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Finding Courage at Saint Mary’s School

Board of Trustees 2013-2014 Lane Turner Nash ’72HS ’74C, Chair Theodore D. Bratton, Vice Chair John E. Stephenson, Jr., Secretary William C. Monk Jr., Treasurer At-Large Members R. Marks Arnold, Raleigh, N.C. Gloria Taft Becker ’92HS, Raleigh, N.C. Martin M. Boney, Raleigh, N.C. Theodore D. Bratton, Raleigh, N.C. Martin H. Brinkley, Raleigh, N.C. Barbara Eagleson Cain ’65C, Wilmington, N.C. Eric W. Evans, Raleigh, N.C. Sallie Harris Glover ’81HS ’83C, Raleigh, N.C. R. Gordon Grubb, Raleigh, N.C. Hubert B. Haywood III, M.D., Raleigh, N.C. Kenneth B. Howard, Raleigh, N.C. Elizabeth Stewart Long ’78C, Milwaukee, Wis. Lanier Brown May ’78HS ’80C, Chapel Hill, N.C. William C. Monk Jr., Greenville, N.C. Lane Turner Nash ’72HS ’74C, Raleigh, N.C. Elizabeth Rasberry Pitts ’79C, Charlotte, N.C. Margery Johnson Springer ’79HS, Raleigh, N.C. John E. Stephenson, Atlanta, Ga. F. Jefferson Stocks, Raleigh, N.C. Gray Clark Stoughton ’78HS ’80C, Greenville, N.C. William G. Taylor, Charlotte, N.C. Nancy Kerr Thomason ’73HS ’75C, Dunwoody, Ga. Edwin L. Walker, Raleigh, N.C. Margaret Longley White ’79C, Greensboro, N.C. Margaret Williams Williams ’78HS ’80C, Charlotte, N.C. Faculty Representative to the Board Teresa Assenzo Student Representative to the Board Mary Stuart Fountain ’14, Raleigh, N.C. - SGA President

Administration Monica M. Gillespie, Ph.D., Head of School Sarah Hanawald, Dean of Teaching and Learning Josette Huntress Holland, Associate Head and Dean of Students Abby Johnston, Director of Development Kim McDowell, Director of Admission Laura J. Novia, Director of Marketing and Communication Sally Woods, Director of Finance Saint Mary’s School Magazine Published by Saint Mary’s School 900 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, N.C. 27603-1689 919-424-4000 Editor Mary Virginia Swain ’77C Director of Public Relations and Publications Class News Editor Emory Rogers Church ’74C Contributors Betsy Blee ’71C; Monica M. Gillespie, Ph.D.; Beth Morris Gobble ’82HS ’84C; Debbie Goldstone Horwitz ’92C; Margaret McGlohon '81C; Laura J. Novia; Rachel Schwitzgebel ’14; Mary Virginia Swain ’77C Design Mary Beth DeLoache Graphic Design and Website Associate Printing Metro Productions, Raleigh, N.C. Mission Statement Saint Mary’s School, a community dedicated to academic excellence and personal achievement, prepares young women for college and life. Founded in 1842 in the Episcopal tradition, Saint Mary’s School is an independent, college-preparatory, girls boarding and day school dedicated to academic excellence and personal achievement for grades 9-12. Saint Mary’s School admits high school girls of any race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.

The Heritage Society Educator Barbara Barksdale '49C leaves bequest to support lifelong learners of the future Barbara Barksdale ’49C wanted to make a difference. She devoted the majority of her life to teaching. Her career spanned more than 40 years, beginning in New York City at Huntington Elementary School, next to The Spence School in Manhattan, and ending in Washington, D.C., at the Potomac School.

It was her lifelong love of learning that inspired Barbara to leave a bequest to Saint Mary’s School for financial aid for African-American students. “She was truly ahead of her time,” says her niece. Barbara’s gift will help make a difference in the lives of future Saint Mary’s School students. You, too, can make a difference by remembering Saint Mary’s in your will. By including Saint Mary’s in your estate plans, you will help sustain the school for the future and impact the lives of students.

“Education was her passion,” says her niece, True Campbell. “She was also an adventure traveler, taking trips to Egypt, Africa, Cambodia, the Galapagos Islands and Peru. She loved music and the arts and taught others to appreciate them as well. She also loved the “New York Times” Sunday crossword puzzle and was an absolute stickler for proper grammar.” Barbara Barksdale '49C

Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? Please consider a bequest in support of Saint Mary’s School. For more information, contact Abby Johnston at 919-424-4114.


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The Value of Courage


Saint Mary's Stories of Courage Beth Morris Gobble '82HS '84C


Rachel Schwitzgebel '14HS


Betsy Blee '71C


Debbie Goldstone Horwitz '92C


On the cover: Allie Swanson ’16 on an outdoor adventure in the North Carolina mountains.


Message from the Head of School Saint Mary's tradition of courage By Monica M. Gillespie, Ph.D., Head of School Guide us to perceive what is right, and grant us both the courage to pursue it and the grace to accomplish it; from the Prayer for Discernment, “The Book of Common Prayer”

This edition of the Saint Mary’s School alumnae magazine celebrates the faces of courage at Saint Mary’s. With a long institutional history rich in resolve and valor, Saint Mary’s School has helped to shape generations of women by giving them the courage to face their fears, fight the odds and forge ahead. This magazine features only a few of the extraordinary Saint Mary’s alumnae who have been leaders in the effort make a better life for their families, their communities and their world. Courage was alive at Saint Mary’s School before the “Original 13” students stepped down from their carriages in front of Smedes Hall on opening day in May, 1842. The Rev. Aldert Smedes, with the support of the Diocese of North Carolina, discerned that educating young women was right, and he demonstrated moral character by creating an institution with an enduring mission. His commitment inspired women and men to join the Saint Mary’s community to help build the school’s program through hard work, creative problem solving, collaboration and unwavering determination. Our founder exemplified courage, and in doing so, is an exceptional example of leadership. Dr. Smedes had a compelling vision of what was worthy of achieving, engaged others in the enterprise, dedicated all available resources to the effort, surmounted challenges and graciously celebrated success. Drawing on experiences, skills and ideas, he imbued leadership into the school’s program and provided opportunities for students to shape their school. Student government officers; vestry members; editors of “The Muse,” “The Belles,” and “The Stagecoach;” club presidents; prefects; marshals and team captains are just a few of the formal roles that have been available to students for generations, not to mention the countless informal ones. Saint Mary’s students have been courageous, and our school is stronger because of the legacy of more than a century and a half of their leadership. Saint Mary’s School remains committed to developing leadership that embodies courage with moral and intellectual character and to helping our students become strong, ethical leaders who are prepared to face the challenges of our complex world. Last year we began taking steps to expand our existing leadership development program and establishing the Saint Mary’s Leadership Initiative, generously supported with $50,000 in start-up funding from current parents John and Kristin Replogle. The Saint Mary’s School Leadership Initiative will engage our students with the Raleigh community through internship, entrepreneurial and community-service opportunities.


Saint Mary’s School |

I am pleased to announce that we will collaborate with a project team from Leadership Raleigh, a program of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. This initiative will provide our girls with learning opportunities designed in collaboration with student life and academics. The intention is not to create a separate “home” for leadership, as that would be antithetical to our commitment to foster leadership in all aspects of our educational and residential programming. The Saint Mary’s School Leadership Initiative will be an educational program connecting our girls to our Raleigh community as they build leadership skills. Our goal is to ensure that our girls are truly “prepared for college and life” with the skills, knowledge and commitment “to serve and shape the world.” The Rev. Aldert Smedes instilled in Saint Mary’s School the courage to lead with character and grace. Generations of alumnae followed proudly in our founder’s footsteps. We are humbled to continue this tradition of courage.


Monica M. Gillespie, Ph.D. Head of School


Alex Mahoney ’13 found courage in speaking in front of the entire school.



by Mary Virginia Swain '77C Director of Public Relations and Publications


Saint Mary’s School |

Saint Mary’s School has embodied the core value of courage since it was founded in 1842. Stories of Saint Mary’s courage can be found in the actions and lives of the school’s students, alumnae, faculty, staff, heads of school and trustees since the very beginning of our 172-year tradition of excellence in education for women. It took great courage for the Rt. Rev. Levi Silliman Ives, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, to call upon the Rev. Dr. Aldert Smedes to open a school for girls in 1842 on the site of the recently failed Episcopal School of North Carolina, the boys’ school that first occupied this campus. It took courage for the “Original 13” students to enroll in a new school for girls and for the first boarding students to travel for days by horse-drawn stagecoach, in many cases, to leave home to come to a new school far from family for most of the school year. It took courage for Aldert Smedes, Saint Mary’s founder and first rector/head of school, to keep the school open throughout the Civil War,

Students find their courage in outdoor adventures.

negotiating with Union General William Tecumseh Sherman to not take over the main building for use as a hospital, conducting school while Union troops camped on campus in the Grove and bartering with parents for tuition in exchange for scarce resources to feed the students and faculty. Indeed, it has taken courage in all of the years since to keep Saint Mary’s open and operating continuously as an all-girls’ Episcopal school, wisely adapting to the challenges of the everchanging social and economic times, while always remaining true to the original mission of educating girls for college and for life. True to its heritage, Saint Mary’s School educates and graduates girls and women who consistently embody personal courage in myriad ways during their school years and throughout their lives. Courageous women from Saint Mary’s history include alumnae Nell Battle Lewis, Class of 1909, and Caro Bayley Bosca ’41C, just to name two who embodied different

Girls find their voices and courage through experiential learning.

types of courage as they followed their passions in life.


Saint Mary’s is steadfast in its commitment to instill moral and intellectual courage in each girl.

Alumna and former faculty member Nell Battle Lewis, a

Aerobatic Champion on January 3, 1951, flying a Piper Cub

nationally-known journalist, feminist, lawyer, educator and

Super Cruiser to over 30,000 feet and setting a world altitude

human rights advocate in the early 20th-century, used her

record for that type of aircraft.

long-running “News & Observer” column, “Incidentally,”to crusade courageously for social issues including women’s

The “Class Notes” section of this magazine hints at the

rights, improved conditions in penal institutions and in the care

thousands of stories of courage Saint Mary’s alumnae are living

of the mentally ill, and abolition of the death penalty. “Nell

each day. For some alumnae, courage means breaking through

never minced words, and she never hesitated to expose injustice

the proverbial glass ceiling to achieve at the highest levels in

wherever she saw it,” wrote Professor Emerita Martha Stoops

their professional fields, to take the adventurous risk to jump

in “The Heritage,” the comprehensive history of Saint Mary’s

back into the workforce outside the home or to change careers

from 1842-1982.

along the way. For others, inner courage manifests itself with the diagnosis of and subsequent battle with cancer, MS,

Caro Bayley Bosca ’41C, who took flying lessons while a

Alzheimer’s, diabetes or Parkinson’s – either for one’s self or

student at Saint Mary’s, was a courageous pioneer aviator who

a loved one. We muster all the courage we can find when we

flew with the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) in

lose a loved one or a Saint Mary’s friend. It takes courage to go

World War II, at a time when female pilots were a rarity. Caro

through a divorce, be a single parent or raise a beautiful child

flew target planes for gunnery practice and delivered supplies,

with special needs. For many alumnae, much like Nell Battle

becoming an officer in the Air Force Reserve. Following the

Lewis, courage is advocating, supporting or volunteering for

war, Caro worked as a flight instructor, mechanic and aerobatic

issues, causes and institutions about which they are passionate.

flyer in air shows. She became the International Women’s


Saint Mary’s School |

So, how does Saint Mary's instill courage in girls in the 21st century? Today, on Saint Mary’s campus, we see courage exemplified in

has become a second home and has given me another family,"

our students in every aspect of campus life, from the classroom

says Izzie White, a 10th-grader from London, England. Saint

to the podium in Pittman Auditorium, to the pulpit in the

Mary’s supportive community encourages girls to discover

Chapel, to the playing fields and to the performance stages.

their voice and use it with confidence. Students are encouraged

Saint Mary’s has a new focus on the time-honored value of

to use their intellectual courage to speak out in class and in

courage in the lives of students. Saint Mary’s encourages girls

extracurricular and leadership activities. The Junior Speaking

to find their courage, to be themselves, to expand their hori-

Program offers a formal speaking opportunity for each Saint

zons, to open their minds, to explore their passions and to find

Mary’s student during the junior year. Writing and delivering a

their voice.

junior speech in Chapel or assembly, with the help of an adult speech mentor, challenges girls to explore and discover their

Saint Mary’s School is steadfast in its commitment to instill

passions and requires them to apply their knowledge and cour-

moral and intellectual courage in each of the girls. The school

age to effectively communicate their thoughts, experiences and

does this through its learning and living community, which is

feelings to an audience. These experiences empower girls to ap-

rich with opportunities for girls to push personal boundaries

ply their skills when they run for a campus leadership position

and become comfortable exploring the unfamiliar. Choosing to

or speak on behalf of an organization in Chapel or assembly.

attend a new school like Saint Mary’s is a courageous choice for a young woman today, just as it was for the “Original 13” students in 1842. But, once a girl arrives at Saint Mary’s School, she joins a welcoming community of faculty, staff and other students here to support her as she experiences a different place, explores unique interests and creates memories and friendships to last a lifetime. “It’s not easy to move away at a young age, but Saint Mary’s

“It’s not easy to move away at a young age, but Saint Mary’s has become a second home and has given me another family.” Saint Mary’s encourages girls to find their passions through community service projects such as Habitat for Humanity.


“I found courage when I had to make a speech in front of everyone to run for student body president,” says Alex Mahoney ’13, 2012-2013 Student Government Association President.

"I found courage when I had to make a speech in front of everyone to run for student body president." Some students find courage through the performing arts.

Experiential opportunities also help girls find their courage, think creatively, push boundaries and develop new perspectives. With support and guidance, students are inspired to navigate the unfamiliar, take responsible risks, explore new paths, move out of their comfort zones and be curious. This type of courage was demonstrated by Izzie White ’16 and Molly Paul ’16 who eagerly signed on to be the first students from our school to travel across the continent this August to launch our exchange program with St. Mary’s Anglican School for Girls in Perth, Australia. Saint Mary’s provides a multitude of experiential ways for girls to find their courage and their voices. Whether it’s trying out for the school play, going out for a team in a new sport, playing in a championship game, running for one of the many student leadership positions, working an internship in a field of interest, participating in the COMPASS Leadership Development Program, volunteering to help fight hunger or build a Habitat for Humanity house, braving the great outdoors in our ninthgrade Outward Bound trip, traveling on a school trip abroad or signing on for a new adventure on one of our new Exploration Days – there is something to help every girl find herself, her courage and her voice.


Saint Mary’s School |

Saturday Exploration Days offer new opportunities for learning adventures.

“I found courage rapelling down a mountain on our ninth-grade

In the time between the day a girl starts her first year at Saint

Outward Bound trip,” says Talley Morton, a 10th-grade board-

Mary’s and the day she walks through the Grove at commence-

ing student from New Jersey. And, of course, there are opportu-

ment ready to begin the next chapter of her life, Saint Mary’s

nities and encouragement to find our moral courage and moral

promises to help her conquer her fears, explore the possibilities

compass in the Saint Mary’s Honor Code and in our Chapel.

and instill the personal and moral courage that will carry her through the rest of her life.

Saint Mary’s School is an interconnected community where creative and collaborative teaching and learning happen in every part of school life. Through an integrated approach, Saint

Sources: “The Heritage,” by Martha Stoops; “Woman Pilot Magazine.”

Mary’s helps girls explore intellectual paths, learn through shared experiences and examine ideas in new ways. Students find the courage to ask questions, debate, probe, defend and use their voices with confidence.

Ropes courses and the North Carolina Outward Bound program challenge students to reach new heights in the great outdoors.


Remembering a classmate's calming spirit of courage by Beth Morris Gobble '82HS '84C We toted our buckets down to the hall baths and tried to remember to yell “FLUSH” so as not to scorch anyone in the showers. We met our dates and dads in the parlor, and it felt like we were at a slumber party that lasted for two years. Martha Taylor Yeargin Appleyard ’82HS ’84C was my best friend in high school at Saint Mary’s. She was a sweet, kind, beautiful and generous soul. She passed away on August 29, 2012, after a four–year battle with ovarian cancer. I loved Tay for many reasons, but she was my hero because she fought that battle for so long, with such courage. Tay was diagnosed in 2008, about the same time my roommate from UNC-G was nearing the end of her valiant fight with ovarian cancer. Tay’s initial recovery felt like a victory over the disease I had grown to hate so much.

Saint Mary’s friends at Wrightsville Beach in the 1980s: left to right: Tay Yeargin Appleyard ’82HS ’84C, Martha Gourley Jubera ’82HS ’84C and Beth Morris Gobble ’82HS ’84C.

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a place as much as I loved Saint Mary’s – specifically Smedes Hall, the weekend of August 31, 2012. The friendships formed in those hallways during my high school years are some of the most meaningful ones I’ve ever had. Although I also attended college at Saint Mary’s, it was a totally different experience from high school. Cruikshank dorm was a more modern building; the ceilings were lower, the hallways more narrow and every room was the same. Our mindset in college was different too; we felt more mature and comfortable being away from home. As high school girls in Smedes, we were young and homesick. We spent most of our time camped out in the extra wide halls sharing pizza, birthday cake and whatever our moms sent back with us from break. We lived in those hallways like they were our living rooms, and our hall mates and friends became our family.


Saint Mary’s School |

Absorbed in my own little world, I did not know that Tay had gotten sick again. So when Katherine White Messenger ’84C called me that Friday morning, August 31, with the news of Tay’s passing and the funeral arrangements, I was shocked, to say the least. I headed to Raleigh that day and, oddly enough, stayed in Smedes Hall. My good friend, Sarah Hanawald, who is the dean of teaching and learning at Saint Mary’s, had recently been hired as the school’s technology director and was living in a faculty apartment in Smedes. I had not been in Smedes since the completion of the latest renovation, so it was quite a surprise to see all the changes and updates to the historically beautiful structure. The next 24 hours overwhelmed me with a vast range of emotions. I was very happy and excited to see Sarah and her family, as I had missed them a lot since their departure from Salisbury. The faculty apartments and all the physical changes to Smedes kept my mind reeling. The thing that stopped me in my tracks though, was that I saw Tay everywhere. We always had so much fun together and being in that building again brought it all flooding back. Almost all my high school memories took place in Smedes and involved Tay. I can remember so clearly sitting on the front steps one Saturday morning with her, laughing hysterically about whatever we had done the night before.

The next day of Tay's funeral, I was so grateful to see Cindy Child Walker ’82HS and Martha Gourley Jubera ’82HS ’84C. They were also part of so many good memories from that time. I don’t know how I would have survived high school, or this emotional weekend, without our little group. Once again, we hugged and cried and helped each other through the difficult time – just like we used to do. I felt Tay there with us. Her obituary described her as “calm” and, although I’d never thought about it before, that was really accurate. She was a calming force in the storm of changes we faced there every day. I think it might have been her calming spirit that helped me through that weekend. When I first started as class secretary more than 30 years ago, I never thought about the fact that one day, I would be writing about this sort of thing. It was much easier to focus on where we were going to school, whom we were marrying and how many kids everyone had. But life goes full circle, and it is a privilege to represent my friends year after year. I’m grateful for Tay and all the friends I made, the experiences we had at Saint Mary’s and that I was able to spend the night in Smedes Hall again, when I needed to the most.

Beth Morris Gobble was a four-year girl at Saint Mary’s from 1980-1984 following in the footsteps of her sister, Jane Morris Harkey ’80HS ’82C. Originally from Greensboro, Beth has lived in Salisbury, N.C., with her husband, Dan, since 2003. She is a benefits administrator and enjoys advocating for the deaf, hard of hearing and older adults. She has been class secretary for the high school class since 1982.

Martha Taylor Yeargin Appleyard '82HS '84C


A fearless quest for learning by Rachel Schwitzgebel ’14

Reflecting upon my experience at Saint Mary’s School, I value most the fact that I, like many Saint Mary’s students, have been instilled with the courage to dream and pursue my passions. Each and every day at Saint Mary’s, we have the opportunity to engage with faculty, teachers, and fellow students, motivating us to extend our learning beyond the typical classroom environment. My dream was to be an intern at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). With the support and recommendations from the faculty of the Saint Mary’s science department, I was able have the privilege of working in Bethesda, Md., this summer as an intern at the National Institutes of Health in the Genomic Technologies Section of the Research Technologies Branch of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. My summer project involved participating in innovating a computer mechanism to facilitate researchers in finding correlations with other researchers’ experiments so as to encourage communication and collaboration, by means of data-mining algorithms and statistical analysis. On August 8, I had the opportunity to present my personal summer research to tenured researchers at the NIH entitled: “Gene Expression Profile Chasing in Microarray Data Archives: New Insights from Old Experiments.” I was also given the opportunity to listen to, communicate with, and walk in the very same hallways as innovators and creative thinkers who have pioneered countless initiatives, such as the Human Genome Project, effective field tests for malaria and cures for many infectious diseases. Beyond their discoveries, what I found to be most enlightening about my experience is the fact that the tenured researchers, hailing from some of the most prestigious institutions across the country and, indeed, across the world, still sought opportunities to expand their own knowledge and share their knowledge with others. Every day, upwards of two to three lectures were hosted on campus, featuring various presentations from esteemed researchers. Although it was incredible to hear about the wide array of research being conducted, I always found the questions posed to researchers, and the subsequent answers, fascinating. The researchers always responded with an unparalleled passion for the discovery of the unknown: accordingly, I would leave each lecture with the same thought, asking myself, “What can’t be done?”


Saint Mary’s School |

Rachel Schwitzgebel ’14 at the National Institutes of Health

I was awed by this environment, but in a way, it seemed somewhat all too familiar. And then I realized that this inquisitiveness is an intrinsic characteristic of students, faculty and staff at Saint Mary’s School. With our open learning environment and engaging curriculum inside and outside the classroom, we too seek to critically speculate and offer new insights. Indeed, it is this very fearlessness − this passionate zest for learning − that will serve innumerous benefits after we go forth from the Saint Mary's historic gates, destined to make our own unique contributions to our communities and to the world.

Rachel Schwitzgebel ’14 is a senior day student from Raleigh. Rachel had the opportunity to present her work at the NIH Summer Research Program Poster Day 2013. She was one of only two high school students presenting from North Carolina, as most intern presenters were college students.

Achieving goals by facing our fears and obstacles by Betsy Blee '71C Retirerd Lt. Colonel, United States Marine Corps

Courage is facing the obstacles to goals one wants to achieve. Courage encompasses drive, motivation and persistence to confront fear and to continue the journey. Fear has challenged me in every phase of my life. My early high school days in Hawaii preceded my family’s move back to Jacksonville, N.C. Throughout childhood I was a swimmer and body surfer, both in love with and terrified of large waves and board surfing. Around Oahu, I taught myself to surf, avoiding bigger waves and stronger guys who ridiculed me. I became skilled enough to compete in North Carolina surfing contests and the East Coast Championships.

When I entered Saint Mary’s, I had attended 12 schools in three countries and four states. I had a miserable academic record which did not improve while at Saint Mary’s. My mother died the day after my freshman year, and I was adrift. I worried over my application to UNC-Greensboro. After earning my B.S. degree, I immediately found another goal. I am the daughter of a Navy Captain; granddaughter of two Navy men and one Navy woman; great-granddaughter of a U.S. Life Saving Service lighthouse keeper; niece of two Navy servicemen and cousin of a Navy dentist. Bearing the pride of my legacy, I approached a Navy recruiter only to learn that the recruiting station had filled its quota for women. So I walked next door and applied for the one slot the United States Marine Corps had open for a female. On graduation day, as I was packing to leave UNC-Greensboro, the recruiter called my dorm phone: “Report to Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Va., in three weeks.” My hands were shaking. I could not believe the United States Marines accepted me as a woman Officer Candidate. Women were only two percent of the Corps! Several years on active duty and graduate study at Webster University followed. With a master’s degree in business and rank of captain under my belt, I turned toward the business sector. I was terrified to tell big business human resources leaders how I could be of value. Interviews with 12 different companies led to a sales position with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Los Angeles. What was I thinking? I had no background in pharmaceuticals or selling and was absolutely scared to death. Twenty-six years later, I retired from Pfizer in New York City and joined The Ken Blanchard Companies as a consulting partner. What made me think I could teach others about leadership? For five years I traveled through the U.S., Canada and Europe, managing the queasiness of speaking in front of groups, the fear of flying and the stress of learning all the material I had to master.

