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Dear Friends, Welcomes are familiar to us in The Salvation Army, as we love to welcome people into our worshipping communities. In February we welcomed Commissioners Clive and Marianne Adams as our Territorial Leaders, and many of you will be welcoming new Corps/Centre Leaders in July. Welcomes signify a new start, the beginning of a new chapter. The world has welcomed Pope Francis I and the Rt. Hon and Most Rev Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, as they have been appointed into significant Leadership roles in the Church. General Linda Bond has travelled extensively around the SA world and participated in traditional welcome ceremonies; it has been humbling to read about the way she encourages people everywhere to participate in the worldwide prayer meeting and embrace the One Mission, One Message, One Army vision. Many of us welcomed the challenge to Go Deeper in the Word and read the New Testament in a year. You will see that the reading for each day is highlighted in Prayer Matters, to encourage us to listen to what God is saying as we pray. Talking about Listening to God, I am delighted that we have a new resource available, which teaches us the principles of hearing what God is saying to us and acting on His word. I trust you will welcome the opportunity to read this booklet, either on your own or in a small group. We, in Prayer Network, would welcome your views on this resource and your ideas of what would further help you in your personal spiritual development. We welcome the opportunity to share together in the new Face book prayer group… all welcome, please search for ‘SA prayer network UKI’ on Face book. We join with you in welcoming God’s Holy Spirit into our everyday lives, asking Him to take us deeper into the Word, deeper into prayer and deeper into community with each other. Blessings Jill (Major Jill Miller, Prayer Coordinator)

May 2013 st

Wednesday 1 : Territorial Commander Commissioner Clive Adams. (Mark 15) Pray that the Commissioner will have an increased awareness of the invigorating power of the Holy Spirit. Pray that as he leads the Territory he will be able to hear God’s direction clearly and that nothing hinders God’s will being heard. Thank God for him. nd Thursday 2 : Commissioner Marianne Adams (Mark 16) Pray that today the Commissioner has an increased awareness of the hand of God on her life and ministry. Pray that God will bless her with all that she requires to fulfil His will. Thank God for her. rd Friday 3 : Territorial Leadership (Luke 1) Today pray for all those who hold responsibility in Territorial leadership. Pray that they will have an increased understanding that they are valued. Claim the promise of God’s protection over them and their families. th Saturday 4 : ROOTS Doncaster Pray for all those who are attending the ROOTS conference. Pray that God’s voice will be clearly heard through the worship teaching today. Pray for a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit on all that takes place. th Sunday 5 : ROOTS Today is the last time that ROOTS will happen in its present way. Thank God for all that he has done over the years. Celebrate the miracles, celebrate the anointed teaching. Celebrate God!

Focus on the Northern Division This week the direction of our prayers turn to the ministry and strategies submitted by the Northern Division. th Monday 6 : Intentional Mission (Luke 2) Pray for the development of intentional mission within the division. Pray for a fresh anointing of God’s Spirit on all that takes place. th Tuesday 7 : Young People’s and Youth Programmes (Luke 3) Pray for those who are involved in the planning and preparation of these programmes. Pray for all those who are influenced by this ministry, that they will have a lifechanging experience of God. th Wednesday 8 : Transformers (Luke 4) Pray that this Alove initiative will be established throughout the division. Pray that as this comes into fruition all involved will be transformed by God’s love. th Thursday 9 : Community Engagement (Luke 5) Pray for those who have the responsibility for the resources available for work within the community. Pray that no one will underestimate what God can do with what is given to him.


Friday 10 : Lifehouse Ministry (Luke 6) Pray for God’s blessing on all the relationships formed within the Lifehouses. Pray that through this ministry the spiritual lives of all will be developed and deepened. th Saturday 11 : Adult and Family Programme Pray for all those involved in delivering and developing this ministry. Pray that God will strengthen and empower each leader as they give of themselves through the work they do. th Sunday 12 : Anti Trafficking Claim the promise of God’s protection over all those involved in this ministry. Pray for those who receive help, that they will see God’s love as they are reached out to in love.

