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High accuracy, easy to use, shallow water GPS driven underwater tracking system

A SMART POSITIONING SYSTEM LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE MADE AFFORDABLE TO SMALL ROV OPERATORS You dreamed of a positioning system that would deliver accurate longitude and latitude without the hassle of long base line systems requiring complex launch and recovery procedures and long, unpredictable calibration processes. USBLs do not offer you the accuracy required for your operations due to ship's radiated noise, roll and pitch motions that could only be compensated by expensive inertial platforms. Further, you are not satisfied by their performances in shallow and very shallow water. Loosing one day for installing and calibrating the equipment while your operation will only last few hours at sea is unacceptable. To cover your positioning and guidance requirements, ACSA has specially designed the GIB-ROV tracking system. It is the newest of the fully proven GIB portable tracking systems family. GIB-ROV offers to coastal underwater intervention, a latitude & longitude tracking tool, simple to use, accurate and at an affordable price. FULLY PORTABLE - FAST INSTALLATION - NO CALIBRATION Being fully portable, GIB-ROV is very easy to install onboard any non-dedicated vessel. It can be deployed anywhere in the world very quickly. Just attach the aerial module aloft, start your laptop, moor the buoys and you are ready to dive the vehicle and track it. GIB-ROV is a "KISS"* system that requires no calibration at all and offers an accuracy more than 10 times higher than traditional short baseline systems. By continuously monitoring underwater vehicle's activity, it provides a very efficient tracking and guidance tool. It behaves very well even in very shallow water. GIB-ROV SYSTEM OPERATING PRINCIPLE GIB-ROV is a very efficient system that uses a set of 4 buoys anchored or drifting within the working area. Buoys continuously broadcast their D-GPS position together with time of arrival of acoustic signals been transmitted by the ROV's pinger to a control station. As a consequence all ROV's positions are computed, with: 路 a high repetition rate, 路 an accuracy that allows to guide it quickly to a specific target. All data are recorded allowing to produce off-line very high quality survey charts. * Keep It Simple Stupid.

A WIDE SET OF APPLICATIONS ROV TRACKING GIB-ROV tracking equipment can be easily operated to guide and track 1 or 2 ROVs from the support ship or from a shore based station. It offers a full mission overview at a glance. Position fixes are known in WGS-84 coordinates. It covers a wide spread of applications including : pipeline survey, repair work, search and rescue, assets identification, ‌ DIVERS SUPERVISION GIB-ROV equipment can be easily operated, from a surface ship or an onshore station, to supervise the activity of divers. It offers a powerful 3D mission control tool. Safety is achieved through diver's individual distress call or automatically generated by pre-programmed alert functions. Specific applications are : - Divers training and exercise monitoring, - Accurate underwater mapping, - Search and rescue operations (relocation of objects on the seabed, ...), FIXED TARGETS POSITIONING In many circumstances, it may be of interest to know the exact coordinates of numerous objects sitting on the seabed. Just attach a GIB "TSSC�* pinger to each asset you want to position accurately. The GIB-LT system will give you their coordinates very quickly and display them on a C-MAP digital chart display. (*) Time Spectral Spread Codes - International patents - WO/0169280.


Compact for low cost transportation A GIB-LT system is delivered in "Pelicases", none of which exceeds 26 kg in weight so that any fast delivery service can pick it up. Fast system installation Just unpack, attached the aerial module on the ship's mast, drive a cable down to the control and display laptop and start AQUATIC tracking software. You are ready to go. Rapid buoys deployment Transit to the buoys launching spots (Typically a 500 x 500 m square) using the integrated Go-To guidance function. Throw the buoys overboard. You are ready to track the underwater vehicle. All that in less than 30 minutes ‌ User friendly real-time supervision Aquatic control and display software allow to monitor the underwater vehicle track at a glance, overlapped on a C-MAP digital vector chart supplied. Numerous post-processing tools All data are recorded for further off-line post processing and reports generation.


KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS Main features and benefits of GIB-ROV systems are : • ROV 3 D real-time tracking in longitude and latitude in D-GPS mode with a metric accuracy, •· Multi-mobile capability, •· Typical area of work: cylinder of 300 m in diameter and 150 m in height, •· High information refresh rate, • Real-time quality control, •· Integrated C-MAP* digital vector charts, •· Operational till sea state 3-4. (*) ACSA's software is C-MAP certified. OPTIONAL ITEMS Additional C-MAP charts 4°x4°, Additional pingers, ROV responder mode.

