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2013 Infiniti M Sedan

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COLLISION NEWS Audatex Delivers Collision Repair Tracking App to the iPhone

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Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Off -Road For Tomorrow

Ford Program Celebrates 10 Years, Keeping 120 Million Pounds of Damaged Parts from Landfills I-CAR 2013 Vehicle Technology Training Prepares Industry For Repairing Tomorrow’s Vehicles

DEALER NEWS GM to Open IT Innovation Center in Roswell Georgia

Honda LaneWatch Named 2012 Technology of the Year Finalist by AOL Autos

Is it possible that the Mercedes-Benz G-Class will still be around in 2025? A cool design study from Mercedes-Benz demonstrates how the genes of the classic offroader from 1979 may still assert themselves far into the future. It is based on the concept

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Ford Fusion Hybrid Rated Up to 108 MPGe City

of a future police car developed for the Los Angeles Design Challenge. The Los Angeles Design Challenge 2012 looks far ahead with a quest for Ener-G-Force Please Turn to Page 4

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Ener-G-Force From Front Cover the "Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025". Law enforcement will have to prepare for even more crowded roads with electronically monitored and guided traffic, a much larger population and changes in human behavior. People will still feel young and active even later in life. Outdoor activities will dominate leisure, as will the desire for freedom and adventure. The new times will also call for new police vehicles. They must be able to reach any place conceivable quickly and reliably - even far away from any pavement. And they must do so in an exceptionally environmentally friendly way using alternative energy sources. Enhanced green-car characteristics and off-road capabilities will be among the fundamental virtues of a police car in 2025. As an environmentally friendly SUV, the Ener-G-Force, which MercedesBenz presented in Los Angeles as a design study, meets these requirements and would be fully capable of supporting police and emergency 4

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services in every corner of the world. Gorden Wagener, Director of Design at Mercedes-Benz Cars: "The Ener-G-Force is the vision of an off-roader that, while reflecting tomorrow's adventures, also invokes the genes of the Mercedes-Benz off-road icon, the G-Class. Modern and cool, it could also be a clue about a new beginning for the off-road design idiom of Mercedes-Benz". The small glass areas make the police vehicle a safe cocoon for law enforcement officers who are faced with many dangers. Emergency lights integrated into the roof are impossible to ignore; the striking front leaves no doubt as to the commanding presence of the police, and the gigantic wheels guarantee the right-of-way even where no way exists. Back from the future - clean concept for beyond tomorrow Of course the concept of the EnerG-Force for the Los Angeles Design Challenge is pure, rendered science fiction. However, the notion of designing tomorrow's off-roader intrigued the designers at the Mercedes-Benz February 2013

Advanced Design Studio in Carlsbad, California to such an extent that they evolved the vision of a police version into a civilian version and even built a 1:1-scale model. Like the "Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025", the shape of the civilian EnerG-Force is modeled after the G-Class, the off-road icon whose continuous history goes all the way back to the 1970s and that to this very day still tackles the future as a stylistically and technologically advanced SUV. Like the police version, the model of the civilian Ener-G-Force is unmistakably inspired by the G-Class, which has long been considered an automotive icon. However, it presents a radical reinterpretation of this classic that looks far into the future. Important genes such as proportions and design elements were completely redesigned and updated in a clean concept for beyond tomorrow. Ener-G-Force Designer Hubert Lee: "Of course we wanted to take a clear step forward, but we also wanted the G's characteristic features". The Ener-G-Force has a similar profile, however with a high shoulder line and scaled-down glass


generated in this process are housed easily accessible in the striking side skirts. The Ener-G-Force emits nothing but water, has an operating range of about 500 miles and as a result truly is a green car. Four wheel-hub motors, whose output

While the clear design idiom of the G-Class has remained, all surfaces are designed to express intensity and tension. The meticulously executed details are also a clear indication that the Ener-G-Force is the product of modern times. Like the G-Class, the Ener-G-Force sports a front with an expressive radiator grille that incorporates the headlamps. The LEDs in the headlamps form the shape of the letter 'G', which gives the Ener-G-Force a bold, dominating appearance. The front turn signals and running lights are mounted on top of the fenders, a trademark G-Class element. The distinctive roof and the 3-panel greenhouse also echo fundamental genes of the classic G-Class from MercedesBenz, but represent a clear step forward. This is also evident in the large wheels, whose 20-inch rims give the Ener-GForce a powerful, towering stance. The Ener-G-Force also plays on the utility factor in an entirely new way. For instance, the distinctive feature in the rear is a slightly off-center pull-out compartment whose cover occupies the traditional location of the spare wheel cover of the classic G-Class. This pull-out tool box can hold a wide variety of equipment that are quickly within reach without having to open the entire tailgate.

"The Ener-G-Force is the vision of an offroader that, while reflecting tomorrow's adventures, also invokes the genes of the MercedesBenz off-road icon, the G-Class" Gorden Wagener, Director of Design at Mercedes-Benz Cars for each individual wheel is adapted precisely to the respective terrain by high-performance electronics, provide the pulling power. A "Terra- Scan" 360-degree topography scanner on the roof permanently scans the surroundings and uses the results to adjust the spring and damping rates as well as other suspension parameters for maximum traction on the respective surface, regardless of whether it is on- or off-road. The strikingly styled side skirts house either the energy storage units or hot-swappable battery packs. Changes in the color of the illumination of the side skirts indicate the operating and charge status of the energy packs. A roof rack and additional lamps are integrated into the roof. The entire design appears to have been carved from a single piece. The overall presentation of the Ener-G-Force is clean - stylistically and functionally.n

Bursting with energy The Ener-G-Force stores recycled water in tanks on the roof, and transfers it to the "hydro-tech converter," where natural and renewable resources are converted into hydrogen for operating the fuel cells. The storage units for the electricity

February 2013

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Bumper (and Light) Crop: Ford Program Celebrates 10 Years, Keeping 120 Million Pounds of Damaged Parts from Landfills Ford's recycling and remanufacturing program has kept 120 million pounds of damaged vehicle parts from landfills since 2003, effectively ending the days when the crack of a headlamp or crunch of a bumper would render useless such components. The Core Recovery Program oversees collection, remanufacturing and recycling of damaged parts - everything from small sensors and fuel injectors to large engine parts - from Ford vehicles that have been repaired through the company's dealer network. Several issues necessitated the program - from more complex and expensive parts in cars and trucks to a need to get more control over the sale of aftermarket components to a need to recycle more. In the last nine years, about 120 million pounds have been collected and the list of parts recycled or remanufactured continues growing. In the last two years, bumpers and headlights were added to the list. In the short time since, about 62,000 bumpers have been collected while about 26,000 headlights have been recycled. "Most parts that come back to us through the program still have a lot of

life left," says Kim Goering, manager of Ford's remanufacturing and recycling programs. "That makes a strong business case to do whatever we can to extend the life of these components. Even more important, however, is that Ford strongly believes it's just the right thing to do from an environmental perspective." Remanufacturing history Ford has remanufactured parts for decades, but it formed the Core Recovery Program in 2003. The impetus was that there were too many different collection methods being used in various parts of the company, making it too hard and confusing for all the parties involved - from the dealers to those managing Ford's supply chain. General recycling awareness has increased, too. The U.S. EPA reports that in 2010 recycling helped keep 85 million tons of material from being disposed of in landfills - up from 15 million tons in 1980. Other factors led to the creation of the Core Recovery Program: Vehicle components, for example, have become increasingly complex and expensive, making it more important than ever to

recycle and reuse parts whenever possible. Take the headlight portion of the program: As recently as 15 years ago, headlights were pretty basic and utilitarian - consisting mostly of a bulb, a glass lens and a reflector. Now, typical headlight assemblies are almost two feet wide and have become a major part of the vehicle, both in terms of design and function - consisting of not just a few parts, but expensive plastics, advanced bulb technology, additional wiring harnesses and more. The headlight portion of the program started in November 2011. In its first year alone, about 26,000 units were reclaimed and every single part of the headlamp is recycled. In fact, more than 85 percent of each Ford vehicle today is recyclable, with more and more parts being kept from landfills. Bumpers, for example, are now collected and sent to a third party where they are processed into pellets that can then be used to make brandnew products. Since 2010, about 62,000 Bumper Crop Please Turn to Page 32

