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A Guide to Discovering The Treasures of Prince Edward County & Surrounding Areas •

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Dear Guests We would like to invite you to explore the many wonderful ­treasures which await you in Prince Edward County and hope that your stay will be a thoroughly enjoyable one. “The Sojourner” has been created to assist you in discovering the many w ­ onderful “treasures” which Prince Edward County and ­surrounding areas offer over and above its pastoral beauty and peacefulness. Be it art, antiques from days gone by, history and all those things which c­ reate a “magic” for you personally, we do hope the ­following pages will afford you some insight as to what is ­available for you to enjoy during your sojourn in the County. Although “The Sojourner” does not show you all of the County’s ­“treasures”, you will find that the participants within these pages are m ­ aking a concerted effort to help make sure that your stay here will be one filled with wonderful moments which will leave you with treasured ­memories. If this is your first visit, then we sincerely hope that this will be the first of many e­ njoyable trips to the County. If you have been here before, then you have already d ­ iscovered its “magic” and its many “treasures”; however, as you have already found there is always more to explore and experience every time you come back. Please enjoy your sojourn in our beautiful County.



For those of you who have never had the ­pleasure of staying at a B&B, the following might be helpful to you. • If you have special dietary requirements for health purposes such as if you are diabetic, lactose intolerant, etc..., then please inform your host in advance in order that they may be able to tell you whether they can accommodate such needs. • Always ask about cancellation and refund policies when you book. • Let your hosts know when you plan to arrive and please call if it changes. Your hosts plan their schedules around your arrival time. • With respect to arrival times, please be aware that most guest leave by 11 a.m. at B&Bs and it takes time to clean the rooms; consequently, please respect your hosts requests not to arrive too early in the day as they may be in the midst of cleaning in preparation for your later arrival. Remember you are staying at a “Bed and Breakfast” which is totally unlike an inn or motel. • Upon arrival, please knock or ring the doorbell. Please do not just walk in. • Please respect the privacy of your hosts and do not go touring their private quarters. • If you are sharing a bathroom, then you will have to speed up your toilette as others will be waiting. Please aim for 10-15 minutes. • Please keep showers short as there are not always a lot of hot water. • Please do not leave personal articles or towels behind in a shared bathroom. • Please understand that baby sitting, laundry facilities or room in the fridge is not the norm at a B&B. • Please show up for breakfast at the agreed upon time. • When you arrive for breakfast and if you hosts are busy in the kitchen, please introduce yourself to the other guests. • If you are staying for a few days, then please make sure to vacate your room between 11:00 a.m. and at least 3:00 p.m. as your hosts need time to do house keeping and run the necessary daily errands such as grocery shop, etc... The most import thing for you to know is that you should RELAX and enjoy what each B&B has to offer as each one is unique. Remember that you are a welcomed guest in someone’s home. Your hosts have opened up their home to you because they enjoy the stimulation of interesting, warm and friendly people like yourself.

The Sojourner Your guide to the treasures of Prince Edward County. •



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Somewhere - where, we do not know - is something truly amazing awaiting to be found. unknown

Please know that The County businesses within these pages value your business and want to ensure that you are made aware of all that they can offer you with respect to your individual wants and needs in order to ensure that your visit to PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY is an enjoyable one. This is their forum to “shine” for you; therefore, please let them know that you appreciate their efforts!

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Great Finds! “Somewhere - where, we do not know - is something truly amazing waiting to be found.” Unknown


here is nothing quite like the thrill of the hunt. Mind you, one does not always acknowledge that one is “hunting” when it comes to ­antiques. In fact, it is more of a gut reaction to something that you find along your travels that screams out “Take me home!”. You know what I mean if you are an avid antique lover who treasures those items one will never see made in quite the same way, and which tells a story about the past. When it comes to antiques, The County offers a wealth of both ­primitive, early Canadiana, and elegant fine furnishings, intriguing collectibles, ephemera, jewellery, and more - all with a story to tell. Whether you are a seasoned antique hunter or s­ omeone who simply delights in seeing things that you have never encountered before or a person who enjoys nostalgic items, there is a bounty of all things “old” which can be found amidst the County’s hamlets and quaint L­ oyalist villages. Some can be seen in rustic country barns or ­elegant V ­ ictorian homes while others are housed in charming c­ ountry shops. No matter where you ­travels take you in the County, you are ­certain to find antique havens filled with h­ istoric t­ reasures if you are in the hunting mode. Whether you are passionate about all things Victorian or simply love Art Deco, the County’s has a proliferation of unique and eclectic items. In fact, few words can possible describe the thrill of d­ iscovering that special treasure which you chance upon at such places as Dead People’s Stuff, The Great Deseronto Antique Emporium, Gilbert and Lighthall, The Sword, MacCool’s Re-use and Chatsworth Antiques & Suites who all offer you some great “hunting” experiences. So, let the hunt begin!






Yes, folks! It’s Dead People’s Stuff! As owner Sue Hierlihy jokingly says, “ If it’s truly an antique, then like it or not, it’s dead people’s stuff !” There is absolutely no point in disputing it since it is rare that you find the former owner of a 100 year old item alive and kicking ... even with our modern health system. At Dead People’s Stuff ­Antiques, it is all about the Past. You will find an eclectic variety of antiques along with some great nostalgic items for the “baby ­boomers” who hanker for those special elements that touched their lives once upon a time. The shop features ­country pine ­f urniture, both painted and refinished, v­ intage tools, t­ reasures for your garden, and some cool ­c ollectibles. You’ll also find ­vintage lighting, quilts and ­linens, clothing, vintage fabric, trunks,

Keeping the Past Alive...

boxes, chairs, and an ­­ever-­changing ­assortment of ­desirables, ­oddities and ­eclectics. In the upcoming months, there will be a new addition to the shop which will be dedicated to ­Mantiques. Yes, “Mantiques” is exactly what it sounds like... antiques for the man who loves old tools and “thing-me-a-bobbers” from the past. With her own blog and facebook in full swing, Sue’s unique offerings are constantly turning over; therefore, there are always new “finds” to be found on-line and in the shop. Now, with a name like Dead People’s stuff, it is only fitting that it is housed in a restored 19th century ­carriage house where you can often find partner Tim fixing up something in the old shed next door. Located at the west end of the quaint Loyalist village of ­Bloomfield, you’ll find Sue and Tim and lots of dead people’s stuff at ... 388 Main St • Bloomfield

Featuring country pine furniture, both painted and refinished, vintage tools, treasures for the garden, trunks, boxes, chairs, lighting and an ever-changing assortment of desirables, oddities and eclectics.


388 Main Street • Bloomfield 613.393.3193


A Treasury of The Past

beauty & style classic & funky

Collectibles • Nautica & Militaria Books • Toys • China • Glassware Vintage Furnishings • Lamps & More


A fine array of home furnishings • accent items • gifts • jewellery & more

Wedding Registry

Open daily 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

open daily all year round

(613) 396-6443 • 365-367 MAIN ST. • DESERONTO




photo courtesy of Graham Davies

Antique Emporium




COUNTY & AREA ANTIQUE SHOPPES The Great Deseronto Antique Emporium


“Emporium” aptly captures the ­essence of this amazing antique shop. Talk about stepping back in Time! This vast shop is housed in a beautiful, h­ istorical building which was built in 1892, part of the Baker Block. It was originally constructed for use as an Opera House on the 2nd floor, and hardware store on its main level; however, over the past century the building has ­naturally undergone some changes. The Emporium is located on the main floor of the building and comes complete with its original tin ceilings and creaking wood floors that add that touch of “character” all antique shops should have. As a multi-vendor market, you are offered a unique opportunity to see a wide assortment of goods for your perusal. With more than twenty vendors showcasing their wares under the supervision and expert of eye of Margaret Steenburg, there are many wonderful treasures

waiting for you to discover them amidst a few thousand square feet. From ­collectibles to vintage furniture, ­c hina, glass, books, toys, ­kitchenware, tools, ­jewellery, military, sports and ephemera and much more, you could easily spend hours here exploring this treasure trove of delights. You will see that the vendors take great pride in their displays and try to ensure that they only offer you quality items at reasonable prices. You are invite you to come visit, ­explore and shop. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will make you feel at home as you take time to reflect and stroll down memory lane at 365-367 Main St. • Deseronto

Housed in a lovely, r­ estored ­h istoric building, it offers a ­wonderful blend of treasures both past and present for your ­browsing and shopping pleasure. Naturally, antique lovers will ­certainly appreciate a visit to this ­wonderful shop where each piece is not only beautifully displayed but also carefully selected to ­ensure that you have only the best in ­quality antiques. With proprietor, ­Alexandra Bake’s discerning eye for those special items that always seem tell “a story” as well as her w ­ onderful sense of home decor has resulted in a shop filled with an ­amazing ­selection of home furnishings and gift ware for the most ­discriminating shopper who ­enjoys things that are unique and exceptional. Ta k e t h e t i m e t o w a n d e r through Gilbert and Lighthall’s two ­delightful floors filled with treasures both old and new as you discover ­contemporary ­f urnishing amidst beautiful a­ ntiques, collectibles, jewellery and other novelty trinkets all at 171 Main Street • Picton

Gilbert & Lighthall 3 An extraordinary “marketplace” ­exists in the heart of downtown Picton. This ­treasury of eclectic delights is Gilbert & Lighthall ­Marketplace which pays homage to its founding roots.

Chatsworth Antiques & Suite

When it comes to exquisite ­c ol le c t ion of f ine ant iques, ­decorative objects, ephemera and collectables, Chatsworth Antiques & Suite is a “must see”. Selling ­i nternationally and at select ­a ntique shows across the ­province, the shop is a destination for avid antique hunters looking for the best items from around the world, Canada and Eastern Ontario. In particular, the shop f­ eatures a unique collection of ­Canadian and international art which has ­garnered them an excellent r­ eputation amongst ­collectors. Proprietor Kevin Bazkur has been a collector and ­admirer of quality antique items and art since childhood. He ­travels and sources the world, ­bringing back the unique items that his clients demand and ­appreciate. The store features the work of Clarice Cliff, Lalique, Susie ­Cooper and Waterford, just to name a few. With their in-depth knowledge about e­ phemera and c­ ollectables, Chatsworth Antiques prides itself on ­having something for e­ veryone in all price ranges. If you’re ­looking for a special item, the staff will endeavour to find it for you. In fact, Chatsworth ­Antiques ­offers you ­exceptional ­­service and ­research. Keeping in character with the past and the County’s rich history, Chatsworth Antiques & Suite is located in an elegant ­century home where you can not only shop but stay during your time in the county surrounded by beautiful, quality antiques in the heart of downtown Picton. 6 Centre Street • Picton

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Sojourner THE SOJOURNER 2011






The name is “MacCool Re-use” ... and it is not a name that you will forget when you enter this truly exceptional emporium of great treasures from the past. True to is name, it has really “cool” stuff! Situated in a 150 year-old barn on a 2 acre property on the outskirts of Bloomfield, owners Colm, Cindy and their son Jack MacCool made the big move from the city to the country in 2003. Garnering some experience on a smaller scale over the past few years, in 2008, they decided it was time to go bigger and better... so they went about and renovated their old barn. More than just a catchy name, the MacCools built their business based on their philosophy of life and respect for history. Loving quality and craftsmanship of items from the past, they enjoy giving new life to previously used furnish-

Chatsworth Antiques & Suite

ings. They reclaim fixtures and materials for repairs and reconfigure certain items for the furniture that Colm designs and makes. They have a large variety of antiques, collectibles, mid-century modern and 20th century design furniture. Cindy’s love of Danish teak makes for a wide and growing selection as well as her selection of “smalls” such as West German ­p ottery, art glass, hardware and funky retro glass sets which you can find throughout the building. Colm, himself, is a recognized sculptor and designer who enjoys making custom furniture out of salvaged materials to sell in the store. A coffee table made from a bowling alley lane with carved Douglas firm beam legs, and rough hewn cherry coffee tables are just a few of the many exotic and rustic pieces you will find at 1149 County Road 12 • Picton (West Lake Road)

Featuring Clarice Cliff • Lalique Susie Cooper • Waterford Collectables • Ephemera & More ...



The Sword

reclaim • reconfigure • re-use ...


custom designs by Colm

Fine Antiques & Collectables including

Nautica & Militaria Memorabilia • Antique Weapons Costume Jewellery • Fine Furniture & More!

613- 392-2143

613.393.5797 1149 County Rd. 12 (West Lake Rd.) R.R.1 Picton, ON

20581 Loyalist Parkway • Consecon THE SOJOURNER 2011





The Sword Antiques resides in a building renowned in the area for the Creole and Cajun food once served in a restaurant of the same name. It opened up its doors over ten years ago and it has been going through a constant evolution ever since. Here, you will find an diverse range of c­ ollectibles, beautiful old glass pieces, fine china, and silverware which vie with racks of black powder long guns and pistols, both antique and reproductions. Cabinets hold silk screened local milk bottles, old cigarette lighters, aged ink wells and animal figurines, die cast cars, military figurines. ­Aboriginal and Inuit carvings share shelves with local duck decoys. Owner Bob Harris is always on hand to greet you with a smile and supply you with a wealth of knowledge on all things “old”.Located just north of the Hillier wine region at 20581 Loyalist Parkway • Consecon

PEC Annual Antique Show & Sale

Prince Edward Curling Club




As oldest annual event in The ­County, the Prince Edward County’s Annual Antique Show & Sale is a great opportunity to find some amazing items at great prices. For 47 years,this event has been held at the Picton Fairgrounds. Although its main purpose is to allow you the opportunity to enjoy “one stop antique shopping”, it is also a County fund-raiser for various community charities . Friendly, k­ nowledgeable vendors who come from all over ­Ontario, welcome the chance to assist and enlighten you as to the history of their wares. From collectibles to fine china to antique ­furnishings, and everything in between, there is an abundance of great treasures to be found. If you miss it this year, then make a note to plan for next year. Just check out the date with the PEC ­Chamber of Tourism & ­Commerce at 1-800-640-4717.



June 17th, 18th & 19th, 2011 Friday: 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Saturday: 10:00 - 5:00 p.m. Sunday: 11:00 - 4:00 p.m. ADMISSION $4.00 HST INCLUDED

Lunch Available New Dealers Welcome


Great Jewellery “Finds” at the Antique Show & Sale THE SOJOURNER 2011



Artist & Artisans



“Every work of art represents an exploration of the mind.”



eing home to more than 300 artists, Prince Edward County can proudly boast of having the largest number of artists living in any rural area in Ontario. From all walks of life, they have come each bringing their own concepts of what art is and what it means to them. Some have been artists all their lives, while others have come to fulfill a lifelong dream - to ­release the creativity that they have suppressed over a lifetime. Now, far from the madness of their former lives, they have seized the opportunity to explored the various forms of art which have always intrigued them. The result of their exploration has surprised many of them ... as they discover a growing demand for their work as artists as it captivates the eyes of those who happen upon their work. The following pages will help guide you to discovering some of the County’s many artists’ work and those who wish to share their time with you and to let you explore the world through their eyes in works that they have created as a result of events, feelings and more during their lifetime. You will find their stories in almost everything you see. Each artists is portrayed in his or hers major area of artistry with some ­overlapping due to the diversity of their individual talents. Each artist has a reference number which is on a identified on a map at the end of this section in order to assist you in locating their individual studio g­ allery. In addition, you will notice that some of the artists’ ads have the Arts Trail logo of which they are members in an ongoing effort to promote the many unique artists and galleries in The County. With many County art events held ­annually and in surrounding areas, you are invited to attend Art in the County, CLIC Eastern Ontario Photo Show & Sale, the Prince Edward County Studio Tour, the Maker’s Hand and the various gallery shows listed on their respective web sites.





F E AT U R E D A R T I S T 2011

Sculptor Who defines great art? Is it the art critic or the art lover? When it really comes down to the truth of the matter, it is the artist himself, his perception of the world around him, his attitude towards all that encompasses him and how he interprets it into his work that defines great art. The work of Frank De La Roche, sculptor extraordinaire, can easily be termed “great art” because of the artist, himself. This convivial ­artist has the ability to not only to draw you into his world but to captivate you with his work. Born in Trois-Rivières, Frank started out in life as a painter at a very young age. Art was the only subject that he enjoyed and by the time he was 18, he was determined to be a painter; however, to please his family he went to the University of Montreal and earned his teaching degree but destiny had other plans. It was a trip to Versailles, France, which changed Frank’s life completely the moment he laid eyes on Rodin’s The Burghers of Calais. Without a second thought, Frank switched his paintbrushes for chisels since he saw the dynamics of 3 dimensional sculpture as being far more expressive than what he could achieve with 2 dimensional painting; thus, a great sculptor was born.

With chisels in hand, Frank avidly pursued his new artistry and apprenticed with a variety of sculptors where he learned his trade. Today, he sculpts in a variety of materials ranging from stone to metal and even cement; however, one of his most favourite materials is the African Wonderstone from Zimbabwe as it comes in a variety of colours with purple, yellows and rust running throughout the stone. Although most of his work is commissioned as it is his “bread and butter”, what really inspires him is the work of Piet Mondrian whose sculptures are totally abstract, linear and cold but ... arresting. It is those elements that Frank identifies with in his own work. He describes his art as “ultimately abstract realism” but you easily know what you are looking at. A groupings of people is clearly a group of people and a torso is a torso, but “They are suggested rather than defined.” says Frank. His inspiration is everyday life and encompasses the people and moments which touch his world with beauty and warmth. It is part of the reason why he has a recurring theme throughout his work involving people - usually tall, linear and skinny ones created in rare woods, bronze, stone, metal and cement. He is fascinated by the fact THE SOJOURNER 2011


that he can take something so cold and hard and turn it into something soft and warm which is both pleasing to the eye and to the touch, while expressing that which he sees around him. By all accounts, Frank is a serious artist dedicated to his work, spending long hours creating what he loves to do; however, one does see his wry wit that emerges in some of his work even with respect to certain names he gives to his various sculptures, such as “Monkey Business” an outdoor set of monks, and “Cellulite Just Adds Interest”. With his waterfront studio and summer home in picturesque Waupoos, it is only natural to discover that Frank is presently working on a series of floating sculptures - anchored but free to float merging and moving with the natural movement of the lake water - somewhat indicative of Frank’s free spirit. When it comes right down to it, a visit to Frank’s La De Dah Gallery studio is an unbelievable experience for anyone who appreciates the sheer artistic genius of someone who has a vision of what can come forth from nature’s raw elements and turns it into a reality while making people smile as they view his work and reach out to touch it. It is a glimpse into the world of Frank De La Roche, sculptor extraordinaire.


3252 County Road 8 • Picton

GLASS WORKS Not satisfied with simply c­ reating beautiful beads, C ­ olleen takes her work to the next level and has ­created ­wonderful ­jewellery. The ­n ecklaces, ­b racelets and ­e arrings d­ esigns are one-of-akind works of art with each bead being a work of art in itself. For those who love wearing d­ ramatic ­accessories, ­C olleen’s creations are b­ reathtaking. In fact, for those looking for that very special ­birthday, ­anniversary or ­Christmas gift, Colleen does custom orders taking into ­c onsideration the favourite ­colours of the person to whom you are giving. Talk about the perfect gift! From March to December, both Mel and Colleen can often be found giving classes to those individuals wanting to explore their artistic talent with learning how to blow glass as well as the artistry of lamp B etween Mel’s ­d elightful ­creations and Colleen’s beautiful jewellery, a stop here will be one of the highlights in your artistic tour of the County at 65 Barkers Lane Bloomfield

Student Glass Blower at Bloomfield Studios

Bloomfield Studios Spirits in Glass Inc. Nightshade Fine Art


Showcasing the works of two ­gifted artisans, Mel and Colleen Wilder, Bloomfield Studios is a amazing journey into the highly specialized world of glass art and more. It is the brainchild of owner/ glassblower Mel Wilder. Mel wanted to create an art centre wherein people could come and garner an ­appreciation of “­artists at work” via ­ongoing ­demonstrations while h­ aving the opportunity to view, learn and even purchase a delightful piece of artwork from their gallery. Throughout the year, B ­ loomfield Studios plays hosts to guests artists where they can showcase their work as well as offer private ­lessons and workshops to those people interested in learning about their r­ espective art forms. Both Mel and his wife give their own classes ­throughout the year and you are invited to experience the magic of glass with these two gifted artists and their guest ­artists whenever you feel the desire to explore the artist within you

Mel Wilder

Spirits in Glass Inc.

Mel Wilder finds that ­b lowing glass creates an inner peace and tranquility, almost ­h ypnotic. Throug h the use of colour, ­refraction and ­reflection, his work attempts to showcase the magical ­nature glass, in its m ­ olten state, holds for him through ongoing ­demonstrations. He, himself, garners an ­inner peace when he is w ­ orking at the bench that he finds it a­ lmost spiritual in nature. All his pieces ­a ttempt to pass this on to the viewer so they, too, can enjoy the “spirits in glass”.

Vanessa Pandos

Shattered/Modern Glass Gallery & Studio

Located just north of Wellington is Shattered, the studio and gallery of glass artist Vanessa Pandos. Ecologically oriented, Vanessa’s art is an amazing look at what can be created from what most of us would toss away. Her joy of life is very evident in her work. Using recycled and found glass, unconventional designs, m ­ aterials and the time ­h onoured art of stained glass techniques, Vanessa creates innovative panels, sculpture, jewelry and home ­accessories. An ­outstanding display of her work can be found at Closson Chase Winery, in Hillier, where you can see a­ lmost an entire

Colleen Wilder

Nightshade Fine Art

Fine artist, Colleen Wilder works in a variety of ­mediums from oils to pastels to mixed media. Although an avid artist ­working with oils, watercolour and mixed media, Colleen’s l­ atest work i­ nvolves working with glass. As with her painting, her lamp worked beads are ­statements of her love of ­colour, texture, landscape and mystery.  THE SOJOURNER 2011




wall of her glass art built into the ­building. In addition you can find her work in Arts on Main Gallery. Although her studio is open year round, she kindly requests that you call for her hours as they change throughout the year. Take the time to visit her, on your way to the County’s west end wineries, at 1244 County Road 2 Hillier

Kirei Samuel

LalaLand Glass Studio


Welcome to LaLaLand where “­f rivolous” activity rules... well ­actually Artist Kirei Samuel rules, ergo the name “LaLaLand”. Her glassworks ­gallery/studio is exactly what you would expect to find in the whimsical and fascinating world of LaLaLand because it is an extension of Kirei’s fun loving personality where she can ­simultaneously laugh at herself while being serious about her artistry. In fact, she confesses that the end results of her work are always an eye opener to even her... Such is the realm of LaLa Land. As a graduate of The Art C ­ entre, in Toronto, Kirei uses various ­t echniques in creating her art, including innovative as well as ­traditional methods. Fusing, sandblasting and etching onto glass as well as twisting and stirring molten glass are just some the techniques she uses to create her bold, elegant, classical and sometimes whimsical pieces. Like her life’s journey, she takes great joy in experimenting with her medium. In fact, most of Kirei inspiration come from moments in her life and how she interprets those moments into her beautiful and sometimes amusing creations. So, drop in and open your eyes to the Kirei’s delightful work in LaLaLand. 2317 County Road1 • Bloomfield

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PRIVATE CLASSES • DEMONSTRATIONS • WORKSHOPS • GALLERY Introduction to Hot Glass • Paperweight Saturdays Saturday & Weekend Courses Open: Friday to Sunday 10am - 5pm

613-393-2237 • 65 BARKERS L ANE • BLO OMFIELD w w o omf i el dstu di os.c om THE SOJOURNER 2011



WAT E R C O LO U R S , O I L S , M I X E D M E D I A Rita Thivierge


Gallery at Sandbanks Winery As the artist in residence at The Gallery at Sandbanks Winery, Rita Thivierge has studied art and ­design in Montreal, New York and San Francisco after h­ aving spent 25 years working for a c­ ommunications firm. Now, Rita communicates through her work where she finds that she has crossed the boundary separating her from your soul’s deepest aspirations ... all in the space of a canvas. With her inherent sense of colour and brush in hand, Rita paints ­v ibrant, colourful abstract landscapes that she has encountered in her life and stored away only to have them come to life on canvas. Her art is focused on colour and its light properties. Rita takes a very contemporary approach to l­andscape images with the ­intention is to create an atmosphere, an i­ mpression, an inner landscape. In this way, images arising from joy emerge onto the canvas and colour bursts forth. Having been presented in over thirty exhibitions throughout Canada and the United States, Rita has garnered international acclaim. A visit to Sandbanks Gallery while doing a wine tour is well worth the experience to see her masterful works of art at 17598 Loyalist Pkwy • Wellington

Milé Murtanovski Small Pond Arts


Andrew Innes

Round the Bend Gallery

When Milé began painting more than twenty years ago, he chose watercolours as his favoured medium; partly as a way of defying a teacher who said it would prove too challenging, but mostly because he found its effects so beautiful. What began with mostly figurative pieces, a subject which has remained a life-long love, his body of work has coloured over the lines into lush oils and sparse inks of varied subject matter. Whatever the content, a theme runs through Milé’s prolific body of work: the exploration of light and dark. Very literally, his paintings convey emotional energy through the precise and careful rendering of light. He’s captured the beauty of soft shadows, of glowing reflections, of the way morning sun hits a bird feather or moonlight is absorbed into brick. In 2010 he started Small Pond Arts with his wife, writer and puppeteer Krista Dalby, where they host artists-in-residence, produce imaginative theatre and community festivals. When he’s not drawing or painting, you may find Milé teaching classes in watercolours or stilt-walking. 337 Clarke Road • Picton



If you love the settings of Monet’s famous waterside paintings , then a visit to Round the Bend Gallery is where you will find the very same ethereal beauty captured in many of Monet’s works. Home and studio of painter and multi-media artist, Andrew Innes, this secluded gallery is situated amidst a delightful garden setting which overlooks ­beautiful Picton Bay. Amidst this serene backdrop, you will find not only the works of award winning artist ­Andrew In n e s , b u t a l s o a n e x c i t i n g ­c ollection of Canadian art glass and ­sculpture. Born in Jamaica, schooled in ­England, Andrew settled in Canada 1973 where he ran his own private accounting practice. Having studied at the College Street Atelier from 2001 - 2005, Andrew took up painting full time and now paints for the sheer joy and challenge of it. In his own words, his ­paintings reflect, “an on-going attempt to ­d istinguish the essential from the decorative and to discern the rhythms, patterns and geometry in nature.” Using oils, acrylics and watercolour, Andrew is not what you would term a “Wet on wet” painter. His



paintings are very layered, built up over time. As a result, he finds that acrylics allow him to do this a lot easier than oils and watercolours; however, it does not diminish his passion for oils. Andrew love for all forms of art is evident in his gallery as it houses not only his own work but also features the works of other Canadian artists including the work of glass artists, Mariel Waddell and Mischka Hunter and the sculptures of Bunny Bates. You are invited to come and visit Round the Bend Gallery and discover on of The County’s treasures on the waterfront at 12306B Loyalist Parkway, Picton

The Work of Multi-Media Artist


10am - 5pm Saturday – Monday May - September • April • October • November by Chance or Appointment

613.476.7505 • 12306B Loyalist Parkway • Picton






The Bald Photographer Gallery The Bald Photographer Studio and Gallery is in Cherry Valley, between Picton and Sandbanks Provincial Park where Welsh-born ­photographer Graham Davies has converted the old village shop into a studio, darkroom and gallery space for his fine art photography. Graham works with black and white film, hand printing his i­ mages on ­archival papers. His work includes portraits, landscapes, body ­portraits and abstracts and vintage press photographs from his years as a photojournalist. The gallery is a welcoming place. Graham and his wife, writer Jan ­D avies, live in the old house attached to the shop, and visitors are encouraged to knock there or shout over the garden fence if they find the gallery empty. “I’ve had visitors who like what they see so much they book a por-

trait session on the spot,” says Graham. “Sometimes I’ve set up and we’ve done the shoot right then, or I’ll go round to wherever they are staying and get a great portrait out in the environment, or the whole family on the beach.” T hou g h he sho ot s c ol ou r digital for commercial work and ­o ccasional weddings, Graham’s heart belongs to black and white. “It’s not necessary for one art form to die when a new one comes along,” he says. “Digital is quick and easy, but you’ll never surpass the beauty and drama of great black and white photography.” Watch out this year for his first book, Graham Davies at The Royal, a remarkable series of images taken in Picton’s old Royal Hotel. 1666 Cty Rd 10 • Cherry Valley

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BALD PHOTOGRAPHER STUDIO & GALLERY 1666 County Rd. 10, Cherry Valley, Ontario K0K 1P0

Portraits | Commercial | Landscapes | Fine Art Images | Body Portraits Open Wed through Sun 10-5 and by chance





dave hill photographer

STUDIO GALLERY 613-471-1283 Wedgwood Cottage 314 County Road #7 • Picton Near Lake on the Mountain

Peggy deWitt Paper Images


Professional photographer, Peggy deWitt, has been a resident of Prince Edward County for more than 20 years where she has photographed and captured the beauty of the area in all its moods and s­easons. Peggy’s work is well known and appreciated for its ­distinctive interpretation.

A true professional, Peggy’s skills are demonstrated in everything from studio and wedding photography to commercial work for the web and magazines. Peggy has published three books of Prince Edward County and a county calendar since 2004. All photos show, the richness of country life, the spirit of the people and the unique landscapes of “The County”.

Peggy has her own gallery, ­ aper Images, where you can P view her ­p hotographic images. The walls of the gallery offer you an array of p­ rofessionally framed prints of favourite Prince Edward County landmarks with images of Sandbanks golden beaches, remote lighthouses, old barns, romantic vineyards and ­wineries, ­historical buildings and aerial views.


Unfortunately, Peggy plans to close the gallery in September as she moves her career into another direction of giving folks fabulous and fun photography classes. So be sure to drop in and pick up your souvenirs of note cards, matted prints and picture books. The Gallery is located in downtown Picton on Elizabeth Street only steps from the Main Street. 172 Main Street • Picton


Open March - April & October - December Saturdays & Sundays May to October - Thursdays to Mondays Otherwise by Chance or by Appointment!

La De Dah Studio Gallery

613-476-6736 • 3252 County Road 8 • Picton

Just past County Cider Estates Winery




S C U L P T U R E • S P E C I A LT Y A R T


Studio Gallery


Having initially started out ­studying Design and ­Illustration at the ­Detroit School of Arts & Crafts, it was a chance class on the I­ ntroduction to ­Photography that changed Dave Hill’s career path and led him into the f­ ascinating world of photography. After working as an a­ ssistant to many ­established ­photographers in the ­a dvertising business, he ­eventually ­embarked on his own where he enjoyed a wonderful ­c areer photographing people, fashion, food and product for ­a dvertising ­a gencies, graphic ­d esigners and direct ­c orporate ­c lients. His efforts have led to ­s everal Toronto Art D ­ irectors Awards as well as a New York Art Directors Award.

