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A NEW YOU Your Local Resource to a Healthier LIFE…

“A New You,” a unique guide filled with a select group of health, beauty and fitness resources in the tri-city area. From energy boosting juices, to exciting workout regimens, organic produce and even eye care, this special pullout section will provide you with information for every resource you need to take care of your body and mind in the months to come. “A New You” can be found not only inserted into the SC Times, DP Times and The Capistrano Dispatch but all residents of San Clemente, Dana Point, Capistrano Beach and San Juan Capistrano can find “A New You” online at, and Here’s to your health! Special thanks to Austin Gregory Johns of San Clemente Health Fitness Network, Dr. Jon Conti of Seaview Pediatrics, Alex & Chelsea of Breezy Mama, Thomas “Doc” Masters of Flex-Appeal, Dr. Alice Moran and Ron Castruita of Hanson’s Market.

Did you know: According to Jeanne Segal, PhD, the body doesn’t distinguish between physical and psychological threats. Whether you’re stressed over a busy schedule, an argument, a traffic jam or a mountain of bills, your body may react just as strongly as if you were facing a life-or-death situation. —Masters Did you know: Drinking one soda per day equals nearly 17 extra pounds per year!? —Austin Gregory Johns

Living Healthy in your 30S, 40S, 50S BY AUSTIN GREGORY JOHNS CCS, CES, LWMC

People stop growing developmentally after the age of about 25. But you can keep yourself looking, feeling, and acting younger with appropriate attention to diet, exercise, and rest. This notion begets the question: How much is appropriate?

Health in your 30s Physically, your 30s can be considered a transitional period. Your body is no longer growing as it was in your teens and 20s but it is not yet succumbing to the stresses of a physical life either. If you have been active for most of your youth, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to maintain a high level of activity in your 30s. It is time, however, to start paying attention to what you eat since your metabolism will be responding differently with new experiences like work schedules and family life.

Health in your 40s All of a sudden, you wake up one day and your back hurts—or your knees ache. You don’t remember doing anything yesterday or the day before but things hurt anyway. Welcome to your 40s during which time your body lets you know not only when you’ve been working too hard, but also when you haven’t been working hard enough. Engaging in a good diet and exercise routines as well as paying new attention to rest and relaxation becomes critical in your 40s. You no longer should be seeking the absolute pinnacle of athletic intensity lest you wear your body out, but hard, regular exercise followed by adequate rest is a must.

Health in your 50s This is the age at which your brain and your friends begin to play tricks on you. You don’t feel old, but everyone says your getting there so who’s right? Turns out, you’re both right. Your diet should become even more focused by significantly reducing saturated fats and white carbohydrates and opting for lean protein and vegetables. You still have plenty to offer physically, but where it took one day in your 40’s to recover, now it takes two or sometimes three. Without an established good regiment of diet and exercise here in your middle years, you can quickly find yourself underprepared for a long life of staying forever active.


“Things do not change; we change.” —Henry David Thoreau Austin Gregory Johns CCS, CES, LWMC is the President, Personal Health Advocate & Master Personal Trainer for San Clemente Health & Fitness Network (SCHFN). SCHFN is a full service health advocacy company that offers private and small group fitness and nutrition training and counseling for adults of all ages and youth athletes. Health advocacy also includes reparative exercise therapy post injury or surgery, and spiritual guidance for stress reduction. If you’ve ever been confused about the best way to stay healthy the longest, explore health advocacy. Live Above, Live Beyond! For a free consultation, call 949.429.0339 or visit


A NEW YOU Your Local Resource to a Healthier LIFE… 5 ELEMENTS DAY SPA Energetic Lymph Drainage $150 (90 mins). The flow and balance of the body’s five fluids – especially the lymph – is essential to the functions of the body. Stagnation of the lymph system can affect the immune system, detoxification, fat absorption and other health issues that reflect how you look and feel. This unique wellness treatment includes a soothing, dry brushing massage with harmonizing violet clay and lymphatic drainage and light therapy with state-of-the-art equipment. 159 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.361.0505,

With good oral hygiene and regular professional care, your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. —Dr. Alice P. Moran

BEACHFIRE BeachFire unveils new executive chef and seasonal menus. BeachFire owner Dave Donaldson’s ranching and farming lifestyle allows an authentic approach to serving food that is flavorful, fresh and nutritious. Donaldson has three acres of ranch land outside San Juan Capistrano with horses, goats, chickens, a large pond and a 5,000 square-foot garden with fertile soil. Executive Chef John Merlino and Donaldson created new seasonal menus for all restaurants featuring fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs from the BeachFire Backyard Garden. San Clemente, 949.366.3232, Ladera 949.542.7700, Irons 949.542.3900

BREEZY MAMA The Breezy Mama breaks the mold on what it means when one becomes “a mom.” She is smart, sassy and fun. for interviews with topnotch child development experts (i.e. Why Time Out is a Waste of Time), entertainment, fashion, green products and celebrity interviews.

CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING You are already beautiful. Feed your soul and your body. If you are in search of a spiritual community where you are respected and accepted for who you are and want the inspiration and support to grow to your highest potential, please accept our invitation to visit our Center. Be part of a greater gathering of other like minded individuals who share your vision for a new tomorrow through community, service, meditation, workshops and classes. 23141 Verdugo Drive, Ste. 103, Laguna Hills, 949.365.0050,

DR. ALICE P. MORAN Dr. Alice P. Moran is a board certified periodontist who provides comprehensive, leading edge periodontal care to preserve your special smile. Dr. Moran’s capabilities include dental implant surgery, aesthetic gum enhancement and treatment of gum disease. She belongs to an elite group of periodontists, only 10 percent nation-wide, who offer the Periolase as an alternative to traditional osseous surgery. Contact Dr. Moran at: 1001 Ave. Pico, Ste. K, San Clemente, 949.361.4867 (GUMS),

ALISO KIDS DENTAL & ORTHODONTICS At Aliso Kids Dental & Orthodontics we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of pediatric dentistry and orthodontic care in a caring, comfortable and fun atmosphere. Our pediatric dentists, Doctors Justin Shuffer and Shiva Roghani and our orthodontists, Dr. Tina Azin and Dr. Rashid Kamdar, have a combined 30 years of experience providing stateof-the-art treatments for your child’s dental health and smile. Visit us at or call us at 949.643.2222. 15 Mareblu Lane, Ste. 220, Aliso Viejo, 949.643.2222,

ANYA SWANSON - LIFE COACH Weight Loss Coaching: Lose weight without starving, cravings, over-exercising or the yo-yo effect. Discover what creates weight imbalances. Learn how what you know, think, and eat effects your weight and your wellbeing. In this coaching program you will learn: how to nourish your body back to balance; the truth about USDA’s dietary guidelines; which foods to eat and which to avoid; the true dynamics of weight loss and much more. Money back guaranteed. Anya Swanson - Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach. 949.291.2660,, PAGE 4

Did you know: Jogging 3 miles and walking 3 miles at a quick pace burns close to the same amount of calories? You don’t need to be a runner to get good exercise! —Austin Gregory Johns

A NEW YOU Your Local Resource to a Healthier LIFE…

Did you know: According to a study published in the Chemistry Central Journal, dark chocolate is the world champion title holder of antioxidants. Researchers compared the total flavonol and polyphenol content as well as antioxidant activity content of cocoa powder and dark chocolate vs. super fruits, including acai, blueberry, cranberry and pomegranate. The antioxidant activity of cocoa powder is higher than all other super fruit powders analyzed. Antioxidants aid in exiting the free radicals—little molecules that cause aging and disease. —Thomas “Doc” Masters GRIFFIN OPTOMETRIC GROUP LASIK has been a life-changing option to contacts or glasses for over 15 years. At Griffin Optometric Group, we are proud to be affiliated with Tom Tooma, M.D. and NVISION Laser Eye Centers. To begin the process of deciding whether LASIK is an option for you, schedule your complimentary consultation at one of our offices. We will be hosting a series of consult days on the following dates: November 14: Talega location, 949.940.0200; November 15: Laguna Niguel location, 949.495.3031; November 16: San Clemente location, 949.492.1853


Poor dental health can really affect your overall quality of life. It can lead to increased risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes and affect your confidence. We provide a full range of dental care including dental implants, general and preventative dentistry and beautiful cosmetic and rehabilitative options. We strive to make high quality care affordable by accepting insurance, payment options and offering Quality Dental Plan, an insurance alternative. Call today for more information. 24655 La Plaza, Ste. E, Dana Point, 949.496.5713,

