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Sharing a Tradition of Excellence with Alumnae, Parents and Friends • • Fall 2013

Welcome, Class of 2017!

Letter from the President Dear Alumnae, Parents and Friends of Saint Joseph Academy, Lord, make your ways known to me. Teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me…” Psalm 25

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UPDATE is published by Saint Joseph Academy for alumnae, parents and friends. Contributions to this issue of UPDATE include: Jennie Amodio, Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71, Mary Ann Fischer ’66, Emily Hanson ’99, Betty Hjort, Susan Condon Love ’76, Laura McCarty ’07, Constance S. Sipple, CFRE, and Jeff Sutliff. Photography courtesy Susan Condon Love ’76, Laura McCarty ’07, Marianne Mangan, John Mulgrew and Woodard Photography. For more information or questions, please contact Diane Kanney, Vice President of Enrollment & Marketing, 216.251.4868 x.220 or at

M i ss i o n Saint Joseph Academy, rooted in the spirituality of the Congregation of St. Joseph, fosters unifying relationships with God and all creation, empowers each young woman to achieve academic excellence and inspires a life of compassionate leadership and service in a global society.

Cover: Freshmen, l-r, Eden Tadesse, Rachael Ialacci, Mary Zavoda smile after receiving their roses in the welcome ceremony at the beginning of the academic year. Photograph by John Mulgrew.


• N – Nazareth alumna • T – St. Therese alumna • P – parent of current SJA student • † – deceased Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE Saint

Saint Joseph Academy is all about learning and growing – academically, socially and especially spiritually. Here we are again, in the Advent season, preparing to celebrate the birth of our Lord. Advent has always been my favorite liturgical season, so full of hope and anticipation. The readings of this season, like the scripture passage quoted above, remind us that we are always learning and growing in our quest to follow God’s ways. We are blessed this year in so many ways! Most of the major infrastructure renovations were completed last summer, and our building is now safer, warmer and more technologically equipped. We are so grateful for our many supporters to date and pray that a few more generous souls will help us achieve our ultimate goal. These upgrades were made for the benefit of our students, and wow, have they responded! Enrollment is very strong. We are bursting at the seams with 690 students. Yes, we had to purchase more lockers this year, but that was an expense we were happy to incur. With 200 freshmen, the energy is palpable! This year, every young woman in the entire student body received her own personal Chromebook laptop computer for use here at school and at home. What a game-changer this initiative has become! You can read more about this exciting educational tool on the following pages. Our new principal Jeff Sutliff has been a welcome addition to the community, and his leadership style has made both faculty and students feel comfortable. Jeff’s past experience in Catholic high schools has made the transition seamless. Being married to a Saint Joseph Academy graduate (Elizabeth Carroll Sutliff ’90), Jeff already has a sincere appreciation for our many traditions. Their daughter Maya is a member of the Class of 2017, a third-generation SJA woman. The legacy continues. Perhaps I am most proud of the service work our young women perform and the ways they are leading their peers in supporting the tenets of our Catholic faith. Whether serving on mission trips, being commissioned as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, speaking out for respect of life and Earth, or learning about the tragedies of human trafficking, our students are deepening their knowledge and learning to become compassionate leaders. Advent reminds us to ask for the Lord’s guidance, to follow God’s path, to be open to God’s teachings. We ask that you remember the Saint Joseph Academy community in your prayers during this Advent season. Know that we hold you and all whom you hold dear in our prayers as well. Sursum corda! Lift up your hearts!

Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 President Joseph Academy UPDATE

Students Excel in National Merit Scholarship Program This fall, two seniors earned the honor of being named Semifinalists and one senior was a Commended Student in the prestigious annual National Merit Scholarship Program.

L-R: Seniors Anna Grusenmeyer, Sara Hurley, Emily Rouse

Sara Hurley and Emily Rouse were named Semifinalists, an honor that places them among some 16,000 academically talented high school seniors who reached this status from the 1.5 million juniors in more than 22,000 high schools who entered the 2014 qualifying test. They are

both eligible to receive National Merit Scholarships. Winners of those scholarships will be announced in the spring. Anna Grusenmeyer was named a Commended Student, placing her among the top 5 percent of those taking the test. Sara, from Berea, is the daughter of John and Corinne Hurley and sister of Kara Hurley ’13. Sara, who graduated from Incarnate Word Academy, plans to study pre-med in college, with a double major in biology and physics. She is considering the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Chicago, Columbia, Yale, Carnegie Mellon and Washington (St. Louis) universities. Emily, from Lakewood and a graduate of Lakewood Catholic Academy, is the daughter of Bill and Colleen Lang Rouse ’81. She is planning on pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and is applying to Northeastern University, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Rhode Island, The Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati. Anna was named a Commended Student. She lives in Fairview Park and is the daughter of Jeffrey and Monica Grusenmeyer. Anna, who graduated from St. Angela Merici School, is considering a career in psychology or psychiatry. Her top colleges under consideration are Otterbein, Butler, Hillsdale and Washington & Jefferson universities.

Instrumental Musicians Honored Five SJA Instrumental Music students were selected in October for the Ohio Music Educators Association District IV & VII Honors Band. That earned them the right to participate in the OMEA District IV and VII Honors Ensembles Festival at Cleveland State University’s Waetjen Auditorium. The students selected are (pictured l-r): Clare Panek ‘14 (trumpet), Samantha Forrey ‘15 (flute), Emily Hanes ‘16 (bassoon), Halli Grunder ‘14 (flute) and Abby Yarcusko ‘15 (trumpet). Bravo!

Senior Inspired by Rhode Island School of Design Program Senior Nina Ripich spent this past summer living her dream, thanks to being selected for a prestigious six-week Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Pre-college Program. The residential program offers high school students a comprehensive introduction to the college art school experience. Students follow a collegelevel studio curriculum and live in RISD residence halls, in a full-immersion encounter with art and design education. “We had classes from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday,” shared Nina.

Nina Ripich created this graphic-on-paper artwork titled “Tonal Study: Peaches.”

“One day a week was devoted to one of the foundation classes: Drawing Foundations, Design Foundations and Critical Studies in Art. Two days a week were devoted to our major, mine being traditional photography. We also were given projects to work on outside of class.” “It was very intense,” added Nina. “I learned leadership skills, how to critique, time management with art projects, and what it’s really like to go to an art school.” The summer students, she said, shared studio space with RISD painting majors. “It was inspiring to see other students in their element.” Thanks to her summer experience, Nina is sure she wants to pursue photography as a career. “My top schools are Rhode Island School of Design and Pratt Institute in New York City. I am hoping to pursue a career in underwater photojournalism, as I am also a certified Underwater Photographer and open-water diver.” Saint Joseph Academy FALL 2013


Technological Innovations, Laptops


he click, click, clicking sounds as students bustle between classes is distinct. It echoes in the halls almost louder than high-pitched teen laughter and the bang of slamming locker doors. The sound, which resembles crickets on a summer night, is from lowslung computer bags bouncing off the hips from each of SJA’s 690 students as they hustle to class. The bags hold Google Chromebooks, distributed at the beginning of the school year to each student. The laptops are part of SJA+, a digital one-toone initiative started this year to enhance and grow students’ academic achievement. In more ways than one, the chirping bags represent a technological shift at SJA which in just a short time has transformed learning into a 24/7 experience. Over the past few years, SJA has embraced technology by funding major infrastructure upgrades, assuring classroom technologies work, hiring new technology support members, and employing an integration specialist to assist teachers with in-class technology. In addition, we have collected a large number of other technology tools for students to use daily, including the laptops

handed out this year, iPads, digital cameras, video recorders, software and peripheral hardware including SmartBoard systems in every classroom. The bandwith has been increased and there is now a robust wireless network in place to support the large amounts of devices and data used daily. To ensure the new technology is used to its maximum effect, the technology staff has worked diligently to support teachers who have been equipped with new laptops for in and out of the building. “SJA+ and all our additional technology advances are both forward-thinking and exciting from an educational perspective,” shared Principal Jeff Sutliff. “Our students have an advantage that enhances learning and elevates Saint Joseph Academy to the unique position of making education an interactive and proactive experience.” Principal Sutliff added: “From the beginning, SJA+ has been looked at as a way to individualize and push the learning experience beyond previous classroom and

“Learning happens in different forms: teacher to student, peer to peer, and individual learning. Technology makes connections within the school day and outside of the school building,” – Information Technology Educator Ryan MacRaild 4

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

textbook restrictions. In just a few months, the enthusiasm with which teachers and students have embraced the new approach has shown that we are certainly on the right path.” “In this day and age, technology in the classroom is as important as paper and pencil. Sometimes, more so,” shared Information Technology Educator Ryan MacRaild. “From the managerial work like attendance, grades and documentation done by the teacher, to the creative and collaborative work done by the student, technology is always a part of the classroom. Wireless connectivity, which more than doubled in our building this summer thanks to our capital improvements, is as important as electricity. The ability to connect to the world around us is a necessity.” “Learning happens in different forms: teacher to student, peer to peer, and individual learning. Technology makes connections within the school day and outside of the school building,” he added. Even area middle school students shadowing at SJA are given a Chromebook for the day, so they can truly experience what it means to be a student at the Academy. Teachers, as well as students, are benefitting from SJA’s increased technological footprint. Some examples of enhanced learning techniques, thanks to the Chromebooks and Google programs, include the use of collaborative study guides in Theology; using Google Docs; interactive periodic tables in Science classes; shared notes on the Google Drive in History; research and

Are Transforming Learning at SJA image sharing in Sculpture classes: drafting and editing thesis and revision processes in English; online Chemistry games for test reviews in Science; and digital textbooks and activities in Math. Technology integration is effective when the learning is hands-on, as seen by those innovative teaching approaches. “Maximum learning happens when students can collaborate and connect to content,” said Mr. MacRaild. “When students are given a task and a tool to complete it, there is no stopping their ability to cultivate ideas and understanding. Ultimately, at Saint Joseph Academy, we want to offer as many tools we can so when students walk out of the building on graduation day, they are well equipped to handle anything the 21st century can throw at them.” One innovative use of technology is what is called a “flipped classroom.” A flipped classroom was created by two teachers looking to free up class time to help students understand the topics being taught. They

decided that with technology available to them and their students, they would record lectures and share video links to the students to view as homework. The student would then come back to class to learn more in-depth content matter through projects and collaboration. In other words, the lecture became the homework and the homework was the classwork. The teacher is there to help clear up misinterpretations and clarify questions from the previous night’s work. “This is an exciting educational approach that invigorates education and gives everyone - teachers and students - a true sense of the excitement of learning,” said Principal Sutliff. “In addition to the implementation of SJA+ and all the other innovations, we are also working on curating our Digital Textbooks, which Math, Science, World Languages and English have already adopted. Our longrange goals are to provide digital textbooks for all classes, offer online courses, and eventually offer all students the opportunity to take a college credit course online before

graduation.” “Many schools have sought our expertise in technology upgrades and integration strategies over the past few years, as we have become the leaders in this new horizon for education. We lead the charge in the Cleveland area with Chromebooks in the classroom and digital learning initiatives,” said Mr. MacRaild. “It is an exciting time to be in education especially at SJA,” he concluded.