Frank De La Roche

Since the year 2000, he has ­enjoyed Digital Photography and the use of PhotoShop enhancements. His focus now includes ­architectural, botanical and still life photography ­c apturing the beauty and special p­ erspective from life’s everyday views and simple ­delights. You can find Dave’s Studio ­Gallery at Wedgwood C ­ ottage B&B, just past Lake on the ­Mountain, outside Picton, ­Ontario where you will find a wonderful collection of framed and unframed prints on ­archival paper as well as note cards of his beautiful photographs. Feel free to visit the man ­behind the lens, Dave Hill where he will take great ­pleasure in speaking with about his p­ assion for photography at 314 County Road • Picton

La-de-dah Studio & Gallery

Discover the ­extraordinary world of ­Quebec born, ­sculpture Frank de la Roche who has achieved ­international ­acclaim along with many awards. Although working mainly in Bronze and Stone, he ­diverse ­talent also allows him to c­ reatively push the ­elements of cement and metal into ­amazing works of art. With Frank’s ­f ascination of all things in life, his subject m ­ atter varies; ­however, the human form, and more ­specifically that of ­motherhood, plays a key role in the form of “abstract realism” which much of his work portrays. His style is fluid with clean, ­uncluttered lines that “­suggest” rather than “state” definitively. This coupled with Frank’s unique sense of shape and ­texture take his art to new levels for the ­lovers of fine art. May through to October, you are invited to visit his studio gallery. 3252 Cty Rd. 8 •Waupoos


Studio Porcelain


Although Bill Reddick delights in achieving the ­p erfection of porcelain, for over twenty years, he has also ­created beautiful and ­functional s­ toneware from items for the kitchen to special pieces in which to decorate your home. Internationally recognized for his work, Bill has achieved acclaim that many artists dream about. With works in the home of Canada’s

­ overnor General and other digG nitaries, Bill continues to push his artistry in new directions - always pushing the clay which he uses to new heights of etherial beauty. Bill’s Northport Pottery ­Gallery & Studio is located along Northport Road off Highway 49 just before you head over the Skyway Bridge to Deseronto and the 401. Be sure to read more about Bill as the Featured Artist for 2009. 1284 County Road 15 Northport




Studio Boutique


Located in her new p­ remises on Loyalist Parkway, internationally acclaimed artist, Amélie Koning’s magnificent collection of wearable art is for every art lover and fashionista. Amélie Koning’s work in batik progressed over the years into painting on silk. Having discovered the beauty of working with this medium and its similarity to watercolours, Amélie has concentrated on making her art beautiful, simplistic one-of-a-kind fashions which are not only w ­ onderful to wear but also colourfast and washable. In fact, as an ­internationally recognized artist, her w ­ earable art has landed her many c­ ommissioned works, including the creation of 30 scarves to go with ­uniforms for a new C ­ onvention Centre in ­Virginia, U.S.A. as well as 6 dramatic silk panels of 5 feet each for a dental office in Seattle, U.S.A. who felt that her artistry was something that gave colour and softness to an otherwise austere practice.



Born in Indonesia and educated in The Netherlands, Amélie came to Canada in 1960 armed with her degree in Fine Arts is from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague, The Netherlands. Working work in oils, watercolours, lithography, etching and French dyes on silk, Amélie discovered a love of painting on silk as it drew on the depth and richness of colours she used which makes her work stand alone as a specialty artist. Group and solo exhibitions in The Netherlands, Germany, England as well as several in Canada. Her paintings have been j­uried to be shown at the Florence Biennale, Italy in November this year. Where else could one find art to wear but at Amelie’s studio at 1385 Highway 33 •Bloomfield

Carol Burrill


Riccaro Jewellery Gallery & Studio It was carved from the earth and molded into the most unique and beautiful pieces ....Sculpture takes on all forms with none more unique and beautiful as the ­d ynamic ­dimensions of sculpted stones in ­conjunction with gold and silver in which ­artisan Carol Burrill ­creates. You will find her studio and gallery boutique, across from the Picton hospital, showcasing a vast ­array of her handmade designs from traditional to modern. One-of-a-kind creations are her ­specialty using ­combinations of silversmith techniques, wire wrap and freestyle bead work. Many designs are inspired by County stones that she has found on the beach, cut and then ­polished in her studio but there are also beautiful semi-precious stones from all over the world which she p ­ ersonally hand selects ­according to how they inspire her. Her interesting artistic ­combinations make her ­jewellery outstanding. Not to be missed are her lovely, ­affordable gift sets which she creates using ­certain theme messages.­ 388 Main Street • Picton



he pursuit of excellence is something which all great artists strive towards. It is this ­driving force along with exceptional talent which creates “master artists”. Bill Reddick is one such artist. As a Master Potter, Bill has achieved international acclaim for his work, more so than ever when the eyes of the world saw photos and news clips of Canada’s Prime Minister and President Obama dining using the plates that he had created. It was moment which Bill Reddick, his family and all The County will remember, especially knowing his ­dinnerware had been taken from Rideau Hall, home of the Governor General, specifically for the event. The green rimmed plates with a red centre and a maple leaf shape were a commission that Bill had ­received from Rideau Hall in 2003 which was paid for by a private donation through the Canadiana Fund. Only 45 plates were sent to Rideau Hall ­although Bill will tell you that he made 300 of them before he

chose those which he deemed met his ­standards - a level of perfection that only a true artist demands of his work. To many of us, there is something etherial about a fine piece of ­porcelain. It is smooth almost cool to the touch with a translucent quality unlike ­anything else; yet, these delicate pieces of ­workmanship are lighter and more durable than any other form of pottery. It is part of the reason why Bill is drawn to producing fine porcelain pieces, especially having seen other porcelain which has survived through the centuries. Originally, Bill made wonderful, ­e veryday stoneware ­i ncluding functional items for the kitchen as well as ­s pecial decorative pieces; ­however, he knew there was more to his art than just “stoneware”. It was not until 1995 that Bill decided to try his hand a creating porcelain pieces. Never one who enjoyed “formal” training when it came to his art, Bill immersed himself in the study of Chinese porcelain and devised his own small test kiln to conduct his experiments to develop ­classical Chinese glazes. It was this new challenge that brought out Bill’s truly creative essence and which has ­garnered him the exceptional international acclaim he enjoys today. It is why the Governor General has been ­collecting his work since 2000 and why he was asked to create the Maple Leaf dinnerware for Rideau Hall. With his work showcased in ­various ­galleries in ­Toronto and Ottawa as well as his ­participation in­ ­various major exhibitions ­including the First Interna-

studio porcelain

tional Art Conference in Xixng China and an ­international ­exhibition in Tokyo representing Canada, and his own one man show at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Bill has succeeded in his life’s ­ambition to have people see beauty in his work. As Bill will tell you, he sees his finished pieces as transmitters from creator to the viewer, a reason why he enjoys the ­personal ­contact with people since he sees their response first hand. Located on Northport Road, off Highway 49 before the Skyway Bridge, you are invited to visit with Bill to view some of his newest works, including the ­Canadian Geese series of dinnerware and his ­limited edition commemorative Maple Leaf plates. You are assured of a having a wonderful time with the ­brilliant and talented Bill Reddick, Master Potter.

613-476-5678 • 1284 COUNTY ROAD 15 • NORTHPORT




S P E C I A LT Y A R T • A R T C L A S S F O R U M • A R T I S T G R O U P S Andrew Csafordi & Tara Wilkinson Love Nest Studio


The husband and wife team of Andrew Csafordi and Tara Wilkinson is the perfect example of how two different approaches to art work in beautiful harmony.

Andrew Csafordi

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design, Andrew is an ­accomplished sculptor, illustrator and designer. Through each encaustic painting, Andrew brings the viewer into an organic land or skyscape unlike any other. His luminous, textural paintings call out to be touched. Rich layered textures of imagination, bees wax, oil paint, and dry pigments as well as fibres, wood, metal and other materials are used in combination to tell a rich story about “life below the surface” and “the roots that ground the world

An Artisan Playground

Artist, Tara Wilkinson, lovingly handcrafts nests from fibres, twigs and other found materials. Each nest is unique in colour, fiber content, size, character and spirit. Her sculptural art nests are sacred and symbolic vessels that honour and celebrate the stages of life. Profoundly influenced and inspired by nature, Tara loves to work with natural elements to create her sculptural Fibre Art Nests. When talking about her art, Tara says, “I see them as cups of space with which we can honour and celebrate all stages of life.” 54 Wilson Road, Bloomfield


individual artists at work blowing glass, throwing pots, etc.. Nestled on the historic White Chapel Road, you will find the four main b­ uildings which house the Glass B ­ lowing, the Stained Glass and Pottery Studios along with the Mud Room. With Studio Tours running every day, it is the perfect ­opportunity for you to learn and appreciate the artistry and work that goes into each piece of art. One of the best f­ eatures of The Red Barn is the ­opportunity to buy original pieces of one-of-a-kind art which is s­ howcased in the Made In Prince Edward County Gallery where each item has been solely made by resident artists. Drop in for a visit or stay for a week, you’ll find that The Red Barns is hard to leave as you get caught up in the passion that is art all about at 167 White Chapel Rd • Picton


in her charming restored chicken coop Gallery. In her whimsical barn gallery, Glass artist Kirei Samuel – at 2317 County Road 1 across from the Winery’s entrance - creates imaginative and inspiring pieces of jewellery and sculptural and functional pieces for the home that capture and reflect the beauty of light and energy. A diverse aesthetic, nuance of colour, simplicity, elegance and laughter are some of Viola Michalska’s processes on the road to creating timeless, unique and elegant pieces of porcelain. Viola’s light-filled studio is located at 1264B Highway 62, just south of the winery. You’re sure to find fine art and one-of-a-kind gifts for you, your friends, family or home. Be sure to ask about our demos, workshops, private lessons and gift certificates too!

Bloomfield is home to a group of talented artisans that create a range of fabulous and finely crafted items. Larry Spencer is a ­t oymaker whose brightly coloured w ­ ooden toys, bring out the child in ­everyone regardless of age. Caroline Shuttle has a glass studio called Elements where she creates award winning kiln formed glass and stained glass panels. Her work is sophisticated, sleek and gorgeous. Woodturner, Paul Ross offers you some of the most unique and masterfully turned salad bowls, hollow vessels and functional items that you have ever seen made out of wood. Save ample time to spend t­ alking to Richard Paxton about his passion. That would be his handcrafted guitars, they are simply beautiful to look at and they sound as good as they look. Glassblower Mel Wilder will enthrall you with his glassblowing demonstrations, watch as he creates a beautiful bowl or figurine while

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Home of Prince Edward County’s Art School, art enthusiasts are invited to tap into their own creativity at the Red Barns. Here, professional artists ­conduct weekend and week long S­ ummer workshops that a­ nyone with an ­i nterest to learn can attend. ­Whether you would like to try your hand at glass blowing, pottery, woodturning, sculpting or painting, this is the perfect place to have fun l­earning while you take in everything else that the county offers. If you are interested in taking a course, then you can stay at their B&B located on the premises. They also offer one day workshops for anyone interested in exploring their own artistic abilities for a day. As one of the County’s most unique artistic forums, The Red Barn is the only place of its kind in all Canada where visitors can watch

Tara Wilkinson

ART IN THE HEART Visit the unique studios and galleries of four working artists … all within close proximity of Huff Estates Inn & Winery and Shroedter’s Café & Bakery. Showcasing unique, imaginative and beautiful works in Encaustic Sculptural Painting, Fibre, Glass, Photography and Porcelain, there’s something for everyone. Begin your tour at 54 Wilson Road (first road north of County Road #1 and the winery, just off Highway 62) where two artists create and showcase their work. In a rustic, century-old barn gallery, Andrew Csafordi’s contemporary sculptural paintings of beeswax and mixed media reach out beyond the board to stir the imagination! Inspired by nature, fibre artist and photographer Tara Wilkinson features unique sculptural fibre art nests, greeting cards and more

The Red Barns

above”. ... a beautiful symbolism of the world and life around us. Sometimes moody, sometimes whimsical, and always thought provoking, Csafordi paintings take you to another world … his world, a world to explore and give fuel to your imagination.




his wife Colleen Wilder will enlighten you the magic of lampwork and designer jewellery at their gallery and studio at Bloomfield Studios. Guy Cranston & Sharon Fox Cranston are two artists whose passion for art is obvious. Guy started out as an accomplished wood carver but turned to the world of painting “en plein air” as he travelled the world with his pastels. Sharon, Guy’s life partner, is renowned for her acrylic paintings and soft pastel work where she focuses on the texture, colour and rhythms of the rural landscape. Tess Moffat is a self taught artist and photographer who specializes in large canvas paintings which depict the nature that surrounds her and the joy she takes in capturing it on canvas. John Castle is renowned for his work as both painter and wood sculptor. Taking elements that he finds in life, he creates unique works of art that are dramatic in colour and design.

e i l é Am e Paint d n a H

s&F d Si l k

ine A


d in a d p a i n t e re s , a l l n a h s k u l si l textu B e aut i f o f forms and t. s y t ­varie le and colourfa washab

BLOUSES • SCARVES • SARONGS • SHORTS CAMISOLES • ACCESSORIES • GIFT SETS • CARDS Open May-December: Saturday-Monday 10am-4pm or by chance or appointment

613.399.3022 • 15639 Loyalist Parkway • Bloomfield




S t u dio s Photo Courtesy One of a Kind Show

Beeswax Sculptural Painting

Ask about Encaustic Painting Workshops

Tara Wilkinson Fibre Art Nest Sculptures

Love Nest Gallery

Our Barn Gallery

Open Thur to Tues, 10am-5pm (Closed Wednesdays) Apr-Oct, or by Appointment Route des Arts

54 Wilson Road

Off Hwy #62, N. of County Rd #1 The first road north of Huff Estates Inn & Winery Just minutes north of the Village of Bloomfield, Prince Edward County • • Tel: (613) 393-1572




54 Wilson Road



You are invited to visit the Studios of Wellington where you will find the works of eight talented artists whose beautiful works of art are on display. Joanna McFarland draws her inspiration from the beauty that is Canada. Working in oil and encaustic, she marries colour and texture with shape and form to reveal the ever changing light and shifting moods of forest, land, water and sky. Tracy Douglas is known for her contemporary works inspired by nature of portraiture, figurative, floral and still life subjects which transcend the traditional elements. Carol Gander has garnered an appreciation of being in harmony with Nature. Her inspiration comes from observing all that surrounds her which she captures on canvas in oils and acrylics reflecting what she sees around her. Maggie Murdoch & David Drown are two talented potters who draw their inspiration from nature in the creation of their botanically oriented, colourful,fanciful but functional pottery.




Margaret McFetridge paints mostly exuberant florals bursting with colour. Although she loves the freedom which oils offer her, she also creates delicate botanical watercolours-literally, bringing nature to life to enjoy all year round. Mark Armstrong has always been drawn to glass, its fragile strength. Knowing that it will endure over centuries, Mark creates a beautiful range of hand blown glass including paperweights, elegant vases, bowls and platters. Pamela Carter works mainly in oils and paints life as she sees it from winding country lanes, to crumbling silos to harbours, main streets and more, always finding beauty and capturing it on canvas. Sidestreet Gallery is home to more than 70 artists, both regional and local, amidst her two floors of revolving art works and special gallery showings throughout the year.

Sojourner 2011

Studios of


in t

FIBRE ART PHOTOGRAPHY Tara Wilkinson Love Nest Studios 54 Wilson Road (613) 393-1572

Rd. Wilson


MARGARET MCFETRIDGE - Painter Bloomin’ Barn Studio 613-399-2642 • 71 Consecon Street

CAROL GANDER - Painter Beach Street Studio 613-399-1987 • 22 Beach Street


North to Belleville

Hours: 10am-5pm daily (closed Wed) April-Oct.

Prince he heart o Edwar d Cou f Studio nty s & Ga Just o ff Hwy lleries . #62

1 2

Huff Estates Inn & Winery

ENCAUSTIC BEESWAX PAINTINGS Andrew Csafordi Studio & Gallery 54 Wilson Road (613) 393-1572 Hours: 10am - 5pm daily (closed Wed), April-October

MAGGIE MURDOCH & DAVID DROWN - Potters Wellington Pottery 613-399-2330 • 42 Consecon Street

MARK ARMSTRONG - Glassblower Armstrong Glassworks 613-399-3552 • 326 Second Avenue

County Rd. #1 (Sc oharie Rd.) to Pic ton


TRACY DOUGLAS - Painter Douglas-VanDyke Studio Gallery By Chance or Appointment

Schroedter’s Cafe & Bakery

GLASS ARTIST Kirei Samuel Lalaland Glass Studio and Gallery 2317 County Road #1 (Scoharie Road) (613) 393-1307 Hours: May-October Thurs-Fri: 11:30 am - 5 pm Sat-Sun: 10 am - 5 pm

613-399-3222 • 203 Main Street

4 FINE PORCELAIN Viola Michalska Studio & Gallery 1264B Hwy #62 (613) 393-1119 Hours: 10am - 4pm Thurs-Mon, April 21st - October.

JOANNA MCFARLAND - Painter Suites-on-the-Lake Studio & Gallery 613-399-1717 • 229 Main Street

SIDESTREET GALLERY Paulette Greer • Proprietor 613-399-5550 • 264 Main Street

Gilead Rd. PAMELA CARTER - Painter Pamela Carter Studio

Welcome Cyclists Bottled Water Available.

By Chance or Appointment

613-399-5241 • 52 West Street

East to Bloomfield




Our Native Artists


Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory


ust north of Prince Edward County, on the mainland, you will find T ­ yendinaga Mohawk ­Territory. As one of the most enterprising and ­prosperous of all of the First Nations’ Territories, you will find authentic local native art work, which includes the works of internationally renowned works of Thomas Maracle and David Maracle as well as native crafts, jewellery, pottery and more.



Native Renaissance II Art G ­ allery & Gift Shop opened in 1978. It is one the largest shops of its kind in Canada. The shop’s rustic complex houses an Art ­Gallery as well as an amazing Gift Store. Home of North American, award winning native stone sculptor and musician, Thomas Maracle, The Gallery is one of the largest in the area with over thirty ­artists. Here, you can see original ­s culptures,

r­ eproductions, paintings and limited ­editions by acclaimed native and wild-life artists as well as Thomas Maracle’s own amazing stone sculptures. His one-of-a-kind carvings are in great demand and are prized additions to collections throughout Canada and many other parts of the world, including England, France, Germany and the United States. On the ground floor, y­ ou will find a gift shop featuring authentic n­ ative arts and crafts, ­including reproductions of a­ rtist Thomas Maracle’s ­sculptures, collectibles, beautiful sterling silver jewellery including

a large collection of turquoise, books, moccasins, specialty foods, pure Canadian maple syrup, and their fabulous home-made fudge. At their ­native music boutique, you can “sample listen” to a wide selection of CD’s and tapes which include traditional native, and award-winning original music by Thomas B. Maracle - just another element of this multi-talented ­artist. You are invited to explore! Bring the kids to see some Canadian Native handwork, culture and art at Hwy 49 & Hwy 2 East Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory


At Native Expressions, you are literally in for a treat in more ways than one! Resident artist David R. Maracle is an acclaimed stone carver and sculptor who has received many awards for his unique and detailed works of art. Influenced by his First Nations Mohawk Heritage, his work depicts the culture and issues of his people which have touched the hearts of many. His work can be found in both private and corporate collections, including such stars as Nelson Mandela, Loretta Lynne, Dan Akroyd and the Emperor of Japan. In addition to showcasing his work as a stonecarver, David R. Maracle, you wil find David’s own music cds which have garnered him acclaim. Every Monday night, Stage Red has a Karaoke night and invites everyone, young and old to come out and enjoy an evening of music and fun. Not to be missed is their various events that they host on Stage Red.

Native Renaissance II Art Gallery & Gift Shop Gifts for all occassions • Competitive prices on all cigarette brands • Online catalogue Located in historic Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Native Renaissance II Art Gallery & Gift Shop features original sculptures & music by Mohawk artist Thomas B. Maracle, houses 30 other talented artists work, and showcases native artifacts. Our Gift Shop is over 3000 square feet of beautiful jewelry, crafts, and great gift ideas. Let your imagination transport you to a time long ago while you explore one of the most beautiful and unique Native Art Galleries & Gift Shops.

Hwy 49 & 2 Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory Deseronto, On, K0K 1X0

613-396-3255 1-800-334-9509 Summer Hours: 9am - 7pm 7 Days a week (May-Sept)

Winter Hours: 9am - 6pm 7 Days a week (Oct-April) • sales@ THE SOJOURNER 2011











David R. Maracle Stone Sculptor & Musician

• Original Stone ­Carvings • Traditional I­nstruments • CD Compilations • Unique Gifts • Courtyard & Organic Café Bar

Our Courtyard on the Water’s Edge is ­available for bookings - ­weddings, private ­evening ­parties, and movie nights for the youth! “Karaoke Monday nights start the end of June” on Stage Red



Off Hwy 49, 216 Bayshore Road, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory (Over the Skyway Picton Bridge and turn right.)



N AT I V E A R T Their tiny Cabin entitled “LIL CROW CAFE & STAGE RED” is nestled along the beautiful shores of the Bay of Quinte, just east of Highway 49 on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. Enjoy an organic Coffee, Expresso, Specialty Tea, or a Sweetbird Smoothie as you take in the beauty of First Nations Art, Music and Gifts. Try one of their all day Brecky Wraps, or traditional foods they offer while sitting by a roaring fire in our 27 ft tipi. Outdoor events, concerts, even weddings are being scheduled to take place at Stage Red Courtyard. Check their website out at WWW.STAGERED.CA for updates. They are excited to offer you an atmosphere of warmth, peace and love as this LITTLE GALLERY with a BIG ATTITUDE wants to include YOU in their fast growing Circle of Friends... and look forward to seeing you soon at 216 Bayshore Rd, Tyendeinaga MT



May 18 - June 27: Oeno Gallery


June 18-July 4: Picton Old Town Hall ART IN THE COUNTY - Juried Art Event

Spirits in Glass Inc. Bloomfield Studios

July 1 - august 30: Oeno Gallery

Colleen Wilder

On That Note - Alice Teichert

Kim Atlin and Scott Pattinson

September 16 - 18: County Wide PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY STUDIO TOUR Juried July 30 - August 7: Books & Co. 2nd Floor Gallery CLIC EASTERN ONTARIO PHOTO SHOW September: Oeno Gallery Lynne Fernie

Mel Wilder

Nightshade Bloomfield Studios

Milé Murtanovski Small Pond Arts

Peggy deWitt Paper Images

The Red Barns

An Artisan Playground

November 4 - 6: Prince Edward County Community Centre THE MAKER’S HAND

“Monkey Business” at La De Dah Gallery - Home of Sculptor Frank De La Roche THE SOJOURNER 2011





Oeno Gallery



he Oeno Gallery is located in the heart of Prince ­Edward County, just a few minutes north of Bloomfield at the ­corner of HWY 62 and County Road 1, next to Huff ­Estates Winery and Inn. The Gallery exhibits contemporary art by many artists from this region, other parts of Canada, and occasionally, exceptional works from around the world. The gallery space is lightfilled, and every month, features a new exhibition in the main space, and a group show of paintings and sculpture in the alcove areas. Each year, the experience of visiting the property expands. The vineyards and winery offer great wine tastings with knowledgeable staff, and leisurely lunches (often accompanied by live jazz) are prepared by Chef Michael Hoy and served on the patio overlooking the vineyard. Visitors often express surprise at the wide range of styles and mediums that can be found here. Kingston painters Daniel Hughes and JT Winik or Fiona Ackerman offer fresh takes on portrait painting. Sylvain Louis-Seize, Etienne Labbe and Kim Atlin are reinventing landscapes. Painters such as Otto Rogers, Ben Woolfit, and Alice Teichert have well-deserved reputations for abstract paintings that feed the soul. Mixed media works by Alice Vander Vennen and Nancy Zboch offer very modern vibrant and rich interpretations of fabric and mosaic art, using a wide range of surprising materials. A number of internationally recognized artists live and work here in the County. At the Gallery, you can see work by residents Otto Donald Rogers (RCA), Doug Robinson, John Paul Robinson, Carl Wiens, and Graham Metson.

This summer, the Gallery is featuring new work by Chris Langstroth in April; Ivo Stoyanov, Zhu Lan and Susan Collett in May; Alice Teichert in June; Kim Atlin and Scott Pattinson in July and August; and Lynne Fernie in September. There are always works by at least a dozen other artists on display in other parts of the gallery. During July and August, the Art Tent offers supervised art activities for children while parents are enjoying wine tastings or visiting the gallery. The Gallery has always been a great place to see works by great Canadian sculptors such as Shayne Dark, David James, Edward Falkenberg, Anne O’Callaghan, and Susan Collett. This year, Oeno’s Sculpture Garden at Huff Estates will be open from the end of May through October. The design of this new 3.5 acre sculpture garden incorporates thirty-five thousand perennials, new groves of maples and poplars, and sand dune paths that lead to a large picnic area at the edge of a spring fed quarry. The inaugural exhibition of outdoor sculpture features twenty different artists working in a variety of mediums, including stone, metal, and glass.



Make sure to check their website at to find out what special events are taking place. Six Barrels for Six Chefs is a gourmet wine and food event in June; July and August feature Jazz Events, the Busker’s Festival, Artist Talks; and in the fall, they have various musical events, and Winemaker’s Dinners scheduled. In addition to being a full service contemporary exhibition space, the ­Gallery also offers art consultation services throughout eastern Ontario. 2274 County Road #1 • Bloomfield




New in 2011 Oeno’s Sculpture Garden at Huff Estates

fine art

featuring local &

regional artists 3.5 acres 35,000 perennials 20+ sculptures Sand dune paths Picnic by the pond

custom framing 613-399-5550 Visit us at 264 Main Street in Wellington or online at THE SOJOURNER 2011



ART GALLERIES Arts on Main Gallery

Dynamic Dimensions in Art


A stroll down Picton’s Main Street would be incomplete without a visit the County’s award winning gallery - Arts on Main Gallery (AOMG), across from the Regent Theatre. AOMG is more than your average art gallery. It’s eclectic; it’s bright and it’s affordable – it’s a dynamic “happening” place run by the artists themselves. You are always sure to meet at least one of the artists staffing the gallery. Established in 2007 as a cooperative; their slogan is “Because Art Matters”. With more than 30 artists ­c urrently featured, and each showing a minimum three pieces per show, you’re sure to find that perfect gift, or work of art to enhance your home with prices range from under $50.00 to around $2000.00 There’s no point having an art ­gallery without artists. AOMG is unique in this area for its diversity – in terms of artworks, artists and

Mad Dog Gallery

price-points. Here you will find a huge variety of styles and mediums including porcelain, drawings, fibre arts, folk art, glass, paintings, photography, sculpture and wrought iron. The gallery hosts six shows a year - and each show is accompanied by a Salon Night and Opening Reception which visitors are welcome to join. Please check their web site to view what’s happening at the gallery or check the Art Calendar of Events at the back of this section. Recognition of this dynamic ­gallery is growing, with more and more art-lovers seeking it out. Many of the member-artists have their own studios and galleries, and these can be found on the map l­ ocated inside Arts on Main. The gallery is open year-round, seven days a week. Summer hours (May to October) are 10am to 6pm; Winter hours 11am to 4pm. Make a point of dropping in during your visit. You’re sure to find a warm welcome – and some great artwork! 223 Main Street • Picton

The Spirit of Art


Amidst a lovely country backdrop along the shore of East Lake, you will find an old barn that has been beautifully renovated which houses a unique forum of art known as Mad Dog Gallery. Showcasing local traditional and contemporary fine art, you will see the amazing works of some e­ xtraordinary artists. ­ Showcasing exclusively at Mad Dog Gallery are artists Tarmo Aun, Rosemary J. Brown, Brian Clark, Ian Forbes, Elizabeth Jackson Hall, Doris Richardson, Celia Sage, Marianne Sanders, Susan Stratton, Susan Wallis. Group and solo shows alternate throughout the year. With frequent a­ rtist shows during the ­summer months, it is well worth the trip to Mad Dog Gallery. Just take County Road 11 to East Lake Road where you can discover the t­ reasures that lie waiting for you at the Mad Dog Gallery only minutes away from Sandbanks. 525 Cty Rd 11 • Picton

SideStreet Gallery A Gallery Boutique

If you love artwork that is truly diversified, then a trip over to SideStreet Art Gallery will be a ­highlight in your art tour of The County. Housed in an ­historic building, some of the County’s most ­recognized artists showcase their work in this unique gallery setting with its cathedral ceiling and Gallery in A Gallery art exhibitions. Whether your passion is for sculpture, pottery, woodcrafts, glassworks or paintings in all mediums and subject matter, you can be sure to find them here in either the Street Level Boutique or upstairs in the main gallery. Always innovative, owner Paulette Greer is also a first class custom framer and provides an art rental as well as a professional art placement service. Come explore at your leisure and you may find that perfect piece of art that reflects what you love to see in your surroundings. 264 Main Street • Wellington

Oeno Gallery THE SOJOURNER 2011




Grapevine Gallery at Shops by the Park


The Grapevine Gallery has moved to Main Street Wellington! This ­charming emporium of art featuring the work of more than fourteen ­local and regional artists is now house in the Shops by the Park right across from Wellington’s waterfront park. Showcasings paintings in a variety of styles and mediums, photography, wood turning, handcrafted jewellery, glass works and glass fusion, pointillism, rock art, pottery and porcelain and much more, the gallery offers a wide range of artwork to suit every budget. One of their star attractions is the work of the late John Ball, a prominent Ottawa artist and brother of long-time County resident Joan Turner whose beautiful sceneries on silk is also featured at the Gallery. Proprietor and photographer Kim Turner invites you to drop in and explore all that they offer at Shops by The Park. In fact, you will find a wide variety of in-house boutiques that have a wide range of unique giftware, and fun fashions for kids and adults alike. For the avid collector of memorabilia such as NASCAR and other sports, Kal’s Collectibles has an amazing selection of specialty items including such items as a photos of the Canadian Women’s Gold Olympic Hockey Team and more. Whether you are in the market for some great art work, a unique gift or even something special for yourself or even if you simply want to browse, take the time to visit the Grapevine Gallery and the Shops by the Park. There is somthing for everyone at 252 Main Street • Wellington

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Wellington Wellies & Kal’s Collectibles

613-399-1051 • 252 MAIN STREET • WELLINGTON


Visit our Distinctive Gallery

Featuring Outstanding Local Artists working in oils, acrylic, pastels, encaustic, glass, wood, metal and textiles Open Daily 10 - 6

group and solo shows alternate throughout the year

613-476-5665 223 Main Street • Picton

525 County Rd. 11, RR1 Picton 613-476-7744

Across from the Regent Theatre

Open 10 to 5 most days or by chance or appointment THE SOJOURNER 2011



Bloomfield - Central Mel & Colleen Wilder - Glass 1-17 Kirei Samuals - Glass 3 Andrew Csafordi - Painting 14-16 Tara Wilkinson - Fibre Art 14-16 Amelie Koning - Speciatly Painter 12 Guy Cranston - Painting 16 Sharon Fox Cranston - Painting 16 Bruce Milan - Sculpture 16 Richard Paxton - Guitar Maker 16 Caroline Shuttle - Glass 16 Larry Spencer - Toymaker 16 Paul Ross - Woodturner 16 featured gallery: oeno gallery


Cherry Valley - Central Graham Davies - Photography

Waupoos - East Island Featured Artist Frank de la Roche - Sculpture

7 22

mad dog gallery

Northport - North Island Bill Reddick - Pottery 10 Picton - Central Peggy deWitt - Photography Dave Hill - Photography Carol Burrill - Jewellery

Wellington - West Island Vanessa Pandos - Glass Rita Thivierge - Painting Mark Armstrong - Glasswork Pamela Carter - Painting Tracy Douglas - Painting Maggie Murdock & David Drown - Pottery Carol Gander - Painting Margaret McFettridge - Painting Joanne McFarland - Painting

8 9 13 15 21 6

the red barns arts on main gallery

Andrew Innes - Mixed Media

STUDIOS & GALLERIES on The Map Art 17 - Guy & Sharon Cranston Art17 - Paul Ross

sidestreet gallery grapevine gallery

2 4 18 18 18 18 18 18 18

SideStreet Gallery

Art 13 - Carol Burrill

Art 18 - Margaret McFettridge Art 18 - Pam Carter Art 18 - Mark Armstrong

Art 14 - Maggie Murdock & David Drown

Art 23&18- Sidestreet Gallery Art17 - Tess Moffat

Art 18 - Joanne Mcfarland Art 18 - Tracy Douglas Art 18 - Carol Gander

Art 17 - Richard Paxton Art 17 - Bruce Milan

23&18 24

Art 21- Arts on Main Art 8 - Peggy de Witt

Art 24- Grapevine Gallery

Art 17 - Caroline Shuttle

Art 1 & 17- Bloomfield Studios

Art 14 & 16 - Andrew Csafordi & Tara Wilkinson

Oeno Gallery

Art 10 - Bill Reddick

Featured Gallery

Art 6 - Andrew Innes

Art 2 - Vanessa Pandos

Art 4 - Rita Thivierge

Art 3&16 - Kirei Samuel

Art 15 - The Red Barns

Frank De La Roche

Art 16 -Viola Michalska

Featured Artist

Art 9 - Dave Hill Art 12 - Amelie Koning

Art 7 - Graham Davies

Art 22 - Mad Dog Gallery THE SOJOURNER 2011



Beauty, Health & Wellness




Serene Moments Beauty, Health & Wellness


ell, you finally escaped to enjoy a little, well-deserved R&R. Now, it is time for you! Why not relax and refresh yourself while you are here with a special spa treatment? After all, it is part of the reason you came for a visit ... to treat yourself to those delights that you never seem to have time to indulge in when you are at home. Work and family responsibilities in today’s fast pace world leave you with very little time for yourself. Now, that you are here, it’s time for a little pampering. Fortunately, the County is home to a variety of wonderful spas whose owners take great pleasure in being available to meet your wants and needs for a whatever treatment you would like. Using centuries old techniques as well as an infusion of modern spa therapies, our County spas afford you the opportunity to explore all that they ­offer. Enjoy a wonderful “his and hers” spa session or plan a girls’ spa weekend for your next visit to The County. Whatever you desire, a ­stimulating massage, a s­ oothing hot stone treatment, a tanning session before you hit the beaches, an aromatherapy treatment, a pedicure or manicure, esthetics or a multitude of other spa and wellness services, you will find it right here in Prince Edward County! A spa session is the perfect way to experience a blissful moment or two relaxing and nurturing your body, soul and mind and a great way to start on the road to a greater sense of overall well-­being before you return home to the realities of everyday life.