HANSON’S MARKET Local, natural and organic. Nothing artificial. Hanson’s is a community store, employing over 15 San Clemente residents and owned by 25 year residents Ron and Diana Castruita. Hanson’s is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles with fresh and organic produce, locally baked artisan breads, herbals, supplements, vitamins and eco-friendly household products. Deli sandwiches with all-natural meats, artisan cheeses, fresh salads and raw juicing/smoothies. Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. Mon.– Sat., 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sun. 415 Avenida Pico #P, San Clemente, 949.218.1690

A NEW YOU Your Local Resource to a Healthier LIFE… HIGHLAND INK Highland Ink, San Clemente’s original tattoo shop, is now offering Eyebrow Hair Simulation, Lash Enhancement, Scalp Hair Simulation, Areola Repigmentation and Scar Relaxation. Skin Needling™, like Scar Relaxation, involves no pigment. This procedure is ideal for clients with deep wrinkles or acne scarring, as the repeated pricking of the machine’s needle draws a light bloodline. Melanocyte Restoration is a process that uses a technique similar to that used in Skin Needling™. Please call Highland Ink for a free consulatation with Susie today 949.481.4434. 1006 S. El Camino Real, Ste. C, San Clemente, 949.481.4434,

ISABEL’S BEAUTY SALON Isabel’s Beauty Salon has been serving the San Juan Capistrano community for well over a decade. Founded in 1992, the salon offers countless haircut styles for women, men and children. The hairstylists at Isabel’s Beauty Salon strive to make every haircut experience an enjoyable one by creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. Other services provided include makeup, wedding hairstyles, prom hairstyles and updos: We have the hairstyles to help you get ready for your special day! 31952 Del Obispo, Ste. 230, San Juan Capistrano, 949.493.3960

Did you know: According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, children who grow up with dogs and cats in the home have a significantly reduced risk—as much as 50 percent or more—of developing pet and other common allergies to things like pollens and molds. —Thomas “Doc” Masters


Your body is begging you to juice! Since juice requires hardly any digestion, your body rapidly absorbs all the goodness of the vegetables and fruits. Juice It Up San Clemente juices a nutrient packed selection of fresh ingredients. If you feel like chewing something, they now offer an amazingly delicious and nutritious high fiber brown rice, hummus and avocado bowl. Of course, they still prepare the largest selection of Acai bowls in San Clemente. 802 E. Avenida Pico, Ste. J, San Clemente, 949.542.7979,


Personalized Weight & Health Management - Since 1971. Take control. Make the most out of life–mentally and physically. It’s yours for the taking. Lose up to 10% of your current weight in just 10 weeks. Look and feel your best! It’s Safe • It’s Fast • It’s Easy • It Works! 42 Southern California Locations. Offer Expires: 11/30/11. *Restrictions apply. Ask clinic staff for details. 31105 Rancho Viejo Rd., #1 • San Juan Capistrano • 949.248.0788, 1.800.LINDORA,


We are here to help you achieve your health goals. Our group is focused in managing diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid, lipid and all endocrine disorders. We currently have study participation opportunities for Type 2 diabetics, diabetics who have recently suffered an acute coronary event or individuals with high cholesterol. Give us the opportunity to help you take charge of your health and develop a healthy lifestyle you can maintain. Come visit! 26800 Crown Valley Parkway, Ste. 230, Mission Viejo, 949.364.6000


Offering an inviting sanitized environment, Natural Nail Care Clinic specializes in the care and treatment of natural nails. Only autoclaved and disposable tools used. Voted the #1 favorite salon for a manicure and pedicure. As our gift to you, your first manicure is free with your purchase of starter kit. Must be 18 years or older. Discover your own beautiful hands and nails. 32382 Del Obispo, Ste. C6, San Juan Capistrano, 949.493.5300


Our goal: helping our members make small changes that add up to big results! NewStart Nutrition offers a yummy, nutritious 3-part service consisting of a mango aloe shooter, an herbal energy tea and a creamy meal replacement smoothie for $5. More than your average smoothie bar, we offer complimentary Body Scans to determine your health numbers, 1:1 Wellness Coaching, and group Fitness and Weight Loss Challenges (including complimentary boot camps). Everyone’s first visit is free! 32341-G Camino Capistrano, 949.929.6060

Did you know: According to the California Walnut Commission, California walnuts account for 99 percent of the country’s and three fourths of the world’s walnut supply. Walnuts have a combination of more healthful antioxidants and higher quality antioxidants than any other nut. —Thomas “Doc” Masters Did you know: According to Dr. Sears, a handful of nuts close to bedtime can raise tryptophan levels and help you sleep better. —Thomas “Doc” Masters

