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Amazing Grace KENS TV - Karen Grace Photography by Damon Ross

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Publishers Letter… Welcome to SA Monthly Online! Our digital Magazine fills a void in San Antonio. It is a diverse contemporary magazine with a delightful mixture of sophistication and playfulness. The look, articles, and advertisements are modern and upscale. Our flexible online format guarantees each issue will be fun and visually exciting. We cover the latest trends in fashion, art, music, film, health and fitness, design, and much more! SA Monthly will always strive to be imaginative, artistic, fresh, and energetic, and will continue to create an investment in the future of San Antonio. There’s a lot to take in, and we may not be 100% green yet but we are doing our best to be eco-friendly and environmentally aware. Being in the publishing/advertising/publicity business for over 20 years, I’m truly proud of our accomplishments in creating a "conscious" publication in San Antonio. The future of magazine publishing is now…so please enjoy our Magazine and don't hesitate to email us any suggestions, ideas, feedback, or just to say hello. Go Green San Antonio!


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VIDEO/FILM Noun A series of moving pictures, usually shown in cinema or on television and often telling a story.



Actor on the Rise!

Edgar Ivan Garcia Born December 27 in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas this bilingual superstar has his mindset high. Coming to San Antonio,TX at the age of 3 years old you don’t know what to expect. Edgar got his fame when he was only 14 years old. His credentials range from the years 2006 to now. He has a variety of awards under his belt. Just to name a few he won Dancer of the year, made top 10 finalist for Protagonista TV show (Univision) to taking 1st place for “Best dance Video” Even though he got his fame at a young age he still continued to finish high school and went off to get his Associates degree in Radio/Television broadcasting at San Antonio College. This bright young man adds that being bilingual has helped a lot get more opportunities. “The more knowledge you know, the more opportunities you got” says Edgar Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? More television projects and try to become a better actor. I wanna do great and represent San Antonio,TX to the fullest. Q: Do you have any idol actors? Good question... I’ve never been asked that before but I look up to a lot. I don’t have one in particular but if I had to chose it’ll be Antonio Banderas. Edgar gives thanks to God for placing him where he is today. He appreciates everyone’s support from day one. Especially his family. He’s made a lot of sacrifices to be who he is today. To conquer his dream has been a journey. Edgar was just announced as 21 Rising Stars in their 20’s from SA on You can currently check out his recent role as “Carlos” on the new hitshow ABC TV series AMERICAN CRIME. A total of 11 episodes and you’ll catch him in 5 of them.

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Gretta (Keira Knightley) and her long-time boyfriend Dave (Adam Levine) are college sweethearts and songwriting partners who decamp for New York when he lands a deal with a major label. But the trappings of his new-found fame soon tempt Dave to stray, and a reeling, lovelorn Gretta is left on her own. Her world takes a turn for the better when Dan (Mark Ruffalo), a disgraced record-label exec, stumbles upon her performing on an East Village stage and is immediately captivated by her raw talent. From this chance encounter emerges an enchanting portrait of a mutually transformative collaboration, set to the soundtrack of a summer in New York City.

CESAR CHAVEZ Chronicling the birth of a modern American movement, Cesar Chavez tells the story of the famed civil rights leader and labor organizer torn between his duties as a husband and father and his commitment to securing a living wage for farm workers. Passionate but soft-spoken, Chavez embraced non-violence as he battled greed and prejudice in his struggle to bring dignity to people. Chavez inspired millions of Americans from all walks of life who never worked on a farm to fight for social justice. His triumphant journey is a remarkable testament to the power of one i ndividual's ability to change the world.

THE BEST OF ME Amanda and Dawson are soul mates who met as teens and were from different backgrounds. But circumstances would force them to part ways. 20 years they are brought back together by the ‘passing of a mutual friend. So they go back home to fulfill his final wishes they run into each other. While Amanda is married, albeit unhappily, she still has feelings for Dawson but she can't forgive him for pushing her away.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY After stealing a mysterious orb in the far reaches of outer space, human Peter Quill is now the main target of a manhunt led by the villain known as Ronan the Accuser. To help fight Ronan and his team and save the galaxy from his power, Quill creates a team known as the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' to save the world.

SEVENTH SON John Gregory, who is a seventh son of a seventh son and also the local spook, has protected he country from witches, boggarts, ghouls and all manner of things that go bump in the night. However John is not young anymore, and has been seeking an apprentice to carry on his trade. Most have failed to survive. The last hope is a young farmer's son named Thomas Ward. Will he survive the training to become the spook that so many others couldn't? Should he trust the girl with pointy shoes? How can Thomas stand a chance against Mother Malkin, the most dangerous witch in the county?

JOHN WICK John Wick is a mob hit man who upon falling in love with a woman would quit. 5 years later, his wife dies and to make sure he's not alone she arranges for a dog to be brought to him after her death. One day some punks break into his home and they want Wick's car so they beat him up and they kill the dog. Wick sets out to find them and learns the leader is the son of his former employer, Viggo. Viggo then sends some to take care of Wick but he's too good. He then sets out to find Viggo's son. Viggo puts a price on Wick's head.

LOVE ROSIE Rosie and Alex have been best friends since they were 5, so they couldn't possibly be right for one another... or could they? When it comes to love, life and making the right choices, these two are their own worst enemies. One awkward turn at 18, one missed opportunity... and life sends them hurling in different directions. But somehow, across time, space and different continents, the tie that binds them cannot be undone. Will they find their way back to one another, or will it be too late? Based on Cecelia Ahern's bestselling novel "Where Rainbows End", LOVE, ROSIE is a modern comedy-of-errors tale posing the ultimate question: Do we really only get one shot at true love?

THE IMITATION GAME If we recommend a video/film to watch, Rest assured we have seen the movies and know your going to ‘like/love/share/and recommend these movies! If you have a film/video that we should watch and recommend, please e-mail us and if we choose your selection, you could WIN some awesome prizes!

Based on the real life story of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing, the film portrays the nail-biting race against time by Turing and his brilliant team of code-breakers at Britain's top-secret Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park, during the darkest days of World War II.

FURY April, 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) commands a Sherman tank and his five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered and outgunned, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.


GREEN ROOM Adjective covered with grass, trees, or other plants. Tending to preserve environmental quality (as by being recyclable, biodegradable, or nonpolluting).


Why Go Green?

By Dan Cooper

The real question should probably be, “Why not?” The truth is, there are so many reasons to go green that it is difficult to account for them all. Each of the things we use and everything we do has an impact on the Earth. What going green is really all about is responsibility and trying to become increasingly responsible in our choices. We choose one product over another. We choose what car we drive and which brand of antiperspirant, beverage, shirt, or computer to use. Every choice has environmental ramifications based on how and where the product was made and how much energy was consumed in its production and transportation. Greening up your lifestyle can save you money and make you feel better about your contribution to our world. But perhaps more importantly, it can also improve your health. As an example, take a look at what women’s cosmetics contain. One of the characteristics of our skin is that it has the capacity to absorb. While the numbers are disputed, it has been claimed that a woman who uses makeup every day may absorb more than four pounds of it over the course of a year. What is and is not absorbed in this case is also disputed, but cosmetics indisputably do contain some substances that would clearly be toxic if absorbed into the bloodstream. Switching to cosmetics manufactured with plant-based ingredients instead of petrochemicals may have significant health benefits while also contributing to the reduction of petrochemical impact on the environment. Americans have been conditioned to believe in a sort of supermarket mentality, where products are all found in the same convenient place. But each of those products came from somewhere, sometimes very far away. Every product has its own carbon footprint, which is defined in large part by the energy it took to get it to your supermarket’s shelf. Going green involves limiting the use of products that come from distant places in favor of locally produced alternatives. So you go green in this instance to reduce the energy impact of transportation and increase the reward to local production. That makes it a win-win scenario for you and local producers, as well as the planet. Going green rewards you in many ways. It feels good and can improve your health as well as your pocketbook. But it is also about responsibility and doing what we can to preserve planet Earth’s environment and natural resources. If you have not already done so, try it. You’ll like it.

MEDICAL Adjective of or relating to the treatment of diseases and injuries : of or relating to medicine


