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Seniors Enjoy Performance by The Cleveland Orchestra

Saint Joseph Academy FALL/WINTER 2018


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UPDATE is published by Saint Joseph Academy for alumnae, parents and friends. Contributors to this issue of UPDATE include: Allison Busser ’04, Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71, Kathy Flinn, Betty Hjort, John Manuszak, Laura McCarty Waryk ’07, Mickie Matheis P’22, Julie Grippo Schuler, Mackenzie Schuler, Constance S. Sipple, CFRE and Jeff Sutliff. Photography courtesy is extended to: Olivia Arbogast, Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, Falls Communication, Lifetouch Photography, Laura McCarty Waryk ’07, Pete Nezovich, Cory Otto, Kristen Pungitore. For more information, please contact Mackenzie Schuler at 216.251.6788 or mschuler@sja1890.org.

MISSION Saint Joseph Academy, rooted in the spirituality of the Congregation of St. Joseph, fosters unifying relationships with God and all creation, empowers each young woman to achieve academic excellence and inspires a life of compassionate leadership and service in a global society. On the Cover: The Class of 2019 on the stairs of Severance Hall


• N – Nazareth alumna • T – St. Therese alumna • P – Parent of current SJA student • † – Deceased Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE Saint

Dear Alumnae, Parents and Friends of Saint Joseph Academy, It was Mark Twain who once said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” I believe he meant that there is a lot to learn outside of the typical classroom and structured curriculum, and I couldn’t agree more. Learning also takes place through exploration and experiences. These experiences can often connect the dots for students, bridging the gap between textbook – and in our case, Chromebook – and the real world and opening the minds of our young women to exciting possibilities for their futures. Oh, the possibilities for today’s students! The pages that follow feature only a few examples of the learning that happens outside the four walls of the Academy. It’s no wonder that alumnae often tell me they wish they could go to high school again! The annual trip to Severance Hall by the Senior class to hear the world-renown Cleveland Orchestra is one such example. We also make a concerted effort to bring extraordinary people to the Academy. The guest speakers in Mrs. Paula Conti’s “Women Leading in the 21st Century” class make the concepts of leadership being studied come alive, as accomplished women share their career journeys. Professionals who interact with students in the Health Sciences Honors Program illustrate the myriad of opportunities in healthcare and share how best to navigate the pathway to those careers. The annual Women’s Leadership Symposium connects our students with 50+ professional women, often alumnae, eager to pass along their knowledge to the next generation of women leaders. Again, these are just a few examples. When I can tag along on a field trip or hear a guest speaker, I am always so proud of our students. They are attentive and polite, as you would expect, but they ask also great questions. I am not just saying this - the professionals tell me so! When noted Irish artist Brian Maguire arrived to meet with students, he simply opened the floor for questions. Each young woman introduced herself and asked the painter a question about his work, his approach, his motivation, and so on. He thoughtfully answered each one in turn and afterwards told me that our students asked better questions than students at Columbia University. After an incredible behind-the-scenes visit to the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, their senior staff was overflowing with compliments. These professionals often give tours to dignitaries from around the world and other medical institutions. Each person told me about the great questions our students asked, more insightful than adults much older. The students’ questions show intellectual curiosity and critical thinking in action. Yes, it is our hope that the young women of the Academy will become lifelong learners. Our theme for this school year is again taken from the “Character of a Saint Joseph Academy Graduate” statement as we focus on Emerging Wisdom: Enlightened by intellectual curiosity, discernment and openness, she thinks critically, reflects regularly, broadens her perspectives and embraces the challenges of new ideas. By providing opportunities in and outside the classrooms, we nurture this Emerging Wisdom. My sincere gratitude to all those who support the young women of Saint Joseph Academy. May your New Year be filled with God’s blessings! Sursum corda! Lift up your hearts!

Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 President Joseph Academy UPDATE

Four Seniors Named National Merit Semifinalists!


aint Joseph Academy proudly announces that four Saint Joseph Academy Seniors were named Semifinalists in the 64th annual National Merit Scholarship Program: Julia HontarukLevko, Julia Patterson, Elizabeth Poole and Mia Saurette. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation’s honors continue Saint Joseph Academy’s long-standing tradition of academic excellence through the National

Merit Program. The nationwide pool of semifinalists represents less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors, includes the highest scoring entrants in each state. With this honor, these young women now have the opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,500 National Merit® Scholarships worth nearly $32 million that will be offered next spring. The students’ academic and extracurricular activity achievements are a

testament to their determination, as well as the support of their families and teachers. In addition to their hard work in the classroom, these young women exemplify the “Character of a Saint Joseph Academy Graduate” as they strive to “serve the dear neighbor” through their countless hours of community service. Congratulations to these young ladies for achieving these selective honors!

Julia Hontaruk-Levko

Elizabeth Poole

Middle School: Incarnate Word Academy

Middle School: Westside Christian Academy

Extracurricular Activities: Yale Young Global Scholars, Model United Nations (UN), Orchestra, Concert Band, Student Council Representative, Book Club, French Club, because I said I would Student Advisory Council, Joyce Ivy Foundation General Fellow, Junior Ukrainian Orthodox League, St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral Youth Group, Kashtan Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and Zorya Ukrainian Female Vocal Ensemble Plans to Apply to: Yale University, College of the Holy Cross, Villanova University and The Ohio State University Career Interests: Law, Economics, Public Policy

Extracurricular Activities: Varsity Golf and Lacrosse teams, Engineering & Design Honors Program, Labre Ministry, French Club, Art Club, Math Club, Food and Film Club, Parish Care Board, Liturgist and Sunday School volunteer Plans to Apply to: University of Notre Dame, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Purdue University Career Interests: Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics

Mia Saurette Middle School: St. Bernadette School

Julia Patterson Middle School: Westside Christian Academy Extracurricular Activities: Varsity Swimming & Diving team, String Orchestra, National Honor Society, Health Sciences Honors Program and Sunday School volunteer teacher Plans to Apply to: University of Pittsburgh, University of Pennsylvania, Case Western Reserve University and The Ohio State University

Extracurricular Activities: Track & Field team, Academy Ambassador, Concert Band, The Academy Chorale, Science Olympiad, Health Sciences Honors Program, National Honor Society, Fairview Hospital Volunteer and CYO Volleyball Coach volunteer Plans to Apply to: University of Notre Dame, University of Michigan, The Ohio State University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Cincinnati and Case Western Reserve University Career Interests: Engineering, Mathematics, Science-related fields

Career Interests: Nursing

Saint Joseph Academy FALL/WINTER 2018


Summertime Adventures With three months of warm weather and (sometimes) schedule-free days, summer for Saint Joseph Academy students is a reward for working hard all school-year long. For many, it’s also a time to explore and put into practice much of what they’ve learned: spreading their wings, trying a career on for size – or even recording an album.

During the summer of 2018, that’s exactly what OLIVIA MARTINEZ ’19 did. The Senior released a CD featuring six original songs that she’s been writing since she was 13 years old. The Extended Play (EP) album, titled Dear Anonymous, was a collaboration with seasoned music producer Matt Troja, a Berkelee College of Music graduate. “The recording process is so much more in-depth than I expected. I would spend long days singing the same song over and over; it was tiring but worth it,” she said. It was the culmination of a lot of work Olivia Martinez’s EP, Dear Anonymous as well. “Writing songs based on my experiences has been a huge part of my life for the past couple of years. I have just been playing these songs with an acoustic guitar for so long. Getting to hear them played by a live band with harmonies and instrumental tracks has been a surreal experience.” While Olivia found herself inside a studio, CLAIRE KAPITAN ’20 (granddaughter of Mary Zimmerman Kapitan ’54†) chose a different path, spending three weeks outdoors in Quebec, paddling and camping on the Broadback River that feeds into James Bay. “We paddled white water ranging from class one to five in kayaks, catarafts with our food, tents and other supplies. After spending two weeks on the river without technology and without seeing any Claire Kapitan ’20 paddles in her cataraft in Quebec other souls except from our group, we paddled along the east side of James Bay, and sailed with the catarafts using our tent flys as sails.” Claire enjoyed the technology-free living, and how it helped her rediscover her affinity for nature and community. “My favorite part of this experience was spending this time with an amazing group of friends out in the bush, being so in tune with nature and away from technology,” she shared. “I learned that technology isolates us, taking away our sense of community.”


