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June 14-20, 2018




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San Clemente High School graduation ceremony sends off Class of 2018 SPECIAL SECTION

Graduating seniors from San Clemente High School’s Class of 2018 stand for the national anthem on June 7 during ceremonies hosted at Thalassa Stadium. Photo: Eric Heinz

City Council Cuts Overtime, Other Funds to Add Two More Deputies EYE ON SC/PAGE 3

Former Marine, Art Association Member to Return to ‘Paint San Clemente’ SC LIVING/PAGE 26

NSSA Championships Start This Week at Salt Creek SC SURF/PAGE 30


SC EYE ON SC San Clemente


What’s Up With... Five things San Clemente should know this week City Council to Cut Funds to Add More Sheriff’s Deputies THE LATEST: Despite voicing a preliminary decision to keep San Clemente Police Services overtime pay the same as years past, the City Council voted to instead cut overtime pay and add two deputies to the San Clemente beat and retain an investigator. The Council voted to cut $260,000 out of the $800,000 designated for overtime in its contract with Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) as well as forego its $48,000 stipend members receive each year. But that still doesn’t cut it; certain line items in the budget will have to be cut as well. Lt. Mike Peters, chief of San Clemente Police Services, said the overtime pay that he uses—which he and city officials agreed the department hadn’t spent more than it was allocated in recent years—is vital to being able to dispatch deputies for things like the program implemented to enforce small crimes and issues related to transient and homeless people and other responses. Peters also emphasized that, based on a study the city commissioned in 2016, San Clemente receives far more calls than neighboring cities, so it’s important to keep that overtime pay the same in order to adequately service the area. But the public outcry for more deputies has been deafening. Meeting after meeting, people in San Clemente have demanded it, and the optics of that outcry have been enough for City Council to rule in favor of having more visible police presence in the effort to dissuade crime. WHAT’S NEXT: A list of general fund cuts was expected to be made public after the San Clemente Times print deadline, but Assistant City Manager Erik Sund said a list would be available on June 13. —Eric Heinz

OCSD Launches Crime Map, Says It Will Help Residents Track Crime Incidents Better THE LATEST: More than a year after the San Clemente Times June 14-20, 2018

Representatives from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department weighed in on the San Clemente City Council’s decision to cut overtime and add more deputies to its roster. City Council was poised to keep the number of deputies as is and provide $800,000 in overtime to augment duties, but Council members decided otherwise on June 12 when they passed the 2018-2019 budget. Photo: Eric Heinz

Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) discontinued the narratives that described reported crimes in its blotter, the department has debuted its promised interactive crime map CrimeMapping. This map also does not have narratives attached to it, just as the blotter policies were amended in June 2017, but it does provide 15 different types of crime as indicated by various icons and when they occurred. People can also customize the map to look for specific crime incidents in their areas. The CrimeMapping software the county is using comes from TriTech Software Systems based in San Diego. Orange County Board of Supervisors approved a contract with the company for just less than $700,000 for two years in November 2017. OCSD at the time said it expected the map to be ready in “the coming months,” but it’s been almost a year to the day since that declaration. “(The map) will have the basic information, and it’s not going to have any narrative to it,” said Jaimee Blashaw, a public affairs manager with OCSD. “We put the (preliminary) calls into the map, but those (incident labels) could change on the map once deputies get on scene” and report the actual incident. If people want more information on a specific crime incident, they can use the incident number provided in the map post

and request a report from the records department, which can be found by clicking here. In November 2015, an incident occurred involving the daughter of an Aliso Viejo director of community development, Karen Crocker. Orange County Superior Court documents show Crocker sued Orange County and a number of individuals for defamation after her daughter was arrested along with her boyfriend on charges of theft and the incident was documented, she alleged, with false information in the blotter. The blotter entry stated a woman had come to the store where officers had detained her daughter and identified herself as a “high-ranking official” with the city of Aliso Viejo and that she knew her daughter was innocent, “just like all the other times she’d been arrested for similar charges.” Crocker’s lawsuit complaint stated that the incident was misrepresented, and she stated that she was suspended without pay from the city of Aliso Viejo on Jan. 8, 2016 as a result of the incident. Crocker sued for wrongful termination, initially filing a defamation suit in January 2017 and went to court shortly thereafter. She later amended her complaint on April 25, 2017. The case was closed in August 2017. On June 12, 2017, OCSD announced that it would remove narratives from its blotter posts. Although the court records

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examined by the San Clemente Times did not show that removal of the narratives was part of any settlement between the county and Crocker, sources close to the situation told SC Times that discontinuing the detailed posts was the result of “a lawsuit”—not necessarily Crocker’s. WHAT’S NEXT: “We’re really trying to get people to be active and participate in this and see the crimes that affect their neighborhood,” Blashaw said. “It might affect change, and if you’re seeing a lot of car burglaries, people may remember to lock their car and those kinds of actions.” The blotter entries do not reflect calls that came in immediately; the CrimeMapping software will be updated every 24 hours when OCSD enters the calls or amends calls. “I hope CrimeMapping encourages the community to take an even more active role in working with us to increase the safety of our neighborhoods,” said Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens in a press release on June 8. San Clemente Police Chief Lt. Mike Peters echoed the sentiments of the sheriff. “My hope is that people will glean the information and help them feel like they know more from it,” Peters said. “I hope it at least makes them feel a little safer.” —EH (Cont. on page 4)

EYE ON SC (Cont. from page 3)

Poche Beach InterfaceReceives F while Neighbor Passes Heal the Bay 2018 Report Card THE LATEST: Although the San Clemente Pier continues to receive warnings about exceeded bacteria levels, that testing point was upgraded from an F in 2017—and a spot on the Heal the Bay “Beach Bummers” list—this year, it was upgraded to a C. But Poche Beach’s interface, where water is sampled at the point where the drainage meets the ocean, was listed as the No. 1 worst beach location in the state; just 100 feet north of it, the other Poche Beach testing spot received an A grade. “Beginning in March 2015, all California agencies that receive state funds for ocean water quality monitoring are required to sample at ‘point zero’ locations, which are beach sites where a stream, creek, river, or storm drain discharge meets the ocean water,” according to the Heal the Bay Beach Bummer explanation, adding that Poche is a point zero site for the Prima Deshecha Cañada channel. “During the summer season, the Poche CBP experienced increased shutdown

times due to facility repairs, maintenance requirements, and high tide and rain events. Higher sediment discharges into the facility also reduced its treatment efficiency.” Riviera Beach, Avenida Calafia and Avenida Las Palmeras testing spots received A-plus, honor roll status this year, having received top marks in each testing trimester. All other beaches in San Clemente received an A except for the Pico drain at North Beach, which received a B. WHAT’S NEXT: San Clemente City Council approved emergency funding on June 12 to assist in the repairs of the Linda Lane Pump Station, which needed more support to its retaining wall that was damaged during landslides in early 2015. The station has also had overflow issues during the last heavy rainfalls the area experienced. —EH

New Standards for STLU Property Managers Require Credentials THE LATEST: Property managers will now have to show some kind of certification before operating a short-term lodging unit, after the San Clemente City Council (STLU) unanimously without discussion. City Council approved a resolution the

ordinance amendments to require the Community Development Department director to establish certain standards, which include proof of licensure or a degree or “other formal certification or qualification” in real estate, tourism, hospitality or business-related course,” according to the staff report attached to the law. STLU operators will be able to apply for 10-person occupancy waivers, if their property is deemed adequate to house that many people. The changes to the laws were mandatory as part of the city’s latest ordinances that were passed last month and they also are intended to keep sober living home operations at bay. As part of its latest short-term rental law amendments, which increased the areas of allowance for such lodging and other concessions following a lawsuit settlement between the city and a vacation-rental owner organization, the city included new standards for property managers and updated its standards of operable space. The initial laws were passed in 2016 when the city was faced with trying to regulate both sober living and STLUs without infringing on state and federal housing laws. As a compromise, city officials tailored the laws so that they would be applicable to both. These regulations establish a timeframe of how long people

can stay in short-term housing situations, where the regulations must be posted and there must be 300 feet of separation between each STLU. WHAT’S NEXT: City Council will be tasked at a later date to approve the details of the standards for STLU property managers. —EH

People Requesting City Administrative Hearings, Appeals will Now Be Responsible for Costs THE LATEST: In an item that received no discussion on June 12, the City Council voted to approve the provisions of an ordinance requiring people who file appeals or requests for administrative hearings will now be responsible to cover the costs associated with hosting such process. The ordinance came from a request by City Manager James Makshanoff in an effort to recover the costs of such hearings. People who win their appeals will only be responsible for half the cost of the hearing. WHAT’S NEXT: Costs associated with an administrative appeal or hearing can vary based on the nature of the topic. —EH


Community Meetings THURSDAY, JUNE 14

COASTAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING 7 p.m. The CAC will hear a presentation about the San Clemente Coastal Land Use Plan, Implementation Plan and Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment. 100 N. Calle Seville. 949.361.8200. FRIDAY, JUNE 15

BLOOD DRIVE 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The American Red Cross will host a blood drive. Pacific Coast Church, 2651 Calle Frontera, San Clemente. 1.800.733.2767. TUESDAY, JUNE 19

CITY COUNCIL MEETING 6 p.m. The San Clemente City Council will conduct its regularly scheduled meeting. City Council Chambers, 100 Avenida Presidio. 949.361.8200. BILY MEETING 6:30-8:30 p.m. Meets every Tuesday. Because I Love You (BILY) helps parents find solutions to any crisis they are experiencing due to their children’s (adult or minor) poor choices. Presbyterian Church. 119 Avenida De La Estrella. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20

KIWANIS SAN CLEMENTE Noon. Kiwanis San Clemente meets on most Wednesdays. Fratello’s Italian Restaurant, 647 Camino De Los Mares No. 126, San Clemente. www. THE MARKET AT NORTH BEACH 4-8 p.m. Certified farmer’s market selling a variety of seasonal items, arts and crafts vendors, food trucks and children’s activities weekly. 1832 N. El Camino Real. 949.361.8264. PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING 6 p.m. The Planning Commission will host its regularly scheduled meeting. 100 Avenida Presidio. 949.361.8200.