Betsy Blee '71C


Having retired from the U.S. Marine Corps, Pfizer Inc., and The Ken Blanchard Companies, I am now working as a credentialed captain, something only three percent of women have done in the maritime industry. I cross the Cape Fear River in daylight and in the dark with up to 150 people and their dogs aboard. In my career’s mature stage, I am drawn back to the water where I started. Courage has played a continual role in my life. At Saint Mary’s I benefited from the small campus with a music-filled Chapel in a grove of stately oak trees; a dedicated teaching and administrative staff; and lively, intelligent classmates. We all grew together in our confidence in this secure and loving environment that encouraged and nurtured lifelong friendships from which I still draw strength. That Saint Mary’s foundation of confidence and courage helped me achieve two college degrees; a 22-year career in the U.S. Marine Corps on active and reserve duty, retiring as a Lt. Colonel; many sales awards at Pfizer where I ended my career as the Senior Director, Leadership Education and Development; the trust of leaders within large companies that I served through The Ken Blanchard Companies; and now my ferry-driving dream. I still feel nervousness and doubt about succeeding in a nontraditional role for women. I am inspired by the words of Eleanor Roosevelt who believed that strength, courage and confidence grow from facing fear: “We must do that which we think we cannot.”


Saint Mary’s School |

Captain Betsy Blee '71C

While in the United States Marine Corps, Lt. Col. Betsy Blee ’71C held the distinction of being the first woman to command a reserve unit. Upon retirement from the USMC, Betsy used her leadership skills in a long and successful career in the pharmaceutical industry where she trained salespeople, led a winning sales team, and served as senior director, group leader of leadership education and development at Pfizer, Inc. After graduation from Saint Mary’s, Betsy earned a B.S. from UNC-Greensboro and an M.B.A. from Webster University. She has been a guest instructor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Services in Tarrytown, N.Y., and at Teachers College, Columbia University. Betsy is a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, holds a 100GRT USCG Licensed Master Credential and works as a captain on the Bald Head Island ferries on North Carolina’s coast. She has served Saint Mary's as a past member of the Alumnae Council.

Courage: what it means to me by Debbie Goldstone Horwitz '92C

Due to my family history and risk factors, I needed to have a double mastectomy. I was prepared to do it, but when I asked my surgeon if I could see pictures of a woman my age going through breast reconstruction, he said that no such “process” pictures existed. I knew that something had to be done and that perhaps I would need to be the model for such pictures. From that point forward, I set out on a mission to change that and make sure that the women that came behind me would have the pictures they needed in order to feel educated about reconstruction. I created “Myself: Together Again” in order to share and illustrate a personal story of breast reconstruction to other women who, with a lack of good information, are facing fear, treatment and surgery after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Debbie Goldstone Horwitz '92C

In the summer of 1990, I arrived at Saint Mary’s not knowing what was in store for me. Classes began, and, there I was, a freshman in Dr. Jack Hume’s economics class struggling to understand his lectures. It dawned on me that the reason it wasn’t making sense to me was because I simply didn’t understand fractions. As hard as it was, I forced myself to visit Dr. Hume one afternoon during his office hours, and I owned up to feeling lost in class because I couldn’t remember high school math. Instead of judging me or suggesting that I get into another class, Dr. Hume just looked at me and said, “Well then, I guess I am going to have to teach you about fractions.” From that day on, we met about once a week and, unbeknownst to anyone else, I was being taught basic math skills behind the scenes. I probably didn’t recognize it then, but that relationship that I created with Dr. Hume grew out of courage. Instead of sitting back quietly and just barely passing, I made the decision to muster the courage to ask for help. I can still remember Dr. Hume being proud of me when I successfully made it through that economics class, and I can also still feel how proud I felt of myself for finding the courage to be honest with him. In 2004, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32. My mom died of breast cancer when I was nine years old, so this was hereditary and happening to me sooner than I could have expected.

Today, I am nine years cancer free, and I have created books for women that show the process of tissue expander breast reconstruction following double mastectomy surgery. The books are in doctors’ offices, hospitals and cancer centers all over the world, and I serve as director of the public non-profit I created years ago called “Myself: Together Again.” I look back now and wonder how I had the courage to model for the pictures in the book at such a difficult and distressing time in my life, but like my decision to be upfront with Dr. Hume, it has been a true blessing in my life and I am better for it. Debbie Goldstone Horwitz ’92C is the founder and director of “Myself: Together Again,” a 503-C public charity that works to empower women through the breast reconstruction process. Debbie is the author of “Myself: Together Again,” in which she details her courageous journey past chemotherapy, through double mastectomy to the end of the breast reconstruction process in a poignant pictorial documentary. In September 2010, Debbie was honored to be a member of the American Program Bureau, a forum of distinguished public speakers who are paired with audiences nationwide. She and the project have been featured in the national media, including an appearance on “The Today Show.” Debbie lives in Raleigh with her husband and two children.




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Blue Ribbon Day for the Class of 2012: the 171st Commencement The sights and sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance” filled the Grove Sunday morning, May 19, as 58 seniors graduated from Saint Mary’s. Head of School Monica Gillespie, Ph.D., presided over her first commencement as head of Saint Mary’s. It was a glorious Saint Mary’s commencement day in the Grove. By all accounts, Saint Mary’s commencement embodies personal touches of academic excellence, personal achievement, friendship and grace that are hallmarks of the Saint Mary’s experience. Valedictorian Suejette Black of Greensboro, delivered the valedictory address. In a new tradition, Amber Hunsel delivered the senior commencement address, having been elected by her classmates as the inaugural senior commencement speaker. Janet Cowell, North Carolina State Treasurer, delivered the commencement address.

Baccalaureate in the historic Saint Mary’s Chapel preceded the commencement exercises with Chaplain Ann Bonner-Stewart presiding and former Saint Mary’s Chaplain Meta Ellington delivering the homily. Once again, Saint Mary’s graduating class boasts 100 percent college acceptance to a broad ranges of outstanding colleges and universities around the nation. Members of the Class of 2013 have been offered more than $2 million in college scholarships. Mary Virginia Swain '77C Director of Public Relations and Publications

Erin Xu was the recipient of the 2013 Cooper Medal, in recognition of achieving the highest GPA for the year. Andy Reynolds was the 2013 recipient of the Niles Medal for finishing with the highest GPA over her years at Saint Mary's. Julia Burton received the Catherine Ruth Proctor Award, presented by the Saint Mary’s chapter of the National Honor Society in recognition of the student making the greatest scholastic advancement over the past four years. Page Reynolds was the recipient of the 2013 Georgia Lee Kinsey Award for accomplishing the greatest scholastic advancement over the past two years. Deanna MacCormac of Raleigh was chosen to receive the King Medal, given each year to the graduate, who, in the opinion of the faculty, has most consistently practiced good citizenship at Saint Mary's School and inconspicuously served as an example to others. Gini Todd was voted by her classmates to receive the Margaret and Ann Highsmith Medal, awarded to a graduate who exemplifies the Christian idea of helpfulness to others motivated by her genuine love for all members of the school community. Charlotte Niemann is the 2013 Marian Drane Graham Award winner. This award was established in 1968 as a memorial to Marian Drane Graham, Class of 1919, wife of Frank Porter Graham, former president of the University of North Carolina and a former U.S. Senator. The award is made each year to a graduate who exemplifies Marian’s “reverence and humility of spirit, scholarship without pride of excellence, zest for life, faith and fortitude, and all-around development in the course of her radiant and nobly useful life.”


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Amber Hunsel ’13 was the senior commencement speaker.

Academic Excellence

The Class of 2013 at commencement in the Grove.

Marshals lead the commencement procession.

Chief Marshal Paden Earnhardt ’14 drops the handkerchief.

Graduates turn their Saint Mary’s rings.

Members of the Class of 2013 toss their caps.


Ninth-graders experience the arts of world cultures The research base supporting the value of arts in education is enormous. Numerous studies confirm that students whose secondary education includes the study of visual and performing arts experience academic and social benefits that exceed those of students who do not engage in such study. An exhaustive national study out of the University of California at Los Angeles included over 25,000 middle and high school students. The researchers found that students with high arts involvement performed better academically than did students without arts education. In addition, the arts-involved students had less screen time and were more involved in community service. What does the importance of arts education mean for Saint Mary’s students? Certainly, Saint Mary’s offers girls over 20 courses in drama, visual arts, dance and music. However, specific coursework is not the only way our curriculum encourages girls to engage in arts education. Over the past years, Saint Mary’s has provided our ninth-grade students with an inter-disciplinary study of world cultures through the joint efforts of the humanities and English departments. Included in this study is an intentional inclusion of the arts in these cultures. We are convinced that the study of the arts in conjunction with the World Cultures program enables our students to become better global citizens. While textbooks and literary works still provide much of the material studied, masterworks of arts from the regions and eras studied provide another valuable lens for learning about a culture. Students learn about these works in the classroom via visual images of famous pieces, listen to musical selections, and visit local museums. Examining the masterpieces of a “foreign” culture enables a student to better understand the values held in high esteem by the people who created or admired it. The ability to think about the values and views of a culture different from one’s own is an essential aspect of critical thinking. In addition, when a girl understands how to consider the perspective of another culture, her own values become clearer to her. Clarifying one’s own values is an essential part of the Habits of a Lifelong Learner, the central document of the Saint Mary’s School curriculum. The integration of art into the curriculum has a hands-on component too, as is appropriate and valuable for our youngest students as they transition to high school. The ninth-graders learn African dance techniques, make block prints influenced by Persian prayer rugs, create mandalas, try Chinese brush painting, discover non-western music through listening to unique instruments such as the Ehru or listen to the Saint Mary’s Chorale sing songs from around the world.


Saint Mary’s School |

Dr. Steven Esthimer works with ninth-graders in the art studio.

Academic Excellence

Teresa Assenzo, academic chair and visual arts instructor, is coordinating the effort to integrate arts more deeply into the World Cultures curriculum. She says, "It's important to hear about the cultural context that informs art making practices around the world. It's equally important to experience it firsthand. There is no substitute for seeing actual art. We are lucky enough to have the North Carolina Museum of Art just 15 minutes away. It's fantastic to see a girl standing in front of an actual African mask that might be six feet tall, to see the sense of wonder and curiosity that it creates. This is a totally different experience than seeing it in a slide or reading about it in a book. In the same vein, girls should learn about the idea of resonance in Chinese brush painting, and what better way to learn about it than to actually do it."

Ninth-graders experience African dance.

Vickie Posey, ninth-grade Honors English teacher says, “The World Studies African dance day gives students an opportunity to taste African culture first hand. Instead of watching a film or performance or reading about the culture, they actively participate, even if they’ve never danced before. Students may be reluctant at first but quickly warm up when they hear the live drumming and see the African dance teacher.� A student wrote in her journal following her African dance experience, "We could experience it [the dance] without having to take a trip there or opening a book, but rather live it and embed it in our memories." Sarah Hanawald Dean of Teaching and Learning

Ninth-grade world cultures students create designs for Persian rugs.


Student Achievement Saint Mary's seniors earn National Merit Scholarship Program honors

Saints win in National History Day competition

Saint Mary's senior Alexandra Meads ’14 has been chosen as a semifinalist in the 2014 National Merit Scholarship Program. Semifinalists were chosen by virtue of their performance on the 2012 Preliminary SAT/ National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Frances Cayton '14 and Caitlin Garrabrant '14 have been recognized as Commended Students.

By virtue of placing first in the state National History Day (NHD) contest last spring, Carson Clay represented the state of North Carolina at the national NHD contest held in College Park, Md., in June. Carson’s winning research paper was, “The Discovery of Penicillin: A Major Turning Point in History.” The paper also won the senior level Medical History Prize.

Of the 1.5 million who took the qualifying test, about 50,000 students qualify for recognition, either as semifinalists or commended students. About 16,000 students were named semifinalists. NMSC, a notfor-profit organization thatoperates without government assistance, was established in 1955 specifically to conduct the annual National Merit Scholarship Program.

From left to right: Hannah Cheney ’15, Sophia Buehrer ’15, Carson Clay ’15, Grayson Rodriguez ’15 and Molly Cruse ’15 at the National History Day competition.

First Place: Carson Clay, “The Discovery of Penicillin: A Major Turning Point in History.” Second Place: Molly Cruse, “Social Darwinism's Impact on Narism” Third Place: Grayson Rodriguez, “Emile Zola's Revolutionary Letter and Trial: Instantly Impacting France's National and International Stability by Bringing the Dreyfus Affair to Light” Fourth Place: Sophia Buehrer, “The French Armistice of June 1940: The Effects of the French and British Resistance” Fifth Place: Hannah Cheney, for her paper, “The Black Death: How the Bubonic Plague Affected Christianity through the Question of Innocent Suffering” Ten students from Lisa Grabarek’s Honors Western Civilization and Ann Bonner-Stewart’s History and Theology of Christianity classes, competed initially in the school competition:


Saint Mary’s School |

Sophia Buehrer, Hannah Cheney, Carson Clay, Molly Cruse, Grace Caroline Larcade, Hayley Reid, Grayson Rodriguez, Morgan Seidel, Abigail Ueland and Sylvia Weir. Using both primary and secondary sources, these students researched and formulated their own interpretations of their topics, all related to the National History Day theme, “Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, Events.” National History Day, which is actually a year-long project, encourages the teaching and learning of history and promotes critical thinking and presentation skills. Supported by thousands of teachers nationwide, it is a national program attracting more than half a million students annually from every state in the union, Washington, D.C., American Samoa, Guam, international schools, and Department of Defense schools in Europe. At the school, district, state and national history competitions, judges review the students’ work and provide constructive comments. Students are encouraged to edit and improve their research papers prior to each succeeding competition. National History Day at Saint Mary’s School is sponsored by Kenan Library and the Kenan Library staff. The school NHD coordinator is Ms. Ainsley Powell.

Personal Achievement

'Concord Review' publishes history paper by Frances Cayton '14

2013 Summer Reading Scholars

“The Concord Review” selected “The Ukrainian Holodomor and the Western Press,” a paper written by Saint Mary’s School senior Frances Cayton of Raleigh, for publication in its fall 2013 issue. “The Concord Review” was founded in March 1987 to recognize and to publish exemplary history essays by high school students in the English-speaking world. “The Concord Review” is the only quarterly journal in the world to publish the academic work of secondary students. TCR believes that the pursuit of academic excellence in secondary schools should be given the same attention as the pursuit of excellence in sports and other extracurricular activities. TCR accepts approximately seven percent of submissions received. For more information, visit “True to form for Frances, the paper was not required for a class,” says her teacher, Lisa Grabarek. “Her interest in the topic developed out of her Honors Western Civilization class, but the research and writing were completely self-driven. She worked tirelessly and enthusiastically, committing many hours to researching, writing and rewriting. She began work on the paper in the spring of 2012 and submitted it to TCR for consideration in the spring of 2013.”

2013 Summer Reading Scholars on the steps of Kenan Library

Saint Mary's Summer Reading Scholars are hooked on reading! Congratulations to the following girls on being honored as Summer Reading Scholars: Sophia Buehrer, Jordan Gelber, Tori Hester, Lyndsey Jones, Cameron Little, Talley Morton, Molly Paul, Tara Elise Richard, Catherine Sugg, Hannah Thompson, Hannah Euland, Emily Weatherspoon, Izzie White and Kimberly Wood. These voracious readers read all seven of this year's summer reading selection options. Senior Cameron Little earned this honor for the fourth straight year, meaning she has read every summer reading option for all of her years at Saint Mary’s. The theme of this year's Summer Reading Program was "The Power of Culture in Shaping Individual Identity. This year’s books were: "Girl Meets God," by the Rev. Dr. Lauren Winner; "Bend Not Break," by Pin Fu and MeiMei Fox; "The Bluest Eye," by Toni Morrison; "Alone Together, Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other," by Sherry Turkle; "Joy Luck Club," by Amy Tan; "Enrique's Journey," by Sonia Nazario; and "A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier," by Ishmael Beah.

Frances Cayton ’14, left, and Instructor of Humanities and Social Studies Lisa Grabarek, read from “The Concord Review,” which included an essay by Frances.


Saint Mary's athletics: a winning tradition Saint Mary’s boasts a winning interscholastic athletics tradition dating back 50 years when teams began competing against other schools and colleges around the state and beyond. Under the leadership of longtime Hall of Fame Coach and Physical Education Chair Mary Lou Jones, Saint Mary’s was a pioneer in women’s athletics in the early years of intercollegiate competition in the 1960s and 1970s. In those days, Saint Mary’s tennis teams competed and won consistently against teams from the largest colleges and universities in the state, including Duke, Carolina, N.C. State and Wake Forest. The college swim team also won championships, and golf and basketball teams competed on the collegiate level. Saint Mary’s teams have been and continue to be successful on the high school level, winning many championships in tennis, soccer, field hockey, swimming, basketball and golf.


Saint Mary’s School |

Inspired by this winning tradition, Saint Mary’s Athletics Director Dean Monroe has led the effort to revitalize Bacon Gym with championship and milestone banners and a colorful mural celebrating Saint Mary’s athletics, past and present. Saint Mary’s currently fields 16 teams in 11 sports, competing as a member of the Triangle Independent Schools Athletic Conference and the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association. We look forward to adding to these championship banners with each passing year.



Saint Mary's Board of Trustees names new trustees and officers The Saint Mary’s Board of Trustees has named new trustees and elected new officers for 2013-2014. New trustees, appointed to four-year terms, are, Martin M. Boney of Raleigh, Martin H. Brinkley of Raleigh, R. Gordon Grubb of Raleigh and Nancy Kerr Thomason ’73HS ’75C of Dunwoody, Ga. Mr. Boney is the father of Mary Powell Boney ’16, a 10th-grade boarder. Mr. Brinkley is the father of two alumnae, Eliza Brinkley ’11 and Caroline Brinkley ’13. Mr. Grubb is the father of Darden Grubb ’16, a 10th-grader. Mrs. Thomason is a member of Saint Mary’s classes of 1973 high school and 1975 college. Mary Stuart Fountain ’14, student body president, is the student representative to the board for 2013-2014. Teresa Assenzo, instructor of art and academic chair, is the faculty representative. Lane Turner Nash ’72HS ’74C of Raleigh is the new chair of the board of trustees. Lane is the mother of two alumnae, Austin Nash Coley ’01 and Jenna Nash Hollmeyer ’04. Mrs. Nash has served as Alumnae Council president and as co-chair of the Beyond Imagination Capital Campaign, among many volunteer positions at Saint Mary’s. Her husband, John Nash, served previously as chair of the board.

New trustees, from left to right: Gordon Grubb, Nancy Kerr Thomason ’73HS ’75C, Martin Brinkley and Martin Boney

Theodore D. Bratton of Raleigh is vice chair of the board. Ted is the father of two alumnae, Gabe Bratton ’05 and Maggie Bratton ’09. His mother, Michelle Telfair Bratton ’44C, and all of his sisters graduated from Saint Mary’s. His father, the late John Bratton Jr., and his brother, John R. Bratton, also served on the Saint Mary’s Board of Trustees. John E. Stephenson Jr. of Atlanta is secretary of the board of trustees. Mr. Stephenson is the father of Saint Mary’s senior boarder Ansley Stephenson ’14. William C. Monk Jr. of Greenville, N.C., is treasurer. Mr. Monk is the father of Saint Mary’s junior boarder Aurelia Monk ’15 and son-in-law of former board chair Aurelia Fulton Stafford ’48HS ’50C. Saint Mary’s is grateful for the dynamic and thoughtful leadership of William G. Taylor of Charlotte, who served previously as chair of the board and who continues serving as a trustee for another year. Mr. Taylor was instrumental in bringing Head of School Monica Gillespie to Saint Mary’s and in stewarding the school through a smooth and successful transition of leadership.

Board of Trustees Chair Lane Turner Nash ’72HS ’74C


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News Briefs

Saint Mary's School Receives Grant from David Belk Cannon Foundation to Support Middle Income Initiative

'The Wiz' coming to Pittman Auditorium The hit musical, “The Wiz,” is coming to historic Pittman Auditorium February 28 and March 1. Written by William F. Brown and Charlie Smalls, this super soul musical retelling of L. Frank Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” won seven Tony Awards© including Best Musical on Broadway. The film adaptation featured Michael Jackson and Diana Ross and had us all “movin’ and groovin’ down the yellow brick road” with its signature song “Ease On Down the Road.” What wowed audiences of both the stage and movie versions of “The Wiz” was how African-American music, language, and culture created a masterful and relevant retelling of the classic story that became such a part of our culture with the release of the classic 1939 MGM movie featuring Judy Garland. Originally conceived as an all-black musical, Saint Mary’s multicultural student cast underscores how the story, music and themes of “The Wiz” make for a timeless celebration of our shared human experience. In its review of the La Jolla Playhouse multi-cultural production,"Variety" magazine wrote that, “The Wiz” “remains a collage of contemporary slang and imagery… speaking to the broadest possible audience. Unquestionably, the humor and the heartbeat of the piece remain African-American at their source, but the overall effect is pluralistic and inclusive.”

Saint Mary's continues to devote attention and assistance to help families bridge the gap between what they are able to afford and the rising cost of independent school tuition. More and more, we meet and work with families in the middle income range who struggle with the cost of independent school education. With often more than one child in independent schools, middle income families can quickly feel the financial burden of education. A recent grant award from The David Belk Cannon Foundation helps provide the financial incentives necessary for Saint Mary's to attract and enroll middle income families, resulting in more girls benefiting from a Saint Mary’s School experience. This grant also supports our efforts to create a more balanced and diverse community. As the school continues to maximize financial aid dollars in a way that is equitable and sustainable, we want to make sure we are assembling the best possible academic community for our students. Saint Mary’s is dedicated to making our excellent education a reality for middle income families. If you are committed to investing in your daughter's education but are unable to pay the full tuition amount, we encourage you to apply for our middle income scholarships through our need-based financial aid program at Saint Mary's School. For more information about financial aid at Saint Mary’s School, contact Claire Cassady, Assistant Director of Admission and Financial Aid, at 919-424-4007, or

So, don’t miss Saint Mary’s School Theatre’s exciting production of “The Wiz,” featuring Dorothy’s adventures in the Land of Oz set to a dazzling mix of rock, gospel and soul music. It promises to be an unforgettable theatre experience!

Check for the ANNUAL REPORT and HONOR ROLL of DONORS mid-December online at


News Briefs

Saint Mary's Community Garden Update Saint Mary’s Community Garden Update: The totals are in for the summer harvest in the Saint Mary's Community Garden. With a bountiful summer in our garden, Saint Mary's was able to donate more than 175 pounds of summer vegetables to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle's Plant-a-Row-for the Hungry program. Fall and winter seeds have been started in the green house, and we look forward to our winter crops, including broccoli, cauliflower, onions, leeks and kale.

Community garden volunteers, from left to right: Evelyn Qin ’15, Sophia Barsanti ’15, Stephanie Seda ’16, Carson Bullock ’14 and garden committee coordinator Suzanne Narbona.

SAVE THE DATE Grandparents and Grandfriends Day Friday, March 28, 2014 All Saint Mary’s grandparents and special grandfriends are invited to spend the day with your special Saint Mary’s girl and experience a day in her life at school! We had a great turnout for our first event last spring, and plans are underway for a great day on March 28, 2014. Designed to allow students to share their Saint Mary's experience with the people who are important in their lives, Grandparents and Grandfriends Day gives these special guests a front row seat for a day on campus. You will attend classes, chapel, performances and athletics games. Questions? Contact Leigh Wheeler at 919-424-4113 or for more information or to ensure you receive an invitation.


Saint Mary’s School |

2013-14 Admission Events Saint Mary's School welcomes prospective students! We encourage prospective students and families to review the options for visiting campus. We look forward to seeing you at one of our admission events!

Admission Events January 16 - 17 Overnight and Visitation Day March 28 - 29 Special Invitation Weekend For newly accepted students May 2 7th Grade Sneak Peek

Meet the Head of School Dr. Monica Gillespie December 10 Prospective Parent Coffee with the Head of School January 28, February 4 and March 4 Prospective Parent Lunches with the Head of School Please contact the Admission Office at 919-424-4100 or to make your reservation. If you are not able to attend one of our scheduled overnight and visitation day events, please contact the Admission Office at 919-424-4100 or to schedule an individual campus visit and interview.


