SSU Students Resource Guide 2023-2024

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Student Resource Guide 2023-2024

Student Navigation Center (SNC)

Classroom Building, second floor, Harrington Campus –#16 on the campus map | 978.542.8000 |

ZOOM: studentnavcenter?pwd=QjE4R0hqeUpnTUxZZGgwLzUvWFczZz09

SNC is your one stop destination for the business of being a student. Questions and concerns relative to billing, registration, transfer credits, financial aid, and ClipperCard are addressed here. Our dedicated student service team is here to help you navigate your Salem State experience. We believe in a coaching/ mentoring and educational approach to student service.


Navigator is your student portal. Whether you are an applicant or a current student, you are responsible for regularly checking your student portal. If an office of Salem State University (SSU) requires you to take action, you will see a “Tasks” item appear in your portal giving you specific instruction on what is needed and when. Students should not share their SSU ID # and password with anyone.

Tuition and Fees

All students are billed depending on how many credits they are taking, what type of classes they register for (day vs. evening) and whether they are in-state or out-of-state. All international students are considered out of state. SSU bills per semester and expects students to regularly review their accounts. All students must pay their bill by dates below:

• Fall Semester: August 9

• Spring Semester: January 10

• Summer I and Summer II: June 25

For more information:


In order to complete your FAFSA, you and if applicable, your legal guardian/parent, must create an FSA ID at

Save this log in information for future use.

Financial Aid

Any degree-seeking student who wishes to get money from the Federal Government to help pay for college must apply for federal aid by filling out a FAFSA every year. Visit to apply. Some students may be selected for verification, which requires more documentation to be submitted to the school. If a student is selected for verification, the additional documents needed will be listed on the student’s “Tasks” tile in their Navigator account. SSU’s FAFSA priority deadline is February 15.

Monitor Your Borrowing

Regularly monitor your total federal loan amounts by logging into using your FSA ID. If you do this consistently, you will not be surprised at how much you need to repay after you are finished with school.


Students can use the VikingScholarships link to apply for internal and external scholarships (Navigator>Student Resources>VikingScholarships).

To view external scholarships, students need to locate the opportunities link inside VikingScholarships and then select external scholarships.

Below are additional external scholarship sites for students to use.

Monthly Payment Plans (MPP)

Salem State University offers students and their families the option to set up a five-month interest-free payment plan for both the fall and spring semesters. Students set up this monthly payment plan through their Navigator account (Navigator>Financial Account>Student Accounts>TouchNet> Payment Plans). There is a $40 non-refundable setup fee for each semester students enroll. Payments are due on the first of the month and late fees will be applied if payments are not on time. Summer payment plans are three months long. Tip: Set up your MPP before the semester starts.

Private Loans

Private loans are non-federal educational loans that help students pay for college. allows students to review and compare various private loan options. Remember to read the details of the loan carefully before applying.

Parent Plus Loans

Legal guardian/parents can apply for a loan on behalf of their dependent undergraduate student by going to If approved, they must also complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) on for the funds to disburse. If a parent/legal guardian is declined the parent plus loan, the student’s federal unsubsidized direct loan can be increased. First and second year undergraduates can receive up to an additional $4,000 for the year ($2,000 per semester). Third year and beyond can receive up to an additional $5,000 for the year ($2,500 per semester). Phone: 978.542.8000 Fax: 978.542.8520

Access to Student Information (FERPA)

FERPA is the law that protects the privacy of a student’s educational record regardless of age or who is paying the bill. If students want to grant parents/guardians access to discuss their educational or financial records, the student must complete the FERPA Waiver in their Navigator account (Navigator>Profile>FERPA Waiver).

If the student does not fill out the FERPA Waiver, parents/ guardians WILL NOT be able to obtain any specific information about the student.

For more information:

Health Insurance

Based on the State of Massachusetts regulations, all students are required to have health insurance coverage through the school or through their own plan. You can enroll in or waive out of the school’s insurance plan in your Navigator account. Students can also visit ( >Financial Account>Student Health Insurance)

SSU annual coverage dates – August 1-July 30


Located within the Student Navigation Center, Harrington Campus – #16 on the campus map | 978.542.2273 |

The ClipperCard is SSU’s official identification card that gives you access to resources on and off campus. A student can use their ClipperCard to access meal plans, residence halls, library services and the parking garage. A government issued photo ID is required to obtain a ClipperCard.

