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Western Camps Summer 2021

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Getting Ready Guide

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Required Forms Overview p. 3 The Online Portal p. 4-5 Camp Communications p. 6-7 Financial Details p. 8-9 Policies and Procedures p. 10-11 Medical Information p. 12-13 Travel Information p. 14-16 Packing List p. 17 Parent FAQs p. 18-19 Getting Ready for Camp Checklist p. 20

Camp Dates 2021 High Trails & Big Spring Month-Long Sessions, Ages 9-17

Sanborn Junior Camp 15 Day Sessions, Ages 7-10

First Session Sunday June 13- Tuesday July 13

SJ 1: Sunday June 13 - Sunday June 27 SJ 2: Tuesday June 29- Tuesday July 13 SJ 3: Saturday July 17- Saturday July 31 SJ 4: Monday July 2- Monday August 16

Second Session Saturday July 17 - Monday August 16

Tuition: $3200.00

Tuition: $6000.00 JUNIOR CAMP



Required Forms Overview Dear Parents-Summer will be here before we know it and we are looking forward to a great camp season. All of our camper forms are electronic and this Getting Ready Guide is designed as a reference that provides information on how to access your online account and complete all the necessary forms for your camper. Please read it now so you can begin to prepare for camp and complete the forms that need the most lead time – i.e. airline reservations, doctor appointments, equipment decisions, etc. Completed forms are due by May 1 for all campers in all sessions. 1. MEDICAL FORMS: Complete “How To” instructions for filling out the Medical Forms are located on page 13 of this guide. • The parent/guardian authorization for treat- ment must be printed, signed and returned. Without this authorization, camp nurses and other health professionals will be unable to treat your child if the need should arise. • Regulations require that we have written authorization from a licensed health care provider to give your child any prescription, or over-the-counter medications including vitamins or homeopathic treatments. • All medications must be in original containers and labeled with the camper’s name, route and dosage. • We are required by law to have complete medical forms for each camper. •If your child’s immunizations are complete and up-to-date, you do NOT have to submit either of the “Immunization Exempt” forms. Without these forms your child will be unable to participate in our camp program. 2. TRAVEL INFORMATION: Complete “How To” instructions for filling out the Transportation form are located on page 16 of this guide. This form needs to be filled out even if you plan on driving your child to camp. If your child is flying please carefully read the detailed travel information on pages 14-16. Fees for luggage/luggage shipping, and for transportation to and from the airport can be entered on the “Additional Options Form.” 3. LIABILITY RELEASE FORM: Safety is our primary concern in providing a successful camp experience at Sanborn Western Camps. By following strict safety practices and hiring an outstanding staff, Sanborn has an excellent safety record. In addition to the parent(s), campers are also asked to sign. Final acceptance to camp is contingent upon receipt and review of this liability release form. 4. PARENT WORK ADDRESS: The State of Colorado requires that we have both home and workplace addresses in our database for each camper’s parent/s.


5. CAMPER PROFILE: The information you provide on this form is important in cabin/tent placement and in helping us meet your goals for your child. Please fill it out completely even if your child has been here before. The information on this form is important to your child’s counselors, nurses, and the camp directors. Please upload a recent photo as well. 6. ADDITIONAL OPTIONS FORM: (Equipment Purchase/ Rentals & Camper Expense Account)

***Please remit payment online under the “Financial Management” tab or via check after completing your purchases/equipment reservation requests. Any unused funds will be refunded after the end of camp.***

Equipment Rentals: Sleeping bags, backpacks, riding boots, bed linens and blankets may be rented from camp. Please note: Junior Campers do not need backpacking backpacks. To reserve these items for your child, please include them in the Equipment Rental section of the “Additional Options Form” online.

Equipment Purchases: If you would like to purchase a Crazy Creek chair or daypack for your child, you can reserve these items on the “Additional Options” form. Smaller camping equipment items (waterbottles, wool socks, utensils, etc.) will be available for campers to purchase through the Camp Store. We do not sell sleeping bags or full sized backpacks.

General Spending: In this section you can allocate money for your child to purchase small equipment items like water bottles, sierra cups, camp clothing (logo t-shirts/ sweatshirts, etc) and treats from the store. Please see the description on the “Ad- ditional Options Form” for a suggested amount to add to their spending account.

Once the “Additional Options” form has been submitted, you may add items to the form but if you would like to remove items from the form, please call us at 719-748-3341. Thank you for your prompt attention to these important forms. We sincerely appreciate the time and effort required to prepare your camper for a great summer. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 719-748-3341 if you have questions or concerns.

The Online Portal What is Camp InTouch? Camp InTouch is our secure, online portal hosted by the national camp database management system, Campminder. You can make payments, download and complete required forms, view camp photos, and much, much more in this online portal. Why Do I Need a Camp InTouch Account? Logging into your password-protected account will allow you to fill out the necessary forms for camp, send one-way emails, make tuition and expense payments and update your family’s contact information. Your account will remain active throughout the year so your email and password will connect you to these features as well as to online enrollment. How Do I Login? To login to your account, go to our website,, click on the “Log In” link on the top bar of the homepage. If this is your first time to login, or you have forgotten your password, click the “Retrieve/Set Password” link to have it sent to your email. It is recommended that you change your password from the initial one you receive to a more memorable one. To do so, click the “Login Details” link to make the change. What Will I See? After logging into the Camp InTouch System, you will see a Dashboard with a series of colorful icons (see page 5). At the top of this Dashboard page there are a number of quick links to your account information, the photo gallery, your photo shopping cart, and to the Camp InTouch support environment. If you experience trouble with the system, there is a help link on the Dashboard to guide you through all the features, as well as a link to ask questions unanswered through the help pages.