CHARLOTTE February 6, 2013 At the home of Rodney and Elizabeth Rasberry Pitts '79C

Left to right: Joanna Houston Roberts '63C, Scott Cole Bryan '89C and Gray Anderson White '65HS

Left to right: Jackie Steed Wray '53C, Alice Hicks Dorsett '50HS '52C and Doug Hoy

Left to right: Steve Allen, Ashley Richardson Allen '81C, Cameron Cutting Wilkinson '71HS '73C, Elizabeth Brooks Little '81C and Neil Wilkinson

Left to right: Allison Sprock '82HS '84C, Beth Dalton Neale '76C, Louise Marlowe Andrews '82HS, Civil Adams McGowan '76C and Betsy Harwick Dawson '76C

Left to right: Margaret Williams Williams '78HS '80C, Missy Underwood Miller '80C and Charlotte Hill Wickham '82HS


Saint Mary’s School |


Alumnae Events

CHARLESTON September 18, 2013 At the home of Daniel and Katherine Falls Mengedoht '89C

Left to right: Emily Smith ’01, Tina Currin and Megan Currin ’09

Left to right: Head of School Monica Gillespie, Jaynie Milligan Spector ’73HS and Louise Clark Poitras ’63HS ’65C

Katherine Falls Mengedoht '89C, left, and Lea Milstead Clement '84C, right

Left to right: Anna Zevenhuizen ’07, Margaret McGlohon ’81C and Lawson Armes ’87HS ’89C

Left to right: Sarah Corbett ’94HS, Anna Brooks Schoderbek ’89HS and Kristin Trammell Cummings '91HS


ROCKY MOUNT March 21, 2013 At the home of Janet Hicks Bethune '67C

Katie Ellison Rose '69C, Sue Battle Moore '63C, Terry Gardner Noble '80HS '82C, Janet Hick Bethune '67C, Cammy Bailey Hodges '83C and Monica Gillespie

Katie Spruill Harrison '35C, Cammy Bailey Hodges '83C and Annie Gray Calhoune Lane '58C

Anne Gray Calhoun '58C, Betsy Diedrick McLean '84HS '86C, Beth Steed and Hannah Bell Diedrick '60C

Martha Weeks Daniels '64C, Terry Garner Noble '80HS '82C and Marie Tyler Gardner '55C


Saint Mary’s School |


Alumnae Events

GREENSBORO April 24, 2013 At the home of Lee and Margaret Longley White '79C Left to right: Beth Rankin Sherrill ’84C, Margaret Overcash White ’98HS, Lindsay Shaw Carlson ’85C, Leigh Wheeler and Michelle White Porter ’87HS

Left to right: Martha Kornegay Howard ’77HS ’79C, Sally Dillard Cohen ’78C and Paige Brown DuBose ’79HS ’81C

Julie Andrews McAllister ’76C, left, Betty Anne Queen Bush ’71C, right

Nancy Hamel Clark ’48HS, left, and Laura Deane Matheson Gresham ’51HS ’53C, right

Left to right: Laura Frazier Norman ’76C, Sally Pleasants Farrar ’76C, Nan Smith Yates ’77C and Lore White Farris ’76HS


WILMINGTON & WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH June 22, 2013 At the home of Jeff and Robin Ballard Earp '84HS '86C

Left to right: Elizabeth Sloan Mickle ’86HS, Allene Keith Wright ’57C, Mary Ann Keith Massey ’57C and Emily Sloan

Left to right: Mary Virginia Swain ’77C, Jeanne Bridger Konitzer ’77C, Barbara Johnston Bush ’77C and Suzanne Smith Huggins ’77C

Left to right: Ivey Johnson Betts ’89C, Cacky Williamson West ’83C, Robin Ballard Earp ’84HS ’86C and Perry Vann Schafer ’82HS ’84C

Left to right: Emily Longley ’81HS ’83C, Austin White ’10, Monica Gillespie, Ann Penton Longley ’52C and Margaret Longley White ’79C


Saint Mary’s School |

Alumnae Events

ROARING GAP July 11, 2013 Roaring Gap Club

From left to right: Martha Kornegay Howard ’77HS ’79C, Julie Parker Funkhouser ’72HS ’74C, Lane Turner Nash ’72HS ’74C and Mary Louise Bizzell Burress ’56C

Left to right: Angel Archer Moore ’82HS ’84C, Tom Willingham and Adair Armfield

Anna Wood Ragland ’41C, left, Betsy Crutchfield Bethune ’62C, right

Left to right: John Burress, Betty Copeland Becher ’60C, Mary Louise Bizzell Burress ’56C and Pat Exum Bassett ’60HS



July 20, 2013 At the home of Bill and Jane Darden Brown '71C

Left to right: Lee DeLoache Barnes ’98C, Leslie Allred Yates ’96HS ’98C and Kevin Yates

Left to right: Jane Darden Brown ’71C, Georgia Moore Brown ’99, Gloria Taft Becker ’92HS and Monica Gillespie

Left to right: Boyd Gregory Harris ’70C, Nancy Gregory Beebe ’71HS ’73C and Adelaide Horton ’70C

Left to right: Becky Robertson Warren ’59C, Willa McKimmon Dickens ’65C and Judy Highsmith Budacz ’59C

Left to right: Betsy Kempton Dunn’74C, Kempton Dunn ’99 and Josie Forbes ’76C


Saint Mary’s School |

Alumnae Events

NAGS July HEAD 26, 2013

At the Small Family Cottage

Gwyn Cooley Pearce ’79HS ’81C, Margaret McGlohon ’81C and Betsey Weatherly James ’81C

Left to right: Lynn Lacy Jones Poston ’72C, Bobbie Woodall Perry ’65C, JoAnn Nance Small ’73HS ’75C and Monica Gillespie

Flora Johnson Robinson ’33C, left, and Margaret McGlohon ’81C, right

Left to right: Jackson Jordan Dixon ’84C, Nancy Culpepper Spruill ’65C and Bobbie Woodall Perry ’65C


Anchored in Tradition Auction 2013

The 13th annual Saint Mary’s Auction Gala was held at the Angus Barn Pavilions, March 1, 2013.

Left to right: John Gillespie, Rena Harris Earnhardt ’82HS, Jim Earnhardt and Monica Gillespie

Head of School Monica Gillespie, standing, with 2013 auction chairs, from left to right, Andrea Kramer Crumpton ’86HS, Tracey Fodor Smith and Miller Vick Stanley


Saint Mary’s School |

Left to right, Audrey Wall Black’65C, Jim Black and Josie Rawl Hall ’74C

Left to right, Beth Wayne, Copie Wheless Cain '84HS and Dawn Carter

Supporting SMS

Reunion Weekend - April 25-26 Classes ending in 4 and 9 will celebrate special reunions! Special celebrations for ALL alumnae! • Alumnae Cocktail Party in Smedes for ALL alumnae, – Friday night • Alumnae Chapel Service – Saturday morning • Alumnae Reunion Luncheon for classes ending in 4 and 9 – Saturday at noon • Special class parties for alumnae in classes ending in 4 and 9 – Friday and/or Saturday nights • Saturday brunch/coffee events for reunion classes, reunion photos, campus tours and more!

First Row (left to right); Susan Conger, Missy Taylor Manning, Ann Beland Brooks, Margy Perdue Price, Susan Dill Lee; Second Row (left to right) Candy Currin Taylor, Elsie Thornhill James, Lynn Johnson Titchener, Kathryn Houghton Schreier

Check the Alumnae webpage for updates at Contact Margaret McGlohon ‘81C at or 919-424-4171 for information.



With all the ways Saint Mary’s makes a difference in our lives and the lives of those we care about, it is our school - whether we are an alumna, parent, grandparent, faculty/staff member or friend. It is our turn to give back to this special place so that generations of girls can discover their courage, find their voice and change the world. A gift to the Annual Fund helps support every area of school life, from faculty salaries and library resources to technology and upkeep of our beautiful historic campus, as well as our leadership, chapel, technology and life skills programs. In short, your gifts to Saint Mary’s have an immediate and tangible impact on the school’s mission of providing academic excellence and personal achievement for young women. Donate securely online at or send your pledge or check to the development office. Saint Mary's School, 900 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC, 27603.


2013-2014 Granddaughters Club The Granddaughters Club is the school’s oldest existing club dating

Charlotte Barker Braodwell '16, granddaughter of Charlotte Lilly Broadwell '54C

back to 1909. Granddaughters Club members are Saint Mary’s

Jane Williams-Gower Brown ’17, granddaughter of Jane Gower Brown ’48C

legacies – the daughters, granddaughters, great-granddaughters,

Sydney Elizabeth Brown ’15, granddaughter of Betsy Crutchfield Bethune ’62C

great-great-granddaughters, and even great-great-great-granddaugh-

Mary Claire Brewer ’16, daughter Michelle Fountain Brewer ’80HS

ters of Saint Mary’s alumnae. The club exists to honor Saint Mary’s

Carson Elizabeth Bullock ’14, daughter of Elizabeth “Boo” DeVane ’74C

past as well as the tradition of family legacy throughout the school’s 172-year history. Sarah Catherine “Cacky” Anderson ’15, daughter of Ashley Williamson Anderson ’86C Mary Katharine Barker ’16, granddaughter of Eliza Chipley Douglass ’48HS ’50C and great-granddaughter of Agatha Knox Chipley 1921 Mable Elizabeth Blount ’17, daughter of Elizabeth Grine Blount ’85HS ’87C Sarah Tucker Bost ’17, daughter of Robin Bryant Bost ’83HS ’85C Callee Elise Boykin ’16, daughter of Cathy Call Boykin ’80HS ’82C


Saint Mary’s School |

Katherine “Mills” Carden ’14, daughter of Sarah Katherine “Tosh” Pratt Carden ’79HS ’81C Rachel Taft Amherst Cecil ’15, daughter of Ruth Taft Cecil ’84C and granddaughter of Mary Hannah Finch Taft ’58C Lucy Downing Church ’17, granddaughter of Virgilia “Gillie” Leggett Church ’63C Mary Mac Collie ’17, daughter of Kim Norfleet Collie ’88C Eliza “Liza” Robeson Cozart ’17, daughter of Valerie Purdie Cozart ’80HS ’82C Charlotte Rollinson “Rollins” Crumpton ’15, daughter of Andrea Bridger Crumpton ’86HS, granddaughter of Charlotte Williams Bridger ’60HS ’62C, great-great-granddaughter of Charlotte Grimes Williams 1868 and great-greatgreat granddaughter of Charlotte Bryan Grimes 1848.

Granddaughter's Club 2013 -2014 Paden Reynolds Earnhardt ’14, daughter Rena Harris Earnhardt ’82HS Caroline Whitehurst Fountain ’16 and Mary Stuart Fountain ’14, granddaughters of Margaret Uzzell Bowen Vanderberry ’59C Emily Watson “Emmy” Garvey ’15, daughter of Louisa Harley Garvey ’82HS ’84C and granddaughter of Rose Potter Garvey ’48C Bailey Elizabeth Griffin ’17, daughter of Kim Goines Griffi n ’89HS ’91C Elizabeth “Darden” Grubb ’16, granddaughter of Lucile Best Jones ’48HS ’50C

Louise Dibrell "Libby" Sloan ’17, granddaughter of Lou Ficklen Folger ’60HS Holden Miller Stanley ’14, granddaughter of Cornelia Johnson Vick ’63C Madeline Jane “Maddy” Sullivan ’15, daughter of Maura Moylan Sullivan ’87HS Allie Elizabeth Swanson ’16, daughter of Carolyn Thornton Swanson ’83HS ’85C

Mary deRossett Haley ’14, daughter of Caroline Detgen Haley ’82HS, granddaughter of Mary deRosset Burns Detgen ’43C and great-granddaughter of Mary Holt Burns 1917

Elizabeth Hope Voelkel ’17, daughter of Marcy Everett Voelkel ’87C, granddaughter of Betty Ann Whitehurst Everett ’59C, great-granddaughter of Esther Bernice Stearn Whitehurst ’23C, and great-great-granddaughter of Bettie Ebourn March, early 1900's

Shelby Hardee Holmes ’16, granddaughter of Frances Spain Holmes ’54C and Louise Cheatham Johnson Holmes ’57C

Ashton Radcliffe Vermillion ’17, great-granddaughter of Margaret Banes Gold Borden 1918

Mary Ellen Hunter ’16, daughter of Eleanor White Hunter ’87C and granddaughter of Kay Shipman Schoellhorn ’61C

Sarah Perryman “Perry” Winborne ’16, daughter of Jane Dowdy Winborne ’86HS, granddaughter of Corinne Grimsley Donkle ’45HS and Ann Smith Winborne ’52C and great-great-granddaughter of Fannie Sharp, early 1800s

Jane Gregory Ives ’17, daughter of Lynn Cowell Ives ’85HS ’87C Devon Lee James ’15, granddaughter of Katherine “Kathy” Ligon James ’63C Hannah Elizabeth Jones ’16, daughter of Mary Hannah Wyman Jones ’84HS ’86C and granddaughter of Carol Ann Tadlock “Tad” Wyman ’60C

Kimberly Cameron Wood ’17, granddaughter of Janie Stronach Wood

’62HS ’64C Carrington Condrey Wooten ’14, daughter of Elizabeth Williams Wooten ’86C

Madeline Coker Joslin ’15, granddaughter of Annie Hinsdale Joslin 1903

Fredanel Story “Freddie” Woronoff ’14, daughter of Fredanel Story ’84HS and granddaughter of Patsy Daniels ’51HS ’53C

Franny Cooper Lail ’17, daughter of Fanny Peel Lail ’85C and granddaughter of Frances Perry Peel ’52HS ’54C

Lucy Grady Wyche ’17, daughter of Susan Grady Wyche ’84C

Maryanne McLeod Martini ’15, daughter of LuAnne Sanders Martini ’82C Anna Lane Mayo ’14, daughter of Tracy Woolard Mayo ’88C and granddaughter of Anna Ball Arthur Mayo ’52C Aurelia Stafford Monk ’15, granddaughter of Aurelia Fulton Stafford ’48HS ’50C Sara-Kinard Moyd ’14, daughter of Suzanne Morris Crosthwaite ’88HS Katherine MacDonald “Katie” Nash ’14, daughter of Carolyn Brown Nash ’77HS and granddaughter of Carolyn Westbrook Brady ’50HS Kylie Macon Nelson ’15, great-granddaughter of Columbia Macon Walters ’23 Virginia Thorne Pace ’17, daughter of Anne Gregory Pace ’81HS ’83C Emma-Claire Wood Purdie ’17, granddaughter of Claire Lynn Boyce Purdie Brennan ’62C Lucy Mae Holliday Rascoe ’15, daughter of Kathy Keel ’83HS ’85C, granddaughter of Nancy Dawson Rascoe ’52C, great-granddaughter of Edna Jones Nixon Dawson ’26C, great-great-great granddaughter of Cornelia Townsend Nixon pre-1870 and great-great-great granddaughter of Isa Benedicta Gordon Granbery pre-1870 Ann Moore Robertson ’14, daughter of Ann Bikle Bissett ’86C, granddaughter of Betty Bacon Bikle ’59HS and great-granddaughter of Bettine Parker Bacon ’25C


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Mary Hannah Sigmon ’17, granddaughter of Mary Hannah Finch Taft ’58C and Martha Anne Olsen Sigmon '47HS


ALUMNAE ENGAGEMENT - Saint Mary's needs you! Alumnae engagement is an important hallmark of the most successful schools, and we know that no alumnae love their school more than Saint Mary’s alumnae. Here are just a few ways you can engage with and support Saint Mary’s School!

Tell your friends, neighbors and colleagues about the good things happening at Saint Mary’s School. Share names of prospective students with the Admission Office. Make a gift of any size each year to the Annual Fund to help fund the outstanding education girls receive at our school. Help us achieve an alumnae Annual Fund participation rate which matches our love for our alma mater. Volunteer to host a regional event or to serve on a host committee.

“Like” our Facebook pages: Saint Mary’s School and Saint Mary’s School Alumnae. List Saint Mary’s in your profile information on social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. List Saint Mary’s in your bio when you are honored with awards and recognition. Volunteer to serve on the Alumnae Council. The council welcomes alumnae of all ages, from all classes and all geographic locations. Cheer on Saint Mary’s athletics teams. Attend a home game on campus or a game in your neighborhood when teams travel to your town. Support Saint Mary’s performing and visual arts students by attending a Chorale concert, Orchesis concert, dramatics performance or student art exhibit. You will be amazed by the talent and thoroughly entertained! Attend special events such as the Smedes Parlor Concerts, the Lighting O’ the Grove, regional alumnae parties, Reunion Weekend and the Auction Gala. Serve on your Reunion Weekend planning committee. This year, we need volunteers in classes ending in “4” and “9” to help plan class parties for Reunion Weekend, April 25-26, 2014. Serve on the Auction Committee, donate items and attend the auction. This year’s auction gala is March 7, 2014. Help us organize an alumnae chapter in your hometown as we revitalize the Alumnae Chapter Program. We look forward to hearing from you about one or more ways you would enjoy connecting and engaging in our school today. With your help, there is no limit to what we can accomplish for the alma mater we hold so near and dear to our hearts! Margaret McGlohon ’81C, Director of Alumnae Relations, 919-424-4171,


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TO SING! ” Florrie McCard, 12th grade

It takes courage to perform in front of a live audience. As part of our a capella group, Florrie sings at events throughout the year. Saint Mary’s challenges you, inside and outside the classroom. We empower girls to stand up, speak up and move forward. From arts to academics, community service to athletics, discover how you’ll rise to the occasion.


Serving girls, grades 9-12, boarding and day. 900 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC 27603-1689 919.424.4100


Milestones IN MEMORIAM Florence Frazelle Phillips ’29C, October 7, 201

Jane Hubbard Blackwell ’42C, February 15, 2013

Nancy Kathryn Bassett ’46HS, June 7, 2013

Catherine Cox Fogle ’31C, February 14, 2013

Alice Bell Sebrell ’42C, April 4, 2013

Susan Ashburn Cotton ’46C, May 13, 2013

Caroline Dunn Ashford ’32C, April 12, 2013

Grace Woodard Wyson ’42C, October 16, 2013

Margaret Lee Payne Overton ’47C, September 24, 2013

Isabelle Badger Traylor ’37C, October 3, 2013

Jane Clark Cheshire Penick ’42HS ’44C, April 9, 2013

Barbara Crittenden Miller Barksdale ’49C, February 15, 2013

Letitia Knox Cox ’38C, June 7, 2013

Marie Whisnant King ’43HS, 2011

Anne Shook Peyton ’38C, August 20, 2013

Margaret “Peggy” Osburn Foster ’43C, April 17, 2013

Leah Lloyd Rigsbee Nash ’49C, October 13, 2013

Page Eatman Separk ’39C, September 7, 2013

Jane Taylor Wolfe ’43C, May 27, 2013

Sarah Sutton Tomlinson ’39C, March 26, 2013

Phyllis Thorpe Miller ’44HS, May 4, 2013

Beckwith Lockwood James Bowen ’40C, June 2013

Helen Williams Batchelor ’44C, May 22, 2013

Carolyn Darrach Norton Brushwood ’40C, April 16, 2012

Nancy Brockman Dudley ’44C, October 4, 2013

Louise Coleman Fowler ’40C, October 2013

Mary Sowell Patterson ’44C, April 17, 2013

Annette Wilson Chance Jones ’40C, February 26, 2013

Elizabeth Barnes Scott ’44C, September 24, 2013

Elsie Brooks Markham ’40C, April 10, 2013

Elizabeth McCaw Long Sprunt ’44C, September 17, 2013

Alma Gloria Reynolds Tart ’41HS, September 24, 2013

Sarah Richardson Taylor ’44C, June 5, 2013

Elizabeth Corbitt Toepleman Borden ’41C, October 15, 2013

Jean Carter Sullivan Proctor ’45C, April 21, 2013

Winifred “Winnie” Rosenbaum Plunkett ’41C, Luzette Callum Brown ’45C, May 6, 2013 May 22, 2013 Bettie Henley Vann Sharpe ’41C, August 9, 2013 Pauline “Penny” Bernhardt Green Carter ’42C, October 2, 2013


Saint Mary’s School |

Maria Gregory Tabb ’45C, June 29, 2013

Jeanne Brown Wright ’49C, October 15, 2013 Juliette Fulghum Newcomb ’51C, October 16, 2013 Jane Sutherland Reinecke ’52HS, March 22, 2013 Eugenia Smith Bost ’52C, September 25, 2013 Paula Whitaker Calhoun ’53C, September 30, 2013 Frances Perry Finney ’53C, August 17, 2013 Neil Moore Moorman ’54HS, August 1, 2013 Joan Lee Schiltz Hogaboom ’54HS ’56C, September 8, 2013 Virginia “Ginny” Davis Carson ’55C, February 7, 2013 Beverly Andrews Guarino ’56HS, June 25, 2013 Mary Schuyler Campbell ’57HS, May 24, 2013 Nan Grey Bailey Crawford ’57HS ’59C, June 13, 2013

IN MEMORIAM Margaret Louise Hamilton Johnson ’57C, October 19, 2013 Kate Webb Ragsdale ’58HS, February 24, 2013 Ann Tayloe Kivett ’58C, August 5, 2013 Sheridan Pitzer Wedemeyer ’61HS, July 19, 2013 Ellen Watson Jenkins ’61C, March 23, 2013 Jane Patrick Stuchell ’67C, September 28, 2013 Mildred Carolyn Blaine ’68C, September 30, 2013 Christina Way Clark ’68C, March 29, 2013 Catherine Leggett Warrington ’69HS, September 14, 2013 Nancy Ware ’78C, August 17, 2013 Kimberly Stone Loy ’79C, August 7, 2013 Susan Way Givens ’83C, March 6, 2013 Betty Blomgren Adams, professor emerita of art, August 27, 2013 Hazel L. Buchanan, former staff member, July 29, 2013 Mack Langston, former staff member, October 2, 2013

Saint Mary’s School Auction 2014

Friday, March 7, 2014 6:30 p.m. The Pavilions at the Angus Barn Raleigh Live and Silent Auction Seated Dinner Cash Raffle Drawing

Jean Senecal Scott, former faculty member, June 20, 2013 Betsy Johnson Wicker, former school nurse, September 26, 2013


MARRIAGES Caroline Detgen Haley ’82HS to John Hughes, August 2013 Elizabeth Weston Powers ’89C to Mark Christopher Harmon, April 6, 2013

Canaday Elizabeth Hubbard ’06 to Michael Green, June 22, 2013 *Elizabeth Moss ’09 to Davis Allen, August 11, 2013 *Married in the Saint Mary’s Chapel

Amy Kilgore ’94C to Sean Mangus, October 2012 Sally Anne Howell ’94C to Sean Michael Donaldson, April 20, 2013 Dr. Laura Lee Raynor ’96HS to Matthew Richard Martinez, June 1, 2013 Elizabeth Hooper Knox ’96HS ’98C to Tommy Bottoms, June 29, 2013 Laura Elizabeth Chilton ’99 to John Dameron Midgett, March 30, 2013 Allison Rohde Conley ’00 to Mark Griffiths Conley, June 1, 2013 Elizabeth Jameson Hehl ’00 to Thomas Williams Jr., April 27, 2013

Sloan Kramer Ward ’89HS ’91C, a daughter, July 16, 2013 Hannah Baggett Earp ’96HS, a son, June 11, 2013 Nancy Cobb Harvin ’96HS, a son, September 10, 2013 Phebe Hubbard Mott ’96C, a son, March 3, 2013 Amy Atkinson Sanders ’96C, a son, November 2012 Molly Edwards Huang ’98HS, a daughter, May 27, 2012 Caroline Davis Braswell ’99, a son, April 4, 2013 Katie Monaghan Nisbet ’01, a son, March 22, 2013

Allison Rohde ’00 to Marks Griffith Conley, June 1, 2013

Lindsay Speros Robbins ’02, a son, October 1, 2013

Lizzie Davis ’01 to Paul Hampton Elder, June 1, 2013

Suzanne Prak Bostwick ’03, a son, May 10, 2013

Caroline Wolcott Barber ’02 to Todd Alan Williams, May 11, 2013

Kate Yandell Reece ’03, twin daughters, August 15, 2013

Margaret Elizabeth Brooks ’03 to Lawrence Russell Duke, May 18, 2013 Cassie Gilbert ’03 to John Rice, June 1, 2013 Hunter Snell ’03 to Edward Schenk, May 11, 2013 Sarah Lauriston Todd ’03 to Jim McNally, June 29, 2013 Virginia Lane Nash ’04 to Joseph Andrew Hollmeyer, April 6, 2013 Charlotte Chandler Saunders ’05 to Cameron Harris Post, February 9, 2013 Sarah Eberle ’06 to Matthew McNulty, August 24, 2013



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Libby Farrell ’10, a daughter, April 10, 2013


2013 Alumnae Awards The Saint Mary's Alumnae Council created the Mazie Strickland Froelich '51C Distinguished Alumnae Society in honor of Mazie's leadership and service to Saint Mary's School. The ultimate example of a distinguished alumna during her lifetime, the late Mrs. Froelich was the first female chair of the school’s Board of Trustees. Under the umbrella of the society, two outstanding alumnae awards are given annually - The Outstanding Alumna Award is given for outstanding service through leadership, student recruitment and alumnae support, and the Distinguished Alumna Award recognizes an alumna's outstanding achievements in volunteer service and/or her professional distinctions.

2013 Distinguished Alumna Award Recipient Dianne Ricks '63HS '65C, awarded posthumously The Distinguished Alumna Award was awarded posthumously to Dianne Ricks ’63HS ’65C, a former beloved faculty member. Dianne was born Dec. 16, 1944, and died Oct. 12, 2012. As a student at Saint Mary’s, Dianne was president of the SGA, chair of the Honor Board and a member of both the Circle and the Beacon honorary leadership societies, among many other honors and leadership activities. A distinguished young faculty member in the 1970s, taking Mabel Morrison’s psychology class when Dr. Morrison became dean, “The Heritage” remembers Dianne as a “great favorite of the students.” She earned tenure at St. Mary’s College and, in 1975 while teaching at SMC, Dianne was selected as Outstanding Educator of America by and was included among the Outstanding Educators of America, a Division of Fuller & Dees. Prior to attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the fall of 1965, Dianne spent the summer attending the University of Hawaii in Honolulu where she completed a seminar in child development. In 1967 Dianne received a B.A. degree in psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill where she was a member of Chi Omega Sorority, Order of the Old Well and served as attorney general for women. Following graduation, Dianne spent the summer of 1967 participating in a special studies program in child growth and development and sociology and philosophy at the University of Delaware in Dover, Delaware. In 1970, she received the Masters of Education degree in psychology and counseling from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she was the recipient of the NEA Fellowship Grant. Following several years of practicum and internship experiences at North Carolina Memorial Hospital, Murdock Center for Children in Butner, N.C., and Duke Medical Center, Dianne pursued and was awarded a diploma in Christian Studies at Regent College, an affiliate of Vancouver School of Theology, University of British Columbia. In 1979, Dianne was awarded the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in counseling psychology from Newport University, Newport Beach, Calif.

