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Class of 20 16

Most likely to say one thing and do another Grant Guilford—posterboy for change who never quite delivers, but nice dude.

Headline of the year “Turns out Salient is a disgusting travesty”.

Best yarn “Students Mistaken For Backpackers”—that time the uni fucked up and students ended up in bunk beds.

Most underpaid The cleaners, the security staff, and librarians—shout out for keeping the university running.

Biggest cock block VUW Communications Team. Currently ghosting us harder than your latest Tinder bae.

Most viral article “If You’re From Waimana Why Are You White?”—Kahu Kutia.

Phrase we would like to never hear again “Student Friendly Wellington”—haunting us in our sleep, thanks Jono.

Biggest mic drop “Bros101: Introduction to Brogressive Politics”—Cool Guy Madeleine and Tough Guy Mills.

Worst behaviour Massive Magazine.

Most Feels Article “Anywhere But Here”—Tim Grgec.

Lecturer of the year Dougal McNeill, a vocal staff member with a good Twitter presence.

Worst Error When we printed the crossword answers instead of the crossword; when we wrote “Contributor of the wee.”

Worst secret keeper Andrew Little, for letting a policy around postsecondary education slip on Salient FM.

Most last minute contributor Rakaitemania Parata-Gardiner.

Most tragic and single Sharon Lam.

Tweet of the year @DavidSlack: “Bad Salient. Bad, bad Salient. Sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.”

Best opinion piece “Victoria University is Failing Its Queer Students”—Alex Mark.

Fucboi of the year Alex Winiata. The University of Waikato wannabe student politician bragged, “if I had one vote for every girl on this campus I’ve shagged, I would get this role easily.” Ew.

Best media coverage “Is Sir Neville Jordan The Biggest Dryballs in New Zealand?”—Hayden Donnell, The Spinoff.


Misc | Issue 24  
Misc | Issue 24