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WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THIS GUIDE This is designed to guide you though the entire process, of Samantha Boos Photography, from booking to the day of the session! I get many parents with their first child becoming a senior and telling me “this is my first baby, I have no idea what to do”. It’s a stressful and busy time in your life and I know that! This guide is here to alleviate that stress and headache by giving you everything you need to know! It is packed with information to help you understand my process and give helpful tips and suggestions to make your senior picture experience the best it can be! The back pages contain useful printouts to help you stay creative, organized, and stress free! Let’s get started!

WHY ARE SENIOR PHOTOS IMPORTANT? Senior pictures are way more than a mugshot in a year book, it’s about capturing and celebrating a huge stage in a young adult’s life. Senior year marks the end of their young academic career, the last years of being with the group of friends they grew up with, the last years at home, but more-so it’s the beginnings of their FUTURE. Senior pictures are a great way to capture who they are right now!

TA BL E O F CO N T E NT S Contents are click-able and bring you to the page!

0 2. WH AT T O E X P E CT 0 3. A B O U T T H E P H O T O G 0 4. T I M E L I NE 0 5. P R O DU CT I NV E S T M E NT 0 4. Y E A R B O O K P I CT U R E S 0 6. S E A S O N, L O CAT I O N, T I M E 0 7. L O CAT I O NS A R O U ND T H E AR E A 0 8. WA R DR O B E T I P S 0 9. P R O P S & O R GA NI Z I NG 1 0. P R O P I NS P I R AT I O N 1 1. M A K E U P, NA I L S & GL A S S E S 1 2. L A S T T H O U GH T S 1 3. P L A NNI NG NO T E -S H E E T 1 4. S E NI O R S E S S I O N S CH E DU LE 1 5. DAY-O F -S E S S I O N CH E CK L I ST 1 6. P I CK I NG Y O U R I M A GE S 1 7. DO W NL O A DI NG Y O U R I MAGE S


1 8. WH E R E T O P R I NT

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER // A Little About Me.. You can call me Sam! I wanted to start this guide off with telling you a bit about me so you can put a face to the name, and what to expect from me at your session. To start off, I am from Chippewa Falls and went to school at Chi-Hi. There, I played tennis, softball, and was really big into art! After high school I went to the University of Wisconsin - Stout (great school)

and graduated with a degree in graphic design. I worked for a year as a graphic designer here in town before pursuing my dream of being a full time photographer. I have been doing photography for over 6 years and seniors are my favorite subject (psss... don’t tell anyone)! My work has been published in magazines such as Queen of the Castle, Volume One, Love What Matters, and The Chippewa Valley Business Report. I also had a baby reveal session go viral! That was pretty cool.


My Shooting Style When it comes to photography sessions, I am all about the experience as well as the final product. I want my seniors to have a laid back and fun session. It really shows in the photos! I will probably ask you a million questions throughout the session about school or what your interest/hobby’s are. It keeps the session


light and less stressful. If you can pose like a model, or can barely move your limbs without looking awkward - I am here to help! I can shoot dependent on your tastes. If you prefer more lifestyle looking images of walking casually, laughing, or looking away from the camera; we can do that. Some seniors prefer more looking at the camera and structured poses; we can do


Here is a few links to the story to check out! Woman’s Day ABC News When I am not doing photography or editing, I am spending time with my fiancée, Joe. You may see him at the shoot helping me out! We have three “fur-babies” as I like to call them; two golden retriever puppies (Kinnicky and Remnar) and a cat named Buddy! We love going camping, fishing, and exploring new places!



this too! Expect a lot of what I call “squirrel moments” from me. I will be telling you we are going to do something and then change my mind completely, or see a new opportunity for a picture. It happens ALL THE TIME. So now that you know me better, let’s get on with the good stuff in the guide! :)

meet Sam!




Timeline BOOKING


After booking - what to be expected! Location suggestions Wardrobe tips and guide Session Reminder

• • • • •

Pick an available date Respond to quote in email Sign Contract Fill Out Pre-Booking Questionnaire Submit 20% deposit


What’s your style? Do you know how to pose? What props are you bringing? How would your friends describe you?

PROOFS SENT • Pick the images you want edited • Photo are hand-edited & retouched

SENIOR SESSION • Must be paid in full

PURCHASE PRINTS • Download images from gallery • Print images professionally from gallery


PRODUCT INVESTMENT // These are the essential products I offer in my store from a professional print lab!