To Pellet Or Not To Pellet; That Is The Question... Feeling depressed? More anxious? Suffering from memory loss? Hot flashes? Sleep disturbances? Decreased libido or sexual dysfunction? Decreased metabolism or weight gain? Low energy? Feeling an overall sense of “un-wellness?” If any of these symptoms apply to you ask yourself and your physician when you last checked your hormones, thyroid function test, and vitamin A, D, and K levels, each of which acts synergystically in hormone optimization. Hormone replacement therapy has long been a controversial and very personal choice for most women and men beginning as early as 30 years of age due to the initial introduction of non-bioidentical hormones. The burgeoning field of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has completely changed the landscape of HRT and shows promising results for a brighter future. The question that begs to be asked is, “what IS normal?”. The long and short of it is that natural hormones rejuvenate, regenerate and restore the bodyís natural homeostasis. Even small fluctuations in these hormones can disturb your body ís natural balance. The goal of hormone replacement therapy should be hormonal balance based on SCIENCE...not on guessing. Research suggests that the hormone fluctuations encountered in peri-menopause, menopause, and andropause wreak homeostatic havoc and point to increased risks for developing multiple types of cancer, osteoporosis, stroke, thyroid malfunction, Alzheimerís and other age related disorders. Previous modalities for hormone replacement used non bio-identical technology that often resulted in little benefit, or even detrimental effects, on hormonal homeostasis. Think of the hormone receptor as a lock that only a specific key fits. Synthetic hormones simply didnít fit the lock or activated cascades of effects in the body that did not prove beneficial. Bio-identical hormone replacement uses natural, plant based technology to provide the perfect key for your lock and opens the door to all the benefits of hormonal homeostasis. There are many methods of delivery for bio-identical hormonesópatches, creams, oral compositions, and pellets. In this article we will discuss the pellet method of bio-identical hormone replacement. This entails the placement of small, sterile pellets into the fat of the buttocks under local anesthesia and involves virtually no down time or discomfort. Another advantage to the pellet delivery system is that it LASTS for 4-6 months and there are specific and strict protocols for pre and post insertion evaluations. Pellet therapy provides more sustained hormone levels based on an individualís cardiac output versus the roller coaster of hormone effects encountered with oral and trans-dermal routes which fluctuate drastically for many reasons. But first, letís talk about the symptoms. Symptoms of low Testosterone (low T) in women (yes, women need testosterone too!) and men include fatigue, sleep loss, mental fog, confusion, depression, irritability, anxiety and mood swings. There are thousands of testosterone receptors in the brain affected as testosterone levels decline with age. Other symptoms of low T include --night sweats, joint pain, bladder symptoms, headaches, low libido, decreased vaginal lubrication, decreased ability to maintain and sustain erections in men, and weight gain. Symptoms of low Estrogen (low E) include hot flashes, vaginal wall thinning and skin related changes such as increased collagen depletion. These are just SOME of the symptoms bio-identical hormones can help to eliminate. So where does one begin? First, talk with your treating physician. Then, if you’d like more information, one of the pioneering companies in Bio-identical Hormone Pellet Placement is BioTE ( There is a plethora of information available at this site. As stated before, this is a personal choice and different experts will have, as always, differing opinions. But I can attest, personally, to the change bio-identical hormone pellet placement has made in my life. It is not for everyone, but itís definitely worth looking into. Please visit us at for more info on BioTE pelleting services/evaluation or emai with any questions.

Denise R Hamlin MD Empress Aesthetics, LLC.

ART Noun Human effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature, the conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements; sense of beauty.



GALLERIES/ STUDIOS Anne Zanikos Art Conservation Art Incorporated Artistic Endeavors Gallery Artpace Art360 Arts San Antonio Artworks Blue Star Art Space Cam San Antonio

Carver Culture Center Centro Cultural Aztlan Finesilver Gallery Gallery Nord Galleries 2u Gallista Studio Gallery Garcia Art Glass Inc. Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center Hildebrand Art Hunt Gallery Hirsch Glass Institute of Texan Cultures Kelleys Art Gallery La Vida Gallery Lawrence Markey Incorporated Mcnay Art Museum

Metalmorphosis Mexican Cultural Institute Mooney JR Galleries of Fine Art Nanette Richardson Fine Art National Assoc. of Latino Arts Culture Nueva Saint Gallery REM Gallery River Art Group Gallery San Angelo Folk Art San Antonio Art League Museum San Antonio Cultural Arts Inc. San Antonio Museum of Art Southwest School of Art and Craft Stonemetal Press Urban Fifteen Group Wade Monte Fine Arts Wired Designs

Did your favorite gallery/studio make our “A-List”? Let us know your favorite. E-mail us: Text us: 210-215-3403

Artist of the Month By Celina Terrones

Jeffrey L. Hull

Art is life for Jeff Hull. Through the many challenges of life, art had lain dormant to this natural self taught artist as he struggled with abandonment, addiction, and homelessness. Given an opportunity to take a class on The Artist Way material with artist, Aminah Herrman, Jeff reacquainted himself with his powerful natural abilities as an artist. Since that experience, Jeff has been painting a diverse body of work that has stretched from Texas to California and Mexico. The strong inspiration to help others in their journey has engaged Jeff in many projects donating to special causes. He has created venues for art and cultural experiences which have highlighted the efforts of various Non Profit efforts.The list is long and includes scholarship programs for young Hispanic women, ACTS retreat programs, Artisans Night Out in Government Hill among many other events. He has curated he Segundo de Febrero: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo exhibit at Centro Cultural Atzlan Gallery. Hull also appears in the documentary “Art in Context: Dia de Los Muertos Art funded by the University of Texas and shown regularly on KLRN and “Una Noche de La Gloria: Art in the Cultural Zone”. Mainly painting in acrylics on canvas, Hull remains true to the belief that “there should be no rules to art” not allowing boundaries to limit his style and technique. He believes “The canvas is my teacher and I am merely the student” and that “I hold the brush and God does the work”. Hull attributes his success as an artist to the support given from his patrons and remaining true to his self.

DRIVEN Verb Transporting or being transported by vehicle; Adjective Having a compulsive nature.


Toyota P A Truly “Gree

By Dan Cooper Arguably, Ford’s Thunderbird set the tone for the briefly popular trend that followed it by a few years: the personal car. Volkswagen’s Beetle was the most iconic and long-lasting member of the economy car class. Pontiac’s GTO inaugurated the muscle car movement. Ford Mustang started the pony car era. But it was a Japanese manufacturer that jumped out to the early lead with today’s biggest new idea—the hybrid class. The Toyota Prius was first. That was in 2001 for the North American market (four years earlier in Japan), and the factory proudly claims that 95 percent of them are still on the road today. Even the car’s name is emblematic of a ground breaking development. Prius is Latin for “to go before,” and indeed it did. Today Prius remains one of the clear leaders in the hybrid class. There are plenty of reasons why.

Prius: en” Machine

Having exceedingly low exhaust emissions is one of the most important features of this car. But it also demonstrates high fuel efficiency at a claimed 50 mpg. At a combined 134 hp the car has acceptable acceleration, and the hatchback model provides an unexpected level of functional roominess. Couple all of that with Toyota’s reputation for durability and you have a clear indication of why the Prius remains at the head of the class 19 years after its dramatic introduction. Mating two electric motors with a small gasoline engine, the Prius achieves its notable fuel economy by automatically switching its power sources from all electric, to all gasoline, to a combination of both. And when the car is decelerating the electric motors act as generators actually recharging the batteries. Nifty stuff. The Prius now comes in three different styles with four different trim packages. And just because they are buying an economy car, Prius owners don’t have to sacrifice on today’s modern bells and whistles. Standard features and options include a touchscreen, Bluetooth, keyless entry, automatic climate control, rearview camera, navigation and lane-departure warning systems, and a solar powered ventilation system. There are even larger wheels, an aerodynamic package, and a sport suspension for the more aggressive drivers. If you are going green, this is an excellent way to “get there.”

Karen Grace

Photographer: Damon Ross Makeup: Jax Roberson Jewelry: J Green Jewelers Locations courtesy of: Eilan Hotel and the Home of Doctor John and Sarah Calhoon


It’s the name of a San Antonio anchorwoman on KENS TV 5. But it’s also a name that Karen Grace strives to live up to. For her “grace” is more than on air poise and professionalism. Grace is a virtue and her motivation to help others through her journalism and through community involvement. And as the end of 2014 approaches, Grace celebrates 10 years working with the station she grew up watching. But the local news veteran says she’s still pinching herself whenever she delivers the news to her hometown. Grace grew up as an only child on San Antonio’s northwest side. By the age of ten she determined that broadcast journalism was her destiny. She often dragged barstools from the kitchen into her bedroom mirror and wore big red glasses (homage to her favorite talk show host Sally Jessie Raphael) while she imitated her favorite personalities from Kathy Lee Gifford to Julia Child. She would also sneak into her parent’s garage where she pretended to be a teacher in front of a dusty old chalkboard. But Grace no longer has to play “make believe” and her audience has grown larger than a few stuffed animals. She can be seen every weekend on Eyewitness News at 5 pm, 5:30 pm, 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. She interned at four stations in Texas and Arizona and studied in Chicago and Washington D.C. before she landed her first job in 2002 at the NBC affiliate in Charleston, South Carolina. Soon after making the jump to San Antonio, Grace finally got the opportunity to marry her two passions. Journalism and teaching. After earning her Masters from Northwestern University, Grace knew she wanted to return to the classroom as an educator. In 2007, that wish came to fruition as an adjunct professor at Our Lady of the Lake University. There she taught in the same campus television studio where Grace learned the ropes while receiving her Bachelors in Communications. She went on to teach at the University of the Incarnate Word in the Summer of 2013. Grace continues to pay it forward by mentoring students through the Northside

Independent Study Mentorship program. It’s an initiative close to Grace’s heart, because she was involved in the same program as a student at Taft High School. She knows first-hand the value of mentoring and how it helped shape her success. To date, Grace has mentored four N.I.S.D. students. Now Grace is embracing an even bigger role in the community as a philanthropist. She has been nominated as a candidate for Woman of the Year 2015 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This opportunity to help others has come at a pivotal point in her San Antonio career. As her 10 year anniversary approaches, she feels there could not have been a better time to reach out to the network of people she has met over the past decade to make a difference in the fight against blood cancer. Grace was also recently elected Vice President of the Ferrari Kid’s Founding Women’s Auxillary, a group of community leaders that raises money to grant the wishes of children diagnosed with cancer. Grace continues to lend her speaking skills to various charities including the March of Dimes, Catholic Charities, Susan G. Komen and various school districts. She remains most proud of receiving the 2006 award as a Northside Independent School District “Pillar of Fairness,” and was featured on more than 500 posters districtwide. She also joined former San Antonio Spur David Robinson on the cover of a local publication that honors local African Americans for their achievements, The Blackbook. Grace is proud of her multiracial heritage which inspired her to write a children’s book. When asked how she has time to commit to so many efforts? Grace says there’s always time to make a difference and nothing is more personally rewarding than recognizing the talents of a child and helping them build the confidence to pursue the same dream she had. A dream that started with dolls, chalk and little girl with a big name to live up to.

