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Alabama Students Score 6th in 62nd Annual Ford/AAA Auto Skills Competition I-CAR Pinpoints Best Practices For High-strength Steel Repairs New OSHA Recordkeeping Advisor CRS Releases Documents Outlining New DRP Agreement Guidelines

MECHANICAL NEWS W2 Energy Builds Compressed Air Engine for Motorcycles and Cars

DEALER NEWS NADA Urges Dealers to Take Survey on Energy Use

Kia KV7 Concept Showcases Future Vision Kia Motors’ design-led transformation has delivered eye-catching vehicles such as the Soul, Forte Koup, Sorento and Sportage that bear strong resemblances to the concept cars that preceded them, and at the 2011 North American International Auto Show the brand’s U.S. design studio unveiled its latest design statement – the “KV7” concept. Conceived as a modern-day “activity van,” the KV7 concept challenges the notion that vans are strictly for family

transportation and reveals a vision for a vehicle with the functionality to transport a large number of people and their belongings while also serving as a connected social hub for groups of friends and adventure-seekers. The KV7 concept’s design stands in sharp contrast to the dramatically raked windshields and wedge-shaped noses KV7 Please Turn to Page 4

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KV7 From Front Cover found throughout the van segment, and builds on the philosophy of “embracing the box” established by Kia’s funky Soul urban passenger vehicle to create a unique and alluring design language that brings SUV-like qualities to the segment. “From the outset, we felt the category was in need of an honest reassessment due to the fact that everyone seems so desperate to attach the word ‘sporty’ to their minivan, even though vans, at their very core are simply a box,” said Tom Kearns, chief designer, Kia Motors America. “Rather than reject the box we chose to celebrate it, just like we did with the Soul, and the result is a straightforward yet sophisticated vehicle that retains the functionality vans are known for and meets the changing and diverse needs of today’s consumers.” Kia Motors’ design-led transformation has infused emotion and passion into the brand’s lineup of new and recently introduced vehicles, and the inspiration for the KV7 concept was found in the simplicity of elegant box shapes such as sleek smart phones and classic pieces of luggage. The KV7’s wide stance is paired with an A-pillar and windshield design that is more vertical than traditional minivans and its smooth exterior skin and 20-inch wheels exude a modern appearance while projecting the confidence and strength of an SUV. The KV7 concept’s most striking feature is its passenger-side gullwing door, which creates a massive point-ofentry to the lounge-like interior when opened in conjunction with the pillarless front passenger door. The KV7 concept’s inviting face is 

Southern Automotive Journal

highlighted by an interpretation of Kia’s signature bold tabbed grille with vertical LED headlamps integrated within the design to create a clean, smooth look.

on the new Sportage CUV and Optima midsize sedan, and a series of near-continuous windows starting at the A-pillar provide uninterrupted views of a day at the beach or a night out on the town. And despite its non-traditional look, the KV7’s length (191.85 in.), width (80.0 in.) and wheelbase (122.0 in.) are consistent with the van Kia’s Southern California design team builds on the Soul’s philosophy of “embracing the box”

The KV7 features several LED lighting elements that Kia’s design team is evaluating for future production vehicles, including a continuous line of LED fog lights that span the entire front end of the vehicle and directional turn indicators on the outside mirrors and the rear of the vehicle that pulse in the direction being signaled. The KV7 concept’s distinctive windshield follows the unique designs found August 2011

segment and allow flexible seating configurations and a multitude of storage options. In the process of rethinking what a van’s exterior appearance and image could be, Kia’s Southern California design team also envisioned an interior to meet the needs of an entirely new group of consumers – a group of people referred to as “Ringleaders.” Rather than using

a van to transport children and their accompaniments, Ringleaders are busy organizing road trips, social outings and new adventures for themselves and their friends to experience together. As such, the KV7 concept’s interior employs four custom-built swiveling seats, including the driver’s seat, and a rear-corner mini-lounge with seating for three and integrated storage compartments to promote interaction in an open social environment. The simple yet sophisticated theme is brought to life inside the KV7 concept through its modern color palette featurand rear displays with Internet capabiliing soft beige and green tones and the ties and the ability for multiple passenuse of unique seat and surface materials. gers to connect their smart phones to The KV7 utilizes a variety of unconventhe vehicle at one time and sign on to tional textures, including reclaimed teak social networking sites. wood flooring and sustainable wool and Building on the experimental felt materials help to foster a warm and use of LED lighting elements found inviting atmosphere. on the exterior, the KV7’s concept’s When the KV7 concept’s push button start is engaged, the entire front dash moves more than six inches toward the driver, bringing all controls within easy reach, including the large multi-use display which integrates infotainment, climate and navigation systems in one simple-to-use interface controlled by a trackball mouse mounted in the dash. Rear passengers have their own, separate interface in the form of a floating tabletop touchscreen computer display. The KV7 is Wi-Fi enabled, Kia's KV7 concept brings gullwing door, tabletop computer providing both the front and lounge-like seating as well as SUV-like qualities to the segment.

August 2011

interior also features multiple flush-to-thefloor accent illumination points and standout green LED lighting throughout the front dash, instrument panel and rear display area to compliment the vehicle’s color palette. The final element that separates the KV7 c o n cept

from t h e rest of the minivan crowd can be found under the hood – the concept is powered by Kia’s new Theta II 2.0liter GDI turbocharged engine, which is capable of delivering up to 285 horsepower, and is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission to deliver V6-type power and performance while achieving better than 30 miles per gallon on the highway.n

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CRS Releases Documents Outlining New DRP Agreement Guidelines Recently, some of the industry trade publications have already reported on the concern voiced from repair facilities across the country over intrusive elements of Far-mers Insurance new COD agreement. The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) reviewed the content, and believe that it is in the best interest of the industry to make the agreement available for public review. Insurance carriers have continued to increase pressure over repair shops to obtain the quickest/cheapest repair, while interjecting themselves further into the oversight and management of repair businesses. The industry is often disadvantaged by restriction of communication from participants of these pro-grams, and it is important for the industry to rely on factual review of documents, rather than anecdotal musings. If we wish for business conditions to improve, it is important that our industry finds the voice to express our concerns openly and honestly without fear of being transparent. To that purpose, SCRS has highlighted some areas of interest below. All recipients of this communica-tion are notified that the materials presented are not to be construed as direction or suggestion, and is intended simply to better inform individuals acting within their own judgment, making sound business decisions, without agreement to take

Southern Automotive Journal

concerted action. Please note that in these excerpts, “Exchange” refers to Farmers Insurance, and “Vendor” refers to the DRP repair facility: 5.2 DISPUTED AMOUNTS. If Exchange in good faith disputes any portion of a Vender in-voice (“Disputed Amount”), Exchange will timely pay Vendor for the undisputed amounts of that invoice. Unless otherwise specified by federal or state laws, statutes, codes, rules, or regu-lations, within thirty (30) days of receipt of an invoice from Vendor on which a Disputed Amount appears, Exchange will (i) notify Vendor in writing of the specific items in dispute; and (ii) describe in detail Exchange’s reason for disputing each such item. Within thirty (30) days of Vendor’s receipt of such notice, the Parties agree to negotiate in good faith to reach set-tlement on any items that are the subject of such dispute. Vendor will not terminate this agree-ment on the basis of an alleged breach involving Exchanges failure to pay a Disputed Amount unless the Disputed Amount exceeds fifteen percent (15%) of the total amount payable under this Agreement or the sum of twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000.00), whichever amount is greater. (SCRS Note: DRP facilities would seemingly have agreed that the carrier can dispute their charges 30 days after