The Camp InTouch Dashboard In addition to filling out all of the required camp forms and documents, most camp families utilize Camp InTouch during the summer to view our weekly photos, to send one way emails, to buy “CampStamps”, to create guest accounts, to update family and account information, and--if you are a camp alum--reconnect with camp friends from years past. In order for a family member outside of the immediate family to be able to send emails or look at camp photos, the enrolling parent(s) must create a “Guest Account.” This is a simple process, but can only be done from your Camp InTouch dashboard. More information about sending one-way emails is located on page 7.

PHOTOS The “Photos” link will take you to a weekly photo gallery which is organized by year, week, and camp program. There are weekly photo albums posted for the month long programs at both Big Spring and High Trails as well as for the Sanborn Junior sessions at each camp. In the photo gallery you can click on the star to create a “Favorites” gallery, email images directly from Camp InTouch, share images on Facebook, plus purchase and download high resolution copies of the image. Please respect our campers and camp families by using appropriate judgment and privacy parameters when sharing images. Please do not purchase, email, or share images which do not contain your child/children. On the enrollment form, all parents signed the following release: PHOTO RELEASE: The camps will be photographing and filming campers and activities during each camp session for promotional purposes. If you object to the use of photos and/or videos of your child, please notify the directors in writing.


Camp Communication PHONE & EMAIL Phone service at camp is limited to one business/ emergency line at each camp. 719-748-3341 main off-season office for both camps or mid-May - August call: 719-748-3341 for Big Spring Ranch for Boys 719-748-3451 for High Trails Ranch for Girls Directors welcome calls but may not be available immediately. They will return calls in a timely manner. We regret that we cannot call campers or staff to the phone. In the case of an emergency, please contact the director who will then work with you to determine the next steps. Directors are also happy to receive and respond to emails!

Please keep directors informed if you have any concerns about your child’s experience. Our blog on our website includes a general report each week about the program at camp. Photos of camp activities will be posted weekly in the Camp InTouch account.

CAMP PHOTOS ONLINE The camps post photos into Camp InTouch weekly and they will be available to view early Monday morning. Due to our individualized program and a wide variety of trips, we cannot promise that all campers and staff will be included in each week’s photo upload.

REPORTS FROM CAMP If your child is flying, we will email you by 8 p.m. MST of Opening Day to let you know that your camper has arrived safely at camp and to provide the name of his/her living unit. It is important that we have an accurate email address. Please login to your Camp InTouch account to update and confirm your current contact information.

ADDRESSES For all letters, envelopes and packages, please include your child’s full name, camp (High Trails or Big Spring), living unit and the appropriate address based on your delivery method:

***In order to guarantee you receive important information leading up to and during camp, it is essential that you “whitelist” the domain in your email account. Search the internet for “how to whitelist a domain in (your email server)” for a step-by-step guide.***

For the USPS (standard mail) delivery, please use:

Camper Name Sanborn Western Camps Camp (BS/HT), Living Unit PO Box 167 Florissant, CO 80816

For UPS or FedEx delivery, please use: Camper Name Sanborn Western Camps Camp (BS/HT), Living Unit 2000 Old Stage Road Florissant, CO 80816

Including the camper’s camp and unit in the address is very important for appropriate, timely mail delivery. 6

MAIL Sending and receiving mail at camp is a time-honored tradition. We encourage campers to write home at least once a week, and encourage campers to share their camp address with friends and family so they can stay connected during their time at camp. If you don’t hear from your camper, or if you receive a sad or unhappy letter, please let us know. ONE-WAY EMAIL We offer a one-way email service through the Camp InTouch Online Portal. To begin to send emails, you must first purchase “Camp Stamps” by adding a credit card under the “Credit Card for Email and Photos” link on your Dashboard. After adding your credit card to your account, click on the “Email” tab on your Dashboard and you will see the following:

A CARE PACKAGE FROM HOME If you plan to send a parcel to your child, please keep in mind that books, games, stationery, toys and other inedible items are acceptable. Please communicate with other family members and limit packages to one per week, per child. Do not send items of great personal or monetary value or anything shipped in packing peanuts. Campers have a choice of treats at the camp store, which is amply supplied. Birthdays in camp are celebrated with decorated cookie cakes that are shared at informal unit parties. ***Therefore, please DO NOT send food items (food, candy, cookies, etc.) to campers that are not required as a supplement to previously supplied allergy-required or gluten-free foods. Food items that are sent to camp will be discarded upon receipt.*** An excess of sugary or “empty calorie” foods like candy, chips, and processed snack foods have been shown to have a negative impact on a child’s immune system and energy levels, which leads to more visits to the Health Center and less enjoyment of the camp experience. All parcels should be sent by June 2nd for First Session campers, and by August 6th for Second Session campers. This will allow your child to enjoy their care package and help alleviate packing problems on closing day. Non-Food Care Package Item Ideas Include: • Card Games/Travel Games • Books/Magazines • Funny/Unique accessories (hats/socks/etc.) • Bunk/Tent decor (photos, posters, wall hangings) • Shareable items (ie: package of glo-necklaces, kazoos, funky glasses, ) • Cool outdoor equipment (tent light, new mug) • Coloring books/pens • Zany outdoor games (ie: light up frisbees) • Hammocks and hammock straps for hanging • Multi-use costumes (onesie pajamas, funny warm hat, feather boas, last year’s Halloween ensemble) • A “treasure trove” of things from the Dollar Store • Special craft kits (friendship bracelet thread, paracord, stamp-sets, etc.)

Most emails only require one “Camp Stamp” to send, though special stationery, games and photos will require more “Camp Stamps”. Emails are printed each morning then delivered with the regular mail. Emails sent after 8 a.m. MST will be printed and delivered the following day. If you have email questions that cannot be answered using the “Help” link, please call us at 719-748-3341.


