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March 2008 3rd Issue

3RD ACNA/ARNA Semi-Annual Meeting March 28th thru 30th, 2008 HAPPY 58TH ANNIVERSARY APO PHILIPPINES

58nΑΦΩ ΑΦΩ kami!

3608 Ocean Ranch Blvd, Oceanside, Ca 92056 March 28th (Friday) Welcome Fellowship and Casino Nights. A fund raising project to benefit the APOAASD scholarship fund. Highlight is a $50 buy-in Texas Hold-EM tournament…

March 29th (Saturday) *ACNA/ ARNA semi-annual meeting. (delegate registration fee $60, includes the Jam Session) *California Challenge – Basketball and Volleyball tournament elimination round, and many more games to be announced (registration $150.00 per team of 8 to 10 players per team) *“58nAPO kami” the Jam Session – the celebration of the 58th founding years of our great fraternity, $15 donation includes food, drink, music, karaoke, dance, games, and prices…

March 30th (Sunday) Basketball and Volleyball Championship round, picnic, games, Prizes and Awards ceremony – spend some time with your APO brothers and sisters before they embark on their journey home. APO Toast Song.

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(March 2, 1950 – March 2, 2008)

The History of Alpha Phi Omega Philippines By the year 1950, it already had 227 chapters from coast to coast. It reached the Philippine shores and found a new home in the archipelago of 7100 islands in the same year [1950]. The Republic of the Philippines then was only four years old. The Boy Scout movement founded by LORD BADEN-POWELL in Great Britain was organized in the Philippines in 1923; in 1950, as now, many Filipinos where actively participating in the movement. One evening that year, Scouters in Manila were invited to a conference with a certain SOL LEVY from Washington State, USA. Brother Levy expressed the desire to organize Alpha Phi Omega in the Philippines. He gave a short talk and distributed some copies of three APO publications: Questions and Answers, National Constitution and By-Laws and Ritual Rites and Ceremonies. LIBRADO I. URETA, an Eagle Scout and a graduate student at Far Eastern University, Manila, was among the audience. Inspired by Brother Levy’s words, he read the publications and shared them with fellow Eagle Scouts and students on the FEU campus. He asked their opinion about Brother Levy’s desire and the response was good. On 2 March 1950, Alpha Phi Omega International Service Fraternity was founded at Nicanor Reyes Sr. Hall, Room 214, FEU. The charter members were: LIBRADO I. URETA IGNACIO J. SEVILLA SR. ROMEO Y. ATIENZA GUILLERMO R. PADOLINA GODOFREDO P. NERIC LEONARDO R. OSORIO RALPH G. HAWKINS ALFREDO DE LOS REVES BONIFACIO V. LAZCANO LAMBERTO T. DOMINGUEZ MAX M. VELASCO [See History, page 10]


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE My dear Brothers and Sisters in Alpha Phi Omega, Greetings and I hope that this finds you and your loved ones in good health. When you elected me as your ACNA President and, again, as ARNA Regional Director almost two years ago, you and I basically agreed that our task as an alumni organization here in North America is to consolidate the authority of our fraternal organization as represented by the national organization of Alpha Phi Omega in the Philippines. This is in turn a recognition of the fact that much needs to be done and that it is in the formalization and institutionalization of this relationship with our mother organization and of our agreement among ourselves to facilitate this consolidation of authority by being in compliance with our APO CBL as well as in formalizing the chartering of our member Associations with APO Philippines. While many may not view our movement towards increased interaction with our mother organization as advantageous to whatever interests they think they serve, we must not lose sight of the fact that those interests are necessarily subservient to the interest of the mother organization and any bickering about local “prerogatives”, “freedoms” or “independence” are but smoke that clouds the real issue that the interests of APO should also be our own and any other local interests beyond that are subservient to APO’s interests. We have moved towards that goal but we are yet to see, at least to me, more concrete steps such as the amendment of our ACNA CBL so that it will fully transition into its duty as the regional representative of APO Philippines in the North American region and the chartering of ACNA’s member associations as well as full registration of each individual member as current ID holders. As we go to San Diego to have our last meeting before the convention in Toronto in the summer, let us keep in mind that we have outstanding tasks to perform and that we must expend our energies towards fulfilling our obligations. This takes me to the Toronto convention come September. The fellowships, like any occasion where we meet our brethren, are surely going to be fun so I encourage everybody to attend. More than the fellowships, however, it is of vital importance that we, as alumni associations and as individuals, stand up to be counted, to register our cooperation towards the goals of our mother organization and to roll up our sleeves to undertake concrete actions to fulfill our goals. As I already mentioned, one goal is to have a fully functioning amended CBL that will govern our activities as a region of APO Philippines. Let me also take the opportunity to congratulate everyone for their cooperation in the fundraiser through sales of PCSO tickets. APO earned more than a million pesos in that endeavor but we should also be reminded of our obligation to remit the payments for outstanding obligations for ticket sales. No ifs or buts about it. There may have been low points in the noncooperation of a handful but all in all, I congratulate all for a job well done. Again, if only to emphasize, congratulations are in order but we also need your payment. It seemed like only yesterday when we started our term and two years may seem like long time for some. In sum, the measure of whether the past two years has been a long or short time will depend on whether or not we have made any concrete steps toward fulfillment of our stated goals. As the politicians would like to ask: Are we better off today than when the current batch of politicians were first elected. If not, then it is time to do something about it and we can only blame ourselves if nothing has been achieved. After all, we either pull ourselves up together or we fall together. Such is the immutable of the law called “cooperation” and cooperation is indeed the operative word to concretize our ideals of leadership, friendship and service. May we always be true to our principles. Lester Arevalo ACNA President/ARNA RAD