She participated in numerous post-doctoral continuing education programs and was guest lecturer for many conferences. Dianne also served on the faculty of Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va. She practiced as a psychologist and co-therapist in West Vancouver, British Columbia, served as part-time faculty in Applied Counseling at Northwest Baptist Theological Seminary in Vancouver, British Columbia, and enjoyed a private counseling practice in Wilmington, N.C. She was a member of the Association of Christian Therapists, National Guild of Hypnotists and the National Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists. She was licensed by British Columbia Psychological Association as a practicing psychologist, the North Carolina Association of Registered Practicing Counselors; certified by the National Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists, and was a certified diplomat in clinical hypnotherapy. Dianne published two books: a book of poetry, “There Is, Always" and “Therapy: An Experience in Emotional Healing.” She remained a loyal alumna and generous supporter of Saint Mary’s throughout her lifetime.

Dianne Ricks '63HS '65C yearbook portrait


Class News 2013 Outstanding Alumna Award Recipient Judy Rhodes Hoyt ’63C Judy Rhodes Hoyt '63C is the recipient of the 2013 Outstanding Alumnae Award. Judy attended Saint Mary’s as a day student from 1961-1963. She continued her college education at UNC-Chapel Hill, where she earned a degree in math education. She taught math in junior high and high school for six years. She is married to Richard L. “Mike” Hoyt and has two sons, Matthew (Aimee) and Christian, and one grandson, Flint. Prior to settling in Raleigh in 1980, her family lived in Virginia Beach, Jacksonville, Fla., and Atlanta. She serves and has served her community in a variety of ways. As a member of Christ Church, Raleigh, she chaired the Art Show, Greenery Sale and EFM scholarship. She served on the board of the Raleigh Junior League, Artspace, the North Carolina Museum of History, Rex Hospital Guild, Raleigh Fine Arts, and was on the first delegation for the Compiegne Sister City of Raleigh. She served as an officer for many of these organizations. She’s been a member of the Capital City Garden Club for 25 years and the Oak Leaf Reading Club for 30 years.

Judy has whole-heartedly supported her alma mater for many years, never wanting or asking for the praise she so deservedly has earned. She served as a member of the Alumnae Council from 1995 to 1997 and was Alumnae Council president from 1997 to 1999. She also served Saint Mary’s as a member of the Board of Trustees from 1999 to 2002. She participated on our school’s Gifts, Acquisitions and Decorating Committee (GAD) for many years in the 1990s, also serving as chair. This committee helped keep our public spaces looking good – deciding on paint colors, furnishings, or by helping refurbish a campus spaces. Judy was one of three alumnae who served on the Smedes Task Force from 2006-2008. The committee met every two weeks for two years and helped make all decisions regarding the interior of Smedes and East and West Rock. We were honored to recognize Judy as the honorary chair of our school’s Auction in 2004. Judy also participated on the Saint Mary’s trips to NYC and Palm Beach and attended Scoop Group lunch meetings. Judy has stayed involved at Saint Mary’s over the years because she believes that Saint Mary’s “saved her life.” She says “Saint Mary’s is so important for girls, helps them find their way, gives them a chance to blossom – maybe even changes their life.” She continues to support and give back because she is so very proud of her alma mater. As a student at Saint Mary’s, Judy was salutatorian of her 1963 college class, a Sigma, participated in the Caperettes tap dance group, was on the handbook and yearbook staff and played bridge in the day student room in lower Smedes. She has fond memories of the Chapel, and remembers her wonderful teachers – in particular, Mrs. Lineberry, her math teacher.

Left to right: Alumnae Association President Sally Pelletier '77HS '79C, Judy Rhodes Hoyt '63C, Monica Gillespie


Saint Mary’s School |


CLASS NEWS It’s all here – the latest and greatest news from alumnae in even-year classes. Saint Mary’s extends a special thanks to the dedicated class secretaries who compiled and crafted these class newsletters. Odd-year classes will be featured in the spring/summer 2014 magazine. Alumnae in these classes will receive information to facilitate the reporting of news to class secretaries or directly to the school.

CLASS NEWS POLICIES Due to the uncertain nature of certain types of news, Saint Mary’s does not publish news of wedding engagements


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2015 Catherine Gant Powell writes from Washington, N.C., saying the highlight of her year is 10 days at Atlantic Beach each summer with her children, their spouses, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. They were 26 strong this year. “We met in D.C. last Thanksgiving, too!” says Catherine. “I plan to visit my sister, Erwin Gant Burhoe ’38HS ’40C, this summer, where she lives at Deerfield in Asheville. We’re like the eveready batteries!”


Next Reunion: 2015 Louise Coleman Fowler ’40C* Kitty Sigmon Hunter wrote from

or pregnancies. We publish news of marriages, births, adoptions or deaths, based on published news reports or direct phone or e-mail contact with the Alumnae Office from the parties or families involved. Please remember to include Saint Mary’s in your wedding announcement in the newspaper and please send birth announcements to the Alumnae Office for inclusion in the milestones section. Saint Mary’s Class Notes are published for each class once each year. Due to the extended nature of the production schedule for the magazine, class news is meant to be a once-a-year general update of your news for the previous year. We cannot guarantee the exact

Springmoor Retirement Home in Raleigh that she is “doing well for my years and enjoying life and friends.” She says Betty Wales Howison ’41C is also at Springmoor. Kitty says, “Bless Louise for being the class secretary!” Rachel Edwards Taylor writes from Kinston that she and Bill, her 92-year-old husband, have both recently had heart attacks, but have thankfully survived and are doing quite well. They lost their youngest son last year, but say they are blessed with three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Rachel also writes, “We are also fortunate to have several friends here in Kinston. We all grew up together and still enjoy being together and, of course, reliving the old days.” *Editor’s Note: Louise Coleman Fowler was able to send in this classnews, before she died in October, following some hospitalizations this fall. Louise’s family held a memorial

timeliness of your news, so please keep our advance deadlines in mind when submitting news. Saint Mary’s School reserves the right to edit class news for content, length and timeliness. Photographs may be submitted for consideration for the class news. Photos should be high-quality prints or digital photos of at least 300 dpi. Group shots should include Saint Mary’s alumnae (and spouses and children) only and must include a detailed listing of everyone pictured, including full names and class years.

service for her, Saturday, October 12, in the Saint Mary’s Chapel. Louise was a loyal, longtime class secretary and Saint Mary’s alumna.


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: April 25-26, 2014 Olive Camp Johnson thoroughly enjoyed spending the summer at her lake house, and because it is only 15 miles from her home in Aberdeen, she returns home several times a week to keep up her gym work and other activities. The weekends are usually filled with family, including quite a few adorable great-grandchildren. Olive’s daughter Caroline lives in Rhode Island, where she is a hospital chaplain. Olive visits her several times a year. Son Toby and his wife live near Olive, so she sees them often.


Class News 1944 COLLEGE

Next Reunion: April 25-26, 2014 Mary Lynn Lewis DeLany '44C Dear ladies of the great Class of 1944, are we an “in touch” group or what? I got 23 responses from our group of 87- to 89-year-olds! We are a great bunch, right? Now, if I can just get you all to our 70th reunion in April, 2014 – yes, our 70th! The main reason, so I have heard, that people don’t like to go to reunions is, “I have aged so much.” Well, DUH. So have all the others there, which is the best reason for coming every five years: we all age together and progressively. Alphabetically, here goes the news. Charlotte Crawford Arrendell and her C. W. are still at Black Mountain, where they have been all their married life. They may have changed addresses, but are still on the mountain. And yes, I am Mary Lynn, two names, child of the South! A lovely and long letter came from Lib Jones Coltrane from Madison, N.C. We were on a tour once to the Far East in 1984. She might move to Greensboro soon, since her children are scattered along the east coast. She enjoys her place at Emerald Isle and has lots of great-grands to share it with. Mary Hough Coleman’s card says she is still in Fairview Park, Ohio. A card from Betsy Burke Farrar says she sees Betty Barnes Scott’s daughter there in Atlanta, who reports that her mother is not doing well, coping with COPD. Brent Woodson Elmore is a marvel, but we all know that! Still bridging and golfing, the latest in Lake Tahoe and Nantucket, flying and playing in a 550 Gulfstream plane. Ah, the life! She now has three great-granddaughters and three great-grandsons all


Saint Mary’s School |

in Greensboro and Raleigh. She plans to be with us in April – wonderful! Ruth Moore Glass, is a faithful card sender. She and Johnny B. still live in their original home in Whiteville. He is confined to a wheelchair or walker, and she is active at their church, with choir, bells, altar guild, etc. It helps to live next door to the church! Britt Davis Griffin and Tom have moved to Waltonwood in Cary to be nearer to their two daughters, Susan and Louise. Son Bob is still in Kinston. Lib Shaw Hathaway enjoys living in Chesapeake, Va., and working at the Naval Medical Pharmacy; beats dusting, she says. She has three children, six grands, and 10 great-grands, half in Michigan and half in Tennessee. Sara Stockton Hill and Rebecca Drane Warren are at Carol Woods in Chapel Hill together, still good friends. Sara goes to Wrightsville Beach for family reunions. Rebecca stays in touch with Bettie Gaither Stokes. Bettie goes to Nags Head in the summer, and planned to attend the SMS lunch at Kill Devil Hills. She stays busy with golf, bridge and bocce ball. She talks with Chinkie, Mary Pierce, Rebecca and Carol Talbot. She is very happy at River Landing at Sandy Ridge/Colfax. Lolly White Holt is still at home in Raleigh. She had a visit to Gulf Shores with her oldest son and nine great-grands. She is offering a visit with all of us in April – what a nice gesture. Margaret DeRosset McLean is still at home in Fayetteville. Shirley Goode Morrison has moved to an Arlington, Va., senior living facility, to be near daughter Ann. Molly Mitchell Putnam is still in Roanoke, Va. Her oldest son’s son just became a lawyer; her second son is a doctor in Washington State. His two sons are new graduates. Her daughter is in Greensboro, with a son

who just got married and two girls who are still in college. She sends a big “hello” to all of us – hey, come back to Raleigh and give us a hug, OK? Ginny Hart Reid is right – she got so much onto one card! She had a “minor” heart attack and spent two weeks in a teaching hospital where she said they found too many other things wrong with her! Then, she and her daughter moved in together for each other’s good. Her grandchildren are off to college “up north,” when they live in college heaven, right there in Charlottesville, Va.! Her oldest granddaughter is getting married in November, and after that Ginny is just content to stay home, play bridge, read and nap. Betty Clark Roberts is “in place” in Lynchburg, Va., playing bridge and mahjong – she should get with Brent and all the other bridge players. Her grandchild, Kate, and husband are teaching English in Shanghai, expecting her first greatgrandchild. I hope she gets to see this baby before long. Martha Crook Thompson lost her Joe in March. She has had grandgirls getting married, took three grandgirls to New Hampshire and is busy with graduations and family reunions in Virginia. She is blessed with good health. Mary Pierce Johnson White stays busy at Croasdaile in Durham. She is an active bridge player, also, and stays in touch with friends and old neighbors. Maria Legg Wortham is again living in Henderson, in a retirement home. Her daughter wrote to say she has a new greatgrandgirl. Carol Talbot and a cousin are going to visit Edenton to pursue their heritage, going to graveyards, etc. Have fun! Rebecca Drane Warren might join them. It does my heart good to hear of so many of you still in touch with each other and meeting so often.

Alumnae So now plan to come to Raleigh in late April 2014 for our grand reunion and see lots more of us. I had a nice email exchange with Lucy Woodruff Groh ’44HS, who now lives mostly in Anchorage, Alaska, and part time in California. She wants to come to Raleigh – please do, and be our special guest! If she can make it, the rest of you can. We have no secretary for our high schoolers, but welcome all news. Please send it on. I know you can check the obituaries elsewhere in this magazine, but here are our friends who passed on in the past year: Jill Allen, Helen Williams Batchelor, Katherine Legg Carr, Nancy Brockman Dudley, Winston Armistead Ferguson, Mary Sowell Patterson, Jane Clark Cheshire Penick , Betty Barnes Scott, Betsy Long Sprunt and Sarah Richardson Taylor. It was a sad occasion, but happy encounter with Ann Dysart Varley here at a funeral this year. She is still a beauty. I talk with Chinkie Martin Goodale fairly often. She cannot drive now, but can get transportation at Brookwood, where she lives here in Burlington. My daughter, Carter Johnson Overton ’76C, lives in Greensboro and DeBordieu Colony Club, S.C. She is an account executive with Wells Fargo. Her oldest son, Dr. Lewis, graduated from MUSC in May and is now interning at UNC-Chapel Hill, where he got his undergraduate degree. Son Marshall, University of South Carolina ’11, is in business in Charleston, S.C. Daughter Lynn Johnson Titchener ’73C is in Raleigh, working her talent as a calligrapher, very busy with brides. Her oldest, Winnie, a UNC-Greensboro grad with a master’s in library science from UNC-Chapel Hill, is an archivist at Biltmore House in

Asheville, and her daughter, Liza, a 2011 graduate of East Carolina, is an assistant account executive with Bolt Public Relations in Raleigh. I stay busy here at Twin Lakes, walking, swimming and working machines at the Y. I go to Greensboro to church and club meetings. Staying vertical. I am looking forward to seeing all of you in Raleigh in late April 2014 – and that is an order!

Williamsburg, Va. Though small, her home accommodates 60 paintings, one of which dates back to her days at Saint Mary’s. “I like living in a gallery,” notes Betty. Logan Vaught Hurst ’46HS ’48C lives at Westminster Shores Retirement Community in St. Petersburg, Fla., which she reports is, “A wonderful place! The best of Florida!” She loves being right by the water and watching the many birds. Her son, Mark, and his family lives nearby and her daughter Caroline lives in Terre Haute, Ind.


Next Reunion: 2016

Pauline McNeny Johnson '43C


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2016 Cama Clarkson Merritt and husband Robert moved several years ago to Arbor Acres, a retirement community in Winston-Salem. She was pleased to find “another Saint Mary’s belle” living there, Betty Bowles Haywood ’48HS ’50C. Betty Lokey ’46HS ’48C bought a home in Gloucester Point, Va., several years ago, in order to stay in contact with her family in the Northern Neck and in

Dabney Little McElroy '46C I can’t believe I’m still doing this – 67 years later! Two dear friends and classmates died last year: Sallie Lee Walker and Jane Lee Parker Johnson. I miss them very much. They both died within three months in 2012. Jane Campbell Symmes drove up from Madison, Ga., with one of her attractive daughters, for Sallie’s funeral. I enjoyed having dinner and visiting with them. Sue Thomas Jackson emailed from Atlanta not too long ago, and we talked on the phone. That was really fun for me. Sue and I have been good friends, but we have been out of touch for a while. We plan to get together at Myrtle Beach after Christmas. Mary Pinckney Wendt and I talk on the phone frequently. Richard and I lived in Columbia, S.C., for 25 years, so I like to stay in touch with Columbia and Mary, who is from Columbia and has lived there forever! One of her grandsons graduated from the Naval Academy and is getting married to a California girl in the near


Class News future. He is at sea now. I have two great-grandchildren, a boy (3) and a girl (6 months). They live in Charleston, S.C. They are the children of my grandson, Richard, and granddaughter-in-law Katherine Cvetko McElroy ’00, who is the class secretary for her Saint Mary’s class. My daughter and her family live in Alexandria, Va., and one son lives in Charlotte, all with families. I have seven grandchildren. I still live in the townhouse Richard and I bought in 2003. I seem to be doing okay for a lovely old lady! Love to all, Dabney

Mary Leah Thorne Williamson '47C


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2018 Kay Boyette Stephenson ’48HS ’50C reports that she is still living in Weldon.


Saint Mary’s School |


Next Reunion: 2018 Betty Lokey ’46HS ’48C bought a home in Gloucester Point, Va., several years ago, in order to stay in contact with her family in the Northern Neck and in Williamsburg, Va. Though small, her home accommodates 60 paintings, one of which dates back to her days at Saint Mary’s. “I like living in a gallery,” notes Betty. Nancy Tucker Holland writes that all four of her children live in Richmond, Va., where she also resides. She has been blessed with 12 grandchildren. She reports that Page Parrish Wright has had health problems, and Helen Eppes Jennings ’46HS ’48C passed away last year. Nancy is still in her condo and driving to Washington, etc. “The children watch me like CIA agents!” she reports. Logan Vaught Hurst ’46HS ’48C lives at Westminster Shores Retirement Community in St. Petersburg, Fla., which she reports is, “A wonderful place! The best of Florida!” She loves being right by the water and watching the many birds. Her son Mark and his family lives nearby and her daughter Caroline lives in Terre Haute, Ind. Rose Potter Garvey of Greensboro says, “My news is that Alfred and I are both alive and help each other with ‘old age.’ I have a granddaughter at Saint Mary’s, Emmy Garvey ’14. She loves it.” June Fleenor White reports that she and Mack still live in and enjoy Davidson. Summer rains there were so heavy that they washed her new bridge to the blackberry fields downstream! Her grandson, Henry White, is serving in the Army, where he has been assigned to Afghanistan, Germany and now

Louisiana. Jane Gower Brown of Raleigh thoroughly enjoyed her 65th reunion this year. She loved seeing Josephine Hoyt Wilson, Betty Asbill Anderson and Mary Leah Williamson ’47C. “I hope some others can join us for the 70th!” notes Jane, whose granddaughter, Marion Brown ’13, just graduated from SMS and is now at UNC-Chapel Hill. Her other granddaughter, Jane Brown ’16, is now a Saint Mary's freshman.

Left to right: Jane Gower Brown, Josephine Hoyt Wilson, Betty Asbill Anderson


Next Reunion: 2015 Betty Ray McCain '50C It is always a privilege to report the “doings” of our beloved classmates. You are still busy, charming and interesting! This letter represents just a fraction of your news. Olivia Lynch Hardin reports that their older grandchild, Helen Hardin, has entered the University of Alabama as a freshman

Alumnae and is going through rush at the time of this writing. Their other grandchild, Alexander, is a third-grader at Trinity School in Raleigh, and he loves the school. Alexander and his English father have just been to England to visit Alexander’s grandmother, and they had a grand time touring England. They have even been to Wales to see “Dr. Who!” Gene Hardin has had some health issues, but he is doing fine now. Luke Hill Page and husband Bob enjoyed a delightful trip in March to their daughter and sonin-law’s vacation home in the Umbria area (near Assisi) of Italy. Their daughter and son-in-law, Porter and Jack DoBaTin, live in Washington, D.C., but frequently visit their vacation home. The Pages visited them there and then rented a car and visited Rome, Florence and Assisi. They spent one whole day in the Vatican with a guide, and they report the entire visit was just wonderful. Kay Boyette Stephenson ’48HS ’50C reports that she is still living in Weldon. Aurelia Fulton Stafford had a delightful trip to Alaska with her brother, Paul Fulton, and his family (19 people in all)! It was just glorious, and Aurelia loved being with all of Paul’s family. She and Paul still visit their hometown of Walnut Cove and their small Episcopal church there. As you know, my family is comprised of a jolly group of nomads. Our son and daughter-inlaw, Paul and Beth McCain, and their oldest (Elizabeth, a 2012 UNC-Chapel Hill graduate in history) and youngest (John) went to Australia and New Zealand this summer (Australia’s winter). They gathered up their middle child, Emily, an exchange student in engineering at N.C. State, who was studying at Monass University in

Australia. My granddaughter number two (Molly Hassell), graduated from Dartmouth College in June with a classics degree. She has been employed to work in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office in N.Y.C. Molly’s younger sister, Bayly, went with on a UNC study abroad in Spain, and she loved it! Bayly is now a senior, majoring in religious studies. I oversaw six weeks of slate roof repair this summer. It is all done now! Please come see me! We have lost in death Rosalie Huske Kelly and Eunice Bizzell Huettner since our last class letter. Please notify Mary Virginia Swain at Saint Mary’s if you know of any others. We will miss these beloved classmates and treasured friends. Sending each of you love, and cordial invitations to stay in touch, Betty Ray McCain

Louise Bizzell Burress ’56C in Blowing Rock last summer. She also saw Evelyn Menzies Beam. Louise notes, “We finally have two granddaughters who are such a delight and are, hopefully, potential Saint Mary’s girls!”


Next Reunion: 2017 Mary Jo Paul Browning enjoyed a summer trip to Spain and Portugal with her granddaughter Meredith (15). She lives in Culpepper, Va., and continues with historical activities, church work in the Diocese of Virginia and bridge. “It’s hard to believe we are 61 years out of Saint Mary’s!” notes May Jo.


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: April 25-26, 2014

Class of ‘53C reunion: (left to right), Emily Urquhart Ayscue ’53C, Haffye Sewell Cox ’53C, Becky Gordon Hoggard ’51HS ’53C, Nancy McIver Chaffe '53C and Anne Bailey Lewis ’53C


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2017 Louise Wooten Talley reports from Raleigh that she enjoyed seeing Sara Cobb Shores ’52HS ’54C, Alice Bost Davidson ’52HS ’54C, Eve Hargrave Smith ’53HS and Mary

Reba White Williams writes, “Most of us met and caught up at our 50th reunion. Since then, I’ve devoted my time to writing fiction. ‘Restrike,’ the first mystery novel in a series, was published in June. The second, ‘Fatal Impressions,’ will be published early next year.” Jane Bradford Pearce still lives in Greensboro. Nancy Thompson von Lazar writes from Sarasota, Fla., saying this has been “a sterling year.” She is actively involved in real estate and topical issues, and thoroughly enjoyed a busy travel schedule that included a culinary trip to Northern Italy, a Caribbean cruise where she saw a tarantula on a tree trunk, and a trip to a beach house at Ocean Isle. “I’m waiting for more!”


Class News reports Nancy. Ann Going Purcell and husband Buzz are happy to announce the birth of their fifth grandchild, Edward Bulfin “Fin” Purcell IV, who was born May 18, 2013. Mott Butler Goff writes from Dunn, “As a grandmother, I have several high school graduations, soccer games and family fun at Sunset Beach. Five grands are in college and five more coming up. What has happened to retirement?”


Next Reunion: April 25-26. 2014 Trissy Holt Lomax '54C I was so happy to hear from four of you, but wish more had replied to the request for class news. Mary Ann Smoot Higgs was the first note I received. Sadly, she lost her husband on July 13. She has four children scattered over the continent in California, Oregon, Vermont and New Hampshire, and four rescued animals (three dogs and a cat). She said they chose not to live near any of their children as none of them lived anywhere they wanted to be. Mary Ann said they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on March 26 – they eloped while she was at Saint Mary’s. She said it was the best day of her life and the best-kept secret thanks to Allene Wellons. Mary Ann has lived in Thomasville, Ga., for four years and spends summers in the North Carolina mountains in Crumpler. Virginia Harriss Holland still lives in Wilmington, plays lots of duplicate bridge, travels as much as possible and says her favorite companion is her five-year-old dog. Laura Ann Travis Radoff still lives in the house she grew up in (with major renovations) in


Saint Mary’s School |

Myers Park in Charlotte. She says her health is good and all four children are well and happy, as are all 10 grandchildren. Pat Perry Moser is always so good about keeping me posted. She is in cycle #36 of chemo and says she is doing fine once she gets past some intestinal side effects some mornings and dreadful leg cramps many nights. She says she’s not complaining because when she’s good, she’s good. Her arthritis flares up and goes away with little care and the sciatica she used to suffer from left in February and hasn’t returned. She says deep tissue massage helped with that. Pat says she’s enjoying her son and his wonderful wife living 29 miles away, where they’ve been for a year. Pat’s “significant other,” Monroe, was 90 in April, but acts as though he’s still 80 most of the time. Pat still loves gardening. She says she’s once again rented a condo on Sanibel Island, Fla., over Thanksgiving, and she will cruise out of Baltimore, Md., in February. She still enjoys these trips with her family. I (Trissy Holt Lomax) have had a significant change in my life this summer. Henry and I became Florida residents some years ago, but enjoyed being back in North Carolina for Thanksgiving, Christmas and summers in our A-frame house on three acres of land on Lake Norman, where we’ve lived for 44 years. Health issues - both of us have bad arthritic knees and Henry has had cardiac and pulmonary problems – precluded our being able to live comfortably with hills and lots of stairs and deck levels. We’ve moved to a townhouse about five miles away that is laid out like our condo in Florida, in that most of our living is on one floor. We do have a loft and two bedrooms up, but everything else is on the main level. It was a

heart-wrenching move, but we are very comfortable. There is still a lot of stuff to get rid of, but we’re taking it one day at a time and we have lots of good help with two guys who’ve worked for us year-round. With three acres of azaleas, camellias and rhododendron to care for, it was the only way we could be gone for months at a time. Our children are both in Charlotte. Our oldest granddaughter is in Bradenton, Fla., attending Lake Erie College of Medicine, and is only an hour away while we’re there. Our youngest granddaughter is a senior at Brevard College, and her brother is a junior at Charlotte Latin School. Our oldest grandson lives and works in Charlotte, so we feel blessed to have them nearby. I hope the rest of you are enjoying our elder years and good health. Please let me hear from you the next time you are asked to respond. Trissy

Front Row (left to right): Jessie Allen Ogburn, Annie Gray Calhoun Lane, Polly Starbuck Robertson, Lou Johnson Johanson, Ginger Vann King; Second Row (left to right): Sue Sandlin-Plaehn, Barbara Hauser Bryan, Judy Scott Sanders



HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2016 Beverly Andrews Guarino of Hickory died on June 25. She is survived by her husband, Dr. Guy J. Guarino, three sons and five grandchildren.