Registration Opens for 65th Annual Fiesta Music Festival Salsa Challenge Don’t miss this year’s annual San Clemente Fiesta Music Festival Salsa Challenge, taking place from 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m. on Aug. 12. The city’s finest salsa makers, restaurants and individuals, will convene to present their salsa, which will be judged by the public and official judges. Tasting tickets will be sold to the public for $8 for six tastes. After the taster has tasted six salsas, he/she will write in their choice for “Best Individual” and “Best Restaurant” team. Restaurants and individuals are invited to participate. The event is limited to 20 entrants. Entrants are required to make three gallons of homemade salsa. Applications and tickets are available at the San Clemente Chamber Office, 1231 Puerta Del Sol, Ste. 200, and call 949. 492.1131 or visit

Friends Foundation Corporate Advertising, Community Sponsorship Opportunity The Friends of San Clemente Foundation was recently awarded the exclusive rights to market and manage the city’s 42 dog waste bag stations. Interested companies that would like to have their corporate name and logo prominently displayed on one or more professionally designed signs set above a metal dispenser of plastic dog waste bags should contact Mary at the foundation at 949.276.8866. Residents who want to place their family name on a sign are welcome as well. A sample of potential locations include the Beach Trail, the Pier, the Vista Hermosa Sports Park, the two dog parks, the Sea Summit trail and many local neighborhood parks and backcountry trails. Opportunities range from $70 to $150 per month depending upon location and length of contract. The city will stock each station with plastic bags with the sponsor’s name and logo. All net proceeds from advertising will benefit the many programs that the Friends of San Clemente Foundation helps sponsor throughout the year. For more information about the foundation and upcoming events, visit

Friends of San Clemente Golf Tournament is June 22 Friends of San Clemente Foundation will host its 8th Annual Benefit Golf Tour-

San Clemente Times June 14-20, 2018

Brianna Juel, Annette LaMorte, Sarah Hopkin, Kristin Underwood, Kolleen Wallace and Elissa Strutton will travel to Washington, D.C. on Saturday, June 23 to participate in the peaceful demonstration ‘Strike a Pose DC.’ Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Hopkin

nament on Friday, June 22 at the San Clemente Municipal Golf Course starting at 12:30 p.m. Entry is $175 for singles, $600 for foursomes, all tax-deductible. Dinners will also be available for $40. Food and drinks will be served along the course. Proceeds will go toward supporting “Fun on the Run” mobile recreation program and scholarships for children’s recreational and sports programs in the city. Registration and the putting contest begin at 10:30 a.m. with the shotgun starting at 12:30 p.m. Along the way, there will be incentives for prizes such as “Longest Drive,” “Closest to the Pin,” “Beat the Pro,” “Closest 2nd Shot,” and two opportunities for hole-in-one prizes. For more information, to register or become a sponsor, visit or contact Gerry Loughman at 949.302.3420. San Clemente Municipal Golf Course, 150 E. Avenida Magdalena.

South County Women Traveling to D.C. for Yoga Event Six women who teach yoga in Orange County have organized “Strike a Pose DC” to share some good vibes and bring more positive energy to Washington, D.C. The event will take place from 8 a.m.noon on Saturday, June 23 at the National Mall. According to a press release, the organizers believe yoga has the power to “foster the union of mind, body, and soul in every individual regardless of age, body size, or physical capabilities.” Sarah Hopkin, a yoga instructor and owner of Fired Up San Clemente ceramic studio, will travel with. She has taught yoga in both her children’s classrooms and is currently teaching special needs yoga to children in her community. “After attending the Women’s March in D.C. 2017, I recognized the need for inner peace as well as protest in our country,”

Page 7

Hopkin said. Presenters will include Bhante M. Dhammasiri, a Buddhist monk since1960 who has taught Buddhism at Government Teachers Training College and is the founder of Abbot of the Lion of Wisdom (Pannasiha) Meditation Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Also presenting are Jeneen Piccuirro, who has over 28 years of experience leading original art, meditation, yoga, dance, sound healing and movement teachings, and Ellen Helbig, a 700-hour-certified yoga instructor who has trained people for more than 10 years in Africa and D.C. The Hindu American Foundation is also involved. For more information about the event visit

Volunteers Needed for Annual High Five Freedom Walk The i-5 Freedom Network, an organization in San Clemente dedicated to stopping human trafficking and educating lodging businesses to look for the signs of such actions, is looking for volunteers to assist with its annual High Five Freedom Walk. The i-5 Freedom Network was established three years ago by San Clemente resident Brenda Miller, and since its inception the organization has hosted a walk to bring awareness to its cause. Organizers and walk leaders will be needed for the event, which will commence at the San Clemente Library, located at 242 Avenida Del Mar, on Friday, July 15 from 2-4 p.m. The route moves up El Camino Real and walkers will circle back to the library at the end. For more information, visit Have something interesting for the community? Tell us about awards, events, happenings, accomplishments and more. We’ll put your submissions into “News Bites.” Send your information to

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San Clemente Times June14-20, 2018

Fish for Lunch: Mona’s Catch of Her Life at the San Clemente Pier


he Pier in San Clemente has been the recipient of new planks, replacing the old worn-out wood. This job started near the Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar, the eatery at the end of the Pier. It has taken a long time to complete the job—it isn’t the first time nor will it be the last. There is something about the Pier that I can’t overcome. I’m not alone. Each time that I have gone out there it is like a new adventure. Something new always happens to me. I’m impressed by the wide horizon I see, or the majesty of the waves, or the flight of the seagulls and birds. All this affects me and causes me to thank God for the thrill I feel when I am out there. The other thing that has impressed me are the people that I have met out there. There is something that the Pier does to people. I first met this Pier over 30 years ago as I carried my two fishing poles given to me by my dad. They were his old poles, and I treasured them as I strolled out that morning. Those mornings introduced me to the sea and the waves. It is great way to start a day. It doesn’t matter if the fish don’t bite. You get to meet folks or just welcome the day. Before you know it, the morning is welcoming all walkers. Being out here caused me to tell stories to other fishermen and look forward to the next

weekend. There were youngsters too, and I enjoyed their eagerness to fish. Being out on the Pier allowed me to meet a lot of fishermen and fisherwomen. One of the best fisherwomen I have ever met is Mona Eyman. She is from the Philippines but came here in 1987. I have only seen her alone with her pole fishing near Fisherman’s restaurant. She became friends with a fisherman named Don who used to come to the Pier practically THE VIEW every day. Two seagulls FROM THE PIER waited for him to come By Herman Sillas because when he caught fish he gave some to the seagulls. That’s how Mona got to know Don. He gave her bait and tips on how to catch fish. One of the days when she was fishing near the Fisherman’s restaurant on the left side as you walked on the Pier, she hooked a big fish. Her pole bent so much, she thought her pole was going to break, but she held on. Mona’s fish headed to the restaurant and the water underneath the restaurant’s deck where customers were eating. Mona realized that her pole was not able to pull up her fish; it was too heavy. She asked customers to help her. Mona

Letters to the Editor

To cut to simple terms: I have a reverse osmosis system that test at between 25 and 35 on my TDS (total dissolved solids) meter. My tap water consistently reads 600 to 650, which I understand represents poor water qualify with respects to minerals and other non-organic components. This should be made clear to the residents of San Clemente. According to the World Health Organization, “The palatability of drinkingwater has been rated by panels of tasters in relation to its TDS level as follows: excellent, less than 300 mg/ litre; good, between 300 and 600 mg/ litre; fair, between 600 and 900 mg/ litre; poor, between 900 and 1200 mg/ litre; and unacceptable, greater than 1200 mg/litre.” In Oak Creek, Arizona, where we have spent a lot of time, the tap water tests at around 200 with my TDS meter.


On June 4, I sent the following to the San Clemente water department with a copy to City Hall following a report in the summer 2018 issue of the city’s San Clemente magazine (no response was received). In that issue, the city claimed our city water is good. I attempted to read and digest your water quality report in the summer 2018 issue of San Clemente magazine. The language is too verbose and confusing for me.

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handed them her bent fishing pole and asked if they could pass it down to the last person on the deck. The Fisherman’s customers passed her pole one by one to the end of the deck. She ran from the Pier to the beach and the customers handed her the pole from above. The fish was still hooked and she reeled it up onto the sand to the applause of the standing crowd on the deck. Mona had needed the help of about 12 people to land that fish. She never forgot that event, and neither did the customers. On another occasion, Mona also hooked a big fish on the other side of the Pier. It was too big and she couldn’t pull it up, so she asked a surfer in the water to unhook the fish. He did, and the fish was free. Mona still goes fishing and recalls her catches and the ones that got away. That’s the beauty of the Pier. You never know what will happen. That’s the view from the Pier. Herman Sillas is a former director of DMV and a former U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of California under former President Jimmy Carter. Sillas may be reached at SC PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to provide our readers with a wide variety of opinions from our community, the SC Times provides Guest Opinion opportunities in which selected columnists’ opinions are shared. The opinions expressed in these columns are entirely those of the columnist alone and do not reflect those of the SC Times or Picket Fence Media. If you would like to respond to this column, please email us at

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Join the San Clemente Times for Beachside Chat, Friday, June 15 at 8 a.m. at Café Calypso Beachside Chat is a spirited, town hall forum on community issues, hosted by SC Times editor Eric Heinz every Friday at Café Calypso, 114 Avenida Del Mar. All are welcome.



The List

What’s going on in and around town this week COMPILED BY STAFF

HAVE AN EVENT? Submit it to San Clemente Times by going to, and clicking “Submit an Event” under the “Getting Out” tab.

Thursday | 14 TABLE TENNIS FOR SENIORS 10 a.m.-1 p.m. All seniors 55 or older are welcome to join the Table Tennis Club at the Shorecliff Terrace Mobile Home Park. Any skill level is welcome and entry is free. 3000 Calle Nuevo, San Clemente. 949.481.2275. COA GAME CLUB 3-6 p.m. Intended for ages 12-22, Community Outreach Alliance hosts a weekly game night. There are board games, video games, table tennis and pizza. Cost is $10 per player, $5 for youth who bring their own controller. 1040 Calle Negocio, San Clemente. 949.388.0114.

