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editorial. rom the point where there is just an idea about a session and the actual event it takes a huge amount of time. The Media-team started thinking, eating, breathing, and working with the content and the ideas for the content for months now. As the months came and went we could only picture what we are going to do. Now, at this moment, when the sun is already rising above Krakow, yet the city is asleep, I can see myself holding the first issue in my hands, just as you will in a matter of hours. There is a very important thing to take away from the process that lasts for months and months. Persistence is key. We have had days when we are fighting for facebook likes until our fingers bleed and we have had days when no one answers to my requests

for hours and hours and hours. Yet we are here. We are here because of persistence. Because we managed to pull ourselves together when necessary and see the goal at the end of it all, towards which we are all moving. We lived through our experiences and added knowledge to our actions. What I would like to say to you now is ‘Be persistent!’ no matter do you have a moustache or a beard or no hair at all you can still show your best at the end of it all, if you at it. Go at it! Get yourself going and strive for your goal. Do so and we will take care of the rest. As long as we all work together here, we can make the 1st International Youth Forum of EYP Poland in Krakow something that will be remembered for years to come.

!!! ttention, attention everyone! Sugar, spice and moustache with ice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little whale. But the editing squad accendentaly added an extra ingredient to the concoction. Moustache X.

Thus the Lord Moobee the second was born. Using his ultra super powers Moobee has dedicated his life to fighting beards and spread moustaches all over the World! He will live at the session and become involved in all of our adventures...

whale tales.

manhood maturity power.

he moustache: technically it is the unshaved growth of hair on the upper lip, and sometimes down the sides of the mouth. Other than that, it is a symbol of manhood, of maturity, and of power.

The first recorded moustache was worn in 1674 by Duke Morgan Stachey of the Beardon Estate, in the East Country of England. The Duke had been out hunting wolves with his son, Morgan Jr., when they fell under attack, and were forced deep into Thetford Forest, where they survived on mere berries and bark for six days. Upon their eventual return to Beardon Estate, The Duke had changed. The village people felt it, and he felt it too. As The Duke cleaned himself up after the ordeal, he decided to leave the beard that had accumulated on his upper lip unshaved. Hence, the moustache was born. Since that glorious day in 1674, the trend set by Duke Morgan Stachey picked up an abundance of followers. Many simply copied the idea straight off for an original and winning look, while others decided to innovate the concept. While Duke Morgan Stachey’s moustache was a mark of something that had happened to him and covered the whole upper lip and no more, innovators

Hugo DĂźrr

coined other various constellations. Salvador Dali was an eccentric being, and carried a moustache resembling two long devil horns, representing of his malicious eyes apparently, whilst Charlie Chaplin wore a much more rectangular, groomed look which was ironic considering the total slapstick comedy he encapsulated, quite unlike Dali with the devil horns. There were others who also bore the moustache as a sign of authority. Even though the moustaches of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Horatio Herbert Kitchener all looked rather different, they all encompass the motion of dictatorial power. Scary. Other trendsetters, such as Albert Einstein, Frank Zappa, Super Mario and of course Tom Selleck, all carried the symbol of manhood, of maturity, and of power, that is the moustache, characterizing them and raising them on the bar of excellence. The moustache has now been worn for over 300 years, and has experienced innovation in its prime. It is the goal of all young men, to eventually innovate themselves, and to be deemed worthy to carry their very own moustache, the symbol of manhood, of maturity, and of power.

long time ago, Keen Cleverson was wandering through a town called New Thoughtshire to find a place to sleep, when he stumbled across Ovation Inn. He entered the modernistic building and within a couple of minutes he ended up in a lengthy conversation with the innkeeper. The intriguing man was disappointed that every day so many pleasant people had a stay at his inn without getting to know each other and having a ball. Luckily, Cleverson was about to get inspired to invent all that made him the father of eyp games. Obviously all the innkeepers’ guests are not sufficiently feeling at ease with each other to just start either conversing nor blabbing let alone having fun. Perfectly human habit: they don not know whether the others are trustworthy or congenial and thus they expect the worst. For starters Cleverson wanted to get rid of this distrust and brought guests together to learn each other’s names, hobbies and other basic pieces of information. To make sure he didn’t bore the guests looking like a numb entertainer, he introduced Name Games and ‘2 truths and a lie’. In this way the guests got to know they had things in common and, so doing, that they were all completely friendly people. However, Cleverson noticed that finding that one other person on the globe that likes a slice of cheese on his bread with peanut butter just like yourself and loves