2ND ACNA/ARNA MEETING RECAP September 2, 2007—Surrey, British Columbia The Board of Directors of APO-ACNA resolves the contentious issue surrounding the Administrative Region of North America (ARNA). The implementation of ARNA in what ACNA considers to be its area responsibility (North America) was finally put to rest when the board accepts to integrate the responsibilities of the regional director and the Council’s president. The board additionally creates a provision that would make the ACNA president the ARNA-RAD automatically. Under this provision, the board also automatically becomes the respective sectional chairperson of their respective geographic areas. Due to time constraints, Bro. President Lester Arevalo then created a committee that will study the integration to resolve outstanding issues and present the details of their recommendations in a report to the BOD at the San Diego meeting next March. Bro. JP Paredes was suggested as the committee chairperson but declined due to the possibility of a conflict of interest with his position as Regional Adjudicator of North America. The board appoints Bro. Teddy Ramos of Las Vegas in his place. ACNA is the council created by the alumni in North America to move its alumni development plans forward. The ARNA was a provision in the APOPhilippines CBL which added North America as part of its administrative domain. ACNA’s membership consists of alumni associations that voluntarily joined the Council. ARNA’s responsibilities consists of both alumni associations and individual members. APO-CVC Accepted to ACNA The APO Central Valley California Alumni Association is now the 19th association to be accepted into the Council. Bro. Mel Gonzales, acting as representative for his president, Bro. Albert Suguitan, submitted a motion for acceptance of APO-CVC which was unanimously approved. APO British Columbia Successfully Hosts Meeting The APOIAABC headed by their association president, Sis. Cora De Jesus successfully hosts the ACNA meeting in Surrey, B.C. The meeting was kicked-off with a fellowship at Bro. Jun Batore’s residence in Vancouver. The meeting-proper commenced at Surrey the following morning and ended on schedule despite a late start. This was followed by a dinner buffet at the hotel followed by karaoke, poker, and an impromptu joke hour headed by Bro. Mel Gonzales. A farewell backyard picnic was held at Sis. Cora’s house where alumni members got a chance to meet and mingle with the different North American alumni representatives. Vancouver is the venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics. (Excerpt from APO South Bay website)



Congratulations to the newly elected set of officers of Alpha Phi Omega

Alumni Association of GLA 2008 Executive Committee Toronto(APOTAA) for DY 2008. This will be the set of officers who will lead the organization during the 2008 ACNA Convention in Toronto. President: Bro. Rod Panizares- ETA 1967 Executive Vice President: Bro. Frellie Bataclan- Alpha 1972 2nd Vice President: Bro. Ed Teguibon-Gamma Rho 1977 Secretary: Bro. Sidney Cometa- Alpha Rho 1974 Treasurer: Sis. Jeanette Auayang- Eta Zeta 1980 Auditor: Sis. Nimfa Sacun- Alpha Eta- 1978 PRO: Bro. Josh Santos-Beta Xi- 1983 Sgt. at Arms: Bro. Caloy Sabado-Theta Epsilon 1989 Bro. Jim Etorma - Alpha Theta 1987 Bro. Marlon Mariano- Alpha 1982

The Council is a publication of the Alpha Phi Omega (Philippines) Alumni Council of North America exclusively for its members, families and friends.

Staff Mike “Boy” Medina, Publishing Editor Alex Dulay, Asst. Editor Lester Arevalo, Asst. Editor Jigsaw Reodica, Asst. Editor

Contributors Julian Santos, Dominic Espejo Leo Baltazar, Jun Cristobal, Cora de Jesus

The Council 13831 Portofino St., Fontana, Ca 92336 email:

President: Bro. Richard Lacson Vice President: Bro. Raul Nadres Asst. Vice Pres: Bro. Mike Lim Secretary: Sis. Bing Pua Treasurer: Sis. Jasmin Ipapo Auditor: Bro. Noly Pleyto P.R.O. Bro. Bob Cobarrubias Chaplain: Bro. Dennis Casaje BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chairman: Bro. Bong Ansula Members: Bro. Sancho Sy Bro. Richard Lacson Bro. Terry Galzote Bro. Jobee Jovellanos Bro. Rodney Rafallo Bro. John Boy Ramos AREA COORDINATORS Kern County Bro. Mike Cardenas Ventura County Bro. Danilo Masaya South Bay Sis. Rachella Williams Inland Empire / San Bernardino Sis. Josie Tarculas San FernandoValley Sis. Rey Posadas Antelope /Sta. Clarita Valley Bro. Armand Mendoza San GabrielValley Bro. Jimmy Venturina Los Angeles Bro. Henry Valdecantos Palm Springs Bro. Nestor Jove Orange County Bro. Alex Pastores