August 2011

they are invoiced, and the repair facility can’t terminate their agreement based on a breach of contract if they fail to pay unless it is a $25k short-pay.) 11.4 Vendor shall ensure that its General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Garage Liabili-ty, Coverage for Garage Operations, and Physical Damage insurance policies allow Vendor to waive its rights of recovery prior to a loss and that the carriers furnishing such insurance poli-cies shall be required to waive all rights of subrogation against Exchange, its officers, agents, employees, and other vendors and subcontractors. To the extent permitted by law, Vendor shall look solely to its insurers and not to Exchange’s insurers for loss or damage arising from work performed for Exchange. (SCRS Note: How many business carriers will allow their clients to waive their rights in this man-ner through this agreement? Will a collision repair business still have coverage if they sign this? How many of the shops have taken the time to forward this provision to their carriers to ask if they approve of their unilateral waiver of rights to subrogate against the carrier in question? What if a staff re-inspector injures themselves on the shop property due to their own negligence? It appears plain and simple; the DRP Please Turn to Page 32







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2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio Takes Home Inaugural “Best Small Convertible of the Year” Award from SAMA Convertible Drive The Southern Automotive Media Association (SAMA) press members voted the 2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio as their “Best Small Convertible of the Year” at the SAMA Convertible Drive today in Miami. The first annual SAMA Convertible Drive “Topless in Miami” was held June 30 at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscane, Miami, with a ride and drive throughout the day. The competition displayed more than 20 vehicles from various manufacturers, all aspiring to awards from the more than 45 press members in attendance. “We want to thank the SAMA members for this special recognition,” said Laura Soave, Head of FIAT Brand North

America. “Miami has a unique vibe that is known around the world, and it is the perfect setting to enjoy the new Fiat 500c – a vehicle designed for urban life that offers Check us out on the Web true Italian style, technology and a value that can’t be matched in Toll Free Direct today’s market place.” About the FAX 2012 Fiat 500c The new Finished Bumpers In Stock 2012 Fiat 500 Recondition Your Bumpers Cabrio comRecycling Program bines open-air freedom and Competitive Pricing driving enjoyInventory, Pricing & Ordering on the Web ment with beautiful Italian 400 Glover Street • Marietta, GA 30060 styling, time-

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August 2011

less functionality, efficient design and innovative technology for an entirely new generation of drivers. The 500c builds on all-season performance, fuelefficient powertrain options, interior comfort for four passengers and more than 35 safety and security features that have made the Fiat 500 hatchback model an international success. As a contemporary solution to the famous canvas roof on the original Cinquecento, the 2012 Fiat 500c features a premium dual-layer poweroperated cloth top that is designed to deliver all-season driving pleasure with the top up or down. With just a push of a button, the 500c’s top retracts up to the rear spoiler during speeds up to 60 mph. Adapted for U.S. customers, the Cabrio features an all-new fuel-efficient 1.4-liter MultiAir® engine with eco: Drive™ Application. Invented and patented by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT), MultiAir provides world-class levels of power, best-in-class 30 mpg city (manual transmission) fuel efficiency, quality and refinement. Every new Fiat 500c includes FIAT FORWARD CARE – a standard fouryear/50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, four years of unlimited roadside assistance and a three-year/36,000mile maintenance program that includes wear-and-tear items and trip-interruption reimbursement. The 2012 Fiat 500c Pop model has a MSRP of $19,500 (excluding $500 destination) and is available now at FIAT Studios nationwide.n

U.S. House Small Business Committee Holds Hearing on Access to Credit The House Small Business Committee held a full committee hearing titled, “Access to Capital: Can Small Businesses Access the Credit Necessary to Grow and Create Jobs?” The hearing provided a forum for lenders and business owners to discuss the current economic environment and what’s being done to support private sector job growth. Witnesses from the lending side discussed the demand for capital and current initiatives to encourage small business lending. Other witnesses reported about the current economic environment and the capital required to hire new workers. House Small Business Committee Chairman Sam Graves, R-Mo., opened the hearing. He said, “As America seeks to recover from the worst recession since the Great Depression, we will be relying on our nation’s small businesses to help lead the way. For businesses to expand and create jobs, they need adequate financing. However, small businesses are telling us that access to capital remains a hurdle in the current economy, despite rallies on Wall Street and government efforts to loosen credit. On the other side of the equation are lenders who say they have capital available, but businesses are not as credit-worthy as they were just a few years ago. Banks claim that today’s borrowers have lower credit scores and lower collateral values due to depressed real estate values.” Lynn Ozer, executive vice president of Susquehanna Bank, Pottstown, Pa., testified during the hearing on the importance of bank lending’s role. “This growth in the 7(a) program is essential to keeping credit flowing to small businesses because the program fills a critical gap for those businesses, particularly startup and early-stage companies that need access to longer-term loans,” he said. “The Small Business Administration, through its private sector lending partners, accounts for well over 40 percent of all longterm small business loans made in America, making the agency the single largest provider of long-term

capital to U.S. small businesses.” To emphasize the fall in lending, Ozler quoted the Quarterly Banking Profile, indicating the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) reported that for the first quarter of 2011, “Total loan and lease balances continued to fall, declining $126.6 billion (1.7 percent). This is the fifth-largest quarterly percentage decline in loan balances in the 28 years for which data are available, and it marks the 10th time in the last 11 quarters that reported loan balances have fallen (the one exception was caused by the implementation of Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) 166 and 167, which resulted in the consolidation of as much as $400 billion in securitized loans onto banks’ balance sheets in the first quarter of 2010). Although the total amount consolidated cannot be precisely quantified, the

August 2011

industry would have reported a decline in loan balances for the first quarter of 2010 absent this change in accounting standards.” Another banking witness, Robert Kottler, executive vice president of Iberia Bank, emphasized the importance of the relationship between borrowers and lenders. “I would also stress that communication between borrowers and lenders is critical,” he said. “Borrowers and their banks should work hard to form and maintain relationships long before a specific loan request is made. The better prepared and knowledgeable a borrower is about the process and the lender about the borrower, the more successful the process. Small businesses and lenders alike need to work hard to bridge the divide in order to better understand one another with respect to credit needs and approval.”n

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Teen Journalists Use Power of the Pen to Build Awareness of Texting While Driving Dangers Six U.S. high school students were selected from nearly 300 journalism entries around the country as winners of the national Keep the Drive High School Journalism Awards to curb distracted driving, earning prizes totaling $7,500. The Keep the Drive High School Journalism Awards, sponsored by The Allstate Foundation, encourage high school journalists to educate their peers about the dangers of texting while driving, to raise awareness about youth traffic safety and empower teens to take on the issue locally. Students were challenged to either write an article and have it published in the school paper, or write and produce a news segment and air it for the entire student body to view. Winners were selected with the help of Quill & Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists. The winners of the 2011 Keep the Drive High School Journalism Awards are:

Broadcast winners 1st Place ($2,000 prize) – Robert Jancsura, Amherst Steele High School, Amherst, Ohio 2nd Place ($1,000 prize) – Brianna MacNaught, Allen D. Nease High School, Verda, Fla. 3rd Place ($750 prize) – Jolaina Jesser, Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School, Broadview Heights, Ohio Print winners 1st Place ($2,000 prize) – Abbygale Reynolds, Kinston High School, Kinston, N.C. 2nd Place ($1,000 prize) – Cole Sawyer, Vista Ridge High School, Cedar Park, Texas 3rd Place ($750 prize) – Brin Wilk, Kaneland High School, Maple Park, Ill. “Spreading the word about the dangers of texting while driving is important to all of us at Allstate. We couldn’t ask for better ambassadors than the student journalists who participated in our program,”

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said Vicky Dinges, vice president of public social responsibility at Allstate. “All of the teen writers who submitted stories should be quite proud of the success they’ve had in leading the conversation with their peers about safer driving habits.” Motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of teens in the U.S. – more than alcohol, drugs, violence and suicide – killing 4,000 teens each year. The Allstate Foundation’s website www.keepthedrive. com offers a resource for teens to learn more about the issue and interact with one another to raise awareness about smart driving. Here are five ways everyone can be safer behind the wheel: Wear a seat belt all the time. Drive the speed limit. Limit the number of passengers in your car. Pull over to make a call or text a friend. Never drive after drinking alcohol. n


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August 2011

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Ultimate Collision Education Makeover Grant The Collision Repair Education Foundation is now in the process of collecting applications for its Ultimate Collision Education Makeover grant program. Now in its third year, the grant program is a unique, industry supported initiative that directly benefits school collision repair programs. And if the third year is anything like the first two, it's not just the winning schools that benefit. In the first two years of the program, not only did the winning school

receive far more than the $50,000 value of the grant, but every school that simply applied for the grant received industry support. That's because when the Foundation receives in-kind product and monetary donations throughout the year, the schools that applied for the makeover grant are the first ones to which the Foundation turns to distribute those donations. If you have a secondary or postsecondary technical school or college near you that has a collision repair

program, you could be responsible for helping them win the $50,000 grant. Through the grant application, the school provides an itemized wish list of its needs, and it is these lists that the Foundation uses to seek out industry donors to provide the requested items for the schools. Whether it's new tools, equipment or supplies, this grant will enhance your schools' ability to instruct the next generation of collision repair technicians. n

New OSHA Recordkeeping Advisor The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the Department of Labor has developed a new elaws Advisor to address the federal requirement to report and record workrelated injuries and illnesses. The OSHA Recordkeeping Advisor is intended to help determine: Whether an injury or illness (or related event) is work-related Whether an event or exposure at home or on travel is work-related

Whether an exception applies to the injury or illness Whether a work-related injury or illness needs to be recorded Which provisions of the regulations apply when recording a work-related case The OSHA Recordkeeping Advisor presents questions and relies on responses to determine the appropriate course of action. The Advisor does not store any information. If the Advisor

does not address the circumstances of a particular case, please contact OSHA or obtain expert advice. Some employers may be exempt from OSHA’s recordkeeping rules, for example those with 10 or fewer employees during the previous calendar year and those classified in specific industries. Learn more at the OSHA Recordkeeping Advisor website www.


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August 2011

2011 Hyundai Equus - Intelligent Luxury

The Equus will be offered in just two configurations, Equus Signature and Equus Ultimate, both lavishly contented. Equus Signature features the award-winning 385-horsepower Tau® V8 engine, a 608-watt Lexicon® audio system with 17 speakers, electronically controlled air suspension with continuous damping control, Vehicle Stability Management with pre-collision warning, Smart Cruise Control, HID headlamps, front and rear parking assistance system with rearview camera, premium leather seating, Alcantara suede headliner, driver seat massage, heated and cooled front seats, heated wood and leather steering wheel, and numerous other premium technologies and features. The Equus Ultimate adds features typically found only in low-volume special-order luxury sedans with six-figure price tags, including a forward-view parking and cornering camera, power decklid, reclining rear seats with powered headrests, cooled rear seats, rear seat massage and leg support, rear seat refrigerator and a rear seat entertainment system. “When you’re spending this much for a new car, you don’t want to feel like you’ve been shortchanged on engineering, technology or features,” said John Krafcik, Hyundai Motor America

president and CEO. “Equus Signature has the technology and content of fullyoptioned flagship models from Lexus and BMW, while Equus Ultimate delivers a specification approached only by our competitors’ low-volume, special-order models.” This straightforward lineup of just two extremely well-equipped configurations enables a simple and elegant purchase experience, a key aspect of Hyundai’s innovative perspective on intelligent luxury, which also includes “Your Time, Your Place,” the industry’s first at-home vehicle demonstration program, the Valet Service program, which provides at-home pickup for Equus service and maintenance and the industry’s first iPad-based interactive owner’s manual. As Hyundai’s flagship rear-wheel-drive sedan, Equus contains many Hyundai firsts. One innovative new technology is the Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) system, which governs ESC, the electronic parking brake, smart cruise control, the collision warning sensor and the seatbelt tensioning system for optiAugust 2011

mal safety. The seatbelt tensioning system works through sensors, which detect critical driving situations and retract the seatbelts accordingly to prevent passenger movement. The Equus’ dynamic safety package is further enhanced by the Lane Departure Warning System and driver’s knee airbags. Beyond safety, the Equus will also debut power rear side-window sunshades, a heated steering wheel, power trunk lid, dual power, heated and cooled front seats, rain-repelling front side windows, a thermoelectric rear console refrigerator, 60/40 split power reclining rear seats and electronically-controlled Air Suspension with dualmode Continuous Damping Control. Several new driver information technologies make their debut on the Equus. Driver and passengers can keep an eye on the Equus’ numerous electronic systems through the 3.5-inch TFT LCD vehicle information Equus Please Turn to Page 16 Southern Automotive Journal


Auto Coalition Testifies Against Right to Repair Proposal at Pennsylvania State Legislative Hearing A joint committee hearing was held by the Consumer Affairs and Transportation committees of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on “Right to Repair.” Testifying at the Philadelphia, Pa., hearing were three panels of witnesses, including automobile maintenance and repair shop owners who expressed concern with socalled “Right to Repair” legislation that has been introduced previously in the U.S. Congress and several states. Neither the Congress nor any state has ever passed “Right to Repair” legislation. John Francis III of Francis Automotive in West Chester, Pa., testified for the Automotive Service Association (ASA) emphasizing that automotive service information is already available to

independent repairers and consumers. “At Francis Automotive, we use several third-party service information providers - ALLDATA, Identifix and an online service that includes technicians from all over the world, iATN - on a daily basis. As needed, our technicians will use automotive manufacturer websites. We have several aftermarket scan tools that we use and two auto manufacturer scan tools. Tools to perform reflashing are available for all makes of vehicles. It’s a business decision regarding which tools to purchase. We have made a business choice not to purchase equipment to reflash BMWs and Mercedes. It is not because the tools and information are not available - they are available. But for our business model, we have cho-

sen not to purchase this equipment.” Robert L. Redding Jr., ASA’s Washington, D.C., representative, submitted comments on the National Automotive Service Task Force’s (NASTF) role as “a voluntary industry organization, having served as a mechanism to share information and resolve issues that arise in the areas of service information, tools and training. In the United States, we have about 500 million postwarranty repair service orders each year. Independent repair facilities repair approximately 75 percent of these cars. NASTF is designed to address gaps in information that may occur in the repair. ASA and other industry partners have Hearing Please Turn to Page 34