Financial Information TUITION & FEES PAYMENT All camp fees (including estimated equipment and spending charges) are to be paid in advance unless otherwise arranged. A statement of fees is mailed or emailed at least 30 days in advance and payment is due May 15 unless other arrangements have been made.

CANCELLATION POLICIES All money paid is fully refundable for cancellations received by March 1, 2021. Portions of camp payments are nonrefundable as summer approaches. See chart below for complete refund schedule.

***If you choose the email invoice option, you must add to your “safe senders” whitelist in your email account to ensure proper delivery to your inbox.*** To view your invoice online, click “View Statement” at the bottom of the Financial Management page. ENROLLMENT When we receive your application and advance payment of $1000 (BS/HT) or $500 (SJ), we will confirm your child’s camp enrollment. Applications for Admission are accepted in the order in which they are received. Spaces are limited and based on term and grade group.

Parents are responsible for all costs of early departure from camp for any reason. Once the session begins, in the event of absence from or closure of the camps due to world events, natural disaster, global pandemic, or for any other reason, financial loss will be shared equally between the camps and the parents.

SIBLING DISCOUNT For each younger child from the same family enrolled for the summer of 2021 there is a discount of $100. TUITION, DEPOSIT AND TERMS OF PAYMENT Tuition includes: Board and lodging, laundry, instruction, guidance, training, and complete camp program. The tuition fee includes all expenses except personal expenses, spending allowance and transportation from the camper’s home to Florissant, Colorado. Tuition includes your $1000 (HT/BS) or $500 (SJ) reservation deposit per child, with the balance due May 15,2021 for all sessions.

In the event the camps are unable to open due to world events, natural disaster, global pandemic or any other reason, the non-refundable portion of the camp tuition ($1500 for HT/BS month-long/$750 for Sanborn Junior) will be retained by Sanborn Western Camps.


ONLINE BILL PAY We accept checks, most major credit cards, electronic checks, money orders and bank transfers as payment methods. You may pay your tuition deposit, balance, and “Additional Options Form” expenses online under the “Financial Management” tab within Camp InTouch.

Super Camper


SPENDING MONEY & THE CAMP STORE Cash is not needed or used at camp. We operate a “camp bank” system and keep a record of each camper’s expenditures. A statement will be sent home after camp with a refund or a bill. We encourage careful spending and make every effort to keep the personal spending of campers to a minimum, but please discuss your expectations in this regard with your child. Camp clothing, batteries, water bottles, other camping equipment and stamps are the most costly items available in the store. Please fill out the “Additional Options Form” online to allocate spending money for your child’s “Camper Store Expenses” while at camp. Travel money will be advanced when necessary. The “Additional Options Form” is also where you can select specific rental items (sleeping bags, backpacks, linens, riding boots, etc) as well as more expensive camping equipment such as Crazy Creek chairs and daypacks. Once the “Additional Options Form” is submitted, you can remit payment for these additional items by visiting the “Financial Management” tab in your Camp InTouch account. EQUIPMENT Sleeping bags, backpacks, riding boots, bed linens and blankets may be rented from camp Please be aware that Sanborn provides Junior campers with backpacking backpacks when needed; Junior campers do not need to rent or bring backpacking backpacks. Other great places to look for gear and equipment for camp include REI, Sierra Trading Post, and Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS), as well as local gear shops. Campers are not allowed to bring weapons, animals or pets of any kind (including personal horses), vehicles including bicycles, alcohol, and non-prescription drugs to camp. Campers may bring tennis racquets or fishing gear, but should not bring personal climbing gear, archery equipment, baseball bats, lacrosse or hockey sticks. The camp is well-supplied with this equipment. LAUNDRY Campers will receive laundry service at least twice a week. Because laundry is done with such frequency, and campers have limited space for storing personal belongings, please do not pack excessive amounts of clothing or linens. A packing list can be found on page 17 of this guide. There is no additional charge for laundry service. Please clearly label every item your child brings to camp; this helps children recognize their items and minimizes lost and found. If lost, clothing items that are clearly labeled with the camper’s first and last name will be mailed home at the end of the summer season.


Policies & Procedures THE CAMP COMMUNITY Each child must be able to live successfully in a physically active, engaged social community that includes constant interaction with other children. Campers should be able to follow directions from staff, be independent in their personal care (hair washing, teeth/hair brushing, etc.), be willing to eat new and/or differently prepared food, be able to hike on uneven and varied terrain, and be able to sleep without significant external sleep aids (lights, sound machine, music, direct human contact, etc.). Sanborn Western Camps reserves the right to refuse admission or to send home without refund any camper who presents a safety concern, medical risk or whose behavior is deemed disruptive or harmful to the best interests of other campers or to the camp community. Both the parent(s) and their participating children understand they must follow all camp rules. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, Juuls and other vaping devices, narcotics, recreational drugs and firearms/weapons are not permitted.

• Follow a structured schedule? • Be honest and self-advocate in situations regarding health and wellness?

ELECTRONIC DEVICES Consistent with our goals of promoting self-reliance, strong social connections and appreciation of the natural world, we limit the use of electronic devices at Big Spring and High Trails. Campers should not bring cell phones, laptop computers, tablets, video games, or DVD players for use at camp. When campers carry any of these items for travel to and

from camp, we will collect and store the items during the session and return them for the flight home.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS FOR CAMPERS Another way to support your child in their preparation for camp is to think about what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to be in the camp environment and away from the routine and structure of home and family. Utilize these questions to help your camper better understand his/her responsibility in a community living situation. Can your camper:

• Self-calm following an event that causes frustra - tion, sadness, or anger? • Follow verbal directions from counselors and established camp rules? • Understand camp rules regarding being safe, and respectful to others. • Manage impulsiveness appropriately for developmental age? • Sleep in a room with six to eleven other people or fall asleep without assistance?