Focus on Youth: Hearing God th

Monday 13 : (Luke 7) When we get our heads around the fact that God really does want to speak to us, it can really change our relationship with him. Today, pray that you will be more aware of his voice, and able to put his guidance into practice. th Tuesday 14 : (Luke 8) Today, spend some time picturing a place you feel completely safe and secure. Now, imagine God coming and sitting down in that place, and talking to you about your day. How does that feel? th Wednesday 15 : (Luke 9) Spend some time, today, praying for your friends or family members who need to hear God for guidance about big decisions they have to make. Pray that he would speak with clarity, and that they would hear and respond with confidence. th Thursday 16 : (Luke 10) When you think about God's voice, do you think of a kind, patient voice, or someone who is critical and mean? Today, ask God to show you where your perceptions about him are shaped by difficult experiences you have had, and ask him to bring healing and truth to those areas. th Friday 17 : (Luke 11) Today, spend some time praying for your corps or youth leaders. They need to hear God's wisdom and guidance daily, in lives that can often become busy and crowded. Pray that they will have space to connect with God and hear him today. th Saturday 18 : What are the top three questions you are looking for the answers to at the moment? God might not say what you'd hoped to hear, but he will always answer when we talk to him. Take your questions to him in your prayer time today.


Sunday 19 : Today, look out for God speaking in unexpected ways: through music, through the adverts on TV, through a friend that wouldn't call themselves 'a Christian'. Perhaps jot these down in a journal so you can remind yourself of the different forms his voice takes.

International Focus: Hong Kong th

Monday 20 : (Luke 12) Over the last eight decades, The Salvation Army Hong Kong and Macau Command has grown from a small group focusing on outcast women, to a large organisation offering support to a wide variety of those in need. Please pray for the continued growth and development of this ministry in this place. st Tuesday 21 : (Luke 13) Please pray for those working with older people, in residential homes, community centres and specific areas such as chronic disease management programmes. Pray that they will know the peace of God in their lives as they minister in this way. nd Wednesday 22 : (Luke 14) Every child is a gift from God. Please pray for The Salvation Army’s schools covering all age groups and including a special school, operating across Hong Kong. Pray that each child will know that they are special and loved by God. rd Thursday 23 : (Luke 15) There are a variety of services aimed at youth and families including Youth Centres, services for young rough sleepers, residential children’s homes, school-based counselling, and a number of family support projects. Pray for the children involved in these programmes, that they would develop a lasting relationship with God. th Friday 24 : (Luke 16) Pray for the work of Heng On services catering for people with disabilities including programs for getting young people with disabilities into employment, a hostel and rehabilitation services. Pray that they will experience the empowering love of God that breaks down all barriers. th Saturday 25 : The Salvation Army commenced work in Macau in 1999. Please pray for the current development of an integrated service centre for young people and families, providing prevention, support and rehabilitation services for people with drug or gambling addictions. Pray that God will anoint this ministry with his sustaining grace. th Sunday 26 : Pray for the work in mainland China through programs of education, infrastructure construction, healthcare and agriculture development, in some of the most deprived areas. Pray that as this ministry takes place the love of God will be experience by all those who come into contact with it.

Focus on Scripture: Daniel th

Monday 27 : Daniel 1:1 (Luke 17) Daniel knew what it was like to experience loss and trouble, when his city was besieged. Which areas of your life feel overwhelming or difficult at the moment? Pray that God would encourage and strengthen you, so you can hold on like Daniel did. th Tuesday 28 : Daniel 1:8 (Luke 18) Resisting the temptation to conform to the behaviour and actions of those around us is always a challenge, especially if we are in a new or unfamiliar situation. Today, pray for your family and friends, that they might be able to stand firm, whatever the temptations are. th Wednesday 29 : Daniel 1: 12-13 (Luke 19) Daniel's faith meant that he could stand up to those who opposed him, without fear. Today, pray for the same courage, so that you can be brave when challenged about your beliefs. th Thursday 30 : Daniel 1:17 (Luke 20) God promises to give us all that we need to stand in difficult situations. For Daniel, this meant he was able to interpret the dreams and visions of those who held his people in captivity. Today, pray that God will use you to interpret his voice to those around you. st Friday 31 : Daniel 5: 13-16 (Luke 21) Today, pray for Christians who work in parliament, and other places of influence. Ask God to help them speak with integrity, act with kindness and uphold justice in all they do. st


Saturday 1 : Daniel 6: 1-10 The story of Daniel in the lion’s den expresses so much about God's faithfulness and protection. As you read the familiar story, think about the situations where you have felt isolated because of your faith, and spend some time saying thank you to God for keeping you safe. nd Sunday 2 : Daniel 6: 16-23 God keeps his promises, and rescues Daniel from certain death. Today, pray for Christians who live in countries where it is illegal to worship God. Ask God to fill them with joy and hope, as they trust in him daily.