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Equus From Page 13 monitor. Equus also features a forwardview cornering camera and a parking guide system with both top view and rear view perspectives. Hyundai’s Tau V8, which has been rated one of Ward’s “Ten Best Engines” for two consecutive years, is a strong technological building block for Equus. It is joined by an unsurpassed standard feature list including Smart Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning System, a heated steering wheel, power reclining rear seats, heated rear seats and

low-volume special-order competitive models. The Equus Ultimate takes the luxury mandate of the Equus Signature and

contain wings that can be adjusted for perfect comfort and support, ideal for napping or mere relaxation. The rear seat experience in the Equus Ultimate is further upgraded by an eight-inch LCD screen. This individual entertainment system will play DVDs for rear-seat passengers, as well as demonstrate audio features and report on HVAC status. The rear multimedia monitor can be controlled from the rear console, which also houses the remote control seat massage function. These controls also activate the heated and cooled rear seats and the rear console

Equus ' interior combines first-class luxury and relaxing therapy for extended cruising. enhances it with a package of highend amenities new to this price class. In the rear, the power-adjustable right-side seat provides passengers a generous 84 degrees of leg support, with the capability to move a 608-watt Lexicon 7.1 Discrete surround the front passenger seat forward and sound audio system with 17 speakers. out of the way for full leg extension. Equus Ultimate adds first-class rear seatThe Equus Ultimate replaces the ing and other focused rear compart60:40 rear seat of the Equus Signature ment features that can only found on with a 50:50 power reclining seating configuration. The seatback of this 50:50 seat massages 678.802.5000 and vibrates Toll Free with heat -- the 800.522.2345 perfect relaxFax ation therapy for 678.802.5018 extended cruising. It is operated by its own remote control unit. Ample, 11875 Alpharetta Highway • Roswell, GA 30076 first-class-style headrests also

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August 2011

refrigerator. Other Equus Ultimate features include rear-seat power up/down head restraints with manual tilt, rear-seat illuminated vanity mirrors, a forward-view cornering camera to help drivers navigate around tight corners and a power trunk lid. The Equus is powered by Hyundai’s two-consecutive-year award-winning 4.6-Liter DOHC Tau V8 engine, mated to a ZF® six-speed automatic transmission with SHIFTRONIC®. The overall driving experience is enhanced by ElectroHydraulic Power Steering (EHPS) and an electronically-controlled Air Suspension with Continuous Damping Control (CDC) and Smart Cruise Control. Stopping power is provided by four-wheel disc brakes with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and EBD. The Equus rides on 19inch chrome alloy wheels with P245/ 45R19 (front) / P275/40R19 (rear) tires.n

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Mineta Transportation Institute Survey: Which Alternative-Fuel Vehicles Do People Prefer? The Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) has released a research report that explores consumer preferences among four different alternative-fuel vehicles (AFV) – hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) vehicles, and electric vehicles (EV). Understanding Household Preferences for AlternativeFuel Vehicle Technologies was authored by Hilary Nixon, Ph.D., and Jean-Daniel Saphores, Ph.D. The findings indicate that, in general, gasoline-fueled vehicles are still preferred over AFVs; however, there is a strong interest in AFVs. No AFV type is overwhelmingly preferred, although HEVs seem to have an edge. The full report can be downloaded at html. Using a panel rank-ordered mixed logit model, the researchers assessed the trade-offs people make between key AFV characteristics. They found that, in order to leave a person's utility

unchanged, a $1,000 increase in AFV cost must be compensated by either a $300 savings in driving cost over 12,000 miles; a 17.5 mile increase in vehicle range; or a 7.8-minute decrease in total refueling time (e.g., finding a gas station and refueling). Dr. Nixon said, "Although one-third of respondents ranked gasoline-fueled vehicles as their first choice, 20 percent of respondents ranked gasoline vehicles last, and there is a strong interest in AFVs. Although no AFV type is overwhelmingly preferred, HEVs seem to have an edge, which probably reflects the fact that a number of popular HEVs have been available for several years." Full EVs are the least popular of the AFVs the respondents were asked to consider. In fact, they were ranked last by 40 percent of the respondents. The researchers say it is apparent that the current limitations of these vehicles (e.g., range and recharging time) are still a deterrent to their widespread household adoption.

"The vehicle range trade-off primarily concerns EVs, and it highlights the importance of range for our respondents," said Dr. Saphores. "The respondents also place a very high value on refueling convenience, which emphasizes the importance of providing enough refueling infrastructure to make AFVs a viable transportation option for households." The research results have certain policy implications. Although the environmental benefits of AFVs are often touted by the media, this characteristic does not seem to be a determining factor when buyers make large purchases, such as motor vehicles. Economic concerns are their priority. Therefore, policymakers and manufacturers who would like to increase the market share for AFVs must make environmental issues a greater educational priority. More than oneAFV Survey Please Turn to Page 26

Southern Automotive Journal,Inc. P.O. Box 675097 Marietta, Ga 30006-0009 (770) 321-9920 E-Mail Volume 15 Issue No. 8

Jim Tucker Publisher Michele Tucker Editor

Contributors Dennis Martin Ami Vonesh Joyce Ethridge Russ Heaps

Southern Automotive Journal (ISSN: 1092-6321) is published monthly by Southern Automotive Journal Inc. P.O. Box 675097, Marietta, Ga 30006-0009.SAJ accepts no responsibility for the opinions, views statements of the authors or for claims made by advertisers. Views expressed by writers are not necessarily those of the publication. Subscription: $12.00 per year. No representation is made as to the accuracy or the completeness of the information provided by this publication. Entire contents copyright 2011. All rights reserved.


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August 2011

A Glimpse of Tomorrow’s Dashboard From TRW TRW Automotive Holdings Corp., the global leader in active and passive safety, recently unveiled a folding steering wheel concept which retracts into the dashboard to improve driver comfort getting in and out of a vehicle. Manuel Poyant, development manager, Steering Wheel Systems and Driver Airbags, said: “The automotive industry is being influenced by some key factors such as a more active older population and the growth of mega cities. As a result, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers need to find innovative solutions to improve driver accessibility and interior styling for smaller cars (A and B platform as well as electric cars). “The foldable steering wheel concept is a prime example of technology that allows easier access for elderly people and those faced with mobility challenges.”