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

SARAH SCARPITTI ’20 also ventured far from home, attending a politics camp at Georgetown University, where she learned more about the way our nation’s political system works. She met people from all over the world, bringing more depth to the experience. “My roommate was from Malaysia! Sarah Scarpitti ’20 at The connections I made with Georgetown University people have continued to last,” she said. ELIZABETH LOPEZ ’19 got the chance to experience how chemistry, physics and medicine combine as a science intern at the Cleveland Clinic. She shadowed a pediatrician and many other healthcare professionals, including those in primary care, emergency medicine, physical therapy, Lizzy Lopez ’19 showcases her research with the Cleveland Clinic administrative healthcare, radiology, laboratory medicine and more. “Being able to shadow in pediatrics was an amazing experience. I learned how to interact with patients and about what life is like in the medical field. Being a healthcare professional is a lot of work; but helping people and making them smile is the greatest reward.” For JULIA HONTARUK-LEVKO ’19 experiencing the legal field was what set the summer apart. She served as the only high school intern at local law firm Nurenberg Paris. “Working in a law firm was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had,” Julia said. “Interacting with professionals in the legal field was very different from school, and this provided insight on what I might want to do in the future and what I can do Julia Hontaruk-Levko ’19 (center) and her now to get there.”

internship supervisors with Nurenberg Paris Law Firm

While just three short months, these Saint Joseph Academy students each saw how spending time during the summer can lead to an unforgettable experience. Sarah continues to foster the relationships she made with international friends. Olivia’s song Runaway Parade is now out on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes!

63 Students named AP Scholars!


ongratulations to all of the students recognized recently as AP Scholars, including a record 19 students who received the top award, AP Scholar with Distinction. In all, 63 students were honored in the 2018 Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar Awards, which recognizes high school students who have demonstrated college level achievement through AP courses and exams. Most colleges accept AP courses for college credit when students score a three or higher on their AP exam. Students who take AP courses are better prepared, thus making them more likely to succeed in college. Since the results are from the 2017-2018 academic year, they include 42 AP Scholars of the Class of 2018 who graduated in May, 21 students from the Class of 2019 and one student from the Class of 2020. Below is a full list of students who achieved this honor. AP Scholar with Distinction (Average score of 3.5 on all AP exams taken and scores

of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams), with the number of AP Courses in which they tested: Natalie Barendt ’18 (7); Natalie Bauman ’18 (6); Ingrid Cheung ’18 (9); Karli Dechant ’18 (7); Claire Forrestal ’18 (6); Lily Gabriel ’18 (7); Grace Grove ’18 (8); Julia Hontaruk-Levko ’19 (5); Anna Hutchinson ’18 (6); Rachel Johanek ’18 (6); Audrey Kunath ’18 (5); Kiera Reilly ’18 (7); Molly Ridge ’18 (5); Abigail Robejsek ’18 (7); Renee Senft ’18 (5); Nell Simons ’18 (6); Emily Sonby ’18 (8); Claudia Stephens ’18 (8); Abbigail Votaw ’18 (5). AP Scholar with Honor (Average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams): Tina Dong ’18 (5); Maille Drellishak ’18 (4); Kathryn Hinton ’19 (5); Grace Kelley ’19 (4); Olivia Martinez ’19 (4); Lily Mayle ’18 (5); Julia Patterson ’19 (4); Natalie Quellos ’18 (5); Katie Ross ’18 (4); Rhyan Santarelli ’18 (4); Allison Sheehan ’18 (4); Emily Stammen ’18 (4); Mariam

Tadross ’18 (4); Grace Thomas ’19 (4). AP Scholar (Granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams): Molly Armstrong ’19 (4); Ella Calleri ’19 (3); Grace DeGidio ’18 (4); McKenna Dugan ’18 (6); Keri Fabrizi ’19 (4); Bridget FitzGerald ’18 (4); Sophia Gentile ’19 (3); Hannah Glaser ’18 (3); Margaret Griffin ’19 (3); Katelyn Hegeman ’18 (7); Kennedy Jenkins ’18 (6); Ella Kappler ’19 (3); Kathleen Kelly ’19 (3); Gabrielle Kim ’20 (3); Kayla Lenahan ’18 (8); Lizzie Lewandowski ’18 (4); Maeve Maher ’18 (3); Bryanna Mateo ’18 (5); Olivia Morabeto ’19 (3); Jessa Nauman ’18 (7); Marlena Noeth ’19 (5); Caitlin Patton ’19 (5); Jane Roche ’19 (3); Molly Rogers ’19 (4); Veronika Stropko-Jorgensen ’19 (4); Alyza Titschinger ’18 (6); Cecilia Tompkins ’19 (3); Caitlyn Walsh ’18 (6); Angela Weiland ’18 (4); Lauren Zacharyasz ’18 (6).

PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: “Emerging wisdom” is at the heart of Saint Joseph Academy’s curricula, as well as an attribute of the “Character of a Saint Joseph Academy Graduate.” Through various opportunities both in and outside the classroom, each student is encouraged to grow in her intellectual curiosity, discernment, honesty, and critical-thinking skills while embracing the challenges of new ideas. Wisdom is obtained in many ways actively listening to a peer’s viewpoint that may not match her own, learning how to respectfully articulate her personal views or asking questions during class to deepen her knowledge. Academic programs combine rigorous coursework with meaningful learning opportunities, including service learning, internships, retreats, fieldwork and Junior Professional Shadowing. Our faculty plays a large role in

her development through nurturing her curiosity, while empowering and encouraging her to delve further into her interests and passions. Lesson plans are designed to inspire conversation and reflection. Integration of multiple subjects furthers the development of criticalthinking and problem-solving. An example of this is the Fashion Technology workshop recently held at the Academy (article on page 4). Through this opportunity, students applied and incorporated knowledge from Chemistry (batteries, electroluminescent materials and creating fabric paint), Math (plotting and designing) Geometry (pattern drafting), Engineering (how to make clothes work and move) and Technology (introduction to programming), alongside fashion design skills like concept development, pattern making and sewing.  Experiences outside of the classroom enable students to gain a greater understanding of the world around them. Attending field trips enables her to apply

what she has learned in the classroom to hands-on situations and applications. When a student participates in a club, she gains valuable leadership and group collaboration skills. When she goes on an international cultural trip through Saint Joseph Academy, she grows as a compassionate leader in a global society. Participation in a service immersion trip or service opportunity provides her with a unique life experience that reinforces compassion and respect for others while allowing for further selfdiscovery of her distinctive gifts and skills. It is our hope that through all these experiences and opportunities, the young women who attend and graduate from Saint Joseph Academy embody emerging wisdom long past their high school years and become wise, compassionate lifelong learners dedicated to a life of unifying love.

Saint Joseph Academy FALL/WINTER 2018


Unconventional Educational Experiences At Saint Joseph Academy, it is our goal to provide a variety of educational experiences to enlighten and inspire students to think critically in and out of the classroom. On these two pages are examples of how we encourage our students to become compassionate leaders in a global society.

Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit Inspires Students This semester, Health Sciences Honors Program students had the opportunity to experience and learn firsthand about the latest innovations in medical technology when they attended the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit at the Huntington Convention Center. These students witnessed the ground-breaking conversations taking place among the healthcare industry. Students were presented information on the Top 10 innovations of 2019, which includes evaluating a patient’s genes to predict if they could become addicted to opioids, using a scanning visor to provide faster treatment for stroke patients and the creation of 3D printed patient-specific products. They also attended a panel discussion presented by the Cleveland Clinic, where they heard from members of the integrative team who performed the first total face transplant. “One that I found particularly interesting was alternative therapy for pain: Fighting the Opioid Crisis. I liked hearing about pharmacogenetics, because hearing about that made me interested in

Health Sciences Honors Program students at the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit

pursuing a career in that field. I thought it was interesting how they used each individual patient’s genes to prescribe the drugs that their body would metabolize the best,” shared Caroline Baker ’21.

Fashion Technology Workshop Incorporates Art, Engineering, Science, Math and Technology Math teacher Mr. John Lesko and Engineering & Design Honors Program Coordinator Mr. Rob Zdankiewicz collaborated to bring a unique projectbased learning opportunity to students interested in the intersection of fashion and engineering. Students worked to design and construct a piece of wearable technology in a two-day workshop with designer and teacher Ms. L-R: Cara Ridge ’20 and Thunderlily Founder Clare Tattersall Clare Tattersall, founder of ThunderLily. Students applied knowledge from Chemistry, Math, Geometry, Engineering, Technology and Sustainability alongside fashion design skills like concept development, pattern making and sewing. “I was inspired to pay attention to fashion technology by Lily Mayle ’18 who experimented with sewing LED lights into her prom dress last spring. When I noticed an online Makerspace forum about Fashion Tech, I spoke with Ms. Tattersall, who specializes in teaching Fashion Technology to girls,” shared Mr. Lesko. “I developed a software for fashion designers that takes them from sketch to market all in the virtual space, saving time, money and resources. This workshop encourages students to be challenged to think deeper and differently,” said Ms. Tattersall. 4

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Seniors Enjoy Performance by The Cleveland Orchestra The Seniors took their annual class trip to Severance Hall in November. The field trip for Seniors is integral to the Academy’s efforts to create lifelong appreciation of the arts and the world-class cultural institutions our region provides.

Members of the Class of 2019 at Severance Hall

The students enjoyed a performance entitled “All Things French” by The Cleveland Orchestra. The pieces were written by two French avant-garde composers, Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, and a French-titled work by German composer Matthias Pintscher.

