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Publishers Letter… Welcome to SA Monthly Online! Our digital Magazine fills a void in San Antonio. It is a diverse contemporary magazine with a delightful mixture of sophistication and playfulness. The look, articles, and advertisements are modern and upscale. Our flexible online format guarantees each issue will be fun and visually exciting. We cover the latest trends in fashion, art, music, film, health and fitness, design, and much more! SA Monthly will always strive to be imaginative, artistic, fresh, and energetic, and will continue to create an investment in the future of San Antonio. There’s a lot to take in, and we may not be 100% green yet but we are doing our best to be eco-friendly and environmentally aware. Being in the publishing/advertising/publicity business for over 20 years, I’m truly proud of our accomplishments in creating a "conscious" publication in San Antonio. The future of magazine publishing is now…so please enjoy our Magazine and don't hesitate to email us any suggestions, ideas, feedback, or just to say hello. Go Green San Antonio!


333 W.Olmos Dr. Suite #117 San Antonio, TX 78212

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ART Noun Human effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature, the conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements; sense of beauty.



Developed from a grassroots event in July of 1986, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum is the first and longest-running venue for contemporary art in San Antonio. The establishment of Blue Star as an exhibition space arose from the need to provide a platform for the work and ideas of local contemporary artists. In the years since its inception, Blue Star has grown with the community, instigating positive change in both the art community and the community at large. The development of Blue Star's exhibitions and educational programming has resulted in the social and economic revitalization of the surrounding King William and South Town neighborhoods, and the event that started it all in the summer of 1986, has developed into Contemporary Art Month, an event that now includes over fifty collaborating organizations, cultural centers, museums, and alternative spaces. Now in its twenty-eighth year, Blue Star continues to be an incubator for contemporary art in San Antonio, hosting over twenty exhibitions each year within its four on-site galleries and multiple offsite locations within the community. These exhibitions feature both emerging and world-renowned artists who hail both from the Alamo City and across the globe. Over 300,000 visitors each year experience contemporary art at Blue Star through exhibitions, the MOSAIC after-school education program, and community events, which is why we at Blue Star stand firm in our commitment to inspire the creative genius in us all.

Artist of the Month…

Mesmerizing Magical Realism Comes Alive in New Book A multitude of San Antonio hands played a role in the creation of a beautiful new book about famed Mexican artist Raymundo Gonzalez. The book, Raymundo Gonzalez: Magical Realism in Mexico, was published by Elizabeth Cauthorn of San Antonio press Material Media, includes a prologue by Marion Oettinger, Jr., the Curator of Latin American Art at the San Antonio Museum of Art and vibrant photography by San Antonio's Mark Menjivar. Magical realism, normally a literary term today, is Gonzalez’s self-designation of his style. It differs from pure fantasy primarily because it is set in a normal, modern world with authentic descriptions of humans and society. Gonzalez’s art can be also described as folk surrealism in which people fly and mysterious juxtapositions are the norm — cathedrals tilt, carousels are populated with mythical animals, women hold up the church, people hang off buses, skies are filled with floating beds and shadows look like roosters. Raymundo Gonzalez grew up in Veracruz, Mexico, predisposing him to the European influences that distinctly infuse this

colonial city. At eighteen, he attended Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Campus Morelos to study architecture. While in Morelos and the neighboring state of Guerrero, Gonzalez awoke to the heritage of the rich indigenous culture of Mexico. He claimed, “My heart and soul became indigenous." Armed with the training of an architect, born with the gift of drawing and passion for art, Gonzalez practiced architecture while continuing to paint Mexico’s rich, varied landscapes, fiestas, people and rituals. Now painting in Cuernavaca, Gonzalez has taken his place in the long line of Mexican artists whose paintings honor the complex heritage of Mexico. The book, Raymundo Gonzalez: Magical Realism, is available at the Twig Bookstore, Viva Bookstore, SAMA gift shop, www.MaterialMedia.Net and Gonzalez’s paintings can be seen at COSAS in Boerne, Texas or by appointment with his Southern U.S. Art representative Fredericka Younger,

Raymundo with his Art Representative Fredericka Younger.

DRIVEN Verb Transporting or being transported by vehicle; Adjective Having a compulsive nature.



After a nearly 20 year hiatus, Alfa Romeo is returning to the U.S. market with great fanfare. The Cavender Auto Family is one of only 84 dealers awarded an elite U.S. Alfa Romeodealerships. First in the showroom at the newly named Cavender Alfa Romeo/Fiat in Selma, Texas is the all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C coupe and limited-edition 4C Launch Edition. “Cavender and Alfa Romeo make an ideal match,” said Stephen Cavender, Dealer Principal. “Our staff is already exceptionally well-versed in the fine attention to detail, respect, and knowledge required to represent an iconic brand. Our sales and service technicians have undergone intensive training to learn every aspect of Alfa Romeo, ensuring that we can provide and unparalleled sales and service experience. Indeed, all of us at Cavender Alfa Romeo/Fiat are auto aficionados—always looking for better ways to serve our customers. I know I speak for my entire team when I say that for fans of premium craftsmanship and ‘heart-racing’ performance, it just doesn’t get any better than Alfa Romeo.” Alfa Romeo is legendary. An Italian-made tour-de-force synonymous with breathtaking glamour and peak performance, the cars first gained international renown as racers—Alfa Romeo won the inaugural world championship for Grand Prix cars in 1925. Discriminating luxury car owners in the U.S. first gained access to Alfa Romeo in 1961. When the manufacturer pulled out of the U.S. in 1995, rumors and hope for a return immediately began to swirl. With the debut of the 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C—a signature combination of reinterpreted classic design and unsurpassed motorsports engineering—the brand’s triumphant reappearance in the U.S. marks one of the most thrilling events in recent auto history. For details, visit

Ford Mustang's 50th Anniversary Model

By Dan Cooper The legend continues anew. No, that's not an unintended contradiction. This Ponycar is a perfect blend of the car's historical frame of reference and its forward-looking style, performance, and driver expectations. For the 50th anniversary of the Mustang, Ford has made both technical and styling changes, some sweeping and some subtle. And there is a 50th year commemorative badge on the dash to remind you of the heritage of this model. The new 2015 front end design is more than just vaguely reminiscent of cars costing six or seven times as much. Think Aston Martin and then take another look at this sexy new face. But this is also still quite obviously a Mustang. You can't abandon a tradition like that. The long hood, sloping fastback trademark that Mustang made famous and everyone else copied is still prominent. The same rear end motif is also present with the familiar tri-bar barrel tail light lenses. As warmly reminiscent as those features are, the "new stuff" is even better. Ford has finally replaced the live-axle rear end with a much more effective independent rear suspension that gives a new nimbleness to this old friend. Overall handling is improved. The driver's controls are updated to include paddle shifters on the steering wheel, a la Formula One, if you get the urge to do some manual shifting of your automatic. On the other hand, if you prefer an aggressive driving style and choose the 6-speed manual transmission you will definitely enjoy the shorter-throw shifting pattern. Three engines are available, including the venerable 5.0 liter thumper and a new economy-trending 310 hp four cylinder, which gives you all of the Mustang's style with extended fuel economy, too (up to 32 mpg, highway). Optional safety features include the technological wizardry of rear-view camera blind spot monitoring and forward collision alert. But the appeal of this car is clearly performance oriented. You can get the V-8 performance or you can take the standard V-6 or the more economical new four-cylinder and turn heads with the same sexy styling. This new 5th-generation version Mustang will definitely turn some heads. If your heart beats a little faster at the thought of a sleek and nimble car, this may be your Ticket to Ride…as some musical group mentioned in 1965 when the first Mustang debuted.

FAITH & CHARITY "Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of spirit, and these three (or a trinity) are synthesized by life which pervades them all."


Inspire a Child really began when I was 16 years old. My parents had 16 kids. They saw my youngest brother and I going in the same direction as the older kids, getting into trouble. They bought musical instruments for us, from a pawnshop and filled our living room with them. That day changed my life. I practiced every day, it triggered a desire to learn more about music and the arts. I attended the University of North Texas and earned a bachelor’s degree, and a commission in the U.S. Air Force. I returned to San Antonio where I began working with kids in a local church. We performed musicals. A woman noticed our efforts and placed us as an after school program. This program impacted class participation, grades went up, teacher involvement grew. Teachers and principals referred us and we grew to 600 students and about 8 schools. After 3 years, the monies for fine arts were moved into the sports programs, and we lost all funding. That was 12 years ago. I vowed to come back with our own funding. In June 2014 I founded Inspire a Child, a Youth Outreach. It has literally become a movement. So many have stepped forward to contribute their time, talent and treasure. THE AMBASSADOR COUNCIL This group of individuals are a council that is committed to help with policy, advice, fundraising and insuring that our program reaches every corner of the nation. Without this group Inspire a Child would not grow as fast as it is.

C.A.P.S. Inspire a child has become a part of the Community Action Programs a collaboration with Gozo Y Paz ministries & The Ambassador Project SA; a coalition of nonprofits that offer Scholarships, afterschool programs, family counseling, Christian outreach and a food pantry for our community. We will be opening our first office with a full ribbon cutting at the first of the year. WONDER WOMEN These women lead by Lorena Hernandez Monroe & Leann Cyr along with former Miss Venezuela & National contestant of Survivor fame, Rita Verreos Mergenthaler, were brought together to help non-profit organizations not only reach their goals, but go beyond. BOSS CREATIVE Boss Creative is one of San Antonio’s elite marketing strategies, branding, and web design agencies.

Creative CEO Peter Beshay expressed his immense excitement and bar-none support in donating a fully-customized website to the initiative of going National. One of the many aspects of this website is the ability for individuals and companies to sponsor children in the program. For more information please visit:

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: "A national movement that begins in San Antonio. Our mission: To keep children and youth safe and inspired throught the arts and arts technology, between the hours of 3pm and 6pm when parents are still at work."