For more information:

Student Life

Meier Hall, North Campus – #6 on the campus map | 978.542.6401 | studentlife

Salem State University has a variety of resources for every student to ensure they are safe and have the best possible college experience:

• The Prevention, Education, Advocacy and Response (PEAR) program provides trainings, and discussions on the topic of healthy relationships, gender, sexuality and sexual violence.

• Campus Police protect the community 24 hours per day, year-round, and provide a variety of services including crime prevention education, medical emergency response, and traffic support.

• Student Involvement and Operations provides facilities and services that enhance the quality of campus life by promoting student engagement and supporting programs that enhance the growth of the campus community.

Please refer to Salem State’s conduct code for all the information regarding Salem State’s policies and conduct expectations for students.

For more information visit: php?catoid=50&navoid=12457

Residence Life

Atlantic Residence Hall, first floor, Harrington Campus –#21 on the campus map | 978.542.6416 |

Salem State University offers on-campus housing options for students. To view the costs for different residence halls and meal plans that are required please visit:

Questions about the housing arrangements or Online Housing Portal can be answered here: Living_09_21_WEB.pdf

Disability Services

Berry Library, Room 20, North Campus – #9 on the campus map | 978.542.6217 |

Facilitates self-identified students with disabilities access to the appropriate services and accommodations within the institution in order to maximize each student’s educational potential.

Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)

Berry Library, North Campus – #9 on the campus map | 978.542.5500 |

Academic advising is the foundation upon which a student develops his or her academic program. Through academic advising, students identify and explore the educational opportunities available at Salem State University. Meeting regularly with an advisor helps students to plan their programs, complete degree requirements and benefit from a mentor/mentee relationship with a member of the faculty or the academic advising center professional staff. You can find your assigned faculty advisor by looking in your Navigator Portal (Navigator>Academic Progress>Advisors).

For more information:

• Specializes in academic advising, tutoring, mentoring and testtaking strategies.

• Can clear reading/math competency holds.

• Process leave of absence and withdrawal forms.

• Counseling and Health Services (CHS)

Ellison Campus Center, Room 107, North Campus – #10 on the campus map | 978.542.6410

The Counseling and Health Services office is staffed by nurse practitioners, a part-time doctor, psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, post-doctoral fellows and advanced graduate interns. CHS offers medical care, consultation on healthrelated issues, health promotion programs, and referrals and collaborations with area providers and primary care physicians. Students are required to monitor their health services portal and provide immunization records requested by the CHS team. Students can use this portal to communicate directly with CHS staff. (Navigator>Campus Life>Student Health Portal).

For more information visit: ask. kb/health-services-portal-faqs

• Provides medical care, counseling appointments, and health promotion programs.

• Immunization forms are to be turned into this office.

• Can clear immunization holds.

Center for International Education (CIE)

Sullivan Building, Room 114, North Campus –# 1 on the campus map | 978.542.6351 |

The Center for International Education (CIE) at Salem State University coordinates international programs and outreach for students, faculty and scholars, both domestic and international. Their mission is that every Salem State University student have the opportunity for global engagement that enriches their experiences and allows for a deeper understanding of the world.

For more information:

Career Services

Ellison Campus Center, Room 105, North Campus –#10 on the campus map | 978.542.6406 |

Career Services is here to guide you from your first day on campus through your entire professional life. They’re here to help with everything from career exploration to resume-building, finding an internship, interviewing skills and so much more. Their mission is to offer comprehensive career planning support to undergraduates, graduates and alumni.

International students may apply for an optional practical training (OPT) upon completion of their degree and get permission to work up to 12 months off campus to gain experience in their chosen fields.

For more information:

Center for Justice and Liberation (CJL)

Ellison Campus Center, Room 202, North Campus –#10 on the campus map | 978.542.6506

The Center for Justice and Liberation serves as a comprehensive collaborative community space that honors, centers, and advocates for the holistic development and retention of students of underrepresented, marginalized, and stigmatized identities due to oppressive structures.

• Explore critical issues by discussing topics regarding race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and sexuality.

• Supports the food pantry.

