p.m.) The District Attorney’s Office needed to make contact with a woman whose husband was threatening her. Most of the family does not like police, the call noted. CITIZEN ASSIST Via Belleza, 0 Block (11:35 a.m.) A woman complained someone put her lawn decorations—deer—in a sexual position. She wanted to file a report but was told it wasn’t a crime.

TRAFFIC HAZARD El Camino Real/Avenida Del Mar (11:05 a.m.) Someone complained motorists were making illegal U-turns during the art fair. SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE Camino de Estrella, 300 Block (7:41 a.m.) A Corolla had been parked in front of a church for a week. It did not have any license plates, but it did have one of those “How Am I Driving” bumper stickers.

Saturday, December 4 DISTURBANCE North El Camino Real/Avenida Pico (5:38 p.m.) A woman reported another motorist got upset with their driving, got out of his truck and banged on her car window. She followed them to a market. WELFARE CHECK Avenida Palizada, 300 Block (5:43 p.m.) A neighbor was worried that a man hadn’t been seen in a few days, although his truck was parked in the driveway. The dog had been locked up all that time, too. TRAFFIC HAZARD Avenida Calafia, 200 Block (5:09 p.m.) A boy, about 12 years old, was playing on the railroad tracks. DISTURBANCE Calle Del Cerro, 1100 Block (4:53 p.m.) An

8-year-old girl told her grandfather that her father her was hitting her and her mother. SUSPICIOUS PERSON Avenida Estacion, 1900 Block (3:26 p.m.) A man was walking his dog on the beach. His face was bleeding. SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES Camino de Los Mares, 600 Block (1:28 p.m.) A bank teller notified authorities that a man tried to cash a bad check with a fake ID. GRAND THEFT Avenida Del Mar, 200 Block (10:52 a.m.) Surfboards and skateboards were taken from the back patio of an antique shop. FOLLOW UP REPORT El Camino Real, 2400 Block (8:23 a.m.) The manager of a local hotel called to report a woman who was the suspect in an earlier hitand-run was back. DISTURBANCE San Andreas, 200 Block (1:24 a.m.) An adult daughter was throwing things and breaking stuff because her parents wouldn’t give her the car keys. She’d been drinking. PROWLER La Esperanza, 100 Block (1:11 a.m.) A caller reported someone in their backyard, last seen jumping over a fence.

• A water award: In recognition of their efforts on the Tri-Cities Water Saver Committee, the cities of San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano and the South Coast Water District have won the 2010 “Building Excellence Shaping Tomorrow” (B.E.S.T.) Project of the Year Award from the American Public Works Association (APWA). The APWA will formally present the B.E.S.T. award at its awards ceremony on December 9th at the Centre at Sycamore Plaza in Lakewood, California. Together the four agencies formed “Tri-City Water Savers” which incorporates the city of San Clemente’s clean ocean and water conservation programs. Members serve the three communities by collaborating on consistent and unified information regarding water conservation and urban runoff prevention and developing educational materials and programs for the community. A key event hosted by the group is the H20 for HOA’s and H20 for Hospitality seminars which educates HOA’s, their management companies, and landscape contractors, hotels and restaurants on how to conserve water and prevent urban runoff. The next H2O for HOA’s will be held on February 1, 2011. Visit www.san-clemente. org/WaterSmartSC for more information on this event. The group has also hosted a Plumber’s Forum which invited plumbers working in the three cities to a seminar, introducing them to customer rebates available and new water-efficient indoor plumbing products. “The Tri-City Water Savers have worked in tandem to ensure that our water is clean and plentiful. I am impressed with the immense pool of knowledge, commitment and dedication that makes the Tri-City Water Savers unique. As a result, we can share solutions that benefit the greater good of our residents, businesses and our environment,” Jim Dahl, who was Mayor when the award was received, said in a statement. • Testing, Testing: Quarterly Growl Tests of the city of San Clemente Community Alert Sirens will be conducted during working hours January 4–6. Each of the city’s 19 sirens will be growled once during this work period. Hear a growl tone (a short 20-second blast) Siren Growl. Questions? Please contact the city’s Emergency Planning Officer at 949.361.6109


City and Community Calendar Thursday, Dec 9 Neighborhood Committee Meeting 6:30 p.m. SC Collaborative meets at St. Clement’s Episcopal Church. 202 Avenida Aragon, 949.205.2562,

Friday, Dec 10

San Clemente Hiking Group

Fun on the Run

Library Holiday Open House

9 a.m.-11 a.m. Join San Clemente’s free hiking group for an easy to intermediate hike. Meets every Saturday morning; all hikes are between 3 to 6 miles. For details, meet-up location and directions: www.sanclementepersonaltrainer. com.

2:45 p.m. Special holiday activities with gingerbread cookie decorating all week! Locations vary; check online at

6:30 p.m.-8 p.m. Library event featuring San Clemente High School’s Madrigal Singers, storytime for all ages, crafts and refreshments. 242 Avenida Del Mar, 949.492.3493, www.

FAM Christmas Celebration 11 a.m. Family Assistance Ministries hosts a holiday event at the San Clemente Community Center with food, visit with Santa and presents for kids. 100 N. Calle Seville, San Clemente, 949.492.8477,

Sunday, Dec 12 December Plant and Mistletoe Walk

Dark Friday City offices closed. TGIF Party 12 p.m. Lunch and entertainment at the Senior Center. 242 Avenida Del Mar, 949.498.3322,

Saturday, Dec 11

9 a.m. Join The Donna O’Neill Land Conservancy for a morning nature walk to look for mistletoe and seasonal fruit. Adults $10, kids $5. Call for info and directions, 949.489.9778,

Monday, Dec 13 Letters to Santa

Women Self-Defense Seminar 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m. Free defense skills class at Guillobel Jiu-Jitsu Academy. 146 Calle de Los Molinos, San Clemente, 949.366.2107,

Last day to submit letters to Santa Claus via the city of San Clemente. Santa will write back! Write to c/o San Clemente Recreation, 100 N. Calle Seville, San Clemente, CA 92672. More info: 949.3618264,

General Plan Advisory Committee Meeting 6 p.m. Community development. Second Floor Conference Room, 910 Calle Negocio, 949.361.8200,

Wednesday, Dec 15 French Conversation Club

Tuesday, Dec 14

2 p.m.–4 p.m. Come and chat at Café Calypso every Wednesday; no fees, no registration. 114 Avenida Del Mar, 949.493.5228.

Senior Driver Safety Program 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Event at the Senior Center for safe driving; call for reservations. Prepayment required. 242 Avenida Del Mar, 949.498.3322,

Thursday, Dec 16 Youth Committee Meeting 12 p.m. San Clemente Collaborative group meeting at the Boys & Girls Club, 1304 Calle Valle, Contact:

Nance Bear’s Card Class 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Make greeting cards at the Senior Center. 242 Avenida Del Mar, 949.498.3322,

SCC Leadership Committee Meeting

Good Neighbors Club of Capistrano Valley 11 a.m. Women’s club meets at Irons in the Fire with Surf City Singers. 150 Avenida Magdalena, San Clemente, 949.361.0586.

Toastmasters 7 p.m.–8:30 p.m. Practice public speaking at the library, 242 Ave. Del Mar, 949.361.8463,

3:30 p.m. San Clemente Presbyterian Church-CRC. 119 N. Avenida de la Estrella,

Second Annual Winter Extravaganza 7 p.m. The San Clemente High School Music Department’s Instrumental and Vocal Arts groups perform the in the Triton Center. Tickets $10. 700 Avenida Pico, 949.492.4165,

December 9–15, 2010 • San Clemente Times • Page 5

Eye on SC

Got Milk? We Do

San Clemente is home to the California Milk Processor Board’s now nationally famous trademark By Christina Scannapiego San Clemente Times


ack in the ’80s, Americans everywhere were repeating the phrase, “Where’s the beef?” after one commercial sparked a national phenomenon. But no one knew that a decade later, another ad campaign would surpass even that level of pop-culture fame and in the ’90s, thousands started playing off the “Got milk?” tagline. Bumper stickers, T-shirts and the like. “Got Waves?” “Got Twins?” “Got Rice?” “Got Tuna?” and so many more imitation slogans began to don cars and clothing worldwide. Countless advertising and marketing departments in universities and colleges use the campaign as an example in the classroom—it’s become a paradigm in the ad world. More than that, though, “it’s achieved iconic status in pop culture,” said San Clemente resident and Executive Director of the California Milk Processor Board, Steve James, who has also painted that oh so familiar “Got milk?” slogan on the side of the Ole Hanson building that now houses his office, in the center of town. And surprisingly for what seems like such a huge operation, James presides over the organization from San Clemente almost single-handedly. He functions as the liaison between ad agencies and the board, approving every marketing effort that is released out into the world, among his many other duties. James could do the work from anywhere in the state and picked San Clemente for the office because it was his hometown. But well before Got milk? existed, James had started a small dairy in upstate New York (he only later ended up in California in 1998, accepting the position of President of Swiss Dairy). California fluid milk sales had dropped per capita by 22.8 percent between 1978 and 1993—a considerably larger loss than the national fall in sales at the time—so in 1993, California’s fluid milk processors agreed to allocate 3 cents of every gallon they sold to fund marketing efforts that would stimulate fluid milk consumption through advertising and other types of promotion in 1993 and thus the

James approves every piece of marketing that stems from the CMPB before it hits the streets. This Cookie Monster ad is one of his favorites. Photo by Christina Scannapiego

Steve James, Executive Director of the California Milk Processor Board (created in 1993) got into the business of milk when he started a small dairy in upstate New York years ago. Now he operates the organization whose efforts generated the most influential tag line in advertising history: “Got milk?” Photo by Christina Scannapiego

California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) came to be. They hired Goodby, Silverstein & Partners—a San Francisco-based ad agency—to tackle their first ad campaign and, in short, figure out the best way to remind people to drink milk. All the milk ads previously told consumers that milk did “the body good.” People knew the health benefits already and that angle just wasn’t effective. So the ad agency came up with a strategy based on the premise of “deprivation,” figuring that most people take milk for granted unless they’re out of it. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners aired its “Aaron Burr” television ad, featuring a history buff eating a peanut butter sandwich in his home, which was decorated entirely in honor of the historical Aaron Burr duel. A radio station called him mid-sandwich, announcing that if he answered an Aaron Burr-related trivia question correctly, he’d win $10,000. Unable to speak through a mouthful of peanut butter and bread, he reached for his milk and, lo and behold, the carton was empty and the public heard that famous line, “Got milk?” uttered (no pun intended) for the first time ever. The Aaron Burr ad gained popularity, won many awards and the ad campaign only snowballed into more TV and print ads. Consequently, the decline of milk consumption in California began to reverse itself. The next year, California’s milk sales increased to 755 million gallons from the previous year’s 740 million. The CMPB then licensed their idea to the National Dairy Board in 1995. “No one had any idea that it would become one of the most successful ad campaigns in history,” said James. The milk-moustache ad campaign, which features

“I love spreading the good word about the nutritional power of milk. It’s something I deeply believe in and it feels good every day going to work knowing that if I’m successful, people are going to be —Steve James healthier.”

