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Sharing a Tradition of Excellence with Alumnae, Parents and Friends • • SPRING 2009

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Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Letter from the President Dear Alumnae, Parents and Friends of Saint Joseph Academy, Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and everyone who believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” 3430 Rocky River Drive • Cleveland, Ohio 44111 216-251-6788

Update is published by Saint Joseph Academy for alumnae, parents and friends. Contributions to this issue of UPDATE included: Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis J’71, Mary Ann Fischer J’66, Jill Satanek Garlock J’92, Emily Hanson J’99, Betty Hjort, Fred Kieser, Becky Goede McNulty J’96, Audrey Menard, Maria Mueller, Kathy Robinson, Ron Perger, Jenn Reeder and David Weiss. Photography courtesy of Adam Kollin, Marianne Mangan, John Mulgrew, Ron Perger, Mike Rosepal, Thomas & Thomas Photography, and Woodard Photography. For more information or questions, please contact Ron Perger, Director of Communications & Public Relations at 216.619.1937 or

M i ss i o n Saint Joseph Academy, rooted in the spirituality of the Congregation of St. Joseph, promotes academic excellence, fosters love and unity with God, one another, and all creation, and educates young women for compassionate leadership and service in a global society. Cover Photo: Saint Joseph Academy students after an outdoor Mass on Palm Sunday in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome. Kneeling L-R: Juniors Marie McNamara, Brooke Miller, Sarah Dalton, Rebecca Armbruster, Keelin McAndrew, Standing L-R: Elizabeth Rosepal, Mary Jo Morgan, Kara Kuykendall, Kathryn Tuleta, Bride Sweeney, Adelle Bailey, Alexis Lees, Christina Freund, Senior Brooke Hamilton, Mr. Adam Kollin, Juniors Mary Kostell, Catherine Peplin, Kristyn Wasil, Cesily Insana, and Jill Kramer.


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

This question Jesus asked of Martha in the gospel of John is also asked of us. In this season of Easter, we again commemorate Christ’s death and celebrate His rising. This is the crowning truth of our faith. This faith in the resurrection is truly evident at Saint Joseph Academy. Throughout this academic year, we have suffered many sorrows with the loss of a number of our students’ fathers and our senior Dana Care. Some of the fathers died suddenly and unexpectedly, and others had suffered various illnesses. Although Dana had been battling cancer for two years, her sudden passing in January caught us off guard. Surely it is our faith is in Christ’s resurrection that has helped the Saint Joseph Academy community through these difficult times. On a Monday morning at the end of January, we learned that Dana had been called home to the Lord. During her illness, the Class of 2009 and the entire Academy community had rallied behind her. I will always remember Dana’s classmates encircling her with love and support as sophomores at the 2007 Paws for Pride Day, when they opened their umbrellas in symbolic protection of Dana. And Dana, for her part, never complained for a minute and smiled an infectious smile that never revealed her pain. I have always known that Saint Joseph Academy is a special place, but this was never more evident than that last week of January. One of the ways the seniors dealt with the sadness of Dana’s death was by planning a beautiful mass at the Academy, which was shared with Dana’s brother Justin and parents Dave and Patty Hauck Care J’77, to celebrate Dana’s life. The next day, students reverently attended Dana’s wake. On the following Saturday morning, St. Patrick West Park church was packed with Saint Joseph Academy students and alumnae who came to Dana’s funeral mass. We prayed for Dana and her family, as we again proclaimed our belief in the Lord Jesus’ rising from the dead. I have often wondered how people without faith in Christ’s resurrection deal with terrible loss. Christ’s death and resurrection gives us hope! How blessed we are, knowing that we are an Alleluia people, people who know that Christ died for us and was risen from the dead on Easter morning! How blessed we are, knowing that we, too, shall share in the resurrection. He is risen! Alleluia!! Sursum corda! Lift up our hearts!

Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis J’71

Hannah Lowe J’12 and Jennifer Bajorek J’12 analyze data with the LabQuest equipment.

LabQuest Technology Sparks Curious Minds D o you ever feel overwhelmed by technology? Do you have to remind yourself that phones are no longer attached to walls?  That CD’s and instant messaging are really not the cutting edge anymore?  If so, you must be over the age of 30 because today’s youth cannot get enough technology. The SJA Science Department is addressing this desire with the use of the Vernier LabQuest. These data collection devices interface between the curious mind of the student and data collection probes.  They have several advantages over older technology; one advantage is that they collect data in “real time” so a student may analyze and graph data as the data is being recorded. SJA has been using “real time” collection devices for many years, but the LabQuest is thoroughly more modern. Science teacher Mr. Fred Keiser remarked, “Our students get to use top-of-theline science equipment which allows them to collect, graph, and analyze useful data. The best learning always happens when students are involved in the whole scientific process, and this equipment has allowed the students to do just that.” The device itself is rugged and compact and portable for use in a lab or in the field.

It has a touchscreen interface that allows the student to use a small plastic stylus to set lab parameters, collect and graph data, or do anything one might do while interacting with a computer. It contains a periodic table, a stopwatch, and other options that make calculations easy.  It can collect data up to 100,000 samples per second and can graph and analyze data at the touch of a finger. According to Science teacher David Weiss, “This is the same equipment that colleges and professional labs use. The LabQuest computer interfaces and sensing probes have allowed our students to interact with science instead of just reading about it. Think of it as a large IPhone but with scientific applications in mind.” It is easily portable, a characteristic that allows data to be taken in the hallways of SJA or outdoors on campus or the nearby Metro Parks. What type of data can be collected with these probes? For Chemistry, how about pH level, temperature, gas pressure probes and colorimeters for starters? Or dissolved oxygen, flow rate and conductivity probes for Environmental Processes. For Physics, force, motion sensors and photogates are used to verify principles of mechanics. And in Anatomy and Physiology, EKG sensors

and blood pressure sensors are being used to investigate bodily functions. Anatomy classes have been able to upgrade their laboratory experiences with the LabQuest technology. Blood pressure cuffs are now automated and remove the human error factor of listening for quiet pulse sounds of the arteries. Instead of using EKG strips from a computer or textbook, students can now work as amateur cardiologists by collecting and analyzing the EKG recordings of their classmates. Additionally, the electrical activity of muscle contractions can now be measured to compare the relative strengths of primary muscles versus assistant muscles. Students are better prepared for college and beyond because the LabQuest system has allowed them to experience the lessons instead of simply studying them. In the future, we hope to purchase GPS sensors and other probes to enhance more student activities. Technology that has great versatility and is fun to use? Sounds like a winning combination for everyone involved. We sincerely thank The Lubrizol Foundation for their recent grant to Saint Joseph Academy, supporting the purchase of some of the new LabQuest equipment. Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Junior Professional Shadowing Project


he annual Junior Professional Shadowing Project is designed to introduce Saint Joseph Academy juniors to the rewards and challenges of the careers that they may hope to pursue in the future. Students select careers to explore, find sponsors in those fields, and spend time at their sponsors’ worksites, observing and learning what skill and education are needed to be successful. They then report about their experiences and observations through journals. Many alumnae support the project, volunteer and share their jobs for the shadowing experiences. Academy Principal Audrey Menard passionately supports the project because “this program helps our young women build interpersonal skills in the ‘real world,’ essential pieces of the three ‘R’s of 21st century education: rigor, relevance, and relationships.”

Each year, our students select a wide variety of careers to shadow, and the Class of 2010 was no exception. Sponsors ranged from Broadway casting directors in New York City to interpreters of Russian and Arabic at the Cleveland Clinic to court advocates, attorneys, and judges in the Cuyahoga County justice system. According to SJA’s Career Shadowing Coordinator, Becky Goede McNulty J’96, “Overall, this year’s juniors gravitated toward professions in the education and medical fields. Advertising, marketing, broadcasting and theater careers were very well represented too, a testament to the creativity of this particular class.” If you are interested in volunteering your time as a sponsor for next school year’s Junior Professional Shadowing Project, please contact Becky McNulty, Career Shadowing Coordinator, at 216251-6788 ext. 255 or

Grainne Mangan J’10

Mary Jo Morgan J’10

Kathe Pocker J’10

shadowed at Westlake Reed and Leskosky architectural firm. “I shadowed a variety of people in the firm including architects, engineers, and interior designers. They showed me the many steps involved from concept to completion. The one project that really interested me were the plans being developed for Saint Joseph Academy. During my shadow experience I had a chance to work with Marianne Riccardi J’96, a very talented graphic designer at WRL. I could relate to Marianne and see myself one day in her shoes.”

was sponsored by Rita Ginley Andolsen J’82, News Director at WKYC. “I found my experience at Channel 3 to be incredibly enlightening. I never realized how much work goes into making a good news program. Mrs. Andolsen showed me how a broadcast is put together, how stories are edited and how the news team makes the stories come alive.”

traveled to Denver, Colorado, to observe a neurologist and a pathogens researcher at the University of Colorado Medical Center for her shadowing experience. “The two days I spent shadowing the neurologist were amazing. The hours were long but the experience was well worth it. I have wanted to be a doctor ever since I was little. I loved seeing the patients and performing check-up procedures. While observing Katie Propst, a researcher at Colorado State University, I found that I would love to be able to affect people’s lives by helping to find a cure. Because of this experience, I have renewed confidence in my life goal: to become a doctor, and better the world one patient at a time.” (Kathe on left)


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Amanda Drapac-Novotny J’10 had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Gregory Plautz, Chair of the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at the Cleveland Clinic. Amanda remarked, “I was able to learn about the inner workings of a hospital and the intimacy of patient care. The nurses even allowed me to assist with drawing blood! I am now positive that I want to become a pediatric hematologist/oncologist.”