Grief during the holidays and throughout the year

Amidst the joyful atmosphere of the holiday season, one in grief can feel isolated and alone. Coping with grief during the holidays - and other firsts after the death of a loved one - isn't easy. But there is help available. The Ecumenical Center, located in the South Texas Medical Center, offers individual, child and family counseling services for those needing a listening ear and gentle guidance to work through the pain. The Center also oversees a free bereavement program called Life After Loss, which provides emotional support and healing in a safe environment for anyone who has lost a loved one in the past two years. The Life After Loss support groups, which are offered at locations across the city, are led by credentialed group facilitators and follow a defined 6-week curriculum to guide group members through the difficult grief process. Everything discussed in group meetings is confidential and handled with the utmost respect. "The death of a loved one is such a jolting experience and many people need a safe place to express their feelings - their anger, their sadness, their fears," said Mary Beth Fisk, CEO and Executive Director of The Ecumenical Center. "We want people to know that the Ecumenical Center offers such a place and we are here to help them and support them." There is no cost to participate in the Life After Loss program. For more information, contact The Ecumenical Center at (210) 616-0885. The Ecumenical Center provides high quality, faith-based counseling and education to help people find healing, growth and wellness. The Center remains committed to this goal and the grant from the Texas Veterans Commission provides the means to stand up and help families achieve their life mission. The Ecumenical Center is located at 8310 Ewing Halsell Dr., San Antonio, TX 78229. For more information, visit or call (210) 616-0885

In 1992 the Juvenile outreach Vocational Education Network, JOVEN for short, opened its doors in the South Side of San Antonio. The non-profit, whose name means youth in Spanish, started with the idea to fill a void in a neighborhood with no community center, but plenty of gangs, guns and drugs. The plan was to provide children with a safe haven and a place where they could get tutoring, play games or simply talk about their problems. JOVEN started off small, targeting only 30 children, but over time it garnered federal and state support, and year after year began to serve more youth. JOVEN began to expand its reach in the community by offering comprehensive program of outreach, counseling, case management and alternative activities for youth at risk of chronic delinquency. Our mission is to develop character and resiliency in children by providing innovative, exciting programs and structured alternative activities that are designed to help them succeed. JOVEN’s vision to create a healthy community, in collaboration with others, where youth at risk and their families may experience healing and empowerment has allowed them to served more than 100,000 disadvantaged children and families in San Antonio with an array of programs that include after-school, summer camp, abstinence education, alcohol/tobacco/drug awareness, and dance. JOVEN’s positive reputation within the South San Antonio community extends to more than just the families it touches, but also to local leaders. The organization has long standing partnerships with Harlandale, Edgewood, San Antonio, and South San Independent School districts that allow JOVEN services to more immediately and effectively impact the lives of students living the vicinity of JOVEN’s operations. Today JOVEN is still housed in the South Side of San Antonio but in a newer, larger building, located at 507 E. Mayfield Blvd 78214, and provides services to nearly 5,000 individuals annually. CEO Amy Cardenas, has brought new ideas as well as a renewed focus on youth literacy and mentorship since her appointment to the position in September 2013. Ms. Cardenas has worked for the agency for nine years and has served as both a Program Coordinator and Program Director prior to being name Chief Executive Officer. Current Program Director Diana Rosete has been serving in that capacity since September 2013. She has been employed by JOVEN since 2008 and has held positions in both the After School and Youth Prevention Services programs. This new leadership seeks to reinvigorate the organization in order to meet the growing and ever changing needs of San Antonio. In recent years JOVEN has continued to receive funding and support from the City of San Antonio, Bexar County and private donors such as the Greehey Family Foundation, the Fay and William Cowden Foundation and the Brown Foundation, Inc. The consistent long-term success JOVEN has demonstrated the agencies staying power and commitment to the community.

FOOD Noun Material, usually of plant or animal orgin, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals.


Green Burger of the Month!


Jalapeño Green Burger

Available at both our The Historic Pearl and Alon locations. Green Vegetarian Cuisine’s is more than just our name. It also stands for the way we do business. What we have done: installed an energy efficient thermal roof barrier to reduce energy consumption, reused an existing circa 1896 structure to help revitalize an area of downtown. green has also reused the majority of its restaurant equipment from refrigerators to booths/tables. green has a recycling dumpster for cardboard, a large bike rack, fair trade organic coffee, free range eggs, uses biodegradable packaging when possible, and will eventually install a cistern to capture rainwater for landscape maintenance. We have free wifi and plenty of places to plug in your power cord. Green Vegetarian Cuisine® will be a part of Texas’ transition from fat to fit... Our goal is to occupy a smaller footprint and be a more sustainable restaurant.

Alon Marketplace: 10003 NW Military, Suite 2115 Phone: (210) 233-1249 Historic Pearl Brewery: 200 East Grayson, Suite 120 Phone: (210) 320-5865

CHEF AND CATERER OF THE MONTH! SAN ANTONIO—Davide Da Milano Catering is your full service catering for San Antonio and beyond! No matter the event, no matter the size, let Davide Da Milano Catering take care of it! Chef Davide Scravaglieri chooses his flavors carefully to ensure they marry perfectly in taste and artistic display. As an Italian native, he specializes in all courses of Italian food and because of his love of cooking, he has honed his abilities across the different cuisines, just call him to find out more! Davide brings contemporary aesthetics and a personal touch to his creations, but remains true to tradition. Davide says, “If you can wish the dish, I can create something great!” As a child, he spent summers in Lido Degli Estensi near Ferrara, Italy, where his love for cooking and passion for seafood commenced. Davide trained in several countries outside of Italy, including Spain, France, and Switzerland, where he continued perfecting his skills. He says his mother was the one who got the “bowl rolling,” but both parents have been influential to his culinary passions. For Davide, food is love and love is art, and all elements must be used in the kitchen. To add to his expansive portfolio, Davide is also a master bartender, appearing twice, in 2013, as Milan Magazine’s best bartender. His drinks are beautifully garnished and personalized according to party theme or meal. Davide resides in San Antonio with his wife, Sarah Scravaglieri, co-owner of Davide Da Milano Catering. He moved from Italy to San Antonio in August of 2013 and his authentic Italian cuisine is quickly gaining a following. Join us every Monday for #lingolunedi (translates to: linguistic Monday) via Instragram where Davide adds an Italian lesson to accompany his delicious dishes. Buon appetito!

Twitter: @chefdavidedmcc Facebook: Davide Da Milano Catering


The Omni Colonnade Welcomes Tens of Thousands of Guests of the Bee Variety

Twenty flourishing honey bee hives abuzz with more than a quarter of a million honey bees are being re-located to the first of its kind rooftop apiary and organic garden atop the Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade located at 9821 Colonnade. A special ribbon cutting ceremony took place on Friday, November 14. Ten hives were relocated in November. The additional 10 hives will be relocated to the apiary in the spring. The honey bee hives were rescued from homes and businesses in and around San Antonio whose owners were looking to remove the bees from their properties. For the past several months, beekeepers with AHBPA have been working to nurture them back to full hive activity and ensure the bees are disease free with good temperaments. The new rooftop apiary will provide a new home for the honeybees where beekeepers will ensure they are properly fed, watered and have plenty of flowers to keep them busy. The unique arrangement between the American Honey Bee Protection Agency and the Omni Colonnade is an exciting first for South Texas. “Our mission is to protect the feral honey bee from extinction, through education, relocation, and legislation,” says Walter Schumacher with AHPBA. Schumacher estimates the honey bees will produce between 1,500 and 2,500 pounds of honey over the course of a year. The Omni Colonnade will benefit from and have exclusive use of that honey, which they will use in dishes prepared by chefs at their Bolo's restaurant, and offer as a condiment to restaurant guests and as a wonderful San Antonio memento from the gift shop. The AHBPA also sells their Texas Co-Op and 100% Wild Caught Honey at H-E-B Central Market, with proceeds supporting their bee rescue programs. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to offer the honey bees a new home at the Colonnade. We are doing our part to save this very important threatened species, and will literally enjoy the fruits of their labor- both in the honey they produce and the organic fruits and vegetables that grow on the rooftop garden,” said Delfin Ortiz, General Manager of the Omni Colonnade." For more information on the Omni Colonnade, visit keywords San Antonio Colonnade. To learn more about the work of the American Honey Bee Protection Agency, visit


Beyond the grand and powerful doors of the 110-year-old building that housed the famed Pearl Brewing Company, in the space once belonging to its president’s headquarters, is Cured – chef Steve McHugh’s highly anticipated first restaurant. This seasoned chef from a small farm in Wisconsin has accomplished so much within his career. His ten years in the vibrant culinary epicenter of New Orleans were crowned by his work as chef de cuisine for chef John Besh at August, followed by two years opening and overseeing Lüke in San Antonio – Besh’s first establishment outside of New Orleans. Yet, McHugh’s highest achievement of all has been defeating cancer. After such a life-changing triumph, he set out to open his own restaurant, endowing it with a name that speaks to his personal feat, as well as the artisanal cured meats hanging in view – a gritty glimpse of the epicurean pleasures ahead. Beyond will, character and vision, McHugh's rapport with food now instinctively insists on a purity of natural ingredients and hands-on, unadulterated cooking methodology that enhanced his own healing process. His from-scratch focus and his conscious use of ingredients proven to empower the human body – like Blood Orange, Sweet Potato, and Cauliflower – unites science with art, resulting in a purposeful, powerful, seasonally-dynamic menu. Dishes such as Sweet Potato Agnolotti with Bourbon Brown Sugar and Sage and Slow Cooked Heritage Hog with Smoked Andouille and Okra, are complemented by cocktails individually crafted with the same care and attention, right down to the house-made bitters. One of the driving philosophies of Cured is an appreciation of life, in gratitude and celebration. Steve McHugh has found a way to implement a bit of “gastronomic giving” – by donating $1 from every charcuterie board ordered to a different charitable organization every quarter. The progressive and honest culinary approach resonates throughout the design of the restaurant, which honors its historic roots while adding splashes of modern, old-school and industrial chic accents in stunning juxtaposition.


Blend like a tourist at the most Cutting Edge, Modern Tex-mex cusine in town, ACENAR

Cuisine: Tex Mex Hours: 11:00 a.m.-1 a.m. Monday-Sunday Address: 146 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205 Phone: (210) 222-2362 Alcohol: Wine & beer, mixed beverages Handicapped access: Yes Reservations: Yes

Yep!, it’s a Cutting-edge modern Tex-Mex cuisine that will make you feel like an outsider of San Antonio Texas, why? You will feel like a tourist. First this awesome restaurant service was superb, Fernando our waitress was the best totally a professional. Everybody knows their plates and are eager to serve you. Then, the mariachis!, they were the best mariachis I heard in a long time, I can tell you if you are up to have fun, this is the place. We were enchanted by the view of the river and the people passing by that I don’t want the night end. Hungry?, we start with a sampler platter of a variety of quesadillas, guacamole, flautas and Alambres / Mini Skewers ($8.95) Beef marinated skewers with chimi-churri salsas on cilantro slaw. Great bit profile, the beef was tender; combine with that sauce, OMG! The sauce, “salsa” chipotle, roasted pepper, I will tell you this is one of the best salsas I ever tasted, they should patent it, put in bottles and sell it. We pairing with House Pinot Grigio to continue the “FIESTA!”. After open our palates, we requested from our waitress what else should we try? He suggested Camarones a la Diabla / Spicy Shrimp($21.95). I have to confess that I been trying Camarones a la Diabla in other locations, but his ones were very gourmet. The huge shrimp still has it flavor from the sea. This garlicky and chipotle-buttered shrimp served over cilantro rice & roasted cream corn pico condiments were just right, very delectable. Are you hungry yet? For dessert, Pastel de tres Leches / Three Milk Cake ($5.50) moist orange cake layered with sweet milks & served with cajeta, the seasonal berries and melons make for a fabulous dessert topping that will make you devour all.