a wide array of celebrities from the Olson Twins to Taylor Swift, Beyoncé (and her mom) and Mylie Cyrus to Batman, Barbie, Bart Simpson—even local professional skateboarder, Ryan Sheckler—actually comes from the National Dairy Board, Milk PEP, who are based in Washington D.C. and are funded by national milk processors from around the country. The launch of their “milk-moustache” campaign only added to the growing familiarity of the “Got milk?” slogan. “We enjoy the exposure and celebrity and they enjoy the value of our trademark,” James said. “It’s a good relationship.” (Also contrary to popular belief, the “Happy Cows” ad campaign has nothing to do with Got milk?—it’s funded by dairy farmers who focus on all-milk product sales, like cheese and butter.) The slogan was still spreading like wildfire. “It became part of our vernacular,” James said. “[Got milk?] became a brand in spite of itself, even though it didn’t set out to be a brand.” The CMPB branched out even more and into Hispanic television and marketing strategies within California with the “Familia Amor y Leche” campaign. The organization also started to launch many different kinds of contests, some of which allowed consumers to create their own ads or star in ads themselves, photo contests and the like. (In fact, San Clemente High School student Shannon Christner, whose witty picture captured her reading textbooks with a milk “head-gear” on, was a finalist in one of these contests.) By the early 2000s, James had transitioned into a position as Chairman of the California Milk Processor Board and later to its even more active role as Executive Director (his hands-on approach to his job even calls for him to help judge each and every one of the competitions) and has seen the brand-without-a-brand through its evolution and many different ad campaigns. The White Gold campaign, featuring a guitar genius who owes all his success to milk, Toma Leche, the Spanish equivalent to Got milk? Get the Glass, chronicling the Adachis family afflicted with a genetic condition (a life without milk) and who are

on a constant mission to find a glass of milk and Mootopia, a magical world whose inhabitants experience all of milk’s health benefits to the fullest and whose only problems seem to stem from the fact that they’re almost too healthy and beautiful. “I love spreading the good word about the nutritional power of milk. It’s something I deeply believe in and it feels good every day going to work knowing that if I’m successful, people are going to be healthier.” And even though all of the Got milk? campaigns now have such a national recognition, its placement here in town touches our residents on a very local level. Surfing America, the national governing body for surfing in the USA and based in San Juan Capistrano, approached Got milk? to sponsor its Surfing America Prime series of events (formerly the WSA Prime series) for up-and-coming surfers ages 18 and younger, upon its inception in 2008. “We wanted to partner with companies that promoted good health and had a wholesome image,” explained Greg Cruse, Surfing America Prime series director. “To have their support for an additional three years is amazing. It ensures that we’ll be able to keep raising the competition skills … to help us reach Surfing America’s goal of winning a Gold Medal at the ISA World Junior Surfing Championships.” “It perfectly aligns with our mission to grow the best athletes we can,” agreed Surfing America Executive Director Mike Gerard. “Surfing is a sport and we’re devoted to the sport side of nutrition. It’s good for the kids.” For James, the partnership was a no-brainer. “I thought, ‘What a great combination,’” he recalled. “We’re all about nutrition, health and finding strength from within and we felt that [Surfing America] really embodied that principal. They’ve enjoyed our cache and trademark and we think the kids are great—a really good bunch of student-athletes. We like it.” Beyond the world of surfing, San Clemente could stand to reap more and more benefits from playing hometown to the Got milk? brand. “Obviously the Chamber of Commerce is excited to have them as part of our business community,” said Chamber CEO Lynn Wood. “They’re already doing fun campaigns and promote a wonderful product and we hope to work with them in the future, hopefully tying in their campaign into San Clemente.” SC

December 9–15, 2010 • San Clemente Times • Page 7

Eye on SC Shorecliffs Middle School holds its Winter Holiday Vocal Show at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, December 14. Members of the Concert Choir and Madrigals Honor Choir have been diligently rehearsing and are ready to proudly sing traditional Christmas songs, along with up beat holiday numbers. This year’s performance, school officials promise, is sure to please even the Grinchiest of attendees. Admission is free, cookies and other treats are available for a nominal fee that assists in funding the events. The school is at 240 Via Socorro.


News Bites

—Compiled by Jonathan Volzke and Andrea Swayne

Props, Recognitions and Morsels of Info About 200 people, including Mayor Jim Dahl, gathered on the Pier Sunday as the Chabad Jewish Center of San Clemente lit a Hanukah Menorah. The ceremony has been held at the Community Center in past years, but the center wanted to so something above and beyond this year, said Tzippy Slavin, who runs the center with her husband, Rabbi Mendel Slavin. “The Pier is such a public, beautiful place and we invited everyone to come,” Tzippy Slavin said. “We’re so grateful to live in America, where we can celebrate our religion, where everyone can celebrate however they like.” She said the message of Hanukah is light over darkness, good over evil. “We can all learn from Hanukah,” she said. Slavin was also grateful the city made it easy for the Jewish Center to organize the event. “We’d really like to thank the city for enabling us to do this,” she said. “It was very nice of them.” Hanukah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day celebration that ended Thursday. For more information about the Jewish Center of San Clemente, see

Marblehead kindergarten teacher Doug James won cash and fresh fruit in the national online contest, “Teacher Monday: Cash for Classrooms” by Del Monte Fresh Produce, North America, Inc. James won $750 in cash and $250 in fresh Del Monte fruit for his classroom by collecting almost 6,000 online votes from his fans. “The Del Monte funds will help us buy much needed computer software and pieces of equipment which have worn out in our class,” James said in the announcement. “We use software for letters and letter sounds to better prepare us to learn to read. Inevitably, every letter has a fruit and vegetable that begins it. We teach that these fruits and vegetables provide our bodies with nutritional fuel to grow and think.” “Teacher Monday: Cash for Classrooms” is a program by Del Monte Fresh Produce to help support kindergarten through 12th grade public school teachers across North and Central America with cash to purchase school supplies and fresh fruit. To be eligible to win, teachers were required to register for the “Teacher Monday: Cash for Classrooms” online contest at, then get their all their fans to vote for them.



Courtesy photo

The San Clemente High School Dance Team, working with the ASB, had hoped to collect, package and send 150 care boxes to Camp Pendleton’s 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, currently serving in Afghanistan. Instead, they filled nearly 300, said Mike Conlon, the SCHS Dance Team Faculty Advisor.


Kiwanis Club of San Clemente, long a supporter of local organizations, has broadened its community service this year with “See’s For Soldiers.” San Clemente residents can buy gift certificates or one-pound boxes of See’s Candy that will be delivered to Marines and their families of the 1st CEB and 2-4 Division at Camp Pendleton to say “thank you” for their service. The Kiwanis See’s Candy stand is at Ralphs Fresh Fare Market in Talega Village Center at 811 Avenida Talega. The stand is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily through December 23. All proceeds go back into the community, primarily benefiting the local Boys & Girls Club and providing scholarships for local high school students. Kiwanis members also thanked Ralphs for its accommodation. Visit the stand in Talega or call Kiwanis at 949.290.8729 to order candy directly.


Camen, Camala and Cain Piho. Courtesy photo

San Clemente High School lacrosse player Camen Piho has received a full scholarship to Brown University—but for his skill with the books, not the lacrosse stick. Camen is part of a tight family with brother Cain and mother Camala, who just couldn’t be prouder, we’re told.


Cecily Mitzev, Alek Mitzev, Andrea Burror. Courtesy photo

Each year the San Clemente Junior Woman’s Club places a tree in the Community Center lobby and gathers gifts for local families, children and seniors in need. The tree is decorated with more than 300 handmade ornaments attached to personalized gift tags. Donors take a tag, buy the gift requested, wrap it and put it in a gift bin in the Community Center at the corner of Avenida Del Mar and Calle Seville in San Clemente. Gifts are due by Thursday, December 16. Ornaments were provided by: La Christianita Preschool, Daisy Troop #1951 and Girl Scouts from Las Palmas Elementary, Vista Del Mar and Marblehead Elementary schools. Project benefactors include Laura’s House, Toby’s House, FAM, San Clemente Boys & Girls Club, RIO Adult Day Care and San Clemente Senior Center. The 2010 / 2011 Angel Tree Chairperson is Jill Mitzev. u

Cameron Eldridge is 11, in 8th grade at St. Anne School and has published a 264-page novel called Selandra Chronicles. She will be signing her book from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Courtesy photo December 10 at Mathom House Books at 83 Via Pico Plaza. The book is about Selandra, an “average orphan” mysteriously adopted to the Alsontones Academy, which half-magic, half-vampire creatures are trying to destroy. u

Have something interesting for the community? Tell us about awards, events, happenings, accomplishments and more. Forward a picture along, too! We’ll put your submissions into “News Bites.” Send your information to Page 8 • San Clemente Times • December 9–15, 2010

Mike Maxson, Dee Hedborg, Jim Koutroulis, Jim Reiss. Courtesy photo

San Clemente-based Rainbow Sandals Company made a monetary donation to the Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association at its annual DSBIA Holiday Dinner, December 6 at Café Mozart in San Juan Capistrano. Rainbow Sandals Founder and President Jay “Sparky” Longley along with Barrett Tester and Pat Huber were on hand to make the $5,000 check presentation. Monday marked the second year in a row Longley and Rainbow SanRainbow Sandals’ Battle of the Paddle Event Director Barrett Tester presents a dals contributed to the efforts of $5,000 check to Doheny State Beach Supervising Ranger Jim Serpa and DSBIA President Bill Brooks. Photo by Andrea Swayne the DSBIA as a “thank you” for the group’s support of the Battle of the Paddle stand-up paddle (SUP) event at Doheny State Beach. In 2009, Rainbow Sandals donated $7,000 to DSBIA. That money was used to assist in the repairs being made to the park’s Visitor Center. The Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle, an international level SUP event held for the past three years at Doheny State Beach, has grown from a small half-day competition to a two-day extravaganza attracting hundreds of contestants, SUP clubs, enthusiasts and vendors from around the world. The current primary focus of the DSBIA is the restoration of its Visitor Center, with tide pool, aquariums and local animal exhibits. Before its closure, the Visitors Center was the largest aquarium in the California State Park system and the largest free aquarium in Orange County. In 2007, it was damaged by flooding, termites and the subsequent discovery of black mold. Through fundraising efforts over the past three years, the restoration of the facility is well on its way with a hoped-for grand reopening in the summer of 2011, DSBIA officials said. For further information, visit u


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The Village Voice: By Wayne Eggleston

What Makes a Village? T he Village Voice debuts his December and celebrates the Heritage of our Spanish Village by the Sea. I will cover topics that range from what makes a village, current topics, characters that make up our village, architecture, village businesses, future village development and village political issues. San Clemente is a collection of many different Villages—some historic and some Wayne Eggleston new: Avenida Del Mar, Talega, Pier Bowl, Southwest, Forester Ranch, Trestles and North Beach. While technically the term “Village” implies an integrated grouping of uses that include residential, commercial and cultural for its residents, within a specific geographical location, it is really more than that. The emotional connotations of the term turn out to be much more important in understanding Village Character. I grew up in a village in Northeastern Ohio that has a beautiful New England, early 1800s style church with a tall steeple and a similar town hall in the middle of the village circle surrounded by eight roads radiating out from it (called a roundabout today). Surrounding the circle were beautiful homes built in the 1800s. That was my “Village” where everyone knew each other. Everywhere was something small, quaint, interesting, not designed, but somehow unique and compatible at the same time. Yet today makes many of these ideals nearly impossible to achieve. So often we settle for something that looks like a village, but which does not function like one. The advent of shopping centers, supermarkets, strip malls, and other more


car-friendly approaches erased the pedestrianfriendly village centers. The local hardware, stationary, appliance stores, and other commerce with the ever-expanding box type facilities made it difficult for the integrated village to survive. Yet in San Clemente, we are most fortunate to have our Historic Downtown Village, Avenida Del Mar. The challenge for us is to preserve this unique and vibrant Downtown The church in the village where Wayne Village with its pedestrian Eggleston grew up. Courtesy photo and walkable atmosphere, small shops, restaurants, and non-chain commerce. Avenida Del Mar and the surrounding residential neighborhoods fit the description of “Village Character.” Ole Hanson got it right and today San Clemente residents identify their community with the original “Spanish Village by the Sea,” whether they live in the historic section of town or the newer-planned communities. For this reason, it is crucial that the “heart of San Clemente” be preserved, protected and enhanced. Like a classic car or beautiful historic home, it cannot be duplicated with new technology, and its value increases over time as it

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Online Reader Poll Will You Do Holiday Shopping in Town? Just part of it.

