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Yulia Sees

" World By: Natalie R.

"I just don't get it!", Yulia Lipnitskaya shouted.

Yulia had just finished competing at the Olympics, and now was having trouble with her geography in school.

"What do you need help with?", her two best friends Darya Domracheva and Kamil Stoch asked.

"I'm learning different countries in the world, but I can't remember what goes where," said Yulia.

"No problem, that's a piece of cake," Darya answered.

"First, let's explore my home country Poland," Kamil said.

Yulia, Darya, and Kamil hopped on a plane and flew to Poland.

"What are all these people saying?", Yulia asked.

"They are speaking Polish, their native language," Kamil answered.

"Now first, I need to learn about some features," Yulia said.

"The Carpathians are the perfect place to start!", exclaimed Darya.

"The Carpathians are a mountain range that runs through many countries, including Poland," Darya explained.

"Aren't the Sudeten Mountains also in Poland?", Yulia asked.

"Yes, very good!", said Kamil excitedly.

"Before we leave, I want to get a tshirt to remember this place," Yulia said.

"Here, you can borrow some of my money. This is what the people in Poland use, the Polish ZĹ‚oty," Kamil said.

"Awesome!", Yulia shouted.

"Next, let's visit my home country Belarus," Darya said.

Darya, Yulia, and Kamil got on another plane to travel to Belarus.

"This time I know what the people are saying! They're speaking Russian!", Yulia said enthusiastically.

"Great job Yulia! Does anyone know any features in Belarus?", Darya asked.

"The Pinsk Marshes are, let's look at those first," said Kamil.

"Marshes are very swampy areas, with trees around them called birches, some of the most popular vegetation in Belarus," Darya stated.

"That's so cool! What money is used here?", Kamil said.

"It's called the Belarusian Ruble," Darya said.

"Lastly, let's travel to my home country Russia!", Yulia exclaimed.

For their last trip, Yulia, Darya, and Kamil got on a plane to Russia.

"I'm so glad to be back where the Olympics were. Who's your president?", Kamil asked.

"Vladimir Putin! He's been president since 1999," Yulia explained.

"Hey Yulia, is Russian also the native language of Russia?", Darya asked.

"Yeah! Thanks guys for all your help. I guess the countries around the world aren't so confusing after all!"

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