3-D Printer Expands Engineering Horizons Idecha Hunter ’16 watched carefully as fellow sophomore Brynne Naughton ’16 explained the intricacies of the latest addition to the Science department’s arsenal of teaching tools: a 3-Dimensional, or 3-D, MakerBot Replicator 2 printer. With a soft whirring noise and the smell of hot plastic filling the room, a printer’s metal arm in an opensided black box meticulously etched out the letter “J” on a blue tray. “That is amazing,” shared Idecha when, after about 15 minutes, Brynne presented her with the 1-and-a-half-inch white plastic letter. “Look! There's a paw print!” she added, pointing to the bottom swirl of the letter. “Brynne created the design herself. The 3-D printer brings the design to life. It is a vital tool, connecting the basic elements of engineering, 3-D computer designs and an infinite number of potential and life-altering uses for society,” shared Science teacher Mary Ellen Foley Scott ’76. The state-of-the-art printer joins an older model 3-D printer. The basic process behind the technology is making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a computer model. The information is loaded on a memory chip, which is inserted into the printer. Tiny filaments are fed through a plastic tube into the needle arm, where successive layers of the material are laid on top of each other, eventually recreating the computer project. The 3-D printing technology is used in architecture, engineering, construction, industrial design, aerospace, civil engineering, biotech, fashion,

education, and the dental and medical industries. “This technology is on the forefront of innovation,” shared Mrs. Scott. “It is an extra-sensory approach to design.” The printer is currently being used for science courses, particularly engineering classes. Brynne, who plans on going into veterinary medicine, is in Honors Engineering. Idecha also is taking engineering, but is uncertain of her career plans as of yet. “You can take anything and build it from the ground level up using strands of plastic,” said Brynne. “This printer is amazing!”

L-R: Idecha Hunter ’16 and Brynne Naughton ’16 watch the 3-D printer in action.

Saint Joseph Academy FALL 2013


Cleveland Clinic Summer Internships Solidify Students’ Career Plans


wo seniors earned coveted spots this past summer in the prestigious and selective nine-week Cleveland Clinic Office of Civic Education Initiatives’ Summer Internship Program. The internships are designed to inspire students to embrace science and math as keys to success, and to encourage them to continue scientific studies throughout their academic careers and the rest of their lives. Sara Hurley, who also is a National Merit Semifinalist, worked in the Surgical Pathology lab at Cleveland Clinic’s main campus. Over the course of the program, Sara had various lab duties, including staining slides and completing a research project on the disease sarcoidosis.

Sara plans to study pre-med in college, with a double major in biology and physics. She is considering the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Chicago, or Columbia, Yale, Carnegie Mellon and Washington (St. Louis) universities. Alison Rogozinski undertook a Science Internship at the Clinic. “I was able to observe several surgeries, and I helped build prosthetics. I learned a lot more about the medical field of Orthotics and Prosthetics. What I enjoyed the most was meeting the people at the Cleveland Clinic. I still go down to visit them every now and then,” she shared. The internship, Alison added, cemented her desire to become a Biomedical Engineer. “I am applying to Rose-Hulman Institute

L-R: Sara Hurley, Alison Rogozinski

of Technology, Indiana Technological University, Bucknell University and Case Western Reserve University in hopes of pursuing this dream,” she said.

Letter from the Principal

Technology Updates, Instructional Focus Empower Students to Succeed Saint Joseph Academy has made a huge leap forward this year with the SJA+ one-to-one laptop computer program and the network infrastructure upgrade made possible through the capital campaign. As we move forward, there are three major themes that guide us. First, we need to provide students the essential technological skills needed for college and career readiness. Principal Jeff Sutliff Second, we need to leverage technology to increase the effectiveness of our instructional practice. And third, we need to teach our students how to use technology safely and appropriately. Since rolling out SJA+ in August, we have sought input from faculty and students to get their insights as to how we can continue to refine and improve the program. We also have the support of Mr. Ryan MacRaild, our full-time Instructional Technology Educator who’s highly regarded throughout the state of Ohio as an expert in this field. As you read in our technology


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

story on page 4 of this magazine, you'll learn that each of our students now has her own Chromebook laptop computer. We have exponentially increased the strength of our wireless network access through the building by expanding the Ethernet ports, just as you’d find in the collegiate learning environment. When our students first step foot on a college campus, they’ll be fully prepared to access and utilize the resources available to them, from online submission of assignments to web-based research data-bases. Teachers have begun routinely using technology to assess student learning and to individualize education to meet each student’s needs. For example, on-line formative assessments in Algebra classes help teachers and students identify specific areas where the students need additional practice or re-teaching. A student might understand Algebraic concepts, but if they haven’t yet mastered fractions they will continue to struggle in class. Through technology, we can diagnose the issue and provide an effective remedy. Going forward, our educational technology will provide increased opportunities for enrichment for students who are ready for challenging new

curriculum. In the past year, colleges have utilized technology to provide tremendous opportunities for students to take collegelevel courses while they are still in high school. With SJA+ we can provide students with access to these programs. The charism of the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph reminds us that as we continue to move forward with the latest educational technology, we can’t forget the enduring value of human relationships. Part of what we need to do as educators is teach students that there are situations when an e-mail can’t replace a face-to-face conversation or handwritten note. As Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and a promoter of effective educational research foundations stated, “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the students working together and motivating them, the teacher is still the most important component.” So in addition to using the latest educational technology tools, Saint Joseph Academy will also keep teaching through Socratic seminars and through storytelling, just like Jesus did with the parables. Technology won’t change what Saint Joseph Academy has been doing since 1890 – it will help us continue our tradition of excellence.

Chinese Students Experience Life at SJA


or 10 days in October, 10 students - five girls and five boys - from The First High School of Hefei of Shanghai experienced what it would be like to be a high school student in the United States, thanks to a unique exchange program with SJA and St. Edward High School. The five girls lived with SJA host families; the boys lived with SEHS families. The students spent time shadowing at both high schools, absorbing the experience of academic life in the United States. This experience is just another component of a global perspective encouraged and facilitated at SJA. Students will be entering a world with few restrictions between cultures. Exchanges such as these foster increased understanding of different worlds. It wasn’t all just studying and fine-tuning their English skills for the Chinese students, however. The 10 students and their chaperones also experienced what it would be like to enjoy the sports and attractions of Northeast Ohio. In fact, the Chinese students had the ultimate high school experience of the “Holy War” football game between Saint Ignatius High School and St. Edward High School! This is the seventh year SJA has offered Mandarin Chinese, and students have made three trips to China in the last five years, visiting such sites as the Forbidden City in Beijing, farming villages and Shanghai. Next year, there are tentatively plans for five students to continue the cultural exchange by spending 10 days at The First High School of Hefei, living with host Chinese families.

The students who graciously opened their homes to the Chinese visitors were, l-r: Audrianna Farris ’15, with Chinese student Wang Yuwei; Emily Hanes ’16, Wang Xiaoyu; Samantha Williams ’16, Xu Shuqi; Marissa Petticord ’17, Wang Yuechen; and Ellen Vichill ’17, Yang Yiqiao.

Junior Year Abroad Was Cultural Immersion

Hailey Mertes ’14 surrounded by Japanese classmates.

Spending her junior year living in Japan and attending high school there was an adventure of a lifetime for Hailey Mertes ’14. Last year, Hailey attended Kano Senior High School, located in Gifu Prefecture in central Japan. She lived with five different host families. “I would change every two to three months. I liked that I

had the chance to see how different families lived. Each of my host families taught me so much about Japanese culture.” “I choose to spend my junior year in Japan because I wanted to experience a totally different culture,” shared Hailey, whose aunts are Catherine Kubicina Newton ’77 and Theresa Kubicina Kelly ’81. “In my first three months living in Japan, the language was difficult. My Japanese improved once my ears adjusted to the language. By my sixth month, communication was no issue!” Being an international exchange student was a learning experience in more ways than one for Hailey. “I learned more than I could from any textbook. I visited so many places, including Hiroshima, Kyoto, Kobe and Nagoya. I met a lot of interesting people and was blessed in so many ways. This experience will always be a part of who I am,” stated Hailey. Hailey has not yet decided which colleges she will apply, but is planning on majoring in international business and, of course, Japanese studies. “My junior year in Japan was a wonderful adventure. I would recommend all students consider studying abroad!” said Hailey. As Hailey would say to her Japanese family: ありがとう! (Thank you!)

Saint Joseph Academy FALL 2013


Mission Trips to El Salvador and Kermit, WV, Teach Compassion, Understanding


his past summer, 17 students embarked on two mission trips near and far. Both were eye-opening and spiritually rewarding for the students, showing them how to embrace God and compassionately share their gifts with others. Fourteen students traveled to Kermit, WV, a city struggling with poverty. The other students journeyed much further. They flew to El Salvador, a country with strong faith, a poor population, and a strong Northeast Ohio connection. Kermit was chosen because, first and foremost, it is an area in-need. But it was also selected because it is the home of the CSJ Ministry, ABLE Families, which provides GED preparation, nutrition education, a maternal/infant in-home health education program and after-school and summer programs for children. Students were accompanied by College Counselor Maria Mueller and Dean of Women Marie Ciolek. While there, the group helped repair and paint a house. They also served as camp

counselors for an ABLE Art Camp for young children. Three students and Assistant Principal Emily Hanson ’99 visited El Salvador in June, a country where in 1980, four missionaries were martyred, including Ursuline

This Chapel in El Salvador was built on the site where the bodies of the martyred missionaries were found.