Although we do allow music players to be brought to camp, their use is very limited and loss or damage is always a risk. Camp cannot be responsible for lost or damaged electronics. If your child brings an iPod or similar device, please be sure it is loaded only with music and all videos, games, etc. have been removed before coming to camp. If your child’s phone is his/her primary camera, please send your child with a separate camera for use during camp. We ask for your support and cooperation in order to maximize the camp experience for your camper and the entire camp community.

SPECIAL DIETARY CONSIDERATIONS The demand for special diets has increased over the years and we are able to accommodate some special dietary needs. Because our kitchens are dedicated to producing nutritious high quality meals from fresh ingredients for our entire community, both space and time limit our ability to provide for multiple special diets for every individual child. It is absolutely necessary that a child on a special diet be aware of his/her dietary needs, be cooperative within his/ her dietary plan, and self-advocate on trips or when away from the main camp area. He or she must be knowledgeable about what foods can and cannot be eaten and be willing to check in with our kitchen staff before each meal.

Vegetarians For each meal which has a meat-based main dish we will provide a vegetarian option. We do not prepare special vegan meals. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always available. Please contact us at 719-748-3341 and speak with a director regarding any special dietary needs your child has before the beginning of camp. We also ask that you include special dietary information on the Camper Profile and the Health History form.

Nut Allergies Our kitchens are nut aware and we do not use or serve products with hidden nuts or nut oils. However, we do serve peanut butter, granola with nuts, some desserts which include nuts and occasional nut garnishes for some other foods. In these cases, we always provide nut-free options. Gluten Allergies Our kitchens are gluten aware and can provide the following gluten-free items: bread, pasta, corn tortillas, pancakes, and waffles. These products are gluten-free but may include dairy and eggs, soy or other ingredients which may not be acceptable for certain gluten based intolerances. We are also able to prepare most meats in a gluten free way.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Sanborn Western Camps and the Colorado Outdoor Education Center admit campers of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to participants. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin or any other status protected by applicable law in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship program and other administered programs.

Parents may provide additional foods for their child which can be eaten cold or prepared in a microwave. Sending your child with and/or shipping a supply of your child’s favorite Gluten Free breads and snacks is beneficial. We would be happy to provide a list of items which have worked well for other campers on gluten-free diets.

For a comprehensive overview of our camp policies, please visit:

Lactose Intolerance We provide soy milk and rice milk as milk alternatives. 11

Medical Information MEDICAL FORMS Please be certain that you have filled out the online Health History form, and either uploaded or sent the faxback Physician's Exam, Immunization Record, Permission for Medication Administration form(s) and SIGNED Parent Authorization for Treatment, by May 1 for all campers, in both camps, for all sessions. Our nurses, local doctors and hospitals may not treat children without a parent/guardian’s signature on the Parent Authorization for Treatment form. Current information about medicine being taken and health concerns should be fully detailed in the online Health History form, the Physician’s Exam Form, and the Permission for Medication Administration Form. **Colorado regulations require that all prescription and over-the-counter medications including vitamins or nonFDA regulated holistic medicines be accompanied by a written authorization from a licensed health care provider. Without this authorization on a Permission for Medication OR on the Physician’s Exam Form, we cannot give your child his/her medications, vitamins or supplements** Both prescription and over-the-counter medications must be in original containers and labeled with camper’s name and dosage. We DO have Standing Orders that allow our nurses to administer most over-the-counter medications, if you have signed the OTC Meds Authorization Form. Unless your child takes a daily over-the-counter medication such as Claritin or Zyrtec, please do not send additional over-the counter medications to camp.

We have a Medical Director and a relationship with UC Health in Colorado. If a child needs to be assessed by a doctor while at camp, we will set up a telehealth call and the call will be billed to your insurance. If your child has a more serious or difficult to diagnose illness/ injury, we will transport your child to the appropriate healthcare facility. Parents’ insurance will be responsible for any/all costs associated with transport and care. TAKING CARE OF YOUR CHILD Your child’s safety is our first priority and we take the responsibility of selecting and training our staff very seriously. Sanborn Western Camps meets the requirements of our state child care licensing agency and our own professional accreditation organization, the American Camp Association. We do background checks on all staff members.

At the end of the term, parents may pick up their child’s remaining medications at the health center. For campers who return home by air, medications will be mailed home.*

Our staff is well prepared to work with children, and we have strict guidelines for all staff concerning appropriate interaction with children.

*If your child is flying home from camp, make sure you have a supply of daily required medications at home prior to your child’s arrival home to account for medication transit time.

The Colorado Department of Human Services requires us to notify parents and guardians that, if child abuse or neglect is suspected, you may contact the Teller County Social Service Department at 719-687-3335. Further, if a parent or guardian suspects a licensing violation, a complaint can be registered with the Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care, 1575 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203-1714, 303-866-5948 or 1-800-749-5876.

MEDICAL CARE We have modern well-equipped health centers with registered nurses on duty in each camp, and we work closely with our local Medical Director, who oversees our policies and protocols, and who is on-call for consultations and telehealth visits. It is a 30-minute drive to the UC Health Pikes Peak Regional Hospital. Parents will be notified by phone or email if your child spends the night in the health center or requires offsite care for illness or injury. INSURANCE Medical expenses incurred by your child during camp will be covered by your family health insurance. Please include and/ or update current insurance information on the online Health History form. Families whose insurance requires pre-authorization for use within a network of providers will want to determine how to access your insurance benefits if your child should need emergency or sick care while at camp.