For more information:

Information Technology Student Support Services

Meier Hall, Room 105, North Campus – #6 on the campus map and Classroom Building, second floor, Harrington Campus | 978.542.2036 |

Assists students with any technological issues such as password reset and laptop support. New student access guide:

For more help:

Salem State Bookstore

Located on Harrington Campus – # 25 on the campus map | 978.542.3808

The Salem State Bookstore sells a selection of textbooks, computers and all the necessary supplies to ensure that every Salem State student is prepared for success. Visit our Follett bookstore at: to purchase textbooks. Click the textbook link at the top of the page to get started. For more information:

Student Employment

Administration Building, first floor, North Campus –#2 on the campus map | 978.542.6123 |

Based on SSU guidelines, students are only allowed to work on campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week. Salem State University offers a variety of job positions. To find the one that is right for you, use our job search tool and follow the instructions to apply.

Parking Office

Located inside University Police on Harrington Campus –#18 on the campus map | 978.542.6511 |

All eligible students may purchase a parking pass online through their Navigator account (Campus Life Tile). At the time of your online purchase, you will receive a temporary parking pass that is valid for 10 days while you wait to receive your parking decal in the mail. For more information: .

• Parking tickets can be resolved online by visiting

Transportation Options

Salem State University offers a variety of transportation options for its students. These include but are not limited to:

• Green transportation options are available here:

• The Viking shuttle provides day transportation to students within the university campuses on a set schedule that can be found on the following link:

• The student shuttle (passenger van) provides services to predetermined stops in the evening and on weekends on a set schedule which can be found in the following link:

• Salem Skipper is a ridesharing service for the entire city, plus Vinnin Square in Swampscott. Visit for more information.

MBTA Semester Pass

Salem State University students are eligible to get a discounted MBTA pass for both Bus and train. Order by August 10 and December 10 for the upcoming semesters.

You can find more information by typing MBTA pass on the Salem State website:


Located at 331 Lafayette Street – #3 on the campus map | 978.542.6200 |

First-year, transfer, graduate and international students can learn more about what academic majors and programs Salem State has to offer. Whether you are just getting started, completing a degree or seeking an advanced degree, admissions is here to help you find the right program and navigate the admissions process. Schedule a tour today.

Veterans’ Affairs

#10 on the campus map | 978.542.6082 |

Veterans’ Affairs at Salem State is here to assist current and former service members of the armed forces as well as survivors and dependents with both state and federal educational benefit programs. Whether or not you are a new or continuing student, we are dedicated to providing you with resources and services to assist you in achieving your academic and career goals.

For Parents/Guardians

Parents/Guardians can access additional resources at: for more information related to everything listed in this resource guide.


• Fall bill is Available (Only in Navigator)

• Move In Policy (1)

• Set up fall semester monthly payment plan

• Enroll in or waive out of school sponsored health insurance

• Add/upgrade meal plan


• Fall bill is due the second Wednesday of the month

• Immunization documents due to counseling and health services

• Final orientations for new and transfer students

• Students receive their housing assignments

• Move into the residence halls Labor Day weekend

• Purchase parking pass (2)


• Fall semester classes start September 6 See academic calendar for more details.

• Fall deadline to waive/enroll in the school sponsored health insurance

• Deadline to upgrade/waive meal plan for the fall semester (3)

• Application to graduate in the spring and summer semesters is available.


• Advising period begins; make an appointment with your faculty advisor using Navigate (app or website).

• If applicable, resolve any holds and to do list items found in your Tasks tile.

• Mid-terms

• Deadline to submit fall semester graduation application.


• Registration for spring and winter classes (4)

• VikingScholarships portal is available and open in Navigator

• Thanksgiving break


• Spring semester bill available

• Final exams

• Move out of the residence halls

• Upcoming academic year FAFSA is available to be filed, use taxes that are two years behind the academic FAFSA year that you are filing.

• Add/upgrade meal plan

• Enroll in or waive out of school sponsored health insurance (5)

• Set up spring semester monthly payment plan


• Spring semester classes start January 16

• Spring bill is due the second Wednesday of the month

• New and transfer student orientations

• New commuter students purchase parking pass


For all your questions and more, “Ask the Viking”

Navigate vs Navigator

A-Z Directory: IT Services: it

Academic Standing: Move In:

Catalog: Graduation:


• Summer Registration for Continuing Education and the School for Graduate Education opens

• The VikingScholarship portal closes Feb. 15 for internal SSU scholarships. External opportunities inside this portal are open all year long.

