2023 Legislative Scorecard

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Dear Business Leader,

The 2023 Legislative Session was historic in many ways, with a record 575 bills passed out of the 929 introduced and a $29 billion budget. Over the 45-day session, lawmakers appropriated funding to support new and innovative Utah businesses, agricultural water optimization, tax cuts, affordable housing efforts, and a new commissioner to oversee the health of the Great Salt Lake. The legislature did a remarkable job of addressing the Utah business community’s top issues and thereby ensuring the state remains the best place to live and work.

During the session, the Salt Lake Chamber tracked and monitored 195 business-related bills. Extensive work was done with bill sponsors, legislative leadership, and other stakeholders to ensure several pieces of legislation landed in a business-friendly place. In addition, we advocated for new legislation to attract more business and revenue to the state. The legislature showed great interest in business issues and partnered with us as key stakeholders to solve challenges together. The Chamber looks forward to continuing to provide policy solutions to keep these issues top of mind for our lawmakers.

The Chamber’s Board of Directors, with input from various committees, task forces, and industry roundtables, established top priorities aligned with our Public Policy Guide as Priority Votes. Of the Chamber’s priority legislation, all eight bills successfully passed both chambers. Advocating for Utah’s business community requires a good offensive as well as strong defensive, and the Chamber also opposed several bills that would hurt the business community or have unintended impacts, and we are happy to report these bills did not pass. Through the coordinated efforts of the Chamber, our members, and the legislature, the business community saw many wins and avoided policy missteps.

While the session is officially over, our work and team remains engaged in ensuring our state remains a beacon of prosperity. We consider this legislative session successful for the Chamber’s policy priorities and business community. We appreciate the work of our legislators and want to sincerely thank this year’s Legislative Business Champions.


Derek Miller President & CEO Salt Lake Chamber Dr. Donna Milavetz 2022-2023 Board Chair Salt Lake Chamber



Chamber’s 2023 Legislative Session

by the Numbers




570 Signed by the Governor, 0 vetoed by the Governor




8 passed or combined with other bills that passed or were funded

100% SUCCESS RATE of priority legislation

56 SUPPORTED BILLS including Priority Bills


3 of which did not pass



The Salt Lake Chamber’s Legislative Scorecard is a report that evaluates how well Utah’s legislators voted on priority bills during the 2023 Legislative Session. The scorecard is based on a set of criteria established by the Salt Lake Chamber, which represents the interests of Utah’s business community.

Legislative Session Highlights

During the legislative session, the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Directors designates top priorities of the business community to be considered as “Priority Votes.” These bills are listed below.


HB 42 Technology Commercialization Amendments

Sponsored by Rep. Jeff Stenquist

This bill establishes the Utah Innovation Lab which is to administer the Utah Innovation Fund. There was $15 million appropriated to the fund to be used to make investments that will further advance innovative technologies developed in Utah, help qualified businesses gain access to capital, and facilitate the commercialization of technologies discovered or developed at state institutions of higher education.

The Chamber supports the creation of the Utah Innovation Lab as a way to further research and innovation in Utah, as well as attract companies and investors that are looking to innovate within the state.

HB 216 Business and Chancery Court Amendments

Sponsored by Rep. Brady Brammer

Establishes the Business and Chancery Court for the entire state. This court will have jurisdiction over cases seeking monetary damages over $300,000; claims arising from breach of contract or fiduciary duty; the sale, merger, or dissolution of a business organization; disputes over liability or indemnity of officers or owners; disputes between insurers and businesses, and misappropriation of intellectual property; etc. If a party demands a trial by jury, the case will be transferred to the District Court.

The Chamber supports this bill because it will attract businesses to the state to incorporate, expedite business related judicial proceedings, and increase revenue for the state.


HB 555 Talent Ready Utah Program Modifications

Sponsored by Rep. Jefferson Moss

This bill creates an apprenticeship intermediary position within the Talent Ready Utah Program which is to be appointed by the director. The intermediary is to foster relationships with industry partners, local education agencies, and the talent program.

The Chamber supported this bill and its efforts to foster the creation of more apprenticeships in Utah. The apprenticeships will help businesses find workers who will be an immediate benefit to them.


HB 499 Homeless Services Amendments

Sponsored by Rep. Steve Eliason

The bill requires the Utah Department of Health and Human Services to initiate a Code Blue Alert when there are weather events that would pose a danger to individuals experiencing homelessness. In addition, the bill prohibits municipalities from receiving funds if they do not prohibit camping (unless all shelters are at capacity) and directs certain counties to convene a winter response task force to prepare a plan for the Office of Homeless Services.

The Chamber supports efforts to help mitigate homelessness, and to support municipalities that are taking on this challenge to provide safe options for individuals experiencing homelessness – particularly during harsh weather events.


HB 364 Housing Affordability Amendments

Sponsored by Rep. Stephen Whyte

This bill is one in a series of bills that the Commission on Housing Affordability worked on during the interim. This bill makes several changes to the Moderate Income Housing Plan processes. Most notably, it creates an appeal board for cities that are in noncompliance, and also increases the aggregate amount of low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC) to be allocated.

The Chamber supports this bill as a way to help preserve lowincome housing options and resources.

SB 174 Local Land Use and Development Revisions

Sponsored by Sen. Lincoln Fillmore

This bill is one in a series of bills that the Commission on Housing Affordability worked on during the interim. This bill changed the penalties for noncompliance of a political subdivision’s moderate income housing report. It assesses a fee to a municipality that has not submitted a Moderate Income Housing Plan, or whose plan is not in compliance. It also allows a garage to be considered an Internal Accessory Dwelling Unit (IADU) if it shares a wall with the primary residence.

