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Outsource Business Services Provider Outsourcing & Consulting Services Sam Studio is a top most global outsourcing company which is located in India. The main focus of our outsourcing/offshoring business process is involving contract among the various business process services provider and Industrial needs. We are one of the best and popular business process outsourcing company serving thousands of companies, small, medium and higher level businesses with superior quality support.

Top Outsourcing Company in India – Popular BPO Service Provider Our globally integrated services support our client businesses and support their business process activities in a multiple way. With our trustworthy services, we built long-lasting customer

relationship among our happiest customers. Our company is running successfully from past 6 successful years and delivering goods with 100% quality, accuracy and privacy guaranteed. Industries we serve with our outsourcing business services are,             

Outsourcing Services for Apparel Industries Outsourcing Services for Banking Industries Outsourcing Services for Engineering and Construction Industries Outsourcing Services for Governement Industries Outsourcing Services for Healthcare Industries Outsourcing Services for Insurance Industries Outsourcing Services for Manufacturing Industries Outsourcing Services for Media and Entertainment Industries Outsourcing Services for Medical Devices Industries Industries Outsourcing Services for Profesional Business Industries Outsourcing Services for Retail Industries Industries Outsourcing Services for Jewellery Industries Industries Outsourcing Services for Telemarketing Industries

Best Outsourcing Business Vendor to Satisfy Your Business Needs Get specialized BPO outsourcing services and support to your startup businesses and improve their availability in leading competitive retail industry. We are specialized in offering various outsourcing business support according to your business needs. Our popular outsourcing services are call center services, photo editing services, healthcare services, transcription services, engineering services, digital marketing services, data management services, software development services, research and analysis services, creative services, financial and accounting services and web development services. Globalized Call Center Services outsourcing    

why outsourcing call center services CATI & Email, letters Services Types of Call Center Services Outsource outbound call center services

Globalized Photo Editing Services outsourcing      

Photo Editing for Ecommerce Manual White balance adjustments Photoshop Clipping Path Technique Why outsource photo Editing service Real-Estate photo Editing service Real-Estate image Editing Services Techniques

Globalized Healthcare Services Outsourcing  Healthcare Services for industry  Claim Adjustment Services

 Importance of Healthcare services  Medical Billing and coding  Medical transcription process Globalized Transcription Services Outsourcing    

Transcription Services technique Bilingual & multilingual transcription Business transcription Services Outsourcing Video transcription

Globalized Engineering Services Outsourcing    

Why engineering services are outsourcing? Electrical Engineering in industry Demands of Structural Engineering Mechanical Engineering Services

Globalized Digital Marketing Services Outsourcing    

Influence of Digital Marketing Internet Marketing Process PPC management strategies SEO on page and off page tactics

Globalized Data Management Services Outsourcing    

Overview of Data Management Services Techniques involves in data management Data Entry & Influence of data conversion Why Outsourcing data management?

Globalized Software Development Services Outsourcing    

Software for Banking and Finance Windows XP advent Software Development processes Software Development methodilogies

Globalized Research and Analysis Services Outsourcing    

Introduction of Research & Analysis Market Research and analysis Media Research and online marketing Research Reports Preparation

Globalized Creative Services Outsourcing  Types of Creative Design Services  Benefits of outsourcing film services

 Printing services in market industry  Business Advertising Services Globalized Financial and Accounting Services Outsourcing    

Approaches Of Financial Services Financial services to Industry Outsourcing Accounting Services Outsource Finance and accounting

Globalized Web Development Services Outsourcing  Significance of Web Development  Responsive Web Design Services  Web Research Services Looking for best outsourcing vendor to your multiple business and industrial needs? Please feel free to contact sam studio. More Information Mail to: Visit:

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Sam studio is a global outsourcing services provider. Get outsourcing solutions and outsourcing support to your business and industrial need...