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Integrity Coaching


Overview Integrity Coaching® is a developmental process that gives managers the knowledge, skills, and tools to help their people increase performance. The Integrity Coaching® process consists of a one day initial Seminar and eight weekly Follow-up Sessions. Many managers struggle to become effective leaders because they do not fully understand the attitudes, values and beliefs that are required for inspiring and building people. Integrity Coaching® is designed for managers who have an interest in increasing the productivity and success of their teams.

Why Integrity Coaching ? ®

Effective coaching can be a key driver of organizational performance but it is under-leveraged by most organizations. As the Service-Profit Chain* model (right) illustrates, leadership is the starting link in the chain, and the extent to which managers effectively coach their people has a major impact on employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity. Satisfied and loyal employees are key building blocks to creating a customer-centric culture that delivers superior value to customers. Therefore, effective coaching needs to be viewed as a strategic imperative in order to establish a competitive advantage. The unfortunate reality is that many organizations find it difficult to establish coaching as a key leadership strategy. Managers often struggle to distinguish the difference between managing activity and effectively coaching the individual. Most manager’s time is occupied with solving problems, managing budgets, and putting out fires. Seldom do they take the time to recognize and understand the individual strengths of their people and cultivate that potential into high performance. Coaching is about helping people set and achieve higher goals. It’s creating a positive, challenging environment where people motivate themselves and continually perform on higher levels.

Leadership Style Model To help managers learn how to build employees, it is important to help them gain insight into their leadership style. To do this, managers who participate in the Integrity Coaching® developmental process are asked to take an assessment that will tell them what quadrant they are in the Leadership Style Model (left). The most effective leaders and coaches are managers who are described in the upper right quadrant; they have the ability to sustain a balance between a high focus on both goal achievement and sensitivity to people. Integrity Coaching® helps managers develop the attitudes, beliefs, skills, and behaviors to achieve this important balance as they learn to effectively coach their people to higher levels of success. Through Integrity Coaching® you will begin to realize that it is only when you build people that you then build your organization.


* Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work, Harvard Business Review, 1994, 2000.

The Four Traits


Highly Successful


With over 40 years of experience developing people in all types of cultures, we believe there are four core traits that all successful people have in common. The traits are: 1. Strong Goal Clarity 2. High Achievement Drive 3. Healthy Emotional Intelligence 4. Excellent Social Skills People with these traits always find a way to succeed, regardless of market conditions. However, these traits are not intellectually learned, but rather, they are experientially developed. Most coaching fails to account for this fact, which explains why it is often ineffective. Integrity Coaching® helps managers learn to effectively address the attitudes and behaviors which help people to develop and strengthen these four success traits.

The Integrity Coaching Congruence Model ®

The Integrity Coaching® Congruence Model™ illustrates the importance of the dimensions necessary for success as a coach. We have discovered that success has more to do with an individual’s beliefs, values and view of coaching, than experience, knowledge or skills. The degree of congruence (or alignment) between the five attitudinal dimensions in this model is critical to determine a person’s level of success. When a manager experiences inner conflict between any of these five dimensions, emotional gaps develop and manifest themselves in the form of stress, lack of focus, disengagement and/or unacceptable performance. Research by Peter Drucker, John Kotter, Jim Collins and other renowned leaders in the area of organizational performance all rightly assert that the number one priority of effective leaders is to hire and then develop the right people. Yet most managers, when surveyed, indicate that developing their people though structured coaching is far down on their list of priorities. Typically, the underlying root cause for not making coaching a priority primarily stems from an unconscious (or conscious) lack of confidence in one’s ability to effectively coach other people to higher levels of success. To overcome this reluctance to coaching, the conditions must be created to impact a person at the emotive level so that they develop new, more positive attitudes and beliefs about coaching.

