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September/October, 2013

10 Tips to Healthy & Youthful Looking Skin


Run A Successful Hair Salon

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat & Love Handles?

2013 Celebrity Hairstyles

America’s Got Talent Local Talent

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What’s on Your Mind


Nine Easy Steps to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Retreat


10 Tips to Healthy and


Youthful Looking Skin How to Get Rid of Belly


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Salon World September/October, 2013


Fat & Love Handles


Hollewood’s Page


How to Get 360 Waves


2013 Celebrity Hairstyles


America’s Got Talent


We Wear Short Shorts


Seven Tips to Run a Successful Hair Salon


Artist Spotlight ‘Cali’


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Letter from the Editor Welcome to another exciting issue of Salon World Magazine! With each issue, we still hold to our promise to highlight and publish some of the most promising emerging talent in the industry. Our mission is to share with you those that dare to create, to capture and wow us in the hair industry Within these pages you will behold the beauty of such creativity and style from their individual perspective We strive to continue to bring you the brightest, most talented and promising hairstylists from around the globe. From issue to issue you will see us grow Follow me on

Editor-In-Chief Laraine Turner

We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Our columnists are eager to answer your questions and/or perhaps showcase your talent or tell your story We hope that you will enjoy every page of this issue

Content Writers Jennifer Saenz Victoria Black Marcus White Barbara Koontz Leyla Naghizada Hollee Wood Ayanna Guyhto Alexandre de Paris Yamini Mudaliar, Networx

Stay Beautiful Laraine Turner Editor-In-Chief

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Your Best Sex Ever: What made it for you?


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Nine Easy Steps To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa Retreat By Yamini Mudaliar, Networx

Install a rain shower head

Get Spa Robes

Use a spa robe rack/hanger

Add heated towel racks

Ottoman Seating

Hang up a full-length mirror

Play some soothing tunes

Stock a magazine rack

Light a few floating spa lights

10 Tips to Healthy & Youthful Looking Skin By Leyla Naghizada

Salon World September/October, 2013


First things first, taking care of your skin shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. Lets start by reviewing what you should be doing daily to have beautiful & healthy looking skin. And by the way, these aren’t just for women, so men, pay attention too!

particularly for your skin. Exercise can help increase skin tone and maintain elasticity. Exercise also increases the blood flow to your skin and gives it a beautiful healthy glow. You know those natural, rosy cheeks you get after working out, that’s what we want! =)

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet. It is a known fact, that you are what you eat, so eating a well-balanced diet is by far number one most important thing you can do to have not just healthy looking skin, but also to maintain the overall health of your body. Make sure to cut down your intake of sugar, chocolate, fat & processed foods. Instead load up your diet with lots of fresh vegetables & fruit. At least 4-5 servings per day. Balance it out by eating protein, grains & fiber. Our skin is a direct reflection of what is going on inside. So be conscious of what you put in your mouth, because it will reflect in your health

Give up smoking. If you don’t smoke, give yourself a huge pat on the back. If you do, QUIT NOW! I don’t care what excuses you give yourself. Besides the obvious health risks associated with smoking, there are so many that you might not know about. For example, nicotine attacks the blood vessels that feed the skin with nutrients and oxygen, as well as those that drain away the waste products from the skin. Your skin suffers greatly as it starts to get clogged up with unwanted substances and starts to lack oxygen. You may or may not be aware, but smoking greatly affects the aging process of your skin. If these aren’t enough reasons to stop smoking today, then I don’t know what is. Please, have mercy for your body, and stop poisoning it. P L E A S E !!!

Drink LOTS of water. This is another HUGE issue that I have dedicated a whole article to, that you can find here. It is really eye-opening, and I highly recommend you read it. Between being exposed to central heating & cooling for most of the days of the year, to not drinking enough water and being active, dehydration is one of the main reasons for dried-out, tired looking skin. You should aim to re-hydrate your body by drinking at least 2 to 3 liters of pure, unsweetened water (coffees, teas & sugary drinks don’t count, as they dehydrate your body instead). Exercise regularly. Obviously exercising is good for your entire body, but


