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Sharing a Tradition of Excellence with Alumnae, Parents and Friends • • SUMMER 2009

In this issue: Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Letter from the President Dear Alumnae, Parents and Friends of Saint Joseph Academy,

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Update is published by Saint Joseph Academy for alumnae, parents and friends. Contributions to this issue of UPDATE included: Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71, Anne Quinn Doran ’48, Mary Ann Fischer ’66, Jill Satanek Garlock ’92, Emily Hanson ’99, Betty Hjort, Molly Krist, Audrey Menard, Maria Mueller, Kathy Robinson, Ron Perger, Jenn Reeder and Brandon Vulpitta. Photography courtesy of Adam Kollin, Marianne Mangan, Meredith McGuire ’09, John Mulgrew, Ron Perger, Angela Ruggeri ’09, Thomas & Thomas Photography, and Woodard Photography. For more information or questions, please contact Ron Perger, Director of Communications & Public Relations at 216.619.1937 or

M i ss i o n Saint Joseph Academy, rooted in the spirituality of the Congregation of St. Joseph, promotes academic excellence, fosters love and unity with God, one another, and all creation, and educates young women for compassionate leadership and service in a global society. Cover Photo:

There is something very special about the women who attended Saint Joseph Academy. Truly, there is a unique bond created here during those four years that time and place cannot break. How is it that women, from nineteen to ninety, can so easily maintain or fondly recall the friendships forged during their years at Saint Joseph Academy? This special quality was in full display one June evening when thirty women from the SJA Class of 1949 were reunited for a special occasion. Circumstances surrounding their own graduation day denied them the opportunity to walk from the Academy, down Rocky River Drive, to Our Lady of Angels Church for their commencement ceremony. For decades these women had lamented the fact that they never had their “walk of the roses.” But no more. The time had come for this class to have their part of a cherished SJA tradition. Sixty years after graduation, the Class of 1949 gathered together, each with her own bouquet of red roses. Girls once again, though nearly 80 years of age, they rejoiced in being with each other. As they stood on the steps of the Academy building, they joined their voices to sing our beloved alma mater. The decades melted away, as they sang: Dear Alma Mater, we hail thee in song, Home of our youth and memories so dear Fountain of learning, thy children share throng ‘Round thee from far and near I was touched by their genuine affection for each other and SJA. These women had been there for each other through thick and thin, through marriages and children, through illnesses and deaths, through laughter and good times, and various hair colors, I might add. In short, they have been there for each other through life, you might say. The “Forty-Niners” then boarded Lolley the Trolley and led this year’s graduation procession right down the middle of Rocky River Drive. Both sides of the street were lined with well-wishers for these women and the graduates of the Class of 2009, who made the traditional “Walk of the Roses.” I cannot help but think how richly blessed we are as women of Saint Joseph Academy. We were certainly given a wonderful education and a solid grounding in our Catholic faith during our years as students of the Academy, but we were also given this priceless gift of friendship. We are so proud of the Class of 2009 and the $11.6 million in merit-based scholarships they have earned. We ask for God’s blessings upon them as they begin the next chapter in their lives. We are eager to welcome the Class of 2013 for their own Saint Joseph Academy experience. For nearly 120 years, we have been about preparing young women to become all they can be, to make this world a better place, and to make lifelong friendships which time and space cannot diminish. Certainly, we have a history at Saint Joseph Academy, but more importantly, we have a tradition. Thanks for all you do to keep this tradition alive and well! Sursum corda! Lift up your hearts!


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ‘71 President

SJA Adopts Ugandan School for Book Project


his spring, over 300 Saint Joseph Academy students in sixteen classes participated in the Books for Hope Project, creating original texts and designing and creating books that will be delivered this summer to school children in Uganda. Over 50,000 school children from across the country participated in the Chicago-based Books for Hope program. Each American school in the Books of Hope Project adopts a Ugandan school and creates original children’s books to fit the subject area requests of the Ugandan school. Although English has been the official language of Uganda since British colonial days, there are over forty other languages spoken in the country. However, Ugandan educators realize that students will not be able to move into government, media, and business jobs without learning English. The Books for Hope Project is an attempt to provide Ugandan children with English language books, but it is also an opportunity for American students to make a connection with Ugandan students and to contribute their talents in a very personal, creative way. Saint Joseph Academy librarian Mrs. Leanne Gilgenbach said “Saint Joseph Academy students learned early on that their work meant more to the Ugandan students than any one school lesson could ever measure.” “This might be the only book these students ever really own,” Mrs. Gilgenbach said. “We wanted our students to see that there are other ways to give of themselves besides giving money.” Saint Joseph Academy chose to sponsor Onono Memorial College, a school that

L-R: Junior Samantha Schulte, and freshmen Chelsea Jones, Jasmine Massa, Kelsi McCafferty, Morgan Sisley and Veronica Cisneros

serves students ranging in age from preschool up to early 20’s. In addition to a lack of school materials, the school is currently functioning in temporary locations, often outdoors, without electricity, running water, or sanitary facilities. Many of the students at the school have been orphaned by the ravages of a protracted civil war and the spread of HIV/AIDS. Since students must spend a great deal of their time searching for food and water, or because they themselves suffer from HIV/AIDS, their attendance at school is often interrupted. Throughout February, classes came to the Saint Joseph Academy Library Media Center to learn about the people, geography and culture of Uganda before they began working on their books. They also visited the Books for Hope web site and reviewed the guidelines for writing multi-cultural children’s books and for writing for a multicultural audience. Then, the real fun began! World literature, poetry, folklore, art history, mathematics, and alphabet books started to take shape, with some working independently and with others working in teams. In addition to the subject text and illustrations, each student included a message as the author so that the Ugandan students will have a little information and a greeting from the American student. Morgan Sisley ’12 authored a book of

Some of the books designed by SJA students for elementary school students in Uganda

poetry focused on the miracle of life titled, “God’s Creation.” Morgan said working on the text helped her improve in several academic areas, all the while producing a book that she knew would have a greater purpose once it left her hands. “I really enjoyed this project,” Morgan said. “I learned so much about computers, graphics, research and I hope whoever finally gets this book will enjoy reading it as much as I did making it.” “The Books for Hope Project provided many opportunities for our students to use computer skills, research skills, writing skills, and their own imaginations to create a true gift for a student in Uganda,” said Mrs. Gilgenbach. As the work continued, library media specialist Mary Beth Gorbett and librarian/ teacher Rebecca Synk started creating a scrapbook that highlighted the work on the project, the students and teachers who participated, and information about Saint Joseph Academy and its mission. Each class wrote an “autograph” page with a description of the class and the class picture to be included in the scrapbook. Student authors displayed their creations for the community in the Saint Joseph Academy library. Teachers and administrators were delighted with the results produced by the Books for Hope Project. “This is a wonderful way for our students to live our mission of service in a global society,” said Saint Joseph Academy Principal Audrey Menard. “We are very proud of their efforts.” Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


SJA Students Discover the World I

n early spring, twenty-two excited SJA students set off for Beijing, China and Rome, Italy. The trips are part of our mission to educate young women for compassionate leadership and service in a global society. “The more our students learn about other cultures and the world in which they live, the more prepared they will be for the future,” remarked Academy Principal Audrey Menard. Chaperoned by Social Studies teacher Mrs. Molly Krist on their 10-day tour of China, Constance Samuels ’12, Kelsey Robertson ’09 and Kay Rommel ’11 could not wait to see all the wonders that awaited them in China. “The tour was quite exciting – the days were filled with some amazing sightseeing including the Great Wall of China, where we climbed the wall and took in the rich history and culture of this amazing structure. We even made friends with some local Chinese!” remarked Constance Samuels ’12.

SJA students Constance Samuels ’12 (front), Kelsey Robertson ’09 (far left) and Kay Rommell ’11 get acquainted with their peers at a Nanjing High School.

SJA teacher Mrs. Molly Krist visits with students at a school in Nanjing,


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

The group visited the Beijing Opera, Tiananmen Square, the Birds Nest and the Water Cube from the 2008 Olympics, and the Forbidden City. Next they traveled to Nanjing, which was filled with history and culture, visiting a local grade school and high school. The students also visited a Chinese silk factory and were amazed to learn how silk was made. The group’s final destination was Shanghai. This beautiful city was alive with life, history and culture. From a riverboat ride they saw the splendors of Shanghai at night! The Shanghai Art Museum was unforgettable as they viewed Chinese art, which dated back thousands of years! The highlight of the trip was meeting Mrs. Lee Ann Smith in Shanghai. Mrs. Smith is the mother of Frances Smith ’07. The Smiths are living in Shanghai while

Kneeling L-R: Mary Jo Morgan ’10, Brooke Hamilton ’10, Bride Sweeney ’10, Alexis Lees ’10, Keelin McAndrews ’10, Kathryn Tuleta ’10. Standing L-R: Mrs. Becky Goede McNulty ’96, Marie McNamara ’10, Catherine Peplin ’10, Kristyn Wasil ’10, Cesily Insana ’10, Mr. Adam Kollin, Jill Kramer ’10, Christina Freund ’10, Adelle Bailey ’10, Brooke Miller ’10, Sarah Dalton ’10, Mary Kostell ’10, Rebecca Armbruster ’10, Kara Kuykendall ’10, Elizabeth Rosepal ’10

on assignment for Cleveland-based Eaton Corporation. She spoke about living abroad and how the family has assimilated to life in Shanghai, as well as the education of their teenage son. The students were fascinated by all Mrs. Smith shared. “I could see myself someday living or working in China,” remarked Kay Rommel ’11. Our second trip took nineteen Latin students (Rebecca Armbruster ’10, Adelle Bailey ’10, Sarah Dalton ’10, Christina Freund ’10, Brooke Hamilton ’09, Cesily Insana ’10, Mary Kostell ’10, Jill Kramer ’10, Kara Kuykendall ’10, Alexis Lees ’10, Keelin McAndrew ’10, Marie McNamara ’10, Brooke Miller ’10, Mary Jo Morgan ’10, Catherine Peplin ’10, Elizabeth Rosepal ’10, Bride Sweeney ’10, Kathryn Tuleta ’10, and Kristyn Wasil ’10,) and two chaperones, Latin teacher Adam Kollin and Intervention Services instructor Becky Goede McNulty ’96, to visit Rome

during Holy Week. The group visited many sites that identify Rome the seat of the Catholic Church. They toured the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica. They also attended Palm Sunday Mass presided by Pope Benedict XVI on St. Peter’s Square with thousands of other Catholic pilgrims from around the world. “It was a chance for our young women to experience their faith and see the sites of ancient Rome that they study in the classroom,” said Mr. Kollin. The tour also included sites around Rome such as the Coliseum, Forum, Pantheon, and the ancient ruins of Pompeii. “The best part about Rome was how much we saw. We never went to the same place twice, so we saw so much in just one week,” according to Brooke Miller ’10. The group hopped a train for a day trip to Florence which is steeped in history, art, and architecture. Kara Kuykendall ’10 said,