Students visit Kermit

nun Sr. Dorothy Kazel and missionary Jean Donovan, both from Cleveland, and two Maryknoll sisters. In addition to learning about the martyred missionaries, the girls visited schools, a cooperative providing bread and

valuable drinking water to a village, a sewing cooperative, the Christian Base Community, the Divine Providence Chapel & Little House where martyred Archbishop Oscar Romero lived, and a pottery cooperative. “The trip made me think about how I can live a life inspired by God and for God. I now think of how I can better build and write my own gospel, inspired by devotion to God,” shared Emily Keller ’15.

Visitor Discusses Horrors of Human Trafficking to Theology Students On a sunny Tuesday in early November, Sr. Anthonia Ugheighele arrived early at SJA, tired but passionate about a global problem – human trafficking. Sr. Anthonia was in Cleveland through the International Partners in Mission to raise awareness of what is called “modern day slavery.” Sister had just arrived from Italy, her home base, the night before, but was eager to talk to junior and senior

Sr. Anthonia Ugheighele with, l-r, Mercedes Perez ’14, Maya Ajtun ’15 and Brandi Harris ’15.


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

theology students about the horrors she and others are fighting every day. “Human trafficking is a reality. It is everywhere,” she shared. Sr. Anthonia is project coordinator of Project Hope/Speranza II in Castel Volturno, Italy. She works with women who are survivors of sex trafficking, literally getting them off the streets and helping them “rediscover their human dignity,” she stated. A native of Nigeria, Sr. Anthonia detailed to the rapt students her experiences of just how women can become trapped into traveling from their homes in Nigeria to Italy, and being dragged into a life of prostitution and servitude. Poverty and a lack of education are a perfect storm for trafficking, leading women to believe that if they go with their “sponsors,” they will get well-paying jobs and can send money back to their families, she said. Once away from home, they are either told they have to pay exorbitant fees to get free, or if they try and escape, their families will be harmed.

“They are bought, sold, violated, beaten, raped,” said Sr. Anthonia. Human Trafficking is a global issue. At SJA, student members of the Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice (CSPJ) are already working on initiatives to address the problem. CSPJ, co-founded by SJA students nearly 10 years ago, is composed of students from 20 Northeast Ohio Catholic high schools. It was formed for the purpose of conscious raising and advocacy of social justice issues. During the group’s biannual summit held last year, CSPJ students first raised the issue of Human Trafficking, shared Mrs. Cathy Knittel ’67, CORE Ministry teacher and one of the CSPJ moderators. “CSPJ and our students are helping plan a summit called ‘Modern Forms of Slavery’ that will be held in spring 2015. It will focus on human trafficking, immigration issues and fair labor practices,” she added. “To help kick things off, there will be a mini-summit about these issues on April 14, 2014 at the St. Joseph Center.”

Eucharistic Ministers Commissioned


n Tuesday, October 15, students, faculty and staff gathered in The Academy Center to celebrate the commissioning of 34 seniors as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. The students can now distribute Communion at all school masses, as well as in their home parishes. The commissioning was held on Founders’ Day, celebrating the founding of the Congregation of St. Joseph in Le Puy, France in 1650. Congratulations to the following students: Catherine Carey, Samantha CarusoTaylor, Claudia Chadwell, Rachel Chokan, Ashley DiMarco, Emily Ernst (daughter of Donna Corrigan Ernst ’80), Christina Ferra, Molly Gallagher, Stephanie Gorsek, Annie Grove, Halli Grunder, Sara Hurley, Brooke Kahl (JoAnn Aerni Kahl ’82), Gabrielle Leon, Ciara McGlynn (Rose Forrest McGlynn ’76), Sarah McMahon, Nicole McManamon, Caroline Mills (Debbie Ghazoul-Mills ’79), Juliana Minich, Molly Moore, Clare Panek, Emily Pellegrino, Jennifer Polito (LuAnn Aerni Polito ’82), Emily Rouse (Colleen Lang Rouse ’81), Rebecca Sedlak, Dana Sirchen, Hannah A. Smith, Erin Stefancin (Ann Fox Stefancin ’80), Breanna Strasser, Alesha Vovk, Katherine Waters, Bethany Weisenseel, Madeline Zimmerman and Pasqualina Zindroski. Bless you all!

Students do make a difference! Between their efforts and those of other nature lovers, Issue 80 passed in Cuyahoga County by a margin of nearly 70 percent, with 172,783 voting for Issue 80 and 75,490 against! Here is a link to the students’ video: watch?v=j8j3icRHMqA

Juniors Amanda Burns and Shauna Slezak show their support of Issue 80. SJA’s own view of the Rocky River Reservation is in the background.

Students Show Passion for Life at Annual Rally As in previous years, members of the SJA’s Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice Club (CSPJ) put action behind their passion for the sanctity of life by traveling downtown in early October to attend mass at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist and march to Public Square in support of October “Respect Life” month. Twenty-seven students joined their peers from a dozen schools in the Catholic Diocese at the rally, which was sponsored by the Cleveland Diocese. SJA speakers included seniors Caroline Mills and Melissa Waltos. “The rally was an amazing experience. It was my second time attending, and I was blessed enough to be a co-master of ceremony with a senior from Saint Ignatius High School. It was a fantastic way to advocate respect for all kinds of life, and the student speakers did a phenomenal job! It was great to be able to lead hundreds of students in respecting life,” shared Melissa.

Saint Joseph Academy FALL 2013


Fall Sports Tennis The team competed against many of the top teams in Northeast Ohio. Early in the season, the Jaguars swept the team and individual titles at the Lakewood Doubles Tournament. Melissa Waltos ’14/Brooke Kahl ’14 took 1st place with a 6-4, 6-2 victory in the championship match. The teams of Emily Rouse ’14/Sidney Ruebensaal ’14 and Grace Powers ’14/ Allison Saracina ’15 provided key contributions to the Jaguars winning the team title, finishing 5th and 8th respectively in the 24 team field. Other key wins included a 4-1 victory over Avon Lake and a 3-2 victory over Brooke Kahl’14

Soccer Suburban League champion Revere High School on Senior Night. At the Wooster Triway Invitational in early September, Colleen FitzGerald ’16 finished runner-up in the third singles flight by winning matches over opponents from Beaumont and Triway en route to the finals. Grace Powers/Allison Saracina also finished runner-up in the second doubles flights with wins over Medina Highland and Akron Hoban. In post-season play, the Jaguars fell in Round of 16 in the Northeast Ohio bracket of the Ohio Tennis Coaches Association team tournament. In individual post-season play at the Oberlin Sectional Tournament, Melissa Waltos/Brooke Kahl came within a set of qualifying for the district tournament by taking the No. 4 seed from Avon to three sets. They also won matches over North Ridgeville and North Olmsted, advancing to the quarterfinals of the doubles draw. Grace Powers led the Jaguars in singles by advancing to the third round with a three set win over an opponent from Midview. With a balanced lineup that included five seniors, key contributions were made by every varsity player throughout the season. Brooke Kahl, Sidney Ruebensaal, Emily Rouse and Allison Saracina all shared the team lead with 13 individual victories, Melissa Waltos added 12 and Grace Powers had 11. Brooke Kahl completes her Jaguar tennis career with 50 wins!

Isabella Morini ’15

Varsity played a very competitive schedule this fall, hampered by a series of injuries that plagued many of the athletes. Standouts include senior Ali DeCrane, who scored a total of 10 goals, junior Isabella Morini, who scored five, and junior Jackie Harter, who ended the season with five goals. Senior goalie Courtney Kuntz made 166 saves during the regular season. Defenders in the team were: seniors Catherine Carey, Mackenzie Dorin and Caroline Becker; and juniors Amanda Burns, Abby Gonzales and Sarah Reardon. Midfielders were: senior Ali DeCrane; juniors Clare Sonby and Grace Reinhold; sophomores Alex Gribble and Mary Hirzel; and freshman Riley Justice. Forwards were: senior Nichole Rave; juniors Isabella Morini, Allie Hippler and Jackie Harter; and freshman Frannie Smith. The goalie was senior Courtney Kuntz.

Volleyball The team came on strong at the end of the year, winning five of their last 10 matches and capturing the Sectional title by beating the No.4 seed Rocky River High School in three sets. Throughout the season, the team faced many challenges with multiple injuries to multiple players. Many players had to take on new roles and the team had to pull together to compete against some very tough competition, seven of whom were ranked in the top 20 of the state. The team also had some standouts. Emily Maxwell ’14 led the team with 111 kills, Jordan Kortowich ’15 led with 209 digs and 22 aces, and Ashley Petras ’15 led with 32 blocks, with 26 of them being solo blocks. Bethany Weisenseel ’14


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Cross Country With 53 athletes, the team was able to field very successful Varsity and Junior Varsity teams, often placing at the top of many competitions. Among the finishes for the Jaguars were a 5th place showing out of 22 teams at the Early Bird Invitational; 2nd place of nine teams at the Hilliard Invitational; 4th of 21 teams at the All-

Maggie Wagner ’17

Catholic meet in Dayton; 2nd of seven teams at the Legends; and a runner-up trophy at the District Championship. The team qualified to the OHSAA regional meet for the first time in three years. The JV/open runners also performed well, earning a 1st and 2nd place at the Hilliard Invitational, a 4th at McDonough, 3rd at Valley Forge as a Varsity team, and 1st at Gilmour. A season standout was freshman Maggie Wagner, who has become the 6th fastest Jaguar in school history and the fastest freshman ever! Maggie earned “All Ohio” status at the Ohio High School Athletic Association’s State Meet in October. Seniors Rachel McGuire and Alesha Vovk also excelled this season, as did Varsity runners including seniors Maeve Kroeger, Molly Moore, Shannon Stauffer and Maddie Zimmerman; juniors Mallory Fahey, Anna Farris, Clare Fibbi, Lauren Marconi; sophomores Katie Butterfield and Bridget McGuire; freshmen Olivia Battistoni, Mary Hyland, Katie Pellegrino, Ellen Vichill and Alana Vovk.