Did you know: Fiber not only keeps your digestive system healthy, but it also curbs your appetite by telling your brain when you’ve eaten enough? High fiber foods include whole grains, beans, and leafy greens. —Austin Gregory Johns O2 WELLNESS Start your weight loss, pain relief, and detox programs today! We offer whole body vibration, foot detox, infrared sauna, facial treatments and more! Whether you are looking to lose weight with our HCG diet, look younger with our VAMPIRE FACELIFT, or want to reduce pain, sleep better, have more energy or detox your body, o2 Wellness is the place for you. Local San Clemente residents are looking & feeling years younger, call us to learn how! 3551 Camino Mira Costa, Ste. C, San Clemente, 949.240.6713,

OC PHYSICIANS HEARING SERVICES Our vision is to provide superior quality, personal and compassionate hearing care for our patients in order to improve their quality of life. Based upon your individual needs, we provide a comprehensive array of services related to prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of hearing impairment for all ages. The audiology staff is highly experienced in a wide variety of audiological services, including basic and advanced test procedures and hearing aid fittings. Four Local Hospital Locations to Serve YouMission Viejo, Laguna Hills, San Clemente, and Laguna Beach. 949.276.4040,

A NEW YOU Your Local Resource to a Healthier LIFE…

What’s All This Talk About Probiotics? By Jon Robert Conti, MD FAAP and

We’ve read that probiotics are good for your digestive system—what exactly do they do?

To keep our natural probiotics healthy, do we need to cut down on the anti-bacterial hand soap and sanitizers?

The term probiotic is a relatively new term meaning “supporting life,” and the World Health Organization states that they are “live microorganisms, that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer health benefits.” You will commonly hear them referred to as “good bacteria,” although they can be yeasts, too. These microbes are similar to the ones already inside our bodies.

The “Hygiene Hypothesis” says that many of our modern day “improvements” (e.g., sterile processed food/formula, fewer naturally fermented foods, increased hygiene/hand washing, urban life, C-sections and antibiotics) may actually decrease challenges to our immune systems, altering our “sea” inside and possibly leading to an increase in allergic disease. Reintroduction of probiotics into our systems may be a way to address the microbial imbalance that our modern lives have created in our guts. However this theory has not been fully tested in RCT’s, and cannot be recommended.

Also I want to point out that probiotics are different from the “live culture” label you see on some food products. Live cultures are microbes often used as food fermentation agents, say for example to create yogurt from milk. Many of these have not been directly tested for health benefits. On the other hand, probiotics are microbes that are able to reach the intestine while still alive, and have been shown to have a health effect. Furthermore, although there is some overlap in species, typically probiotics contain higher concentrations of these microbes. From the outset of this post I want to express my cautious optimism about this topic. Many of us would like to do more to keep ourselves healthy, and the claims of probiotics are exciting. Yet this is an emerging health topic, and I urge patience while scientific research proves or disproves the variety of claims out there. This takes time, and that’s okay—it’s your health we’re talking about.

I see probiotics being advertised in everything from sports drinks to yogurt to ice cream, and I know it can be ingested as a capsule form as well. What should one consider when choosing a probiotic? Probiotic content is generally more important than the way in which you consume them. I like to think of this answer like this: If you need a sports car, get one. If you need a truck to haul around stuff, get one. But a sports truck won’t perform either of those functions well. If you want a probiotic, find a good quality product, and use it as directed. Please before you start ANY supplement, including probiotics, talk to your doctor. Probiotics should be safe for the generally healthy population to consume. However you SHOULD ALWAYS consult a physician before administering probiotics—ESPECIALLY to infants and children, people with compromised immune systems, or others with major underlying illnesses. Read “Warning” labels and “Other Information” on the product package. Be aware of any unexpected symptoms, and should any untoward effects occur, stop the probiotic immediately and seek medical attention.