to play deep-sea chess too, is not satisfactory for getting people to have fun in the way the innkeeper and Cleverson wanted them to have. Frankly enough, there is more than just common habits and favours, in other words common separate history, needed to feel actually connected. To feel at ease like we want in eyp you need a common history together. Preferably things you achieve together through games. It only gets better: the more ridiculous the game the more it connects. Think about it, do you have a not so close friend but still, you know him quite well? In that case, have you ever seen him running around like a chicken with goggles (i.e. because he lost the Chicken Pilot)? Or have you ever ‘gone bananas’ with him after imaginarily forming, peeling, chopping, smashing and drinking them (i.e. singing the Banana Song)? As a matter of fact, when you have been in such a bizarre and most of the times embarrassing situation, you will see that there is nothing to be ashamed of amongst each other. In the end, this is what enables people to both have a lot of fun and say what they want to say. So make sure that every time you play Ninja, you shout like you go nuts. This is how Cleverson guaranteed an enjoyable stay for the guests of Ovation Inn and this is how you can enjoy eyp to the fullest. Get krakin’.

ovation inn.

Mattho Mandersloot

uring the last decades, we have witnessed many innovations taking place on our favourite products. Starting with how our milk is processed and down to our facebook pages being transformed. We can see the changes happening around us. That is what makes the world move forward and evolve. But you may ask: ‘how is changing my facebook profile going to help the world?’ It is a good question, and I will follow it by saying ‘Why not wash our clothes every morning in the river with nothing but soap and water?’ Are you getting my point? Here are some reasons why innovation is needed in our lives. 1. For the progression of human well-being Innovative new products are essential to the progress of any society. Imagine what we would do if we did not have washing machines or cars. New products are being invented every minute, but it is the innovative minds that transform them and put them on the line of production. To make it clear once more, innovation differs from invention in that innovation refers to the use of a new idea or method, whereas invention refers more directly to the creation of the idea or method itself. These products meet the current needs of modern world. 2. For economic growth To the more serious business. Innovation has always played a huge part in the Economy. Economic growth depends on innovations. When new ideas come to light, they have the potential of being made into new products. For every product made, there is an amount of work which needs to be done, thus giving a profession for the ones who seek it. By this example, you can see how the flow of innovation leads to new jobs. As the markets grow bigger, so does the industry.

Irida Karasmanoglou

3. For the sake of glory How many of you have heard of someone trying to get into the Guinness world records only because one wants to become famous and accomplish something in his or her life? Same thing happens with innovation. Someone comes up with a great idea, although he doesn’t necessary have the resources to embody it. Then, he tries as hard as he can and finally manages. Or doesn’t. Or there are these times when all the effort is given for the result of one thing, but it turns out to be another, to be more specific, the (all time favourites in EYP) post-it inventions. You know this story, a researcher was disappointed in the laboratory with the poor sticking performance of an adhesive he was working on. The poor sticking performance became the basis of removable, but staying-in-place pieces of paper. The sticking performance was the disappointing surprise that then turned into an innovation for those who would recognise it as such. That’s how some ‘goodies’ are made, how the flow of things is kept alive. Pure chance. 4. Just for fun Yes, in my opinion some innovations take place just for fun. Take, for example, cell phones. If we forget the part of competition between companies and consider what happens inside only one company, we’ll find out that’s true. People are having a good time, they want to be productive and efficient, so they come up with crazy ideas of evolving equipment, materials etc. and most of the times they succeed. And now, we use our ‘extraordinary models’ of iPhones and iPads, with tons of applications and games available, when some years ago, all of that would have sounded insane. These are just some point on why we should innovate. You should not be intimidated, because no one will ask you for more than what you can do. As we say, ‘Sky is the limit’.