GIB-LT buoy

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS GIB-LT Buoys (GPS Intelligent Buoy) GPS: Radio modem: Radio range: Typical distance between buoys Acoustic receiver: Weight in air: Size: Power supply: Autonomy :

12 channel receiver, D-GPS 2 ways 9600 bps, 900 m, 500 x 500 m, Square configuration, 30 kHz band, 8 kg, 15 x 230 Cm, Lead Acid rechargeable batteries, 8 hours.

Control station Tracking console: Power supply:

Pentium 2.5 GHz laptop, 15" XVGA, Rechargeable batteries + external power supply.

Aerial module:

GPS 12 channel receiver, 2 ways 9600 bps radio modem, 868 MHz, 500 mW - Range 800 m, 1 Microprocessor Control Unit (MCU),

Size: Weight in air:

21.0 x 10.5 x 3.0 Cm, 1 kg.

Tracking pinger Pinger: Autonomy : Size:

Aerial module

Frequency : 30 kHz band, Transmit level : 170 dB, 8 Hours, rechargeable, Weight in air: 0.3 kg, Dia: 3.3 cm - Length: 22 cm.

The information given herein, including drawings, illustrations and schematics which are intended for illustration purposes only, is believed to be reliable. However, ACSA makes no warranties as to its accuracy or completeness and disclaims any liability in connection with its use. ACSA obligations shall be only as set forth in ACSA standard terms and conditions of sale for this product and in no way will ACSA be liable for any incidental, indirect or consequential damages arising out of the sale, resale, use or misuse of the product. Users of ACSA products should make their own evaluation to determine the suitability of each such product for the specific application.

ACSA PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGIES Time management product line ACSA offers a complete line of product aiming at accurate time management for positioning and data recording purposes : - NMEA serial data frames time stamping board, - Events GPS time stamping boards (TOAs), - GIB-USC PC-104 ultra stable clock for AUVs, - GPS time synchronous sonar pulses generation, - GPS time NTP TCP/IP time server boards. Pingers A wide range of pingers from 8 to 55 kHz, GPS time synchronous or not, Depth telemetry Power : 170 dB. Up to 200 dB. Rated depth up to 3000 m. GIB tracking systems families - GIB-Standard systems (5 Km radio range), - GIB-FT torpedo and target tracking system, - Dedicated advanced tracking systems. Advanced software modules - Synthetic long base line repositioning on one buoy ranging, - Search and rescue SAR (Fast Black Boxes relocation, DISSUB, ...) - Supervision of numerous surface and underwater vehicles and digital mapping: Fleet manager software suite. ACSA ’s products are covered by numerous international patents among which : US 5,579,285 , FR 2806167, WO 01/ 69280.

CONTACT US COMPANY PRESENTATION ACSA is a company created by H. THOMAS in 1995. During the 70's, H. THOMAS spend thousands hours diving in very small manned submarines, conducting accurate survey work for oilrigs and production platforms installation in the North Sea. He participated to the development and introduction in the operation of long base line and short base line acoustic positioning systems. He also at that time was the expert in inertial navigation systems used for spool piece measurements. When GPS became operational for surface and air navigation and guidance, he anticipated future uses of this technology for underwater applications. After an in depth analysis of how to use GPS for underwater missions, key patents were applied for, internationally. ACSA was created in 1995 with the support of French MoD to design and promote these new technologies. A first product line named "GIB-Standard" is manufactured and promoted by ORCA Instrumentation France. In 2000 ORCA and ACSA received and order from the German BWB to deliver a torpedoes portable tracking system. This system, commissioned in March 2002, is now in use with much success. GIB-ROV is the latest born of the GIB family. It aims at offering to underwater vehicle's operators a tool, simple to use, at an affordable price. ACSA and his partners offer worldwide GIB-ROV customer services. ACSA'S OFFICES AND DEMONSTRATION SITE ACAS's office is located near Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. The company owns a large rubber boat that allows to go out at sea, any time, for equipment tuning and at sea demonstrations. ACSA is a member of the ComitĂŠ Richelieu Alliance and of the European SMEs Foundation.

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GIB LITE High accuracy, easy to use, shallow water GPS driven underwater tracking system A SMART POSITIONING SYSTEM

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