Enlighten Students Students Receive Unique Tour of VA Medical Center


n October, students in the Engineering & Design and Health Sciences Honors Programs participated in a field trip to the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center. They opened their field trip with a presentation on the VA and healthcare careers with CEO Susan Fuehrer and Chief of Staff Dr. Brian Cmolik P’21. After this presentation, the students took a tour of the Medical Center with Susan Fuehrer and others, where they visited Surgery, Prosthetics, Research, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The students experienced the operating room and wore scrubs. While in the prosthetics lab, the students interacted with a veteran who was involved in prototyping for prosthetic pieces that have sensory feeling being restored to the patient. The group also met with Mary Ellen Lanning Rogers ’77 (sister of CORE Ministry teacher Mrs. Cathy Lanning Knittel ’67, Rosemary Lanning Schafer

Students in the VA’s prosthetics lab

’84 and Martha Lanning ’81), a leader in social work at the VA. Some of the students were able to meet a retired Army veteran with physical disabilities who was working on a rowing machine, using technology to push his legs. Rower Molly Griffin ’20 was able to give him a few pointers on his rowing technique. “The most interesting tool I saw was the scanner to form a prosthetic mold. It was connected to a computer and instantly

Students Discuss Social Justice Issues Through Art Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art, Art III, Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice (CSPJ) and Irish Club students had the opportunity to hear from Irish artist and social justice activist Brian Maguire. His expressionistic drawings Brian Maguire views the artwork of Julia Libbey ’19, who designed art based on and paintings express themes of her trip to the Dominican Republic physical and political alienation. His focus on marginalized groups has led him to serve as artist-in-residence at a number of prisons, hospitals and other institutions in Syria, Africa, Ireland, Poland and the U.S. His recent paintings have also been inspired by world political events. “I have visited many dangerous countries (to work on art projects). I don’t feel alive unless I am in these types of situations,” voiced Mr. Maguire. AP Studio Art student Julia Libbey ’19 could relate to Mr. Maguire’s comments. She attended a service immersion this past summer to the Dominican Republic, sharing “One thing that struck me is the poverty. I created an art project of an evicted house based on a photo I took. As Mr. Maguire discussed the places he has visited and people he has met, I am reminded of what I saw and experienced in the Dominican Republic.”

showed up on the monitor. Then, it was sent to a carver that first made a mold out of foam in order for the prosthetists to form the new molds. The most impactful part of the day was learning that the VA hospital works to help veterans in all situations. It doesn’t matter age, gender or the circumstance of the patient, the VA works to help them and uses groundbreaking innovation in certain instances,” shared Megan Harrison ’20.

Students Attend “Behind the Camera” Film Event In November, 30 students attended a “Behind the Camera” student event, hosted by the Greater Cleveland Film Commission. The event featured cast members, a writer and casting director of HBO’s Band of Brothers, who shared about their experiences from the show. As part of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission’s Reel Education for Real Jobs Workforce Development Program, the organization brings top industry experts to Cleveland to give a behind-the-scenes look and encourage young people to pursue careers in media production. This is the same organization that also invited Jonae Williams ’17 to interview Tom Hanks. “During the ‘Behind the Camera’ event. I learned how professional actors audition and prepare for a role. I loved listening to the actors share their stories and reminisce about Band of Brothers,” shared Kelly Feke ’21 (daughter of Maribeth Bill Feke N’79).

Students at the Greater Cleveland Film Commission’s “Behind the Camera” event

Saint Joseph Academy FALL/WINTER 2018


Welcome, Class of 2022!


he Class of 2022 – all 180 students – received a Jaguar welcome in August as they celebrated their first Mass together with the entire student body. Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors lined the walkway leading to the front steps of the Academy, clapping and

cheering as the Freshmen and 11 transfer students received a yellow rose from Principal Jeff Sutliff and President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71. The Freshmen then gathered together on the front steps of the Academy for a full class photograph to commemorate the day.

Some unique facts about the Class of 2022: Students live in 38 different zip codes; they live as far west as Elyria, as far east as Lyndhurst and as far south as Hinckley. The Freshmen come from 55 different schools, 84 with alumnae connections; Abigail is the most common first name.

Here are the mother and grandmother legacy connections for the Class of 2022: Laura Bennet, daughter of Elizabeth Weiland Bennet ’89 and granddaughter of Sally Harris Weiland ’57†, Gianna Capuano, granddaughter of Janet Stropki Wiece ’61, Erin Dickens, granddaughter of Bernadette Daly McCrone ’64, Emma Forrest, granddaughter of Margaret McNeeley Harkness ’60, Shannon Gardner, daughter of Laureen Fergus Gardner ’88 and granddaughter of Betty Ann Distefan Fergus ’47† and Patriciann McNulty Gardner ’52, Gianna Gargiulo, daughter of Stephanie Douglas Gargiulo ’88, Claire Ginley, daughter of Eileen Dolan Ginley ’85, Molly Hanna, daughter of Tobey Douglas Hanna ’94 and granddaughter of Kathleen Flannery Hanna ’58†, Abigail Harden, daughter of Megan Wagner-Harden ’97, Emma Hvizdos, daughter of Keli Rook Hvizdos ’91, Chloe Knowles, granddaughter of Karen Keegan Baird ’76, Elizabeth Lenahan, daughter of Sharon


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Stuczynski Lenahan ’87, Olivia Lopez, daughter of Michelle Boyle Lopez ’91, Claire Mancuso, granddaughter of Alice Seidl Mancuso ’53†, May Norman, granddaughter of Rosemary McCarthy Conway ’65, Ryan Novak, daughter of Staci Javorsky-Novak ’99 and granddaughter of Heidi Javorsky N’79, Molly O’Boyle, daughter of Adrienne Arth O’Boyle ’88, Elizabeth Quinn, daughter of Eileen Sideras Quinn ’79, Maeve Ross, daughter of Bridget Monroe Ross ’96, Morgan Rudolph, granddaughter of Patricia Masterson Rudolph N’65, Sophie Schmidt, daughter of Andrea Isabella Schmidt ’84, Margaret Sweeney, daughter of Katherine Dempsey Sweeney ’81† and granddaughter of Bride Ann Gallagher Sweeney ’50†, Alana Taylor, daughter of Bridget Cooper ’00, Audrey Wolodzko, daughter of Danette Belko Wolodzko ’87 and granddaughter of Susan Ptak Dy ’65.

Women’s Leadership Symposium Brings World of Possibilities to Students

L-R: Jane Roche ’19 and Rear Admiral Joanna Nunan P’22


n Monday, October 22, students gathered for a day filled with inspiring stories and personalized guidance at Saint Joseph Academy’s 12th annual Women’s Leadership Symposium – an event designed to expose students to female leaders, many of whom are alumnae. Jane Roche ’19 (daughter of Malena Nanni Roche ’93) introduced the keynote speaker, Rear Admiral Joanna Nunan P’22. “I am here today to talk about one woman, who is continually paving the way for other strong young women to stand up and seize their moment. There’s no denying that Rear Admiral Nunan is a highly accomplished woman. I love to see accomplished women of integrity rise through the ranks in public service,” shared Jane Roche. Rear Admiral Joanna Nunan is a senior Coast Guard commander for the five Great Lakes and the Saint Lawrence Seaway - an area that encompasses eight states and a 1,500-mile international border. She leads

6,000 Coast Guard active duty, reserve, civilian and auxiliary men and women in Cleveland and at 77 subordinate areas. She is a 1987 graduate of the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. She also earned her Master of Business Administration from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1991. Her post graduate studies include programs at MIT, the Navy Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and Harvard University. Her keynote address touched on what prepared her for leadership, with both her personal and professional life. She credited her all-girls Catholic education for being well prepared for the Coast Guard Academy. “If you are in a uniform, you conduct yourself in an appropriate way.” Rear Admiral Nunan shared that an all-girls school also helps build respect for each other, and she wanted the same for her daughters. When her career brought her to Cleveland, her younger daughter Grainne ’22 became a Freshman at Saint Joseph Academy. Rear Admiral Nunan knew one day she wanted to command so she kept making herself better. Through the years, she maintained a focus on physical fitness and gained experience in hand-to-hand combat, law enforcement, firefighting, shooting, taking a position as an Operations Officer in the South Pacific and Alaska. She also learned everything possible about a subject so if there was an opportunity to add value to discussions, she could. All of these things helped her overcome the barriers of

working in a male-dominated career and advance into positions that supported top presidential administrators. She stressed the importance of developing listening, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. She added, “Being kind and confident comes with experience.” The Rear Admiral also advised, “You don’t have to be friends with everyone. However, if you want to be accepted in the workforce, you need to have respect for others.” To show appreciation for Grace Quasbarth ’20’s bravery for asking the first question in the Q&A session, the Rear Admiral gave Grace one of her service medals. “The Rear Admiral responded, ‘You may be the only person believing in yourself, so be yourself.’ I was so grateful and honored that she shared this medal with me,” shared Grace. In addition to the keynote address, more than 50 professional women (including 15 young alumnae) spoke with students in Career Breakout Sessions. Amanda Durk ’05 and the nine women who serve in three divisions at Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, creating solutions for aerospace, climate control, electromechanical and filtration engineering, shared their journeys with the students. Every presenter brought with them a unique perspective on how they achieved their goals, sharing real-life and practical advice on potential careers. The speakers gave guidance to expose students to various careers in the arts, education, health sciences, engineering, law, business and more before attending college.