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Ford Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid Rated Up to 108 MPGe City, Making It America's Most Fuel-Efficient Sedan The 2013 Ford Fusion - recently voted Green Car of the Year - just got greener as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certified the new Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid at up to 108 MPGe, making it America's most fuel-efficient sedan. Fusion Energi is the Ford brand's fifth electrified vehicle to launch in the past year and is expected to accelerate the company's record hybrid sales pace, including its highest monthly hybrid sales month ever in November. Ford is seeing demand for fuel economy across its lineup as the brand ranks No. 1 in fuel economy customer satisfaction by J.D. Power and now beats Toyota for leading efficiency in every segment where both compete. The EPA also certified Fusion Energi to deliver up to 92 MPGe highway and a combined 100 MPGe - figures that could potentially help save customers an estimated $6,850 in fuel costs compared with an average new car over the course of five years. "The Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid is the exclamation point for Ford's trans-

formed lineup of fuel-efficiency leaders that now beats Toyota across the board," said Raj Nair, group vice president, Global Product Development. Adding to Fusion Energi's value and the myriad ways it beats Toyota Prius plug-in - are its innovative technologies that are designed to help win over both novice and pro hybrid owners. SmartGauge with EcoGuide, for example, provides in-vehicle customizable displays, including instantaneous fuel economy readings and coaching functions to help drivers understand and optimize their fuel efficiency. SYNC with MyFord Touch offers multiple ways - including voice commands - for customers to manage and

control their phone, available navigation, entertainment and climate functions. Plug-in hybrids and all-electric models have additional options for monitoring information like battery state of charge. EV+ combines the built-in GPS of Ford SYNC with proprietary software algorithms developed by Ford engineers to learn frequent destinations. As a result, vehicles give drivers more drive time in electric-only mode. Such technologies have helped get sales for Ford's electrified vehicle lineup up and running. With more than 19,000 hybrid vehicle sales projected, the automaker expects total fourth-quarter hybrid sales to set an all-time record for a three-month period, with more than half of hybrid sales this year expected to come in the fourth quarter. In fact, C-MAX became the fastest-selling hybrid ever at launch after 8,030 units were sold in October and November, the first two months C-MAX Fusion Energi Please Turn to Page 18

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February 2013

I-CAR 2013 Vehicle Technology Training Prepares Industry For Repairing Tomorrow’s Vehicles

With the 2013 Auto Show season approaching and soon-to-be-released vehicle technologies entering the marketplace, consumers are making decisions on which vehicles they might choose as their “next new car.” According to Automotive News, there will be over 200 new or significantly changed vehicle models announced through 2015, thus making the need for advanced training on vehicle-specific repair techniques essential. In today’s ever-changing environment, awareness and understanding of vehicle technology are mission critical to the performance of complete and safe repairs. I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, has premiered its newest Live training course, Vehicle Technology and Trends 2013 (NEW13). This course provides an

auto show insider look at what’s coming mainstream, as well as important “must know” information for correctly repairing these new technologies. During the course, collision repair industry professionals will learn about the latest vehicles and technology trends that impact the repair process, including structural design changes, and new materials, electronics and systems throughout the vehicle. Interactive elements throughout the course with a subject matter expert instructor provide even more value to the students by allowing them to engage and receive answers to questions that impact their day-to-day jobs. Jason Bartanen, I-CAR Technical Director said, “The Vehicle Technology and Trends 2013 course is a unique training experience for students. In

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addition to focusing on new vehicles and technologies, NEW13 builds an understanding of how the economy, government mandates, and vehicle design principles are working together to rapidly change vehicles of the future,” he continued, “Ultimately being able to identify the new technologies found on North American, Asian, and European vehicles for model year 2013 makes this course extremely useful for the InterIndustry.” Vehicle Technology and Trends 2013 (NEW13) is a training course within the I-CAR Professional Development Program, I-CAR’s flagship training program for collision industry professionals. More information and registration are available on the I-CAR website at or by calling Customer Care at 800.422.7872.n


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February 2013

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Nissan Canton Prepares To Celebrate 10 Years Of Manufacturing In Mississippi With more than 2 million vehicles produced, nearly $2 billion in payroll generated and a decade after the first vehicle rolled off the line in Mississippi, the Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant is preparing to celebrate its 10(th) anniversary in 2013. The company will commemorate the anniversary with a series of events that highlight the accomplishments of its more than 5,000 employees and underscore its commitment to the Metro Jackson community and Central Mississippi. Over the past decade, Nissan's Canton plant has grown from building one model to seven, including the award-winning Altima, the Armada fullsize SUV, the Xterra mid-size SUV, the Titan and Frontier pickup trucks and NV commercial and passenger vans. When the plant opened in 2003, Nissan became the largest private-sector employer in the region and has since brought even more high-skilled, well-paying jobs to the community while maintain-


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ing a diverse workforce that has drawn employees from 80 of Mississippi's 82 counties. Dan Bednarzyk, vice president and plant manager at the Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant, attributes Nissan's success to the tremendous efforts of the workforce, including suppliers, as well as the support of Central Mississippi. "I'm often asked about our plant in Canton, and I always have to start by talking about our employees, the heart and soul of our plant." Bednarzyk said. "Our team members are our strength. Their spirit and extraordinary work ethic are the reasons we have been able to consistently earn additional investment that has continued to create jobs. We have to be competitive on a global level to earn work here in Mississippi. I am confident that we have more to look forward to in the future." In 2012, the Canton team began producing additional vehicles in

February 2013

the Nissan fleet including Xterra and Frontier. In fact, Nissan Canton has become a center of expertise for bodyon-frame trucks and will expand their talents to bring the remodeled Sentra compact cars on line in 2013. This additional production will help Nissan move toward its goal of building 85 percent of the vehicles sold in the United States in the Americas by 2015. Nissan Canton continues to have a positive economic impact on local businesses and communities throughout the region. Since 2003, Nissan has contributed more than $5 million to a wide range of community-based organizations supporting the areas of education, diversity, humanitarian aid and the environment. Employees have donated an additional $2 million through workplace giving and have performed countless hours of volunteer service including mentoring students in area schools and building homes in the Jackson and Canton communities with Habitat for Humanity.n

2013 Infiniti M Sedan Combines Inspired Performance, Welcoming Interior, Crafted Feel and Advanced Technology Now in its third year of the current generation design, the 2013 Infiniti M once again sets the bar high for mid-size performance luxury sedans. As Infiniti's halo sedan, the Infiniti M embraces the essence of all things Infiniti – style, performance, luxur y, craftsmanship and technology. T h e 2013 Infiniti M is offered in both M37 and M56 model designations. The M37 features a refined 330-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 engine, while the M56 utilizes a 420-horsepower 5.6liter V8. Both engines feature Infiniti's advanced VVEL (Variable Valve Event & Lift) system and the M56 engine also utilizes Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) technology. All models are equipped with a standard 7-speed automatic transmission and are available in both rearwheel drive and with Infiniti's Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system. The 2013 Infiniti M also continues as a showcase for Infiniti's advanced, user-focused technologies, including the Infiniti Drive Mode Selector, a four-mode driver-selectable control of throttle and transmission mapping that helps optimize vehicle performance; Active Noise Control, which reduces undesirable engine harmonics, providing a quieter cabin; Blind Spot Warning (BSW), which helps alert the driver if another vehicle is detected in the blind spot area and Blind Spot Intervention® (BSI), a world's first system that, provides selective braking if the vehicle approaches an adjacent lane while another vehicle is detected in the blind spot area to help the driver return the vehicle back toward the center of the lane of travel. The Infiniti M's multi-layered exterior combines balanced, rear-wheel drive

pro portions and stance with a long, low hood and high rear deck to create an efficient aerodynamic shape – while also providing a roomy cabin. The M Sedan's sporty appearance is highlighted by the deep body shape of the fenders and doors, which give it a powerful look unlike anything on the road. The wave-style doors are constructed from aluminum for lighter weight, despite the material's difficult formability. The stamping dies for each door are hand polished to maintain their precision and every door undergoes an exacting human inspection, providing a handcrafted level of quality. The Infiniti M exterior optimizes both luxury and sport styling cues – with an expressive, signature Infiniti doubleFebruary 2013

arch upright low grille and crystal-look headlight clusters, large aluminumalloy wheels, and a wave-like trunk with a high aerodynamic performance that works like a spoiler to increase downforce. Infiniti M37 and M56 models equipped with the optional Sport Package also feature a unique front fascia, dark finish grille, dark headlight housings and 20-inch wheels and tires. Contributing to the low coefficient of drag of just 0.27 (0.26 for M Hybrid) and zero lift front and rear are a series of aerodynamic enhancers, including front tire deflectors, engine under cover, center floor cover, rear tire deflec-

tors, exhaust cover, floor side fairings and rear diffuser. Unlike other performance luxury brands that prioritize the impression their vehicles make on others, Infiniti's intention is different – with the focus Infiniti M PleaseTurn to Page 21 Southern Automotive Journal