Friday | 15 CASA COASTAL: THE ART OF BAJA CALIFORNIA 6 p.m. Casa Romantica will host a free reception at its new art exhibit “The Art of Baja California.” The reception is open the public and includes live music and entertainment, folklórico dancers, family-fun activities, artist meet-and-greet time, sunset tours of Casa Romantica and access to a food and beverage pop-up cafe with regional fare cooked by award-winning chefs. The exhibition opening party is made possible with support from the Consulado de Mexico. 415 Avenida Granada, San Cleemnte. 949.498.2139. LIVE MUSIC AT IVA LEE’S 7 p.m. Join Iva Lee’s for live music every Wednesday through Sunday. For the ultimate live music experience, be sure to reserve a lounge table on Fridays and Saturdays. 555 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente. 949.361.2855. LIVE MUSIC: WATERMAN’S HARBOR 4-7 p.m. Join Waterman’s Harbor for live music with Hans & Janine every Friday. Waterman’s Harbor. 34661 Street of the Golden Lantern, Dana Point. 949.764.3474. San Clemente Times June 14-20, 2018


SATURDAY, JUNE 16: THE 23RD ANNUAL SAN CLEMENTE CAR SHOW 9 a.m-4 p.m. Join the Downtown Business Association for the 23rd Annual San Clemente Car Show on Avenida Del Mar. Stroll the street perusing quality show cars from classics to the exotic. The event generally draws hundreds of cars and includes a variety of vendors, entertainment, food trucks, vintage trailers and exhibits. Bring the whole family and take time to shop or browse Del Mar stores that are also open. Free shuttle service will be offered from San Clemente High School parking lot, located at 700 Avenida Pico. 949.218.5378.

Saturday | 16 BEACH CLEAN-UP 10-11:30 a.m. Looking to give back to the ocean? Join The Ocean Institute for a beach clean-up. Meet outside Ocean Institute at 10 am. Volunteers provide pickers and buckets, please wear closed toed shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and garden gloves. Sign up in advance at 24200 Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point. YOGA 101 WORKSHOP AT PURE.LOVE.YOGA 1-2:30 p.m. The workshop intends to show people how, in 90 minutes, their mind and body will benefit from yoga. Participants may come with common questions, such as “what is yoga? Why do yoga? What is yoga philosophy?” The different types of yoga will be discussed as well as practices suggested for beginners. 415 E. Avenida Pico, Ste. M, San Clemente. 949.492.5048. SUMMER FUN WITH SAN CLEMENTE VILLAGE 1:30-3:30 p.m. This is a social gathering for

San Clemente Village (SCV) volunteers, members and guests. Come join the city’s most active senior-based volunteer organization for a barbecue chicken dinner, music and game of Bingo. SCV provides services with volunteers that include transportation, minor maintenance, dog walking and just about anything to lend a hand. Learn more about how to get involved. The event is free to SCV members and volunteers, and $15 for guests. LASS YOUR AFF OFF: RICHARD DARYL OSBORN AT ADELE’S 7:30 p.m. Making his first appearance at Adele’s is the very funny comic/impressionist Richard Daryl Osborn. Richard has opened for Jerry Seinfeld, Sinbad, Damon Wayons, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown and Will Smith and has done voices on SiTV and Comedy Central. Doors open at 5 p.m. 2600 Avenida Presidio, San Clemente. 949.481.1222. Tickets are $15.

Sunday | 17 FARMERS MARKET 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Shop for a wide selection

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of fruits, vegetables, plants and artisanal goods from organic growers along the north side of Avenida Del Mar. Parking is a premium, attendance is free. 243 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente. 949.361.8264.

Monday | 18 TIDEPOOL HIKES AT THE OCEAN INSTITUTE 9-10:30 a.m. The hike takes place in a Marine Conservation Area located directly behind the Ocean Institute. Families can explore the area and search for snails, crabs, sea stars and other animals that make the tidepools their home. 24200 Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point. 949.496.2274. FREE GUITAR LESSONS 5-6 p.m. Free beginner level acoustic guitar lessons for middle school to college age youth every Monday. Guitars provided or students can bring their own. 1040 Calle Negocio, San Clemente. 949.388.0114. (Cont. on page 23)


Scholar of Scholars: Marley Macarewich Graduation Speech “To Live a Fool and Die a Sage” Eight simple words that took me exactly 723 days, 15 hours, 17 minutes and 23 seconds to understand. It is a phrase that can explain the entirety of a high school experience. To understand why, first take a look to your left. Now, take a look to your right. Those sitting next to you are fools. Take a look in front of you, behind you, then take a look at the girl in the mustard-yellow robe on the stage. They, like the people beside you, are fools. But what is a fool? The fool, according to the most valid of sources (the internet), is the archetype that urges us to enjoy the process of our lives and is arguably the wisest archetype of all for managing to turn work into fun. The sage is the archetype that seeks truth after journeys. And the line between the two is blurry, if it exists at all. And for that, calling you fools is the same as calling you all brilliant. Now that you know this, you have instantaneously become a sage, a wise man or woman akin to Confucius, Einstein, or Ms. Washington. This is because for

the past four years you have lived each and every day believing you knew more or less what would happen the next day. You knew that test would be hard, you knew they would coat the freshman hill in soap or oil, you knew your friends would all only show up with dessert if you decided to have potluck. Every day was a constant anticipation of what’s next, and the biggest foolishness of all was about what we are going to do with our lives. Had you asked the slightly less-tall, blonde, curlyhaired band kid, who only barely knew that rolly backpacks weren’t socially acceptable and who showed up to San Clemente High School four years ago and asked her what she was going to do with her life, she would have naïvely told you she was going to be a theoretical mathematical physical nuclear chemist going to Caltech. Now I realize not only do I have no idea what such a position even is, but I would also come to realize that I didn’t, and still to this day do not, know what I will do with my life.

And that scares me, scaring me almost to the point where I am willing to simply walk away and twirl signs on a street corner for the rest of my life to earn a living, throwing away all that I’ve worked for, all the time I’ve spent, and all the money I’ve poured into College Board. But for this I have become a sage. I know that I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. And neither do you. Nine months ago, many of us would have said we would consider going to this school or that, and now we are just happy to have made it into one school. But here’s the key: whether you are going to UCLA or Mizzou, Coast Guard or Purdue, you don’t know what tomorrow holds. You could even be going to somewhere like Yale and still have no idea whether tomorrow promises a Nobel Prize or a nice pink slip. In being able to acknowledge the foolishness, one becomes a sage. Revel in the present, for that is all that one can control. In the words of the great Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but now is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” Knowing that you don’t know what tomorrow holds only makes tomorrow’s surprises more sweet. Now that I’ve said all this, it may seem that the past four years were utter foolishness. And that is true. Every year, I was told that year was going to be the hardest and that the next would be easier. That was never true. But there is beauty in this foolishness, a kind apart from ignorant bliss. Because fools make friends. Fools go out and have fun. Fools do completely ridiculous things like drive 15 minutes just to get Chickfil-A or go watch terrible movies because you know everyone is going to talk during the movie anyway. Foolishness is doing all that you can today because you think you won’t be able to tomorrow. Thinking about what tomorrow holds pushes us to do all we can in the present. Take a look at the beauty of the foolish, how they believe that we all we go on to become the Oprah Winfrey, the Barack Obama, the Mr. or Ms. Kerr of tomorrow, and they believe this so much that they are willing to be crammed with thousands of random strangers and endure a two-hour ceremony and a speech from some random girl who they hope will shut up soon, all the while sitting in the blazing heat. I say that is beautiful, and if being a sage means I lose out on all the foolishness of the world, then I’d rather be a fool. So stay foolish! Even in the audience, there are fools wearing hidden golden robes for all that they’ve done; fools like my parents and my lovable idiot of a brother, Matthew. And so before I conclude, I want to thank all those fools out there wearing hidden golden robes for all that you’ve helped me, the school, and the world. Now back to the fools sitting in front of me. While your high school days, to put it somewhat morbidly, are dying and you look back on your precious follies, you have become a sage of your high school career. However, you have only become a sage to learn to be a fool in the future. Thus after 723 days, 15 hours, 17 minutes and 23 seconds, I have come to understand that the saying “To live a fool and die a sage” is somewhat outdated. I find there is a phrase that is much closer to heart: “To live a fool and to never stop being one.”


Lily Sara Aasland Riley Grace Abbott Drake Andrew Abrahamsson Alexander Michael Acevedo Lance Sterling Adams Sean Thomas Adams Kai James Adams-Maraven Lauren Alana Adolph Lewis Ahola Samuel Acres Allegretto Marissa Elizabeth Allen Trevor Scott Allen Abigail Brigetta Ambach Fletcher Nolan Ames Lauren Maile Amigleo Iris Angela Anderson Maggie Soleil Anderson Nicole Marie Anderson Sara Renee Anderson Jolie CJ Annigoni Elena Patricia Anthony Cameron Kolby Arnold Andres Arredondo Amy Nicole Ashbrook Ashlee Grace Atkins Noah Jerome Atwood Alejandro Roy Azpeitia Michael Andrew Babinec Marwan Bahu Christopher James Baker Mark Nicholas Ballard Pallab Banik Gustavo Barajas-Rojas Steven Torres Barberi Ian Philip Barker Catherine Lizette Barrios Taylor Giann Bautista Kelli Elizabeth Beach Cameron David Beauvais AnneMarie Bechler Tana Jane Beckman Nolan Beets Galdino Benitez Michael Anthony Bennett Emma Louise Berendsen Faith Kennedy Berlien Chase Berman Keanu Cameron Bernal Noah Jacob Bernal Chance Campbell Bernd Jared Paul Bernier Hannia Berumen Cecilee Nicole Bettencourt Maxwell Chase Bettinelli Jack Austin Bieber Kelly Claire Bilinski Zoe Valentina Billy Jacob Lucas Bingham Logan Michael Blakeborough Brandon Robert Blanco Kelsey Bland Carrison Stewart Bleick Jack Holland Boatman III Jay Albert Asay Bodino Clayton Thomas Bonigut Yadira Bonilla Dylan Lee Boyd

San Clemente High School CLASS OF 2018

Ashley Nicole Bracamonte Bridget Danielle Bradshaw Riley McKenzie Brail Samantha Belle Brandriff Kaitlyn Elizabeth Bray Sanchez Taylor Amy Breidenthal Nicole Marie Bright Trent Michael Briles Petra Star Brittain-Perumal Frances Sharon Broll Julia Morgan Brown Payton Elaine Brown Brylie Ann Brownell Jeffrey Jacob Bruyntjens Marissa Buenrostro Zamora Racheal Catrina Bullock Roxiane Janelle Bullock Luan Buranello Eugenio Kyle James Burick Xavier Francois Burke Kendra Lynn Burlage Lynsey Starr Burner Sydney Marie Burns Andrew James Burror Nicole Ann Buscombe Taylor Anne Byrd Meghan Josephine Byrne Helen Karina Calderon Luis Angel Calderon Cameron McKensey Callan Alexander Calleja Xavier Theodore Camel Carni Elizabeth Campbell Robert Kirk Campbell Jesus Javier Campos Karmen Canizales Caden Grant Cannon Matthew Anthony Carlton Liliana Carteno Dzul Jake Carter Emily Castaneda Kai Anders Castro