College Class of 1959 friends enjoyed their annual retreat at the beach. Pictured are: Bet Beales Watson, Joyce Batchelor Parks Judy Highsmith Budacz, Georgia Fuller Johnson, Bev DuBose Patrick, Becky Roberson Warren and Jeanne Moye Whitford.


Next Reunion: 2016 Martha Brooks Bricio ’54HS ’56C Once again it is time to gather ’round the mailboxes, so to speak, (do you remember the flurry of expectation when the mail was placed in those old boxes?) and read the news from our friends of over 55 years ago! Alumnae magazine editor Mary Virginia Swain ’77C commented to me that she reads with interest each blue note that comes in and is touched by the life news from recent graduates starting careers and families all the way to older alumnae who write to say they’re still around and hanging

in there (who would that be!). And I enjoy reading, not just about our class, but also those classes a little above and below ours as well as those of our daughters and granddaughters. Pearla Ann Revelle Lowe writes that she has a new address: 8601 Cypress Lakes Dr., Unit 509, Raleigh, NC 27615. Her email is: Pearla Ann says she loves everything about the Cypress Club in Raleigh. It’s near all three of her sons and their wives and her seven grandchildren. She feels she has easy access to friends throughout the state as well as new friends from other states. Barbara Doar Cooper writes of “lots of changes: my husband, Bailey Cooper, died in February, and I have been flying around ever since trying to get on with the rest of my life. We had planned to go to a retirement place, so I went on the plan.” Her new address is Barbara Doar Cooper, 5100 Sharon Road, 2801-S, Charlotte NC 28210. Her email address is So many of us have had Barbara’s experience and, like her, continue to go forward courageously. She also says Ann Dorris Garvin and Kathleen Hartsock Lilly joined her at the beach and all is good there! Barbara also looks forward to reading Reba’s book – about which there is more below! Another classmate who faithfully checks in each year is Mary Louise Bizzell Burress, who reports, “I have been so fortunate to have seen so many of you this past year: Sue Warburton Redd, Margaret Brunson Hill and Sue Jett Russler.” She and Ruth Watkins Barber saw many more at the summer gathering at Morehead. Mary Louise is a superb and vocal supporter of our school. “Everywhere I go, young and old are

thrilled with Saint Mary’s, and the students are so happy. It is such a good feeling to have Saint Mary’s in tiptop shape.” Yet another address change comes from Ann Ruffin Hines. Ann says she moved to Hound Ears in Blowing Rock in November of 2011: Hound Ears, P.O. Box 188, Blowing Rock, NC 28605. Greensboro resident Betty Ivey Helms writes that she and husband Ron are retired and enjoying traveling and grandchildren – 23 between the two of them! They also have a cottage at Topsail Beach and love it there. Betty grew up in Rocky Mount, as did another dear friend of mine who started out in the first-grade with me in Kinston, Barbara Brown Hobson, listed in our directory as ’55C, listed that way because she was a commercial student. But, she was really in our class! Out of the blue she called me last spring, and we had a great time catching up! Barbara lives in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., and her children live in the area. Another commercial student who was really in our class is Betty Lou Dawson Schlatterer, who lives at Pine Knoll Shores. Betty Lou and husband Ed are retired from the airline business and are world travelers who have been to all seven continents! I see them on infrequent visits to Carteret County. Two regular email contributors are Laura James Bettes Schomberg and Nancy Mallon Towe. Laura James writes that she is well but is saddened because her sister is in hospice care. But, she also shares her good news that her only granddaughter is starting her first year at the University of Alabama – and then muses how quickly time goes by! She sends her love and would love to hear ( from her Saint Mary’s friends. Nancy Mallon Towe writes that as soon as her house


Class News sells, she’ll be moving to Colorado where her daughter, son-in-law and younger grandson live. She says she’ll spend Christmas in Colorado no matter what! She also says, “Last year I made my eighth and probably last trip to Kenya. It was not a working trip this time, strictly pleasure, and it was fantastic – private driver/guide whom I knew from prior trips – and we (my dearest friend who has always gone with me on our working trips, and her 20-year-old grandson) went to the camps and places we loved the most.” Nancy also writes that she visited Glenn Norman Dickens at Nags Head. Nancy sees Glenn several times a year. Together, they have visited Margaret Sherrod Fountain, who is at the Fountains at the Albemarle retirement community in Tarboro. Nancy, Glenn and Margaret are all doing fine. Nancy always sends a newsy email and apologizes for it, saying that Miss S.E. Jones said she was too wordy. Nevertheless, it’s fun to hear about where you’ve been and whom you’ve seen! That goes for all ’56ers! Joan Culbreth Greer and Jeptha stay busy with church and volunteer work. They had a marvelous Viking River Cruises trip down the Rhine River. Mott Butler Goff is still in Dunn, and has enjoyed a busy year that included high school graduations, soccer games and family fun at Sunset Beach. She has five grandchildren in college and five more coming up. She reports that Ina Gee Ridley Pittman has a new address in Franklin, Va. Gail Farthing Drewry also has a new address. She lives in Wilmington. Patsy Miller Moore continues to spend time at her Pine Knoll Shores cottage, though most of the time she is in Greenville. As reported in the winter issue, Becky Ellen Hinkle Carmichael Jones died in January of this year. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to her family.


Saint Mary’s School |

Now, for a word about Reba. Those of you who were in high school at Saint Mary’s remember Reba White Williams, who has for many years lived in New York City. Reba has been an active alumna and supporter of Saint Mary’s. Her latest news is the publication of “Restrike,” a mystery set in the New York art world. Reba held a reading and book party in Smedes Parlor in October and also met with Saint Mary’s students. Whether you love to write or whether you don’t, your classmates love to hear from you. Saint Mary’s loves to hear from you! Hope you are thinking – in the back of your mind – that we’ll have a 60th reunion in less than three years. As always, love to all, Martha


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2018 Class valedictorian Kate Webb Ragsdale died Feb. 24, 2013, in a

shocking home invasion at her house in Alberta, Ala., near Tuscaloosa. News of Kate’s senseless murder rocked her many friends and stunned her entire community. “Everybody loved Kate. She was just one of those people,” said Angela Wright, a former co-worker at the University of Alabama. “Any type of tragedy like this is horrible,” said Tuscaloosa Councilman Kip Tyner, who had been a friend of Kate’s since the 1980s. “But to happen to someone who was such an upstanding member of the community is doubly tragic to me.” Kate was born in Durham and grew up in Hillsborough and Greensboro. After graduating at the top of her class from Saint Mary’s, where she served on the Honor Council, she received her bachelor’s in religion from Sweet Briar College and her master’s in library science from the University of Alabama. She began working at the University of Alabama in the 1980s, while earning her master’s. She worked her way up to

First Row (left to right): Gillie Leggett Church, Shirley Keedwell Smith, Karen Herndon McWilliams, Belle Williams Smith, Rosa Beckwith Sands, Stewart Howie Gordon Second Row (left to right): Joanna Houston Roberts, Bettie White Cooper, Alice Haywood Robbins, Judy Rhodes Hoyt, Kay Miller Pollard, Sally Roper McGill Third Row (left to right): Bert Bradshaw Hall, Darnell Knight Eller, Dianne Croonenberghs Tilghman, Nina Theim Jackson, Alice Hubner Black, Martha Fowler Fourth Row (left to right): Mary Roper Boxley, Carol Turner Smithwick, Gee Canada Smith, Libby Beury, Sue Battle Moore, Joy Farlow, Nelson Pemberton, Verna Gillam Perry


High School Class of 1975 friends gathered at the wedding reception of Sam Schuth, son of Kee Hood Marshall ‘75HS, and his bride Olga Pylaeva. The wedding was held January 12, 2013, in the Saint Mary’s Chapel. Pictured from left to right: Carson Joyner Clark ’75HS (seated), Corneille Little ’75HS ’77C, Kee Hood Marshall ’75HS, Ann Watters Matteson ’75HS, Morgie Towler Duke ’75HS ’77C, and Kim Shavlik Randolph ’75HS ’77C.

being the university library planning officer and gained the rank of associate professor. Even in retirement, she stayed actively involved with her work at the university and was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2012. She was also active in her community, serving on the Friends of the Library board, West Alabama AIDS Outreach board, the Junior League and Colonial Dames. Kate was an active member of Christ Episcopal Church, serving on the altar guild and the Murphy Guild. Memorial services were held at her church. She is survived by her sons, Hugh Appleton Ragsdale, III, and his wife Alexa, of Pelham, N.Y., and James Webb Ragsdale of Dubai, United Arab Emirates; her three grandchildren, her brother, and several nieces and nephews. Muffy Walke Bowman writes from Bath, where she and Jim are attempting to downsize, but find it difficult. She is busy, “volunteering, quilting, reading and holding small offices in local groups. Who knew

the garden club vice president has to find two years of programs for the club?” She and other members of the class send heartfelt condolences to Kate Ragsdale’s family. Helen Bell Jones-Kerby writes from Halstenbek, Germany, where she is having lots of success with her campaign to achieve free accessibility for the handicapped in the public areas of Halstenbek. She writes, “An elevator was opened for the public at one of our commuter train stations on my birthday, June 26, and the assistant mayor and all the train officials and state politicians sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.”


Next Reunion: 2018 Barbara Hauser Bryan ’58C Although our 55th reunion was sparsely attended, we have news from many and plenty of mini-reunions planned and attended. Virginia (Ginger) Vann King, one of eight at our 55th reunion lunch, was happy to meet Saint Mary’s dynamic new president and to see her husband, a Woodberry classmate of the King’s younger son Bradley. Ann (Shep) Shepherd Engel penned from Indianapolis, Ind., that another Engelet who arrived in August makes an even three boys and three girls. “Most body parts working most days,” she adds about herself. Jessie Allen Ogburn described a change arising from her “adorable husband Tom’s” February heart attack. He’s now at Wellspring Assisted Living, very happy and content. “His gift to me,” Jessie adds. Ann Rountree Lineweaver and Brokie celebrated her big birthday in N.Y.C. with their boys. That’s

following a “different kind of summer” in recovery after late May back surgery, a spinal fusion, which finally quieted years of chronic pain. Good news on that score! Millie Fary Coleman heard from both “Tree” and Jessie about our 55th reunion weekend, but it was trumped this time because of their granddaughter’s birthday wish to have Millie and Tom with her. They went to Minnesota and Montana during the summer. Brooks Newton Preik reminds us of Saint Mary’s days in reporting that her grandson, Nicholas Carr (9), attends St. Timothy’s Episcopal School in Raleigh. Its beloved founder was Father Hale, her Bible teacher at Saint Mary’s in 1956. She learned of the connection while taking Nicholas on his initial tour. “Father Hale was one of my favorite teachers. He was caring and understanding and introduced me to an entirely new and exciting way of understanding the Bible and its meaning for us in a contemporary setting,” Brooks recalls. “Time has a way of bringing things full circle,” she concludes. Dot Ricks Lind stays busy traveling all over the country with DAR business. Betty Bundy Webb and Jim are happily involved in retirement, active in Charlotte’s Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter. Son James lives nearby and works for Wells Fargo. Daughter Mary and husband Mitch McCune are also close, in Huntersville. Mary’s children, Tyler (11) and Peyton (10), are very active, but the family enjoys at least monthly get-togethers. Pat Watson Ambrose announced herself “finally and fully retired in June 2012.” She and Don celebrated by visiting Germany and several Eastern European countries. Carole Barber Fauth maintains her


Class News usual routine of winters in Key West, Fla., summers on Lake Michigan, with spring and fall in Charlottesville, Va. She spent time in Europe last fall also. Among children and grandchildren visiting the summer place on the lake was daughter Taylor (my godchild) and her son, Aaron (14), who headed to lacrosse camp. Annie Gray Calhoun Lane was among the happy handful at our 55th reunion lunch table (with Jessie, our noted artist Judy Scott Sanders, Sue Sandlin-Plaehn, Ginger Vann King, Lou Johnson Johanson, Polly Starbuck Robertson and yours truly). Annie Gray recently attended alumnae events in both Rocky Mount and Wilmington. She and Charlie feel fortunate to be able to divide their time among friends and family in Rocky Mount, Edenton and Wilmington. Jenny Whitehurst Hawkins visited them at the beach and also attended an SMS event with the Lanes. Lou Johnson Johanson enjoyed an amazing week in Cuba with the North Carolina Museum of Art group studying art and architecture. Her Christmas note on the experience sparked a “Metro” magazine article and an interview with Radio Marti in Miami. She and her sister still speak to book and research clubs on their eye-opening adventure. With Jenny, she attended last fall’s wedding of Dickie Robinson Tyler’s son Dawson at Nags Head. More news from Lou included roommate Legare Benton Head’s move from Virginia to Flat Rock and talk time with Penelope Currie. Lou also was in touch with Kit Tiedeman Mason, Beth Morrison Moye, and Babe Middleton Nobles, in addition to seeing Doris Price Deal “looking fabulous” twice in the past year. Lucy Wooten Wofford’s husband Milt’s memorial service this summer, at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Sylva, was


Saint Mary’s School |

a wonderful and uplifting tribute to an inventive man whose talents served so many. It was clear that having the Woffords just up the street from the church meant the world to their church friends, as did and does their involvement in the community. Burial in Arlington National Cemetery is planned. Milt’s autobiography, “My Life on the Fly” (Old Mountain Press), is an endearing testimonial to his creative thinking and a life well lived. Charlotte Hunt Pennell and George had family in and out as granddaughter Charlotte began her senior year at Virginia Tech, still training the grandson of Secretariat she got as a foal, plus happy reports from their grandson who is starting UVA at Wise. Now daughter Anne and Claude have only Virginia (10) at home and their German shepherd. The Pennells are pleased at the progress of their new church building on Western Boulevard in Raleigh. Because my summer took me to Wilmington for a couple of weeks, I could catch up with Dorothy Overbeck Guggenheimer. She is busy with children and grandchildren, including daughter Dorothy Guggenheimer Bridger ’85C and

son John, wife Maggie and their two, occasionally seeing son Max (also my godchild), Jessica and son Declan in Virginia. I saw Peggy Withers Allen and Bill, who live near my son Russ and have pictures of their lovely young grandchildren to share. I enjoyed terrific talks with Brooks Newton Preik (who is helping in her nephew’s law office after enjoying daughter Angela and children, who moved home before leaving for Raleigh); and a terrific afternoon with Susan Hardin Flynn and Kit Tiedeman Mason who, with son Will, is eyeing a permanent return to Wilmington. My eldest son Eason keeps finding ways to make (Carver’s Falls, a stunning geographic anomaly) more attractive to more people. Russ is now the primary parent to his two – Kol (12) and Lydia (5) – and is happy to handle their healthy opportunities. Callan and lovely wife Nicole have been away from Davidson for her treatment in Chapel Hill of a very aggressive oral cancer, but holiday time is homecoming. Sharing what needs to be done at home with other family and friends has meant time for me with Cal (8), Lily (7) and

Head of School Monica Gillespie presents Laura Deane Matheson Gresham ’51HS ’53C with her reunion medal.


Will (4) (and the only one who looks as if we belong to each other). And then there is Ken. Truly hope to see each and all somewhere and soon. Barbara


Next Reunion: 2015 Peggy Pegues Kinney '60C Judy Crippen Armstrong writes from Concord, “Rod and I enjoyed a cruise this summer to Norway, the land of the midnight sun, a great trip with beautiful scenery. Our five children and eight grandchildren are doing well.” Florie McLeod Ervin reports that her seventh granddaughter, Amy Florence Holland, was born July 22, 2012, to daughter Nelson Holland and her husband Will. Florie now has eight grandchildren, all under the age of nine! Betty Inge Stratton writes from Manteo that she retired from the state judicial system late last year, and that her grandchildren are keeping her young! They range frm a newborn to age 21, and Betty feels truly blessed. Em Nelson Cummings writes from Charlottesville, Va., where she is still running a dental office part time. After 35 years of volunteering to read for the blind and dyslexic, she was very disappointed when budget cuts closed their recording studio and forced her to give up this rewarding work. News last March is that Ann Smiley Gillman in Florida is bravely battling diabetes and end-stage kidney disease in a very upbeat manner with the support of her daughters, Alicia and Amanda. A Valentine’s Day photo letter from Rebecca Hines Sherrill in Greenwood, S.C., reflected a busy,

happy year with trips and grandkids. Susan Murphey of Richmond, Va., last wrote that all is well. She was at our 50th Reunion in 2010. A fun and busy summer at our Pawley’s Island, S.C., beach house has kept me away from SMS notes and my computer. Family and friends have filled the days, happily and busily! Peggy


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2017 Janie Stronach Wood ’62HS ’64C Please see Class of ’64C for a combined class news letter.


Next Reunion: 2017 Mary Larson Jordan '62C Lynn Boyce Purdie-Brennor writes that her granddaughter, Emma Purdie, is attending Saint Mary’s! She won a wonderful scholarship. Lynn is proud and excited because Emma can be a member of the Granddaughters Club! Lynn also writes that she had lunch with Malinda Swineford Roberts and her husband this past June and had a very nice visit. Cornelia Hines Pelzer of Charleston, S.C., has just completed a three-month session as interim parish director at Grace Church. Cornelia is the acting treasurer for the church. Cornelia has been visiting with Courtenay McDowell in the mountains. Courtenay writes that she is relaxing and away from the hustle and bustle of Charleston. Tra Jeannette Perry writes she is now working

part time for Hospice as the volunteer coordinator. She works three days a week. Afterwards, she heads to Nags Head to play with her grandchildren, family and friends for the remainder of the week. She says, “It makes a good life!” Sounds good to me! Penny Saunders writes that she and husband Johnny have had a wonderful year of thanksgiving and rejoicing, as their daughter Elise and her family have settled in Durham not far from where Penny lives. Also, their son John, who lives in Raleigh, was married this past January in the Saint Mary’s Chapel. Penny says the Chapel has not changed one bit. Marty Watkins Prevost writes that she is still plodding along in real estate, and was able to survive the crash! She and her husband are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year! Their oldest grandson just graduated from high school and the youngest grandson from kindergarten. She says life is good. Tricia Armstrong Foy writes, “Living on Oak Island, I'm able to do a lot of water activities, especially kayaking and swimming laps in our wonderful community college water complex. Henry and I keep busy with visits from our six grandchildren. He has retired from the law and builds wooden skiffs. I volunteer as the ‘Cat in the Hat’ and read to over 1,000 children this year. We also took a great Viking River Cruise this spring. Life is good.” As for me, Mary Larsen Jordan, my life is quite different these days. My husband Peter is currently in the third stage of Alzheimer’s disease. Each day is a different experience, and I never know what to expect in terms of my husband’s behavior. I have truly learned the value of great family love and support, as well as the value of


Class News caring, loving friends. This disease, as many of you probably know, can be devastating to the person with the disease as well as to the others involved with the care of their loved one. It can be a very lonely experience. My little grandsons are my therapy these days. They have no idea what grand support they provide to me as well as to Peter. I am continually reminded of the Biblical verse “Let the little children lead them.” So very true. The term given to Alzheimer’s disease as the “Long Good Bye” is also very true. I thank those of you who have responded this year. Hopefully, I’ll hear from more of you next time. Take care yourselves and stay well. Mary


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: April 25-26, 2014

Skinner Anderson McGee ’64HS ’66C Not much news from our class, unfortunately! Molly Roper Jenkins is “officially retired,” but spends several mornings a week as personal assistant to some elders at Westminster Canterbury in Lynchburg, Va. In addition, she is a pastoral care volunteer for her church. Molly has been painting with watercolors and is an officer with the Lynchburg Art Club. Judy Morton lives in Greensboro with Betsy, her darling French poodle. She works as office manager for Action Greensboro and serves on the board of Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation. Mary Ann King Jones and her husband, Skeets, are retired from teaching in the California schools, but she is busier than ever as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for a 15-year-old foster child. The


Saint Mary’s School |

Joneses recently traveled to Thailand and Hong Kong, where they were able to see their son, Jonathan, and his band on tour. Jonathan’s wife, Julie, will begin vet school this fall. Mary Ann and Skeets’s daughter Allison is working in special education in the California school system after attending graduate school. The High School Class of ’64 will celebrate our 50th reunion this spring! Where has the time gone? I hope each of you will plan to attend. It will be wonderful to renew old friendships and see the many changes that have taken place in our dear old school. Until then, much love to each of you. Skinner




Next Reunion for '64C: April 25-26, 2014 Next Reunion for '62HS: 2017 Janie Stronach Wood ’62HS ’64C Lola Kearney Hines writes: “I live in Pawley’s Island with my husband, Bob. I have retired from teaching middle school, but I still tutor as many as 15 children, some of whom are in algebra and others in mathematics. I just love all of my students and have more fun teaching them.” Lola also reports the sad news that Linda Moore Hayworth died on September 22, 2012, after a long battle with lung cancer. “Linda lived a couple of blocks from me, and I visited her on a regular basis,” says Lola. “Linda was survived by her husband, William Hayworth, her sons, John and Brian, two grandchildren,

and her brother, Henry Moore and his wife, Charlotte, who lived in Pawley’s Island. Linda always maintained strong ties in Asheboro, where she raised her children. Her funeral was in Asheboro.” Anne Chamberlain Fowler writes that she is living in Columbia, S.C., married to Bill Fowler for 21 years. “Somehow I never get away from cooking, either at Trinity Church or for brunches, luncheons, cocktail parties, etc.,” notes Anne. “By the time all of my friends' children are married, my grandchildren will be ready! I do, however, find time to play bridge often. I have seven grandchildren: the oldest is 20 and the youngest is seven, with one more coming in October! I hope everyone will make the 50th reunion!” Marilyn Stadler Gideon writes that she still lives in Greensboro. Her oldest son, Drew Burns, was married in April. She also hopes to make it for the 50th reunion! Clare Garden Maddison writes that she enjoys living in Raleigh and seeing so many Saint Mary’s girls in the same town, along with her daughter, Sally Maddison Wooten ’85HS, and her son, Bo, who is married to Martha Weeks Daniel’s daughter, Sarah! Clare enjoys playing bridge with Janie Stronach Wood, who comes to Raleigh often, and also Anne Edwards Barefoot. Catherine (Kate) Smoot Sefcik writes in that she lives in Asheboro, and looks forward to spending two weeks in the “old country” (Czech Republic) once again with her daughter, Rosy Ferrell ’92C, her three children, and husband Frank. She enjoys writing and catching up with Bob and Lola Kearney Hines when on Pawley’s Island. Mary Jeffress Wright reports that she lives in in Rocky Mount and has three children: Jane, Jeff and Katie, as


well as four grandchildren: Sophie and Frank, who are Jane’s twins, and Robert and Joseph, who are Katie’s boys. Sharon Floyd Jones lives in Indialantic, Fla., and still works as a psychotherapist for the Episcopal Counseling Center of Central Florida. She has enjoyed taking cruises, most recently to the Eastern Caribbean, and enjoys visiting her lake house in North Carolina, where her grandchildren love to go with her and her husband. Alex is 12; Hannah is nine; Ashley is six; D.B. is five. Fall brings season tickets to University of Florida football. Her main relaxing activities include playing bridge, going to the beach and swimming. Aryne Weeks duMalherbe writes that she works as an interior decorator and lives both in Paris and in Cologne-Bonn, Germany. She hopes to come for the reunion! Roses Watson Taylor continues to sculpt and paint canvases, as well as to facilitate collaborative paintings for public art. Elizabeth Ponton Manning ’62C lives in Raleigh and plays bridge with several Saint Mary’s girls. Her husband, Judge Howard Manning (Howdy), is still holding court in several counties throughout the state. Daughter Ana comes often with grandson Manning Lee from Charleston, S.C. The Mannings love their visits, and sometimes they all venture to Oriental and to Nags Head to visit their good friend, Boo Robinson Beasley ’54HS ’56C and her husband, Wood. Bet Taylor Tricomi writes, “My husband Al and I have both retired from our positions at Binghamton University and have continued to live here in Binghamton, N.Y., where we are less than three hours away from our eldest son and daughter. Our other son lives in Hillsborough, N.C., so the route to

visit him is a familiar one. I spend my time taking adult education courses, gardening, volunteering during the day, participating in my hiking group and best of all: spending time with my six grandchildren!” Meg Campbell Graham reports that one of her sons went to Duke University and has a master’s in IT management from the University of Virginia. Older son Terrell just published “On Crosswords,” a book on the history of crossword puzzles. Bill and Meg are still shag dancing and loving life in Virginia Beach, Va. Nancy Gray Baker writes, “I am still living in Richmond, since graduating from VCU in art, and have an herb, edible garden and fig business, called “Nature's Nurture.” As a member of the Friends of Scuffletown Community Garden in the Fan District and also Bryan Park, I have enjoyed volunteer work as an advocate for several issues, primarily involving parks and the environment. I am also involved with several nature and spiritually-oriented groups. I am hoping to make it to our 50th reunion!” Marguerite McKee Moss writes that she and Robert still live in Dallas,Texas, and come to Raleigh often to visit her mother. They have children and grandchildren in New York and Washington. She is hoping that her grand-daughter Lucille will attend Saint Mary’s one day! Jean Winborne Boyles writes that she is still practicing law in Raleigh and took a trip to China in June. She has two married sons: one is a dentist living in Raleigh and the other holds an MBA-JD and works for a large corporation in Cincinnati and has two children. She adds, “I have two dogs living with me, am happy and in pre-70 health, and looking forward to the reunion!” Susan Ehringhaus

is married to Dr. Stuart F. Bondurant, emeritus dean and emeritus professor of medicine at UNC in Chapel Hill, where they reside. Susan is an attorney and says that she is “alive, happy and unrealistically hopeful” that she doesn't look 69 1/2 years old! Inez Coke Tudor is married to Caulton Tudor, longtime “News & Observer” sports editor, and they live in Raleigh. Inez, whose company is The Core Group, travels to various convention sites throughout the United States, which she lines up several times a year. She is also an avid tennis player. Her son, John Houston, is a builder who lives in Raleigh and has three sons. Susan Becton lives in California and is a film producer in Hollywood. She had her hand in the production of many well-known television programs as well as movies! She comes to Raleigh as often as she can to visit old friends. Janie Stronach Wood writes, “I have enjoyed being our class secretary and hearing from old friends! My husband Tom and I are living in Historic Edenton and are running a bed and breakfast inn at our Mulberry Hill house, located on the Albemarle Sound. We love being in the same town with son Thomas, his wife Adrian and their three children! It’s been fun attending Debbie Ellis Boyle's ’64HS ’66C furniture painting classes here in Edenton and at Nags Head, where I enjoyed staying with Boo Robinson Beasley ’54HS ’56C and Dickie Robinson Tyler ’56HS ’58C. My sister, Anne Stronach Genter ’53HS ’55C arrived for a wonderful visit with us in July! Tom and I are excited that our granddaughter, Kimberly Wood, is attending high school at Saint Mary's this fall. I am hoping that we will have a wellattended 50th reunion! Janie