The futuristic design of the retractable steering wheel was developed following an internal study for future steering wheel requirements. It features two retractable handles that close fully to create a smaller shape which then folds away into the dashboard


- significantly improving driver comfort and accessibility. When the vehicle is started, the steering wheel deploys into the driving position which can be preset and saved by any driver into their chosen position. Poyant continued: “This technology could offer tangible, practical benefits in addition to the styling freedom it provides. The key benefit is to make it much easier for elderly drivers or other drivers with reduced mobility to get in and out of the vehicle. Due to the significant growth of small city cars, this technology could open up the possibility for even smaller cabin designs. Our customers have shown interest in the concept and the introduction of this technology could be possible within the next 5 years.”n


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Solaire Generation Unveils Premium Solar Carport Structure at GE Campus Solaire Generation unveiled its patent pending Premium F2 Solar Carport Structure at a GE facility in Plainville, Conn., as part of GE’s largest ElectricVehicle (EV) charging station installation in North America. Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, Luis Ramirez, CEO of GE Energy Industrial Solutions, and Laurence Mackler, CEO of Solaire Generation, were present at the opening ceremony. “Solaire Generation is proud to have been selected to design, fabricate and install our solar carport for General Electric and Inovateus,” said Mr. Mackler. “This project exemplifies Solaire’s continued commitment to innovation and supports our mission to making a significant and enduring contribution to the development of solar energy.” Mr. Ramirez stated that the “Solar Carport provides clean energy alternatives to oil and biofuels, expands our ability to capture the sun’s energy and helps us deliver a viable EV ecosystem. This is a bright day for EV infrastructure development in Connecticut and the nation.” Solaire Generation’s Premium F2 solar carport features an innovative dual incline design that generates high energy yields and protects against rain, snow, and ice. The F2 seamlessly integrates GE’s technology, utilizing Solaire’s structure and wiring systems to support GE EverGold Safety Switches and GE Combiner Boxes along with GE EV Charging Stations. GE’s core AC equipment safely distributes power generated from the solar panels. Governor Malloy said, “This exciting project will be a blueprint for people all around the country who

are interested in developing this type of green solar charging technology, linking renewable energy with electric vehicles and making our lives cleaner and greener.” GE is Solaire Generation’s first installation to incorporate Solaire’s patent pending advertising and branding platform that offers 200 square feet of advertising per parking space. Solaire’s unique advertising and branding options

August 2011

may improve the financial returns of installing solar energy in parking lots by providing additional revenue streams. Smart grid technology is used to fully charge up to 13 electric vehicles per day via six Level 2 GE EV Charging Stations. The 98.7kW project will produce the energy equivalent to power 20 homes per year. The average freestanding home uses approximately 7,000 to 10,000 kW hours per year.n

Southern Automotive Journal


All-new 2011 Chrysler 300 Sedan Charts a New Course for the Brand, Combining Head-turning American Design with World-class Refinement, Craftsmanship, Innovation and Performance Delivering the stylistic distinction, technological innovation, premium E-segment sedan features and quality at a legendary value, the all-new 2011 Chrysler 300 sedan writes a new chapter in the brand’s legendary history, while setting a new course for the American brand. The all-new 2011 Chrysler 300 sedan embodies the essence of the new Chrysler brand: delivering passion for design, people and the environment through expressive design, state-of-the-art connectivity and world-class levels of quality and efficiency. With more than 55 years of elegant proportions and head-turning style, the all-new 2011 Chrysler 300 delivers contemporary styling with design details unexpected in the segment. At the front, an all-new grille features seven deeply sculpted horizontal blades that express precision. The liquid-chrome finish of the blades and the new Chrysler wing badge provide a unique contrast against the beautifully drawn bright-chromed grille surround. Illuminating the road ahead are signature “key slot” headlamps with a scalloped lower edge. Inside, bi-functional projector headlamps are nestled next to LED-illuminated daytime running lamps, which together form a “C” shape for unmistakable on-road presence. The profile of the all-new Chrysler 300 features the distinctive proportions of its predecessor with added design refinement for a more tailored appearance. Dramatic front-fender forms rise above the sculpted hood and are echoed by rear-quarter forms, which rise above the deck lid and travel down the vertical taillamps for an unmistakably bold signature silhouette. For improved aerody22

Southern Automotive Journal

Straddling the vertical lamps, Chrysler 300 sedan’s rear fascia integrates a chrome appliqué that seamlessly connects the taillamp elements while emphasizing the road-holding stature of the flagship sedan. Hinting at the flagship sedan’s performance are two fasciamounted oval dual exhaust tips. Combining world-class accommodations with American style, the all-new Chrysler 300 sedan’s interior delivers expressive style, authentic materials, passenger comfort features and precise fit and finish. Substantial interior upgrades on the all-new Chrysler 300 consist of soft touch materials, premium interior trim, available heated and ventilated Nappa

namics and visibility, the all-new Chrysler luxury flagship’s windshield has been raked back 3 inches, while rolled-framed doors with thinner pillars improve outward visibility by 15 Chrysler 300 sedan’s interior delivers expressive style, percent. authentic materials, passenger comfort features and precise fit and finish.

Elevating the all-new Chrysler 300 sedan’s rear-view presence is an integrated deck-lid lip spoiler with the new Chrysler wing badge proudly centered below. Jewel-like rear taillamps feature harmonious LED illumination, while signature “light pipes” illuminate for an alluring nighttime appearance. August 2011

leather seats, and real wood appliqués on the instrument panel, doors, center console and steering wheel. Designed to exude a luxurious environment, the 2011 Chrysler 300 sedan features cast-skin instrument and door panels with three-dimensional dual gloss graining for a premium appearance and suppleness. Bright chrome contrasted with satin chrome accents give the Chrysler flagship sedan the appearance of milled aluminum. For added detail, a new instrument cluster features two large gauge faces with Sapphire Blue illumination and chrome ring accents. Providing a premium and contemporary environment is an all-new Chrysler 300 Please Turn to Page 30

Alabama Students Score 6th in 62nd Annual Ford/AAA Auto Skills Competition The two-person team of Matthew Saunders and Drew Torrey from Vale High School in Vale, Ore., earned the title of “America’s Best Student Auto Technicians,” as national champions of the 62nd annual Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills competition, held today at Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Mich. The competition, which offers nearly $12 million in scholarships to its competitors, gives the nation’s best high school automotive technology students the opportunity to showcase their automotive problem-solving capabilities by resolving “real world” repair challenges in a timed, head-to-head match-up of top teams representing each of the 50 states. Vale High School is no stranger to the Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills competition. Instructor Merle Saunders (no relation to Matthew), who just retired at the end of the school year, has led students to the National Finals 24 times and took home the championship trophy today for his fifth time, more than any other automotive technology instructor. His first national win was in 1992, and one of the students who earned the title was Matthew Saunders’ older brother Greg. About the competition At the National Finals, teams from all 50 states had their automotive skills

and knowledge put to the test with a 100-question written exam and a timed event in which they raced against the clock and each other to identify glitches and repair 14 deliberately installed “bugs” in identical 2011 Ford F-150 XLT trucks. The bugs ranged from a “no start” situation to a broken horn and hood latch. The team from Oregon won the national championship by earning the competition’s best combined written and hands-on score. The Oregon team earned a “perfect truck” score by flawlessly repairing all 14 “bugs” without any demerits for poor workmanship. The team hoisted the championship trophy after shutting the hood of their “perfect truck” at 58 minutes and six seconds. About the top-10 winning teams (in rank order) The 10 teams received full and partial scholarships from some of the leading automotive technology institutions in the country, including Lincoln College of Technology, Universal Technical Institute, University of Northwestern Ohio, Ohio Technical College and WyoTech. Oregon: Matthew Saunders and Drew Torrey, Vale High School, Vale, Ore., Instructor Merle Saunders Hawaii: Jimbo Paranada and Marc