Hidden culinary gem in the heart of San Antonio “Bolos Rotisserie Grille”

Cuisine: American Cuisine Hours: Breakfast & Lunch | Mon–Fri: 6am–2pm | Sat & Sun: 6:30am–12pm Dinner | 6pm–10pm Address: 9821 Colonnade Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78230 Phone: 210-699-5864 Alcohol: Wine & beer, mixed beverages Handicapped access: Yes Reservations: Yes We found Bolo’s a Rotisserie Grille hidden in the magnificent Hotel Omni at the Colonnade. Been in conferences, weddings for years and I never had the idea to stop by this restaurant. When we arrived, the smiley face of one of the hostess greeted and allowed us to pick our table. The Manager came to our table and suggested we need to try their Ribeye and the Sea Bass, for we say ok, let’s do it. Very intrigued by what will come. We requested a House Cabernet to pare with our food and I was impressed by the blend of flavors of this award winning winery Raymond Vineyard & Cellar. After few minutes our food arrived, first the steak, the sizzle still cooking meat, the smell was amazing, opening my stomach and ready to savor. The bite profile, crunchy and crusty in the outside, tender and juice inside, melt in our mouth. Oh! Heaven on earth, BOLOS ribeye is now standard we will judge all future steaks by!!! SUPERB! And with the wine, what else could we ask for. Don’t judge the book by it cover!. The staff of BOLOS is doing a tremendous job at this restaurant, making the great selection in the quality of their plates, KUDOS!. Probably a slow night, but the food, Mmm, Mmm! I will encourage you to give it a try. After the awesome feast, we sit at the lobby listening all “Tony Bennet”, “Frank Sinatra” melodies from a live pianist and a “rusty nail”. What a way to finish the night. I’ll definitely be back!



Trendy, chic and futuristic, California style restaurant “Feast” Cuisine: Contemporaneous Hours: Sun 10:30 am - 2:30 pm | Tue - Thu 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm Fri -Sat 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm Address: 1024 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78210 Phone: (210) 354-1024 Alcohol: Wine & great variety of local beer, mixed beverages Handicapped access: Yes Reservations: Yes

Talk about first impressions. Feast has that flare like you are in San Francisco or in California , no in San Antonio Texas! Chef Bowers and the team of FEAST will transport you to a delightful trip to savory plates. The indoor like the outdoors are wide open. The décor indoor, like the bar looks very futuristic like come out of a movie or something. This is definitely the spot you want to be seen by your friends. You can tell when a restaurant is done right and it’s lots of heart into. Very trendy, very chic. But although the food is stylish, it's also accessible. The kitchen here isn't trying to amaze you with hidden ingredients and avant-garde dishes. It's your basic luxury meal, if luxury can ever be "basic." We asked for the Heritage Pork Belly and Charred Lemon Polenta, glazed “Fat Frog Farm” Radishes ($10) for main dish, scrumptious, delightful, and tasty. It was beautiful. For entrée, a Marinated Calamari, Fava Beans, Hot Pepper Condiment and Pinenuts ($12). Moreover, one of the town’s most extensive wine lists, that will gives you the opportunity to drink as well as you eat. And the presence of several half-bottle options makes the luxurious experience more affordable.

ADVERTISE HERE! If you’re reading this, so are your potential customers! Call (210) 733-3477 *2 or email us at:


-List A


MONTH Acenar Alamo Café Aldaco’s Mexican Cuisine Aldo’s Anaqua Grill Bambino Huey Café Barriba Cantina Barn Door Restaurant Biga on the Banks Blue Star Brewing Company Bohanan’s Boudro’s – A Texas Bistro Bravo Cucina Italiana Broadway 50-50 Buckhorn Saloon Café Cadillac Bar & Restaurante Café Soleil Capparelli’s on Main Cappy’s Restaurant

Casa Real Casa Rio Mexican Foods Restaurant Casey’s Barbecue Champion’s Chris Madrid’s Crumpets Restaurant & Bakery Demo’s Greek Food Dick’s Last Resort Dolores Del Rio El Jarro De Arturo Eyes Over Texas at the Towers Ez’s Fig Tree Restaurant Gini’s Restaurant & Bakery Giuseppe’s Godai Sushi Bar Good Time Charlie’s Guenther House India Oven India Palace J. Alexander’s Jacala Mexican Restaurant Josephine Street Café Kangaroo Court Karam’s Mexican Dining Room L Etoile La Fogata

La Fonda on Main La Madeleine La Margarita Mexican Restaurant La Posada del Rey Landry’s Seafood House Las Canarias Liberty Bar Little Italy Restaurant Little Rhein Steak House Los Barrios Restaurant & Catering Luciano Ristorante & Bar Madhatters Tea House & Café Mi Tierra Café And Bakery Morton’s of Chicago Steakhouse Nadler’s Bakery & Deli Old San Francisco Steak Original Mexican Restaurant Oro Restaurant & Bar Outback’s Steakhouse Paesano’s Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine Paloma Riverwalk Pat O’Brien’s Bar Piatti Italian Restaurant Pico de Gallo Restaurant Presidio Razmiko’s Ristorante Italiano

Rio Rio Cantina Rita’s on the River Romano’s Macaroni Grill Rosario’s Rosario’s Mexican Café y Cantina Ruth’s Chris Steak House Shiraz Silo Elevated Cuisine Spaghetti Warehouse Stone Works Café And Bar Sushi Zushi Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse The County Line The Palm Restaurant The Quarry Golf Club The Republic of Texas Restaurant Tomatillos Café y Cantina Tony Roma’s Famous for Ribs Twin Sisters Bakery & Café Water Street Oyster Bar Zuni Grill

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Noun The state or condition of being physically fit, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.


The SECRET to Successful Fitness Resolutions By Eric Castillo

Former UIW Football player, Speed and Agility Coach, CPT, CPR Facebook: “Readiness is when you look at your fitness resolution and say, ‘I’m going to do this now because a year from now I want first MYSELF, family, friends, coaches, spouse or kids to be happier as a result. Not only that, I’ll be able to look back and feel that great sense of accomplishment.”

Another holiday season is upon us, Christmas and New Years have come, and most will gain a pound or two (or five) eating all the delicious foods that surrounded us. Most of us also ring in the New Year with the resolution to lose that weight, and maybe even to take that large step of joining a health club or gym. But realistically, come next winter, how many of us will be using that health club card to scrape the ice off our windshields when we can't find the ice scraper? We wouldn't be alone. On an average, health club memberships increase between 30 and 200 percent each year between January and March. But only a small percentage of the people with memberships builds and maintains a long-term fitness regime. I’m here to give you some tips on how too succeed with your fitness resolutions. Fitness New Year’s resolutions can be a great way to kick start a new year but many people struggle at sticking to them. The unexpected realities of life often have a way of distracting us from our New Year’s resolutions and they can easily fall by the wayside. However, there are definite ways you can increase the likelihood of maintaining your New Year’s resolutions. Choose an attainable goal. Resolving to look like a model is not realistic for most of us, but promising to include daily physical activity in our lives is very possible. Avoid choosing a resolution that you've been unsuccessful at achieving year after year. This will only set you up for failure, frustration and disappointment. If you are still tempted to make a promise that you've made before, then try altering it. For example, instead of stating that you are going to lose 30 pounds, try promising to eat healthier and increase your weekly exercise. Create a game plan. At the beginning of January. Break it down and make it less intimidating. Rather than one big end goal, dissect it into smaller pieces. Set several smaller goals to achieve throughout the year that will help you

to reach the ultimate goal. Then, even if you aren't able to reach your final goal, you will have many smaller, but still significant, achievements along the way. For example, if your goal is to complete a 10K race, your smaller goals could be running a 5K in less than 30 minutes, adding upper and lower body strength training to increase your muscular endurance, and running 2 miles with a personal best completion time. Make contingency plans: don't assume sticking to your plan will be smooth sailing. Plan on hitting bumps along the resolution road and be prepared with specific ways to overcome them. What will keep you from skipping your workout or stop you from having a cigarette or a drink? This may mean seeking help from family or a professional, writing in a journal, etc. Reward yourself with each milestone. If you've stuck with your resolution for 2 months, treat yourself to something special. But, be careful of your reward type. If you've lost 5 pounds, don't give yourself a piece of cake as a reward. Instead, treat yourself to something non-food related, like a professional massage. Don't go at it alone! Get professional assistance. Everyone needs help and sometimes a friend just isn't enough. Sometimes you need the help of a trained professional. Don't feel that seeking help is a way of copping out. Especially when it comes to fitness, assistance from fitness professional greatly improves people's success rate. Test your flexibility, realize that things change frequently. Perfectionism won't help you achieve your goals. Think of setbacks as opportunities for growth. After all, nobody goes straight from point A to point B. They set a course, take periodic readings and make adjustments along the way. Stay positive, and you'll be well on your way to making a New Year's resolution that lasts all year round. Your goals and needs may be very different in April then they were when you made your resolution in January. Embrace change, even if that means that your resolution is altered. Keep a journal: A journal helps you recognize your positive steps and makes it harder to go back to the same old habits. If you have only 30 to 40 minutes to devote to a workout, then every second has to count. In those cases, do zero running. You can achieve faster fat loss with resistance training. How so? First, drop the assumption that running burns more calories than lifting does. A single set of a weighttraining exercise torches as many calories as running at a 6-minute-mile pace for the same amount of time. So for every second you spend lifting weights, your body is expanding high amounts of energy. There’s also the metabolism boost of weight training. Resistance training has much larger metabolic impact than long-distance running does. Plus, your body is being given a stimulus to gain strength and build new lean tissue. One last efficiency benefit is lifting weights through a full range of motion can improve your flexibility as well. On average only about 20% of us keep our New Year’s resolutions.

Unfortunately, some of the biggest failures are found in fitness resolutions. But don’t let the statistics get you down. By following these tips you’ll be better equipped to fall into the successful 20% category. You got this.