Six seniors were honored for earning Varsity letters each of their four years. They are, l-r, Lindsey Keefe, Golf; Rachel McGuire, Cross Country; Maddie Zimmerman, Cross Country; Alesha Vovk, Cross Country; Brooke Kahl, Tennis; and Melissa Waltos, Tennis.

Golf Varsity is in the North East Ohio Independent Girls Golf League, a 10-team conference. In the League Tournament at Hawthorne Valley Country Club, the Jaguars finished 6th. The match play record was eight and eight, and the team’s best tournament finish was a 3rd place at the North Olmsted Invitational. They were just short of advancing to the District Tournament, finishing 5th in a field in which only the top four teams get to go to the state qualifier at the Legends of Massillon. Junior Kaitlin Rose and senior Lindsey Keefe led the team with scoring averages of 43 and 46. Kaitlin took medalist honors at the North Olmsted Lauren Zawie ’17

Invitational, and Lindsey taking medalist honors in the annual at Westwood Country Club Matches. Playing in the No. 3 and No. 4 positions were sophomore Alicia Abele and freshman Lauren Zawie. This duo played in every event and provided excellent scores throughout the season. The fifth spot on the team was shared between Nicole Hetrick ’15, Clare Tirpak ’16, Emily Skodny ’15 and Hannah Hill ’16. This group has earned their Varsity Letter and will provide a solid foundation for next year’s Varsity team.

Saint Joseph Academy FALL 2013


Blessing of the Boats for Jaguar Navy


rew athletes were joined by friends, parents and other supporters in September for the annual Blessing of the Boats. The ceremony is held on the shores of the Cuyahoga River. Crew is in its second year as a Varsity sport, and has proven to be both popular among students and successful as a sport. Last year, the Jaguar Navy, as they are called, finished 11th in the 2013 Scholastic Rowing Association of American National Championship Regatta, an amazing feat for such a young team. Two new boats were added this year, receiving a special blessing, along with a

third boat that was purchased last year. The new boats were christened the MACD ’71, named after President Mary Ann CorriganDavis ’71; the Dottie, named in honor of Mrs. Dorothy Ann Grove, mother of Crew supporter Mr. Jim Grove and grandmother of Annie Grove ’14, a Crew athlete; and the Alisa, named in honor of Mrs. Alisa Smith, mother of Hannah Smith ’14, who lost her battle with cancer spring 2012. The blessing was conducted by Sr. Jane Ockuly CSJ ’57 and Sr. Joan Lang, aunt of Mrs. Colleen Lang Rouse ’81 and crew athlete Charlotte Rouse ’15.

Senior Is Rugby Superstar Senior Ali DeCrane was named to the prestigious 2013 High School All-American Girls Rugby Team this past summer, one of only 50 girls nationally selected and only two girls from the state of Ohio! To participate, the top boys and girls were selected from seven Regional All-Star Tournaments across the United States. The team flew to Boulder, Colo., in July for practice and participated in a game divided on teams called “Stars” or ”Stripes.” “I was really happy to represent Ohio Rugby at the camp, and I tried Photo by Marianne Mangan to show what a great job my coaches have already done to get me to this level of play,” shared Ali, who will be on the SJA Rugby team again this spring. Ali plans on attending The Ohio State University, but has also been contacted by rugby coaches at Denison University and the University of Notre Dame. She hasn’t decided if she’s playing rugby in college. Congratulations, Ali!

USRowing World Champion Felice Mueller Visits SJA World Rowing Champion and Shaker Heights native Ms. Felice Mueller visited SJA at the beginning of the academic year, sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge with SJA crew athletes, parents, and others gathered because of an interest in the sport of rowing. Crew became a Varsity sport at SJA last year. In that first year, the SJA novice team finished 11th at the 2013 Scholastic Rowing Association of America National Championship Regatta in Camden, N.J. Ms. Mueller spoke to the engaged SJA crowd just weeks after she and other members of the USRowing National Team captured a gold medal in the women’s four at the 2013 World Rowing Championships held in Chungju, South Korea. It was the eighth-consecutive year the U.S. has won gold in the world championships. “Crew is a really hard sport that has shaped me into what I am today. It strips you raw and then it builds you back up,” she shared. “I have never worked so hard as I have when racing a 2K course and falling behind, and then committing to success and ultimately winning.” Ms. Mueller, proudly wearing her World Championship medal while she spoke, is currently training with the National team in Princeton, N.J. She is hoping to compete at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Ms. Felice Mueller, wearing a red shirt in the middle of the group, poses with Saint Joseph Academy Crew student athletes.

Welcome, Class of 2017!


ollowing an all-school, opening year liturgy at Our Lady of Angels Church, the 200 members of the Class of 2017 received a rousing welcome to Saint Joseph Academy on a sunny and warm early September afternoon. As in years past, sophomores, juniors and seniors lined the walkway leading to the front steps of the school, clapping and cheering as the freshmen first received a single yellow rose from Principal Jeff Sutliff and President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71, and then wound their way into the building that will be their focus for the next four years. This was the more formal of the students’ reception into the halls of SJA. A few weeks later, seniors put together a fun-filled, sports-themed “Freshmen Welcome” day that included skits games and challenges.

Here is a snapshot look at the freshman class: • With 200 members, the Class of 2017 is the largest SJA freshmen class in over a decade. • 86 percent of the class is of the Catholic faith. • The Class of 2017 represents 66 different middle schools. • 36 percent are legacies (mother, sister, grandmother or aunt). • The geographic reach of this class is extraordinary ranging from Willoughby Hills to North Ridgeville and from Richfield to Sheffield Village. • 49 percent are Cleveland residents. • Members of the freshmen class live in 32 different zip codes.

Freshman Welcome Using a sports theme, seniors officially welcomed the Class of 2017 to the Academy on September 27. It was a day filled with skits, laughter and getting to know each other. The day began with the seniors, sporting “team jerseys” with the number “14,” lining The Academy Center arcade as freshmen arrived, sporting their own “jerseys” with “Rookie ’17.” “Team managers” (also known as senior class moderators Science teacher Fred Kieser and Intervention Specialist Lisa Gregorski) helped put freshmen through “the drills.”Yea, Team SJA!

Legacies in the class are: Mary Boland, daughter of Eileen Chambers Boland ’84, granddaughter of Mary Hageman Boland ’47; Katherine Brunori, daughter of Molly O’Reilly Brunori ’86, granddaughter of Mary Ann Devaty O’Reilly ’57; Molly Chambers, daughter of Michele Haas Ljubi ’80; Maria Congelli, granddaughter of +Christine Minch Kiena N’61; Sarah Dever, daughter of Joyce Brady Dever ’83, granddaughter of Frances Singler Brady ’58 and Rosemary O’Donnell Dever ’57; Mary Cait Dolan, granddaughter of +Regina Rochford Carey ’46; Colleen Drellishak daughter of Kathleen Fox Drellishak ’81; Maria Ferrara, daughter of Suzanne Huber Ferrara ’87; Hannah Frye, daughter of Heather Crews Frye ’91 and granddaughter of Patricia Turacek Frye N’68 and Mary Bridget McGrath Crews ’60; Meghan Hahn, daughter of Patricia Hayes Hahn ’89; Jordan Heath, daughter of Kerrie Carrocia Heath ’88; Kathryn McAfee, daughter of Regina Sowa McAfee ’88; Alana McGlynn, daughter of Rose Marie Forrest McGlynn ’76; Alexandria Mohar, granddaughter of Patricia Kane Mohar ’63; Greta Noeth, granddaughter of +Alice Washtock Butkiewicz ’47; Claire Orsagos, daughter of Jacqueline Aftoora Orsagos N’78;

Sophia Rechin, daughter of Helen Koustis Rechin ’87; Isabelle Robertson, daughter of Cassandra Schwartz Robertson ’84; Anne Rolf, granddaughter of Kathleen Kelly Rolf ’53; Elizabeth Russo, granddaughter of Celeste Harkai Bamer N’64; Serena Russo, daughter of Amy Russo ’86 and granddaughter of +Lucy DiMauro Russo ’51; Brionna Scebbi, daughter of Brigette Ackerman Scebbi ’88 and granddaughter of Josephine Scuria Broszczuk ’67; Kala Seeholzer-Siebert, daughter of Anne Marie Seeholzer ’76 and granddaughter of Louise Gerbasi Seeholzer ’50 and +Anna Holmes McGinness T’34; Margaret Seikel, daughter of Shannon Hughes Seikel ’85; Victoria Smith, granddaughter of Marjorie Erb Timko ’48; Maya Sutliff, daughter of Elizabeth Carroll Sutliff ’90 and granddaughter of Joan Gannon Carroll ’55; Karlee Trickel, granddaughter of Josephine Henke Gaughan ’61; Mary Margaret Wagner, daughter of Margaret Becker Wagner ’80 and granddaughter of Sheila Allen Becker ’54; Alexis Walsh, daughter of Yvette Kroll Walsh ’79; Margaret Weaver, granddaughter of Margaret Lynch Kahl ’58; Annie Wolodzko, daughter of Danette Belko Wolodzko ’87 and granddaughter of Susan Ptak Dy ’65. + Deceased Saint Joseph Academy FALL 2013


AlumnaeSpotlight: Technology Ann Marie O’Meara Fred ’95

Technology has always fascinated IBM software developer Ann Marie O’Meara Fred ’95. “I like the fact that you can take a mindless piece of hardware and program it to do almost anything imaginable, given enough time and resources,” she says. After graduating from SJA, Ann Marie attended Duke University, graduating cum laude with a Bachelor in Computer Science in 1999. She worked at IBM as a college co-op student. After graduation, she went on to earn a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She continued to work at IBM during her studies and after graduation.