“I loved being with all the girls and seeing all the amazing history throughout the entire trip. It was absolutely incredible!” The group even survived a pair of disasters. A major earthquake occurred while the group was there (thankfully, many miles from Rome). “Most of us slept right through it but some reported seeing the room shake. Also, while driving to Palm Sunday Mass our tour bus was involved in a minor traffic accident with a car driven by a priest, also rushing to get to Mass,” remarked Mrs. McNulty. The final day allowed students to attend Gladiator School where they learned about equipment and fighting techniques used by gladiators. “Rome was such an amazing experience. The historical monuments were absolutely fascinating, especially the Coliseum. I absolutely loved going to Rome!” remarked CC Freund ’10.

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Academy At the

Area Elementary School Girls Learn Leadership Skills at SJA

“Leadershop” is an active, learning workshop designed especially to teach young women how to be strong leaders…in their schools, their families and in their communities. In May, nearly 150 sixth and seventh graders from area elementary schools attended our annual “Leadershop” event. Attendees worked together throughout the day learning problem-solving skills, communication styles, goal setting, and how to be an effective leader. A 7th grade student from St. Mary School in Elyria noted, “It was a really fun day! The best part was hanging out with just girls for the day and seeing powerful women in charge.” We look forward to seeing these young ladies at the Academy again soon and watching them grow into strong leaders in the upcoming years.

Schools represented at “Leadershop 2009” included: Holy Name, Incarnate Word Academy, Lakewood Catholic Academy, Our Lady of Angels, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, SS. Cyril & Methodius, St. Angela Merici, St. Charles, St. Christopher, St. Francis de Sales, St. John Nepomucene, St. Joseph (Avon Lake), St. Leo the Great, St. Mark, St. Martin of Tours, St. Mary (Berea), St. Mary Byzantine, St. Mary (Elyria), St. Mel, St. Raphael, St. Thomas More, St. Vincent de Paul, West Park Catholic Academy

Jaguars Show Their Pride Paws for Pride is much more than a Friday in May when students wear their class color, and celebrate their SJA spirit. Emily Joyce ’11, summed up Paws for Pride 2009, “This is what people try to explain and just can’t quite do when they try to talk about Saint Joe’s being a big family. I love it here!” Paws for Pride builds throughout the school year as classes earn points for projects like competing in the Harvest for Hunger penny wars. Paws for Pride is also an opportunity for SJA to pause and acknowledge how much classmates really care about one another as we applaud and cheer on the efforts of each class. 6

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Performing Arts Shine This Spring

Above L-R: Laura Jacobs ’09, Mary Kostell ’10, Emily Tennant ’09, Rebecca Skrha ’09, Sarah Masterson ’11, and Amanda Drapac-Novotny ’10 in “Steel Magnolias.”

Freshman Wins First Place in National Competition Freshman Sarah Jesse won the first place award in the National Statistics Poster Award competition held this spring. Her poster titled “Do Teen Magazines Need a Makeover?” won in the Grade 7-9 group. Sarah said, “I was really excited when I found out that I had won!” Also winning state awards for their posters were Lisa Predmesky’12, Kara Hurley ’12, Katie Spiece ’12, Rachel Morino ’10, Emily Polk ’10, Darcy Egan ’09 and Katie Peplin ’10. The American Statistical Association began a national Statistics Poster Competition in the United States in 1990. The competition provides an ideal way to introduce students to the world of statistics. Statistical posters require that students select and define a topic of interest, design a corresponding study, collect data, appropriately present the

Right L-R: Kathryn Tuleta ’10, Idaliz Baez ’09, and Samantha Manzuk ’09 perform in the Spring Choral Concert.


t’s been another great season for the SJA Performing Arts students. Concerts, plays, and performances have given students the opportunity to express themselves and share their gifts. In April, the spring play, “Steel Magnolias” was a sweet rendition led by local director Kevin Joseph Kelly. The ensemble cast included; Amanda Drapac-Novotny ’10 as M’Lynn, Sara Masterson ’10 as Shelby, Emily Tennant ’10 as Truvy, Mary Kostell ’10 as Annelle, Laura Jacobs ’09 as Clairee and Becca Skrha ’09 as Ousier. The entire cast provided strong character performances that made the production outstanding. Cecilia’s Song, Saint Joseph Academy’s a cappella ensemble, sang the National Anthem at both a Lake Erie Monsters game and a Cleveland Indians game. Seniors Erica Krasienko, Idaliz Baez, Samantha Manzuk and Rebecca Skrha were melancholy about singing with the group for the last time. In addition, the SJA music program featured students from all levels and styles in both studies of voice and instrumental

and performances by the Orchestra and Handbell Choirs throughout the year. Several concerts like the “Touch of Classical Concert” in February, the “Jazz and Cabaret Night” in late May and several Choir concerts have showcased a variety of talent and genres of music. Classical, operatic, recital pop, Broadway jazz, folk, gospel, and improvisation are all taught and performed, giving audiences an opportunity to witness the girls’ very diverse talents. Senior Jazz band member Mary Kate Kennedy, baritone saxophonist, said, “For the past three years, the Jazz band has been a great way for me to grow individually, but also has helped me work as a team player. I’m very happy to be a part of this group.” Teachers Christine and Patrick Janson together said, “It was an exceptional group of talented young women, and an especially amazing senior class. It was filled with great role models and their influence on the department will last for years to come.” Check out the website at for upcoming concerts, musicals and plays.

L-R: Darcy Egan ’09, Sarah Jesse ’12, Lisa Predmesky ’12, Kara Hurley ’12, Moderator Mrs. Paula Scheutz, Emily Polk ’10, Kate Spiece ’12, Kate Peplin ’10 and Rachele Morino ’10.

data, and effectively communicate their findings to a non-statistical audience via graphical and, perhaps, inferential methods. Math teacher and competition advisor Mrs. Paula Schuetz remarked, “We’re proud of our young women who consistently place and win year after year. They are very talented!”

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Students Capture Human’s Affect on Nature This year’s environmental science and digital photography classes worked together on a very special project. Students worked in teams to demonstrate how human choices affect nature. Each team consisted of a digital photography student and an environmental science student who scoured the SJA grounds for evidence of man’s influence on the

environment. Each team took pictures and created statements about their discoveries. Photographs of empty bottles peaking out from piles of leaves, and hundred year old trees with cuts and engraved initials depict how we impact creation. Senior Clare Ogonek explained their photo, taken by Angela Ruggeri ’09, of flowers poking up through cracked cement, “Our photo is called ‘Coexist’ and shows how nature learns to adapt to obstacles.” Science teacher Ms. Nora Kelly ’01 and digital photography teacher Mrs. Sydney Kalnay felt that the students would have a deeper understanding of the Earth by being immersed in it with a camera. Mrs. Kalnay explained, “We thought this would be a great project for the students. It gives them a chance to develop an artist’s eye, capturing small things in a big way, while assessing the impact on the

Judge Shares the Dangers of Sexting and More The Honorable Thomas what may seem as harmless O’Malley, Administrative Judge of fun photos can affect a future Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court, college or job application. SJA assembled an impressive group Principal Audrey Menard said, of experts in the field of internet “We have a responsibility as crime fighting against children. parents and educators to protect These experts addressed the Saint our children and students. We Joseph Academy student body must teach them how to make to explain the dangers of sending good decisions and how to avoid threatening texts known as “cyber- Hon. Thomas O’Malley, dangerous situations.” bullying” and sharing explicit “As technology moves Administrative Judge photos known as “sexting. of Cuyahoga County forward, parents need to be aware Juvenile Court Presenters Judge O’Malley of what is going on with their and Juvenile Court Magistrate children as they sit in front of Terease Neff had an additional interest at their computers or are constantly on their cell SJA as their daughters Farrell O’Malley phones,” said Judge O’Malley. The general ’10 and Angela Neff ’10 were among the public began taking this more seriously after students in attendance. “As a parent and the suicide of a Cincinnati teenager who was court administrator, I see the devastion of cyber-bullied after a nude photo that she had families because of these crimes. Our group sent to her boyfriend was posted on the web. wants to educate students and parents For those interested in learning more to prevent the needless hurt for all our about this topic, there is software available children,”said Judge O’Malley. to parents allowing them to scan computers The purpose of the presentation at Saint for inappropriate activity involving Joseph Academy was to be proactive and predators. For more information or to educate young women about the dangers obtain a free copy of this software, contact of cyber-bullying and sexting. For example, 8

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

environment.” Ms. Kelly continued, “It also allowed the students to better understand this year’s theme that ‘We are one with Creation’.” Throughout the years, the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph has taken unusual steps to preserve the natural beauty of the SJA campus. This project gave the girls the opportunity to experience that effort and see it through the eyes of a photographer.