Leonel Castro Jr. Alexandra Tessa Cates Ryan Joseph Cattich Grace Lynn Cawley Madison Elizabeth Cecil Luis Fernando Ceja Bradon Gregory Chatham Nicholas Matthew Chin Eva Marie Chiocchetti Raman Nehru Chomatil Keith Francis Christl Sean Casimir Christl Mathew Emmanuel Cisneros Nathaniel Gregory Clark Courtney Lee Cochrun Humberto Colin Fynley Reece Connelly Sophia Marie Conone Thomas James Corralz Alexandra Nicole Corwin Joel Lee Craft III Bryce Alexander Crane Natalie Grace Crapo Dean Richard Cratty Morgan Danielle Creek Riley Miller Croft Kalyn Christina Crowell Andres Vincente Cruz Selena Marisela Cruz Destiny Christine Curto James David Cusey Arianna Marie Dalkas Stephen Dietrich Dallman Kevin Curran Dand Hailey Ann Daniels Trinity Andrea Davi Peter Kenneth Davies Connor Alexander Davis Savannah Lee Davis Christian Danial Davoodian Zoe Alexis Day Jessica Noel De Collibus

Anezka Cook De Gree Jose Oscar de Jesus Juarez Matthew Macleod de Koeyer Clayton Paul De San Francesca Rose de Vicente Vanessa Dena Paige Denton Calvin Christophe Depallens Alejandro Diaz Erica Diaz Hugo Eliazar Diaz Darren Joseph DiMarco Jr. Sherrill Ann Dinger Edward Vinh Donlin Musashi Hosoda Doreus Felix Fredric Dossland Gabrielle Karena Drabkin Martin Duenas Logan Robert Dunnwald Nicole Anne Dutch Emma Vie Earlywine William Alexander Ebrahim Alison Nicole Echelberger Ashley Marie Echelberger David Steven Economos William Francis Eldridge Byron W. Encarnacion Molly Katherine Engel Sierra Lynn Eppey Erick Escalona Paulina Esquivel Miles Estrada Alanis Ismael Eusebio Brooke Marie Evans Jack Gerald Evans Luke Alexander Evans Taylor Diane Everett Katee Garnet Fairon Maria Cristina Farias Kassandra Lyn Faris Antonia Fernandez Cole Fernquist

Dominic William Fetty Jaric Robert Fink Jesse B. Fishback Sarah Jane Fleeger Lindsey Fletcher Chase Joseph Flihan Finnegan Michael Forster Carly Nicole Fotch Elijah Kai Fox Isabella Tulili Fox Devin Nicole Marie Frederick Ginger Mamie Freeman Olivia Saffron French Alec Frey Aaron Scott Frohner Darren Anthony Fuchs Nicholas Gabriel Furlotte Maddie Elizabeth Gabira Katina Nicole Gabriel Cameron Scott Gadbury Taylor Grace Gallagher Chloe Constance Galland Marco Gallardo Hana Bella Gallegos Cayson Joseph Gallette Anthony Gamino Mikaela Rheanna Gandia-Mak Ana Laura Garcia Juan Garcia Nicolas Lee Garcia Paulina Jacqueline Garcia Perla Garcia Aspen S. Garrett Tanlee Jul Gaspar Jack Williamson Gavin Jack Morgan Gaynor Jillian Marie Gellatly Lauren Nicole Gerbovaz Macy Gerken Raylene Augustine Getz Benjamin Joseph Giacobello Sidney Raye Giles Sehhel Hasna Godil Jackelyn Yomara Gomez Jacqueline Gomez Kimberly Lopez Gomez Lizbeth Gomez Marissa Kate Gomez Saul Gomez Taylor Rene Gomez Jennifer Gomez Gomez Sol Tonantzin Gonzales Kainoa Minakata Goode Jack Ryan Goudchaux Joshua Noah Greene Raquel Irie Griffith Emily Grace Grothjan Anna Gruszka Garrett Michael Gruzdis Duke Kahana Guisness Yutong Guo Ibeth Gutierrez Madeline Lee Gutierrez Nelson Ernesto Gutierrez Rogelio Gutierrez-Lopez Alexis Guzman (Continued)


(Continued) Nevena Jeanne Guzman Christian Reed Haas Connor Joseph Haddad Nicholas Joseph Haering Mason Bradley Connor Hahn Ian Halton Hali Compton Hammargren Katie Lorraine Hampton Nathan Cameron Hanning Cole Thomas Hansell Charles Louis Harden Shane Hardy Angelina Jasmine Harlow Evan Theodore Harlow Reece Emily Harmon Deven Marcele Harrington Emma Hartanov Mikayla Jade Hartigan Trevin Adam Hatch Rachel Elizabeth Hauser Joelle Katherine Havens Juliet M. Hawkes

Heath Daniel Hawkins Samantha Sue Hayden David Addison Haynes Ryan Joseph Heenan Shay Alexander Hefft Lucas Minh-Quan Henkel Drew Reilly Henry Rachel Nicole Hentsch Alondra Shanell Hernandez Kayla Tatsumi Hernandez Nicholas Victor Hernandez Javier Hernandez Herrera Jose Fernando Herrera Rojas Kane Mason Hertsch Julia Wynne Hill Jackson Daniel Hinkle William Thomas Hirsh Joseph Hayden Hoggatt Noah Parker Hohenester Ethan Daniel Holt Jacob Alan Horspool Chandler Marie Horton Jamie Lynn Howrey

Jake Harrison Hudelson Miguel Huerta Huerta Cameron James Huff Lindsay Alden Hung Erika Mahealani Hunting Corrin Nicole Hurst Lily Anne Hurtubise Peter Joseph Iglesias Dawson Jeffrey Iles London Peelle Irwin Hannah Irene Irwin Riggs Riley Jagger Ittidecharchoti Alexander Micah Jessee Justin Vaughn Johnson Keith Simpson Jones Lota Brittany Jones Maximilian Jonnaert Breno Maximilian Valadao Jordan Lindsey Rose Joseph Clara Maria Juarez Julia Mae Kalez Christopher William Kane

Jonathan Aziz Kassab Raleigh Katsandris Claire Helen Katzman Gavin Angel KelleherMarciello Chloe Lynne Kenney Rylee Marie Kerr Malia Elizabeth Kho Daniella Rene King Jason David King Katrin Margareta Kjeell Kayleb Paul Klapp Caitlyn Allison Klemm Grayson Wyatt Knox Taylor Gavin Koch Hayden Kaylana Koerner Briejenn Faye Kopelman Sienna Rae Koppang Grace Elizabeth Krantz Dylan Krufal Mitchell Scott Kunkle David Lagunas Madelyn Rae Lathrum


Ashley M. Latta William Daniel Laurent Martina J. Ledesma Idalis M. Ledezma Peyton Rose Lee Tyler Daniel Lee Michael Thomas Leiss Drew Michael Lepley Franklin James Lewis Weston James Lewis Josephine T. Liddle Robert Blaze Lindgren Scott Todd Lindquist Lizbeth Lira Mason James Liscio Kathryn Lloyd Shane Robert Lockett Alyse Beatrice Lombardi Juan Lopez Sabino Lopez Greta Marie Loska Sutton Michele Loughran (Continued)


(Continued) Charles Jeffery Loust Ying-Yan Lu Cesar Ribaldo Luna Marley May Macarewich Ricardo Magallan Hurtado Dylan Huot Robert Magee Sarah Rose Mahl Maili Teresa Malagon Renee Danielle Malone Lily Saffron Maranto Dawson Jacob Marchbanks Max Louis Marshall Jesus Emmanuel Martinez Kennedy Elizabeth Martinez Nicholas Joseph Martino Saverio Masotto III Connor John Mateer Jack Patrick Mauldin Amber Rose Mayo Alexandra Marie McAlpin Kyle Radek McCarter Luke Joseph McCarthy Delaney Jo McClure Scott Aidan McClure Lawson Michael McCoy Kyle Morrell McDonald Christian Michael McDonoughPlasso Mia Rachel McFadden Michael Stephen McGreevy Kenzie Alyssa McKinnon Tessa Mae McLane Ryan Edward McNally Katelyn Jane McNeal Daniel Scott McQueen Richard Brent Medeiros Israel Medina Sarai Medina Maria de los angeles Medina Barriga Tyson James Mehrens Julissa Mendez Melissa Lauren Mendez Margot Jane Menveg Brittney Anne Mercuro Carter James Mericle Edwin Merlo Collin Blair Meyer Cade Christopher Mills Hannah Katie Milner Zayne Asir Mirza Alexander John Mix Mia Monica Moore Sierra Renae Moore Lily Faith Morales Kate Amber Mordock Efrain Moreno Reno Mitchell Moreno Malcolm Angus Morrison Tyler Jeffrey Mosher Abigail Claire Mulligan Jose Francisco Muniz Kelsey Megan Murphy Mia Kaye Murphy Shane Patrick Murphy Haley Marie Murset

Wendy Najera Nathaniel Kenneth Nasongkhla Lauren Bella Natividad Bradley Allen Nau Aaliyah Marie Nauretz Alejandro Navarro Nathaniel Jacob Navarro Zachary Derek Neidl Samantha Taylor Neilson Joshua Lawrence Nelson Lauren Katherine Nelson Levi Warren Nelson Jacob Davis Nemeth Lyndsee Isabella Nickle Blake Daniel Nicolas Autumn Fern Nicolai Sophia Elizabeth Noble Carli Rae Norman Troy Alexander Pablo Nueva Joshua David Nullmeyer Frankie Anthony Nunez Xochitl Quetzal Nunez-Garcia Aidan Patrick O’Connor Madilyn Grace Olguin Daniel Olivares Luis Olmedo Jorge Olmos Samantha Olmos-Salinas Destinee Alexis O’Mara Isabel Mae Openshaw Miller Opp Adam Joseph Ortiz Monica Stephani Ortiz Naomi Rae Ortiz Sean Aaron Ortiz Camryn Nicole Ostrander Star Marie Padilla Manuel Pantoja Cynthia Parra Hannah Rose Parrick Jason H. Parsons Ethan Samuel Partridge Alejandro Pastrana Ashley Ann Pate Chloe Marie Patterson Emma Ann Patterson Jolie Alexandra Patterson Mallory Michelle Pavick Jordan David Pawlowski Malcolm Sinclair Pelham Gavin Eugene Pellkofer Alondra Perez Citlali Perez Diana Lizeth Perez Ikzel Anahi Perez Isabel Marie Perez Jimmy Jose Perez Ricardo Perez Rosario Perez Sophia Marie Perez David Craig Perguson Tristan Elijah Petersen Felicia Nicole Petrocelli Alexia Phifer Bailey Madison Phillips Lily Katherine Podgurski Zoe Elizabeth Pothier

