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Team: Aleem Baksh Kyung Sik Kim Jessica Li Emily Roberts Samantha Stringfellow Kento Yamada


Industry Trends Overview

Market leaders for beverages (US) 1. 2. 3.

Sodas Dairy/ dairy alternative Juice

Ready-to-drink (RTD) is a new rising category

Beverage Consumption Tap water leads in increased consumption, but nearly three in 10 (29%) of bottled water consumers are drinking more bottled water than they were in the previous six months.This additional consumption could be of concern because tea cannot compete with plain water based on calories or health.

Tea Consumption More than eight in 10 (81%) of tea consumers consider tea an afternoon beverage, especially ready-to-drink and instant tea mixes. In contrast, consumers are more likely to drink bagged or loose leaf tea in the evening, followed by the morning.



Industry Trends Ready-to-drink Teas (RTD) Market is led by: Lipton Vultgsio & sons Unilever Snapple Nestea (Dead) Bigslow

Consumer market is led by: Hispanics Asians Blacks Whites

Important RTD tea qualities for purchase decision (18+) Sample size: 1177

Flavor --- 49% All-nature---29% Unflavored ---22% Caffeine-free---16%



Industry Trends Luxury Water PRIMARY BRANDS:

SEMI-DIRECT COMPETITION: Fashion water - Brand in the premium bottled water category. Brand image similar to Evy Tea’s image.

SEMI-DIRECT COMPETITION: Global Beverage Manufacturers are entering the premium bottled water category.




- An Healthy Alternative to Soda - White tea has antioxidants - Tea improves artery flow - Tea prevents cancer - Evy tea has great package design - Evy tea can serve as a wine alternative - World’s first cold brewed tea

OPPORTUNITIES: - RTD tea market is increasing - Become the defacto drink for consumers looking for life without alcohol.

WEAKNESSES: - Tea does not replace water - The size of the bottle is small (little content) - Pricing is expensive

THREATS: - Consumers are preferring bottled water over other drinks. - The acquisition of Teavana by Starbucks may change the dynamics of the tea industry.


Positioning Emcomm wants to innovate Evy Tea into a lifestyle brand: Evy Tea will own three points of difference:

Leisure, Health, Class All promotions will be executed in oder to exemplify the three points above.


Promotions: SHORT TERM: First course of action: - Tuneup website for both consumers+supporters (investors, reviewers, etc)

LONG TERM: - Create Fashion shoots of Evy Tea bottles - Tie Up with Boston Fashion week

Additional promotions: - Generate organic followers on social media. All social media should drive users to the Evy Tea website. FACEBOOK: Illustrate Evy Tea and everyday life; like a blog. Use it to make the brand personable. TWITTER: Twitter can be used to communicate between influencers without any previous connection. Message and tweet towards influencers on twitter. - Write to top food/ beverage critiques and ask them to feature Evy Tea. LIST OF RENOWNED FOOD CRITIQUES:


Promotions: Getting on Magazines MAGAZINES TO PITCH TO: Arthritis Today Diabetes Cooking Diabeters Forecast Spin Super Chevy Cooking Light Real Simple Food & Wine Veranda Yoga Journal Natural Health Esquire Yacht magazines Magazines for Black Credit Card members (AMEX: Departures/ Black Ink) (Tea Mag) (Magazine) (Magazine) Product design magazine/blog (Core77, Curve)


Promotions: Social Media Executions - Facebook is a link to the website. like a banner page. Promote specific information about the brand. - Post on Facebook once a week. TIPS: - Speak in a personable manner - Pictures of her ingredients in her tea. - Write a short story of each flavor - Post photos of the flavors. - Post pictures of the brewing process. Photos can help position the differentiation of the cold-brewed-tea method - Talk about tea cuvee story evolution in to evy tea.

- Twitter should be used to contact well known, established food reviewers online. - Twitter can be used to share knowledge on tea. Can talk about Evy tea or share renowned articles relating to Evy Tea. - A metaphor for twitter is an outlet for posting punchy points. TIPS: - Find trending hashtags immediately before posting. - Link post with timely hashtags. Hashtags to utilize year round: #Tea #Health #Leisure #Class


Social Media Execution Templates

Celebrate the blooming season with our 3 all-natural flavors: Moonlight: White Tea with Apricot and Jasmine Amber: Oolong Tea with Rosemary and Orange Zest Decaf: Decaf Green Tea with Figs and Pomegranate reminisce the green foliage and the return of the flowers Missing the leaves this winter? We are still steeping fresh tea leaves for sixteen to twenty hours in our cold-brewed tea to really bring out the flavor. Settle down with any of our cold-brewed flavors this winter


Social Media Execution Templates -1 Quence your choice today with Evy Tea. Its a healthy drink for today. Cold brew tea, a non-alcoholic classy treat. Are you the designated driver tonight? Don’t settle, stay classy with a glass of Evy Tea instead of wine! Looking to socialize but stay sober? Try some Evy Tea It’s never too cold for a cup of cold-brewed Evy Tea. Apricot and Jasmine, Decaf Figs and Pomegranate, and the award-winning Rosemary and Orange Zest are a sip away #winter #tea Tired of burning your tongue on hot tea? Sip on some chilled Evy Tea. Celebrate the leaves coming back with Evy Tea, cold-brewed from natural tea leaves. Craving oranges, apricots, or pomegranates? Save the sugar and get the flavor in any of our Evy Tea flavors! We’re thankful for the natural ingredients that make our teas so flavorful. What are you thankful for? Further your new years resolution of staying healthy. Follow through by drinking Evy Tea 200+ calories in a glass of Eggnog. 0 calories in a glass of Evy Tea. Stay healthy this holiday season with #evytea 350+ calories in any Pumpkin Spice Latte. 0 calories in Evy Tea. #PSL #evytea 400+ calories in peppermint hot chocolate. 0 calories in Evy Tea. Looking for a drink to share with your special one. Try the world’s first cold-brewed tea. We are thankful for What are you thankful for.


Social Media Execution Templates -1I Evy Tea, the champagne of tea. Tangy pomegranate and sweet fig are sophisticated enough for mom and dad. #Teamagazine #Holidaylist Evy Tea’s a choice for the holidays. Tired counting calories this holiday season? Drink Evy Tea. Ever heard of cold-brewing tea? Visit our website to learn more. Drink as fashionably as you dress. Drink Evy Tea. Feeling classy tonight? Drink some Evy Tea. Upscale your tea experience with Evy Tea #UniqueBottle Cold Brew is Evy Tea Open a bottle of Evy Tea to counter the warm fireplace. Chill your toasty hands warming next to the hot fireplace with our Cold Brewed Tea. Smell the Natural scent of pomegranate and figs in your classy bottle. Compare the scent of Spring flowers to the scent of Evy Tea’s flavors. Which do you prefer? Match made in heaven. Chocolate and Evy Tea Spice up your holidays with our Amber Tea. White tea: Uncured and unfermented. One study showed that white tea has the most potent anticancer properties compared to more processed teas. #fightcancer #healthyliving #EvyTeaMoonlight Did you know Tea can boost exercise endurance? Green tea extract increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel, which accounts for improved muscle endurance!


Influencers on Twitter Evy Tea can collaborate with the following people as entry to gain exposure to a larger tea-drinking audience. Can potentially generate followers on the Evy Tea twitter account. Follows generated from influencers will be generic follows.




Follow him and see if he can help. Ask him to review the produce WHY FOLLOW?

- His twitter account aims to spread well-researched tea information. - His target audience is similar to that of Evy Tea.




EvyTea Marketing Deck  

Plans book for EvyTea written as an EMcomm Account Manager