Executive Officers: President: Bro.Edgar Villaluz-Beta Omicron 1st Vice President: Bro.Mao Banez-Alpha 2nd Vice President: Bro.Trini Pateno-Gamma Secretary: Sis. Kristine Tan-Zeta Iota Treasurer: Sis.Henaida Mercado-Alpha Auditor: Bro.Alex Villa-Beta Board of Directors: Chairman: Bro.Don Carlos Almirante-Beta Omega Members: Bro.Edgar Villaluz-Beta Omicron Bro.Peter Bayle-Affiliate Gamma Nu Bro.Leandro Gabrillo-Alpha Gamma Bro.Frank Oliver-Alpha Bro.Renato Lim-Beta Tau Sis. Mailen Abardo-Beta Omicron

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2008 APO SON ALAS OFFICERS President: Amelitu Fortun, Alpha Mu Executive Vice President: Nobela S. Tumbokon, Psi Vice President: Joseph Arpon, Iota Epsilon Secretary: Lea Tuazon-Victoria, Delta Nu Treasurer: Cynthia Alino-Perez, Beta Phi Auditor: Zenaida Milan-Buan, Beta Theta P.R.O. Gary Acebuche, Epsilon Beta Sgt.-at-arms: John Buenafe, Alpha Delta Erwin Borabon, Delta Kappa Philip Occeno, Epsilon Tau Web Master: Ruel Mabeza, Delta Nu US Representative: West Coast Zarah Tumbokon-Montalvo, Psi East Coast Lowelyn Iledan-Terell, Beta Tau

Board of Directors:

Chairman: Amelito Fortun Secretary: Nobella Tumbokon Members: Dionisio Omega Jr., Alpha Upsilon Cynthia Alino-Perez Joseph Arpon Lea Tuazon-Victoria Advisers: Federico Mercado Jr., Alpha Mu Crispaulo Catay Jr., Epsilon Gamma

4 4

MINUTES OF MEETING NO. 2007-02 September 1, 2007 Grosvenor’s Room, Ramada Hotel Surrey, British Columbia In Attendance: 1. Bro. Lester Arevalo –ACNA President 2. Bro. Jun de Castro – 2nd ACNA Vice President- representing SF Sillicon Valley 3. Sis. Cora de Jesus – British Columbia 4. Bro. Dominic Espejo – South Bay 5. Bro. Mel Cancino- Norcal 6. Bro. Noly Pleyto – representing GLA 7. Bro. Gordon Gordo- representing San Diego 8. Bro. JP Paredes- representing GWAPO 9. Bro. Mel Gonzales –CVC / LIUF 10. Sis. Belle Tumbokon- Son Alas

Approval of the Minutes of Meeting-Chicago March 31,2007 A. Board of Directors Minutes of Meeting– 12 members of the Board of Directors cast their vote for the approval of the BOD Minutes of Meeting on August 22, 2007 and have been moved for approval by Bro. Lester Arevalo and seconded by Bro. Mel Cancino. B. ACNA Minutes of MeetingBefore the approval of the Minutes of Meeting, there was discussion that was raised by Sis. Cora on the following:

Guests: 1. Sis. Rosemary Riedy-LIUF 2. Bro. Jeff Schwartz- LIUF 3. Bro. Gaylord – GWAPO 4. Bro. Tito Garcia–APOIAABC 5. Bro. Dennis Turiano- APOIAABC 6. Sis. Ruth Granados-APOIAABC

1. BUDGET/FINANCIALS. ACNA Secretary Bro. Alex Dulay reported that the past ACNA administration formally turned over $16,895.49 while Sis.Emma Galang, ACNA Treasurer reported a beginning balance of $16561.Why is there a discrepancy between the two of $334.49? (Bro. Lester will look into this matter and will make the report)

Proxy: 1. Bro. Lester Arevalo-Las Vegas 2. Bro. Lester Arevalo-Mississauga 3. Bro. Lester Arevalo-Dallas 4. Bro. Lester Arevalo-DC

2. ACNA-LIUF Service $5,000.00 disbursement for the IHMDOM- Amadeo Cavite. (Submission of Disbursement Report is requested)

Presiding: Bro.LesterArevalo ACNA President Acting Chairman of the Board Recording: Sis. Cora de Jesus Secretary of the Board Sis. Ruth Granados-APOIAABC Secretary Agenda: 1. Approval of the Minutes of Meeting-Chicago-March 31,2007 a. Board of Directors b. ACNA 2. Financial Report 3. President’s Report 4. Alumni Association President Report 5. Kamposining 6. COB Report 7. Other Matters The meeting started at 10:15 AM at Grosvenor’s Room of Surrey Ramada Hotel Invocation: Sis. Belle Tumbokon of APO SON ALAS. Welcome Address: Sis. Cora de Jesus of APOIAABC Call to Order: Sis. Cora did the Roll Call. Nine ( 9) delegates were present during the meeting and Four (4) proxy was given to Bro. Pres. Bro. Lester Arevalo. (There is a quorum for the meeting)

