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SALYSÉ Volume 2: Number 5


August 2016


Beautiful people and places from around the world!


SALYSÉ Magazine is a photography magazine, featuring beauty, fashion, and conceptual art editorials. We do not seek to define beauty with one narrow idea, but with a myriad of viewpoints Vintage is right next to emerging designers, who are right next to established designers. We are looking for creatives who push the envelope, take chances, and disregard the status quo. SALYSÉ Magazine is about sophistication, authenticity, with a touch of eccentricity. ---------FOLLOW LIKE SUBSCRIBE PURCHASE ---------Not just a magazine— a movement!

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Letter from the Editor Dear Salysians, This one is going to VERY political, so if you want to skip to the pictures, I completely understand. On July 8, 2016, I posted an image on Instagram that read: “This world needs love.” In the caption I wrote: I don’t have a solution. I don’t have the right words. I can’t sleep. And my heart hurts. #thisworldneedslove In the aftermath of Sandra Bland, Natasha McKenna, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling, Philando Castille and too many others to name, I debated long and hard about adding the hashtag #blacklivesmatter. In the end, I made the conscious decision not to. Why? I had seen too many people post #blacklivesmatter and then someone else would post #alllivesmatter and then a debate would ensue about who was more important—who mattered? I would be so disgusted with the debate because someone’s life is so much more complicated than a hashtag! Within minutes of my post on July 8th, a comment popped up that read something to the effect of: “Less stupidity on both sides would help.” I immediately deleted the comment. Why? I could not cosign. The “us” versus “them” is too easy. Who is the “us” and who is the “them”? Distilling the issue down to two opposite sides, negates the delicate intricacies of all that is going on in the United States and the world which is what I was also referencing in my post. The issues are much deeper and more complex than two naïve categories. If I lose followers because of this letter, I am actually perfectly fine with that. Why? I founded this magazine back in January 2015 because I was tired of looking at magazines that had editorial after editorial with what appeared to be the same model shot by the same photographer. I want to open up my magazine and see all colors—black, brown, yellow, white, purple, green and everything from the spectrum in between. It has always been my hope to include women (and men) from around the world: Africans, African-Americans, Latina/o, Asian, and Caucasian. I wanted to showcase models that are perfect in their imperfection. Some issues have been quite a struggle to create this multiplicity, but I have persevered. So, if you believe in diversity, it is my hope that you will continue to support SALYSÉ. If you don’t want to see diversity, then please unfollow and keep your hate and vitriol off my feed. I developed the name SALYSÉ as a combination of my first and middle name-- Sonya Alyse. Imagine my delight when I found out that in Lithuanian it actually means “countries.” Mexico, United States, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, Ghana, Ethiopia, Canada, United Kingdom, Israel, Mongolia, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Romania, South Africa and many more-- I am incredibly excited that I have followers (Salysians) from around the world. However, as a citizen of the United States, I have to encourage my fellow citizens to vote on November 8, 2016. Sitting at home because you don’t like either presidential candidate is not the answer. If you have been paying attention, you also realize that a large percentage of Congress is up for reelection! It was not that long ago, that my forefathers and foremothers were not allowed to vote in this country because of the color of their skin. Consequently, I take the power of my vote seriously. Personally, for the office of President of the United States, I will not be voting for a racist, misogynistic demagogue who: believes in isolationism; encourages religious persecution; prefers to build walls instead of bridges; and uses xenophobic rhetoric as a political platform! I have finished my rant. You were forewarned that this one was going to be political, but at this time, and in this moment, I felt I would be performing a disservice to myself if I did not take the moment to use my voice! So, in the spirit of embracing diversity, in this issue you will find gorgeous editorials from: New Orleans, Lousiana to Pushkina, Russia; Kansas City, Missouri to Paris, France; New York City to Instanbul, Turkey; and numerous other beautiful places from around the world. As always, I hope you enjoy your escape. #thisworldneedslove #blacklivesmatter #lifematters #lovetrumpshate Hugs and Love, Sonya Alyse Lawyer Founder and Editor in Chief, SALYSÉ

TRIBAL PATTERNS Photographer: Maicol Diaz Model: Victoria Simmons Make Up Artist: Amanda Mullen Fashion Stylist: Michelle O’Reagan Hair Stylist: Anna Mannino Location: Fontainebleau Park, New Orleans, Louisiana




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August 2016

The TRAVEL Issue Not just a magazine— a movement! 84






Abandoned Memories Photographer James Pitarresi Model Diana Grace Hair Artist Heather Frisbe Make Up Artist Kirsten Fredrickson Fashion Designer Victoria Wong | Wear the Paint Location Binghamton, New York

Meet Photographer James Pitarresi How did you get started? Tell us a little about yourself.