“Life’s an uphill battle, keep pushing” Workout: Circuit training is a great way to combine cardio and strength if you're short on time. This workout has one circuit with seven strength/cardio exercises that are completed one right after the other, with little (15 seconds) or no rest in between. Do each exercise for the specified amount of time (1 minute each or as long as you can safely do so) and then move on to the next exercise. Once you complete all exercises, that is considered one circuit. Make sure you warm up with a 10 minute dynamic stretching and cool down with a static stretch. Times are suggestion only--please modify according to your fitness level and perceived exertion. • Beginners: Complete Circuit once • Intermediates: Complete circuits twice • Advanced: Complete circuit 3 or more times 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Skiers (side to side) Squat jumps Bench step ups (alternate legs) Lunge jumps DB Squat to Shoulder press Upright row Plank Hold

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me 210-616-6212 or email me at Pinnacle. I am here to help you reach your fitness goals. Eric Castillo, SA Monthly Fitness Editor


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“When should I take my child to the dentist?� By Dr. Damon Ross dentist

"When should I take my child to the dentist?" many first-time parents might ask. The recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is by their first birthday or within six months of the first tooth coming in. Children can be seen by a general or pediatric dentist, however, many general dentists will refer their patients to a pediatric dentist, and for good reason. Pediatric dentists go through an extra 2-3 year residency program focusing on exclusively treating children. They are highly trained in child-behavior management, sedations, general anesthesia, and growth and development to give your child the best experience possible. It is imperative that parents are well-educated regarding their child's oral health and not only take them by age 1, but also, have them seen every six months. There are several reasons why you should make sure you take your child to the dentist at this early age of one or sooner. Unfortunately, many parents have heard myths and will ask, " Why should my children's baby teeth be fixed, when they are going to fall out anyway?" Yes, they will fall out, but not until age 6-8 (front teeth) and/or age 10-11 (back teeth). Cavities can spread quickly within six months. This rampant-spreading disease may have severe consequences that no parent would certainly want. Cavities, just as in an adult, will lead to pain if untreated. As one can imagine, this may result in a child not paying attention in school, having to miss days at school, malnutrition since they will not want to eat, and even sleep loss due to them having unbearable pain. In some cases the tooth will have to be extracted, but, it does not end there. Once extracted, there will not be a tooth guiding

the adult tooth into its proper place. This can cause teeth to shift resulting in the need for braces in the future. Worse yet, a severe case of oral disease can cause an abscess (pus-filled pimple), which if untreated, ultimately can lead to death. There are many things parents can do to promote good oral health in their children. Parents should start early and wipe their infant's gums before teeth come in. This allows the child to become familiar with having their parent's fingers (or the dentist's) in their mouth. Once teeth become present, they should brush their teeth in the morning and night, as well as floss where teeth are touching. The only thing a child should be drinking between meals is water, and should also rinse with water right after eating. When going to bed, the child should only have water. Did you know your child should be completely off the bottle by one year of age? Also, beware of those gummy vitamins and snacks that are becoming ever so popular. These often times get stuck in the grooves of teeth and cause cavities. Children should not share things orally with people who have cavities, since the bacteria that causes cavities can be transferred from person to person. Parents, working with their child's dentist, can ensure their children maintain a healthy and happy smile.

DermaOxy O2 Treatment Facial By Skincare Editor Crystal Holmes In 2006, When Madonna revealed to Harper’s Bazaar that she was so fond of her oxygen facials that she kept an oxygen machine in each of her homes, spas across the nation scrambled to add this service to their menu of beauty treatments. Years after that initial celebrity endorsement, oxygen facials continue to grow in popularity simply because they work and are a great, non-invasive way of keeping skin smooth, firm, and youthful. At BodyBrite La Cantera, our oxygen facials are 45 minutes and are beneficial to all skin types. During this relaxing process, skin is prepped by gentle cleansing and exfoliation. Then, a hyaluronic acid serum (promoted as the fountain of youth) is administered topically and combined with high-pressured oxygen at a low molecular weight. The molecular weight is important because a low weight allows the serum to be absorbed through the skin pores directly to the tissue. Our facials don’t require any downtime so they are a great as a lunchtime procedure and are often scheduled the day of a big date or event. Oxygen facial clients will see radiant, hydrated skin, a reduction in pore size and a smooth solution to those pesky fine lines and creases. Although clients rave about how young their skin looks and feels after these treatments, oxygen facials are also popular with the younger generations. Not only do younger clients see a noticeable improvement in their complexion, these

treatments help keep breakouts at bay. After all, bacteria simply can’t breed in an oxygen-rich environment. Even though there is an immediate cosmetic benefit, the real process begins AFTER the actual facial. Moisture molecules continuously bond to the tissues, plumping up the skin for days after the treatment. Clients notice a difference in their skin after the first facial although for maximum results, we recommend an initial series of at least 6 weekly treatments followed by monthly then yearly touchups. Great skin increases confidence and BodyBrite is thrilled to offer an effective, affordable solution.

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HOME Noun A residence. The physical structure within which one lives; an environment offering security and happiness. A valued place of orgin.


How Do I Go Green at Home?

By Dan Cooper Some methods for going green are expensive, and some are hard to accomplish in a short space of time. But it's really pretty easy to do a lot of things to "green up" your home environment. For one thing, you can simply change the way you do some things around the house. Consider how much is wasted on a daily basis in an average American home. We misuse or throw away lots of things that could be better-used, re-used, or recycled. Every one of those moves has a small environmental impact. Multiply it by all the actions every day, by every citizen, and you have a major impact on the environment.

TRASH Just changing your mindset about what is in your hand every time you reach to throw something away in the trash can have a significant effect on your environmental attitude. Do I really need to throw this away? Could I have used something else instead, something that I could now re-use instead of throwing it away? How many paper towels do you go through in a day? Could washable, re-usable rags replace some of those? Could a filter on your tap water save not only the purchase cost of all those cases of bottled water, but also the negative impact of the bottles going into the trash? It is a sad fact that Americans today toss out between two and three million tons of plastic water bottles every year. And that is just the plastic WATER bottles, not counting all the other plastic containers we throw away. That's an interesting phrase, isn't it? "Throw away." What does it mean, really? Advertising has taught us that it means convenience and expediency. But the

accumulation of all our junk is starting to teach us that it means something far more sinister.

ELECTRICITY Greening your home can be as simple as turning off a light or unplugging an appliance that is not in use. Some things just aren't very practical to unplug, but when you add them all up, you start to see the silliness of having a house-full of appliances that are constantly eating electricity. Your coffee maker, equipment chargers, and blue-ray player may not have to remain plugged in all day, especially if you are out of the house most of the day, anyway. Which of these full-time drains on your home's electricity are so important that they cannot be unplugged? Using electric lights that draw less power and waste less energy producing heat instead of light are a great way to contribute to the greening of your lifestyle and your home. And remembering to turn them off when not in use is a habit that will grow on you. Remember, turning off and unplugging is an environmental move that also saves money on your electric bill.

LITERALLY GREEN Think about that friend years ago who always had a house full of plants. Well, guess what? Plants clean and refresh the air in a home. They use what we exhale and produce the oxygen we need to breathe. And inside or outside the house, if you grow food-bearing plants you save on food costs, too. Going green does not have to be an ordeal, or an expensive undertaking. Simplify your life, limit waste, and think economically. Use the old mantra of the three Rs: Reduce, reuse, and recycle. It's really easier than you might think to start going green.

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Zelina Roa REALTOR

HOME It is still all over the news.” Interest rates are at record lows!” Some homes are on the market for a couple of days and sometimes only a couple of Hours. Many people are taking advantage of the low interest rates to perhaps “buy up” for themselves as well as get the most money for the home they currently own. The question is .Should I sell my home now or should I not? Before you decide this, there are 3 questions you may want to ask yourself. This before you put your home up for sale in this hot market. Here they are: Am I happy with the current home I am in? (For example is the yard large enough or small enough, are there enough bedrooms as well as bathrooms etc.) Do I like my neighbors? ( For example the do they have dogs that bark more than you like, have more cars parked at their home and in front of yours, etc.) How is your neighborhood aging? (For example is the infrastructure such as streets conditions, flood control etc. in good shape? Are businesses thriving, crime is low and you feel generally happy and peaceful when you enter your neighborhood?) If you answer yes to all of these questions you may want to ignore the frenzy currently in the real estate world. Pay off your home and starting saving for the future. Perhaps that means higher education for your children or a nest egg that lets you travel on a 6 month cruse around the world! If you say no at least one of these question. It is time to look for a real estate agent…Hi I’m Zelina the Realtor nice to meet you! Many things that you don’t like now will only get worse for you in time. The low interest rates we are seeing will not be forever! In the long run it will save you tons of money!

MUSIC Noun The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rythym and timbre.



Chelsea Guy was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1992 to an English father, Terrance Martin Guy and Latin Mother, Cynthia Rubio Guy. Chelsea had a very special bond with her father and inherited his musical genes and athleticism. At St. George Episcopal School, Chelsea began cultivating her musical talent by participating in the school and church choir. Her interest in music grew as she began taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and soon displayed a great love for melodies. Her earliest musical influence was her father who sang and played the guitar. The tattoo on her left index finger "Dream" was influenced by a quote of her father’s. He advised her to "Follow your dreams" while gesturing with this left index figure. He also told her to "Live and breathe your passion" and that's exactly what Chelsea began to do. At eight years of age, Chelsea began creating written melodies about her father. In 2002, she began playing basketball for the Y.M.C.A where she became a fearless point guard playing for different teams and finally for AAU team, The Comets, and in 2006 assisted the team to a National Championship in Las Vegas. Chelsea G was introduced to Latin Grammy winner, Ace 1 at age 15 and started recording her music. A local R&B recording artist whose voice is often compared to Mariah Carey’s. Her resume consists of opening up for major and local artists. Chelsea has been nominated twice for best R & B artist in San Antonio, as well as best vocalist, best singer songwriter, and most underrated artist in San Antonio. Her current release and second EP "Unexpected" is an R&B/Pop album produced by Ace 1, Andre FNS Johnson, Ace 1, Mario J. Romero, Chris “Big Chrizzle” Dunston and engineers David Brown and B. Miller. You can find Chelsea G‘s music on itunes, Googleplay, Amazon, and iheart radio. She is currently #1 on Reverbnation for R&B/Soul. Her fans can find her on social media Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook @therealchelseag. Her Indie label name is 2welve Ink, LLC. which is inspired by her basketball number [12].

HOLIDAY MUSIC CLASSICS! By: William Merrill When chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, or when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, there should be some good holiday music playing in the background. More commonly, the holiday tunes are going to help us set the mood for gift wrapping, parties with friends, or even gift-opening when the time is right. Best-selling albums by Mannheim Steamroller, Bing Crosby, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and others will be playing everywhere, but here are some hidden gems in the holiday music category that could impress your acquaintances.