The 2015 Return of the Fiesta Polo Cup to San Antonio

VIP table tickets must be purchased in advance and are $150/person or $1,000 for a table of 8. General admission tickets are

$10 in advance, $20 at the door. Due to the nature of the outdoor event, no refunds will be available in case of rain. However a rain date has been arranged for May 10. For tickets, visit or call 210-310-9866.

For decades now Fiesta has been the best party of the city, and for years it was kicked off by a major polo event that featured royalty and city leadership. This year it returns with not just one royal court, but two, as part of the San Antonio Polo Club’s Polo in the Park series. King Antonio and the Texas Cavaliers Mounted Unit will converge on Olmos Basin Park on April 12 from 12-4 for an elegant matchup against the court ofEl Rey Feo. Polo In the Park’s Fiesta Kings Cup and will offer an exciting polo match, delicious luncheon from Bistro Vatel, as well as a pretty hat contest, champagne divot stomp and gourmet BBQ. The polo matchup of Team El Rey Feo and Team King Antonio is the first polo competition between the two courts, a new tradition to be added to all the Fiesta fun. Crowds will be able to cheer on their favorite team in blue or gold, with a beautiful silver champagne bowl going to the victor. VIP tables are available for private parties of 8 along the best real estate on the polo field, but must be reserved now before the match. VIP ticket holders also will enjoy wine and beer, and a buffet luncheon under tent. General admission seating is also available with gourmet BBQ grilled to perfection by Chef Tyler Horst formerly of Tejas Steakhouse. The San Antonio Polo club is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that is dedicated the historic preservation of the sport of polo here where it first began in the United States in 1878. All proceeds from the Fiesta Kings Cup benefits polo education and low cost or free lessons for underprivileged or troubled children.

ppresents r es ents

the th e





$10 in Advance $20 at the gate $5 kids and children under 3 free

VIP Ticket $150/person | $1,000 VIP Tables Parisenne Sideline | Tailgate Picnic Lunch Catered by Bistro Vatel

For More Information | | 210.310.9866


"Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of spirit, and these three (or a trinity) are synthesized by life which pervades them all."


Fitness & Philanthropy:

Retired NFL Players Legacy Breaking Down Walls By Desiree H. Serna, B.A., C.N.P., M.P.A. Charities Editor--SA Monthly Magazine 210-833-6979

Board Officer: John Hartsfield

As CEO of Nationwide Merchants, John Hartsfield's company provides businesses with merchant and lending services to help boost their bottom-line and save on costs associated with payment processing. In his philanthropic career he acts as a board officer for the Breaking Down Walls. His expertise and professional network helps to solidify strategic partnerships and sponsorship's yielding successful programs which provide an educational/inspiring pathway for the youth of tomorrow. Hartsfield's philanthropic dedication spans beyond Breaking Down Walls, as he consistently contributes his time to produce meaningful celebrity endorsed events/projects for several organizations, including Breaking Down Walls. Hartsfield is known as the "Go To Guy" for putting together high profile celebrity events in support of both non- and for-profit organizations that benefit the youth. He not only gives back to the youth by volunteering within the community but he also is a very powerful motivational speaker and speaks to the youth about overcoming obstacles/ challenges they may face in their life. Hartsfield is also a devoted Dad and Father to his 2 year old son Preston Hartsfield.

After losing his father at a very young age, retired NFL player Lenny Walls, encountered many barriers growing up in the inner-city neighborhoods of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay, California area. As a kid surrounded by drugs, violence and poverty, his journey to success was a hard fought one. However, he developed the necessary qualities to survive by remaining confident, ambitious, and determined. “I learned the importance of positive association at a very young age,” said Walls, “I am grateful for all those who mentored and helped me along the way.” As a result, Walls has a true passion for the youth and wants to encourage and empower children, especially underprivileged and at-risk youth. Walls is a former NFL and Canadian football player, dubbed the tallest cornerback in NFL history at 6’4”. In his professional career, Walls played his rookie year with the Denver Broncos. His 10 year professional career, lead him to many great teams filled with record personal stats, including his 20 pass breakups—a record in Denver history. Walls, however, wants his legacy to stretch further than the role as professional athlete.

In his current role he continues to defend, however, he defends off the field and in the realm of philanthropy. Walls is quite literally “breaking down walls” and barriers for San Antonio at-risk youth with his newly established nonprofit. Breaking Down Walls is a charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, offering an array of youth-oriented programs based on the principles of sports, leadership and perseverance. Walls currently serves as CEO and President of Breaking Down Walls, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving San Antonio and surrounding areas. “Our programs are designed to help participants develop sports, leadership and life skills,” says Walls. Breaking Down Walls sports programs are further designed to encourage and empower participants, teaching them the importance of a healthy lifestyle; the importance of integrity, confidence and character; and the power of teambuilding. “Our goal is to use sports as a way to teach participants to adopt a positive approach to succeeding in life no matter the challenges they face,” says Walls.

For more information or to donate, please visit:

FOOD Noun Material, usually of plant or animal orgin, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals.


The Restaurant Fanatic took a trip around the Culinary World in San Antonio! Belkis Lane Mobile 210-815-0480 • Email:


Acadiana Café Cuisine: Creole-French Address: 1289 SW Loop 410 San Antonio, TX 78227 Phone: (210) 674-0019

“The King of Crawfish in Town” Want to go to the Bayou? Louisiana? Without leaving town? Do you have a French-creole soft spot? This restaurant is your place. From catfish trough alligator, yeap! You hear right alligator, it tastes like chicken though. Gumbo, Crawfish, chicken in dumplings, fried turkey; Acadiana Café is the eatery for the comfort food. From 1990 this restaurant been serving the West of San Antonio and the surroundings area for over 2 generations and still going. Cold beer or ice tea, mixed drinks and awesome fried tilapia with coleslaw, accompanied with green been and mash potatoes, Grandma where are you?!!!! My tummy is happy!, I need a nap after this and burn all the calories!!! Friendly and family oriented, most definitely I’m coming back when I’m in the need of a “chicken soup for the soul”. You can found Acadiana Café Shack on every single “Fiesta” events in special the famous “Oyster Bake”. They catering too, just if you thinking a party and give back a lot to the community of San Antonio. I love this restaurant! Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Bavarian Brauhaus Cuisine: German Cuisine Address: 300 West Bitters, Ste 185 San Antonio, TX 78216 Phone: (210) 396-7170

“Willkommen to San Antonio European cusine!” Schwarzwälder Schinken und Käse, black forest ham and Swiss served with lettuce, marinated tomato and mayonnaise served on wheat bread.Gezogenes Schweinefleisch, pulled pork topped with sautéed onions and gravy served on a pretzel bun. Tasty, spicy, don’t forget the beer! Geflügelsalat mit Avocado, salad topped with sliced chicken, avocado, pickle, tomato, onion, grapes, wine vinegar, and spices. Finishing with a Oma’s Blechkuchen, add a scoop of ice cream and chocolate drizzle, Chocolate sheath cake with walnuts. After gobble this you will be dancing Polka! Did you remember the movie “Song of Music” that was in my mind when I munch all this, Oloreliuuu!!!!Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol, scrumptious and fascinating explosion of flavors. This authentic German-American cuisine owned by Ralph Richardson will take you to Germany in a fly of gastronomic seasonings.


Pesto Ristorante Cuisine: Italian Grill Address: 15179 Judson Rd San Antonio, TX 78247 Phone: (210) 546-1331

“Italian cusine from the heart” Chef Santoyo, think shrimp Paesanos? In his restaurant”Shrimp Alejandra”. Santoyo, was the executive chef for “Paesanos “for over 15 years. Now he is bringing to neighborhood his specialty in italian cuisine. Unique dishes made with fresh ingredients following traditional Tuscan recipes are the trademark of the menu. Glancing at the list of entrees is like a feast for the eyes -- and yes, your mouth will start watering. Whether you opt for the calamari (fresh squid poached in a sauce made of tangy tomatoes and white wine), the sinful fettuccine Alfredo or fresh handmade bread and fresh salads, you'll be tucking into a meal that'll remain on your brain. Pesto Tortilinni, Chicken Parm, sizzling in garlic, brandy, dry vermouth, herbs and spices and sun-dried tomatoes, four specially selected cheeses, all topped with "renaissance sauce" will transport to Italy at no time. The smart wine list spotlights Italian and local wineries, and the fresh-made pastries and remind you that there's always room for dessert. Alejandro Santoyo cook from the heart and you can experience it!. Tutti a tavola a mangiare!