After the discussion, the ACNA Minutes of Meeting has been moved for approval by Sis. Cora de Jesus and seconded by Bro. JP Paredes. Financial Report Sis. Cora de Jesus asked why some of those collected pledges reported by Bro. Ferdie Yambot on IHMDOM which totaled to $5,240.00 was not reported on Sis Emma Galang’s Financial report as of May 23,2007 where she reported only a total of $4,180.00. a difference of $1,060.00. Bro. Lester reported as of September 1, 2007 the available bank balance is $13,155.00. (Bro. Lester will check on this discrepancy and make a report) President’s Report A. International Humanitarian Medical Optical Dental Mission (IHMODM) Bro. Lester reported on behalf of Bro. Art Libot that the IHMODM in Amadeo Cavite was a success. Sis Belle Tumbokon (APO SON ALAS) managed to solicit brand new frames which was distributed to different places. Dental services were participated by the Dental Association of the Philippines. T-shirts were distributed to the volunteers and participants. Other projects undertaken are Medical, Optical and Pharmacy. This project served around 5,000 people, a tremendous

55 increase of attendance compared to two years ago which only served around 1,000 people. (Certificate of Appreciation were distributed) B. 24th National Biennial Convention Tagaytay City. There were APO USA delegation that attended this convention. It was another successful convention. C. Benevolent Projects: 1. Sis Flory Sampan’s daughter( Pass the hat by GLA Members spearheaded by Brothers Sancho Sy and Bob Bacalia) 2. Bro. Mayo Monilla( collections from various members spearheaded by Brothers Vic Paredes, Damian Barrameda and Amel Fortun) 3. Theta’s Kalayaan Project (LIUF Ryder Cup Proceeds spearheaded by Brothers Mar Garchitorena, Tony Gomez and Cesar Garingan) D. ACNA Directory A sample specimen was submitted and distributed to attendees courtesy of Magellan Realty. In order to distribute to all (1,100) listed members in the directory, it would cost $4,000.00. We will raise this money thru advertisement solicitations. Target date of distribution is March 2008 3rd BOD meeting in San Diego. (Responsible Persons: Bro. Francis Franco (GLA) and Bro. Vinvin Vedar (APOSD) E. ACNA Literary Contest Bro. Jun Cristobal (APOGNY, APODC) reported that only four (4) entries have been submitted. There should be at least ten entries otherwise the contest will not be pursued. (Deadline extended to Dec 16, 2007) F. ACNA NEWSLETTER The Council was very well done. It contains various materials depicting the activities ACNA recently were involved with and articles from various alumni associations. (Responsible Person: Bro. Boy Medina-GLA) (Next Issue: Nov. 30, 2007) G: ACNA WEBSITE Bro. Dominic Espejo (South Bay) gave an update on He explained its current standing and plans for improvement of the site. The ACNA Web Crews’ desire is to make this website available to the other alumni associations to be able to upload their activities and share pictures. (Responsible Persons: Bro. Jigsaw Reodica, Bro.Dominic Espejo) H. GOLF TOURNAMENT 1. Las Vegas Golf Tournament scheduled for October 2007 was postponed for 2008. Date to be announced by Bro. Teddy Ramos 2.LIUF Ryder Cup, North vs South Golf Tournament held on Aug. 11-12, 2007 was a success. There were 44 Brothers who participated in this event. Tie score so the organizers promise a re-match in 2008.

3.Planned golf tournaments are slated prior to the ACNA Meeting in San Diego and ACNA Convention in Toronto. (Responsible Persons: Bro, Mar Garchitorena, Bro. Teddy Ramos, Bro. Gordon Gordo,Bro. Mel Cancino Bro. Ed Santos) I. ACNA CAR RAFFLE Car raffle at the ACNA Convention in Toronto. Raffle Ticket is still going to be decided if it is $50. Or $100. Ticket will be distributed in San Diego meeting on March 2008. (Responsible Person: Bro. Mar Garchitorena) J. APO ID All Alumni Associations should make sure that all their members have an APO ID registered with APO Philippines which is valid for two years.$12. renewal and, $17 new ID. For Life ID it is $30.00.filing fee. 66 ID’s were processed on the 1st batch. (Responsible Person: Bro. Noly Pleyto) K. ICAPO MEETING Tagaytay City May 2007. ACNA will assist ICAPO in its extension efforts in Canada. We will work closely with APO USA in establishing APO Chapters in Canada. Workshop will be conducted with prospective university and colleges prior to us starting a new chapter in their schools. (Responsible Person: Bro. Lester Arevalo) L. APO PHILIPPINES CHARTERING Chartering of all ACNA Alumni Associations. ACNA Alumni Associations that are not currently chartered with APO Phils are: APO San Diego, APOIAABC, APODC, APO South Bay, APO SFSV, APO CVC, APO GNY, APO Montreal, and APO Florida. All alumni are encourage to have their alumni chartered in the Phils. (Responsible Person: Bro. Lester Arevalo) M. SPECIAL COMMITTEE A committee was established to resolve the ACNA/ARNA issue. A “special charter” will be drafted by this committee. This special charter will vest authority onto ACNA to administer APO members residing in North America and to act on behalf of APO Philippines in North America.(Responsible Person: Bro. Lester Arevalo) N. APO PHIL PRESIDENT MEL ADRIANO Quoted “ Where is APO-Phils. now? Where are we going? How do we get there? ACNA is committed to support APO Phils. and Pres. Mel Adriano in its endeavors. It was agreed on that the alumni need to send a message of support for the Pledge Program to their chapters. O. RESPONSIBILITIES : ACNA/ARNA Incorporate the responsibilities of the ARNA RAD with the responsibilities of the ACNA President. ARNA Deputy RAD with the responsibilities of the ACNA 1st VP and the Sectional Chair with the ACNA Alumni Association President. ACNA will take on the responsibilities of Regional Administrator of North America as it was originally planned prior to the Vancouver Resolution in 2004. The Los Angeles Resolution of 2006 at [Minutes, see page 6]