Album: A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector Rating: 5 Green Xmas Trees!

The perfect party album, super producer Phil Spector made this jolly collection half a century ago (1963), long before the sordid events of his later life sent him to prison. Spector was the genius behind the "Wall of Sound" form of rock 'n' roll, and you can hear it at its finest on this "Christmas Gift." The producer brought together four of his big acts of the day, including Darlene Love as well as The Ronettes, but the real stars here are the instrumental players, a cast of West Coast studio greats whom history calls "The Wrecking Crew." EVERYTHING on the album rocks, with ringing guitar chords and thundering drums and percussion. Even the softer, gentler holiday tunes are transformed by the Wall, so the wistful "Winter Wonderland" turns into a wild romp through the snow, and the opening "White Christmas" takes nostalgia and turns it up to ten. (Both songs are sung by Ms. Love.)

Album: A Winter's Solstice (Windham Hill) 2014 Reissue Rating: 5 Green Xmas Trees!

There are times during the holidays when you want to just curl up and relax, and the perfect album for such activities is the very first Windham Hill collection of seasonal instrumentals, A Winter's Solstice. At the time it originally came out in 1985, Windham Hill Records was riding the wave of the freshly popular "New Age" music category, which some listeners sought as a place of spiritual tranquility, but most people simply appreciated for the beauty of its quieter, non-invasive styles of acoustic and electronic sounds. What's great about the first Winter's Solstice CD is that it brought together mostly non-traditional (i.e., non-Xmas) classical and original pieces such as a Bach "Bouree" and Mark Isham's "A Tale of Two Cities." The ONLY holiday standard is "Greensleeves," played by pianist Liz Story. Her acoustic keyboard artistry is typical of what's on the album's ten songs-mostly acoustic guitars and other instruments, with just the occasional brush of synths like cinnamon sprinkled over a cup of hot cocoa.

Album: A Festival of Carols in Brass (Philadelphia Brass Ensemble) Rating: 5 Green Xmas Trees!

While the onslaught of holiday music at every shopping location can be heavy at times, the beauty of a well played set of Christmas Carols is a fact of the musical universe. There's no more majestic way to hear the carols than from a brass ensemble, and no one's every done it better than in this recording from Philadelphia Brass Ensemble made in 1967. (It has never gone out of print!) As one Amazon customer enthusiastically noted, "If you like to listen to the Salvation Army Band on a cold, wintry evening on a city street corner at Christmas (and who doesn't?), then this outstanding selection of Yuletide favorites is for you!"

VIDEO/FILM Noun A series of moving pictures, usually shown in cinema or on television and often telling a story.


Silent Resurrection

We are very fortunate to live in a time when almost anyone can marry who they choose, but about 100 years ago, when prejudice and racial tensions were high, there were certain individuals and certain groups of people who would not allow you to marry anyone whose skin color was different from your own. Silent Resurrection is supernatural thriller directed by local filmmaker, Rogelio Salinas III, and starring Jason Scarbrough, Raemelle Andino, Rachel Salinas, Alyssa Onyx, and Fabian Alejandro Diaz featuring the music of Lisa Lopez. Silent Resurrection tells the tale of a husband who finds his new bride murdered. Unable to accept her fate, he takes her to three different people who specialize in waking the dead in an attempt to revive his lost love. To stay true to the time period of the early 1900s, Silent Resurrection will be filmed and produced in the same style as silent era films such as Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Phantom of the Opera, and my personal favorite silent film, Metropolis. The interesting thing is that I film most of my projects and films on a Red One or a DSLR, but this will be the first short film that we film completely on a cell phone. I ran different camera tests and customizations and adjustments with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro 7, and Final Cut Pro X in an attempt to obtain an authentic look from films of the early 1900s, but I could not get the exact look I was going for. In the end, I ended up using an iPhone and a $3 app, which after some additional customizations and adjustments gave, which I believe to be, the most authentic look I could obtain. I love silent films and early films that helped pave the way for generations of filmmakers. I wanted to create a film that would look as authentic as possible to the silent film era. I believe that Silent Resurrection will achieve that.

UNDERATED HOLIDAY MOVIES! Ask people to identify their most beloved holiday movies and the familiar titles will invariably come up: Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation…probably even a few votes for A Nightmare Before Christmas. Aside from the big and familiar hits, there are a few monstrosities--movies that never should been made (ex., Jack Frost). However, even those kinds of movies are cult favorites among a few film aficionados. Thinking through the less conventional holiday movies I've liked over the years, I came up with this oddly matched trio.

REINDEER GAMES (2000) Rating: 3 & 1/2 Christmas Trees Far from a perfect film, Reindeer Games still manages to entertain. It's about the robbery of an Indian casino by a group of robbers that includes Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron's characters. He is an escaped prisoner and she is his former cellmate's "girl on the outside." What's fun about the movie are the many unpredictable plot twists and turns, clever storytelling devices (the robbers are each wearing Santa disguises), and I even like the title. I am relatively alone in my appreciation of this flick; it has horrible ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. But if you want a movie where you can just sit back, turn off your thinking cap, and go along for the ride, Reindeer Games will fit the bill. It does have a well-deserved "hard R" rating for all the usual reasons.

SCROOGED (1988) Rating: 4 Christmas Trees Perhaps Scrooged doesn't really qualify as unconventional or under-appreciated, but I think it doesn't get the attention these days that it got in past decades. A modern retelling of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, the big reason to see this movie is Bill Murray, starring as a ruthless corporate boss who receives an education from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present (played by Carol Kane), and Future. The backing cast includes reliable, talented actors such as Alfre Woodard and Karen Allen, but Murray is the highlight, inhabiting the lead role with much of the same quirkiness he displayed so well in Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, and the like. And--hey!--it ends with a positive message!

MR. MAGOO'S CHRISTMAS CAROL (1962) Rating: 5 Christmas Trees Again, I'm breaking my own rules a bit here, as I'm going to something that was really just an animated TV special. I'm also talking about yet another version of A Christmas Carol…but this piece of cartoon magic has tremendous nostalgic value in my heart. When I was a kid, we watched this thing on TV every holiday season when it was rebroadcast. There were so many moments that I loved experiencing over again every year. Plus, this Christmas Carol is a musical (appropriately enough), and just about every note of every song is engraved on my mind. The voice of Mr. Magoo was actor Jim Backus, better known to the world as Thurston Howell III on TV's "Gilligan's Island." He was at his "Magoo" peak with this movie, pulling off all the character's vocal mannerisms with the most sublime ease. For people of my generation, all the TV animated holiday classics, including also the animated "Frosty the Snowman" and "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas," should be enjoyed forever.

SPORTS Adjective: of or relating to a sport or sports, especially of the open-air or athletic kind.


En Garde San Antonio!

ALAMO FENCING ACADEMY Coach Andrei Samorodov moved to the United States from Russia in 2000, and began working for Palo Alto College Fencing – Community Olympic Development Program. Where he taught many kids, of different backgrounds (financially), the sport of fencing. Some kids even got to travel to tournaments all over the USA and brought back awards. Coach Andrei Samorodov founded Alamo Fencing Academy in 2004, with just 12 fencers at the beginning. Since then, AFA has become one of the top fencing clubs in the whole nation. With over 100 fencers as young as 7 years old medaling regionally, nationally and even internationally, Coach Andrei and his fencers have proved their fencing strength and knowledge. AFA was the host club of the 2010 and 2011 USA Junior Women’s Epee World Team training camp. Fencing is often referred to as “Physical Chess” for its involvement of both body and mind equally; it is as mental as it is physical. Being an individual sport, it teaches kids responsibility, individuality and self-confidence; along with many other great qualities. Discipline is a top priority at the AFA. Both physical and mental responsibility and maturity is set into each fencer. Fencing is a sport in which every mistake can and will be used against you, and kids need to be alert for every second of the bout. You must be mentally tough and physically fit to become a great fencer- and we make sure all fencers at AFA learn both traits. Kids from AFA have gone off to colleges such as- Penn State, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Air Force Academy, Stanford University, Princeton, Northwestern, Temple.

Photo by Alicia Taylor


With boxing becoming bigger in San Antonio you'll also notice more women getting involved with the sport. It's not often that you catch a women ringside taking photos. It's an adrenaline rush being ringside said Alicia Taylor. When you're up close you get to see and hear each punch thrown as well as the fighters’ blood and saliva. Seems and sounds pretty gross she said but it's pretty intense. Alicia not only loves the sport but was given an opportunity to open more doors for her in December 2013. She helped cover some events for the Danger Zone matchup between Adrien Broner vs. Marcos Maidana. She landed a little internship spot with Michelle Phelps CEO and owner of Behind the Gloves. She helped assist with interviews for Keith "One Time" Thurman and Adrien "The Problem" Broner at the press conference. There after that in 2014 she found herself to become a freelance photographer for any boxing blogs that needed photos. Her most recent photos took place in April this year. Leija-Battah Promotions along with Golden Boy Promotions held a 2 day fight night called "Battle of the Alamodome" were one of her photos made the front page of Conexion San Angelo. San Antonio's local boxer Enrique "KIKIN" Neira moved to SA to chase his dream to become pro. Making his 2nd debut with a win he's a fighter that you would wanna keep an eye out for within years so come. Currently you can continue to see her work soon as she will now be a reporter/blogger for a local boxing blog called Boxeo Y Mas.

Rich’s Racquet Picks For The Holiday Gift Giving Season Well it’s that time of the year again. Tennis players from all over the world start to think about the upcoming year and begin to contemplate changing and upgrading their tennis gear. Normally, the racquet manufacturers wait until January to release all of their new offerings but this year we are all very fortunate that a few have decided to release a few well in advance for the Holiday gift giving season. Here are my favorite three models that are available for your favorite tennis player on your Holiday shopping list.

WILSON PRO STAFF RF97 AUTOGRAPH The Pro Staff RF97 Autograph is a very special and unique racquet. It utilizes staple elements and technologies of Wilson's previous range of Pro Staff racquets including a combination of Kevlar and high modulus graphite, perimeter weighting system, and packaged in a head light balanced frame. This perfect blend of Wilson’s proven technologies transform this new offering into a tennis racquet that offers a classic feel and an abundance of controllable power. Roger Federer himself was very instrumental in helping Wilson develop this new racquet which is worthy of his name and is in fact the model that he uses in competition play. The new Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph unlike previous models has a much wider frame which provides ample power to satisfy the needs of tennis players of all levels and skill levels. The RF97 at 12.6 ounces strung is a beast and shines best when exchanging heavy topspin balls. Our customers who have tried our demos were very impressed by the amount of control this racquet offered yet enjoyed the power they were able to achieve once they became used to its stout weight. This new Wilson Pro Staff 97 RF Autograph is going to be a huge racquet for us in 2015. Ever since Roger Federer switched to it, he has been enjoying his winning ways once again finishing the year ranked number 2 in the world. This new racquet is a MUST TRY for the tennis player looking to modernize his game with Wilson’s latest version of the iconic Pro Staff tennis racquet.