Sophomore Kristen Hord Named Most Treasured Volunteer

Math Club Serves up “Pi Day”

Students receive a piece of pie from Mrs. Mary Charlton Laco J’74 for solving a math problem using Pi.

Sophomore Kristen Hord, a 16-year-old Youth Challenge volunteer, has been named a Most Treasured Volunteer by The Center for Community Solutions. Youth Challenge is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to bring together children with physical disabilities and youth volunteers who enrich each other’s lives through oneon-one participation in adapted sports and recreational activities. Principal Audrey Menard remarked, “We are extremely proud of Kristen and all of our young women who volunteer service to the community. They are all a living example of our mission of love for God, each other and all creation.” Kristen has been volunteering at Youth Challenge for four and a half years, dedicating over 454 hours of service. For the second year in a row, she was named Youth Challenge’s top Volunteer of the Year

with 120 service hours in 2008 alone. Sarah Perez-Stable, Youth Challenge Volunteer and Program Coordinator said, “Kristen is an extraordinary volunteer and so deserving of this honor. Youth Challenge is a volunteerdriven organization that depends on role models like Kristen to work with these special children.” Campus Minister Maureen Fallon Adler J’79 added, “Kristen is an outstanding example of our mission to serve the ‘dear neighbor’ which comes directly from the charism of the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph. Each year our students volunteer over forty-nine thousand hours in service to others in programs such as Youth Challenge.” In addition to her volunteer work, Kristen is a member of the Chinese Club and a Student Ambassador. Congratulations, Kristen! (photo courtesy of Youth Challenge)

March 14 is a special day for math enthusiasts everywhere, including those in the Math Club at Saint Joseph Academy. March 14th marks the celebration of “Pi Day,” in honor of the number Pi, infinitum. Remember Pi? It’s the number you get when you divide the circumference of a circle by its diameter. Pi cannot be expressed as a fraction and it continues forever! The Math Club members shared pie with any student that could complete a mathematical question involving Pi. In order to earn a piece of pie, a student was asked to measure the radius and height of a can and then determine the volume and surface area. Correct answers were rewarded with a slice of pie. According to Math teacher and club moderator, Mary Charlton Laco J’74, “Math is fun! This is a great way to solve math problems and receive instant gratification. I think we served over 200 pieces of pie!” The Math Club is just one of the forty-four sports and extracurricular activities available to our students at Saint Joseph Academy.

Father-Daughter Dance

Fathers and daughters enjoyed their special evening at the Annual Father-Daughter Dance sponsored by the Academy Parents. From Right to left: Jim Giallourakis with daughter Alexandra J’09 and Kaitlyn Roudebush J’09 with her dad Ted.

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


“Penny Wars” raise Four Thousand Dollars for Harvest for Hunger

Cheering on the Penny Wars are: From L-R: Kristen Kilbane J’09, Kate Roudebush J’09, Maura Heffernan J’09, Angela Ruggeri J’09, Cori Dantio J’11 and Yan Ling Cheung J’11

During the first week of March, students battled by class in our annual “Penny Wars.” Donations were collected to help the Harvest for Hunger campaign and to support the works of the “Praying Pelicans,” an organization that provides services in underprivileged countries and teaches the Gospel to residents in those countries. Students were encouraged to bring in any and all donations but in this competition, pennies were the most valuable contribution. Pennies added positive points to each class’ overall total, whereas all other coins, dollars, or checks deducted from the total. Students could add donations to their own class jar or strategically donate to other classes, effectively reducing their opponents’ final total! All said and done, the Penny Wars left the seniors on top, the sophomores in second, the juniors in third, and the freshman ended in last. The most important number that resulted was a donation of $4000.79 to Harvest for Hunger and the “Praying Pelicans” on behalf of Saint Joseph Academy. 6

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Saint Joseph Academy Students Dominate Awards at the annual One Act Play Festival Saint Joseph Academy students, under the direction of Mr. Kevin Joseph Kelly, received twelve awards at the Cleveland Theatre Conference Annual One Act Play Festival. “Wow! We are so proud of our young women,” said Principal Audrey Menard. Saint Joseph Academy competed against seven other area high schools in the festival which was held at the Kleist Drama Center on the campus of Baldwin-Wallace College. Saint Joseph Academy presented “CLASS ACTION,” a play by Brad Slaight which depicts different times in high school. “Everyone gave a terrific performance,” said director Kevin Joseph Kelly, “including freshman Jessica Musgrave. All the girls were amazing!” The Cleveland Theatre Conference competition was judged by Jack B. Winget, PhD a professor of theater and dance at

Baldwin-Wallace College where he received the 2008 Ohio Outstanding College Teacher Award. The awards for Saint Joseph Academy were as follows: Best Overall Performance: Kay Rommel J’11 Silver Medals: Jessica Walsh-Frazier J’11, Kayte Tuleta J’10 and Laura Jacobs J’09 Bronze Medals: Alexa Jones J’11 and Jessica Olle J’12 Stage Presence Award: Julie Jensen J’10 Readers Theatre: Laura Jacobs J’09 Monologue: Kay Rommel J’11 and Kayte Tuleta J’10 Theater tickets to the Great Lakes Theater Festival: Alexa Jones J’11 Cleveland Play House Tickets: Tiffany Lacey J’10

Festival winners from L-R: Front; Kay Rommel J’11, Julie Jensen J’10 and Kayte Tuleta J’10, Back: Jessica Musgrave J’12, Jessica Walsh-Frazier J’11, Alexa Jones J’11, Tiffany Lacey J’10 and Laura Jacobs J’09. Not pictured Jessica Olle J’12

College Acceptances Filling up the Wall At Saint Joseph Academy, we are like proud parents bragging about our daughters. This year, we began posting college acceptances for the Class of 2009 as a way to acknowledge their hard work and showcase the colleges where our upcoming graduates have been accepted. College Guidance Counselor Susan Jensen remarked, “We are running out of wall space! Our seniors are being accepted to many of the finest colleges and universities in the country like the University of Notre Dame, Duke University, Wake Forest, Boston College and Villanova University.” To date, our young women have been accepted to over 420 colleges and universities around the country. The schools are as far away as the University of Hawaii, Northern Arizona University and the Savannah College of Art and Design and as close to home as Cleveland State University, Case Western Reserve University and John Carroll University. If you are in the building, stop by to see this wall of honor. Many of these acceptances also come with scholarship awards, but you will have to wait for our Summer edition of UPDATE to find out the final tally. For now, congratulations to all of our seniors on their acceptances! Melissa Lewis J’09 and Kelly Shea J’09 show off their college acceptances.

Two Students Named Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Representatives Two Saint Joseph Academy students have been chosen as HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth) Leadership representatives: Sophomores Jennifer Przybysz J’11, and Henna Patel J’11,. Both will attend a workshop this summer at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio. The Mission of HOBY is similar to the mission of Saint Joseph Academy: to inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service and innovation. The vision is to motivate and empower individuals to make a positive difference within our global society through understanding and action based on effective and compassionate leadership. Congratulations Henna and Jennifer! Henna Patel J’11

Jennifer Przybysz J’11

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE



Sports Basketball Saint Joseph Academy basketball wrapped up the 2008-2009 season with great success. The season showed tremendous progress, highlighted by the Varsity Team’s Christmas trip to Alabama for a 3-game holiday tournament, and their huge regular season win over Magnificat on January 31st. Four seniors, Maura Heffernan, Leighann Larsen, Teresa Mangan and Bridget Urban, exemplified great leadership and the entire team worked extremely hard at improving themselves and achieving individual and team goals. “The seniors were truly positive role models for the younger players,“ according to Head Coach Dave Murphy.  Congratulations go to Seniors Leighann Larsen and Teresa Mangan, who were selected to play in the Greater Cleveland Basketball Coaches Association All-Star game and were named by Sun News to the girls AllSun team. Coach Murphy and all the coaches deserve credit for the outstanding performance from their teams. The future looks bright for the Jaguars as the Varsity team finished with a 12-11 record while the JV team finished at 13-4 and the Freshmen compiled an equally impressive record of 15-3 respectively. 

Above Left: Leighann Larsen J’09 captures a rebound. Above right: Teresa Mangan J’09 drives ahead for the shot.