[Minutes, from page 5]

the ACNA Convention declared that ACNA will take on this responsibility as mandated in the APO Phils. CBL. (Responsible Person: Bro. Lester Arevalo) P. CREATION OF CRC COMMITTEE Headed by ACNA Chairman of the Board Bro. Teddy Ramos with members from ACNA Alumni Associations Presidents, Sis. Cora de Jesus, Bro. Dominic Espejo and Bro. Noel Santos. They will start by laying out the ground works for the amendment proposals.

1. PCSO SWEEPSTAKES Philippine Charity Sweepstakes – special draw on December 16, 2007. 25,000 booklets will be printed, ACNA will sell 10,000 booklets. (Responsible Person: Bro. Lester Arevalo) 2. Alumni Associations that wants to join ACNA 1. APO- Alberta – with 30 Brothers and Sisters from Calgary and Edmonton 2. APO Hawaii

Q. TELECONFERENCING The ACNA Board will look into conducting future meetings using other available resources such teleconferencing or video conferencing. (Responsible Person: Bro. Lester Arevalo) R. RECEIVABLE AND DUES NORCAL – paid $100.00 dues 2007 CVC – paid $200.00 for membership APO SON ALAS - $ 250.00 filing fee GLA - paid $ 100, $355, $150. Aug. 24, 2007 The different Alumni Association’s President and representative reported their alumni association activities: Sis. Cora de Jesus (APOIAABC) Bro. JP Paredes (GWAPO) Bro. Noly Pleyto (APO GLA) Bro. Dominic Espejo (APO South Bay) Bro. Gordon Gordo (APO San Diego Bro. Mel Cancino (APO NORCAL) Bro. Jun de Castro (APO SFSV)

3. ACNA BOD EGROUP Bro. Lester suggested to include in the BOD e-group those petitioning alumni association and everyone agreed to it. 4. APO CVC After deliberation, the ACNA Board approved the membership of APO CVC as the 19th member of ACNA. The Board congratulated Bro. Mel Gonzales for representing APO CVC. There being no other matters to be discussed, the meeting adjourned at 4:25 pm. Next ACNA BOD Meeting is scheduled on March 28-30, 2008 in San Diego, USA Minutes recorded by: Sis Cora de Jesus ACNA Board Secretary 2007

Sis. Belle Tumbokon (APO Son Alas ) submitted a hard copy of the report .

Sis. Ruth Granados APOIAABC Secretary

Bro. Mel Gonzales ( APO CVC) reported activities of CVC and paid for the membership

Noted: Bro. Lester Arevalo ACNA President 2007-2008

KAMPO SINING Kamposining at the 24th NBC in Tagaytay City May 4,2007 was a joint undertaking of APO LICEO(Alpha Theta) with APO Tagaytay, ACNA, APO SON ALAS, and Fleur de Liz. This is the 4th batch with 88 participant. volunteers. Kamposining stands for (Camp), Sining(Arts) Sis Belle Tumbokon co-facilitate judging and awarding with APO LICEO President Henry Ferrer. A total of $600.00 was received from ACNA to pay for cost of the artist honoraria, travel, purchase of art materials. (Responsible Person: Bro. Jun de Castro) CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD REPORT Bro. Teddy Ramos, Chairman of the Board report was read by Sis. Cora de Jesus to the ACNA Board. He said “ a line of communication is now open 24/7 between Philippines and the Alumni Council of North America. ACNA and APO Philippines are once again in its highest state of cooperation and friendship. APO Philippines fully supports our objectives, our programs, and our autonomy that we all want to accomplish. ACNA will become autonomous regional government that will represent APO Philippines. ACNA is now ready to take that ARNA responsibilities. “ACNA will continue the base system that made ACNA a prosperous organization and ACNA will become a part of APO Philippines”

BC Sisters poses, after a hardwork of preparations


Since the convention and to-date, the task force has met in Metropolitan Manila with participants on overseas telephone calls. Incumbent National President Mel Adriano and National Executive Director Ernie Alcanzare, ex-officio members by virtue of their APO-Philippines positions, have shown great support by their regular attendance of the task force meetings.