SJA Senior Honored with OHSAA Scholarship

Athletic Director Jill Satanek Garlock ’92 presents the Don Kostell Award for Excellence in Athletics to Senior Brianna Papotto

Brianna Papotto ’09, was one of only 54 students (7 local) in the state of Ohio to receive a $1000 scholarship from the Ohio High School Athletic Association. She was recognized and chosen based on her grade point average, ACT and SAT scores, varsity letters earned, and individual and team athletic honors.  Brianna is a Saint Joseph Academy 4 year varsity letter winner in both volleyball and track. She was chosen as this year’s 2nd team all district, and received the Ohio Volleyball Coaches Association Academic Achievement Award.  She was also honored at the all school awards assembly as the recipient of the Don Kostell Award for Excellence in Athletics.  This award is presented to a senior athlete who, in addition to possessing exceptional skills, has proven herself to be a hard-working, diligent, and committed Christian during her time at SJA. Brianna was honored in June at the 17th Annual Ohio High School Athletic Association Scholarship Banquet in Columbus.  Congratulations to Brianna on all of her achievements!



Jaguar Softball

The SJA Softball teams ended with great seasons and some record-breaking performances. In all, 37 students participated in the fast pitch program. This season the Varsity finished at 10-12 while the JV and Freshman team showed great progress and improvement throughout the season. Congratulations to sophomore varsity player Nikki Carpenter who batted .569 and got 41 hits, setting two new SJA records. She also had a streak of 10 consecutive hits early in the season which ranks 11th in Ohio All-time Fast Pitch records. Great job, Nikki! Another highlight of the season was the 7-1 upset of higher seeded North Ridgeville in the sectional tournament game. Strong, consistent hitting and outstanding pitching from sophomore Melyssa Moenich took the team to a screaming victory. “It was very rewarding to win in a tournament game. We worked really hard all season.” said Melyssa. Although a rainy spring interrupted the potential winning season, the girls felt positive about their efforts. Good luck to graduating seniors Lauren Kluth and Emily Mikes. We will miss you! A great big thank you to coaches Jim Weigand, Jennifer Maslowsky, Jim Kluth, Tony Holz, Jessica Furin ’04 and Vanessa Rodriguez ’03 for all of their time and dedication. The Varsity team dedicated their season to Dana Care, a Nikki Carpenter ’11 fellow teammate and member of the 2009 graduating class, who throws an opponent passed away earlier in the year. In honor of Dana, her softball out at first jersey and number were retired. Her jersey hangs in the Academy and no future Jaguar softball player will wear her number.

Jaguar Rugby What a great season for the Saint Joseph Academy Varsity Rugby team! In their first year as a varsity sport, they finished their season with an impressive 7-1 winning record. Thirty-seven girls, freshmen through seniors, made up this young team in a highly competitive, wellrespected international sport. The Ohio Rugby Union recognized their strength and effort, inviting Saint Joseph Academy to compete in the Midwest Girls Championship in Carmel, IN. The championship brings together the eight elite girls high school teams from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio to compete for top ranking in the Midwest. This was an exciting opportunity for Jaguars Rugby to compete at this level. The Jaguars finished in 6th place. “It was an honor just to be selected to go and the girls couldn’t have been more excited to represent their school and state,” said Coach Jaime Cleary. Later in the season, the Rugby team traveled to Kent State University and took 3rd place in the Rugby State Championship. With her skill and discipline, Junior Mary Jo Reddy was named to the All-Tournament Team. Mary Jo said, “It’s an honor to be selected for the All-Tournament Team and represent Saint Joseph Academy. I am so proud of what our team has accomplished this year.” Coaches Jaime Cleary, Kathleen Kress J’01 and Sara Leary did a wonderful job leading this new team to a victorious season. Thank you and congratulations! MaryJo Reddy ’10 carries it down the field

Jaguar Track And Field Over 90 girls made up the combined SJA Varsity and JV teams, making the talent pool greater and the competition stronger. The coaching staff worked hard with an extensive schedule to get the younger girls valuable experience competing against other girls’ varsity teams. SJA girls rose to the challenge and competed with positive attitudes and a strong work ethic, resulting in some fantastic performances. The team took 2nd place in both the Lakewood Ranger Relays and the Westlake Relays. Great job, ladies! Another highlight was the Varsity team’s participation in the Shumake Relays in Detroit, MI. There, the relay team of seniors Kristin Karn and Kelly Gallagher, junior Gabby Kreuz and freshman Celine Mangan claimed the winning spot. In addition to an impressive win, the girls met 2004 Olympic champion Dee Dee Trotter. The team finished Kayley Dunn ’12 sprints across the line the season with a 3rd place win at the Lakewood District meet, advancing several athletes to the regionals. There, sophomore India Munday took the District Champion title in shot put. Congratulations, India! Science teacher and head coach Fred Kieser said, “These girls put a tremendous amount of hard work into making this a strong season. If they continue their efforts off season, next year will be filled with even greater accomplishments.” Thank you to Fred Kieser and assistant coaches Social Studies teacher Nathan Baxendale, Jay Turner, Latin teacher Adam Kollin and Ken Marquard for all the time and effort. Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


A Job Well Done

“What I will miss most are the people. Everyone I have met here at the Academy over the years has always been nice to me and I will miss seeing them everyday.” - George Macecevic This was a year of retirements from Saint Joseph Academy. When calculating the years of service and dedication, it seems overwhelming. Jean Brenneison 39 years, George Macecevic 37 years, Donna Schultz N’68 35 years, Leanne Gilgenbach 26 years, Virginia Cavanaugh 21 years, Lee Brenneison 21 years, Sister Karen Lyons CSJ ’59 21 years, Carol Gillespie 19 years, Barb Fagan 12 years, Pat Needham Baldwin N’60 10 years, and Nick Jandric 10 years. All tolled, these dedicated employees have given over 250 years of service to Saint Joseph Academy. Each was special to the school, the students and everyone associated with the Academy. We wish them well! Jean Brenneison taught at the Academy since the fall of 1969. Cathy Lanning Knittel ’67 remembered a striking auburn haired women who was rather outspoken and a real “women’s libber” for her time. Jean has taught Spanish to generations of Academy students. She took her classes on trips to Mexico over the year to immerse them in the language and culture. Jean and her husband Lee, who is also retiring, are looking forward to traveling and doing all the things they have been putting off. Muchas gracias, Señora Brenneison! George Macecevic, or “George” as everyone knows him, worked at Saint Joseph Academy since 1971. Then Saint Joseph Academy Principal, Sr. Catherine Pinkerton CSJ ’39, asked George to work at the Academy and he remained a dedicated employee ever since. “As much as I know that George will miss the students, I think he will miss the building even more. No one knows this building better than George. He has fixed its pipes, its wiring, put walls up and taken walls down. This beautiful 80-year old building is doing pretty well because of George,” remarked current Saint Joseph Academy President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis’71.


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Donna Schultz N’68 began her career at SJA as a Sister of the Congregation of St. Joseph, and remained for a combined 34 years teaching English and British Literature. Over her years at the Academy, Donna mentioned some of the people that made her a better teacher. On Sr. Clare Carey, CSJ who was her department chair Donna remarked, “Sr. Clare taught me about rigor in the classroom – and boy, she was rigorous! Sister Karen Lyons, CSJ ’59 and Eileen Teare encouraged my professional development and were my mentors.” In retirement, Donna said that she plans to take care of her dad, knit, spin and visit the alpacas! At this year’s Honor’s Convocation, Donna was recognized by her peers and received both the Sursum Corda Award and Sister Edith Franz Award. The Sursum Corda award recognizes a member of the faculty who lives a life that exemplifies the Saint Joseph Academy mission and the charism of the Congregation of St. Joseph, demonstrates teaching that inspires students and colleagues alike, participates in the life of Saint Joseph Academy outside the classroom, encourages students to act with integrity by modeling this behavior, and encourages students to grow based on Christian ideals. The Sister Edith Franz, CSJ Award

recognizes a faculty member whose actions have dramatically influenced the life of the school community in a positive way in the 2008-09 academic year. These awards are voted on by the faculty. “When you read what these awards are describing in a teacher, Donna comes to mind immediately,” remarked colleague Mrs. Mel Kupchik. Leanne Gilgenbach When Leanne came into the Saint Joseph Academy library in 1982, she was interviewed by Sr. Judith Cauley, CSJ, then the school principal. Leanne was told during the interview, “You know we really have to excite the young women about the wonders of reading and the library.” Leanne did that in style! According to Leanne the biggest change since her arrival is technology. “Technology has changed how we do everything, from doing research to putting together a report or presentation, even just finding a book!” During her time at the Academy, Leanne has been particularly inspired by the Sisters. “The nuns that worked here lived their faith, not just talked about it. Sisters Dorothy Wachs, CSJ ’46 and Pat Burke, CSJ ’48 are two that stand out most.” In retirement, Leanne intends to spend more time with her two grandchildren, Max and Maya. Virginia Cavanaugh She was the “Director of First Impressions,” full of laughter, love, chocolate and a hug if you needed one. Virginia’s job as main receptionist meant that she would answer phones and greet people and no one did it more warmly than her. “There was a lilt in her voice and a happiness that you feel just being around her,” said school Principal Audrey Menard. Keep smiling, Mrs. Cavanaugh!