Focus on the South and Mid-Wales Division This week the direction of our prayers turn to the ministry and strategies submitted by the South and Mid-Wales Division. rd Monday 3 : (Luke 22) Pray for the divisional leaders as they seek to lead throughout the division. Pray that they will have a deeper awareness of the empowering of the Holy Spirit in their lives.


Tuesday 4 : (Luke 23) Pray for those who work to develop and plan the strategies and programmes throughout the division. Pray that they will know God’s wisdom as they decide what to implement and what to say ‘no’ to. th Wednesday 5 : (Luke 24) Pray for the ministry at Cardiff East. Pray that people who come into the Cafe and Shop will be able to see that there is so much more on offer for them, both socially and spiritually. Pray for the customers who have recently been asking about spiritual matters and for those who regularly pick up Christian leaflets. Also praise God for those who have been taking advantage of 'free' bibles that God's Word would sink deep into their hearts. th Thursday 6 : (John 1) Pray for Risca Corps. A Coffee Shop is due to open opposite the hall in the next few months. Pray that it would be an open door for mission into the community, with the Corps catching hold of and owning the vision, as well as God's favour on practical needs such as finding volunteers and the financial resources necessary. th Friday 7 : (John 2) Please pray for the new people who have started attending Canton Corps who have gone through and will be going through membership classes. Pray that as they accept Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives, God will guide and direct them in their decisions on becoming soldiers or adherents th Saturday 8 : Praise God for six new families attending worship through the Community Programme at Cardiff Grangetown. Pray that they may be brought to faith and grow in their experience of God's love. th Sunday 9 : Pray for the divisional event Celebrate which takes place later in the year. The purpose of the event is to reach a secular audience through music. Pray that their hearts will not only be stirred by the music but by the love that God has for each one of them. May each person attending have a life changing experience of God.

Focus on Youth: Peace th

Monday 10 : (John 3) Sometimes in life, we have to make difficult decisions: about relationships, about our future, about our actions. Today, pray that you will feel God's peace, even in the midst of situations that are difficult or uncertain. th Tuesday 11 : (John 4) Is there anyone in your corps or church who is struggling with on-going illness at present? Spend some time praying that God will fill them with a sense of his peace, and that this will give them strength to keep going.


Wednesday 12 : (John 5) The peace of God makes a huge difference in those moments when it feels like the situations in our lives are conspiring against us, and everything is going wrong. Pray for your friends who need to experience that peace today. th Thursday 13 : (John 6) The Bible talks about Shalom peace, which isn't just the absence of trouble, but a deep, whole security. Ask God to show you where you need him to bring more of that Shalom peace today, and pray that it will encourage you in your walk with him. th Friday 14 : (John 7) Spend some time, today, praying for those in your community who are struggling with exhaustion, worried about money or employment, or who have recently experienced bereavement. Pray that the peace of God will reach them, and make a difference in their situations. th Saturday 15 : Today, pray that God will use you to bring peace in places that are fraught and to relationships that are strained. When you have prayed, look out for the opportunities that arise for you to speak words of hope and encouragement. th Sunday 16 : Forgiveness is one of the main keys to peace: when we bring people and situations to God in this way, there is often an accompanying sense of relief. Ask God to help you respond to painful situations with grace, today.