APO-RP foundation effort — A Brief History It was 1978. Brod Dr. Mike Maquiso was APO-Philippines national president. We held a dinner-dance at the Silahis hotel on Roxas Boulevard in Manila to launch The Alpha Phi Omega Foundation. The launch received a number of pledges, but there was no follow-up effort to collect donations. In 1996, The Alpha Phi Omega Philippines International Foundation was set up. It was registered with the securities and exchange commission in 2002. I understand, out of the PhP100,000 pledged amount, some PhP27,000 was collected. Sis Atty. Gigi Sacay Clave is ensuring all paperwork and fees are up-to-date. Also, in 1996, The Dr. Librado I. Ureta Foundation was established in North America. To date, we have US15,000 raised through membership and donations. In 2006, Brods Gene Licauco and Art Libot visited the APOPhilippines national office in Cubao, Quezon City. They reported in November, during an APO-Central Valley of California-AA meeting at Brod Ben and Au Castro’s housewarming party in Tracy, California, we could use a bigger headquarters. Inquiry disclosed the next-door condominium unit was available for PhP3 Million. Buying it would double our space to roughly 100 square meters. Members of APO-CVC pledged to help raise the funds. During a discussion, however, Brod Jimmy de Castro, then national president, expressed more interest in a house-andlot. Jimmy said, if we rolled over the Cubao asset and combined it with the proceeds from the APO-CVC initiative, a PhP6 Million property could be bought. At the APO-ACNA induction ceremony in January 2007 hosted by APO-AA-San Francisco and the Silicon Valley in Foster City, California, The Dr. Ureta Foundation also installed its new set of officers and directors, who held a meeting in support of the APO national office capital campaign. During the APO-Philippines national convention in May 2007 in Tagaytay City, a delegation composed of Brod Mel S Gonzales Jr, president; Brother Jeff Schwartz, immediate past chairman of the board; and Brod Ben Castro, Sister Rosemary Riedy, Sis Dr. Belle Tumbokon, and Nancy Ruth C. Ureta, all directors, presented The Dr. Librado I. Ureta Center global giftgiving program before the APO-Philippines council of elders. The convention resulted in the formation of the Dr. Librado I. Ureta Center task force, which partnered The Dr. Ureta Foundation with The Alpha Phi Omega Philippines International Foundation with Mel and Gigi as co-chairs. (Note to Sis Maybelle Raquel, task force coordinator: Please send me the most current list of task force members, so we may it part of this series. Thanks!)

After several postponement, the task force decided on March 18, 2008, the 103rd birthday of Brod Bado, as the official launch date of the program. The target is to raise PhP10 Million to build The Dr. Librado I. Ureta Center. The goal is to institutionalize a global gift-giving program to handle and safeguard expressions of generosity of brods and sis toward benefiting Filipino students, the source of APO members. The above history is sketchy at best, mostly because of one reason: We have yet to understand and embrace the foundation concept. Our ongoing series of articles is an attempt to detail the philosophy behind The Dr. Librado I. Ureta Center. It is a concept that evolved through time — from 1978 through our continuing learning of the APO-USA endowment fund model to the current effort of the Dr. Ureta task force. ~Bro. Mel Gonzales

Inquiry About Endowment Fund Through Bro. Mel Gonzales APO-USA has an endowment fund. APO-Philippines set up a similar concept, The Alpha Phi Omega Philippines International Foundation (APOPIF), in 1996. APOPIF is the legal entity behind The Dr. Librado I. Ureta Center global gift-giving program. In the next few days until The Dr. Ureta Center launch on March 18, 2008, we are posting foundation-related information. For now, please allow us to share with you the responses to our inquiry from Brother Wilfred Krenek, chair of the APOUSA endowment fund, and Brother Bob London, APO-USA national executive director. Thanks, Wilfred and Bob. In a message dated 2/27/2008 8:17:12 PM PSTime, writes:

Mel: I agree with Bob concerning the Endowment and the Fraternity on the points mentioned. As you and I discussed in the Philippines with the group of Elders on this matter, to set up the Endowment requires setting up a structure that allows for security to the main organization for which the benefit is to be provided and to the Endowment to ensure that its purpose is followed and not changed as leadership of the main organization changes. Safeguards need to be put into place so that the Endowment cannot utilize its funds for any reason other than for the benefit of the main organization. To accomplish this, we have a Trust document that outlines structure of the organization, its purpose, its goals and how these are to be accomplished. Basically the Endowment acts as the guardian and custodian of the funds Brothers, thru life memberships and gifts, have given to it. Our only purpose is to support the main organization, therefore the trustees have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the fund and to assist the main organization in funding raising, but we have no control and no influence over the conduct of the main organization. We review requests for funding, but do not have an impact on [Endowment, see page 10]



4th APOIAABC Annual Football Club The 4th APOIAABC Annual Football Club chaired by Bro. Tet Dimaapi, Delta ’68 was a success with 18 Boys and Girls in attendance from July 16-20, 2007.This football training was held in the BC Lion Training field in Surrey, British Columbia. On the last day of the game it showered, but it did not stop the kids to do their kicking and running and they even love to be wet while playing. After the game they were treated to a hotdog snack and were handed their Certificate of Completion. Thanks to Bro. Tet for inspiring the kids to get involved physically and mentally.