nnovation is an art. Thus, one must reckon that every piece of innovation, no matter how greatly it affects your life, is created for the welfare of the humankind. You might be thinking that the steam locomotive was a major innovation for the following centuries, what’s more, you might even be right for thinking that. Yet details are the key, I shall say, and there are numerous minor points in our lives which cause huge problems. In these cases, the ingenious innovation spirit takes the lead and a cool distinguished innovator comes to the stage, takes the existing product and with a highly creative touch, he refreshes it. Still, these smart innovators, who try to ease our lives by solving our minor daily life problems, have a stigma on their products: they are called dumb. This shameful word simply cannot be accepted. So, basically, here is a special top-5 of world’s so-called dumbest inventions, a top-5 list that has been carefully selected from a gazillion wonderful innovations . In fact, the contributors of this list are the ones that are chosen after a close observation process, conducted by reading the explanations of the innovations for nine times as I was too flabbergasted to understand these brilliant ideas in the first eight times. They are hilarious, way too cool to be true and highly useful for everyday use. Take inspiration from these shiny wondrous items while you are innovating!


Anti-eating Face Mask. Don’t try it during the session, it may prove to be dangerous. This mask-like mechanism is for preventing the user from eating excess food. If one disregards the fact that a human cookie-monster can actually remove a mask, it’s a magnificent innovation on a theoretical level. Well, it lacks a few points on the practical phase. Assume you eat a lot and get full during Eurovillage or that you no longer want to taste delicious Turkish delights. Then imagine yourself putting your mask on and a furious delegate might think that you are a robber and runs after you with a knife in his hand and and... I don’t want that. So just try taping your lips shut if you cannot control yourself during the session, dears.


Lip Pattern: As hasty generalisation as it is, red lipstick is so appealing. Only when you’re able to put it, since an overfill lipstick is a murder for your glamorous look. However, the innovators take into account the females who lack the skill on applying the lipstick p ro p e r l y. Basical-

Şayen Tokyay

ly, Lip Pattern is a mask-like invention with a lip formed hole in the middle. With this innovation, every delegate with a dream of wearing beautifully applied red lipstick in GA will come true and no one would ever suffer from clown-ishly coloured lips.


Hair Guard For Eating: Talking about innovation, no one ever attempted to innovate hair clips...until this invention entered the global markets. As a representative of the terrifically longhaired people, I invite every one of you to raise a toast for a world with no longer noodle-flavoured or lasagna - influenced hair.


Crocs: No, no. I cannot even bear someone putting the word “Crocs” with the word “dumb” in the same sentence, no. Crocs are the innovations of those uncomfortable, indescribably killing and uncolourful shoes with its special comfortable and funny design. What’s more, when you have a pair of Crocs, you feel like walking on a field of velvety cotton candy and they do not look hideous at all, all right? Be aware that everyone’s being so hard on these lovely shoes by insulting the physical appearance of it. Let’s all become defenders of Croc rights. They need our love. And the innovation Oscar of Summer 2012 goes to...


Bearded Beanie: Let’s assume you cannot grow a moustache. Because of this, you feel lonesome, heart-broken, disappointed. What’s more, you feel far behind the mode and you feel cold in the freezing weathers. At the risk of sounding commercial, bearded beanie is for you. It’s an original fitted bearded hat; it offers a lot of fantastic colour options for your beard and moustache. For sure, I’m supporting for the natural growing of a moustache, of course I do, but no one shall refuse the attractive look of a huge white curly moustache... especially when it’s knitted. Order yours, male delegates, and see how will you be chased after during the session. Trust me.


st century scientists have been trying to find a theory on moustache perfection. It’s marvellous, cool, alluring and stylish at the same time. That needs a plausible explanation. Determined and passionate moustachioed scientists gathered in 2008 for a session called ‘Multilateral Moustache Meeting’ (MMM). Their ultimate aim was coming up with theories on moustaches. Unfortunately, only one theory was introduced to the world during the event, since four days was not enough for scientists to make extensive and satisfactory research. After MMM 2009, participants agreed to make these meetings annual.