Fine Dining in Clara’s Dining Room, star recommended in Where to Eat in Canada. Luxurious accommodations meet the highest of expectations. Therapeutic and cosmetic spa services, including aqua therapies in a fabulous salt water pool. 800.679.7756 / 613.476.2709 97 Bridge Street, Picton, ON




B E A U T Y, H E A L T H & W E L L N E S S The Spa at Sam’s Garage & Body Shop & Spa2u Experience the Difference! The Spa at Sam’s Garage & Body Shop is a unique oasis where you can indulge in a little “TLC” leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. Wit h more t han 25 ye ars ­experience, Sam Erikson is there to serve you. ­Specializing in ­advanced esthetics and h­ olistic spa t­ herapies, her spa offers a c­ omplete range of ­s ervices ­i ncluding ­c ustomized spa p­ ackages. Whether you are looking for h­ ot stone, deep tissue, ­ayruvedic and aromatherapy treatments, ­c ustomized facials, pedicures with reflexology or other varieties of spa treatments, The Spa at Sam’s Garage & Body Shop is the place to treat yourself to a wonderful spa experience. In addition,the spa offers a ­personal home spa service where Sam’s ­professional, certified staff come to your B&B, inn or resort. You can ­relax and enjoy a treatment in the comfort of your own surroundings. Whether for yourself or a group of friends such as a bridal, bachelorette or wellness party, you can enjoy a heavenly spa experience at The Spa at Sam’s Garage & Body shop or, if you prefer, have spa2u come to you whenever you crave a little pampering while visiting The County. 6 Paul Street • Picton




Claramount Inn & Spa Wellness begins here! Claramount’s wellness strategy is based in part upon, but not limited to, the Kneipp therapeutic model which uses the health promoting qualities of water, plants, exercise, nutrition, and relaxation. A full range of spa therapies and aesthetics is offered and the heated, covered, all-season salt-water pool is perfect for relaxation and aqua therapies .. for a rejuvenating experience. Try Claramount’s signature maple Anti-oxidant body wrap, using local maple syrup. Maple minerals help nourish and firm skin and maintain cell integrity. This experience includes a Vichy shower, body hydration, and is completed with a glass of herbal tea with maple syrup. Men particularly enjoy Claramount’s beer pedicure that starts by soaking their feet in locally crafted beer. Beer contains enzymes that soften callouses and the hops help moisturize skin. Afterwards, enjoy a glass of the County’s own Barley Days beer. 97 Bridge Street •Picton

Serenity Spa Specializing in LaStone Therapy and ­Champissage, Serenity Spa offers ­sessions in the ancient ­science of ­aromatherapy massage as well as the ­natural healing of ­reflexology - an experience not to be missed. Certified therapist, Deb ­Caruso welcomes visitors to the county to indulge in one of her relaxing and ­rejuvenating spa treatments amidst the cozy and inviting atmosphere of her home-based spa. At Serenity Spa, it is all about you, your needs and e­ nsuring that you feel ­completely r­ ejuvenated by the time you’ve completed your s­ ession. This perfect place to indulge in a relaxing and therapeutic massage is located in the heart of downtown Picton, on King Street running parallel to Main Street at Caruso’s On King B&B and Spa. Indulge yourself at 41 King Street • Picton

B E A U T Y, H E A L T H & W E L L N E S S Added Touch The folks at the Added Touch love to promote the fact their services are not just for women but also for the male factor. Offering full spa services including a tanning salon and hair salon, there seems to be no end to the variety of services. If you are in the mood for a facial, a hot stone massage, a pedicure or manicure, this is the perfect o­ pportunity to take time out for yourself and treat a loved one to a little TLC while you enjoy The County. For those looking to capture the golden hues of summer before a­ ctually hitting the beach, the Added Touch has a great tanning salon as well as a spray tan booth in which you can indulge. As to those individuals wanting a more permanent souvenir of their stay in the county, they can take advantage of the Added Touch’s tattoo service. They really do offer it all! 149 Main Street • Picton

Hummingbird Aromatherapy & B&B Aromatherapy is the natural way to improve and enhance the ­quality of life. It utilizes e­ ssential oils which are extracted from various plant materials including fruits, woods, barks, leaves, herbs, ­flowers, ­berries, resins, roots and seeds which are then combined into complex essences that have a unique synergy. As a Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional (C.A.H.P.), Jane Massey offers you her ­expertise in aromatherapy including her ­therapeutic ­services. Located at Cressy overlooking the serene waters, this is the ­perfect spot to retreat to for a little pampering. For your private consultation, call Jane and book that special session which will leave you ­revitalized with a new sense of well-­being. 2997 County Road 7 • Cressy

Full Body Massage One Hour

with Dry Brushing One and 1/2 Hour

Dry Brushing 1/2 Hour

Foot Bath with Leg & Foot Massage 1/2 Hour

Aromatherapy Facial 3/4 Hour


613.471.1063 •2997 County Road 7 • Cressy

Indulgence day spa

Luxurious Spa Escapes & Esthetics

Escape to ...

Relax, Rejuvenate &Indulge 613.399.1087 • 12 CARLA COURT • WELLINGTON




To discover the treasures of

Prince Edward County and its surrounding areas is to experience its magic! Tell them that

The Sojourner

was your map to the treasures.




Boutiques & Shoppes




F E AT U R E D R E TA I L E R 2011

Casa Lucia



ivir la vida el maximo - “live life to its fullest” is saying that seems to have become June Johnston’s and Lockie ­Owens’ family motto since Casa Lucia, their unique Mexican boutique, is filled with delightful items they come across in their travels. In the heart of downtown Bloomfield, their eclectic emporium of great merchandise is definitely an extension of their wonderful outlook on life. To some, it may seem to be a little incongruous to have a M ­ exican boutique in a historic Loyalist community, but it works! It is vibrantly different from anything else you will come across in your travels here. In fact, it adds a ­totally different dimension to one’s county shopping experience. The moment you walk across the threshold of Casa Lucia, your senses are awakened as you are greeted with a profusion of bright colours causing you to instantly smile and say “WOW!” as it is so cheerful. Now, the “WOW!” factor just doesn’t stop there, especially when you discover their huge selection of beautiful and funky Mexican sterling silver jewellery, some with semi-precious stones. Whether you are into bangles and rings, earrings or necklaces, their assortment will make you wish you had more than one body to adorn with their fabulous jewellery. What really makes the store so special is the array of products they offer. As world travellers, every

winter they make their sojourn to historic Mexican colonial towns and villages where they seek out the finest artisans. They buy directly from them in order to get the best selection and quality at the best prices; however, they always ensure that the artisans, themselves, get a fair price for their work by dealing with them directly rather than ­going through a third party. They

pride themselves on “Fair Trade” on all levels as they fill their 16 metre long truck with the exotic treasures of Mexico. As a result, the boutique is filled with wonderful items for your home, your family and you. Wait till you see their selection of Tavalara Pottery still made using centuries old methods. From colourful ceramic sinks, which is one of the shop’s top selling items - next to their jewellery, of course, to garden planters to huge bowls to pasta dishes and more - all hand-fired and hand-painted, there is something for every room in your home. In THE SOJOURNER 2011


addition to the pottery, there is a varied assortment of hand-crafted metal and tin home decor items, mirrors crafted of Mexican tile and punched tin, iron light fixtures and chandeliers, painted tin candleholders, etc.... When it comes to Mexican folkart, their range of fantastical painted wooden figures called “alebrijes”, clay sculptures from Oaxaca, black pottery from Dona Rosa and handloomed and embroidered clothing as well as table linens will amaze you. The list of treasures you will find at Casa Lucia are too numerous to ­mention. The fact is ... you will simply have to see them with your own to eyes to ­appreciate June and Lockie’s ongoing efforts to bring you the finest in all that they offer. For two former teachers from Toronto, Casa Lucia, named after their Guatamalean daughter Lucia, may seem to be a far cry from the world of education they left behind more than eleven years ago; however, for both June and Lockie, it is a constant form of education as they experience the world in their travels in order to bring you the very finest of what places elsewhere have to offer you in respect to their culture, their art and more. You could say that they are educating us to the delights of Mexico without the travel cost. Lucky for us, since it leaves us with money to spend on purchasing the treasures they bring to Casa Lucia for us to own and enjoy.


273 Main St • Bloomfield

A Little Something


Whether you are in the market for a gift for someone’s anniversary, birthday, baptism, etc... or simply “a little something special” for yourself, the following pages are filled with every type of shopping experience imaginable. Whatever the occasion, you will find that the County’s many boutiques and specialty shops are full of exotic and beautiful wares to tempt you into taking home whatever catches your eye. From the latest trends in home decor to the newest styles in clothing and accessories, there is something to suit everyone’s taste, desires and budget. Friendly staff and caring owners are on hand to ensure that you have the best possible shopping experience possible. In some cases, if you are travelling light by motorcycle or bike, then they will even ship your purchases to your home. This is one of the many services provided by local business owners and the way they like to make you feel special. Enjoy your sojourn to these many boutiques and discover an entirely new world of shopping ... far from the maddening world of big city life.


Whatever the milestone moment... there’s a perfect gift at The Angel Boutique. Angel Giftware • Home Accents • Jewelry 613-393-5443 287 Main Street • Bloomfield



Allison’s A Treasury of Art, Unique Gifts, Clothing, Leather Goods, Books & Crabtree & Evelyn amidst a historic setting.

6 1 3 - 4 7 6 - 1 8 6 1 ALLISON’S

Beyond The Old Drug Store


Be amazed! Located in the heart of downtown P­ icton, Allison’s is the perfect blend of how history and modern times can meld together to create a unique shopping experience. With a diverse range of c­ lothing, personal toiletries, home ­accents and furnishings ­including ­fabulous quilt sets, and lovely gift ware,

2 3 7

M a i n

you will d­ iscover an a­ bundance of ­wonderful ­delights which are simply ­waiting for you to i­ ndulge in treating yourself to those items that just say “Take me home with you!”. Formerly an old drug store, it still has its original apothecary shelving and drawers which is the backdrop for this charming gift shop filled with scented soaps, candles and more along with a backroom gallery with a wide range of art.

Take the time to step back into the past while shopping for items which catch your fancy. Enjoy the experience at 237 Main Street • Picton


A Victorian Experience


Attention all Ladies! If you have a fondness for womens accessories (and what women doesn’t! ) - including quality costume and sterling jewellery Green Gables, in Bloomfield, is the place to go! Voted as Readers’ Choice Best Women’s Accessories as well as being a five time winner of the Readers’ Choice Best Gift Shop makes Green Gables not only the ­quintessential County Shopping experience, but also a sure bet on finding that “­something special”. Within its 3500 square feet, you will find a myriad of beautiful gift ideas for any occasion. Renowned for its home decor, Green Gables has the largest collection of quilts in the region along with lamps, pictures, furniture and accent pieces. In addition, Green Gables ­offers a large selection of candles, body care lotions, gift cards, an expanded baby room as well as a Christmas room stocked with select Christmas pieces. You are invited to explore the many nooks and crannies of this marvelous shop which have been created specifically with you in mind. Enjoy the experience at 286 Main St • Bloomfield.

From The County to Around the World...

Rose Haven Farm Store ~ Fibre Arts

... offers an international emporium of Beautiful Handmade Gifts • Washable Sheepskins • Thermohair Socks Knitting Yarns & Fibre Arts Supplies • Books • County Lamb Cuts

Open: Monday - Saturday 10 - 6 & Sunday 11 - 4

Come Explore at ... 187 Main St • Picton 613-476-9092


S t r e e t



P i c t o n

THE ANGEL BOUTIQUE 3 Get Touched by An Angel!

Since opening last June 19,“The Angel Boutique, Décor & More” has helped to add a tranquil elegance and charm to the lives of everyone who has come inside their doors. It was always a dream of owner Rose Strong to be able to bring happiness, healing and tranquility to others and what a better way to do than a store filled with angels. Before opening the Boutique, owner Rose Strong spent many years offering amazing gift baskets designed individually by her, from her home. Whether filled with gourmet foods and pleasures, or packed with popcorn and movie tickets for a fun family night, the gift basket was a treat for both the receiver and the one who gave it. Today, The Angel Boutique, Décor & More offers a wide collection of home accessories, candle holders, pictures and mirrors, accent tables and lamps. They also carry trademark collectable Angels for your home and those you love. From the popular Sara’s Angels, named for the bravery of a woman who fought a losing war with cancer, to the unique Kisii Tribe stone carved Angels. There is no end to what you might find in their store at 283 Main St. • Bloomfield

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613-476-0040 • 190 Main Street • Picton Fairly Trade Gifts from Around the World since 1946


613-476-1861 237 Main Street Picton

Moving to The County? Needing a Home Makeover?






Along the picturesque ­Rednersville Road, you will find The Oops!! Store. Originally, having started out selling slightly “flawed” merchandise, The Oops!! Store now offers a ­selection of fine quality furnishings, small decorative accents and gift items at discounted prices. Whether you are in the ­market for a solid pine armoire, a dining set, ­occasional tables or other small gift ware, you are c­ ertain to find something special for your home or garden or for that “hard to buy for” person on your gift list. Now, if you are planning to move to The County, then Bianca’s skill as an interior designer could come in handy. Her innate ability to arrange furniture to your room’s advantage is truly amazing. If you wanted to see her interior design work, then stay a few days at her Harbour Hills Suites. You might not wish to leave! 1480 Rednersville Rd Carrying Place

TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES 5 Gifts that Give Twice!

Home to Canada’s 50th Ten Thousand Villages store. Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade organization founded by the Mennonite Central Committee over fifty years ago in order to create a market for hand-made crafts coming from the developing world. Here, you will find everything from chocolate, tea, coffee, jewelry, and a myriad of gift items all handcrafted. The products come from 35 countries in the developing world from more than 100 artisan groups providing work for more than 60,000 individuals. About 70% of the artisans are women. Some artisan groups also seek to employ persons with physical disabilities. Operated by the members of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, this wonderful shop is filled with products that are as unique as they are beautiful to behold. Definitely worth the time to explore at 190 Main Street • Picton


very ­i nteresting items that in themselves one can only term as “conversation pieces”. From glassware, to a­ rtifacts to clothing to exotic items for home decor, The Great Piddlesbury has it all including great ­pottery and garden statuary. This special emporium of eclectic international flavour definitely offers more than a simple shopping experience. It is an adventure as one never knows what to expect around each corner. Take a ride on a ferry boat and discover The Great Piddlesbury at 977 Loyalist Parkway Hwy 33, Adolphustown

The “Vogue” of Yarn Shops

Rose Haven is literally an emporium of international, national, provincial and local yarns and fibres that will impress even the most discerning fibre aficionados. There are yarns from all over the world every place imaginable. Proprietor Linda Swaine’s indepth knowledge about yarns and fibres is phenomenal and very evident when you see her vast selection of yarns and fibres. With a strong e­ mphasis on natural fibre yarns, Eco yarns, handspun regional and local yarns, Fair Trade and luxury fine fibre yarns, Linda seeks out new and exciting product lines which includes Koigu, Colinette, Rowan, Lavold, Inca Gold, Manos del Uruguay, Noro, and others too n­ umerous to ­mention. Whether your passion is knitting, crocheting or fibre art, Rose Haven is definitely one shop worth visiting. Who knows? Even if you don’t knit, you may even be tempted to pick up a pattern book and try your hand at it . If not, then there are lots of beautiful handmade gifts and sheepskin products such as slippers and more to take back home with you. 180 Main Street • Picton


GALLOPING GOAT GALLERY 8 An Artisans’ Boutique

Offering a wide and ever changing variety of garden art and decor along with handcrafted jewellery, sculptures and new this year women’s fun and funky clothing, the Galloping Goat Gallery is an eclectic forum of shopping fun where you will also find local artisans works along with Lesley Snyder’s fibre arts. In fact, The Galloping Goat is a definite “must see” shopping experience if only for the location alone. The shop is located in the small village of Black River in a 140 year old barn that was the original site of the Black River Cheese Factory, which is now across the road. The barn sits on the bank of the Black River giving all it’s visitors a wonderful view of the swans and ducks playing only a few feet away. With their two resident goats, Knit and Purl, their picnic tables by the water’s edge and the best fishing off the Black River Bridge, this is not only the perfect location to shop but also to experience the joys of family times and county life. The Galloping Goat also runs a summer Art Camp for children in Picton at St. Andrew’s church for the month of July, give them a call to get more information. 906 Cty Rd 13 • Black River


An Exotic Emporium

If you are travelling around and staying for a few days in The County, then you may want to consider taking the Glenora Ferry over to the other side of the Loyalist Parkway - Highway 33 onto the Mainland. Just a short distance along it is the The Great Piddlesbury. This emporium of eclectic ­treasures from around the world will capture your imagination. O w n e r, Ni ge l c ont i nu a l ly ­travels to the far east in search of unusual items that will intrigue you and there are indeed some THE SOJOURNER 2011



HEART OF THE COUNTY 9 Sweet Country Home

Located in downtown Picton, Heart of the County has a wonderful selection of gifts for all occasions and your entertaining needs. An array of quality merchandise including candles, picture frames, garden accessories, jewelry, clocks, wooden signs, bath products, serving dishes, linen and other great entertainment items are carried out through this store. The Heart of the County is operated as a training site for Community Living Prince Edward. A not for profit organization is committed to enhance opportunities for people with an intellectual disabilities of all ages. A visit to the heart of the county will offer you not only unique merchandise to take home, but also warm friendly service. In return you will be supporting on ingoing work venue for people achieving their personal goals. Come have a wonderful shopping experience at 183 Main Street • Picton

BOOKS & COMPANY Life’s Essentials


Books & Company is a book-­lover’s treasure trove with over 5,000 square feet devoted to a fantastic selection of new and used books, cards, magazines, newspapers, cds, games, toys and other treasures. Here, they buy and sell fine used books, and have an ­i nventory of thousands of out-of-print and rare books as well as maintaining a superb collection of new releases and best sellers. They will also take care of special orders and help you with rare book searches. A welcoming kid’s area has lots to keep the little ones ­o ccupied while you enjoy browsing through their great selection. WIFI is available throughout the premises, with lots of cozy seating areas – browsers with laptops are most welcome! 230 Main Street • Picton

Imagine over 5,000 square feet filled with new and out-of-print books, m ­ agazines, a wonderful children’s area, games, puzzles, cards and more with friendly, ­knowledgeable staff to assist you ... where you can find a good book, a comfortable chair, a w ­ elcoming cat and a great cup of coffee right next door ... Who could ask for anything more?

Books & Company books music life •

289 Main Street, Picton 613-476-3037 THE SOJOURNER 2011


Summer Hours: Extended Summer Hours Otherwise: Mon. - Thurs. 9 am - 6 pm Fri. & Sat. 9 am - 8 pm Sun. 10 am - 5 pm PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY




ave you ever wondered what your fashion sense says about you? Do you wear a classic, romantic, trendy, sporty or c­ asual style of clothing? When it comes to fashion, your personal style speaks louder than words. Whether you are an athlete, a domestic diva, a ­business woman, a femme fatale or a country goddess, your clothes ­reflect the story of who you are and your lifestyle. The County’s wonderful fashion boutiques offer you a fabulous ­array of fashions that cover the gamut of lifestyles and p­ ersonalities; therefore, you are certain to enjoy a great shopping experience. You will find the owners and their staff to be knowledgeable and a­ ttentive to your needs while guiding you to the style and essential look that is “totally you”.

Effortless Style for... Today’s Woman

The Look that ... says it all!

Sandwich Fresh FX Spanner Ness Adventura Cut Loose Linen Junge Solola Eric Alexandre Fresh Produce Not Your Daughters Jeans It Jeans Jag Jeans 613-393-9958 282 Main Street Bloomfield Ontario

Tribal Renuar Soya Concept Sheryl Crow Jeans Jeanne Pierre Eugenia Jewellery & Accessories

613-393-5509 279 Main Street Bloomfield Ontario Fall 2011 THE SOJOURNER 2011




The Look that says it all!


What’s in a name? Everything! When it comes to bragging about the latest fashions, no one does it better than Brag. Nestled in the very heart of downtown Bloomfield, this cozy, eclectic boutique of renowned fashions offers you the choices that make looking great, easy. With fashions from such great names as Tribal, Renaur, Jeanne Pierre, Eugenia and more, there is a wealth of great choices. In addition to a great selection of styles and sizes, Brag has great jewellery and accessories to enhance the clothes you love to wear. Jazz up a simple t-shirt with a fabulous necklace or try a belt to give a jacket a totally different look. You’ll be amazed at how Brag’s line-up of accessessories help change a look completely giving you two or more looks from one great outfit. At Brag, it is all about helping you create a look that is synonymous with your lifestyle. With their friendly ser-

s your inner t n e m n r o d A


vice and in-depth knowledge of what works for you, you are certain to find the look that says it all! 279 Main Street • Bloomfield


Effortless Style!


When it comes to fashion, Garb is all about effortless style with a stress on comfort and flexibility. Today’s women need clothes and fashions that will take them anywhere from day to night and, at Garb, they simply make it easy. With collections from some of North America’s and Europe’s top design houses, there is a wealth of lifestyle fashions to suit every woman’s needs and wants, especially when time is everything and choices have to be easy to make. Located in the heart of Bloomfield, Garb is all about fashion to suit your life with ease and simplicity. 282 Main St • Bloomfield


S Best Service, Selection, Quality and Value on Brand Name Family Footwear

footwear for e v e r y wa l k i n l i f e

mens • ladies • teens • kids




F IE L D T • B LO OM E E R T S IN k • 271 MA divadecor@ -3 9 3 -5 0 0 5

Find Comfort, Style and Fit at ...


Professional Bra Fit Consultants

Beautiful Bras from

chantelle • passionata freya • prima donna • anita lejaby • fantasie R A Selection of Elegant Sleepwear


GEOX Including Orthodic Friendly Shoes for All Ages Get Fit by Our Footwear Specialists!

613-476-8299 • 151 Main Street • Picton THE SOJOURNER 2011

Nighties • PJ Sets • Robes & More

Swimwear by




Yummy Tummies • Spanx • Body Wrap


Come in any time for a FREE PROFESSIONAL BRA FITTING with our certified specialists Mastectomy Bras & Swimwear a v a i l a b l e


certificates ava i l a b l e

613.476.4772 • 280 Main Street • Picton




For the Divine Diva!


Diva, a most e­ xtraordinary boutique, is devoted to indulging in our inner Diva. In fact, what Diva has is impossible to describe. You must experience it in order to appreciate all the treasures that you will find at this emporium of glamour. Like its owner, Celine ­Papizewska, Diva is an e­ volution of fashion capturing the ­elegance of the past and blending it with the present to create one of the County’s most unique ­boutiques which has simply all those finishing touches that make one feel like a true Diva. With her background in theatre, Celine has an eye for the dramatic when it came to clothes and accessories; c­ onsequently, the theme for her shop is “Glam R Us”, a natural extension of the true


Diva which she believes lies within every woman. The shop is home to a ­colourful and dramatic ­collection of hats, fascinators, fabulous scarves and shawls, ­evening accessories, handbags and i­ ncredibly beautiful jewellery at the most amazing prices! In fact, you may have to glance twice to make sure of the prices as one would expect to pay twice as much in the city for such items! At Diva, there is something to suit everyone’s need for a little “glamour” in their lives whether they are 13 or 95. As Celine says, the criteria for her ­merchandise is that it must be interesting, preferably theatrical and beautiful unto itself. Upon entering her boutique, you will find that she stays true to that philosophy. Drop in at Diva and discover the divine diva within you at 271 Main St • Bloomfield


For Understated Elegance Located in the ­b eautiful Edward Building on Picton’s Main Street, Amour is all about o­ ffering the finest selection of quality l­ingerie, sleepwear plus women’s swimwear. Whether you love satin, ­cotton, or lace, there is something to suit every woman when it comes to those all i­ mportant undergarments which define “comfort” while offering the styling one loves at a variety of price points to suit your budget. At Amour, it is not just about selection but about service. Here, certified Professional Bra Fit Consultants are on hand to help ensure that you make the perfect choice when it comes to style, fit and comfort. In addition to their extensive ­collection of fine lingerie, you will find a delightful choice of PJs, nighties, robes as well as the tummy slimming s­ wimwear of It Figures swimsuits designed by women for women as well as ­Mastectomy Bras and Swimwear. Fro m e v e r y d ay f u n c t i o n a l ­undergarments to those understated touches of simple elegance which make you feel like a million, there is something to suit every woman who appreciates comfort and fine lingerie at 280 Main Street • Picton.

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For Every Walk in Life


For those of you who have a secret shoe fetish, be sure to check out the great summer sandals, walking shoes, runners and classy dress shoes at Crowe’s ­Footwear. As their slogan states, they offer the best service, selection, quality and value on name brand footwear for the entire family. Their selection is extensive and the prices are the best you will find anywhere in the County and surrounding area. Footwear from such collections as Merrill, Naot, Clarks, Keen, Ecco and more are just some of the lines that you will find. THE SOJOURNER 2011



Having been a family run business for more that 20 years, you will find that these people are the experts when it comes to ensuring that the fit you get in your shoes is the best. Being the County’s footwear s­ pecialists, Crowe’s has also garnered a reputation for outfitting children with proper footwear. So take the opportunity to discover all that they offer at 151 Main Street • Picton


Rejuvenating Fashions!


The whole family will enjoy ­discovering recycled treasures at City Revival - from the finest clothing made by the finest designers in the world to books, interesting giftware, fabulous scarves, and sterling silver jewellery. Ever tried on a Chanel Suit? Dreamed of a Prada Bag? Then you’ll love City Revival. You’ll also see new clothing from Animale, Willow and Imprevu and others at a much reduced price. Discover wonderful children’s and teen wear. The store is filled with Banana Republic, Gap and Lululemon and many other trendy happening brands. Designer Jeans? City Revival has them. Have fun and enjoy the thrill of purchasing a designer treasure for a fraction of its original cost. Who knows, you might even be able to dress your husband in an Armani Suit as the prices are fabulous! City Revival is open 7 days a week. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable. Alterations can be done on the premises. 275 Main Street • Picton



Think Pink! Think Hot Style!

For all you fashion divas a trip to Kelly’s will certainly put you in high style as this is the little boutique with big “attitude”. From fun accessories to the latest trends in ­novelty ­clothing,

Express yourself ...


... with fine intimate apparel

Bras including Smart Memory Bras • Nursing • Orthopedic Elegant Sleepwear including Silk Pjs • Nighties Sultry Corsets • Body Liners • Swimwear Jewellery & More

129 MAIN STREET • PICTON • 613-476-2469




FA S H I O N Kelly has it all. Whether you are in the ­m arket for a great little necklace or a saucy little handbag, you will discover a wide assortment from which to choose. With clothes fashions from Mia Melon, Gentle Fawn, Yumi and Uttam including The Mousers Limited Edition COTD T-shirt. What’s fashion without all the accessories to pull your new look together. Kelly’s has a wonderful selection of jewellery fashions and you are bound to discover some awesome bling to purchase. Don’t forget to check out Kelly’s selection of great bags and novelty items. At Kelly’s, you will certainly find some intriguing home accessories that will certainly put your home decor into a different “light” and which will certainly end up as conversation pieces. Check out the fashions at 197 Main Street, Picton



Where Your Clothes Are!


from Canadian ­designers which are truly beautiful and recognized for their quality and affordability. New selections of fashions, handbags, and accessories arrive daily; therefore, there is always something new to tempt you. Fashions are available in sizes 2-18, in both regular and petite.

VISIT THEM AT THEIR NEW LOCATION IN ROSSMORE! You are invited to visit one of the County’s most beautiful fashion boutiques at their new location just at the foot of the Bay Bridge in Rossmore, on the corner of Hwy 62 & Rednersville Road. Their newly, redesigned space will ensure that you continue to enjoy the same quaint, boutique experience that you have known with The Dressing Room for the past 14 years. At The Dressing Room, owner Lori Foster goes to great length to inspire your inner “Fashion Diva” with collections from around the globe. In fact, The Dressing Room is proud to be the exclusive retailer in the Quinte region for Mexx, Tribal, FDJ French Dressing and Lug. They are also pleased to also represent some unique collections

Country Casual



• Digital Processing • Passport Photos • Laminating • Digital Media & Accessories

• Custom Framing • Frames & Gifts • Film • Print to Print Reproduction

Up to 8x10 Enlargements

279 Main Street • Picton • 613-476-3112


The Dressing Room is open Monday to Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm, Saturdays 9:30am – 5:00pm, and closed Sundays. Lori and her friendly, knowledgeable staff look forward to seeing you soon at The Dressing Room in Rossmore…. it’s where your clothes are! Hwy 62 & Rednersville Rd Rossmore




Welcome to Prince Edward County!

County Services


If you love what you’ve discovered about County life and are interested in relocating, retiring or having a home away from home, then the team of Gail Forcht and Sarah Scott can definitely help you. Their ­extensive knowledge of “The County” will allow you the opportunity to find the perfect home, at any price point. They know that your visit will have you wanting more of all that Prince Edward County has to offer. Let them help you to discover the many areas and match your ideal place to retreat, retire, or relocate to. They have connections with agents in Toronto, Port Hope/Cobourg and most areas with water. Visit www. for a look at featured homes and properties, resourceful links, and Virtual Tours. Chestnut Park ... ANYWHERE YOU WANT TO LIVE TM 43 Main Street • Picton

n addition to the many wonderful boutiques and specialty shops you will find throughout the County, there are other areas businesses who wish to provide you with services they believe will assist you in other ways ­during your stay in the County. The following are those who truly care about ­serving you during your stay in the County.