Swimming Saint Joseph Academy swimmers made a big splash this swim season as four school records were broken. They included; the 200 Medley Relay (Ashley Horton ’10, Grace Harter ’12, Emma Ryan ’12, and Jessica Walsh-Frazier ’11), the 200 IM (Emma Ryan ’12), the 100 Fly (Emma Ryan ’12) and the 100 Back (Emma Ryan ’12). Congratulations go out to Freshman Emma Ryan who became the first district qualifier from Saint Joseph Academy in several years, qualifying in both the 100 Fly and the 100 Back. Coach Meg Story remarked, “All of the girls on the team showed great dedication, getting up for 5:30am practices 4 days a week and staying after school for dry land workouts.” That dedication showed as almost all of the members of the team dropped time in their individual races. A big thanks to all of the wonderful Seniors: Katie Dugan, Jessica Gawthrop, Clare Horning, Katie Roudebush, and Emily Tennant. Coach Story and Coach and Math Teacher Ed Dargay also did a great job! Emma Ryan J’12 competes in the 200 meter Individual Medley


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Spirituality “God’s Time” at the Kairos Retreats Each year Saint Joseph Academy junior and senior students who participate in the Kairos retreat program often say that the retreat came at the right time for them. It’s an interesting observation, considering the word “Kairos” means “God’s time.” Kairos retreats help students transcend “chronos”—the Greek word for measured time—and immerse themselves in God’s time. This freedom from measured time and the distractions of everyday life allows students to listen to God’s voice and reflect on who God is calling them to be. Juniors Molly Maloney and Julie DeLong reflected on their recent experience saying, “Kairos was a time to appreciate myself and others, and to learn ways to grow in God’s love. My time is God’s time.” Loosely based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, Kairos is a national retreat program that came to Saint Joseph Academy five years ago. This year, three Kairos retreats have been held for the junior class. A team of senior students lead the retreat with personal observations of God in their lives. The students are helped out by adult volunteers and the Kairos faculty moderators, Mrs. Grace Gutoskey Ogonek J’80 and Ms. Alison Barberic J’01. “During the retreat, students have time to pray journal, and listen to God speak to them through others,” according to Ms. Barberic. Participants also receive

letters of support from family and friends. Recently, Kairos XIV was held for 45 juniors. “For me, my Kairos was a moving experience that helped me come to know myself, my classmates and God better. In three short days, I grew spiritually as a thankful child of God,” said Samantha Schulte ‘10. Although the responsibilities and duties of chronos await everyone after the Front to Back: Kairos XII Retreat retreat, students are enLeaders, Erica Krasienko J’09, couraged and inspired Clare Ogonek J’09, Madie Szaller J’09, Megan Lowes to take the Kairos spirit J’09, Melissa Bresnahan J’09, with them into their Ms Alison Barberic J’01, Laura daily lives. Students Dunson J’09, Laura Jacobs J’09 and Mrs. Grace Gutkoskey who have experienced Ogonek J’80 Kairos form a strong community as they Left to Right: Yesenia Linares J’09, Idaliz Baez J’09, Erika Weisbarth J’09 and Emma Cleary J’09 of Kairos XIV support one another and live out the lessons they have learned on the retreat. Junior Emithe meaning of Kairos in their lives, but they lle Petrus observed “Going into Kairos, I had know they see life in new ways; they see more a lot of unanswered questions. To me, Kairos of God in their successes and failures, joys and was a time to search for those answers. I can sorrows. Those who have made a Kairos know genuinely say that I have taken a lot from this that God brought them there for a reason, experience. I strengthened my relationship and they leave understanding that it was the with my class and with God.” In fact, it is perfect time to experience God’s time. often the witness of the Kairos community Kairos is just one of the retreat options that encourages younger students to plan on available to students. Every year, each young making a Kairos when they are juniors. woman participates in a retreat experience at Students may not be able to fully articulate Saint Joseph Academy.

CSJ Ministries Names Executive Director

The Board of Directors of CSJ Ministries, which the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph incorporated last year, has named Janet Fleischacker, CSJ, as Executive Director and approved the appointment of Bill Gress, as

Associate Director. The Congregation of St. Joseph is a Roman Catholic religious organization of nearly 800 vowed women and 500 men and women associates. CSJ Ministries provides a unifying, stable structure for more than 35 ministries the congregation sponsors in various states across the nation’s heartland from Kansas to West Virginia and Michigan to Louisiana. Saint Joseph Academy, along with high schools in LaGrange, IL and Baton Rouge, LA, are part of the many ministries that the

Congregation sponsors. The Academy Board of Directors reports to Sr. Janet. Sr. Janet is busy meeting with the leaders of the various ministries. During a recent visit to Saint Joseph Academy, both Sr. Janet and Mr. Gress enjoyed a tour of the facilities. They met with students and had discussions with school President Mary Ann CorriganDavis J’71, Principal Audrey Menard and Finance Director Moira McGreer. We hope Sr. Janet comes back often so that she can get to know the wonderful young women here at Saint Joseph Academy. Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Development Planned Giving: A Win-Win Situation for the donor and SJA! Saint Joseph Academy is proud of each and every graduate, but once in a while you talk to an alumna whose personal story could be a book. This happened during a recent alumnae trip to Florida when we had the pleasure and delight to meet with Barbara Bouhall Graham J’50. Barbara utilized the tools and leadership skills that were fostered during her high school years to take an adventure of a lifetime. Who would have thought it would include a cross country trip with her nine children in 1966 that was chronicled by newspapers as they drove across the country, and even led to an appearance on the Art Linkletter Show?! When asked why she decided to make the trip, Mrs. Graham remarked, “because, coming from a poor family, we had never traveled and I longed to see the USA. Also, I thought it would be a great learning experience for our nine children.” Barbara spent two years preparing with the children, studying maps and a campground book. Barbara’s husband Don was a Lakewood firefighter and bought a “travel car” for the trip. The car was a 10-year old mauve Oldsmobile nine-passenger wagon

purchased from a fellow firefighter. Barbara felt this car was God’s blessing on their trip and it served them well. Don couldn’t leave his firefighter job for the trip, so the firefighters sent them off with a giant jar of peanut butter and lots of advice. Their oldest son, Joe, had a newspaper route for the Cleveland Press at the time. When the newspaper heard about their upcoming trip, they asked to cover it, promising they would call Don everyday to report on their progress and safety. “Another blessing!” remarked Barbara. She recalls that Dick Feagler was the local Cleveland reporter. Barbara had a sister in Palm Springs, California, whom she had not seen in many years, which was the original impetus for the trip. It took them 21 days to get to her sister’s home, driving only three hours a day due to bathroom breaks! The finale of the west coast visit was an appearance on the very popular Art Linkletter show. Barbara hopes this adventure of a lifetime will someday become published. After raising nine children, the Grahams do not have significant assets. Yet they have

made a meaningful gift to SJA just the same through a charitable gift annuity. Barbara and Don have donated a $20,000 charitable gift annuity to Saint Joseph Academy. A charitable gift annuity is a way to make a gift to Saint Joseph Academy and still receive income for oneself. “I felt that I am who I am today because of my education by the Sisters of St. Joseph. And I feel very blessed. When we make a donation we always look into the way the organization is run and we are confident they will be here for us,” said Graham. This is a win-win situation – a donation to SJA and personal financial security. Most gift annuity donors are retired, want to increase their cash flow and seek the security of guaranteed payments. It might also help to save taxes. The Grahams have also made charitable gift annuities to other favorite causes, including the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Salvation Army, among others. If you would like information about how to set up your own charitable gift annuity, please contact Development Director Kathy Robinson at 216.671.0166.

Left Barbara Bouhall Graham J’50 with her nine children on the Art Linkletter show in 1966. Below: Barb and Don Graham


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

SJA V i s i to r s to


Tom and Margaret Lynch Friends of the Academy

Karen Reich Nestor N’65 Friend of the Academy

2008-2009 Annual Fund: Making a Difference Do you want to make a difference in the life of a deserving young woman at Saint Joseph Academy? One of the best ways is by giving to the Annual Fund. All members of the community who have been impacted by Saint Joseph Academy and support its mission have the opportunity to make an investment in the Catholic education of these future young women leaders. Your gift to the Annual Fund helps meet our basic general operating needs and supports programs not funded by tuition. This year, the Annual Fund has made possible technology upgrades for our pre-engineering program, new transportation vehicles for co-curricular opportunities, and Campus Ministry activities. We need your help to achieve our $275,000 goal before June 30, 2009. If you have not given already this year, please use the envelope provided or make a secure online donation at, and click on the “Support SJA” link. Be assured that when you give to the Annual Fund, your gift at any level is put to good use right away. There is no gift too small and you may even qualify for a matching gift contribution from your employer. Each tax-deductible contribution makes a difference for every young woman at the Academy. Thanks for your support!


Walk of the Roses

A special memory for nearly every Saint Joseph Academy graduate is the excitement of her graduation day, carrying her bouquet of red roses down Rocky River Drive to Our Lady of Angels Church to commencement. The same tradition continues for the Class of 2009, to be witnessed by alumnae, friends, relatives, and SJA neighbors who line Rocky River Drive to applaud these young women on their big day. You can again participate in this year’s graduation by contributing to a bouquet of roses for one of our young women. For a $50 donation you can sponsor a member of the Class of 2009. This year, we will also honor the Class of 1949 on the occasion of their th 60 anniversary year of their graduation. Theses special alumnae have been invited to “Ride With the Roses” to Our Lady of Angels in “Lolly the Trolley.” They did not have a chance to walk because the Bishop requested that all Catholic high schools graduate from the newly renovated St. John’s Cathedral. A donation of $100 can be made in tribute to the Class of 1949. To donate, please send a check with your name, address, and phone number to “Walk of the Roses,” Saint Joseph Academy, 3430 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland, OH 44111, or go to and click on “Support SJA.” Your donation is tax deductible. If there is a specific individual that you would like to sponsor, please include her name and a short message of congratulations to her.