30% I try to do all of it in town to support merchants.

30% It does not matter to me; I shop where I find the deals.

40% Make sure to sound off each week on the “SC Times Poll of the Week” at Then go to our community Message Board and share your opinions. Bookmark it today! The SC Times Online Reader Polls are not scientific and do not reflect the opinion of the SC Times.

ages and becomes increasingly rare. Changes and enhancement are possible in such historic districts, but must be viewed with caution so that the resulting changes do not diminish or compromise the existing qualities of Village Character that are so cherished by the residents and visitors. Why is this important? Because it creates a community, a sense of place, a uniqueness that very few Southern Californian coastal cities have and a community where we can celebrate and share in the positive attributes. Just think! Something that unites us instead of that which divides us. Wayne Eggleston is a 26-year resident of San Clemente who served 12 years on the City Council. PLEASE NOTE: The opinions offered here are solely those of the guest columnist and may or may not be shared by the San Clemente Times staff. We appreciate, however, their willingness to share their views, and we invite responses to be sent to

Letters to the Editor Second Best Rick Collins, San Clemente

“Every time history repeats itself the price goes up” – Anonymous (but I bet they live in San Clemente)… South San Clemente had, at one stage, approval for a new Ralphs in the very same location you are considering for a new and larger store. After five years of compromise, hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs, a planning and council majority vote combined with overwhelming local support, a promising project for the previous store and same location businesses was brought to a screaming halt by a $250 legal threat from a “No We Can’t” group of residents led by Charles Mann. So by way of free advice to the Ralphs executives please do us all a favor and contact Charles Mann and ask for his permission before you spend any more time and money on this project. Make sure you find out from him as to how many parking spaces he needs and which freeways and roads you will need build so that increased traffic is not an issue. Also please make sure that you do not impact the sliver of an ocean view from the freeway in case someone decides they want to set up a picnic table by the side of the 5. Page 12 • San Clemente Times • December 9–15, 2010

And please make sure there are enough trees to ensure .000012-1 ratio of CO2 per square foot of air above the center. Once you have completed this first step, then and only then, should you submit your plans to the planning commission and city council for consideration and approval. I know you are very smart and highly educated executives but you have no idea what you are dealing with in San Clemente. Our un-elected sixth council member Mr. Mann will determine when and if your project will move forward, not you. Most cities where you have stores follow due process, city codes and common sense but not San Clemente. Rick Skillman’s project was well thought out, they followed due process and the people it impacted wanted it. However a minority group of five to 10 Charles Mann Disciples didn’t like it, so here we are. The bottom line to you executives is that up to the point where the doors open and the first customer has walked in you don’t have a completed project no matter what our residents, council or planning commission says. You cannot say that you have not been warned. Side note to my fellow residents: This is a good ex-

ample of what happens if you get caught up in Charles Mann’s negative spin on everything and what happens if certain council members run scared every time he turns up at a council meeting. Not only is the grass not greener in his world but you will find divisiveness, government and tax payer waste, closed businesses and weed ridden parking lots. Thanks to Charles Mann and this one example of his ongoing war of attrition we have now lost a 25-year-old San Clemente icon in the Trader (best ribs going), four other businesses who will be going out of business or forced to relocate at great expense and a large group of local residents who have to look forward to another lengthy process with no end in sight. His economic trickledown effect has started. But please look on the bright side. In return Charles Mann has bought so many positive and valuable benefits to San Clemente such as...

Congratulations to the CUSD Community Chris Korpi, Dana Point

Congratulations to the five board members sworn in tonight and the new officers. We now have the opportunity to end the divisiveness and turmoil that has existed within Capistrano (Cont. on page 16)


Preventing Trauma Accidents during the Holidays A s the holidays quickly approach, we begin to fill our days with seasonal activities. Soon we will be hanging lights on our homes and attending holiday parties. Despite this joyous time of year, it is unquestionable that the holiday season brings a spike in trauma accidents, most notably drunk-driving accidents and falls from ladders. Whether it’s driving home tipsy from a holiday party or simply hanging lights on your home, serious injuries can occur if we’re not careful. With all the celebrations that the holidays bring about, it’s important to avoid finding yourself in a situation where you will likely drive home under the influence. In fact, according to a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, drunk-driving related fatally crashes rise significantly in the two-week period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. On average, 45 daily fatalities are experienced on American roadways during Christmas and spikes to 54 on New Year’s Eve. This is an increase of 18 deaths per day compared to the annual average. At Mission Hospital, 34 percent of all trauma incidents during the winter months are from automobile accidents. Whenever possible, have a designated driver with you at the party. Or, arrange to have someone you can call to give you a ride home. Even the small amount you would spend on a cab fare is a small price to pay to avoid placing lives in peril. However, driving under the influence is not the only action that contributes to the rise in automobile

Letters to the Editor (cont.) (Cont. from page 12) Unified School District over the past few years. Also, the CUSD community should congratulate itself for what it accomplished on November 2nd. The historical impact of what happened in the election one month ago is stunning! An analysis of the results shows that there are almost 300 precincts in CUSD and all but five of them voted in favor of Measure H with two thirds of the voters choosing to change the way we elect trustees. In addition, 62 percent of CUSD voters voted to recall two of the trustees. Every city and trustee area voted in favor of Measure H and both recalls. They voted to change the direction of the Board of Trustees. The opinions of the Santa Ana newspaper were rejected. The baseless arguments of a “union takeover” were rejected. The attempts by political organizations, city councils and elected officials to influence the election were rejected. What really happened was that the parents, teachers and community joined together in a true grassroots movement and their efforts have sent everyone a clear message. Effective school board trustees need to lead. Leadership requires respect for those whom you are leading and it requires respect from those whom you lead. Your professional educators, administrators and classified staff have a lot to offer you and they are willing to help if asked. The CUSD electorate voted to support the parents and the teachers and they expect you to respect them and involve them in your decisions. Effective communication involves listening. Open and clear communication necessitates active listening, listening that shows that you understand what we need and want. I hope that you will govern with humility and realize that most of the wisdom in this district resides within those that are in the classrooms and school sites or with the parents. Putting children and the community ahead of political agendas is your most important charge. I urge you to visit schools and observe classroom instruction as equals willing to participate as a partner for improvement. You are elected by us and answerable to us and you are expected to conduct yourselves with fairness and wisdom. There should be no hidden agendas. The voters do not want our district used as an experiment in education theories. Our kids are not widgets or numbers. The theories of the Education Alliance, The Pacific Research Institute or the Hoover Institute are not welcome here and have been soundly rejected by the CUSD voters. CUSD is one of the finest school districts in the nation Page 16 • San Clemente Times • December 9–15, 2010

accidents. Distracted driving—such as texting, talking or listening to a hand-held device or changing the radio—delays a driver’s reactions as much as having a blood alcohol concentration at the legal limit of .08 percent. Dialing a hand-held device can in fact increase the risk of a crash or near-crash by almost three times. Of course, it’s not just automobile accidents that see a rise during winter months. Falling accidents account for 23 percent of injuries we treat during the holidays, often a result of falling off a ladder or roof while hanging lights on homes or Christmas trees. It’s a good idea to have someone hold the bottom the ladder for you when you install your lights. Never anchor a ladder on shaky ground. And if you have a helmet, wear it when you’re on the ladder. You may feel silly doing so, but it is far better to feel silly and be safe than to injure yourself in a fall. Falls off a bike or skateboard can also lead to very serious head injuries should individuals fail to wear a helmet. When shopping for your loved ones this holiday season, remember to always purchase a helmet with that new bike, skateboard, scooter or razor and help protect those you love. It’s important to know that the risk of these accidents is more than just a bump on the head. The real danger lies in causing severe damage to the brain. Head traumas caused by incidents like automobile accidents or a fall can lead to a very serious if not fatal injury if gone undetected or

untreated. Since head injuries can be so devastating when not treated properly, be aware of how head injuries can occur and be aware of the symptoms. Common symptoms to look out for include nausea, headaches, blurry vision, dizziness or unsteadiness. Should you experience any of these symptoms following a head trauma, it is important seek medical care immediately. Because of the rise in traumatic injuries around the around the holiday season, it is important for individuals to be extra cautious at this time of the year. We need to remind our loved ones to drive home responsibly from their holiday events and take precautions when hanging Christmas lights. Most importantly, we all must choose to make responsible decisions. Especially at a time when we come together to celebrate each other’s company, we want to make sure we protect ourselves and our loved ones by being aware of the risks that surround us during the holiday months. Dr. John Shaver is the Medical Director at Mission Regional Trauma Center at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo. Mission Regional Trauma Center is one of three Level II trauma facilities in Orange County. PLEASE NOTE: The opinions offered here are solely those of the guest columnist and may or may not be shared by the San Clemente Times staff. We appreciate, however, their willingness to share their views, and we invite responses to be sent to


because of the teachers, employees, parents and our children. The results of the election proved that the main issues were never about money but about respect and leadership. Please respect your constituents and please exercise wise leadership. If you do, I believe the CUSD community will unite behind your efforts and together we will restore balance and sanity. Please help our community heal and together let’s put the turmoil behind us. Korpi, a leader in the recall effort, gave these remarks at Tuesday’s school board meeting.

To submit a letter to the editor for possible inclusion in the paper, e-mail us at letters@ or send it to 34932 Calle del Sol, Suite B, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624. San Clemente Times reserves the right to edit reader-submitted letters for length and is not responsible for the claims made or the information written by the writers.



SC S a n C le m e n te


A day-by-day guide to what’s happening in and around town this week. COMPILED BY TAWNEE PRAZAK

thursday09 forecast: partly cloudy • high: 72° low: 48°


9 p.m. Games and live music at Molly Blooms Irish Bar & Restaurant. 2391 S. El Camino Real, San Clemente 949.218.0120. www.