Over the years, Ann Marie had worked in many areas and assumed a number of roles at the company. She currently has two roles at IBM. First, she is a software developer, working on a product called IBM SmartCloud Orchestrato. She writes codes, tests them and writes documentation of the codes. She has a talent for taking complicated systems, integrating them and then masking the complexity so users find them simple and intuitive. Her other role is as a DevOps expert. “DevOps” refers to a set of principles and practices that help software developers (“Dev”) and IT operations staff (“Ops”) work together more efficiently to deliver better software faster. In this role, she blogs, trains staff, helps transform teams, talks to IBM clients and speaks at conferences. “Being a DevOps expert requires people skills,” Ann Marie explains. “I have to be good at listening, learning, teaching, speaking, creating presentations and writing.” She credits her parents and the teachers at SJA for enabling her success in the technology field. Both instilled in her the belief that women could do anything they wanted. She has had four software patents

issued so far, with a couple more in the process, has published many technical articles, and belongs to several technology and women’s organizations. In addition to an encouraging faculty, Ann Marie remembers the vibrant sense of community at SJA and a focus on social justice that remains with her to this day. She recalls those four years as a time of significant growth – academically, spiritually and as a citizen. She currently lives in Davis, Calif., with her husband of 13 years, John, and daughters Juliana, 6, and Sonja, 4. In her free time, Ann Marie enjoys taking her girls on hikes, to zoos and play dates with their friends. Her favorite hobby is scuba diving, and she and her husband have had the chance to explore Caribbean reefs, caverns in Florida, a flooded quarry, a shipwreck in the Atlantic and an aquarium’s shark tank. The family loves to travel and even lived in Germany for a couple of months when John was working there. They also make time to volunteer for a number of different organizations and causes, including Habitat for Humanity, breast cancer research, the American Red Cross, environmental causes and social justice causes.

Maureen Finnegan O’Brien ‘77 Technology has created many new and unique career opportunities, and Maureen Finnegan O’Brien ’77 discovered an example that has benefited thousands of college students. For the past four years she has been a member of the faculty of Western Governors University (WGU), a competency-based, online, nonprofit university, working in the Master of Business Administration and Information Technology degree programs. The university’s mission is to provide a means for individuals to learn, independent of time and place, and to earn post-secondary, competency-based degrees and other credentials. The average age of a WGU student is 37 years old. Students demonstrate competency 14

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

through assessments. When students submit work that can’t be objectively scored – for example, a marketing plan – evaluators grade it against a rubric. Maureen’s role at the university is to manage the evaluators that grade assessments for the MBA and IT degree programs. “I manage about 100, mostly part-time evaluators who grade 2,500 submissions each week,” she explains. As an online university, there are plenty of distance-learning technologies that are required, such as virtual meeting rooms or platforms for uploading completed work. Given her technology background, Maureen often plays a role in testing and selecting these capabilities. She started working for WGU as an

Careers Jessica Perry ‘77

Jessica Perry ’77 is vice president and general manager of National Journal Group. This award-winning publisher of non-partisan politics and policy news, information, events, and research services primarily targets the political establishment in and around Washington D.C. In her role, Jessica oversees digital strategy, operations and new product initiatives and manages a team of product managers, designers and software developers. Because technology changes so fast and frequently, she says it’s important to adapt quickly to new and evolving situations. Flexibility and an openness to change

have been central to her career path. After graduating from Northwestern University with Bachelor and Master degrees in Journalism, Jessica took a job as a reporter for a new, cutting-edge product of Dow Jones & Company that delivered personalized audio financial news updates to investors via a radio-like device. It was a product ahead of its time and put Jessica at the forefront of online content delivery. “It was a great way to cut my teeth in an emerging industry, but I didn’t realize it at the time,” she recalls. Three years into her role as a reporter, Jessica was unexpectedly offered the job as marketing manager for her division. It proved an invaluable lesson about the importance of following one’s instincts. “My manager took a chance on me – a lesson I carried with me in how important it is to recognize and develop employees’ untapped abilities,” she says. Her career shift to the business side of digital content led to future roles in business development and product development with the Wall Street Journal Online, Yahoo!, and Conde Nast Digital, where change was also a regular theme. “It’s not unusual to completely pivot your product or marketing roadmap when some new technology or trend emerges,” she explains. For example, when Apple introduced

the iPad in early 2010, she discarded the previously agreed upon product plans and rallied everyone toward app development. Jessica feels that her all-girl high school experience has helped her thrive in her field. “Since gender dynamics was not a daily part of the SJA academic experience, it just didn’t occur to me as an adult that being a female should be a limitation,” she says. She remembers her alma mater as providing a solid academic foundation and instilling personal discipline. Both prepared her well for college. She also learned the importance of displaying decency and respect in dealing with other people and in maintaining perspective and balance when dealing with oneself – universally useful life lessons. In the last few years, Jessica has been active with organizations that provide career training and counseling to low-income, unemployed individuals and low-level offenders, as well as mentoring to at-risk youth. “Financial security is so critical to family stability and personal self-worth,” she says. Jessica resides in Washington, D.C. and Lambertville, N.J. An ardent hiker, she enjoys exploring the easily accessible Shenandoah Mountains. She’s also an avid tennis player and spectator, gardener, and is never without her iPad.

evaluator in the math department. As the university grew, she moved to progressively higher management roles. In addition to an engineering education and years in telecommunications management at AT&T, where she oversaw over 100 engineers located in the United States, England, and India, Maureen also attributes coaching her son’s math teams and teaching refugees through her parish as making her uniquely qualified for her role at the university. Maureen graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in 1981. She went on to earn a master’s in that field at Stanford University the next year.

SJA laid the foundation for Maureen’s success at college and her career. “I remember a warm, encouraging, supportive environment where I was able to build confidence in my abilities,” she recalls. While math had been her favorite subject due to the precision and logic, she also credits Ms. Eileen Teare as impacting the work Maureen does now. The English instructor taught her students how to write clearly and concisely – an extremely important asset in the online world. Additionally, SJA influenced the commitment to service that has always been an important part of Maureen’s faith. She has made it a lifelong practice to participate in at least one

service area. For the past seven years, she has been very involved with the Refugee Outreach at her parish in Dallas, Texas, where she lives with her husband of 27 years, Michael and their three sons. This program provides refugees with meals, transportation to attend mass, English as a Second Language, and religious education classes. It has served over 600 refugees from Africa and Myanmar over the years. Maureen’s technology focus is evident in her three sons. Sean graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2012 and is developing an iPhone app. Kevin attends the University of Virginia and Brendan attends Duke University. Both are studying engineering. Saint Joseph Academy FALL 2013


Alumnae Enjoy SJA’s

Grand Reunion Weekend 1948


ore than 350 attended all or parts of the Grand Reunion celebration October 11-13. Some 40 members from the Class of 1963 celebrated their 50th reunion, and 30 attendees from the Class of 2008 gathered for the weekend events!

All Alumnae with graduation years ending in “4” and “9” ... Save the date for next year’s Grand Reunion the weekend of October 10-12, 2014. See you there!



1963 1968 16

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

1993 1973



2003 1988

1998 2008 Saint Joseph Academy FALL 2013


Summer on the Links Golf Outing Supports Student Initiatives


big thank you to all who participated in our 19th Annual Alumnae Golf Outing on Saturday August 3, 2013. We raised a recordbreaking $23,000 to support the students of Saint Joseph Academy! Even the weather cooperated, providing a slight breeze and moderate temperatures for more than 140 golfers. Special thanks to all who helped to make this event such a big success, especially the 2013 Golf Outing Committee: Rosanne Tinnirello Kelley ’76 (event chair), Mary Beirne Bole ’69, Donna Busser ’73, Denise Tinnirello Chomoa ’78, Jane Cochran ’74, Mary Jo Cotner ’82, Eileen Murray Dooley T’43, Beth Durkin ’78, Michele Ehrbar ’72, Debbie Nagy Forthofer ’77, Kathleen Colleran Goldbach ’62, Carol Wasserbauer Milligan ’59, Vicki Bachenskas Plata ’67, Mary Ellen Lanning Rogers ’77, Nancy Sweeney ’48 and Dody Winkler ’75. Please join us for next year’s Alumnae Golf Outing on August 2, 2014.

L-R : Diane Kubera, June Adler, Alex Kozak ’12, Mary Adler-Kozak ‘80

We especially thank the following people and businesses who sponsored this year’s outing: LUNCH SPONSORS: Avalon Foodservice, Inc. Fairview Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic hospital Saint Ignatius High School JAGUAR SPONSORS: Cleveland Indians Schoolbelles BREAKFAST SPONSORS: Conrad’s Tire Express & Total Car Care/ Ed Conrad & Joan Dever Conrad ’49 Master Printing & Mailing Regency Construction Services, Inc. Terra Realty/ Gary Lustic & Therese Durkin Lustic ’61 The Alpha Group Agency

BEVERAGE SPONSORS: Michael Biehl & Eileen Baugh Biehl ’75 Barbara McEntee Durkin ’53 Frantz Ward LLP Most Rev. Roger W. Gries, OSB Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland SP Mount Printing Company Councilman Martin J. Sweeney & Councilman Martin J. Keane HOLE SPONSORS: Judge Colleen Conway Cooney & Mr. John G. Cooney Jeff & Anne Marie Carey Pecon ’71 Stripmatic Products, Inc. Nowak Tour & Travel Nissan of North Olmsted

Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 Villa Beach Communications SJA Summer Staff SIFCO Industries, Inc. The McGorray Family Maloney & Novotny, LLC The Draves Family Ebner & Rose Orthopedics ASAP Fitness Mike Mural Building Contractors West Park Dental Wiemels-Hiros Plumbing Chuck & Maureen Fallon Adler ’79 Linda Kane ’75 Mary Lou Wasmer Durkin ’54 & Family Dr. Casey O’Conor-Orthodontist Dr. Debbie Ghazoul-Mills ’79

CCAP Enterprises, LLC Brennan’s Catering & Banquet Center Cleveland Indians Lakeside Supply Congregation of St. Joseph Barbara McEntee Durkin ’53 & Family Norris Brothers Co., Inc. Kamm’s Corners Chiropractic Chambers Funeral Homes Printing Partners McGraw & McGraw Co LPA/Mary Haas McGraw ’75 Matthew J. Messina, DDS Kohlmyer Sports Seeley, Savidge, Ebert & Gourash Co., LPA