• Deadline to upgrade/waive meal plan for the spring semester (3)

• Priority deadline to file and submit upcoming academic year’s FAFSA (February 15)

• Returning student housing deposit due for the next academic year

• Newly admitted students for fall will receive a paper financial aid award letter


• Advising period begins; make an appointment with your faculty advisor using Navigate (app or website).

• If applicable, resolve any holds and to do list items found in your Tasks tile.

• Mid-terms

• Deadline to submit spring semester graduation application

– This includes students who will walk in commencement but who will still need to take classes in the summer to complete their degree

• Spring break


• Accepted Students Days for new students

• Residence life roommate selection for returning students

• Registration for fall and summer classes


• New student deposit deadline May 1

• Final exams

• Move out of the Residence Halls

• Commencement Ceremonies


• Financial aid awards go out to returning students. Returning students will not receive their financial aid award in a paper letter. Financial aid will be posted and accessed through the student’s navigator account.

• New and transfer student orientations

• Application to graduate in fall semester is available


(2) Parking passes are for commuter students and upperclassmen resident students who are eligible to park on campus.

(3) Upgrades to meal plans will add more money to the overall bill.

(4) Students have varied enrollment appointments. Check your Navigator account to view your specific enrollment appointment.

(5) Only for eligible new and transfer students or those that meet the requirements in the spring semester and who were not charged in the fall semester.


SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER LABOR DAY HOLIDAY September 4 Advising Days January 11, 12 Opening the University/Advising Day and Convocation September 5 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY HOLIDAY January 15 First Complete Teaching Day (Day and CPS/G, Fall I) September 6 First Complete Teaching Day Full Semester Courses January 16 CPS/G Fall I Add/Drop Period Ends September 7 Full Semester Add/Drop Period Ends January 22 Full Semester ADD/DROP Period Ends September 12 CPS/G Last Day to Withdraw from Fall I Courses September 22 CPS/G Wintersession Online Classes End February 9 CPS/G Spring I Classes Begin February 12 Last Day to Withdraw from 1st Quarter Courses October 6 CPS/G Spring I Add/Drop Period Ends February 13 INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ DAY HOLIDAY (COLUMBUS DAY) October 9 Last Day to Withdraw from 3rd Quarter Courses February 16 CPS/G Fall I Classes End October 14 PRESIDENTS’ DAY HOLIDAY February 19 CPS/G Makeup Day for Indigenous People’s Day Holiday October 13 CPS/G Makeup Day for Presidents’ Day Holiday February 23 CPS/G Fall II Classes Begin October 16 CPS/G Fall II Add/Drop Period Ends October 17 CPS/G Last Day to Withdraw from Spring I Courses March 1 Classes End in 1st Quarter Courses October 19 Classes End in 3rd Quarter Courses March 5 1st Quarter Final Examinations Begin October 20 3rd Quarter Final Examinations Begin March 6 1st Quarter Final Examinations End October 24 3rd Quarter Final Examinations End March 8 Classes Begin for 2nd Quarter Courses October 25 SPRING RECESS March 9-15 Last Day to Add a 2nd Quarter Courses October 26 Classes Begin 4th Quarter Courses March 18 No Classes After 4:30 pm October 31 Last Day to Add 4th Quarter Courses March 19 Spring I Classes End CPS/G March 30 CPS/G Makeup Day for October 31 (as needed) November 3 CPS/G Last Day to Withdraw from Fall II Courses November 3 Spring II Classes Begin CPS/G April 1 VETERANS DAY HOLIDAY November 10 Spring II Add/Drop Period Ends CPS/G April 2 CPS/G Makeup Day for Veteran’s Day Holiday November 17 Last Day to Withdraw from Full Semester Courses April 12 Advising/Reading Day (No CPS/G or Day Classes) November 22 PATRIOTS’ DAY HOLIDAY April 15 THANKSGIVING RECESS November 23-26 Last Day to Withdraw from Spring II Courses CPS/G April 19 Last Day to Withdraw from Full Semester Courses November 27 CPS/G Makeup Day for Patriots’ Day Holiday April 19 Last Day to Withdraw from 2nd Quarter Courses November 27 Classes Resume November 27 Classes End Day School Courses May 2 Reading Day May 3 CPS/G Fall II Classes End December 4 Final Examinations Day School Courses May 6-13 Classes End in Day School December 12 Classes End Full Semester CPS/G Courses May 8 Reading Day December 13 Spring II Classes End CPS/G May 10 Final Examinations – Day School December 14-21 Final Exam Makeup Day School May 14 CPS/G Classes End December 22 Commencement May 16-18 Final Exam Makeup Day School December 22 WINTER RECESS (Begins at 2 pm) December 22 SUMMER SESSION Full Summer and Summer Session I Classes Begin May 20 WINTERSESSION Full Summer and Summer Session I and Full Summer Add/Drop Period Ends May 21 Wintersession Online Classes Begin December 27 MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY May 27 Wintersession Online Add/Drop Ends December 28 CPS/G Makeup Day for Memorial Day Holiday May 31 NEW YEAR’S DAY HOLIDAY January 1 Last Day for Undergraduate Withdrawal SSI June 7 Wintersession Day Begins (Wintersession Day Add/Drop Ends) January 8 JUNETEENTH HOLIDAY June 19 Last Day to Withdraw from Wintersession Courses January 10 Last Day of Classes Summer Session I June 29 Last Day to Withdraw from Wintersession Online Courses January 12 INDEPENDENCE DAY RECESS (No Classes) June 30-July 6 Wintersession Day Ends January 12 JULY 4 HOLIDAY July 4 Wintersession Snow Make-Up Day January 13 Summer Session II Classes Begin July 8 Wintersession Online Ends February 9 Summer Session II Add/Drop Period Ends July 9 Last Day for Withdrawal SSII and Full Summer Courses July 26 Last Day of Classes Summer Session II and Full Summer August 17 *CPS/G = School of Continuing and Professional Studies / School of Graduate Studies
2023 2024 FALL