If you had the opportunity to meet any photographer,

I started with film in the 70s but got away from

living or dead, who would it be?

photography for a long time. I returned about a half-

Ansel Adams

dozen years ago when DSLRs offered high quality. Favorite movie? Three adjectives to describe yourself.


Enthusiastic, passionate, and collaborative. Favorite actor/actress? What do you enjoy the most about photography?

Meryl Streep

Working with a creative team! Favorite superhero? Why? What do you not enjoy about photography?

Superman – awesome superpowers and he can fly!

The logistics of organizing a shoot. What is your favorite word? Least favorite? Favorite color?

Yes / No

Blue What was the last picture you took with your phone? Favorite food/drink?

A BTS image at my last photo shoot.

Grilled pizza and Pinot Noir If you could have personally witnessed anything, what What person, living or dead, would you love to

would you want to have seen?


Gettysburg Address

Abraham Lincoln, but I doubt I could improve on Matthew Brady.

Last book you read? Issac’s Storm by Erik Larson

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Contentment

Anything else you want the readers to know about you. I’m just trying to improve my creative vision and

Your zodiac sign? Leo Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? Paris is my favorite city to visit and explore. What’s your theme song? I’m drawing a blank on this one – anything jazzy!


Meet Model Diana Grace How did you get started modeling? When I was 19 years old, I signed with MMG agency in NYC. I went on a ton of castings, but I wasn’t getting any work.

Speak it into existence, where do you see yourself in 5 years? In five years, hopefully, I will own my own Esthetician business, continue modeling and start a family.

I then decided to take a fashion design class at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). I mentioned on my first day of class how I wanted to get into modeling. One of the girls from my class was in a photography class. She asked if I would be interested in doing a couple of photoshoots. She said she could help me start my portfolio. I wound up having a blast doing these photoshoots and I received every photo that was taken.

Favorite color? Olive Green is my favorite color!

I then signed with Images Management in NYC at the age of 23 and got into promotional modeling as well. It was a hassle commuting into New York City every day from Long Island. I quit with the agency and started to freelance. I got a lot more work connecting with people on my own!

Favorite superhero? Why? My favorite superhero is Wonder Woman because she is a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man.

I even won 9th place in a fitness contest that I submitted myself to in 2015 from my One Model Place (OMP) website: I’ve met some really cool people on my journey. What do you enjoy the most about modeling? I enjoy connecting with people. I find modeling is such a great hobby to have. I feel like my true outgoing personality shows through the camera during shoots. What do you not enjoy about modeling? I can’t think of anything that I don’t enjoy about modeling! It really depends on who you’re shooting with! I have had experiences with a few photographers that were bossy and demanding. It made me feel stressed out. In the long run, what matters the most are the photos in the end. What designer would you love to model/walk for? I would love to model for Michael Kors. I love all his bags and fashion line. What photographer would you love to shoot with? Why? I would love to shoot with Russell James. He is so talented and knows so much about photography. Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? A dream vacation I would like to go on would be to visit Aruba and Fiji.

Favorite food/drink? Anything Italian! Your zodiac sign? My zodiac sign is a Libra.

What person, living or dead, do you admire the most? Why? I admire all of my grandparents, I wouldn’t be able to choose between the 4 of them. They are/were loving, hardworking, amazing people in my life. I love them equally! What’s your favorite quote? My favorite quote is: “Everything happens for a reason.” What’s your theme song? “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan Favorite movie? My favorite movie is “Pitch Perfect 1 & 2”, they are hysterical! Favorite actor/actress? My favorite actor is Zac Efron! He’s so handsome and every movie he’s been in is great. What do you do when you are not modeling? I have my Esthetician license, as of now I am working in a high end spa on Long Island. Your idea of happiness? Your idea of misery? Happiness=Summer days in the pool. Misery=Cloudy freezing days. Three adjectives to describe yourself. I am dependable, kind hearted, and silly Anything else you want the readers to know about you? I am a fun laid back person who doesn’t take life too seriously!