Photo by Marianne Mangan

Outings Honor the Past With Gifts of a Future Nearly 100 golfers gathered on September 14, 2013, at Springvale Golf Course in North Olmsted, for the annual Hagan and Berry family golf outing to raise funds for the Lisa Hagan Berry ’81 Endowed Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded annually to help close tuition Colette Berry ’11 and gaps for the awardees. In addition to Cheryl Hagan O’Malley ‘77 the golfers, 41 generous donors and sponsors helped to make it the best year yet! “I am honored to be able to keep my mother’s legacy alive through the scholarship,” says Colette Berry ’11. “We are blessed through this scholarship to share the gift we received – the traditions, values and leadership that my mother, aunts and I developed at SJA. We are honored to help in some way so that others benefit from a Saint Joseph Academy education.” Save the date for next year’s golf outing on September 13, 2014 at Springvale Golf Course. 18

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Once again, the Sandoval family and their friends and family gathered this past August at the Avondale Golf club in Avon for an annual golf outing to raise funds for the Rosemary Henry Sandoval ’56 Endowed Memorial Scholarship. This is the third year for the Renee Sandoval, SJA golf outing. The Sandoval scholarship Development Director Geoff is awarded annually to help two young Powers, Ricardo Sandoval women who are in need of tuition assistance. In addition to a day on the links, participants also enjoyed a dinner, provided by Ricardo Sandoval, chef/owner at FatCats restaurant in Tremont and Felice’s Urban Cafe in Shaker Square. “It’s important to help young women who have a need, especially single parents” says Ricardo.  “We’re glad to be doing it in a way that helps our mother’s legacy live on.” Other SJA graduates in the family include Mrs. Sandoval’s granddaughters Melissa Sandoval ’01 and Hannah Sandoval ’10. Save the date for next year’s golf outing, being held on August 30, 2014 (Labor Day weekend) at Hickory Nut Golf Course.

Time is Running Out to Take Advantage of Tax Savings If you’re age 70 ½ or older, you may be able to take advantage of an important incentive for making a charitable gift to Saint Joseph Academy – but you need to act soon. Congress has re-authorized the provision that allows you to make gifts directly from your IRA accounts without incurring income tax on the withdrawal. If you currently receive retirement income from an IRA that is taxed as a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), you are entitled to make a direct transfer of all or part of that amount to Saint Joseph Academy up to $100,000. How do you make this kind of meaningful gift? Simply direct your IRA plan provider to make a distribution to the Academy before the end of this year, December 31, 2013. For additional information, contact Constance Sipple, CFRE, Vice President for Institutional Advancement at 216.671.0166 or visit

Transforming the Academy Saint Joseph Academy has grown and expanded since the school was founded in 1890, but one thing had remained unchanged for the last 85 years: that changed this September. Our students returned to see their classrooms transformed with shiny new Chromebooks and Smartboards and walls without radiators. What they didn’t see were the critical infrastructure upgrades that were made throughout the summer to provide a safer, healthier and more supportive learning environment for decades to come. Thanks to the generous donors to our Expanding Minds ~ Building Futures ~ Raising Leaders capital campaign, we upgraded our electricity and significantly increased our connectivity capabilities. These necessary updates allow us to support nearly 2,000 wireless devices connected to our network each day! We also upgraded the heating throughout the school, added telephones in each classroom, installed an addressable firealarm system throughout the entire building, and introduced a fire suppression system on the lower level. These improvements aren’t flashy, but they are expensive given the size and age of the building.

Our alumnae, parents, and friends are making this all possible. We are working hard to secure the final $900,000 to complete these vital improvements and hope you will consider helping us. Our goal is within reach, and we hope you can help us finish the final phase of construction – without disruption to the classroom schedule – by making a gift today. As an added incentive, The Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust has offered a dollar-to-dollar match for all gifts and pledges that we receive – up to $50,000. This will literally double the impact of your generosity and accelerate our ability to complete our transformational upgrades. For 123 years, Saint Joseph Academy has had a transformational impact on both our students and their families; empowering young girls to believe in themselves, to grow in their confidence, to unapologetically live their faith, and to challenge themselves to change their destiny. Please help us ensure that we can continue our legacy for decades to come by supporting the Expanding Minds ~ Building Futures ~ Raising Leaders capital campaign.

Every Gift Counts for Young Women of SJA During the Christmas season, it is our sincere hope you will consider making a gift to Saint Joseph Academy. Every gift, every dollar counts, just as every young woman counts. Our slogan “We’re not just an all-girls school, we’re an all kinds of girls school” is not just an empty phrase. Each and every young woman is our responsibility and we are committed to empowering them spiritually and academically for the 21st century, global society. We hope that you will join us in supporting the students here at the Academy. We believe each young woman deserves the best opportunities that we can possibly offer. Gifts like yours make them possible. Please call Mr. Geoff Powers, Director of Development, at 216.251.6788 x229, or visit to see how you can help. Thank you!

Virtual Ribbon Cutting We’d love to have you experience SJA’s new era of technological upgrades and capital improvements with a personal visit. If you’re unable to come to the Academy, we’re happy to provide a “virtual tour” at virtual. To visit the school and see the changes in person, please call Constance Sipple, CFRE, Vice President for Institutional Advancement at 216.671.0166 or email

Saint Joseph Academy FALL 2013


Memoriam In

Eternal rest grant unto them O, Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.

Rita Billick Szentkeresti T’44 on the death of her husband and Karen Szentkeresti N’69 and Janet Szentkeresti Fuldauer N’72 on the death of their father, William Szentkeresti.

Roberta Hahn Duffy ’56 on the death of her brother, Charles Hahn.

Mary Margaret Finnerty Rhoa ’46 on the death of her son, the Honorable Patrick Rhoa.

Mary Bertke O’Connor ’57 and Linda Bertke Califra ’60 on the death of their sister, Susan Bertke.

Therese Miltner FitzGibbons T’47 on the death of her husband, John FitzGibbons.

Mary Therese Burke Hutton ’57 on the death of her son, James Hutton.

Loretta Cullen Gannon ’49 on the death of her husband and Mary Gannon Morgan ’73, Eileen Gannon Holler ’79 and Kathryn Gannon Mayer ’82 on the death of their father, John Gannon. Sr. Agnes Schreiber, CSJ ’49 and Mary Schreiber Kubat ’54 on the death of their brother, Robert Schreiber. Rita Hayes Wicktora ’49 on the death of her sister, Mary Hayes ’45. Kathleen Farkas Gundling T’49 on the death of her husband, Walter Gundling, Sr. Veronica Carey Grady ’50 on the death of her husband and Eileen Grady Stenerson ’80 on the death of her father, John Grady. Sr. Betty McCafferty, CSJ ’50 on the death of her sister, Mary Helen McCafferty Murray ’43. Maureen McNamara Phalen ’51 on the death of her son and Jean Phalen Pendleton ’75 and Joan Phalen Hayes ’77 on the death of their brother, James Phalen, III. Sr. Alice Rooney, CSJ ’51, Kathleen Rooney Wiemels ’60, Marie Rooney Norris ’62, Sheila Rooney Lang ’65 and Margaret Rooney Brown ’67 on the death of their brother, Thomas Rooney. Anne Knoerle Schram ’51 on the death of her sister, Sr. Jeanne Knoerle, SP ’45.

Patricia Kessler Novotny ’56 on the death of her brother, Robert Kessler.

Marilyn Graven Stewart ’57 on the death of her husband, Robert Stewart. Mary Catherine Belle Woehrman ’57 and Frances Belle Gehrke ’62 on the death of their mother, Mary Belle. Patricia Cooney Gowan ’58 on the death of her husband, James Gowan. Jeanene Petitti Kress ’58 on the death of her husband, Robert Kress. Mary Louise Novak Walsh ’58, Judy Novak Wheeler ’61, Susan Novak ’67, Elizabeth Novak Heyworth ’68 and Terry Novak Mason ’70 on the death of their brother, Robert Novak. Sr. Mary Lois Phillipp, CSA ’59 on the death of her sister, Ruth Phillipp ’63. Mary Linda Sloan Cleary ’60 and Karen Sloan Hussain ’63 on the death of their sister, Norma Sloan Malloy ’65. Ann Hillenbrand Lorz ’60, Mary Hillenbrand Kubovchik ’62, Ruth Hillenbrand Birong ’64 and Rita Hillenbrand Gillette ’66 on the death of their brother, James Hillenbrand. Luann Kash Kehoe N’60 and Sandra Kash Rennecker N’63 on the death of their father, Gordon Kash. Alice Chaplik Kahl ’61 on the death of her husband and Coletta Kahl Mulloy ’64 and Margie Kahl Forshey ’65 on the death of their brother, James Kahl.

Patricia Dougherty English ’53 on the death of her son, Thomas English.

Louise Wolf ’61 and Melanie Wolf Hack ’72 on the death of their mother, Melanie Wolf.

Ruth Koehl ’54 on the death of her sister, Rosemary “Terry” Koehl Neubauer ’56.

Mary Karl Nerad N’61 on the death of her brother, James Karl.

Patience Lekan Baratko ’55 on the death of her brother, David Lekan.

Judy Gretchko N’62 on the death of her mother, Florence Gretchko.

Sr. Marie Gillich, CSJ ’55 on the death of her mother, Margaret Gillich.

Barbara Zawadski Lombardo N’62 and Cynthia Zawadski Kula N’71 on the death of their father, Ted Zawadski.


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Mary Merk Higgins ’63 on the death of her sister, Dolores Mitchell, and on the death of her brothers, Alfred Merk and Donald Merk.

Barbara Miluk Bondra N’67, Cindi Miluk Clearwater N’69, and Kathleen Miluk N’79 on the death of their father, Carl Miluk.

Rosaleen Ketterick Keogh ’63 on the death of her husband and Deirdre Keogh Masterson ’90 on the death of her father, Oliver Keogh.

Karen Selders Coryell N’67 on the death of her mother, Irene Kirstein Selders ’41.

Maureen Cassidy Foran N’63 and Patricia Cassidy Kyle N’69 on the death of their father, Paul Cassidy. Larraine Williams McLaughlin ’64 on the death of her father, Howard Williams, Sr. Christine Onofrey White ’64 and Marian Onofrey Brewer ’66 on the death of their mother, Mary Onofrey. Helen Arthur Bennett N’64 on the death of her sister, Mary Arthur Bokmiller N’67. Mary Beth McCready Byrnes ’65 and Patti McCready ’72 on the death of their mother, Edna McCready.