Salon World September/October, 2013

Wear Sunscreen. This is something I still don’t do, but know I should! Unfortunately, sun rays are harmful to our skin and yield to discoloration & speed up the aging process. So, wear Sunscreen in all 4 seasons with at least an SPF 15 to protect your skin from drying out and aging prematurely. Easiest way to wear sunscreen, is get a daily moisturizer that has an SPF in it. Save yourself a step. Cleanse daily. Well, twice a day really. Choose a mild cleanser that has as few

chemicals as possible. Use warm water and lather the cleanser with your fingertips gently in an upward circular motion on your skin every morning and night for a fresh and clean skin. Rinse gently with warm water or facial sponges. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I cannot imagine not wearing a moisturizer on my skin. If I wash my face and don’t apply moisturizer right away, my skin feels so dry, as if it is crying out for help! It is very important to choose a moisturizer that is good for your skin type (normal, dry, oily, sensitive, combination etc). Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your sales clerk, they are there to help you choose the right products. I’d recommend one that is odor-free, because you don’t want to irritate the skin and clog the pores with unnecessary chemicals. Best time to apply a moisturizer is after a bath or shower, when the pores are nice and open and the skin is still damp. Using moisturizer is the number one, best thing you can do to prevent wrinkles, because it locks in your skin’s natural moisture content and protects the skin. Exfoliate. How often you exfoliate will depend on the type of your skin. If you have dry skin, you may only need to do it once or twice a week. Oily skin may require you to exfoliate daily to prevent oil build-up and clogging of the pores. Normal or combination skin type? Opt for a gentle exfoliate 2-3 a week. It is very important to exfoliate, because it helps to remove dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal and elasticity.

Facial Masks. And no, I don’t mean the expensive creams and spa treatments. If you can afford that, great! But you really don’t have to spend money to achieve amazing results. You can start right in your kitchen. I have been experimenting with some amazing Homemade Facial Masks, and I will be sharing that with you in one of my next posts. So Stay Tuned! You DO NOT want to miss it. I have seen results in just a few uses. And believe it or not, people have been noticing that my wrinkles are diminishing! =) YAY!! Get a good nights sleep. Proper rest and sleep is vital to our mental and physical health. I know it can be hard with our hectic lives these days, but try to sleep at least 6-7 hours every day. Your skin and body in general needs this time to rest, regenerate and repair itself. I know I said 10 tips, but this one is a bonus tip. So don’t complain! NEVER go to bed without first taking off your make up. Just like mentioned above, night time is an important time for the skin to renew itself, and the worst thing you can do is keep the pores clogged with all the make up and dirt that has collected on your face throughout the day.

If you start to care for your skin early, follow these easy and vital tips, you will not have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive, chemically treated creams or procedures down the road. Your skin does so much for you every day of your life, don’t you think it’s time you started to care for it with love? Copyright © 2013 Leyla’s Room Salon World September/October, 2013


How to Get Rid of Belly Fat & Love Handles In this article I am going to share some foods that you must include in your lose belly fat diet. Here is the list of 8 foods that gives you a flat stomach.


Salon World September/October, 2013

Do you want to get rid of your overweight looking body and want to look slim and smart? Or are you looking for best how to lose belly fat diet that start burning fat at lightning speed and gives you quick weight loss. If you want to lose your belly fat then you need to know that your diet plays very important role in keeping you fit and smart. If you keep on eating unhealthy food you will never lose weight. It is very important for you to quit unhealthy food and start taking healthy diet because there are many benefits of having slim and healthy body. First slim body makes you attractive and second healthy body keeps other health diseases far from your body. Salon World September/October, 2013


Your Grocery List These are the eight foods that you must increase in your diet and take it regularly. As you already see the description of these food and the most important thing you need to do is to increase your metabolic rate because once your metabolism start working fast, its start digesting food more quickly and gives you fast weight loss. Healthy diet is very important for flat stomach but if you combine it with exercise then you will start losing weight quickly

Soybeans Soybeans are a very effective food that buns fat quickly.

Vitamin C Rich Foods

Chicken, Turkey and red meat contain proteins, niacin and B6 vitamins.

Whole Grains

You can get Vitamin C from citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, lime, grapefruits etc.

Foods like brown bread, brown rice and whole wheat are also recommended foods for belly fat.

Berries (Pectin)

Garlic Oil

Pectin is like a controller for your body cells which limit them from getting fat.

Garlic has fat burning quality that burn fat and increase metabolism.

Protein Shakes


Protein shakes have various benefits like it increase the performance of metabolism, it control hunger and burn calories into energy 24

Chicken and Meat

Salon World September/October, 2013

Fish contain omega 3 that is good for your health and provides an excellent source of protein

Only 10 Left

Reese Witherspoon with a Retro Glam Hairstyle at the 2013 Oscars

Photographer, Chantel Beam, with Pastel-Colored Hair. Pink at the 2007 Golden Globe After Party

Photographer, Felicia Lopes, with Blunt Bangs Lifestyle Blogger, Maegan Tintari, with a Topknot Bun

Lifestyle Blogger, Maegan Tintari, with a Side Braid

Salon World September/October, 2013


How to Get 360 Waves Salon World September/October, 2013


360 waves are also known as "360s", "waves", or "spinnas". They are a hairstyle worn mostly by African American men, popularized by such people as the rapper Nelly. It's a unique and captivating look that seems to make the hair appear as if it's waves. If you'd like to achieve this soft and handsome appearance, here are some suggestions.