Martin J. Keane Cleveland Councilman Martin J. Sweeney Cleveland Council President Helen Malloy J’57 Cheryl Hagan O’Malley J’77 Director of Medical-Surgical Nursing Fairview Hospital Mary Curran Cleveland Clinic Foundation Linda McHugh Cleveland Clinic Foundation Dr. Evelyn Gund Carnegie Scholar & National Board Certified Teacher Joe Cimperman Cleveland Councilman Doug Rommel, Vice President American Greetings Corporation Linda Bluso, Esq. Partner-in-Charge Cleveland, Brouse McDowell Linda Kane J’75 Chief Accounting and Administration Officer Forest City Enterprises, Inc. Patrick A. Sweeney Consultant Dr. Steven F. Duffy Chair & Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering Cleveland State Unviersity Carol Rini Friend of the Academy Maureen Wenmoth Founder Longview Marketing Terry Fergus President FSM Capital Management Cathy and Dr. Mike Gallagher, DDS Westpark Dental Associates, Inc. Barbara Draves Administrator The Surgery Centers Eileen Baugh Biehl J’75 Friend of the Academy Cristin Slesh President Foundation Management Services, Inc. Dan Malley President Malley’s Chocolates Kathleen Durkin Ferry J’77 Telefast Industries, Inc. Miriam Lugo Friend of the Academy Felicia Gonzalez Soto J’89 Vice President, Operations Manager JP Morgan Chase Dale and Linda Doller Gabor N’66 St. Ignatius High School Friends of the Academy Janet Fleischhacker, CSJ Executive Director CSJ Ministries Bill Gress Associate Director CSJ Ministries Mike Cleary Executive Director NACDA

SaintCorita Joseph Academy Ambro, CSJ J’53 UPDATE St. Augustine Hunger Center


Celebrate the Academy 2009 “


nce again Saint Joseph Academy’s friends joined together for a magical night of celebration! Nearly 400 guests enjoyed our annual dinner and auction to support scholarships and academic initiatives. The evening was elegant, as we tipped our chapeau to France, where the Congregation of St. Joseph was founded. This year’s chairs Marcia Rocco Rahman J’81 and Marion Keefe, along with a committee of volunteers, did a spectacular job putting together live and silent auction packages. A special thanks to our many generous

Medaille Shield Award recipients Lori and Tom Hanson with Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis J’71

Co-chairs Marion Keefe and Marcia Rocco Rahman J’81 with their husbands Michael and Todd. Freshmen Megan Scelza, Maggie Boyer and Emma Ryan greet guests as Academy Ambassadors

Senior Halley Daniels


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Fairview Hospital President Janice Murphy (center) with Jesse and Michelle Dudas.

“Vive La France!” underwriters and sponsors, especially Don and Mary Smetana Kolick J’83 and Kolick’s Jewelers who donated a beautiful Cartier women’s watch and a Cartier pen. And “merci” to Dan Malley and Malley’s Chocolates, for providing a sweet favor for all attendees and a special live auction experience. Academy President Mary Ann CorriganDavis J’71 warmly greeted the guests and thanked them for their commitment to the young women who attend Saint Joseph Academy. Student speaker Halley Daniels J’09 spoke from her heart about her special experience as a student over the past four

years. Her comments about overcoming struggles and accomplishing her goals touched everyone’s heart. We also honored dear friends of the Academy, Lori and Tom Hanson, with the Medaille Shield award, given in tribute to non-alumnae who have been extremely supportive of Saint Joseph Academy’s mission and programs. Lori Hanson said of the recognition, “Our family is blessed to be able to endow a scholarship at SJA for young women like Halley. This year, seventy-six students applied for this scholarship, more than at

any other time. Each young woman wrote a beautiful, compelling essay about need, circumstance and how faith is so intrinsic to the life of the Academy. Each essay was akin to a love letter to their school, which is why we remain involved today.” Vive la France! was the most successful event to date netting over $175,000. Mark your calendar to join us on February 6, 2010. If you have an interest in becoming involved in next year’s Celebrate the Academy it is not too soon to join the effort. Please contact, Development Director Kathy Robinson, at 216.671.0166 or

Members of the Jazz Band left to right: Ashleigh Robertson J’12, Lauren Gnall J’11 and Kristen Herrmann J’09

Cecilia’s Song, left to right are: Mary Kostell J’10, Molly Maloney J’10, Erica Krasienko J’09, Becca Skrha J’09, Maddy Griffith J’09, Maddy Lanning J’12, Sara Masterson J’11, Idaliz Baez J’09, Magan Yantko J’10, Kayte Tuleta J’10, Samantha Manzuk J’09 and Helen Reinhold J’10

Sisters of St. Joseph, L to R: Seated; Patricia Finn CSJ, Mary Clare Moran CSJ J’45, Standing; Joyce Joecken CSJ N’61, Jacqueline Goodin CSJ, Kathleen Carey CSJ J’49, Theresa Hafner CSJ, Thelma Gerhart CSJ, Judy McGuire CSJ J’57, Pat Kozak CSJ J’64.

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Alumnae Spo tlight : N ur ses N

urses dispense so much more than just medicine, making this noble profession as much a calling as it is a career. Because so many SJA

alumnae have gone on to become nurses – hundreds, in fact – we will highlight more nurses in future issues of Update. We invite all our alumnae nurses to register on our website at to update your information and join your class group. Let us know about your career and other alumnae who are doing incredible work in the nursing field. As always, we love to hear from you!

Jennifer Neil Andrey J’79 Jennifer Andrey was not going to be a nurse. “My mom is a nurse, and because that was her profession, I was not interested,” she says. When she went to college at the University of Toledo, Jennifer majored in theatre and later switched to business but soon realized that neither was a good fit. She ultimately took a test through the guidance office to give her some direction as to what kind of work she would be suited for. The result? Nursing. It was an “ah ha” moment for Jennifer –


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

and an “I-told-you-so” moment for her mother. Today Jennifer works as Director for Cardiac Program Development for Fairview, Lakewood and Lutheran Hospitals, part of the Cleveland Clinic Health System. She is responsible for cardiac outpatient programs as well as quality indicators and quality management of the Division of Cardiology. She has been a nurse practitioner for 20 years. A nurse practitioner is an advance practice nurse who, through further training and clinical experience, can diagnose and treat through a collaborative agreement with a physician. She went through MetroHealth Medical Center’s certificate program, then went on to obtain her master’s degree in nursing from Case Western Reserve University. In thinking back on her career, which included time spent in the ER and internal medicine as well as specialty areas such as ear/nose/throat and cardiology, Jennifer says becoming a nurse practitioner was her most rewarding professional accomplishment. “It allows me to utilize some skills at a higher level,” she says. “I can work more autonomously and use more critical thinking.” Jennifer feels what she brings to nursing is a level of insight. “I tend to think of myself as someone who can listen,” she says.

From the first dying patient she cared for to the first baby she helped deliver, Cheryl O’Malley has repeatedly discovered that being a nurse feeds her passion for people. Over the years she’s been able to help others live to their fullest capacity or die with dignity. Administering to that first dying patient years ago and dealing with the family had a profound effect on her. “The experience made me reflect on how I

She believes healthcare is largely language interpretation – an art of understanding what doctors and patients are saying and translating accordingly. She finds the personal satisfaction in nursing phenomenal. Nurses make a huge difference at moments when someone really needs a difference made – when they’re vulnerable. As advocates for patients, nurses make sure they don’t fall through the cracks. Jennifer credits SJA for teaching her about service to others, such as giving back to your community and helping others – a work ethic that goes hand-in-hand with nursing. Her favorite memories of SJA are from the Drama Club and participating in plays with the students at St. Ed’s. She also remembers Mary Ann Fischer J’66 as her favorite teacher and Sister Nancy Conway, CSJ J’65 as teaching her to love languages. Jennifer has two daughters: Molly, 19, who goes to Bowling Green, and Hannah, 17, who is a senior in high school.

Cheryl Hagan O’Malley J’77 would want my loved one to be treated,” she says. And she took to heart what her mother had once told her: that at the time of death, the Lord is very near. Drawing on her spirituality to help families during their time of grief has been an integral part of her approach to nursing. Cheryl has been with the Cleveland Clinic Health System for 16 years and, for the last three years, has served as Director of Medical-Surgical Nursing at Fairview Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic facility. According to Cheryl, she didn’t want to go to college initially. But her father insisted she get an education, so she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Ursuline College in 1982 and a bachelor’s degree in nursing in 1984. She went on to receive her master’s degree in nursing in 2006 from the University of Phoenix. Nursing is a family affair for Cheryl. Earlier in her career, she worked closely with two of her sisters, also registered nurses. She recalls their many fun nights together, and

their patients were always well cared for. Today, the three ladies work in the same facility, though not together. She says one of the many rewards of being a nurse is that no two days are alike and you’re always learning something new. She also finds it a humbling profession because you are taking care of people – patients and their families – at their most vulnerable. Cheryl cites integrity, compassion, empathy and a good sense of humor as essential qualities to have as a nurse. A nurturing personality and critical thinking skills are also important. “My years at SJA taught me the importance of family, faith and friendship. I made – and have maintained – many friendships from SJA.” And she learned many important life lessons during her time there: to stand up for what she believes is right, to not let anyone tell her she cannot reach her goals, and that through prayer, anything is possible. She also learned the

value of hard work and integrity. She recalls Sr. Patricia Finn CSJ and Sr. Miriam Therese Ebenger CSJ as very influential women. Sr. Patricia was the principal at the time and reminded Cheryl to choose her friends wisely. And St. Miriam Therese, who worked in the attendance office, was known to Cheryl as Aunt Barb and was someone she regarded with much respect. Her favorite memories of high school included walking down Rocky River Drive at graduation wearing the long white gowns and carrying roses and walking through the tunnel from the school to the mother house singing “Goin’ to the Chapel.” Cheryl has been married for almost 27 years to Terry O’Malley. They have four children: Matthew, 25; Marty, 23; Bridgid, 21; and Sarah, 18. When she’s not on the hospital floor, Cheryl can be found on the dance floor, as she is an accomplished ballroom dancer.