Wallet (set of 4)
































20 x 30

Get a $10 print credit when you print through my Pixieset Store Gallery. All you have to do is enter the coupon code “SAVE10� at checkout and $10 will be instantly taken off your total. I know other places may be cheaper, but they are cheaper for a reason. They will NOT give you the same professional results as my store. You hired a professional photographer for a reason, you love your images on screen, make sure you follow-up with professional printing to love them even more on the wall!

16 x 20 11 x 14

8 x 10




YEARBOOK PICTURES // YEAR BOOK PICTURES: Know your yearbook’s photo deadline. Period. Get your pictures done before this date. Each school is different. If you don’t know this date, contact your school to see when your photo needs to submitted. I only have a few school’s specifications. Remember, I get seniors from all over Wisconsin who attend different schools. The school should also state a specific size the photograph needs to be. Most yearbooks require a head-shot without any props, hats, or obscene shirts. I do not take responsibility for submitting yearbook pictures. I will do it if you ask and provide specifics for your school! Below is the conventional photo specifications for the yearbook.


Picture Size:

Picture Size:

Picture Size:

Picture Size:

2.25” x 3”

2.5” x 3.5”

2” x 3”

Original Size

300 Resolution

300 Resolution

300 Resolution

300 Resolution

Due Date:

Due Date:

Due Date:

Due Date:

October 1st

October 1st

November 1st

January 1st


Here is a good example of a yearbook photo! This is a head-shot without a prop, hat, or obscene shirt.




Samantha Boos

Digital File Format 300 DPI Width: 2.25” Height: 3” Format: JPEG


Samantha Boos

Samantha Boos



If outdoor sessions are what your are looking for, then you should really consider what season interests you to take pictures. Spring and summer are known for flowers and green vegetation, fall has the all the beautiful colorful foliage, and winter has the option of snow. Keep in mind outfits you want to wear and the appropriate seasons to wear them in. If you really want to wear that cute black dress, you may want to avoid winter or late fall, unless of course you want to be a little chilly!

Choosing your locations can be difficult. Sometimes the best location is in your back yard!

TIME OF DAY: As a rule of thumb, the best time to take pictures is about an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. We call this “the golden hour” because it produces stunning images. During this time the sun sits low in the sky and gives a very flattering soft, diffused light. I can work with any time of day, but if we are shooting around the noon time I will be trying to find shady spots!

Look for locations with shade! These can be wooded areas, between buildings or any other structures that block out the sun. The options are almost endless when it comes to outdoor locations. Here are some ideas for senior picture locations: • • • • • • • • •

Old brick building with rustic stairs A barn with weathered barn wood Downtown area A park A creek A field An apple orchard Junk yard A local business you frequent

You should receive a LOCATION SUGGESTION EMAIL about a week after you book. This gives places I love to photograph around the area. These are only suggestions and ideas to get the ball rolling. I also put them on the next page! You DO NOT need know your locations right away, just let me know a WEEK before your session date.

locations Downtown gives amazing old brick textures while choosing a more natural setting can give you beautiful grassy fields or sunflowers!


LOCATIONS AROUND THE AREA // Here are a list of places around the area to get some ideas rolling. You can click on each location name to view pictures at this spot! Not all locations have an example gallery.


EAU CLAIRE Rod and Gun PARK (Bridges, little stream and pond, water wheels, greenery)


Phoenix Park (Flowers, sidewalks, view of river, rustic bridge, rocks,


brick texture, rustic metal walls, cement rocks, pillars)


trial, graffiti wall)

pavilion) Cross the road for an Urban feel! (Blue and red buildings, Banbury Place (Brick texture, rustic stairs, rustic bridges, very indusBig Falls (Beautiful waterfalls, tree coverage, trails, rocks) Carson Park (Football field, tall grass, railroad tracks, water, trees)


This location is best an hour before sunset!