A NOTE ABOUT SUNSCREEN At our higher elevation, children and adults are more susceptible to sunburn and campers should be prepared to and remember to apply sunscreen multiple times each day. In addition to the personal sunscreen your child should bring to camp, the camps provide Broad Spectrum SPF 30 & SPF 50 Sunscreen produced by Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. If your child cannot use this sunscreen or you prefer that they use another type, please note it on his/her Health History and the Camper Profile. Send a sufficient supply of your preferred sunscreen with your camper and make sure he/she understands that they should use the sunscreen you have provided. This sunscreen must be labeled with your camper’s first and last name. 12

The Sanborn Western Camps Online Medical Forms Process Visit your Camp InTouch account to submit your child’s health history and to download required medical forms for camp participation. Please follow the steps below to access, download and complete your child’s medical forms. 1. Follow steps 1-5 as outlined in the “Step by Step Guide to Submitting Your Child’s Travel Information” on page 16 of this booklet. 2. You will see ten distinct medical forms that are required for camp participation. Eight of the ten forms are “Scan/Upload or Fax back” paper forms, meaning that they are barcoded individually for each child’s medical profile. When you upload a scanned pdf or fax these forms back, they will automatically be associated with your child. You can download ALL required paper forms by clicking the link above the Forms and Documents list. All paper forms can be returned by scanning and uploading a pdf into your account in the online portal, by faxing to the number at the bottom of the form and/or by mailing the forms directly to camp. ***Please do not email your scanned forms--they can be accidentally deleted or misplaced.*** • Health History: REQUIRED for camp participation. This is a web based form. Please be as thorough as pos- sible. You will be able to update this form until the Due Date. Be sure to list ALL medications that your child will be bringing to camp. Print a copy of your completed form for your personal records. This form must be updated annually within 6 months of the child attending camp. We are required by law to have this form filled out and submitted two weeks prior to the start of the camp season. • Parent Authorization to Treat Form: REQUIRED for camp participation. Parent/Guardian must sign this form annually. • Physican’s Exam: REQUIRED for camp participation. Be sure your physician lists ALL medications (prescription, vitamins, or over-the-counter) your child will bring to camp including medicated creams, eye-drops or other prescriptions/medications your child routinely takes at home or at camp. Make sure he/she lists any camp activity restrictions under the “Recommendations” section. This form must be completed annually, within one year of the child attending camp. This form must be signed by both the parent/guardian and the Health Care Provider. • Certificate of Immunization: REQUIRED for camp participation. This must be submitted on the official Colorado Certificate of Immunization form. Your medical provider MUST fill out and sign this form. • Permission for Medication Administration: REQUIRED if your child brings ANY medication (prescription, OTC, vitamins, holistic, etc.) to camp. One form must be filled out for EACH prescription, over-the-counter, vita- min, supplement, or homeopathic medication brought to camp that is NOT listed on the Physician’s Exam. These forms must be signed by both the parent/guardian and the Health Care Provider. • Over the Counter Medication Authorization: REQUIRED for camp participation. Parent/Guardian must sign this web-based form annually. This allows nurses to administer OTC medications. • Asthma Self Carry Contract: REQUIRED ONLY if your child will bring asthma medications (including two emergency inhalers) to camp. This form must be signed by the camper and parent/guardian. • Allergy Self Carry Contract: REQUIRED ONLY if your child will bring epi-pens (please supply your child with two emergency epi-pens) to camp. This form must be signed by the camper and parent/guardian. • Immunization Exemption Forms: REQUIRED ONLY if your child has not received any of the Colorado required vaccines or is missing a dose of a required vaccine. Please discuss the vaccine with your primary health care provider, or sign the religious or personal exemption form. If the vaccine is medically contraindicated, the use the medical exemption form. Your health care provider must sign either form. Exemption forms MUST be submitted annually.

Once these forms are completed and approved by camp staff, the Status will turn green and read “Received”. You can print the completed forms for your records. As always, we will be happy to assist you as you complete these forms. Please call us at 719.748.3341 13

Travel Information We will meet campers at both Colorado Springs Airport and Denver International Airport. Colorado Springs is a smaller, more convenient airport and only 45 miles from camp. However, several low cost carriers have direct flights from many cities to Denver and it may be more cost effective and convenient for you to schedule your child’s flight into this larger airport that is about 100 miles from camp. At both airports our team of staff will meet campers at their gates, help collect their luggage and transport them to camp. Please ask your camper to look for a Sanborn staff member as he or she departs the airplane. Our staff members wear easily identifiable, bright orange shirts that say “Sanborn Western Camps” on the front.

Please arrange flights into Colorado Springs or Denver that arrive between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM on Opening Day. This allows campers to arrive at camp before dinner and begin to connect with their living units. Flights on Closing Day should depart between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Your campers’ travel dates should match the session dates. International campers from Europe and Asia should call or email Jessie Spehar at 719-748-3341 and we will discuss the best arrival options for your camper. Your camper should fly out on Closing Day of camp. If your child is flying, we will email you by 8 p.m. MST on Opening Day to let you know he/she has arrived safely at camp and to provide the name of his/ her living unit.