Kale’a Paige Prentiss Hailey Elise Pressnell Taylor Marie Pressnell Justin Proctor Gunnar Van Punak Anna Claire Putnam Alec Diego Raisola Andy Ramirez James Elijah Ramirez Jose Fernando Ramirez Sebastian Ramirez Cuauhtemoc Ramos Brisamar Ramos Jimenez Cameryn Nicolle Ray Hailey Alexis Reed Conner Jack Reese Harrison Anthony Reeves Cassondra Jo Richardson Ireland Anne Ridill Brittany Marie Ridley Jackson Edward Ridsdale Jasmine Danielle Riggs Mackenzie Lynn Riley Brooke Lynn Rincon Daniel Rios Adriana Candelaria Rivas Sady More Rivas Juana Hailyn Rivera Rodriguez Makenzie Roberts Destiny Dawn Robinson Andrea Rodriguez Bryan Rodriguez Estefany Rocio Rodriguez Osvaldo Rodriguez Gesennya Marie Rodriguez Guajardo Jacob Rodriguez Guajardo Isabella Mae Rofsky Juan Osvaldo Rogel Maria Emily Rojas Daniel Romero Noah Michael Romero Zachary Bailey Rose Edgar David Ross Steven Ross Weston Casey Rowan Anthony Jay Rucker Chloe Rudnicki Sebastian Ruiz Avila Solomon Theodore Patrick Rurup Owen John Russell Trey Thomas Russell Jake Austin Rybczyk Alex Safavi Jasmine Safavieh Jorge Alvaro Salazar Mark Salgado Diego Nathaniel Sanchez Marielena Sanchez Hayden Scott Sanders Oliver Matthew Albert Sang Alison Santibanez Luana Sapienza Jasper Paul Sattel Nicholas Scarpone Jurnie Lynn Schilling Chloe Rebecca Schnell

Adam Wesley Schrab Leo Schrickel Amy Marie Schultz Anna Emiko Schwartz Isabel Maile Schwartz Samantha Annlin Seefeldt Ashley Seng Meghan Marie Serceki Carmel Serene Shahriary Kane Randall Sheckler Madeline Kathleen Sheehan Mia Lee Shenandoah-Edwards Carly Maura Sherman Jack Thomas Shippy Nabil Collin Shull Nathan Gregory Siebert Naavit Silva Adam Reuben Silverman Zachary Leonson Skov Jordan Isaiah Slaton Jacob Lyle Shelton Smith Jadon Anthony Smith Kevin Smith Megan Elisabeth Snyder Oscar Ivan Solis Justin Presley Speakman Gavin Kai Spear Caden Nueman Spencer Makena Marie Grace Spencer Louis King Spinelli Megan Amanda Spink Samantha Elaine Spunt Curran Gregory Squires Margaux Josephine Stanitsas Ammon Michael Todd Stark Allison Diane Stay Justin Todd Steele Nichole Annmarie Stenersen Jake Anderson-August Stepp Lauren Krystal Stewart Jessica Michele Stone Kennedy Jane Stoner Victoria Elizabeth Stout Halea Indiana Strong Matthew Gregory Suarez Finnagin Miles Swartz Joshua James Tabb Adeeb Tajalli Colin James Thomas Creek Johnson Thomas Morgan Haley Thomas Zachary Daniel Thomas Kathryn Hope Thompson Peter Barnard Thompson Morgan Elise Thorpe Wayne Ezekiel Tibbetts Michael McNamaraTilly Jordan Tilton Kiana Kawana Ting Davi Rodrigues de Castro Toledo Cole Christopher Toms Matthew David Toper Jaclyn Grace Tordone Brenden Finlay Torrance Heidi Torres Tristan Nguyen Trager Kelsey Lynn Trask

Kathryn Elizabeth Trombley Tierzah Kuhn Truman Sean Steven Turcotte Samuel Charles Tuscano Hunter Van Ulrich Devin Richard Ursem Elijah Roy Usui Amber Leah Vaccaro Cody James Valasek Gabriella Jolie Valdez Elizabeth Perez Valencia Cristina Chavez Valladares Hunter Guy Van Cleave Alexandra Nadine Van Dixhorn Evan Thomas Van Kampen Kendra Lyn Vangell Payton Taylor Vann Daniela Vazquez Marilu Roxan Vega Daniel Vigil Kaitlyn Daly Vilardo Franco Vizcaya Claire Morgan Vlasic Mary Amelia Jannetje Vollebregt Thomas Wade Brendan Christopher Walker Joshua Robert Walker Lucy Elizabeth Wall Nicholas Benjamin Wall Shayda Mckenna Wall Cole Dean Warner Ian David Patrick Warner Matthew Paul Waskowski Shae Christine Waters Matthew Gene Watkins Chloe Rebecca Waugh Tristan David Weber Alexis Lynn Webster Judson Jones Wells Grace Oksana Lilia Westcott Christian Luke Wetzel Grace Charlotte White Austin John Whitsett Reegan Michelle Wieth Madalyn Noel Wilhelm Skylar Athena Wilhoit Boston James Williams Brooke Lynn Williams Thomas Vincent Williams Branden Manriquez Wilson Bryce Micah Wilson Gabrielle Mary Wilson Madison Isabelle Wilson Madison Kay Wilson Ariana Michelle Winsten Abigail Agnes Wynne Junyi Xu Jovian G. Yanes Bryce Reed Yang Victoria Janis Yib Robert Daniel Thomas Young Natalie Rachel Zanzonico Clara Denisse Zarate Trujillo Matthew Walter Zedalis Melissa Marie Zepeda Spencer Corbyn Zibas Briana Taylor Ziomek


San Clemente High School Honors & Awards CLASS OF 2018

VALEDICTORIANS: Drake Abrahamsson Lauren Adolph Lauren Amigleo Nicole Anderson Faith Berlien Keanu Bernal Maxwell Bettinelli Jacob Bingham Kelsey Bland Jack Boatman III Ashley Bracamonte Marissa Buenrostro Zamora Kyle Burick Andrew Burror Meghan Byrne Carni Campbell Matthew Carlton Ryan Cattich Grace Cawley Keith Christl Nathaniel Clark Fynley Connelly Sophia Conone Bryce Crane Morgan Creek Riley Croft Connor Davis Christian Davoodian Zoe Day Jessica De Collibus Matthew de Koeyer Calvin Depallens Darren DiMarco Jr. Gabrielle Drabkin Nicole Dutch William Ebrahim Ashley Echelberger Katee Fairon Lindsey Fletcher Carly Fotch Olivia French Darren Fuchs Katina Gabriel Mikaela Gandia-Mak Tanlee Gaspar Macy Gerken Benjamin Giacobello Sidney Giles Kainoa Goode Joshua Greene Raquel Griffith Anna Gruszka Yutong Guo Hali Hammargren Deven Harrington Mikayla Hartigan Rachel Hauser

Juliet Hawkes Shay Hefft Lucas Henkel Julia Hill William Hirsh Chandler Horton Jake Hudelson Erika Hunting Lily Hurtubise Riley Ittidecharchoti Lindsey Joseph Chloe Kenney Katrin Kjeell Caitlyn Klemm Hayden Koerner Sienna Koppang Grace Krantz William Laurent Peyton Lee Michael Leiss Shane Lockett Marley Macarewich Sarah Mahl Lily Maranto Dawson Marchbanks Saverio Masotto III Connor Mateer Alexandra McAlpin Scott McClure Lawson McCoy Michael McGreevy Kenzie McKinnon Katelyn McNeal Tyson Mehrens Edwin Merlo Collin Meyer Cade Mills Hannah Milner Zayne Mirza Tyler Mosher Kelsey Murphy Samantha Neilson Lauren Nelson Jacob Nemeth Isabel Openshaw Hannah Parrick Ethan Partridge Emma Patterson Chloe Patterson Hailey Pressnell Taylor Pressnell Justin Proctor Anna Putnam Jose Ramirez Brooke Rincon Adriana Rivas Andrea Rodriguez Zachary Rose

Chloe Rudnicki Trey Russell Jasmine Safavieh Hayden Sanders Chloe Schnell Leo Schrickel Amy Schultz Isabel Schwartz Samantha Seefeldt Meghan Serceki Carmel Shahriary Kane Sheckler Mia Shenandoah-Edwards Nabil Shull Nathan Siebert Megan Snyder Megan Spink Lauren Stewart Morgan Thomas Kathryn Thompson Kiana Ting Tristan Trager Tierzah Truman Amber Vaccaro Alexandra Van Dixhorn Kaitlyn Vilardo Claire Vlasic Nicholas Wall Shae Waters Chloe Waugh Judson Wells Bryce Wilson Gabrielle Wilson Madison I. Wilson Madison K. Wilson Ariana Winsten Abigail Wynne Junyi Xu Robert Young Natalie Zanzonico INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE: Carni Campbell Ryan Cattich Christian Davoodian Zoe Day Matthew de Koeyer Calvin Depallens Darren DiMarco Jr. Nicole Dutch Katina Gabriel Sehhel Godil William Hirsh Grace Krantz Marley Macarewich Sarah Mahl Scott McClure

Mia McFadden Collin Meyer Ethan Partridge Chloe Patterson Emma Patterson Chloe Rudnicki Hayden Sanders Leo Schrickel Amy Schultz Megan Serceki Nate Siebert NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Maxwell Bettinelli Marissa Buenrostro Kyle Burick Carni Campbell Ryan Cattich Riley Croft Christian Davoodian Zoe Day Jessica De Collibus Nicole Dutch Ashley Echelberger Olivia French Katina Gabriel Raquel Griffith Juliet Hawkes Shay Hefft Jackson Hinkle William Hirsh Erika Hunting Lily Hurtubise Lindsey Joseph Chloe Kenney Hayden Koerner Marley Macarewich Lily Maranto Alexandra McAlpin Tyson Mehrens Collin Meyer Cade Mills Kelsey Murphy Samantha Neilson Samantha Olmos Chloe Patterson Emma Patterson Isabel Perez Hailey Pressnell Chloe Rudnicki Trey Russell Jasmine Safavieh Amy Schultz Samantha Seefeldt Nathan Siebert Morgan Thomas Natalie Zanzonico CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION: Steven Barberi Faith Berlien Keanu Bernal Maxwell Bettinelli Kelsey Bland Jack Boatman III Ashley Bracamonte Brylie Brownell Marissa Buenrostro Kyle Burick Carni Campbell Ryan Cattich