Maureen Reidy Burger J’74

When Maureen Burger received a DAISY Award in December 2006, she was humbled. This honor reinforced not only what she loves about nursing, but validated what she believes she brings to the profession: excellence in patient care. Established in 2000, the DAISY Award is a program in medical facilities across the country to recognize nurses. Nominations come from nurse administrators, peers, physicians, patients and their families. The DAISY Award has been bestowed on over 3000 nurses since its inception. Maureen currently works two part-time positions: as a consultant for the Joint Commission Resources and as a staff nurse

for The Christ Hospital. In her consultant role, she focuses on helping healthcare organizations meet or exceed standards for continuous service readiness. And as a staff nurse, she’s worked for the past three years with recovering open heart surgery patients in the cardiovascular intensive care unit. She’s held a wide range of clinical and administrative roles, including Chief Nursing Officer, throughout her 32 years as a nurse. But her passion for patient advocacy and clinical excellence, combined with an enriched viewpoint of healthcare, led her back to clinical practice in 2005. According to Maureen, she always knew she would be a nurse. “I never really considered any other professions,” she says. She graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 1989 with a master’s degree in critical care nursing. This accomplishment became a stepping stone to positions with progressively more responsibility for patients and staff – and the opportunity to influence patient care from a wider perspective.

Her advice to those considering a career in nursing? Spend some time volunteering or working in a healthcare setting. Good communication skills, persistence, compassion and empathy are important qualities to have, and she also recommends getting a four-year degree. Reflecting back on her high school years, Maureen remembers not being a particularly serious student, but having fun in theatre activities with Mrs. Mary Bill J’42 at SJA and Mr. Murphy at St. Ignatius. Influential teachers included Mrs. MaryLou Halligan, who led the Future Healthcare Careers Club, and Miss Rosemary Hansen N’60, who taught physics and got her into an extracurricular advanced physics course. “And who would have guessed typing class with Mr. John Kunikis would come in so handy years later,” she says laughingly. Maureen has been married to Greg Burger since 1993 and resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. They enjoy golf, traveling and thoroughbred horse racing. Maureen is also an avid cyclist and has ridden her bike across Iowa, and in other long distance bike rides. Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Alumnae News

Regional Alumnae Visits The alumnae community of Saint Joseph Academy continues to grow across the country and beyond! Once again, alumnae in Florida invited President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis J’71 to join them to share the good news of the Academy. During the five-day trip in February, Mary Ann met with over 30 alumnae in different cities. Events included a luncheon in Naples generously hosted by Mary Lou Wasmer Durkin J’54 and Barbara McEntee Durkin J’53, as well as a gathering graciously hosted by Kay Lockwood Allen J’51 in Fort Lauderdale. All enjoyed reconnecting with each other and the Academy. In March, Mary Ann and Alumnae Director Mary Ann Fischer J’66 attended a recital given by Laura Simna J’03, daughter of Victoria Marra Simna N’74. Laura’s performance was part of earning her double master’s degree in musical performance and musical education from Ohio State University. (Bravo, Laura!) The musical treat was preceded by brunch with alumnae living in the Columbus area. Later that month, Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis took time out to meet with alumnae who live in the Phoenix and Tucson areas while visiting there. Mary Ann plans to meet with

Front row left to right: Ann Schneider Campbell J’57, Deborah Williams Wiley N’68, Dr. Laurel Retay-Nagle N’65. Back row left to right: Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis J’71, Gayle Hubbard Campbell J’60, Kristen Case J’03, Robyn Robey Kwast J’80, Beth Heffernan Broome J’80, Angela Sweeney Miller J’90, Eileen Corrigan Smoot J’74

alumnae living in Colorado in July when she attends the wedding of her niece Megan Corrigan J’01 in Denver. If you live near the Denver area, look for an invitation in the coming months. These trips serve an essential purpose of keeping our alumnae connected to Academy and the important work of building alumnae communities across the country. If you live in any of these regions or winter in Florida or Arizona, please contact Alumnae Director Mary Ann Fischer J’66 so we can update our records and ensure you are invited to a regional alumnae event in the future.

Front row: Victoria Marra Simna N’74, Erin Hritz Nance J’00, Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis J’71, Colleen Jones Porter J’84 Standing: Marie Donofrio Rutkowski J’95, Mary Ann Fischer J’66, Anne Brennan Raderstorf J’74, Kathleen Gurnick Arendt N’66, Mary Lou Griffin Kistner J’58, Laura Kistner Batchelder J’80, Sarah Gabel Branam J’99


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Legacy Breakfast On March 10, 2009 sixteen members of the Class of 2009 enjoyed their last legacy breakfast with their mothers and/or grandmothers who are alumnae. The spirit was high as so many of the alumnae knew each other from their years in school or from previous legacy breakfasts. In their time with SJA President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis J’71, the alumnae shared news of college plans for their daughter or granddaughter and heard updates on what is new at the Academy. Everyone seemed to really relish this opportunity to visit one more time before the seniors become alumnae themselves!

Row 1: Kristen Herrmann, Rebecca Leusch, Megan Stefancin, Kaitlyn Roudebush, Anne Marie O’Toole, Megan Sanniti, Megan Masella, Alexandra McGinness, Molly Sweeney, Elizabeth Klein Row 2: Teresa Mangan, Ann Fox Stefancin J’80, Margaret Smith Roudebush J’79, Maryclare McManamon Mangan J’49, Carole Reitz O’Toole J’51, Jeannette Gedeon, Elizabeth Canty Kennedy J’53, Louise Gerbasi Seeholzer J’50, Bride Ann Gallagher Sweeney J’50, Colleen Gallagher Row 3: Maura Heffernan, Anne Kowalski Herrmann J’82, Anne Chambers Gallagher J’81, Pam Staebler Marlowe J’76, Joan Jereb Heffernan J’78, Celeste McCrone Peck N’71, Norine Gedeon Sanniti J 76, Anne Taylor Leusch J’78, Caitlin Peck, Judy Fisher Klein J’78, Kelsey Robertson, Cassandra Schwartz Robertson J’84, Kate Dempsey Sweeney J’81, Kara Marlowe

An Evening of Reflection

Alumnae Basketball Game Front row: Karen Carleton Peterkoski J’91, holding Samantha Peterkoski J’2023, Denise Tinnirello Chomoa J’78,Christine Vokaty Becker J’82, Tressa Satanek Kemer J’91, Jennifer Kemer J’91, Allison Huber Motz J’91. Second row: Angela Tutak J’95, Marie Donofrio Rutkowski J’95, Stephanie Douglas Gargiulo J’88, Molly MacBrideJ’01, Terri Malisheski Costanzo J’79, Terese Pultz-Loudner J’89, Maureen Fallon Adler J’79. Back row: Terri Siegwarth J’84, Tammy Czarny J’92, Danyelle Skrletts Anderson J’88, Kathy Geiger Anzalone J’80, Denise Legg J’91, Teresa Baddour Hooper J’80, Barb Mullin Votruba J’78, Rosanne Tinnirello Kelley J’76, Jill Satanek Garlock J’92, Maryann Marek, Bre Kreuz J’05, Stacy Barlock J’91, Aubrey Glover J’91, Tobey Douglas Hanna J’94.

The alumnae basketball game is an annual match of graduates of odd versus even graduation years. The teams were evenly matched in terms of numbers of players, but the odds outmatched the evens in scoring, as they won (again!) 44 – 14. Good sportsmanship prevailed, and the real winner was the Don Kostell Scholarship Fund as donations that day topped $1000. It was a fun day for the players, spectators, and children of alums who took the floor during the break in action to show off their developing skills in making baskets. After the game, there was time for refreshments, family and friends.

Mary Schrader, CSJ J’61, Janet Moore, OSU and Pat Kozak, CSJ J’64

More than one hundred women gathered on the evening of March 31 to reflect, pray, and to be inspired. Following a light supper, Sr. Pat Kozak, CSJ J’64 led the group in a beautiful prayer and reflection. The attendees then moved on to their choice of three speakers. Sr. Pat Kozak spoke on “Jesus for Adults,” Sr. Mary Schrader, CSJ J’61 presented “The Thirteenth Station: We Are the Compassion of Christ in the World Today,” and Sr. Janet Moore, OSU led her groups in using “Classical Music as a Bridge to Contemplation and Prayer.” The attendees thoroughly enjoyed the evening as they were enriched in body, mind, and spirit.