Irvine Park (Long and winding scenic route, rustic rumble bridge,

This would require some exploring and walking around. Have comfy

tree cover, trails, limestone, old school house) Rose Garden (Beautiful roses across from the Leinenkugel Brewery - Season Permitting) Little Damn behind Rose Garden - You can walk across the water! Sit on a bend in the middle of the damn while standing in 5 inches of water Leinenkugels Brewery (Water access, rustic barn, wooden stairs, trail) Only if client calls ahead of time (You can’t photograph on the

Downtown EC (Brick textures, stairs, old buildings, bridges, urban) shoes on! Mt. Simon Park (Rocks, trees, lake, trails) Ferguson’s Apple Orchard (Barn, rows of apple trees, pumpkins, stairs, white fences, pumpkin patch - Season Permitting in October)

MENOMONIE (Travel fees apply - .53 a mile from my Studio)

property without permission - NOT photographer’s responsibility)

Cottage Winery (Bridges, beautiful architecture, rolling hills, brick,

Downtown Chippewa Falls (Brick texture, urban, rustic stairs,

fields) They are now limiting sessions to ONE HOUR. If you like this

vines, hometown feel, Rainbow Bridge)

location, plan another location in Menomonie. (You can’t photograph

This would require some exploring and walking around. Have

on the property without permission - NOT photographer’s responsi-

comfy shoes on! My favorite location! I always get amazing urban



Devil’s Punch Bowl (Rock facing, icicles, water fall, trees)

Niblett’s Apple Shed (Rows of apple trees - Season Permitting) Public Land in Hallie (Grassy field, wild flowers) Best location around sunset! Lake Wissota State Park (Grassy field, wild flowers, beach, rowed


pines, long trails) Best location around sunset! $8 Pass

Dells Mill (Beautiful damn, old rustic buildings with red accents, white

Glen Loch (View of the damn, old building with colorful mural,

fence, old school house) During the summer it can get quite buggy!

water access, tree coverage, trails, limestone rock)

Wear bug dope, and A LOT of it!

Behind the Boat Landing on Lake Wissota - Under the damn (Beautiful rocks, river, trails, fields) Takes a bit of hiking to get back there.


Lake Wissota Golf Course (Cobble stone bridge, ponds, dock


with lake access, white cottage building, small bridges) Client is

Dixon’s Apple Orchard (Birch trees, water with canoe, woods, wood-

responsible for calling ahead of time to ask permission to use the

en bridge, horses) I haven’t done a senior session here yet, but it


would be very pretty! (You can’t photograph on the property without

Bridge in Jim Falls - (Beautiful rocks, river, closed off rustic bridge)

permission - NOT photographer’s responsibility)

WARDROBE TIPS // WARDROBE: I DO NOT HAVE A SET NUMBER OF OUTFIT CHANGES! (YAY!) Let’s consider staying away from the cliché white shirt (or black) and blue jeans. Though it is a popular choice because it is simple, it does not tend to be the most flattering combination. It will NOT make your pictures stand out or define who you are as in individual. Consider colors that make your skin-tone and hair pop and stay away from colors that are too close to your skin tone. Bring clothes you love! Anything you feel comfortable and confident in. Be YOU! Don’t go shopping the night before your senior photos for your outfits like I did. You feel rushed and regret your quick outfit selections once you see your final images!

Find some inspiration on Pinterest HERE! Quick tip! Create a pinterest board with outfit you like!


Accessorize! This is key! Find a great necklace that goes with your outfit or set of earrings. Put some bling on your hands with a watch, bracelets, or cool ring. Add to your outfit with a fun hat or belt! Incorporate texture. Texture can come in so many forms… a large knit sweater, a frilly scarf, ruffles on a skirt, sequence tanks, fun striped rain boots… it simply adds an extra element. If you’ve got some texture in your closet - bring it! Wear layers! It could be a cute laced shirt under a leather jacket, or a vest over a cardigan (just a few examples). The great thing about layers is that they can be quickly taken off or mixed up to give a total different look. Have variety in your outfits! Bring a variety of colors and mix the level of styles. Some should be dressy, some dressy-casual, and some casual. Go out and buy new outfits! Everyone loves wearing new clothes and they make you feel amazing!





I have a few tips below for what looks best in what setting. What you wear does matter for what setting you choose! Be concious, and ask me for help if you have questions. We will go over all of your outfits when we

• •

first meet, so I can make suggestions! • • •

• •

Sun dresses and rompers look best in a field or nature setting. I have found that maroons and deep colors compliment the green of nature very well. An urban setting calls for black or a brighter color top/dress! Think night out in the cities or going to a concert! Towns have A LOT of color to them from all the little shops. Don’t be afraid to wear a bright red or other color top to compliment! Don’t forget the jewelry in an urban setting. It really gives something more to an image! In my opinion, dark-wash jeans look best in an urban setting, and light-colored look best in a natural setting. If you plan on wearing heels, plan on wearing them in an urban setting. Nature basically eats heels and it looks a bit odd.