Blithe Spirit Fall Play Brings Humor to the Stage Blithe Spirit was a smashing success! With seven cast members and 20 crew members, the play was pulled off impeccably. The comedy starred Kate Luciano ’20, Claire Kapitan ’20 (granddaughter of Mary Zimmerman Kapitan ’54†), Grace Thomas ’19, Lauren Buck ’20 (sister of Rachel Buck ’18) and Kelly Feke ’21 (daughter of Maribeth Bill Feke N’79). The Student Director was Jane Roche ’19 (daughter of Malena Nanni Roche ’93) and Stage Manager was Emily Bailey ’19. Bravo, thespians, on a job well done! L-R: Kate Luciano ’20 (ghost), Grace Thomas ’19 (Madame Arcati), Claire Kapitan ’20 (ghost) and Nick Talion ’19

Saint Joseph Academy FALL/WINTER 2018



Wisdom lives in some interesting places – far and near – as many Saint Joseph Academy students learned this past summer. Once again, the Academy sponsored several summer service immersion trips, each designed to serve the dear neighbor, inspire compassionate leadership and provide insights that go beyond classroom learning. Here’s a look at what made this year’s trips so special.

KERMIT, WV For the eighth year in a row, Saint Joseph Academy students and staff spent several weeks in this tiny Appalachian town, leading camps designed to help disadvantaged children in the area. The program is run in partnership with Affirming, Believing,

the Academy, not only because of the close affiliation with ABLE Families, but also because of the work that is done. “When we talk about serving the dear neighbor, we tend to think of people in impoverished countries or regions very different and very far from Cleveland. The Kermit service trip is a reminder of who the ‘dear neighbor’ can be... literally. Students on this trip remember that poverty is at their back door and that they are called to do something about it,” noted chaperone and Student Support Services teacher Mrs. Becky Goede McNulty ’96.


Students helping children in Kermit, WV

Learning and Empowering (ABLE) Families, a nonprofit, faith-based agency founded in 1995 by the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph of Wheeling. “The relationships the students form with Kermit adults and children alike is truly the most special thing. It was beautiful to see the way that each girl formed a special bond with a new friend from Kermit,” said chaperone and CORE Ministry teacher Mrs. Theresa Avila-John. Two service trips gave 25 students the opportunity to lead week-long camps, assisting kindergarten through eighth graders with various activities, including making flags, t-shirts and friendship bracelets, and playing. In return, students gathered memories that will be with them for years to come. Adriana Gadd ’20 felt an instant connection with several campers who became her friends. “Many of these kids come from broken homes. To witness their positive attitudes and compassion for one another was truly a gift of God’s grace,” she said. The trip remains an important one for


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Hard manual labor, extreme heat and humidity, and less-than-ideal living conditions greeted the ten students who attended the “Mission Possible” Dominican trip this summer. Yet, chaperone and CORE Ministry teacher Ms. Kristen Pungitore says that didn’t damper the experience. “This was the fifth year we traveled with Mission Possible to the Dominican Republic. I’ve led the trip each time, and it’s consistently a life changing experience for our students. They really get to serve, meet, build relationships, and see the changes that they can make in

the world in just one week. They are truly immersed in a culture and life different from what they know, and they always walk away with a greater love for one another, for God, and for the world.” Haley Morgan ’19 (granddaughter of Marlene Manik Bergen ’61) described a whirlwind of activity: teaching vacation bible school, painting more than 30 houses, landscaping homes, building a health fair and hosting a field day for the children. In between activities, students had a chance to interact with members of the community. “The trip was an eye-opening experience. Being able to spend time with the children and experiencing their joy, even though they have little to nothing, was my favorite part.” Ms. Pungitore sees these relationships form all around. “Every year I watch the girls fall in love with the Dominicans, especially the children, and I walk with them as they process big questions like ‘Why was I born to a family who loves me and provides for me in the U.S. and this child was born here without enough to eat?’ or ‘Why are they so happy and why do I complain so much?’ or ‘How can I continue to help when I’m home?’”


Students serve the dear neighbor in the Dominican Republic

CrossRoads Ministry, located in the heart of inner city Louisville, offers urban retreat experiences that invite people to be transformed through building relationships at the margins, engaging in prayer and integrating the Gospel vision of peace and justice into their lives. Fourteen students traveled to Kentucky to spend time tutoring refugees at Catholic Charities, visiting with and singing alongside the developmentally disabled and playing games with young people at a recreation center. This year’s Louisville trip included some new experiences. Students worked with peers from the Saint Joseph Academy sister school in

Discovering Emerging Wisdom: 2018 Service Trips

L-R: Caitlin Patton ’19 and Kerrigan Ponsart ’20 make new friends in Louisville, KY

Baton Rouge. They also had the opportunity to visit the Abbey at Gethsemane and talk with a family of immigrants that recently came to the U.S. from southern borders. “Hearing about their journey and understanding their personal stories brought a new sense of understanding and compassion to our students, and made them more curious about our current political climate surrounding this issue,” said chaperone and College Counselor Ms. Maria Mueller. It was one these encounters that was especially meaningful to Kerrigan Ponsart ’20. “My favorite memory was while I was at the Catholic Charities’ English as a Second Language (ESL) school. I met a woman named Kaneza from Rwanda whom I felt instantly connected with. Our lives are so extremely different, and yet we bonded over so much. I asked her about her home and she asked about mine. Although she spoke limited English, our conversation was profound and filled with laughs. I loved getting to know her. Sometimes you just know someone was put in your life for a reason, and although I don’t know the precise reason yet, I know she was one of those people for me.”

CLEVELAND For Julia Patterson ’19, Celia Kennedy ’20 (daughter of Mary Kay O’Malley ’85) and six other students, service stayed closer to home, with the Cleveland Immersion Trip. Throughout the week, students served food and provided hospitality at St. Augustine

Hunger Center, St. Herman’s House of Hospitality, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, West Side Catholic Center, St. Augustine Health Campus and Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland. “I chose to go on this trip because I feel we often forget the need for service in our own community,” Julia Patterson ’19 explained. “When we live under a solid roof with good food and clothing, we do not think of our neighbor, barely a mile or so away, struggling to survive on their own with none of the resources that we have. It is important that we recognize the poverty that surrounds us instead of just trying to help those in distant places. The Lord calls us to reach out to everyone made in God’s image, including those we pass by on a daily basis.” Ceila Kennedy ’20 had a similar experience: “I learned that there is so much

Cleveland immersion trip at the Cleveland Ronald McDonald House

I can do to help others in my community. I have a lot of opportunities in Cleveland to do service and experience my city.”

31 Seniors Commissioned as Eucharistic Ministers Students, faculty, staff and families gathered in September to witness the commissioning of 31 Seniors as Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion. These students can now distribute Communion at all school Masses, as well as in their home parishes. Congratulations to the following newly commissioned Eucharistic Ministers: Celia Boland ’19 (daughter of Eileen Chambers Boland ’84, granddaughter of Mary Alice Hageman Boland ’47 and sister of Mary Boland ’17), Maggie Cornelison ’19 (sister of Helen Cornelison ’16), Riley Drellishak ’19 (sister of Maille Drellishak ’18), Olivia Fallon ’19, Coletta Fanta ’19 (sister of Katherine Fanta ’15), 31 Seniors newly commissioned as Eucharistic Ministers Andrea Horrocks ’19, Faith Ickes ’19, Anna Isabella ’19, Ella Kappler ’19 (great-granddaughter of Isabel Joseph Thomas ’40†), Kathleen Kelly ’19, Emily Kovacic ’19, Megan Lane ’19 (granddaughter of Nancy Coughlin Williams ’70 and sister of Kaleigh Lane ’16), Kellyn Lindway ’19, Grace Lishing ’19, Elizabeth Lopez ’19, Rachel Mancuso ’19 (granddaughter of Alice Seidl Mancuso ’53†), Adelay Marks ’19, Julia McNamara ’19 (granddaughter of Mary Jo Flannery Karcher ’63), Olivia Morabeto ’19 (sister of Emily Morabeto ’17), Sofia Motelka ’19, Hannah Nodge ’19, Hannah Nussle ’19, Caitlin Patton ’19, Aurelia Rivera ’19 (sister of Gabriella Rivera ’13), Mia Saurette ’19, Kylie Schmitz ’19, Cara Staresinic ’19 (daughter of Janice Novak Staresinic ’82), Cecilia Stroemple ’19, Mollie Tirpak ’19 (granddaughter of Sheila McDonald McNally ’55 and sister of Maria ’15 and Clare Tirpak ’16), Cecilia Tompkins ’19 (daughter of Catherine Corrigan Tompkins ’87) and Cassandra Van Etten ’19. Saint Joseph Academy FALL/WINTER 2018



