SALYSÉ Magazine | Vol 4 : No 115 | December 2018

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SALYSÉ Volume 4: Number 115

December 2018

Color Me Up Photographer Natalia Tirado

CONTRIBUTORS Lorenzo Belmonte

Model Floriane Ribeiro Contacto Basico

Marco Chianale

Makeup Artist Lili Bonil

Nikita Klimovich

Stylist Jorge Malave Illustrator Veronica Collignon

Bertran Harden

Daria Kraft Elena Mak Tessa C. Orth Pablo Rodriguez

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Letter from the Editor Dear Salysians, Let’s celebrate! We made it. We made it through another year. It’s the glittery time of year. The sparkle and shimmer of the season always brings a smile to my face! My December goes like this: second baby brother’s birthday, first baby brother’s birthay, Christmas, niece’s birthday, New Year, and then Mom’s birthday. So, needless to say, I never run out of reasons to celebrate in December! As this year comes to a close, I hope that you have numerous reasons to celebrate. Enjoy the beauty of the season!! Enjoy the December issues! Be well. Be kind. Be patient. As always, I hope you enjoy your escape! Hugs and Love, Sonya Alyse Lawyer SALYSÉ, Founder and Editor in Chief



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December 2018 Let’s Celebrate Not just a magazine— a movement! 136

Color Me Up Photographer Natalia Tirado

Model Floriane Ribeiro | Contacto Basico Model Management Makeup Artist Lili Bonil Stylist Jorge Malave Illustrator Veronica Collignon




7 Top: Zara Skirt: KW Mariakarina



Top: H&M

9 Jumpsuit: NMZ | Natalia Mazzei Zubillaga


10 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Coat: NMZ coat Jeans: Zara jeans Shoes: Padua

11 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

12 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

13 Gold dress: NMZ | Natalia Mazzei Zubillaga


Top: KW Mariakarina Skirt: NMZ | Natalia Mazzei Zubillaga

14 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

15 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Japanese Beauty Photographer Daria Kraft Model Arina | OMG Model Makeup Artist Olga Biel Wardrobe Stylist Irina Tailor

16 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

17 Clothing: Irina Tailor Accessories: Olga Biel


18 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Wardrobe: Zara

19 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Accessories: Olga Biel

20 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

21 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

22 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

23 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

24 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

25 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

N W O T N W DO Photographer Nikita Klimovich

Model ement Y Model Manag RN O G A N | k hi Svetlana Potapc Makeup Artist Olga Gurinovich Wardrobe Stylist Aleksandr Gayel e in the d the green puls an a, br ze a on eak, ping ce - hurr y and br in the right. Jum pa , – e ce on pa , ph ce e th pa , ft hand ffee, call. ere you need a Cof fee - in the le inking at you. H e, calculation, co w fic y of ad e, re m al co is in w , report, coffee traffic light windo t regret. Office, n’ do d an t ai w t don’ Circulation. Your Downtown.

iliar ong a quiet, fam al ng ki al w t bu longer flying, n in a chair e corner, sit dow u see yourself no th yo nd nd A ou . ar ep rn le tu as how at u ll Yo And then you fa and silently watch extremely calm. ly re ab u’ rt yo fo d m an co , t si go u u u smile e of the street. Yo your memor y. Yo street to tears. Yo dl is id is m e Th th r. ai in ch ht m that is rig small part of on a similar ar from childhood m or a past is a unknown girl sits ea dr an a et er re st th e he th W . big city ... the other end of bustling life of a e, calm and good e ng th ra of St . ex re rt he vo e od it, circling in th at her. You’re go ant to part with w t n’ do u yo d yourself, an

26 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

27 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

28 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

29 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

30 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

31 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

32 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

33 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

34 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

35 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

36 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

37 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

38 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

39 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

40 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

41 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

42 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

43 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Ocean Glam Photographer Creative Director Tessa C. Orth

44 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Model Jessi Krosch Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Jenny Schneider

45 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

46 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

47 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

48 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

49 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

50 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

51 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

I am in Your Eyes Photographer Elena Mak Model Alina Larina 52 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Makeup Artist Anastasia Sannikova

53 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

55 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

56 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

57 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Shdes of Emotion Photographer Pablo Rodriguez Model Krystina Dejean Wardrobe Stylist Michelle Leblanc Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist Creative Director Vanessa Tremblay

From the softest touch to the toughest souls. Women will always thrive when there vast array of emotions are completely embraced. When sensuality meets prudery, when happiness is found in struggle, when tenderness rivals the most rugged character. Women are the deepest shades of emotion.

58 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

59 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

60 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

61 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

62 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

63 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

64 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

65 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Autumn Backlight Photographer Marco Chianale Model Giorgia Alampi Makeup Artist Valentina Cappelletti Stylist Alessandro Crivellaro

66 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Dress: Revise Concept Coat: PARKO

67 SALYSÉ DEC 2018


68 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Dress: Berna Italia Coat: SHOP ART Bag: SHOP ART Boots: Dr. Martens

69 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

70 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

71 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Quotodien of the Day Photographer Lighting Designer Bertran Harden

Photographer Assistant Lorenzo Belmonte Model Olivia Davis Makeup Artist Nancy Ortiz Hair Stylist Rocio Ortiz

72 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Stylist Art Director Ilaria De Plano Wardrobe Stylist Irena Iverson

73 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

BCBG Max Azria pants + Theory white blazer Christian Louboutin shoes

74 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

76 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Maje honeycomb gold dress

77 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

78 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

Herve Leger white gown

79 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

80 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

81 SALYSÉ DEC 2018

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SALYSÉ Volume 4: Number 115

Shades of Emotion Photographer Pablo Rodriguez Model Krystina Dejean Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist & Creative Director Vanessa Tremblay Wardrobe Stylist Michelle Leblanc

December 2018

CONTRIBUTORS Lorenzo Belmonte Marco Chianale Bertran Harden Nikita Klimovich Daria Kraft Elena Mak Tessa C. Orth Natalia Tirado