• • • •

White or anything close to your skin tone. Baggy clothes that make you seem larger than you really are. Tight clothes you feel uncomfortable in. Short skirts/dresses may limit pose options. Going shopping last minute. Florescent colored clothes

ORGANIZING YOUR OUTFITS: Organization is key on your session date. Be prepared before-hand! Start to get outfits on hangers a week before your session. Your shirts need to be wrinkle-free, so hanging them up is your best bet! If they are wrinkly, make sure to run an iron on them or take them to the dry cleaners.

Quick tip! Put your jewelry in small baggies and attach them to the hanger of the outfit you are going to bring with. Less tangling and mess!

PROPS: Bring props that help show who you are as an individual. Here are some ideas and popular choices... • • • • • • • • • • • • •

10 |

Sports equipment (soccer ball, basketball, softball bat, etc.) Musical instruments Activity related items (dance, art, school clubs, etc.) Pets! Balloons Bubbles Car, truck, motorcycle, four-wheeler, old relic vehicle, dad’s mustang... Old chair Graduation cap and gown Sparklers Banners Glitter/confetti Sunglasses


PROP INSPIRATION // Here is some prop inspiration from the class of 2018! Get creative and make your pictures your own!

| 11



Make sure fingernails and toenails are prepped for the session! Avoid bright nail polish colors and crazy patterns because they can be distracting in an image. Opt for more neutral tones, a French manicure or no polish at all! Please don’t expect me to Photoshop them if they are chipped or you forgot! It takes a long time to Photoshop.

Whether you love makeup or are more of a natural girl, wear a tad more than you normally do. If you want a model look, consider working with a professional makeup artist. I HIGHLY SUGGEST GETTING MAKEUP DONE FOR THE BEST PHOTOS POSSIBLE! If you are more of a natural beauty, a little mascara to pop the lashes and some translucent powder to control shine can really go a long way!

GLASSES: If you wear glasses, visit your optometrist to see if they can loan you a pair without lenses, or if you can have the lenses removed for your session. The biggest issue with glasses is glare on the lens! Photographers do their best to avoid it, but it’s sometimes inevitable.

I am teaming up with Gloss Beautique in Eau Claire to offer hair and makeup for senior clients! Gloss Beautique is conveniently located in downtown Eau Claire and has professional makeup and hairstylists on staff. The fee is ONLY $45 to get both your hair and makeup done by a professional! *Fee will be paid to Gloss Beautique the date of your appointment. This fee IS NOT covered in your senior package. To book visit Gloss Beautique’s website and book your spot online. I suggest 2 hours before your scheduled shoot. It takes 1 hour for a hairstyle, and 30 minutes for makeup application. Make sure to factor in drive time to the location you choose. Gloss Beautique Contact Information: Address: 767 2nd Ave. Eau Claire, WI 54703 Phone: (715) 533-1441 Website:

12 |

Why go with a professional makeup artist? • • •

Less stress! A makeup artist can enhance your favorite features and conceal the ones you’d rather hide. This day is all about you. Pamper yourself and feel amazing. It will show in the photos!



If you plan on getting your hair, nails, and makeup done before your session, it is smart to create a schedule to budget your time. After your photography session date is solidified - book in advance for your hair and makeup. Nails can be done a day or two before but your hair and makeup should be done a few hours before your session. Plan accordingly and include time it takes to travel between each location.

Have fun. Plain and simple. Have a great attitude and smile a lot! Your pictures will show this! Be you and let your photos reflect who you are as a individual.

See the Schedule Printout on the last page!

BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU This person can be a parent, grandparent, sibling, boyfriend, or best friend. Someone who knows you as well as you do! They will make you relax and take a more natural picture. They can also be your portable clothing rack for quick changes and be a spotter for loose hair, or wrinkled shirts. Taking SOME pictures at your session is okay by me as long as it doesn’t go overboard. I would rather you focus on taking your professional pictures rather than keeping pose for a phone picture. Our time is valuable! We want to get the most out of it!