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE



Dana Care ’09 In a school like Saint Joseph Academy, the faculty, staff, students, and parents interact so often that bonds are formed, making us a community. And when one of us becomes seriously ill, the community comes together. In January, Saint Joseph Academy came together for one of its students when senior Dana Care lost her courageous two-year battle with cancer. The news most feared was realized when Dana developed an infection during the course of her treatment and passed away the morning of January 26, 2009. Dana, daughter of Dave and Patty Hauck Care J’77, was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma two years ago. It started with a sore muscle in her upper right thigh. Our school athletic trainer Kristen Archal recommended she see a doctor right away. A soft tissue tumor was found, and after many tests and scans, it was found to be malignant. Dana remained positive and strong after her parents shared the news. She assured them that she was going to be okay. In fact, Dana assured everyone! Dana worked with an amazing team of doctors and nurses from the Cleveland Clinic who helped her fight the disease. She underwent chemotherapy and radiation from the end of her sophomore year through the beginning of her junior year – all the while keeping up with her studies as her friends supported her. During Paws for Pride Day sophomore year, the class of 2009 showed their support as they surrounded Dana, opened up umbrellas and sang the hip-hop song “Umbrella,” which says,

“When the sun shines, we’ll shine together... I’ll always be a friend... Now that it’s raining more than ever, know that we’ll still have each other. You can stand under my umbrella.” Last September, at the beginning of her senior year, Dana began experiencing more pain. She underwent more chemo and radiation and another surgery on her leg from the original tumor. But it was not to be. Dana was one of those gifted girls – friendly, athletic, caring, and above all funny. Dana played softball and was the catcher on Saint Joseph Academy Varsity Fast Pitch Softball team and played volleyball. She also belonged to the Ohio Emeralds, a fast pitch travel team. She was an excellent student, a member of the Kairos team, S.A.D.D. and National Honor Society, and a friend to all. As the school community of Saint Joseph Academy came together, we celebrated Dana – her friendships, her accomplishments and her short life. A school Mass was celebrated by Bishop Roger Gries and her parish priest, Fr. Greg Schaut of St. Patrick’s (West Park). Friends decorated the Academy Center with posters expressing their thoughts and feelings about cancer and their friend. Dana’s beautiful smile and positive attitude will always be remembered at Saint Joseph Academy. In addition to her parents, Dana is survived by her brother Justin, grandparents Ray and Margaret Hauck, and great aunt Sr. Marion Hauck, CSJ. A scholarship endowment fund in memory of Dana Care has been established to help other young women attend Saint Joseph Academy. If you would like to make a contribution in remembrance of Dana, please call Development Director Kathy Robinson at 216. 251.6788 x218


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Memoriam In

Frances Kuhn J’28 Mary Pierce Moran T’29 Catherine M. Prendergast T’30 Dolores Keefe Coffey T’31 Mary Schroeder Plumeck J’34 Ardell Finnigan Nalley J’38 Coletta Storey McGuire J’41 Marjorie Finnigan Meyer J’41 Kathleen Curtin Papp J’41 Ruth Rodgers, CSJ J’43 Gertrude Jones J’48 Rosemary Laskey Martin J’49 Rosemarie Ernst Symchock J’50 Rose Jasko Weisman J’50 Joanne Stercula McCafferty J’51 Mary Elizabeth Koenig Slattery J’52 Patricia Ann O’Malley Wilkolak J’53 Nancy Harrington Rowland J’54 Catherine Kettel Stefancin J’54 Joanne Fridrich J’55 Margaret Saunders McCarthy J’55 Karen Hayes Musser J’56 Mary K. Jecker O’Grodnick J’59 Donna LaJack Hinko J’60 Judith Sliwa Reitz N’62 Carolyn Hlavin J’63 Barbara Macken Althoff J’64 Janet Olschlager Loomis J’64 Rita Hart Hochman J’68 Elaine Ujczo N’70 Sheila Murray J’71 Bridget McCafferty-Mahoney J’73 Kathleen Hogan J’74 Wendy Lipstreu J’00

Eternal rest grant unto them O, Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Marie Rodgers Furman J’38 on the death of her husband, Edward R. Furman.

Katherine Berger Gavel J’53 on the death of her husband, Nick “Mickey” Gavel.

Karen Dydo Levy N’61 on the death of her father, Edmund Anthony Dydo.

Eileen Gibson Rutt J’40 on the death of her husband and Kathleen Rutt J’71 on the death of her father, Joseph W. Rutt.

Marilyn Lovell Ryser J’53 on the death of her husband, James Ryser.

Joann Jecker Stenger J’63, Margaret Jecker J’67, and Marian Jecker Sullivan J’72 on the death of their sister, Mary K. Jecker O’Grodnick J’59.

Helen Arth McConville J’41 on the death of her husband, Robert C. McConville. Dorothy Storey Downey J’42 on the death of her sister, Coletta Storey McGuire J’41. Patricia McCarty Urban J’42 on the death of her son and Lyn Schraff Kelley J’74 and Jill Schraff J’78 on the death of their brother, Jay P. Schraff. Marguerite Fitzgerald Martin J’45 on the death of her son and Nora Martin Carey J’80 on the death of her brother, Kevin C. Martin. Carol Volk Simmerly J’45 on the death of her husband and Mary Carol Simmerly Conway J’74, Suzanne Simmerly Tippy J’82, and Maureen Simmerly DeLorge J’84 on the death of their father, Herbert A. Simmerly.

Audrey Bonyko Wolff J’53 on the death of her husband, Patrick L. Wolff. Kathleen Keaveny Conkle J’54 on the death of her husband, Raymond Conkle. Carol Constantino Trigg J’54 and Dolores Constantino Williams J’59 on the death of their mother, Mildred Constantino. Dolores Ernst Visk J’54 and Elizabeth Ernst Drobnak J’55 on the death of their sister, Rosemarie Ernst Symchock J’50. Maxine Mossbruger Hoehn J’56, Carol Mossbruger Sabol J’65, and Susan Mossbruger Nichols J’66 on the death of their mother, Marie Mossbruger. Jeanette Fridrich J’57 on the death of her sister, Joanne Fridrich J’55.

Joan Marquard Bennett J’46 and Lois Marquard Vysoky J’56 on the death of their brother, Robert J. Marquard.

M. Barbara Pfefferl McIntyre J’57 on the death of her husband and Patricia McIntyre Wilber J’56 on the death of her brother, Bart T. McIntyre.

Lucy Brannigan Hoban J’46 on the death of her son and Kathleen Hoban Reisner J’70 on the death of her brother, Fr. Robert L. Hoban.

Mary Lou Wagner Budek J’58 on the death of her husband, Joseph A. Budek.

Ruth Hauenstein Wiemer J’47 on the death of her husband, Raymond Wiemer. June McNeeley Sheehe J’48 on the death of her daughter, Gail Mary Stern. Sally Dolan Hart J’49 on the death of her husband, William Hart. Marie Grodzinski Mayton T’49 on the death of her daughter, Bonnie Horvath. Loretta Fox Murray J’49 on the death of her husband, Eugene Murray. Carol Steigerwald Eucker J’51 on the death of her husband and Mary Ellen Eucker Smith J’83 on the death of her father, Willus Edward Eucker, Sr. Catherine Stepko Uzl J’52, Margaret Stepko Lohn J’56, and Susan Stepko Nelson J’66 on the death of their mother, Jeanette Stepko.

Kathleen Betz J’59 on the death of her sister, Barbara Nobles. Diane Callomon Manzo J’60 and Gayle Callomon Carr J’62 on the death of their mother, Margaret Callomon. Patricia Murray Tomcho J’60, Peggy Murray Ledger J’65, and Eileen Murray J’67 on the death of their sister, Sheila Murray J’71. Kathleen Fedor Murphy N’60 on the death of her brother, Thomas Fedor. Bethanne Coffey J’61 and Donamarie Coffey Russo J’63 on the death of their mother, Dolores Keefe Coffey T’31. Chris Ann Miller MacGregor J’61, Maggie Miller Kubovchik J’65, Mary Eileen Miller J’69, Therese Miller Kehoe J’71, and Patricia Miller Flesch J’74 on the death of their brother, Daniel Miller.