North Campus

1. Sullivan Building (SB)

School of Graduate Studies

McKeown School of Education

School of Continuing and Professional Studies

2. Administration Building (ADM) / Human Resources

3. 331 Lafayette Street

Admissions / Campus Tours President’s Office Advancement Office





South Campus  35 36 P P South Campus (.5) College Drive College Drive Harrington Way Downtown Salem – Commuter Rail (1.5 Miles) School of Social Work and International Programs (LA) (.2 Miles) O’Keefe Complex Nor th Campus Harrington Campus
Gordon Center for Creative and Performing Arts
5. North Campus Café
Meier Hall (MH) / College of Arts and Sciences
Peabody Residence Hall (PH)
8. North Campus Parking Garage
Berry Library and Learning Commons (BL)
10. Ellison Campus Center (ECC) / Alumni Plaza
11. North Campus Quad / McKeown Plaza
12. Horace Mann Building (Temporarily Closed)
16. Student Navigation Center 17. Recital Hall 18. University Police 19. Marsh Dining Commons / Conference Center 20. Marsh Residence Hall (MAR) 21. Atlantic Residence Hall (ATL) / Residence Life 22. Baseball Field 23. Tennis Courts 24. Agganis Building / Enterprise Center (ENT) 25. Bookstore 26. Viking123 27. Charlotte Forten Residence Hall (Viking Hall) (CFH) 28. Stanley Building (STLY) / ITS / Shipping and Receiving 29. Facilities Storage 30. Bike Path Entrance O’Keefe Complex (OK) 31. Alumni Field 32. Twohig Gymnasium 33. Gassett Fitness Center (GF) 34. Rockett Arena South Campus 35. Harrington Building (HB) Maguire Meservey College of Health and Human Services / School of Nursing 36. South Campus Gymnasium 1 2 4 6 5 9 7 3 11 10 12 13 18 28 27 15 16 17 19 20 21 29 22 24 25 26 23 31 30 32 14 33 34 8      P P P P P P P Admissions Tour Parking E E C C C C C C F F F F F F F F F F F F V V For accommodations and access information, visit Electric Car (EV) Charging Station Accessible Entrance Commuter Student Parking Faculty/Staff Parking Enterprise Center Parking Visitor Parking Handicapped Parking Parking Shuttle Bus Stop Emergency Phone V F E C  P 8/23 V N FREE CAMPUS TOBACCO
13. Bowditch Residence Hall (BH) 14. ITS Laptop Support Nancy D. Harrington Campus (Central) 15. Classroom
(CC) / Bertolon School
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