Godai Cuisine: Sushi-Japanese Address: 11203 West Ave San Antonio, TX 78288 Phone: (210) 348-6781

“The King of Sushi! Chef Goro” Voted the best sushi bar in San Antonio several time, this favorite spot will give you so many options that you can’t count. Goro Pitchford well known as a Chef Goro is the “father of every sushi place in San Antonio” if I might say, but he is so humble he will not admit this. When you walk to Godai the cozy ambiance with friendly staff will welcome you with the most refreshing Japanese beer in town follow by the more delicious miso, getting your stomach ready for the culinary sushi art. The prices are reasonable, given the freshness and quality of the produce. You can’t come here to eat a regular “California Roll” ask for Chef Goro to impress you and he will no regrets. The Vegetable Roll Fresh asparagus and bell pepper sautéed in olive oil, married together with crab, avocado, shrimp, and fresh salmon wrapped in soy paper and cucumber. Topped with a creamy basil vinaigrette and special blend of garlic and mayonnaise, will make you jump! Delicious!. The Lobster and Scallop Tower Pan seared sea scallops, fresh crab salad, sweet lobster tail presented with fried sweet potato slices and sliver, and theSashimi Tapas Fresh Tuna, Yellow-tail, and Salmon each mixed with a different infused sauce, green onions, and fresh lemon zest make me say “Arigatoo gozaimasu!”.

Chef and Caterer of the Month! BIANCA DORANTES Professional Chef

Chef B Catering and Home-base Bakery • 210-723-8570

As I was a little girl I loved all those Mexican simple plates as I saw them , they were simple and easy because they were made on a daily basis. But as time has shown me they were more complex than that. There is so much pre prep to be done that I just took it for granted as my Mother would put me to chop, clean, peel, cut, stir and I contributed to making a simple but complex Mexican Dinner at an early stage of my life. As a 12 year old I would help my mother finish dinner and got to the point of making a 4 course dinner by the age of 13. Never in my wildest dream would I have thought that this was just the beginning of my Career and future. Cooking is my Passion and my form of cooking is a daily challenge to me in every dish that I cook. I try to make an ordinary dish into an extra ordinary new dish with a taste that is not expected. A simple Mmm sound from the people who eat my food tells me that I am in the right path with excellent reviews on the spot. When the plate is wiped clean and they ask for seconds, this Chef is all smiles. My experience in cooking in San Antonio brought my child foundation of Mexico into the Tex Mex atmosphere and I have somehow developed my own version which is a little more Mex then Tex. My dishes are my creation of my past cooking in Mexico with my school experience from the Culinary Institute of America here in San Antonio, and the experience of working with Brian Bailey in the Banquet kitchen at the JW Marriot, Flor Vergara at true flavors catering and Elizabeth Johnson at Pharm Table have given me the tools to create my own unique taste and vision. Mexico, Texas and my uniqueness in cooking created my business in San Antonio which is “Chef B Catering and Bakery” My Business is a must try for everyone, from cooking classes, to a romantic dinner for two, a luncheon for 12 or simple cupcakes for your young ones birthday. Whatever the occasion might me you won’t be disappointed, on the contrary it will be an epic experience one which you will want to repeat often.


210.732.DECO (3326)



and Don’t Forget the Fries!!!

In January, 1977, with the encouragement of family and friends, Chris Madrid, a University of Texas marketing major, opened Chris Madrid’s Tacos and Burgers, in historic Mid-town section of San Antonio. The burgers quickly became the favorite menu item and soon the tacos were deleted from the menu and name. Today, Chris Madrid’s has turned into a unique dining experience. It is a quaint, friendly restaurant offering personal attention, a quality product, and a genuine concern for customer satisfaction. Tex-Mex decor adorns the old gas station and c antina. The cantina is a full service bar featuring iced down longnecks and frozen margaritas. Chris Madrid’s is a fun family atmosphere where all of San Antonio comes together-from judges to working stiffs and politicos to college students. Customer feed back is encouraged and depended on. Hamburgers are the main dining course. There are six varieties and two sizes, regular and Macho size. Fresh cut french fries, nachos, chalupas and a 6 oz. grilled chicken sandwich fill the rest of the menu. Chris Madrid’s motto has always been to “Cook Each Item as if You Were Cooking it For a Friend”. As hokey as this may sound, this philosophy is the reason for continued success. In addition to being featured in Texas Monthly and recipient of numerous awards over the years, Chris Madrid’s was the only restaurant from San Antonio, chosen to participate at the Kumamoto Japan-San Antonio, Texas, Sister City Fair in October, 1988. One Japanese businessman was quoted as saying “Chris Madrid’s hamburgers are the Best Burgers in the World”.

1900 Blanco Rd. • San Antonio, TX 78212

(210) 735-3552 Hours: Monday - Saturday: 11AM - 10PM Reservations Accepted: Monday - Thursday

-List A


MONTH Acenar Alamo Café Aldaco’s Mexican Cuisine Aldo’s Anaqua Grill Bambino Huey Café Barriba Cantina Barn Door Restaurant Biga on the Banks Blue Star Brewing Company Bohanan’s Boiler House TX Grill & Wine Garden Boudro’s – A Texas Bistro Bravo Cucina Italiana Broadway 50-50 Buckhorn Saloon Café Cadillac Bar & Restaurante Café Soleil Capparelli’s on Main

Cappy’s Restaurant Casa Real Casa Rio Mexican Foods Restaurant Casey’s Barbecue Champion’s Chris Madrid’s Crumpets Restaurant & Bakery Deco Pizzaria Demo’s Greek Food Dick’s Last Resort Dolores Del Rio El Jarro De Arturo Eyes Over Texas at the Towers Ez’s Fig Tree Restaurant Gini’s Restaurant & Bakery Giuseppe’s Godai Sushi Bar Good Time Charlie’s Guenther House India Oven India Palace J. Alexander’s J. Prime Steakhouse Jacala Mexican Restaurant Josephine Street Café Kangaroo Court

Karam’s Mexican Dining Room L Etoile La Fogata La Fonda on Main La Madeleine La Margarita Mexican Restaurant La Posada del Rey Landry’s Seafood House Las Canarias Liberty Bar Little Italy Restaurant Little Rhein Steak House Los Barrios Restaurant & Catering Luciano Ristorante & Bar Madhatters Tea House & Café Mi Tierra Café And Bakery Morton’s of Chicago Steakhouse Nadler’s Bakery & Deli Old San Francisco Steak Original Mexican Restaurant Oro Restaurant & Bar Outback’s Steakhouse Paesano’s Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine Paloma Riverwalk Pat O’Brien’s Bar Piatti Italian Restaurant

Pico de Gallo Restaurant Presidio Razmiko’s Ristorante Italiano Rio Rio Cantina Rita’s on the River Romano’s Macaroni Grill Rosario’s Rosario’s Mexican Café y Cantina Ruth’s Chris Steak House Shiraz Silo Elevated Cuisine Spaghetti Warehouse Stone Works Café And Bar Sushi Zushi Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse The County Line The Palm Restaurant The Quarry Golf Club The Republic of Texas Restaurant Tomatillos Café y Cantina Tony Roma’s Famous for Ribs Twin Sisters Bakery & Café Water Street Oyster Bar Zuni Grill

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Noun The state or condition of being physically fit, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.


SERVING UP THE BEST BRANDS IN TENNIS SINCE 1989 1931 Northwest Military Highway Ste 136

Call (210) 349-3439 Same DayTennis Racquet Re-Stringing & Customization

THE PILATES METHOD A form of exercise that helps strengthen your Powerhouse muscles (Abdominals, Low Back, Pelvic, & Gluteal muscles)

By Fitness Editor Skie Molinar For those of you who want to improve your posture, strengthen and define a better midsection along with strengthening your low back. Pilates is a great way to begin to learning proper breathing technique and finding your neutral spine. A form of controlled of exercise technique to use proper body mechanics. It will strengthen the abdominal girdle which will protect your internal organs and build a streamlined shape. With Pilates beginners and intermediate method, you will learn proper breathing technique while you learn to stabilize your Abdominal and Pelvis area to execute your movement with exercise. You can use Pilate’s technique with any other form of exercise to stabilize your core muscles to prevent injury. As a Professional Pilates instructor, former Professional bodybuilder, figure competitor myself, I have learned to incorporate Pilates technique in the gym with the free weights and machines along with everyday activities. It stabilizes my center of gravity to make the lift safely along with proper breathing technique, at the same time I’m strengthening my mid-section. With Pilate’s technique you will strengthen your muscles from the inner core to the outer, which will protect your spine and help prevent injury to low back along with helping prevent a hernia. I highly recommend taking a beginners and intermediate class of Pilates before you begin any other form of exercise, especially a weightlifting class. My only regret is not learning Pilate’s techniques early on as I began my competitive bodybuilding and weight training. In my opinion as a person with a Physical Therapy degree and Professional Fitness Trainer, competitor, it is essential for proper body mechanics to learn to find your neutral spine and proper breathing technique. Using proper Pilates method in your everyday life whether sitting at a desk in front of a computer, driving your car, lifting-placing objects or groceries from the floor or lifting weights or any sport will help The Bridge align your body and possibly prevent a hernia or back injury. Find a Professional Pilates instructor with a Physical Therapy degree because they will modify the exercises to fit your body’s needs if there are any underlying conditions. The feedback and testimonials I’ve received in working with clients with Fibromyalgia, rotator cuff injuries, foot problems, spine, hip and knee etc. reinforce my belief in the Pilates Method! Single Knee to Chest

Preparing to do the Rollover or Jacknife

Double Knee to Chest

The Rollover/Jacknife

Testimonial Fibromyalgia is a disease that is very similar to chronic fatigue syndrome. Symptoms include bodily aches and pains accompanied by fatigue, depression, and insomnia. Doctors don’t know what causes it; all they know is that stress is a major factor. These individuals have low serotonin levels, therefore the best relief is exercise which helps increase serotonin levels. About a year ago a young lady by the name of Suzanne Puckett / Pharmacist, was referred to me by another client. She was somewhat afraid to exercise due to the pain she would experience every time she would begin an exercise program. During her consultation, I explained to her that we would began with Pilates mat beginners exercises and slowly graduate her to Pilates equipment exercises with more resistance along with using the Pilates stretching apparatus. She has done so well that she has now graduated to using the weight training equipment and she is much more confident and doesn’t have as many episodes of pain. In our conversations in her training sessions she has reported that the last couple of times her doctor has not found anymore pain trigger points and she is currently in remission. Since her sessions have begun a year ago she has lost 3 inches off her waist and has lost body fat. Her attitude is more cheerful and she is just radiant these days. Just knowing you’ve helped make a difference in someone’s life, especially when they have lived with a lot of pain, makes my job so rewarding. Sincerely, Suzanne Puckett - Pharmacist

SKIES THE LIMIT “Empowering Lives”

An Awesome Approach to Anti-Aging, Wellness & Fitness SKIE MOLINAR Certified Anti Aging & Sports Medicine ISSA Master of Fitness Sciences Associate in Physical Therapy Professional Pilates Instructor for Health Care Professionals A4M member & Certified in Anti Aging & Sports Medicine Empire Who’s Who honored Member Fitness Editor for SA Monthly Online Magazine

SKIE MOLINAR 210.452.7543 San Antonio, TX

Make time for exercise or make time for disease...the choice is entirely up to you!