Class News when you come to Winston-Salem. It would be such a treat to have a visit! Love, Skinner


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2018

First Row (left to right): Joan Sandlin Bowen, Torrey Green Stroud, Jeanne Cross, Nancy Haywood; Second Row (left to right): Sally Lennon Terwey, Leigh Webster, Sally Harris, Peggy Froneberger Carter


Next Reunion: 2016 Skinner Anderson McGee ’64HS ’66C It was great to hear from classmates! Linda Wootton Sloan lives in Marietta, Ga. She has retired from teaching and enjoys her role as “Mimi” to Kira, Sam and Jackson. Linda’s daughter and her two grandsons live minutes away, and her son, his wife and Linda’s granddaughter live in Hampstead. Linda says she enjoys staying in touch with several Saint Mary’s friends on Facebook. Susan Spiller Burnette lives in Raleigh, where three of her children and all four of her grandchildren also live. Susan says she spends summers at Topsail Beach and most of each winter in Key West, Fla. What a life! Susan says she is in the phone book in all three locations and tells everyone to call and come by! Charlotte Atkinson Sweeney closed her medical practice


Saint Mary’s School |

last year, but her days are full. She volunteers with The Solace Center of Interact of Wake County, the first community-based free nurse forensic examination sexual assault center in North Carolina. Charlotte also serves on the professional advisory council for the chaplaincy at the Durham Veterans Administration Hospital. Husband Brian continues to work as a counselor. Charlotte and Brian are learning to live with the “new normal” of Brian’s diagnosis of bladder cancer. Charlotte says, “We feel blessed to have the compassionate, supportive presence of our daughter Katherine, who is in graduate school.” Sally Borden Worrell reports that she and Tony are fine. Their son, George, is president of Wayco Ham in Goldsboro, and their daughter, Lee, and her husband, Billy Taylor, live close-by in Kinston. The Taylors have a son, Nash (6) and a daughter, Arabella (4). I am sure Sally is enjoying using all of her experience as preschool teacher! Cheryl Koenig Kelling and her husband continue to live in Concord. She says she “has nothing new to report – and at this stage of life, that is good!” I loved hearing from each of you! Please call

Sarah Chamblee Childress ’68HS ’70C Greetings! Life in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia has continued to keep me busy and quite thankful. It would be great to hear from more classmates as we travel into the retirement phase of our lives. Jeanne Cross writes that it was “great to see the small group at our 45th reunion!” Jeanne was thrilled to have Skeet Pittman Stewart’68HS for a weekend visit as Skeet was in town for a wedding in High Point. Jeanne says, “Miss you ALL!” Peggy Froneberger Carter, M.D., has been slowly returning to her practice as an anesthesiologist and has found that she has “a lot of studying to do.” Her son Kenneth (26) lives in Charleston, S.C. Peggy has spent time renovating and making some additions to her house. She now has plenty of room for family and friends and would love to have friends come for a visit and renew the friendships and fun times! Peggy asked to have her email address included here: As for me I just “keep on keepin’ on” in my private practice in Winchester, Va., with Psychological Health Associates for the 29th year. Dog rescue, adult children and my husband continue to be my “passions” but not necessarily in that order, depending on the day! Would love to hear from y’all! You would be surprised to know who will reconnect with you if you write a quick


note in our class news. Peace and be well, Sarah


Next Reunion: 2018 Paula Johnson Stewart ’68C Dear class friends, I guess since we just had our reunion, people didn’t feel as though they had much news. For those of you who were not able to come, we really missed you! PLEASE make it a priority to come to our 50th! It will be here before we know it! Cece May Scott wrote about how much she enjoyed seeing everyone and can’t wait until we get together again. I received a long email from Cathy Walp Askew. She is tutoring for the 12th year since she left the classroom. It allows her to keep her own schedule and be free to travel with her husband. She loves teaching one-on-one without all the other demands. Since our reunion, she was inspired to contact Susan Slover. Cathy was planning to visit both of her children in N.Y.C. in mid-May, and figured it might work to get in a lunch with Susan. Susan is incredibly busy, particularly with her design work for Steve Wynn, who’s opening a new hotel in China, but she happened to be in the city the day they were free. Cathy and Bucky met Susan at The Crosby Hotel for lunch and Cathy said, “It was wonderful and she looks marvelous and was as charming as ever.” Cathy had taken our reunion picture to show her, which she enjoyed seeing. At the end of May, Cathy and her husband visited Celie Smith Harris and Jeff at their beach house on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina. They enjoyed several days together,

relaxing and taking advantage of some of the offerings of Spoleto. They also went on a beautiful tour of many of the private gardens in Charleston and watched an exciting dance performance. Even though Cathy had encouraged Debbie Almquist Rosen to come to our last reunion, she was disappointed Debbie didn't make it. But, they have talked since and Debbie says she will be at the next one! Susan Davis Virgin loved being with everyone at the reunion. She ran into Kem Toole Johnson in Highlands and had the opportunity to see Becky Bell Savitz's garden. The garden was on the front cover of the June issue of “Southern Living” magazine with a wonderful article and photographs! She also saw Nancy Richardson Watson ’68HS, Molly's sister, that same weekend. She, too, hopes everyone will come to our 50th. Anne Perkerson Thomas wrote, “What fun to reconnect with the

Saint Mary’s gang. I had heard through the grapevine about the reunion – after the fact! Sounds like a wonderful time. At any rate, I appear to be back on the mailing list now thanks to Susan Virgin! I am now fully retired and living at my East Hampton, N.Y., house year-round. Gave up the city apartment when I closed up my special events business over a year ago. After I left Carnegie Hall in 1989, I had started my own small shop to do events (almost all fundraisers for N.Y.C. institutions). Am having a ball not working (and don’t understand people who fret about what they will do when they retire!). Spend a month every winter in Arizona and the month of August in Sidney, British Columbia, where my sister has a great summer house. Otherwise busy with bridge, fun with friends and chairing the Landmarks Luncheon for the East Hampton Ladies Village Improvement Society (do you love the name?) in the fall.” Diane Stockard Wade

First Row (left to right): Jo Crawford Phelps, Celie Smith Harris, Nancy Bowen Wiggins, Beverly Randolph, Beth Harris Isenhour, Carla Heaton Bailey, Cheryl Lee Taft, Juliet Smith Barrus; Second Row (left to right): Cathy Swain Crossett, Becky Bell Savitz, Carolyn Blaine, Cece May Scott, Laura Walter Hearn; Third Row (left to right): Molly Richardson Swan, Paula Johnson Stewart, Bettie Kellogg Blanchard, Mary Holden Harrell Burke; Fourth Row (left to right): Cathy Walp Askew, Susan Davis Virgin, Martha Vaughan, Keith Richardson, Lu Dixon Manekin; Fifth Row (left to right): Frances Garriss Jilcott, Claire Duff Dodd, Kay Lasater Culp, Mary Clark Whittle German, Pat Slater Holscher


Class News wrote that she and Louis completed the America’s Great Loop four years ago. It was a fantastic 11-month boat trip (on their own boat) that was a wonderful journey each and every day. Their two daughters (both SMJC alumnae) are happily married and the Wades now have six grandchildren – the oldest being a senior at the North Carolina School of Science and Math in Durham. They feel very blessed to have all of their family so near them. They have been living at Lake Hyco for 12 years. It’s a beautiful, man-made lake between Roxboro and Danville, Va. Louis retired in 2003 and they spend most of their time between the lake and Atlantic Beach and traveling on their boat. She had a wonderful surprise in April when she heard from Nancy Cole! She made it to the reunion, which Diane hated to miss, but promises she won’t miss another one. “It sounded like so much fun!” Beth Rodman Oden writes that she was mother of the bride in June 2012 when her daughter Elizabeth, a staff pharmacist with Walgreens in Rocky Mount, married Jim Woodard, a dentist there. Her son, Will, is an attorney with Ward and Smith and lives in Wilmington. Lenora Kendrick Clontz has been in Jacksonville, Fla., for three years. Her son asked her to move there to help him and his wife take care of her two adopted Chinese granddaughters – Olivia (6) and Zoey (10). She sees her sisters, Adelia (Dee Dee) Kendrick ’69C and Rebecca Kendrick ’63C in Bradenton, Fla. often. About a week before our reunion, she was trying to get in touch with Leighton Holmes Tesche or Cary Hancock Easterly. Leighton found her first, and they live about five minutes from each other! Lenora says, “It was great getting back together – ah, the memories! We welcome any Saint


Saint Mary’s School |

Mary’s ‘girl’ (especially Cary) to our sand, sea and sunshine paradise!” This came from Georgia Henry Gates, “Don’t think I ever officially reported my marriage because I wouldn’t think of it when sending news. We recently celebrated our fifth anniversary, and when the request for news came, I immediately thought about it. I married Robert J. Gates, Jr. in April of 2008 at the outdoor chapel at St. Crispin’s Conference Center. He’s an Episcopal priest, retired from hospital chaplaincy, who is now doing an interim at St. Paul’s, Claremore, Okla. We’ve done a good bit of traveling around Oklahoma, learning about the history of the state. Also in the last few months, we have been to Texas and to Kentucky to visit family. About 15 months ago, I got braces and may be the oldest patient my orthodontist has ever had! I always wanted them as a teen when so many friends had them but didn’t need them then. We’re having great luck with our vegetable garden and thinking about trying a fall garden, too.” Mary Ann Allen Cowherd wrote that she and Judy Dunn Woodall, her Holt roomie, got in touch and are now keeping up via Facebook! It was so neat to hear her voice on the phone, said Mary Ann. I don’t know how long it has been since I have heard from Gray Brothers Winner, so it was great getting a note from her. She wrote that she and Bob are celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary, and she is a cancer survivor, three years out. She lives in Asheville and says, “Life is good at this time and I am thankful.” It was just great hearing from all of you and seeing so many of you at the reunion. We really are a special class! Let's keep connected!


Next Reunion: 2017 Peaches Rankin reports that she spent February and March visiting her sister in beautiful Sydney, Australia, and Queenstown, New Zealand. She also enjoyed seeing lots of SMS gals at a wedding in June at Grandfather Mountain. Tina Edney Hampton is a new grandmother. Son Keith had a baby boy, John Kastle Hampton, in December and daughter Kendall had twins in February 2011, a boy and a girl, Grant Kermit and Kinsley Hollis Parks. Tina is in her 24th year working as executive administrator of the Junior League of Greenville, S.C. Julia Wallace Chipley reports that she spent a weekend last March with Kay Rodgers Jenkins, Brinn Knotts Smith, and Lynn Jonakin Royal at Litchfield Beach, S.C. They had a great time catching up! Her daughter, Cary, son Hunt and their spouses live in Richmond. Cary has three girls: Julia Hunter (5), Holt (4) and Archer (2), so Chipsey spends a lot of time visiting Richmond. Sue Barham Moore writes from Stoneville, where she has retired from teaching. “Don and I have enjoyed our four grandchildren with another on the way. That will make five under the age of five,” she says. Husband Don continues to enjoy practicing medicine, even with all the changes that are occurring.



HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: April 25-26, 2014 Catherine Blankenship ’74HS ’76C Agreeing with Val Tullai Williams, “Who can believe it has been almost 40 years! We need to gear up for a big celebration next spring.” Val has three adult children now. Daughter Meredith is a lawyer at Duke Law. Lawson is married and lives in Atlanta, working in telecommunications. Melanie is in Georgetown, working in real estate finance and loving it. Mom Val is filling her time working a high-end clothing line, Nina McLemore, in charge of recruiting new markets in the Southeast. Husband Eddie still has Time Out restaurant, featured twice on the Travel Channel, and now has added a food truck. Jennifer Powell is launching two kids, ages 17 and 21. Her career remains healthcare related and for the last 10 years she has worked as a health care quality improvement consultant. She is excited with the Affordable Care Act’s focus on improving care and access as it applies to her work. She has national medical society clients she works with to improve care. She’s still in Chapel Hill and looking forward to the reunion. Janie Cameron Wagstaff is the president of the Triangle Republican Women and spent an enormous amount of time on the 2012 election. In her spare time, she rented a flat in London near Queen Elizabeth for the London Olympics. And if staying next door to royalty wasn’t enough, she sat behind Sir Paul McCartney at one of the events. She has started a lecture series: Issues

Confronting Our Nation (ICON), held in Durham. Angela Parker is still in Midtown Atlanta with husband Jeff and Reilly (14). She is working as the community development director for Sandy Springs. She, too, squeezed in a trip to London as well as the North Carolina coast this summer and saw Sheila McLamb ’75HS. I am living in Warrenton, working in Henderson as the director of the Cancer Center and Home Health Departments at Maria Parham. Daughter Lucy finished her doctorate in nursing last year and is working as a nurse practitioner, and son Will is married. I am thinking grandchildren aren’t far off! I completed training as an integrative health coach at Duke this summer and hope to launch an encore career. Put a big “40” on your calendars for the spring and watch for the reunion plans. It would be great to see everyone!

college class ever at Saint Mary’s. We continue to be the best, and by the news being sent in, the reason is clear. We’re special, caring, intelligent and driven young women. I hope you’ll enjoy the latest and greatest read on Class of ’74C.


Next Reunion: April 25-26, 2014 Melrose Whitefield Fisher ’72HS ’74C First thing! Mark those calendars for April 25-26, 2014. This is the date for our 40th reunion weekend. Now this is something to celebrate for sure. Not only is it our 40th year since we graduated from Saint Mary’s, but 2014 will be the year most, if not all, of us will turn the big 60! We’re just hitting our stride, ladies, and we need to celebrate our birthdays as well. Put your thinking caps on and let’s see what we might be able to come up with. Thanks to all sending information in and changes of address. Our class, as we all know, was and still is the best

First Row (left to right) Alleen Cater, Lindsay Smith Newsom; Second Row (left to right) Gene Grantham Foster, Helen Wright Redwine, Mary-Stuart Dent Pratt; Third Row (left to right) Mary Wadleigh Wright Harrison, Perry Grimes Van Dyke; Fourth Row (left to right) Jane Morris Murphy, Gretchen Bullard Barber, Louise Clark Poitras; Fifth Row (left to right) Michelle Bratton Parker, Susan Spaulding Mullin


Class News It’s always my pleasure to share it with you. From the beautiful coastal town of Beaufort, N.C., Jane Abernathy Hahn sends news that she participated in the first Saint Mary’s Alumnae Bazaar last April, and it was a huge success. As you remember, Jane is an interior decorator (owner of Interiors by the Sea) but what she was selling at the bazaar is her line of jewelry and embroidery called Initial Outfitters. Jane still found time last summer to travel to Bermuda, which she reports is a tropical paradise. Jane invites anyone visiting the Beaufort or Morehead City area and needing a place to stay, to go to and look up Jane’s list of rooms she has posted. Jane decided to capitalize on the fact that she does live in a tourist town so she decided to rent some of her rooms out. Another classmate writing in from Morehead City is Libba Barbour Shelton. I know for a fact that Libba has tremendously enjoyed being a grandmother to five grandkids. Daughter Sarah and husband Denny have Grayson (9), Poole (2) and twins Charlie and Briggs who will be one-year-olds in November. Whew! Daughter Mollie and husband Joe have Liam (2). Out of these five, only one is a girl! Along with babysitting and enjoying her grandkids, Libba still teaches kindergarten in Morehead while husband Scott works at Cherry Point in Havelock. Libba, along with several other Saint Mary’s classmates recently enjoyed seeing each other at a party given for Anna DuBose Doughton’s son, Horton, and his bride, Lisl. Saint Mary’s classmates attending, in addition to Libba and Anna, were Melrose Whitfield Fisher, Tish Detgen Murray and Elizabeth Manly Jernigan ’72HS. After a year of rehabbing a broken “driving foot,” Rachael Holmes is ready for our 40th


Saint Mary’s School |

reunion. We’re so glad Rachael has totally recovered. This was a long ordeal, to say the least, for Rachael. The annual “mini” reunion of Ellen Henson, Margaret Stevens Mauney, Laura Grimes Smith, Mebane Ham, and Rachael didn’t happen last year because of Rachael’s foot, but they made up for lost time with an August gathering. Laura Grimes Smith is a proud grandmother of two. Laura’s son Eric has Kellan (3) and Adelyn, born in February. Younger son Brandon is beginning his freshman year at Campbell University in the pharmacy program. This is bittersweet for Laura because Brandon is the last to leave home. You’ll get used to it very quickly, Laura. Laura works for Sodexo as a quality and compliance manager. Sodexo manages GlaxoSmithKline’s “soft services” globally for GSK. Laura hopes that retirement will be in her cards from the pharma industry. Susan Dotterer Dixon and husband Dillard have finally made the move to Nags Head, not just for the summer, but for year-round. For many years they have lived in Edenton and spent summers at their cottage in Nags Head, but Susan and Dillard decided they needed to simplify their lives and scale back, so Nags Head is now their permanent home. Congrats! Another draw to making Nags Head their full-time home is that daughter Elizabeth and son Richard, who is completing his master’s in graphic design, both live in Outer Banks area. Anyone who is Susan’s Facebook friend has the pleasure of seeing her photography and pencil portrait talents from time to time. This keeps Susan busy and happy. Visit Lane Turner Nash writes in that her daughters, Austin Nash Coley ’01 and

Jenna Nash Hollmeyer ’04 got married within 12 months of each other. Wow! Lane and John’s son, John, lives in Charleston, S. C. Lane says she’s still enjoying her involvement with Saint Mary’s. If you did not know, Lane is our chair of Saint Mary’s Board of Trustees. Congrats Lane! Burning the road from Atlanta to Raleigh is Beth Nicolson Dick. She’s been visiting Raleigh to see daughter Elizabeth, her husband Lee Walker, and Beth’s first grandchild, Anna (1). Of course, Beth cannot say enough about what a joy Anna is. Son Andrew lives in Atlanta, as does son Hagan and his wife Katie. Beth and David have recently moved to a new home but still in Atlanta. Shelley Tosto Snider is another “grandmommy” burning the miles traveling to see her kids and grandchild. Shelley’s daughter Lacey and husband Chris blessed Shelley with a grandson, Asher Paul Shipp, a year ago. They live in New York, so Shelley is flying the friendly skies to see her grandbaby. Shelley’s son Jordan is a chef at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas and is married to veterinarian wife Baker. Oldest son Jake lives in Hanahan, S. C. Shelley teaches kindergarten in Mt. Pleasant, S. C., and hopes to retire in a couple of years. At that time, Shelley says she’s going to be doing a lot more flying and a lot of babysitting. Shelley recently saw Marcy Beery Dineen and Connie Spilman at the wedding of Marcy’s son to Anna Mackie, whose aunt taught religion as Saint Mary’s. Remember Ms. Mackie? Becky Clark continues to live in Raleigh and works as a dental hygienist while occasionally presenting training and development workshops. Becky continues to enjoy her family, friends, church and sports. Gail Goforth Simmons and husband Ward


are still living in Charlotte with their house pets Maggie and Aretha. Gail continues to works as a massage therapist, but less and less, because traveling is on their bucket list of things to do. This fall Gail and Ward will travel to Belgium and Holland for a “bike and barge” trip with Vermont Bicycle Tours. Safe biking, Gail! Emory Rogers Church and husband John are also traveling more, now that their nest is empty. They loved a European river trip last year, and are looking forward to traveling the back roads of England, Wales and Scotland this fall. Emory stays involved with SMS, serving on the auction committee and doing some free lance editing on this magazine! As for the Fishers, we have had a lot happening over the past several months. My mom died in January 2013 from a cerebral hemorrhage. As most of you know, it is never easy losing a parent. Our youngest son, Davis, just landed a position at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tenn., as a graduate assistant with the men’s basketball team. Davis graduated from UNCChapel Hill in May and will now be in the MBA program while working with the team at Lincoln Memorial. Older son Robbie just completed his three years with the Peace Corps in Swaziland, Africa. As I write this, he and another Peace Corps buddy are touring southeastern Africa before deciding where life will take him next. As for myself, I just had a total knee replacement and am recovering well. Physical therapy is not a walk in the park, but it is not horrific either. I still have my Lots of Luxe business that keeps my business associate and me busy. We represent the Doncaster line of clothing for women and we just re-

cently added J. Hilburn, a men’s custom clothier, to our collection. No retiring for me as of now. Reminder: mark your calendar for our 40th reunion next April 25-26, and if you would like to be included on our Monday Morning Cyber Prayer Group CG ’74+ (outsiders welcome) list, please email me and I will add you. Melrose

First Row (left to right): Nancy Kerr Thomason, Susanne Owens Logan, Catherine Phillips Winslow; Second Row (left to right): Jayne Milligan Spector, Nan Brantley Bayless; Third Row (left to right): JoAnn Nance Small, Jaquelin Jenkins Perry


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2016 Bebee Bason Lee ’76HS ’78C Please see Class of ’78 College for a combined class news letter.


Next Reunion: 2016 Bess Knotts Walker '76C Barksdale Spencer Thompson reports that life is good. She is a very excited grandmother! Her daughter, Sarah, is the mother of Barksdale’s granddaughter, and they live in Wilmington. Daughter Barksdale finished her master’s in education and teaches in Greenville, N.C. Mother Barksdale says no more education bills at their house! Son Lawson is still with BB&T in Wilson. Husband Philip is still with Merrill Lynch, and Barksdale stays busy with three part-time jobs! Mazie Swindell Smith wrote that she has recently been named the 21st century learning coordinator for Hyde County Schools. She also completed a twoyear stint as county manager of Hyde County. As for me, life has changed a bit with my youngest in college. Carr is a freshman at Clemson University. My son, Locke, graduated from Clemson in civil engineering and works in Raleigh. My daughter, Ila Walker Bittner ’05, is married, living and working in Morehead City. With our nest empty, life will be different, but we have plans to visit N.Y.C. with Saint Mary’s, and to take weekends to travel to Clemson and go to the beach in the off-season! I hope all is well with each of you! Bess


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2018 Sara Vestal Morgan and Tim are still living and working in Raleigh. Sarah teaches at Lacy Elementary School, and Tim is with Brasfield Gorrie Commercial Contractors. Their family


Class News had a year filled with happy celebrations: their own 33rd wedding anniversary, daughter Melissa’s wedding and son James’ wedding. “What a great year!” she reports.