Oksana Pawnyk Diaczun N’67 and Daria Pawnyk Rakowsky N’72 on the death of their mother, Anna Pawnyk. Debbie Marchute Grischow N’67 on the death of her sister, Denise Marchute Falin N’72. Christine Dobrovic Prosek ’68 and Cynthia Dobrovic Moskal ’70 on the death of their father, George Dobrovic. Paulette Baumann Rooksberry ’69 and Carla Baumann Zinser ’70 on the death of their father, Robert Baumann. Colette George Cummings N’69 on the death of her mother, Mary George.

Rosemarie Mazzella Forrester ’65 on the death of her mother, Connie Mazzella.

Margaret Hastings N’69, Cynthia Hastings Sefcik N’73, Susan Hastings Nelich N’75, and Eileen Hastings LaFaire N’80 on the death of their father, James Hastings.

Jacqueline LeRoy Hamlin ’65 on the death of her husband, John Hamlin.

Nancy Canda Hegler N’69 on the death of her father, Frank Canda.

Marilu Mabini ’66 and Maria Mabini Ruffino ’69 on the death of their uncle, Teodoro Mabini.

Karen Christopher Jaros N’69 and Maureen Christopher French N’70 on the death of their brother, Kevin Christopher.

Jean Kearns Miller ’66 on the death of her sister, Maureen Kearns Garabis ’65. Ruth Woyansky Williams ’66 on the death of her sister, Rita Woyansky Schroder ’66.

Kathy King Herrick ’70 on the death of her stepmother, Ruth King. Geraldine Pollock Hadlock N’70 on the death of her brother, Timothy Pollock.

Beverly Belock N’66 on the death of her father, Joseph Belock.

Barbara Eisenmann Vozar N’70 on the death of her mother, Joan Eisenmann.

Katherine Chmura N’66 on the death of her mother, Dorie Chmura.

Rita Smith N’70 on the death of her father, Robert Smith.

Linda Swaggard Guminey N’66 on the death of her mother, Zeta Swaggard.

Mary Kay Walther Buckley ’71 and Martha Walther ’72 on the death of their brother, Robert Walther.

Kathleen Witkowski McKillip N’66 on the death of her daughter, Monica McKillip. Arlene Harvanec ’67 on the death of her sister, Carol Harvanec Theys ’59. Cathy Lanning Knittel ’67, Mary Ellen Lanning Rogers ’77, Martha Lanning ’81, and Rosemary Lanning Schafer ’84 on the death of their mother, Agnes Roche Lanning ’45.

Margaret Prunty McSherry ’71 and Mary Ellen Prunty Kraus ’75 on the death of their mother, Margaret Prunty. Susan Wolf Billy N’71 and Carol Wolf N’73 on the death of their father, Robert Wolf. Nancy Vinciguerra Jovanov N’71 on the death of her mother, Louise Vinciguerra.

Martha Droba Jamieson ’74, Marysia Droba ’81, and Monica Droba ’83 on the death of their brother, Clifford Droba.

Lynn Schuler Moore ’78 and Kathleen Schuler Russo ’83 on the death of their brother, Timothy Schuler.

Constance Merrick Zamiska N’71 on the death of her mother, Christel Merrick.

Donna Adler Knoll ’74, Peggy Adler Sellers ’76, Nancy Adler Kearns ’77, Jeanne Adler Barilla ’79, and Mary Adler-Kozak ’80 on the death of their brother, Paul Adler.

Peggy Malloy Urwin ’78 and Maureen Malloy Soeder ’81 on the death of their brother, Thomas Malloy.

Donna Abood Grimmer ’72 on the death of her mother, Florence Abood.

Kathleen Preiszig Stankie N’74 on the death of her mother, Maria Preiszig.

Deborah Young Moherek N’72 on the death of her mother and Martha Grodhaus Smith N’63 on the death of her sister, Mary Ellen Young.

Kathleen “Kitty” McAdams Armor ’75 on the death of her husband, Gary Armor.

Irene Zawadiwsky N’78 and Luba Zawadiwsky Kapalko N’80 on the death of their mother, Anna Zawadiwsky.

Michelle Garvey ’75 on the death of her father and Nancy Garvey Fulton ’46 on the death of her brother, William Garvey.

Susan Mullin Booker ’79 and Barbara Mullin Votruba ’80 on the death of their mother, Mary Ann Mullin.

Claudia Lynch Paulus N’71 on the death of her husband, Richard Paulus. Cynthia Fox Pratt N’71 and Marybeth Fox Busser N’74 on the death of their mother, Eileen Fox.

Debra Stark N’72 on the death of her mother, Julie Stark. Barbara Brest Carey ’73 and Karen Brest Rutt ’74 on the death of their mother, Colette Flanagan Brest ’51. Rosemary McAdams McEntee ’73 and Kathleen “Kitty” McAdams Armor ’75 on the death of their mother, Irene Berka. Mary Sopko Montague ’73 and Anna Sopko Montague ’75 on the death of their father, Andrew Sopko. Kathleen Csatary Parr ’73 on the death of her mother, Elizabeth Csatary. Kathleen Gallagher N’73 and Nancy Gallagher Witt N’76 on the death of their mother, Mary Coletta Malloy Gallagher ’43. Jane Shuerger McNamara N’73 on the death of her husband, Terrence McNamara. Marilyn Danicic Robertson N’73 on the death of her mother, Mary Ann Danicic. Susan Weikamp Schaefer N’73 and Barbara Weikamp N’74 on the death of their father, William Weikamp.

Elizabeth Radeff Marshall ’75, Geralyn Radeff Kent ’78, Karen Radeff Brooks ’79, and Michelle Radeff Rosepal ’83 on the death of their father, Peter Radeff. Kathryn Molchan Dilger N’75 and Donna Molchan Shurtleff N’78 on the death of their mother, Kathryn Molchan. Gerri Bosak Beres ’77 on the death of her mother, Helen Bosak. Deborah Kleinhenz Kish ’77, Sharon Kleinhenz Mix ’78, Katherine Kleinhenz Baginski ’82, and Teresa Kleinhenz Kardos ’87 on the death of their father, Gerald Kleinhenz. Melanie Kuack Sifritt ’77 on the death of her mother, Margaret Kuack. Laura Miller Boen N’77 on the death of her father, Wayne Miller. Sheryl Kovalsky Donaldson ’78 and Kathy Kovalsky Stack ’80 on the death of their father, Joseph Kovalsky. Kathleen Przybysz Graham ’78, Mary Kay Przybysz Peterson ’81, and Patricia Przybysz Vivolo ’86 on the death of their father, Richard Przybysz.

Carolynn Schuck Berger N’78 on the death of her mother, Mary Rose Schuck.

Debra Matejka Orlosky ’79 and Diane Matejka Powers ’82 on the death of their mother, Marie Matejka. Jane Wallenhorst Painter ’79 on the death of her father, Albert Wallenhorst. Carol Bokros Kralley N’79 on the death of her father, Thomas Bokros. Nora Hennessy ’80 on the death of her father and Sr. Coletta Hennessy, OSF T’49 on the deaths of her brother, John Hennessy, and mother, Eileen Hennessy. Margaret Gaul Wallison ’80 on the death of her father, Francis Gaul, Sr.

Janice Krupa Rozanski ’83 on the death of her father, James Krupa. Maria Padovani ’84 on the death of her father and Rosemarie Padovani Toth ’61 on the death of her brother, Robert Padovani. Sharon McIlwee Kerber ’85 and Mary Ann McIlwee Hanicak ’89 on the death of their mother, Mary Ann McIlwee. Natalie Leek-Nelson ’85 and Susan Leek Biggs ’86 on the death of their father, and former SJA Board Member Barbara Ragon on the death of her husband, Victor Ragon. Diana Cebulis Chambers ’86 on the death of her mother, Gertrud Cebulis. Amy Russo Russo ’86 on the death of her mother and Frances DiMauro Bellomo T’45 on the death of her sister, Lucy DiMauro Russo ’51. Michele Mencin ’87 on the death of her father, Michael Mencin. Renee Merat Moore ’90 on the death of her mother, Mary Merat. Lisa Zofcin ’92 on the death of her father, Robert Zofcin.

Kathleen Cleary Jerge N’80 on the death of her brother, Mark Cleary.

Sandra Vilevac ’98 and Kathryn Vilevac Fowler ’05 on the death of their brother, Daniel Vilevac.

Nancy Zinicola Clancy ’82 on the death of her husband, Patrick Clancy.

Susan Cullen ’04 on the death of her mother, Daria Cullen.

Terese Seminatore Komorowski ’82 on the death of her mother, Donna Scott Seminatore ’58.

Kate Vinciquerra, SJA Capital Campaign Officer, on the death of her brother, Mitch Rosenquist.

Kathleen Landreth Leiden ’82 on the death of her mother, Kathleen Landreth.

Saint Joseph Academy mourns the loss of Distinguished Alumnae … Agnes Roche Lanning ’45 Jeanne Knoerle, SP ’45

Donna Hodous Olson ’82 on the death of her mother, Arline Hodous.