7 p.m.-10 p.m. Live entertainment at The Cellar. 156 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.492.3663,


11 a.m.-2 p.m. A variety of gourmet food trucks that changes weekly at the OC Fair & Event Center. 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, 714.708.1500,


6 p.m.-8 p.m. Hulaville invites all musicians, along with singers and hula dancers, to step up and showcase their talents for an appreciative audience. Every Thursday. 2720 Camino Capistrano, San Clemente, 949.369.1905,


7:30 p.m.–11 p.m. Iva Lee’s. 555 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, 949.361.2855,

friday10 forecast: partly cloudy • high: 72° low: 48°


7:30 p.m.-9 p.m. The holiday boat parade in Dana Point Harbor with decorated boats full of holiday spirit. Show dates: Dec. 10, 11, 17, 18. More info at


7:30 p.m. South Coast Singers present a holiday concert at St. Andrew’s Church. General admission $20, students/seniors $12, kids 6 and under free. 2001 Calle Frontera, San Clemente, 949.613.7840,


5 p.m.-9 p.m. Special dinner event at Proud Mary’s Restaurant & Lounge for viewing the Boat Parade. $35 adult, $15 children. 34689 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, 949.493.5853.


7 p.m.-9 p.m. Ocean Institute hosts a party for the Boat Parade of Lights with refreshments, pictures with Santa Claus, crafts and activities. Cost $10 adults, $5 for children ages 3-12 or a family of four for $25. Reservations required. 24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, 949.496.2274, Page 18 • San Clemente Times • December 9–15, 2010



The City of Dana Point is offering up a huge dose of holiday cheer at the annual Winter Festival and Tree Lighting on Saturday, December 11 from noon to 7 p.m. at La Plaza Park. The event will begin immediately following the Farmers Market which runs from 8 a.m. to noon. Most activities are free and fun for the whole family. The day’s events include face painting, carnival games, cookie decorating, holiday craft fair, caricature and balloon artists, a marionette show, petting zoo and a free showing of the movie Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas beginning at 5:30 p.m. Live entertainment will be provided by the Yuletide Carolers, Dan St. Marseille, Sandii Castleberry and the Dana Hills High School Carolers. The Orange County Fire Authority will be collecting un-


5:30 p.m.-9 p.m. San Clemente Wine Company welcomes Far Niente, Nickel & Nickel and EnRoute wineries. $20 for five wines with cheese, crackers & chocolate. 212 1/2 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.429.7067,


wrapped toys for their Spark of Love Toy Drive and Dana Point Police Services will offer the free Kid Print Child Identification fingerprinting program. Bring your camera—photos with Santa will be available until 5:15 p.m. Visitors will also delight in meeting Santa’s real reindeer, straight from the North Pole, appearing from noon to 4 p.m. Don’t forget your mittens. A real snow play area will also be available in the park. The tree lighting ceremony, complete with hot chocolate and cookies courtesy of Hennessey’s Tavern, will begin at 5:15 p.m. For more information and a full schedule of events, log on to or call the City of Dana Point Community Services and Parks Department at 949.248.3530.—Andrea Swayne


The Ritz Carlton is home to the ultimate gingerbread display with a surf-inspired theme. Free to view. 1 Ritz-Carlton Drive, Dana Point, 949.240.2000,


8 p.m. Front man from the band, The Mavericks, at The Coach House. Tickets $25. 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.496.8930,

12 p.m.-6 p.m. Bring an unwrapped toy and receive a raffle ticket. Event includes a celebration with food, drinks, entertainment by Dalton Gang, raffle and more. 31786 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.493.3188,



9 p.m. DJs spin hit music at OC Tavern. Free. 2369 S. El Camino Real, San Clemente, 949.542.8877,

The first two people to email us with SC Times Free Concert Tix in the subject line will receive a pair of free concert tickets from The Coach House to see Brooke Ramel’s Holiday Concert on December 12, or Christmas Time Together on December 16. Please include your name and phone number in the e-mail. E-MAIL:


9 p.m. Funky & groovy rock music at BeachFire. 204 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.366.3232,

sunday12 forecast: sunny • high: 79° low: 53°


9 a.m.-1 p.m. Fresh produce, flowers and more every Sunday along Avenida Del Mar. Rain or shine.



5 p.m.-8 p.m. Irvine Park offers families an enchanting train ride en route to meet Santa Claus. Lots of fun along the way including the magical “Tunnel of Lights.” Dec. 23. Tickets $8. 1 Irvine Park Road, Orange, 949.923.2235,

forecast: sunny • high: 76° low: 51°



12 p.m.- 7 p.m. Dana Point hosts its annual Winter Festival in La Plaza Park (at PCH and Golden Lantern) with activities, live entertainment, toy drives, shows, refreshments and much more. Tree-lighting ceremony at 5:15 p.m.; free movie showing at 5:30 p.m. More info: 949.248.3530,


10:30 a.m.-12 p.m. Free defense skills class for women 16 and older at Guillobel Jiu-Jitsu Academy. 146 Calle de Los Molinos, San Clemente, 949.366.2107,


10 a.m.-6 p.m. The last weekend to visit The Sawdust Festival’s winter show featuring more than 170 exhibitors with fine art, crafts and more. Tickets $3-$6. 935 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, 949.494.3030,


11 a.m. Family Assistance Ministries hosts a holiday event at the San Clemente Community Center with food, visit with Santa and presents for kids. 100 N. Calle Seville, San Clemente, 949.492.8477,


12 p.m.-4 p.m. Capo Animal Rescue Effort hosts a pet adoption at PetSmart. A gallery of available pets is online. 33963 Doheny Park Road, 949.240.1735,


10 a.m.; 11:30 a.m. Ballet performance designed just for kids at the OC Performing Arts Center. Tickets $19-$36. 600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, 714.556.ARTS,

9 a.m. Join The Donna O’Neill Land Conservancy for a morning nature walk to look for mistletoe and seasonal fruit. Adults $10, kids $5. Call for info and directions, 949.489.9778,


2 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Ocean Institute invites you to learn about the romanticized image of the “pyrate” and the truth behind these scoundrels while sailing onboard the Spirit of Dana Point. Tickets $40 adults, $23 for children ages 4-12. 24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, 949.496.2274,


7 p.m. Casa Romantica presents a special concert with holiday music from around the world. Tickets $20, members $15, children/ seniors $10. 415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente, 949.498.2139,


Capt Dave’s Dolphin Safari gets you up-close and personal with whales and sea life aboard a high-tech catamaran sailboat. Call for times and ask about discounts. 24440 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, 949.488.2828,


5 p.m.- 9 p.m. Renaissance presents “Songwriters Showcase” for musicians to show off their talent. 24701 Del Prado, Dana Point, 949.661.6003,


7 p.m. Special holiday show at The Coach House. Tickets $12. 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.496.8930, (Cont. on page 21)


SC Times Restaurant Spotlight

By Andrea Swayne

Café Mozart


31952 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.496.0212, BEST KNOWN FOR: Bread pudding MOST POPULAR ITEM: Sauerbraten and wiener schnitzel Café Mozart owners Hans and Carla Loschl have been delighting palates at this location for seven years. Hans, a chef of 40 years, hails from Austria and was trained in Vienna. His wife Carla is an experienced pastry chef whose bread pudding has taken the top prize in the Taste of San Juan for the last five years in a row. Together they have created a menu that is very European, including dishes from Austria, Germany, France and more. Some of the most popular items are the German dishes such as schnitzels. The wiener schnitzel—lightly breaded, sautéed veal, garnished with anchovies, capers and lemons—is a customer favorite as are the chicken and pork (jaeger) schnitzels. At Café Mozart, side dishes are every bit as delicious as the main course. The scalloped potatoes, spätzle and red cabbage are a few stand outs. Dungeness crab cakes and lamb rack provençal are a few other great choices. The Black Angus filet with peppercorn sauce and Roquefort cheese is a great option for steak lovers. A hidden gem in downtown Capistrano’s Mercado Village Shops, the charming Spanish style building that houses the café and courtyard provide a beautiful backdrop for weddings and Carla creates some of the most beautiful wedding cakes in South Orange County.

Owners Hans and Carla Loschl. Photo by Andrea Swayne

PRICE RANGE: $4.50-$33 PAYMENT: Cash, credit card RESERVATIONS: Suggested on weekends HOURS: Tuesday-Thursday 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and 5 p.m.-9 p.m., Friday-Saturday 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and 5 p.m.-10 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Have you eaten at this restaurant? Go to and rate your overall experience. We’ll post the results in next week’s issue of the SC Times.

Last week online voters gave

Shanghai Charlie’s

¾ 34121 Doheny Park Road, Capistrano Beach, 949.661.2507 (Rated on a scale of 1–5 stars)

ABOUT OUR REVIEWS: In each issue we’ll highlight universally critical points including “Most Popular Dish,” “Best Known For” and “Price Range.” But most importantly, we’re inviting you to participate each week and rate the restaurant based on your experiences. Go to and under “Restaurant Guide” rate it from 1 to 5 then share your thoughts on the SC Times forums. (Cont. from page 18)

monday13 forecast: sunny • high: 75° low: 48°

wednesday15 forecast: sunny • high: 67° low: 45°





Last day to submit letters to Santa Claus via the city of San Clemente. Santa will write back! Write to c/o San Clemente Recreation, 100 N. Calle Seville, San Clemente, CA 92672. More info: 949.3618264,

10 a.m. Casa Romantica hosts storytime for youngsters ages 3-5; free. 415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente, 949.498.2139,

7 p.m. High schoolers present a holiday concert at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. Tickets start at $12. 600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, 714.556.ARTS,

5:45 p.m.-7:45 p.m. Newport Harbor comes alive with colorfully decorated boats full of lights. Cruises available. 309 Palm St., Newport Beach, 949.675.0551,



5 p.m.-8 p.m. Join SC Wine Company for Happy Hour featuring three wines for $5, glasses of selected wines for $5 and mugs of beer from $5 & up! 212 1/2 Avenida Del Mar, 949.429.7067,


8 p.m. Sing fearlessly behind a cloud of smoke at BeachFire and enjoy Mojito Monday. No cover. 204 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.366.3232,

tuesday14 forecast: sunny • high: 70° low: 47°


1 p.m. Jeffrey Garcia, author of “Santa Claus and the Molokai Mules” will be reading selections from his book and signing copies at Hulaville Island Cafe & Company Store. 2720 Camino Capistrano, San Clemente, 949.369.1905,


10:30 a.m. Dana Point Library offers storytime for youngsters. 33841 Niguel Road, Dana Point, 949.496.5517,


Half price on all fishing trips, whale watching and other adventures at Dana Wharf every Tuesday. 34675 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, 949.496.5794,


9 p.m. Live music at BeachFire and Taco Tuesday. 204 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.366.3232,


7 p.m.-10 p.m. Solo artist at Renaissance. 24701 Del Prado, Dana Point, 949.661.6003,


7 p.m.–11 p.m. Live music at The Cellar. 156 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.492.3663,

AT THE MOVIES Love and Drama

6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. San Clemente Wine Company welcomes Starr Cornwall, Cheese Monger Extraordinaire & Marcelino Cosio, Sommelier, for the class. Tasting fee is $35 for four cheeses paired with wines! Reservations and pre-payment required. 212 1/2 Avenida Del Mar; 949.429.7067;


9:30 p.m. New comics every week at Molly Blooms Irish Bar & Restaurant, 21+ no cover. 2391 S. El Camino Real, San Clemente 92672, 949.218.0120,


7:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m. Live music at Renaissance. 24701 Del Prado, Dana Point, 949.661.6003,


8 p.m. The ultimate rock ‘n’ roll session man at The Coach House; also with Shawn Jones. $25. 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.496.8930,


9 p.m. Molly Blooms Irish Bar & Restaurant. 2391 S. El Camino Real, San Clemente 949.218.0120.