Meet Fashion Designer Victoria Wong | Wear the Paint How did you get started? Tell us a little about yourself. I got started in 7th grade when I started sketching out dresses. I went to school at LIM College for fashion merchandising (which is the business side of fashion) and while I was interning, I landed my first full-time job in fashion. It was in fashion design! My mom pushed me to go to business school to learn the other side of fashion in case I wanted to start my own business, which I eventually did: aka Wear the Paint! What do you enjoy the most about fashion design? I love that it is very creative and allows you to express yourself. What do you not enjoy about fashion design? The long hours. Favorite color? Mint Green! Favorite fabric that you ever worked with? I absolutely love tulle and cotton sateen. I cannot get enough of both fabrics! I love the simplicity of the fabrics, but they also allow you a lot of creative freedom. Favorite food? Hands down, spaghetti and meatballs and a Mojito. I could have just those for the rest of my life and be so happy! What person, living or dead, would you love to create a design for? What would it be? I would love to create a design, especially a leather jacket, for Melissa Etheridge. I love her music and think it is so inspiring. I would love to create a leather jacket with safety pins and metal chains, very rock and roll punkesque! Your zodiac sign? Cancer! What zodiac sign do you get along with the most? Leo and Taurus

Speak it into existence, where do you see yourself in 5 years? I see myself owning a successful bridal business. Favorite fashion era--20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s? Why? I love the Roaring 20s because it was very women empowering! Three adjectives to describe yourself. Funny, Petite, and Loud Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? A dream vacation I would love to take is to the Maldives. It looks absolutely beautiful there! What’s your favorite quote? I dance to the melody you create. What’s your theme song? “Kiss it Better” by Rihanna Favorite movie? Moulin Rouge Favorite actor/actress? Nicole Kidman Favorite superhero? My favorite superhero would be my mom! She is there for me through anything and everything and always supports me! What is your idea of perfect happiness? My idea of perfect happiness would be walking along an empty beach hearing the waves of the ocean crash against the sand, preferably in Cancun, Mexico. Last book you read? Do magazines or online articles count? Just kidding. The last book I read was The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. Anything else you want the readers to know about you? Photoshoots are one of my favorite things to do and I love collaborating with creative, talented photographers, make up artists, hair stylists and models!

GREEN ESCAPE Photographer & Retoucher Alexis Zernescu Model Andra Bacalu | MRA Models Agency Make Up Artist Alexandra Catrinel Ripeanu Hair Stylist Elena Maniga Stylist Catalina Kovacs Designer NORINA ST Location Bucharest, Romania

20 SALYSÉ July August 2016

21 SALYSÉ July August 2016

22 SALYSÉ July August 2016

23 SALYSÉ July August 2016

24 SALYSÉ July August 2016

25 SALYSÉ July August 2016

26 SALYSÉ July August 2016

27 SALYSÉ July August 2016

PACIFIC NORTHWEST Photographer Remy Brand

28 SALYSÉ July August 2016

29 SALYSÉ July August 2016

30 SALYSÉ July August 2016

31 SALYSÉ July August 2016

32 SALYSÉ July August 2016

33 SALYSÉ July August 2016

36 SALYSÉ July August 2016

37 SALYSÉ July August 2016

38 SALYSÉ July August 2016

39 SALYSÉ July August 2016

40 SALYSÉ July August 2016

East Meets West Photographer Michelle Bartels | Soussia Photography Model Brooke Rey Make Up Artist Kara Hogarty Hair Stylist Carol Zamora Fashion Designer Hanaa Bensaid | ANA BEN Stylists Aicha Bensaid & Michelle Bartels

41 SALYSÉ July August 2016

42 SALYSÉ July August 2016

43 SALYSÉ July August 2016

44 SALYSÉ July August 2016

45 SALYSÉ July August 2016

46 SALYSÉ July August 2016

47 SALYSÉ July August 2016

48 SALYSÉ July August 2016

49 SALYSÉ July August 2016

50 SALYSÉ July August 2016

51 SALYSÉ July August 2016

52 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Mountains and Lakes Photographer Aliona Kuznetsova Model Ksenia Guseva Wardrobe Featuring Designs by Shafran Location Lake Geneva & Swiss Alps Switzerland

53 SALYSÉ July August 2016

TOP IMAGE: Dress: Anna Leonchenko; Necklace: Anna Leonchenko; Boots: N ­ o label. BOTTOM IMAGE: Dress: Anna Leonchenko; Sweater: H&M; Necklace: Anna Leonchenko.