Please remember in your prayers the following deceased alumnae. Rozanne Franey Victory ‘36 Sr. Mary Rose Hovanec, SC T’36 Mary Ellen Joyce Maloney T’36 Leonarda Dailey Kissel ‘38 Dolores Gilmour McQuaid ‘38 Leonarda Martens Chal ‘39 Margaret Dominick ‘39 Noreene Hurley Ferry ‘40 Cecilia Ann Lyons Wehrle ‘40 Irene Kirstein Selders ‘41 Mary Coletta Malloy Gallagher ‘43 Mary Helen McCafferty Murray ‘43 Patricia Driscoll George ‘44

Mary Hayes ‘45 Sr. Jeanne Knoerle, SP ‘45 Agnes Roche Lanning ‘45 Gloria Deulus Vande Velde ‘45 Ruth Ann Jackson Miller ‘46 Laverne Walz Scacco T’46 Bernice Popadak Vogias T’46 Rita Carpenter Britton ‘47 Margaret Murphy Van Valkenburgh ‘47 Alyce O’Donnell Coon T’47 Anne Marie Ubinger Cresho ‘48 Joyce Bunsey Jackson ‘48

Mary Jacobs Kader ‘48 Christine Botson Galdun T’48 Frances Dister Ilg ‘49 Colette Flanagan Brest ‘51 Lucy DiMauro Russo ‘51 Dorothy Kirk ‘52 Rosemary “Terry” Koehl Neubauer ‘56 Carol Machusick Dunn ‘57 Donna Scott Seminatore ‘58 Carol Harvanec Theys ‘59 Frances Pfahl Simon ‘60 Judith Brandt Gee N’60

Heather Scott Burke ‘61 Kathleen Spellacy Buskirk ‘61 Ruth Phillipp ‘63 Maureen Kearns Garabis ‘65 Norma Sloan Malloy ‘65 Rita Woyansky Schroder ‘66 Mary Arthur Bokmiller N’67 Lynne Sopko Meyer N’67 Rosemary Ruffing ‘69 Cecilia Ruffing ‘72 Denise Marchute Falin N’72 Annamaria Bovenzi Ondrejich ‘82

Saint Joseph Academy FALL 2013


Beyonds Alumnae


Kathleen Betz ’59 received of the Rossing Award, a prestigious teaching award given to lay faculty members of Catholic educational institutions. Kathleen is in her 29th year teaching English at Saint Ignatius High School, and taught English and was an assistant principal at SJA from 1970 to 1981.


Emma Zaranko Krueger ’63 made her commitment as a Congregation of St. Joseph Associate on August 17, 2013. She currently works as a Spiritual Counselor at Senior Independence Hospice. Emma is looking forward to finding new ways “to serve the dear neighbor.”


Trish Schmitz Greer ’70 was a member of the Kenilworth women’s softball team when they participated in the National Senior Games this past summer in Cleveland. She played second base and short fielder positions. Ann Zubricky-Kocur ’76 was the team organizer/coach/manager. Their team won a gold medal in their age bracket! Ann also played shortstop and infield positions. Rita Bontempo Thiron ’70 has been selected as Executive Director of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, a national Catholic organization headquartered in Washington D.C. and affiliated with the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. She was recognized as a Distinguished Alumnae in 2008.


Pattie Rossman Skrha ’84 is the Enrollment Director at Urban Community School on the near west side of Cleveland. Previously, she was Admissions Director at Baldwin Wallace University. In addition to enjoying her new job, Pattie values spending time with her 3-year-old daughter, Carolyn. 22

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Louise Diemer ’86 married Greg Zalek on September 14, 2013 at St. Thomas Church in Sheffield Lake, Ohio. They live in Sheffield Lake. Kristen Ruebensaal ’88 returned to SJA this past summer as an electrician working with the contractor to upgrade the electricity and fire alarm system at SJA.


Denise Legg-Hofelich ’91 is pursuing an Executive Master of Business Administration at Cleveland State University. In addition, she recently coached a youth basketball camp for a non-profit organization called Kicks For Kids in the greater Cincinnati area. The three-day camp was held at Thomas More College with Tayshaun Prince from the Memphis Grizzlies as guest NBA coach. Lisa Ranieri TSgt USAF, ’94 was selected to receive a full scholarship to attend Wesleyan University in Connecticut. The scholarship was awarded from the Posse Foundation in New York City, which works to place veterans on campuses of highcaliber universities to bring their leadership skills to the campus, as well as have the opportunity to graduate with a degree that will benefit the community at large.  Lisa will be working on a degree in education. Ashlee McLaughlin ’97 was elected mayor of the city of Linndale, Ohio. She served as President of City Council in Linndale for six and a half years prior to becoming mayor. Anna Krupar Pack ’99 was named Associate Director of the American OrffSchulwerk Association in Chagrin Falls. AOSA is a professional organization of educators dedicated to the creative music and movement approach developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman. Anna has been employed at AOSA for seven years.


Caroline Kelly Kessler ’00 is the Manager of the Emergency Management and Safety department at Cadence Health, a multihospital system in suburban Chicago. Caroline is responsible for collaborating with all levels of the organization to oversee emergency preparedness and safety compliance.

Stacy Lowe ’01 married Zachary Scott on September 14, 2013. Megan Corrigan Estes ’01 was a bridesmaid. Amanda Kaschalk Mitsch ’03 graduated with a Master in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University in May of this year. She now works as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Minute Clinic. Corrie Celesnik ’06 married Thomas Nemeth on August 3, 2013. Her maid of honor was Marcy Kalinowski ’06 and her bridesmaid was Lauren Sandoval ’06. Kelly Heilman ’08 completed her undergraduate education at Kenyon College, earning a degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Environmental Studies. She spent the summer working at the Cleveland Metroparks Reservation as a Seasonal Aquatic Research Technician, assisting with freshwater fish population and headwater stream assessments in the greater Cleveland area. She is now a first-year PhD student in the Lamberti Lab at the University of Notre Dame, concentrating on studying how broad anthropogenic changes impact freshwater biodiversity and developing restoration strategies to mitigate these changes. Jessica Lehrke ’08 is teaching Kindergarten at Our Shepherd Lutheran Church in Painesville. Emily Polevacik ’08 married Steven Gurd on June 8, 2013. Her bridesmaids were Mary Polevacik Wiseman ’00, Carissa Lytton Polevacik ’00, Katie Polevacik ’08 and Miranda Trexler ’08. Karen McGraw ’13 rows for Lehigh University in the Patriot League and was the first SJA rower to accept an athletic scholarship to a Division 1 rowing program. Casey and Maggie Sudetic ’13 took their tandem rowing talents to Ohio University where they earned positions on the Ohio University Women’s Crew Varsity Squad in their very first season.

CubClub Carrie Cook Rae ’97 & Evan Rae a daughter, Sophia Theresa, born September 24, 2013 Alexis Ondrejech Colan ’98 & John Colan a son, John Patrick, born May 2, 2013 Lisa Baizel Grabbe ’00 & Jeremy Grabbe triplets, Regina, Alexander, and Daniella, born March 9, 2013 Jennifer Krinov Duffy ’02 & Sean Duffy a son, Liam Patrick, born September 27, 2013

Melissa Eucker Kulbago ’03 & Chris Kulbago a daughter, Abigail Corrine, born July 31, 2013 Mary Ann Gavin Durkalski ’05 & James Durkalski a daughter, Amelia Grace, born August 7, 2013 Jackie Jamison DuBroy ’04 & Matthew DuBroy a son, Dominic Matthew, born July 21, 2013

Admissions, Events December 13 Christmas at the Academy, 6:30-8:30 p.m. (5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade girls) Celebrate the spirit of the season at Saint Joseph Academy. We will carol to the Sisters next door and take part in arts and crafts projects that all girls are sure to enjoy. Admission to the event is $1 or a nonperishable canned food item which will be donated to the local food bank. Register at admissionsevents

December 19 Christmas Concert 7 p.m. Enjoy the music of the season from SJA’s band, chorus & ensemble performers.

January 11

Admissions/Placement Test 9-11:30 a.m. 8th grade girls considering enrolling should take our admissions test. Contact Vice President for Enrollment & Marketing Diane Kanney at 216.251.4868 x220 for more information.

CELEBRATE theACADEMY Building a Foundation for Success

SAVE THE DATE Saturday February 8, 2014 LaCentre Conference and Banquet Facility Westlake

Saint Joseph Academy FALL 2013


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Cleveland, OH Permit No. 912

Saint Joseph Academy 3470 Rocky River Drive Cleveland, Ohio 44111 Dated Material

Parents of Alumnae: If this publication is addressed to your daughter who no longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please notify the Alumnae Office at (216) 251-6788 x221, or write to us at Saint Joseph Academy, 3470 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44111. In an effort to be good stewards of both the environment and your generous contributions, we are now sending only one magazine per household.

LOOKINGAHEAD Alumnae Basketball Game

Spring Scholarship Luncheon

Bring your basketball talent to SJA on Saturday, February 15, 2014 for the annual match of “odd year” graduates vs. “even year” graduates. The game is a fundraiser for the Don Kostell Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Athletics. Doors open at 10:30 a.m. The game is at 11 a.m. There will be contests for children during half-time and pizza and pop following the game. Please contact Mrs. Betty Hjort in the Alumnae Office at 216.251.6788 x245 or if you plan to participate or attend.

Mark your calendars for the annual Spring Scholarship Luncheon! This event becomes more popular each year, so call your friends now for the luncheon, which will be held at the Westwood Country Club on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. The event includes lunch, a raffle and the opportunity to re-connect with old friends and make new ones! Proceeds benefit the students of Saint Joseph Academy. Watch for more information in the months ahead.

Evening of Reflection for Women

After a successful and fun inauguration last year, SJA and the Alumnae Association again are sponsoring a 5K/1 mile walk benefitting the SJA Scholarship Fund, being held on Monday, May 26, 2014 (Memorial Day). Participants receive a T-shirt and awards will be given in age group categories. Mark your calendar and start training now! More information will follow, so stay tuned!

Please join us on Monday, April 14, 2014 to begin the holiest week of the liturgical year by participating in our annual Evening of Reflection for Women. The program will include dinner and a presentation by Sr. Phyllis DiFuccia, SSJ, Vice President of Mission at SJA. Invitations will be sent in February to parents and alumnae living locally. If you do not receive an invitation and would like to attend, please contact Alumnae Director Mary Ann Fischer ’66 at 216-619-1653 or

Distinguished Alumnae Awards Nominations have been received for the Distinguished Alumnae Awards for 2014. The honorees will be announced in an upcoming issue of UPDATE magazine. The mass and awards ceremony for the honorees will be on Sunday, April 27, 2014 at SJA. All are welcome!

“Earn Your Spots” 5K Race, 1 Mile Walk

Florida Alumnae Receptions 2014 Join President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 for an Alumnae Mass and Reception celebrated by Rev. William J. Murphy, S. J., President of Saint Ignatius High School. We’ll be celebrating with alumnae and friends in Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday, March 1 and in Naples Sunday, March 2. For more information, or to be added to the guest list, contact Michelle Tarr ’75 at or 216.251.6788 x237.

Saint Joseph Academy Update - Fall 2013  

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