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This is the story of 3 figure skaters that lost there Great Aunt.

Han Yan, Tatsuki Machida, and Yulia Lipnitska aunt in China which was were Han was from

aya were going to visit Angila one of their great

They took a long plane ride there and passed o them that is was built to help keep enemies aw she hasn't seen a lot of trees because the land

over the great wall of china witch Han told all of way. Yulia who was from russia told them that dscape in russia is almost all treeless.

when they got there they all went to Angel and none of them were Angela they found know what state.

la's house there was a different family there d out she moved to another state but no one

Everyone had to figure out what state wanted to try to find her in Russia bec year but she couldn't afford it. so they

e she moved to but no one knew Yulia cause she wanted to move there last y got on the next plane to Russia.

Once they got there they asked around to everyone said no but one man shared som like Vladimir Putin who is the current lead knows a lot of the new people that enter R next

see if anyone had met or seen her me very interesting facts about Russia, der might know something because he Russia. So thats where they all went to

They made it to Vladimirs house and he k thinks that she went to japan because she cold and he said she took the last plane o plane out of russia and went to Japan.

kindly said he does remember her but he e didn't like the weather which was very out. The next morning They got the next

They made it to Japan and met their c had met her the other day and knew s japan's capital and he can get a car to there they were surprised to see there explaining all the cool things she saw a red dot in the middle and a bunch of been.

current ruler Shinzo Abe he said he she was staying in tokyo which is o go take them to her. once they got e great aunt angela at her new house like chinese flag which is white with f other facts about where she has

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