SJA V i s i to r s to

Lee Brenneison – Lee has loved teaching art here at the Academy. “I’ve seen the program grow and flourish with the introduction of pottery. The students love to be creative. As teachers, we just need to guide and encourage their talents.” Serving Saint Joseph Academy for over twenty years, Lee said, “It’s now time to do what we want.” For Lee, doing what Lee wants means more time to do Civil War reenactments throughout the eastern and Midwestern states. Have a great time! Sister Karen Lyons CSJ ’59 – After graduating from Saint Joseph Academy in 1959, Sr. Karen joined the Congregation of St. Joseph and returned in the spring of 1964 to do her student teaching in Social Studies. After graduation, she taught at Nazareth Academy until her return to Saint Joseph Academy in 1968. Sr. Karen served as Assistant Principal of Saint Joseph Academy from 1973-1979. From 1979 until 1996, Sr. Karen served as Assistant Principal at Cleveland Central Catholic High School. She went on to receive her certification in counseling from Cleveland State University and has been counseling young women at SJA since 1999. “What I’ll miss most are the wonderful people here at Saint Joseph Academy, the faculty and staff and especially the students.” Although she will not be present on a daily basis, Sr. Karen made it perfectly clear that she remains committed to the Congregation of St. Joseph and Saint Joseph Academy. Thank you, Sister Karen for your 45 years of service to Catholic education! Barb Fagan - After serving in Campus Ministry at Saint Joseph Academy since the fall of 1996, Barbara Fagan retired in the spring of 2008. Mrs. Fagan will be remembered as a Campus Minister, as a teacher of Theology, leader of the Music Ministry students, planner of school Masses and prayer services, and as someone who was genuinely interested in and concerned for the students. Students fondly remember her for all of these involvements, as well as for her work with them on retreats and for teaching them the

song, “The Road to Canaan.” Mrs. Fagan looks forward to having more time for her family, for travel, for golf, and for rooting for her beloved Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Carol Gillespie - After 19 years of dedication as a teacher of Social Studies at Saint Joseph Academy, Carol Gillespie retired in 2008. Mrs. Gillespie, recognized by her peers as a master teacher, was the first recipient of the Sursum Corda Award. Many alumnae will cite the trips for JCWA (Junior Council on World Affairs) or for the National Model UN as the highlight of their years at SJA, both of which were moderated by Mrs. Gillespie. Even though Mrs. Gillespie returns to substitute teach at SJA on occasion, she enjoys spending her free time in retirement traveling with her husband. Both are avid fans of the Cleveland Indians, and are looking forward to a trip in the future to Arizona for Spring Training! Patricia Needham Baldwin N’60 – After graduating from Nazareth Academy and Kent State University with a degree in Latin, Pat began her career teaching in the Berea School System. Pat left teaching to raise her family and when she returned to the field of education in 1998 at Saint Joseph Academy, she supervised study halls, was a substitute teacher and assisted proctoring exams, working in the finance office or at the front desk. Wherever she was needed, Pat was there to help. Thanks, Pat! Nick Jandric retired in March of this year after working in the maintenance department for ten years. Like George Macecevic, Nick and his family came here from Croatia. According to Jim Gutoskey, Director of Buildings and Grounds, “Nick was a hard worker. He came in every afternoon, got right to work and was friendly to everyone he met.” Nick is looking forward to spending time with his family, especially his grandchildren.


Mary Jo Lackamp Friend of the Academy

Dale Brogan Cornucopia, Inc. and Cindy Daney Brogan ’69 Vice President & Treasurer Sherwin-Williams Company Kevin M. Hinkel, Esq. Partner Kadish, Hinkel & Weibel J. Philip Calabrese, Esq. Partner Squire Sanders Dempsey Honorable Thomas O’Malley Administrative Judge Magistrate Terease Neff Ken Lusnia, Administrator Patty Oakar, Media Director Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court Frankie Goldberg Assistant County Prosecutor Michael D. Horn Juvenile Justice Rick McGinnis, Investigator Paul F. Marnecheck Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office Robin Davenport Vice President Parker Hannifin Corporation Sherri Crahen, Ph.D. Dean of Students John Carroll University Lorie Howley Howley Family Foundation Friend of the Academy Tom and Lucy Norton Gannon ’ 57 Friends of the Academy Sister Lenore Thomas, IHM Coordinator for Vocations to Consecrated Life Diocese of Cleveland Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Jubilarians 75 Years

Sister Virginia McDonough, CSJ (formerly Sister Margaret Marie)

70 Years

Sister Mary Thomas Bryne, CSJ J’40

Sister Mary Thomas entered religious life in 1938. She began her long career in education teaching at St. Ignatius in Cleveland, and went on to teach at five other schools in the diocese. Currently, Sister Mary Thomas is active in prayer ministry at Regina Health Center in Richfield.

Sister Margaret Ogurchock, CSJ (formerly Sister Johanna)

60 Years

Sister Theresine Cregan, CSJ J’48

Sister Theresine entered religious life in 1948. Sister Theresine served as a teacher and administrator for over 38 years at a number of schools. Currently she works as a receptionist at Poor Clare Monastery in Cleveland, as a tutor for Seeds of Literacy, and as a volunteer at River’s Edge at St. Joseph Center, where she also resides.

Sister Theresa Sullivan, CSJ J’48 (formerly Sister Joseph Mary) Sister Theresa entered religious life in 1949. Her career in education spanned almost 40 years where she taught in both Catholic and public schools throughout the area. After teaching, Sister Theresa served in pastoral ministry at St. Martin de Porres in Detroit, at Malachi House in Cleveland and at St. Joseph Center in Cleveland. Currently, Sister Theresa is active in prayer ministry at Regina Health Center in Richfield.

Sister Patricia Finn, CSJ (formerly Sister Marilyn) Sister Pat entered religious life in 1949. She served at Saint Joseph Academy for 28 years where she was as teacher, assistant principal, and later principal. After leaving Saint Joseph Academy, Sr. Pat went on to serve as principal and administrator at Cleveland Central Catholic. In 2008 she was honored by the Academy with the Medaille Shield Award, the highest award given at the Academy to a non alumnae. Currently, Sister Pat works at St. Joseph Center in Cleveland.

Sister Mary McNulty, CSJ J’48 (formerly Sister Cornelia) Sister Mary McNulty entered religious life in 1948. She taught at a number of Cleveland Catholic schools. Sister Mary also served at Immaculada Concepcion Puerto de la Libertad Parish in El Salvador as a member of the Cleveland Latin American Mission Team. She later served in

Human Services for the West Side Ecumenical Ministry and in the Welfare Department of Cuyahoga County. Sister Mary is currently active in prayer ministry and resides at St. Joseph Center in Cleveland.

Sister Margaret Schuler, CSJ (formerly Sister Benedict)

Sister Dorothy Turk, CSJ

50 Years

Sister Judith Cauley, CS

(formerly Sister Brian) Sister Judy entered religious life in 1958. She served as Principal at Saint Joseph Academy from 1979-1991. She also served as a Parish Team Member at St. John Vianney Parish in Mentor and on the Administrative Team at Nazareth Academy. Sister Judy served as Associate Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Denver, CO and as the Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Colorado Springs. Recently, Sister Judy served as the Associate Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Sister June Hansen, CSJ (formerly Sister Clare)

Sister Priscilla Saxton, CSJ (formerly Sister Andre)

25 Years

Sister Lisa Marie Belz, OSU J’79 Sister Lisa has been a student for many of her twenty-five years as an Ursuline sister. She is currently working on her Doctorate in Theology at Loyola University Chicago. She has also served as a missionary in El Salvador.

Tree Night Returns, Planting a Legacy


ree Night is again a treasured tradition at Saint Joseph Academy. The Class of 2009 celebrated the renewal of this joyous and historical event. Saint Joseph Academy alumna and President, Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 remarked, “Many felt that this was a tradition that needed to be revived. Tree Night gives each class a sense of unity with the generations of woman who have gone before them.” It is a spiritual way to give back to the SJA community that has nurtured them for four years.” A great majority of the mature trees on campus are from the Tree Night dedication ceremonies of previous classes. It even pre-dates the Walk of the Roses. The tradition dates back to the 1920’s and had been a cherished Saint Joseph Academy custom until the early 1990s when it was moved to sophomore year. Senior Chloe Dibbin said, “The Class of 2009 is all about leaving behind legacies. Re-establishing the tradition of Tree Night is just one more thing for the school to remember us by and we hope the tradition continues.” Senior class president Therese Greco ’09 helps on tree night


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Development We’re Counting on You! What can 2,000 people do for Saint Joseph Academy? What does it costs to transform students and transform the world? The Annual Fund is Saint Joseph Academy’s largest annual fundraising program and one of the best ways to make a difference in the lives of current students. We are setting strong goals for the 2009-2010 fiscal year, and need the participation of as many people as possible to raise over $310,000. We had a great year, raising over $264,000 with commitments from 1,300 alumnae, parents and friends! Thank you! During these challenging times, we have actually witnessed a 4% increase in dollars raised and an increase of 2% in commitments from alumnae, parents and friends. This increase in dollars raised and participation has provided tuition assistance and other needed materials for our

students. There can be no greater vote of confidence in the future of Saint Joseph Academy. Saint Joseph Academy’s stature in the community today is a testament to the vision and determination of the Congregation of St. Joseph, and the faculty who nurture the talents of our young women. All are invited to partner with us again in our mission. The students truly need and deserve your support. Whether you are a first time donor or a stalwart supporter of SJA and Catholic education, no gift is too big or small. When asked to make a commitment in 2009-2010 to the Annual Fund, we hope you will say, “Count me in!” Please contact Brandon Vulpitta, Annual Fund Manager at 216.251.6788 x 224.

