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“After my engineering studies and first professional experiences my interest in graphical software and multimedia grew so strongly that I decided to make a career switch. Ever since I have been making designs and managing the content of many sites and a DVD online shop. I enjoy combining images and texts into creative and modern graphical designs for print or web.” “Being a photographer and musician myself, I learned how to make and edit photos, record and edit audio or video files.” “More recently I have started making many photobooks and collages and I have also organised several art exhibitions.”

Sam Geuens Anoulstraat 11 1050 Elsene Belgium +32 497 381838 sam@samgeuens.be www.samgeuens.be

STUDIES Environmental engineering

EXTRA COURSES Multimedia design & development Desktop publishing Photography

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Graphic designer/Webmaster - Jekino/ECFA Webmaster/Project manager - Sony Europe Webmaster/Editor - Jekino Films Teacher sciences/maths - Secondary schools Project manager soil pollution - Soresma Scientific worker radioprotection - SCK-CEN

SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram Tumblr Flickr/Smugmug Linked In

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“I studied photography from 1999-2002 `at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Mol (Belgium) with art photographer and teacher Bart Michielsen. During and after those first years I experimented with different camera types (reflex, polaroid, automatic, digital) and photographed e.g. live musicians, architecture, clouds, landscapes, posters, grafitti and street art in black & white or colour. I never set up scenes and only photograph reality the way it is.�

Documentary Live concerts Street art Cities Architecture Nature Landscapes Travelling Reportage Portraits Product photos ...



Get Into My Cloud Rhythms and Rhymes Life is a journey Artification MPTNSS

photography.samgeuens.be samgeuens.tumblr.com flickr.com/photos/samgeuens saatchiart.com/samgeuens

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Rearviewmirror Rhythms and Rhymes Concert photography from 2008 until 2015 4 XL photobooks 3-day photo expo in Antwerp, 2016

Street art photography Website (rearviewmirror.be) was online for 2 years with more than 500 monthly visits All photos are transferred to my Flickr account

Get into my cloud Poetry and cloud photos Mini photobook + postcards Photo expo in Brussels, 2017 Teaser video on YouTube

Life is a journey Travel photography Collaboration with photographer Sven Ceustermans 2-day photo expo in Tessenderlo, 2014

Off the wall Street art photography combined with poetry. Photobook, 2014

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Unsung Songs Landscape photography and song lyrics, 2005-2015 Photobook in sepia red, 2016

Rhythms and Rhymes Left: 4 XL photobooks shown in expo with colour versions of the photos

Rhythms and Rhymes Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu - Live at Muziekodroom Hasselt (2012)

Life is a journey Photo from Lisbon shown in expo (2014)

Travelling Cadiz (2010)

Cities/Street art Charleroi (2010)

Travelling Berlin (2012)

Nature Forêt Saint-Rémy, Rochefort (2014)

Nature/Travelling Sintra, Portugal (2014)



“My first professional design was a movie poster for the dutch Jekino film ‘Knetter’ in 2005. Soon I was exploring all Adobe Creative Suite programs and they became my tools to make designs at work or at home for my own projects. Moving from Photoshop and Illustrator to Indesign was an important step to start making multi-page PDFs, like the trimestrial newsletters for ECFA, the European Children’s Film Association, which I have been doing ever since 2008.” “More than 100 film titles from the Jekino film catalogue have a poster and flyer which were layed out by my hands. This is something to be proud of regarding future generations and cultural heritage.”

Posters Flyers Brochures Websites PDF Newsletters Banners DVD-inlays Mailings Presentations Screens Social media banners Invitations ...

