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At the age of 26, Bridgette was looking forward to getting married and settling down to raise their young daughter. Her dreams were shattered, however, the moment her fiancé was brutally murdered… (continued on page 2)

Commander’s Corner With the coming of spring, as the temperature rises and the snow finally gives way, it seems like the world around us experiences a brand-new start. That’s why spring is such a hopeful time. When life can seem so cold, hard, and unrelenting, who doesn’t long for a fresh new start, the chance to begin again? All year round, The Salvation Army is blessed to serve people who have been “knocked down in life,” give them a helping hand, and to walk with them as they courageously take their first steps toward a new and better life. Just like spring, it’s a miraculous transformation filled with hope. And that’s what The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope Initiative is all about. Pathway of Hope takes a holistic approach to help families break from the cycle of poverty and move toward independence and stability. Hope and new beginnings for people who have struggled with poverty and despair. That’s the kind of change YOU make possible because of your support of The Salvation Army. Thank you.

Majors Ivan and Christine Rock Divisional Commanders

Your Support Gives Hope and a Brand-New Start to Families Like Bridgette’s Suddenly, Bridgette found herself homeless, alone, and with no way of providing for herself or her daughter. She needed help to start over and turned to The Salvation Army. After meeting with a case manager, Bridgette was enrolled in our Pathway of Hope program, which helped her establish goals like: secure housing, continued education, and eventually, employment. Two days later, Bridgette entered The Salvation Army’s Family Shelter, where Bridgette’s case manager helped her revamp her resume and participate in a job fair that quickly earned her an interview for a customer service position. Meanwhile, Bridgette connected with the Educational Opportunity Center and was accepted into their medical billing and coding program, which will provide her with critical vocational training that will enable her to secure long-term employment, so she can support herself and her children in the years ahead. Through Pathway of Hope’s individualized and holistic services, Bridgette was able to move into supportive housing that provides her with ongoing services, including case management, trauma counseling, and child care while she pursues further education.

Majors Ivan and Christine Rock Divisional Commanders

In just two months—thanks to YOUR support of The Salvation Army, Bridgette moved from homelessness and despair to self-sufficiency, hope, and a bright future filled with possibilities!

Billy Gets Another Chance at Life Without friends like you, Billy would be suffering on the streets. I was a sergeant in the Marine Corps,” Billy said. “Now look at me . . .” He’s not strong like he used to be. But thanks to you, he finally has hope again. It’s been a long time coming. Billy’s troubles began when he suffered a spinal fracture in combat training—an injury that forced him out of the Marines and left him in chronic pain. As a result, he had struggled to hold down a job. And without steady income, he wound up homeless, spending years on the streets. If it wasn’t for kind people like you, Billy would still be out there. After so much suffering, his face was downcast, and his heart depressed when he walked through our doors. But thanks to your support of The Salvation Army, we provided him with food, found him a safe place to stay, and gave him counseling, encouragement, and another chance at life.

“Having a place to eat, sleep, and shower, I have hope for a better future,” he said. “I’m really thankful for the people that provide financially to help make this happen. Thank you for your compassion.” * The photo and name has been changed to protect the privacy of our client.

A Pathway to a New Life After two decades of abuse, your support gave a mother and her kids the chance to start over. For 19 years, Joyce suffered cruel physical and emotional abuse in her marriage. For the sake of her five children, she tried to endure the violence to keep the family together. But finally, it was too much, and she came to The Salvation Army seeking a new start for herself and her kids.

Because of Joyce’s drive and initiative to help her family, she was an ideal candidate for our Pathway of Hope program. Her most immediate needs and goals were to secure housing, improve her education, and find employment. Joyce’s case manager soon connected her with an application for subsidized housing, which she is still waiting for. Also, because Joyce holds a commercial driver’s license, she quickly found full-time employment as a bus driver for The Salvation Army’s own Adult Rehabilitation Center. Joyce is also getting assistance for bus passes and other necessities, so she can attend classes to further her education. With a new job, an improving education, and, soon, new housing, Joyce is well on her way to attaining long-term stability for herself and her family. Thanks to you and your generous support of The Salvation Army, Joyce has a fresh start in life!

Thank You Children, families, and individuals in New York all have new hope and a fresh start this spring… because of you! To help more neighbors in need, please send your next gift with the enclosed reply slip today.

Make Doing The Most Good Your Legacy, Too You can ensure a portion of your life’s work continues advancing your highest values by leaving The Salvation Army in your estate plans. You will have peace of mind knowing that your estate will be distributed exactly as you want. And you will have joy in your heart knowing that struggling children and families will receive the help they need to overcome all manner of trials for generations to come. To learn more, contact our Divisional Director of Planned Giving, Kristi Brennan, CAP®, at: (888) 434-1391

Your compassion will transform lives!

Please consider becoming a True Neighbor by signing up to make monthly donations. Your regular gifts will be used to do the most good year-round by providing nutritious meals for hungry children, disaster services, and relief for struggling neighbors.

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of families have increased their hope, leading to clinically demonstrated positive outcomes that lead to growth and stability.


of families that have exited the Pathway of Hope program have increased their stability.

Families in the program average an annual income increase of

$4,8 0 0 PER FA MI LY significantly improving outcomes for children. Source: As measured on the Herth Hope Scale (HHS), Kaye Herth, Ph.D., R.N., School of Nursing, Northern Illinois University

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