Handog Kapatiran (Vic DeLeon, Epsilon Psi 82A)

Handog Kapatiran (translated, Brotherly Offering) - a joint service project of Alpha Phi Omega District of Columbia Alumni Association (APODCAA) and Tau Gamma Phi in North America in partnership with The World Bank-IMF Filipino Alumni Association and The Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines was held on November 3, 2007 in Prince Georges County Maryland. A contingent of volunteers from these various organizations cheerfully welcomed the migrant teachers from the Philippines. Over eighty of them were treated to a sumptuous early Thanksgiving Dinner along with winter clothes and other household wares. Little did they know, they stood to witness the dawning of a new era as members of APODCAA and TGP of North America laid the foundation towards peace. APODCAA breaks bread with Tau Gamma Phi. To commemorate the occasion to welcome the newly-arrived teachers from the Philippines , members of these once fierce rival fraternities, Alpha Phi Omega and Tau Gamma Phi, joined hands to welcome these new migrant teachers at the home of Marco Venida in Prince Georges County . A new era has dawned, indeed. This marks a new beginning for the two fraternities as each strives to promote better understanding and mutual respect towards one another. Over three decades of fierce encounters between these rival fraternities often resulted in needless loss of life from both parties and lasting bitterness aimed against each other. This long history of hatred most assuredly contributed to the destruction of bright and promising future of untold number of youths. Countless parents who sacrificed to send their children to college agonized over the loss of their loved ones. Many more had to leave college in order to survive thus abandoning what was once a promising future. Untold number of lives drastically changed and affected in the worst possible ways.

AA ACTIVITIES Strike after counter-strike continues to this day seemingly with no end in sight. Alas, courageous members of APODCAA and TGP from the local area saw an opportunity to change this violent culture [of the past]. APODCAA President Ding Gomez with the sage counsel from past president Mody Olympia worked tirelessly with Dale Aguirre, Alan Uyenco, Eric Talavera, and the gracious host – Marco Venida - to take advantage of this opportunity to jointly welcome the newlyarrived teachers from the Philippines . Both parties hope this joint Service project will help pave the way towards better understanding of each other, but more importantly, lead to mutual respect and lasting peace.


APOLVAA First Marathon Service

Each party, however, recognizes the difficulties that lie ahead. Undoubtedly, many are skeptical about this joint project from both sides of the aisle. Fortunately, APODCAA members and, almost assuredly, TGP members in the local area have come to realize that violence only begets violence; hence, this dire need to take this very important and historic opportunity to step-up to the plate [so to speak] to work diligently towards lasting peace. As the saying goes, “ Rome was not built in one day.” Each recognizes the need to take concrete steps, no matter how small they may appear.

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

GLA members, led by Pres. Sancho Sy andIncoming President Richard Lacson, volunteered toparticipate in the FREE Flu Shots sponsored by the LosAngeles County Public Health Service in collaboration withthe Philippine Nurses Association of Southern Californiaheld outside the premises of DJ Bibingka Restaurant inWest Covina on December 22, 2007, from 10am-12nn.Terry Galzote coordinated this service project for GLA.GLA Promotes FREE Flu shots


[History, from page 1]

After early preparations, a petition for official status and copies of the publications were sent to the FEU administration. Few days after, the university recognized the organization.


Alpha Phi Omega grew rapidly and healthy in the Philippines; in its third year when seven chapters had been chartered on Manila and Visayan campuses, it was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a nonstock, nonprofit and nondividend corporation. Alpha Phi Omega (Phil.) Inc. was the first country to be chartered outside the USA. Although it is separate and independent from its mother country, it adheres to the cardinal principles designed by Brother Frank Reed Horton. The pin and revised coat-of-arms created by EVERETT W. PROBST, one of the original members, were adopted. However, the handclasp was patterned from the Boy Scouts’ and not from that of THANE J. COOLEY. (Extracted from “The APO History” in “Alpha Phi Omega Torch and Trefoil” diamond jubilee program for the 13th National Biennial Convention, Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Mt. Makiling, Los Banos, Languna, Philippines, December 1985. First sentence and notes in brackets added by Brother Bill Wells, September 1993.) ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

[Endowment, from page 7]

the policies of the main organization. Other than the funds in the Endowment, we do not have any assets which impact the way the Fraternity operates. This helps maintain a separation of the two and keeps them from stepping on each other toes so to speak. I hope this helps. Wilfred In a message dated 2/27/2008 2:20:24 P.M. CST, writes: Mel, Since I have only the last 6 years to go by I will let the others give you more details. Something I think you know - is that the Fraternity has an annual fund in addition to the Endowment. The money (Torchbearer gifts) are monies raised annually and spent annually. Monies raised by the Endowment are generally not spent. Only the income generated from those dollars is spent so the investment of funds becomes very important. The endowment has served as safety net in case the Fraternity was in trouble financially. It has only been with a few programs that the Endowment funds activities of the Fraternity on an annual basis. We are now raising more money and supporting more programs then in the past and we hope to continue in this direction. The only other item to add is that the Fraternity’s Board elects 3 of the Trustees to serve on the Endowment Board and the Endowment elects the other 4. This theory should allow for the Fraternity’s interests to be safe guarded. In my tenure it has always been a very good relationship between the Fraternity and the Endowment and the Endowment responding favorable to all requests of the Fraternity. Fraternally, Bob London Executive Director Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity 816 373-8667 x 11

October 14, 2007, Long Beach, CA — Music from the 80’s blared from speakers at the Mile 12 & 23 water station as volunteers from APO South Bay and Walgreens handed out water to the the marathon runners at the 23rd Long Beach Marathon. With the temperature staying in the low 70’s all day, the more than 30 volunteers danced to the music as they handed out water to the runners and bicyclists as they passed by the water stations. Water Station Captain Bro. Dan Jardin made sure that things were running smoothly at the same time he was cooking his now famous lechon in a portable roasting oven. Everyone was having fun especially Bro. PJ who was yelling out encouragments to the runners while dancing to the sounds of the 80’s. “It’s like a BBQ party in the park,” said one volunteer.