It is very important that we have an accurate e-mail address for one or more parents or guardians. If you have questions or are having difficulty arranging appropriate flights, or if your submitted travel plans change within two weeks of your child’s arrival or departure at camp, please call or email Jessie Spehar at (719) 748-3341 or TRAVEL PLANS To submit your child’s travel information login to your Camp InTouch account and follow our step-by-step guide (p. 16). We need this information at least two weeks before your child’s travel date. If you are flying into/out of Colorado with your child and DO NOT intend to drive them to camp, please call Jessie Spehar at 719-748-3341 to determine where you will meet camp staff at the airport. Each camper’s travel documents will be collected by staff members upon arrival at camp. Please talk with your child about turning in his/ her paper travel documents upon arrival at camp because we may need baggage claim checks or other flight/airline information. MONEY AT THE AIRPORT For travel home, we will make sure that each camper has some money for needs in the airport (this may be money brought to camp or from his/ her camper account). We will return cell phones to those campers who brought them so they can be charged and ready for the trip. BOARDING PASSES Please do not download your child’s boarding passes for his/her return flight. We will take care of these at the airport.


AIRLINE ASSISTANCE UNACCOMPANIED MINOR We recommend that you check with your airline prior to departure regarding unaccompanied minor fees and requirements. Please be available by phone on the day your camper is flying. Be aware that airlines will not allow an unaccompanied minor to fly on the last flight of the day. We recommend that the Unaccompanied Minor Fee be paid roundtrip at your originating airport to assure a speedy return check-in for your child. Please send us a copy of your receipt for the return flight, as airline computers sometimes can’t access this information. When arranging unaccompanied minor travel with the airline, please list one of the following camp representatives as the person designated to pick your camper up at their final destination: Denver: Jessica Spehar 2000 Old Stage Road Florissant, CO 80816 307-321-0952 Colorado Springs: Sarah Adler 2000 Old Stage Road Florissant, CO 80816 781-301-1904 On departure, if your child is being picked up by someone other than a parent, we will need this person’s name, address and phone number.








ROAD TAGE OLD S X 167 PO BO CO 80816 T, ISSAN FLOR 8.3341 719.74 ca













2000 O

LD STA PO BO GE ROAD X ISSAN 167 T, CO 80816 719. info@ sanbo 748.3341 rn FLOR



AIRLINE BAGGAGE Please use the tags provided by camp for all baggage checked or carried on the plane. Our experience is that baggage with camp tags is more easily identifiable at the airports. Please check with your airline for current baggage policies and fees. GROUND TRANSPORTATION TO CAMP The charge for the trip from Colorado Springs airport ($45.00 each way) or Denver airport ($75.00 each way) will be made to the camper’s spending account.

LUGGAGE AND SHIPPING With the additional costs for luggage carried by airlines, it may be more convenient for you to ship your child’s belongings to camp ahead of time. We are considered a “business” and receive FedEX and UPS on a regular basis.

The physical shipping address is: Sanborn Western Camps Camper Name High Trails or Big Spring 2000 Old Stage Road Florissant, CO 80816 Phone: 719-748-3341 SHIPPING RECOMMENDATIONS • Ship luggage at least 10 days before camp begins to assure timely arrival. Camp receives no weekend deliveries. • Please try to keep box weight to 50 pounds or less to avoid additional shipping charges and to make it easier for camp staff to transport your child’s luggage to their assigned tent or cabin. • Trunks and duffle bags should be in a cardboard box to minimize damage and avoid additional charges. Check with the shipper to confirm any restrictions or extra fees that can be avoided by a simple change in the way these items are packaged. • No packing peanuts, please.

SHIPPED LUGGAGE RETURN Unless we are notified, we will send your child’s luggage back at the end of camp (1-2 days plus shipping time) and will make every effort to use the same carrier that you used to send these items. Please be aware that these charges can be significant. 15

We carefully break down, label and store your camper’s shipping boxes. If the boxes are damaged or unusable for return shipping, you will be charged for new boxes. We will insure shipped items for $900 unless you request a higher amount. We also ship lost and found items with camper’s name back to the camper as soon as possible by the best available method. Shipping fees and insurance will be charged to the camper account.

HOW TO REACH CAMP BY CAR From Colorado Springs take US Highway 24 west through Florissant (34 miles). Turn left at the top of the hill onto County Road 46, less than one mile west of Florissant. (The “Wagon Tongue/Slater Creek” directional sign indicates the turn). Follow County Road 46 for about 2.5 miles to the camp road. Bear left at our signs and proceed on our road for two more miles to the main entrance marked by flags and a covered wagon. Follow the signs to the right for Big Spring Ranch and to the left for High Trails Ranch. Please note that many GPS systems provide inaccurate directions to Sanborn. If your GPS routes you to “Calle de laLluvia” off of County Road 1, do NOT take that route as you will end up in an area with no cell phone service and no camp. If you have questions, please call camp prior to leaving Florissant: 719-748-3341.

TRAVEL INFORMATION FORM SUBMISSION Visit our Camp InTouch Online Community to submit your child’s travel information. Please follow our step-by-step guide below. THIS FORM IS REQUIRED FOR EVERY CAMPER AT CAMP. Step-by-Step Guide to Submitting your Child’s Travel Information 1. Go to the Sanborn homepage: 2. Click on the “Login” link in the upper right hand corner of the homepage. 3. For returning camp families, please login using your email address and password that are currently on file (If you have forgotten your password, click the “retrieve/set password” link). 4. For new camp families, click the “retrieve/set password” link. By entering your email address, you are allowed to access our online community and set your password for future use. 5. Once you have logged in, click on the “Forms & Documents” link. 6. Click the Transportation Form link. 7. Choose the mode of travel to indicate how your child will be traveling TO and FROM* Sanborn. *If you are flying with your child, renting a car and driving him/her to camp, please enter “CAR” as your mode of travel “TO CAMP”. If your child requires transportation to camp from the airport, please enter “PLANE” as the mode of travel “TO CAMP” If you have specific questions, please contact Jessie Spehar at 8. Enter in all travel information (Car, Plane, Bus) TO and FROM Sanborn for your child and click the “SAVE” button. 9. Click Submit. 10. Please assign your child’s Baggage (UPS, FEDEX, Airline Checked, Coming in Car.) TO and FROM Sanborn. 11. Click Submit. 12. A popup window will appear confirming the receipt of your child’s transportation plans. 13. If your child’s travel information changes, you can edit the information by revisiting the Transportation Form found in Step 6 until the Due Date. After that, you must call camp and provide changes directly to our Travel Coordinator, Jessie Spehar. 14. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at 719-748-3341.