Things you’ll need….. Healthy Hair Wave shampoo and conditioner A Du-rag -or- Wave cap Brush Pomade (Such As Murray's Or 360 Waves) Moisturizing Lotion

Step 1 Ensure that your hair is in great condition, both scalp and hair. The type of hair is not as much of an issue but the more prone your hair is to curling, the easier it is to create waves. If you have scalp problems, wait until you've cleared these up before seeking to train your hair. If your hair is long enough to get curls, your hair will be long enough for waves.

Step 2 Be prepared to spend time on your hair. You will be "training" your hair, so this requires time and effort on your behalf to rearrange the hair daily. If you're good at watching TV or listening to the radio at the same time, you can find this a pleasant way to pass the time. All you are doing is lengthening out the natural curls in your hair, which then form waves. Think of your hair like a spring or a slinky that's wound up; when you unwind the slinky, it has a curve to it. That's all that you're going to be doing with your hair. If you don't want to spend the time, there are "instant" waves. But 360 waves take a little more time and effort. Continued on page 41 30

Salon World September/October, 2013

2013 Celebrity Hairstyles Salon World September/October, 2013


Blake Lively Hairstyle: There’s nothing more eye-catching than edgy take on modern classic pony look. Ryan Reynolds’ wife, Blake looked super-gorgeous with a modern tri-ponytail which features three ponytails looped together for a punk look. Loving twists on this standard style!

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle: Jennifer ‘Punk It Up’ on red carpet sporting playful and bold faux hawk hairdo. She teased her hair high and gave it a polished, voluminous effect while sides was slicked tight for head-turning punk look. Her hairdo had plenty of height, volume and texture.

Kate Beckinsale Hairstyle: Queen of statement hairstyles, Kate Beckinsale looked beyond gorgeous at 2013 Met Gala sporting high pompadour. For punk-themed event, she pulled her locks in voluminous do and left rest of hair hang loose in back. We love this look because it’s so easy to create!

Emmy Rossum Hairstyle: Sexy actress, Emmy Rossum was a sure winner at 2013 Met Gala donning intricate braided ‘do. She made splash wearing her locks in many braids which were twisted together to create lots of texture and interest. Emmy Rossum’s hair do looked flawless with smokey brown cat eye look.

Jessica Alba Hairstyle: Yummy mummy, Jessica Alba stayed true to punk style rocking effortlessly sexy top knot. Her hairstyle also featured a braid that starts at nape and continues upward ending in polished top knot which was focal point of look. We love sophisticated twist on a top knot!

Elizabeth Banks Hairstyle: American actress, Elizabeth Banks showed off her daring style wearing sculpted ponytail with some volume at crown. Her sleek pony had a sculptural effect when fused to head with barrettes in back for perfect punk attitude

Blonde hair colors look trendy with the short and unique haircuts or hairstyles. All the lighter and darker tones of blonde hair color tones are in trends with the amazing short hairstyles and black women also carried these amazing hair color tones with the trendy short haircuts.

Many well known black women celebrities also carried the trendy and unique haircuts to look sexy and stylish. This well known celebrity Rihanna carries an amazing and trendy short haircut

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Salon World September/October, 2013

Step 3 Visit the barber or a hairdresser. There are several possible cuts to get the style started: Get your hair cut with a 1/3 inch guard, with the grain. Have a razor style cut. This is a horizontal line at the bangs. Have a traditional "Caesar" cut

Step 4 Purchase some supplies. From this point, you'll be tending your hair daily and the grooming requires tools. Things you might find handy to purchase include: A man's hand brush. This means a brush without a handle, that is designed to brush through long hair. This type of brush gives you the control needed. Wave shampoo. There are commercial shampoos available that are specifically made for men aiming to create wave styles. If you don't want to use wave shampoo, you can use regular shampoo, or even soap. Getting waves is possible without special shampoo. Wave conditioner. This will provide softness to make training your hair easier. If you don't have wave conditioner, regular conditioner will work. Hair lotion. Lots of men use Luster's Pink lotion to add moisture to their hair. Other hair lotion can work as well. Pomade. Pomade will help fix your wave in place, down to your scalp. Nylon or Spandex du-rag or stocking cap. You want your du-rap to fit tightly over your head. This is needed to pin the hair down and for hair protection during sleep.