7 p.m.–11 p.m. Live music at The Cellar. 156 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.492.3663,

UPCOMING: December 16

SECOND ANNUAL WINTER EXTRAVAGANZA 7 p.m. The San Clemente High School Music Department’s Instrumental and Vocal Arts groups perform in the Triton Center. Tickets $10. 700 Avenida Pico, 949.492.4165,

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Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway in Love & Other Drugs. ©Twentieth Century Fox

These days, the chances of finding a romance on screen that isn’t completely a romcom or melodrama sobfest are slim to none. For now, we can appreciate Edward Zwick, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway for giving us something a little different with Love & Other Drugs. Before the romantic comedy genre grew to have the lazy, predictable reputation it has nowadays, it was relatively respected and desired in cinema for decades. Frank Capra, Billy Wilder, Woody Allen, John Hughes and Nora Ephron giving us such love classics as It Happened One Night (1934), Sabrina (1954), Manhattan (1979), and Sleepless in Seattle (1993). Even filmmaker Zwick’s About Last Night… (1986) managed to bring both comedy with dramatic moments (‘dramedy’) together with contemporary pretty stars Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. With his latest feature for Fox 2000 Pictures, we don’t necessarily get the full romantic comedy feeling, but a definite bittersweet dramedy. Set in 1996, up-and-coming pharmaceutical salesman and playboy Jamie Randall (Gyllenhaal) begins a sexual relationship with carefree Maggie Murdock (Hathaway), a coffeehouse waitress and one of the rare 26-year-olds with Parkinson’s. Both of their lives begin to take a turn when Jamie realizes he wants more than sex, but Maggie refuses because she believes he’ll leave once her sickness increases in time. In some ways, Love & Other Drugs is an updated, modern spin on About Last Night…, but with a Parkinson’s plotline. We have two of the more attractive and talented young actors in Hollywood playing attractive people with problems, and we go along with it. The most attention that the film has been getting largely are the nude “love” scenes between the leads, but what really makes the film are the angst and tenderness between the characters. Zwick, who also has found success in epics such as Glory (1989) and Courage Under Fire (1996), goes back to his romantic roots with his, Marshall Herskovitz and Charles Randolph’s screenplay and his own directing. And we have familiar faces Oliver Platt and Hank Azaria as Gyllenhaal’s on-screen mentor types. Though there are some imperfections with storytelling (a subplot with Jamie’s rival/Maggie’s ex-lover that goes unresolved) and Maggie comes off a bit too mean in some scenes, Love & Other Drugs is refreshing and enjoyable for your theater experience. SC —Megan Bianco December 9–15, 2010 • San Clemente Times • Page 21





SUDOKU by Myles Mellor Each Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9X9 grid that has been subdivided into nine smaller grids of 3X3 squares. To solve the puzzle, each row, column and box must contain each of the numbers 1 to 9. Puzzles come in three grades: easy, medium and difficult. Level: Medium Last week’s solution:


S a n C le m e n te

See today’s solution in next week’s issue.

From Historic Home to Futuristic Weapons: Camp Pendleton By Jonathan Volzke San Clemente Times


amp Pendleton opened its gates on Tuesday to members of the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society, who took their annual tour of the base and were treated to some behind-the-scenes sights not often enjoyed by the public. Fittingly, it was Pearl Harbor Day, and flags throughout the base flew at half-staff. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, is the Corps’ largest West Coast expeditionary training facility, encompasses more than 125,000 acres of Southern California terrain. That works out to almost 200 square miles. The base has been the largest employer in North San Diego County for more than 60 years. The tour was guided by retired Marine Colonel Jim Williams and included stops at the historic Ranch House, Mechanized Museum and demonstration of the Amtracks—the amphibious tracked vehicles that carry Marines from ships to shore, through battles. More than 38,000 military family members occupy base housing complexes, but the base has a daytime population of 70,000 military and civilian personnel. The base was acquired from the ranching O’Neill-Baumgartner families in 1942, as a result of the War Powers Act. The government paid $4.25 million for the nearly 200 square miles. The importance of the base has never been

Guests on the Pearl Harbor Day tour of Camp Pendleton browse a tank at the Mechanized Museum, while Joe and Margo Durnal try on an armed desert speeder in the museum. Photos by Jonathan Volzke

questioned, though, as techniques used for the landing at Normandy were developed there. The base is home to the I Marine Expeditionary Force, 1st Marine Division, 1st Marine Logistics Group and many tenant units, including Marine Corps Installation-West, 1st Marine Special Operations

Battalion, Wounded Warriors Battalion-West, Marine Corps Air Station at Munn Field, Marine Aircraft Group 39, Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity, Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego’s Weapons & Field Training Battalion, Marine Corps and Army Reserve Forces, the Navy’s Assault Craft Unit 5, a Naval Hospital and 1st

Dental Battalion. The base also provides specialized schools and training as directed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Several schools are located on Camp Pendleton including Assault Amphibian School Battalion, School of Infantry-West, Field Medical Service School and Marine Corps University. Following recruit graduation, enlisted Marines receive basic infantry training at the School of Infantry-West at Camp San Onofre before assignment to other units throughout the Corps. The historic ranch house is cared for by volunteer docents, who also give tours. Volunteers are always needed. Call 760.725.0770 for information. SC

December 9–15, 2010 • San Clemente Times • Page 25

SC S a n C le m e n te

S a n C le m e n te

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PLACE YOUR BUSINESS CARD HERE Page 26 • San Clemente Times • December 9–15, 2010

SC S a n C le m e n te

S a n C le m e n te


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COMPUTER SERVICES COMPUTER ANXIETY? Extremely patient HS teacher will help you become computer proficient. Free 1/2 hour in-home consultation. Russ 949-244-8574

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December 9–15, 2010 • San Clemente Times • Page 27

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ACNE/PROBLEM SKIN Proderma 800 S. El Camino Real Ste. 205

W W W. S A N C L E M E N T E T I M E S . C O M

Cheese Shop

Financial Advisor

949.492.3663 949.498.9007 The Cellar 156 Ave. Del Mar,


ACUPUNCTURE Clemente Acupuncture



Air conditioning All Season Air 949.579.0741, Oasis Heating & Air 949.420.1321 31648 Rancho Viejo Rd. Ste. A,

Appliances South Coast Furniture & Mattress    949.492.5589 109 Calle de los Molinos,

Appliances Services & Repairs ASAP Appliance Service 949.361.7713 3200 Legendario,

ART GALLERIES San Clemente Art Association 949.492.7175 100 N. Calle Seville,


Dr. R. Tyler Johnson DC, Chiropractic Center 1502 N. El Camino Real, 949.498.6440

Commercial Real Estate Doug Echelberger First Team Real Estate 949.498.7711 407 W. El Camino Real,

COMMERCIAL/TENANT IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTOR Garrison Property Services, Inc. Lic. # B609809,


COMPUTER REPAIR & SERVICES San Clemente Computer & Network Services 949.276.1581 Sano Computers 949.492.2179 Solution Tek-nologies                       949.400.0080 San Clemente,


The Gibbs Law Firm, APC 949.492.3350 Costa Verde Landscape 110 E Avenida Palizada, Ste. 201, License#: 744797 (C-8 & C-27) Serrate Law 949.429.8107 630 S. El Camino Real, Ste. A,


Auto Wrecking

BABY & CHILDREN’S GEAR OC Tykes 949.429.1714 201 N. El Camino Real,

Bankruptcy Attorneys Beauty Supply

GRAPHIC DESIGN Images/Creative Solutions 949.366.2488 2927 Via San Gorgoinio, Ste. 100,


Heating All Season Air 949.579.0741, Oasis Heating & Air 949.420.1321 31648 Rancho Viejo Rd. Ste. A,

Miller’s Holiday Lighting




MOLD REMOVAL Jarvis Restoration -24/7 949.362.5388 1393 Calle Avanzado,

SC Rider Supply 949.388.0521 520 S. El Camino Real,


South Coast Furniture & Mattress   949.492.5589 109 Calle de los Molinos, Janet Poth - Violin & Viola 949.922.6388 413 Calle Pueblo,

OFFICE FURNITURE South Coast Furniture & Mattress   949.492.5589 109 Calle de los Molinos,


San Clemente Optometry, David J. Nota, OD 224 Avenida Del Mar, 949.492.2029 HOUSE CLEANING Seaside Eyecare 949.493.2269 Betty’s House Cleaning 949.370.2920 638 Camino De Los Mares, #A120, David Miller - Wonderful Windows 949.369.7263

Del Mar Beauty Supply 949.492.8180 949.493.9311 150 Avenida Del Mar, Ste D, Eric Johnson, D.D.S. HOUSE SITTING 647 Camino de los Mares, Ste. 209, Blinds Curbside Pet & House Sitting            949.369.5074 Ronald Trosper, DDS 949.492.7140 San Clemente Window Fashions 949.498.9515 145 Ave Del Mar, San Clemente,


South Coast Furniture & Mattress 949.492.5589 109 Calle de los Molinos,


Home Décor


Body Therapy/Healing                        949.683.2033         San Clemente, C’Siren Day Spa 949.498.7700 312 Avenida De La Estrella


Kreative Hair Design                     949.498.6245 173 Avenida Serra

B Construction 949.481.8444 1046 Calle Recodo, Ste. I, HOME IMPROVEMENT The Cooper Company General Contractor License #B 638754, 949.361.2538 Custom Carpentry, Concrete Framing & Finish Ike Soffes 949.363.3087 Dunham Construction, Inc. 949.492.7100 License #450880, HOME LOANS Hutton Construction 949.492.2808 Coldwell Banker Home Loans - 949.307.7982 nmls#261832. Tom Fashing, Mortgage Advisor, COSMETICS

The Gibbs Law Firm, APC 949.492.3350 110 E Avenida Palizada, Ste. 201, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Landscape Lighting

Costa Verde Landscape 949.361.9656 FLOORING License#: 744797 (C-8 & C-27) Designer’s Magic Flooring 949.496.1926 638 Camino de los Mares, Ste. G -105, Mantels Mostly Mantels                         949.498.8778           FURNITURE 114 Calle de Los Molinos, Ste. C, South Coast Furniture & Mattress      949.492.5589 109 Calle de los Molinos, Massage Therapy



San Clemente Auto Wrecking & Repair Shop 1520 Avenida de la Estrella, Ste. B, 949.492.6121

Timothy C. Metcalf, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC 949.862.1250

Greenscapes Landscape & Design 949.366.6564 1046 Calle Recodo, Ste. I,



KC Painting & Decorating


Periodontics & Dental Implants Dr. Alice P. Moran, DMD 949.361.4867 (GUMS) 1001 Avenida Pico, Ste. K,

