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SPECTRUM 30 AC S P E C T R U M 3 Articulating Camera Head




CRAFTSMANSHIP IN HIGH TECHNOLOGY Compact Size The camera, lights, focus and tilt motor are housed inside a 13 cm / 5” long, 30 cm / 1.25” diameter tube. The complete assembly weighs less than 850 g / 30 ounces.

Versatile Design can tilt through 180º and pan through 360º. The system can be mounted to an electric or manually extendable pole or to a MiniTrac transporter. The Spectrum 30 AC can be used to inspect confined areas in nuclear, fossil fuel and hydro electric plants as well as inaccessible areas in petrochemical and processing facilities.

Low Maintenance The camera head assembly is o-ring sealed and can be washed down after use. The housing is anodized aluminum and all fasteners, sprockets and chain are stainless steel. Built-in slip clutches are provided in both the pan & tilt functions to prevent damage to the camera housing or to the object it is inspecting.

SPECIFICATIONS: Range of Motion: 360º 180º 30 m / 100 ft. Multiconductor, Polyurethane

Pan: Tilt: Tether:

Dimensions Total Length: Head Diameter: Body Diameter: Weight: Fabrication Material: Operating Voltage: Controller:

34 cm / 13.5” 30 mm / 1.25” 4 cm / 1.6” 850 g / 30 ounces Aluminum 110 or 220 VAC Joystick Controlled

Color Camera Pick-up element: M in. Illumination: Resolution: Power Source: Lens: Lights: Options:

½” CCD 15 lux 460 TV lines 12 VDC, 5.2W 4 mm, f 2.4 mm remote focus 4 Mini-lamps Electrically Telescoping Boom Manually Telescoping Boom

Black and White Camera Pick-up element: Min. Illumination: Resolution: Power Source: Lens:

Printed in Canada

¼” CCD 0.5 lux 380 TV lines 9 VDC, 1W 3.7 mm pinhole

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