54 SALYSÉ July August 2016

55 SALYSÉ July August 2016

56 SALYSÉ July August 2016

TOP IMAGE: Sweater: ­Handmade; Coat: Stradivarius; Jeans: Zara; Glasses: C ­ arrera; Boots: Z ­ enden. BOTTOM IMAGE: Sweater: H ­ &M; Belt: H ­ &M; Skirt: ­Tvoe; Leggings: T ­ erranova; Boots: Z ­ enden.

57 SALYSÉ July August 2016

58 SALYSÉ July August 2016

LEFT PAGE: Dress: Anna Leonchenko; Sweater: H&M; Necklace: Anna Leonchenko. RIGHT PAGE: Coat: Autograph; Dress: Shafran; Belt: H ­ &M.

59 SALYSÉ July August 2016

60 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Sweater: Handmade; Shorts: C ­ alliope; Boots: Zenden; Glasses: N ­ o label.

61 SALYSÉ July August 2016

62 SALYSÉ July August 2016

LEFT PAGE: Dress: S­ hafran. RIGHT PAGE: Dress: S­ hafran; Boots: Z ­ enden.

63 SALYSÉ July August 2016

64 SALYSÉ July August 2016

65 SALYSÉ July August 2016

66 SALYSÉ July August 2016

67 SALYSÉ July August 2016

68 SALYSÉ July August 2016

69 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Mademoiselle Photographer Federica Dall’Orso Model Vladica | Wilhelmina New York Stylist Diego Binetti Make Up and Hair Artist Alyssa Bono Photo Assistant Brendan Gosse Location Bushwick, Brooklyn

70 SALYSÉ July August 2016

71 SALYSÉ July August 2016

72 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Dress: Love Binetti; Shoes: Dior.

73 SALYSÉ July August 2016

74 SALYSÉ July August 2016


Dress: Love Binetti; Shoes: Dior.

SALYSÉ July August 2016

76 SALYSÉ July August 2016

77 SALYSÉ July August 2016

78 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Coat, Blouse, and Pants: Love Binetti; Hat: Vintage; Shoes: Daniele Alessandrini.


Coat, Blouse, and Pants: Love Binetti.

SALYSÉ July August 2016

80 SALYSÉ July August 2016

81 Coat, Blouse, and Pants: Love Binetti; Shoes: Daniele Alessandrini.

SALYSÉ July August 2016

82 SALYSÉ July August 2016

83 Coat, Blouse, and Pants: Love Binetti; Shoes: Daniele Alessandrini.

SALYSÉ July August 2016

Candy Jack Photographer Miles Marie Model Justin Erion Hair and Make Up Artist Miles Marie Suit Vintage Belk Hat Roberto Collection, Bronner Location Ypsilanti, Michigan

84 SALYSÉ July August 2016

85 SALYSÉ July August 2016

86 SALYSÉ July August 2016

87 SALYSÉ July August 2016

88 SALYSÉ July August 2016

89 SALYSÉ July August 2016

At The Point Photographer Sam Breach Model Malik Hardcastle Stylist Pharoah Brand Fashion Make Up Artist Megan Landry Location Alameda Point, California 90 SALYSÉ July August 2016

91 Poncho: American Rag; Cardigan: Weatherproof; Shirt: H&M; Jeans: Hype; Shoes: Alfani; Hat: Walt Country Gentleman; Watch: Apple; Bracelet: J.Crew; Ring: Titanium Rings for Men.

SALYSÉ July August 2016

92 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Dress Shirt: Bar 3; Pants: Tallia Orange; Shoes: Alfani.

93 SALYSÉ July August 2016

94 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Dress Shirt: Versace; Pants: Saks Fifth Avenue; Shoes: Levi’s; Ring: Titanium Rings for Men.

95 SALYSÉ July August 2016

96 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Vest: Tallia Orange; Pants: American Rag; Denim Shirt: Levi’s; Shoes: Levi’s.

97 SALYSÉ July August 2016

98 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Shirt and Top: H&M; Shorts: American Rag; Shoes: JCrew.

99 SALYSÉ July August 2016

TRIBAL Patterns Photographer Maicol Diaz Model Victoria Simmons Make Up Artist Amanda Mullen Fashion Stylist Michelle O’Reagan Hair Stylist Anna Mannino | Twisted Hair Salon Location Fontainebleau Park New Orleans, Louisiana

100 SALYSÉ July August 2016

101 SALYSÉ July August 2016

102 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Ear Cuff: House of O’Reagan; Kimono and Necklace: Pachamama Bohemian; Bikini: Maia Cabral Swimwear; Cuff: Vintage (African origin); Earrings/Guage: Model’s Own.