Next Reunion for '76HS: 2016 Next Reunion for '78C: 2018 Bebee Bason Lee ’76HS ’78C It was wonderful to see and catch up with so many ’78C classmates at our reunion in April. And, it was great to hear from ’76 HS and ’78C for our news. Beth Kirkland Peters ’78C has two daughters. Sarah (26) is planning a move to Augusta, Ga., and Betsy (24) lives in Raleigh and works for Design Dimension as a graphic/exhibit designer. Beth has started her 30th year teaching at Greenfield School in Wilson. Walston and Beth will celebrate 32 years of marriage in December, and Walston sends his “hello” to all the Saint Mary’s girls. Suzin Sciabarasi ’76HS writes that she still lives in Austin, Texas, after 19 years. She is vice president of human resources at Newgistics, Inc. She traveled to Italy with her 16-year-old son to visit relatives and explore the town where their family originated. Kathy Reynolds Phillips ’78C reports that all is quiet in Richmond, Va. Dottie Lipscomb ’78C sends in news from some recent travels to Seattle, Wash., and Glacier National Park in Montana. Dottie still lives in Texas and was headed to Boulder, Colo., soon. Dottie was happy to have been able to come to


Saint Mary’s School |

Raleigh for the Class of ’78 reunion and sends special thanks and appreciation to those who hosted the lovely gatherings. Sally Allen Watkins ’76 HS writes from Charlotte that she and Randy have been happily married for 13 years. They have 11 grandchildren, one cockapoo and a new horse from Germany. Sally works once a week at a registered nurse at Carolina’s Medical Center. Randy is vice president of financial services with Hendrick Automotive. Donna Sherrill Steele ’78C says she loved seeing everyone in April at our reunion! Helen’s party, being on campus, chapel, etc. was awesome. She loves having Saint Mary’s friends in Charlotte, and Martha Murphy comes up often from Columbia to have sleepovers. Donna did go by and see Liz Wright James ’78C in Greensboro after the reunion. She took her a Saint Mary’s shirt and told Liz all about the weekend. Donna says Liz was thrilled. Marjorie Berry ’78C writes from Elizabeth City that she, too, had a great time seeing everyone at the reunion. Margie keeps busy working part time at the Arts of the Albemarle in Elizabeth City. She does lots of volunteer work. Margie is a trustee at the Museum of the Albemarle and is president of a local historic preservation group. She heads to Nags Head whenever she can. Jan Stewart Atkins ’76HS ’78C loved seeing everyone in Raleigh last April and is so excited to be relocating back to North Carolina in the new year. She hopes to see everyone lots more. As for me, I took a new position in the last year and am serving as president of Junior Achievement of Eastern North Carolina. My daughter, Anna O’Neal ’05 (26), works in Raleigh; son Will O’Neal (22) works and goes to school and son Sam Lee (26) lives and works in San Diego. Husband David still

works with Wake Stone Corporation. I loved seeing everyone at the reunion and the weekend before at Wrightsville Beach. Hope to see everyone soon. Happy fall, y’all!


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2015 Mary Stowe lives in Chapel Hill and stays busy with two yarn stores, one in Chapel Hill and the other in Raleigh. Son Evan Ball has begun his second year at East Carolina and loves it. They enjoyed a family trip to Peru in March. Elizabeth Via Smith lives in Atlanta. Daughter Caroline recently graduated from Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tenn., and is now at Savannah College of Art and Design. The family celebrated by taking a wonderful trip to Italy and Paris.


Next Reunion: 2015 Cissy Lofton Elmer '80C Gwynn Walker-Candee writes, “I’ve been living in Colorado for over 30 years now, minus the nine months I lived in Chicago when I first started with United Airlines in 1984. Lisa Moye Thomas and Debbie Bishop Hill are the responsible parties for getting me to Keystone, Colo., after college. They moved back South eventually, and I met my future husband in Keystone, keeping me in Colorado. We have two kids, Robert (23) and Lauren (21). While we live in Denver, we both still love the mountains and clearly passed that on to our kids. Robert has lived in Vail since graduating from college over


a year ago and Lauren is a senior at CU Boulder. If you’re ever on United, keep an eye out for me. I’ll be the one telling you to sit down and buckle up! I am hoping we can get a good turnout for our next reunion. There are so many I would love to see and catch up with from our class!”


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2017 Please see Class of ’84 College for a combined class news letter.


Next Reunion: 2017 Jackie Mitchell May teaches kindergarten, and reports that life is great! Son Daniel (17) is at Washington High School, and son Jack (13) is at Bath Elementary. Her husband, Herb, is with Mitchell Tractor and Equipment. Cathy Call Boykin says she cannot believe she has a daughter at SMS! “It brings back wonderful memories,” she says. Callee (16) lives with her parents in Raleigh and is a day student. Son Laughton (25) lives in Charlotte, as does son Parke (23).


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2017 Annabelle Brandeaux Robertson '84HS Robin Ballard Earp, moved across town from Wilmington to Wrightsville Beach just days after last Christmas.

She now gets to enjoy the view of the Intracoastal Waterway. Robin also hosted the summer Saint Mary’s alumnae party in June with many friends attending. “It was tons of fun!” Robin says. Marty Worthy enjoyed seeing some SMS faces at the Atlantic Beach alumna party in July - not many girls from the ’80s but she had fun talking to gals from the ’60s and ’90s. She caught up with Della Jones Fried ’84HS as she was passing through Raleigh on her way to a family trip to Carolina Beach. Della’s parents hosted a birthday celebration on their lovely back porch. Meriwether Hill ’85HS, Marinda Sapp ’84HS, Della’s sister, Annetta Jones Hoggard ’80HS, and niece, Culbreth Jones ’07, as well as Marty’s sister, Carter Worthy ’77HS, were all there to toast dearest Della. As for Marty, she still works for a family business, and is appreciating “the sweet spot of parenthood” before her oldest (Emilie, 15) can drive, but says she and her boys (Hoyt, 11, and Clay, 8) are pretty self-sufficient. “I do burn a lot of gas taxiing them around, though,” she admits. Carter Manning Wade received her MBA in May 2012 with a specialty in healthcare administration and is now adjunct faculty at King University, in addition to working in sales at a healthcare technology company. Daughter Allston is almost 14, and son Will is a senior in high school. “All in all, blessed,” Carter writes. “Just missing my SMS peeps! I’m single and doing fabulous.” As for me, Annabelle Brandeaux Robertson, I’m running my own company, doing PR and social media for small businesses. I just signed my first national client but my rates remain incredibly low. Please check out Bella Media Services on Facebook and “like” my

page to help me spread the word. All SMC grads and friends get a discount, of course! In the meantime, please remember that we are still 39, no matter what reunion year we may be facing. And, I can’t wait to see everyone in Raleigh on April 25-26! We look forward to having a great turnout for our 30th reunion. Mark your calendars and watch your mail for information! Please come.




Next Reunion for '76HS: 2017 Next Reunion for '78C: 2017 Beth Morris Gobble’82HS ’84C and Katherine White Messenger '84C Hello, friends! We have decided to join forces with the ’82 High School and ’84 College classes, and see how it works. Here goes! Laurie Reiley Dean ’82HS ’84C went back to college to pursue a new career in surgical technology. She had an exciting summer doing clinical rotations and looks forward to graduation in December. She will then work in either an Atlanta hospital or surgical center. Way to go, Laurie! Beth Morris Gobble ’82HS ’84C was thrilled to connect with old roomie Ashley Patterson Silverman ’82HS, who lives in Atlanta and is married tJeff Silverman. Ashley and Jeff have two children, son Campbell (18) and daughter Libby (14). Ashley is a marketing and branding consultant.


Class News

Memebers of the class of '83C gathered at their special class party during reunion weekend 2013.

Judy Douglass ’82HS still works as a nurse in an emergency room in Myrtle Beach. She earned her bachelor's in nursing in August of 2012 – Yea, Judy! Beth will attest that she is a most welcome face to see when you are in the emergency room! She loved seeing everyone at the last reunion and can't wait to do it again! Virginia White Pou reports that she and her family are enjoying life in Greenville, N.C. Husband Wilson is doing well with his company, Engineering Source, and Virginia is still teaching middle school math. Her oldest, Sara-Morgan (19) is a sophomore at East Carolina, and swims with the ECU swim team. Sara-Morgan made her debut at the North Carolina Debutante Ball last fall. Cameron (18) is a senior and Cary (16) is a sophomore in high school. Both swim for the East Carolina Aquatics team. Katherine White Messenger sees the Pou family at swim meets during the year. She and Virginia had fun at their 30th high


Saint Mary’s School |

school reunion in Greenville, N.C., last summer. Janie Ravenel Godbold says that things are great in Columbia, S.C. Janie and husband Jack have three children. Daughter Ravenel is a senior at the University of South Carolina. James is a sophomore at Clemson University and a great friend of Scotty Grine Frantz’s son, Adam. Cravens is in fourth grade at Brennen Elementary. Janie gets to see Scotty on a regular basis, as well as Mary Carlisle McLeod Benson, Elizabeth Brown Tighe, Bev Tuller and Lucia McCallum Smith. Janie also spent some time with Elizabeth Sherrill Druga this past spring. Anne Morgan Miller is as busy as ever in Atlanta. She and husband Paul just got a new puppy, Dallas, to play with their 8-year-old Sheltie, Austin. Their children are good: Hamilton (11th-grade), Allie Smith (9th-grade) and Mary Chapman (8th-grade). Allie Smith played soccer at Real Madrid this summer; Hamilton golfed in the Pacific Northwest; Mary Chapman

went to camp and their parents rarely left the Atlanta city limits! Katherine White Messenger ’84C is finding it hard to believe that she has a child in fourth-grade (Stewart, age 9), one in middle school (Hank, age 11) and one in high school (Jack, age 14)! “Seems like just yesterday I was having fun at Saint Mary’s! I spend a lot of time with my mother, Kay Shipman Schoellhorn ’61C, and chat frequently with my sisters Eleanor White Hunter ’87C and Allison White Sullivan ’87HS. Eleanor’s daughter Mary Ellen Hunter is a sophomore at SMS! How time flies. When I am not substitute teaching or managing everyone’s extracurricular/ carpool schedules, my husband Bill and I train for and participate in triathlons and marathons. We did the inaugural Raleigh Half Ironman Triathlon last June, and I ran the Marine Corps Marathon last fall. We also love to get away to Stella, home of our ‘beach cottage’ on the White Oak River near Emerald Isle. Our beagle puppy is named Stella after that beautiful, peaceful place.” Our classes lost a dear friend last year, Tay Yeargin Appleyard. Please see Beth Morris Gobble’s beautifully written story about her friendship with Tay in the front of this magazine. Tay was such a sweet girl and a friend to many. She will be missed. We also said goodbye to another Saint Mary’s girl, Jane Hamilton Morgan ’59C, Anne Miller Morgan’s mother. Jane loved Saint Mary’s and kept up with many of her friends from those cherished days. Her passing had a silver lining, however: the “Fab Five” were able to get together to have some happy moments through the tears during the funeral weekend. Laurie Riley, Beth Morris Gobble, Virginia White Pou, Anne Miller Morgan and Katherine White Messenger usually plan some fun girls’ weekends together,


so when Anne was in need, the other four hit the road to Spartanburg, S.C. It was a sad time, but they enjoyed each other’s company and relived so many happy, funny memories of Anne’s mother and Saint Mary’s moments. Having Anne’s brother Elford there as master of ceremonies was a bonus!


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2016 Susan Sommers Crisp '86HS and Elizabeth Stickley Scott '86HS '88C Greetings! Susan Sommers Crisp balances her time with work and her three children (12, 9, 8). She works for a law firm, managing an IT group that focuses on knowledge management and custom web development. She still enjoys playing sports such as tennis and running, especially races with her daughters and lacrosse with her son. Elizabeth Stickley Scott is still in Atlanta with George and her three girls. She ran into Retta Willcox Dotterer ’86C this summer at Pawley’s Island, S.C., which was such a treat. Stephanie Yelton Williard is still in Raleigh and gets to see both college and high school friends regularly, including McLean Bradshaw. Stephanie and husband Woody have three children who keep them very busy. Meg Arey Bell spent the summer at Wrightsville Beach, and was able to catch up with LeeLee Kirkland King. They had a great time at dinner and enjoyed reminiscing about SMC and who all they have seen in the past 25-plus years. Meg and Maggie Minchin Chlewbowski, Margaret Miller Mackay, Stacie Sams and Rhett Lea Quattlebaum try to get together once a

year. If anybody wants to join them, just give them a call or look Maggie up on Facebook! Meg and her family, husband Ray and their son, Arby (7), live in Rocky Mount where she spends lots of time volunteering at Arby’s school and trying to avoid tripping over Legos! Life is wonderful and she feels very blessed! Beth VanDorp Collier lives in little Washington in the old Tayloe Hospital, making furniture up on the third floor in the former operating room. Her two sons, Beck (14) and Hawes (16) help us out with sanding and staining while Kippa the dog watches. If you didn’t see Beth’s amazing home in “Garden & Gun” magazine, please look for it on the web. Also keep an eye out for Beth and Chris on the HGTV show “You Live In What?” which will air this spring. Tara Compton is very busy with her company, T Compton Fine & Estate Jewels. Tara has always known that diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Andee Mason Smyer and her husband, Joel, celebrated 16 years of marriage in August. Amazing, since they just built their first home together. They are now in their dream home but it was a little stressful getting there. Their son, Jack, turned 13 in August, and daughter London is nine. Andee has been a stay-at-home mom but after doing volunteer work for an organization that she loves, was offered a position as development director and started work in June. She still loves to dance on rooftops but does not do nearly enough of it these days. Those were the days, Andee. McLean Bradshaw is living the corporate American dream working at Lenovo. This past year she won some money in Vegas and zip lined/ snorkeled her way through – which is just a by-product of her being AWESOME! Courtney Bailey

Jackson has run into lots of SMS friends and offspring during her summer trips. She met Susan Sommers Crisp’s daughter, Shepherd, and also ran into Lisa Isley.


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2018 Melissa Morrisette Tillman '88HS Greetings to the Class of ’88HS! I would love to hear from more of you, recognizing that life is so very busy. As usual, one of the first responders was Joelle Doane Pemberton, who stays busy with her two girls, ages seven and four, and continues to enjoy life in Raleigh. Also staying busy with her children, boys ages six and nine, is Barbara Bryant Bolt. Not only busy with her own, Barbara is teaching preschool at her church. Heather Moore Thompson completed a five-year run working as executive director of an environmental non-profit. Heather is counting down the days until her oldest daughter, Grace Battle, begins her ninth-grade year at SMS in the fall of 2014. Heather reminisces of the days wearing PJs to class. My guess is that those days are long past! Cindy Jones Southerland enjoys selling real estate for Intracoastal Realty in Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach. She and husband Brad have two daughters, Sophie (11) and Elsa (7) and enjoy boating and living on the waterway in Wilmington. Our condolences go out to Debra Donnelly Smoke on the death of her husband in 2011. She and her daughters, ages 17 and 10, live in Raleigh, and Debra remains employed by Cisco. I, too, am in Raleigh and stay busy with work and children, now ages 13 and 9. Best to all, and please, stay


Class News in touch. Love, Melissa


Next Reunion: 2016 Olga McCoy Faison '88C It was so great hearing from our crew! Kelly Piggott Mortemousque has her oldest, Emma, off at the University of Georgia where it sounds like she is very happy. Paul spent some time in Denmark with their exchange student friend and Luc (the baby) is still at home driving all the Lynchburg, Va., girls crazy, I’m sure. Parker Gabrielsen Cunningham enjoyed a visit with Marti, Luci and Shore when she was in Raleigh not long ago. Parker is in her 15th year of teaching pre-first at the Westminster Schools in Atlanta. She has two children, Jack (8) and Louise (3). Betsy Manuel Pennington and husband James are busy with Mary Arden (13) and Katherine (8). One is a swimmer and the other a soccer player. Betsy is going back to school to work in the hospital lab field. She and Lee Manuel Marcus had twin sister fun time recently on a cruise and in the mountains together! Kim Norfleet Collie enjoyed seeing all our class that made the 25th reunion last spring. Her daughter Mary Mac Collie just started at SMS this year as a freshman! Meg Arey Bell spent a good amount of time at Wrightsville this summer with her husband and son Arby (7). Meg, Lee Lee Kirkland King and Mary Virginia Swain ’77C got together at the beach and reminisced about good old SMC days! Meg also loved visiting with our old friends at the reunion. My daughter, Amelia, and Neely Barnwell Dykshorn’s daughter, Ella, were cabin mates at camp this summer. It is hard to


Saint Mary’s School |

believe that our days in Raleigh go back 25 years. Love to all of you - Olga


Next Reunion: 2015 Barbara Bryant Palmer '88HS '90C Hello Class of ’90C! It was so good to hear from you! Laura Blair Butler and her husband Bert live in Charlottesville, Va., with their daughter Lainey (10). Laura is a partner at Tucker Griffin Barnes, PC, where she practices family law. She writes that her family enjoyed a vacation in Montana this summer. Caroline Cloninger Carrington manages the advertising and marketing at Nationwide Insurance of North Carolina. She and her husband enjoyed a trip to New England this summer with their two children, Chase and Camilla. Lauren Black Currin has been appointed to the board of

directors of Granville Vance Faith Initiative for Community Action and writes that she is a new grandmother to Katherine Sweet Currin. Stephanie Davis Moore married Scottie Moore of Wilson on November 17, 2012, and Meg Gandolfo Kaufman was in the wedding. Stephanie is now the proud stepmother to three stepdaughters and four grandchildren. Flossie Dossenbach Parks spent a busy summer at the beach but found time for a fun visit on the porch of Smedes with Heather Moore Thompson, Katherine Tierney Canady, Anna Tilghman, Virginia McGratty, Margaret McGlohon ’81C and Mary Virginia Swain ’77C. Flossie and Tracy celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in September. She writes that she ran her third half marathon last October with K.T. and Liz Bull Sri! Way to go, girls! It has been a difficult year since we lost my husband, Pat, last July, but my children and I are most grateful for your loving prayers

Members of the Class of ‘88C gathered for their 25th reunion party at the home of Kim Norfleet Collie ’88C.


and friendship. Ben (15), Drew (12) and Lilly (9) are doing well and keep me very busy! Thank you to all who remember to stay in touch. I love sharing your news, so keep it coming! Love, Barbara


Next Reunion: 2017 Michelle McLaughlin Cheshire '92C Weldon Jackson Byrtus is still enjoying her work as registrar at Saint Mary’s. “We have a great group of students this year,” reports Weldon. She lives in Raleigh and spends the rest of her time keeping up with daughter Liza (3). I am still in San Diego with husband Cary and our son and daughter. I hope to hear more from you next time! Michelle


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: April 25-26, 2014 Cyndi Akers Harris '94HS Hi, Ladies! Hope this finds everyone well! It’s so nice to see some of you on a regular basis and to keep up via social media. I know everyone is busy living their lives, and I only heard from a handful of you all this time. Luckily (and hard to believe), we have our 20th reunion coming up this spring, when we will be able to catch up in person. Tracy Ivey Betts and her husband Greg live in Zebulon with their Owen (1). Tracy misses all of her SMS girls and looks forward to the upcoming reunion. Sandy Aichner McAlpine reports from Cornelius. She married John R. McAlpine V in July 2010 and welcomed a baby girl, Cooper Ashley,

in March 2012. Brim Spruill Silver writes, “I am loving the beach life with my husband Beau Silver and precious son Beau Hunter Outlaw (3). I have been a Realtor with Resort Realty in the same office for 11 years and enjoy matching sellers and buyers with homes all over the Outer Banks. I specialize in the unique cottages of Nags Head’s historic oceanfront neighborhood known as the “Unpainted Aristocracy.” I’ve even had an article published on the area in a local magazine this year. I am excited for our reunion next year, and would love a visit from any alums coming to relax on the Banks!” I, Cyndi Akers Harris, am still in Raleigh with my husband, Brad, and I keep busy chasing around my son Ford (4) and daughter Grayson (1), as well as working part-time. Please mark the weekend of April 25, 2014, on your calendars to come back “home” to Saint Mary’s for our 20th! I look forward to seeing all who can make it there! Take care, Cyndi


Next Reunion: April 25-26, 2014 Beth Prince Bartolomeo '94C Mark your calendars for April 25-26, 2014, for our 20th reunion at Saint Mary’s. Hope to see many ‘94C friends at the reunion!

Frist Row (left to right) Mimi Pinner, Dow Perry Crowder, Ann Lee Johnson, Catherine Dalton Feldman, Chrissy Griffin Grier; Second Row (left to right) Emily Sprouse Leslie, Ann Akers Douglas, Kristi Moyer Davis, Rebecca Folline Rhodes

April Browne '88HS


Class News 1998


Next Reunion: 2018 Molly Edwards Huang and husband Anthony welcomed a daughter last year. Clara Evelyn Huang was born on May 27, 2012.


Next Reunion: 2018 Front Row (left to right): Shore Tucker McCall, Margaret Cheatham Johnson, Katherine Redding Braak, Luci Litaker Heeseman, McLean Bradshaw, Kim Norfleet Collie, Meg Arey Bell


HIGH SCHOOL Next Reunion: 2016 Christina Lind Overby '96HS and Courtney Weill Dor '96HS Hey fellow Class of ’96ers! I am delighted to serve as class secretary again. My husband Chris and I, along with our daughter Anna Kate (2), welcomed our second child, Allison Taylor, into the world on January 3, 2013. This was the 17th anniversary date of Chris and I being together, so, now, it’s an even more special day. I continue to teach fourth-graders at Heritage Elementary, where I celebrated my 13th first day of school this year! I hope this letter finds everyone doing well, and I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone on Facebook! Laura Burke Davis is still in Raleigh, working part-time as a speech therapist. She has two girls, ages one and five. Grace starts kindergarten this year. Laura Burke and John just celebrated their 10th anniversary. Hannah Baggett


Saint Mary’s School |

Earp welcomed the birth of son Edward Earl Earp III, born June 11, 2013. Leslie Allred Yates lives in Raleigh with her husband, Kevin. She works with K&W cafeterias and currently coordinates all of their catering across the state. She serves as co-chair of the Young Alumnae Advisory Board at SMS with Merritt Atkins ’99HS and has enjoyed being actively involved in alumnae relations. In her free time, Leslie enjoys playing with her standard poodles, Mabel and Weezie. Christina


Next Reunion: 2016 Phebe Hubbard Mott '96C Amy Atkinson Sanders and her husband live in Raleigh, and are the proud parents of baby boy Harrison James Sanders, born in November of 2012. She has her own shop in Raleigh, working as an esthetician. They attend Capital Community Church.