ASICS BZ100 This is the first “players” tennis racquet to be introduced to the marketplace by the legendary footwear brand. Asics tennis specific footwear has taken the industry by storm with their colorful fashion forward yet technical designs and styles. This new Asics BZ100 tennis racquet uses a plethora of colors and has a very unique, never seen before graphic that really sets its cosmetic finish apart from the competition. Make no mistake this new Asics BZ100 is for real! This racquet offers big power and generates lots of spin on all shots. Despite this racquets ability to deliver an explosive feel on all shots, it does offer a sense of control when trying to place shots with precision. Asics new “Bending ZoneGl Asics BZT “Bending Zone Technology” is a process whereby the engineers reduced the width of the shaft in

the middle section by 30% which provides the player with 50% more feel upon impact with the tennis ball. This translates into a racquet that delivers a big punch with a friendly less harsh feel. We have a very good feeling about this new Asics BZ100 racquet – we think it’s a WINNER!!!

HEAD GRAPHENE XT SPEED MP A The new Head GrapheneXT Speed MP A is Head’s newest version of the popular model with one very innovative technology – the revolutionary Adaptive String Pattern. This technology features interchangeable grommets at 3 and 9 o’clock, allowing the player to select a 16x19 string pattern or a 16x16 string pattern (for massive spin). Like the previous Head Speed model, the Graphene XT Speed MP A is a great choice for both intermediate and advanced players who want a player's racquet with controllable and comfortable power. This new GrapheneXT Speed A weighs in at 11.1 ounces which is ideal for allowing players to swing aggressively to generate good pace and spin on all shots. In addition to this, Head has added Graphene XT to the shaft which adds more mass to the grip area which results in making it much easier to execute more powerful shots from the baseline. With the ability to switch between a 16x19 and 16x16 string pattern, this new Head Speed Graphene XT w/ Adaptive String Pattern technology gives the player more flexibility than ever. We think this new racquet by Head will be one of the more popular Head models for 2015. So there you have it. These are my personal favorites from the new 2015 tennis racquet introductions. If any of these interest you, we have demo racquets in each model that can be rented so you can try them out before you buy. Have a blessed Holiday season. Until next month, keep swinging!!! Rich Flores First Serve Tennis

SERVING UP THE BEST BRANDS IN TENNIS SINCE 1989 1931 Northwest Military Highway Ste 136

Call (210) 349-3439

SERVING UP THE BEST BRANDS IN TENNIS SINCE 1989 1931 Northwest Military Highway Ste 136

Call (210) 349-3439 Same DayTennis Racquet Re-Stringing & Customization


GREEN ROOM Adjective covered with grass, trees, or other plants. Tending to preserve environmental quality (as by being recyclable, biodegradable, or nonpolluting).


Holidays in Bloom! at the San Antonio Botanical Garden Now through the end of the year you’re invited to experience Holidays in Bloom at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. It’s your chance to step away from the holiday whirlwind of traffic and malls and enjoy the season in nature. Guests will find many a spot to capture a memory at the Garden, with picturesque backgrounds for family photographs. Giant red and gold holiday ornaments along with Red Amaryllis will adorn the Carriage House, while white twinkling lights will welcome guests. The Shade Garden is home to this year’s Christmas tree and red and gold will add sparkle to tree ornaments, ribbons, bows and décor throughout the garden This year’s poinsettias are a red variety called ‘Freedom’. 350 of them will be placed throughout the rooms at the Conservatory. The Exhibit Room will also have white Phalaenopsis Orchids and red Guzmania Bromeliads.Leyland Cypress will be in the four pots by the Conservatory Arcade. As part of your visit to the Garden enjoy delicious daily lunch specials or weekend brunch in the Carriage House Bistro. (Closed Mondays.) You can even get your holiday shopping done at San Antonio Botanical Garden. The Garden Gate Gift Shop offers jewelry, books, ornaments, clothing, toys and other nature-themedgift items. Members get a discount on all items and memberships make great gifts that last all year. The San Antonio Botanical Garden is located at 555 Funston Place at North New Braunfels. For more information, visit or call 210-207-3250.


Noun The prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior, something such as a garment, that is in the current mode: The style characteristic of the social elite.


Uptown Gypsy Whether you are looking for that unique gift for that special someone or just browsing for yourself, Uptown Gypsy is your one stop shop! Uptown Gypsy is a fun, sexy, artistic boutique that now has 2 locations to choose from: 555 W. Bitters #106 in The Alley on Bitters Complex and 4522 Fredericksburg Rd #C9 in The Little Shops at Wonderland Mall. We are all about the arts...choose from handcrafted, unique, one of a kind pieces of artwork by some of San Antonio's talented artists and designers. We also have designer intimate apparel, corset and a unique women's clothing line to offer. All of our bath & body products are made with natural ingredients; soy, hemp seed oils, pheromones, goat milk, and other organic ingredients. Let me know how we can better serve you. Email me anytime with your questions, comments, or complaints. I will be glad to hear from you. While supplies last, create your own "gift basket" this holiday season; purchase 4 or more of our all natural or organic bath & body products and receive a FREE handcrafted bowl. (The bowl is a repurposed record album.) *exclusions do apply *other coupons & offers cannot be used in conjunction with this special.

Contact Us: Email: Store Locations & Shopping Hours: Store #1: Located in The Alley on Bitters 555 W. Bitters #106 San Antonio, TX 78216 Tues-Sat 10-6 Closed Sundays & Mondays Closed on all Major Holidays Store #2: Located in The Little Shops at Wonderland Mall 4522 Fredericksburg Rd #C9 San Antonio, TX 78201 Thurs-Sat 10-7 & Sun 12-6 Closed Monday-Wednesday We also take appointments...Phone: 210-978-6546

“Beauty in the City... of San Antonio” By Beauty Editor, Marci Madla-Brigance The crisp, fall season has officially arrived and brought with it a new addition to my life - Beauty Editor at San Antonio Monthly Magazine! Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Marci Madla-Brigance. I was born and raised in San Antonio and moved to Austin shortly after I finished high school. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my “planned career” in government was not where my passions were focused. I immediately dropped all of my classes and enrolled in beauty school. Armed with the basics, I hit the ground running. I cut and colored my way through two salons in Austin before eventually falling in love with special-event hair and makeup. I quickly learned that I somehow possessed this magical ability to transform the woman sitting in my chair from a woman who’s apologizing for her “lop-sided mouth” and “frizzy, gross hair”, into a woman who loved the image staring back at her in the mirror. Did I really work a miracle or change anything about this woman? The answer is no. What I did do is use my knowledge of hair and makeup techniques, paired with simple color theory rules to help this woman discover how beautiful she already was. It was love-at-first-experience for me. Since then, I have worked on countless photo shoots, styled hair at American Idol, worked on a few commercials, and handed out countless tips and tricks to women of all ages to help them feel and look their best. I am beyond thrilled and honored to have this new and exciting platform to explore my favorite topic with each of you. Beauty is my passion, beauty is my world, and I cannot wait to share with you.”

Photographer of the Month!

Damon Ross

Miss Latina San Antonio Daniella Renée Espinoza

Daniella Renée Espinoza is eighteen years old and she is the only child of Mark and Sylvia Espinoza. She recently graduated from Antonian College Preparatory High School. Serving as a student ambassador all 4 years of High School, Daniella welcomed and provided guided tours of the blue ribbon high school to prospective students. She was the President of the Medical Club at Antonian, a Eucharistic Minister, Lector, and was inducted into ‘La Sociedad Nacional de Honores Español’ (The National Spanish Honors Society). Daniella was a member of the National High School Scholars Society as well. With Daniella’s dedication and hard work, she was able to receive many educational scholarships to further her education. As a result, she is currently attending Northwest Vista College, and with a passion for math and science, Daniella strives to complete her Associate of Biology degree from Northwest Vista. Also, she will continue her education at The University of the Incarnate Word to pursue a degree in Pharmacy.

Daniella is an active volunteer at numerous organizations, i.e. Animal Care Services of San Antonio, SAMM Ministries, ‘St. Vincent De Paul’, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Battered Women and Children’s Shelter of San Antonio, Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner, St. Peter and St. Joseph’s Children’s Shelter, The Little Black Dress Society, The Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Antonio, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and she has donated her time to the “Wounded Warrior Project”. In addition, Daniella has been dancing for thirteen years and she is classically trained in Flamenco and Ballet. She dances Folklorico, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Tap. For eight years now, Daniella has been dancing at a professional level throughout the city, as well as statewide. Also, Daniella is a choreographer and has choreographed for several Quinceañeras. Ultimately, Daniella enjoys teaching people of all ages the art of dance whenever she gets the opportunity. Daniella has been working as an independent model for the past seven years. Throughout her years as a model she has had many opportunities to work with local designers as well as some state wide, in their runway fashion shows, commercial, and print work. Lastly, Daniella has made a number of appearances on local television stations to help promote local designers to the San Antonio community. Among all of Daniella’s vast accomplishments, another wonderful achievement came when she was crowned as the very first Miss Latina San Antonio on August 9th. She was also awarded best overall interview, best swimsuit, and best talent. Along with a five-hundred dollar scholarship provided by Blue Armor Security Services. Throughout her reign, Daniella has received even more opportunities to donate her time as an ambassador for the Miss Latina San Antonio Organization. She has a vast love for giving back to her community, along with promoting how important education, physical fitness, and inner beauty is in life. Being a role model for Latinas of all ages is one of Daniella’s goals in life and she believes that with her title as Miss Latina San Antonio, she can inspire them to never give on their dreams no matter what. In closing she feels her faith, family, and education have been the keys to her success.

Scavenger Hunt of the Month Contest... How well do YOU know San Antonio? If you know where this is...go there, take a photo of yourself at the location, send it to us at and be entered in our contest to WIN!, WIN!, WIN! Our prizes are ALWAYS Green, Hurry and send in your photo. Good Hunting! One WINNER will be chosen randomly. Deadline is January 15th.

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TRAVEL Verb To go from one place to another, as on a a trip; journey. To be transmitted, move or pass.