The reason is that theories on moustaches demand to be innovated with the global world. Here are three findings that have been widely accepted after past MMMs. The Randomoustache Theory (MMM 2009): In its first year, MMM 2009 was already fantastic where scientists were productive and profusely creative. Their theory states that if a person has a short first name, he is likely to have a moustache. Moreover, it was figured out that the shorter the name results in a greater likelihood!

The theory is: Name<= 4 letters= Moustache Name>= 5 letters = No Moustache

Bear in mind this theory before deciding to grow a moustache. Recently, some angry moustaches are found to magically disappear from the peoples’ upper lips if the name of the person is longer than 5 letters. Moustaches are well known for their persistent nature and very firm belief on theories. The “Start wearing purple for me now” Theory (MMM 2010): In its second year, the events’ official theme was set as the “Moustache in Music”. During the event, participants researched on bands and singers with moustaches, focusing on a wide range of artists from Freddie Mercury to Brandon Flowers. Among numerous inspiring

bands, the scientists chose Gogol Bordello’s members’ moustaches to develop a theory. Guess why? Due to the excess amount of awesomeness, of course. The theory states that people are inclined to wear purple clothes if gypsy punk band with stylish moustachioed lead vocal demands them to do so. The Mad Jack the Pirate Theory (MMM 2011): All notable pirate cartoon characters have an attractive moustache. Thus, enthusiastic, cartoon-lover participants in 2011 showed their common belief on the possible connection between pirates and moustaches. After brainstorming, a mind-blowing theory was established. It was inspired by the phenomenon cartoon character, Mad Jack the Pirate.

Şayen Tokyay

ne cannot deny that, since forever and as far long as men could grow ones, moustaches have always been around. From the Neanderthal man’s rough moustache, whose growth probably cannot be considered as a properly mastered one, to Charlie Chaplin’s toothbrush one, it is true that these facial hairstyles have gone through an evolution of their own. Thus, after thousands of years of continuation, who would be pessimistic enough not to believe in their future? Indeed, as you read these lines, the moustache industry is tirelessly getting its business thriving and is certainly not about to stop. And for a good reason. The mustachioed community, which is spreading over the world faster than an EYP addiction, is promoting its way of life. They struggle against discrimination through institutions such as the AMI (American Moustache Institute, active since 1965). Who knows what will come next? Tired of poor branding and neglect, the most moustache disciples might just take vow of withdrawal into their own community, and leave society – which would be regrettable though. On the contrary, we could as well picture ourselves in the year 2040 with political parties at the control of our countries, defending interests of moustache-wearing people. However, the rise of a mustachioed era – if it can be deemed so - would not come without issues. Indeed, such circumstances would not talk about the rights of the Glabrous who would inescapably get victimized. Are tomorrows’ demonstrations to be driven by hairless women and boys holding ‘Smooth faced need love too’ banners? Then, in a society where moustaches would have become such a pattern, quite a number of those slight details making all the difference would obviously change. It could be through a whole new style. For instance, imagine yourself in a few years, surrounded by fashionistaches. That probably will be the future hipster word standing for a mix between ‘fashionistas’ and ‘moustache’- with the most trendy hairstyles on their face, the latest ‘Stache phone’, the very ‘à la mode’ moustache clothing collection, and a stachelous deal of things yet to come. As a last thing, we shall all remember that moustache culture will live as long as opportunities are to be found for it to continue. That is, as long as men will actually be able to grow hair on their upper lip. That is forever, or until pigs learn to fly.