Paguirigan, Maui High School, Kahului, Hawaii, Instructor Shannon Rowe Minnesota: Kyle McDonough and Micah Solem, Faribault High School, Faribault, Minn., Instructor Mark Lessman Kansas: John Munger and Felix Torres, Newton High School, Newton, Kan., Instructor Robert Ziegler Arizona: Cody La Pedus and Wayne Siddle, Flowing Wells High School, Tucson, Ariz., Instructor Jerrad McMurrich Alabama: Christopher Breeden and Patrick Proffitt, Winfield City High School, Winfield, Ala., Instructor Mike Henderson Wisconsin: Mitchell Sommerfeldt and Ryan Stauske, Grafton High School, Grafton, Wis., Instructor Carl Hader Louisiana: Casey Higginbotham and Mitchell Odom, Livingston Parish Literacy & Technology Center, Walker, La., Instructor Van Guarino California: Samuel Castenholz and Michael Mullen, San Luis Obispo High School, San Luis Obispo, Calif., Instructor Jeffrey Lehmkuhl Michigan: Connor Jennings and Derek Reyst, Saline High School, Saline, Mich., Instructor Timothy Timoszyk In addition to thousands of dollars Competition Please Turn to Page 26

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NADA Urges Dealers to Take Survey on Energy Use The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is urging its members across the country to take a new survey on their energy usage at the dealership. Based on the survey results, the Environmental Protection Agency will produce a 1-to-100 ENERGY STAR performance scale, which will allow dealerships to compare their energy use to other dealerships nationwide. Dealerships with energy perfor-

mance scores of 75 or higher will be eligible for an ENERGY STAR designation, receive national and local recognition through NADA’s Energy Stewardship Initiative with the EPA and learn additional ways to reduce energy use. Since the NADA-EPA Energy Stewardship Initiative was launched in 2007, more than 800 dealerships have improved the efficiency of their facilities by reducing energy use 10 percent or more annually.

“By joining this initiative and investing in energy efficiency, dealers across the country have shown their commitment to going green,” said NADA Chairman Stephen W. Wade. “Improving the environment and reducing energy costs is a win-win.” Dealership energy-reduction measures include investing in cutting-edge heating and cooling systems, using more efficient lighting and working smarter.n

The financial performance of newcar and -truck dealerships improved in 2010 despite a slow economic recovery, says Paul Taylor, chief economist of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), in the trade group's latest report on the state of the industry. New-car dealerships on average employed 50 people with an annual payroll of about $2.6 million in 2010, an increase from 2009, according to NADA DATA 2011, an analysis of the U.S. car and truck industry with an emphasis on auto retailing.

"New-car dealerships improved their profitability in 2010 through strict cost control, such as reducing rent and real estate costs, cutting advertising expenses and maintaining lower floorplan costs,” Taylor said. “However, the difficult economic recovery and brands leaving the marketplace caused 760 dealerships to close in 2010.” Net dealership profitability before taxes increased to 2.1 percent in 2010 from 1.5 percent in 2009, the report said. New- and used-vehicle sales (in dollars) per dealership on average were up about

19 percent and 21 percent, respectively, in 2010. “Franchised dealers are major employers and significant contributors to their communities’ economies, tax bases and civic and charitable organizations,” Taylor added. Medium- and heavy-duty truck dealerships saw unit sales increase by 9 percent in 2010, as inventories of goods that required transport were rebuilt in a wide range of U.S. industries, the report said. View the entire report at www.

NADA Issues State of the Auto Industry Report

n e p

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Hyundai Motor America Comes Forward To Become Newest SCRS Corporate Member The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) is pleased to announce that Hyundai Motor America has come forward to show its support of the Society by enrolling as a corporate member. Hyundai Motor America (HMA) is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company, the Korean vehicle manufacturer which is one of the largest in the world. In today's automotive market, where vehicle design evolves rapidly and it is challenging to stay abreast o f the latest required collision repair techniques, a close working relationship between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the collision repair industry is more important than ever. HMA's decision to become a corporate member helps ensure this type of close working relationship can be maintained and strengthened. "Because of the technological demands the modern vehicle poses, our members-and the collision repair industry, in general-are constantly in need of

up-to-date information that assists in ensuring the vehicle is repaired correctly and safely," stated SCRS Chairman Aaron Clark. "As a repair association we are very pleased to add Hyundai Motor America to our healthy list of OEMs that actively participate with SCRS, and are confident that their corporate membership will facilitate a beneficial exchange of necessary information." One of the ways HMA makes repairrelated information available is through its recently updated Web site for the aftermarket and wholesale community, In addition to an online Mitchell International catalog, this Internet destination provides other valuable technical data for SCRS members such as dealer locator, service information, OEM 1 stop and the online collision catalog. "HMA is proud to work with SCRS, who have strived for many years to elevate the entire collision repair industry," said HMA Senior Manager, Parts

Sales Mark S. Williams. "HMA recognizes that by working closely with SCRS we will ultimately improve the overall ownership experience for the Hyundai customer when a collision repair is required. Hyundai will work closely with SCRS to fully implement their vision to provide world class collision industry standards." The ongoing dialogue between the two organizations ensures that the repairer's perspective is taken into consideration as HMA moves forward developing new and refined vehicles. "Understanding of vehicle design and reparability are critical elements for collision repair businesses to perform safe and proper repairs," stated SCRS Executive Director Aaron Schulenburg. "Ultimately the kind of open communication their corporate membership will foster between our industries is of ultimate benefit to our mutual customer, the vehicle owner. We welcome HMA aboard and look forward to a long, fruitful partnership with them."n


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W2 Energy Builds Compressed Air Engine for Motorcycles and Cars W2 Energy, Inc. recently announced that it has built a small compressed-air version of the SteamRay rotary engine designed specifically to power vehicles. This particular SteamRay will power a line of high-end compressed air motorcycles currently being designed by a major motorcycle and chopper manufacturer. It will also power a new version of the Solar Bug. The owner of a compressed air vehicle will either charge it at home or switch

out scuba-type tanks while travelling. “We at W2 Energy think that compressed-air vehicles are one of the hot trends in high-efficiency, low-pollution vehicles,” says Mike McLaren, President and CEO of W2 Energy. “These vehicles will be quiet, incredibly fast, and very powerful. I look forward to driving one myself.” Note: Certain statements in this press release are “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private

Securities Act of 1995. Such statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause results to differ materially. Such risks, uncertainties and other factors include but are not limited to new economic conditions, risk in product development, market acceptance of new products and continuing product demand, level of competition and other factors described in reports and filings with regulatory bodies.n

Competition From Page 23

the need for skilled automotive technicians continues to be strong. We saw 100 of the very best and brightest young automotive technicians in action today. For more than six decades, the Ford/ AAA Student Auto Skills competition has helped fund advanced automotive education for promising students and continues to prepare these future professionals for careers in the automotive industry,” said Marshall L. Doney, AAA Vice President, Automotive. “The automotive technicians of tomorrow must be well-educated and highly skilled to meet the current and future technological advances in automotive technology,” said Steve