International Focus: Latin America th

Monday 17 : (John 8) In Guatemala and Honduras, the Women's Ministries are running an evangelistic program for street children, some of whom are already drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes. The programmes gather the children together and provide them with food, as well as spiritual counsellling. Pray that as they meet, they will experience the healing power of God in their lives. th Tuesday 18 : (John 9) In Central America; in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala the ‘Maras’ gangs, pose the most serious challenge to peace in the region. Pray for protection for those who carry out evangelistic ministry to these gangs, with the aim of preaching the Word of God to them and presenting Christ to them. th Wednesday 19 : (John 10) Schooling can be expensive for many families, with no time or space available at home for homework. The Salvation Army runs a variety of after-school centres across Latin America North which aim to enthuse children about learning and teach a variety of life skills and moral values. Pray for the children who attend these centres and for those

who share God’s love with them. Pray that they in turn will influence others with all that they have learnt. th Thursday 20 : (John 11) The Salvation Army Feeding Centres in Costa Rica provide one meal each weekday for children living in the surrounding communities, along with education, healthcare, clothing and footwear. Pray for these children, many of them do not receive any other meals other than the meals provided. Claim the promise of God’s protection over them. st Friday 21 : (John 12) The Salvation Army has a number of schools in this Territory including “Tres Brazos” in the Dominican Republic, a nursery and school for 2 to 10 year old children. Pray for the children who attend these schools, and for the adults who attend literacy classes. Pray that they will see the love God has for them through those who teach them. nd Saturday 22 : Please pray for the Open-air meetings and door-to-door visitation in Costa Rica and Colombia. Pray that people may hear, listen and want to know more about God and then respond to him. rd Sunday 23 : Divisional and Regional Youth Secretaries have recently been appointed, please pray for the next generation of Salvationists that they will rise up to the challenge and deepen their relationship with God. Pray that God will anoint this ministry with his sustaining power.

Focus on Scripture: Esther th

Monday 24 : Esther 2:7 (John 13) Esther's situation and story is hard for us to get our heads round, as modern readers. Today, ask God to speak to you about her faithfulness, as we begin our focus on her life. th Tuesday 25 : Esther 2:11 (John 14) Mordecai made sure that Esther was not abandoned and alone in her quest. Spend some time, today, thinking about your friends who are going through difficult situations. Pray for them by name, asking God to meet their needs just now. th Wednesday 26 : Esther 2:15 (John 15) The story tells us that Esther gained favour with everyone who met her. Today, pray that you will be able to reflect God positively to those you meet today, who may not know him yet. th Thursday 27 : Esther 4: 1-3 (John 16) This passage tells of the great grief experienced by the Jewish people at this time. What situations have you read or heard about on the news recently where there is war, displacement or strife. Pray that God will be very close, and bring solutions to these situations.


Friday 28 : Esther 5:6 (John 17) Esther receives favour for her obedience. Today, pray for those you know who have been waiting, holding onto God's promises and believing for answered prayer for a long time. Pray that God will reward their faithfulness, and that they will be filled with hope in the meantime. th Saturday 29 : Esther 7:3 Waiting for the right timing was of vital importance to Esther and her people. Today, look out for the moments, opportunities and conversations that God opens up for you, and pray for the boldness to take these opportunities th Sunday 30 : Esther 8:15-17 There is a happy ending to Esther's story: the people celebrate their rescue and redemption. Today, spend some time giving thanks to God for all that he has done in and through your life.

July Focus on the South West Division This week we focus our prayer on the ministry and strategies submitted by the South West division. st Monday 1 : Cornwall (John 18) Pray for Corps in the division that will be experiencing a change in officer leadership this month. Please pray especially for newly commissioned officers and those taking up ministry as Territorial Envoys that they will settle well and quickly into their homes and ministry nd Tuesday 2 : Devon (John 19) For Lifehouses, Logos House and Devonport House. For elderly peoples’ services at Dewdown House and Smallcombe House. Pray that as people are touched by this ministry they will know that they have been touched by the love of God. rd Wednesday 3 : Somerset (John 20) Pray for the cities in the division Truro, Plymouth, Bristol, Exeter, Bath and Wells Pray that God will bless all those who minister in these places with his power, wisdom and strength so that many are brought into the Kingdom of God. th Thursday 4 : Bristol and Bath (John 21) Pray today for the ministry with children and families. Pray that all those who are influenced in this way will see God in all the activities and interactions that they experience. th Friday 5 : Divisional Headquarters (Acts 1) Pray for the Divisional leaders and the DHQ team. Pray that God will give a fresh anointing of His Spirit on them so that they will be refreshed and renewed.