Kensa Traore


ne of the two simply loves moustaches, the other only does if they meet certain criteria. One is thinking about winning a Nobel Prize with a groundbreaking invention. The other leaves inventing gladly to others, considering himself as ‘a type of humanist’. And both are perfectly able to compare an EYP session with a moustache. That’s right, I’m talking about the outstanding Head Organisers of this session. Keep reading to get to know what they have to say about themselves and, as they know each other for quite a long time, about each other. Kaja, the current Vice-President of EYP Poland, is, of all people, probably the most designated to organise a forum in Krakow, given her opening lines: ‘I’m Kaja, I’m from Krakow, living in Krakow, probably going to die in Krakow.’ Unsurpringly, she also studies there. “I just finished Business Administration BS in Krakow University of Economics and will continue to studies out there. Together with a Bachelor of Arts (violin).” I can see her point of never leaving Krakow now. What about her counterpart, Maciek? “Maciek is... Well, he is Maciek.” Living in Krakow as well, he studies Law at the Jagiellonian University. He’s attended more than twenty EYP sessions and is currently presiding the EYP Poland. Kaja: “I adore the way he is as we are good friends. Moreover, I sometimes get too excited and he is the one to calm me down, he is the sort of a person that stick-to-theground.” They both put their solid friendship forward as what makes their work fruitful. Maciek: “We’ve known each other for quite a long now and have worked together too, that's our main strength.” Since this session is all about innovation, one could wonder whether Kaja and Maciek organised it in an innovative way. Maciek: “I'd say that the decision to organise the Forum itself was really innovative. I think that EYP Poland wanted to show a completely new format and a brand new level.” However, Kaja points out that organising itself does not always consist of sheer innovation. “Organising is rather about sticking to classics. Meaning, we have to go through the same procedures, meeting the same people and giving them similar documents.” Nevertheless, they’re

Mattho Mandersloot

proud of the innovative shape of two of the officials’ teams; Five journalists teamed up with four editorial assistants is quite an extraordinary way of forming the Press Team. Plus, half of the organising team is not made up of EYP Alumni, but of Krakow University of Economics' students. That does sound innovative to me. In that case, who of these two is actually most likely to win a Nobel Prize with a famous invention? Without discussing, the answer is clear. Maciek: ”Definitely not me.” Kaja: “Narcissistic of me, but I am the chosen one. Why? Because I often get crazy and wild, with a bit dangerous imagination. And this is the best way to invent something actually useful.” Let’s see what happens to her self-esteem, after being asked the most challenging, innovative question of the interview: “In what way can you compare an EYP session with a moustache?” It must be said, she manages! “It takes some time to grow a nice moustache. then you have to deal with it really carefully, as if it was your baby, so that it grows beautiful and the way you want it. Then you have to control it, so that it still has the shape you wanted it to have. But when the moustache is so perfect and then you have to cut it (due to hygiene, change of style, whatever), you feel so empty and destroyed; you keep on asking yourself ‘why?!’ and here you are: PED!” As it suits, the HO’s are on the same page about this question too. Maciek, too, emphasizes the importance of dedication for both moustaches and the organisation of EYP sessions. Then he something that will not happen to neither his precious moustache nor to the even more precious forum: “If you neglect it, it will grow dowdy and unkempt.” Last but not least, of course we want to hear honest opinions about the moustache issue: “guys with moustaches, hot or not?”. Maciek, as a solemn owner, votes ‘hot’. A pity, Kaja couldn’t be more explicit in stating ‘not’. Unless the stash lives up to her very outspoken guidelines, which I can hardly write out clearly, a man with hair under his nose is a ‘no go’. Luckily, their friendship is so strong that Kaja can see through Maciek’s one!

chairsville. I’ll now give you some “insight” into your chairs, the people that will guide you to the best outcome for the rest of days. Shall we? All of the chairs were asked 2 questions: Firstly, to reveal a funny fact about themselves and secondly, a personal “innovation” or something they’re proud of during their EYP career. Curious for their answers? Let’s see.

arnolds. Although he’s from Latvia, he admits that he’s by ~12% Polish as the family of his grandmother was Polish. What is more, he likes to challenge himself and EYP has given this opportunity to him. He’s proud of being an editor at his second session as official!

marko. Comes from Germany, told me that at parties, he acts camp, just for the sake of having a bit more fun! What he’s really proud of is his successful effort in shifting the majority supporting a motion for resolution during the IS in Grenoble last year.