The Home & Garden Stylist/ 949.218.8022 Vignettes of Refinement PEST CONTROL San Clemente, Colony Termite Control 949.361.2500 Rooms With A View - One-Day Makeover BUSINESS COMPUTER SERVICE, REPAIR ELECTRICAL Using Existing Furnishings 949.492.8566 1402 Calle Alcazar, Environment 1st Exterminating, Inc. 949.218.1111 OC - IT 949.488.0029 Arcadia Electric                                           949.361.1045 2340 S. El Camino Real, #13, 970 Calle Negocio, Gallagher Electric 949.412.6602 INTERIOR DESIGN CARPET P.O. Box 986, Norma Mardian Interior Design 949.492.6271 Pet Grooming Designer’s Magic Flooring 949.496.1926 Entertainment 638 Camino de los Mares, Ste. G-105, VIP Pet Spa 949.492.7473 DJ Services 949.874.2540 INTERIOR MAKEOVERS & STAGING 810 S. El Camino Real, Shaw’s Carpets 949.492.8070 Casa Verde Homes 949.212.5800 Pet SITTING 135 Avenida Victoria Estate Planning, Probate, Curbside Pet & House Sitting              949.369.5074 CARPET CLEANING JewelerS Trust San Clemente, Capistrano Beach Steam Clean 949.240.5875 Lange & Minnott 949.361.4367 PAWS-itively Pet Care 949.683.2033 949.492.3459 Paradise Jewelers 808 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente 1401 N. El Camino Real, Ste. 109 Pete McKenzie Carpet Cleaning 949.492.5370 Village Book Exchange 99 Avenida Serra


CARPET & FLOORING Anaheim Carpet & Flooring 949.366.6564 1046 Calle Recodo, Ste. I,

Call Jeff




Environment 1st Exterminating, Inc. 949.218.1111 Costa Verde Landscape License#: 744797 (C-8 & C-27) 2340 S. El Camino Real, #13,


949.361.9656 Pet Treasures 949.493.7297 653 Camino de los Mares, Suite 100,

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W W W. S A N C L E M E N T E T I M E S . C O M


Sea View Pharmacy 949.496.0123 665 Camino De Los Mares #101,

Nic’s Vacuum & Small Appliance 949.492.4747 216 Ave. Del Mar,


PHOTOGRAPHY Memories Of Me Photos


PIZZA Izza Neapolitan Pizzeria 949.248.4925 376 Camino de Estrella,

PLUMBING A to Z Leak Detection 949.499.4464 1218 Puerta del Sol, Bill Metzger Plumbing                          949.492.3558 1218 Puerta del Sol, Chick’s Plumbing 949.496.9731 Mission Plumbing & Heating 949.492.4303 1100 S. El Camino Real, San Clemente Plumbing               949.366.2691 647 Camino de los Mares, Ste. 108,


Sea View Pharmacy Sea View Pharmacy is dedicated to servicing the complete pharmaceutical care, medical supply and home medical equipment needs of our community. Our goal is to facilitate patient care needs, promote wellness, and continue to service our community as we have been for over 25 years. 665 Camino de Los Mares, Ste. 101, San Clemente, 949.496.0123


Manny Tau, Psy.D., PSY14892 800.865.0367 300 S. El Camino Real, Ste. 218,

Real Estate Altera Real Estate - “Sandy & Rich” 949.293.3236 Antonio Fiorello, Forté Realty Group 949.842.3631 San Clemente, Casa Verde Homes - Simon Wilson 949.212.5800 Doug Echelberger First Team Real Estate 407 W. El Camino Real, 949.498.7711 Marcie George - Star Real Estate South County 949.690.5410 Prue Putnins- Regency Real Estate 949.366.1984, Steve Smith 949.632.8139 Olympian Altera DCP, Tarbell Realtors - The Metcalfs           949.533.5999 1001 Avenida Pico,

Real Estate Attorneys The Gibbs Law Firm, APC 949.492.3350 110 E Avenida Palizada, Ste. 201,

Remodel Casa Verde Homes 949.212.5800 License # B 906391, Designer’s Magic Flooring 949.496.1926 638 Camino de los Mare, Ste. G-105, Finish Builders 949.492.1084,


Water Wise Irrigation Costa Verde Landscape License#: 744797 (C-8 & C-27)

Jim Thomas Roofing 162 Calle de Industrias



South Coast Furniture & Mattress   949.492.5589 109 Calle de los Molinos,

SURF CAMPS Aloha Beach Camp 949.481.7222 647 Camino de los Mares,

Surf Lessons Aloha Beach Camp 949.481.7222 647 Camino de los Mares,

SURF SCHOOLS San Clemente Surf School 949.334.7649

TERMITES Colony Termite Control 949.361.2500 1402 Calle Alcazar, Environment 1st Exterminating, Inc. 949.218.1111 2340 S. El Camino Real, #13, The Termite Guy -Termite & Pest Control 106 W. Canada Ave., 949.940.1010

TILE & STONE INSTALLATION/RESTORATION Yorba Linda Tile & Marble, Inc. 949.276.5752 714.757.3490

Troubled Teens Pacific Quest 949.940.6068,

TUTORING Study with Stacy


The Cellar 949.492.3663 156 Ave. Del Mar,

San Clemente Wine Company 949.429.7076 212 ½ Avenida Del Mar,


949.290.8230 949.498.6204 Bayside Window Cleaning Greg’z Pristine Window Cleaning & 949.294.7852 X-Mas Light Installation 949.361.3348


WINDOW COVERINGS Designer’s Magic Flooring 949.496.1926 638 Camino de los Mare, Ste. G-105, San Clemente Window Fashions 949.498.9515

Wine Shop & Wine Tasting 949.361.9656




Wine Bar

Jarvis Restoration -24/7 949.362.5388 1393 Calle Avanzado,

Café Calypso 114 Avenida Del Mar #4 WINDOWS The Cellar 949.492.3663 Wonderful Windows 949.369.7263 156 Ave. Del Mar,

Sure-Fit Screens Printing OC 949.388.4888 27134 Paseo Espada #B 203,


Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital 949.429.1555 1242 Puerta Del Sol,

San Clemente Website Design        949.246.8345 949.366.9386

SALONS Radiant Pool & Spa Service     949.290.5616 Salon Bamboo SC Pool Techs 949.235.1261 150 Avenida Del Mar, Ste. A, Salon Bleu 949.366.2060 PRESCHOOLS 207 S. El Camino Real, 949.429.5802 San Clemente Preschool 949.498.1025 Sanctuary Salon & Spa 1041 Avenida Pico, Ste. B, 163 Avenida Victoria, PRINTING

Wonderful Windows


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& OUTDOORS Stories, scores, schedules & more





Patriots vs. Tritons San Clemente High School Dec. 10, 7 p.m.

Cowboys vs. Anteaters, Bren Center Dec. 10, 7 p.m.

The Tritons take on the Beckman High School Patriots in its first home game of the regular season.

UC Irvine looks to regain some lost momentum as it hosts University of Wyoming in an important home game. Info: www.




Diablos vs. Friars, Angel Stadium Dec. 11, 7:30 p.m.

Magic vs. Clippers, Staples Center Dec. 12, 6:30 p.m.

The Pac-5 CIF-SS Division 1 title is up for grabs as Mission Viejo and Servite square off in this key masher. Two more title games are also on tap that day.

The Los Angeles Clippers cap the weekend with a key non-conference game against the Orlando Magic. Info:


Mustangs vs. Tritons, San Clemente High School Dec. 14, 7 p.m. San Clemente’s varsity wrestling team is back in action and will face Trabuco Hills in its first South Coast League dual this season. Info:

S a n C le m e n te

Coming in from the Cold

// GIRLS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE // DATE 11/30 12/6-11 12/16 12/19-22 12/27-30 1/4 1/6 1/8 1/11 1/15 1/18 1/20 1/22 1/24 2/3 2/5 2/9

San Clemente High’s winter sports teams set for season ahead By David Zimmerle San Clemente Times


all is fading into a whisper and there are more cold fronts on the way. You can stay inside as winter rolls through South Orange County or you can embrace it—becoming steelier to its effects. The Triton winter sports athletes are all choosing the latter. In this upcoming season the boys varsity basketball team will continue trying to make its dreams of winning league a reality, but this time in the Sea View League. The varsity girls basketball team will aim to hold its own amidst a group of solid contenders in the South Coast League, while in soccer both the Tritons and Lady Tritons are looking as impressive as ever. The varsity girls water polo team has a few new faces at its helm of leadership, and in wrestling you’ll find the Tritons are still remaining steadfast in a newly-realigned South Coast League. With shakeups the main thread this winter prep season, count on San Clemente’s student-athletes to continue building new legacies at the high school, and maintaining their old guard with resolve and swagger.

BOYS BASKETBALL // It’s a new year for the Tritons,

but it’s already bittersweet. Last season, the team finished 1214 overall while going 2-8 in the South Coast League, which is the main reason why San Clemente has now dropped down to Sea View League standards. Though the wheels came off the wagon at the end of last season and in the first round of the playoffs, the boys learned a big lesson: stay hungry. That’s what they’ll have to do in their approach to 2010-11. However, a big plus for San Clemente is the return of guard Dominic Fashing. Now a senior, Fashing will be the fulcrum around which this offense performs. He’s looking to add to his 14-point average per game from last season. While Fashing steps it up, he’ll also have to lean on other key performers like Jeff Otsuki (senior, guard), Jake Jessup (senior, forward) and Hank Gillebaard (senior, guard). All three players broke out with strong roles during last year’s campaign, according to fourth-year head coach Mark Popovich. “We are looking to make a push into the playoffs for the third straight year and finish in the top three of the Sea View League,” Popovich said. Right now, the Tritons are off to a 3-2 start after a solid showing at the La Quinta Tourney this month, and also had a game on the road against Woodbridge on Tuesday, December 7.

GIRLS BASKETBALL // With no superstar power to

carry its game night-after-night, the Lady Tritons are relying on a combination of sheer will, senior leadership and athleticism to make another statement run in the tough South Coast League this season. Page 30 • San Clemente Times • December 9–15, 2010

OPPONENT LOCATION University San Clemente Fountain Valley Tourney Fountain Valley Aliso Niguel San Clemente Las Vegas Tourney Las Vegas, Nev. Costa Mesa Tourney Costa Mesa *Dana Hills Dana Hills *El Toro San Clemente Tesoro Tesoro *Mission Viejo Mission Viejo West Hills San Clemente *Laguna Hills San Clemente *Dana Hills San Clemente Godinez Godinez *El Toro El Toro *Mission Viejo San Clemente Woodbridge Woodbridge *Laguna Hills Laguna Hills

TIME 7 p.m. TBA 7 p.m. TBA TBA 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m.