WHAT TO BRING TO THE SESSION The most important thing to bring is yourself! Obviously! Make sure to eat a good breakfast the day of and get enough sleep the night before. Bring water to your session to make sure you keep hydrated and if you have a long session - bring a snack. Make sure the food isn’t messy. A protein or granola bar is a great choice! Keeps you full and focused. Be sure to include touch-up makeup and brushes just in-case there is a makeup malfunction. Kleenexes and makeup remover towels are also a great idea! A hair brush and hairspray are a necessity for keep fly-aways down and hair looking fabulous! Don’t forget your props, outfits and shoes. Include a pair of comfortable shoes you can easily slip on for walking around since heels aren’t always the most comfortable!

have fun! | 13



Print off this sheet to keep track of your Senior Session ideas! Write down hair/makeup stylists that you are interested in working with. Jot down locations you stumble upon or know of that you love. Don’t forget prop or outfit ideas! Get excited and keep everything in one place!

Photographer Information: Samantha Boos Photography I go by “Sam” You can text or call me at (715) 382-6621 Email:




Makeup + Hairstylists:

14 |















Print off this sheet to keep track of what’s going on the day of your session. It can get a little crazy trying to perfectly time everything before your session start time! Here is a great visual! Be prepared and organized using the schedule below.


N OT E S :

7 AM 8 AM 9 AM 10 AM 11 AM


12 PM 1 PM 2 PM 3 PM 4 PM 5 PM 6 PM 7 PM 8 PM 9 PM | 15



Keep this sheet until the day of your session! Before you head off to meet me go through the checklist below to make sure you have everything you need and didn’t forget anything!

CLIENT CHECKLIST: Session Fee paid in full by your session date! (You can pay at session too!) Pinterest board or an album of images you have found and like to show me! NAILS ARE PAINTED OR CLEAN Person you are bringing along! Props you are bringing: Outfits that are WRINKLE FREE Shoes (Bring a comfy pair that are easy to slip on!) Proper undergarments that won’t show. Don’t forget the strapless bra! Jewelry (organized and not in a mess!) Touch-up makeup and makeup brushes Hair-brush, hair-spray, styling products Kleenexes, makeup remover wipes, nail polish remover Glasses without lenses Water and granola bar (or some NOT MESSY snack) Positive attitude and smiles! Have fun. This day is about you!

16 |

PICKING YOUR IMAGES // PICKING YOUR IMAGES: You will be receiving an email link in your inbox (about a week after your session) that should have a email header saying something along the lines of “HANNAH SENIOR PROOFS ARE READY”. This is an email from my gallery site that allows you to pick the images you want me to edit from your session. Remember all of these images are straight from my camera. I will be touching up each one you pick. That includes blemishes and artistic enhancements (my editing style).

This is what your favorite list will look like. You can rename your favorite lists as well. I suggest picking all the images you like and then later going back into your favorites list and culling through them to pick your final favorites! To “un-favorite” click the heart icon again.

“Favorite-ing” your images is simple! When you are in your gallery you will be prompted to put in your email address. This will be your ticket into getting back to your specific favorite lists.

SHARING YOUR FAVORITES WITH THE PHOTOGRAPHER (ME): Go to the top right of your screen when you are in your favorites list. Click on the paper-airplane logo at the top right corner and hit “send to photographer”.

To favorite an image to put in your favorites list, simply click the heart icon located to the upper right corner of the image.

EASY ENOUGH! Now I will get a notification through email that you finished picking your favorite pictures and are ready for me to edit them. If you picked over your set package amount, please let me know so I can charge you accordingly for the extra edits.


If you still have questions, watch this video tutorial of how to do it! Click the YouTube icon to view.

| 17

DOWNLOADING YOUR IMAGES // DOWNLOADING YOUR IMAGES: About a month after your session, your EDITED images will be available for you to download straight to your computer if you purchased your PRINT RELEASE. You will receive an email that says “Hannah Senior Gallery is Ready”. This will look very similar to the proofs email. Click into the email and follow the steps below.


Click on download icon from the collection

For Gallery Download, this is located at the top right corner of the gallery. For Single Photo Download, simply click on the Download Icon on the image:


Select sets and size (for Gallery Download)

You will have the chance to select the sets that you would like to download, and also choose the download size. You can always come back to this page at a later time (within the two weeks), and select another size or more sets to download. • • •


Enter email address and download PIN

You will be asked for their email address and the 4-digit download PIN:

When printing the images always download and print the High Resolution or Original file size. When printing a canvas print or a large print - always use the Original file size. Web size is for social media use only. These will print pixelated.