Saturday 6 : Adult and Family Ministries Pray for Adult and Family Ministries throughout the division. Thank God for the excellent work done in Parent and Toddler Groups and Cameo groups. Pray that those who are contacted through this ministry will have a fresh understanding of the love that God has for them. th Sunday 7 : Community Services Pray for all the Community Services and for partnerships with other agencies to meet a variety of needs. Pray that God will make clear to all those involved in the administration of such services, the way in which plans need to move forward. Pray that God’s redeeming love will radiate from all that is done in his name.

Focus on Youth: Education th

Monday 8 : (Acts 2) Pick three schools in your local area and spend some time praying for the young people who attend them. Ask God to protect them, to encourage them, and to give hope to everyone there. th Tuesday 9 : (Acts 3) Today, pray for those whose experience of education has been made difficult because of bullying. Ask God to bring deep healing to anyone you know who has been affected by this issue, and pray that those who are suffering in silence will find safe places to speak out. th Wednesday 10 : (Acts 4) It can be very tricky to be a Christian teacher or employee in a school, college or university. Today, pray for courage and comfort for anyone you know in this situation. th Thursday 11 : (Acts 5) Today, pray for organisations like Christian School Work trusts, Youth for Christ and the Message Trust, who work with school-aged young people. Pray for resources, relevance and good relationships with other funding bodies for them. th Friday 12 : (Acts 6) Spend some time praying for those who are preparing for or completing exams at this time. Ask God to give them focus and energy, whilst keeping them calm at this time. th Saturday 13 : Today, pray for all those who make decisions which impact education: parents, teachers, governors and politicians. Ask God to ensure that the welfare of young people remains at the forefront of their minds at all times. th Sunday 14 : There are so many options open to young people coming to the end of their formal education now. Pray for young people in your corps who are considering if they should go to university, travel, or complete a gap year programme such as Essential. Pray for peace and clarity in their decision making processes.

International Focus: Pakistan th

Monday 15 : (Acts 7) st The new Territorial leaders will be taking up their appointment on June 1 , please pray for them as they assess the challenges that they face. Please pray that God will bless them and empower them with His Spirit. th Tuesday 16 : (Acts 8) Floods, earthquakes and displacement of people are common in Pakistan and The Salvation Army is working to develop strategies to anticipate, prevent or mitigate the effects of future disasters. Pray for wisdom for those working on this, and protection for the population from the severity of the weather, alongside the on-going rebuilding work from the 2010 floods. th Wednesday 17 : (Acts 9) ‘Sally Ann’ Pakistan has achieved registration as a private company last year after completing its third year of project funding. Thank God for the work it does transforming the poor communities by providing training and international markets for locally made products. Pray for the people who are touched by this work. th Thursday 18 : (Acts 10) Please pray for the Women’s Ministries, for opportunities to speak at women’s conferences, and to encourage women’s ministries and the value of women in this culture. Pray that there will be breakthrough in the places where that needs to happen. th Friday 19 : (Acts 11) Thank God for the Youth Leader’s conference that took place in 2012 for the first time in many years. Please pray for the development of divisional youth boards and that this structure will equip the next generation to continue the work of The Salvation Army. th Saturday 20 : Pray for cadets for officer training within the territory. Pray for those who teach and lead them. Pray that they will be aware of the anointing of God on their lives as they prepare for ministry. st Sunday 21 : Pray for those who take on the role of business administration within the territory. Pray that God will anoint them with his wisdom as they seek to support the work of the territory in a very practical way.

Focus on Scripture: Peter nd

Monday 22 : Matthew 4:18 (Acts 12) Jesus doesn't meet Peter in the temple, but on the beach, where he is carrying out his day to day work as a fisherman. Spend some time today, praying about the relationships and areas of influence God has given you, asking him to help you connect with him in those places.