Congress Repeals Obsolete Insurance Booklet Mandate at Dealerships

Senators approved a bipartisan bill, H.R. 5859, which eliminates an unnecessary mandate that requires new-car dealerships to keep an obsolete insurance booklet on hand or face a hefty fine. The legislation, endorsed by the National Automobile Dealers Association, passed the House in late July and now goes to President Obama for his signature. Dealers are hopeful for Presidential approval since the White House proposed eliminating the booklet in 2011, saying it was of little use to consumers. “None of my customers has ever asked for this booklet. If my customers want accurate insurance information for their vehicles, they should contact their insurance agent, who can provide insurance quote over the phone or via the Internet,” said NADA Chairman Bill

Underriner, a multi-franchise dealer from Billings, Mont. “The federal government has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars since 1991 to print and mail this booklet to every new-car dealer in America, yet very few consumers ever ask for it,” Underriner added. In a survey of 815 of its members, NADA found that 96 percent of dealers reported that none of their customers had ever asked to see the booklet. In a 2011 directive to Congress on a highway and vehicle safety bill, the Obama administration said the data in booklet is “rarely used and not useful.” The administration also stated “a prospective buyer does not need a brochure from the federal government to obtain this information, since insurance agents are trained to provide advice on how model selection affects insurance pre-

miums.” Under a 1972 law, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration prepares, prints and mails the booklet, Relative Collision Insurance Cost Information, to new-car dealerships annually. Dealers are required to provide it to their customers upon request or face a $1,000 per violation fine. The bill, H.R. 5859, does not eliminate the government’s ability to make the insurance data available online or by other means. “NADA supports this bill because it eliminates unnecessary red tape on small business dealerships,” Underriner said. “New-car dealers applaud the leadership of Sens. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., and Roger Wicker, R-Miss., and House sponsors Reps. Gregg Harper, R-Miss., and Bill Owens, D-N.Y., to remove this obsolete government mandate.”n

Esurance Recognized As I-CAR Gold Class Professionals Business At Corporate Level I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, is pleased to announce that Esurance, the


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direct-to-consumer insurance company, has earned the industry-recognized I-CAR Gold Class Professionals designation. The Gold Class designation signifies Esurance’s dedication to training and its commitment to staying abreast of technological changes in today’s evolving collision repair industry. Through I-CAR Professional D eve l o p m e nt P r o g r a m (PDP) training, appraisers at Esurance are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to provide more accurate first-time estimates, which minimizes cycle February 2013

time and improves efficiency, and ultimately, increases customer satisfaction. With auto insurance now available in 34 states, Esurance is one of the most rapidly growing auto insurers and a pioneer in the industry in providing vehicle insurance through direct-to-consumer sales and a paperless customer experience. John Van Alstyne, I-CAR CEO & President stated, “I-CAR is thrilled that Esurance has achieved Gold Class status. This shows not only a commitment to training and employee development, but also a commitment to performance of complete and safe repairs for Esurance customers.” Esurance was first recognized as a Gold Class business in 2009 and is now recognized under today’s more comprehensive PDP training requirements. Insurance businesses can earn the Gold Class designation at a corporate level, as Esurance has, or at an individual business location level. Joe Laurentino – Vice President, Material Damage for Esurance said, “We are pleased to join this elite network of Gold Class businesses. The training provided by the PDP will benefit our appraiser staff and most importantly, Esurance customers.”n

House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Holds Third Clean Air Act Forum Recently, the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s subcommittee on Energy and Power held a third Clean Air Act Forum. Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.), chairman of the subcommittee, led the third forum, which continued discussion on “State, Local and Federal Cooperation in the Clean Air Act.” The forum allows members of Congress to hear differing perspectives from experts about experiences in implementing the Clean Air Act. Some of the issues important to independent repairers include state implementation plans (SIP) submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, vehicle emissions programs, and emissions and equipment requirements for automakers. Participants included David L. Klemp, air director of the Montana Department of Environment Quality; Seyed Sadredin, executive director and air pollution control officer, San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District; Robert J. Martineau Jr., commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation; Arturo J. Blanco, bureau chief of pollution control and prevention, Houston Department of Health and Human Services; Martha Rudolph, director of environmental programs, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment; Michael Krancer, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of

Environmental Protection; and Stephen Roe Lewis, lieutenant governor of the Gila River Indian Community. All participants were posed with the same six questions: 1) In your agency’s experience implementing the Clean Air Act (CAA), what is working well? What is not working well? 2) Do state and local governments have sufficient autonomy and flexibility to address local conditions and needs? 3) Does the current system balance federal, state and tribal roles to provide timely, accurate permitting for business activities, balancing environment protection and economic growth? 4) Does the CAA support a reasonable and effective mechanism for federal, state, tribal and local cooperation through state implementation plans (SIPs)? How could the mechanism be improved? 5) Are cross-state air pollution issues coordinated well under the existing framework? 6) Are there other issues, ideas or concerns relating to the role of federalism under the CAA that you would like to discuss? In response to question four, “Does the CAA support a reasonable and effective mechanism for federal, state, tribal and local cooperation through state implementation plans? How Southern Automotive Journal,Inc. P.O. Box 675097 Marietta, Ga 30006-0009 (770) 321-9920 E-Mail Volume 17 Issue No. 2

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could the mechanism be improved?” Klemp made the following comments: “The state of Montana would find it much easier to propose innovative clean air programs and manage our air quality responsibilities if the EPA would appropriately act upon a state’s SIP submittal. The EPA establishes NAAQS and emission limits applicable nationwide. That’s fine. Let states figure out the best ways to attain and maintain those standards. “We also believe the EPA could take a default position of SIP approval rather than assuming disapproval until the state meets some nearly unachievable burden of proof. As a partner in implementing the CAA, the state of Montana should not have to file suit against the EPA to prompt action on a SIP submittal. The state of Montana recognizes our responsibility to provide an appropriate analysis in support of our submittals. We are committed to doing our part and would welcome opportunities to work much closer with the EPA to define the extent of any requested analysis or demonstration.” In response to question one, “In your agency’s experience implementing the Clean Air Act (CAA), what is working well? What is not working well?,” Sadredin made comments regarding vehicle emissions: “CAA section 182(d)(1)(A) requires such areas to develop enforceable transportation control measures (TCMs) and transportation strategies ‘to offset any growth in emissions from growth in vehicle miles traveled … and to attain reduction in motor vehicle emissions as necessary.’ An area’s vehicles miles traveled (VMT) may increase due to increases in population (i.e., more drivers), people driving further (i.e., sprawl), or increases in pass-through traffic (i.e., good movement). Historically, the EPA’s section 182(d)(1)(A) approach has allowed the use of vehicle turnover, tailpipe control standards, and the use of alternative fuels to offset the expected increase Clean Air Act Please Turn to Page 34 Southern Automotive Journal


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Honda LaneWatch Named 2012 Technology of the Year Finalist by AOL Autos Intuitive blind spot display provides unprecedented visibility