Pacific Water Solutions Our health is truly dependent on the quality and quantity of the water we drink. Pacific Water Solutions is a local water filtration and purification company. Our new Alkaline Purified under the sink Reverse Osmosis unit will provide pure water, enriched with natural minerals with a Ph of 9.5. This true Alkaline system offers premium filtration medias that emit far infrared rays, increases Ph and will give your water a refreshing mineral flavor. 555 N. El Camino Real, Ste. B, San Clemente, 949.498.9754, PAGE 8

Why should we be taking probiotics? Our intestines are home to about 1000 species of organisms—a proverbial “sea” inside of us. The popular theory argues that by supplementing our diets with probiotics, we more favorably colonize the gut with “good” microorganisms. Some strains might promote health by digesting food, producing vitamins, preventing infection, regulating the immune system as well as decreasing inflammatory illness. However there hasn’t been enough research on probiotics yet to answer this question definitively, particularly in infants and children. For example, presently probiotics are frequently used in treating stomach bugs, having been shown to shorten the illness by about 40 hours. The fundamental question is: Is it worth taking a pill for a few days to shorten the number of days with diarrhea from three to two days?

I’ve read that probiotics help those who are lactose intolerant—how? Some people who consume milk products afterwards experience discomfort. In some of those individuals, their bodies may be unable to digest the milk sugar lactose via the stomach’s enzyme lactase. The microbes S. themophilus and L. bulgaricus can enhance lactose digestion and may reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance in lactose sensitive people—but not all, or not completely. You’ll find these two organisms in many probiotics and yogurts. About Jon Robert Conti, MD FAAP: Dr. Conti is Board Certified in Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine and presently cares for patients & their families at Sea View Pediatrics in Laguna Hills & San Clemente. To see the entire post from Dr. Conti go to

PCH Pilates PCH Pilates is an ocean view studio, fully equipped with Balanced Body equipment. Our certified instructors are dedicated to offering only the highest quality of Pilates to individuals of all levels. Here are a few of the many benefits: It is full-body fitness, creates strength without bulking, increases flexibility and develops core strength. Please contact us to set up your introductory session at 949.248.1993. 34085 Pacific Coast Hwy., Ste. 202, Dana Point, 949.248.1993,


Someone you know is planning her family. Planned Parenthood offers affordable reproductive health services that women and men need to prevent unintended pregnancies and planfamilies when they’re ready — including fertility evaluations, family planning counseling, well-woman exams, prenatal care, Essure incision-free permanentbirth control, and more. Make an appointment at the Mission Viejo health center today by calling 714.922.410, or learn more at

A NEW YOU Your Local Resource to a Healthier LIFE…

Did you know: The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods says eating a mere three to five olives a day—black or green; it doesn’t matter—can effectively strengthen one’s blood vessels, improve eyesight and help regenerate bodily tissues. —Thomas “Doc” Masters

SAN CLEMENTE HEALTH & FITNESS NETWORK SCHFN is a full service health advocacy company that offers private and small group fitness and nutrition training and counseling for adults of all ages and youth athletes. Health advocacy also includes reparative exercise therapy post injury or surgery, and spiritual guidance for stress reduction. If you’ve ever been confused about the best way to stay healthy the longest, explore health advocacy. Live Above, Live Beyond! For a free consultation, call 949.429.0339 or visit us at 111 Avenida Vista Montana, San Clemente, 949.429.0339,

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA RESEARCH Southern California Research provides patients direct access to cutting edge clinical trials. Our common areas of research include allergies, asthma and skin conditions. We also conduct clinical trials in gout and COPD. Our expert physicians and research staff provide compassionate, patient centered care. When patients qualify for studies the care they receive is paid for by the study. We are always looking for new volunteers who would like to participate in clinical research studies. Call us at 949.347.8700 ext. 1800 or visit

SPORT CLIPS The Ultimate Haircut Experience for Men and Boys.The Sport Clips experience includes Sports on TV, Precision Haircut, Legendary Hot Steamed Towel, Soothing Massaging Shampoo, Leave-in Conditioner, and a Relaxing Neck and Shoulder Massage. Our stylists are consistently trained to cut the latest men’s hairstyles and will work to get your hair just the way you want it, all the while in a comfortable, relaxed guy’s environment. It’s what we call the MVP TREATMENT! 638 Camino de los Mares, F100, San Clemente, 949.276.8200,

A NEW YOU Your Local Resource to a Healthier LIFE… SWIFT HEALTH CHIROPRACTIC Do you have Functional Misalignment causing nerve pressure? At Swift Health Chiropractic, we specialize in Segmental Correction. Our technique allows us to correct structural misalignment that may be causing nerve pressure and your symptoms. We use six different objective diagnostic tests to identify functional misalignments and make sure that we are correctly identifying the areas that may be causing nerve irritation. 3551 Camino Mira Costa, Ste. A, San Clemente, 949.751.4000,

TOTAL TRAINER Tired of losing weight only to gain it all back later? It’s time to transform your body from a fat storer to a fat burner. You get a personalized blueprint combining Nutrition, Exercise, Body Chemistry and Supplementation from your Certified Metabolic Advisor and the TotalTrainer software. No gimmicks, no miracle-in-abottle pills or shots – just remarkable results! Visit us at Call 949.293.1055 today to take advantage of our introductory pricing: only $149 gets you started!