simone. from Italy, is not able to pronounce his own name correctly, as he told me. Moreover, as he’s a child educator, it came as no surprise that all the funny tricks he uses at his job, work perfectly fine with young adults in EYP too!

floris. The first from two chairs in this session from Belgium is Floris. He confessed that his pupils don’t always dilate in the same way and it’s noticeable. The proudest moment he ever had in the EYP was organising an event at his city, after being a delegate in his first international session along with some friends.

jonathan. Our second Belgian chair told me that if he and Floris spend some time together, they end up talking in extreme Scottish , Russian and other accents. He’s full of pride for some brilliant and totally innovative ideas that some of his delegates came up. For example, an idea “to set up a European umbrella organisation for food redistribution to tackle the problem of GMO’s”

michi & kian. Michela, who’s from Italy, told me that she had the weirdest committee presentation ever in a session in 2006, dressed up as bodyguards. They danced Macarena while singing the 007 theme song in front of 250 people going bananas. Then she mentioned that she’s very proud while meeting her ex delegates during new events. As she said, “Observing young promising EYPers throughout different events is extremely interesting and fulfilling. Appreciating their personal growth and increasing love for EYP is something that truly fills me with joy”. Coming from Switzerland, Kian claims that he enjoys mumbling sentences just to check if they sound cool. As for his EYP career, he’s proud of being first time delegate and first time chairing in sessions abroad.

tatu & fabian. The other VP of this session comes from Finland and reported that he finds penguins and ducks beyond adorable . He’s also “blown away” by the fact that he has met some of the oldest members of EYP, who still have the same creativity and enthusiasm. He’s as proud as Michela to see young participants grow along with EYP and sharing its flame of hope and future. Representing Austria in the chairs team, Fabian was once in a musical against smoking. Also, he’s very proud of Head-Organising the Tulln Forum which is in August. We wish him good luck!

malika. Our one and only chair from France can’t tell the difference between her left and right and every time she has to wink at somebody, she does it with her right eye. Also, she told me that she’s proud with the fact that in her chairing career has never used post-it’s. So, what new is she bringing for us for this session? Well, you’ll see…

dunja. The last but not least girl in the chairs team is from the United Kingdom. When she was thirteen, she managed to break both of her arms at the same time by playing a game called leap frog. One thing she’s proud of, when she manages to get a group of individuals to come together and become a committee. They always come together in a different way so it’s wonderful to try and make that happen- as she told me.

Irida Karasmanoglou

‘tache tips.

here are a few common life goals that all men share: joining The Mile High Club, showing that they are the most masculine member in the gang, and growing a healthy, bushy moustache. Okay, maybe not all of them, but certainly the moustache is a principle. There are numerous aspects that one must bear in mind when growing this eventual moustache. As with anything in life, this massive happening can be evaluated by means of pros and cons. First off, moustache is a right of passage of men. Once one has accomplished assimilation of sufficient upper lip hair to move from status of pootache to moustache, then a new level of manhood is reached. Man Points are collected, and one can proudly pronounce oneself “man”. Conversely, as previously stated, there may be some issues to keep in mind. Eating and drinking suddenly become a much more challenging thing to accomplish with Gentleman’s Manners, that being not having food on your face. The moustache is in some countries even nicknamed “the food catcher”, referring to its ability to catch and keep food in its thick and profuse hairs. This is one thing that can make your gained Man Points totally redundant. Another upside with the moustache is that it is in itself a form of ID . Once you have successfully groomed yourself a moustache, then you will seldom be asked to show ID at bars or such. There’s no risk of it being stolen or you losing it out. And it’s cool. Win - win. Though now when you’ve made it in to the club or bar with you wearing your masculinity on your face, the chances of it attracting a member of the opposite sex are high. All good. However, once the time comes for the two of you to bash faces, the manhood worn on your lip may easily become the devils advocate, and tickle you lady friend in the face, hence making her laugh and thus killing this moment you were about to share. Nonetheless, what one can always fall back on is the immensely captivating glow one can give off when looking like Tom Selleck in your moustache. There is no argument that can flaw the lookalike of Tom Selleck, and therefore successfully growing a moustache in the Selleck fashion is the decisive factor. If your moustache makes you Tom Selleck’s doppelganger, then grow and keep the moustache.