A Celebration of Life At age 90 the last thing Roslyn Spencer Corrigan ’37 needed was something else to dust. When her family surprised her with a 90th birthday party two months early, they also surprised her with a gift that will change lives. They began the process to establish a scholarship in her name at Saint Joseph Academy. Roz, as her family and friends call her, came to SJA at the ripe old age of six after her mother died. She spent the next eight years living at the convent as a boarding student and spending summers with her paternal grandparents. In high school she lived with her maternal grandparents and could then walk to school. She has some great memories of SJA, baking cookies on Saturday in the refectory kitchen with the other school Roslyn Spencer Corrigan ’37 and Mary Ann boarding students, Corrigan-Davis ’71 Presidnt of the Academy “They called us the babies and gave us four raisins for each oatmeal cookie and our job was to place them in each cookie.” Another favorite memory was

moving books from the convent library to the new school building after it was built. “The sisters gave us books and we had to stay in that exact order so the books could be put in the new library correctly.” Of her high school years, Roz remembers learning from Sister St. Ann … “students study – a pupil participates.” Sister Agnes Marie told her she was a pupil. Sister Irma taught her that Art was inspiration not imitation. She tells the story of her suspension from Geometry class for three weeks when her teacher mistook the noise of the elevator as her humming in class. She spent three weeks in summer school making up the missed classes but holds a lasting remembrance of the old elevator. After high school she went on to attend Kent State University and taught for many years. She married Joseph Corrigan and they had four daughters and a son. Their daughter Margaret, was named after Sister Marguarite, CSJ who looked after Roz during her elementary school years. Two of her daughters, Roslyn Corrigan Bunch ’60 and Molly Corrigan Zoltan ’81, graduated from Saint Joseph Academy. Margaret Corrigan Naylon taught at SJA and her daughter , Maura Naylor Schroeder ’84 continued the SJA connection. Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 said of her scholarship, “ This is a wonderful way to share and perpetuate the memories of the Academy with future generations.” Roz responded,” I am sure a couple of the nuns are looking down saying to each other ‘Good job sister, we raised her right.’”

Opportunities for Giving Through Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) Good news! There is another method you can use to help Saint Joseph Academy further our goals. Congress changed the rules for charitable gifts made from individual retirement accounts through December 31, 2009. If you are over the age of 70 ½ , the Federal government permits you to rollover amounts from your IRA to Saint Joseph Academy without claiming any increased income or paying any additional tax. These tax-free gifts could be $1,000, $10,000 or any amount up to $100,000 in one year. This is a great way to support Saint Joseph Academy and avoid any additional tax. Please contact Kathy Robinson at or at 216.671.0166 if you would like to take advantage of this great opportunity. Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Commencement 2009

Valedictorian, National Merit Finalist and Phi Beta Kappa

Meredith Rose McGuire, a graduate of Saints Joseph and John School, Strongsville, Ohio. Clubs and Organizations Academy Ambassadors, Academic Jaguars, Eucharistic Minister, National Honor Society, PAWS Mentoring Program, Peer Tutoring, Key Club, Math Club, Language Club, Chess Club, Lector, Noteworthies, Hobbits, and Paws for Pride Day. Scholarships and Awards The Catholic University of America, John Carroll University, Loyola University of Chicago, Mercyhurst College, Niagara University, Notre Dame College of Ohio, Saint Vincent College. Meredith will attend Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA where she hopes to major in Biology or Chemistry.

Salutatorian and National Merit Commended Student

Madie Katherine Szaller, a graduate of St. Raphael School, Bay Village, Ohio. Left: Valedictorian, Meredith Rose McGuire and (Right) Salutatorian Madie Katherine Szaller


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Clubs and Organizations Academy Ambassadors, Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice, Church lector, Class Officer, Eucharistic Minister, Foreign Exchange Student, Kairos leader, Math Club, National Honor Society, National Young Leaders Conference, School Orchestra, PAWS Mentoring program, Peer Tutor, Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference, SADD, Student Council. Scholarships and Awards Baldwin-Wallace College, Duquesne University, University of Dayton. Madie will attend the University of Dayton where she will major in Education.

Highlights from the Class of 2009 158 Graduates Accepted to over 450 Colleges and Universities Received $11.6 million in merit-based scholarships as of May 30, 2009 95% of these young women will be attending college National Merit Finalists Megan Elizabeth Masella Meredith Rose McGuire National Merit Commended Student Madie Katherine Szaller

College Acceptances Class of 2009 Allegheny College Aquinas College Ashland University Baldwin-Wallace College Bethany College Birmingham-Southern College Boston College Boston University Bowling Green State University Calvin College Canisius College Capital University Carnegie-Mellon University Case Western Reserve University The Catholic University of America Central School of Practical Nursing College of Charleston Clemson University Cleveland Institute of Art Cleveland State University Columbia College The Corcoran College of Art and Design Cuyahoga Community College Denison University DePaul University Drexel University Duke University Duquesne University Earlham College Eastern Michigan University Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Evangel University Fashion Institute of Technology Ferris State University Fontbonne University Fordham University Gannon University Georgia Institute of Technology Grand Valley State University Heidelberg College High Point University Hiram College Illinois Institute of Technology Indiana State University John Carroll University Kent State University Keuka College Lake Erie College Lenoir-Rhyne University Lorain County Community College Loyola College in Maryland Loyola University Chicago Loyola University New Orleans Marietta College Marquette University Marymount Manhattan College Marymount University Massachusetts College of Art Mercyhurst College Miami University Michigan State University Mount Union College Mount Vernon Nazarene University Muskingum College New York University Niagara University

Northern Arizona University Northwestern University Notre Dame College of Ohio Ohio Dominican University Ohio Northern University The Ohio State University Ohio University Ohio Wesleyan University Otterbein College Parsons School of Design Point Park University Pratt Institute Pratt MWP Providence College Purdue University Quincy University Regency Beauty Institute Roberts Wesleyan College Rochester Institute of Technology Roosevelt University Saint John’s University Saint Mary’s College Saint Peter’s College Saint Vincent College Savannah College of Art and Design School of Visual Arts Seton Hall University Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania St. Bonaventure University St. John’s University – Queens Campus St. Joseph’s College, New York St. Olaf College SUNY College at Fredonia Syracuse University Thomas More College Tiffin University The University of Akron University of Chicago University of Cincinnati University of Dayton University of Evansville The University of Findlay University of Hawaii at Hilo University of Indianapolis University of Michigan The University of Montana, Missoula University of Notre Dame University of Pittsburgh University of South Carolina University of Southern Mississippi University of Toledo University of Vermont Unity College Ursuline College Villanova University Wake Forest University Walsh University Washington and Jefferson College West Virginia University Westminster College Wheeling Jesuit University The College of Wooster Wright State University Xavier University Youngstown State University

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Alumnae Spo tlight : The Smit h Famil y Maggie Smith and her husband Bob raised six accomplished women—all SJA graduates. (Sons Brian and Bob attended St. Ignatius.) Now, the family’s third generation is attending the school. Granddaughters Sarah Kaput ’08 and Kaitlyn Roudebush ’09 were the first. This fall, Alison Roudebush ’11 and Callie Powers ’12 will be a junior and sophomore, respectively. Hanna and Camryn Smith (daughters of Brian Smith) and Grace and Molly Powers come next. Even little Sun-Hee, the 3-year-old daughter of Bob Smith, is likely to attend SJA someday! “Bob and I, have always had a great love and repect for the Sisters of St Joseph, and still do today,” says Maggie.

Margaret Ames Smith ’49 - Currently resides: Westlake, Ohio.

Family life: Married to Robert F. Smith for 55 years and has eight children—six daughters and two sons. College: Certificate in Early Childhood Education from Tri-C. Occupation: Preschool teacher for 22 years (retired in 2008). Reflections on SJA: “I knew my daughters would attend SJA, but to have my granddaughters attend and to watch them caring for others and enjoying their faith is wonderful. SJA is a mecca for liturgy, good works toward others, and a fantastic learning arena. Girls smile and greet you when you enter the building. I am very proud of my alma mater and for the religious values the school has fostered in my family.” Favorite teacher: “Sr. Vincent Marie, my junior homeroom teacher. I was her classroom prefect.” Active husband/dad: “Bob was very involved in the Fathers Club at SJA, and we both served on the board. He also enjoyed every Father/Daughter dance!” Volunteering: Taught PSR for several years at St. Mark’s and St. Bernadette’s. Coached baseball for 13 years when her children were young. Was an active member and president of the St. Mark’s Women’s Guild. Currently a member of the Markers—a 50+ Club at St. Mark’s. Involved, along with her daughters, with MetroHealth Friends of Mothers and Infants program. Helped with the Obama presidential campaign. Still enjoying SJA: “I attend the alumnae events, including the annual luncheon. We attend any events that our granddaughters are involved in.” Your classmates might be surprised to know that: “I have 10 granddaughters and 12 grandsons.”

Barbara Smith Closen ’73 Currently resides: With 400 teenagers at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio, where husband Brand Closen is Dean of Students and a math teacher. College: Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work from Bowling Green State University (1977) and Case Western Reserve University (1983), respectively. Occupation: Clinical social worker/counselor at Family and Personal Counseling Services and a school counselor at Western Reserve. Why she loves her work: “The strength and resiliency of people amaze me every day.” Family life: Married 31 years and has two children—son Kyle, 24, works as a youth counselor, and daughter Kelsey, 18, will attend Washington & Jefferson College this fall. Favorite SJA memories: “Time with my friends, decorating the gym for the dances, and the Father/Daughter dances. I enjoyed having Bonnie and Carol there at the same time, and my younger sisters were at SJA when my husband taught history there! Bonnie and I were especially close and had two best friends who were sisters the same ages as us! Our cousins, the Gedeons, lived down the street and also went to SJA.” Lessons learned from SJA: “The value of hard work and volunteering and compassion for others.” Bonnie Smith Kaput ’74 Currently resides:

Cleveland, Ohio. College: Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Bowling Green State University (1978). Occupation: Nurse supervisor at the Cleveland Christian Home, a residential treatment center for teenage boys. Family life: Married 26 years to Mike Kaput and has three children— sons Matt, 24, and Steven, 22, both manufacturing engineers, and daughter Sarah ’08, who attends the University of Dayton. Favorite SJA memories: “The lifelong friendships I made, including two sisters with whom my sister Barb and I became best friends—Marty Kaput, who was in Barb’s grade, and Barb Kaput, who was in my grade.” Three words to describe your SJA experience: “Friendships, community, acceptance.” Favorite teacher: “Sister Hope, my Theology teacher and homeroom moderator [and founder of Providence House] - an independent thinker who told us we could go out and do anything we wanted in life!” Favorite subject: “Theology—because the sisters were very progressive in their teachings.” Your classmates might be surprised to know that: “Two of my best high school friends, Marty and Barb Kaput, are now my sisters-in-law—because I married their brother Mike!”