EXAMPLES ONLINE samgeuens.be/portfolio

USED SOFTWARE Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

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Jekino films Posters and promo cards for youth films of Jekino and JEF (2005-2018)

Making Movies Graphic identity and promo materials for film festival: logo, sticker, flyer, poster, banner, award (2007-2011)

ECFA Journal Trimestrial international newsletter on youth film and media education from ECFA, available in PDF and ISSUU (2008-2018)

Banners for outdoors Banners for hanging in cinemas or outdoors on wall frames. Also rollup banners for standing in cinemas and cultural centers to promote film releases or on events. (2010-2018)

DVD inlays Designs for covers, inlays and disc prints for Jekino and JEF (2008-2018)

Jekino webwinkel Promo image for online DVD e-commerce site (2010)

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Making Movies Graphic designs for promotion of Making Movies film festivals (2007-2011)

ECFA Journal Graphic layout of trimestrial international ECFA newsletter (2017)

Banner for outdoors Graphic layout for framed outdoor banner on the office building to promote the animation movie ‘Rintje’ (2017)

Jekino webwinkel Graphic design for rectoverso ‘beer’ card to promote DVD e-commerce site on events (2010)

Totebag + notebook Graphic design for totebag and notebook to promote the animation movie ‘Reis naar het Noorden’ (2016)

DVD Graphic design for dvd disc of ‘Simple Simon’ for Jekino Distributie (2010)



“Back in 2002 I learned how to make simple HTML websites on my own, but following courses about scripting and Flash animations made the impossible happen wthin a few years time. Soon I was embedding audio and video in animated websites.” “With smartphones and tablets coming up in 2009 soon all sites had to become faster, dynamic, responsive and so Flash disappeared. Since then I gradually switched to CMS systems and tested many of them. Right now I would recommend using Drupal for bigger projects and Wordpress for smaller ones.”

HTML Websites Flash animations/websites E-commerce Audio recording/editing Video montage Photo and image editing Social media E-mailings Content Management Systems HTML, CSS PHP, Javascript FTP ...

USED SOFTWARE Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash pro, Premiere Pro, Indesign, Acrobat Pro, Media Encoder Quicktime pro, i-Movie, Garageband, Audition Dreamweaver, Filezilla Mailchimp, SendInBlue Drupal 7, Pyro CMS, Wordpress Prestashop, OS Commerce Creative Photography Template

EXAMPLES ONLINE bartmichielsen.net jeugdfilm.be jeugdfilm.be/webwinkel photography.samgeuens.be samgeuens.tumblr.com

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Rearviewmirror.be Bartmichielsen.net CMS-based portfolio website for photographer Bart Michielsen

JEF Webwinkel Design and content management for Prestashop based e-commerce site with dvd and film educative materials

Wordpress website with street art photos, was online for 2 years with more than 500 monthly visits

Jeugdfilm.be Content management for Pyro CMS based website of JEF vzw (including Jekino film database), since 2017

Samgeuens.be Wordpress portfolio website with all photography projects and links to online media

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Get into my cloud Teaser video for photo expo edited in i-Movie Watch it on YouTube



“I was always combining photos in Photoshop to have more images in 1 image or to have extra layers to experiment with. By visiting many art exhibitions all over Europe I started discovering abstract, minimal, surrealistic and mixed media art. One day I just started cutting out shapes in paper to design away from the computer, with my bare hands. This felt so good that I’ve now been doing this for many years. Making paper collages is my way to disconnect and let my imagination go wild.”

Letters from magazines and flyers Funny or stylish personages Old fashion commercials Colourful backgrounds Wrapping papers Old book pages Recyclage paper Brown envelopes Black and white photos ...

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We are mixed up L’homme qui voyait voler les poissons

Collage on old school fiche to promote dj evening at Café ‘t Wassalon Mol (2014)

Collage (2017)

Souls After Midnight

Les neuf femmes

Good music keeps bad spirits away

Series of 9 collages with LIFE Magazine photo models on Chinese paper (2017)

Collage with polaroid photo on old paper as invitation for musical event (2015)

Tigra Collage on old book page (2017) page 25

Letter collage on chinese paper (2015)

Tigra Paper collage (2017)

L’homme qui voyait voler les poissons Paper collage (2017)

All photos and texts copyright Sam Geuens www.samgeuens.be 2018

BXL Digital collage about the architectural melting pot of Brussels (2015)