Graphic Design Brianna Dombo ’13

Brianna seemed destined for a career in law, medicine or engineering but pursued a creative path instead – design. “As much as I liked doing complex geometry problems, I enjoyed painting and sketching even more,” she says. Design combined everything she loved about math and science – precision, problem solving, and real-world application of technical knowledge – with everything she loved about art – personal expression and creativity. She also found a mentor in Saint Joseph Academy Visual Arts teacher Mrs. Beth Pleban. Brianna attended the University of Notre Dame, graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design and a minor in Chinese. She received several honors during her collegiate career, including winning Best of Show at the second annual Senior Design Show and Professional Night, a juried competition sponsored by global design firm Doblin Innovation Consultants. She also received a research grant and an art scholarship from the University of Notre Dame to help fund her fine art thesis - PLUS: Empowering Teachers to


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Erin Berry Foster ’02 Teach Creatively, an online community designed to educate, encourage and assist STEM teachers in grades 4-6 to incorporate creativity into their classrooms. Her exhibition was on display in the Snite Museum of Art in South Bend as part of the 2017 BFA/MFA Candidates Thesis Exhibition. Between her time at the Academy and the University of Notre Dame, Brianna refined the skills necessary to be successful in her chosen field – multi-tasking, collaboration and perhaps most critical- design thinking. This is the “why” behind design – the ability to create in a way that is intuitive, appealing and useful for the consumer. She currently works as a graphic designer at Ave Maria Press, a Catholic publishing company in Notre Dame, Indiana, designing and illustrating print and e-books. She’s also a freelance designer for the Academy. “Remaining involved with Saint Joseph Academy is important to me because it allows me to give back to the community that gave so much to me,” she says. Brianna describes her high school experience at the Academy as life-altering. The challenging coursework and level of professionalism required from its students prepared her well for college. The teachers held students to high standards of excellence, demanding critical thinking and articulate writing all four years, but within the confines of a warm, encouraging environment. “For that, I will be forever thankful,” Brianna says. Friendships left an equally indelible mark. “The friends I made are some of the most loving, outgoing and remarkable women I have ever met,” she notes. (Her mother, Christine Wojcik-Dombo N’73, is an alumna of Nazareth Academy.) Brianna currently lives in Granger, Indiana. In her spare time, she takes classes at a dance-fitness studio and tutors high school students in geometry and pre-calculus.

Erin admits she was late to the game in discovering art. She was already a Junior at Saint Joseph Academy when she took a class with Sr. Carrie Vall, who ultimately encouraged her to pursue creative opportunities in college. “She saw something in me I couldn’t see,” Erin recalls. Erin attended Ohio University’s nationally recognized School of Visual Communication, earning a bachelor’s degree in Informational Graphics and Publication Design with an Art Minor and Art History specialization. Her graduation in 2006 coincided with the downturn in print publication design, prompting her to redirect her efforts to graphic design. She has spent the last dozen years honing her design abilities and expanding her creative skill set. She has worked as a page designer for The News-Press in Florida, a graphic designer for The Longaberger Company, and a creative manager for Proforma, a Cleveland-based marketing company. In 2012, she joined Falls Communications and spent more than six

Jaimie Kasper ’09 years there as an art director. A favorite aspect of Erin’s work is creative problem-solving, an integral part of the design process whether working in print, digital or interactive media. In a world where people get information from many different devices, design has had to evolve. “It’s exciting to learn ways to communicate and create designs within new technology,” she says. “I love thinking about the user experience.” With the birth of her third child this year, Erin decided the time was right to start her own freelance design business. She wants her children to understand that both family and work can be priorities. Moreover, as a mother of three boys, she feels it’s important to let them know that women are powerful, capable and deserving. “I want them to be supportive of women always and that starts with mom.” It was Erin’s education at the Academy that helped shape her worldview to support other women. She gratefully remembers teachers who made the students feel understood and seen. She characterizes Saint Joseph Academy as a fertile place for friendships and she is impressed with the school’s advancements in art and technology that keep women creating. Erin also attributes her sense of community and her desire to be change in the world to Saint Joseph Academy as well as her family. In addition to nurturing her children, marriage and new business venture, Erin teaches yoga, the roots of which reach back to high school. “We invested so much time learning who we are and how we matter in the world,” she explains. The healing power of yoga is something she wants to share with others. Erin resides in Bay Village, Ohio, with her husband, Marty, and children, Owen, 5, Conor, 3, and Declan, born August 2018.

Jaimie was born into a family that highly respected the arts and history. As a child, she constantly drew, painted and created, and the Cleveland Museum of Art was a favorite family destination. Given that foundation, a career in the arts seemed inevitable. Jaimie considered both art and engineering throughout high school, but the passion and love she had for creating eventually won out. She went on to attend the University of Dayton, graduating in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design. She started college taking fine art but quickly transferred to the more commercial avenue of graphic design. Initially disillusioned by the seemingly lost art of hand-to-paper, Jaimie’s determination and desire to carve out a fulfilling career resulted in her infusing fine art into her everyday design work. “I draw, I color and I’m paid to create beautiful, artful communication that is sold around the country,” she says of the packaging and branding in which she specializes.

She spent the first five years post-college working for agencies in Chicago. This past April, she moved back to Ohio for a position at L Brands, parent company of several well-known specialty retailers. Her role is to ensure product collections for Bath & Body Works showcase strategic and compelling design, resulting in sales, brand recognition and market newness. In addition to her parents, Jaimie credits Saint Joseph Academy for influencing her career choice and giving her the necessary tools for success. High school was where Jaimie learned to be a leader, serving as president of the Art Club both her Junior and Senior years. “I learned the importance of reading people, understanding their intentions and working with a variety of personalities, all of which help me today in the workplace and in life,” she says. Jaimie cites academic excellence as a cornerstone of the Academy, planting the desire for lifelong learning. She believes Saint Joseph Academy is truly unique with its singular devotion to education and scholarship, deep pride among its students, teachers and alumnae and unwavering ethical integrity. Equally important is the moral compass that the school ingrains in its students. “It sets us apart from others because character counts,” Jaimie notes. (Her sister Nadine Kasper ’00 also loved and valued her experience at the Academy.) When she’s not working, Jaimie paints and draws. She is a runner and a certified yoga instructor. She enjoys travel and culture and can see herself someday – with paint brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, creating art on a villa on the Italian countryside or in the heart of Rome. For now, she resides in Columbus and is looking forward to her wedding to Dr. Daniel Hurlburt in May 2019.

Saint Joseph Academy FALL/WINTER 2018


Fall Sports Volleyball Again State-Ranked

Cecy Guye ‘19

The Jaguars had another outstanding season. The Varsity program finished its season with a record of 19-6 overall, playing against one of the toughest schedules in the state of Ohio. The Jaguars posted impressive regular season wins over Lake Catholic High School twice, Notre Dame Cathedral-Latin, Toledo St. Ursula Academy, Magnificat, Walsh Jesuit, Mason High Schools and Beaumont School. The Jaguars rolled to the District final with tournament wins over Elyria and Olmsted Falls High Schools before falling 15-13 in the fifth set of the District championship match. The loss ended the Jaguars streak of three straight District titles. Over the last four seasons, the Jaguars have gone 87-22 (.798). The Jaguars captured the North Coast League (NCL) Gray Division title while competing in league play for the first time. The Academy went 11-1 in NCL action and earned several league awards. Cecy Guye ’19 was named the NCL Offensive MVP while

Izzy Micheli ’20 was Defensive MVP. Head Varsity Volleyball Coach Mrs. Kate Latkovic earned Coach of the Year honors while Seniors Molly Neitzel (sister of Colleen Neitzel ’18) and Logan Whitaker (sister of Sydnie Whitaker ’17) were named First Team All-League. The Second Team All-Conference award winners were Molly Harrison ’21 and Sadie Joyce ’20 while Kirsten Barrett ’22, Lauren Gardner ’20, Megan Harrison ’20 and Katie Tuley ’19 were named Honorable Mention. Three Jaguars earned All-District recognition this year as Cecy Guye ’19 was named First Team All-District while Molly Neitzel ’19 was named Second Team AllDistrict. Izzy Micheli ’20 earned Honorable Mention All-District. The Junior Varsity team finished its season at 14-6 while the Freshman team finished 17-4. Congratulations to our volleyball program on their fantastic season!