Maureen Kearns Garabis J’65 on the death of her husband, Francisco Garabis, III. Maureen Hughes Koma J’65, Patricia Hughes Novak J’67, Kathy Hughes J’68, Sheila Hughes J’72, and Shannon Hughes Seikel J’85 on the death of their mother, Elizabeth Ann Hughes. Elaine Therese (Terri) Olschlager Shawhan J’65 on the death of her sister, Janet Olschlager Loomis J’64. Elaine Zunt Trapp J’65 on the death of her brother, Ronald Zunt. Joanne Delsky Guta N’65 and Susan Delsky Marolt N’68 on the death of their mother, Anne Delsky. Margaret O’Malley Strachan N’65 on the death of her sister, Mary Ann O’Malley. Roberta Pfeil Collins J’66 on the death of her father, Robert Pfeil. Anne Marie Hart Monateri J’66 and Clare Anne Hart Borsos J’81 on the death of their sister, Rita Hart Hochman J’68. Mary Anne Macken Hahn J’67 on the death of her sister, Barbara Macken Althoff J’64. Diane Hays Johnson J’67, Mary Hays Schuster J’73, and Patricia Hays J’74 on the death of their brother, Michael Hays. Nance Verdell Szorady N’67 on the death of her husband, Julius P. Szorady, Jr. Judith Carson Kohring J’68, Diane Carson Teater J’70, and Marie Carson Jezeski J’75 on the death of their mother, Margaret Louise Carson. Colleen Rancour McQuaid J’68, Susan Rancour Higgins J’72, Mary Ellen Rancour Bringman J’74, and Denise Rancour Blackburn J’76 on the death of their brother, John Rancour. Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


Memoriam In


Donna Schultz N’68, Saint Joseph Academy English teacher, on the death of her mother, Rita Schultz. Anna Ament J’69 on the death of her mother, Louise Ament. Maureen McCafferty Arbeznik J’69 on the death of her brother and Kelsi McCafferty J’12 on the death of her father, Daniel F. McCafferty. Jo Ann Lukes Murphy N’69 and Rosemary Lukes Bender N’75 on the death of their father, Richard T. Lukes. Donita Palmer N’69 on the death of her mother, Dorothy Palmer. Linda Zimmer N’69, Lorraine Zimmer N’70, and Joan Zimmer Rubenking N’73 on the death of their father, Bernard Zimmer. Mary Kay McCafferty J’70 on the death of her sister, Bridget McCafferty-Mahoney J’73. Diane Hones Murray J’72 on the death of her husband, Gary L. Murray. Mary Beth Dasinger Warnke J’72 on the death of her father, Henry Dasinger. Marjorie Miketo Caughey N’72, Patricia Miketo N’74, Karen Miketo Gaski N’76, Laura Miketo Mitchell N’78, Marita Miketo Pompeani N’79, and Mariellen Miketo Morgano J’84 on the death of their father, Edward J. Miketo.

Patricia Hauck Care J’77 on the death of her daughter, Dana Marie Care J’09. Nancy Zahara Brugh J’79 on the death of her father, Lewis J. Zahara, Sr. Maureen Hogan Loeser J’82 on the death of her sister, Kathleen Hogan J’74. Denise DeWerth Steve J’83 on the death of her mother, Beatrice DeWerth. Ursula Vecchio Grendell J’84 on the death of her son, Nicholas Charles Rauser. Stephanie Cupak Kaine J’84, Christine Cupak Moorehead J’87, and Susan Cupak J’94 on the death of their father, Stephen Cupak. Mary Riccardi Kessler J’84, Mary Catherine Riccardi J’87, Martha Riccardi Wood J’93, Michelle Riccardi J’93, and Marianne Riccardi J’96 on the death of their father, James D. Riccardi. Cassandra Schwartz Robertson J’84, Jennifer Schwartz Garcia J’94, and Hilary Schwartz Keberdle J’96 on the death of their mother, Mary Schwartz. Jennifer Sears Matousek J’85 on the death of her mother, Jane Ellen Sears. Supriya Ghose Culliton J’86 on the death of her father, Harold Ghose.

Cheryl Gallagher Neforos J’73 on the death of her father, James J. Gallagher.

Joan McCafferty Urban J’86 on the death of her mother, Joanne Stercula McCafferty J’51.

Diane Vale Suhay J’73 on the death of her father, George E. Vale.

Marilyn Scott J’87 on the death of her father, Arthur Scott.

Mary Ellen Pennock Ryan N’73 on the death of her brother, Thomas Pennock.

Cynthia Kocsmar Belle J’90 on the death of her father, Alexander Kocsmar.

Kathleen Slattery Daney J’75 on the death of her mother and Kathleen Koenig Hines J’51, Joan Koenig Colwell J’55, Margaret Koenig J’61, and Helen Koenig Keilman J’63 on the death of their sister, Mary Elizabeth Koenig Slattery J’52.

Nancy Rofail J’06 on the death of her mother, Victoria Rofail.

Mary Anne Ellert Rolph J’75 on the death of her father, George C. Ellert.

Mike Kunikis, Saint Joseph Academy Social Studies teacher, on the death of his mother, Anna Kunikis.


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Leanne Gilgenbach, Saint Joseph Academy Librarian, on the death of her father, James Albert Pennetti.

Beyonds Alumnae


Kathleen Carey, CSJ J’49, (formerly Sr. Mary Terence), was presented with the St. Ignatius of Antioch Service Award for her years of teaching service to the school. The award was presented at Boulevard Bash, the school’s annual dinner and fundraiser, on October 18, 2008. Sr. Kathleen was honored for her nine years of service, from 1952 to 1961. Shirley Frindt Chambers J’49 was recently honored as the 2009 Irish Mother of the Year by the United Irish Societies.


SJA Class of 1951 will continue to have their lunch date once a month at Gene’s Place at Kamm’s Corners. They will meet there at 11:30am, but are changing the day to the last Monday of the month. They hope that changing it to this day will make it possible for more of their classmates to attend. Corita Ambro, CSJ J’53 was honored by Cleveland City Council for her nearly forty years of service to the St. Augustine Hunger Center in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland. Sr. Corita and Fr. Joe McNulty, pastor of St. Augustine’s, were presented with a resolution naming the corner of West 14th Street and Howard Avenue after them at a ceremony held on November 2, 2008. Councilman Joe Cimperman, who has worked with Sr. Corita for many years, presented the resolution. SJA Class of 1953 will hold their next luncheon on June 18, 2009 at 1:00pm at Jack’s Steakhouse at the Marriott (West 150th St.). Contact Donna Smith McCafferty J’53 (216-941-7298) or Peg McIntyre J’53 (440-239-1683). Please plan to attend and catch up on class news. At their last luncheon, Shirley Lasky Wolfe J’53 collected donations for turkeys for the St. Augustine Center and Corita Ambro, CSJ J’53 shared stories of her work there. Patricia McHale, CSJ J’56 was featured in an article by Denise Ellsworth, horticultural columnist, for the Akron Beacon Journal. Sr. Pat recently retired after many years in the Activities Department at Regina Health

Center in Richfield, Ohio. While there, she worked with Ms. Ellsworth and other master gardeners to create a beautiful garden for the center. When Ms. Ellsworth heard of Sr. Pat’s retirement, she decided to devote a column to her. Barbara Singer Miller J’56 received the Sr. Kathleen Kilbane, CSJ Award from the West Side Catholic Center in recognition of her thirty-two years of dedicated service to the center. She, along with Sr. Kathleen Kilbane, CSJ J’52, was a member of a group of church leaders and volunteers who gathered in 1977 to explore the growing need for an institution to provide for the increasing number of homeless and poor on the near west side of Cleveland. The result was the opening of the West Side Catholic Center. Barbara has served as board president and as a loyal volunteer. She has directed the kitchen, which continues to serve increasing numbers each year. Priscilla Saxton, CSJ J’58 was honored by Catholic Charities Health and Human Services in Cleveland for her outstanding contribution to CCHHS and to the people they serve. Sr. Priscilla has worked at St. Augustine Manor since October of 2006. She was presented the St. Elizabeth of Hungary Award at the 9th Annual Employee Recognition Awards on November 14, 2008, presided over by Bishop Richard Lennon.


Daneen Georgy Warner J’66 received her MDiv and ThM at Duke Divinity School and completed a one year residency as a hospice/palliative care chaplain at Moses Cone Health System in Greensboro, North Carolina. Daneen’s thesis on death and dying, written while the Westbrook Scholar at Duke’s Institute on Care at the End of Life, has been edited into a book, “Life, Death and Christian Hope,” published by Paulist Press.


Anne Bill Foradori J’73 directed “Amahl & the Night Visitors” at the University of Nebraska’s Kearney Recital Hall in November of 2008. Anne’s updated version of the play, changing the setting to the time of the Depression, was a big hit.




Tiffany Jarus Koppenhofer J’01 married Eric Koppenhofer on June 14, 2008. Her maid of honor was Kristen Kirchendorfer J’01, and her bridesmaids included Amy Valentine J’01, Kim Arth J’01, and Bridget Buttolph J’01. Tiffany currently teaches kindergarten in North Carolina.

Catherine Corrigan Tompkins J’87 was recently elected to partnership at Squire Sanders & Dempsey LLP. Kate is a public finance lawyer in the Cleveland office, who represents governmental entities and private companies with economic development projects and public-private partnerships.

Angela Tutak J’95 went on a medical mission in October of 2008 to Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala. Angela did fisioterapia (physical therapy) and she, along with the physicians, nurses, and other volunteers, was able to help 2,229 patients. “Helping Hands” is a Catholic medical mission, so the group also did door-to-door evangelization and other faith activities in the evenings and on weekends. Anyone interested in hearing more about Angela’s experience can email her at Beth Stanek Reagan J’98 married James Reagan on January 17, 2009. Bridesmaids included Jessica Seeholzer J’98 and Lisa Rea J’98. Colleen Seto J’98 married her childhood sweetheart, Jack, on October 20, 2007 at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Sarah English J’98 and Kelley Gorbett J’98 were in attendance and Josephine Yuen J’98 served as one of the maids of honor. Colleen and her husband currently reside in Columbus, Ohio. Holly Acklin Ahlman J’99 married Ryan Ahlman on October 4, 2008. Many alumnae took part in the ceremony, including Amanda Kuntz Podhradsky J’99, Liz Conway J’99, Charlotte Paulozzi Seith J’99, Jamie Acklin J’02, and Melissa Kalt J’05. Angela Sweeney Miller J’90 married John Miller on September 20, 2008 at Our Lady of Angels Church in Cleveland, Ohio. They currently reside in Scottsdale, Arizona. Laura Grabiec J’95 recently graduated from U.S. Army Basic Combat Training at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. Laura is currently attending Advanced Individual Training at Ft. Jackson, and will be attending Airborne School at Ft. Benning, Georgia this summer.