Sophia Conone Morgan Creek Riley Croft Connor Davis Christian Davoodian Zoe Day Jessica De Collibus Jose Oscar de Jesus Juarez Darren DiMarco Jr. Gabrielle Drabkin Nicole Dutch Ashley Echelberger Katina Gabriel Tanlee Gaspar Benjamin Giacobello Joshua Greene Raquel Griffith Anna Gruszka Rachel Hauser Juliet Hawkes Julia Hill William Hirsh Erika Hunting Lily Hurtubise Riley Ittidecharchoti Lindsey Joseph Chloe Kenney Katrin Kjeell Hayden Koerner Sienna Koppang Peyton Lee Marley Macarewich Sarah Mahl Renee Malone Lily Maranto Mia McFadden Kenzie McKinnon Tyson Mehrens Edwin Merlo Collin Meyer Cade Mills Hannah Milner Kelsey Murphy Wendy Najera Samantha Neilson Samantha Olmos Isabel Openshaw Ethan Partridge Chloe Patterson Emma Patterson Isabel Perez Hailey Pressnell Anna Putnam Brisamar Ramos Jimenez Andrea Rodriguez Trey Russell Jasmine Safavieh Amy Schultz Isabel Schwartz Samantha Seefeldt Naavit Silva Makena Spencer Lauren Stewart Morgan Thomas Kathryn Thompson Alexandra Van Dixhorn Nicholas Wall Ian Warner Shae Waters Grace White Bryce Wilson Natalie Zanzonico Spencer Zibas

On behalf of The San Clemente Educational Foundation’s (SCEF) Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that we have just completed the most successful fundraising year in our twenty-year history. Thanks to our generous community, we raised in excess of $215,000 in support of academics at San Clemente High School. Please join me in thanking the following, whose financial support made our great year possible. GOLD Russ & Donna Wertz Julie & David Hatoff Karen Shrader Jim & Kathleen Sigafoos Ron & Margaret Redmond Dr. John & Georgia Redmond Ralph’s Grocery Rob & Susan Sall Ann Worthington SILVER Burns Investment Group Charitable Fund/Bob & Sandra Burns Burns Investment Group of Stifel/ Bob & Sandra Burns Dr. Walt & Amy Baxter Scott & Monica Giacobello Laurie & Dan Mason California Coastal Dermatology/ Dr. Amy Litchfield Garry & Julie Green Farmers and Merchants Bank Jon & Christa Parry Paul & Laura Kaufman Tracy & Marc Weintraub Shadetree Automotive/ Paul & Marie Huffman Lisa Newell Insurance Agency Paul & Jennifer Anthony Hege Grand Sarpa & Tom Sarpa David & Natalia Martin James Keany MD Dan & Maureen Weidner Mike & Margaret Campbell Jeremy & Jessica Conrad M. Dana & Diemmy Wandrocke Dennis & Maria Roy Kitty Schmitt Greg & Maura Unruh Linda Verraster & John Alchema Tracy & Nick Karahalios Elly Harris Randy & Peggy Griffin Chadd & Terri Hunting Deanna & Mike Pearce Patrick Harris Alyssa Whitaker Pacific Coast Landscape Maintenance/ Mark & Melanie Garritson Valerie & Alan Muese John & Gayle Kookootsedes Scott & Michelle Mahl

Barry & Sandra Silverman Inchel & Michelle Yeam Larry & Linh Ding Mark & Kim Clemens Michael & Sarah Gould Stephenson and Company/ Brad & Theresa Stephenson Tina & Jim Burror Zumasys - HappYness is a Choice David & Audra Giddings Kevin & Stephanie Colson BRONZE Bob & Helen Thole Mark & Stephanie Miller Chuck & Julie Ranson Jim & Julie Weidner Shani Cochran Bemus Landscape, Inc. Kevin & Shelly Gaston Lisa Alizadeh & Tito Benito Eileen Kawas Mark & Janet Merryfield Mains Law Office, Julie Mains ESQ Gary & Michele Silverman Patricia & James Holloway Kevin & Candice Middleton Brooks Farquhar Cecily & Gordon Kipe DeNault’s True Value Hardware/ Tom & Julie DeNault Donnelly Family Dwight & Valerie Hirsh Laura & Tom Miller Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital Preston & Frances Wilson RGA Office of Architectural Design Robert & Renee Ripley Ryan & Jennifer Keenan STE Wine Estates/Kyle Twitchell PARTNERS Brad & Julie Holt Carter & Cragan Mudge Danny & Anna Mendez Kati & Tom Bennett Kim & Stuart Anderson Mike & Donna Dollar Margi Westling Jeff & Beth Signer Kathy & Chris Connolly Mary Holt McKenzie Kipe

Allison Shick Don & Lisa Russell Jim Najera Kathleen Styles & Joe Wharton Pat & Kathy Wilsey Rod Cummings Wendy Washington & Brad Hoiseth Amy & David Hanacek Bill & Justina Blackwill Bo & Monica Burick Daniel & Aarin Flynn David & Melissa Hill Denise Laurent John & Joyce Kelley Laurie Melby Michael & Ann Harley Patrick& Maria Stoll Suzanne Waggoner Tanya & Steve Hathaway Trudy & Derrick Podobas Tuan & Daisy Quach Christine Harrington Ellie & John Hammagren Ann & Frederick Deutsch April Egbert Artifex Brewing Company/Tom Cordatto Carla & Mark McGuire Catherine Nolan Christopher & Lara Carlin Dave & Becky Proodian James & Kellie Bieber John & Heidi Ziomek John & Susan Anderson Lisa & Ken Kerr Mikaya & Company Patrick O’Rourke Wayne Baker San Clemente High PTSA Quinn Hatoff Betty Zoe David & Kristi McCleary Elizabeth Morrison Jan Bergerson Judy Morton Kelly Berke Stan & Sheri Schrofer Susie & Brent Lantz Adrienne Hedger Ann & Ariel Perez Anthony & Railene Tonokaboni Autumn McAlpin Bill & Rebecca Kinney Bill & Rhonda McGowan

Boeing Cybergrants Charles & Kuei Yu Chris & Robbin Carter Claudio & Nancy Haug Connie Mulford Craig & Elizabeth Puckett Dallas & Joe Bellantonio David & Maria LeCause Dennis & Jennifer Vaccaro Diane & Dick Zembal Don & Christina Fann Doug & Nka Trang Bregman Dr. Geffrey & Shelia Graham Dr. Laurence & Katy Smiser Ed & Christina Molina Eric & Patricia Kowalski Geofrey & Amy Gutowski George & Julie Knights Gina Sisca Hazlett & Mike Hazlett Greg Young James Meyerhoffer & Stephanie Dougherty Joe & Kelly Faris Jose & Sabrina Salazar Keith & Jennifer Cannon Kent & Gina LaLonde Kevin & Julie Rooker Kevin & Maria Pezzola L.E. & Suzanne Skov Larry & Marie Scott Lourdes Jones M. Kelly & Julie Doyle Martene Africa Mathew & Tina Lee Geyer McKernan/Glynn Family Trust Melvin & Helena Hamro Mike & Sue Burke Nadar & Nilou Nemati Noelle Brock Paul & Renee Bay Paul Jansen Pedrag & Kathy Mitrevski Rick & Deonna Brail Robert & Delphi Sech Ron & Cindy Vangell Ryan & Penny Mateer Sam & Laurie Masotto Shangbin & Ling Xu Guo Stephen & Alison Schultz Suzi Cook Ted & Maria Schwartz Terrance & Eileen Da Cunha The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Charitable fundraising can be challenging, especially in an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff such as ours. I would therefore like to also offer my personal thanks to the SCEF Board of Directors and to our many community volunteers, for their efforts this year in support of SCHS students. I can say in all sincerity that managing SCEF is easy and enjoyable thanks both to our hard-working volunteers and generous community. Sincerely, Jim Sigafoos President, San Clemente Educational Foundation

The Economos Family Thomas & Marisa Eads Thomas & Yvette Sestak Todd & Jennifer McAteer Todd & Pamela Stark Vicky Harlow Wendy & Robert Yoder William & Krist Mills William & Laura Goldbach SUPPORTERS John & Monika Smetona Arthur & Donna Carter Brad & Christy Sherrell Brian & Cambrey Batson Brian & Christine Audet Chad & Sylvia Booth Chris & Angela Moran Christopher & Pamela Evans Christopher & Victoria Whalen Craig & Kristine Cooper David & Kathryn Sherreit Dean & Kristin Zibas Edwin & Christine Gibson Eric & Jennifer Wilford Fernando & Elizabeth Navarro Frank & Julieta Hettman Fred & Patricia Bouman George & Johanna Brody Gerry & Kathleen Strickland Gina & Justin Petrikas James & Gretchen Radzwell James & Libby Hawkes Jann & Daniel Hinkle Jeffery & Amy Abbott Jimmy James & Carrie Balloue Jon & Kelly Small Jose & Rosemarie Gadea Justin Pope Kathleen Leonard Lain & Joelie Buchan Lynn Hiner Mark & Angelica Amico Michael & Dagny Cassidy Michelle Brislen Mike & Kathy Conlon Pedro & Gina Rosselle Phillip & Stacy Knapp Prescott & Wilma Cogswell Randall & Bernadette Perlow Robert & Elizabeth Rumph Robert & Keiko Adel Robert & Sandra Lloyd

Ryan & Michelle Neely Sean & Kirsten Hagarty Stacy Gerkin Steve Sandstrom Steven & Jennifer Purzycki Surfin Chicken/Jose & Margarita Martinez Suzanne Snyder Todd & Heather Gormick Todd & Jill Gavin Tom & Elena Benge Tommy & Andrea Suttles Tony & Karen Smetona Vanessa Riegling Vern M. West John & Carol Winkler Kari & Tor Hall Regina Rossi Barbara Craft Cynthia Prizant David & Kristine Trenary Estrella Olmos Flowers and Friends James & Debbie Serpa Jason & Amy Jolly Jay & Shannon Ruby Jay Akar Kenneth & Delia Van Kampen Kevin & Krista Bates Kevin & Kristen Nelson Kim Reichert Liz Koos Marlene Vlesides Nina Mihalik Richard & Ellen Lodyga Richard & Sheila Armistead Robert & Pamela Richardson Robert Matthews Rodney & Susan Finney Roger & Mindy Rhoades Thomas & Melissa Potwora Barton & Laura McCorvey Jeffery & Chrystal Farrow Jennifer Presley Kendall Family Trust Lise Wahlin Lori Swenson Mandy Einhorn Mark & Kelli Hudelson Michael & Jennifer Clark Paul & Karen Butt Rod & Danielle Snyder Jeff & Lori Fletcher Karen Wall

To donate or learn more about the San Clemente Educational Foundation, visit

GETTING OUT (Cont. from page 10)

Tuesday | 19 NEEDLEWORK CIRCLE 12:30-2:30 p.m. Join the Needlework Circle on Tuesdays as they knit and crochet for a community service project. San Clemente Library, 242 Avenida Del Mar. 949.492.3493.