WHITE LOTUS DAY SPA White Lotus Day Spa has a passionate commitment to wellness, and beauty and offers the finest in organic and natural skin care. Our skincare goal is to keep the skin in optimum health to slow aging and help correct problems such as acne, hyper-pigmentation, and rosacea. Therapeutic massages performed by skilled therapists are also offered. During the month of November we are offering a facial infusion non acid peel, micro-current facial, or 90 min. Signature Eminence facial for $85 (reg. $125-$130) Customized Therapeutic Massage for $65 (reg. $85. 24582 Del Prado, Ste. F, Dana Point, 949.496.2977,

ZIA THREADING Threading is a hair removal technique that uses 100% cotton thread. The cotton thread is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin entwining the hairs in the thread, which are then lifted quickly from the follicle. It’s 100% Organic and is more precise than waxing – $8.00 for eyebrow threading; $28.00 for full face threading. 638 Camino de los Mares, C-110, San Clemente, 949.481.6200,

Putting Your Best Foot Forward Whether running or walking, finding the right footwear is paramount BY THOMAS “DOC” MASTERS

Some of us see a new trail and we’ll give everyone whiplash in the car pulling over to check it out. Some of us just like to walk. Whatever your speed; never take shortcuts when buying your shoes. Go straight to the experts at a running specialty store. Don’t be in a hurry, because the person who fits your shoes should ask questions, do some tests and have a few options to try. Wash your feet, wear a clean pair of socks, bring a smoothie or a latte and enjoy the process. There is no “best” shoe; there is only the best shoe for you. It is important to know what your foot is doing throughout your stride, not just how long and wide it is. Eventhough you may not be a runner, you do spend a large portion of your life on your feet. If your feet aren’t happy the rest of your body can’t be. Your foot should be measured in the standing position. Your running shoes are usually fit one half to a full size bigger than your regular shoe size because your feet will swell when you run or walk. Your fitter should also do a running/walking analysis for you. The salesperson should watch you run and walk in the shoes and observe your balance and movement. They’ll determine whether you’re over-pronating (your foot rolls inward) or supinating (your foot rolls outward) when your foot strikes the ground. High arches and flat feet are also a consideration. You should be asked questions about what type of walking/ running you do, how often and where you do it. After your fitting, resist the urge to impulse buy. These are lean economic times for most of us. Once you are set with the fit, brand and style of the shoes that best suits your needs, shop around. You will be amazed to find just how much prices vary between stores. You are the consumer and you are in charge. Don’t forget it. Ask about multiple shoe discounts, or referral discount programs. Shop the internet. If you are not married to a special color you can get as much as 50 percent off. With most shoes running in the $100-plus range, savings can be substantial—especially for families. Walking or running, it’s your choice, your pace. Just do it in a good pair of custom fit shoes and save yourself some nagging injuries down the road. Good luck. Thomas “Doc” Masters is a local certified personal trainer and wellness professional. A graduate of Arizona State University in physical education, he is the owner of Flex-Appeal, a wellness company specializing in seniors’ fitness, personal training, group fitness, athletic training and nutritional consulting. Thomas was dubbed “Doc” many years ago by his sailing crew after tending to the many bumps, bruises, strains and sprains of his fellow crew members. Doc is a life long resident of Orange County and has operated Flex-Appeal in Newport Beach and Dana Point for over 20 years. He also publishes a fitness and nutrition website at and offers no cost introductory nutritional consultation or training sessions. Doc can be reached by phone at 949.443.0133.

Did you know: Your “CORE” musculature includes much more than just abdominals? CORE actually extends from the top of your head to your fingertips and all the way to your toes! Did you know: There are six damaging ways that constant stress makes you and keeps you fat? To reduce your weight, you have to start reducing stress! —Austin Gregory Johns PAGE 10

A New You  

Your Local Resource to a Healthier Life...

A New You  

Your Local Resource to a Healthier Life...