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SALYSÉ Volume 2: Number 3

May/June 2016

Meet Cover Model

Emily Caro

CONTRIBUTORS Chay BIGGER Sam BREACH Wendy BUITER Anya CALIENDO Laura DARK Ed HAFIZOV Kerri JEAN Xingni KILBY Aliona KUZNETSOVA Sonya LAWYER Jiro PRESTON Brande WILKERSON Prints, Florals, and Patterns in Paisley Park

Hats, Headdresses, Fascinators, and Crowns


#BTS Shooting the cover with model Emily Caro, wearing Danietté, LLC, make up artist Monique Nicole, hair stylist Kanika Styles, and photographer Sonya Lawyer!

SALYSÉ Magazine is a photography magazine, featuring beauty, fashion, and conceptual art editorials. We do not seek to define beauty with one narrow idea, but with a myriad of viewpoints Vintage is right next to emerging designers, who are right next to established designers. We are looking for creatives who push the envelope, take chances, and disregard the status quo. SALYSÉ Magazine is about sophistication, authenticity, with a touch of eccentricity. ---------FOLLOW LIKE SUBSCRIBE PURCHASE ---------Not just a magazine— a movement!

Letter from the Editor

Dear Salysians, I love Spring! I love waking up to the birds chirping, the sun shining, and flowers blooming. (I could do without the pollen though...) What’s your favorite flower? Roses? Sunflowers? Tulips? Hydrangeas? Lavender? Carnations? Geraniums? Hyacinths? Daffodils? Irises? Orchids? Dahlias? Marigolds? Peonies? Lilies?

FLORA Photographer: Sonya A. Lawyer; Model: Emily Caro; Make Up Artist: Monique Nicole; Hair Stylist: Kanika Styles; Gown: Danietté LLC; Headdress: Miss G Designs.

As I write this letter, I am rejoicing in the birth of my second niece, Lillie, who is named after my grandmother. Six months ago when I came up with theme of “Prints, Florals, and Patterns in Paisley Park” I never thought I would be mourning the loss of one of my favorite artists-- the musical genius, Prince! Births and deaths. It is the circle of life. So, I just want to suggest, hold your loved ones a little closer and give them their flowers today. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone! Enjoy the warm weather! Enjoy the flowers! Enjoy life! As always, I hope you enjoy your escape! Hugs and Love, Sonya Alyse Lawyer Founder & Editor in Chief SALYSÉ Magazine

FLORA Photographer: Sonya A. Lawyer; Model: Emily Caro; Make Up Artist: Monique Nicole; Hair Stylist: Kanika Styles; Coat: Danietté LLC; Necklace: Venus Visuals.




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May/June 2016

“Prints, Florals, and Patterns in Paisley Park” and “Hats, Headdresses, Fascinators, and Crowns” Not just a magazine— a movement! 112







Anya Caliendo

Born in the USSR. Russian at heart. Expelled from the ballet school for the love of everything sweet at the age of 7. A proud owner of a single dress from the age of 9 to 12. Took piano and violin lessons since the age of 7. A survivor of the collapse of the USSR and the explosion at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Received strict education in High School with advance study in Literature, English and Arts. Followed by three years of advance study in sewing. Graduate of the Institute of The Foreign Languages with bachelor degree in Linguistics. Lived in Belarus. Worked since the age of 14. Crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed in the USA at the age of 24 with $20 in her pocket. Worked for the next three years as a waitress, caregiver, ice-cream seller and a housekeeper, holding 4 jobs at a time. A great believer in the American Dream. At one point lived as an illegal alien. A dreamer. Trained in Millinery Arts by the legendary Rose Corey in England. Apprentice to Mr. Stephen Jones. Opened Millinery Atelier in 2010. Extremely privet. Clueless about gossip. Loves working in solitary confinement. Allergic to anything negative. Top 10 sources of joy: performing arts, driving pink Vespa, fashion books, travelling anywhere, peonies, wearing chapeaux and creating them too, fabulous shoes, meeting talented people, taking care of pets. Adamant about preserving the Art of true Couture Millinery. Doesn’t own a single sewing machine. Proud of tremendous work ethic. Dedicated to the perfection in every stitch. A founder of Millinery School based in her Atelier. Trained and launched careers of countless milliners all over the globe. First American Milliner to present solo millinery Collections of Couture Hats as official part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York in decades. Published in Vogue Latin America, Vogue Paris, Vogue Germany, Vogue Sposa, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Grazia, W, Vanity Fair among countless other glossy fashion publications globally. Creates hats for Lady Gaga. Works with the most prominent photographers and stylists in the fashion industry. Believes in miracles, professionalism, talent and more talent. 4

Creates the most fabulous hats in US.