Dominic Fashing and Jake Jessup. Photo by Jasmine Smith

// BOYS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE // DATE OPPONENT 11/29-12/4 La Quinta Tourney 12/7 Woodbridge 12/10 Beckman 12/13-18 Beckman Tourney 12/21 Estancia 12/23 Fountain Valley 12/27-30 Century Tourney 1/5 El Toro 1/7 *Aliso Niguel 1/12 *Laguna Hills 1/14 *San Juan Hills 1/19 *Trabuco Hills 1/21 *Aliso Niguel 1/28 *Laguna Hills 2/4 *San Juan Hills 2/8 *Trabuco Hills 2/10 Dana Hills

LOCATION La Quinta Woodbridge San Clemente Beckman Estancia El Toro Century San Clemente San Clemente Laguna Hills San Clemente Trabuco Hills Aliso Niguel San Clemente San Juan Hills San Clemente Dana Hills

TIME TBA 7 p.m. 7 p.m. TBA 7 p.m. 2 p.m. TBA 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m.


“In the 25 years I have been coaching, this is the first time we have ever had seven seniors in our program, and I can already tell what a difference it makes,” head coach Mary Mulligan-Crapo said. “This group has experienced nothing but success in their time at SCHS, and they are determined to compete at the highest level possible to ensure we repeat as South Coast League champions. I think the fans will be pleasantly surprised as we go back to our up-tempo style, applying relentless pressure, and making the extra pass. Our theme this season is ‘Fast and Furious,’

Girls basketball team. Photo by Jasmine Smith

which is a perfect description of our style of play. I am most impressed with our team chemistry, and our unselfish team play on the floor; an intangible that was missing last year.” Leading the way for the Lady Tritons (1-1) both on and off the floor are returning starters and tri-captains Hailey Cunningham (senior, guard), Lindsay Klonowski (senior, guard), and Lauren Pluimer (senior, forward). Pluimer is the only four-year varsity player on the team, and a two-time South Coast All League player, who will post consistent stats and knows how to hit the 3-pointer, while Cunningham and Klonowski demonstrate poise under pressure and keep the other members of the team focused. Rounding out the starting line-up will be a combination of Allie D’Agostino (senior, guard), Natalie Tye (sophomore, guard), and Brogan Griffin (sophomore, guard).

BOYS SOCCER // Laden with talent and coming off a

South Coast League title, the Tritons (3-0-2) are game to do it all again. Steve Palacios (senior, forward, 31 points, 14 goals last season), Kevin Gould (senior, defense), Fabian Caudillo (senior, midfield,10 assists last season) and Tom Wiechert (senior, forward/midfield) return to the pitch boasting even more experience and talent­—all hoping to prove that their last campaign was no fluke and that the Tritons are for real. The team went 18-6 overall in 2009-10, and though the Tritons claimed a league championship, losing in a shootout to Northwood in the quarterfinals of the CIF-SS playoffs left the (Cont. on page 32)

SPORTS & OUTDOORS Coming in from the Cold (Cont. from page 30) boys with a lot to think about in the off-season. Role players this season also include Jesus Garcia (senior, midfield/forward), Westley Grant (senior, defense), Eduardo Ozuna (senior, midfield) and D.J. Fuller (senior, defense/midfield). Top newcomer to the squad is Gage Zerboni (sophomore, midfield). After beating Dana Hills in a 5-0 bruiser in its first game of the regular season on November 29, the Tritons wrapped up four days at the Coronado Tournament on December 8 just in time to hit the road for the College Cup Show in Santa Barbara December 10-11.

// BOYS SOCCER SCHEDULE // DATE OPPONENT 11/29 Dana Hills 12/1,4,6,8 Coronado Tourney 12/10-11 College Cup Show 12/15 Foothill 12/17 Mission Viejo 12/22 Edison 12/27-29 Marina Tourney 1/5 *El Toro 1/12 *Tesoro 1/14 *Laguna Hills 1/19 *Aliso Niguel 1/21 *El Toro 1/28 Capo Valley 2/4 *Tesoro 2/8 *Laguna Hills 2/10 *Aliso Niguel

LOCATION San Clemente Coronado Santa Barbara Foothill San Clemente Edison Marina San Clemente Tesoro San Clemente San Clemente El Toro San Clemente San Clemente Laguna Hills Aliso Niguel

TIME 5 p.m. TBA TBA 3 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. TBA 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m.


GIRLS SOCCER // Would the San Clemente Avengers

be a more suitable name for the girls this season? After going 19-7-6 overall and incurring tough losses to the top-ranked Esperanza Lady Aztecs in both the CIF-SS Division 1 and Southern California Regional championship games last season,

the Lady Tritons are ready to claim what was almost theirs. Sure there’s a whole season ahead, so there’s no need to jump the gun, but the girls are on a mission, so don’t be surprised as they burn through the regular season en route to the playoffs. They’ve racked up seven South Coast League titles in the past 11 years, won a CIF-SS Division 1 title five times in that same span and rolled all the way to a state title in 2009. You want to know the meaning of professionalism, just watch how these girls stay dedicated to the repetition of owning task at hand. Head coach Stacey Finnerty definitely has her current crew mentally prepared for this season. Look for players like Frannie Coxe, Madison Kaminski, Patrice Robison, Alex Reisinger, Samantha Reed, Torri Sims, Olivia Engelsman, Tessa Andujar, Lindsey Grant, Hillary Mellem and Mikaela Carrilo to provide the team with experience and senior leadership, while gamers like Alex Gerrain, Dani Weatherholt and Sheridan Hapsic are juniors who already know what’s in store and how to produce under pressure. The Lady Tritons are prepped for the Butch Lee Memorial December 9-11 and will then get ready to hit the road for a match against Edison on December 14.

// GIRLS SOCCER SCHEDULE // DATE 11/30 12/9-11 12/14 12/16-20 12/27-29 1/4 1/11 1/13 1/18 1/20 2/3 2/7 2/9

OPPONENT Newport Harbor Butch Lee Memorial Edison Mater Dei Tourney Excalibur Tourney *El Toro *Trabuco Hills *Mission Viejo *Aliso Niguel *El Toro *Trabuco Hills *Mission Viejo *Aliso Niguel

LOCATION San Clemente Cathedral Catholic Edison Mater Dei Foothill El Toro San Clemente Mission Viejo San Clemente San Clemente Trabuco Hills San Clemente Aliso Niguel

TIME 5 p.m. TBA 5 p.m. TBA TBA 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m.

GIRLS WATER POLO // The Lady Tritons are sport-

ing a new head coach at the helm in Logan Powell who replaces Jeff Colton (now head coach at Foothill). Powell knows he’s got a group of winners in the pool with most of San Clemente’s roster still intact from last season. The Lady Tritons have even added a newcomer in junior Nicole Mannion who transferred south from Los Alamitos High recently. The varsity girls water polo team went ballistic in the water in 2009-10 en route to a 15-5 overall record and a 4-0 perfect finish in the South Coast League, which was good enough for a league title. Look for leaders like Celine Lazarro (senior), Candyce Schroeder (junior) and Kelsey Thornton (junior) to really shine when it’s time to turn up the heat. Right now, San Clemente is off to a 2-0 start and will seek out a tournament win at the Villa Park Classic December 9-11.

// GIRLS WATER POLO SCHEDULE // DATE 12/1 12/9-11 12/16 12/21 12/28 12/30 1/6 1/13 1/14-15 1/18 1/20 1/24 1/29 2/3 2/8 2/10

OPPONENT LOCATION Dana Hills Dana Hills Villa Park Classic Villa Park Palos Verdes Palos Verdes Laguna Beach Laguna Beach Los Osos San Clemente Los Alamitos TBA *El Toro El Toro *Tesoro San Clemente Santa Barbara Tourney Santa Barbara *Laguna Hills Laguna Hills *Capo Valley San Clemente *El Toro San Clemente Coronado Coronado *Tesoro Tesoro *Laguna Hills San Clemente *Capo Valley Capo Valley

TIME 4 p.m. TBA 3:15 p.m. 3:15 p.m. 3:15 p.m. TBA 4 p.m. 4 p.m. TBA 4 p.m. 4 p.m. 4 p.m. TBA 4 p.m. 4 p.m. 4 p.m.



SCOREBOARD SOCCER SCHS GIRL’S VARSITY SOCCER TO HAVE BENEFIT DANCE San Clemente High’s girls varsity soccer team will have its benefit dance “Just For Kicks” on Saturday, December 18, from 7:30-10:30 p.m. at the San Clemente Community Center located at Avenida Del Mar and Calle Seville. The theme this year is “western.” Tickets are $10 per person pre-sale or $15 at the door the night of the event. All proceeds from the dance benefit the varsity girls’ soccer team. A high school student I.D. is required to attend, while donations and matching sponsors are welcome. DJ Nathan Reynolds will rock the dance for the evening spinning some techno, hip-hop, rap and other top 40 hits. Larson Lighting will also provide a laser light show. “Just for Kicks” will benefit the team’s trip to the invitation-only Red Bull Nolan Showcase in Fort Worth, Texas, January 13-15, 2011. Only the top-ranked varsity girl’s soccer teams in the nation are attending this invitation-only college showcase. SCHS is currently ranked No. 5 in the nation and has been invited to attend this tournament the past two years. The Lady Tritons are the only California high school team that has been invited to the tournament. But due to the challenging economic climate, the team has declined prior invitations to the event. This year the tournament offered to pay for the team’s hotel, vans, tournament fee and food–the team graciously accepted. However, the airfare and travel costs are $550 per player. The “Just for Kicks” dance proceeds will be evenly divided among the 23 varsity players to help defray travel costs so that every player will be able to participate. For more information visit the “Just For Kicks–Dance Benefit” Facebook page, or contact head coach Stacey Finnerty or any of the girl’s varsity players including Amanda Simkins, Alex Reisinger, Alex Gerrain, Bella Andujar, Chelsea Higgins, Danielle Mellem, Dani Weatherholt, Frannie Coxe, Hillary Mellem, Janae Cousineau, Lindsey Grant, Maddy Kaminski, Marlee Carillo, Mikaela Carillo, Nikki Faris, Natalie Higgins, Olivia Englesman, Patrice Robinson, Sam Reed, Sheridan Hapsic, Sydney Fuertes, Tessa Andujar and Tori Sims through the schools website at SADDLEBACK UNITED TO HOST CHARITY CAMP Saddleback United Soccer Club will host a free charity camp on December 18 from 10 a.m. to noon at Viejo Elementary School in Mission Viejo. Come support Saddleback United’s effort to help local food banks collect food for the needy during this holiday season. There is no charge for admission but it is asked that you bring one bag of nonperishable food per participant. All food collected will be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. At the charity camp, kids will enjoy a soccer skills style camp with Saddleback United’s club level coaches. Remember to bring a friend or a neighbor if they’re interested. You can pre-register at We want to run your scores, results and announcements in “Scoreboard.” E-mail, fax 949.388.9977, snail mail or drop off the information to us at 34932 Calle del Sol, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624 by Monday at 5 p.m.