Mouse over either the car or plane to pull up the travel form for that specific means of travel.

Your child’s arrival and departure dates should match the session dates, unless other arrangements have been made with the camp travel coordinator.

Important arrival and departure information is highlighted in blue and contained at the top of each drop down menu.

Click “Submit” when you have entered and SAVED complete travel information for BOTH the “To Camp” and “From Camp” drop down forms.

***If your established travel plans change within two weeks of your child’s arrival or departure at camp, please call or email Jessie Spehar at 719-748-3341 or*** 16

Sanborn Junior Camp Camper Packing List Clothing & Shoes __ 2 pair jeans __ 2 sweat/fleece/legging pants __ 1 or 2 pair hiking pants __ 4 pair shorts __ 6 T-shirts __ 2 long-sleeve shirts __ supply of socks __ supply of underwear __ 2 warm sleep wear __ 2 swim suits __ baseball cap/sun hat __ long underwear, top/bottom (non-cotton) __ 2 pair hiking socks* __ light fleece jkt/shirt __ warm fleece jkt/shirt __ rain jacket __ rain pants __ knit cap* __ gloves/mittens __ western riding boots^ __ athletic shoes __ water sandals/shoes (need to strap to feet-ie: Chacos)

__ comfortable shoes (not flip-flops) __ stationery*, __ hiking shoes/boots __ stamps* Equipment __ beach towel __ mummy style sleeping bag for __ books camping out^ (rated to 20 degrees) __ slippers __ 2 water bottles* (quart--no __ bathrobe straws) __ bug repellent __ headlamp* __ 1 stuffed __ sleeping pad* animal __ day pack* __ “Crazy Creek” __ eating cup* & utensils* type chair* __ 2 twin sheet sets^ __ fun costumes __ 2 warm blankets^ __ hammock & hammock straps __ 2 pillow cases^ ^ can be rented at camp * can be purchased at camp __ 1-2 bath towels MARKING CAMPER’S BELONGINGS __ 1 beach towel Please put your child’s name on all clothing __ 2 wash cloths and equipment your child brings to camp, __ toilet articles including the clothing he or she wears. __ sunscreen* Don’t forget to mark shoes, jackets, tennis __ sunglasses racquet, backpacks, etc. Review with your __ lip balm* camper all items packed and tape the equip__ 14-20 2-ply washable masks ment list in the top of the luggage with items checked and additional equipment noted on the list. This will help your camper keep track of his/her possessions.

Optional __ camera*

Many of these items are essential for comfort and well-being on overnight trips. Please feel free to call or email camp if you have any questions about items on the packing list.

High Trails/Big Spring Month-Long Session Camper Packing List Clothing & Shoes __ 2 pair jeans __ 2 sweat/fleece/legging pants __1 or 2 pair of hiking pants __ 6 pair shorts __ 6 T-shirts __ 3 long-sleeve shirts __ supply of socks __ supply of underwear __ 2 warm sleep wear __ 2 swim suits __ baseball cap/sun hat __ long underwear, top/bottom (non-cotton) __ fleece jacket/shirt __ rain jacket __ rain pants __ 4 pair hiking socks* __ knit cap* __ gloves/mittens __ western riding boots^ __ athletic shoes __ water sandals/shoes (need to strap to feet-ie: Chacos) __ comfortable shoes (not flip-flops) __ hiking boots

Equipment __ mummy style sleeping bag for Optional camping out^ (rated to 20 __ camera degrees) __ stationery*, stamps* __ compression stuff sack for sleeping __ beach towel bag __ inexpensive musical __ Backpack^ instrument (large enough for 3-5 days) __ “Camel Back” type water system __ 2 water bottles* (quart--no straws) __ books ^ can be rented at camp __ headlamp* __ warm parka * can be purchased at camp __ sleeping pad* __ slippers __ day pack* __ tennis racquet __ eating cup* & utensils* __ fishing gear __ blankets^ __ bug repellent (2 for High Trails) __ “Crazy Creek” (4 for Big Spring) type chair* __ 2 pillow cases^ __ fun costumes __ 2 twin sheet sets^ __ hammock & hammock straps __ 2 bath towels __ 1 beach/pool towel CAMP TRUNK OR REGULAR LUGGAGE? __ 2 wash cloths Month-long campers at Big Spring will __ toilet articles need a camp trunk (or large duffle) in __ sunscreen* order to store their belongings in their __ sunglasses tents. Month-long campers at High Trails, __ lip balm* as well as ALL Sanborn Junior campers __ travel size toothpaste may pack in suitcases or duffle bags as and sunscreen for trips they store their clothing and equipment in __ 10-14 2 ply washable masks lockers inside of the living units. 17

Parent FAQS What is Sanborn all about? Our mission is:

To live together in the outdoors, Building a sense of Self, a sense of Community, a sense of the Earth and a sense of Wonder through fun and adventure.

By giving children the tools to better understand themselves, they develop problem solving skills, independence, confidence, and strength of character. By teaching children how to live and work in a community, they learn to manage themselves in complex social situations, put others’ needs before their own, and to work with other strong individuals from all over the United States and the world. By helping children value the earth, they become stewards of the natural world and, in turn, value the efforts made by themselves and others to preserve, protect and appreciate the immeasurable gifts of the outdoor world. And, by imbuing these actions with a deep sense of wonder, children grow to see and appreciate the beauty, magic, and possibility within themselves, others and the world.