Tuesday 23 : Matthew 14:29 (Acts 13) The story of Peter walking on the water shows us that God can use normal, ordinary people in extraordinary ways to teach us. Pray that God will show you an extraordinary truth today. th Wednesday 24 : Matthew 15: 15 (Acts 14) In this passage, Peter asks Jesus to explain his parable in more detail. In your prayers today, remember and thank God for the people in your life who mentor and guide you in your faith. th Thursday 25 : Matthew 16:15-17 (Acts 15) Here, Peter declares who he knows Jesus to be. Today, think of a couple of sentences that sum up who you know Jesus to be, and use them in your time of prayer. th Friday 26 : Matthew 26: 69-70 (Acts 16) In the heat of the moment, the pressure and stress is too much for Peter and he responds in fear. Today, spend some time praying for those in your Corps or community who are facing stressful situations, that they will know God's comfort amidst their fear. th Saturday 27 : Acts 8:17 The bold Peter we read about in Acts is very different from the frightened disciple we thought about earlier this week. Thank God that he transforms us as we walk with him, and spend some time praying about the areas of your life you are trusting him in. th Sunday 28 : Acts 9:33-35 Healing is one of the miracles God works through Peter as a travelling apostle. Is there anyone you know who has been hoping and praying for healing for a long time? Today, pray that God will answer their prayers with full healing.

Focus on Local Community This week the focus of our prayers will be on our community. In particular we will spend time praying for the elderly. th Monday 29 : (Acts 17) Pray for those you know, for whom old age has brought with it the frustration of illness or disability; for the right sort of care, and for peace and trust despite the circumstances th Tuesday 30 : (Acts 18) A large proportion of elderly people cite loneliness as a painful reality in their lives. Pray that God will provide friendship and company for those in your community who suffer in this way. st Wednesday 31 : (Acts 19) Pray for those who have been bereaved; for the comfort which only God's Spirit can give, and for strength to face each day.



Thursday 1 : (Acts 20) Pray for those in residential or nursing homes; that their physical, emotional and spiritual needs will be met. Pray specifically for nursing or residential homes in your local community; that God will provide the resources they need to offer a good standard of care. nd Friday 2 : (Acts 21) Pray for people you know who are being cared for by members of their own family; for strong, communicative relationships, and for grace to accept the shift to a greater degree of dependence. rd Saturday 3 : Pray for those struggling to adjust to the transition into retirement. As they adjust to a new rhythm of life, pray for a deepening trust in God and his purposes. th Sunday 4 : Pray for those who know that their earthly life is coming to an end; for peace and confidence in God. For those who do not yet know Jesus, pray for a real encounter with him.

Focus on the Southern Division This week the focus of our prayer is the ministry of the Southern division. Monday 5th: Divisional Leaders (Acts 22) Pray for the leaders and their team. Pray that as they give of themselves in their ministry that they will know the assurance of the promise of God’s presence in their lives. Tuesday 6th: Youth and Children’s Work (Acts 23) Pray for those throughout the division who are involved in delivering the Youth and Children’s programme in their setting. Pray that all who are influenced by them will come into a lasting relationship with God. Pray that they will have a deep awareness of the sustaining power of God upon them. Wednesday 7th: Catherine Booth House (Acts 24) Pray for all those who are ministered to in this place. Pray that they will see and experience the love of God through this ministry in whatever form it takes. Pray for those that wok here that they will know the refreshing balm of the Holy Spirit on their lives today. Thursday 8th: H2O (Homelessness to Opportunity) Project (Acts 25) Pray that as this day centre cares for the homeless and vulnerable of the local community, giving warmth and a safe environment for the marginalised, the presence of God will be felt through even the simplest action of care. Pray that the people who come will know that they are loved by God through this ministry.

Friday 9th: Booth Centre (Acts 26) Pray for the staff of this centre that today they will know a fresh anointing of God’s Spirit on their work. Pray that as they give out they will know the renewing and refreshing of God. Saturday 10th: Holiday Ministry Pray today for all the projects and programmes that are associated with holiday clubs and open air ministry. Pray that through this vital outreach that many will come to know the love that God has for them. Pray that they will have a life changing experience of God through this ministry. Sunday 11th: Pray for all those who are meeting today in Worship. Pray that God will show his power in a mighty way.