Smooth Spring Legs

By Skincare Editor Crystal Holmes

After what felt like a very long winter, women across San Antonio are overjoyed that spring is finally here and thankful that the sun is making its long awaited appearance. As an observer of mall shopping fashion trends (our reception area has very large windows), I instantly saw sweaters being swapped for breezy tops, boots being traded in for open-toed shoes, brighter colors being worn and hemlines getting shorter. It is that beautiful time of year when girls get to show off killer legs in trendy shorts and spring dresses, thankful they balanced cozy winter Netflix nights with enough trips to the gym! Still, after hibernating our legs for so long, there are usually a few steps required to achieve gorgeous smooth skin and keep up with “girl code” before slipping on that shorter skirt. I mean, who wants to see leg hair, stubble or razor bumps on those newly exposed legs? But before you head to the local drug store to replace your dull razor cartridges (have you seen how pricey those can be?), consider joining the tens of thousands of women who have chosen a more permanent, affordable, pain-free option to obtain year-round smooth legs. At BodyBrite La Cantera, we use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to safely destroy hair follicles from the base, inhibiting future growth. Hair is reduced after each session and GONE in approximately 9 total sessions! You can now use that extra time you used to spend shaving for something much more getting outdoors and enjoying life! We pride ourselves on making it easy to…..Look Good San Antonio!

Keeping Baby Teeth Healthy

In today’s society there is a misunderstanding in regards to baby teeth. Unfortunately, parents commonly ask, “why treat cavities in baby teeth when they are just going to fall out anyways?” Well, this is true, usually baby teeth do fall out. However, all baby teeth don’t fall out at the same time. There is a process in which they fall out, and permanent teeth come in. This happens over a span of years. Because of this, baby teeth should not only be brushed, but as soon as two (2) baby teeth are touching, you should also floss. As this will prevent cavities from forming in between teeth, which are often times unseen by the human eye.

Why are baby teeth important? They are important for several reasons, such as: 1. Proper chewing and eating (allows normal overall growth and health of the child) 2. Provides space for the permanent teeth and guiding them into the correct position 3. Permits normal development of the jaw bones and muscles Therefore, keeping baby teeth healthy can have overall positive effects in your child’s development and life in general. We all know kids can be very difficult when it comes to brushing their teeth. Kids can also be very sneaky and get into snacks without parents knowing. Even though, parents always find out in the end. With lots of exposure to snacks and not brushing, cavities tend to form. But, this is not the end of the world. Cavities can be treated. There are many factors that will determine the type of treatment needed to fix baby teeth with cavities. Also, cavities can form on any tooth in the mouth at any location on the tooth. Usually, if the cavity is small and only located on the chewing surface of the tooth, a filling can be done. A filling is when the cavity is removed from the tooth and material is used to basically fill-in that void of the tooth (similar to putting sand in a bucket). When a cavity is bigger and covers more than just the chewing surface or is in between teeth, sometimes it can/will be treated with removing the cavity and cementing a crown (also known as a cap) on it. A crown is very similar to putting a hat on your head. Wherever, your head goes the hat goes. It is the exact same with the teeth. Therefore, when the tooth falls out, the crown will fall out too. If the cavity gets really big and gets into the nerve then the tooth can possibly be saved with a baby root canal. But, don’t be worry, baby root canals aren’t like adult root canals. They are quick and easy. Basically, a baby root canal is when only the top part of the nerve gets cleaned out and medicine is placed in the tooth to help it heal. When baby root canals are done, it is best to cover it and keep it protected with a crown. If for some reason a baby root canal can’t be done, because there is too much cavity in the tooth, or because of an abscess (looks like a puss-filled pimple), then the tooth needs to be extracted (taken out). Remember, the treatment for a baby tooth with a cavity is determined based on many factors. This decision will ultimately be made by the dentist BEFORE AFTER you choose to treat your child.


s t i at ! t s e B

Call for Information, SPECIALS & Pricing: (210) 829-5040

We are committed to quality product at a reasonable price. We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact. We reuse and recycle our glass bottles, and donate our pulp to local farmers.

We can to talk to your group about Juicing and Health? Give Us a Call! We Love Helping the Community.

• Cold Pressed Juice • Uses Local, Organic Pesticåide Free Produce • Glass Bottles Keep Our Juice Fresh • NO Added Sugar • NOT Watered Down • Raw Juice-No Pasteurization or Pascalization Used • 3, 5, or 7 day Detox Programs Available • We Deliver!


17803 LaCantera Terrace, Ste. 8119 • San Antonio, TX 78256 • (210) 474-6564

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For Best Fitness Results, Check Your Ego at the Door By Eric Castillo, Fitness Editor “Realize that whenever the ego is in charge, it’s only telling half the story—the story as you currently view it—not the whole story that takes into account other people’s perceptions and the facts behind the matter. Because life is complex and people are constantly shooting ego arrows at you, your job is to realize when your ego defense is in play. Acknowledge that your ego is simply trying to protect you, but that at the same time it’s blocking off reality. And when that happens, you’re figuratively crippled because you’re unable to understand how you fit into the world.” Ego in the gym is a funny thing. It causes more injuries than broken down equipment, bad trainers or poorly designed workout programs. It starts with the ego of a newcomer and what they do the first time they walk in. The ego goes over to a random piece of equipment and starts exercising. Ego is so worried about what other people think, he or she would rather jump right in than ask for guidance. Here’s a little secret. Exercises done in random order, or with bad form, or using more weight than you should are what make you look foolish. Asking for help in designing your workouts, for guidance on how to move properly and insight into what may be best for your body will make you look like a genius. You don’t just jump into a car and start driving. You can’t expect to walk into a gym and start exercising until you’ve learned the basics. The same rule applies once you know what you’re doing. Our bodies grow by being pushed. Doing the same thing, day after day isn’t going to do a lot of good. You should also avoid pushing your body to extremes to prove that you can keep up with a workout partner. Showing off in the gym by ego lifting is dangerous. Injuries can set you back months, or even take you out for good. You won’t impress anybody if you try to lift something ridiculously heavy, and end up being rushed to the emergency room. If you’re looking for a challenge, you should be competing against yourself. Work towards improving your time, increasing your weight or doing things just a little better than your previous session. That means keeping track of all your workouts so you have clear documentation of the changes. Once you’ve got your ego under control, do the same for the people you work out with. If you’re looking for a personal trainer, avoid the ones who see themselves as the only solution for every person that talks to them. Imagine going to an eye doctor for a pain in your leg, or a stomach specialist for headaches. Seems kind of silly right? I can’t tell you how many people go looking for a personal trainer and settle with the first person they talk to. It’s not really the client’s fault, they may not know what to look for. That’s why trainers should be educated about other fitness programs, so they can properly refer people when something else would be more appropriate.

HOME Noun A residence. The physical structure within which one lives; an environment offering security and happiness. A valued place of orgin.


Real Estate Photography Objectives - Solutions - Results $ 12I0 AL SPE

Photography & Marketing Package • 30+ HDR & Edited Images • Virtual Tour • Customized Flyer • Photos Available w/48 hrs • Industry Standards • Pro-Nikon Equipment • Background Approved • Degreed & Certified


($200 Value)

Ask for William

Let me show you the value of “Pro-Photography”

(210) 501-5272

Buying Your New Home!

Cindy Bachicha, REALTOR®, ABR, MRP Realty Executives of San Antonio 210.218.7681 Flowers are in full bloom, FIESTA is right around the corner and it’s not just the weather that is heating up. The San Antonio housing market is experiencing a surge much earlier this year, . Many buyers and sellers were busy during the “colder months” deciding if NOW is the right time for them to buy or sell a home. So, how does this impact you? If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a home, there are several things to consider. With more buyers relocating to San Antonio, looking to grow their family, or simply move up, we currently do not have enough homes to meet the demand. So, Where do I begin if I’m a buyer?

Pre-Qualification: Make contact sooner than later with your preferred Lender to determine what you qualify for. Your Lender can help you decide what your best financing option is, and if you have a current home, what your loan payoff is. Knowing this information will better prepare you for how you will utilize those funds.

