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75th Academic Year 2012/2013 August Short Term August 6 (Monday) — August 24 (Friday)

Short Term Begins — Ends

Fall Semester 2012 August 26 (Sunday) August 29 (Wednesday) August 30-31 (Thursday-Friday) September 3 (Monday) September 4 (Tuesday) September 8 (Saturday) September 14 (Friday) October 5 (Friday) October 15—19 (Monday—Friday) November 15 (Thursday) November 21 (Wednesday) November 22—25 (Thursday—Sunday) December 10—14 (Monday—Friday)

New students arrive. Orientation Returning students arrive Seminary retreat Labor Day. No classes Classes begin Nativity of the Theotokos. Elevation of the Cross. No classes. Last day for Adds/Drops w/o penalty Midterm week Nativity Fast begins Entrance of the Theotokos. No classes. Thanksgiving break Last week of classes. Final Examinations Winter break begins after last exam. Feast of St Herman of Alaska

December 13 (Thursday)

Spring Semester 2013 Classes begin Meeting of the Lord. Last day for Adds/Drops w/o penalty Midterm week First week of Lent. Sem. Retreat. No Classes April 29—May 5 (Monday—Sunday) Passion Week & Pascha. No classes May 6—12 (Monday—Sunday) Bright Week—St Thomas Sun. Spring Break. No classes May 13 (Monday) Classes resume. Last week of classes. Final May 20-22 (Monday-Wednesday) Examinations May 25 (Saturday) 71st Commencement May 27 (Monday) Memorial Day 109th Pilgrimage January 14 (Monday) February 2 (Saturday) February 15 (Friday) March 4—March 8 (Monday—Friday) March 18—22 (Monday—Friday)

June Short Term June 3-28

Short Term Begins — Ends

75th Annual Academic Year 2012-2013  

2012-2013 Academic Calendar

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