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

APO Metro Houston Community Service


Members of APO South Ontario Alumni Association (APO SON ALAS) with Bro.John Lesaca of Eta Chapter, Performing a Charity concert For the Benefit of the Kalayaan Cultural Community Centere in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Performing also as his guest was the pop artist Chiqui "Kat" Pineda.



APO volunteers from APOAASD and our young APO USA brods and sisters from “Alpha Delta” Chapter, San Diego State University.

- APOAASD who consistently and generously gave time to Multiple Sclerosis(MS) Society on its MS Bike Tour on October 14, 2007. ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Alpha Phi Omega Southern Ontario Alumni Association Canada (APO SON ALAS CANADA) initiated a project dubbed as the SAPIN-SAPIN PROJECT (Shoe-Shod Project) that collect new and used footwear for distribution to the needy and the poor in the Philippines. The project started with a donation of 62 boxes of shoes. The shoes were removed from the boxes and sorted by members of APO SON ALAS CANADA and members of the Downsview Boyz of APO TORONTO under the 4th S.O.S. call. We thank the brothers and sisters and their spouses, beau and families for the assistance and understanding that some of them have to skip the week-ends alloted for their families just to volunteer in the project even in the cold weather.

FilAm Fest (Filipino-American Arts & Cultural Festival) service Oct 6, 2007.

APOAASD with Congressman Bob Filner



Alpha Phi Omega Golf Federation Launched The APO Phil Golf Circuit Tournaments for 2008 Librado Ureta Founders Cup - March 4, 2008 at Valley Golf Club - Hosted by Alumni AA’s of Alpha/Delta/Epsilon/Pi - For details please call Bro. Efren “Baby” Enriquez (Epsilon) 09152775959 APO Lawman Cup (1st PDDG Jess Verzosa Cup) - April 11, 2008 at The Orchard Golf Course - Hosted by APO Lawman AA - For details please call Sis Evelyn 09102997382 Frank Reed Horton Golf Classic 2008 - May 16, 2008 - venue TBA (either Sta Elena, Ayala Greenfields or Sun Valley) - Hosted by Beta/Sigma/Gamma Epsilon - For details please call Bro. Gerry Manlapaz (Gamma Epsilon) 09189045894 The Invitationals - September 2008 - venue TBA - H ost ( still open ) - For details please call Bro. Luis Paredes (Eta) 09209125716 Oblation Run Tee 2008 - December 16, 2008 - venue TBA - Hosted by ETA AA - For details please call Bro. Luis Paredes (Eta) 09209125716 The APO Golf Circuit aims to promote golf as a sport, foster camaraderie and raise funds for APO Phils, its beneficiaries and the hosting chapters and AA’s. For details, please request for a copy of Memorandum of Agreement entered between APO Phils and APO Golf Federation by email to apophils_ned@... or call me at 09178192519 Let us all support the APO Golf Federation’s Golf Circuit. Bro.Bong Cruz 0305-1983-12506

Hereunder is the Closure of the APO PCSO Sweeptakes Draw. Essentially, the computation was based on the following agreements: 1. Only 18,000 booklets consigned to APO was considered sold. 2. 80% of the Charity Fund of 33,167 booklets was shared by PCSO to APO NP Brod Mel Adriano turned over a Manager’s Check in the amount of Php 1,458,965.00 to PCSO Officials. APO has paid its obligations to the PCSO


CASINO NIGHT March 27, 2008 At the Casa de Borillo, 646 Atherton, San Marcos, CA A fund raising project to benefit the APOAASD Scholarship fund… Mahjong, blackjack poker and more…. 50 buy in Texas Hold-em poker…. Directions: From the I-15 North/South, exit I-78 West towards Oceanside, exit Twin Oaks Valley Road and make a left, go up the mountain and when the road start to descend, slow down and make a right on Double Peak drive, Left on Atherton Street house is 5th on your right side. 646 Atherton Street. From the I-5 North/South, exit I-78 East towards Escondido, exit Twin Oaks Valley Road and make a right, go up the mountain and when the road start to descend, slow down and make a right on Double Peak Drive, Left on Atherton Street house is 5th on your right side. 646 Atherton Street. For more information contact: Bro. Domi Borillo Cell (619) 985-7681/7685 Home (760)798-7855

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Welcome Fellowship and Casino Nights. A fund raising project to benefit the APOAASD scholarship fund. Highlight is a $50 buy-in Texas Hold-E...