Enlist the help of the professional: With the popularity of 3rd party search sites to locate available homes, nothing replaces the real knowledge and experience of a Licensed Real Estate agent. All licensed agents take an oath to provide support, integrity, competency and fairness. We are held to a higher standard and we take our jobs very seriously. Your Realtor can assist you by gathering data to help support a strong offer, research specific neighborhoods within their area of expertise and provide you with the most accurate information associated with our Multiple Listing System (MLS).

Be prepared to move: With your pre-qualification letter from your Lender in have more buying power. Having discussed some important details with your Realtor ahead of time, will make it easier to make a quick move once you find “the one”. In this current climate, many active listings see offers within days of becoming available to the open market. You will want to be ready to strike while the iron is hot, so doing your research on the neighborhoods, schools, commute, crime and potential growth will arm you with the necessary information to make an educated decision about what works best for YOU.

Know your limits: While you may feel excited about identifying a house you are prepared to move on, don’t feel pressured to go beyond your “comfort zone” to win out against competing offers. Communicating with your personal support system (lender, family, Realtor, etc) about where your threshold lies, is very important. Let’s face it…this is an emotionally charged decision, so plan ahead! Keep in mind that no one else is signing on that dotted line…only YOU. YOU have to feel comfortable-YOU have to be excited-YOU have to make the mortgage payment, so be sure this is what YOU want. Ultimately, this should be a fun and exciting time. Enjoy it! Buying a home is a very big deal…it should be met with contemplation and much celebration. Call me if I can help YOU or someone you know!

Safety, BEFORE Answering the Door Safety is a big concern when your children are home alone, whether it is for a few hours after school or during school vacations. As a precaution, it is important to discuss basic safety tips and rules. When children are home alone, you may want to instruct them not to answer the door at all. For adults, many of us find it hard to put safety first without feeling like we’re being rude. Because of this, many of us, without hesitation automatically open the door. Unfortunately, we cannot always be so trusting. Below are a few precautions you can use. Don’t forget to use the peephole. Even when it is dark outside, flip on the porch light. This may seem like common sense, but it is surprising how many people do not utilize this simple security tip. Always ask your visitor to identify themselves. If the person knocking has a good reason to be at your home, they will be happy to identify themselves if asked. Use your camera phone. If your visitor states that they are from a certain business and you feel as though you need to verify who your visitor is, take a picture and send it to whoever needs to confirm. Or call the company your visitor says they represent to ensure they sent someone to your home. Trust your instincts. If you get that queasy feeling that something is wrong, it probably is. Remember, knowledge is power especially when it comes to your security! Call Blue Armor Security Services, Inc. at (210)495-4610 to learn about our many security solutions! Willie Ng Blue Armor Security Services, Inc. Ghost Author: Susie LaFredo, InterNetWorking Edge

Blue Armor Security Services, Inc., locally owned and operated, is one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America.

“Our Experts are Committed to Excellence in Service”

• Commissioned and Non-commissioned Security Guards • Video Surveillance • Security Patrol • Private Investigation • Residential & Commercial Alarm Services • Controlled Access Gate Systems • Custom Build / Installation/Service Repair /Programming /Maintenance • (210) 495-4610 Where ALL of your Security Needs Are Met!

MUSIC Noun The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rythym and timbre.


Tim Martino “DJ Relapse” Born February 11th is a New York City based DJ and producer. He was born and raised in the heart of NYC, the lower east side of Manhattan. His love for music grew at an early age. He was influenced by various cultures around him. Tim moved to San Antonio,TX about 5 years ago due to his job at that time. He worked with Toyota doing special projects. You would ask how did he become the DJ he is today? Well let’s just say he didn’t start right away. This very talented gentleman actually holds two college degrees. Yes, you read it right. Tim attended Rochester Institute of Technology. He currently holds a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering and a Masters in Engineering Management. Totaling to 10 years experience as an Engineer. Pretty impressive huh? So, how did DJ’ing come about? Pretty simple!!! By accident he states. It all started at a Fraternity party and the rest is history. His music and energy became more noticeable immediately and soon was booked all over the state of New York. To name a few were Buffalo, Syracuse and of course New York City. Considered one of the most entertaining DJs around. His range of music starts from EDM, hip hop and old school hip hop. Tim’s inspirational music comes from Trey Songz, old school and Tiesto. Who’s your inspirational DJ? Steve Aoki Papi Shank a well known independent artist from New York has pushed me a lot in my music. He’s always giving me correct feedback verses “Ya man that sounds real good” which some do because they’re afraid to tell the truth. Tim has done a showcase at SXSW in the Vinyl Room on 6th street in Austin, TX. The clubs he’s done here are Club Rip, Garden, Greenhouse, and Davenport. He’s also the founder of “All about the experience” which is a marketing/promoting group. They range from 5-10 people bringing SA the best nightlife scene. “Promoting is not just promoting. It’s a lifestyle. You gotta always be thinking outside the box.” -Tim DJRlapse Martino What is SA slacking? Word of mouth and more respect level isn’t there. Don’t be afraid to be an individual to bring out something different. That’s when I created “All about the experience” in 2014. I love SA and everyone that supports me but I’m ready for bigger things. I would love to see myself in Vegas within time. He would love to thank everyone that’s been apart of my journey. Being with me from the start to my future. His girlfriend that’s been very supportive with his lifestyle and always pushing him to do better. Lastly his mom... I definitely want to thank her for everything she has done for me and my siblings. I don’t know what I’ll do without her support. Follow Tim DJ Relapse Martino on IG: DJRelapse and on

MAT Epic


Indie Rock from SATX

For several years the Matt Adler Band has been making their mark on the San Antonio music scene, and now they are reaping the benefits regionally. While all five members of the band (Matt Adler, David Hernandez, Tony Neely, David Brent, Katie Boyd) hail from SA, more and more they are finding themselves in a multi-car caravan headed to one of many destinations throughout Texas.

With their latest release, the Stages EP, best friends came together to arrange the album and to define a brand new sound - infusing indie rock and organic elements with electronic drums and soundscapes. Fans of Imagine Dragons and Future of Forestry will find themselves quite at home here, but Mattís music is unique all the same. His songs are atmospheric, densely layered, somewhat progressive, yet catchy. Matt credits his most recent band lineup for much of his new sound. “Everybody brings something unique to the table,” Matt says, “Every member of the group is incredibly talented and draws influences from all over the musical spectrum. And having Katie on cello as a full time member of the band is amazing - she just makes us so epic!” While the Stages EP is available physically at live concerts, the album may be downloaded 100% free. Head over to to grab your copy today!

Boz Scaggs Tobin Center for the Performing Arts Monday, May 04, 2015 7:30 PM San Antonio, TX Fans who have followed Scaggs’ remarkable career dating back to the late Sixties with the Steve Miller Band; his solo triumphs with such classic albums as Silk Degrees (1976) and Middle Man (1980); and the splendid assurance of late-period high points like Some Change (1994) and Dig (2001), will instantly recognize Scaggs’ characteristically deft touch as a singer. He brings a sly drawl to a funky workout like Li’l Millet and the Creoles “Rich Woman,” a conversational intimacy to Bobby Charles’s “Small Town Talk,” and an elegant delicacy to the Impressionsí “I’m So Proud.” He easily negotiates the Latin flavoring of “Last Tango on 16th Street” and “I Want to See You,” both written by San Francisco bluesman (and longtime Scaggs compatriot) Jack Walroth. His soul is effortless and deeply felt, never making a show of itself, but unmistakably evident in every lyric he delivers.

“I’m at a point where Iím having a lot of fun with music, more than ever,” Boz Scaggs says about his spellbinding new album, A Fool to Care. “It’s like I’m just going wherever I want to go with it.” The inspirational heart of those songs lies in the sounds of Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma that played such a vital role in shaping Scaggs’ musical sensibility, beginning with the seductive New Orleans rumble of the title track.

Greg Allman Tobin Center for the Performing Arts Monday, May 05, 2015 7:30 PM San Antonio, TX

FASHION Noun The prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior, something such as a garment, that is in the current mode: The style characteristic of the social elite.



By Beauty Editor, Marci Madla-Brigance Thanks to Kim Kardashion, the internet has exploded with “Highlight and Contour” tutorials, pictorials, and how-to’s, but ... what is it? This is the question I am asked most as a working professional. Without further ado, let’s get right to it! Highlighting and contouring (as it pertains to makeup), in it’s simplest explanation, is the manipulation of light and shade to accentuate and define facial features and bone structure. In order to execute this correctly, you first need to identify your face shape and locate your cheekbones. Identifying your basic face shape can be tricky, but to do this, begin with clean, makeup-free skin, then, pull all of your hair away from your face (a ponytail is perfect) and examine the shape in the mirror. There are seven basic face shapes: Oval, square, pear, diamond, heart, oblong, and round. Some people may even be a combination of two or several shapes, but for this purpose, we are only looking for the prominent shape. Study your hairline, the shape your jawbone creates over your neck, as well as your temples and cheeks. Because an oval face is the most symmetrical and proportionate, it is (arguably) considered the “ideal” face shape. One of the objectives of highlighting and contouring is to shade and illuminate key areas of your face to give the illusion that it is oval, while correcting any asymmetrical features. Shading (contouring) an area will cause it to “sink in”, while illuminating (highlighting) an area will bring it forward, which is why it is a common practice to contour directly below the cheekbones, while highlighting the apples of the cheekbones to give the illusion of a defined face. The next piece to this puzzle is deciding which products and colors to use to best achieve the desired effect. Choosing a product: Cream Vs Powder Using cream products to highlight and contour will give the most dramatic effect, and while this method has increased significantly in popularity, I feel it should be mentioned that this is a technique best reserved for photo-shoots and select special occasions...this is not an “everyday look”. Using powder products can be an easy way to achieve a slightly more “natural” look and can be used daily if desired. Choosing a Color: Warm Vs Cool The purpose of contour is to mimic shadows. A shadow is not orange, nor does it shimmer. Because of this, a bronzer is not an effective product to use. Personally (on myself) and professionally (on clients) I tend to use cooler shaded powders, typically marketed as eye shadows. It is best to opt for cool tones of taupes, browns, grays and charcoals (depending on your skin tone). Lastly, less is more! If you can see the product on your face, use less and blend more! Happy Contouring, San Antonio!