AV FRAME & PHOTO Picture Perfect!


With over 28 years of expertise in photography and framing, you are certain to find friendly and knowledgeable staff for all your photographic and framing needs at AV Frame & Photo. For those of you who need an instant “fix” for a photo memory or need a camera repair/cleaning,

especially after a visit to ­Sandbanks, head on over to AV Frame & Photo where their fast and efficient staff will take care of all your camera needs including digital ­cameras, photo enlargements batteries and other film media. AV Frame & Photo, located in downtown Picton, is the prime choice for making sure that you have the best in quality service at 279 Main Street • Picton


Purely Entertainment

Looking for something to do in the evening during the weekend or on a rainy day during your stay? Many of your hosts offer the use of video or dvd p­layers; therefore, the friendly folks at Town & Country Video are happy to provide you with a great selection of the latest movie and game releases as well as some great old classics. Whatever your taste is in movies whether it is comedy, drama, horror, romance, h­ istorical epics or other forms of film entertainment, they have it all including games for the kids. For great entertainment, take a trip over to Town & Country Video and the friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you in finding whatever you are in the mood to watch. 130 Main Street • Picton

HELPING YOU FIND YOUR HOME IN THE COUNTY Yo u r H o m e Te a m professionals

Gail Forcht, Broker Cell: 613.691.9587

Sarah Scott, Sales Rep

& Licensed Associate to Gail Forcht

Cell: (613) 827-0454

I n - To w n H o m e s • C o n d o s • C o u n t r y H o m e s • W a t e r f r o n t E s t a t e s • B u i l d i n g L o t s

Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, Brokerage 43 Main Street • Picton Office: 613.471.1708 Toll Free: 877.471.1708 THE SOJOURNER 2011

Fax 613.471.1886 53



discover DOWNTOWN



he City of Belleville offers visitors other delightful experiences while visiting beautiful Bay of Quinte Country. Its architecture and grand old homes pay homage to its Loyalist past and the days of the rum runners. In fact, a visit to the historic Glanmore House Museum is definitely worth the trip alone. Belleville offers you all the amenities of a large city centre but without the traffic or the masses. You will enjoy the city’s downtown with its great shops, specialty boutiques and galleries to explore. Here, you will also find wonderful restaurants where you can savour fine cuisine. Whether you are in the mood for superb steak and seafood or spicy Italian cuisine or simply just delicious fare, Belleville offers it all. Looking for a little entertainment after a great day of browsing, shopping and dining, then you may want to check out what is happening at Caper’s Chill Fridays or what’s on at the famous Empire Theatre - home to many international recording artists. In fact, one of the highlights of the summer season is the Empire’s Rockfest with its amazing line-up of famous rockers - this is an outdoor event not to be missed! If you are an adventurer at heart looking for new experiences, then Belleville’s downtown awaits your pleasure both day and night!

Accessories with Attitude

More than great gifts and jewellery.

613.967.4438 282 FRONT ST BELLEVILLE

Mon. - Fri. 9:30AM-5:00PM • Sat. 10:00AM - 3:00PM • Sun. Closed

215 Front Street • Belleville • 613.969.9994 THE SOJOURNER 2011




Where Art meets Fashion


Welcome to Fusion, home to an eclectically diverse group of ­artistic talent including Glamour Junkie where jewellery is styled with a twist - and more! Whether it is for a gift, your home or you, ­Fusion offers one of the region’s most creative shopping experiences as it is a “fusion” of all aspects of life and art.


Owner and overseer to a dynamic group of artists, as well as being one herself, Kathy Huiskamp was the driving force in creating this emporium of art, fashion and all things unique. Having spent many years operating her own home-floral business, Kathy had always dreamed of having her own store. Tired of the constant trade shows which she had been doing for twenty years, she had taken a brief break from it until a friend

A little bit of Tuscany ... a touch of Napoli

told her about a small group of artists who wanted to form a Co-op. Naturally, her entrepreneurial spirit was curious about the possibilities so Kathy decided to investigate. Having met with one of the artists, Connie Yrjola, owner and designer of Glamour Junkie, Kathy knew that this was where she was meant to be ... helping this small group of talented artists while operating a retail shop that she had always dreamed of having. Within 6 weeks, Kathy and the artists had Fusion up and running. Now, three years later, it has become the place where art and fashion are constantly melding and evolving thanks to the efforts of likeminded, artistic entrepreneurs.. Jewellery, bath and spa products, home decor accents, art and more line the walls and shelves of this delightful shop where you can explore all that Fusion offers, from art to fashion... in the heart of downtown Belleville! Be sure to check out their web site at

Fine Italian Cuisine Wood Fired Gourmet Pizzas Sinful Desserts ...

613.966.6542 38 BRIDGE ST. E. BELLEVILLE

FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD. Choose from a variety of shared bites, enjoy an entrée, or savour a glass from the region’s most extensive wine collection. 272 Front Street • Downtown Belleville • 613-968-7979 Tapas. Vino. Music. Martinis. WWW.CAPERS.CA cap_Sojourner-book.indd 1




4/29/09 3:10:03 PM



Brasserie,Wine Bar & Patio

Belleville’s Riverfront Trail Glamour Junkie “Glamour” ... an appearance of enhanced attractiveness. “Junkie” ... a person who is enthusiastic about something. Great words to aptly describe not only the collection and the people who are hooked on fabulous jewellery, but also jewellery designer, Connie Yrjola, whose passion for life and for her art is extremely evident in her creations. Beautifully handcrafted, each item is more unique than the next thanks to Connie’s keen sense of style which she interprets into exceptional pieces of wearable art. Using a combination of semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, wood, beads and vintage or recycled finds with sterling silver or base metals to create her unique and eye-catching designs, Connie steps out of the bounds of traditional fine fashion jewellery to offer you amazing one-of-a-kind pieces. Her collection of dramatic and sometimes whimsical jewellery will take you from day to evening. In fact, Glamour Junkie has something for every fashion taste at prices to suit every budget. Glamour Junkie also proudly represents a handful of local jewellery artisans who create unique pieces incorporating fused glass, decoupage, up-cycled materials to name a few. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Glamour Junkie offers to ­create custom pieces to reflect your personal style. You are invited to see Glamour Junkie’s great selection while visiting Fusion or visit her web site at 282 Front Street • Belleville


Accessories with Attitude!



A Little Touch of Italy!

Discover accessories with “­attitude” at Miss Priss located in the heart of downtown Belleville. Now, do not let the name fool you as there is nothing “prissy” when it comes to the ­amazing selection of fine costume and designer jewellery that owner Jane Stratton Love carries in her elite boutique. Accessories are the finishing touch to any outfit - day or night. Whether you are looking for something fun and funky, simple and classic or dramatic and elegant, Miss Priss offers an extensive ­selection of the finest fashion accessories to compliment your lifestyle and your budget. From necklaces to bracelets and earrings, to the latest styles in evening bags and purses to beautiful scarves and shawls, there is something for every woman who enjoys unique, interesting accessories and who wants to add new dimensions to her wardrobe. With dynamic creations from some of Canada’s top Designer Collections - Anne Marie Gagnon, Pyrrha, Silver Season plus Silvergate from Israel as well as Canadian made, Christian Kon and Soprano leather bags and purses, you are certain to find that distinctive gift for someone special or something simply for yourself to enjoy. If you are having a girls’ getaway weekend, then plan for an “After Hours Shopping Party” exclusively for your friends and you. With ten or more friends, as a host, you will save on your own purchases while allowing your friends to enjoy great evening of exploring the latest trends in accessories. 215 Front Street • Belleville THE SOJOURNER 2011


In the heart of Belleville, an easy walk from all the important sites, housed into a century old building, Paulo’s Italian Trattoria reminds us that food is more than the substance of life, it can also be a delight. In a world of standardized food, Paulo’s stands out as unique. Over 60 fresh ingredients, extra virgin olive oil, herbs, spices, vegetables, prosciuttos, cheeses etc..., can be combined to create the perfect gourmet pizza which is then baked in a traditional wood fired oven and served piping hot. But Paulo’s is much more than pizzas, to read the menu is to travel to the sunny skies of Italy, Penne Arrabiata, Fettuccine di Mare, Tortellini, Funghi, Bocconcini, Calamari, Bruschetta and much more. From the grill Paulo’s offers fine quality Black Angus strip loin as well as veal, lamb, chicken and fish. The wine list offers carefully chosen and reasonably priced wines from the best regions of the world. If you like to sit on the patio,then dinner at Paulo’s is the perfect spot to do exactly that; however, if you prefer to go the waterfront, you can always choose takeout. Paulo’s offers a complete meal solution for you to take out. Having a takeout lunch or dinner is a pleasant way to relax. Warmth and aroma are two major ingredients for a good Italian restaurant, both of which you’ll quickly discover at Paulo’s. 44 Bridge St. E. • Belleville



Experience rich and ­contemporary cuisine prepared with the f­ reshest ingre dients imaginable and ­discover one of the reasons why Prince ­E dward County and the ­surrounding area has garnered a reputation for outstanding ­cuisine. At C ap e r’s , t he y of fe r an ­extensive wine list which would please the most discerning wine ­aficionados. Combine this with ­s uperb, ­i nnovative epicurean ­delights ­using fresh seasonal produce and you have another truly amazing culinary experience. Between Caper’s seasonal menus and their outdoor patio where you can enjoy warm summer nights, you have the perfect ingredients for an amazing dining experience. With entrées of grilled, Black ­Angus tenderloin, rack of lamb, seared Magret duck breast, weekly ­seafood specials, and fresh baked breads, you will be treated to the distinctly delicious flavours of Caper’s and the culinary expertise of Executive Chef Jeffrey Camacho and his team. To start a great weekend, you can enjoy Caper’s “Chill it’s Friday” at the Chill Lounge between 5pm and midnight. Here, you can enjoy nibbles, and drinks including their “Chill Kitty” Martini. From 8pm to midnight, they have a live DJ playing the music you love to hear as you chill out after a long week of work. If you are looking to “expand your experiences”, then downtown Belleville will offer you the pleasure of shopping in eclectic boutiques where you can lunch or dine at one of Belleville’s finest restaurants. For those who like a little entertainment, Caper’s is the perfect spot to dine when attending the Empire Theatre events, especially during ROCKFEST or if you want to host an event, Caper’s has private rooms that can host 15 to 120 people. You are invited to e­ xplore the magical flavours awaiting you both in food and wine at 272 Front St. • Belleville

Welcome t o HISTORIC


Open Monday to Sunday 10 am ~ 4 pm

613.396.1900 • 362 Main Street • Deseronto

Your Table Awaits at ...


Antique Emporium

O’Connor House


English Tea Room & Bistro

A Treasury of The Past Collectibles • Nautica & Militaria Books • Toys • China • Glassware Vintage Furnishings • Lamps & More

Monthly Live Entertainment • Call for Details


Mon - Thurs: 11am-6pm • Fri: 11am-9 pm • Sat: 9am-6pm • Sun: 9 am-7pm

Open daily 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

613-396-1888 369 Main Street • Deseronto • Ontario THE SOJOURNER 2011

(613) 396-6443 • 365-367 MAIN ST. • DESERONTO www.



DESERONTO ~ Renowned Walleye Fishing! With the Bay of Quinte Country being mainly inhabited by the United Empire Loyalists over 200 years ago, one can to expect to find a tremendous amount of history within the region which includes such places as the Town of Deseronto, a truly historic little gem. With its beautiful waterfront on the Bay of Quinte consisting of a park and playgrounds, its quaint downtown, it is indeed a step back into our Canadian history. It is named after John Deseronto, a native Mohawk, who was a captain in the British Military Forces and who first settled here in 1784 on land awarded by the British to both Loyalists and Mohawks for their support during the American Revolution. It owes much of its cultural heritage and character to the industrious Mohawks of neighbouring Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. By 1848, Deseronto had become one of Ontario’s earliest company towns, due to the establishment of The Rathburn Company who built the region’s first sawmill and shipyards turning it into the industrial and transportation hub for the area. During World War I, it was also home to two Royal Flying Corps training camps; however, by 1923, The Rathburn Company had to close its doors due to a series of events which put a rapid halt to Deseronto’s growth. Now, 78 years later, you can discover its historic charm captured by such shops like THE GREAT DESERONTO ANTIQUE EMPORIUM, THOROUGHLY MAUDE as well as the amazing O’CONNOR HOUSE TEA ROOM & ­BISTRO housed in some of the town’s most historic buildings. You are cordially invited to enjoy Deseronto’s waterfront and parks, to indulge in a delightful meal or afternoon tea and to do some shopping while discovering the town’s historic roots. ... For avid anglers, there is phenomenal walleye fishing along its shoreline! Just head north on Highway 49, go over the Skyway Bridge into Tyendinaga and hang a right just after you get over the bridge. They are only few kilometers down the Bayshore Road past Native Expressions.

The O’CONNOR HOUSE 26 English Tea Room & Bistro

The Great Deseronto Antique Emporium


Tea and scones? A Ploughman’s Lunch? If you enjoy exploring and visiting quaint country towns and hamlets, then a drive to the town of Deseronto will offer you a merry taste of British fare or afternoon tea in a beautifully restored, century building adjacent to The Great ­Deseronto Antique Emporium. Charmingly decorated and furnished with antiques in the main dining room, with bistro seating in the front, this delightful restaurant is a refreshing oasis in historic Deseronto, just off the Skyway Bridge on Hwy 49. The aroma of fresh baked goods and savoury spices make for a delightful first impression as your senses take flight... more so when you taste that first morsel of food. Although only recently opened, this little gem of a restaurant has already garnered a loyal following for both lunch and dinner at 369 Main Street • Deseronto

“Emporium” aptly captures the ­essence of this amazing antique shop. Talk about stepping back in Time! This vast shop is housed in a beautiful, h­ istorical building which was built in 1892, part of the Baker Block. It was originally constructed for use as an Opera House on the 2nd floor, and hardware store on its main level; however, over the past century the building has ­naturally undergone some changes. The Emporium is located on the main floor of the building and comes complete with its original tin ceilings and creaking wood floors that add that touch of “character” all antique shops should have. As a multi-vendor market, you are offered a unique opportunity to see a wide assortment of goods for your perusal. With more than twenty vendors showcasing their wares under the supervision and expert of eye of Margaret Steenburg, there THE SOJOURNER 2011

are many wonderful treasures waiting for you to discover them amidst a few thousand square feet. From ­collectibles to vintage furniture, ­c hina, glass, books, toys, ­kitchenware, tools, ­jewellery, military, sports and ephemera and much more, you could easily spend hours here exploring this treasure trove of delights. You will see that the vendors take great pride in their displays and try to ensure that they only offer you quality items at reasonable prices. You are invite you to come visit, ­explore and shop. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will make you feel at home as you take time to reflect and stroll down memory lane at 365-367 Main St. • Deseronto

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THOROUGHLY MAUDE 28 A Little Something Extra

If you enjoy exploring and like to have a little fun while doing so, then a visit to Thoroughly Maude is where you must go. You’ll be greeted by one of the most convivial and charming gentleman you would ever expect to meet in such an eclectic boutique filled with fresh flowers, home decor accents, antique furnishings and art. There is a joyous exhuberance in all that designer/proprietor John McNeill says and does. His keen eye for the unusual and gift for displaying items at their best vantage point makes for a delightful shopping experience. Even if you hadn’t any intention of buying, you may just find yourself walking out with a few treasures to take home as the prices are truly amazing, especially for some of the antiques that John discovers in his forrays at local auctions and estate sales. When it comes to anything floral, John always manages to put a touch of that little something extra at 369 Main St • Deseronto

Location of Shops & Services Shops

Services “I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have ­expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes.” Yves St. Laurent


Green Gables

15 2


6 10 1 9 14

13 3


Casa Lucia 20




18 4 25



26 24









To discover the treasures of

Prince Edward County and its surrounding areas is to experience its magic! Tell them that

The Sojourner

was your map to the treasures.




County Events






art through a lens

THE 2011 CLIC EASTERN ONTARIO PHOTO Organizing Committee: (Back Row L-R) Sue Barclay (Co-Chair); Sam Serano (Camera Clubs); Dave Hill (Photographer Enquiries); Dave Boorne (Sponsorships); Scott Johnston (Advertising); Rick Matthews (Schools); (Front Row L-R) Doug Johnson (Distribution); Erin Johnston (Co-Chair); Tara Wilkinson (Marketing & Communications).

Whoever would have thought that the ­invention of the camera would eventually initiate a new form of artistry. No longer just capturing memories of events on a global or personal scale, ­photography has earned the right to be called an art form since it has ­become a means of artistic ­expression in which people of all ages participate. Recognizing that there was a tremendous amount of photographic talent in the region, a group of like-minded l­ocal photographers and business owners along with retired professionals decided to establish the CLIC Eastern Ontario Photo Show, in 2010, in celebration of photography as an art form bringing together the creative vision of photographers from across Eastern Ontario - open to all professional, amateur and student photographers of any age and skill with two divisions: youth and adult under two categories: Black and White or Colour. Working with the support of the Prince Edward County Arts Council, the initial show surpassed the organizers’ wildest expectations with over 220 photo entries to the competition from over 80 photographers throughout Eastern Ontario. The show itself attracted more than 1,200 visitors over a 9 day period and the rave reviews assured the group that their endeavours were well worth the time and effort that went into the event.

As a result, the second annual CLIC Eastern Ontario Photo Show and Sale will once again take place in the 4,500 sq.ft second floor Gallery of Books & Company which offers a warm and inviting backdrop to the event from July 30th to August 7th. Entries are already pouring in to what once again ensure the survival of another successful, annual County event. Sponsored by the Prince Edward County Arts Council, with support from t h e O nt ar i o Arts Council), this year CLIC is pleased to announce the following Presenting

2010 Best in Show & Doug Boult Award Heather McCorquodale THE SOJOURNER 2011


Sponsors for 2011: Photo Life Magazine, Andrew Csafordi of Fire Engine Inc. Creative & Design; Jeff Young of Image Based Promotion, and Laurie Gruer and Sam Simone of Chestnut Park Realty. Professionally curated, the show’s committee members and volunteers from the local community staff the show over the nine days coordinating the set-up and tear-down of the event, answering visitors questions about the show, the photographers and their creative process, as well as answering a myriad of other questions about the County. What is especially nice is the fact that Miss Lily’s Café downstairs next door offers the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a refreshing beverage and a light meal after viewing the show . With CLIC breaking new ground and leading the way for other regions to follow in their footsteps, their future plans are to hopefully grow this show into one of the hottest destinations for all things photography … including educational workshops, speakers, instructional shoots … while continuing to grow awareness and appreciation for photography as an art form. Admission to the show is $2.00 for adults and children under 12 get in FREE. The show hours are 10 am to 6 pm. For more information about the show, its awards. etc... visit or call Co-Chair Suzanne Barclay at 613-399-2276 Books & Co • 289 Main Street, Picton





a little art . a little music. a little theatre. “The word theatre comes from the Greeks. It means the seeing place. It is the place people come to see the truth about life and the social situation.” Stella Adler

What makes for a great County experience are the various cultural, artistic and entertainment events that run throughout the year as well as a growing number of festivals. With a wealth of local, provincial, national and international talent, the County offers you amazing entertainment experiences. When it comes to art, Art in the County, the PEC Studio Tour, The Maker’s Hand, The Tweed Studio Tour and the Art and Craft Sale provide several opportunities for art lovers to enjoy viewing and purchasing regional and local works of art. The newly renovated, Regent Theatre plays host to a variety of events including the renowned Jazz Festival, while the Festival Players present several productions at a variety of venues throughout the County providing you with a unique format of live theatre. You’ll find classical music and jazz events including the PEC Music Festival and PEC Jazz Festival. The Maple in the County, the Taste festival are also wonderful events in which to participate. where your taste buds can have a true Taste experience. Not to be missed are the self-guided tours along the Arts and Taste Trails themselves. The following pages highlight these key events which you are cordially invited to attend. If you see a forthcoming festival or event that you do not want to miss out on, then be certain to jot down the pertinent information and make plans to join in on the fun. If, by chance you have missed an event, there is always next year. Whether you are in the mood for a little art ... a little music ... or a little theatre, check out the events that the County hosts for your pleasure in celebration of county life and all it offers.



June 17th - July 3rd

Thursday, July 28th

Celebrating its 17th year, the Prince Edward County Arts Council’s will once again be hosting Art in The County, a juried art show and sale which is one of the largest shows of its kind in Eastern Ontario. Featuring the talented artists of Prince Edward County, it showcases an exciting and diverse range of work including watercolour, acrylic, oil, glass, fibre, ceramics, photography, sculpture, jewellery and much more. Attracting visitors from across around the world, more than 3000 annually. The event has­ ­Jurors’ Choice Awards as well as the P ­ eople’s Choice Award which is ­determined by ballots completed by visitors to the show. There are also raffle prizes donated by the artists.

Prince Edward County plays host to the largest art and craft sale in Eastern Ontario. Now in its 27th year, this event continues to grow and is traditionally held on the Thursday before Ontario’s August long weekend Over two hundred and fifty vendors come from across the province to display to sell their art and crafts: stained glass, paintings, clothing, wood products, pottery, jewellery, toys. And there are delicious, Women’s Institute, home-style lunches, suppers, and snacks. Make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes; you’ll definitely be walking away with treasures in hand. Picton Fairgrounds 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Admission: Adults $3 Children under 12 Free. Free ­parking Wheelchair ­accessible. Proceeds to Prince Edward ­Women’s Institute community work.

Old Town Hall, King Street, Picton Daily 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Admission: Free





The first Eastern Ontario Photography Show and Sale, Clic, will open at Books & Company, 289 Picton Main Street and is sponsored by the Prince Edward County Arts Council. This is a juried show and sale which is open to anyone residing in Eastern Ontario. There is both a youth and adult division. The show takes photography to new levels and gives greater recognition to this great art form. Prizes will be awarded to the photographic artists at the Opening Ceremonies on Saturday, July 31st at 7 p.m. A People’s Choice Award will be presented on the last day of the show. Join us in sharing your love of photography at this very first show and if you are a resident of Eastern Ontario, we welcome your participation for our 2nd Annual Clic event!

This annual event has become so popular that it has been expanded to a 10 day event for your enjoyment. Exciting jazz events take place all over The County including evening concerts at the Regent Theatre; daytime jazz at wineries, jazz dinners; meet the artist events and jam sessions. What better way to spend the weekend amidst the sound of sweet jazz! This ye ar’s line up at the ­REGENT Theatre includes some of the greatest names in Jazz today:

July 30th- August 7th

Open 10 am - 6 pm Daily Books & Company 289 Main St • 2nd Floor • Picton



August 17th - 21st

Guido Basso • Luanda Jones Ellis Marsalis Lorraine Desmarais Ranee Lee Mark Eisenman Brian Barlow Canadian Jazz Quartet (CJQ) Admission: $35/show Main Show Tickets Available at The Regent Theatre Main Street • Picton • 877-411-4761





Eastern Ontario’s Premier Epicurean Experience Join us on September 24th, 2011, for TASTE! a celebration of regional cuisine, Prince Edward County’s annual one day mouth-watering showcase of the finest artisanal products, wines, beers, ciders and cuisine that the region has to offer.

*TASTE! is an adult only event; attendance is limited to those 19 years of age and older.

Prince Edward County’s sweetest tradition, a self-guided two-day adventure celebrating the arrival of spring and the first harvest of the year–maple syrup. March 2012 For tickets & details visit or call 1.866.845.6644.

The best kind of trail is one that leads you to new and exciting places. The Arts Trail in Prince Edward County is like that. Come, follow a trail that leads you to 32 artists and galleries dotted around this beautiful island.

Welcome to the award-winning Taste Trail, what foodies call an authentic experience. A self-guided tour route, it links together Prince Edward County’s finest artisanal food producers, restaurants, wineries (as well as a cidery and a brewery) – all dedicated to crafting products from local ingredients.

A self-guided experience, Arts Trail brochures are available at visitor centres across Ontario.





September 16th - 18th This 3-day weekend event will feature more than 100 of the County’s most talented artists and artisans as well as guest artists who welcome you to explore their individual world of art. Visit them in their studios and experience a broad range of work including painters, photographers, woodcarvers, glass and fibre artists, jewellers, potters, sculptors, dollmakers to name just a few of the many types of work that you will find along your tour. This tour attracts thousands of visitors over its three-day weekend and this year there are 33 destinations to choose from or take your time and visit them all. Various Studios and Galleries Daily 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Admission: Free 613 476 4811


September 16th - 24th

September 24th



The Prince Edward County Music Festival provides a unique and exciting artistic experience by featuring the works of a living composer along with works from other eras and genres. The performances in the acoustically superb Church of St. Mary Magdalene, the charming Waring Hall, and the inspiring Oeno Gallery are designed to delight a broad spectrum of musical tastes, while providing a unique window into the world of one of Canada’s most original composers. Stéphane Lemelin, Director Ana Sokolovic, Composer in Residence Julian Armour • Peter McGillivray Camille Churchfield • NACO Winds SuperNova String Quartet Margaret Tobolowska Trio Hochelaga • Ellen Wieser Tickets Available at or Books & Co 289 Main Street • Picton 613.471.1991 or 1.866.584.1991

Not just another food and wine

A signature show of the Prince Edward County Arts Council returns to showcase i­ nternationally and locally renowned artists and artisans and introduce new ones to the scene. Browse Eastern Ontario’s most exciting show and sale for unique pieces from a collection of work including wood, metal, mixed media, glass, jewellery, clay, fibre and wearable art. It is the perfect ­opportunity to shop for some fabulous Christmas gifts for family and friends ... or to treat yourself to something too wonderful to leave behind!

festival, Prince Edward County’s TASTE! a celebration of regional cuisine is an unforgettable epicurean experience. The event showcases the region’s finest artisanal foods, wines, beers, ciders and cuisine against a backdrop of live jazz. It is a phenomenal “foodie” experience enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Bringing together approximately 40+ vendors who offer food and drink samples—all prepared with an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients. Convivial chefs, winemakers and cider and beer masters happily discuss their craft with visitors who are encouraged to attend intimate cooking demos and wine seminars. Come join us for this food extravaganza! The Crystal Palace at Picton Fairgrounds Main Street Picton 613.393.2796


Festival Players produces a yearly festival of high-calibre, ­professional theatre in the idyllic rural environs of Prince Edward County. They ­produce an entirely Canadian season of plays, new works as well as those from the repertoire of ­outstanding previously produced work. Their 2011 season marks a milestone for the festival, their 5th anniversary season! Be sure to indulge yourself in one of the three fantastic shows they are presenting this summer and join in on the celebration! June 28 – July 8 The Girl Who Wants to Fly By John Gray Amelia Earhart rose to unimaginable heights, literally and figuratively. This new musical re-imagines her meteoric rise from the “girl next door” to the iconic first woman in flight. This show plays at Fields on West Lake, in Bloomfield.

The many little characters at the Picton Fair THE SOJOURNER 2011



November 4th - 6th

Picton Fairgrounds Community Centre Daily 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Admission: $5.00 613.476.4811

July 12 - 30 The Book of Esther By Leanna Brodie In the rural community of Baker’s Creek the Dalzell family struggle to keep their farm, family and faith intact. To top it all off, their 15 year-old daughter Esther has just run away from home. This heartwarming story takes us on a young girl’s journey to find herself. This show plays at Mount Tabor Playhouse, in Milford. August 2 - 27 The Ballad of Weedy Peetstraw By Peter Anderson & John Millard In this comical and clever reworking of the Faust legend, a simple country boy by the name of Weedy Peetstraw, sells his soul to the devil in order to play the banjo. This show plays outdoors under a grand tent at Rosehall Run Vineyards, in Wellington. For tickets, schedule, or more information please call 613-4711991/1-866-584-1991 or visit www.


The historic Regent Theatre in downtown Picton has undergone many changes since its inception circa 1919. From vaudeville stage to movie house, the Regent is Prince Edward County’s premiere ­entertainment venue for almost a century. A half million dollars in renovations in the first quarter of 2011 has made the Regent more wheelchair accessible and improved the seating, the refreshment centre and

wine bar and more, while ­retaining its h­ istoric integrity. A unique ­a ttraction is the exterior neon ­marquee that lights up Main Street at night. The Regent has a regular weekly movie schedule as well as special Cinefest shows. Live entertainment covers everything from telecast operas live from the Met to a live on stage Blues series, the Prince Edward County Jazz Festival, comedy and stage shows.