Honda's innovative LaneWatch blind spot display, introduced in the allnew 2013 Accord, has been named a finalist for the AOL Autos 2012 Technology of the Year Award, which will be awarded to one Grand Prize winner in January at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. "The new Accord was designed to provide excellent visibility for the driver and all passengers," said Michael Accavitti, vice president of marketing operations for American Honda. "LaneWatch is a natural fit with that philosophy, and it's an intuitive advancement in technology that drivers will use and enjoy every day." The AOL Autos Technology of The Year Award panel identified finalists among emerging automotive industry technology in the categories of telemat-

ics, connectivity and passive safety available in vehicles on sale between Sept. 1, 2011 and Sept. 30, 2012. Starting Nov. 28, the public can review articles and videos showing each Technology of the Year finalist on, and vote on the technology they find the most compelling. The winner of that consumer vote will have the weight of one of 17 judges on the panel as they decide the Grand Prize winner. Available on some of the most popular Accord models, not limited to top trims, the new LaneWatch blind spot display is standard on 2013 Accord EX and above Sedan, EX-L Coupe and on most 2013 Crosstour models. LaneWatch uses a camera positioned below the passenger-side exterior mirror to display a wide-angle view of the passenger side

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roadway on the standard 8-inch color intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID). The image appears when the right turn signal is activated, or when a button on the end of the turn signal stalk is pressed. The feature can also be deactivated in the vehicle settings at the driver's discretion. The typical field of view for a passenger-side mirror is approximately 18 to 22 degrees, but the LaneWatch blind spot display field-of-view is about four times greater, or approximately 80 degrees. The system helps the driver to see traffic, as well as pedestrians or objects, in the vehicle's blind spot. To help make judging distance easier, the display has three reference lines. Drivers are encouraged to visually confirm roadway conditions prior to changing lanes.n

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Hyundai's Award-Winning 2013 Genesis Hyundai’s awardwinning Genesis sedan continues its premium segment leadership for 2013 with simplified model offerings and a new ultimate navigation system with Blue Link telematics. The 5.0-liter direct-injected Tau V8 engine is now exclusively available in the fullyequipped 5.0 R-Spec model, the 4.6-liter V8 model is no longer avail-

able, and the 3.8-liter Lambda powertrain remains available with premium and technology packages, simplifying the Genesis line-up. For 2013, the Genesis 3.8 technology package and 5.0 R-Spec models offer a new optional eight-inch Driver Information System (DIS) display with navigation and an enhanced multimedia controller. This new display features a more intuitive user interface, integrating the same rotating dial with joystick-type function, enhanced voicerecognition commands and improved navigation screen layouts. New “hot keys” also give individuals more immediate control over the operating system to reduce driving distractions. The system uses a large 64GB solid-state drive, which allows generous music, image and video storage or Bluetooth® musicstreaming capability. A simple pop-up message now appears to help pair a phone and the voice-recognition software understands 16

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street addresses and cities, all in one sequential sentence. The route screen displays speed limits, details the next three navigation maneuvers, shows real highway signage and has junction views with lane guidance. Lane guidance outlines the lanes the driver needs to stay in when a highway splits. Junction view uses street and actual road signs images to match what the driver will see when arriving at the next maneuver. Integrated into the point of interest tool are Zagat restaurant ratings, which help drivers to easily locate great places to eat. SiriusXM data services have also been enhanced, with Sports, Stocks and Weather information. Hyundai's Blue Link Blue Link combines safety, service and infotainment features to simplify owners’ lives and reduce distracted driving and is now available on the 2013 Genesis, accompanied by a one-year complimentary trial period. Blue Link brings seamless connectivity directly into the car with technology like voicetext messaging, POI web search download, turn-by-turn navigation, smartphone remote features and monthly vehicle reporting. Blue Link can be easily accessed from the buttons on the rearview mirror, over the internet, or via a smartphone. February 2013

The Most Powerful Hyundai V8 Engine Ever The heart of the Genesis 5.0 R-Spec model is the 5.0-liter Tau V8 engine producing 429 horsepower at 6,400 rpm and 376 lb. ft. of torque at 5,000 rpm. This Tau V8 represents the most powerful Hyundai engine ever, with a higher specific output (85.8 hp/liter) than its normally-aspirated premium luxury competitors. The Tau V8 engine family has been named to the prestigious Ward’s Ten Best Engines list three times. This engine features a high-pressure direct injection system (over 2200 psi) that dramatically increases power and torque while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The Tau’s high 11.5:1 compression ratio increases thermal efficiency and output. The Tau also has a rigid bed plate for improved block rigidity and lower NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) as well as camshaft carriers and a roller timing chain to improve valvetrain stability. 5.0-liter Direct Injection Tau V8 engine Even more, this V8 offers Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT), a tuned variable-induction system, and low-friction diamond-like coatings (DLC) on piston skirts, rings and tappets. Even with these impressive power increases, EPA estimated fuel economy is 16 mpg city and 25 mpg highway. The Tau 5.0-liter V8 is mated to an in-house eight-speed automatic transmission. This Hyundai-developed transmission adds two additional ratios to enhance acceleration, shifting smoothness, and transmission efficiency by six percent over the former six-speed. All eight-speed transmissions will include SHIFTRONIC manual shift capability. Genesis Please Turn to Page 31

GM to Open IT Innovation Center in Roswell Georgia Third of four Information Technology Innovation Centers will employ about 1,000. General Motors will hire approximately 1,000 hightech workers to staff a new Information Technology Innovation Center near Atlanta. The automaker needs software developers, project managers, database experts, business analysts and other IT professionals for the third of four centers in the United States. "Locating this center in Atlanta makes good business sense," said GM Chief Information Officer Randy Mott. "We can draw from a deep pool of high tech expertise through the surrounding colleges, universities and talent residing in the area." GM already has hired more than 700 IT specialists to work at the Innovation Centers in Austin, Tex., and Warren, Mich. Response in the market has been strong as three of four candidates offered jobs to date have accepted them. The Atlanta Innovation Center will be located in Roswell, a northern suburb of

Atlanta. "This Innovation Center is exactly the kind of employer we want in the state," said Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal. "The information age will be with us for a long time, and attracting companies such as GM that are on the cutting edge of manufacturing and technology is a huge win for Georgia." Mott is leading a rebalancing of information technology at GM under which the majority of IT work will be done by GM employees instead of being outsourced, which has been the GM model for most of the last three decades. "We look to the Innovation Centers to design and deliver IT that drives down the cost of ongoing operations while continuously increasing the level and speed at which innovative products and services are available to GM customers," Mott said. "The IT Innovation Centers are critical to our overall GM business strategy and IT transformation." The location of the fourth site will be announced at a later date.n

"I am immensely proud that our bright university students as well as our skilled veteran workforce are attracting innovative multinational companies such as General Motors to Georgia. As a workforcerich, technology-focused state, Georgia has attracted a cluster of such global innovation centers, and is ideally suited to helping GM achieve its business goals. GM’s strategic decision to locate here moves us closer to becoming the No. 1 place in the nation in which to business. " Gov. Nathan Deal

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General Motors Foundation And Buick To Grant 1,100 Scholarships For Third Year The Buick Achievers Scholarship Program, funded by the General Motors Foundation, began accepting applications for 2013 scholarships Monday, January 7 and will continue to do so through 5 p.m. EST on Thursday, February 28. This is the third year the 1,100 Buick Achiever Scholarships will be awarded to students who excel in both the classroom and in the community and are pursuing degrees in engineering, design, information technology and business-related majors in the auto industry. The annual Buick Achievers Scholarship Program was created in 2011, and has awarded nearly $12 million in scholarships. Through the program,

100 high school or current undergraduate students receive scholarships up to $25,000 a year, renewable for up to four years and one additional year for qualified five-year engineering programs. A one-time $2,000 scholarship is awarded to 1,000 students. "Since the inception of the Buick Achievers Scholarship Program, we have provided scholarships to more than 2,000 students from all 50 states," said GM Foundation President Vivian Pickard. "This scholarship helps to change the lives of its recipients, making it more affordable for them to receive a higher education." More than 120 military veterans or dependents of military personnel and more than 1,000 students who are first

in their family to attend college have received Buick Achievers scholarships. "The Buick Achievers Scholarship has been such an amazing blessing for me and my family," said Tommy Jones, a junior mechanical engineering major at Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tenn., and a $25,000 scholarship recipient in 2012. "I've always had a passion for science and through this scholarship, I can pursue my dream of becoming an engineer without financial burden." Students from the United States and Puerto Rico are eligible. To apply for the Buick Achievers Scholarship, to learn more information or to register for e-mail notifications about the program, please visit

Direct Auto Insurance In Chattanooga Unveils Vehicle To Help Stop Drinking and Driving