Salon World September/October, 2013


Step 5 Brush your hair regularly, brush your hair evenly. After you step out of the shower, having washed and conditioned your hair, apply lotion and pomade, and brush your hair down, starting from the crown of the head.

 You want to brush your hair on top forward, toward your eyes. You also want to brush the hair on your sides forward but downward, toward your chin. Starting from the crown, brush the hair on the back of your head down, toward your neck. Imagine there's a small circle on the crown of your head. Going all the way around the circle, brush outward until you get all the way around.  Don't put too much lotion and pomade in your hair. Enough lotion and pomade to coat your hair evenly will be plenty.  Brush evenly. Lots of guys say they only get the wave in front and not in back. What that means is that you haven't brushed your hair enough in the back.

Step 6 After brushing, put the du-rag on your hair. This will help hold the wave in place. Make sure it's tight, but not too tight. Leave the du-rag on your at least 30 minutes.

Remember to put the du-rag on before you go to sleep Remember to get your hair cut at least every 2 to 4 weeks, but keep your hair long enough so that curls can develop. The one thing you need for waves is curly hair 42

Salon World September/October, 2013

Step 7 Keep brushing your hair and putting on a durag/wave cap before sleeping. This protects your hair from rubbing against the pillow and pillow case during the night, which could undo all your hard efforts Brush your hair at least five times on each side at least three times a day. Brushing is what will tease your hair into place Don't wash but rinse your hair while you're developing your 360 waves. Wash your hair weekly with wave shampoo and wave conditioner

Step 8 Finished. Your 360 wave should be complete. If you're having trouble getting the wave, remember these things: Brush often. Brush as many as five times a day, starting from the crown and brushing outward. If you can't get a wave, you may not be brushing enough Wear your du-rag. Your du-rag keeps your hair matted down, and helps to develop the waves Let your hair grow long enough. You need to have your hair curly for waves to develop. If your hair is too short, and it doesn't have curls, you won't get your wave

Salon World September/October, 2013


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Most black men have curly hairs naturally. These hairs look trendy with short hair length and gives a natural look to them. Most of the black men like their natural hair. They look cool in their natural hair.

Black men like their long hairs are trying some different styles which give them a unique look. The black man in this picture has long braided hairs. He uses some head clip to maintain their hairstyle which is very trendy. This man is looking very hot and outstanding in Salon World September/October, 2013 41 this hairstyle

This year medium length of hairs is very popular among black men. In this picture the man are also carrying medium length hair with curly hairstyle. He looks cool and trendy in this messy hairstyle.


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America’s Got Talent

Global Talent Exposed

Salon World September/October, 2013


Priya Carter | | Baltimore, MD | 443-267-4020 Call today for an appointment!

300 W. Ocean Blvd Suite F Long Beach, CA 90802 | Phone: (562) 612-3361

Shagg Hair Salon

Shagg Hair Salon | 6644 E. Tanque Verde Rd. Tucson, Az. 85715 | 520-795-6096

5372 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016 • Salon: 323-937-8825 & 323-253-4313

Salon World September/October, 2013


As we all know that in 2013, hairstyles or haircuts which are in trends are the short haircuts. This year, many new styles and techniques are introduced for short hair cuts to change your looks and for making yourself trendy. Here are the most popular 20 short haircuts below

A unique short hairstyle for women is introduced that is short hair cut with a side bang. You can apply this side bang at one side or maybe both sides of your head.

Band haircut further has many styles. A new look of this haircut is the short haircut with bangs and layers. It is an amazing haircut of this year to look stylish

Short haircuts with dead straight hairs are also in trends for women

Bob haircut is well known hairstyle but this year bob cut is carried with a lot of variations and styles. Some ladies carry a bob haircut with dead straight hairs and with a blonde color tone that looks beautiful and different too

It is a very unique hairstyle of this year. It is a very short hair cut with a lot or roughly styles and cuts. It gives a messy look to hairs. Many young girls like this different and unique hairstyle. They also apply that hair style with a different color tone or techniques to look trendier

Perfect short hairstyle for your big day! Trendy, yet sophisticated to wear everyday or for special occasions

With this crown of braided hair you will keep your head up high and bask in your newfound regal attitude. Around the center of strictly pulled back hair enormous braids were wrapped to form a round base of about the same diameter as the head. Smaller, very long braids were arranged in a coiled scenario that adds an even more surreal princess touch to this unique retro-futuristic look. Princess Leia, watch out!

