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Turbocharge Your Sales Through Teamwork!

Member Agreement (Managers' Forum) 1. I agree to participate in at least ten of the thirteen group sessions that are held every four weeks in a calendar year, in virtual or local settings, and to provide my knowledge and expertise to issues presented by other members. 2. I agree to present significant business issues to the group for their candid and frank analysis. I will adhere to the dress code for meetings which, unless otherwise stated, is at least "Business Casual". 3. I agree to read the business books identified by the group and to participate in the groups’ discussion concerning the implementation of the ideas presented to improve my business. 4. I AGREE TO HOLD ALL INFORMATION CONCERNING ANOTHER MEMBER IN STRICT CONFIDENCE. 5. SalesTeam is peer consulting. All major decisions should be presented to the group. If I do not receive the opportunity to present these issues to the group, it is my responsibility to ask for group time. I am not obligated to follow the group’s recommendation or the facilitator’s. My facilitator will assist me with business decisions, but he/she should not be considered a consultant for hire. Final business decisions rest with me and not the SalesTeam facilitator. 6. As a Basic member, I am entitled to one 30-minute scheduled personal virtual coaching session with the facilitator during the four weeks between group meetings. As a Pro member, I am entitled to one 30-minute scheduled personal virtual coaching session with the facilitator each week and agree to participate in facilitator's performance management tracking. It is my responsibility to schedule these coaching sessions in advance. Sessions not used during any four week period between group meetings are forfeited. Additional 30-minute sessions may be scheduled by me at $75 each. 7. I agree to pay 12-week Membership dues in advance via my credit/debit card. I also agree that SalesTeam may automatically renew my Membership and debit the card every 12 weeks until my Membership is withdrawn by SalesTeam or me. The 12week payment holds the seat for me/us. Payment is due regardless of whether the meeting is attended. If notice of withdrawal is given four weeks prior to the next debit, no payment shall be due. 12-week dues are $600 for the Basic level of Membership and $1800 at the Pro level of Membership. A one-time enrollment fee of $50 is charged with the first payment.

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