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Salvos Stores Responds to the Blue Mountains Fires Salvos Stores Springwood was at the heart of the devastating bush fires that burnt through the Blue Mountains in October. Our Western Sydney Area Manager Ted Greenaway and Springwood Store Manager Belinda Hedges share their stories.

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A Christmas Message from Neville Barrett, General Manager Salvos Stores There is no better time than now, this very Christmas season, for us all to rededicate ourselves to the principles taught by Jesus Christ. Because He came to earth, we have a perfect example to follow. As we strive to become more like Him, we will have joy and happiness in our lives and, peace each day of the year. It is His example which, if followed, stirs within us more kindness and love, more respect and concern for others.

express our love toward one another and toward God and His precious Son by the giving of ourselves. These inspiring words have been penned by people far more adept than I. Nonetheless, I believe them most appropriate and, chose to use them.

Because He came to earth, there is meaning to our mortal existence.

We know that the journey for Salvos Stores has still yet many bridges to To our fantastic cross and, many Donors who provide us roads to navigate.

Because He came to earth, we know how to reach out to those in trouble or distress, wherever they may be.

with, whilst often times going without.

Because He came to earth, death has lost its sting, the grave its victory. We will live again. The Christmas season is a time to reflect and act upon the blessings and opportunities we have because of the birth, life, Atonement, and Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. As our Heavenly Father “so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son” (John 3:16), we

We can’t possibly do this important work without the efforts of our wonderful Staff and Volunteers. I thank you all for your tremendous spirit, selfless commitment and professionalism throughout this last year.

To our fantastic Donors who provide us with, whilst often times going without, as well as our Customers, we respect, value and honour your worth to our Mission. To all I wish a Merry Christmas and a healthy, safe, prosperous and happy New Year.

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Sally Salvos Tips for Christmas Upcycling Upcycle and make your own snow globes . . . .

liquid glycerine (it makes the glitter fall slowly).

A great Christmas craft idea to share with children.

Step 4 Add sealant to the screw part of the You will need jar. Screw the lid on (wait till the from Salvos Stores sealant has dried before turning over).  old jars that seal

Image: Julie Ann Art

Step 3 Add glitter (we recommend using large glitter pieces).

Step 5 Sit back and enjoy your homemade snow globes.

Step 1 Using the glue attach the figurines to the Hint lid of the jar (let the glue dry). The amount of glycerine and glitter added is a personal choice – do you Step 2 want a fine covering or (as most Fill the jar with distilled water and add the children love) a snow storm!

Fantastic as a personalised gift for loved ones.

from your craft box  glue  glitter  Christmas figures From the store  distilled water  liquid glycerine  sealant

A Short History

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The Flying Padre . . .

Launching our eBay Store . . .

In January 1965, The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory purchased a four-seater Auster Autocar aircraft to be based in Longreach and used for outreach over the vast Queensland outback. Lieutenants Alf and Noela Dawkins were appointed to pioneer the flying padre service. During six years in the job, Alf covered an incredible amount of miles, ministering to many people on isolated homesteads, including conducting weddings, baptisms and funerals. Since the Dawkins' time in Longreach, there have been five "flying padres". The base was moved to Mount Isa in 2000 when the name changed to the Outback Flying Service. Today the service covers around two million square kilometres of central and north Queensland and supports more than 130 families on remote properties. Australia is the only country in The Salvation Army world that operates flying padre services.

On Tuesday 29th October Salvos Stores launched its My Salvos Stores eBay site at District01, Surry Hills . . . We were blessed to have our ambassador Barry Du Bois, star of Channel Ten's The Living Room, come along and say a few words. "I can't think of the last time I was inspired or excited like I have been since coming on board with The Salvos and this eBay store." "If there's anyone who doesn't want an initiative like this to work, I'm on another planet. Let's all get behind this." Also in attendance was Colonel Richard Munn, Chief Secretary of The Salvation Army. Colonel Munn explained the extent of community work that The Salvos do and how funds raised from the My Salvos Stores eBay site greatly assist their work, with all proceeds benefiting The Salvation Army.

1. Neville Barrett, GM Salvos Stores; Colonel Richard Munn, Chief Secretary; Barry Du Bois, My Salvos Stores ambassador. 2. Items sold on eBay. 3. District01 Surry Hills.