WINTER PARK, Colo.,– Although it’s the snow-covered slopes that lure most visitors to Winter Park during the winter months, once they arrive, most discover Winter Park and the Fraser Valley offer considerably more. Options such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and ice skating appeal to adventure seekers with energy to spare. Massages, hot tubs, an eclectic dining scene, and a growing number of shops beckon to skiers and snowboarders who prefer the more low-key experience and the chance to relax. For old-fashioned winter fun, snuggling under a blanket on a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Choices include a two-hour trip with a short stop for hot chocolate in front of a bonfire or a journey through the woods to an old barn where a western-style dinner is served on tables tucked into the former stalls. For a rancher’s perspective on life, local outfitters offer a taste of the Fraser Valley from a century ago with a selection of horseback trail rides for all ages to explore snow-packed trails through densely wooded glades. Families can try ice-skating at the rink in Cooper Creek Square or the skating pond near the Fraser Valley Shopping Center. An irresistible attraction for kids and adults of all ages is the Fraser Tubing Hill. A selection of shops at the base of the slopes as well as in Winter Park and Fraser offer clothing, original art, jewelry, books, sporting goods, t-shirts, chocolates, and regionally inspired gifts. Dining out and around is part of the adventure of a truly relaxing vacation and in Winter Park the options are primarily one-of-a-kind. Locally owned and operated restaurants specialize in creating imaginative entrees and regional specialties that exist only in this town. Most are scattered conveniently up and down the main stretch of downtown Winter Park and can be found in an area less than a mile long and deciding where to eat is a pleasantly difficult decision. History buffs can visit the valley’s oldest home and original stage stop at the Cozens Ranch Museum. The Fraser Valley Visitor’s Center has a display of dramatic, turn-of-the-century photos featuring the results of record breaking snowstorms of yesteryear and the characters that populated the Fraser Valley during the heyday of the railroad and ranching eras. For more information about winter activities in the Winter Park and Fraser Valley area, contact the Winter Park-Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce at or call (800) 903-7275.

lorado. This is an the finest hotels in Co Come and enjoy one of wit dge h the opening of nter Park Mountain Lo exciting time for the Wi w Mountain Ballroom ado n Ballroom. The Sh tai un Mo w ado Sh new the art conference facility square foot state of the is an additional 3,000 t of meeting space, all existing 6,000 square fee that complements our dations range from cky Mountains. Our Ro rooms. These accommo ural grandeur of the nat ted ova the es ren ated y tur ull cap erf ich nd of wh and 52 wo All hotel rooms are loc 110 brand new rooms ilities and Jacuzzi tubs. fac ng n mi che im kit sw ce, oor pla lodging now includes ind fire ha Winter Park, an to mountain suites wit vies, only micro brewery in mo the m e roo hav o incomfortable hotel rooms als m, We roo e a. ies, gam Winter Park Ski Are a, sauna, exercise facilit directly across from the cular views of the ski are cta spe h wit s tub t ho ’s premier pool & two ten person Park is one of Colorado much more. Park has it all! Winter r nte winter, Wi the g ies rin ivit underground parking and Du act r ily. winter or summe for the whole fam for g nt kin me loo ain ert are ent you nd er ou tin Wheth e ski area tes g your ing and year-r the infamous Mary Jan -class skiing, hiking, bik ing rld lud wo inc for , s top the els on lev ati all tin des terrain for or snowmobiling to the skiing and snowboard tubing hills, ice skating g, ein ho ws sno Winter Park provides e, rid igh From a horse drawn sle abilities to the fullest. entertainment. Enjoy ure waiting for you. ent adv an ays alw e the biggest names in is re som the g , win ide dra Div er, golf als tal tiv nen fes nti Co ies and trip on the Colorado riv ed with outdoor activit of a white water rafting ill thr medal d the gol e The Winter Park is fill enc the eri get exp n and don't for hiking in the mountains, ado e of 600 miles of terrai on lor Co on r e bik you n breathtaking views while ing tai nn un pla mo h to help you wit sk public golf courses, t De s bes 's itie tiv ado Ac lor r Co ou of e at on the state. Ask best natural waters in Mountain Lodge today. fishing on some of the ging at the Winter Park lod tel ho r you k boo on and winter or summer vacati )726-4211

LL: (970 For Reservations CA www.WinterParkHot

A memorable Winter Park ski or golf vacation begins here. Our Winter Park lodging options represent the best of the area, includi ng; slope side ski condos, Getaway Mountain vacation cab ins, and our very special Distinctive Homes - vacation properties hand-picked from the finest in Winter Park. Rel activities, ski lift tickets, golf pac y on us for all the extras, too kages, catering, dining and mor — e. Destinations West - Winter vacation Rental Company. Park's leading upscale propert y

Yo ur Stay With Us Will Be Th e

Mo st Memo

rable Part Of Yo ur Vacat ion . We work hard to provide the best vacation experience and the best properties in Winter Park Our to help insure your vacation is "little extras" are designed relaxing, filled with fond mem ories, and much more than you our properties with an eye tow expected. We carefully chose ard your comfort and satisfaction . Many of our units are new con And our convenient rating syst struction or just a few years old. em helps you chose the propert y that's right for you. For your convenience the follo wing is included with each vaca tion property: • Fully equipped kitchens incl uding cooking utensils, dishes, and tableware. • All major kitchen appliances such as; dishwasher, coffee mak er, and microwave. • Personal products like paper towels, Kleenex, bar soap, and toilet tissue. • Fresh linens including full bed ding and towels. • A thorough clean-up upon you r departure. • All of our units are non-smokin g for a clean, healthful environ ment and to preserve the quality atmosphere for our owners and future guests. Sorry, pets are also not allowed in any of our properties. Reservations Phone Numb er: 800-545-WEST (9378)

BEAVER LODGE Winter Park's first lodging establish ment, Beaver Lodge is nestled in the foothills of the Continental Divide Arapaho National Forest. Affectionately adjoining the known as "The Beav's", Beaver Lodg e is perfectly located 1½ miles from Ski Area on the free shuttle route, the Winter Park just a couple of blocks from downtow n. Beaver Lodge is a classic ski lodge with its roots in the Old West. It open ed on Thanksgiving Day in 1940, the the Winter Park Ski Area, and has same year been offering comfortable accomm odations and hearty meals ever sinc Tradition, and popular also as pet frien e. A Winter Park dly lodging, Beaver Lodge has earn ed a reputation for catering to grou individuals alike from all over the worl ps, families and d. A warm welcome and relaxed atm osphere is assured. Beaver Lodge first choice for families staying in has long been a Winter Park. All rooms in our Main Lodge and Lake Lodges have private telephone. bathroom, TV & The Lodge is famous for its breakfas t & dinner buffet (ski season only), included in the rates for Lodge gues year-olds are $25.00 per night and ts. PLUS, 6-13 KIDS 5 & UNDER EAT & STAY FRE E - ALL SEASON LONG! Lodge ame an on-site ski shop, hot-tubs and saun nities include a, laundry room, video games and bar. Join us in the James Peak Salo drinks, and enjoy a game of pool or on for après-ski darts. Beaver Lodge is the base in Winter Park for the best non-skiing activities available, from snowmobiling and sleig dog-sledding and snowshoeing. The h rides, to convenience of Beaver Lodge is seco nd to none. If you're looking for Win offering traditional mountain charm, ter Park lodging friendly service and exceptional valu e, just "Leave it to Beavers!"

For Reservations CALL: Beaver

Village Management (800) 525-3 561

The Lady in Red

Wardrobe provided by Dillards La Cantera Hair and Make Up by Me Salon and Spa Photographer by Renata Bueche Fashion Stylist Diana Sneckner

Wardrobe provided by Dillards La Cantera Hair and Make Up by Me Salon and Spa Photographer by Renata Bueche Fashion Stylist Diana Sneckner

Wardrobe provided by Dillards La Cantera Hair and Make Up by Me Salon and Spa Photographer by Renata Bueche Fashion Stylist Diana Sneckner

Wardrobe provided by Dillards La Cantera Hair and Make Up by Me Salon and Spa Photographer by Renata Bueche Fashion Stylist Diana Sneckner

BUSINESS Noun The occupation, work, or trade in which a person is engaged: A specific occupation or pursuit: Commercial, industrial or professional dealings.


Willie Ng, Jr. Willie Ng, Jr. is the incoming Chief Criminal Investigator under the new leadership of incoming District Attorney Nico Lahood. As the Chief Criminal Investigator, Willie will be responsible for coordinating criminal investigations for the Criminal District Attorney’s Office and outside organizations. Willie will be leading over 40 Investigators working closely with Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Agencies to successfully prepare criminal cases for prosecution. Willie has served in the San Antonio Police Department for over 21 years and promoted to the rank of Detective Investigator where he has held that position for 12 years. Willie has served in the Repeat Offenders Program (ROP) where he investigated various criminal offenses such as narcotic violations, burglary, surveillance of suspects wanted for serious crimes and executed search and arrest warrants. Willie has served in the Financial Crimes Unit where he investigated cases involving forgery, credit card abuse, counterfeit checks, tampering with government records and identify theft. As a San Antonio Police Detective Investigator, Willie is assigned to the United States Secret Service Task Force where he is deputized as a Special Federal Deputy Marshal with the United States Secret Service for over seven years. Willie works with Secret Service Agents assigned to the San Antonio Field Office to investigate organized crimes such as money laundering, access device fraud, wire fraud, bank and credit card fraud and identity theft while working in cooperation with other Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Assistant District Attorneys and Assistant United States Attorneys for state and federal prosecution. Willie received Emergency Management training by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Master Certification in Law Enforcement by the State of Texas, among others. Established in 2003, Willie is owner of Blue Armor Security Services, Inc. in which he has created over 300 job opportunities in the San Antonio area, and was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in America in 2013 and 2014 by Inc. Magazine. Willie is passionate about contributing to the quality of life and economic growth. Encouraging the future leaders of our city is invaluable to Willie. He has established three scholarships at St. Mary’s University – The Willie Ng Master of Public Administration, The Dr. Charles Cotrell Scholarship and The Dr. Henry Flores Scholarship. Willie is the former interim Chief Executive Officer of JOVEN, Inc., a non-profit organization that focuses on underprivileged youth, and he currently holds the position of Board Chair. Willie is an Executive Board member of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SAHCC), Chair of the Membership Program and sits on multiple committees. Willie served as the 2014 Event Co-Chair of the 21st Annual SAHCC Golf Open Tournament. The annual fundraising event serves as an integral opportunity to help the non-profit organization raise funds to support its leadership programs and present opportunities for businesses to partner in the community. Willie is serving as the 2015 Event Chair for the SAHCC Golf Open Tournament. Willie received a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Wayland Baptist University and a Master of Public Administration from St. Mary’s University, and he is currently in the PhD program in Leadership Studies at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas.