SALYSÉ May June 2016

~ Photography by Ed Hafizov


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Morpho Amphitryon” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Mademoiselle X” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“In Vogue” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Rouge Cardinal” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Lady Noir” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Frida” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Florentine” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Balthazar” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Dancing Dragon” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Maharaja” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Titania, Queen of Fairies” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Fire Bird” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Asylum” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Mademoiselle X” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz.


SALYSÉ May June 2016

“Shocking” by Anya Caliendo. Photographed by Ed Hafivoz

WENDY BUITER #fashionillustrator

20 SALYSÉ May June 2016

23 SALYSÉ May June 2016

24 SALYSÉ May June 2016

25 SALYSÉ May June 2016

26 SALYSÉ May June 2016

28 SALYSÉ May June 2016

29 SALYSÉ May June 2016

Meet Fashion Illustrator Wendy Buiter International illustrator, Wendy Buiter, creates beauty and fashion inspired art, utilizing vivid colors, to depict powerful women who exude confidence. Her playful art is inspired by contemporary haute couture and fashion photography. Wendy’s illustrations are an extension of herself, translating her creative energy onto the canvas, brought to life by the female characters she paints. Wendy was exposed to fashion and beauty cosmetics from an early age, discovering her passion for the arts and aesthetics and the freedom of expression through colors as a young and accomplished make-up artist. She was fortunate enough to travel the world, refining her skills by learning through education and observation internationally. During this period, Wendy managed to transform her talent into a successful company, Beautypartner, that collaborated with many of the world´s most established and renowned fashion and cosmetic houses including L’Oréal, CHANEL, LVMH, Yves Saint Laurent, MAC, and more! As a director, she was limited in time to develop her creative talent. After nearly 10 years of entrepreneurship, she then decided to take a sabbatical. She exited her company to once again pursue her strongest passion to become an accomplished painter and illustrator.

30 SALYSÉ May June 2016

Soon thereafter she was accepted and enrolled into one of the most prestigious art academies in The Netherlands and further developed her skills with fashion illustrators in Rotterdam and New York. Wendy is available to create original works for commission. See more of her work at:

31 SALYSÉ May June 2016

Mother Nature

Photographer Laura Dark Model Odette Despairr Make Up Artist On Call Artistry Designer Darkspectre Custom Couture

33 SALYSÉ May June 2016

34 SALYSÉ May June 2016

35 SALYSÉ May June 2016

36 SALYSÉ May June 2016

37 SALYSÉ May June 2016

38 SALYSÉ May June 2016

Meet Photographer Laura Dark Laura Dark is a conceptual portrait, fashion, and beauty photographer from Columbus, Ohio. It has been said that, “what Laura can do in a half dozen frames would make grown men cry.” She is best known for her dark portrait and beauty work which has been described as, “... beautiful and creative to the max. The images are so realistic and haunting…it’s insane.” Laura is well known for her many publications, magazine covers, and her 2 years as Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor with the avant garde fashion magazine, Dark Beauty. She has been published in Gothic Beauty Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, and Auxiliary Magazine just to name a few. See more of her work at:

40 SALYSÉ May June 2016

IMPERMANENCE II Spring Living Sculpture by Flower Couture Photographer Sam Breach Models Celeste, Tiffany Marie Hill, Tara Hutton, Lissette Maravilla & Fulya Sezer Floral Designer Aya of Flower Couture Make Up and Stage Assistant Nana Make Up and Hair Artist Kaoru Rothman Wardrobe Stylist Chelsea of Anomie Host The Dryansky Gallery

41 SALYSÉ May June 2016

42 SALYSÉ May June 2016

43 SALYSÉ May June 2016

44 SALYSÉ May June 2016

45 SALYSÉ May June 2016


Brande Wilkerson

Meet artist Brande Wilkerson Brande Wilkerson is an internationally published artist/designer/photographer for Victory Vintage Boutique & Design Studio. She began curating and selling vintage fashion in 1999 when her love of fashion, styling, and costume design grew. She is greatly inspired by early 1900’s fashion, silent film, and theatre arts and equally by the Victorian and Art Nouveau styles of that time. She debuted her own line of fashion and headpiece designs in 2012 when she opened her Etsy design studio. Her desire to defy trends and express individual style birthed her own collection of original fashion and costume designs. She has photographed fashion for well over a decade that includes her own designs as well as those for other designers. She has most recently expanded her creative skill set to create a more interesting model for her own designs. In her quest to remain unique and independently inspired, Brande recently created the morph model series of pop art surrealism portraits. These whimsical, fairy like, large eyed caricatures resemble her models but are an entirely different breed all their own. They are adorned in extravagant fashion, many in headpieces and jewels. In her own words: “I love faces! I consider portraits my forte in photography. I have always been drawn to faces. I love beauty, and see beauty in so many different ways. Working in the fashion industry over the years has become a bit uninteresting and uninspiring. There are always new trends, themes, and ideas circulating but I like my work to remain unique and untouched by fleeting trends. I like to step back in time 100 years or more to find my own personal inspiration. I especially love pop art and thought what if I combined this style with fashion illustrations in graphic art? I love how they have turned out, a feature of high fashion whismy, with a creative pop art vibe! “