Annie Allen ’20 All-Ohio Again The cross country team excelled once again and by the end of the season a majority of the team had run a personal record at Senior night and Districts. When it came to team placing, the Jaguars brought home plenty of hardware. For the second year in a row, the team won the NCL title and had the individual champion in Annie Allen ’20. Earning North Coast League honors were Annie Allen ’20 (First Team), Amanda Keim ’20 (First Team), Anna Duesenberg ’22 (Second Team), Emma Hvizdos ’22 (daughter of Keli Rook Hvizdos ’91; Second Team) and Head Cross Country Coach Mr. Fred Kieser (Coach of the Year). Once again, the team qualified out of the very difficult Medina District to the Boardman Regional where they fell just short of qualifying to the State meet by nine points. While the team didn’t qualify, they did knock off three State-ranked teams in the process and qualified Annie Allen ’20 to the State meet as an individual. At the State meet, Annie placed 17th out of 176 runners. In her three years at State, Annie has finished 17th as a Junior, 21st as a Sophomore and 16th as a Freshman, earning All-Ohio honors in each season.


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Members of the Varsity cross country team at the Portage Invitational

The season itself was once again fun with new captains, new coaches and new faces on the team, which freshened up the energy. The team would like to thank the Seniors, captains, coaching staff and our parents/guardians for helping keep the cross country tradition alive and growing.

Soccer Season Finishes Strong

Tennis Shatters Records The tennis team completed a successful 2018 season with a 12-6 record and a second place finish in the NCL Tournament. Seniors Cassie Van Etten and Abby Weaver (granddaughter of Margaret Lynch Kahl ’58 and sister of Maggie Weaver ’17) qualified for the Division I District tournament for the third consecutive season. Abby finished her career with the Academy’s records for alltime career victories (76) and single-season victories (26 in 2018), while Cassie won 69 matches including 25 in 2018. Melissa Martin ’20 took over the first singles spot full time in 2018 and recorded 17 wins. The Varsity Jaguars are now 41-19 throughout the past three seasons and have become one of the top teams on the west side. The Junior Varsity Jaguars finished their season 13-3. Abby Weaver ’19

Golf Completes Successful Season The golf team was led by four Seniors: Maddy Macalla, Libby Poole, Sam Soucie and Mollie Tirpak (granddaughter of Sheila McDonald McNally ’55, sister of Maria ’15 and Clare Tirpak ’16). This group of four-year players had several strong showings. In their second appearance in the North Coast League tournament, the Jaguars finished fourth in the team standings out of nine conference schools. The highlight of the season was the team’s performance at the OHSAA Sectional tournament, held at Sweetbriar Golf Course. The Jaguars finished in fifth place overall and just missed qualifying for Districts as a team as they fell two shots shy of finishing fourth which would have advanced them out of Sectionals. Libby Poole ’19 led the way Maddy Macalla ’19 for the Jaguars as she shot a personal-best 82 to finish third overall and advance to the District tournament. The 82 marked the lowest 18-hole round of her career. At the District tournament, held at The Legends in Massillon, Libby shot a 95 to finish 57th overall. Her participation at Districts marked the first appearance for a Saint Joseph Academy golfer in the District tournament since the appearance of Kaitlin Rose ’15 in 2014.

The 2018 soccer season marked the first-year of conference play for the Jaguars in the NCL and they were able to post a 6-11 overall record which included a 2-6 mark NCL action. The Jaguars earned the #4 seed in the Parma Sectional/District tournament and drew a tough matchup with the #5 seeded North Royalton Bears, who scored the lone goal of the game midway through the second half to post a 1-0 win and end the Academy’s season. Individually, the Jaguars received numerous awards at the NCL and District level. Head Varsity Soccer Coach Mr. Cory Otto was named the NCL Coach of the Year, while Kady Cushing ’19 and Claire Shepherd ’20 earned First Team All-Conference. Earning Second Team All-Conference were Elizabeth Rechin ’19 (daughter of Helen Koustis Rechin ’87 and sister of Sophia Rechin ’17) and Sophia Pedone ’20 while Seniors Madison Wilson, Claire Horansky, Grace Klepek and Ella Maher ’22 received Honorable Mention All-Conference honors. At the District level, Kady Cushing ’19 and Sophia Pedone ’20 earned Second Team All-District honors while Elizabeth Rechin ’19, Claire Shepherd ’20 and Ella Maher ’22 were named Honorable Mention All-District by the District coaches.

Kady Cushing ’19

Saint Joseph Academy FALL/WINTER 2018


GRANDREUNION Reunites Classmates and Friends




n October, nearly 300 graduates in class years ending in ‘3’ or ‘8’ spanning eight decades from 1943 to 2013, gathered at the Academy to celebrate what was truly a Grand Reunion! These women, who embody our rich history, traveled from more than 20 states and two international countries to join their classmates to renew bonds of friendship and share fond memories of their dear alma mater. The weekend was filled with events, a young alumnae gathering on Friday evening, a Grand Reunion dinner for all on Saturday, and a brunch for golden alumnae (celebrating 50 years or more since graduation!) On Sunday, the Saint Joseph Academy community celebrated Mass together, followed by student-led tours and a reception. Thank you to everyone who served as a class representative and social media ambassador to help us spread the word about the Grand Reunion.


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


The Class of not only celebrated their 50-year reunion, they were also recognized for having the highest percentage of donations to the Annual Fund with 24% of the class making a gift. A special thank you to the Class of 1968 and to everyone who donated to the Annual Fund in honor of their reunion year. The gifts from all reunion classes totaled nearly $16,000! Thank you for your continued support through our annual fund!

Barbara Hammel Hughes ’68 with her mother, Patricia Spangler Hammel ’43

1953 1948


1973 1963 1978 1983





2013 Saint Joseph Academy FALL/WINTER 2018



Include Saint Joseph Academy in Your Planning!


s we approach the end of the year, there’s still time to increase your peace of mind with the new federal tax code with a gift to Saint Joseph Academy. The economic climate brings the potential of high capital gains for many investors. In addition to providing Saint Joseph Academy with a larger gift than if you sold the stock and donated the proceeds, donating appreciated securities will reduce income tax liability and eliminate capital gains tax on the assets. In addition, while the tax law increases the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) limit on cash contributions, it maintains the rule that 30% of your AGI can be contributed in securities. Maxing out the 30% limit in securities before contributing cash is a very

tax-efficient method of charitable giving. Contact us to receive the instructions to share with your broker to facilitate the gifts. If you are 70 ½ or older, donating some or all of your IRA distributions to Saint Joseph Academy will reduce your Adjusted Gross Income and subsequent tax liability while counting toward your required minimum distribution. However, it is important to make these distributions directly to Saint Joseph Academy from your IRA account. Just as with stock, if you accept the distribution and donate the proceeds, you will lose the tax saving benefit. Contact your IRA plan administrator or financial advisor to find out more and plan for the future. Year-end is also an ideal time to review your estate plan. If you decide to update

your will or the beneficiaries on your retirement plan or life insurance policy, remember that by including Saint Joseph Academy, you will be creating a meaningful legacy without affecting your current assets or cash flow. Explore the information available at www.plannedgiving.sja1890. org for planning tools appropriate for your age or philanthropic investment goals and important tax saving updates. Already included Saint Joseph Academy in your estate plans? Please contact Vice President of Institutional Advancement Constance S. Sipple, CFRE, so we can be sure to record the future use of your gift as intended. We will also add you to our roster of Fontbonne Legacy Society members and welcome you to our special appreciation events.

Gratitude to Our 2018 Golf Outing Participants Thanks to all who joined us on Saturday, July 28 for our 24th Annual Golf Outing to benefit the Saint Joseph Academy Scholarship Fund. More than 80 golfers and volunteers enjoyed a day of companionship and friendly competition at Sweetbriar Golf Course. Throughout the past six years, this fundraiser has netted more than $100,000 for our student scholarship efforts! Special thanks to the following individuals that sponsored this year’s event: JAGUAR SPONSORS: • Avalon Foodservice, Inc. • Saint Ignatius High School • Schoolbelles School Uniforms PURPLE SPONSORS: • Blue Chip Consulting Group • Conrad’s Tire Express & Total Car Care • Hughie’s Event Production Services • Kernels By Chrissie • Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union BEVERAGE SPONSORS: • Advanced Skin Renewal • Aristotle Design Group • Mary Beth Durkin ’78† • Most Reverend Roger W. Gries, OSB


• Minotti’s Wine & Liquor Fairview Park • S.P. Mount Printing Company HOLE SPONSORS: • Ret. Hon. Conway Cooney & John G. Cooney • Nissan of North Olmsted • The Draves Family • Dr. Casey O’Conor – Orthodontist • The Alpha Group • Lakeside Supply Company • Chambers Funeral Homes • Maloney & Novotny, LLC • Villa Beach Communications • The Durkin Family • Drs. Robert L., Christopher J., Jill M. Harter, DDS

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

The 2018 Saint Joseph Academy Golf Outing • • • • • • • • • • • • •

McGraw & McGraw, LPA The McGorray Family Richard Rose, MD Maryann Boyer, CPA Cleveland Industrial Warehouse/ Strategic Logistics, Inc. Megan Harrison ’20 and Molly Harrison ’21 Cicerchi Development Company, LLC West Park Dental Congregation of St. Joseph Mike Mural Building Contractors/ Aisling Class of 2010 Norris Brothers Co., Inc. Allen Graphics Daria Roebuck ’75

• W.B. Mason • Italian Creations • Personal Leasing Transportation Company • Kamm’s Corners Development Corp. • Linda Kane ’75 • Terry & Anna Keenan • A Taste of Excellence • MAC Basketball • Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71, Saint Joseph Academy President • Saint Joseph Academy Summer Staff • In memory of Golf Outing Committee Members Beth Durkin ’78 & Eileen Murray Dooley T’43


ifts to the Annual Fund are truly powerful investments that touch each and every student, every day and help to fund the $1,600 gap between tuition and the actual cost of one year of a Saint Joseph Academy education.