WRESTLING // Looking stronger than ever, the Tritons

are hoping to slam their new opponents in the re-aligned South Coast League. San Clemente will now face Capo Valley, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo and Trabuco Hills as part of its league schedule, while the classic league dual with Dana Hills will be on hold as the Dolphins are now in the Sea View League. Though the caliber of competition is high for the Tritons, head coach Mark Calentino likes his team’s chances. This may very well be the best wrestling team that we have ever had at San Clemente High,” Calentino said. ”It all depends on us staying healthy and injury free. It’s been a long time since we have had a group with such a strong work ethic.” Key return wrestlers include Jacob Clifton (junior), Calvin Wiss (senior), Jeremiah Leland (sophomore), Zach Fishman (senior), Brandon Cox (junior), Kyle Reese (senior), Garrett Johnson (senior), Irwin Klink (senior), Preston Quam (senior), Hayden Yacobucci (senior) and Leonardo Flores (senior). Last season, Yacobucci placed sixth in CIF and fifth in the freestyle state championships, Quam placed first in CIF, second in Masters, fifth in the state and fourth at the national championships, and Fishman took sixth in CIF and fourth in the freestyle state championships. SC

// WRESTLING SCHEDULE // DATE 12/3-4 12/10-11 12/10-11 12/14 12/17-18 1/4 1/11 1/14-15 1/22 1/25 1/29 2/5 2/12 2/18-19 2/25-26 3/4-5

OPPONENT LOCATION TIME Millikan Duals LB Millikan TBA Iron Man Invitational Ohio TBA Magnolia Duals Magnolia TBA *Trabuco Hills San Clemente 7 p.m. Brea Olinda Invitational Brea Olinda 9 a.m. *Laguna Hills San Clemente 7 p.m. *Mission Viejo San Clemente 7 p.m. Temecula Valley Invite Temecula Valley TBA SC Rotary Tourney San Clemente 10 a.m. *Capo Valley Capo Valley 7 p.m. MIT Gold Tourney LB Millikan TBA SCL Finals Tesoro 10 a.m. CIF Team Championships Villa Park 11 a.m. CIF Individual Championships Colony 2 p.m. CIF Masters State Qualifier Temecula Valle 2 p.m. CIF State Championships Bakersfield 10 a.m.


Page 32 • San Clemente Times • December 9–15, 2010




SC S a n C le m e n te

Grom of the Week CJ Woodul Age: 13, Shorecliffs Middle School CJ Woodul has only been surfing for a couple of years but is already making podium appearances in Scholastic Surf Series (SSS) competitions as a member of the Shorecliffs Middle School surf team. CJ made the finals in both SSS competitions so far this year—November 6 in Carlsbad and December 4 in San Clemente—helping his team to victory. He is currently ranked No. 3 among the 46 rated surfers in the Boys Shortboard division. CJ’s talent shines as a musician as well. Having grown up in a family full of creative people—artists, a chef, a film industry professional and other musicians—it is no surprise that some of their talent has rubbed off on him. CJ is a singer/songwriter Photo by Cheri Hollingsworth who plays guitar, drums and piano and is no stranger to the stage. Whether performing with a rock band or solo in a piano recital, CJ’s musical prowess shines. He also enjoys posting videos to his YouTube channel, cjthepianoman13. Tune in to see videos of CJ with his band, surfing in Costa Rica and meeting Tony Hawk. (Actually, Hawk accidentally slammed into him after pulling a 900. CJ thought it was pretty cool.) In school he is an A student who especially enjoys studying Spanish. CJ will turn 14 on December 13. Happy birthday CJ! —Andrea Swayne

A Wave of Generosity Western Surfing Association Toys for Tots collection tops three years running By Andrea Swayne San Clemente Times

SURF RESULTS AND UPCOMING EVENTS WSA Gatorade Championship Tour Event No. 5 December 4-5, Oceanside, South Jetty Local finishers only. MICRO GROM BOYS/ GIRLS U9: 2. Trevor Mezak, San Juan Capistrano. MICRO GROM BOYS/GIRLS LB U9: 3. Eland Hansler, San Clemente. BOYS/GIRLS U10: 3. Crosby Colapinto, San Clemente. BOYS U14: 2. Griffin Colapinto, San Clemente; 3. Davis Freud, Dana Point; 5. Corey Colapinto, San Clemente. BOYS U16: 1. Kevin Schulz, San Clemente; 5. Ethan Carlston, San Clemente; 6. Daniel Tieman, San Clemente. BOYS U18: 4. Ian Simmons, San Clemente. GIRLS U14: 2. Tia Blanco, San Clemente. GIRLS U16: 1. LuLu Erkeneff, Dana Point; 2. Kulia Doherty, San Clemente; 5. Tia Blanco, San Clemente; 6. Bleu Archbold, Dana Point.

Surf ForecasT

Dean Sports Consulting opens a location in San Clemente

Water temp: 55-58˚F Water visibility and conditions: San Clemente: 12-15’ Poor-Fair; Catalina: 12-18’ Fair + Remarks: A decent sized WNW swell prevails on Thursday. Surge is light-moderate and visibility is fair making for generally poor-fair diving conditions. Short range: A good sized WNW swell tops out on Thursday with waist-chest-head high surf for better breaks. Top WNW exposures pull in some occasional overhead+ sets. Winds are light/variable for the morning for generally fair-good conditions. Long range: WNW swell fades Friday, but remain good sized, with waist-chest-shoulder high surf for better breaks, and some occasional larger sets for top spots. Conditions look favorable as well. Heading into the weekend size and, subsequently, conditions drop off, stay tuned.



s part of the WSA Gatorade Championship Tour series each year, the December surf contest held in Oceanside is also host to the annual Toys for Tots toy drive. WSA members and spectators are asked to bring an unwrapped toy worth $10 or more to the event to donate to the Marine’s holiday charity effort. The contest held last weekend marked the third annual effort by WSA and the kids in the competition were some of the most enthusiastic donors. They lined up to present their donated toys before checking in to surf their heats. A group of excited groms from the under 12 divisions commented on how they went over the $10 dollar minimum to make sure that each kid gets a “super cool toy that they will really like.” Many added that they were donating something that was also on their respective Christmas wish lists. More than 300 toys were collected making this event the Marine’s best one day collection point in the San Diego area for three years running. The WSA received a special commendation from the Marines recognizing the efforts of the organization and its members. “We are stoked that our members are so generous,” said Board of Directors member

DSC Now in SC

WSA Board of Directors member Greg Cruse accepts a commendation from the Marines for a successful third annual Toys for Tots drive. Photo by Rick Erkeneff

Greg Cruse as he accepted the commendation on behalf of the WSA. “Surfing is such a self-centered sport that we feel it’s important to bring opportunities for our members to give back.” SC GIRLS U18: 1. Kulia Doherty, San Clemente; 4. Lani Doherty, San Clemente. BOYS LB U14: 1. Noah Atwood, Capistrano Beach; 2. Mason Shaw, Capistrano Beach; 3. Jacob Atwood, Capistrano Beach; 4. Rio Donaldson, Capistrano Beach; 5. Michael Tilly, Capistrano Beach; 6. Ethan Mudge, Capistrano Beach. JR. LONGBOARD U18: 4. Matthew Elias-Calles, San Clemente; 5. Dylan Cox, Capistrano Beach. GIRLS LONGBOARD U14: 1. Rachael Tilly, Capistrano Beach; 2. Tia Blanco, San Clemente. GIRLS LB U18: 1. Rachael Tilly, Capistrano Beach; 2. Tory Gilkerson, San Clemente; 3. LuLu Erkeneff, Dana Point; 4. Karina Rozunko, San Clemente; 6. Emmy Lombard, San Clemente. MEN 18-29: 1. Ricky Lovato, San Clemente; 3. Levi Gregory, San Clemente. LEGENDS 50+: 2. Kyle Twitchell, San Clemente. OPEN WOMEN: 6. Madi Swayne, San Clemente. OPEN MEN LB: 3. Rick Ekstein, Dana Point. WOMEN’S LB 18+: 1. Sheri Crummer, San Clemente.

Page 34 • San Clemente Times • December 9–15, 2010

ean Sports Consulting (DSC) announced the opening of its San Clemente training facility in the Los Molinos business district—affectionately known as the Surf Ghetto—at 201 Calle de los Molinos. The DSC program is operated by a very experienced staff headed up by licensed physical therapist and board certified orthopedic specialist, Kevyn Dean who also serves as the medical director and lead trainer for Surfing America and the PacSun USA Surf Team. DSC’s guiding philosophy states that, “Your character is more important than your competition,” and provides foundational surf training including video review, specifically targeted exercises, heat strategy, goal setting, nutritional support, sport psychology (with assistance from a highly qualified staff sport psychology consultant) and much more to those selected to join the DSC team. Top level local surfers training with DSC include pro surfer Nate Yeomans and junior Trevor Thornton. Other Orange County-based professionals training with Dean include Brett Simpson and Courtney Conlogue. For more information contact Dean at or 714.264.7873 or log on to their website at SC —Andrea Swayne

SSS Orange County Middle School Event. No. 2 December 4, San Clemente, Pier TEAM RESULTS: 1. Shorecliffs, 258; 2. Bernice Ayer, 111; 3. Thurston, 94; 4 Marco Forster, 89; 5. Niguel Hills, 75; 6. Vista Del Mar; 27. BOYS: 1. Griffin Colapinto, Shorecliffs; 2. Colton Ward, Shorecliffs; 3. Daniel Tieman Shorecliffs; 4. Colin Deveze, Shorecliffs; 5. Tai Stratton, Shorecliffs; 6. C. J. Woodul, Shorecliffs. BOYS LB: 1. Dylan Cox, Shorecliffs; 2. Garrett Brown, Niguel Hills; 3. Tobie Grierson, Thurston; 4. Mason Shaw, Shorecliffs; 5. Jacob Atwood, Shorecliffs; 6. Luke Overin, Bernice Ayer. GIRLS: 1. Tia Blanco, Shorecliffs; 2. Malia Osterkamp, Vista Del Mar; 3. Allyson Heinemeyer, Niguel Hills; 4. Malia Ward, Bernice Ayer; 5. Kayley Biggs, Shorecliffs; 6. Madeline Kristensen, Thurston. GIRLS LB: 1. Rachel Tilly, Shorecliffs; 2. Maya Harrison, Bernice Ayer; 3. Hayley Powell, Shorecliffs; 4. Kloe Openshaw, Bernice Ayer; 5. Allyson Heinemeyer, Niguel Hills; 6. Teresa O’Connor,

SC Times online video show Log on to each week for a new BoardShorts video featuring the people, places and events that make up our rich surf community. Please note: BoardShorts videos can be purchased directly through videographer Rob Elseewi for $10 per segment. Check out the archived episodes for footage of friends and family and note the name of the video you are interested in buying. To order your copy, send an email to or call 949.701.5711.

Marco Forster. COED BODYBOARD: 1. Rocket Klein, Shorecliffs; 2. Chase Hamming, Shorecliffs; 3. Joe Iorio, Shorecliffs; 4. Eric Blaes, Bernice Ayer; 5. Derek Reynolds, Bernice Ayer; 6. Luke Overin, Bernice Ayer.

UPCOMING EVENTS December 18-19: NSSA Southwest Conference Open Event No. 7, Cardiff by the Sea, Seaside Reef January 8: SSS Orange County Middle and High School Event No. 3, Huntington Beach, Goldenwest Street January 8-9: WSA Gatorade Championship Tour Event No. 6, San Clemente, Pier January 15-16: NSSA Southwest Conference Explorer Event No.5, Encinitas, D Street January 16-17: Surfing America Prime Event No.4, Santa Cruz, Steamer Lane January 22-23: NSSA Southwest Conference Open Event No. 8, Dana Point, Salt Creek January 29-30: NSSA Southwest Conference Open Event No. 6, Huntington Beach, Pier

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