103 Sun Hat: Free People; Necklace: Designs by Kenzie; SALYSÉ Swimsuit: Maia Cabral Swimwear; Belt: Vintage; July Skirt: Pachamama Bohemian; Sandals: L*Space by August Monica Wise. 2016

104 SALYSÉ July August 2016

105 Jacket: Pachamama Bohemian; Harem Bracelet: Earthbound Trading Co.; Bikini bottoms: American Apparel.

SALYSÉ July August 2016

106 SALYSÉ July August 2016

107 Asymmetrical Earrings: House of O’Reagan; Dress: Vintage (Lou Dyn); Harem Bracelet: SALYSÉ Earthbound Trading Co.; Clutch: Pachamama July August Bohemian. 2016

108 SALYSÉ July August 2016

109 Necklace: Pachamama Bohemian; Bikini: L*Space by Monica Wise.

SALYSÉ July August 2016

110 SALYSÉ July August 2016

111 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Madrid Photographer Kutay GĂźlaydin

Model Teresa Perez Jofre Velez | Stars Model Agency Karen Truzman Stylist Marta Rodriguez Miguel Make Up Artist Belia Conde Aguilera Location Robledo de Chavela Madrid, Spain

112 SALYSÉ July August 2016

113 SALYSÉ July August 2016

114 SALYSÉ July August 2016

115 SALYSÉ July August 2016

116 SALYSÉ July August 2016

117 SALYSÉ July August 2016

118 SALYSÉ July August 2016

119 SALYSÉ July August 2016

120 SALYSÉ July August 2016

121 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Little Princess Photographer & Stylist Dorofeeva Yuliya Model Sasha | STARSYSTEM RUSSIA Make Up Artist Anastasiya Karpanyuk Assistant Mikhail Prince Location Pushkino, Russia

122 SALYSÉ July August 2016

123 SALYSÉ July August 2016

124 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Vest: Stylist’s Own; Skirt: Ol’ga Kotel’nikova; Shirt: Smartconcept; Brooch: Tat’yana Vasilenko; Earrings: Yuliya Logvinova; Shoes: Carlo Pazalini.

125 SALYSÉ July August 2016

126 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Earrings: Yuliya Logvinova; Hat: Krasniy Voin; Brooch: Galina Barusheva; Overalls: TRUD; Shirt, Handbag, Shoes: Stylist’s Own. .

127 SALYSÉ July August 2016

128 SALYSÉ July August 2016

129 SALYSÉ July August 2016

130 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Dress: Ieniella; Hat: Schelkovo; Brooch: Natal’ya Gamurar; Shoes: Carlo Pazalini; Watch: Luch; Handbag: Stylist’s Own; Belt: Stylist’s Own; Gloves: Stylist’s Own.

131 SALYSÉ July August 2016

132 SALYSÉ July August 2016

133 Shirt: Defi*le; Shorts: Tangerine; Brooch: Marina Zimarina; Earrings and Necklace: Yuliya Logvinova; Jacket, Glasses, and Rings: Stylist’s Own.

SALYSÉ July August 2016

134 SALYSÉ July August 2016

135 SALYSÉ July August 2016

136 SALYSÉ July August 2016

Blouse: Stylist’s Own; Belt: Stylist’s Own; Jeans: Bouviere; Brooch: Elena Tcelikova; Shoes: Carlo Pazalini.

137 SALYSÉ July August 2016

138 SALYSÉ July August 2016

139 Skirt: Oasis; Blouse: Together!; Brooch: Yuliya Igoshkina; Shoes: Carlo Pazalini; Watch: Quartz.

SALYSÉ July August 2016

NYC Photographer Stone Wong Model Natsumi Saito Make Up Artist Rika Shimojo Assistant Ryan Av Location New York, New York

142 SALYSÉ July August 2016

143 SALYSÉ July August 2016

144 SALYSÉ July August 2016

145 SALYSÉ July August 2016

146 SALYSÉ July August 2016

147 SALYSÉ July August 2016

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SALYSÉ Volume 2: Number 5

August 2016

Vol 2: No 5 | August 2016 SALYSÉ Magazine  

A Fashion, Beauty, and Conceptual Art Photography Magazine.

Vol 2: No 5 | August 2016 SALYSÉ Magazine  

A Fashion, Beauty, and Conceptual Art Photography Magazine.