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Viticulture Managing System. The dawn of a new viticulture.

Technology you can trust.

SAME VMS: advanced technology applied to viticulture. Viticulture Managing System is a new advanced, computerised and efficient system for the analysis, recognition and treatment of vineyards.

Thanks to our long tradition of making specialist tractors and the considerable experience accumulated in the sector, SAME can proudly present VMS (Viticulture Managing System), the first and only integrated system currently on the market for precision viticulture. This is a highly advanced tool for computerised management of parameters concerning the status of the crop and the terrain, acquired in a site-specific logic designed to achieve more efficient management of machinery in relation to each portion of the vineyard, even of minimal size, down to the individual vine.


In viticulture it is common to encounter large or small areas within the same vineyard having different soil composition and structure, diverse humidity levels, microclimate and light levels, to which the vine responds with varying degrees of vegetative development. By means of the application of the most advanced precision viticulture technology the vegetative development and physiological requirements of single vines can be identified, so that the cultivation techniques can be adapted accordingly to guarantee precision of execution that only the most expert growers could assure, working with exclusively manual methods.

INNOVATION IS BORN OUT OF TRADITION. The ancient art of optimal management of such an important and delicate crop, patiently expanded and improved over centuries, now benefits from a huge leap forward thanks to modern computer systems that make it possible to manage even large surface areas with the same attention and painstaking care that a small grower would dedicate to each operation performed on his micro-vineyards. VMS allows modern viticulture businesses to enhance the level of care for their vineyards significantly, with substantial economic benefits and a higher level of environmental sustainability. This means it is now possible to rationalise the number of operations in the field, concentrating them exclusively where they are needed, and effectively creating a perfectly designed chain to guarantee the quality of the product and, in summary, to offer an absolute guarantee for consumers.


SAME vms: the system that transforms the variability of the soil into just one more resource. Each terrain is different and a single plot often has different gradients, humidity levels and soil compositions. For this personalised appraisal, saving of data and operational optimisation are the essential steps to boost productivity.

2 Saving of site-specific


and protection of the product.

Detailed maps are generated on the basis of prior measurements to provide invaluable indications on the yield at different points of the vineyard, in relation to the principle that areas of low development give lower product quantities but the grapes tend to ripen earlier and are of higher quality.

On the basis of this data the machine can operate even more intelligently, maximising its working capabilities and protecting the quality of the harvested crop, a characteristic that is particularly crucial for grapes, one of the few agricultural products for which quality is always generously rewarded.

1 Soil scanning. Precision viticulture is based on the measurement and comparison of geo-referenced thematic maps indicating the state of the vineyard in relation to individual parameters in order to carry out different operations in different zones on the basis of precise agronomic objectives.

3 Intelligent harvesting






Defines the vegetative development of different areas of the vineyard for targeted operation by the implements.




Intelligent technology at the service of optimisation. SAME VMS: the only system on the market that optmises your harvest and protects the environment to assure future production.

GPS Antenna


The antenna makes it possible to identify the precise GPS location of the tractor on the map and transmit the information in graphic form to the i-Monitor. With the “Guardian” option, the antenna also includes sensors to calculate the degree of stability of the tractor.

Contains a Compact Flash card on which the precision maps developed beforehand are uploaded. The i-Monitor also incorporates a “virtual terminal” that provides access to implement control and monitoring pages. All the data recorded can then be conveniently downloaded to a PC for analysis and filing.


ISOBUS sockets

The implement receives an input from the i-Monitor (via ISOBUS) and performs the operations in accordance with the values indicated by the prescriptive maps. The work of the implement varies automatically in relation to the position in which it is operating. In this example, the “Tecnovict 111 GPS” leaf stripper will strip more or fewer leaves in accordance with the position of the tractor in a specific area of the map: high, medium or low vegetative development.

The ISOBUS sockets (central and rear) allow communication between the tractor and compatible implements by means of the standard ISOBUS protocol.



Guardian: one step ahead in the drive for safety.

In a simple and intuitive manner Guardian alerts the operator to all conditions that could result in the tractor overturning. ACTIVE

SAME Guardian: the add-on device for

The Guardian function can be enabled directly from the iMonitor opening menu.

the SAME VMS system that monitors tractor stability. SAME VMS can also be fitted with “Guardian”, an integrated overturning prevention device that, by measuring speed, chassis angle and steering angle of the tractor simultaneously provides the operator with an indication of the degree of stability of the vehicle, allowing manoeuvres to be performed within guaranteed safety limits. The level of stability is constantly displayed on the tractor monitor; if a hazardous situation arises Guardian will immediately alert the operator to the cause. Diagnostic software constantly monitors operation of the safety device.

SAFETY Green circles show totally safe and stable working conditions.

ALARM TYPE WARNING Yellow circles denote a potential risk of overturning and warn the operator to pay attention to the type of alarm indicated.

Each danger condition is signalled by an icon directly on the iMonitor. SHARP TURN HIGH SPEED


DANGER Red circles denote an imminent risk of overturning. The stability of the tractor is impaired by the hazards indicated by the alarms.




MARCHESI ANTINORI and SAME VMS: Environmental and productivity benefits.

Collaboration that has led to favourable results.

Setup to meet the requirements of expert growers such as Marchesi Antinori, who needed advanced tools to maximise the quality of their wines, tested at the Tignanello estate and scientifically approved by the Marchesi Antinori Research and Development Department, VMS, the world's first precision viticulture system, has been further developed by SAME.

For several years the market has been offering various implements for precision viticulture capable of operating in accordance with site-specific logic, such as the centrifugal variable rate fertilizer spreader and the revolutionary "intelligent" leaf stripper, developed thanks to collaboration between SAME and leading growers-wineries, first and foremost Marchesi Antinori. In this regard, a series of stringent scientific tests performed over several years has shown a substantial improvement in the quality of the grapes. 10

“Marchesi Antinori has been using precision viticulture techniques based on the vigour maps created with remote sensing techniques for five years. The Marchesi Antinori/Tecnovict/SAME team is now consolidated and, depending on requirements and the projects, we have sought out partners capable of supplying the necessary technology�. Christian Zulian Executive MARCHESI ANTINORI srl (Taken from Terra e Vita issue no. 15/2012)

Targeted operation on the basis of the vineyard characteristics Optimisation of crop treatments Maximisation of the working capabilities of the implements Protection of grapes quality


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Technical data and pictures are purely guideline. Committed to delivering a product that is increasingly in line with your needs, SAME reserves the right to update the specifications of its machines at any time without notice.

SAME VMS: a major innovation, accessible and easy to manage. Despite its extraordinary level of technological contents, SAME VMS is thoroughly user friendly: the settings, made directly on the i-Monitor, use highly intuitive logic that enables optimal setup to be carried out extremely rapidly.

The VMS system is available as a Spare Parts kit. The kit is supplied in three versions configured in accordance with the tractor model on which it is to be installed. Compatible tractor models are those from the following ranges: FRUTTETO続, FRUTTETO続 S and FRUTTETO続 V.

Main kit components: - i-Monitor + control panel (MMI) - GPS antenna - ISOBUS sockets - HL-HP electronic control unit - Installation kit (supports, fasteners, wiring looms)

For purchase and installation of the VMS kit just call your SAME dealer. Local dealership

Always use only genuine original SDF lubricants and coolants

Technology you can trust.


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