DeAngelis, Ford’s Global Manager of Technical Support Operations. “The people at Ford are committed to training and retaining the best technicians in the industry, which is why we are so proud of our continued involvement in the Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills competition, which invests in our highly skilled technicians of tomorrow.” A pool of nearly 10,000 junior and senior automotive technology students started the journey to the National Finals with an online exam in March. The highest-scorers advanced to their states’ hands-on competition, with the top teams from each state competing in the National Finals.n

particular, educating the public about the advantages of AFVs and the public health impacts of pollution from current vehicles will be necessary to increase support for AFVs. The nationwide three-part, Internet-

based survey of 835 households was administered in February and March 2010 by Knowledge Networks. The final report is available for free download from the Mineta Transportation Institute at www.

in scholarships, the winning team will job shadow Roush Fenway Racing’s NASCAR Nationwide Series No. 6 Ford team leading up to and during the Subway Jalapeno 250 on July 1 at Daytona International Speedway. The students also will have the opportunity to interact at-track with the car’s driver and 2010 Nationwide Series Rookie of the year, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., who is serving as the national spokesperson for the Ford/AAA Auto Skills program this year. “In an economy in which drivers are looking to extend the lives of their cars through maintenance and repair, AFV Survey From Page 18 quarter of the survey respondents were misinformed about the environmental impacts of motor vehicles or about current vehicle gas-mileage regulations. In

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I-CAR Pinpoints Best Practices For High-strength Steel Repairs at Recent Repairability Summit I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, recently hosted a “Repairability Summit” at the I-CAR Tech Centre located in Appleton, Wisconsin with members from several vehicle manufacturers, national insurance providers, collision repairers, and other auto collision industry experts. Members of the inter-industry discussed best practices and procedures as they relate to vehicle repairs and training requirements, specifically focusing on best practices for repairing high-strength steels, which are becoming the norm on many of today’s vehicles. The continual changes in high-

strength steels make aligning industry segment best practices more beneficial than ever to collision industry professionals. Attendees at the Summit discussed specific procedures including anchoring, measuring, straightening, and complete and partial part replacement, as well as advanced joining techniques that will potentially become the standard for future collision repairs. The repair procedures and information discussed during the Summit will help lay the foundation for a new I-CAR training course that is currently being developed for the inter-industry. More information on this course will be forthcoming.

Jason Bartanen, I-CAR Technical Director said, “Developing an effective repair plan is essential to achieving a complete and safe repair and helps ensure that five-star crash ratings are not compromised. Having consistent methodologies for identifying and analyzing damage and repair methods across the industry segments will enable I-CAR to provide individuals with training that is necessary and critical for today's collision repairs. I-CAR was pleased to have this opportunity to have open dialogue and is looking forward to continued discussions with industry experts on this important, evolving topic.”n

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Chrysler 300 From Page 22

improved fuel efficiency. The all-new 2011 Chrysler 300C AWD model features a segment-exclusive active transfer case and front-axle

America to ensure world-class refinement for attributes such as material quality, interior quietness, seat comfort, and smooth and responsive handling characteristics. Chrysler engineers evaluated more than 320 physical characteristics of benchmark vehicles – including aspirational vehicles priced tens of thousands of dollars more than the all-new Chrysler 300 series sedans. The 2011 Chrysler 300 was one of the first Chrysler Group vehicles to be evaluated by the company’s Perceived Quality team at the digital design phase. The Perceived Quality team evaluates vehi-

Sapphire Blue LED-illuminated ambient interior lighting. Delivering best-in-class comfort, all-new seats were engineered with premium architecture and include a serpentine (S-shaped) spring suspension, all-new front-seat backs with fourway lumbar system that actuates up/down and fore/aft, and variable density foams “The all-new 2011 Chrysler 300 is an icon of American ingenuity and symbolizes the greatapplied in the lower seat, seat ness Detroit-designed vehicles offer the streets, highways and boulevards of the world,” back, and bolsters for enhanced Olivier Francois, President and CEO — Chrysler Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. comfort “tuning.” Engineered to provide disconnec t exceptional in-town and highway effisystem to ciency and performance, the all-new improve fuel 2011 Chrysler 300 and 300 Limited modeconomy els feature the newest powertrain from by up to 5 the automaker – the 3.6-liter Pentastar percent. No V-6 engine. When compared to the other major previous V-6 engines, fuel economy is automotive improved by up to 8 percent with EPAmanufacturratings of 18 city /27 highway. er offers the Delivering 292 horsepower (up 63 combination percent) and 260 lb.-ft. of torque (up of these two 36 percent) compared with the previindepenous 2.7-liter entry-level engine, the new dent techPentastar V-6 engine also produces 42 nologies. more horsepower (up 16 percent), and The Chrysler 10 lb.-ft. more torque compared to the 300C AWD sedan’s innovative AWD sys3.5-liter V-6. cles from the perspective of the most tem seamlessly transitions between rearPerformance has been a hallmark discriminating customer and works with wheel drive (RWD) and AWD with no of the “letter series” Chrysler 300 moddesigners and engineers to enhance the driver intervention. When AWD is not els since 1955, and the all-new 2011 fit-and-finish, surface quality, material required, the system automatically disChrysler 300C builds upon that legacy options and even the sound quality of connects the front axle to maximize fuel with the legendary 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 moveable parts like doors and storage economy while still providing the outengine delivering 363 horsepower, 0-60 bins. standing fun-to-drive performance and mph performance in less than 6 secBeginning with the all-new vehihandling inherent in RWD vehicles. onds and up to 25 highway mpg. In cles developed for the 2011 model year, Chrysler’s commitment to proaddition, the engine’s innovative Fuel Chrysler Group has increased the numviding customers with a new level of Saver Technology allows for seamless ber of reliability testing miles by 50 perquality and craftsmanship started at the transition between smooth, high-fuelcent. Chrysler engineers tested the 300 very beginning of the 2011 Chrysler 300 economy four-cylinder mode when less series sedans for more than 7 million sedan’s development. power is needed and V-8 mode when miles during its reliability and durability The Chrysler 300 sedans were more power is in demand. When runevaluation in the company’s scientific benchmarked against best-in-class ning in four-cylinder fuel saver mode, labs, at the proving grounds and on pubvehicles from Europe, Asia and North the engine delivers up to 20 percent lic roads in various climates. n 30

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Check out for resources, promotions and technical information. © 2011, Chrysler Group LLC. All rights reserved. Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Mopar are registered trademarks of Chrysler Group LLC.