Carol Smith Gatta ’76 Currently resides: El Dorado Hills, California. Family life: Married to Dan Gatta for 27 years and has three sons - Danny, 25, Tommy, 22, Bobby, 15. College: Bachelor’s degree in interior design from Bowling Green State University (1980). Occupation: Distributor for Juice Plus+. Favorite SJA memories: “Initiation Day because everyone made you feel so welcome! My sister Barb was a senior then—so that made it even more special! I also remember our mascot—a pig named PJ. All my best friends were in my sophomore homeroom. We still keep in contact! The Father/Daughter dances were especially memorable—my dad got to dance for three classes when I was a freshman, Bonnie a junior, and Barb a senior.” Lessons learned from SJA: “Short16

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

“My mom loved her experience at Saint Joe’s and still keeps in touch with many of her high school friends. She was determined that her own six daughters would go there too, and we all had a great experience and made lifelong friends. We know it was a true sacrifice (financially) for my parents, but well worth it. We are all truly grateful for their loving gift.” – Barb Smith Closen hand—I still use it today!” Favorite teacher: “Sr. Eileen, was kind, funny and gave me a passion for history. And Sr. Hope, who taught me how to apply values and morals to my life and the importance of volunteering service to others.” Volunteering: Has taught catechism to first through eighth graders for 10 years. Your classmates might be surprised to know that: “I moved to California with my family nine years ago. As much as we miss family and friends, we love living here!”

Margaret Smith Roudebush ’79 Currently resides: “The same West Park neighborhood where I grew up!” Family life: Married to Ted Roudebush for 22 years and has two daughters—Kaitlyn graduated from SJA this spring and will attend CWRU this fall, and Alison will be a junior at SJA. College: BA in biology from the University of Akron (1983). Pursuing a MA at the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organization at CWRU. Occupation: Director at the Center for Research and Scholarship at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at CWRU. Favorite SJA memories: “The wonderful lifelong friends I made! I was also proud of my dad’s involvement with the Fathers Club.” Lessons learned from SJA: “We could do or be anything if we put our minds to it. We were ‘Young Christian Women’ who were taught to make the world a better place.” Favorite teacher: “Ms. Mary Ann Fischer ’66—I was terrible in math, but she never gave up on me.” Volunteering: Board member and long-time supporter of the MetroHealth Friends of Mothers and Infants. Continuing the SJA experience: “I enjoy the school more than ever with my daughters there - the friends they’re making, their academic and spiritual education, the terrific faculty, and getting reacquainted with former classmates whose daughters now attend SJA.” Maureen Smith Powers ’83 Currently resides:

Lakewood, Ohio. Family life: Married to Brian E. Powers for 19 years and has three daughters—Callie, 15, Grace, 13, Molly, 9. College: BA in education from John Carroll University (1987). Occupation: Works at River’s Edge, a CSJ ministry. “The sisters are passionate women working to make this world a better place.” Favorite SJA memories: “The friendships I made. I also remember making my younger sister Terrie - a freshman when I was a senior—kneel in the hallway to sing the alma mater.” Lessons learned from SJA: “Since graduating, I have been filled with work for social concern and change, a direct connection to my time spent at SJA.” Volunteering: Treasurer for MetroHealth Friends of Mothers and Infants, St. Luke Parish Council, Lakewood Catholic Academy Auction and St. Malachi Hunger Center. Mentor (with my sister Bonnie) a refugee family from the Congo. Continuing the SJA experience: “Callie will be a sophomore, and Grace and Molly will attend SJA as well! The school continues to raise the bar for educating and empowering women.”

Terrie Smith Reinhard ’86 Currently resides: Pacific Palisades, California. Family life: Married to Matt Reinhard for 10 years and has two sons—Kai, 8, and Jesse, 6. College: Bachelor’s degree in communication arts from Bowling Green State University (1990). Occupation: Stay-at-home mom and designer of high-end silkscreen t-shirts. Previously worked in advertising and marketing. Favorite SJA memories: “Tater tots in the cafeteria on Wednesdays! My sister Maureen’s friends taking me as a freshman to St. Ignatius mixers. My class was made up of a great group of girls, and I had a lot of fun with my friends. I still keep in touch with my friend from first grade, Molly O’Reilly Brunori ’86. Two other girls—Therese Parfitt Schwind ’86 and Gwen Brindza ’86—became my college roommates. We celebrated our 40th birthdays together!” Favorite teacher: Miss Delaney (accounting), Mrs. Marquard (math) and Mrs. Brenneison (Spanish). Volunteering: Started Time to Read program for inner city kids when living in Chicago. Worked at an afterschool program and volunteered as a tutor at a public school when living in San Francisco. Your classmates might be surprised to know that: “I moved to Chicago in 1995 for my job, then relocated to California years later.” Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Alumnae News

Alumnae Induction

Saint Joseph Academy Tradition Continues With a “Ride of the Roses”

T National Merit Finalist Megan Masella receives her medal from Alumnae Director Mary Ann Fischer’66

The Alumnae Association welcomed its newest members at the Induction Ceremony held at Our Lady of Angels Church. Alumnae Board Chairperson, Rita Hakey Szy ’63, explained the significance and led the seniors in making their pledge as more than 75 alumnae in attendance welcomed the Class of 2009 into the Alumnae Association. Stephanie Olah ’03, member of the Alumnae Board, spoke to the graduates about the important role of being an SJA alumna, a role each will hold for the rest of her life! Every senior was presented with a newly minted “Joseph On The Journey” medal that was designed specifically for the three high schools in the Congregation: Saint Joseph Academy in Cleveland, Ohio, St. Joseph’s Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Nazareth Academy in LaGrange Park, Illinois. On the reverse is engraved, “Saint Joseph Academy, Sursum Corda.”


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

he traditional “Walk of the Roses” has been part of the graduation festivities at Saint Joseph Academy since the school began using Our Lady of Angels for commencement. This annual procession of graduates carrying their bouquets of red roses down Rocky River Drive fills the street with cheering family, friends and neighbors. This year was no different for the Class of 2009, but with a twist! This year the graduates were joined by members of the Class of 1949 who had a “Ride of the Roses” in Lolly the Trolley and led the Class of 2009 down the drive. The Class of 1949, along with a few of other classes from that era, did not make the traditional walk. Bishop Hoban, then Bishop of Cleveland, had completed renovations on St. John’s Cathedral and requested that all Catholic high schools

hold their commencement ceremonies at the cathedral. “To celebrate the 60th anniversary of their commencement, we thought it would be fitting to have them lead the procession,” said Saint Joseph Academy President Mary Ann CorriganDavis, who herself made the walk in 1971. Three members of the Class of 1949 who participated also have a connection to the Class of 2009; Sister Kathleen Carey CSJ ’49 with great niece, Nora Conway, Margaret Ames Smith ’49 with granddaughter, Kaitlyn Roudebush, and Mary Clare McManamon Mangan ’49 with granddaughter, Teresa Mangan, all shared the evening. “This was a great memory for me to have my grandmother be a part of my graduation. I hope that in 60 years I can be part of my granddaughter’s graduation here at Saint Joseph Academy!” said Teresa.

Class of 1949 Seated: Mary McNulty, CSJ, Front row (standing): Nancy Dant Miller, Rose Huser Kundmueller, Joan Dever Conrad, Maryclare McManamon Mangan, Mary Pat Graham Monhart, Margaret Lundner Harris, Rosemary Graven Katusha, Rita Pickett Gallagher, Second row: Jane Daily Andras, Rosemarie Dorsey Houlehan, Helen Orosz Orenski, Joan Arkel Neff, Joan Rosskopf Harkulich, Kay Coon Liskey, Agnes Schreiber, CSJ, Rita Hayes Wicktora, Sally Dolan Hart, Theresa Guglielmino DelVecchio, Kay Filbin Patton, Joan Kelley Gallagher, Top row: Kathleen Carey, CSJ, Margaret Ames Smith Marietta Starrie, CSJ, Josie Snell Shirk, Shirley Frindt Chambers, Ginny Holub Davidson, Shirlee Singer Jensen and Jean Nicholson Lane

Spring Luncheon Supports Students


wo hundred alumnae and friends gathered at the Cleveland Yachting Club for a delightful spring afternoon on May 13. They visited with old friends and new, enjoyed a delicious lunch, and had the opportunity to win wonderful prizes in a raffle. Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 welcomed guests and introduced Cecilia’s Song, Saint Joseph Academy’s a cappella ensemble, who entertained everyone. Senior Erica Krasienko addressed the attendees, expressing how much her SJA education taught her. She said, “I have learned so much while attending SJA. I have developed strong leadership skills and have grown so much in my faith.” Alumnae Director Mary Ann Fischer ’66 said, “It’s such a happy event! I enjoy seeing so many of our alums who regularly attend this luncheon. We all have a great time together.” It was a wonderful time to reconnect with classmates and friends and to support SJA!

Caption: L-R; Marguerite Fitzgerald Martin ’45, Kathleen Vanderwyst Carey ’45 and Board Member Anne Marie Carey Pecon ’71 enjoy the day.

SJA Classes of ’34 and ’39 Enjoy Luncheon Members of the Classes of 1934 and 1939 shared memories and laughs at a recent luncheon celebrating their 75th and 70th anniversaries of their graduation from Saint Joseph Academy. Left: Front row L-R: Charlotte Willson Schuerger ’39, Eileen McGorray Barrett ’34, Margaret Dominick ’39, Bernice Levan Riedel ’39 Back row L-R: Marie Darmstadt Pudlock ’39, Alice Kelly Monroe ’39, Rosemary Mullen Schwarz ’39

Rocky Mountain Reunion

Seated L-R: Carol Miller Truax ’58, Rita Norris Wilson T’32, Louise Eichman Veasman ’64. Standing L-R: Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71, Colleen McManamon ’71, Connie Pirosko Proulx N’72, Kathy Kleinmann Hahn N’69 and Debbie Washburn Friedman ’70. Alumnae from St. Therese, Nazareth and Saint Joseph Academies living in the greater Denver area enjoyed a mini-reunion in July when President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 was in town. “It was a real treat to meet other grads from our wonderful schools!” said Louise Eichman Veasman ’64.