The Regent Box Office is open Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm, with extended hours on show nights. For information phone 613476-8416 or 224 Main Street • Picton

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Picton Antique Show - September


May 7th - 8th May11th - 14th May 21st May 28th May 28th


Kiwanis Walleye Fishing Weekend PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY AUTHORS’ FESTIVAL - BOOKS & COMPANY All County Museums Open Terroir Wine Celebration - Crystal Palace - PEC County Wine Growers Spring Birding Festival - Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area JUNE

S-Sn June 4th-5th FESTIVAL The First Annual Great Canadian Cheese Festival - Crystal Palace, Picton Fairgrounds S-Sn June 10th A & E Quinte’sIsle Bluegrass Celebration - Quinte’s Isle Campground F-Sn June 17th-19th FESTIVALS PEC 47th ANNUAL ANTIQUE FAIR - Picton Fairgrounds F... June 17th-30th A & E ART IN THE COUNTY EXHIBITION - PICTON OLD TOWN HALL S-Sn June 25th-26th HERITAGE 27th Quinte Flywheels Antique Equipment Show - Ameliasburgh Museum T... June 28th-July 8th A & E Festival Players present Amelia: The Girl Who Wants to Fly - Fields of Westlake, 15786 Loyalist Pkwy, Bloomfield JULY F July 1st F July 1st F... July 1st to 4th S July 2nd W July 6th Th-Sn July 7th-10th S July 9th Sn July 10th T July 12th-30th Sn July 17th W July 20th T-S July 21st-23rd F July 22nd Sn July 24th W July 27th Th July 28th F July 29th S July 30th S July 30th-Aug 7th Sn July 31st


Canada Day Celebrations - Throughout the County includes Street Dance on June 30th Wellington Canada Day Celebrations - Wellington Heritage Museum ART IN THE COUNTY EXHIBITION - PICTON OLD TOWN HALL Consecon Community Day 2011, Consecon - Fair like atmosphere Mini Harvestin’ Dinner at Sandbanks Provincial Park’s new Pavillion Belleville Waterfront and Ethnic Festival - Zwick’s Park, Belleville - Midway, Ethnic Food & More Annual Mariners’ Park Fish Fry - Mariners’ Park Museum Picton Performances in The Park Festival Players present The Book of Esther -Mt. Tabor Playhouse, Milford Picton Performances in The Park Mini Harvestin’ Dinner at Sandbanks Provincial Park’s new Pavillion EMPIRE THEATRE’S ROCKFEST 2010 - EMPIRE OUTDOORS • DOWNTOWN BELLEVILLE Chamber Music Festival - Port Milford Picton Performances in The Park Dinner & Theatre for Friends of Sandbanks Provincial Park Fundraiser PEC WOMEN’S INSTITUTE 25th ANNUAL ART & CRAFT SALE - Picton Fairgrounds Chamber Music Festival - Port Milford Streetfest (& Paint the County) - Main Street, Picton CLIC - EASTERN ONTARIO PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW & SALE - Books & Co. Picton Picton Performances in The Park AUGUST

S August 1st-7th A&E CLIC - EASTERN ONTARIO PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW & SALE - Books & Co. Picton S Aug 2nd-Aug 27th A&E Festival Players present The Ballad of Weedy Peetstraw - Rosehall Run Vineyards, 1243 Greer Rd, Wellington F August 5th A & E Chamber Music Festival - Port Milford S-Sn August 5th-7th CLUBS 37th Annual Prince Edward Auto Club Street Meet S August 6th HERITAGE Macaulay Birthday Celebration Macaulay Heritage Park, Picton Sn August 7th A & E Picton Performances in The Park M August 8th HERITAGE Mariners Park Museum Miss Supertest Stamp F August 12th A & E Chamber Music Festival - Port Milford S August 13th SPORTS Wellington Lions Club Dragon Boat Races - Wellington Harbour Sn August 14th A & E Picton Performances in The Park F-... August 17th-21st FESTIVAL ANNUAL PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY JAZZ FESTIVAL- Picton & area Sn August 21st A & E Picton Performances in The Park W August 24th FOOD Mini Harvestin’ Dinner at Sandbanks Provincial Park’s new Pavillion Sn August 28th A & E Picton Performances in The Park S-Sn Aug 27th-28th FOOD Heirloom Hurrah - Vickie’s Veggies Tomato Tasting of 50 Varieties THE SOJOURNER 2011




October 1st - 2nd There is nothing quite like colours of Fall to inspire one to go on a road tour, especially when the Tweed and Area Studio Tour takes place. Consisting of 34 gifted artists and artisans located in the south central area of Hastings County just 35 kms north of the city of Belleville on Highway 37, you can enjoy seeing them showcase their talents via a self-guided tour. This is their 14th year of hosting the event and you will be suitably impressed by the variety of what they offer. Gemstone jewellery, hand paintings, pastels, scratchboard etchings, fibre arts, wood turnings, copper art, photography, stained glass, pottery, jewellery, sculptures are just some of the many works of art that you will see as you tour the area. A unique logo of a jailhouse, considered to be the smallest jail-

house in North America, marks the tour route for you to follow. If you love art and seeing how the artists create their wonderful works that you enjoy, then make the time to come back and see these gifted artists as they continue to create and share the passion that is their work. It will be a truly enlightening experience! Visit

Art & Craft Sale in July

Fine Art

14 th Annual


Stained Glass

STUDIO TOUR Saturday & Sunday

October 1ST & 2ND, 2011

Glass & Mosaics Fibre & Textile Arts

Pottery & Sculpture

10 am to 5 pm

34 Artists & Artisans at 22 Studios

Copper Art Photography Jewellery

Watch for “North America’s Smallest Jailhouse” signs to guide you on our tour. For Further Information or Brochures, Visit or Call 613.477.2039 or 613.478.3989 THE SOJOURNER 2011



Pencil Drawings

Native Crafts

& Pastels

Mixed Media




Sept 3th -5th Sept 7th Sept 9th -11th Sept 16th-18th Sept 16th-24th Sept 17th-18th Sept 17th-18th Sept 24th


Rednersville Road Annual Art Tour Harvestin’ The County -Sandbanks Provincial Park - Catered by Currah’s The Annual Prince Edward County Fall Fair at Picton Fairgrounds PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY STUDIO & GALLERY TOUR- COUNTY WIDE PRINCE EDWARD CLASSICAL MUSIC FESTIVAL - St. Mary Magdelene, Picton PEC Annual Antique Fall Show & Sale - Picton Fairgrounds 20th Annual Model Train Show - Picton Fairgrounds TASTE - A Celebration of Regional Cuisine - Picton Fairgrounds OCTOBER

S&Sn S S&Sn Sn S S

Oct 1st-2nd A&E October 1st SPORT Oct 1st-2nd CULTURAL October 2nd SPORTS October 8th CULTURE October 15th FESTIVAL

TWEED STUDIO TOUR - Tweed & Area North of Belleville KIWANIS BICYCLE COLOUR CRIBBAGE RIDE Ameliasburg Country Fair - Ameliasburgh 8th Annual Prince Edward County Marathon 4TH ANNUAL SCARECROW FESTIVAL - GALLOPING GOAT The 15th Annual Wellington Pumpkin Fest NOVEMBER

W... F-Sn F F-Sn

Nov 2nd-25th Nov 4th-6th November 25th Nov 25th-27th


Fall Countylicious - Dining Extravaganza throughout the County -$30 fixed menus THE MAKER’S HAND- ART & CRAFT SALE, PICTON FAIRGROUNDS Bloomfield Festival of Lights - Evening Christmas Parade Festival of Trees at Isaiah Tubbs

M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, Th = Thursday, F = Friday, S = Saturday, Sn = Sunday


They say that the best kind of trail is one that leads you to new and exciting places. The Arts Trail in Prince Edward County is like that. This trail links together multi-artist galleries and the studios of fine artists—painters, sculptors, potters, blacksmiths, glassblowers, jewellery makers and photographers—that comprise the region’s vibrant creative community. More than an opportunity to view and snap up original artworks, it is a chance to meet artists, tour their studios and enjoy special insight into understanding their work. Like the Taste Trail, the Arts Trail is selfguided experience; and while road signs help guide the way, a map should be considered an essential travelling companion. Pick up a copy at visitor information centres across Ontario or call 1.866.845.6644 to have a copy mailed directly to you. For more information, visit


Prince Edward County’s Taste Trail is what foodies call an authentic experience. A selfguided tour route, it links together artisanal food producers, restaurants, wineries (as well as a cidery and a brewery)—all dedicated to crafting products from local ingredients. Comprising a printed brochure/map, a website and road signage, the trail showcases all the participating locations. Wander from place to place alternating between tastings and tours and dining at some of the County’s best eateries. Mineral driven wines, crisp ciders, small batch beers, artisanal cheeses, Italian-style ice creams, mouth-watering meals and gourmet hot dogs (yes, there is such a thing)—this is terroir-based gastronomy at its best. Just don’t forget to bring a cooler to help transport your tasty finds home. For more information, including participating locations and their contact details, visit THE SOJOURNER 2011



Taste! Event


Picton Branch 208 Main Street, Box 260, Picton, Ontario Tel: 613-476-5692 Fax: 613-476-3325 Ameliasburg Branch The Al Purdy Library 209 Whitney Road, RR 1, Ameliasburg, Ontario Tel: 613-968-9327

Six Branches At Your Service

Bloomfield Branch 300 Main Street, Box 9, Bloomfield, Ontario Tel: 613-393-3400 Fax: 613-393-1887

If your are a “sojourner” in the County, then chances are there is a branch of the library near you. The County of Prince Edward Public Library and its six branches offer a seasonal membership to visitors in the area. For a nominal fee of $10.00, tourists have access to the full range of services the library offers. These include • INTERNET ACCESS • AUDIO & VIDEO TAPES • LARGE PRINT BOOKS • GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH MATERIALS • AREA TELEPHONE BOOKS • ON-LINE PERIODICALS DATABASE • PUBLIC TERMINALS FOR WORD PROCESSING • CHILDREN’S PROGRAMMING & MORE

Wellington Branch 261 Main Street, Box 370, Wellington, Ontario Tel: 613-399-2023 Fax: 613-399-3973

Milford Branch Ann Farwell Library King Street, Milford, Ontario Tel: 613-476-4130 Fax: 613-476-6527 Consecon Branch 211 County Rd. 29, Box 130, Consecon, Ontario Tel: 613-392-1106 Fax: 613-392-4461

Prince Edward County Heritage Sites The buildings themselves in which some of thebranches of the P.E.C. Public Library are housed are worth a visit by anyone interested in history and architecture. Branches at Ameliasburgh, Consecon, Picton and Wellington are designated Heritage Sites by the County. THE SOJOURNER 2011



6:30 pm Service Glenora United Church: 476-5843 Lake-On-The-Mountain 11:00 am Service West Lake Church of Christ: 393-1305/2142 Corner of Couty Road 12 & 18 11 am Service

BLOOMFIELD Friendship United Church: 476-2020 Demorestville 11:00 am Service Bethany Christian Reform Church: 393-1684 158 Main Street, Bloomfield 10:00 am & 7:00 pm Service

You are cordially invited to attend any of our County Churches. Please check the times as they do change.

Bloomfield United Church: 393-2160 58 Main Street, Bloomfield 10:30 am Service

PICTON First Baptist Church: 476-6697 46 King Street, Picton 10 am Service

Emmanuel Baptist Church: 393-2234 Corey Street, Bloomfield 10:30 am & 7:00 pm Service

Free Methodist Church: 476-5960 384 Main Street. E. Picton 10:55 am & 6:30 pm Service

WELLINGTON St. Andrew’s Anglican Church: 399-2119 Wellington 11:00 am Service

Gilead Fellowship: 476-2622 2 Downes Ave, Picton 10:30 am Service

Wellington Pentecostal Church: 399-2292 304 Niles Street, Wellington 11:00 am & 6:30 pm Service

Gospel Hall: 476-5617 McFarland Drive, Picton 9:30 am breaking of bread & 7 pm Gospel Service

Wellington United Church: 399-3708/3492 304 Niles Street, Wellington 11:00 am & 6:30 pm Service

Picton United Church: 476-6050 6 Chapel Street, Picton 10:30 am Service


Picton United Pentecostal Church: 476-6643 Loyalist Parkway (Hwy 33), Picton 10:00 am & 7:00 pm Service

St. John’s Anglican Church: 476-2324 County Road 8 9:00 am Prayer or Holy Communion

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Churchr: 476-6201 Corner of King & Bowery, Picton 10:30 am Service

Cressy United Church: 476-2062 County Rd 7 - 10 Miles South East of Lake on the Mtn. 9:45 am Service

St. Gregory The Great Roman Catholic 476-6276 7 Church Street, Picton 10:00 am

St. Philip’s Anglican Church: 476-2324 Village of Milford 11:00 am Service

St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church: 476-2324 339 Main Street, Picton 9: 00 & 10:30 am Service The Salvation Army: 476-3156 Queen & Elizabeth Street, Picton 11:00 am & 6:30 pm Service The Village Community Church 471-0777 53 Nery Ave, Macauley Village, Picton THE SOJOURNER 2011








panache “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above h­ oarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

J. R. R. Tolkien


o you love FOOD? If so, then you are in for a treat as the County has an abundance of wonderful fine restaurants and eateries that can rival anything larger cities offer when it comes to quality and diversity. Here, you can enjoy dining at more than thirty fine restaurants, bistros, eclectic cafés and wineries throughout this island community where food and wine play an integral role in defining what the County is all about. What has made the County famous for its food are its many ­culinary creators whose passion for their artistry have carved out a superb niche of its own when it comes to dining experiences. Our County chefs are dedicated to ensure that every guest has the ultimate “taste” experience which has garnered the region a reputation for fine cuisine which can stand against the best across Canada. In fact, The County is proud to be home to some of Ontario’s finest chefs of national and international acclaim. Their skill at creating exquisite foods, using local, fresh seasonal County produce, has now made the County a destination for food aficionados. In fact, there is even a “Taste Trail” where food and wine meld into one sensational food adventure. Whether it is dining with a view or simply finding a place to ­relax amidst a serene atmosphere while enjoying sumptuous County ­cuisine masterfully prepared by County chefs, Prince Edward County offers you the scope and depth of dining experiences to satisfy the most discerning gourmand or those who simply take pleasure in fine food which is beautifully presented and tastes delicious. The following pages offer you the best of the best in all categories from casual fine dining to family eateries and more. They all take pride in offering you culinary delights which are certain to tickle your taste buds and leave you craving for more. It is now time to start your quest for that which tempts you the most when it comes to a food experience. Enjoy the journey!




Delight in the luxury and charm of an h ­ istoric setting. Revel in renowned Chef de Cuisine Michael Potters’ farm-to-table approach to fine dining. Relax in tranquil gardens bordering on sweeping country fields. Nine guest rooms and two elegant suites. Overnight Getaway Packages • Arts & Wellbeing Workshops

613-393-3301 4 3 3 M A I N ST R E E T • B LO OM F I E L D w w w. a n g e l i n e s r e s t a u r a n t i n n . c o m THE SOJOURNER 2011





“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw


Culinary Artistry


Revel in the quiet luxury of ­Angéline’s, located in the charming village of Bloomfield. Angeline’s offers a warm welcome to the ­discriminating ­traveler for whom quality and fine dining are a p­ riority. Sharing Angeline’s philosophy and passion for farm-to-table cuisine and a desire to support local farmers, is renowned Chef de Cuisine, Michael Potters. He has been setting the culinary standards for the County, leading it to be one of the top gastronomic areas of Ontario. Known for its simplicity and purity, his cuisine is rooted in classical French traditions. He has created a style which is a paradox: elegant yet down to earth.! Angéline’s The restaurant has a capacity of 45 and is divided into three ­dining areas, including one for private parties of up to 15. The ambiance throughout is elegant and intimate. Special getaway packages are enticing and weekend workshops in the arts and wellbeing are often available. Rooms are cozy, compact and comfortable, located in an adjacent building next to the restaurant. A luxury master suite of two lovely rooms and an ensuite bath is above the restaurant.Details: . Restaurant opening hours April June are Thursday - Sunday: 5.30 - 9.00 pm. Open daily for dinner July and August. Reservations are recommended. 433 Main St • Bloomfield


Located in the heart of B ­ loomfield, the Bloomfield ­C arriage House ­R estaurant (circa 1875) is a ­b eautifully renovated 40 seat ­restaurant with patio and private dining room. Here, you can enjoy cooling breezes in summer or a cozy fire in the cooler months while savouring some of the County’s most sumptuous cuisine. Featuring produce artistically prepared by Chef Scott Kapitan and Pastry Chef Jacqui Vickers, you can ­savour their p­ henomenal dishes which focus on locally grown and organic produce. Inspired by French c­ ulinary ­traditions and artistic style, Chef Kapitan has created a menu which embodies both p­ resentation and taste in keeping with Scott’s philosophy on food which is to make sure that each element on a dish subtly elevates the flavour of the main component. Located in the front of the restaurant, you will find the Marshmallow Room Bakery and Tea Shop. With its over 100 loose leaf teas, homemade marshmallows, pastries, breads, patés and more, you will feel like a kid in a candy shop as each item seems to look better than the next, the work of Pastry Chef Jacqui Vickers.   Stop in for a quick lunch ­between shopping or take your time s­ ampling local flavours at dinner. Reservations recommended. Fully licensed, BYOW - corkage fee applies 260 Main St • Bloomfield THE SOJOURNER 2011


Tantalizing the Senses


Nestled in the heart of Prince Edward County, Blumen G ­ arden Bistro features a full service dining room, patio, and ­outdoor dining area ­interlaced with lovely g­ ardens. As one of The County’s casual, fine dining ­experiences, owners Melissa Stoltz and chef Andreas Feller have garnered a ­reputation for their modern, innovative ­cuisine. Incorporating local produce that is readily available within the region, Chef Andreas has created a variety of tempting dishes to tantalize your senses. At Blumen Garden Bistro, they have chosen to specialize in local wines and food that will allow guests to indulge in the bounties of the ­region which naturally includes using local fresh p­ roduce in all their tempting dishes. With its intimate, friendly ­atmosphere amidst a picturesque garden setting, you are invited to relax, spend some time in the garden and enjoy this d­ elightful experience as you succumb to the pleasure of great cuisine and blissful ambiance. Situated at the edge of Picton on the way to the Picton Golf and Country Club along the “Taste Trail” at 647 Highway 49 • Picton




Simply Irresistible...


If you enjoy the flavours of France with a touch of New Orleans, Currah’s Café offers a delightful fusion of ­European flair with just the right touch of New Orleans pizzazz. Specializing in fantastic seafood and black Angus Reserve beef, Currah’s is a ­phenomenal fine d­ ining experience where you can savour d­ elicious cuisine including their ­wonderful Creole dishes that have prepared to perfection with just the right touch of spice to excite your palate. Next door, Currah’s offers the cozy and inviting a­ tmosphere of the Lounge where you can enjoy a game of chess while sipping a glass of one of their many Ontario VQA wines or watch a sports event on one of their big screen televisions. Currah’s also manages the beverage and retail outlets at Sandbanks Park and caters a variety of events there. Some dates to plan for are July 6, 20 and August 24 as Currah’s will be hosting Mini Harvestin’ dinners at the Sandbanks Pavillion in preparation of the big Sept 7th event. For other Currah’s catering events check out the Calendar of Events. This award winning r­ estaurant is located in the historic Bristol Building, close to the Regent Theatre for you pre and post t­ heatre pleasure at 252 Main Street • Picton





cious and beautifully presented menu choices, with an emphasis on healthy dining with “panache”. A Sense of Wellness! Clara’s has a discriminating Executive Chef Michael Hoy and wine list, featuring wines from Sous Chef Lili Sullivan invite you Prince Edward County, Ontario to enjoy superb regional cuisine VQA, and international wines, all at Clara’s...Claramount’s delightful specially selected to enhance your dining room overlooking Picton dining experience. During the Bay. They take great pleasure in off-season, a table d’hôte menu working with the many exceptionmay be offered instead of Clara’s al foods grown and produced in full menu selection. Hours are Prince Edward County, transformsubject to change seasonally so Devonshire - Sojourner ad fnl 4/29/11 2:19 PM Page 1 ing them into wonderfully deliplease telephone for hours of op-


eration and to make reservations. Recommended in Where to Eat in Canada. 97 Bridge Street • Picton



The soothing sounds of water and the cool breezes of s­ ummer awaits you at the historic D ­ evonshire Inn at the Lake’s ­elegant waterside

r­ estaurant in the heart of downtown ­Wellington just off Main Street. Their f­ abulous bistro style menu of ­tantalizing dishes pays homage to the County’s renowned fresh produce. Here, you will have the ­opportunity to dine on d­ electable ­c reations while gazing out onto the ­w aters of Lake Ontario. ­Taking pride in ­serving tempting dishes with only the finest local ­i ngredients including organic ­produce whenever possible, the ­Devonshire Inn on the Lake offers


evonshire I N N



Restaur ant NOW OPEN



Explore Prince Edward County Weddings, Special Celebrations Girlfriends’ Getaways, Romantic Retreats







CASUAL FINE DINING you the ­opportunity to indulge in some of the County’s finest cuisine as well as a wide selection of County wine. Their intimate ­setting ­combined with the warmth of their friendly, ­knowledgeable staff makes for one of the best dining ­experiences in Prince Edward County. Whether indoors or on the veranda, this charming, waterfront restaurant will surely have you returning for more... at 24 Wharf St • Wellington


Discover the enchantment of The Inn at Lake on the Mountain Resort and the famous Indian legend of the lake. With an amazing view of both Lake on the Mountain and the Bay of Quinte lying 200 feet below, it is definitely one of the

County’s most scenic spots to dine while you are here. E nj oy t he i r outd o or p at i o ­overlooking this mystical lake on the one side and Lake Ontario on the other underneath a bower of shady trees where cool, fresh summer breezes gently blow... or enjoy dining indoors amidst rustic, old world charm. The Inn, a charming, r­ estored mid-nineteenth century stone building with pine floors, beamed ceiling, exposed limestone walls and a huge stone fireplace, offers a relaxed and tranquil ­atmosphere where you can enjoy lunch or dinner. Here, the menu ranges from casual to fine dining with a great selection of ­domestic and imported wines including their own beer which they brew from their own hops and barley. Using their own seasonal fresh, ­organic produce from their farm in Consecon, their culinary ­delights await to tantalize the most discerning palate.






Whether lunch or dinner, the flavour of times gone by will be yours to experience at The Inn. Located on the way to the Glenora Ferry on County Road 7 • Picton


Elegance Enhanced

Imagine starting your dinner out with an Asparagus Tart with Fifth Town Hand Rolled Goat Cheese or dipping into a delectable entrée of Seared Sea Scallops on Truffle Mushroom Risotto. These are just two of some of the superb items you will find on the menu at the renowned Merrill Inn. Now that Prince Edward ­County has become a p­ ilgrimage site for gourmets, the gabled manse of the ­Merrill Inn p­ rovides lovers of fine food with the culinary ­creativity of acclaimed chef ­Michael ­Sullivan. Michael brings to the Inn an extensive career having worked in some of Toronto’s top k­ itchens including the Auberge du P­ ommier and The Fifth as sous to Marc Thuet. Working hand in hand with the local farming ­community, Michael’s menu conveys the vast variety of The County’s abundant harvest as well as its quality. The inn’s award winning wine list is proud to feature the best of Prince Edward County’s ­wineries, along with an eclectic global selection. For a delightful dining experience. Take time to discover what the Merrill Inn has to offer and why it has become one of “six of the best” in Prince Edward County according to James Chatto, Food & Drink Magazine. 343 Main Street • Picton

HISTORICAL INTIMATE UNIQUE Reserve a table 613.476.0004

3048 C ount y Rd 10 • Milford


Milford Bistro




A Hidden Gem

We a t h e r P e r m i t t i n g


Milford Bistro is a hidden gem, a charming little restaurant in a unique historic building by the mill pond. Their award winning c­ uisine is base d on lo c ally source d

No Reservations Required! cash only

3048 C ount y Rd 10 • Milford





i­ ngredients, many from farms within walking distance. The menu ­reflects what’s fresh and in season, paired with an extensive selection of local VQA wines. Everything from pasta to ­charcuterie is done in house, on a small scale with loving attention. The bistro’s ambiance is intimate, romantic and relaxed. You dine surrounded by original interiors from the former 19th century general store, mixed with fine art from Fad. Milford is 10 minutes from Picton and 15 minutes from Bloomfield. It is home to the Mount Tabor Playhouse and near Black River Cheese and Long Dog Winery. During the 200 years since the waterfalls were discovered, Milford has been an important destination for visitors to the County. First came shipbuilders and rum runners, later nature lovers and now food and wine connoisseurs. Milford Bistro serves lunch 122:30 and dinner from 5:30. See for menus and off season hours. The bistro only seats 28 so it’s highly recommended to reserve ahead. 3048 Cty Rd 10• Milford


Sassy Outdoor Dining


This year, the Milford Bistro is launching their new Outdoor Burger Bar where you can savour beef, lamb or vegetarian burgers. Aimed at cyclists, families and anyone hungry for a delicious burger made with local ingredients, this is the perfect spot to take advantage of great weather and to enjoy a casual lunch experience outdoors... weather permitting naturally. Naturally, there are great toppings like bacon and local Black River Cheese plus beverages to quench your thirst, especially all you cyclists. So, if your touring, cycling and wanting to enjoy a fast, simple but delicious lunch, then head on over to Milford Bistro Burger Bar! NOTE it is a CASH ONLY dining experience! 3048 Cty Rd 10• Milford


Waring House

Restaurant, Inn, Conference Centre, Spa & Cookery School

A taste of old Ontario in the heart of Prince Edward County. • 49 exquisite guest rooms • Fine dining in Amelia’s Garden • Casual fare in the Barley Room • Recreational cooking classes 800.621.4956 / 613.476.7492 395 Sandy Hook Rd., Picton, ON





Simply Superb!


A scintillating atmosphere, a waterside view and friendly hospitality will start your epicurean sojourn on the right note at Restaurant on the Knoll. Located at Isaiah Tubbs Resort just a couple of minutes from Sandbanks Provincial Park, this dining oasis is a delightful epicurean experience. Their menus are thoughtfully designed using fresh local ingredients. In addition to their sizzling steaks, fabulous seafood entrées and creative vegetarian dishes, you will also be offered a their wonderful daily specials. Their screened verandah has an amazing view, whether you are enjoying a hearty country breakfast, a relaxing lunch or a lovely dinner while overlooking Sandbanks at West Lake. Here, you can also enjoy watching the sun set over the waters of West Lake... and they do get some magnificent sunsets.

In addition to a dynamic dining experience, Restaurant on the Knoll proudly offers the area’s largest selection of local wines here and at their Sandbar Lounge. While you are there, be certain to inquire about their “Tubbs Clubb” which includes benefits for you to take advantage during your next visit at 1642 County Road 12 • Picton

Chef Luis de Sousa and his talented team who ensures that there is an exciting array of dishes to tempt you. The Barley Room, known locally as the County’s gathering place, offers casual dining, locally crafted Barley Days beer, wines, and cider, along with all your favourite beverages. There’s live entertainment Wednesdays and weekends for you to relax and enjoy. The Waring House is open to the public daily, year ‘round. Located on the new traffic circle Hwy 33 & Cty Rd 1 • Picton

THE WARING HOUSE 12 A Taste of old Ontario

Discover a taste of old Ontario at The Waring House, a meticulously restored mid-nineteenth century farmstead just west of Picton. Dining on regional cuisine in Amelia’s, the inn’s charming dining room overlooking the gardens, is a wonderful way to sample the County’s proud agricultural heritage. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and the ever-popular Sunday brunches are brought to perfection by Executive

Located on the sandy shore of West Lake at isaiah tubbs resort, “The Knoll” offers lakeside dining in four fabulous settings. The Sandbar Wine Lounge The patio in The Sandbar The Dining Room The Screened Veranda


Fine Foods & Giftware


Setting out to follow Prince Edward County’s Taste Trail or the Arts Trail? Touring wineries, picnicking, relaxing at the beach, or boating? There’s tickle-yourtaste buds food and convenient

box lunches to take away at Waring House Gourmet. Every day there’s a selection of fresh-to-go dishes, soups, salads, sandwiches, snacks, and desserts made from seasonal local ingredients. You can even pick up dinner to take back to your B&B on those nights that you just don’t feel like eating out and just want some great food. Waring House Gourmet also carries a line of specialty food products like the Waring House cheese biscuits, jams, jellies, local cheeses, and other goodies that you’ll want to take home to remind you of the wonderful flavours of Prince Edward County. 221 Main Street, Picton

Please Tell Our Advertisers You Saw Them in


The Restaurant On The Knoll Overlooking The Sandbanks At West Lake

You will find wines from all Prince Edward County wineries.

(tastings, by the glass and by the bottle)

See our menus and wine list on our website, plus special dining events. Located on County Road 12, West Lake Just minutes from Sandbanks Provincial Park Room Reservations (613) 393-2090 or Toll Free 800-724-2393

(613) 393-2063





Not Just for Golfers!


When it comes to dining, there is nothing quite like being surrounded by a parklike setting overlooking a harbour. The View at the Picton Golf & Country Club offers you all this and more. With their new Executive Chef, Christian Reinhardt, former personal chef to Barbara Walters, renowned for his fine French and in-

ternational cuisine, you can enjoy a variety of appetizers, entrées and desserts all within a country club atmosphere. His culinary talents will certainly have you savouring some of the most delicious delights you’ve ever tasted. Whether or not you are a golfer, you are invited to come and dine at The View whenever you are in the mood for fabulous cuisine and a phenomenal view - Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at 743 Highway 49 • Picton

WaringHouseGourmet Fine Food Products & Giftware Catering & Gourmet-to-Go

Drop by our downtown location and let us put together a custom picnic or boxed lunch, or choose from local cheeses, freshly baked desserts, breads, locally crafted jams, jellies, and other fine food products. Take home a treasure from the giftware selection too. Open year-round.

221 Main St., Picton, ON 613.476.8134 THE SOJOURNER 2011



Count y Classics

ANGELO’S Essentially Italian!


I­ talian or Greek? Pasta, Pizza or Soulvaki? The list goes on and you will find them all at Angelo’s Restaurant & ­Pizzeria. One of the longest family restaurants in the County, this great f­ amily restaurant has built its reputation on serving authentic European fare with a flair. You will find a menu that offers a multitude of choices when it come to house specialties such as lasagna, cannelloni, spaghetti, etc... One definitely not miss out on trying one of their fabulous p­ izzas. In fact, if you love to ­experiment with new types of pizza, then be sure to ­indulge in their ­Mediterranean, vegetarian pizza or whatever new one that guys in the kitchen have created to tempt you. You’d be surprise how amazing certain combinations taste on a pizza! While you are in the mood for indulging, try a dish of their renowned rice pudding to finish off your meal. Now, if you are not into I­ talian, then how about a little Grecian cui-

...with a twist!


f you are feeling in the mood for a little comfort food or lighter fare, then you will find numerous great restaurants, bustling bistros and intimate cafés to enjoy just what you crave. Artfully prepared, you can savour traditional foods that you love whether it is pizza, hamburgers, pasta, fish or some other dish. Using the County’s many resources for fresh produce from the dairy products to the vegetables to the meat and fish, the quality of the simplest dish will amaze you. From over-the-top sandwiches to hearty ­rotisserie fare, ­wood-fired pizzas, bountiful buffets, grilled meats, pasta dishes, salads and numerous unforgettable house ­specialties, you can savour tantalizing meals on a simpler basis. For those “on-the-run” to experience some new County adventure whether it is a wine tour, a day at the beach or a day cycling, you may wish to grab a lunch or picnic lunch for the road. The many cafés, bistros, specialty gourmet shops and restaurants all cater to a variety of your wants and needs. As with all the eateries, you are certain to experience warm, friendly hospitality and a wealth of helpful suggestions to assist you in the perfect choice whether dining in or taking it to go.

sine? Here, you can savour a wonderful Greek ­salad, shish kebab, etc... or simply order up some great ­Canadian fare from their regular menu. It is the perfect f­ amily r­ estaurant where there is something certain to please everyone’s palate. Whether you are there for lunch or dinner you will ­enjoy your ­dining ­experience, ­e specially with their quality food and friendly, c­ ourteous staff at 79 Main Street • Picton


ers and more at lunch to tantalizing dishes for dinner, it is literally a “taste emporium” of delights. Boasting the smallest but coolest stage in Prince Edward County, the Acoustic Grill dishes out some of the hottest sounds you will find anywhere. There is live music at least four times a week, sometimes five; therefore, there is someone is performing almost every night.


Food , Song & Good Cheer! One of the County’s newest dining venues is the Acoustic Grill. Just like J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”, owner Steve Purtelle has kept true to the Tolkien philosophy. By combining his two ­passions, food and music, Steve has created a cultural “hot spot”. Serving up amazing steak sandwiches, burgTHE SOJOURNER 2011



Naturally, the music is always acoustic and like Steve’s ­burgers, the place rocks with some of the best entertainment to be found in The County - found at the back of this section. So come on in for some great food, a brew or a glass of wine and spend some time enjoying great songs and music. The ­result will be a lot of good cheer and the world a merrier place at 172 Main Street • Picton

fine casual dining where ...


Casual Dining

Cool tunes come alive ... Great food sizzles ... and a Cold Beer is always waiting

gourmet fare local wines & an extensive selection of beers including guinness on tap

Where friends and family meet for great food and good times! BREAKFAST • LUNCH • DINNER - OPEN DAILY 7am - 8 pm

LIVE jazz, blues, folk & poetry

Burgers • Pizza • Pasta • Seafood & More! Kids’ Menu Too!

3 to 5 nights a week

613.476.7187 • 314 County Road 10 • Picton

172 MAIN STREET • PICTON • 613.476.2887


The corners of County Rd 1 & 10 Just South of the LCBO




Comfort Food County Style!


Located just south of the traffic lights at the LCBO at the corner of Lake Street and Sandy Hook Road, you’ll come to Bailey’s Family Restaurant which has quickly become a local favourite for offering great cuisine where there is something for everyone including a kids’ menu. Award-winning Chef Scott Brindley offers you a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner as Bailey’s is open daily and even have FREE WiFi. Many of the delicious meals which range from soups and sandwiches to burgers to roast chicken and seafood - many featuring fresh County produce and local food products. So come on over to Bailey’s at 314 County Road 10 • Picton

COACH’S PUB & GRILL 17 Patio Pizzazz!