The Annual Fund also: • Ensures that students from diverse backgrounds have equal access to a Saint Joseph Academy education. This year, 70% of our student body is depending on the Annual Fund for tuition assistance. • Provides innovative opportunities for student exploration, collaboration and 21st century learning. • Allows Saint Joseph Academy to provide vital training for faculty and staff. In response to these needs, this year we have set an ambitious goal of $600,000. In this season of giving, it is our sincere hope that you will consider making a year-end gift to the Annual Fund in support of the young women of Saint Joseph Academy.

Thank you for giving the gift

that lasts a lifetime.

Nazareth Academy Alumnae Celebrate Reunion More than 120 Nazareth Academy alumnae gathered on Sunday, September 9 to reconnect with fellow classmates at this year’s Nazareth Academy luncheon at Carrie Cerino’s Ristorante. Special congratulations were given to the Class of 1968 as they celebrated their 50-year anniversary. Recognition was given to alumnae from the Classes of 1963, 1973 and 1978 on their milestone reunion years! Proceeds of the event benefit scholarships to Saint Joseph Academy for daughters/granddaughters of Nazareth alumnae. The event raised more than $1,900 for the Scholarship Fund.

Nazareth Academy Class of 1968

Jaguar Jackpot Thank you for your support of the inaugural Jaguar Jackpot! This special student driven raffle netted more than $185,000 in tuition assistance. L-R: Gab Kreuz ’10, Freshmen Isabella Bobé, Penelope Tsambounieris and Mallory Shields, the top three ticket sellers for the Jaguar Jackpot

Contact Us

To explore the many ways you can make a lasting impact on Saint Joseph Academy, please contact a member of our Institutional Advancement Department for a confidential conversation:

Constance Sipple, CFRE Vice President 216.671.0166 csipple@sja1890.org

Nicole Mohar Development Director 216.251.6788 x245 nmohar@sja1890.org

Erin Grace Director of Major and Planned Giving 216.619.1938 egrace@sja1890.org

Allison Busser ’04 Alumnae Director 216.619.1653 abusser@sja1890.org

Saint Joseph Academy FALL/WINTER 2018



Eternal rest grant unto them O, Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.

Pearl Mackert Olearcik T’45, Sr. Rita Mackert, CSJ ’52 and Janet Mackert Ravotti ’54 on the death of their sister, Virginia Mackert Geiger T’39. Sr. Mary Hough, CSJ ’54 and Kathleen Hough Stolar ’60 on the death of their brother, John Hough. Janice George Bain ’56 on the death of her husband, E. Donald Bain. Kathleen Walsh Petit ’57 on the death of her husband and Anne Petit Simoncic ’75 on the death of her brother, J. Michael Petit. Kathleen Dwyer ’58 on the death of her brother, James Dwyer, Jr. Mary Lou Novak Walsh ’58, Judy Novak Wheeler ’61, Elizabeth Novak Heyworth ’68 and Terry Novak Mason ’70 on the death of their sister, Susan Jo Novak ’67. Kathleen Juchem Dudchenko ’59 on the death of her husband, Stan Dudchenko. Maureen Spellacy McCarthy ’59 and Anne Spellacy ’68 on the death of their sister, Margaret Spellacy Kraft ’66. 18

Elaine Kasl Bakos N’60 on the death of her husband, Michael James “Jim” Bakos. Kathleen McNulty ’63 and Noreen McNulty Surtz ’66 on the death of their sister, Marie McNulty KIlbane ’62. Ellyn Liedtke Hancsak ’64 on the death of her husband and Ellyn Hancsak ’86 and Georgeanne Hancsak Taghizadeh ’87 on the death of their father, George Hancsak. Bonnie Bodis Manco ’64, Ellen Bodis Bair ’66, Kathleen Bodis Sapsford ’72 and Patricia Bodis Hydock ’75 on the death of their sister, Carole Bodis Horseman ’84. Teri Lauria Art ’67 on the death of her mother, Sadie Lauria. Judy Knapik Doty ’67, Lois Knapik Malachowski ’77, Patti Knapik Wisnieski ’79, Terri Knapik Stitt ’82 and Tammy Knapik Rakytiak ’83 on the death of their father, James Knapik. Diane Dydo Gingell N’67, Jeanette Dydo Soderstrom N’74 and Loretta Dydo Schulz N’79 on the death of their mother, Alma Dydo.

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Mary Anne Elsasser Marunowski N’67 on the death of her mother, LaVerne Jirka Elsasser ’41. Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 on the death of her husband, Edward Davis. Mary Ann “Mame” Rath Koster ’71 on the death of her husband, Donald Koster. Angelica Zylowski Harris N’71, Stanja Zylowski Hurley N’74, Gloria Zylowski Royal N’75 and Mary Zylowski N’79 on the death of their mother, Angelica Zylowski. Mimi Evans Foster ’72 and Pamela Evans Roessmann ’78 on the death of their mother, Dorothy Rose Evans ’40. Cynthia Palaibis Oblak N’72 on the death of her husband, Michael Oblak. Margaret Gallagher Doyle ’73 on the death of her mother, Gertrude Buchanan Gallagher ’40. Mary Brigid Barrett Groth ’73, Mary Margaret Barrett ’77, Mary Therese Barrett Driscoll ’79 and Mary Patricia Barrett Mangine ’82 on the death of their brother, James Barrett.

Sheila Berry Tokos N’74 on the death of her daughter, Jacqueline Lentz. Terry Joecken Borecky ’75 and Julie Joecken Maloney ’82 on the death of their father and Mary Jo Joecken Kraus ’47 and Eileen Joecken Honn ’54 on the death of their brother, Edward Joecken. Marie “Gerry” Wilson Higgins ’75 on the death of her father, John Wilson. Lucy Geiger Musick ’75, Jean Geiger Hartline ’78 and Margaret Geiger Gormley ’83 on the death of their sister, Mary Geiger ’81. Therese O’Toole Nageotte ’76 on the death of her mother and Doris Reitz Toth ’48 and Margaret Reitz Gesing ’67 on the death of their sister, Carole Reitz O’Toole ’51. Laura Fallon Fibbi ’77, Maureen Fallon Adler ’79 and Anne Fallon Carney ’81 on the death of their father, James Fallon. Theresa Oswald N’77 on the death of her mother, Anna Oswald.

Kimberly Bakota Goubeaux ’78 and Kelley Bakota Feerer ’81 on the death of their mother, Betty Jane Bakota.

Christine Mahoney Endicott ’81 and Kathleen Mahoney Stumpf ’83 on the death of their father, Brian Mahoney.

Kathleen Przybysz Graham ’78, Mary Kay Przybysz Peterson ’81 and Patricia Przybysz Vivolo ’86 on the death of their mother, Mary Lee Przybysz.

Mary Whelpley Herrmann ’83 on the death of her father, James Whelpley.

Theresa Tousley Lozinski ’78 and Lisa Tousley Prebish ’81 on the death of their father, James Tousley. Elizabeth Harkin Musser ’79, Brigid Harkin Leamon ’81 and Kathleen Harkin-Newsome ’85 on the death of their mother, Ann Harkin. Margaret Butterfield LaCoste ’80 on the death of her father, Gerard Butterfield. Laura McEvoy Martin ’80 on the death of her mother, Anita McEvoy. Kelly Hughes Ward ’80 and Traci Hughes Lohn ’82 on the death of their mother and Carol O’Reilly Hughes ’53 on the death of her sister, Patricia Hughes. Marisa DiRuggiero Conway ’81 on the death of her brother, Ernest DiRuggiero.

Denise Brilla ’84 on the death of her father, John Brilla. Stacy Segul Pearson ’88 on the death of her mother, Bonnie Segul. Maureen Isabella Ashdown ’89 on the death of her father, Paul L. Isabella, Jr.

Colleen Ambrose ’90 and Diane Ambrose Szilagyi ’93 on the death of their sister, Carol Ambrose Ryan ’89. We extend our sympathy to Accounting Assistant June VanDenHaute on the death of her brother, Thomas Gordon.