The Chamber supports this bill and its effort to create a unified, regional approach to available affordable housing.


SB 125 Transportation Infrastructure Amendments

Sponsored by Sen. Chris Wilson

This bill designates the ASPIRE Engineering Research Center at Utah State University as the lead research center to coordinate and guide efforts to electrify Utah’s transportation infrastructure.

The Chamber supports this bill as it lays a foundation for infrastructure development that will be instrumental in accommodating future growth and continuously evolving transportation options.

SB 185 Transportation Amendments

Sponsored by Sen. Wayne Harper

This bill creates the Active Transportation Investment Fund which will be used to implement, construct, and maintain paved pedestrian/non-motorized trails that are part of a statewide active transportation system of trails.

The Chamber supports efforts to plan for growth, and this bill proactively looks to create alternative commuting options, which will help alleviate transit we are expected to incur as a result of future growth.


HB 407 Incentives Amendments**

Sponsored by Rep. Kay Christofferson

SB 184 Prescription Cost Amendments**

Sponsored by Sen. Curt Bramble

SB 283 Prohibiting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Higher Education**

Sponsored by Sen. John Johnson

**Did not pass

2023 Legislative Business Champions

The Legislature plays a key role in preserving Utah’s pro-business climate, and every year the Salt Lake Chamber honors legislators who support a pro-economy and pro-business agenda with the title of “Business Champion.” The designation of Business Champion is directly tied to a legislator’s voting record on Salt Lake Chamber “Priority Votes.” Legislators receive the award for supporting at least 90 percent of the Chamber’s priority bills.

Rep. Nelson Abbott

Rep. Cheryl Acton

Rep. Melissa Garff Ballard

Rep. Gay Lynn Bennion

Rep. Bridger Bolinder

Rep. Brady Brammer

Rep. Joel K. Briscoe

Rep. Walt Brooks

Rep. Jay Cobb

Rep. Paul Cutler

Rep. Jen Dailey-Provost

Rep. Jim Dunnigan

Rep. Steve Eliason

Rep. Joseph Elison

Rep. Brett Garner

Rep. Matt Gwynn

Rep. Jon Hawkins

Rep. Sahara Hayes

Rep. Sandra Hollins

Rep. Colin Jack

Rep. Dan Johnson

Rep. Marsha Judkins

Rep. Brian S. King

Rep. Jason Kyle

Rep. Rosemary Lesser

Rep. Karianne Lisonbee

Rep. Anthony Loubet

Rep. Steve Lund

Rep. Cory Maloy

Rep. Ashlee Matthews

Rep. Robert M. Spendlove

Rep. Carol Spackman Moss

Rep. Jefferson Moss

Rep. Calvin Musselman

Rep. Doug Owens

Rep. Karen Peterson

Rep. Val L. Peterson

Rep. Susan Pulsipher

Rep. Angela Romero

Rep. Mike Schultz

Rep. Jeffrey Stenquist

Rep. Andrew Stoddard

Rep. Jordan Teuscher

Rep. Raymond Ward

Rep. Christine F. Watkins

Rep. Stephen Whyte

Rep. Brad Wilson

Sen. Stuart Adams

Sen. Nate Blouin

Sen. Curt Bramble

Sen. Gregg Buxton

Sen. Kirk Cullimore

Sen. Luz Escamilla

Sen. Keith Grover

Sen. Don L. Ipson

Sen. Karen Kwan

Sen. Michael McKell

Sen. Ann Millner

Sen. Derrin Owens

Sen. Stephanie Pitcher

Sen. Jen Plumb

Sen. Kathleen Riebe

Sen. Scott Sandall

Sen. Jerry Stevenson

Sen. Evan Vickers

Sen. Todd Weiler

Sen. Chris Wilson

Sen. Ronald Winterton

House 47/75 (63%)
Senate 21/29 (72%)

2023 Legislator of the Year

Senator Kirk Cullimore is considered a legislative champion due to his ability to bring together groups and build consensus on bills where agreement is difficult. As a Republican lawmaker in Utah’s Senate, Cullimore has shown an ability to work across party lines and engage stakeholders from various sectors to find common ground on contentious issues. His approach to legislative leadership involves listening to diverse perspectives, identifying areas of agreement, and working collaboratively to craft effective solutions. Cullimore has been particularly effective in convening stakeholders on bills related to housing, land use, and transportation, where finding consensus can be challenging. His ability to navigate complex issues and bring people together has earned him the respect of his colleagues in the Utah Legislature and the community at large.

The Salt Lake Chamber is proud to present the 2023 “Legislator of the Year” award to Senator Kirk Cullimore.

2023 Legislative Leadership Award

Eliana White, Director of Government Relations for SelectHealth, has been recognized as the Salt Lake Chamber’s Business Member Legislative Champion of the Year for her outstanding contributions to health care-related legislation in Utah. White has been instrumental in sharing critical information and working collaboratively with stakeholders to support key health care initiatives. Her efforts have focused on promoting access to affordable health care and improving the quality of care. White’s advocacy and leadership have helped to shape health care policy in Utah, and her dedication to improving health care outcomes has earned her the respect of her colleagues and peers in the health care community.

The Salt Lake Chamber is proud to present the 2023 “Business Member Legislative Champion” award to Eliana White.