Integrity Coaching® Congruence Model™


Accelerating Performance Improvement Research shows that effective coaching is a key performance driver that helps employees achieve their full potential. When managers routinely conduct structured developmental coaching sessions with each member of their team, productivity and employee engagement increases. Most traditional training approaches that are either “event-based” or “self-paced” rarely produce significant employee performance improvement. Such approaches are typically cognitive in nature and do not allow for manager feedback and reinforcement in real world situations. Integrity Coaching® addresses “how to coach” by equipping managers with the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, values, and skills to coach effectively. Our sustained training process facilitates skill building through repetitive practice, discovery/experiential learning, and reinforcement over time. This is why sustainable performance improvement occurs. The objective of the Integrity Coaching® behavior change process is to help managers: ✓ Increase their competence, confidence and commitment to coaching. ✓ Gain awareness of their leadership style through self-assessment. ✓ Implement a goal achievement system with their people. ✓ Learn how to strike a balance between goal directedness and sensitivity to people. ✓ Understand the different Behavior Styles® of people in order to increase coaching effectiveness. ✓ Increase their ability to diagnose areas of needed improvement, ask effective questions to help guide discussions, and coach specific actions for improving performance. ✓ Build the self-confidence of their team to achieve more than they believe they are capable of achieving.



Forgetting Curve

Our approach to behavior change focuses upon interactive discussion, application and accountability. Participants apply in real coaching conversations what they learn through the follow-up process. Unlike eventbased training that only presents information or teaches in a stimulus-response format, our training allows participants to discover real results through application, repetition and reinforcement. Research conducted by G. V. Goddard and others confirms this approach. Their studies show that without a formal process to hold people accountable to immediately apply and reinforce training material, retention falls at an accelerating rate. Consequently, there is little to no behavior change or performance improvement. Goddard’s research is known for the “Forgetting Curve” which illustrates that without reinforcement and application within 48 hours of a learning event 75% of the information covered is forgotten.* * Charles Fred, Breakaway: Using Speed and Expertise to Deliver Value to Customers Fast, Grand River Pub., Boulder, CO. 2001, p. 27.




Integrity Coaching


Integrity Coaching® allows participants to develop over time the highly effective coaching practices utilized by successful leaders. The specific program components include: : ✓ An initial one day Seminar ✓ Eight regularly scheduled, synchronous Follow-up Sessions

Seminar The initial one day Seminar consists of six highly interactive modules presented by a certified facilitator. Core concepts and models of the program are introduced in this Seminar.

1. The Personal Case for Coaching 2. The Business Case for Coaching 3. Building Belief

4. Creating a Receptive Environment 5. The Coaching Process 6. The Process in Action

Follow-up Sessions The Follow-up process consists of eight sessions conducted on a weekly basis. The Follow-up Sessions are critical to bring about performance improvement.

1. The Foundation 2. Preparing for Coaching 3. Understanding Your People 4. Coaching for Improved Performance

5. The Power of Praise 6. Holding People Accountable 7. Expanding Belief Boundaries 8. Celebration

Integrity Coaching Timeline ®

The Integrity Coaching® leadership development process is graphically illustrated below:


U nique A dvantages More than 2000 organizations worldwide have implemented our behavior change, assessment and consulting processes to create transformational change. Our behavior change processes develop the potential of employees and help our clients establish customer-centric cultures. Observable and measurable results are the outcome.

➛ Behavior Change from Follow-up:

Integrity Coaching® employs a powerful learning process we call

Discovery Learning. Discovery Learning is an experiential environment where questions are asked and situations created that cause people to learn for themselves. The sessions are structured to get people into action, practicing certain principles and discovering answers and solutions themselves.

➛ Increase Employee Retention: Employee retention and loyalty is a by product of their level of engagement. As Gallup’s research (and others) has shown, four of the key drivers of employee engagement are: having clear goals, understanding task significance, developmental opportunities and receiving constructive feedback. Integrity Coaching® develops managers’ ability to positively impact these drivers and increase employee engagement and retention.

➛ Cultural Consistency:

Effective development of an organizational culture starts with a solid

foundation. Integrity Coaching® provides a process that is easily adapted and personalized to your environment. It also provides a consistent, common language for people to embrace and for leaders to reinforce positive behaviors and coach to improved performance.

➛ Impacts the Whole Person:

Many studies in the area of human performance and motivation have

revealed that success is more about who you are than what you know! For this reason Integrity Coaching® does not just address skill development. Rather, this developmental process for managers also sheds light on the root causes of success… attitudes, values, self-beliefs, and achievement drive.

➛ Universally Applicable:

Integrity Coaching® is relevant in the global marketplace because of its

principle-based foundation. It is applicable to all levels of experience and can be used to coach any job function in an organization.

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Integrity Coaching  

For leaders and managers who have an interest in increasing the productivity of their teams.