Day Trip to Lake Chautauqua

The annual alumnae day trip took place in June. Forty-two people enjoyed a trip to Lake Chautauqua, including a boat ride on the Chautauqua Belle and lunch at the historic Athenaeum Hotel. The highlight of the day was a trip to Valvo’s Candy Factory near Jamestown, the birthplace of Lucille Ball. Terese King Hardman ’73 and Pat Mencini Billick ’58 were chosen to play the parts of Lucy and Ethel in the re-enactment of the famous scene in a candy factory from the 1950s TV show.

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Memoriam In

Eternal rest grant unto them O, Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.

Please remember in your prayers the following deceased alumnae.

Mary Ellen Joyce Maloney T’36 and Virginia Joyce Brennan T’40 on the death of their brother, John “Jerry” G. Joyce.

Lenore Ferguson Sather T’32 Sr. Ruth Wolfert, HM T’36 Rita Whearty Buchanan J’37 Helene Doody Forhan T’40 Mary Iseman Higgins J’42 Jeanne Farley Principe J’42 Jean Gorey Volenik J’42 Eileen Cox Sammon J’43 Mary Jane Hutchinson Cogan T’43 Sr. Carol English, CSJ J’47 Fay Hoover Whitmer J’49 Margaret Mary “Margo” McGuire Thayer J’50 Lois Benedict Wensink J’50 Jeanne Meloche Hart J’52 Mary Lou Nicoulin Shalala J’53 Margaret Green Cashin J’54 Arveda Lewis Pink J’55 Lynne Clark J’59 Carol Guidone Stringer J’59 Marilynn “Lynn” Martinka J’60 Janice Moldovan Wheaton N’61 Andrea Kotula Matisak J’65 Claire Knoblauch Smith J’69 Jane Perchinske J’73 Marian Gorbett Wilde N’76 Cassandra Jean “Sandy” Zachefsky Ponsford J’84

Mary Ann Grosser Galvin ’39 on the death of her husband, John R. Galvin.

Marilyn Kruszynski Macharoni ’66 on the death of her mother, Marcella Mary Kruszynski.

Lois Gorey Violand ’40 on the death of her sister, Jean Gorey Volenik ’42.

Marie Sarkisian Murphy ’67 on the death of her father, Peter John Sarkisian.

Patricia Cox Mulcahy ’47 on the death of her sister, Eileen Cox Sammon ’43.

Patricia Norton Rine ’68, Nora Norton Monter ’71, and Nadine Norton ’76 on the death of their brother, Daniel Norton.

Dolores Mack Morris ’52 on the death of her husband, Phillip Morris. Jean Ann McGuire O’Boyle ’52 on the death of her sister, Margaret Mary “Margo” McGuire Thayer ’50. Ann Groden Fay ’53 on the death of her husband and Mary Fay Hooper ’78 and Kathleen Fay ’82 on the death of their father, Thomas D. Fay. Edna Weidwald Fleming ’53 on the death of her husband, Carl Fleming. Patricia Green Bauer ’56 on the death of her sister, Margaret Green Cashin ’54. Maxine Mossbruger Hoehn ’56 on the death of her son, Michael Hoehn. Maureen English Murray ’56 on the death of her sister, Sr. Carol English, CSJ ’47. Barbara Martinka Eichman ’57, Louise Martinka Pattison ’65, and Christine Martinka Tomaszewski ’68 on the death of their sister, Marilynn “Lynn” Martinka ’60. Margaret Walsh Daniels ’59 on the death of her son, M. Patrick Daniels. Renee Krisko ’60, Marilyn Krisko Haynes ’64, Joan Krisko Sylvester ’68, and Martha Krisko Starkey ’75 on the death of their mother, Mary Catherine Krisko. Charlene Moldovan Vourliotis N’64 on the death of her sister, Janice Moldovan Wheaton N’61. Kathleen Kelly Wadowick ’65 on the death of her father, John “Jack” Kelly. Margaret Mary Twohig Ziegenruecker ’65 on the death of her husband and Heidi


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Ziegenruecker ’99 on the death of her father, Frank Ziegenruecker.

Nancy Seeger Towers ’68 on the death of her brother, Richard Seeger. Regina Klamet Wancata N’68, Catherine Klamet Kelley N’73, and Margaret Klamet Survance N’76 on the death of their brother, Rev. Fr. Frank X. Klamet, MD. Mary Beth Onk Campbell ’69 on the death of her father, Walter Francis Onk. Judith Schwelgien ’69 on the death of her brother, Arthur Schwelgien. Karen Principe Moran N’69 on the death of her mother, Jeanne Farley Principe ’42. Mary Ellen McCrone Frey ’70, Eileen McCrone Driscoll ’72, and Peggy McCrone Jones ’81 on the death of their mother, Patricia McCrone Gamin. Sandra Hunt ’70 and Cynthia Hunt Romanchik ’72 on the death of their mother, Josephine Hunt. Eileen Gorbett Hess N’71 on the death of her sister, Marian Gorbett Wilde N’76. Maureen Higgins ’72 on the death of her mother and Rose Iseman Cygan ’43 on the death of her sister, Mary Iseman Higgins ’42. Ann Perchinske Reese ’72 and Eileen Perchinske Mone ’75 on the death of their sister, Jane Perchinske ’73. Mary Beth Fiegelist Furman N’72, Karen Fiegelist N’75, and Paula Fiegelist Dayton N’78 on the death of their father, Robert Fiegelist.


Beyonds Alumnae

ews Mary Ellen Pennock Ryan N’73 on the death of her brother, Michael F. Pennock. Teresa Kotula Turcanik ’74 on the death of her sister, Andrea Kotula Matisak ’65. Louise Konopka Tomeo N’74 on the death of her father, Leon Chester Konopka. DeLourde Ursem Moore ’77 on the death of her brother, Brian Ursem. Ann Marie Carey Butler ’78 on the death of her mother, Katherine Carey. Lisa Marie Shalala N’78 on the death of her mother and Dianne Nicoulin Naples ’65 on the death of her sister, Mary Lou Nicoulin Shalala ’53. Sue Cabala Wallenhorst ’80 on the death of her brother, John A. Cabala. Julie Granfors Kiefer ’84, Lisa Granfors ’85, Kate Granfors ’89, and Megan Granfors Nodge ’91 on the death of their brother, Marc Granfors. Gayle Pacanosky Embrescia ’86 and Rachel Pacanosky Hinkle ’89 on the death of their father, Robert Pacanosky. Sandra Benson Twardesky ’87 on the death of her mother, Rose Benson. Sheila Hough Cooney ’88 and Maureen Hough ’92 on the death of their father and Sr. Mary Hough, CSJ ’54 and Kathleen Hough Stolar ’60 on the death of their brother, James P. Hough. Rosemary Juarez McCormack ’91 and Joanne Juarez ’94 on the death of their sister, Cassandra Jean “Sandy” Zachefsky Ponsford ’84. Constance Curiale Christescu ’93 on the death of her husband, John Christescu, Jr. Laura Hageman Cobb ’00 on the death of her mother, Kathleen Hageman. Julie Urban ’08, Molly Urban ’08, and Bridget Urban ’09 on the death of their father, William J. Urban. Becky McKenna, Saint Joseph Academy Theology teacher, on the death of her father, Robert L. Snyder.


victims in a smoke filled structure, and go up in a 100 foot ladder truck. This 9 week experience gave Judith a better understanding Corita Ambro, CSJ ’53 was recently of what is required of our firefighters on recognized by the Cleveland Department a daily basis. As a result of her training, of Aging at their annual Senior Day, held at Judith now volunteers at her county fire the Cleveland Convention Center. She was headquarters scheduling fire safety training, recognized for her many years of ministering tours of fire stations, and visits to schools, to the poor, hungry, lonely, and broken childcare centers and community groups. of St. Augustine Parish in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland. Sr. Corita was Maureen Lahiff ’67 received the 2009 nominated for this recognition by Ward 13 Distinguished Teaching and Mentorship Councilman, Joe Cimperman. She was also Award from the Graduate Students Association at the School of Public Health, this year’s commencement speaker. University of California at Berkeley. SJA Class of 1953 will hold their next Maureen holds a PhD in Statistics from luncheon on November 12, 2009 at 1:00pm the University of Chicago, and has been at O’Malley’s Rockcliff, 2589 Wooster Road a Lecturer in Biostatistics at UC Berkeley in Rocky River. Please contact Donna since 1991. Smith McCafferty ’53 at 216-941-7298 or Peggy McIntyre ’53 at 440-239-1683 for reservations. At their June luncheon, thirty-three classmates attended and had a Deborah Dubin Musiol N’72 married great time! Dr. Christopher Musiol in May of this year.


Ann DeCapua Drayer ’57, after years of helping others as a nurse, continues to help others as a community volunteer for the Centerville Women’s Civic Club and for the Saint Vincent DePaul Society at Incarnation Catholic Church. Ann and John, her husband of 48 years, live in the Dayton, Ohio area.

They currently reside in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Barbara Reese Prakup ’75 recently received her Ph.D. in Speech Pathology. She has accepted a position as assistant professor at Cleveland State University in their Speech and Hearing Program.