Focus on Youth: Anger th

Monday 12 : (Acts 27) Sometimes we can get it into our heads that God dislikes or is uncomfortable with our anger, and we try to hide it from him. Today, be bold and pray about some of the things that have made you feel angry in the past few days. Most of all, God wants us to share how we are feeling with him. th Tuesday 13 : (Acts 28) Today, pray for friends or family members who struggle with anger issues. Pray that they will be able to find appropriate outlets for their anger, and that they will receive the support they need. th Wednesday 14 : (Romans 1) In the Bible, we find countless stories of God getting angry about social injustice and unfair treatment. Today, let him stir up some of that 'righteous anger' in you, so that you will be able to pray, speak and act on behalf of those who are voiceless or overlooked. th Thursday 15 : (Romans 2) Anger often seems to be a negative emotion, and it can become that when we squash it down and try to ignore it. Today, ask God to show you if there are any lingering, unspoken issues of anger in your heart, and pray that he will help you to process these. th Friday 16 : (Romans 3) Have you heard about any issues in your local community that have been fuelled by anger or misunderstanding recently? Pray for peace, forgiveness and understanding to make a difference, and to set the course for a positive future in your town or city. th Saturday 17 : Sometimes we end up feeling ashamed by, or afraid of our angry feelings. The truth is, anger is a natural emotion that Jesus experienced too. Anger can fuel violence and destruction, or be funnelled into creating art, music or poetry. Today, pray that God will help you with the latter.


Sunday 18 : What situations in the news or on TV have made you feel angry recently? Pray that God will both bring you peace, and inspire you to act, where appropriate, to bring a sense of resolution to these.

International Focus: Uganda Monday 19th: (Romans 4) Thank God for the steady increase in Salvation Army soldiers, and pray that He will continue to work in this country, through the ministry there. Two new districts of Busulwa and Lwakhakha have been formed due to this increase. Pray that God will bless this growth with His sustaining power. th Tuesday 20 : (Romans 5) Please pray for the programme to support orphans and vulnerable children that was launched in September 2011, which plans to assist 1,800 children over the first five years. Pray that, for all those who work within the programme that through their love and care, God’s love will be seen and responded to. st Wednesday 21 : (Romans 6) Safe water is so vital to life. Thank God for the eleven new boreholes that have been dug in eastern Uganda, pray for the areas that do not have access to fresh water that a way will be found to service such places. May everyone experience the refreshment of the living water that Jesus gives. nd Thursday 22 : (Romans 7) Please pray for the work of the WORTH programme, generating income through exported hand-crafted beadwork to Australia Eastern Territory, and for the groups bringing hope and encouragement to widows. Pray that God will bless and multiply the income. Pray that God will bring wisdom as the finances are managed. rd Friday 23 : (Romans 8) In this Territory heavy rain storms followed by drought, led to crop failures and famine last year. Pray for an abundance of crops this year, that the weather will be favourable, and the people will have more than enough to eat. th Saturday 24 : Thank God for the 90 people who have applied for candidateship in the territory. Pray that God will guide them in this vital calling, and give discernment for those who are responsible for administering the process. Pray that God will anoint them with his wisdom. th Sunday 25 : AIDS has devastated families, leaving many children orphaned. Please pray for the Tororo children’s home, as well as others in the territory, which support not only the children that live directly in the Centres, but also children who have resettled in local areas with guardians. Pray that they will know love and that Jesus will be a reality in their lives.

Scripture Focus: Mary Magdalene th

Monday 26 : Mark 16:1-3 (Romans 9) Today, pray for those you know who struggle with issues of self-esteem. Pray that they will grasp their beauty and value in Christ. th Tuesday 27 : Mark 27:55 (Romans 10) Mary's love for Jesus meant that even after his death she looked for ways to bless him. Today, spend some time praying for those who are forgotten, overlooked or victims of injustice. th Wednesday 28 : John 20:11 (Romans 11) Mary Magdalene was one of the first people Jesus appeared to after his resurrection. Today, pray for an awareness of the risen Jesus, in your home, family and work or school life. Pray that this awareness will infuse everything you do, and bring hope to others too. th Thursday 29 : Mark 16:9 (Romans 12) Verses like this emphasize the amazing transformation in Mary Magdalene's life as a result of her relationship with Jesus. Today, pray for your friends who don't know him yet, and ask God to do similar works of transformation in them. th Friday 30 : John 20:18 (Romans 13) Mary becomes one of the first evangelists or story tellers about Jesus, after his resurrection. Today, pray for missionaries and other Christian workers who tell God's story in foreign countries, often in difficult and dangerous situations. st Saturday 31 : Luke 24:10 Mary was good friends with many of the other women who knew Jesus. Today, spend some time praying for your youth group or Sunday school, that these will be places where positive, life-bringing relationships will develop.

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