Wednesday | 20 OPEN MIC NIGHT AT KNUCKLEHEADS 9 p.m.-1 a.m. All levels of musicians are welcome to perform at this weekly open

mic. Bring your instruments, or voice, and show off your talent. 1717 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente. 949.492.2410. www.

UPCOMING: THURSDAY 21 SUMMER BEACH CONCERT: FLASHBACK HEART ATTACK 6-8 p.m. The San Clemente Summer Concert Series kicks off with the band Flashback Heart Attack. The concerts are free throughout the series. San Clemente Pier, 622 Avenida Del Mar. 949.361.8200.

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At the Movies: ‘Ocean’s 8’ is for Those Who Just Want Fun BY MEGAN BIANCO, SAN CLEMENTE TIMES


hate the term “mindless fun.” I think it’s an insult to audiences’ intelligence and a cheap phrase for studios to use to market mediocre blockbusters. Movies like A Quiet Place and Hereditary don’t doubt how smart their viewers are and have done well critically and financially. On the week Hereditary opened, Warner Bros. released their mildly anticipated, gender-swapped sequel, Ocean’s 8. In an era with forgettable, phoned-in, “mindless” remakes, was anyone really checking for another Ocean’s flick? Debra Ocean (Sandra Bullock) is released from a five-year prison stint for theft and fraud with an elaborate plan to steal the most expensive necklace in the world. Her scheme involves old friend and fellow criminal Lou (Cate Blanchett), has-been fashion designer Rose Weil (Helena Bonham Carter), profiteer Tammy (Sarah Paulson),

San Clemente Times June 14-20, 2018

jewelry maker Amita (Mindy Kaling), pick-pocket Constance (Awkwafina) and a hacker who goes by “EightBall” (Rihanna). They’re conspiring to snatch the necklace at The Met Gala while starlet Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway) is wearing it. Ocean’s 8 is directed by Gary Ross, who’s had an interesting career starting with Big (1988) and Pleasantville (1998), to adapting The Hunger Games (2012). Now, I guess he’s directing a handful of Oscar-nominated actresses in a goofy heist comedy. Outside of Debra being Danny Ocean’s sister and a couple of cameos, there’s barely a connection to the previous films. The movie is legitimately mindless fun, although not in an entirely asinine way. I don’t think anyone involved with the production was planning on award nominations or the like. So, if you’re just looking for something to do with a date or friends, Ocean’s 8 could be for you. SC Page 23

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SC SC LIVING San Clemente


The Art of Service War veteran, Camp Pendleton Marine returns to Paint San Clemente BY EVAN GERDISCH, FOR THE SAN CLEMENTE TIMES


ach person is composed of many identities, some distinct and some overlapping, but all shaped by perspective and experience. The same hands that fire a weapon during combat may also create art or nurture a child. The hands of Ryan Jensen, former sniper in the Marine Corps and current artist and father of two, know all three. I set out to learn about his experiences as an artist and as a Marine, but when I contacted him for an interview, I was first introduced to Ryan the father. About a minute into our phone interview, which began while Ryan drove his kids home, Ryan paused, listening to another voice. “My son is yelling at me from the back seat (of the car),” Jensen said. After a short but unsuccessful negotiation, he said, “Sorry, I’m going to have to call you back—my son is just going crazy.” No problem. I was not on a tight schedule, and I appreciated that Ryan the Marine and Ryan the artist must temporarily take a back seat to Ryan the parent. He called me back, and I set out to understand facets of Ryan’s personality.

Ryan Jensen’s self-portrait shows the distinct impressionistic style he uses in his work. Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Jensen

Growing up in San Jose, Ryan was surrounded by art. His father, Dave Jensen, was an illustrator and his mother, Molly, a graphic designer. From the time he could hold a pencil, he was drawing. “I drew a lot growing up,” Jensen said. “I always had a sketch book with me, and I always liked drawing fast.” When I asked him what his father taught him about art, Ryan paused for a moment, gathering his thoughts. “He taught me how to look and observe. Painting is one thing—being able to see and observe something and translate it into art is another,” he said. Certainly, Jensen’s observational skills

served him well in the Marine Corps in which he served two tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq as a sniper, pursuing photography whenever time permitted. A sketch artist, a photographer and a Marine—all these identities are consolidated in Jensen’s art. His impressionistic style conveys the urgency of a sketch artist; his eye for composition evidences his experience as a photographer; and his scenes and subjects, sometimes based on his own war-time photographs, reveal a Marine. Ryan’s relationship with painting is inextricably linked to his service in the Marines, as he first started painting while stationed at Camp Pendleton. Inspired by the spare beauty of the coastal-desert environment that encompasses Pendleton, Ryan developed an immediate passion for painting en plein air. In 2013, he joined the San Clemente Art Association’s Military Artist Program (MAP), painting whenever his schedule would permit. That same year, he participated in Paint San Clemente, a week-long plein air festival. Although he did not win any awards for his entry of the cluttered, colorful lot of abandoned appliances behind Nic’s Vacuums & Small Appliances, he did make his first sale—to the owner of Nic’s Vacuums. His offbeat entry also characterizes his penchant for finding beauty in the everyday. “When I see it, I’ll know,” Jensen said, describing his choice of subjects. “Something just has to grab me—a good balance between warm and cool, good atmosphere, lighting.” Jensen’s art is not only a culmination of his professional and personal experiences, it is also a way for him to process them. Like the more than 100,000 veterans,

Jensen fights an ongoing battle with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “It can be hard to sleep,” Jensen said of life after three tours of combat duty. “You have issues from combat that are unresolved.” For Jensen, art is much more than a career. “When I’m in my right brain and creating art and connecting with nature, it helps so much,” he said. “It’s my therapy.” Of course, there is no panacea for something as complex and personal as PTSD, but art can provide some measure of relief to those suffering from the invisible scars of war. When asked if he has any messages for those considering art as a hobby, therapy, or both, Jensen responded, “Paint like your life depends on it. Paint with authority, because it’s always interesting to see what comes from that.” Although he now lives in Blue Lake, a small town about 10 minutes east of Humboldt State University, his painting career will come full circle this summer as he returns to South Orange County to participate in Paint San Clemente. From June 23-30, see Ryan, along with local and other visiting artists, paint the town as this week-long plein air event celebrates its 17th year. Paint San Clemente is San Clemente Art Association’s annual fundraiser. Money raised will benefit MAP as well as other Art Association activities. For more information, visit events/paint-san-clemente/. Evan Gerdisch is an editor and freelance writer based out of San Diego, who specializes in education and financial literacy. He has been volunteering with the San Clemente Art Association’s publicity division since April 2018. SC

Shindigs and Sock Hops

San Clemente Rotary Club hosts 26th annual Big Band Swing Night BY ERIC HEINZ, THE SAN CLEMENTE TIMES

People danced to swing music performed by Swing Cats on June 9 at the San Clemente Community Center. Photos: Eric Heinz

San Clemente Times June 14-20, 2018

A blast from the past went off June 9 at the San Clemente Community Center, as hundreds of people donned their finest wear from the 40s and danced to swing music. The event was hosted by the San Clemente Rotary club for the 26th year in a row. Live music was performed by the Swing Cats. Page 26

SC LIVING GUEST OPINION: On Life and Love after 50 by Tom Blake

‘Book Club’ Date Night


don’t often go to the movies. My partner Greta loves movies, and usually goes with friends or alone. I surprised her—and myself—by suggesting we go on Saturday over the Memorial Day weekend to the movie, Book Club, at Cinepolis in Ocean Village Ranch. It was a date night for us. The TV ads for Book Club suggested that the movie dealt with topics that I often write about: The need for seniors to have social interaction, to get out with friends, and to keep their minds active. The genre was romantic comedy, nothing too heavy, which appealed to me. My target audience is women ages 60-80. The four primary characters were mid-60s women who had been in a book club together for years. The actresses who played those characters—Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda and Candice Bergen are in their 70s— and, Mary Steenburgen is 65. I knew Book Club would be primarily a “chick flick,” but thought it would be entertaining. Greta belongs to a ON LIFE AND book club that meets LOVE AFTER 50 once a month. She enjoys By Tom Blake socializing with her 11 book club women friends. Most of the laughter in the movie audience, and there was plenty to laugh about, came from women. From the male perspective, I thought the movie was great. Very funny. Keaton plays a widow of one year, who had been married 40 years. Fonda plays a single woman who wants no strings attached to any man because years before, she had gotten hurt. Bergen plays a divorcee who has been celibate since her marriage ended 18 years before. Steenburgen plays a married woman, whose 35-year marriage is in a rut. There is a scene where Keaton, who has a fear of flying, climbs over an airplane seat, in which the male passenger is asleep, which is hilarious. Much of the movie’s book club discussion is based on the members reading the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, and the book’s two sequels. The books inspire the actresses to reexamine their lives. There were approximately 20 songs in the movie’s soundtrack. I loved the nostalgia of Paul Simon singing, “Late in the Evening,” Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers,’ “Runnin’ Down A Dream,” and Meatloaf’s

San Clemente Times June 14-20, 2018

Photo: Courtesy

“I’d Do Anything For Love.” Life messages for seniors I got from the movie: • Don’t worry about what others think. Do what’s right for you • Don’t let your children make decisions for you because they think they know better than you • Give love a chance in later years • If you’re too set in your ways, lighten and loosen up • You are never too old to enjoy life. Go for it. Spice it up. Don’t worry about tomorrow • Change your routines occasionally. Have fun. Venture out. After the movie, as we walked next door to Hendrix restaurant, Greta took my arm and said, “What a great date night! I loved it.” As we sat at the bar, enjoying a drink and snacks, I took out a sheet of paper and jotted down some notes about the movie. The bartender said, “I know you owned Tutor and Spunky’s Deli in Dana Point; I hope you aren’t writing a critique of our service.” I smiled and said, “Nope, I’m just making notes for my column about Book Club, the movie we just saw.” A 60-ish woman, Cindy, and her husband, Jim, were sitting next to us. She heard my comment to the bartender and said, “Oh my gosh. We read your columns in the Dana Point Times.” I said, “You’ll read about Book Club in an upcoming issue.” I thought about our date night. I had changed my routine and it had paid off—my partner was happy, and we made new friends, with a bartender, and a couple, who live in the same neighborhood where Greta has had a home for 35 years. Good things happen when you get out of the house. Tom Blake is a Dana Point resident and a former Dana Point businessman who has authored several books on middle-aged dating. See his websites www.; and To receive Tom’s weekly online newsletter, sign up at Email: SC