Direct Auto Insurance presented the organization 1N3 with a new, branded vehicle at an unveiling ceremony on Dec. 19th at the 5813 Lee Highway Direct Auto Insurance location in Chattanooga. The donation reflects Direct's continued support of 1N3 to help spread awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving. Founders Tiki Finlayson and her son Derek Yates started the organization after Finlayson's son, Kevin

Yates, was killed by a drunk driver as he was driving home in 2011. 1N3 travels around the South, visiting driving schools, churches and other organizations, to educate drivers about the potentially fatal effects of drinking and driving. The donated vehicle will bring along a strong visual aid to each event location: a trailer carrying Kevin's totaled car. The organization has struggled with finding a vehicle to tow the

trailer with the wrecked car. Since 1N3 began traveling with it, they have been borrowing vehicles from friends and others willing to help. "While out to lunch, Tiki told me they were having trouble finding a tow vehicle," said Jennifer Schmaltz, Direct regional sales and marketing manager. "I knew we could help, so I asked if Direct could support the organization by donating a vehicle."n

Fusion Energi From Page 8

sense of style in mind, delivering a midsize sedan that offers functional design elements that enhance its sleek exterior and promote fuel economy. A video explaining the origin of Fusion Energi can be found here. With Fusion Energi and Fusion Hybrid, the all-new Fusion lineup brings the widest range of powertrain options to the U.S. midsize segment. Fusion also is available in gas-powered versions with a choice between a pair of fuel-efficient EcoBoost engines and a normally aspirated four-cylinder engine. The addition of Fusion Energi gives customers yet another Ford option when shopping for an electrified vehicle - already available are Focus Electric, Fusion Hybrid, C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi. Three of the vehicles - Focus Electric, C-MAX Energi and now Fusion

Energi - have received EPA ratings of 100 MPGe or more. Focus Electric delivers EPA-estimated ratings of 110 MPGe city, 99 MPGe highway and 105 MPGe combined, making it America's most fuel-efficient five-passenger car. C-MAX Energi has an EPA-estimated rating of 108 MPGe city, 92 MPGe highway and 100 MPGe combined. Focus Electric went on sale in late 2011, followed by C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi - the two vehicles that make up Ford's first hybrid-only line in North America - this past autumn.

was on the market. The pace beat Toyota Camry Hybrid's 7,300 sales in its first two full months of availability in May and June 2006. "The response to C-MAX really shows the amount of pent-up demand from a specific market for C-segment hybrids," says C.J. O'Donnell, marketing manager, Ford Electrified Vehicles. "Fusion Energi has a different audience in the midsize sedan market, but delivers many of the characteristics and technologies that make C-MAX Energi so great, which is why we're anticipating a similar positive response." C-MAX is geared toward those most concerned with fuel economy, but designed so that owners aren't forced to sacrifice comfort and convenience. Fusion is designed with the driver's 18

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February 2013

Fusing technologies Many of the innovative technologies of Fusion Energi are shared across Ford's electrified vehicle lineup and draw from the automaker's portfolio of about 500 patents related specifically to hybrid technology.n

Audatex Delivers Collision Repair Tracking App to the iPhone Audatex North America, Inc. (Audatex), a wholly owned subsidiary of Solera Holdings, Inc., the leading global claims solutions provider serving the automotive industry, recently launched a new iPhone app for AutoWatch, its web-powered repair tracking solution. The new app follows the July introduction of an AutoWatch Android app and is available now as a free download to all AutoWatch customers via iTunes and the iPhone App Store. AutoWatch gives collision repair facilities a proven way to enhance customer service and improve customer communication by allowing vehicle owners to view the progress of their repairs online. Repairers use the solution daily to upload and post digital photos and the latest vehicle repair status information to an interactive website, keeping customers up to date through completion of the job. Now, repair facilities can upload this same repair status information quickly and conveniently via their iPhones - whether they're away from the office or working on the shop floor. At the same time, vehicle owners can choose to receive AutoWatch vehicle status updates on the web, via email or text message, and can even share updates with friends via Facebook. "With both Android and iPhone apps now available for AutoWatch, we're covering every corner of the smart phone market in order to give shops all the options they need to connect more effectively with vehicle owners," said Gordon Henderson, Vice President, Collision Repair Services, Audatex North America. "Better communication not only leads to an improved

claim experience, but also translates into more referral business as well as stronger DRP relationships." Hundreds of AutoWatch users are now taking advantage of the mobile apps to issue instant repair updates from their smart phones, according to Henderson. "I really like the ease and convenience of the AutoWatch iPhone App," said Greg James, Manager of Rick Warner

February 2013

Body Shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. "Having AutoWatch in my pocket on my phone has certainly helped me keep my customers better informed of their repair status." Henderson added, "The mobile apps are taking off as AutoWatch has been proven to reduce incoming customer phone calls, compress cycle times and, ultimately, increase customer satisfaction."n

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num-alloy V8 is rated at centered on the individual driving the 420 hp and car. The goal of the Infiniti M interior is to 417 lb-ft of present an elegant yet functional design torque. The that combines artistry with precision, DIG system comfort with innovation – all in support provides of enhancing driving performance and better widepassenger enjoyment. open throttle The M instrument panel features performance Fine Vision electroluminescent gauges, and improved gear-like rings on the instrument cluster fuel economy meters, a 7.0-inch color vehicle informaand emissions tion display and Infiniti analog clock. performance Leather-appointed, heated 10-way by reducing power driver and front passenger's seats engine knock, including 2-way power lumbar support improving are standard, along with a dual occupant the intake side to help improve perforcombustion memory system for the driver's seat, mance and response. Throttle response stability and offered more precise injecsteering wheel and outside mirrors – is enhanced by directly controlling the tion control. which can be linked to the individual intake valve, rather than using the tradiAll Infiniti M models come stanIntelligent Keys. In addidard with Infiniti's refined 7-speed autotion, each Intelligent Key The goal of the Infiniti M interior is to present an elegant matic transmission with Adaptive Shift yet functional design that combines artistry with precision, Control (ASC) and manual shift mode with Downshift Rev Matching, which comfort with innovation. allows for sportier shifts during spirited tional method driving. Solid magnesium paddle shifters of controlling are also included in the Sport Package. intake with the A unique feature of the 2013 M throttle valve. is Infiniti Drive Mode Selector, an inteThe VVEL sysgrated control system that allows drivtem also offers ers to select from four driving modes, improved depending on mood or driving condiemissions and tions, with a dial switch located on the fuel efficiency center console. Each mode, Standard, (over nonEco, Sport or Snow, adjusts throttle sensiVVEL designs) tivity and transmission mapping to help by substanoptimize performance. The system also tially reducadjusts 4WAS settings (with available ing the intake Sport Package, RWD only) and Active resistance that Trace Control and Eco Pedal (with availoccurs when able Technology Package). In addition to remembers the last used climate control, the engine's throttle valve opening is the standard mode (suitable for normal audio and navigation settings. An entry/ narrowed and output is low. driving conditions), the fuel-efficient Eco exit assist system for the driver's seat The M37's 3.7-liter VVEL, 24-valve mode utilizes green or amber indicator and steering wheel, heated front seats, DOHC aluminum-alloy V6 is rated at 330 on the instrument panel to provide feedsequential welcome lighting illuminated hp at 7,000 rpm, 270 lb-ft of torque at back on driving efficiency. Available with entry system and dual-zone automatic 5,200 rpm. The engine also features rigid the Technology Package, the Eco Pedal temperature also contribute to the M's ladder frame construction, large crank system also provides feedback directly outstanding level of standard luxury journal and pin diameters, asymmetthrough the accelerator pedal, giving a appointments. ric piston skirts, twin knock sensors, an slight pushback if driving inefficiently. The 2013 Infiniti M's 3.7-liter V6 and electronically controlled "drive-by-wire" The Sport mode increases throttle sen5.6-liter V8 engines are equipped with throttle system, molybdenum coated sitivity and changes transmission shift the VVEL (Variable Valve Event & Lift) lightweight pistons, Iridium spark plugs patterns for sportier driving – and, with system, which combines hydraulic-conand a symmetric twin air intake system. the available Sport Package, also adjusts trolled variable valve timing and elecThe M56's 5.6-liter VVEL, 32-valve, DOHC, 4-Wheel Active Steer settings (RWD tronically controlled variable valve lift on Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) alumionly).n Infiniti M From Page 11