Liz Knox Bottoms '96HS '98C Hey y’all! It has been an exciting year for some of you girls. We’ve had a mix of new businesses, new marriages, new babies, new pets, and best of all - a new kidney! Laura Burke Kerr lives with her two girls (ages one and five) and husband John in Raleigh. They just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. Her daughter, Grace, started kindergarten this year. Sarah Dayvault Morrison has two girls. Eliza turned one in October, and Grace will be five in March. Sarah keeps busy with her property management company that she started in 2011, and she also works in real estate full time with RE/MAX. She enjoyed her summer and loves being with her sweet family when she is not working. Sarah and husband Hunter have been married for seven years. Leslie Allred Yates lives in Raleigh with her husband Kevin. Leslie works with K&W cafeterias coordinating all of the catering across North Carolina. Leslie serves as co-chair of the Young Alumnae Advisory Board at SMS with Merritt Atkins ’99HS. She has enjoyed being actively involved in alumnae relations. In her free time she enjoys playing with her standard poodles,


Mabel and Weezie. This year brought celebrations and some challenges for Jennifer Davis Salley. She and her amazing husband celebrated their second anniversary, welcomed two nephews to their family, and celebrated with Liz Knox Bottoms at her beautiful wedding! Then in March, Jennifer underwent surgery for a kidney transplant. She was very fortunate to have several possible living donors, but the doctors felt her mom was the best match. On March 20, 2013, she had the surgery. It took a while for her to adjust to all the new medicines she started taking after the surgery, but all things considered, Jennifer is doing fantastically well! She looks forward to going back to teaching fourth grade for 2013-2014. Jennifer still lives in Richmond, Va., but makes trips to Raleigh as often as she can to visit. Lynn Schultz Roberts recently moved back to Chapel Hill, while her husband completes a one-year pediatric ear, nose and throat surgical fellowship at UNC-Chapel Hill. Her third child, Hannah Kate, was born in May 2011. Lynn continues her company ZoeLynn & Co. Laura Knox Yarbrough lives in Lillington with her husband, Jody, and their two children – Ashton (4) and Cash (2). Laura is the broker-in-charge of the Lillington RE/MAX Signature Realty II office. When she is not working, Laura enjoys going to Surf City with her family. On June 28, 2013, I married my fabulous husband, Tommy Bottoms. We had a beautiful wedding at the Highgrove Estate in Fuquay-Varina and then honeymooned in Charleston, S.C. This summer, we bought a house, I interned with my principal, and I finished my second semester of grad school, working towards becoming a principal. It’s been

a busy but amazing year, and I look forward to seeing my Saint Mary’s girls whenever possible! xoxo Liz


Next Reunion: 2015 Katherine Cvetko McElroy '00 Anna Dale Bazemore is back at work at White Memorial Weekday School in Raleigh after four years of staying home with their sweet son, Hudson. She looks forward to being at the same school he attends. She loves living down the street from Mariette Huntley Roland ’99HS and Caroline Davis Braswell ’99HS and bumping into SMS girls all over Raleigh. She hopes everyone is doing well and sends everyone her love. Kathryn Henderson lives in Elizabeth City, working at the family business as a hearing specialist and enjoying life with her daughter Judy (1). Sarah Rose Nordgren moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, in August of 2012 and teaches poetry and creative writing at Miami University of Ohio. She’s excited to be working on an artistic collaboration

with choreographer Kathleen Kelley. Katherine Kemp Robbins lives in Raleigh where she loves her job as a school librarian. After marrying Matthew Robbins in May 2011, they welcomed daughter Sarah Leighton on June 21, 2013. Anna Burkhart Turner works in product management at PeopleMatter, a software start-up in Charleston, S.C., and loves it. She and her husband are adjusting to being a family of four as they welcomed son Abe to their family in July 2013. Their boys are 18 months apart. Heather Gill Sakers has a two-year-old and an infant. She is a full-time real estate agent on the Outer Banks. Heather lives in Nags Head with her husband, Adam, who teaches fifth-grade at Kitty Hawk Elementary, and sons Crew and Levi. They are really active with their church, the Church of the Outer Banks, and spend most of their free time at the beach with their kids. Jamie Miller Brown moved from Raleigh to Wilmington, where she married Mike Brown on February 9, 2013. She works as a speech-language pathologist for Therapy Connections in

Class of ’93C reunion party: front row (left to right): Tiffany McGough Short, Katherine Gregory, Liz Edwards, Jen Stocks; middle row (left to right): Mimi Pinner, Emily Sprouse Leslie, Dow Perry Crowder, Camilla May, Beth Jervis Day, Ann Akers Douglas; third row (left to right): Valerie Van Oosten Cline, Catherine Dalton Feldman, Kristy Moyer Davis, Ann Lee Johnson, Rebecca Folline Rhodes, Julie Thomas Growney, Jamie Brantley Fernandez de Castro, Jennifer Thomas 75

Class News Wilmington. She loves married life on the coast! Allison Rohde Conley was married to Mark Griffiths Conley on June 1 in Raleigh, with a ceremony at White Memorial Presbyterian Church and a reception following at her parents’ house. As for me, our son Mac (2) was joined by baby sister Gray (and hopefully a future SMS girl!) on February 19, 2013. Katherine


Next Reunion: 2017 Cottie Barber Williams '02 Greetings, Class of 2002! This year seems to have been an exciting one for everyone! Joie Emerick Austin and her husband welcomed their daughter, Daisy Anne Austin, on November 3, 2012. Joie enjoys living in a home she built with her husband and working as a veterinary assistant. She hopes to attend vet school in the future. Kristen Florio Boggs and her husband, Blake, welcomed their first son, Jack Hudson Boggs, on April 8, 2013. Jenny Cunningham gave birth to a baby girl, Aileen Rose Cunningham on January 12, 2013. Catharine Mullen Palmer enjoys running her own interior design business, Olmsted Palmer Interiors, in Raleigh. Katie Stuart Powers and her husband, Andy, welcomed their first son, Conrad Lee Power, on February 19, 2013. Katie is a nurse at National Health Care in Nashville, Tenn. Katie says 2013 has been a great year full of many changes! Lindsay Speros Robbins enjoys living in Greenville, N.C., with her husband Henry. She has started her fourth year of medical school. As for me, I was married on May 11, 2013, and have moved to Greensboro with my new


Saint Mary’s School |

husband. Laura Folley Hill and Catharine Mullen Palmer both served as bridesmaids in the wedding! I love married life and working as a math tutor. Please stay in touch! Cottie


Next Reunion: April 25-26, 2014 Katie Whitmore '04 With our 10-year reunion looming on the horizon, the class of 2004 has lots to report! Hannah Barker lives in Los Angeles, Calif., and has been working at the Montage Beverly Hills since September 2012. Britt Carl received her master's degree in higher education administration from the University of Louisville in May and is a freshman success coach at High Point University. Britt is a class representative on the SMS Young Alumnae Advisory Board with me, Katie Whitmore. Anne Futrell Farless married Elliott Farless on July 21, 2012, in her hometown of Jackson. They live in Merry Hill, where Anne works with a local interior designer. Nia Triantis Gillespie married Jaymes Cooper Gillespie on June 1, 2013, in Mobile, Ala., at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. Their reception was at the Battle House Hotel and they honeymooned in the Dominican Republic. This past fall, Nia went back to school to get her Ph.D. in instructional design and development at the University of South Alabama. Jenna Nash Hollmeyer married Joe Hollmeyer on April 6, 2013, at her family’s farm in Warrenton. They live in Philadelphia, where Joe is finishing his MBA at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and Jenna works as the agency communications/ marketing manager for the Brownstein

Front Row: Elizabeth Rainey Fuson Claudia Bishop Stubbs, Emily Workman Woodward, Susan Young Maddux; Second Row: Beth Farr Williams, Michelle Oppegaard, Helen Nobles, Lucy White Ackerly, Pany Seyed Allen, Catherine Wade Samples, Betsy Ward Price

Group, a boutique advertising agency. Maja Jensen was married to David Duncan on April 6, 2013, in Whistler B.C., Canada, where they reside. This past August, Fletcher Mebane graduated from the University of Arizona College of Nursing. Dorothy Matteson lives in Benson, where she works as accounts manager for Dr. Lane in Angier. Cameron Moss is the marketing coordinator for Barnhill Contracting Company in Raleigh and enjoys assistant coaching for a young girl's softball team through Raleigh Parks and Recreation. Merriweather Raidle lives in Charlotte and is a portfolio manager for CornerCap Investment Counsel. Jennifer Mandeville Schneller lives in Colombia, Mo., with her husband and beautiful daughter, Jacqueline Claire Schneller (1). Jennifer works for Schneider Electric. Emily Stocks


Walker and husband, Austin, are still actively engaged in the inner city of Dallas and enjoying the presence of their 12-year-old mentee, Ronnie. Emily always loves coming to Raleigh and catching up with her SMS girlfriends. Laura Cowan Wilson married Stephen Wilson on November 12, 2012, and is working in Raleigh as an associate financial rep at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. I live in Raleigh, working as the communications director at Kerr Family YMCA in Wakefield. I am excited to co-chair the Young Alumnae Board for 2013-2014 with Ila Walker Bittner ’05, as it gives me an excuse to frequently visit my favorite place, Saint Mary’s!

First Row (left to right): Laura Hill, Nicole Franklin Thompson, Meghan Meighan, Louisa Walker, Meg Stacy, Hunter Snell Schenk, Janna Neisler, Rachel Engleking; Second Row (left to right): Cassie Gilbert, Brandi Harton, Val Rayno, Reagan Cannon; Third Row (left to right): Kate Yandell Reese, Elly Wilkins Johnson, Cassie Criswell Anderson, Lindsay Alexander Strickland, Laura Fanjoy, Margaret Gibson Arnett, Alex Causey; Fourth Row (left to right): Ashley Davenport, Tatyana Sharoubim, Betsy Smyth Bramley, Margot Childs Stanley, and Emily Rudkin Day; Fifth Row (left to right) Alex Marshall Brown, Shea Vause Gravely, Sarah Todd, Liza Fleury


Next Reunion: 2016

First row (left to right); Caroline Ward Cone, Kea Capel Meacham, Kathy Sawyer Mann, Re Cheatham Johnston, Betsey Urquhart; second row (left to right): Prince Dixon Witt, Helen Landi; third row (left to right): Gray Clark Stoughton, Janie Swain Molster, G. Lee Lewis Taylor, Kitty Stephenson; fourth row (left to right): Rachel Jones Kilgore, Nancy Hundley Worner; fifth row (left to right): Fern Bugg, Margaret Williams Williams, Hope Saunders Hackler, Katie Zevenhuizen Medlin, Lanier Brown May

Spencer Busby '06 and Caroline Ward '06 Emily Loring works for Cisco in the Research Triangle Park and has enjoyed traveling overseas about once a year. She hopes to work internationally one day. Leslie Marshall began her third year of a Ph.D. program in political science at the University of Pittsburgh, specializing in international relations and human rights. In the spring, she will officially enter the dissertation phase. She enjoys traveling and meeting inspiring people along the way! Paige Nelson Grimball has spent the past six months working in economic development in Germany and is finishing up her master’s in public administration from the University of South Carolina. She recently started a blog, “...with

champagne in my boots” (, which I have really enjoyed reading and know you will, too. It has great recipes and anecdotes from her travels abroad. Carly Philips works for Michael Andrews Bespoke, a men’s custom clothier based out of New York. She is the operations manager for the D.C. location and is a bit of a jack-of-alltrades, handling everything from client relations, production and tailor shop management to event planning, marketing and everything in between including a little bartending at the bar inside of her studio. She travels up to N.Y.C. regularly to work out of that studio and has enjoyed lots of travel during her time off this year as well. Arden Piacenza just moved to Austin, Texas, to work as a marketing associate for Kirkus Reviews. She says she absolutely loves her job and Austin, but misses the North Carolina mountains and coast very much. Taylor Rice


Class News recently moved back to Raleigh to attend nursing school after working in Telluride, Colo., for several months. Eva Skipper Jones married Austin Jones on December 15, 2012. Saint Mary’s girls in attendance were Sarah Eberle, Jean Roberts Morgan ’47C, Emily Skipper ’08HS, Jennett Carver Skipper ’77HS ’79C, Margaret Wilkins Carver ’48HS ’50C, Peggy Hooker Edwards ’51C, Susan Skipper McAlister ’71HS ’73C, Joan Andrews Holder ’77HS ’79C, Pat Gentry Bernard ’77HS ’79C and Elizabeth Scott Lane ’79C. Congratulations, Eva! Supriya Sundaram married Sumesh Kaza at the Washington Duke Inn on July 14, 2013. It was a fabulous event, and Colbern Uhl, Spencer Busby and Sara Walker ’08 had such a great time! Congratulations to Supri and Sumesh! Colbern Uhl lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., working for a food and beveragefocused PR firm, and will graduate from The International Culinary Center (founded as the French Culinary Institute) in SoHo. Elaine Armstrong is the administration and production manager at Brick Engraver, LLC, and has been volunteering at the Haven House in Raleigh. Elaine now lives in Raleigh with her brother Peyton, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends when not working. Alexandra Bielec was one of the 400 to be selected as a Delta flight attendant out of 50,000 applicants this spring. She loves every minute of working for Delta and living in New York City. Morgan Brinkley lives in Raleigh, working as a staff accountant for Harrington Bank. Julia Corker Spickard and her husband moved to Nashville, Tenn., where she works as a realtor for Worth Properties, LLC, and regularly contributes via television as a real estate expert. Sara


Saint Mary’s School |

DeLuca recently moved to Philadelphia to start a master’s program in elementary education at St. Joseph’s University. Sara began teaching fourthgrade at St. Thomas Aquinas this fall. She was working at the Advisory Board Company in Washington, D.C., for the last two years and hopes to return to D.C. upon completing graduate school. Courtney Holmes lives in Charlotte, doing recruiting. She has started doing triathlons (including an ironman next spring!) and also planned to bike 200 miles to the beach in September to support MS research. She would love to get together with SMS friends anytime they are in Charlotte. Elena Fanjul-Debnam lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, doing social business start-up work and climbing volcanoes in her free time. Mary Conyers Tucker moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., and is teaching at a KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program charter school.


Next Reunion: 2018 Annie Whitmore '08 Nancy Stewart McLendon lives in Wilmington, finishing up prerequisites for physician’s assistant school, which she hopes to attend in the fall of 2014. She is moving to Jackson Hole, Wyo., this fall to work at St. John’s Hospital. Christina Nasuti has completed her first year at the UNCChapel Hill School of Law. She plans to graduate in May of 2015. Sara Walker spent last winter in Park City, Utah, working for Deer Valley Ski Resort. She is back in Raleigh now, working in marketing for Cameron Village Shopping Center and Walker Auto Parts. Stephanie Gherini lives in Los Angeles and works in music marketing and branding at Universal Music

Front Row (left to right) Elizabeth Stewart Long, Martha Murphy, Anne Martin Cochran, Jan Stewart Atkins, Etta Ryan Clark, Dillon Robinson Manly; Second Row (left to right) Donna Sherrill Steele, Elizabeth Vann McDuffie, Sally Dillard Cohen, Beth Ryan Winstead, Cissy Davis; Third Row (left to right) Dottie Lipscomb, Julie Daniels, Cecilia Winslow, BeBee Bason Lee, Wimberley Burton, Lisa Lofton Tomlinson; Fourth Row (left to right) Mary Clara Capel, Anna T. Webb Wheeless, Liza Lamm Gauss, Elaine Bridger Mebane; Fifth Row (left to right) Libby Holding, Kappy Carr Black, Jane Bratton Fleming, Lee Archibald Taylor, Lisa Tate, Eleanor Snell

Group’s headquarters in Santa Monica. Her most recent projects have been securing brand partnerships and endorsement deals for artists spanning from Bob Marley, Dr. Dre, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles to Maroon 5, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Betsy Douglass lives in Raleigh and works for Progress Software. She is a part of the global content demand team and helps manage the production of content they push throughout the company’s business lines all over the world. Elizabeth Bonner lives in Washington, D.C., working at the Glover Park Group in the governmental affairs division, which is a consulting/lobbying firm. She works with telecommunication and health and wellness clients. Melissa Collins is in graduate school at UNC-Wilmington and will graduate with a master’s in social work in May 2014. Liz Moore graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design last spring in Grand Rapids, Mich. She lives in High Point and


works for Otto and Moore, Inc., a furniture design company that was founded by her grandfather. Mary Brown Taylor lives in Raleigh and teaching a preschool class of two-yearolds at St. Michael’s Parish Day School. Catherine Early graduated summa cum laude from N. C. State and its University Scholars Program with a bachelor’s in biological sciences and a bachelor’s in Spanish language and literature. She worked a summer internship at the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, S.D. She presented a poster at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology's annual meeting in November 2011 in Las Vegas, and plans to present another poster on her research at this year’s meeting in Raleigh. She visited Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands last summer with her family and hopes to teach in Ecuador for a year, starting April 2013, before attending graduate school. Catherine writes, “I’ve been immersed in my first grad school course learning human gross anatomy with the med students at Ohio University and have settled in nicely, although the coursework is certainly keeping me on my toes.” Sarah Staton Nash lives in Raleigh and working in real estate. She is also a member of the young alumnae advisory board for Saint Mary’s. Martha Cox also lives in Raleigh, where she has assumed the new youth fellowship ministry position at Christ Episcopal Church. Suneha Sundaram completed a master’s in medical sciences from the University of South Florida in Tampa this past year. She is attending medical school at St. George’s University in Grenada. Suneha began classes this fall and is enjoying the beautiful scenery that the Caribbean has to offer and meeting her classmates from all over the world. Mary

Reid Larcade lives in Raleigh and is working on her master’s in professional counseling through Liberty University. Julie Bynum lives in Charlotte and works as an account executive at Octagon, a sports marketing agency. I also live in Charlotte and am completing an accelerated nursing program at Queen’s University. I love living in Charlotte and am looking forward to graduating with a bachelor’s degree in nursing in May 2014. Earlier this year, I graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in rehabilitation services and completed an internship as a crisis counselor with InterAct, a domestic violence and sexual assault agency in Raleigh.

over the summer after studying abroad in Barcelona last fall. Anna Smither just returned from Sofia, Bulgaria, after winning her third gold medal in soccer at the Deaflympics. She won her first gold in Taiwan four years ago, her second in 2012 in Turkey, and now her third! Anna attends Meredith College, where she plays soccer and is majoring in sports and exercise management. At UNC-Chapel Hill, Taylor Morris was inducted into Alpha


Next Reunion: 2016 Emma Powell '10 The class of 2010 has had quite the busy year, with a range of activities from writing a screenplay to volunteering in South America. Libby Farrell is enjoying motherhood after giving birth to her precious baby, Emma Grace Ducey, on April 10, 2013. She says that Emma is the greatest blessing in her life. Congratulations, and love to Libby from the class of 2010! Liza Wooten interned for Havas Worldwide advertising agency in New York City

First Row (left to right): Macky Wingo, Sarah Staton Nash, Crutcher Nash, Nancy Stewart McLendon, Julia Nutt; Second Row (left to right): McCauley James, Katie Matthews, Elizabeth Bonner, Annie Whitmore; Third Row (left to right): Beth Walters, Jessica Clark, Allison Cranfill, Mary Brown Taylor; Fourth Row (left to right) Jennifer Currier, Sarah Walker, Mady McLeod, Julie Bynum, Martha Cox, Claire Murray

Alumnae soccer players pose with Saint Mary’s soccer championship banners following an alumnae throwback game held on Nimocks Field during Reunion Weekend 2013.


Class News Alumnae

Kappa Delta International Sociology Honors Society and Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education. Over the summer, she was a volunteer counselor at Camp Kesem, which offers a free week of camp for children whose parents have had cancer. It is run by Duke and UNC-CH student volunteers. Kaitlyn Vinson is enjoying her senior year at UNC-Chapel Hill, majoring in biology. A member of Kappa Delta sorority, KK plans to pursue a career in medicine upon graduation. Taylor Lail is researching and writing her first screenplay while still at UNC-Chapel Hill. Griffin Hewett graduated with two associate degrees in arts and science and also trained horses in Bolivia, N.C. She planned to attend Meredith College in the fall to play volleyball and lacrosse. Sarah Ann Rhoades spent the spring of this year studying in Florence, Italy, before completing an internship with Rep. George Holding in Washington, D.C. Tory Daley spent the summer in Costa Rica with a language and culture immersion program through UNCGreensboro. She studied Spanish while also participating in many service-learning projects. Kensi Luck is working as a marketing intern for Cameron Village this year. She will graduate from N.C. State in May as a textiles major. As for me, I studied abroad through an N.C. State program in Florence, Italy, this summer with Becca Humphrey ’11. I plan to intern for Raleigh’s “Walter Magazine” this fall, in preparation for graduating in May with a degree in communication from N.C. State. Emma


Saint Mary’s School |


Next Reunion: 2017 Sarah Vojnovich writes that she loves Wingate University, near Charlotte. “It’s all thanks to those many college applications and essays at Saint Mary’s, not to mention the constant college pep talks from Mr. Orvis and Ms. Higgins!” reports Sarah, who made the dean’s list both semesters of her first year. She is majoring in communications, with a concentration in journalism and mass media, and joined Chi Omega sorority, where she serves on the chair committee board. She is also on the board for Habitat for Humanity, and is a peer mentor for Wingate. Her on-campus job this year is as a graphic designer and photographer on AdTeam, a school company that creates ads, t-shirts, the yearbook and other printed media for the Wingate campus. “I am forever thankful to Saint Mary’s and all she has taught me through her teachers, her staff, her campus and her atmosphere. Saint Mary’s will always hold a special place in my heart,” writes Sarah.

First Row (left to right) Blair Key Carter, Liz Knox Bottoms, Leslie Allred Yates, Laura Knox Yarborough

First Row (left to right): Rebecca Gaskin Gain, Penny Hare Taylor, Lisa Clayton Benton, Polly Russler Danyla, Kathy Keel

First Row (left to right): Laura Weddington Matthews, Louise Johnson Clement, Jane Petit Higgins, Sara Watson Jones, Libby Ward Smart; Second Row (left to right): Sallie Harris Glover, Gigi Johnson, Mary Stella Coleman Huffman, Cindy White Henderson; Third Row (left to right): Andrea Kemp Schemel, Mary Duke Sanders Grubbe, Emily Longley, Patti Drake Sadler, Missie Sue Vaughan

Board of Trustees 2013-2014 Lane Turner Nash ’72HS ’74C, Chair Theodore D. Bratton, Vice Chair John E. Stephenson, Jr., Secretary William C. Monk Jr., Treasurer At-Large Members R. Marks Arnold, Raleigh, N.C. Gloria Taft Becker ’92HS, Raleigh, N.C. Martin M. Boney, Raleigh, N.C. Theodore D. Bratton, Raleigh, N.C. Martin H. Brinkley, Raleigh, N.C. Barbara Eagleson Cain ’65C, Wilmington, N.C. Eric W. Evans, Raleigh, N.C. Sallie Harris Glover ’81HS ’83C, Raleigh, N.C. R. Gordon Grubb, Raleigh, N.C. Hubert B. Haywood III, M.D., Raleigh, N.C. Kenneth B. Howard, Raleigh, N.C. Elizabeth Stewart Long ’78C, Milwaukee, Wis. Lanier Brown May ’78HS ’80C, Chapel Hill, N.C. William C. Monk Jr., Greenville, N.C. Lane Turner Nash ’72HS ’74C, Raleigh, N.C. Elizabeth Rasberry Pitts ’79C, Charlotte, N.C. Margery Johnson Springer ’79HS, Raleigh, N.C. John E. Stephenson, Atlanta, Ga. F. Jefferson Stocks, Raleigh, N.C. Gray Clark Stoughton ’78HS ’80C, Greenville, N.C. William G. Taylor, Charlotte, N.C. Nancy Kerr Thomason ’73HS ’75C, Dunwoody, Ga. Edwin L. Walker, Raleigh, N.C. Margaret Longley White ’79C, Greensboro, N.C. Margaret Williams Williams ’78HS ’80C, Charlotte, N.C. Faculty Representative to the Board Teresa Assenzo Student Representative to the Board Mary Stuart Fountain ’14, Raleigh, N.C. - SGA President

Administration Monica M. Gillespie, Ph.D., Head of School Sarah Hanawald, Dean of Teaching and Learning Josette Huntress Holland, Associate Head and Dean of Students Abby Johnston, Director of Development Kim McDowell, Director of Admission Laura J. Novia, Director of Marketing and Communication Sally Woods, Director of Finance Saint Mary’s School Magazine Published by Saint Mary’s School 900 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, N.C. 27603-1689 919-424-4000 Editor Mary Virginia Swain ’77C Director of Public Relations and Publications Class News Editor Emory Rogers Church ’74C Contributors Betsy Blee ’71C; Monica M. Gillespie, Ph.D.; Beth Morris Gobble ’82HS ’84C; Debbie Goldstone Horwitz ’92C; Margaret McGlohon '81C; Laura J. Novia; Rachel Schwitzgebel ’14; Mary Virginia Swain ’77C Design Mary Beth DeLoache Graphic Design and Website Associate Printing Metro Productions, Raleigh, N.C. Mission Statement Saint Mary’s School, a community dedicated to academic excellence and personal achievement, prepares young women for college and life. Founded in 1842 in the Episcopal tradition, Saint Mary’s School is an independent, college-preparatory, girls boarding and day school dedicated to academic excellence and personal achievement for grades 9-12. Saint Mary’s School admits high school girls of any race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.

The Heritage Society Educator Barbara Barksdale '49C leaves bequest to support lifelong learners of the future Barbara Barksdale ’49C wanted to make a difference. She devoted the majority of her life to teaching. Her career spanned more than 40 years, beginning in New York City at Huntington Elementary School, next to The Spence School in Manhattan, and ending in Washington, D.C., at the Potomac School.

It was her lifelong love of learning that inspired Barbara to leave a bequest to Saint Mary’s School for financial aid for African-American students. “She was truly ahead of her time,” says her niece. Barbara’s gift will help make a difference in the lives of future Saint Mary’s School students. You, too, can make a difference by remembering Saint Mary’s in your will. By including Saint Mary’s in your estate plans, you will help sustain the school for the future and impact the lives of students.

“Education was her passion,” says her niece, True Campbell. “She was also an adventure traveler, taking trips to Egypt, Africa, Cambodia, the Galapagos Islands and Peru. She loved music and the arts and taught others to appreciate them as well. She also loved the “New York Times” Sunday crossword puzzle and was an absolute stickler for proper grammar.” Barbara Barksdale '49C

Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? Please consider a bequest in support of Saint Mary’s School. For more information, contact Abby Johnston at 919-424-4114.

Academic EXCELLENCE | Personal ACHIEVEMENT | Fall


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Raleigh, NC Permit No. 102

900 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC 27603–1689


Important Dates EVENT


14th Annual Auction Gala

March 7

Grandparents and Grandfriends Day

March 28

Reunion Weekend for classes ending in "4" and "9"

April 25-26

172nd Year Commencement

May 18

Visit for complete event listings and information.

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