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MAP H o u s e

by SAMArchitects

The project emerged from one of those rare findings in a hidden mews

in South London. A good size garage and a great location. It was full of potential and challenges. The result is a modern mews house with lots of light and a restrained material palette.

Photography by Edmund Sumner







living / dining cooking



master bedroom

kids bedroom


kids bedroom

guest bedroom


Property on the day of key collection 2011


Completed Project 2016




MAP House sits in an unpaved mews in Denmark Hill in

South London. It’s hidden behind a listed Georgian terrace in the Camberwell Grove Conservation Area. It’s a unique location which combines the commodity of Central London with a unique feel of being lost in a secret overgrown garden.


MAP House is a straightforward construction of well insulated

cavity walls and a straight forward structural solution. The building relies on an air to water system to supply an underfloor heating system which ensures that all the spaces are heated with the minimum use of energy. The location provided a logistical challenge as access and space to store materials was tight. The weather didn’t help either, with a very wet season during which the basement was excavated. The construction method and the choice of a reduced palette of materials ensured the construction was completed on time.

the garage interior

piling, diggers, skips

the above ground volume is appearing

trying to find the right colour for the mortar

where to store all the materials

basement and ground floor!

first floor windows

testing timber burning and oiling types

colours & patterns

the concrete floor installation

the stairs going in

fitting the sliding doors

textures & colours

joinery being fitted

automated gates fitted....

A modern mews house with lots of light and a restrained material

palette. Most spaces are designed to accommodate multiple functions to make the most of the tight space: the study is a guest room, the stairs are seats, the kid’s desk a bookshelf and the toilet is disguised as a bench. Light defines the spaces and the large window brings the outdoor space into the house creating a perception of volume beyond its physical size.


Building projects are always unique in their location, aspiration

and flair. To deliver them to the standard our Clients expect we rely on collaboration with suppliers, installers and professionals that share our enthusiasm, vision and our passion for delivering well crafted architecture. MAP House is no exception and we believe that it is important to recognise the value that collaboration adds to the quality of the final result. Furthermore we met amazing people we have enjoyed working with and that we know we can rely upon to transform our design ideas into beautiful buildings.

GATE AUTOMATION by Strand Automation This company was the only one creative and skilled enough to take up the challenge to realise our design.

JOINERY by Duebel Maik, Richard and Jan beautifully and skilfully made most visible things made of timber in the house, the stairs, shelves, bathroom joinery, flooring and the external cladding.

SLIDING WINDOWS by Sky-Frame There are a lot of sliding doors available on the market but these were the best and sleekest fit for the project as an uninterrupted seamless link to the outside was crucial.

CONCRETE FLOORING by Lazenby The amazing floor on the ground and basement level was installed by Lazenby. So simple yet so textural and beautiful.

SANITARY WARE by CP Hart We use these guys all the time. Always great service with great products.

BRICKS by Windsor Reclamation We hand selected the pallets of bricks with them that matched the darker colour range of multi stock bricks we were looking for.



SAMArchitects is a friendly firm of Architects based in Camberwell.

The Studio was set up in 2012 and is run by 2 Partners, Melanie and Sandi. We have been working in London since 2000 for various well known Architects and set up SAM to create our own Design. The broad experience of each of the individuals and SAMArchitects as a team benefits the projects hugely and give us the opportunity to draw on a lot of knowledge and different experiences.

Hailo at Somerset House

Hailo at Somerset House

Our design solutions are simple, cost-effective, functional and

innovative; rigorous research and good craftsmanship underpins our work. We have a proven track record of delivering projects from inception to completion. Our works range from commercial projects to small interior design project and furniture design. We love a really small Project just as much as the really big ones. Every Project brings new challenges and that’s what we love about our work. Our focus is on delivering unique projects that respond to their settings, are environmentally efficient and beautifully executed. We firmly believe that good design adds value.

barbican flat

Corbett House

Each project that we undertake is different. Each client that we work

with is different. For each project we assemble a dedicated design team that is best suited to the project and utilise the most appropriate design methodology to the project type. Our aim is to provide a design that reflects your requirements and offers an optimal solution for you. We work closely with contractors, individual trades and specialists and have a hands on approach to the design and construction.

The Nest

The Coach House



MAP House  
MAP House