The Best County Burgers!

to download VAS’ music from his new web site at It’s FREE! 2470 County Rd 8 • Waupoos

The O’CONNOR HOUSE 20 English Tea Room & Bistro The Best of Britain

Tea and scones? A Ploughman’s Lunch? If you enjoy exploring and visiting quaint country towns and hamlets, then a drive to the town of Deseronto will offer you a merry taste of British fare or afternoon tea in a beautifully restored, century building adjacent to The Great ­Deseronto Antique Emporium. Charmingly decorated and furnished with antiques in the main dining room, with bistro seating in the front, this delightful restaurant is a refreshing oasis in historic Deseronto, just off the Skyway Bridge on Hwy 49. The aroma of fresh baked goods and savoury spices make for a delightful first impression as your senses take flight... more so when you taste that first morsel of food. Although only recently opened, this little gem of a restaurant has already garnered a loyal following for both lunch and dinner at 369 Main Street • Deseronto


Voted 10 years in a row for ­having the County’s best patio, Coach’s Pub & Grill House offers you the opportunity to indulge in traditional style pub fare from the grill but with a true county “twist”. Fully licensed, Coach’s not only offers you outdoor dining on the patio but also indoors in the pub or in their stylish café. Their kitchen is open from 11 to 11; consequently, you can enjoy a late evening dinner and select dishes from their main menu. Like the traditional B ­ ritish pubs, it is a family affair at Coach’s where they even have a children’s menu. Drop in for lunch or dinner and be sure to check out their live weekend entertainment at 251 Main Street • Picton


boasts of offering the best burgers in the County. Amidst a quaint country atmosphere, you can savour their delicious burgers, poutine and variety of other great homestyle meals. In fact, there is nothing quite like the aroma of sizzling chicken to tantalize your senses the moment you walk through the door. Priding themselves on quality and service, your dining experience will be one that will have you returning for more of their delicious chicken and seafood in a lovely country setting which won them the Quinte Business Achievement award for best new regional business. When you drop in for lunch or dinner, you will discover why they won! 20261 Loyalist Pkwy • Consecon


Located on Loyalist Parkway in Consecon in the heart of wine country, this charming restaurant

A drive down to the heart of Prince Edward County’s fruit belt and eastern wine region will take you to The Duke of Marysburgh Pub & Bistro where you will find not only great cuisine but also the best screenedin patio in The County serving local beers, wines and ciders. Here, you are invited to enjoy the music of local singer and composer VAS while savouring the flavours of an ­international menu including French, Thai, as well as I­ ndian curries. It offers a wonderful ­culinary ­adventure which will have you returning for more. For those avid cyclists and Taste Trail travellers, the pub is the perfect stop over to ­refresh and rejuvenate oneself before tackling the rest of your ­journey. Although dinner ­reservations are very appreciated, feel free to drop in for either lunch or dinner. Be sure to join owners Christiane and Vas to take in some great summertime fun . It’s the perfect spot to enjoy locallyed brewed beer, wine and cider, great food and entertainment! By the way, you are also invited THE SOJOURNER 2011


Imagination Never Tasted So Good!



Light Up Your Day!


Just steps away from Picton’s Main Street, the Lighthouse Restaurant at the Picton Harbour Inn serves home delicious home style breakfasts and lunches daily. The casual atmosphere, friendly service, delicious food, and reasonable prices have made the Lighthouse a popular destination for visitors and local residents alike. Open 7:30 am to 2:00 pm The Picton Harbour Inn is located in a particularly historic part of Prince Edward County. In its position at the head of Picton Bay, it is situated near the location of the first law office of Sir John A. MacDonald. An inn stood there as early as the 1790s. In fact, Samuel de Champlain may even have gazed out upon scenic Picton Bay from this site. 33 Bridge Street • Picton


The friendliness and flavours of the County are all there to greet you the ­moment you enter the Painted Peppercorn, the little gem of an eatery showcasing local art and talent on an ongoing basis. Offering a great ­selection of innovative, yet healthy lunches and dinners as well as fabulous homemade desserts, lovingly prepared with pure county products, they also have low fat plus sumptuous vegetarian selections for you to indulge in. You are invited to relax on their patio with a frosty iced latté, a glass


of wine or an ­afternoon snack and seize the moment to enjoy your surroundings. They accept orders for ­gourmet picnic lunches or light ­suppers to accompany you on your ­adventures. Located at the side entrance 172 Main Street • Picton

A Little Touch of Britain!

This is indeed ­LOYALIST COUNTRY! Being ­a former British colony, it is only natural that we have one ­traditional fish and chips shop in the County. Schooner Fish & Chips proudly boasts of making the best traditional “Fish and Chips” on the islandTRANS FAT FREE. It is that little “touch of Britain” one comes to expect when there are British “roots”. At Schooner’s Fish & Chips, you will find a tasty assortment of Halibut, Cod and ­Haddock plus fried clams from which to choose ­a longside traditional fries and coleslaw. 72 Main Street • Picton

Voted “Readers’ Choice” for “Best Patio” for 11 years

DINE IN THE CAFE • PUB OR ON THE PATIO! Full Menu Available 11 am to 11 pm Children’s Menu

Live Entertainment on Weekends Wing Night Every Thursday Night Horse Racing Off Track Betting


Fully Licensed Family owned & operated since 1991

613-476-5888 • 251 MAIN STREET • PICTON

Your Table Awaits at ... The

O’ConnorHouse English Tea Room & Bistro

Classic Devon Tea & Traditional English Fare! Monthly Live Entertainment Call for Details Mon - Thurs: 11am-6pm Fri: 11am-9pm Sat: 9am-6pm Sun: 9am-7pm

613-396-1888 369 Main Street • Deseronto • Ontario THE SOJOURNER 2011




Great Food - Real and Simple


This funky, family-friendly restaurant is located on the Main Street in Wellington. They offer flavourful fare with ingredients fresh from their own farm and those of their County neighbours with the emphasis on great tasting healthy fare, organically grown. Menu posted daily at Baked goods are made daily on the premises. An ever-changing blackboard menu reflects the seasons and their own whimsy. Barista service, deli counter with take-away. Free Wi-Fi and a comfortable place to put your feet up and watch the world go by, all make the Tall Poppy the perfect spot to indulge in some fine County fare. Fully Licensed. 298 Main St • Wellington


Not Just for Golfers!


When it comes to dining, there is nothing quite like being surrounded by a parklike setting overlooking a harbour. The View at the Picton Golf & Country Club offers you all this and more. With their new Executive Chef, Christian Reinhardt, former personal chef to Barbara Walters, renowned for his fine French and international cuisine, you can enjoy a variety of appetizers, entrées and desserts all within a country club atmosphere.His culinary talents will certainly have you savouring some of the most delicious delights you’ve ever tasted. Whether or not you are a golfer, you are invited to come and dine at The View whenever you are in the mood for fabulous cuisine and a phenomenal view - Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at 743 Highway 49 • Picton


Great Food Real and Simple

Barista Service with Phil & Sebastian Direct Trade Coffee

613.399.CAFE (2233) 298 Main St • Wellington



Vanilla Chia Lattes, Cappucinos, Milkshakes and more than 24 flavours of homemade Italian ice cream are just a few of the wonderful treats waiting for you at The Bean Counter. This cozy & cheerful café, located in the heart of downtown Picton, offers a great lunch menu consisting of homemade ­sandwiches, salads & soups perfect to eat in or take out. When it comes to great coffee, let the staff of The Bean Counter provide you with a ­steaming cup of award winning coffee or one of the many specialty coffees & teas available. Enjoy it with a toasted bagel, homemade tea biscuit or indulge in a decadent fudge brownie. If you are in the mood for something cold, then try their Italian Ice Cream made right on the premises using fresh local fruits including County Maple Syrup or a Smoothie. It’s where the county meets for coffee! 172 Main Street • Picton

Daily Blackboard Menu featuring County fresh ingredients


Bean Counter Café

The Cool Café!



The Copper Kettle Chocolate Heaven!


This fabulous emporium of chocolate has just opened up a new shop at 250 Ontario Street in Kingston as owner Sue Burgess’ heavenly chocolates are growing in demand. Fortunately, visitors to the County can still enjoy the more than 30 sensational types of chocolate bark, 20+ varieties of mouth-watering truffles, incredible home-made ice cream and other tempting treats right here in the County, home of the Copper Kettle Chocolate Company. It is a must-visit destination for visitors and locals alike who have a passion for everything chocolate. Constantly striving to provide customers with unique products, owner Sue Burgess has also added a line of chocolate “shots” containing liquids ranging from maple syrup to liqueurs to ice wine, partnering with several County winemakers to showcase their award-winning products. For a heavenly experience, drop by and indulge your sweet tooth with a decadent treat. 78 Main Street • Picton


Fish & Chips Trans Fat Free!

T he County’s Best Burgers

We Fry Fish & Chips for the Halibut! Homemade Clamchowder

Fish & Chips • BBQ Ribs -Saturday • Roast Beef -Sunday • Kids’ Menu REID’S ICE CREAM DAIRY BAR

Summer Hours: Tuesday - Wednesday 11-7 Thursday - Saturday 11-8

Eat In or Take Out • Lunch or Dinner Summer Hours: 11 am-10pm Otherwise: 11am-7 pm

Winter Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 11-7 Friday 11-8 & Saturday 11-7

613-476-2288 • 72 MAIN STREET • PICTON


Across from METRO

Rooms with a view, and great food too! Located on one of Ontario’s most charming small-town harbours, The Picton Harbour Inn offers convenience and scenic charm. 31 comfortable rooms and suites. Reasonable rates. Daily dockage available. The Lighthouse Restaurant serves home-style breakfasts and lunches daily. The casual atmosphere, friendly service and reasonable prices make it a popular hotspot for locals and visitors alike. Open daily from 7:30 am to 2 pm. 33 Bridge St., Picton, ON / 800-678-7906






For a Purrrrrfect Moment

Miss Lily’s Café is truly the “cat’s meow”. Named after owner ­Alexandra Bake’s lovable cat, Miss Lily’s is an emporium of quality foods, giftware and tasty delights. Whether it is for a morning coffee, a light lunch or an afternoon tea, you will find Miss Lily’s to be the purrfect spot for a momentary repose away from the hustle and bustle of your day. The café offers a variety of superb, speciality coffees, for the most discerning coffee enthusiast, teas, homebaked French pastries - i­ ncluding chocolate filled c­ roissants, danishes and more when it comes to those momentary “quick-pick-me-ups”. For something a little more substantial but still on the lighter side, the café also offers daily specials including savour, hearty soups and sandwiches for take out or eat in.

... where you’ll find a great cup of coffee, a tasty treat and a place to enjoy with friends and family.

Specialty Organic Coffees & Teas Homebaked French Pastries • Savoury Soups • Hearty Sandwiches With a cozy fireside room for your reading pleasure and Wireless Internet Access amidst an inviting, friendly atmosphere.

open daily til late

613.476.9289 • 289 MAIN STREET • PICTON

At the back of Miss Lily’s, you will find a charming and serene reading room. Here, you can lounge on the couch or curl up in one of their comfy fireside chairs. It’s an ideal spot to relax, savour a great cup of coffee while reading that new book or magazine you just have just purchased from Books & Co. which adjoins Miss Lily’s Café. If you are wanting to catch up on some correspondence, you will find Miss Lily’s offers free Wifi service to all those who need to access their emails, etc... during their stay in the County; therefore feel free to bring your laptop! Whether meeting up with friends or family, you are assured of creating new and wonderful memories filled with purrfect moments spent at Miss Lily’s in the heart of downtown Picton with plenty of parking in the back. 289 Main Street • Picton

78 Main Street • Picton • 613-476-6058 w w w. c opp e r ke tt l e c h o c o l ate . c a




COUNTY CAFÉS The Regent Café How Sweet it is!


Located beside the beautiful, historic and newly renovated Regent Theatre in downtown Picton, The Regent Café is styled in a traditional European fashion, with a modern twist. Quality and local ingredients are sourced to create inspired healthy meals. Breakfast lunch and dinner feature home-made delights, including burritos, gourmet pizzas, homemade soups and sandwiches. Our fabulous coffee is roasted and shipped to us same day by Ezra’s Pound ( in Toronto, and we serve pots of fragrant, organic loose teas. Now licensed, we serve County wines, local beer and cider. We offer gluten-free products, fresh baked bread and wonderful baked treats including,cookies, brownies and cakes. Eat in or take out, and we love to cater. Facebook and Twitter (TheRegentCafé) will connect you to us. THE REGENT CAFÉ, 222 Main Street • Picton

Music! ... The Heart of The County MUSIC IS HAPPENING AT THE ACOUSTIC GRILL! - 172 Main Street, Picton



June 2 Ryan Cook-singer/songwriter June 3 Kevin Head-soloist June 4 Steve Raiken - fingerstyle guitar June 5 Jimmy Bowskill-acoustic blues($20) June 10 Peter Verity-folk/blues - Toronto June 11 Dave Lang-original artist - Toronto June 12 Miss Quincy-original folk -Manitoba June 17 Richard Henderson-Acoustic Blues June 18 Tim Bastmeyer-great solo blues June 23 Free Whiskey String Band--folk/roots June 24 Jake Chisolm-singer/songwriterJune 25 The Avenues-bluegrass/roots June 26 Lynn Miles & Keith Glass ($20)


July 1 Katalyn Kiss-blues/soul July 2 Whoa! Nelly-rockabilly July 8 Peter Rea-50’s and 60’s covers July 9 Tom Savage-alt country cool July 15 Matt Smith-solo blues July 16 Derek Christie- celtic/roots July 21 Graham Playford-original artist July 22 Rett Wills-solo blues July 23 Terry Tufts-fingerstyle guitar July 29 Jay Clark Reid-original artist:TO July 30 Blair Yarranton-Jazz Duo July 31 Lucas Stagg/Tanya Philipovichoriginal folk/roots

August5 Kevin Head August 6 Chris Mcleod August 11 Alex Leggett August 12 Ken Tizzard Trio- folk/roots/blues August 13 Terry Whitney-piano covers August 14 Eugene Smith- solo performer August 19 Jenica Rayne- jazz/folk/blues August 20 Terry Tufts - Fingerstyle guitar August 26 Drew and Jake-contemp covers August 27 Black Rapids Gold-guitar & fiddle


September 3 John Carroll-solo blues from Ottawa

D I N I N G AT C O U N T Y W I N E R I E S In addition to the many fine County ­restaurants and cafés, some of Prince Edward County’s w ­ ineries offer the opportunity to enjoy top quality dining amidst their ­respective panoramic vantage points overlooking their v­ ineyards. The scope of dining experience you will discover is as broad as the variety of wines they offer. From light fare to full gourmet dining, each one is unique and special in their own distinct way. You are invited to explore what they offer as you tour these respective wineries or to make reservations for lunch or dinner according to your desires.

County Cider Estates Winery W4

The Grange of Prince Edward

Visitors to the County Cider Company are encouraged to take advantage of the dramatic view from their patio perched high above Lake Ontario. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a glass of cider or wine and lunch al fresco. Prepared with the very best local ingredients, their menu changes according to what is in season. Salads, gourmet hamburgers, chicken specialties are just a few items from their ever evolving menu. Snack plates of cheese, hummus and patés are ­available to enjoy while sipping ­refreshing County Estates cider or one of their wines. They are open, weather permitting, 7 days a week. County Road 8 • Waupoos

You are invited to discover a truly hidden gem in the heart of Prince Edward County where you can enjoy a delicious lunch amidst a magnificent heritage setting while sipping on some award winning wines. The Grange is another one of the County’s great wineries and takes pride in offering you a totally unique luncheon experience with a twist! Offering seven wine adventure tour packages, the Grange will supply delicious picnic lunches as part of their tour packages. Featuring fresh, local ingredients, you can enjoy amazing lunches as part of a tour or on its own. (24 hr advanced notice required for lunch) 990 Closson Road • Hillier

Huff’s Estate Winery




Nestled on the corner of Highway 62 and Schoharie Road - County Road 1, you will find Huff ’s Estate Winery and Oeno Gallery. During the summer months, Huff ’s Estate Winery offers you the opportunity to enjoy a light lunch prepared by Chef Michael Hoy of the Claramount Inn on their moat enclosed patio, overlooking their vineyards while experiencing some one of their award winning wines. In addition, every Sunday from May to October, you can enjoy live entertainment while lunching or simply discovering the “Taste” experience at this unique winery and all that it offers. 2274 Cty Rd. 1 • Bloomfield



Waupoos Estate Winery W17 In the heart of the County’s fruit belt, you will find the newly enlarged and renovated ­Gazebo Restaurant at ­Waupoos Winery. Overlooking manicured lawns, vineyards and the sparkling bay, you are invited to experience the serene tranquility of these surroundings while savouring a fine dining experience on the lakeside terrace or indoors in the Gazebo on cool summer evenings. With a menu highlighting the diversity of local County produce, you are assured of only the finest culinary experience and a memorable time when you dine at the Gazebo Restaurant. Reservations are requested. 3016 Cty Rd 8 • Waupoos

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Times Gone By in Homage to the Past

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by Peter Lockyer


eorge Lowder, aged 23, died first, but his fellow prisoner, Joseph Thomset, a 35-year old fisherman, struggled for a full fourteen minutes on the hangman’s noose on the early morning of June 10,1884. Sentenced to hang at the Picton gaol for a botched robbery outside of Bloomfield that left one man murdered in December 1883, Lowder and Thomset maintained their innocence to the end. But were they innocent? Many local residents thought so and unsuccessfully petitioned the courts and Prime Minister John A. Macdonald for clemency. It remains the most celebrated court case in the history of Prince Edward County. The fate of Lowder and Thompset hinged on the evidence of the boots they wore and the tracks in the snow that led a posse of local men to their homes. “The tracks are very important because that’s how they think they got the two men who committed the crime.” says Judge Robert Sharpe, a Picton native who now serves on the Ontario Court of Appeal in Toronto. Sharpe has written a book on the 1884 trial to be published this fall. “There were clearly tracks leading from the house going in the direction of West Lake and certainly tracks found around the homes of these two men. No one was actually able to trace the tracks all the way from the farmhouse to the two different homes, but they could find tracks along the way. There was one pair of boots that had a somewhat distinctive bottom called a “patch bottom” and the people that did the tracking thought that they could tell if it was this particular pair of boots that left the tracks and that pair of boots was found in the home of one of the two men.” There were many inconsistencies in the trial testimony that might have saved the men in another age. A local boot maker testified that the “patch bottom” boot was very popular in The County and the size - 8 1/2 - was also the most common size. Key witnesses such as Mr. and Mrs. Jones, the Quaker farmers who defended their home against the robbers, were uncertain about identifying Lowder and Thompset as the men who had entered their house. Farmer Jones thought one of the men was older and had a limping gait. “For some reason,” says Judge Sharpe, “nothing much was made of this. Mr. Jones described the man running off. He said he had a kind of ungainly gait; he was running with a bit of difficulty. Now you’d think that would suggest perhaps an older man. But somehow that issue didn’t get exploited at the trial, and there were some very fine lawyers at this trial so it’s hard to second-guess them at this distance. But it occurred to me that that was something that was potentially quite important.” In the charged atmosphere that swept through the County during the months following the crime, it was difficult for the two accused men to receive a fair trial. They weren’t allowed to testify in their own defence. And in the court of public opinion, they were guilty as hell. “The atmosphere was quite amazing.” states Judge Sharpe. “The hotels were full. It was very difficult to get into the courtroom. The people in the courtroom were extremely unruly. Clearly there were strong feelings at the time and I would say that a substantial part of the community were out for blood.” The mood changed after the verdict when some concerned citizens wrote to Prime Minister Macdonald to try to persuade him to commute the sentence. But they were a little too late. Thompset and Lowder were hanged about a month after their trial. Re-live this dramatic history this summer through The Gallows and Graveyards walking tours sponsored by the Museums of Prince Edward County and The Glenwood Cemetery, where Lowder is buried. Tours are Friday and Saturday nights from 6:30 – 8 pm. July through September. Tickets are $10/pp and $25 for families. To book tickets, contact The Regent Theatre, 224 Main St., Picton Tel: 613-476-8416 or Email:

Photos courtesy of Sandra Forman THE SOJOURNER 2011



COUNT Y HISTORY NATIONAL AIR FORCE MUSEUM OF CANADA The National Air Force Museum of Canada is mandated to collect, preserve, and display historical artifacts and archival material which pertain to the people, missions and equipment of Canada’s Air Force. An impressive collection of memorabilia and artifacts dating back to 1914, as well as an extensive research library, awaits young and old alike. Visitors can even enjoy shopping for that special aviation gift in the museum store. Airplane enthusiasts will be impressed by the ever-expanding collection of static display aircraft in the adjacent RCAF Memorial Air Park, and the world’s only fully restored Handley Page Halifax Bomber. In addition, you can view the reconstruction of a 1942 Avro Anson and 1943 North American Harvard in the restoration workshop. A visit to this very popular public attraction is bound to be enlightening, enjoyable and long remembered.

613•965•RCAF • 220 RCAF Road • Trenton F R E E A D M I S S I O N & PA R K I N G

Self Guided Walking Tours in Prince Edward County

HISTORY LIVES HERE History Lives Here Inc. provides a range of professional communication services to assist businesses, industry associations and community heritage organizations to celebrate their history during anniversary years. They are storytellers who tell old stories to new audiences using modern technologies. Most businesses, organizations and communities have a rich history. But it is often hidden within archival records, artifacts and collections. Owner Peter Lokyer takes this lost history and transforms it into “popular” history that engages audiences and is available to them in contemporary multimedia formats - as limited edition, commemorative DVD and book sets available online. You can view Peter’s History Moments I & II - a series of short vignettes on local history to showcase the rich heritage of Prince Edward County and has met with great success. For more information call 613-476-3356.

Capturing History Before It’s Lost to Time

Take a walk through history by choosing any one or all of these wonderfully assembled Tours. Thanks to the interest of various segments of the Community, especially the Picton Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee, visitors to the County can explore its history via its architectural metamorphosis. Be sure not to miss Wellington’s own walking tour. Brochures can be picked up at the Prince Edward Chamber of Tourism & Commerce throughout the summer daily.

Photo courtesy of Sandra Forman

Archival research • Editorial writing services Event Planning • Fundraising • Strategic Communications Media Relations/Media Training Multimedia Production (DVD, book, photography and website development)

613-476-3356 • 74 West Mary St • Picton




Experience Our Heritage Mariner’s Park Museum Wellington Historical Community Museum

Prince Edward County Archives

Rose House Museum

Ameliasburgh Historical Museum

Ameliasburgh Historical Museum The Ameliasburgh Historical Museum is one of the finest local ­museums of Ontario consisting of a complex of buildings and ­attractions. The main building is a Wesleyan Methodist Church1868 with a log cabin. display barns, a blacksmith shop, a sap shanty, bird pens and animal compounds including a large stone building houses the Goldie Corliss 18 foot flywheel. The bee-keeping display is very informative. A Beatty windmill oversees the courtyard within the museum grounds. The Dairy/milk house takes you back to the days when everyone milked their own cows. Cheese-making and buttermaking memorabilia are also on exhibit. Other attractions include a carpenter’s shop, corncribs and a pea viner. OPEN: June to September 10 to 4:30 - Weekends in May Closed after Thanksgiving 613-968-9678

in this developing new country to be conducted in a humane and ­meaningful way. OPEN: On Victoria Day Weekend till September 30: Fri - Sun Thursday - Monday in July & August 10 - 4:30 613-476-3833 Prince Edward County Archives The Archives are housed on Portland Street behind the Prince Edward County Court House on Union Street in Picton. Historic municipal land registration and genealogical records are available to researchers, as well as collections donated by private i­ ndividuals. Tours conducted by volunteers include a display of the double hanging which took place at the jail. Tours include the court when not in session. OPEN: Thursday - Fridays 10 - 4 & Monday - Friday in July - Aug P.O. Box 1550, Picton, Ontario K0K 2T0 1-613-476-6100

Macaulay Heritage Park The Park is located at Church and Union Streets in Picton Ontario. The main features of the Park are the old Church of St. Mary Magdalene circa 1825; Macaulay House circa 1830; the Parish Cemetery; the Heritage Gardens and Orchard; and, the early 19th century Carriage House. The Park covers approximately 4.5 acres of beautifully landscaped property nestled at the foot of “Macaulay’s Mountain”. The Whattam’s Memorial Walkway c­onnects the site to the Macaulay Mountain Conservation Authority and to Birdhouse City. Free parking, picnic facilities, park benches, breathtaking views and public washrooms are to be found on the property.. OPEN: On Victoria Day Weekend till June 30th & September 1st till Thanksgiving 1 to 4:30 July & August: 10 - 4:30 Closed on Mondays 613-476-3836: Macaulay House 613-476-3833: The County Museum

Rose House Museum The settlement home of the Rose Family of North Marysburgh, this house was built in the early 1800’s and is located County Road 8, Waupoos. Possession from five g­ enerations of the Rose family are supplemented by donations from the community to tell the story of daily life in a 19th century rural community. The German and Empire Loyalist heritage of the family provide a particular character to the home. OPEN: On Victoria Day Weekend till September 19: 10 - 4:30 Thursday - Monday in July & August 613-476-5439 Wellington Historical Community Museum Enjoy the pleasures of exploring the varied collections of a t­raditional community museum displayed in the Quaker Meeting House at 290 Main Street in Wellington. Members of the Society of Friends played a significant role in the early development of Prince Edward County and artifacts from Quaker families provide a focus for the museum. OPEN: On Victoria Day Weekend till September 20: 10 - 4:30 Monday to Saturday in July & August 613-399-5015

Mariner’s Park Museum The days of wooden sailing ships, the schooner days, are very much part of the heritage of the County of Prince Edward and of the Province of Ontario. In a very unique way Mariner’s Park Museum tells that story. Mariners’ Park Museum, at Mariners’ Lighthouse Park o­verlooking South Bay, Prince Edward County is a significant marine museum in the Province of Ontario. Its mandate is the preservation and interpretation of the significant maritime history of Prince Edward County and the Province of Ontario, and to help visitors rediscover their rich maritime heritage and that wonderful pioneering spirit which enabled ­commerce THE SOJOURNER 2011

Macaulay Heritage Park



County Produce




FRESH grown "Trade increases the wealth and glory of a country; but its real strength and ­stamina are to be looked for among the cultivators of the land."

William Pitt


ettled by the United Empire Loyalists, The County’s agricultural roots run long and deep. Once the only economic pillar for the community, it continues to thrive and evolve while having adapted to changing times and consumer demands. It remains “the backbone” to almost every aspect of what visitors and local residents now enjoy when it comes to the excellent food and quality wines The County offers. The superior quality of the County’s fresh produce has drawn ­renowned chefs such as Michael Sullivan of the Merrill Inn, Scott Kapitan of the Bloomfield C ­ arriage House, Michael Potter of Angéine’s and Jamie Kennedy to the County. In fact, County chefs will tell you that they attribute their culinary success to the superior quality of County fresh produce, dairy and locally supplied meats. Nothing could be fresher than coming straight from the County farms to their kitchens. Roadside stands and farmers’ markets abound with an ­abundance of farm fresh produce ranging from ­ strawberries, ­ raspberries, ­blueberries, and apples, ­to ­asparagus, sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, ­carrots and more, too n­ umerous to m ­ ention. With such a wonderful supply of fresh fruits and vegetables from Hagerman’s, Lakeshore Farms, Vicki’s Veggies, and Campbell’s Orchards, it is only natural that the County has some of the finest jams, preserves, honey, cheese, maple syrup and more for you to take home from Black River Cheese, Fifth Town, Pat’s Jams and Loyalist Jams to name a few . The farmers of Prince Edward County and orchard growers invite you to enjoy the rewards of their labour as they work in harmony with nature and together with each other, from sunrise to sunset,to provide you with the very finest fruits, vegetables and products . THE SOJOURNER 2011



I T ’ S T I M E T O C E L E B R AT E B L A C K R I V E R C H E E S E C O M PA N Y ’ S 1 1 0 TH A N N I V E R S A R Y ! You are invited to visit the historic Black River Cheese Company as it celebrates its 110th Anniversary. Located on the outskirts of the Hamlet of Milford, you will find it ensconced along the banks of the ­picturesque Black River, where the c­ onditions are ideal for ­making fine artisan cheese... Today, the Black River Cheese Co. is the last remaining cheese house out of the original 26 independent County cheese houses that once operated in the County. Started by local dairy ­farmers aiming to produce ­superior quality cheese and a means of utilizing their milk, this cooperative venture still continues offering you the finest, purest totally milk-made cheese in Ontario more than a century later. Its ­consistently ­superior cheese has gained more and more loyal ­customers and has garnered it numerous awards. In April, this year, its Mild Cheddar won the prestigious Canadian Cheese Grand Prix

Award for the best Mild Cheddar in Canada with its Medium Cheddar was a finalist in its category. A great way to start a 110th birthday. Now, Black River Cheese has spread to Natural Health Food Stores and ­specialty sections of ­major supermarket chains where you can enjoy an abundance of their great cheddars, including a FABULOUS Maple Cheddar, their new Garlic & Pepper Cheddar and an array of delicious herb and spiced mozzarellas. With the trend to mass ­production of cheese by c­ orporate giants, the Black River Cheese Co. remains a small company with a big heart dedicated to p­ reserving a t­ radition of m ­ aking superior quality cheese the good old fashion way; therefore, take the opportunity to indulge in some Black River cheese, a delicious ice cream cone and perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to see them making a batch of their famous cheese through their visitor’s window. 913 County Road 13 • Milford

Farmer Owned & Operated

THE BLACK RIVER CHEESE COMPANY Celebrating Our 110th Birthday!

Taste Real Cheese! Canadian Cheese Grand Prix Category Winner for Best Mild Cheddar & Finalist for Best Medium Cheddar in Canada



9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Canada Day to Labour Day 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.