48 SALYSÉ May June 2016

49 SALYSÉ May June 2016

50 SALYSÉ May June 2016

51 SALYSÉ May June 2016

52 SALYSÉ May June 2016

53 SALYSÉ May June 2016

CROWNS Photographer Kerri Jean Models Frederica & Lydia LModelz Model Management Make Up Artist Julie Powers Hair Artist Chie Sharp

54 SALYSÉ May June 2016

55 SALYSÉ May June 2016

56 SALYSÉ May June 2016

57 SALYSÉ May June 2016

58 SALYSÉ May June 2016

59 SALYSÉ May June 2016

RAISED BY NATURE Photographer & Stylist Jemima “Jaymee” Poitevien | drunkinart images Model & Hair Stylist Madeleine Haughwout Wardrobe Forever 21 Make Up Artist Samantha Saldias Lighting Assistant Stanley Poitevien Assistants Julie Jean­Mary & Lakayla Wilhite 60 SALYSÉ May June 2016

Headdress Katie Vance

61 SALYSÉ May June 2016

62 SALYSÉ May June 2016

63 SALYSÉ May June 2016

66 SALYSÉ May June 2016

67 SALYSÉ May June 2016

Spring Muse Photographer Xingni Kilby Model Aida Gueye Make Up Artist Christin Birckhead Fashion Stylist Keri Henderson Wardrobe Instant Vintage 78

68 SALYSÉ May June 2016

69 SALYSÉ May June 2016

72 SALYSÉ May June 2016

73 SALYSÉ May June 2016

74 SALYSÉ May June 2016

75 SALYSÉ May June 2016

76 SALYSÉ May June 2016

77 SALYSÉ May June 2016

78 SALYSÉ May June 2016

79 SALYSÉ May June 2016

Pretty Pop

Photographer Jiro Preston | 3reative Models Kira O. Anisha S. Mary G. | MTM Agency Hair Artist 630 Studio

80 SALYSÉ May June 2016

Make Up Artists A. McDuffy Artistry Beauty Beats by Dre Modernly Beautiful

81 SALYSÉ May June 2016

82 SALYSÉ May June 2016

83 SALYSÉ May June 2016

IridescenT Photographer Chay Bigger Model Ivy Chen Makeup Artist Kathy Nguyen Hair Artist Hayley Green Wardrobe Stylist Sacha Columbia Special thanks to: Pipe and Row Boutique in Seattle, Washington

84 SALYSÉ May June 2016

85 SALYSÉ May June 2016

86 SALYSÉ May June 2016

87 SALYSÉ May June 2016

88 SALYSÉ May June 2016

89 SALYSÉ May June 2016

92 SALYSÉ May June 2016

93 SALYSÉ May June 2016

96 SALYSÉ May June 2016

97 SALYSÉ May June 2016

Suffragette City Photographer Saad Hameed Models Noel VanBrocklin & Joan Urchin Make Up Artist Gaby Di Zitti

98 SALYSÉ May June 2016

99 SALYSÉ May June 2016

100 SALYSÉ May June 2016

101 SALYSÉ May June 2016

102 SALYSÉ May June 2016

103 SALYSÉ May June 2016

104 SALYSÉ May June 2016

105 SALYSÉ May June 2016

The Corset Photographer Laura Dark

Model Odette Despairr Make Up Artist On Call Artistry

Fashion Designer Darkspectre Custom Couture

106 SALYSÉ May June 2016

107 SALYSÉ May June 2016

108 SALYSÉ May June 2016

109 SALYSÉ May June 2016

110 SALYSÉ May June 2016

111 SALYSÉ May June 2016

Double Exposure Photographer Laura Dark Model Brianne Jeanette

112 SALYSÉ May June 2016

113 SALYSÉ May June 2016

114 SALYSÉ May June 2016

115 SALYSÉ May June 2016

116 SALYSÉ May June 2016

117 SALYSÉ May June 2016

City Lights Photographer Aliona Kuznetsova Model Freyja Gember

118 SALYSÉ May June 2016

119 SALYSÉ May June 2016

120 SALYSÉ May June 2016

121 SALYSÉ May June 2016

122 SALYSÉ May June 2016

123 SALYSÉ May June 2016

124 SALYSÉ May June 2016

125 SALYSÉ May June 2016

126 SALYSÉ May June 2016

127 SALYSÉ May June 2016

F LO R A Photographer Sonya A. Lawyer | Salyse Photography Model Emily Caro Make Up Artist Monique Nicole Hair Artist Kanika Styles Retoucher Kirill Zarin Headdress Designer Caley Johnson | Miss G Designs Fashion Designer DaniettĂŠ A. Thomas | Daniette, LLC Jewelry Designer Imani Bilal | Venus Visuals