Aphrodite reborn. The old master painters would have gone crazy over the elaborate structure of this model’s hair. Braids of all sizes from super thick to finger thin are wrapped in generous loops around the back of the head and around each other. The tiniest braid is woven to accent the creation. There might be enough real hair on one head for this look, but plenty of faux braids are ready for purchase.

Long, slicked strands of hair were wrapped around and on top of each other to create a classic shape that was taken to the 21st century. Exact partitioning of the hair and good pomade that does not add too much weight are the start of this unique up-style. The creativity and skill of a master coiffure puts the right curves into this beautiful knot.

These are not your everyday dreadlocks. Each one of the matted strands was designed to its specific shape and direction. Large rolls of hair first move away from the face and put much weight and volume on to the crown. From here they flow and sway freely where the rhythm and the wind want them. This extravagant look has it all ‌ a little bit of Jamaica, a touch of Star Wars and the flair of a great Parisian Salon

By Ayanna Guyhto

Seven Tips to Run a Successful Hair Salon If you ever wondered why some local hair salons manage to hang around longer than others, it's usually because the owners have their fingers on the pulse of a community's needs. Running a successful salon takes more than just great products and a swanky-looking dĂŠcor. In urban areas in particular, there seems to be a high turnover of both salons and the stylists that work inside them. While the fundamentals of running a great hair salon are quite simple, you would be surprised by how many of them are actually overlooked. 62

Salon World September/October, 2013

Tip #1: Know your clientele

Tip #2: Take control of your staff

Tip #3: Set a welcoming atmosphere

Tip #4: Advise stylists to wear black

Tip #5: Offer a variety of services

This one is a no-brainer. If you live in an area where the majority of the population is non African-American, opening a salon with nothing but hair braiders probably isn't very smart. That isn't to say that you won't get business. Offering hair-braiding services in suburban areas is actually quite smart. Many people don't want to travel too far to have this kind of styling done. But you'll need to diversify the services you offer to accommodate the masses

Salon owners who have no control over their staff will often find that their stylists dictate how the salon will be run. You will not only need to make sure that stylists are licensed and capable; you'll also need to assess their professional demeanor. Clients will not want to deal with staff members who have amateurish behavior. This means that they will need to accommodate their appointments on-time and with the appropriate conduct

There are millions of ways to outfit your salon. But what matters most is that the customers feel comfortable as soon as they walk in the door. Floors should be clean. Products should be properly displayed. All in all, the hair salon should be free of junk, with waiting areas that are relaxing and inviting. If you're thinking of opening your own hair salon, watch a few episodes of Bravo's Tabatha's Salon Take-Over to see how really chic salons should look

Your hair stylists may have some pretty colorful personalities. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. But in order to set the tone, black attire should probably be worn. This color neutralizes the workspace and takes the consumer focus off of his/her surroundings, making it easier for them to envision their new styles.

You will most certainly attract more customers if you hire personnel who can handle a variety of services. Many hair salons also have manicure/pedicure stations. Some have stylists who are specialists in weaves, braiding, or other custom services. Building a personnel base with a wide range of skills may take time at first. But while you're actively interviewing, you can advise customers that additional "phases" of your establishment will be opening soon Salon World September/October, 2013


Tip #6: Offer reasonable prices for services

Tip #7: Listen to your customers

PS: Just a little something extra

Customers will certainly return to your store if you provide them with great services for a reasonable price. You'll need to be careful with this piece of advice, however. List service fees too low, and you'll give the impression that the quality of the work is sub-par. It is imperative to do extensive homework on overhead and product costs. You will also be greatly helped by doing a comparative study based on other salons in your area

If you really want to know what kinds of things will help improve your salon, simply listen to the customers. Many customers will tell the stylists that they like their hairstyles, only never to return. Most are simply afraid of hurting the stylists' feelings. Pay attention to customers' facial expressions and body language; this will often tell you how they like the final results. Utilize services like Survey Monkey, a simple surveying tool where customers can anonymously voice their likes or dislikes Be aware that customers won't always express their opinions upfront. In fact, you will garner most of your information from the little things they say to the stylists. You can also glean some tidbits from their cell phone conversations. Sure, this may sound sneaky. Perhaps it is. But while they're holding [frequently loud] cell phone conversations, they often reveal inklings of how their appointments are going. Use this information to your benefit.

Remember, your customers are your business and when they feel important they will return……it’s human nature!

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They Gon’ Talk (Ladedadidadi) From the Album


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Salon World Magazine September/October, 2013  

In this issue: How to get those 360 Waves, 2013 Celebrity Hairstyles, tips to healthy, youthful looking skin, 7 tips to run a successful sal...

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