913 County Road 13 • Black River


COUNTY FRESH PRODUCE & PRODUCTS CAMPBELL’S ORCHARDS Campbell’s Orchards Country ­M arket is only minutes from Belleville overlooking the Bay of Q u i nte a l ong t h e s c e n i c ­Rednersville Road. Enjoy the quaint country market where you can find crisp apples and pears,sweet strawberries and ­raspberries, fresh cider, and a large selection of fresh, seasonal ­veggies, including other local county p­ roducts. There is no charge for the aroma of fresh hot pies, m ­ uffins and fruit crisps baked on the p­ remises which you’ll have a hard time r­ esisting a taste!! A new addition to their market are local frozen beef and lamb, local ice cream, fare trade organic coffee and their own blend of apple sauce. Campbell’s also makes their own jams from their own fruit, a great reminder of “The County” to take home from your visit. Bring the whole family for a day of picking the fruit or vegetables of

the season. There is nothing quite as fun as sharing in quality family time while picking your own fresh, juicy strawberries or sweet, tart apples. If you’re not sure of what’s in season, the check www. become a fan on facebook or call them at 613-962-3751. For your convenience, stop in at their Satellite Market at Bay Bridge Jeans’ Parking Lot (open from mid June till the end of October. It is loaded with all their quality p­ roduce and products; however, it is really worth the trip to their country market as its ambiance is just as fabulous their fresh county produce and their great homegrown fruit. With wagon rides every Sunday afternoon in the Fall and a myriad of market events, its worth the drive to Campbell’s Orchards. Don’t forget they are open year round and offer beautiful Gift Baskets filled with County delights! 1633 Cty Rd 3 . Rednersville


COUNTY FARM DEPOT With agriculture being an ­integral part of Prince Edward County’s local economy, the County Farm Centre plays an integral role in s­ upplying not only the farming community with what it needs but also the general public with respect to quality frozen foods and fresh dairy products. Established in the 1940’s ­under the auspices of the U ­ nited C ­­ o-operatives of O ­ ntario, it was ­purchased in 1994 by two local gentlemen who b­ elieved in ­continuing the legacy of ­assisting local area farmers. Carrying a wide assortment of frozen vegetables and frozen fruit, County Farm Depot is a great place to shop for quality frozen produce. In fact, the centre ­specializes in carry County Black Angus beef. From frozen steaks to ground beef, including b­ urger ­patties, you have your choice of prime meat products to BBQ or take home. The County Farm Depot also offers a wide range of frozen meat pies as well as a wide a­ ssortment of frozen baked goods including pies, squares and other pre made desserts. In addition to their frozen food products, you will find delicious County apples, County cider, maple syrup and honey which pay homage to our many wonderful local farmers. If you are in the market to take home some great deals, then turn off at Stormy’s Auto and stop in at 38 Cold Storage Rd • Picton


and enjoy. In addition, their array of seasonal fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, peaches, apples and blueberries will have you leaving with your car full of healthy foods to indulge in once you are home. Be sure to indulge in some of their famous burgers before heading home. 20261 Loyalist Parkway • Consecon

HAGERMAN FARMS On the way through from ­Picton to Bloomfield, or vice versa, along the ­Loyalist Parkway, ­almost ­diagonally across from the ­Waring House Inn, you will find the historic Hagerman Farmers Market. There is always an ­amazing selection of p­ henomenal fresh v­ eggies from t­ omatoes to beets to b­ russels and more ­including their ­delicious sweet corn for you to take home and enjoy. With over a hundred years of bringing county residents and visitors their farm fresh produce, the Hagerman’s t­ ake great pride in continuing to maintain a s­ tandard and quality in e­ verything they produce just as their ­ancestors did. After all, it is a “family tradition”! If you are looking to take home and enjoy some of the best of what The County has to offer in the way of farm fresh produce, then be sure to drop in at their roadside stand and discover the bounty of the County and ENJOY! 13644 Loyalist Parkway,• Picton



If you are heading out of The County via Highway 33, Loyalist Parkway, then be certain to stop at Emm’s Country Farmers Market located at Emm’s Restaurant at Consecon. Growing their own produce off Lakeside Drive a few minutes from the restaurant, you can rest assured that everything has been “freshly picked”! Offering a wonderful selection of cut flowers, fresh vegetables including other County produce, you will find a bountiful supply of County fresh produce to take home

As a division of Zeleny-Ellis Farms, Loyalist Jams reflects the true heritage of The County. Using only the freshest local ingredients, many of it grown on their own farm, owner Judy Zeleny-Ellis produces a wide variety of homemade jams, jellies, pickles, relishes and more. Whether you are a traditionalist who enjoys strawberry, raspberry and blueberry jam or a person who simply loves to try the cutting edge of flavour combinations, L­ oyalist Jams affords you the opportunity to


COUNT Y FRESH PRODUCE & PRODUCTS take home those tasty delights that will tantalize your taste buds. Available at the Milford Market every Saturday between 9am and 3pm or by phone, it is a definite stop as you tour the beautiful Black River and Milford areas of the County. 13644 Loyalist Parkway,• Picton

FIFTH TOWN ARTISAN CHEESE COMPANY Following in the footsteps of the only surviving, farmer-owned local cheese dairy - the Black River Cheese Co., Fifth Town Artisan Cheese has recently provided a new dimension to The County’s dairy repertoire. By having added a goat and sheep milk dairy, Fifth Town hopes to ­­re-ignite and expand upon the The County’s cheese-making reputation. Owner Petra Cooper and her family are dedicated to providing top quality goat and sheep milk

cheeses produced in an environmentally and socially responsible cheese factory. As the 2009 winner of the Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence, Petra and her team continue to look to the making of new types and flavours of cheese to delight the palate. Already venturing into cow’s milk cheeses, Petra’s ingenuity continues to push the realm of what her company produces when it comes to top quality cheese. Using traditional methods and inspired craftsmanship, Fifth Town Artisan Cheese offers delicious cheeses such as Lacey Chevre Handrolled Log with Grey Ash, Lemon Thyme and Cracked Pepper Chevre and many more tantalizing cheeses for you to sample and take home. Offering families a great place to picnic, be sure to bring along a picnic lunch along some fresh artisan breads to enjoy while savouring some of their delicious cheeses at 4309 County Road 8 • Waupoos

COUNTY FARM CENTRE Where your dollar goes farther!

County Farm Centre Frozen Food Outlet


Country Farm Market

Steaks • Roasts • Ground Beef Hamburger Patties

Fresh County Vegetables

produced in the County

Try our famous “Cowboy Steaks”

Fresh County Fruit

FROZEN VEGETABLES Asparagus • Broccoli • Peas • Beans • Corn Carrots & Other Frozen Vegetables

Honey • Other Ontario Grown Fruit

FROZEN FRUIT Strawberries • Raspberries • Cherries & Other Frozen Fruit Pies • Dessert Bars & Squares & Many More Tempting Choices Discover Our Delicious County Fresh Apples County Apple Cider • County Maple Syrup & Honey

C o u n t ry F a r m M a r k e t

including our wide selection of pet food, bird food and lawn care products

MAY TO OCTOBER 20261 Loyalist Parkway Beans • Sweet Corn • Peppers • Tomatoes • Potatoes • Onions & More! CCounty O Melons N S• Plums E C• Apples O N• Strawberries • Plums • Blueberries & More

We are Picton’s only propane filling station.

Hours: Monday to Friday 8am-6pm • Saturday 8am-4pm 613-476-2171 • 38 COLD STORAGE STREET • PICTON • 1-800-550-3552

located at Honey the & Other Ontario Grown Fruit - Peaches • Pears ...

D20261 ixie Lee Chicken & Seafood Restaurant LOYALIST PARKWAY • HWY 33 • CONSECON THE SOJOURNER 2011





LAKESHORE FARMS On the outskirts of ­Wellington overlooking Lake Ontario, along the Loyalist Parkway, you will find Lakeshore Farms Market which has a bounty of fresh County produce for you to take home with you. Here, they also offer a ­wonderful selection of fresh baked goods where you will find their ­delicious home baked pies, tarts as well as their renowned donuts in which to indulge. Filled to capacity with a delightful assortment of ­e very fresh ­seasonal fruit and vegetables than you can imagine, you are bound to find something great to take home. While you are there, be sure to check out their honey and other great gift items. Loyalist Pkwy • Wellington

Visit Prince Edward County’s Award Winning Artisan Cheese Dairy

PAT’S JAMS Things are changing at Pat’s Jams as new owner Nan Keenan is being tutored in the fine art of making jams, relishes,

pickles and more by former owner Pat York. Apple Pie Jam, Bumbleberry, Cinnamon Pear, Blueberry Peach, Raspberry, and even Dandelion Jelly are just a few of the many secret recipes now being passed on to Nan by Pat. For those who don’t know the history of Pat’s Jams or who have yet to enjoy these delicious preserves, Pat’s ancestry goes back to when The County enjoyed a major ­canning i­ndustry; consequently, it was only natural that she continued the family tradition of preserving fresh county produce for others to savour and enjoy. As it is, time moves on and Nan Keenan who has some personal experience in the field including canning goods is up to the challenge of nurturing and expanding upon Pat’s splendid repertoire of tasty delights with plans to move the business into Picton where she now resides sometime in the early Fall. With over 120 different jams, marmalades, pickles, chutneys and ­relishes,

“...for anyone who likes a little bit of flirtatious dominatrix in their cheese.” Toronto Life, February 2011 Tutored County Wine & Cheese Tastings $12/pp, July-August See website for schedule. Reservations recommended. Retail Store Hours: 7 days a week from 10 am-5 pm (July-August 10 am-6 pm)


Jams • Jelly • Relishes Pickles • Chutneys Homemade Pies & More Lifestyle Arts • Zeleny-Ellis Farms


613 - 476 - 4939 • 1238 C O U N T Y R O A D 17 • M I L F O R D w w THE SOJOURNER 2011



COUNT Y FRESH PRODUCE & PRODUCTS it is great to know that Pat’s legacy will continue with the efforts of Nan Keenan. There is only 3 things that remain the same... the great quality, the flavours and the difficulty of trying to decide what to take home with you. Remembe to call after Thanksgiving for Nan’s new location in Picton but in the meantime, take a trip down to Pat’s Jams to say your goodbyes to a County pioneer, Pat York, and “hello” to Nan Keenan at 113 Morrison Point Rd • Milford

VICKI’S VEGGIES As everyone is aware, fresh vegetables are an integral part of a healthy diet, even more so when those they are organic. As one of the County’s growing organic farms, Vicki’s Veggies has garnered fame for her heirloom tomatoes and assortment of fresh vegetables. In fact, her organic veggies can now be found in Toronto’s Wychwood Market and

the Brickworks two of the city’s top farmers’ markets. At Vicki’s Veggies located just around the corner from Black River Cheese ­factory, you will find a wonderful a­ ssortment of organically grown salad greens, heirloom vegetables including a phenomenal selection of tomatoes. In fact, each year at the last two weeks of May, Vicki sells her seedling Heirloom tomato plants. At the close of summer, every Labour Day weekend, she hosts her annual Heirloom ­Tomato Tasting ­Festival where visitors can sample taste over 50 ­different varieties of ­tomatoes. The diversity and flavours are amazing. If you love the fresh county produce and a­ ppreciate o­ rganically grown food, then a trip to Vicki’s ­Veggies should be on your agenda before you return home. In fact you will find yourself returning time and time again just like the County’s local residents do for more at ... 81 Morrison Point Rd• Milford

Welcoming Nan Keenan, New Proprietor New Face - Same Great Products


 Ecological farming. Taste the difference!

With Over 100 Years Providing Farm Fresh Vegetables & Fruit

Old-fashioned heirloom varieties.


13644 Loyalist Parkway R.R. 1 - Hwy 33 Picton

Roadside stand open all season long at 81 Morrison Point Road around the corner from the Black River Cheese Factory Visit us at the Green Barns or Brickworks farmerʼs markets in Toronto

Between Picton & Bloomfield Just West of Warings Corners THE SOJOURNER 2011



Heirloom Tomato Seedling Sale starts Victoria Day Wknd Heirloom Tomato Tasting on Labour Day Weekend - 2 days





Cherries, Rhubarb, Strawberries, Asparagus, Cucumbers, Green Onions, Peas, Peppers, Radishes, Spinach

July Blueberries, Cherries, Currants, Gooseberries, Plums, Raspberries, Strawberries, Beans, Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots,Cauliflower, Celery, Corn, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Green Onions, Peas, Peppers, Potatoes, Radishes, Spinach, Tomatoes, Zucchini


Summer apples, Blueberries, Muskmelon, Pears, Plums, Watermelon, Beans, Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Corn, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Garlic, Leeks, Lettuce, Onions, Peppers, Radishes, Spinach, Tomatoes, Zucchini


Summer apples, Blueberries, Muskmelon, Pears, Plums, Watermelon, Beans, Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Corn, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Garlic, Leeks, Lettuce, Onions, Peppers, Radishes, Spinach, Tomatoes, Zucchini

October Apples, Grapes, Pears, Muskmelon, Plums, Watermelon, Beets, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Garlic, Leeks, Parsnips, Potatoes, Radishes, Rapini, Spinach, Squash


Apples, Pears, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Leeks, Onions, Parsnips, Potatoes, Rutabaga, Squash




Breweries & Wineries






“Wine is sunlight, held together by water.”



anadians don’t have to travel the world in search of great wines since we have our own wonderful vineyards and wineries that are keeping pace with the global market especially when it comes to producing amazing, VQA quality wines. With its unique climate conditions and perfect terroir, The County’s wineries have proven that their wines can rival the best in the ­country when comes to quality and taste. With a host of award-winning ­wineries and more new wineries opening up every year, you are invited to discover the many wonderful wines they offer. Smell the aroma. Taste the flavours. Succumb to the delights of sampling the best of County wines from fine Pinot Noirs to Sauvignon Blanc to Reislings and everything in between. Not to be outdone by the County’s wineries, the Barley Days ­Brewery and Lake on the Mountain Inn Brewery are strong contenders for your drinking pleasure. Both these brewing companies are a return to the County’s Barley Days of long ago and provide you with some phenomenal tasting beers and are an additional highlight to your tour of the County’s growing wine and brewery industry. These varied ­wineries and two breweries offer you the ­opportunity to explore what this impressive vita cultural area has to offer you in the way of fine wines and more. Their friendly, knowledgeable staff welcome the chance to talk to you about the grapes they grow and how they cultivate them into manufacturing award winning wines which you can sample and purchase to take home or back to your County accommodation to enjoy.









Known for its tasty, popular, and satisfying brews, Barley Days Brewery’s focus is quite simple: to craft excellent beers without compromise. Barley Days Brewery’s line of premium all-season and seasonal beers represent classic brewing styles that use only the finest malts and hops, brewed in small batch sizes to insure quality. The significance of Barley Days Brewery’s name lies in its ties with the past. The American Revolution (1775-1783) was the most important event leading to the settlement of Prince Edward County. About five hundred Loyalists came in the first wave. In the latter half of the nineteenth century (1860-1890) Bay Barley, reputed to be the best malting barley available, along with hops, were grown in the County and exported across Lake Ontario to U.S. breweries. Barley Days ­Brewery celebrates these times and the names and labels of its brews reflect the County’s proud heritage. ­Retail store, tours, tastings at the brewery 13730 Loyalist Prkwy • Picton

Located in the heart of this region just outside of Picton, the winery sits amidst other businesses and homes along the Loyalist Parkway. A medieval theme runs throughout the retail space ­commemorating the Black Prince himself, Prince Edward (1330-1376) eldest son of ­Edward III, who became a legend in his own lifetime. He was one of the most successful commanders during the 100 years war and a model of chivalry and courtesy. This premise is the foundation of all that is Black Prince Winery. They are the poster child of rural diversity, a model of chivalry and courtesy in every sense. In addition to growing their own grapes on their 10 acre ­v ineyard, they facilitate grape growers in Prince Edward C ­ ounty who have not yet e­ stablished a fully operational winery of their own. This supportive effort allows smaller growers to make wine to their specifications and market this wine from the Black Prince facility. Labels include Hillier, Bella Vigne and the latest addition to this family of growers Harwood Estates located in the heart of Hillier’s wine growing region. Visitors to Black Prince Winery can enjoy tasting these ­wonderful award winning wines while wandering out onto the raised deck to enjoy the view of the vineyards. Black Prince Winery is dedicated to crafting fine, accessible wines showcasing what the area has to offer. One Winery, Many Terroir. Enjoy discovering all that it offers at 13370 Loyalist Pkwy• Picton

LAKE ON THE MOUNTAIN BREWING CO. 2 In 2007, Lake on the Mountain Inn & Resort opened a small onsite brewery and began ­brewing a ‘Country Brown Ale’ and a ‘Cream Ale’. Due to its popularity, they continue to brew the original two ales as well as seasonal brews using fresh local ingredients, i­ncluding hops and barley organically grown at their farm on Lake Consecon. So if you plan to dine at their waterside inn, then be sure to taste a pint of their new brews! County Road 7 • Picton





BREWERIES & WINERIES COUNTY CIDER ESTATES WINERY 4 Located in the Prince Edward County’s “fruit belt”, County Cider Estates Winery is certain to be a ­“highlight” to your wine tour of the County. Here, their ­Tasting Room, located in the old stone barn at their heritage home, poises high atop a stone ridge with a spectacular view of South Bay, Waupoos Island and the surrounding countryside. Enjoy the view while sampling one or more of their ­famous ciders, cider beer or wines carefully crafted by master cider maker, Grant Howe. Their cider is made in the ­authentic tradition of fine ­British cider makers and E­ uropean ­wineries. ­Several varieties of apples are carefully ­selected and blended resulting in a ­­hand-crafted sparkling ­cider that is ­flavourful, refreshing and a ­natural alternative to beer and wine. A highlight at their t­ asting room is their amazing Iced ­Cider. This

delightful elixir must be what the old ­mythology books spoke of as being ”the honey of the gods”. The ­Tasting Room is open seven days a week from June through October. In addition to their fine apple ciders and wines, there are some selected food and gift items. If you are in the mood for a bite to eat , then enjoy one of their famous wood-fired pizzas baked in their outdoor oven. County Rd 8 • Waupoos



Del-Gatto Estates, Bella Vigne is family owned and operated, specializing in hybrid grape varieties. Fourth generation wine-maker, Pat Del-Gatto, crafts New World grapes using Old World traditions and experience. Their winery is located in North Marysburgh, on the picturesque Cape Vesey, locally known as ‘the Rock’. They are high above Lake

May, June & October: 11am - 5pm Fri-Sat-Sun July - Sept: 11am-6pm daily Nov-April: by appointment

613-476-8198 • 3609 COUNTY ROAD 8 • PICTON

Brewed in Prince Edward County. Pleased to welcome visitors for tours and tastings at our state-of-the-art brewery. Retail store on location. 13730 Loyalist Parkway, Picton, ON 613.476.PINT (7468)




BREWERIES & WINERIES Ontario and less than 800 feet from its shores, benefiting from a favourable micro-climate. The vines are grown on rare Waupoos and Solmesville clays; meticulously cared for by family. Limited case counts mean an exclusive and high quality product just for you; available only through their wine boutique. Hand planted, hand picked and hand crafted - their wines will take you on a new journey. You will feel the life in the vines, their love for them, and the passion they have for each vintage. Bringing an authentic feel of Italy to Southern Ontario, they invite you to enjoy something new. Ci Vediamo Presto ! (See you soon ! ) 990 Closson Road • Hillier

Where the old world meets the new

Discover ...

a vineyard, run in the tradition of our family’s Loyalist heritage, with its roots firmly planted in Prince Edward County’s rich terroir where we offer you the fruits of our labour for you to enjoy.

THE GRANGE OF PRINCE EDWARD 6 The Grange of Prince Edward invites you to get down and dirty. That’s right! They want to give you

an opportunity to explore the other side of the grape, so to speak. With a visit to their estate ­winery situated in the heart of r­ ural County farms, you can choose any one of their seven tour packages which range from a private tour of the vineyards and winery facility and a guided tasting of three wines to the complete vineyard experience where you actually can choose to work alongside the vineyard crews, enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch with a wine pairing specifically selected by their winemaker followed by a tour of the wine facilities and three wine tastings. Here, amidst old world beauty in harmony with our ­modern times, this family owned and ­operated winery offers a wine experience like no other. This heritage farm with its beautifully restored circa 1826 barn turned wine tasting boutique and winery will captivate you not only with its physical “presence” in our


Pinot Noir Cabernet Franc Chardonnay Pinot Gris So come ... Lift your spirits with our wine! Made with 100% locally grown grapes.

Huff Estates is a must visit for 2011

Family Owned & Operated Since 2002


613-399-3588 805 CLOSSON ROAD Hillier, ON

N e w i n 2 011

Four Acre Sculpture Garden • Patio Fare By Chef Michael Hoy Open Daily 10am-6pm For More Information 613-393-5802 I 2274 County Rd.1 Bloomfield I twitter: @HuffEstatesWine THE SOJOURNER 2011






BREWERIES & WINERIES age of technology but also with the delightful flavours of their VQA award winning wines including their white wines – Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc, and red wines - Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Merlot, Gamay Noir and Rosé.  If time doesn’t permit one of their tours, then plan to enjoy a light lunch on the patio but make sure to give them 24 hours notice if you plan to do a tour or simply do lunch. 990 Closson Road • Hillier

HILLIER ESTATES WINERY 7 Hillier Creek Estates ­w inery is located in scenic Prince EdwardCounty, Ontario’s latest designated

wine region. After being in development for over nine years, we opened our doors to the public for the first time in spring of 2010. Their vineyards span twenty-five acres, growing Pinot Noir, Gamay, Riesling, Chardonnay, and Vidal. The centerpiece of their property, a beautifully restored 160 year old barn transformed into their winery, tasting room, and retail store, is an eye catching piece of county history directly visible from Loyalist Parkway (Highway 33). They invite you to tour their vineyards and winery and learn about their grape growing and wine making process - or simply come and enjoy a glass of wine in either the cozy atmosphere of their tasting room, or out on their sunny patio overlooking the vineyards.

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BREWERIES & WINERIES With advance notice, they are happy to accommodate large tour groups and bus tours, and they have plenty of space for those bringing their own picnic lunches. Summer hours are 11 am - 6 pm seven days a week May - October. Winter hours are 11 am - 5 pm ­Saturday & Sunday and by chance or appointment during the week. 46 Stapleton Road, Hillier



Huff Estates Winery is housed in a modern building that incorporates natural e­ lements including stone, wood and water with state-of-theart p­ roduction facilities and a subterranean barrel cellar. Specializing in the classic Bordeaux varieties of ­Merlot, C ­ abernet ­Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, with some ­additional white wines made from C ­ hardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Riesling, the ­winery focuses on the

creation of consistent, q­ uality wines. With their goal to p­ roduce wines ­exclusively from Prince Edward County fruit, the w ­ inery is c­ ommitted to ­sourcing grapes only from their own vineyards and other growers committed to ­producing high ­quality Prince Edward County grapes. The result is a great wine tasting experience. You are invited to sample and purchase their award winning wines n their tasting room/retail store dominated by glass walls, wines and County works of art overlooking acres of vines. and to enjoy a light lunch. Be sure to join them every Sunday from May to October to enjoy listening to live music while tasting their great wines. Just one other fantastic stop to add to your wine tour. 2274 Cy Rd • Bloomfield

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11am-6pm 76 tation d. illie 613-661-3361 THE SOJOURNER 2011




BREWERIES & WINERIES KARLOS ESTATES WINERY 9 What can one say about a man and his dream - a visionary whose passion for producing great wines is what makes him push all the boundaries in his quest to offer you only the finest and most unique of vintages. A winemaker who not only creates types of wines with which you are familiar, but also other wines that many of you may never have had the chance to sample till now. As owner of Karlo Estates Winery, Richard Karlo is certainly a man with a dream and “rebel with a cause”. His aim is to do all that he can to enthrall your taste buds as you take the opportunity to sample Prince Edward County’s largest range of vintages in any one winery. Using an artisanal approach to wine making, everything is hand picked, wild fermented and unfiltered to produce Chardonnay, Pinot Noir - Burgundy style, Malbec,

Merlot, Bordeau blends and the first County Port, Van Alstine made from their estate grown Frontinac Noir. It is truly a wine tasting experience that you must not miss, especially as this dynamic winery is esconced in a magnificent 1880’s post and beam barn which has been beautifully restored. They host tastings on their green house style post and beam sun deck off the back of the barn. As a covered in deck, the sun’s rays keep the deck warm; however, it’s still a barn so please do come dressed for the weather. In addition, their renovated hayloft hosts an art gallery and studio for both practicing artists and enthusiasts alike where you are welcome to visit the Loft Gallery and to meet resident artist and owner Sherry Martin whose work adds another dimension to this wonderful winery experience at Karlos Estates. 561 Danforth Rd • Wellington




BREWERIES & WINERIES LACEY ESTATES WINERY 10 After several years of hard work and careful nurturing of their vines and grapes, the Lacey family welcome you to Lacey Estates Winery where you can enjoy a delightful wine t­asting experience. The County welcomes this newest addition to its growing wine industry, the Lacey family welcomes you with warm, friendly hospitality. They take great pleasure in offering some of The County’s newest fine wines. Growing their grapes in the rich Hillier clay loam, they have specialized in producing several delightful types of flavourful wines for you to sample and enjoy. While offering one of the most satisfying and sought-after wines - Pinot Noir with its full-bodied, rich red colour and a smooth, silky texture as well as Baco Noir, Lacey Estates also has a fine variety of white wines. Discover their light and fruity Chardonnay, the delicate bouquet of their Pinot Gris with its underlying citrus tones, Riesling and their full bodied Gewurztraminer. These are certain to delight the most discriminating wine connaisseur. Located in the heart of the Hillier’s growing wine region, Lacey Estates is situated between Closson Chase and The Grange wineries at 804 Closson Road • Hillier



Lift Haus winery is a family run “farm” vineyard located in on Winery Row - Closson Road just north of the town of Wellington. The Evans family heritage extends back 4 generations - back to Loyalist days. So true to their roots, the idea to start a vineyard and winery took seed back in 2002. What started as a dinner table discussion soon became a quest to find the perfect piece of land that would be ideal for growing grapes. They knew that they wanted to make Pinot Noir - despite the fact that Pinot Noir has a reputation as the heartbreak grape; however, for

the Evans family, there is nobility of taste to this red wine that sets it apart from other red wines. Eight years later, the Evans opened Lift Haus Winery. The name is primarily derived from the amount of constant heavy lifting that occurs on a daily and weekly basis at the vineyard and is representative of the amount of sheer labour intensive attention and work that goes into the nurturing of their crops and reflects the 6 years spent living in Holland and Germany on the NATO base. Today, Lift Haus not only pays homage to the Evans Loyalist heritage and to the fabulous Pinot Noir, but also offers a Cabernet Franc, a Chardonnay and new this year, a ­Pinot Gris. So come on in at Lift Haus to enjoy wines that lift your spirits at 805 Closson Road • Hillier




Redtail Vineyard, just off The Loyalist Parkway near Consecon, is the first winery you encounter as you enter The County from the west. Sun, soil and organic practices combining solar power and geothermal energy help craft their fine Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir from grapes grown on the property. This year’s offerings will also include county Chardonnay and Riesling. Tour Canada’s only true “green” winery, being “off-grid” and following organic practices. It is well worth the experience to see how man can work in harmony with nature! Redtail Vineyard, aux limites de Consecon, près de la promenade Loyalist, est la première vinerie en provenance de l’ouest à votre arrivée dans le comté. Le soleil, le sol et la culture biologique contribuent à la personnalité de nos Pinot Gris et Pinot noir fait avec les raisins de notre vignoble. Cette année nous offrons aussi un Riesling et un Chardonnay typique du comté. Visitez la seule vinerie canadienne vraiment « verte »,alimentée au solaire et biologique. 422 Partridge Hollow Rd. Consecon THE SOJOURNER 2011



At Rosehall Run, you will find some of the County’s most modern and sophisticated wines with a delightful, vivacious quality which is unique to Prince Edward County. Headed by Dan Sullivan, one of the most widely respected and critically acclaimed winemakers in Prince Edward County, you will experience his wealth of knowledge and expertise that goes into every bottle of wine he produces. In 2009 Rosehall Run was awarded a Gold Medal at the Canadian Wine Awards, for its 2007 Estate-grown Pinot Noir, making it the most highly praised Pinot in Ontario. In 2010, two Rosehall Run chardonnays were showcased in London, UK as part of an esteemed group of Ontario wines to be showcased in Europe. This 31acre family-operated vineyard specializes in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but offers a delightful range of other superior award winning VQA wines, both white and red. These include a classically Alsatian styled Gewurztraminer, Reisling and their popular blended wines, Sullyzwicker White, Red and Rose. Located in Hillier’s wine region, west of Wellington, you are invited to visit Rosehall Run’s state-of-the-art winemaking facility boasting the region’s largest gravity-flow barrel cellar dug deep into the limestone, tour the vineyards or just enjoy the view with a glass of VQA award-winning wine. Make sure to ask them which LCBO in your area offers their wine for you to enjoy when you are not in The County. 1243 Greer Road • Wellington



With a her ancestry g­ oing back to the beginning of Canada’s wine history, ­Catherine Langlois and her family offer some delightful award winning wines in which to indulge as you tour and taste. Having studied the wine industry in Burgundy and having PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY

worked for many years with a large Ontario winery, Catherine brings years of expertise in the ­c reation of her award ­w inning wines a credit to her success. With strategically ­located acreage and good vines ­c onsisting mostly of Vidal, Baco Noir, Riesling and ­Cabernet Franc as well as a ­little Geisenheim, Pinot Noir and Maréchal Foch, ­Sandbanks Winery has ­managed to ­maintain ­making their own wine with one hundred ­percent Sandbanks grapes without using other sources of grapes. Since 2003 Sandbanks has been making their own v­ intage which were ­originally sold exclusively to ­restaurants; however, now, they have opened their doors for visitors to the County to enjoy their VQA wines. One of the most delightful County experiences is joining Catherine, her family and local county folk in helping with the harvesting of their grapes. It is a fun and thoroughly enjoyable experience for both young and old, especially with the gracious hospitality of Sandbanks staff. Be sure to inquire about it when you drop in to sample some of their wonderful wines and then plan to return in time to join in the harvesting of the grapes. There is nothing quite like it! Located just west of Wellington, you will find them at 17598 Loyalist Parkway Wellington

STANNER’S VINEYARD 15 Newly opened last year, Stanners Vineyard is a family run venture which began in 2003 with the purchase of farmland just on the outskirts of the village of Hillier. The terroir was perfect for the Stanners quest to find the ideal conditions to grow their Pinot Noir grapes and to produce their own Pinot Noir vintage which would bring out the best characteristics of their own terroir. As a relatively small vineyard and winery, their artisanal approach in which family members carry out most of the viticultural and winemakings tasks helps to ensure only


wine and specialty tours


bike & kayak rentals and sales


vacation rentals concierge services

Our team is committed to ensuring that your visit to Prince Edward County reflects the best the area has to offer. Let us help you discover, explore and connect in the place we call home. Across from Prinzen Ford 57 Main Street, Bloomfield

(613) 393 2424 (877) 399 2508




BREWERIES & WINERIES the highest quality of fruit is used to produce only the finest wine. Today, their winery produces a true Pinot Noir with complex and vibrant fruit tastes that are vital and original with high rates by such wine critics as Michael Pinkus. This year they will be launching their first white wine - a Pinot Gris that has already received great reviews. Housed in a unique winery built with straw bales for walls, this small but intimate winery boasts of not only great wines but amazing hospitality by the Stanner family. In fact, they actually make you feel like one of the family as they talk about their wines and their passion to offer you only the finest wines and best experiences in The County. 76 Station Road • Hillier



Visit the garagiste winery of the county and discover the passion behind Rob and Sally’s 100%


estate-grown wines. They are a small winery and only produce wines from the grapes grown on their property. With a lot of help from their friends and small staff, they ­p erform all aspects of wine production. They do all of the work to make sure that it is done right. Their goal is to produce and sell the highest quality wine possible. They currently have 8.5 acres of vines consisting of Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Gamay and Cabernet Franc. Another 2.5 acres of vines were just planted in 2010, but that is where they plan to stop. They want to be big enough for their farm to support their family needs but small enough to allow them to control all aspects of their operation producing high quality wines for you to enjoy while enjoying their life at the same time. Located just north of Wellington, you will find them at: 1236 Wilson Rd - Wellington

In 1993 a small vineyard was pioneered to prove that the “terroir” was ideal for growing well balanced quality wine grapes, thus starting Prince Edward County’s Wine Industry. Waupoos Estates Grand Opening June 15th, 2001, was featured on CBC news coast to coast. Full steam ahead with the 10th anniversary this year, the winery features wines for all tastes, from crisp dry and semi dry whites to fuller bodied lightly oaked reds, leading to the famous Baco Noir. Baco Noir 06 captured the first “Double Gold” in the All Canadian Wine Championships and in the same competition, Vidal 06 was awarded Gold.