Andrew Borrego Andrew Borrego is a native of San Antonio, Texas. He is licensed to practice in Texas and New York and a founding member of Moreno & Borrego Law, PLLC. Mr. Borrego practices in the areas of Business, Entertainment and Sports Law, and Civil Litigation. Mr. Borrego has been named by his Texas Peers as a Texas Rising Star in the area of Entertainment and Sports Law (2011-2013), a distinction given to only 2.5 percent of Texas attorneys. Mr. Borrego has negotiated multi-million dollar music related agreements on behalf of national and international recording artists and producers with major record labels (e.g. Atlantic Records (Snow Tha Product), Warner Music Group/Asylum Records (Chingo Bling), Universal Music Group/Fontana Music/Ingrooves (MC Magic), and Universal Music Group/Fonovisa, Crescent Moon Records, Inc., Estefan Music Publishing [Chris Perez])) and numerous music industry related agreements (e.g. publishing agreements, management agreements, licenses, etc). In addition to his work in the music industry, he has negotiated various film and television production agreements with major television networks (e.g. CMT) and production companies (e.g. Bunnim & Murray). In the area of sports, Mr. Borrego has represented professional boxers (Jairo Castaneda Golden Boy Promotions) a former NBA first round draft pick (Boston Celtics), sports agents, on-air television personalities, and various entertainment related business entities. In addition, he advises counsel entertainment and sports clients in all aspects of their entertainment related careers (e.g. business and endorsement opportunities). Mr. Borrego is currently in the process of obtaining his boxing manager’s license. In the area of entertainment and sports litigation, Mr. Borrego also handles copyright infringement claims, right of publicity claims, royalty disputes and represents sports agents in various litigation matters (e.g. state licensing investigations). Mr. Borrego has also negotiated numerous multimillion-dollar commercial transactions for clients in a variety of business industries (e.g. technology, oil & gas) and has represented clients in various civil litigation matters (e.g. real estate, breach of contract, fraud, securities law violations). Mr. Borrego has also served as an expert witness in the music industry, having served as an expert witness in a c opyright ownership and valuation case relating to the popular 70's funk band "Ohio Players" music catalog; In Re: Lisa Ann Galaz, Debtor, Lisa Galaz v. Segundo Suenos, LLC,, Cause No. 07-53287 rbk, in the United States Bankruptcy Court in the Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division. In addition to the practice of law, Mr. Borrego served as an adjunct professor at Trinity University (2007-2012) where he taught Sport Finance, Sports Law, and Ethics in Sports and assisted the university in establishing a Sport Management minor program. He also served as an adjunct professor in the business school at Our Lady of the Lake University (20082013) where he taught Business Law, Health Law and Non-Profit Law. Mr. Borrego passionate about serving others and currently serves on the board of trustees Our Lady of The Lake University and House of Neighborly Service Center, a non-profit organization in Mr. Borrego’s childhood Westside neighborhood. In addition to his community involvement, he also public speaking on a variety of matters and has been a featured speaker at various functions for a variety of organizations. A self described boxing and fitness enthusiast, Mr. Borrego enjoys sparring amateur and professional boxers and incorporating plyometrics into his training regiment. You can find Mr. Borrego on social media at:,, Instagram – Andrew Borrego and

Damon Ross Pediatric Dentist

Interview: Damon Ross, Pediatric Dentist Had his life path taken a different turn, Damon Ross could have ended up as a male model, or perhaps a basketball player! Originally from Michigan, he came to Nashville on an academic scholarship but also to play college basketball. During a one-year break from basketball, he received a contract as a model, but the agent also had a job program that led Damon to work as a dental assistant to a pediatric dentist. That's where he thought, "Hey! I could do this!" So he attended his mentor's dental program, the UNC School of Dentistry, and then residency brought him to San Antonio. After successfully practicing pediatric dentistry in our city for several years, Dr. Ross opened a second office in the Bulverde/Spring Branch area, and they are now accepting patients! SA Monthly recently spoke with Dr. Ross about his career and experiences. SA Monthly: Where did you perform your residency? Dr. Ross: At UT Health Science Center. I then opened my first dental practice soon after completing residency. SAM: What aspects of pediatric dentistry do you like the most? Dr. R: I like helping kids...they come to see me in pain, but I am able to fix their dental problems and get them smiling again. This has included some extensive challenges such as full-mouth rehabs. After a number of treatments and procedures, the child is feeling so much better! It's not just in the clinic‌I just like making a positive impact for the kids. For awhile we were involved with local elementary schools, sponsoring limo rides for students making all A's. The kids loved it! SAM: Please tell us about one of your most memorable experiences as a dentist. Dr. R: At a past Christmastime, a woman whose kids were patients of mine had a tragedy where her house burned down, destroying all of the family's belonging including Christmas presents for the kids. Despite the hard times, she kept the kids' dental appointments. On her way out, I handed her an envelope containing a pretty good sized check. Awhile later she came to thank me, in tears. When she expressed her gratitude, I told her I just wanted to help, and this was something I could do. SAM: You must be a very busy guy, but what are some of your hobbies?Dr. R: Well, lately I've taken up photography (as D Ros Photography), and I'm enjoying that. I also coached youth basketball for a couple of years. One year our team were regional champs, and they got to go on a trip to nationals in Orlando FL. For many of the kids, it was the their first time out of San Antonio. That was fun to see!


Alicia Taylor

A Texan girl at heart born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Alicia Taylor has a passion for helping people which inspired her to become an entrepreneur and setting her sights on building a legacy. With a vision of helping others reach their dreams, Alicia plans to make a huge impact in San Antonio as well as abroad. It wasn't until November of 2013 when she found her calling as an event coordinator and social media guru. Her expertise includes marketing, brand ambassador and networking. Alicia is well versed with assessing the needs of her clients and delivering results that always exceed their expectations. Though like any start up entrepreneur, Alicia refuses to let adversity hinder her from making a name for herself in this industry. Alicia is well rounded and is capable of tapping into any market which includes existing and new business followed by individuals such as athletes, musicians, models, etc... Alicia's current projects include a client from New York, assisting in marketing their clothing line called Future Legend. She is also working with local boxers, helping them reach out to the community to support this sport and give back. Last but not least she is working with two local music artists as their PR rep. What keeps her striving for success is her family but most importantly her two sons. She wants to make a statement for her boys that you can do anything in this world as long as you put your mind to it. Always stay positive and surround yourself with positivity. Contact Alicia: (210) 928-7494 Twitter: @83aliciataylor IG: Taylor_7911

AFTER DARK Adjective Reflecting only a small fraction of incadecent light. A place having little or no light, Night; nightfall.


ROCK CLUB of the


The White Rabbit is located at 2410 N. St. Mary’s St in San Antonio, Tx. The venue has been a staple on the St. Mary’s strip since 1996 hosting a range of local, regional, and national bands. The White Rabbit consists of a main room with a capacity of 1475, but can be scaled down to accommodate smaller shows as well. The White Rabbit has a large enclosed patio where smoking is allowed, and picnic tables are provided. The venue also has another patio situated on the opposite side of the main room where smaller outdoor shows can be arranged, or used as a “second stage”. The White Rabbit has a FULL liquor bar featuring an array of the best liquors, at great prices. We also have a large selection of domestic and imported beer at affordable prices. For minors, there are machines with sodas, water, Powerade, and Energy Drinks on the outside patios. Food trucks will provide food in front of the venue. Professional cameras are not allowed during concert events, unless approved and authorized by the band. Most concerts at The White Rabbit are considered all ages (10+) but some may have other age restrictions. Please check the event in our Upcoming show section for more details. Minors and Adults will receive a wristband upon entering the venue after age is verified.

2410 N ST MARYS, San Antonio, Texas 78212 / (210) 737-222

Looking for a breathtaking way to experience many of San Antonio's stunning holiday light displays?

During the month of December, Alamo Helicopter Tours will be offering nighttime flights so you can take in the beautiful lights of the holiday season in a unique and wonderful way, from high in the sky over San Antonio. Flights will include flyovers over the beautiful River Walk Lights Downtown, plus the University of the Incarnate Word and Trinity University. Alamo Helicopters is offering two different Holiday Lights Tours on December 19, 20, 22, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30, Santa's Full Tour will depart at 5:15 and will last 30 minutes. Only one will be available each night, so booking early is a good idea. (Online price - $446.42 per couple including tax.) Santa's Quick Tour takes off between 6:15 p.m. and 8:15 p.m.. The tour last 16 minutes and six are available nightly. (Online price - $254.00 percouple including tax.) "The holiday lights tours have been a tradition for many people in San Antonio," said Stacy Riggs, owner of Alamo Helicopter Tours. "You simply can't imagine how gorgeous it is to experience the holiday lights from up in the sky. It's a wonderfully romantic experience for couples, and a perfect way to say I love you...or to pop the question!" Alamo Helicopter Tours is located at the Stinson Airport just south of downtown. Reservations can be made at or by calling (210) 287.5797.

Club of the Month Adult Hot Chocolate is back!

Greenhouse is a rooftop concept that ‘raises’ the bar nightlife in San Antonio, A truly unique atmosphere blending a vintage industrial decor with the warmth of a beautiful rooftop garden. 4553 West Loop 1604 (210) 393-0511


SWIG MARTINI BAR Open since 1997 on San Antonio's Riverwalk, Swig blends a 1940's sophisticated charm with a contemporary edge. Swig features a large selection of specialty martinis, premium spirits, beer, wine, and an extensive selection of cigars. Enjoy an intimate experience inside while enjoying live music nightly or enjoy views of the Riverwalk from the outdoor patio. Whatever your preference, let the staff at Swig take care of you you'll be glad you did! The word Martini is a nostalgic passport to another era — when automobiles had curves like Mae West, when women were either ladies or dames, when men wore hats, when a deal was done on a handshake, when boxing and polo were regular pastimes, when we lived for movies instead of MTV, and when jazz was going from hot to cool. It was a time when a relationship was called either a romance or an affair, when love over a pitcher of Martinis was bigger than both of us, sweetheart, and it wouldn’t matter if the Russians dropped the bomb as long as the gin was wet and the vermouth was dry. That was Martini Culture.”

111 W. Crockett #205 • Open daily • 210.476.0005

Blue Armor Security Services, Inc., locally owned and operated, is one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America.

“Our Experts are Committed to Excellence in Service”

• Commissioned and Non-commissioned Security Guards • Video Surveillance • Security Patrol • Private Investigation • Residential & Commercial Alarm Services • Controlled Access Gate Systems • Custom Build / Installation/Service Repair /Programming /Maintenance • (210) 495-4610 Where ALL of your Security Needs Are Met!

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