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Talking Cars Will Allow Aging Baby Boomers to Focus Like Young Drivers, Agero Study Finds Within the next 10 years, retiring Baby Boomers over the age of 65 will constitute more than one-third of the registered drivers on U.S. roads. A majority of those individuals behind the wheel will be driving vehicles increasingly loaded with digital connectivity and content designed to lure a generation of buyers accustomed to smartphones and tablets. With mounting concern in recent years about driver distraction resulting from the increased use of in-vehicle technology, will the risk of driver distraction only escalate as these newlyretired drivers, faced with changing sensory perceptions, adapt to their digital environments? Not to worry. Senior citizens on average may not be as technology savvy as their Gen Y counterparts, but a recent study measuring driver distraction finds that interactive speech technology can help them interface with navigation systems while driving just as safely as younger drivers. Agero Connected Services, a leading provider of cloud-delivered con-

tent, services, and driver interfaces to global automobile manufacturers, and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) teamed up to conduct the research. They found seniors aged 65 to 75 closely maintained driving performance comparable to drivers aged 18 to 30 when cloud-based speech recognition technology was used to access directions and other destination information. In contrast, when asked to perform the same task using a visually and manually dependent navigation device common in today's market, senior drivers were six times more likely to veer out of their driving lane. "Using either a speech-only interface or a speech interface combined with brief glances to a display screen helped senior drivers improve their driving and leveled the performance gap between the two generations," said Tom Schalk, Agero's vice president of Voice Technology. Similar results were recorded when both age groups were required to detect perepheral events while driving and searching for information.

Peripheral sight engagement is an important element in driver distraction. Using the aftermarket navigation device, Gen Y drivers detected 95% of the peripheral signals while the seniors detected only 74%. When speech solutions were introduced, seniors were able to spot 94% of the signals, just slightly below the younger drivers' percentage. Vehicle connectivity and infotainment content are often introduced or enhanced in high-end vehicles purchased by middle-aged and senior drivers. Findings from the Agero/VTTI study indicate that integrating natural language speech technology with vehicle infotainment systems diminishes the general safety concern that seniors are vulnerable to distractions from new technology. Seniors participating in the test indicated a preference for speech systems in their personal vehicles, which also contradicts the common notion that technology-averse drivers will avoid its use, even if the interface is simple and easy to use.n

February 2013

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Nissan Begins U.S. Assembly Of 2013 Leaf Electric Vehicle And Batteries Nissan has ramped up U.S. assembly of the 2013 model year all-electric LEAF at its manufacturing plant in Smyrna, Tenn., where it will be manufactured alongside the company's gasoline-powered products. The start of Nissan LEAF assembly in Smyrna comes on the heels of the opening of Nissan's battery plant in an adjacent facility. Nissan is the only automaker that manufactures its own electric vehicle batteries, at the largest lithium-ion automotive battery plant in the U.S. "Bringing assembly of the innovative 2013 Nissan LEAF to our awardwinning manufacturing plant speaks to the flexibility, efficiency and talent of our U.S. workforce," said Susan Brennan, Nissan's vice president of manufacturing in Smyrna. "Nissan has a 30-year history of building quality vehicles in Smyrna, and just like every vehicle we produce, the LEAF has met or exceeded every one of our rigorous quality requirements." Though LEAF is a revolutionary vehicle, its assembly requirements are much more similar to those of its traditional siblings like the Altima and Maxima with which it shares a man-

ufacturing line. Adding the electric vehicle to the Smyrna manufacturing environment required only a few process changes such as the addition of quality confirmation specifically for electric vehicles and special training for technicians. "Process efficiency is a never-ending activity for us. We strive to create new internal benchmarks in efficiency with each new model. By assembling the LEAF on our current Altima and Maxima line, we are able to reduce costs by using existing equipment," Brennan added. For example, while gas-powered vehicles receive fuel tanks and internal combustion engines when they come down the line, the Nissan LEAF gets a lithium-ion battery pack made at our battery plant next door and an electric motor produced at the Nissan powertrain plant in Decherd, Tenn. "We truly have localized U.S. manufacturing of the LEAF's major components across the board," she said. LEAF assembly in Smyrna will contribute to Nissan's goal to manufacture 85 percent of its U.S. sales volume in North America by 2015, and having more local content will reduce

exposure to fluctuations in foreign currency. The addition of LEAF and battery assembly has resulted in the creation of more than 300 U.S. manufacturing jobs, a number that can increase with demand. "The Nissan LEAF has expanded beyond early adopters and is now appealing to a broad spectrum of consumers." said Brian Carolin, Nissan's senior vice president of sales and marketing. "Since we launched the LEAF in 2010, we've learned that people are very attracted to the advanced technology and other amenities, but they are also looking for a more affordable price point." The 2013 Nissan LEAF boasts innovative features such as 240V charging that is nearly twice as fast as the previous model, as well as a broader range of trim levels starting with the even more affordable S grade, moving up to the SV model and graduating with the top-of-the-line SL. After two years on the market, the Nissan has become the global leader in electric-vehicle sales with about 50,000 LEAFs sold to date, of which 19,500 LEAFs are on the road in the United States.n

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New SAE International Book Delves Into Analysis and Control System Design of Automatic Transmissions While the basic working principle and the mechanical construction of automatic transmissions in vehicles has not changed significantly, increased requirements for performance, fuel economy, and drivability, as well as the increasing number of gears has made it more challenging to design the systems that control modern automatic transmissions. New types of transmissions-continuously variable transmissions (CVT), dual clutch transmissions (DCT), and hybrid powertrains--have presented added challenges. A new book from SAE International - "Dynamic Analysis and Control System Design of Automatic Transmissions" relays how the fundamental principles of hydraulics and control systems are applied to today's automatic transmissions. It opens with coverage of basic


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automatic transmission mechanics and then details dynamics and controls associated with modern automatic transmissions. Dynamic analysis helps to understand gear shifting mechanics and supports creation of the best design for gear shift control systems in passenger cars, trucks, buses, and commercial vehicles. Topics covered include: gear shifting mechanics and controls, dynamic models of planetary automatic transmissions, design of hydraulic control systems, learning algorithms for achieving consistent shift quality, torque converter clutch controls, centrifugal pendulum vibration absorbers, friction launch controls, shift scheduling and integrated powertrain controls, continuously variable transmission ratio controls, dualclutch transmission controls, and more. Authors include Dr. Shushan Bai, Joel M. Maguire and Dr. Huei Peng. Dr. Bai earned his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technologies, China, and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Hokkaido Universit y, Japan, both in the field of Automatic Controls. In his 23 years with GM Powertrain, he extensively worked on advanced development of automatic transmissions. Bai is also an adjunct faculty February 2013

member in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Michigan. He is the author of 30 technical publications and 35 patents. Mr. Maguire received his undergraduate BSME degree from Michigan Technological University with an emphasis on design. He earned a graduate degree from Rennsselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy New York. He began his automotive career in 1985 at General Motors Engineering Staff as an Associate Engineer, and currently is the Global Innovation Leader in GM Powertrain's Advanced Hybrid Group. Dr. Peng received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan. His research interests include adaptive control and optimal control, with emphasis on their applications to vehicular and transportation systems. Dr. Peng's current research focuses include design and control of hybrid vehicles and vehicle active safety systems. He has more than 200 technical publications, including 85 in referred journals and transactions, and three books.n

Book Details: • Published By: SAE International • Publication date: January 2013 • Pages: 216 • Binding: Hardbound • ISBN: 978-0-7680-7604-2 • Product Code: R-413 • Pre-Publication Sale Price: $89.99 • Regular List Price: $99.95. For more information, including free front and back matter, or to order "Dynamic Analysis and Control System Design of Automatic Transmissions" visit: ht tp://book

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Spotlight: Subaru of Gwinnett 678-584-7245 800-584-8727 fax 678-584-7246 2920 Satellite Boulevard

• Duluth, GA

Jeff Ardila and Summer Smith review the daily deliveries for their Phil Cook Back Counter

wholesale customers.

by Russ Heaps Bucking the trends dictated by a sluggish economy the past several years, Subaru managed to increase sales and its slice of the sales pie while other, larger carmakers saw slides in sales, profits and market share. This was the case nationally as well as at the local dealer level. Consequently, it's no surprise that the parts operation at Subaru of Gwinnett has grown and prospered during the past six or seven years.