3016 Cty Rd 8 • Waupoos

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C O U N T Y W I N E & S P E C I A LT Y T O U R S SANDBANKS VACATIONS WINE & SPECIALTY TOURS When it comes to touring the County’s many wineries, it is always about trying to see it all... and sometimes this can be difficult. We have so many hidden treasures; it never hurts to have a little “local” knowledge. At Sandbanks Vacations, they want to give you the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy your adventure in comfort, without the headaches of trying to find where it is that you want to go. Sandbanks Vacations offers two standard wine tours, each featuring different wine districts within Prince Edward County. They also custom-design tours that are tailor made for you and your group. The Hillier Taste Tour takes you to the south-western part of the County and consists of a visit to 4 wineries with 3 tastings at each. This tour is ideal for those looking to explore some of the County’s “hidden treasure” tucked away


First Ice Wine in the County, Waupoos Estates won Silver in the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition the the 07 followed by Double Gold for the 08. The wines continue to garner medals in all categories The Gazebo Restaurant overlooking Prince Edward Bay, has undergone spectacular renovations and is the perfect spot to enjoy the award winning wines by the glass, indulge in a light lunch or reserve for a fine dining experience. The venue can be intimate as you wish or a “Special Event” happening! Come discover the County’s First Winery and Gazebo Restaurant



along a rural road. If time permits, this tour will also make a “surprise” stop. You can bring your own lunch or enjoy one of their delicious boxed lunches. The Waupoos Wine & Cider Tour explores the south-eastern part of the County. You will enjoy a visit to Waupoos Estates Winery, The County Cider Company, Del-Gatto Estates Winery, Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company and, if time permits, a “surprise” stop. Each winery stop will include 3 tastings. All tours include pick-up and drop-off at your local accommodations and shuttle services to your favourite restaurant after the tour can also be arranged. After all, you want to enjoy the local wines and not worry about driving. Don’t forget, Sandbanks Vacations also provides bike, kayak and canoe rentals to make your visit here that much more enjoyable. Sandbanks Vacations is located directly across from Prinzen Ford. 57 Main Street, Bloomfield


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter From Sunrise to Sunset There Are Treasures To Discover Amidst the Scenic Beauty of the County





OUR PARKS & CONSERVATION AREAS have been acquired across Ontario, all set aside because of special ­attributes. In Prince Edward County, there are 14 conservation areas, ranging in size from small roadside p­ arkettes, scenic look-outs ­­ and water c­ ontrol structures to s­ pectacular parcels of land such as Macauley Mountain which offer some 25 km of hiking and mountain biking trails. There is much to see and enjoy at Macauley Mountain’s 178 hectares. The c­ onservation area boasts three distinct habitats lowland, a high l­ imestone plateau and an ­impressive east-west ­forested e­ scarpment. Connecting the hiking trails is the Whattam’s ­Memorial Walkway, ­c ontaining some 1,000 trees planted in memory of local residents. Birdhouse City is located here too, a site containing over 90 nesting boxes, many ­fashioned after ­historic buildings in the county. The Harr y Smith C ­ onser vation Area in Ameliasburgh is the ­f ormer site of the ­historic Roblin’s Mill, removed in 1963, and reconstructed as a ­working mill in Toronto’s Black Creek Pioneer Village. There is history in all of our ­conservation areas, but visitors to Beaver Meadow Wildlife ­Management Area come mainly for the ­woodland and wetland birds that can be found in this unique spot on

NORTH BEACH PROVINCIAL PARK Between Consecon & Wellington


CONSERVATION AREAS The H.J. McFarland Conservation Area Between Picton & Glenora

Nearby & Natural For more than 50 years c­ onservation areas


South Between Picton & Bloomfield

County Road 10, just six kilometres south of Picton on the way to Sandbanks. Sweeping vistas are yours for the taking at Rutherford Stevens ­L ookout ­overlooking Smith’s Bay, Sunset L­ ookout at Muscote Bay, or from a twenty metre limestone cliff at Little Bluff Conservation Area ­overlooking Prince Edward Bay. The H.J. ­McFarland Area along Highway 33 (Glenora Road) ­offers boat launching and ­picnicking o­ pportunities along the shore of Picton Bay, while the Henry Leavens Conservation Area at the Bloomfield Mill Pond is just a nice place to stop and relax, as is the Milford Mill Pond Conservation Area in Milford. There are several other areas too in Prince Edward County that are nearby and ­natural. Don’t forget to visit Sandbanks Provincial Park, the largest bay mouth sand bar separating fresh water in the world. This bar of mountainous dunes, some as high as 25 metre, were created over many centuries by ­prevailing westerly winds. Despite the dry, harsh conditions there are many interesting plants and ­animals that eke out a ­living in these desertlike ­conditions. For more information on these and other ­conservation areas in Prince Edward County, pick up a brochure from the office at Macauley Mountain.

Little Bluff Conservation Area

South Bay - Prince Edward Point

Whattam’s Memorial Walkway Picton Area

Beaver Meadow Wildlife Mngemnt Area Cherry Valley Area

Consecon Mill Dam Consecon

Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area & Birdhouse City Picton

Rutherford-Stevens Lookout

Between Waupoos & Milford

Whitney Memorial Dam Consecon

Harry Smith Conservation Area Ameliasburgh

Allisonville Conservation Area

Between Wellington &Ameliasburgh

Bloomfield Mill Pond Heart of Bloomfield

Demorestville Dam Conservation Area Demorestville

Milford Mill Pond Conservation Area Milford

Sunset Lookout

Between Demorestville & Highway 62




A BIRD’S EYE POINT OF VIEW Because of its location in eastern Lake Ontario, Prince Edward County is a natural catch-all for migrating birds both spring and fall. The points of land along the southern shore ­especially provide ­opportunities during the spring migration. Point Petre, Salmon Point, West Point (­Sandbanks ­Provincial Park) and Huyck’s Point have all been identified as important focal points to view migrating birds. Of all the points of land sprinkled along the south shore of the county, Prince Edward Point, located at the southeaster end of the Long Point Peninsula in South Marysburgh Township, has been identified as the most important. It is a major staging area in spring and autumn for migrating birds. In fact, there is no other location on the Canadian side of lake Ontario where densities and ­abundance of migrants are known to compare with those at Prince Edward Point.

ALBURY SWAMP Albury Swamp is a Class 1 wetland located near the hamlet of Albury, west of Rednersville and east of Carrying Place. Part of the swamp is owned by Apple Doorn Farms. Part of their pick-your-own operation has been the ­development of a wetland trail leading through a large d­ eciduous woods to a ­viewing ­platform where a great blue heronry can be viewed. Weekend tours are provided by Apple Doorn Farms, and ­for ­arrangements call 613-968-8783.

SAWGUIN MARSH The ­Sawguin Marsh is one of the largest cattail marshes in Prince Edward County where a leisurely canoe paddle will ­produce least bittern, osprey, rails, occasional waterfowl and other birds typical of cattail marshes. Sawguin Creek ­empties into the Bay of Quinte.

BIG ISLAND MARSH This cattail is over 800 ­hectares. The channel has become choked with cattails so the birding opportunities aren’t as convenient as at Sawguin; however, some good viewing can be had right from the causeway and the roads that run ­parallel with the marsh. Black terns, both species of ­bitterns, swamp sparrows and marsh wrens are regulars. ­Historically, king rails once occurred here. Sharptailed sparrow, cinnamon teal and great egret have also been seen here.



This 178-hectare ­c onservation area contains a wide range of habitat ­including a steep ­wooded ­e scarpment. Ovenbirds, ­w inter wrens, ­rose-breasted grosbeaks and wood t­ hrushes are common ­s ummer r­ esidents. See famed “Birdhouse City” a six-acre sub-­ division of some 90 nesting boxes fashioned after well-known structures in the county.

Situated some 18 meters above Prince Edward Bay, this 28 hectare area commands an excellent view of the bay and a small cattail marsh where waterfowl may be viewed. Nature trails meander through red cedar, deciduous trees and along a barrier beach and marsh.

SANDBANKS PROVINCIAL PARK This popular summer ­destination is also an ­excellent birding area. The wide diversity of habitat produces profitable birding in all seasons. Nesting bank s­ wallows, wild turkeys, ­­red-­bellied woodpecker, orchard oriole, blue-grey gnat catcher and other birding treats await the visitor.

PRINCE EDWARD POINT BIRD OBSERVATORY This southeastern most tip of the county is a natural basin for birds migrating in both spring and fall. Spectacular ­c oncentrations of warblers, flycatchers, thrushes, and other song birds. E ­ xcellent ­observation point for ­m igrating hawks, eagles and turkey vultures. Large winter c­ oncentrations of water fowls.



POINT PETRE WILDLIFE AREA D e c i d u o u s w o o d s a n d l ow ­shrubbery areas adjacent to highway offer good birding during migrations periods and excellent hawk watching during fall migration. Much of the area to the left of the highway, former Department of Nation Defence land, offers savannah, wetlands and treed areas. Caution is advised when exploring this area as road and lane ways are narrow and become flooded in the Spring.

Beaver Meadow Wildlife Area This 89 hectare conservation area contains a large wetland that harbours wood ducks, osprey, and herons. Deciduous woods and a large plantation of native shrubs on the property are excellent for song birds. Call 613-476-1506 for more information.



One of the County’s unique attractions is ­located at the ­entrance to Mccauley Mountain Conservation Area located on County Road 8 just on the outskirts of Picton. Here, against the backdrop of Macauley Mountain, you will find Birdhouse City, a ­c om mu n it y of am a z i ng ­b irdhouses. It was thanks to the late Doug Hames whose reputation as a fine c­ raftsman became renowned ­throughout the County when he r­ ecreated the historic Massassauga Hotel as a birdhouse. It was due to his creativity that Birdhouse City became a wonderful County attraction and home to the t­ housands of birds which make the county their home each year. Such was the level of his achievement in creating the ­fabulous b­ irdhouse, that he inspired schools, ­businesses and local r­ esidents to take part in a county wide project to produce a city of birdhouses which today totals 80. Like the Massassauga Hotel, many are reproductions of other historic buildings you will find in the County. There are birdhouses of every shape and size imaginable and many bird lovers make it a destination point in their travels through the County. Be sure to include it in yours!

Chase Away The Rainy Day Blues! Unfortunately, there are many things that we can do to ensure that your visit to the County is a ­thoroughly ­enjoyable and memorable experience; however, we do not control the ­weather but ­whatever you do, please do not allow rainy days to make you blue! If it is not nice enough to go the beach, then here are a few suggestions in which to keep yourself ­occupied during ­inclement weather in the County as they can be done rain or shine.

1. T ake time to visit all of our w ­ onderful

­ USEUMS! With five historic m M ­ useums at every corner of the County, you can take the opportunity to step back into the past and learn about the lifestyle of our early s­ ettlers. It is a journey into our County ­heritage which may inspire you to explore further.

2. If you believe that you may have “roots” in

the County, then a visit to the M ­ ARILYN ADAMS GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH ­CENTRE will certainly be a w ­ orthwhile venture on a rainy day, but you may wish to leave the ­headstone h­ unting for a nicer day.

3. With the multitude of artists and ­artisans that exists in the County, make it a day to explore our great ART GALLERIES such as ARTS ON MAIN, MAD DOG, ­SIDESTREET, and OENO Galleries to name a few or visit one of the many artist studios open to visitors. 4. A  NTIQUING is always a great way to spend time; therefore, while away a few hours ­exploring some of the wonderful treasure troves of unique antique shops. 5. Discover our REGENT THEATRE! During the summer, there are live ­performances in which you can attend and enjoy the rebirth of an old ­vaudeville theatre.

6. Pamper yourself with a spa t­reatment or massage at CLARAMOUNT INN & SPA, INDULGENCE DAY SPA, SPA AT SAM’S GARAGE & SERENITY SPA. 7. If it is a weekday, then visit one of the six branches of PEC PUBLIC LIBRARY where you can pick up your email, read a magazine or local newspaper. 8. Visit our wineries! Take a tour to one or all of our wonderful wineries and “get wet” on the inside! 9. T  ake a trip around the County and ­discover the variety of boutiques, shops as well as the ­beauty of the County even on rainy days! 10. H  ead up north on 49 and take a trip to TYENDINAGA - Mohawk Territory and visit RENNAISANCE 11 or NATIVE EXPRESSIONS. These are just a few items to think about when it comes to how to spend some great quality time in the County on rainy days. No matter, rain or shine, you can always have a great time in the County. Keep in mind that you can always return to experience a Girls’ or Mens’ Getaway or a corporate team building exercise at such places like... the Waring House Cookery School, a fishing weekend at Merland Park, Spa Weeken and much more!

The Waring House Cookery School

Come and stay or just come and play. Among the many amenities of The Waring House, are the extremely popular, recreational cookery classes, designed for everyone from beginner to gourmet. The three-hour, hands-on classes include lunch or dinner. Private classes are the perfect way to celebrate girlfriends’ getaways, birthdays, and family get-togethers. They also make excellent team-building exercises for your next meeting or conference. Book The Waring House’s A Taste of Old Ontario package and experience a hands-on cookery class along with two night’s accommodation (double occupancy); 5-course tasting menu dinner, paired with wine; 3-course dinner in the Barley Room Pub, glass of locally crafted Barley Days beer, and breakfast each day. From $398 pp + taxes and gratuities.



Naturally, when you come for a visit, you like to take advantage of all the wonderful things to do both day and night while s­ taying at one of our many wonderful inns, motels and b&bs. This is just a quick reference guide to ­certain activities which you might enjoy after a great day of exploring our County’s treasures.

Movies & Live Theatre The Regent Theatre & Festival Players offers a ­variety of special shows throughout the season which you may enjoy. If you want to go to the movies, then check out the Regent Theatre for its movie show times or call the Mustang Drive-In (393-2006) .

Live Music & Dancing For live music entertainment, visit The Acoustic Grill, Coaches as well as...

The Barley Room Pub at The Waring House

The Barley Room at The Waring House, referred to by local residents as “the County’s gathering place”, Is also the spot to enjoy a wide range of local, Canadian, and sometimes international musicians. The toe-tapping music of Tom Leighton and Conrad Kipping, the humorous ditties of The Frère Brothers, Jamie Stever’s Spanish-style guitar, TimeLine’s classic rock, Jenica Rayne’s folk and jazz are but a sampling of the types of music on the menu in the Barley Room. Also on the menu...fabulous food, casual fare, and daily specials. And while you are listening and dining, you can enjoy locally crafted wines and Barley Days beer, imported and domestic beers and wines, and a selection of scotches; in fact, all your favourite beverages. Please drink responsibly. Located on the traffic circle, Hwy 33 & County Rd 1.

Special Events Throughout the year, there are a great events such as the Jazz Festival, Wellington’s Waterfront Festival and more to name but a few. Be sure to check out the Calendar of Events or a local paper in order not to miss out on anything that might catch your fancy for an evening out on the County!


Lavender Farm Heaven “Scent”!

When it comes to keeping children active and happy, it is always a ­challenge for most parents. Here are a few things you might consider if you are staying for a s­ everal days or more.


1. Horseback Riding at Diamond J Ranch in Picton or their beach ride out at Sandbanks 2. Trip to one of The County’s many libraries 3. Art Camps at the Galloping Goat 4. S andbanks Provincial Park in Cherry Valley/West Lake 5. An hour, a half day or full day at Westlake Willy Waterpark - Fun for the entire family! 6. Trip to Native Renaissance II or Native Expressions in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

7. C  anoeing or Kayaking at Martin’s River Country or Westlake Watersport Rentals 8. A Fun day at Westlake Willy’s Waterpark 9. Check out what activities are occurring at Books & Co. or The Galloping Goat’s Summer Art Camp 10. Bike ride with Bloomfield Bike Co. on one of their tours - full bike rental services. 11. A visit to any of the County’s 5 museums. 12. Visit to PEC Lavender Farm!

We are loc a

ted in Picto

Prince Edward County Lavender is a grower, distiller and crafter of fine lavender products and the work of owners, Rolande and Derek who are passionate about growing only the finest lavender. Their farm is nestled among the rolling hills in the heart of Hillier wine country, on a farm rich in history dating back to the 1830’s. Here, you will find many cultivars of lavender offering a myriad of colours, scents and tastes. Some of their cultivars have been praised for their exceptional essential oil quality while others are best kept for the culinary aspect or craft purposes. In their boutique, you can browse and select from an array of hand crafted lavender products including body care, pure essential oil, dried lavender, wands, sachets and plants to name a few. In fact, they are very excited about their newest line of culinary products, including lavender salt, lavender sugar and

n this yea


9am to 4pm Monday to Friday Ages 5 and up - $200 per student (HST included) per week with a 10% discount available for a sibling that joins for the same week.

Magic is Everywhere - Week 1 (July 4th to the 8th) Creating wands, fairy homes, working with crystals, making rune stones and hunting for fairies, elves and goblins... Apparently they live in Picton too! Puppetpalooza - Week 2 (July 11th to the 15th) Campers will be making puppets from a variety of materials and creating stories to act out and show to our fellow campers and families. Paint with Expression - Week 3 (July 18th to the 22nd ) We will be introducing campers to different artists like Pollock, O'Keeffe, Serat, Group of Seven, Picasso, etc. Then we will play at creating art the way these expressive masters did with paint and collage.

Crafty Creations- Week 4 (July 25th to the 29th) Campers will be creating art from the imagination using every form we can dream up. including sculpture, paint, clay, paper, found objects and fibre. There will also be lots of other games, activities & nature walks!

Register soon, there is limited space & we fill up fast! Full payment due by May 1st. The classes will be run by: Krista Dalby, co-owner of Small Pond Arts is a playwright, professional puppeteer and volunteer artist with ArtsCan Circle. & Lesley Snyder, teacher of the after school Art Club at 6 local schools and owner of the Galloping Goat Gallery.


The art camp will take place in Picton in the lower level of St. Andrew’s church, 31 King St.

THE SOJOURNER 2011 For more information or to register call Lesley 613-476-9696 or email



Herbes de Provence where all herbs are grown at their farm. Each year, they keep adding new products as their volume of lavender increases and are proud to offer lavender products nurtured in a herbicide and pesticide-free environment. You are invited to tour their fields of lavender and feel a touch of Provence in the County. You will havae the opportunity to learn about the different varieties as well as get a short history detailing all the uses that this wonderful flower has experienced through the centuries. Visit them during the peak flowering period throughout July for the definitive lavender experience. As the lavender plants take three years to mature, each visit of our farm will give you a different view and appreciation of these gorgeous purple fields. Cost for a tour is $3.00 and will take 30 minutes. Times are 11:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm 732 Closson Road • Hillier.

To discover the treasures of

Prince Edward County and its surrounding areas is to experience its magic!

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The Sojourner guided you to their door! Thank You!




Golf, Sports & Recreational Activities







County Cycling Map Wi t h o v e r s e v e n m a i n ­c ycling routes, the County ­o ffers some of the finest and most ­picturesque tour routes in O ­ ntario. Offering various levels of ­difficulty, novice and advanced cyclists can find something within each of their respective levels. Besides the Bloomfield Bike ­C ompany, the new County ­cycling maps can be p­ urchased for a couple of d ­ ollars from the ­C hamber of Tourism & ­Commerce at 116 Main Street, ­Picton or at your B&B if your host has decided to carry them. For all your cycling needs, rentals and touring information be sure to drop in on the Bloomfield Bike Company. Their service is unsurpassed!

County Bike Map Available at Prince Edward County Chamber of Tourism & Commerce THE SOJOURNER 2011



Club & Ball What is it about Golf that causes many of us to run out and swing a club at a ball as soon as the snow melts? Is it some type of ­primeval instinct? Does it have something to do when we carried clubs around as a “weapon of choice”? Now, one could possibly attribute some aspects of this game to man’s quest to conquor - in this case a small ball; however, there is a great deal to be said about the sheer pleasure of being outdoors in the fresh air, surrounded by nature - even if you are chasing after a small ball with a big club. For those of you who do happen to enjoy the pleasures of this game, the County and the surrounding area offer a wonderful choice of venues to play. The Picton Golf and Country Club, Barcovan and Wellington on the Lake Golf Courses invite you to play in The County as well as Briar Fox Golf & Country Club which is only a brief drive north of Highway 49’s Skyway Bridge and Bayview Family Golf Centre just 10 minutes west of the Bay Bridge (Hwy 62) on Highway 2. Tee times are not always required but are highly recommended. Dress codes are in effect; yet, the pace is always fun and relaxed. Club rentals are available as well as l­ essons. Call ahead, your tee time awaits you!

Offering outstanding value and service, Barcovan Golf Club is ­r enowned for ­b eing a wellconditioned golf course with a ­challenging design. It has played host to ­numerous provincial tournaments ­including the Ladies Ontario Quebec Matches and the Ontario Men’s Mid Amateur ­Q ualifying, which has garnered them a great reputation and the ­respect from ­players of all abilities. Their experienced and knowledgeable staff ­includes two CPGA Golf Professionals. They also have an ­extensive ProShop which carries the largest selection of ladies golf apparel in the area. On route to Ontario’s n­ ewest wine region, Prince Edward County, Barcovan has been the recipient of the ­Reader’s Choice Award for best course in the area.

Semi-Private 18 Hole Course • Par 71 Driving Range • Pro Shop Lessons • Rentals Licensed Clubhouse

For Tee Times:

1-888-475-2155 • 613-475-2155 County Rd 64 • RR#2 • CARRYING PLACE

If “distance” is your game, then Briar Fox is the perfect course to ­challenge you. In fact, your dollar will definitely go further here, although the same cannot be said for your golf ball. An 18 hole course with a myriad of c­ hallenges including an infamous dog leg, the Fox offers all the golf a­ menities you could want. With a fully stock pro shop, driving range, practice area, and a licensed clubhouse which can accommodate 150 people, you could not ask for more... except for great weather in which to play at outfoxing the Fox at its own game. Tournament bookings welcomed at the friendly Fox!.

With more than 100 years of golfing tradition, Picton Golf & Country Club is a natural choice for a great game of golf. Overlooking beautiful Bay of Quinte, this championship course covers all levels of play with mature tree lined fairways, strategic sandtraps, well manicured greens and three tee decks. From 5400 to 6300 yards, this Ward designed course offers even the most accomplished golfer a serious challenge. With a fully licensed lounge and a spacious dining room THE VIEW offering a panoramic view of the bay, it is the perfect 19th hole. Whether visiting friends in the region or passing through, you are invited to join them for the next 100 years of golfing in beautiful Prince Edward County.

Semi-Private 18 Hole Course • Par 72

Driving Range & Practice Area • Rentals Licensed Dining Room, Lounge & Banquet Facilities Beverage Cart • Pro Shop Stay & Play Packages

Semi-Private 18 Hole Course • Par 72 Pro Shop • Rentals Licensed Lounge & Restaurant For Tee TImes Call Pro Shop 613-476-1485 734 County Rd #49 • PICTON

For Tee Times: 1-888-228-9337 613-396-2433 Highway #2 • MARYSVILLE




A fine golf course, like fine wine, must have a distinct character, a good body and a great finish.” You will be delighted by the golf experience that awaits you in the heart of Prince Edward County’s Wine Region. This Azinger design is a picturesque mix of tree lined impeccably manicured fairways, with three contrasting links style holes exposed to the breezes off Lake Ontario. The beach like silica sand-traps and bent grass greens add to the course’s unique character. The four tee decks offers golfers a chance to choose their challenge, playing from 2400 – 3500 yards. With a getaway to The County, “there is always Time for Nine”. Join them for a must play County golf experience that is a “pleasure to play”. Public Club 9 Hole Course • Par 36 Power Carts • Lessons Rentals • Licensed For Tee Times 1-866-549-2357/613-399-2357 157 Prince Edward Dr • WELLINGTON

AN I N V I TAT I O N ... Whether you are an avid golfer looking for new courses to challenge your skills, a couple who enjoy hitting a few practice balls at a scenic driving range or simply a family looking to enjoy the great outdoors with a game of miniputt, The Bay of Quinte Region, in which Prince Edward County belongs, offers a multitude of ­exceptional golfing opportunities amidst some of Ontario’s most beautiful scenery. During your stay, please feel free to explore the many great courses in the region including The County’s! The FREE Bay of Quinte Golf Map can be found throughout the region at local information kiosks and at the Prince Edward County Chamber of Tourism and Commerce, 116 Main Street, Picton.




Please Let These Courses Know That You Found Them in THE



If you are looking for a great place that encompasses all your golfing needs, then take a drive to Belleville’s picturesque Bayview Family Golf Centre. It offers golfing fun for the entire family. There’s a driving range where you can practice your swing and see your distance game. Once you’ve warmed up your swing, you can tee off on their 18 hole course. Whether you are a foursome, a couple or simply a single player, there is always a good game waiting for you to enjoy at the Bayview Family Golf Centre. If the family is craving a little outdoor fun, then there is always their 18 holes of miniature golf which will challenge both young and old alike. Offering golf instructions, rentals and an open invitation to join them for their Tournament Fridays where you can enjoy a game of 9 hole golf, a BBQ lunch and prizes, this is one

Golfing Fun for Everyone to Enjoy!



613-962-1254 • 1915 Hwy 2 • Belleville




golf centre that is determined to make sure that you only have the best golfing experience possible. They even have Seniors Mondays with coffee and fresh baked cookies! If you are cottaging or camping and want something to do for the kids, then check out their summer golf camp which runs from 8:30 to 4 pm. As to their menu offerings, it is the traditional hot dogs, burgers, poutine, fresh cut fries, toasted Westerns, Caesar salads and wraps. It’s definitely worth the drive to Bayview Family Golf Centre!

Public Club 9 Hole Course • 18 Hole Game Driving Range & Practice Area Rentals • Power Carts Licensed Restaurant

For Tee Times: 1-888-228-9337 613-396-2433 1915 Highway #2 BELLEVILLE

W AT E R S P O R T S R E N TA L S & W AT E R F U N Martin’s River Country Martin’s River Country is located in the heart of the Quinte Isle’s Tourist Region. Known for their RV, Camping and Seasonal Trailer sites, it has become recognized for its great canoeing and boating a­ ctivities along the Outlet River leading into Lake Ontario as well as East Lake. Located across from Sandbanks Provincial Park ­with its miles of beautiful sandy beaches and eighty foot sand dunes, Martin’s River ­Country is the closest ­private park to these beaches which offers canoes and boat rentals for your boating pleasure. You are invited to explore the Outlet River and get close to nature where white swans float and otters play.It is a great way to spend the day in the County for both old and young alike and one which will give you hours of pleasure as you paddle along enjoying nature and all its natural beauty. Located at County Road 18 • Picton

Canoe the Outlet River & East Lake!

Westlake Watersport Rentals If action watersports are what you crave, then get on down to WESTLAKE WATERSPORTS! They have a variety of great “water toys” ! Rent a speedy Waverunner, Jet -ski or one of their three seater Sea-doos. If you want something a little bigger and with less “action” and more “relaxation”, then rent one of their “gentle” pontoon boats which can seat up to ten comfortably. If fishing is more your style, then you will find motorboats as well to rent. Only 5 minutes from Sandbanks Provincial Park, you’ll find them all at Edgewater Trailer Park in West Lake.Where else could you go for so much fun in the sun? Edgewater Park • West Lake

Boat Rentals

Canoe Rentals

For a great day of fishing or a relaxing family excursion!


County Road 18, R.R. #1 • Picton • Ontario

Create Some Waves with

e k a l estr Sports ate


RENTALS 3 Seater Sea-doos Wave Runner • Jet Ski 20’ Lowe Pontoon 20’ & 24’ Bentley Pontoons Fishing Boats

Check Out Our Great Edgewater Vacation Rentals! EDGEWATER PARK • WEST LAKE • 613.393.1095

5 Minutes from Sandbanks Provincial Park THE SOJOURNER 2011



Enjoy ... Our “Special Beach Ride” along the shores of Lake Ontario.

Lasso Up Some Great Fun at


By Appointment Only Call 613-476-4595 (Near Sandbanks Provincial Park)

Two Great Ways


If you love “horsepower”, then why not take a little ride ... on one of Diamond J’s horses. Here, you can enjoy the great outdoors and see The County from a totally different perspective. With special beach rides at Quinte’s Isle Camp Park (613-4764595) and mountain rides through ­Macaulay Mountain, Diamond J Ranch is fully equipped with horses

See The County!

11967 Highway 33, Picton

Both Rides Open Daily



Diamond J Horse Ranch

Our Mountain Ride through beautiful fields & woodland areas overlooking Picton Bay. For Ride Times & Reservations, Call 613-476-6474

Quinte’s Isle Campark

Pony Rides for Children Rides for Private Functions

Discover ...

Westlake Willy Waterpark

for every caliber of rider catering to families and ­inexperienced riders. You are invited to discover the County from this amazing vantage point as owner Jack Couglin and his team take you on another great County adventure. You will leave with a great memories and having made new friends along the way including some four legged ones! 11967 Highway 33 • Picton

IT’S TIME TO GET WET! Do you like to create a big splash, swim, swoosh down slides, etc....? Well, get to WESTLAKE WILLY WATERPARK where you’ll find The County’s biggest and only water park! Jump from a 25 foot tower onto the big bouncy “BLOB”. Shoot a friend into the air or climb the 15 foot inflatable, floating iceberg.

It’s great summer fun for all ages, from little kids to grandparents. Watch the fun or simply jump right into the thick of the fun. Every day from 9am to dusk you can play. Bring a picnic! Use the beach bbq’s. Book a birthday party! Ask your host about Westlake Willy’s special savings for B&B, Inn and suite rental guests. Come on down for some great summer fun at Edgewater Park • West Lake

It’s All about WATER FUN at ...

Westlake Willy Waterpark! Get Wet!


id For T he lK s! in A l of U

It Up!

3 TRAMPOLINES • WATER SLIDE HUMAN LAUNCH PAD MASSIVE FLOATING ICEBERG & MORE WATER TOYS Play by the Half Hour • Hour • Half Day • Full Day Fully Supervised • Life Jackets Supplied *Half Price for Campers at Edgewater Park


5 Minutes from Sandbanks Provincial Park THE SOJOURNER 2011




If you love hiking, then look to our many ­conservation areas and parks which have a ­w onderful variety of trails to hike along. For those of you who like the ­c hallenge of an uphill climb, then set out for Little Bluff ’s ­C onservation Area or M ­ acauley


There are six areas within the ­county that are open for visitors to play which are as follows:

Mountain ­C onservation Area which boasts of having the best maintained and range of trails for all levels of h­ ikers. ­Sandbanks ­Provincial Park famous sand dunes are g­ uaranteed to give you all the up and downs you want in a day! Be sure to backpack a picnic if you do because the view from on top of some of the dunes is phenomenal and you will want to rest a while to take it all in. For those of you ­wanting less of a ­challenge, try Outlet beach at S­ andbanks or e­ njoy a hike along our many b­ eautiful country roads such as W ­ aupoos where the ­h ollyhocks grow wild along the roadside or a walk in any one of The County’s ­conservation areas where the wild flowers grow in ­abundance. The choice is yours to enjoy during your stay in beautiful Prince Edward County!

AMELIASBURGH Roblin Lake (Single Court) Carrying Place (Doubles Court) Rossmore (Single Court) BLOOMFIELD Mill Pond (Doubles Court) NORTH MARYSBURGH North Marysburgh Town Hall (Single



Picton Collegiate(Doubles Court)


South Marysburgh School (Doubles Court)

WELLINGTON Wellington Ball Field (Doubles


Water Sports Swimming

The County is fortunate to have several wonderful beaches as you may have discovered in the Attractions section. Naturally, these beaches allow you the pleasure of a m ­ ultitude of water sports whether you love to windsurf, waterski or simply swim. Although the depth of the waters at some of the beaches may be very gradual, please realize that there are no l­ifeguards at any of the county’s public beaches and it is up to you to make sure not to go beyond your ability to swim or out of your comfort zone. If you have children ­vacationing with you, please make sure that they are attended to at all times under an adult’s supervision.

Water Skiing



Another great water sport is water skiing. For those of you who want to enjoy a few hours of great fun, drop into Sandbanks Beach Resort and ask Tim Barrett for a booking.

One of the most popular water sports in the County is Windsurfing. The brisk breezes off the shoreline are perfect for windsurfers to take to the waters and enjoy a great day of surfing.

To d is c ove r s ome of t he County’s “hidden treasures”, one has to search beneath the waters ­surrounding Quinte’s Isle. Over two-thirds of Great Lakes shipwrecks occurred in the waters around Prince Edward Point including two & three-masted schooners, steamers, etc... Ducks Dive Charters offers experienced divers the opportunity to discover this “Graveyard of Lake ­Ontario”. Our Mariners’ Park ­Museum on the way to Long Point has a wide source of information about Prince Edward County’s mariners’ history. Be sure to include it on one of your tours.




The Sojourner 2011  

The Guide to Prince Edward County & Surrounding Area