Kathleen Durkin Ferry ’77 recently received the 2009 Women of Note Award from Crain’s Cleveland Business for her outstanding achievements as an accomplished Elaine “Terri” Olschlager Shawhan ’65 female business leader in our area. Kathleen recently completed the Doctor of Ministry program at St. Mary’s Seminary in Wickliffe, was one of twelve women honored at the Ohio. Terri currently works for the Diocese awards luncheon on July 22, 2009, and was recognized for her unique and innovative of Cleveland. contributions to the business sector. Daneen Georgy Warner ’66 was recently interviewed by Dick Gordon on NPR’s program, “The Story.” Daneen is the author of the book “Life, Death and Christian Kate Dempsey Sweeney ’81 and husband Hope” published by the Paulist Press. Marty have served the neighborhood meal



Judith Sikora Adanich ’67 recently completed a program at Gwinnett County Citizen Fire Academy in Georgia. While not being trained as a firefighter, Judith was given a taste of what a firefighter goes through on a normal shift. She learned how to handle a charged fire hose, maneuver through a smoke filled building, locate fire

at Annunciation Parish on the last Tuesday of June for the past 13 years. Other helpers have included Maureen Monroe Brady ’77, Molly Sweeney ’09 and Bride Sweeney ’10. Carol Ziegelmeyer Kelley ’82 has been a white collar criminal lawyer for fifteen years. She currently lives with her husband Saint Saint Joseph Joseph Academy Academy UPDATE UPDATE


in Amman, Jordan where she works for the U.S. Treasury Department, advising foreign governments in Africa and the Middle East on money laundering and terrorist financing matters. Loraine Bujnovsky ’86, who works as a Word Processing Specialist at a local law firm, has earned a First Degree Black Belt in Combat Hapkido.


Tiffany Gaughan Scherer ’91 married Chris Scherer on June 14, 2009. Jill Satanek Garlock ’92 recently received the John Peyton Athletic Director of the Year Award. Only one athletic director within the Northeast Ohio Association of Catholic Athletic Administrators received this award. Jill was recognized for her hard work and dedication to Saint Joseph Academy and its student athletes. Colleen Welsh DeVenney ’94 recently participated in the Breast Cancer Three Day. This event took place from July 31 to August 2. Participants walked sixty miles over the course of three days. Colleen raised over $3000.00 for this worthy cause.

Megan Carrick Hogle ’96. Alison and Austin currently live in Columbus, Ohio. Danielle Nycz Kresak ’98 married Adam Kresak in December of 2008. Sarah Jamieson ’98 was her maid of honor, and Sharon Leahy Mazur ’98 and Ally Mayar Casale ’98 were in attendance.


Lynn Grabiec ’00 recently completed her 4th year teaching the 5th grade at Gesu Elementary School. Lynn is a graduate of John Carroll University. Megan Corrigan Estes ’01 married John Estes on July 4, 2009. Stacy Lowe ’01 was a member of Megan’s bridal party. Erin McAdams Fitzpatrick ’01 married Eamon Fitzpatrick on June 27, 2009. Lauren McAdams ’01 and Katie McAdams ’02 were Erin’s co-maids of honor. Regina Ehrbar Allen ’02 married Matthew Allen on July 11, 2009 at Our Lady of Angels Church in Cleveland.

Alison Skala Barger ’96 was recently married to Austin Barger at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. Her wedding party included matron of honor Hilary Schwartz Keberdle ’96 and bridesmaid


CubClub Tressa Satanek Kemer ’91 & Rich Kemer a son, Michael Colwell, born July 4, 2009 Kimberly Swaggard-Svec ’93 & Gregory Svec a daughter, Megan Regina, born December 15, 2008 Sheila Nagy Murphy ’94 & Michael Murphy a son, Luke Michael, born May 14, 2009 Melissa Schneider Martz ’98 & Scott Martz a daughter, Samaya Rose, born April 7, 2009 Erin Lins-Saelens ’99 & Brandon Saelens a daughter, Olivia Joann, born April 29, 2009


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Elizabeth Grabiec ’02 is currently a registered nurse at Fairview General Hospital. Elizabeth is a graduate of the University of Toledo. Andrea Kurianowicz ’02 recently finished the Masters of International Affairs program at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Andrea will be staying in St. Louis to work full time at U.S. Bank. Ashley Thomas ’02 graduated from the Duquesne University School of Law in June of this year. Ashley plans to return to Cleveland and take the Ohio Bar Exam. Victoria Brenneison Baughman ’04 married Tristan Baughman on March 1, 2009. Lauren Bieler ’04 was a member of Victoria’s bridal party. Karen Grabiec ’07 recently completed her second year at John Carroll University. Karen is majoring in Environmental Science and is on the Dean’s List. Amy Grabiec ’08 recently completed her first year at Cleveland State University, making the Dean’s List. Amy is attending CSU on a volleyball scholarship. Amy made the starting rotation this past season as a freshman.

Finding Old Friends Around the World Have you ever wondered where a classmate is living, or maybe a classmate of your sister or mother? In travelling to another city or country, have you wondered if there are any Saint Joseph Academy alumnae living there? Find this information and more by searching our on-line community for classmates and friends. Recently, Margie Keller ’81 who lives in Vienna, Austria and Lorraine Cayer Diiorio ’81 who lives in San Jose, California were “reunited” after finding each other in the Saint Joseph Academy on-line community. Margie reported “When I made contact with Lorraine, I was so happy! I hope to hear from other alumnae!” Lorraine was just as excited to join the on-line community. She commented “I encourage more girls to join. It’s truly been fun reconnecting with Margie.” We need your help to keep our database current. Can you help? Enroll in our on-line alumnae membership community. It only takes about five minutes. It’s easy. Just click on “Register” on the SJA website homepage ( Your access code number is printed on the mailing label of this issue of UPDATE. Also email your friends and ask them to join. With your up-to-date information, you’ll receive emails on upcoming events and reunions and you’ll even know when someone new from your class joins. Send us your story about reconnecting with a friend through our website for an upcoming issue!

Save The Date 10 10 2009 .



1934 1939 1944 1949 1954 1959 1964 1969 1974 1979 1984 1989 1994 1999 2004 It’s Time For The Grand Reunion Don’t miss this gala event!

Get involved, volunteer to help! Call Alumnae Director Mary Ann Fischer ’66 at 216.619.1953

Reconnect with old friends . Share memories and Laughs . See the school . Celebrate Liturgy

Please watch for your invitation in the mail

Alumnae who graduated in 1999 or 2004 please watch for an invitation to a special gathering just for you!

Summer Camps are Super


his summer over 400 grade school students participated in summer camps at SJA. Campers learned the basics of volleyball, basketball, soccer, track and cross country. There were also theater camps including Summerstage and Two Weeks of Broadway, digital fashion design and digital music mixing. Campers in “Two Weeks of Broadway” got a special visit from cast members of the touring company of the Disney production of “Mary Poppins.” Cast members included Dominic Roberts, Elizabeth Broadhurst, Kiara Bennett and Sam Kiernan. The group answered the girls’ questions about working as an actor and being part of a touring company. Later they gave the campers a taste of Broadway, teaching them the choreography for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious one of the show’s chorus numbers and signed autographs.  To receive information on camps for next summer, contact Maria Mueller at Camp guides are sent out in early April for next summer. Front row: L-R, cast members Elizabeth Broadhurst, Kiara Bennett, Dominic Roberts and Sam Kiernan. Center row L-R, campers Erin Stefancin, Margaret Biehl, Emmy Ernst, Back row L-R, Eileen Adler ’10, Sarah Jesse ’12, Moira McGlynn ’11, Mary Kostell ’10

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


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Saint Joseph Academy 3430 Rocky River Drive Cleveland, Ohio 44111 Dated Material

Parents of Alumnae: If this publication is addressed to your daughter who no longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please notify the Alumnae Office at (216) 251-6788 X221, or write to us at 3430 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44111. If you enjoy reading UPDATE please let us know. We’ll be glad to send a copy to her and continue sending a copy to you.

Open House October 25, 2009, 1-4 pm

Continue the tradition of a Saint Joseph Academy education. As an alumna, you already know the rich traditions, lifelong friendships, and the wonderful educational opportunities here at SJA. Share your experience with your daughter or granddaughter. Open House is Sunday, October 25, 2009 from 1pm until 4pm. For more information or to register for a Shadow day for your daughter, call the Admissions Office at 216.251.4868 or register online at

Ahead Looking

2009 Nazareth Academy Reunion

2009 Mass for Deceased Alumnae

This year’s Nazareth Academy Reunion will take place on Sunday, September 13, 2009 at La Centre in Westlake. Please plan to attend and enjoy a delicious luncheon, a wonderful raffle, and of course the opportunity to visit with classmates and friends! Special recognition will be given to attendees from reunion classes. Invitations will be sent out to Nazareth alumnae in the local area by the end of July. If you live out of town and would like to receive an invitation, please contact Betty Hjort at 216-251-6788 Ext. 245 or

On November 5, 2009, we will honor our beloved deceased alumnae at the annual Mass for Deceased Alumnae at 7:00pm in the Worship Space at River’s Edge (CSJ motherhouse). All alumnae, as well as family and friends of those who died in the past year, are encouraged to attend the Mass and reception that will follow. Please watch for a special mailing in the fall to register for this event.

2009 Saint Therese Academy Luncheon The annual Saint Therese Academy Reunion Luncheon will be held on September 30, 2009 in the Board Room at Saint Joseph Academy. This is a new location. The luncheon will be followed by Mass in the SJA Holy Family Chapel. All Saint Therese alumnae, please watch your mail for an invitation to this special event!

2009 Saint Joseph Academy Grand Reunion Save the date for the Grand Reunion October 10, 2009. Watch your mail for your invitation. See inside back cover for more information. 24

Hall of Fame Nominations Sought Induction Ceremonies for the Alumnae Hall of Fame will take place in the spring of 2010. The Alumnae Hall of Fame was established in 1990 to recognize the achievements of our graduates of Saint Therese, Saint Joseph, and Nazareth Academies. If you know an alumna of one of these schools whose personal life or career reflects the pursuit of excellence instilled and inspired by her alma mater, please consider nominating her! The nomination form is available at the Saint Joseph Academy web site ( Click on Alumnae, then Hall of Fame. You may also request a nomination form by calling 216-251-6788 X 245. Nominations for the 2010 Hall of Fame must be received by November 13, 2009.

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