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My foot has always walked in His steps; His way I have kept and have not turned aside. Job 23:11


A Walk With Jesus There’s a place within my heart Where God’s own Spirit dwells. His Spirit fills it with His love; All other thoughts dispelled. It’s here in peaceful quietude I pause midst daily chores, To be refreshed by Jesus’ touch, With Him, walk tranquil shores. We’ll pause beside some little pool Just watching minnows play, And then, He’ll ask what bothers me, Makes discord in my day. We’ll sit upon a driftwood log And talk a little while And when I see Him walk away, My heart can always smile. Barbara Dexter


Upon an April Day There rings a song of happiness Upon this April day, As children in the blush of Spring Grow busy in their play; While flowers bloom upon the lea Or drowse in warming sun, It is a special time of year When children have great fun. Long past the windy blows of March When kites were meant to fly; Long past the wintry throes of ice When snow was drifting high. I’ll hear the songs of happiness Upon an April day; No youngster I, though child I am, Recalling fields of play. Henry W. Gurley


Show Your deeds to Your servants, Your glory to their children. Psalm 90:16



Seeds of Love Let us sow seeds of Love in Life’s Garden And water them tenderly With bright, sunny smiles And thoughts worth their while, And deeds of noblest degree. For whatever we sow in Life’s Garden That shall we also reap; Then, if Love we will sow, ’Tis Love that will grow, For Love knoweth no deceit. Loise Pinkerton Fritz

Life’s Sunrise and Sunset Have you ever watched the sunrise As it rose in the eastern sky, For just as from the heavens the rain How it slowly leaves the horizon and snow come down and do not And a new day dawns on high? return there Have till theyyou haveever watered the amazed by its beauty been earth, makingWhen it fertilethe andsun fruitful, sets in the western sky, giving seed toHow him it who sows and leaves behind an array of color bread to him whorecedes eats… from its watchful eye? And Isaiah Now 55:10darkness is soon to follow, ’Tis the final hours of the day; When compared to the span of our lifetime, We’ll liken our days this way. So we must live each day to the fullest, And to God be faithful and true; From the time of our life’s sunrise Until life’s sunset is due. Hazel Yoho 11

Meadows of Content Let us stroll again together Along the paths of old That ramble through the meadow And watch the stream enfold… Wild flowers dancing sprightly Upon its banks of grass. We’ll also be enchanted To see the clouds glide past… Through skies that seem a fantasy, And then we’ll pause to greet The meadowlark whose music Will accompany our retreat. Then while we’re serenaded With its rich ecstatic trills, Our souls will be inspired By the green surrounding hills… That lovingly enclose us Like a tender shepherd’s keep Provides unquestioned safety For his dear, beloved sheep.


Let us stroll again together By a peaceful streamlet where The flowers bloom forever In an atmosphere of prayer‌ For if my wish be granted, Will eternity be spent With Thee along the pathways In the meadows of content. Don Beckman


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