Photo: Courtesy of Domenic and Juli Isola

FROM THE ARCHIVES This Ole Hanson home, located at 205 S. Calle Seville, was built in 1927 and purchased by Domenic and Juli Isola in 1993. “This photo came with the home and we cherish it by displaying it as it was left to us,” the family said. “Photo looks to be around the same time it was built. What a view from the tower room the home must have had back then!” Every week, the San Clemente Times will showcase a historical photo from around the city. If you have a photo you would like to submit for consideration, send the photo, your name for credit as well as the date and location of the photo to

Pet of the Week: Patty SAN CLEMENTE TIMES


Patty. Photo: Courtesy of the San Clemente/Dana Point Animal Shelter

his happy girl is Patty, a 1-yearold bundle of fun. An overgrown puppy, Patty has lots of energy and just loves to exercise. Once she’s ready for some down time, you’ll find Patty is very influenced by treats, motivated and takes instruction well. Patty would thrive in an active home where she can continue her training. If you would like to know more about Patty, call the San Clemente/Dana Point Animal Shelter at 949.492.1617, or visit with her at 221 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente. SC


Each Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9x9 grid that has been subdivided into nine smaller grids of 3x3 squares. To solve the puzzle, each row, column and box must contain each of the numbers 1 to 9. Puzzles come in three grades: easy, medium and difficult. Level: Medium Last week’s solution:

PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to provide our readers with a wide variety of opinions from our community, the SC Times provides Guest Opinion opportunities in which selected columnists’ opinions are shared. The opinions expressed in these columns are entirely those of the columnist alone and do not reflect those of the SC Times or Picket Fence Media. If you would like to respond to this column, please email us at

Page 27

See the solution in next week’s issue.

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San Clemente High School Athletes of the Year BY ZACH CAVANAGH, SAN CLEMENTE TIMES

Chosen with input from the San Clemente athletic department and Picket Fence Media sports editor Zach Cavanagh, these are the San Clemente Times’ San Clemente High School boys and girls athletes of the year.

Chris Kane,

Shae Waters,

Chris Kane used his 6-foot-5, 220-pound frame completely to his advantage on the gridiron and basketball court in his senior season with the Tritons. In the fall, Kane was a key cog for the San Clemente football team. As a tight end, Kane was second on the Tritons in pass receptions and receiving yards. He also posted an average of 16.9 yards per reception and three touchdowns. Kane closed the season strong. On Oct. 27, Kane caught three passes for 86 yards including a 17-yard touchdown pass to open a league win over Trabuco Hills. On Nov. 10, Kane pulled in five receptions for 90 yards including a 35-yard touchdown pass for the first points of San Clemente’s CIF-SS firstround game at Rancho Cucamonga. In the winter, Kane provided a post presence for the San Clemente basketball team. Kane added to the size that made the Tritons successful and bodied up for rebounds. Kane wasn’t just a bruiser and was able to move the ball in the offense and knock down jump shots. Kane signed on to play football at the Air Force Academy in the fall.

Shae Waters had an eye for the net for the San Clemente basketball team. Waters was one of just two Tritons to average double-digit points with 10 per game. She was also second on the team in points scored (291), field goals (100), field goal attempts (288) and field goal percentage (35 percent). The senior captain’s biggest strength was as an outside shooting ace for the Tritons. Waters led the team with 43 three-pointers made this season, which is more than four times as many as her nearest teammate. She also attempted more than three times as many three-pointers as her nearest teammate (147) for a 29-percent clip. Waters’ highlight game came against Fountain Valley on Dec. 11. She shot a perfect five-for-five on three-pointers for a season high in three-pointers made and in total points with 19. She also posted a double-double on Jan. 3 against Glendora with 10 points and 14 rebounds. Waters was also an accomplished club soccer player as a defender for Slammers FC. Waters signed on to play soccer at the College of Idaho. SC


San Clemente Times June 14-20, 2018


Page 28

SC SC SURF San Clemente



Bodhi Aguilar. Photo: Courtesy of Larry Cole



T San Clemente’s Kai McPhillips has already had a successful spring season after winning the WSA West Coast Surfing Championship under 16 division in May. He’ll have a chance to pick up more hardware at the NSSA events in the next couple of weeks. Photo: Courtesy of Kurt Steinmetz/NSSA

Championship Week Is Here NSSA Nationals, USA Surfing Championship land on local beaches this week BY JAKE HOWARD, SAN CLEMENTE TIMES


or America’s top amateur surfers, the next week in South Orange County could mean the world. With the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) and USA Surfing both holding their annual championships in the area, there’s plenty of reasons to fire it up for our local rising stars. From June 16-18, the NSSA National Interscholastic Championships will take place at Salt Creek. This competition will feature the country’s top middle school, high school and college teams battle it out to determine who really is, in the words of the Beach Boys, true to their school. Shortly thereafter, the NSSA will head up to Huntington Beach for the National Championships for the open, explorer and airshow divisions. “We have competitors coming from 11 conferences across the nation, Barbados and Puerto Rico. The conferences are: Southwest, Gold Coast, Northwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast/ North, Southeast, Florida Gulf, Hawaii, Barbados and Puerto Rico,” said NSSA Director Janice Aragon. “Every year, the level of these young surfers is through the roof. This year’s class is no different. The performances and both the national San Clemente Times June 14-20, 2018

interscholastic and nationals are sure to bring out some of the nation’s future pros. The nationals are famous for that. It’s the crystal ball of surfing.” As far as local talent goes, there will be plenty of hometown heroes vying for the top spot on the podium. “San Clemente’s Kade Matson is a very skilled, hardworking and seasoned young surfer. His surfing has tons of power. Although he has come close, he has never won a national title,” Aragon said. “He has earned many conference and regional titles throughout his competitive years and just claimed back-to-back West Coast Regionals Open Juniors titles a couple of weeks ago. I have no doubt Kade will kick it into overdrive to try and sweep double titles this year. He’ll be competing in both the open juniors and stepping up in age category to the premier open mens division. I would see him as a top contender in both divisions. And it always seems there are a red-hot crew of groms from San Clemente. Hayden Rodgers and Kade’s brother Dane just came off of winning performances at the West Coast Regionals a couple of weeks ago.” But competing in the NSSA Nationals requires more than just a solid top turn and competent air game. An important aspect of the NSSA program is that it also requires the surfers to perform academically. “The NSSA requires that all of its competitors are students carrying a minimum 2.0 GPA in order to compete,” Aragon said. “We also put out an annual list of surfer/ scholars who are members of the organization and achieve a 3.5 GPA or above. We present a special award annually at the National Championships to the NSSA Surfer/Scholar of the Year. For 2018, this honor goes to San Clemente resident Nolan Rodgers who earned a 4.45 GPA from Capistrano Connections Academy.” Once the spray settles at Salt Creek and

the south side of the Huntington pier, it will be time to direct attention to Lower Trestles for the upcoming USA Surfing Championship. The contest will run from June 15-20 and will not only crown new national champions, but also give us a glimpse of the development of the U.S. national surf program as it starts to ramp up for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. On Wednesday, June 20 (finals day), there will be a special Expression Session featuring “Olympians vs. Olympic Hopefuls.” Top pros such as Kolohe Andino, Griffin Colapinto, Courtney Conlogue and Caroline Marks will be on hand to showcase their talents. Gold medalist snowboarders Red Gerard, Kyle Mack and Lindsey Jacobellis will also be there, as will water polo gold medalist and surfer Kaleigh Gilchrist, along with Winter and Summer Paralympic gold medalist Alana Nichols. “It’s been an amazing year, and we’re really proud of the progress all of the surfers and competitors have made. It takes a lot of work and dedication to compete at this level and that deserves a lot of respect and admiration,” USA Surfing President Greg Cruse said. “The Olympic movement is moving forward, and we’re really excited about everything that’s coming up. We’ve seen the impact that the Olympics has had on snowboarding for athletes like Red Gerard, and to elevate the sport of surfing in the same way, it’s just a really exciting time for the sport and we wouldn’t be here without the commitment of so many amazing young athletes.” According to, it looks like there’s plenty of fun-sized southwest swell on tap for the next 10 days. The conditions for both the NSSA Nationals and the USA Surfing Championship should be ideal, so head down to the beach and support your favorite groms. After all, they are the future. SC

Page 30

here’s no stoke like grom stoke. Case in point, 7-year-old Bodhi Aguilar. “Getting long waves with good turns inspires me because it makes me feel good and makes me want to go back the next day,” Bodhi said after being asked what fires him up about riding waves. “Surfing with my friends inspires me…and I always want to see a whale out in the water.” The next-gen San Clemente ripper first got on the board at the ripe old age of 3 when his pop taught him to surf at San Onofre. These days you’ll probably find him shredding the inside wedges at Lowers. “I look up to John John Florence because he does good airs and layback snaps,” Bodhi said. “I also look up to my dad because when he does turns, he drifts sometimes and it looks really cool. I really look up to Kelly Slater, Jordy Smith, Yadin Nicol—I’m going to ask Yadin if he will teach me to do airs—all of the San Clemente shredders, like Kolohe Andino, the Colapintos, all of the Gudauskas brothers. I also look up to my little sister, Sunshine, because she tries really hard and is always smiling and having fun when she surfs.” Bodhi’s froth level is high, as is his appreciation for the ocean in which he rides. “I wish people would not litter and keep the ocean and Earth clean, so we can keep surfing,” Bodhi said. SC

SURF FORECAST Water Temperature: 66-68 degrees F Water Visibility and Conditions: 5-8’ Fair Thursday: Fading SSW southern hemi swell, lingering NW swell and traces of leftover tropical swell. Surf is running waist-head high (3-5’) in the morning, then down just slightly in the afternoon. Calm winds for the morning, turning to light onshore for the afternoon. Outlook: Modest blend of SSW swell and NW windswell into the weekend with waist-chest high (3-4’) surf. SSW swell rebounds Sunday and early next week with shoulder high+ (4’+) sets at top breaks. Minor NW swell mixes in the background then. Lightest winds and most favorable conditions for the morning hours. Be sure to check the full premium forecast on Surfline for more details and the longer range outlook.

June 14, 2018  

San Clemente Times

June 14, 2018  

San Clemente Times