, s d n o m Dia onds, m a ! i s D d n o m a i D

Rhonda J. Gurinsky Owner, Gurinsky's Fine Jewelry Immediate Past President CTRC Council Vice President Fundraising CAA Project Graduation Chair 2016 WCHS

Rhonda Gurinsky, co-owner of Gurinskys Jewelry in North Star Mall has more than thirty years of experience in the Jewelry Business. She started learning the way beginning in high school working for a close family friend who owned a jewelry store, in her hometown of Morgan City, Louisiana. After college she meet and married Charlie Gurinsky who had several jewelry stores in Austin and San Antonio. Together they have owned and operated over nine stores through south Texas. In the late nineties Rhonda and Charlie decided to focus on their 4 children and began the downsize process after a near tragedy of one of their children. They have recently opened a beautiful 1500 sqft store in North Star were they are able to showcase their love for diamonds, watches, pearls, estate jewelry and semi-precious pieces. Rhonda is very passionate about volunteering and believes in putting back into her community. She has been President of several organizations and PTA’s where her children attended school. She is the immediate Past President of CTRC Council (formerly Cancer Center Council) and continues to be involved in several organizations. Rhonda & Charlie have been awarded multiple community awards but their proudest achievement are their 4 beautiful children. They raised their children, Jennifer, Nathan, Rachel and Sylvan in the business, who are all working toward their own purpose and passions.

Diamond is April’s birthstone and I love diamonds! They come in all shapes and sizes and in tons of selection. You can find diamonds in watches, earrings, bracelets, and rings. The number one purchase for a diamond is the engagement ring. When you are considering buying a ring the first thing you should decided is your budget for the diamond and mounting. Buying a diamond that is certified is the most assured way to confirm the diamond evaluation. The 4 C’s are the most important factors, color, cut, clarity and carat-weight. A gemologist’s evaluation of a stone’s color by letter grade are found with a range of colors, from light yellow or brown through to the rarest, which have no color at all. A diamond cut to proper proportion allows the greatest amount of light to be reflected, for maximum brilliance. The fewer imperfections in a diamond, the better; a flawless diamond is extremely rare and valuable. The clarity, ranging from flawless (IF) to very very slightly included (VVS1, VVS2), very slight included (VS1, VS2) to small inclusions (SI1, SI2) are all acceptable for a diamond. The carat is a measure of weight, which also indicates size. A 1ct diamond has 100 points and the incremental sizes of the diamond will determine the price. For instance a half carat that has the 3 qualities of a three quarter carat could cost twice as much even though it is 25 points more! A 1ct could cost three times more with the same qualities! Every diamond is unique-with its own series of internal and external characteristics. Buying from a jeweler who will ‘trade up’ on your diamonds and give you credit toward your new diamonds will save you money in the long run. This type of purchase usually will take place for an anniversary, birthday or Valentines Day! Bottom line‌.. buy from a reputable jewelry store that has been in business for long time. Most local jewelers hand pick their diamonds and can offer you the best prices. They do not work on the mark up that the larger chain stores do. You will also have a better ‘one of a kind’ ring than the mass market jewelers. Most of all, have fun with your purchase and enjoy making memories.

Locally owned and operated since 1976


Charlie and Rhonda Gurinsky

“Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream.� Donatella Versace


As a young girl, Grizelda Garza dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. Styling became her career, and after working in retail, she soon realized she had a talent for mixing and matching. Grizelda is a Texas-born native with a vast sense of style, a keen eye, and a deep love for fashion. Credited with an education from The International Academy of Design and Technology and the School of Style, Grizelda currently practices her craft at St. John Knits as a wardrobe specialist. She styles clientele by appointment and also freelances as a key fashion stylist for publications, such as Signature Hits Magazine. She began her career as an intern and an assistant for well-known stylists before establishing her own business. Although she has a successful career, she never wants to forget where she began. “I worked for my dues to get to where I am today,” she says. Although she doesn’t forget the origins of her success, she’s greatly expanding into larger markets such as Dallas, Miami, and New York. In the past five years, she has created unique looks for celebrities and editorial magazines. She assembles looks ranging from contemporary-chic to traditional dress styles, while gracefully accessorized with the most eye-catching jewelry trends. She’s teamed-up with photographers, such as New York’s Jason Setiawan, and has been featured in Editorial Magazine, NSIDE, GLASSbook, and the E! Channel’s Ice Loves Coco, in collaboration with Signature Hits. Although 2015 just began, she’s already booked appearances at Austin Fashion Week and Miami Fashion Week, securing her place in the fashion world. Grizelda’s approach to design has led her to work with a range of eras. Her talent offers fresh looks and flexibility to her team and clients, ensuring their art or fashion stylishly represented.

Grizelda G. Wardrobe Stylist

Fun in the WINTER Sun! SWIMSUIT EDITION The Cold Didn't Bother Us Anyway! On location in Denver, Colorado


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BUSINESS Noun The occupation, work, or trade in which a person is engaged: A specific occupation or pursuit: Commercial, industrial or professional dealings.


Jeremy McGilvrey Author. Blogger. Speaker. Connect with me on Social Media “The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live.” ~Norman Cousins

12 Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence “Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how great you are, if you can’t see it yourself?” ~Unknown In this months edition of I want to talk to you about Self-Confidence. To start, let me ask: What is self-confidence? Why do so many people lack it? And how do we acquire it – if we don’t already have it? Personally, I believe self-confidence is self-assurance in our own abilities. In the book The Motivated Mind, the author writes, “Self-confidence is more of an attitude – where you promise yourself – no matter how difficult of problem life throws at you – you will try as hard as you can to help yourself. You will acknowledge that sometimes, your efforts to help yourself – may not result in success, because often, being properly rewarded, is not in your control.” I think people who lack self-confidence – depend too much on others to make them feel good about themselves. Listen to me closely here: You do not need people to validate you. You do not need anyone’s approval. None of us are ever going to completely overcome a lack of self-confidence, everyone has it – the most successful people on the planet do to some degree. However, if you get shot down, learn to congratulate yourself for trying – rather than criticizing yourself or not succeeding. Immediately stop any negative self-talk. Replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Trust me, it can be done. Self-confidence will make you unstoppable. But it has to come from within. Here are 12 tips to boost your selfconfidence: For more tips on personal growth strategies please visit my website: 1. Remember the good times 2. Dress for success 3. Stand tall 4. Look others in the eyes 5. Let other people do the talking 6. Smile 7. Be okay with failure 8. Get around positive/uplifting people 9. Give thanks 10. Exercise 11. Reward yourself 12. Become a life-long student

Women In Business Series:

Skie Molinar

SA Monthly Fitness Editor Anti-Aging & Sports Medicine Certified Master of Fitness Sciences Associate in Applied Sciences Physical Therapy Professional Pilates Instructor for Health Care Professionals Empire Who’s Who Skies The Limit Wellness & Fitness Clinic It began as a small adolescent country girl growing up in a ranch. My father a green eyed dark brown hair, very muscular 5 foot 7 inches 200 – 210 pounds of solid muscle. Instead of lifting weights, he did ranch work. Breaking horses branding cattle etc. along with all the lifting of 50 pound salt & cake blocks for the horses and cattle, which I helped him do as well. One of the last & greatest cowboys ever lived. A real gentleman indeed, tough but gentle at the same time. He taught me not to give into fear and go for it. My mother a Beautiful gray blue eyed jet black hair, 4 foot 11 inches petite yet somewhat muscular woman. A waitress for many years and went on to become a dietitian at a hospital and nursing home. My Mother taught me to be patient and never to give up until I figured it out. Horses were my passion, they are Strong, Muscular Beautiful and Smart. There is something magical about a horse. We grew up poor, my father was managing two ranches for a Wealthy man named Zeb Decie. We weren’t rich in material things, but very rich in morals and values. We lacked nothing. Mr. Decie allowed my father to have his own small herd of cattle and about 5 horses roam in about 500 acres of land. My father & I used to watch Rodeos in town together and I remember watching the girls Barrel Racing & thinking to myself “I want to do that someday”. At the time my father had given me my first horse which I named Junior. After hours of practice with my horse every day, I finally entered my fist competition in the Halter Class, Western Pleasure and Barrel Racing. This is where the competitive side of me was birthed. Then came Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Beauty Pageant, Modeling in Fashions Shows, entering a Hair Show with my own models with the total look and yes competed in dancing with a partner like you see in dancing with the stars. Last but not least came the Bodybuilding. Going back to my junior high days, I remember watching my first bodybuilding shows with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Farrigno, Dave Draper, etc. As I watched them posing and competing, I was amazed at the transformation in their physiques. At that time women were not allowed to lift free weights, just machines and I remember thinking to myself, “someday women will be doing this” and I would like to do this. At the age of 21, I began working at a convenient store across Sul Ross State University and as I began to straighten up the magazine rack I came across Joe Weiders Muscle & Fitness Magazine for the first time. In the front cover were photos of the Ms. Olympia with Rachel McClish, Carla Dunlap, Lisa Lion & the list goes on. All I could think about was, “finally women are doing this sport” needless to say I was thrilled. Well, I began purchasing Muscle & Fitness to learn and began working on transforming my physique as best I could. Finally my Dream of doing this sport became a reality. There was no stopping me at that point and I competed in my first show in 1986 at the age of 27, winning 2nd place in the heavyweight class. Then in 1987 competed in my 2nd bodybuilding show winning first and History she wrote. Won several titles, became a WNBF & NGA Professional Bodybuilder. As a PRO competing for money, some coverage in magazines, guest posing engagements, guest appearances, guest speaking, infomercials, photo shoots, speaking engagements in high schools, church & television. Began writing articles for the South Texas Women’s World magazine, South Side Sun Monthly, World Physique magazine etc. You can go to my website; and view photos & more Biography about me.