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6/7/11 9:50 AM

DRP From Page 6 liability falls on the shop for their repair approach and choices.) 12. MOST FAVORED CUSTOMER. During the term of this Agreement, if Vendor en-ters into a written contractual relationship with an insurance company or organization pursuant to which (a) Vendor provides services substantially similar to those provided to Exchange, and (b) Vendor provides pricing or other commercial terms that are more favorable than the pricing or commercial terms being provided to Exchange for work performed by Vendor, then Vendor shall offer to Exchange in writing, within thirty (30) days of Vendor entering into such agree-ment, the same or better pricing and/or commercial terms to Exchange. On a quarterly basis, Vendor shall provide a written certification executed by an officer of Vendor of Vendor’s com-pliance with this Most Favored Customer provision. (SCRS Note: “Most Favored” pricing language is currently being challenged in the healthcare in-dustry. Is it interesting that the repair industry is constantly asked to be “competitive” and those same parties now want the industry to guarantee pricing given to another party, which by virtue is not competition.) 16. SUBCONTRACTING 16.1 (ii) Sublet repairs reflecting

a retail price within the local market should be written without a mark-up. Sublet items reflecting a wholesale price may be considered for a mark-up not to exceed 25% of the sublet charge. All invoice mark-ups combined may not exceed $200 for the entire repair. 17. INSPECTION OF BOOKS AND RECORDS. Vendor agrees to maintain and preserve its books and records in accordance with generally accepted accounting procedures (“GAAP”) for a period of three (3) years or for a longer period if required by applicable law or regulation. Any time prior to the termination of this Agreement and for a period of two (2) years thereafter, Ex-change shall have the right to inspect and audit such portions of the Vendor’s books and records as is necessary for purposes of verifying amounts payable to Vendor or its authorized subcon-tractors and to verify compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Vendor agrees to make such books and records available for inspection by Exchange, its designee, or any insurance regulatory authority immediately upon request. (SCRS Note: Are business owners, willing to open internal accounting books to a party outside of the business? There are concerns voiced regularly throughout the industry regarding data that is shared through electronic mechanisms. Now this program appears to require businesses to open up all their

books, P&L statements and proprietary business information to another party.) 27. BACKGROUND CHECKS. 27.2 In no event will Vendor in the performance of this Agreement use the services of an indi-vidual who has been convicted of a felony, including but not limited to any convictions involv-ing dishonesty, a breach of trust or moral turpitude. (SCRS Note: Language in this section is similar to requirements in other programs, requiring com-plete background checks, and no shop can employ individuals who have ever been convicted of a felony; in some states that may mean a DUI. How many of businesses hire good, decent employees - from detailers, technicians to office staff - who may have made mistakes in the past, but have earned their employers trust and respect for the work they do today? Is it necessary to allow anoth-er party to interject who is employed in a privately run business? Is the requirement reciprocal to the representatives who will interface with repair facilities in the field?) There is lots of information in this agreement. SCRS’ decision to release a link to this document is in no way to be construed as legal or ethical advice or opinion; however, it is our hope that the industry finds the information useful in making educated business decisions, and discusses the material responsibly. n

800.467.0699 205.443.7656

David Bonnett (205) 443-7655

David Cartee (205) 443-7653

Frank Jackson (205) 443-7651

Jim Henson (205) 443-7654

1595 Montgomery Highway / Hoover, Alabama 35216 32

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7KHPRVWPROFITABLEDGYHQWXUH\RXZLOOHYHUXQGHUWDNH What our customers are saying: “Our partnership with Wynn’s has been nothing but positive and profitable. They make the competition look like amateurs.� a-RG\&UXFH3DOPHU'RGJH “Unmatched customer service with first class products and equipment.�a'RXJ'XEXF&KHURNHH)RUG “The reason that I do business with Wynn’s is because of the reps. Their dedication, follow-through, and consistency are the absolute best.�a7HG%ROGW5LQJROG&'“We’ve tried all the other major players in the chemical business, and we’ve decided on Wynn’s.�a0LNH&URXFK /DQGPDUN$XWRPRWLYH*URXS “Why settle for second best? Wynn’s was the pioneer of this industry and continues to dominate the market.� a 'HDQ0DQVWRQ0LNH%HOO&KHYUROHW “Wynn’s is not just another chemical company, they partner with you to help you reach your service department’s full potential.�a5RFFR&RWHOOHVH$GYHQWXUH&KHYUROHW “Price, customer service, ongoing training and first-class equipment - what more can you ask for?�a%ULDQ&RQVDXO &KHURNHH+\XQGDL


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request for information in 2010 and no requests so far in 2011 despite hundreds of thousands of dollars spent marketing NASTF in the aftermarket, trade press spent a great deal of time and resources articles and initiatives and promotions on marketing the NASTF to indepenat industry events.” dent repairers, encouraging repairers Matthew Godlewski, vice presto contact NASTF if they had difficulty ident of the Alliance of Automobile obtaining repair information from their Manufacturers, said, “Automakers view third-party information provider or from independent repair shops as critical partners in vehicle repair. While factors such as styling and performance are key considerations when customers choose to purchase a vehicle from one of our companies - the factors of quality, dependability and reliability are among the most important in determining brand loyalty. A positive ownership experience for our customers throughout the vehicle lifecycle starts with the ease of getting their cars repaired. This ensures repeat business.” Direct Godlewski closed by saying, “It is in the interests of automakers to partner with the afterToll Free market to ensure our customers can get their vehicles repaired.” Howard Pitkow, longtime ASA Mechanical FAX Division Operations Committee member and owner of Wagenwerx Your order: Inc. in Wyndmoor, is urgent to your business Pa., also spoke at the Pennsylvania hearing needs to be accurate highlighting that “Right to Repair” legislation is is essential to your customer not necessary and industry resources would be better spent on training for technicians. To view a complete summary of the federal right to repair legislaCall Kenny McMillan tion, along with the full text, visit ASA’s tive website at www. Hearing From Page 14

the automaker websites. “In 2008, the total number of service information requests received by NASTF was 44. This is out of 500,000,000 post-warranty repairs nationwide. In 2009, we had a total number of 45 requests for information and 65 requests in 2010. NASTF had no requests from Pennsylvania repairers and technicians for service information in 2009, one

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BMW of South Atlanta 4171 Jonesboro Road Union City, GA 30291

866.961.SONS (7667) 678-479-4695 Fax

Photos are for illustrative purposes only and are based upon the latest information available. European vehicles or product may be shown. Vehicles may also be pictured with non-US or optional equipment. We make reasonable efforts to provide accurate information but we do not provide a warranty of accuracy. Consult your authorized BMW center or for more information. ©2005 BMW of North America, LLC. The BMW name and logo are registered trademarks. All rights reserved.

ORIGINAL MINI PARTS: POWER HARNESSED FOR THE GOOD OF MOTORINGKIND. While much about the MINI’s boundless energy remains a mystery, some of its vigor can be traced to Original MINI Parts. Built to strict OE specifications for stellar fitment and performance, MINI Original Parts are the same parts used in MINI production. They’re backed by a potent, 24-month, gajillion-mile limited warranty. And they come with technical support available from your servicing MINI dealer. Now that’s a powerful combination, indeed.

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Everything in one box. This is the way it should be. Authentic Mopar® Brake Kits contain not only all the parts you need, but all the right parts. Precision rotors. Durable, application specific brake pads and the right hardware. Mopar Brake Kits. Yeah, this is the way it should be.

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AUTHENTIC CHRYSLERMOPAR PARTS ARE AVAILABLE AT HAYES HAYES CHRYSLERDODGE-JEEP 719DODGE-JEEP W Pike Street Lawrenceville, GA 30045 ® M–F 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. 719 W Pike Street © 2011, Chrysler Group LLC. All rights reserved. Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and MoparLawrenceville, are registered trademarks of GA Chrysler30045 Group LLC. ®

© 2011, Chrysler Group LLC. All rights reserved. Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Mopar are registered trademarks of Chrysler Group LLC.

August 2011  
August 2011  

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