129 SALYSÉ May June 2016

130 SALYSÉ May June 2016

131 SALYSÉ May June 2016

132 SALYSÉ May June 2016

133 SALYSÉ May June 2016

134 SALYSÉ May June 2016

135 SALYSÉ May June 2016

136 SALYSÉ May June 2016

137 SALYSÉ May June 2016

138 SALYSÉ May June 2016

139 SALYSÉ May June 2016

140 SALYSÉ May June 2016

Meet Cover Model Emily Caro How did you get started modeling? I got my start when I was about 15, I was scouted by an agency in Pensacola, Florida. I got booked for my first fashion week and it bloomed from there! What do you enjoy the most about modeling? I absolutely love meeting new people and making new connections. Also the dressing up and pampering is a nice touch too! Favorite color? Baby Blue Favorite food/drink? I’m a sucker for an amazing burger! What designer would you love to model/walk for? Victoria secret is the dream job. Hopefully one day it will be a reality! Speak it into existence, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Being the face of a major brand.

What’s your favorite quote? “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” What’s your theme song? I don’t think I have a theme song but I’m obsessed with Rihanna’s Anti album. What do you do when you are not modeling? I am a stylist! Favorite movie? Bambi Favorite actor/actress? Blake Lively Your idea of happiness? Being surrounded by people I love, drinking green tea and eating a Five Guys burger! Three adjectives to describe yourself. Graceful. Goofy. And humble.

Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? I would love to go to Fiji, it just seems like the most tranquil and peaceful place on earth Your zodiac sign? Sagittarius Favorite superhero? Why? Captain America, because he is just so cute! What person, living or dead, do you admire the most? Why? My dad. He is the most honest and courageous person I have ever been blessed to have in my life.

141 SALYSÉ May June 2016

142 SALYSÉ May June 2016

Meet Fashion Designer Danietté A. Thomas How did you get started? Tell us a little about yourself. I originally fell in love with fashion when I was 11 years old and began drawing the clothing I was unable to find in local stores. A professor/mentor of mine at the time educated me on how I could bring those designs to life. Once I visually understood how I could do so, by the end of the day I knew my career would be in fashion design. In May of 2015 I graduated from The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion and an Accessory Minor. That summer I began receiving requests for custom garments and by the fall I decided to officially launch my business.

Speak it into existence, where do you see yourself in 5 years? I see myself successfully running my own ready to wear company sold in multiple stores and boutiques across the country.

What do you enjoy the most about fashion design? I enjoy finishing my garments the most. Seeing the final stages of my illustrations come to life is the best part!

What’s your favorite quote? “Say what you mean, mean what you say.” –D.OwensHarvey

What do you not enjoy about fashion design? The cut throat mentality of some people in the industry.

What’s your theme song? For Your Glory –Tasha Cobbs

Favorite color? At the moment, a mauve pink.

Favorite movie? Ray Charles

Favorite fabric you ever worked with? Silk Crepe.

Favorite actor/actress? Jamie Foxx

Favorite food? Chicken Teriyaki.

Favorite actress? Kerry Washington

What person, living or dead, would you love to create a design for? Michelle Obama

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Doing what you love, with whom you love, making a substantial income.

What would it be? Evening wear of course! Your zodiac sign? Virgo. What zodiac sign do you get along with the most? Gemini.

Three adjectives to describe yourself. Determined, Optimistic, and Passionate. Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? France, during fashion week, front row for all fashion shows!

Last book you read? Fa$hion for Profit Anything else you want the readers to know about you? Follow me! Instagram: @daniettellc

Favorite fashion era--20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s? Late 50s. Early 60s. Why? The Jackie Kennedy Era is the time of some of my favorite designers like Cristobal Balenciaga, Christian Dior, and Coco Chanel.

143 SALYSÉ May June 2016

144 SALYSÉ May June 2016

145 SALYSÉ May June 2016

146 SALYSÉ May June 2016

147 SALYSÉ May June 2016

148 SALYSÉ May June 2016

149 SALYSÉ May June 2016

150 SALYSÉ May June 2016

151 SALYSÉ May June 2016

152 SALYSÉ May June 2016

153 SALYSÉ May June 2016

154 SALYSÉ May June 2016

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom. -Elizabeth Appell 155 SALYSÉ May June 2016

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SALYSÉ Volume 2: Number 3

May/June 2016

Vol 2: No 3 | May/June 2016 SALYSÉ Magazine  

A Fashion, Beauty, and Conceptual Art Photography Magazine.

Vol 2: No 3 | May/June 2016 SALYSÉ Magazine  

A Fashion, Beauty, and Conceptual Art Photography Magazine.