Please remember in your prayers the following deceased alumnae:

Rosemary Mullen Schwarz ’39 Virginia Mackert Geiger T’39 Dorothy Rose Evans ’40 Gertrude Buchanan Gallagher ’40 Genevieve Galmbacher Kocab ’40 LaVerne Jirka Elsasser ’41 Jean Mullen Dilling ’42 Loretta Ann Regan Fay ’42 Nancy Garvey Fulton ’46 Sr. Mary Jane Masterson, CSJ ’46 Sr. Therese Misencik, SBS T’47 Sr. Mary McNulty, CSJ ’48 Betty Gedeon Dantio ’49 Carole Reitz O’Toole ’51 Theresa Vargo-Mullen ’55 Judith Randall Gutia ’56 Mary Kathleen Kelley ’56 Mary Anne Yuhas Fischer ’58 Suzanne Pagel Burwasser ’62

Marie McNulty Kilbane ’62 Mary Hamill ’65 Mary Barrett D’Andrea N’65 Margaret Spellacy Kraft ’66 Judith Lungo ’67 Susan Jo Novak ’67 Lorraine Wyatt Quinn N’67 Maureen Kocab Behrman N’68 Jennifer Kolasinski N’68 Mary Catherine “Mary Kay” McCafferty ’70 Mary Toth N’70 Linda Ramirez Ruiz ’73 Laura Baltitas ’80 Mary Geiger ’81 Renee Karas ’82 Carole Bodis Horseman ’84 Carol Ambrose Ryan ’89 Darcy Egan ’09

Saint Joseph Academy FALL/WINTER 2018


ClassNotes Alumnae


Sr. Corita Ambro, CSJ ’53 retired from the St. Augustine Hunger Center in the Tremont neighborhood. Sr. Corita began the ministry more than 46 years ago from just a small pantry inside the church rectory. The mission to serve the homeless developed from weekly distributions and holiday meals to what is known as the St. Augustine Hunger Center, which prepares and serves a minimum of 250 meals daily.


Joyce Futty Koledge N’61 sang at the 25th Anniversary Performance of “Savior” at Carnegie Hall on October 1 with the New Covenant United Methodist Church. Chris Laszcz-Davis N’68 has been reappointed by Governor Jerry Brown to the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board. The California Standards Board is considered one of the country’s most progressive and influential with impact in Washington D.C. She also presently serves on a Federal Board, the National Institutes of Occupational Health & Safety (NIOSH) Board of Scientific Counsellors (BSC) as one of 15 scientific advisors nationally.


Mary Christine Horvath McGuirk N’70 retired after working as a registered nurse in the emergency room of St. Vincent Charity Medical Center for 45 years. Debbie Wolfe Korce ’76 was named in Cleveland Magazine as a Top Mortgage Professional in Northeast Ohio. Constance Corrigan Dierman N’77 has been appointed by the U.S. Department of State to serve as the U.S. Consul General to Bermuda. A senior career diplomat, she has served as Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Human Resources at the Department of State where she managed global human resource services, the administration of the Foreign Service retirement system and employment policies for more than 56,000 locally employed staff at U.S. missions overseas.

Emily Gehring ’06 married Matthew Butkowski on November 10, 2018. Her matron of honor was Mary Ann Gavin Durkalski ’05.

joins the leadership team overseeing Catholic schools serving nearly 42,000 students across the Diocese. Mary Patricia Norton Rhea ’87 led her family’s business, Norton Industries, to win a Weatherhead 100 Award.

Angela Chomoa ’07 married Brandon Kohler on September 15, 2018. Susan Leek Biggs


Rebecca Dessoffy Bennett ’91 was featured in Attorney at Law magazine as the Attorney of the Month. The article featured how Rebecca’s education at Saint Joseph Academy inspired her to achieve her dreams. She is a member of Saint Joseph Academy’s Board of Directors and is currently a Shareholder with Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoat & Stewart, P.C.


Emily Cunningham ’04 recently opened up her first store front studio and shooting space for her photography business, Emily Millay Photography. Sarah Jackowicz ’04 married Ed Masserant on February 10, 2018 at St. Charles Borromeo Church in Newport, Michigan. Her sister, Lindsey Jackowicz ’11, was her maid of honor. Anamarija Miljak Machesky ’04 recently did an interview with cleveland.com to promote the Rocky River Women’s Club’s annual Holiday Home Tour. LeeAnn Vasicek ’04 married Matthew Ballish on April 21, 2018 at the Grand Barn at the Mohicans. LeeAnn is the daughter of Megan Connelly Vasicek ’79.


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Eleanore Hilow ’08 married Michael Andreani on September 2, 2018 at St. Maron Church in Cleveland. Her bridesmaids were her sisters Elizabeth Hilow ’06, Catherine Hilow ’21 and cousin Deborah Nemeh ’08. Shannon Tomek ’08 married Jeff Pastorello on August 25, 2018. Brandilyn Cook ’09 received her J.D. from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in May 2018. Megan Lowes ’09 married Bobby Bolin on June 9, 2018. Christina Pintenich ’09 was a bridesmaid. Laurel Spisak ’09 married Blake Shanley on August 11, 2018.


Chelsea Fagan ’10 married Drew Rolinc on October 27, 2018 at St. James Church in Lakewood, Ohio. Bride Sweeney ’10 was sworn into the Ohio House of Representatives as the first woman to represent the 14th District and the youngest woman in the legislature. Lindsey Jackowicz ’11 married Kevin Bambauer on June 16, 2018 at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Cleveland, Ohio. Her sister, Sarah Jackowicz Masserant ’04, was her matron of honor. Sarah Billittier ’11 and Emily Rosepal ’11 were bridesmaids. Brigitte Meehan ’11 married Will Clark on August 18, 2018. Kayley Dunn ’12 married Joey Miller on August 4, 2018.


Susan Leek Biggs ’86 has been selected to serve as the Assistant Superintendent of Schools for the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, Office of Catechetical Formation and Education. She

Jenna Tonkewicz ’07 married Nicholas Baron on September 8, 2018.

Ashley Santora ’14 recently entered the Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament as a postulant. Elenore Hilow ’08 (center) with her bridal party and alumnae of Saint Joseph Academy

COMING SOON! CubClub Jodi Jamiol Sporcich ’03 & Anthony Sporcich a daughter, Gracelyn Marie, born June 7, 2018

We’re excited to once again partner with GV Art † Design. Our one-of-a-kind Saint Joseph Academy t-shirt will debut in late January 2019!

Meghan Hennessey Shimmin ’06 & McKinley Shimmin a daughter, Eleanor Cree, born November 12, 2018



25 35 U N D E R

Please join Saint Joseph Academy for a fun and memorable evening to benefit student scholarships and academic initiatives. This year’s gala celebrates our award-winning Academy. Saturday, February 23 at 6 p.m. Saint Joseph Academy HONORING

Diane D. Roberto ’60 – 2019 Distinguished Alumna Award Honoree Jerry and Leane Gootee P’16 – 2019 Medaille Shield Award Honorees

Special thanks to our event chairs: Anne Ginley ’85, P’20 Beth Nussle P’19 & ’22 Amanda Ross P’21

For more information or to register for the event, please visit www.sja1890.org or contact Carolyn Conway Novak ’06 at 216.251.6788 x224.



N O M I N AT I O N S “25 Under 35” awards program celebrates the Academy’s alumnae under 35 years of age and are making a difference in their communities. Candidates are either nominated by their peers or self-nominated. An independent committee of Cleveland’s female leaders will select nominees on their achievements, as well as social, philanthropic and community involvement. Nominations must be submitted via www.sja1890.org/25under35. Nominations must be submitted by March 1, 2019.

Saint Joseph Academy FALL/WINTER 2018


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LOOKINGAHEAD Class of 2023 Admission Test

Evening of Reflection for Women

All 8th grade girls considering enrollment at Saint Joseph Academy are required to take an admission test. Our admission test is scheduled for Saturday, January 5, 2019, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Please note this test is for admission purposes only, not scholarships. Register at www.sja1890.org/admissionevents

Please join us on Monday, March 25, 2019 of Holy Week for our annual Evening of Reflection for Women. This event is designed to help you begin the holiest week of the year with spiritual insight and guidance. For more information, please contact Alumnae and Special Events Coordinator Betty Hjort at bhjort@sja1890.org.

Alumnae, Family and Friends Mass and Brunch in Naples, Florida Join President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 for a special gathering at the Royal Ponciana Golf Club on Sunday, March 3. Mass will be celebrated by Saint Ignatius High School President Rev. Raymond Guiao, S.J. at 10 a.m. followed by brunch. For more information or to be added to the guest list, contact Michelle Rattay Tarr ’75 at mtarr@sja1890.org.

“25 Under 35” Nominations Saint Joseph Academy’s “25 Under 35” awards program celebrates the Academy’s alumnae under 35 years of age and are making a difference in their communities. Nominations must be submitted via www.sja1890.org/25under35. Nominations must be submitted by March 1, 2019.

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UPDATE Magazine: Fall 2018  

The fall 2018 version of Saint Joseph Academy's UPDATE Magazine.

UPDATE Magazine: Fall 2018  

The fall 2018 version of Saint Joseph Academy's UPDATE Magazine.