What is the weather like? Colorado is famous for blue skies and plenty of sun. At an elevation of 8,600 feet, the camps’ average daytime temperature in the summer is about 80 degrees F. Evenings are cool, usually 50-55 degrees F. Occasionally, we have an afternoon rain shower. Many of our trips into the high country camp are above or near timberline and these temperatures can drop to below freezing, even in July! It is best to be prepared for all types of weather and is important to refer to our Packing List on page 17.

Where are Sanborn Western Camps? Big Spring Ranch for Boys and High Trails Ranch for Girls are located on 6000 private acres in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, 35 miles west of Colorado Springs. For a map, see page 15. 18

How do you select your counselors? The average age of our counselors is 21 and each must have a minimum of two years of college or travel/work experience. Many are returning staff or were once campers at Sanborn Western Camps; others are referred by friends or camp families. All staff members go through a rigorous application process which includes multiple references, personal interviews, and a fingerprint based background check. Decisions are made on the basis of experience and interest in working with children and skill and experience in outdoor activities. All staff must be certified in CPR and First Aid and many staff members have Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Lifeguard Training and other advanced certifications.

Do the camps have a religious affiliation? No. Campers and staff of many faiths and beliefs attend Sanborn. Each week we have a “Sunday Rocks” service which is non-sectarian and celebrates camp values like friendship or appreciation of beauty. We gain perspective and experience wonder as we watch the sun set and prepare for our next adventures.

What kind of medical care do you provide? Each camp has a modern and wellequipped health center staffed with registered nurses. I have a fourth grader. How do the programs differ for Sanborn Junior and Big Spring/High Trails? The two-week Sanborn Junior program is available to children who have completed the first through fourth grades.The month-long program at Big Spring and High Trails is appropriate for young people who have completed the third through tenth grades. Sanborn Junior campers follow an established schedule which gives them the opportunity to experience many outdoor activities. They participate in most activities as a group and stay with their own counselors.

Month-long campers at High Trails and Big Spring have choice in trips and activities. Many of our off-theranch trips, like mountain climbs and longer horse trips, are not available to Sanborn Junior campers. These trips are available to third and fourth grade campers at High Trails and Big Spring and provide age-appropriate levels of challenge.

We work closely with physicians in Woodland Park and Colorado Springs. It is a 30-minute drive to UC Health Pikes Peak Regional Hospital and there is an EMS service based in Florissant.

How will my child get to camp? About half of our campers arrive by car with parents, other family members, or friends. Other campers fly into the Colorado Springs Airport or Denver International Airport. Staff members meet children at both airports, help them collect their luggage, and take them to chartered buses or vans for the trip to camp. Upon arrival at camp, these campers are greeted by staff members and their luggage is delivered to their living units. The fun begins right away! What does accreditation by the American Camp Association (ACA) mean? The American Camp Association is an organization of professionals who join together to enhance the value and quality of the camp experience for the children who attend our programs. The ACA is the only national camp accreditation authority, and camps must maintain a high level of safety, program quality, and youth development practices to meet the 300 standards established by the ACA. Each accredited camp is visited by a team of trained camp professionals to assure that the standards are being implemented. Sanborn Western Camps has been accredited by the ACA for more than 60 years.

How is your food? If you talk to anyone who has been to camp, they will tell you that our food is excellent. Our cooks, who have been with us for years, prepare well-balanced meals from fresh ingredients. Our bakery produces homemade breads, cookies, and other delicious desserts daily. We provide a vegetarian option at each meal and are able to make accommodations for most food allergies.


In addition, Sanborn Western Camps are licensed by the Child Care Division of the Colorado Department of Human Services. Colorado is one of the few states which has a rigorous licensure process for resident camps, including visits by State Licensing Inspectors.



Please complete the following forms ASAP but no later than: May 1st for all campers in all sessions 

Camper Photo

Camper Profile: The information you provide on this form is important in cabin/tent placement and in helping us meet your goals for your child. Please fill it out completely even if your camper has been here before; this information is important to your child’s counselor.

Liability Release: Safety is our primary concern in providing a successful camp experience at Sanborn Western Camps. By following strict safety practices and hiring an outstanding staff, Sanborn has an excellent safety record. In addition to parent(s)/guardian(s), campers are also asked to sign. Final acceptance to camp is contingent upon receipt and review of this liability release form.

Transportation Form: Please read the travel information section as well as the step-by-step guide included in this booklet.

Additional Options Form: This form will allow you to reserve items you would like your camper to rent or purchase while at camp. It will also allow you to allocate spending money for their Camp Store account.

 Parent Workplace Contact Information Form

Medical Forms         

Health History--submitted online CO Certificate of Immunization--signed by medical provider Physician’s Exam--signed by medical provider and parent/guardian Parent Authorization for Treatment--signed by parent/guardian Permission for Medication Administration--must submit ONE form for EACH medication brought to camp that is NOT listed on the Physician’s Exam--signed by parent/guardian and by medical provider Over-The-Counter Medication Authorization--submitted online by parent/guardian Asthma Self-Carry Contract (ONLY applicable to those campers with asthma conditions/medications) Allergy Self-Carry Contract (ONLY applicable to those campers with epi-pens) Immunization Exempt Forms (ONLY applicable to those campers who are missing required Colorado vaccines or are missing a dose of a required vaccine)

We recommend printing and keeping copies of each completed form for your records.

Profile for Sanborn Western Camps

2021 Getting Ready for Camp Guide from Sanborn Western Camps  

2021 Getting Ready for Camp Guide from Sanborn Western Camps  

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