You will receive Gallery Download in a .zip file format, in which you can extract to get the .jpg files inside. Single Photo Download will save the .jpg file to the computer directly. Last bits to remember! If you upload your images to social media, you must tag Samantha Boos Photography in the post. You can do this by hitting the “@” sign and then typing my business name in. It should pop up! It is in your contract plus in the print release. Also, you may not ALTER the images in anyway. That includes placing filters over them for social media platforms like Instagram! I see it all too often, and I cringe a bit inside.

18 |



Purchasing from my gallery makes printing a breeze, plus it gives you the highest quality images possible with guaranteed correct coloring and contrast through a professional lab. What you see is what you will get, no questions! Simply choose what sizes you want for each image and the lab will ship them right to your front door. There are many products and sizes to choose from!

If you purchased your print release, before you run off to Walmart, Target, Walgreens or the nearest insta-print kiosk REMEMBER THIS...DON’T! Even though these places may seem like the easiest and cheapest option, it is the wrong one. I did a test of my own and went to each of the following consumer print providers to print the same image. Quite a difference, right?

• • • • • •

No downloading or uploading needed Purchase straight from your gallery Ships straight to your door Fast shipping! Spot on color & contrast Many products to choose from

Disclaimer: the prints in this post were scanned, so the scanner could have a small effect on the color and quality of these images. I based my following opinion on looking at the actual images myself.

Walmart ended up printing very grainy which is odd because I sent a high-res file. The image lost its contrast and has a very green tint! Target was the worst making the image a yellow-orange tint. Walgreens kept the contrast, but again made the image a green tint. Nations Photo and MPIX did the best for a consumer lab. For a consumer lab, not online, Sharp Photo here in Eau Claire did the best and was the closest. It still is on the green-tint side, but the best quality between the instant kiosk printers. I am not trying to bash any print providers, but give my professional opinion. These prints speak for themselves!









| 19

RANTS & RAVES // Hear what past seniors have to say about their experience with Samantha Boos Photography!

M AC K E N Z I E // Class of 2018 The entire process was super easy. Samantha communicates often with everything you need to know about the experience. She even gives you suggestions on locations which I found super helpful because I was unsure where to even begin. I had a lot of fun at the photoshoot. I was scared at first because I’m not photogenic and I had no idea how I was suppose to pose. Samantha was a big help with that and showed me exactly what to do and later when I warmed up gave me the option to make up my own poses. Samantha made me feel comfortable and beautiful. I wish I was graduating again just so I can get more pictures taken. Not only was the experience beyond my expectations, but the final product was amazing. I immediately suggested Samantha to many of my friends and family. Those who have gone through her are also very pleased with their final product.

A BBY // Cl a ss o f 2 0 1 8 I love the way that my senior pictures turned out! I was really nervous going into my session because I don’t typically like getting my picture taken and feel very uncomfortable but Samantha made me feel super relaxed and natural in front of the camera. I really hope to work with her again in the future!

M EG A N // Cl as s of 2 01 8 I had a great experience with my senior pictures! Samantha was a lot of fun to work with. She has a great eye for photography and knew exactly how to get me to loosen up for the perfect pose.

PAYTO N // Cl as s o f 2 0 1 8 A lot of time and money goes into senior pictures, and I’m so happy I chose Samantha to take them. She does a great job of really making you feel comfortable, even if you think you aren’t the “modeling” type. She helped me to relax and told me what positions to do, making me more confident in front of the camera. I’m very pleased with the results to say the least!

J O E / / Cl as s of 2 01 8 Joe’s senior picture session was awesome. He was quickly at ease and having fun. Loved staying around hometown Chippewa Falls and the time to show off several sides through outfit changes. The results were amazing. He looked like a model. Sam worked with us every step of the way.

20 |

Senior Session Prep Guide 2018 - Samantha Boos Photography  

This is designed to guide you though the entire process, of Samantha Boos Photography, from booking to the day of the session! I get many pa...

Senior Session Prep Guide 2018 - Samantha Boos Photography  

This is designed to guide you though the entire process, of Samantha Boos Photography, from booking to the day of the session! I get many pa...