Southern Automotive Journal

February 2013

Located at 2920 Satellite Boulevard in Duluth, Subaru of Gwinnett was the first stand-alone Subaru store in Georgia. Appointed parts manager when the dealership opened in 2001, Lisa Wilkins has been there since the beginning. It was the next step in a career that she launched in 1989 as a driver for a Chrysler/ Subaru dealership in Roswell. Working her way up the ladder, she was a parts stocker and puller before being assigned to the technician counter. From there she moved into wholesale parts sales before being offered

the parts manager job at the new Subaru of Gwinnett. In 2005, Wilkins brought Summer Smith on board as the wholesale parts manager. Since then the two have worked tirelessly to grow the parts business. Reflecting the gains they have made, in 2007 the on-hand inventory averaged about $150,000; today, it averages about $250,000. "Currently monthly sales volume is between $60,000 and $70,000," Smith said. Whether it's helping walk-in retail customers, providing parts to the dealership's service technicians or fulfilling the needs of wholesale customers, Wilkins and Smith are the parts department's point people. They do just about everything except deliver parts. For that they have Jeff Ardila, who performs all the local deliveries. One advantage of a tight-knit staff is that customers can always count on talking to someone who knows them, their business and their needs. When a customer calls and the phone is answered on the other end, they know they will be talking to either Wilkins or Smith. "It's just easier for two people to build close relationships with customers than it is for a room full of sales people," Smith explained. "I have wholesale customers that I have been building trust with for eight years. They know they can count on me to do what I say. It makes a big difference." In the end, however, it's all about getting the job done: Getting the right part where it needs to be quickly. According to Smith, their fill rate averages better than 95%. "Our primary job is to make sure the parts we send out are right," Smith said. "If we have any question at all about what a customer needs, we'll fax them a diagram of the part so they can approve

it. Taking care of our customers is really important. We recognize that our customers have customers, and it's up to us to help them satisfy their customers. Making them look good is the best way to satisfy our customers." Typically, Subaru of Gwinnett will have the part on hand. If not, Subaru has a regional warehouse in Atlanta that they

can pull from. "Not only do we maintain what is probably the largest inventory of parts among Georgia Subaru dealerships, but we go to Subaru's regional parts warehouse every day," Smith said. "I don't think anyone else does that. That means that even if we don't have a part on hand, we can still usually turn it around in a day." During the past couple of years, the area they serve has expanded. They now send parts into Tennessee, South Carolina and northern Florida, as well as around the state of Georgia. In addition to their local delivery driver, they use a number of delivery services, such as Advantage, Diligent and Hayes. February 2013

"Basically, if we can get it to you, we'll ship it," Smith quipped. "We also encourage customers to use Opstrax and OE Connection. The ability to order online has helped attract new, out-ofthe-area customers" Despite Subaru of Gwinnett's success in expanding its wholesale parts service area, Smith still sees growth as her biggest challenge in the future. "We can't just sit around and feel comfortable about where we are," she stated. "We have to get new business. So getting our foot in the door of new shops is a big concern. But we know that because of our level of service, once we have that new customer, we'll keep him." When asked if the recent success of the Subaru brand and its dealers has had a trickle-down effect on attitudes in the service and parts departments at Subaru of Gwinnett, surprisingly Smith replied, not really. "But," she was quick to add, "that's because this has always been an awesome dealer to work for. It's been great for every one of the eight years I've worked here. It's a laid-back and relaxed working environment. Heck, you can even bring your dog to work, if you want." Other than getting new customers and growing the business, Smith doesn't see any looming challenges in the future. "We're just going to continue doing what we've been doing," she said. "We believe as long as we keep putting our customer first and enlarging our service area, we will continue to grow." Hours at Subaru of Gwinnett's parts department are from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. The phone number is 678-905-3565.n Southern Automotive Journal



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Genesis From Page 16 Hyundai-developed eight-speed automatic transmission In keeping with Hyundai engineering philosophy, the R-Spec also includes more aggressive chassis tuning, matching its corresponding powertrain enhancements for optimal dynamic balance. For enhanced body roll control, rear stabilizer bars are hollow in design and diameter is a robust 19 mm. R-Spec will offer a unique sport design 19-inch alloy wheel with premium machined finish. The R-Spec steering calibration has been matched to this unique wheel combination for optimized performance and driving refinement expectations in this segment. To complete the performance package, front brake rotors are an oversized 13.6 inches for enhanced heat dissipation in sporty driving. R-Spec will offer unique headlights with dark chrome inserts for a more distinctive front appearance. Further R-Spec designators can be found around the car’s interior and exterior. An R-Spec bade on the rear lip and black R-Spec embroidered floor mats remind the driver of the performance waiting for them when they get behind the wheel. Genesis R-Spec is only offered in four sport-oriented exterior colors: Black Noir, Titanium Gray, Platinum Metallic, and, new for 2013, White Satin Pearl, each with Black leather interior and an all-black leather steering wheel to further differentiate the 5.0 R-Spec from the 3.8 model. Direct Injection Lambda 3.8-Liter Engine In keeping with its 5.0-liter V8 sibling, the Genesis 3.8-liter Lambda engine also has direct injection (GDI) technology and produces 333 horsepower and 291 lb. ft. of torque. It also has a high compression ratio of 11.5:1 for greater thermal efficiency. This direct-injected Lambda V6 produces a higher specific output (87.6 hp/liter) than its normallyaspirated premium luxury competitors.

The 3.8-liter engine also has Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT), variable induction, an all aluminum block and heads, steel timing chain and iridium-tipped spark plugs. Besides the generous horsepower and torque gains, direct injection technology produces a significant reduction in emis-

sions. Further, a variable vane oil pump fitted to precisely match oil pressure with engine lubrication requirements for increases efficiency at all engine speeds. As a result, 3.8-liter GDI EPA estimated fuel economy is 29 mpg on the highway. 3.8-Liter Direct Injection Lambda V6 Engine All 3.8-liter engines are coupled to the same in-house eight-speed automatic transmission as the 5.0 R-Spec model. These all new transmissions perfectly compliment the new technology found in the new engines, delivering improved efficiency and performance across the Genesis range. Design From the front view, Genesis has an aggressive front fascia with large intake openings and LED lighting accents. From the side view, one will notice the standard 17-inch alloy wheel and rocker panel design. In addition, February 2013

the mirrors incorporate power-folding and puddle lamp functions, while the side window surround has a decidedly sporty brushed aluminum finish. From the rear view, one will notice the dual asymmetrical exhaust tips cleanly integrated into the bumper fascia. Maintaining Hyundai's emphasis ondelivering leading safety technology, Genesis boasts world-class active and passive safety features to help both prevent accidents and maximize the well being of its occupants in the event of a collision. Genesis continues the Hyundai tradition of standardizing key life-saving safety technology with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), eight airbags and electronic active head restraints. The active front head restraints have been proven by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to help prevent whiplash. Day time running lights come standard on the 2013 Genesis. Further, G e n e s i s offers a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), available on the 3.8 Technology package and 5.0 R-Spec models. Whenever the system is activated, a warning chime and dialintegrated warning light alert drivers of their lane departure, allowing them to reposition the car smoothly into the correct position. Genesis' total of eight airbags includes advanceddual front airbags, front andrear seat-mountedside-impact airbags, androof-mountedside curtain airbags for both front andrear outboardseat occupants. Genesis has a total of eight ultrasonic sensors locatedon the front andrear bumpers. The sensors, alongwith the rear backup camera, helpdetect how close objects are when parking. Distance is indicatedon the in-dash screen andaccompaniedby an audible warningtone.n Southern Automotive Journal