Women In Business Series:

Susie LaFredo Contact Susie: (210) 362-8121

Susie is co-owner and President of local internet marketing company, InterNetWorking Edge. Having grown up in a family with a military background, she is proud that San Antonio is the city that her father chose to retire and call ‘home’. Susie gathered much experience working closely with businesses, protecting their well-being by providing presentations on protecting information in the workplace. Building relationships was key to her success. This fueled her passion for helping others and sparked her entrepreneur spirit. Along with her husband’s extensive background in the world of technology and her creative marketing ideas, InterNetWorking Edge was born. Susie works with many different local businesses in many different industries and has recently expanded her client base to California. My focus is to help businesses promote their brand, products and services on the World Wide Web. We truly understand what works. Most importantly, the relationships we have formed with our clients is what is important to us. We are viewed us as an extension of their business – we are part of their team! As you may have figured out, the top growth areas in web promotion are Social Media Networking, Focused Web Content, fresh blogging, responsive sites and they are all turning the idea of traditional marketing on its head! We solve the problem that most businesses have - NO TIME. The cool thing about IWE … we do all the hard work. We create a buzz about our clients across the web utilizing several different internet marketing tactics, help build a relationship with their fans – sales prospects – and help their content travel. We help our clients enjoy more targeted website traffic, improved customer relationships and increased brand awareness. The relationship with their customer base is improved by developing deeper, two-way communications through social media sites. Finally, brand awareness is increased from viral messages on your company traveling throughout the web. The bottom line is that Social Media Marketing has become more than just a trend. Millions of potential customers are online each and every day, many of those looking for a product or service that you offer. We make it easy for all of those potential customers to find you rather than your competitors. Through IWE Susie is also involved in helping local organizations that make a difference to our community such as The Valor Club, JOVEN and the Live Oak Animal Shelter.

Women In Business Series:

Rhonda Gurinsky

How did you get started in your career? I started working for a family friend on Saturdays who had a Jewelry store where I grew up in Morgan City Louisiana. I had so much fun and that is where I learned all about diamonds and customer service. What three pieces of advice would you give other women in business today? I have two daughters so this is a really important question. Here is what I tell them: 1. The first is never, never, never let someone tell you what you can or can’t do. Do your best and give God your best of everything. 2. Listen to your heart and do what your heart tells you to do. That is where your peace comes from. If you need to change careers then do it. If you need to stay home, then do it. Take that leap of faith. 3. Never let labels define you, labels box your identity and limits your creative thinking. What is the most satisfying quality about your job? I love being able to celebrate special occasions with my customers. You are not just selling a piece of jewelry but you are helping the customer express their love in a multitude of ways. What would you say are your greatest challenges in your job? My greatest challenge has been working during the holidays. I love traditions and creating memories with my family. Retail is at it’s busiest during the holidays! I hope that I created enough traditions/memories and my hope is that my children will have fond memories and create their own as they grow older. What would you say are the top three skills anyone should have in business? Communication, listening and a self motivating attitude! In your line of business, what motivates you? I live by my five-year plan and that motivates me! Within the five-year plan I break it down by year then by month. I believe in knowing where you have been but really know where you are going and stay open to changes! How do you define success? I believe that success is having peace in all areas of your life not just your job. I have been in the business for over 30 years and success means something different today then it did in my 20’, 30’s and even my 40’s. Having a good reputation in the community and watching your children grow up and be healthy and successful in their careers is the full definition of success to me. Who has been your greatest inspiration? My sister Kim is still my inspiration even though she passed away 4 years ago. She was Down syndrome and never met a stranger. She was always smiling and laughing and when you walked in a room her face lit up. She taught me to live each day with Joy! I want people to remember that we never know what tomorrow brings and life is to short not to live for today. What has been your most satisfying moment in your business career? Well that would have to be being asked to write articles in the San Antonio Magazine! I never imagined that I would be able to share my love for jewelry in such a public forum and I am really excited!

AFTER DARK Adjective Reflecting only a small fraction of incadecent light. A place having little or no light, Night; nightfall.


“You know what I LOVE about this place? Its like CARY GRANT meets MEGAN FOX.”


The Brooklynite is a classic cocktail, and it’s now a classic cocktail-inspired bar on Brooklyn Avenue in San Antonio (our beloved hometown). We make hand-crafted cocktails but we don’t make judgements. We encourage reserving tables for parties of 2 or more. Drink what you want to drink, and we will take care of the rest. Cheers! Showcasing premium spirits alongside house-made cordials, bitters and juices in craft cocktails, The Brooklynite Team prides themselves on being supremely balanced, unapologetically playful, totally unique and always providing top-notch service. Not yet a seasoned cocktailian? Tempting selections of new and old world wines, as well as a variety of beers on tap and bottled ó from Texas and beyond ó offer worthy alternatives. In order to enjoy your own parlor area and quick entrance, we recommend our guests make a reservation in advance.

Open daily: 5 p.m. - 2 a.m.

(210) 444-0707 516 Brooklyn Ave. San Antonio, TX 78215 Street parking is readily available on Brooklyn Ave. and Ave. B and free parking is available in the parking lot directly behind our establishment enter/exit from Ave. B

Sports Bar of the Month

Founded in 2010, Ojos Locos Sports Cantina was built to cater to the Latino male bringing him a comfortable laid back man CUEVA experience. Ojos Locos offers State-of-the-art HD TV’s broadcasting all day deportes with home games for Latinos & away games for the Gringos, in other words Ojos Locos Ama el Fútbol but they are also headquarters for Boxing, UFC, NFL, NBA and MLB. As if that weren’t enough to get you excited, you are served by some of the most coquetas y bonitas chicas. And what’s a sports cantina without delicious authentic Mexican comida –“Mas Tacos, Mas Wings y Mas Cerveza”. Not only are they Cambiando the way you watch Deportes, they’re also changing the way you drink cerveza. Ojos Locos created the very first “Balón”. It’s only the coolest way to drink your Cerveza – a la DRAFT! Known for their 29º ice cold Cerveza, Chica Coquetas y Bonitas and their massive wall of HD televisions makes you wonder why you’re still sitting reading about Ojos and not at one of locales – find a location near you muy pronto – Dallas, San Antonio, Ft. Worth, Albuquerque and now in Houston.

5809 NW Loop 410 • San Antonio, Texas • (210) 448-5626 Open Today 11:00am - 2:00am

Rock & Dance & Concert Venue of the Month!

226 W Bitters Rd Ste 120 T / 210-490-5553 Contact us to book a table for any occasion.

The Falls is a multi-venue night club that has a lot to offer no matter your age, favorite drink, or style of music. From Happy Hour, to our live rock concerts, or if you want to dance the night away to the sounds of our video jockey, The Falls is an upscale elegant establishment for all your entertainment needs. The Falls Nightclub located in San Antonio, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, dominates the scene as one of the most progressive and diverse nightclubs in the city. Boasting six different bars and multiple stages throughout the club The Falls offers unparalleled entertainment for even the most of discriminating club goers. Live music resonates throughout the Rock Room where International bands take the stage to showcase the finest musicians in Rock, Alternative, Metal, Emo, Industrial, Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Pop, and any combination thereof to bring San Antonio the most diverse selection of live concerts around. Electronic Dance Music is now exploding in popularity throughout the world, and The Falls is the premier nightclub in the San Antonio Metroplex to see the best mix of both established international artists and the newest up-and-coming talent on the verge of being global sensations. Sparing no expense, we bring artists from around the globe drawing talent from the hottest dance scenes in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Ibiza, Finland, Israel, England, and beyond. Our programming throughout the year is highlighted by The Falls Nightclub resident DJs encompassing the world’s premier electronic dance music talent.

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Skydome Zinc Bistro & Wine Bar SoHo Crabby Jacks Tabu Lounge Chris Madrids Ivory Lounge Bar America Luna Broadway 5050 J.T. Floore Countrystore Hooligans The Falls The Mix Graham Central Station Cowboys Dancehall Midnight Rodeo Jack’s Bar Blue Star Brewing Co. Swig Martini Bar Tycoon Flats The Pointe Martini Lounge Fox and Hound Ice Lounge

Sunset Station Liberty Bar The Lava Lounge Republic of Texas Howl at the Moon Cappyccino’s Bombay Bicycle Club Chicago Bar Limelight Coyote Ugly Naked Iguana Lounge Mad Dogs British Pub Amore CML

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