Hugo Dürr

an you remember the time when words such as ‘Smartphone’, ‘GPS’ or ‘Friend request’ would have sounded as weird as Christmas in the summer? Well, even if you can, that goes without saying they have now become part of our everyday life. Let’s be honest then. Only a couple of people could actually picture a single day without texting anyone. I don’t know anyone who has never used YouTube in their entire life. And people with cameraless cellphones are rarer than the ice cream sellers in the Sahara desert. Yes indeed, it is beyond any doubt that technological improvements make up for the main innovations of the past decade. How many of us had ran franticly away when mass technology invaded us? For instance, just meer twenty years ago, nobody had ever heard of text messages. People survived still, and were even quite fine with this. But then, Vodafone GSM, a British company came up with a brand new instantaneous mailing system. Thus texting was born. For a good number of people, it happened to be a hard-to-raise baby; but most of them enjoyed it as a happy by-product afterwards. Then the electronics family got bigger with new elements every year. Among them, innovations as Google (1997), Wikipedia (2001), Skype (2003), and Facebook (2004) were probably the hardest to integrate for they were also the most revolutionary ones. As ugly ducklings, they were left aside or even bluntly rejected by the majority, and for good reason. Indeed, many people felt uncomfortable with spreading personal information and managing such new things. They were afraid of the size these services and free-access knowledge could take, since with both, one can find and do anything that comes to mind. However, the usefulness of these new items seems to have overcome all consumer resistance. This may be why nowadays, their use has become as natural as a reflex. At the time though, only futurists foresaw it. After all, this is just like when we learned how to cycle. Firstly, we were quite reluctant about getting on such an unsteady vehicle. Then, God knows how, we eventually got on it. And now, we can’t stop pedaling.

a ns K e o re Tra

once upon a past.

Reach for the stars! Go for gold! Be the best!

That’s way too hard! You can’t do that! You have wa-a-ay too much going on to handle this!

These are all encouraging phrases that others can tell us when we are trying to achieve. It should spur you on when someone encourages you, because they show that they believe in you. And it costs them literally nothing. All they have to do, essentially, is smile, say their line, and job done. Finito. Easy.

NO! No, no, no. The only, one, single, individual being who can tell you this, is yourself. No one else knows who you are or what you can do as well as you. Now this is all very preacher-like right now, and I know if you’re like me then this is not news to you, but please, bear with me, I have a new angle on this.

It’s a completely different matter when we have to encourage ourselves though, because we have to say our catchy little phrase, and also believe in it. Otherwise, there is no point. Before we as individuals can achieve anything whatsoever, we must believe ourselves that we are capable. We can win. We can be the best. We can reach the stars. Once we hold this belief, then all is possible.

As said, no one knows what you can do as well as you. Fact. But just how well do you know yourself? Who introduced you? Where did you meet? Was your encounter structured in any way? The truth is that you only know yourself as well as you’re society has allowed you to.

However, believing is not what my topic today no, no. Today regards those who do believe already, and want to achieve more. Dun dun duuuuun! Just as people can encourage you, they can also try to knock you down.

All societies and peoples have in some fashion been stereotypicalised. Yeah, it’s a word. That is to say that there exist expectations on all peoples, on how they should act and be. These expectations, which are commonly mistaken for norms, restrict and hinder people from doing something that might be considered strange, or just downright weird. This creates a state of mind for everyone in a society that they should abide by the same

norms. Thus, there is no radicalism going on, and we can all go on living as we expect, and are expected to. This. Is. Madness. A few weeks ago I observed an interview with a Turkish female author from Istanbul. She has made great international success with her writing, and was recently interviewed by an American male journalist. He begins by asking where the inspiration for her latest book came from, and if she was planning on any new novels and so on. He then asks her: Why don’t you ever write about oppressed women, and their struggle against society? She was startled by this question, and simply replied: Why do you ask that? Should I? The journalist goes on to make the point that perhaps she would be able to relate more to some characters in such a novel, taking into account the heritage of her people, Turkish women. And now, beautiful readers, comes the essence of what I want to proclaim.

