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Rugby nothing but Rough

Quiz 1. What year did Lemony Snicket’s final installment of A Series of Unfortunate Events, The End, come out? 2. The singer MØ, known for her hit “Final song”, is from which European country? 3. Which Looney Tunes character pops up at the end of each episode saying, “that’s all folks!” 4. The End, a web-based computer game launched in August 2011, deals with which big issues? 5. Which Biblical book does the Apocalypse appear in?

McKenzie Collins

New research has revealed New Zealand secondary schools are failing to teach rugby players valuable social and mental skills. Research carried out by the University of Canterbury’s Dr Blake Bennett found the focus on technicalities sacrifices what otherwise makes the sport worthwhile for young males. Bennett’s study looked into both New Zealand and Japanese programs and he discovered significant differences. New Zealand coaches focused intently on “skill development and discipline,” while Japanese coaches spoke of “character development, tenacity, and a range of social benefits.” Blake remarked that few New Zealand coaches showed interest in adjusting their training schedules for the sake of empowerment. Japanese training sessions were structured upon “sieshin,” an ideology which promotes the strengthening of the mind through physical activity. Coaches hoped the result would be a determined approach to hard work. The chief executive of College Sport Auckland, Dave Currie, argues the study is looking too far into the purpose of sport. From what he recalls, the most noteworthy benefit of school sport, aside from keeping an individual active, was to make friends.

Society’s sponsorship cancelled after injury

6. The TV show Freaks and Geeks finished its run after how many seasons? 7. Who wrote “everything has to come to an end, sometime” in their novel The Marvelous Land of Oz? 8. Which famous TV show ended with the family gathering in a diner and the main character looking up at the door before cutting to black? 9. What is the referential title for the ongoing extinction event of species during the Holocene Epoch? 10. A picture of Frodo Baggins’ face after throwing the One Ring into lava is used for what meme? 1) 2006. 2) Denmark. 3) Porky the Pig. 4) Death, belief, and science. 5) Book of Revelations. 6) One. 7) L. Frank Baum. 8) The Sopranos. 9) Sixth extinction. 10) The “It’s over, it’s done” meme. 10

Thomas Croskery

A stunt that caused serious injury has resulted in two major sponsors withdrawing their sponsorship of the University of Canterbury Engineering Society (ENSOC). DB Breweries and insurance company MAS pulled their sponsorship after an engineering student lit his hair on fire and jumped off the roof of his flat into a pool in September as part of his candidacy for the ENSOC executive. A spokesperson for DB said they were “absolutely devastated” and would never knowingly support such an act. MAS were unaware of the initiation and said they would never condone it, terminating sponsorship immediately. Police have spoken to the student’s family and would not investigate further. ENSOC requires candidates to notify the AGM adjudicator of their stunt before filming. The stunt is designed to “prove to the audience that you are the best man or woman for the job, and the lengths you are willing to go for the betterment of the club.” Stunts causing injury are not accepted. Candidates are also asked to consider the long-term consequences of their stunt. Following the accident ENSOC scrapped the stunt requirement for 2017 executive hopefuls and footage has been deleted. The university declined to comment.

Misc | Issue 24  
Misc | Issue 24