Bumper Crop From Page 7 bumpers have been recycled through the program. "These bumpers are typically between five and six feet long and can yield as much as 20 pounds of material after they have been processed," said Goering. "That adds up fast and makes it pretty easy to see how much of an impact the program makes - and that's with just one category." Yet another benefit of the Core Recovery Program is that it helps keep damaged parts from being resold in the aftermarket, says Mark Trombetta, manager of the Ford Regional Core Recovery Center Network. For example, Ford doesn't want to encourage people to try and somehow fix the new complicated headlights of today's vehicles. "Unauthorized selling of Ford parts in the aftermarket can be a problem because Ford has no way to ensure the level of quality," he says. "Then you have a situation where a part being utilized doesn't truly reflect Ford's high standards of quality, but still has the

Blue Oval on it." How it's done Dealers pay a core charge on each new part bought from Ford to replace a damaged one. When the original damaged part is returned to Ford, the dealer gets the money from the core charge back - operating exactly like bottle return systems do in some parts of the United States. To collect the damaged and broken parts from dealers, Ford works with distributors strategically located around the country, such as RMP Powertrain Solutions of Brownstown Township, Mich. The 35,000-square-foot center serves as the central collection point for Ford dealers in Southeast Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Ford uses a proprietary system involving bar codes and scanners to keep track of every single part collected. Once collected, each part is evaluated for either recycling or remanufacturing potential. Parts recycled are sent to thirdparty processors and the raw material is resold. When parts are remanufactured,

they are cleaned, machined and tested to meet Ford quality standards. Like the raw material that comes from recycling, the parts that are remanufactured can then be sold or used in new applications. In the rare instances when recycling or remanufacturing is not an option, Ford ensures proper disposal. Goering says that whether parts are recycled or remanufactured, the Core Recovery Program has been profitable for Ford - and that it could grow even more. "As the vehicle population grows, so does our business," she says. "We are always considering the business case for different products, which is quite a task when you think about the sheer quantity and complexity of the parts going into today's vehicles." RMP's Rick Rutenbar, warehouse manager, says he hopes to be part of the program's continued evolution. "We have definitely seen an increase in the amount of parts we are picking up," he says. "We've had to hire additional workers and add more hours to adjust to the rapid growth in the number of parts we are picking up."n

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February 2013

Lexus Eco Challenge First-round Winners Take Environmental Commitmen to A New Level Students from across the country are showing they can change the world, starting with their local community. Sixteen student teams from 11 states have been named winners in the first round of the sixth annual Lexus Eco Challenge, an educational program and contest that inspires and empowers young people to learn about the environment and take action to improve it. Lexus will award a total of $500,000 in grants and scholarships throughout this year's program. Each winning high-school or middle school team has earned $10,000 in scholarships and grants to be shared among the students, teacher and school. Their win has secured each team an invitation to participate in the Final Challenge for a chance at one of two $30,000 grand prizes and eight $15,000 first-place awards. In addition, the winning action plans will be featured on a special Web page to inspire other students to take action in their communities at www.scholastic. com/lexus. "Creating a better world takes passionate people and the Lexus Eco Challenge is helping students find that passion at an early age," said Mark Templin, Lexus group vice president and general manager. "By looking closely at the world around them, and taking steps to improve their environment, students gain a new perspective and develop the tools they need to make a positive impact throughout their lives." For each of the challenges, teams are required to define an environmental issue that is important to them, develop an action plan to address the issue, implement the plan, and report on the results. The Challenge #1 winning teams that best addressed environmental challenges associated with land and water are: High School Teams: --California (La Crescenta) - "The EcoNarcs" - Clark Magnet High -Researched the negative environmental effects of illegal marijuana growers. -- California (Roseville) - "The Green Bandits" - Woodcreek High - Built worm bins to experiment with vermicomposting. --Florida (Hollywood) - "McArthur Techletes" -- McArthur High School

-Developed a water conservation program for their community. --Florida (Miami) - "Trophic Troopers" - Miami Palmetto - Addressed the effects of electronics disposal in landfills on water quality. --Massachusetts (Boston) "Conservation Nation" - Boston Latin School -- Created a school-wide food composting pilot program for the Boston Public Schools. --Missouri (Eureka) - "Honeysuckle Hunters" - Eureka High - Conducted a nature study and removed non-native honeysuckle from a creek near their school. --New York (LaGrangeville) - "Elymenators" - Arlington High -Evaluated how Lyme Disease affects biodiversity in their community. --Ohio (West Geauga) - "The Take Charge Team" - West Geauga High -Established a program to keep batteries

February 2013

out of local landfills. Middle School Teams: --Florida (Lakeland) - "Can You HEAR Me Now?"-- Lawton Chiles Middle Academy- Collected hearing aids to prevent them from going into landfills. --Florida (Lakeland) - "Pesticide Awareness Team" - Lawton Chiles Middle Academy -- Presented educational programs to promote the proper use of pesticides. --Iowa (Charles City) - "The Green Team" - Charles City Middle School Coordinated an electronics drive to keep harmful items out of landfills. --Michigan (Harper Woods) "ECKH20 Preservers" - Harper Woods Middle School - Studied water quality of the Great Lakes. -- New Jersey (Jersey City) - "Project Reservoir" - Christa McAuliffe School Lexus Eco Challenge Turn to Page 34

Southern Automotive Journal


Clean Air Act From Page 13 in VMT. This has allowed for the actual emissions reductions occurring from motor vehicles to be considered in meeting the applicable requirements. A recent Ninth Circuit court decision, however, has called the EPA’s current approach for demonstrating the offsetting of vehicle mile-related emissions growth into question, and has forced the EPA to re-evaluate its approach. Any change in approach that would require regions to offset vehicle growth regardless of population growth, and without recognition of emission reduction measures such as vehicle turnover and tailpipe control standards, would have a significant impact on the many regions’ ability to develop an approvable attainment strategy, and, under a strict interpretation, would actually render attainment impossible. Many TCMs and transportation strategies Lexus Eco Challenge From Page 33 Studied natural ways to decrease mosquito populations in a local reservoir. --New Jersey (New Egypt) - "EcoWarriors for the World" - New Egypt Middle School -- Launched a food composting program at their school. . --Utah (Holladay) - "R4E: Recycle for the Earth" - Olympus Jr. High - Raised awareness to the importance of recycling. --Utah (Holladay) - "Kookaburras" Olympus Jr. High - Made birdhouses to assist native birds from non-native spe-

have already been implemented in nonattainment areas, and remaining opportunities are scarce and extremely expensive to implement, with relatively small amounts of emissions reductions available. A less inclusive section 182(d)(1)(A) approach would effectively penalize nonattainment areas for having population growth, and would not give credit to the significant emissions reductions being achieved from motor vehicles. To illustrate this issue, such an interpretation applied to the District’s 1997 8-hour ozone standard attainment plan would require the elimination of 5.1 million vehicles, where the vehicle population of the Valley is projected to be 2.6 million vehicles in 2023.” Krancer, in response to question one, “In your agency’s experience implementing the Clean Air Act (CAA), what is working well? What is not working well?” made the following remarks:

“Another success has been major portions of Title II of the Act, which directs EPA to set standards for new motor vehicles and equipment as well as fuels. Mobile sources continue to be a significant contributor to pollutants such as fine particulates and ozone. Some of the most significant and cost-effective emission reductions are clearly due to these programs. The law contains appropriate safeguards for affected industries and some needed flexibility for states. "Even more reduction from mobiles sources will be necessary to attain future NAAQS (National Ambient Air Quality Standards). However, there are challenges related to the provisions of the Act relating to boutique fuels, alternate new vehicle requirements, greenhouse gas (GHG) requirements and other issues. National consistency may be a more effective means to achieve the necessary reductions.”n

cies to protect biodiversity. This year's Lexus Eco Challenge launched in September and concludes with the announcement of the first place and grand-prize-winning teams in spring 2013. Challenge #2, which asks students to address the environmental challenges for air and climate, is currently underway and has an entry deadline of Dec. 17, 2012. In addition to the ongoing contest, the Lexus Eco Challenge also includes educational materials created and distributed by Scholastic, the global children's publishing, education and media company, to encourage teachers to integrate

creative lesson plans about the environment into their classrooms. For each challenge, the Web site (www.scholastic. com/lexus) has lesson plans and teacher instructions, including questions to help guide a discussion about the current challenge topic, facts about the topic, and guidelines for a specific classroom project. The Lexus Eco Challenge is part of The Lexus Pursuit of Potential, a philanthropic initiative that generates up to $3 million in donations each year for organizations that help build, shape and improve children's lives.n

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