She answered this with the point that that is just why she does not write about that. Because it is expected of her. Just as is it expected of American male authors to write fast-paced crime thrillers. That is not to say that that isn’t successful, not at all. She was making the point that if you do what is expected of you, you will be given a pat on the back. But if you do more than that, if you exceed expectations, or even do something completely different, and you do it well, you will be praised. That is what makes you successful. That is how you imprint you name into people’s minds. That is how you become remembered. Go beyond. That is my point today. Go beyond what is expected. Go beyond yourself. Find what is expected of you, do it, and then more, and then the opposite of what is expected. Do not let yourself be restricted by listening to what is normal, and stopping there. You will always do well if you do what is expected, but you will make an impression if you go further. Because it is unexpected, something new, something worth remembering. Screw normality. It’s overrated.

Hugo Dürr

Fashionation. Waltter Suominen ersace, Gucci, H&M, Zara. All these brands with their own different fashion designers shift the ever-changing current of â&#x20AC;&#x153;todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fashionâ&#x20AC;?. Faster than mating rabbits, these hardworking servants of the people produce new trends to feed our need of experiencing all things new. As all clothing is based on the one and the same core design, the illusion of brand new is achieved by fusing the already existing designs together. The core takes root in the basic knowledge of colours and patterns, I believe most of our mothers and friends have at least once criticised us for wearing stripes with squares or red with green. This, added with different style of making clothes has long reigned over our perception of what can be accepted in fashion or how it can be innovated. During the latest trends in high fashion have started to question the all high and mighty colour wheel, the core still remains intact. We all know which type of clothes to wear together, which is proven by the fact that we all managed to pack some clothes for the session. Meaning we all should at least have a hunch on what type of clothes suit us the best. Due to this we feel uninspired to create new innovations on what to wear. This is exactly the same problem humanity itself is tackling at the moment as we lack the will to think outside of the box in our everyday lives and general decisions. As an innovation itself is basically creating a new more useful and practical usage of a product, in the world of fashion it can hold anything between the heaven and hell. From a meaty-avant-garde to the comfortable shirt and jeans made from organic cotton. So finding a single definition on what can be labelled as a fashion innovation is impossible. Even fashion itself is a fleeing term, which I dare to describe as the mainstream psychological behaviour seen in our shopping patterns. There is still a proper etiquette with clothing, meaning that wearing jeans during the GA will still cause unimaginable shame upon your ancestors, but when it comes to innovating think outside of the box, as one does not have to be size 4 and bones to decided on all the innovations. Claim your rightful place as the ruler, in the kingdom of your garderobe and may your reign be full of different combinations

call me menden. Andreia Gemma Moraru

ear Krakow, we had an awesome run together with our little competition. I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate you for having better skills than us, at making people like your facebook page. Our paper would literally have one page less without an article from you. I think the best thing that came out of this is that we managed to bring innovation to the EYP sessions and we might just have written a new page on EYP Journalism’s newspaper. moustache. has definitely lived up to the expectations raised by your session’s motto „Innovative Youth innovating future”. If all the other officials and the delegates do the same, your goal will be achieved. Likewise, EYP is not only about sessions that take place on a weekly basis all around Europe. It represents the link between the European youth and also a facebook page with 16 950 likes by the time this article was written. Every EYPer’s wish is to make that link grow stronger and we just showed the world a new way to do that. We might not have royalties here, but we have some lovely nuns that have generously welcomed us into their school and are bravely putting up with people shouting „Hajduken”, singing hits from Florence + The Machine at 3 a.m. (yes, I was the one doing that) and using their bathrooms. Even though our session started before yours, we also still have an exciting week ahead of us. We wish you to have a memorable session, innovative content for the products of the moustache. and lots of energy, coffee or anything with caffeine for Kārlis!

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moustache. issue one.  

First issue of moustache. Press Team of the 1st International Youth Forum of EYP Poland.

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