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Getting Social with . . . . . My Salvos Stores

Local Spirit Triumphs By Ted Greenaway, Area Manager Western Sydney

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Thursday October 17th 2013, bushfires

Since the commencement of the fire



emergency until today, our staff and

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volunteers at Springwood Store,


Springwood Salvos Store, which had

Penrith Store, Parramatta Store,

only been opened for 5 weeks, became

Minchinbury Store, and Minchinbury

The Salvation Army’s relief centre for

Warehouse, (including transport staff)

the next 5 days until assistance arrived

have all been involved in receiving,

Watch us on

from other Salvation Army Centres to

processing and transporting donations


setup a more permanent site at the

by the truck load and even the

Springwood Baptist Church.

container load! In addition to their usual

During this 5 day period our store was

workload, they have supplied donated

opened every day from 8:00am to

goods, comforted those in need and

Check out our

6:00pm including Saturday and Sunday

received donations for the people in the


to assist all those who had been

Springwood / Winmalee area tirelessly

affected by the fire. The work that was

and without complaint.

carried out by our staff and the many

I would personally like to take this

local volunteers was remarkable. Our

opportunity to thank all those who have

staff and volunteers were there to

been involved with these bushfire relief

receive donations from residents,

operations and to say that I am very

businesses and local clubs. They also

proud and humbled by the efforts of all

made themselves available to give

those associated with Salvos Stores.








support such as providing food, toiletries, and clothing etc to those in need, all free of charge. Staff also comforted those who had tragically lost everything they own, in some cases, even the family pets.


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Mountains of donations arrive for those Affected by the fires.

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What happened to the clothing donation I made to those affected by the bushfires? It has been asked often including in the recent past when disaster has wreaked havoc in various States across Australia. Due to the generosity of the wider Australian Community, Salvation Army Stores have a "back up" stock of clothing and other essential items at all times. Our warehouses have reserves for this and, the general requirements of those less fortunate who come to us through our Community Services areas. In cases of catastrophe, we store donations specifically requested to be used for a particular purpose, in separated areas. These items are used until all of the requirements of the affected families have been met.

Pensioners Discount . . . Salvos Stores has introduced Pensioner Discounts. Pensioners can now save an additional 20% Thursday— Saturday on green, orange, blue, yellow and red tagged items.

Salvos & the Kmart Wishing Tree For 26 years, Kmart together with The Salvation Army has been working to help make Christmas brighter for thousands of families in need. In 2012, the Appeal successfully collected more than 450,000 gifts nationally, for distribution by The Salvation Army. For more information visit

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A Massive Black Cloud

Salvos Stories . . . . . .

Written by Belinda - Store Manager Salvos Stores Springwood

Thursday 17th October, started out like a normal trading day in a very new and busy store. Aware of the Lithgow fires that already burnt through hundreds of hectares. Around 2 o'clock, the roar of fire engines making their way up the mountain and passing our store was making us all very nervous. What we saw physically was a massive black cloud that hung above our predominantly navy blue store, deep down knowing that Springwood and surrounding suburbs were far from safe. Watching the news that night, I saw the devastation and damage that mother nature had dealt the mountain people, so many had lost the place they once called home. First thing Friday morning, two lovely ladies arrived with a car full of essential toiletries and necessary food packs. This continued all day with generous donations for those affected by the fires. Followed by that volunteers offered their assistance and filled the car park, sorting donations for those that would be in need of clothing, blankets and shoes. Our new store went from being a retail outlet to a crisis centre. Local businesses came to aid with food, toiletries and monetary donations which were greatly appreciated. On Sunday, Ted and I opened our doors to help the community for those that were seeking urgent help. Families came and we were more than willing to assist in any way possible. Donations were of an abundance and the store was bursting inside and out. On Monday, local schools were closed and we had children from all ages from Springwood Public, St Columbus and Winmalee High helping organize and sort the exceedingly numerous donations. We were all in this together, a helping community, that had a shelter for those to obtain assistance. Salvos Springwood was abuzz with people, volunteers and the urgency of locals wanting to lend their time and energy. It was very kind and also extremely overwhelming. An elderly couple came in wearing the same clothes that they had been in since Thursday and a volunteer named Anne greeted them with a welcoming hug and sat them down and offered them a cup of tea. A sound, caring listening ear goes a long way in times of need. This was very gracious and comforting to be part of a community that was willing to sincerely empathize with those they had never met before. Our broad shoulders and caring attitude came to the forefront to do whatever it took to console those that had gone home on Friday to discover that their memories of their homes were in total ruins. It is with great integrity, pride and privilege to be a part of the Salvation Army that cared and supported the community in their time of sorrow and loss. I gratefully thank Ted, staff and locals who were there for those that had endured significant hardship which was emotionally and unconditionally heart felt. Sunday,




Condon, arrived to witness, first hand, a large number of volunteers receiving and sorting donations. He also saw volunteers helping those who were fire affected by providing assistance both materially and lending a listening ear to those traumatised by this event. Monday, 21/10/13, was another enormously busy day; once again the store received a mountain of donations and assisted many more fire affected residents. This was made possible by an overwhelming amount of volunteers, including local high school students as their school had been closed due to the fires. Tuesday, 22/10/13, assistance began to arrive from other areas of The Salvation Army. This came as a welcome relief to our staff that had been working non-stop for the previous 5 days.

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There is no better time than now, this very Christmas season, for us all to rededicate ourselves to the principles taught by Jesus Christ.