Jacki Vigh Hutchinson J’01 married Kevin Hutchinson on July 13, 2007. Katie Maloney J’01 was her maid of honor. Jacki has spent the last three years working as a high school English teacher in Washington, DC, and now does educational programming at a museum.

Erin McAdams J’01 choreographed and taught a liturgical dance to the SJA Dance Team in October of 2008. Erin is a dance teacher at Cleveland Ballet Conservatory in North Royalton, Ohio. Alyssa Wiegand J’02 has been promoted to Merchandise Planner for Gap Body in the San Francisco office of The Gap. Alyssa has been with the company since graduating from the University of Chicago with a BS in Art History in 2006. Julie Semenec J’06 taught a dance class to the SJA Dance Team in December of 2008. Julie is studying Dance Therapy and is dancing for Eastern Michigan University. Katie Berry J’07, a sophomore at Walsh University, was named the American Mideast Conference Women’s Basketball Player of the Week in January of this year. She was also named to the All American Mideast Conference FIRST Team and was awarded the Walsh University women’s basketball team’s Most Valuable Player Award for the second year in a row, and given the Captain’s Award. Katie recently met up with another SJA alumna, Erika Falcone J’04, on opposite sides of the court. Erika is a senior at Notre Dame College and played Katie’s team in an American Mideast Conference Game. After the game, both players enjoyed a visit and learned they share the same major, Special Education. Donna Friedman J’08 made the Dean’s List at Loyola University of Chicago for the fall semester of 2008. Grace Cleary J’04 has received a full scholarship to the University of Massachusetts to work on her Masters in Anthropology. Saint Saint Joseph Joseph Academy Academy UPDATE UPDATE

21 21

Author, Author! Two Saint Joseph Academy alumnae have been published. Mary Brigid Barrett J’73, President and Executive Director of the National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance, has compiled “Our White House:

Looking In, Looking Out,” and Sr. Mary Jane Masterson, CSJ J’46 (formerly Sr. Judith) has written and published a biography, “One Nun’s Story.” Mary Brigid developed the idea while advocating at the White House for literacy, literature and libraries. “We thought of it as a creative solution to promote literacy, historical literacy and civic engagement,” she said. The book has been in the works for eight years and has been named a “2009 Notable Book for Young People” by both the American Library Association and the National Council of Social Studies Teachers. It has been named “Best Book of the Year” by The Horn Book Magazine, School Library Journal, Publisher’s Weekly and Amazon. It has been featured on the Martha Stewart Show and chosen by the New York Times as one of the eight best gift books of 2008, the only one for young people on the list. And former First Lady Laura Bush gave Malia and Sasha Obama an autographed copy when they visited the White House.


CubClub Dianne Anderson Bishop J’84 & Brad Bishop a daughter, Olivia Marie, born November 3, 2007; adopted September 11, 2008 Mary Patricia Norton Rhea J’87 & Alan Rhea a daughter, Katherine Mary, born October 18, 2008 Noreen McCafferty Fay J’88 & Jim Fay a son, Declan Thomas, born December 29, 2008 Colleen Biggs Lull J’88 & Steve Lull a daughter, Jaedyn Maria, born November 19, 2008 Shari Furey Schrembeck J’91 & Stan Schrembeck a son, Dalton James, born September 20, 2008


Sr. Mary Jane Masterson’s book documents a revealing journey that begins with her birth, education (including here at SJA as a student) and continues to the present day. With honesty, openness and humor, Sr. Mary Jane recounts her growingup years in an Irish Catholic family, and the exciting road of renewal that she continues to travel today. Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ author of the best seller “Dead Man Walking,” said in her review, “She’s got a fantastic story to tell about God’s unfurling grace in her life as a nun. Not for just a decade or so-but sixty years!-told simply and honestly from the heart.” Her story movingly reflects her struggles, her spiritual and intellectual growth, her joys and her constant “yes” to her commitment. “Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out” is available at bookstores or Amazon. com. “One Nun’s Story” is available at Sr. Mary Jane’s website, maryjanemasterson. com. or through the Saint Joseph Academy bookstore at

Cari Readinger Henegar J’96 & Ron Henegar a son, Nathan, born April 14, 2008

Molly McCann Gumucio J’99 & Alex Gumucio a son, Leo Alexander, born December 21, 2008

Laura Jackson Siebert J’92 & David Siebert a son, Zachary David, born April 22, 2008

Heather Brown Koranteng J’96 & Felix Koranteng a daughter, Clara Louise, born October 10, 2008

Megan Brenenstuhl Hengstler J’99 & Jacob Hengstler a son, Kolton Maxwell, born July 11, 2008

Rebecca Quinn Bryda J’94 & Jeffrey Bryda a son, Luke Jeffrey, born September 15, 2008

Molly Stubner Jeffrey J’97 & Jim Jeffrey a daughter, Morgan Theresa, born August 12, 2008

Kristen Lutz Marshall J’99 & Tim Marshall a son, Carter, born July 9, 2008

Amy Goede Cruickshank J’94 & Jason Cruickshank a son, Samuel John, born December 23, 2008

Megan Pescho Nicolette J’97 & Edward Nicolette a son, Alexander Joseph, born April 9, 2008

Kathleen Amos Negrey J’00 & Jason Negrey a daughter, Kiley Alexa, born November 2, 2008

Aimee Misconish Andrich J’96 & Brian Andrich a daughter, Isabelle Grace, born January 21, 2008

Devin Kyle Healy J’97 & Paul Healy a son, Andrew John, born January 2, 2009

Marcy Acklin J’01 a son, Noah, born May 4, 2008

Kristina Buckley Craig J’96 & Adam Craig a son, Zachary Adam, born November 13, 2008

Meghan Blayney Hanna J’98 & Joel Hanna twin sons, Colin Raymond and Shaun Douglas, born February 16, 2009

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Tracy DiBiasio Noga J’01 & Stephen Noga a daughter, Lauren Michelle, born October 15, 2008 Megan Amos Barrow J’05 & Jarrod Barrow a daughter, Madelyn Kathleen, born November 29, 2008

Summer camps 2 0 0 9

Sports Camps Basketball

She shoots, she scores! Join our coaches and players to improve your ball-handling, shooting, passing, and rebounding skills. Participate in exciting games, drills, contests, and prizes! Session 1: June 22-25, 2009, 8:30am-12pm, girls entering grades 3-5, $75 (registration deadline – June 8, 2009) Session 2: June 22-25, 2009, 12:30pm-4pm, girls entering grades 6-8, $75 (registration deadline – June 8, 2009) Session 3: July 13-16, 2009, 8:30am-12pm, girls entering grades 6-8, $75 (registration deadline – June 29, 2009) Session 4: July 13-16, 2009, 12:30pm-4pm, girls entering grades 3-5, $75 (registration deadline – June 29, 2009)


Our ‘goal’ is to keep your existing soccer skills fresh and learn new skills from our SJA soccer players and coaches. Focus on dribbling, passing, receiving, and shooting for all skill levels. June 22-25, 2009, 3pm-6pm, girls entering grades 4-8, $75 (registration deadline - June 8, 2009)

Cross Country

Our state-ranked cross country team and coach Fred Kieser (past participant in the US Marathon Olympic Trials and winner of the Cleveland Marathon) will help you burn past the competition in the fall. July 27-30, 2009, 9am-12pm, boys and girls entering grades 4-8, $75 (registration deadline – July 13, 2009)


Get ‘set’ to ‘serve’ up improved skills next time you step on the court. You’ll ‘dig’ our SJA volleyball coaching staff and players while focusing on individual skills, basic defense and team offense. Session 1: June 15-18, 2009, 8am-11am, girls entering grades 4-6, $75 (registration deadline – June 1, 2009) Session 2: June 15-18, 2009, 12pm-3pm, girls entering grades 7-8, $75 (registration deadline – June 1, 2009) Session 3: June 15-18, 2009, 5pm-8pm, girls entering grade 9, $75 (registration deadline – June 1, 2009)

Arts & Enrichment Camps


“Acting out” (and much more!) is encouraged at this camp where you will learn about the many aspects of the theater, including auditioning, acting, stage craft, make-up, costumes, playwriting, and production. Campers show off these newly-acquired skills in an original show that they write and produce. July 6-24, 2009, 12:30pm-3:30pm, girls entering grades 5-9, $265 (registration deadline – June 22, 2009) Note: camp fee includes the cost of a field trip to the Cleveland Play House

Digital Music Mixing

Students will use Mixcraft Multi-Track Recording Studio to create a personalized mix of custom sounds, including precise loops from pre-recorded songs, in a variety of musical styles. You’ll have all the necessary tools you need for pre-mixing, mixing down and creating your own professional DJ mixes, choosing from an expansive library of instruments and sounds. July 6-10, 2009, 9am-12pm, girls entering grades 4-8, $100 (registration deadline - June 22, 2009)

Let’s Dance

So you think you dance?! We know you can so why not join us for this camp? Participants will learn choreography and technique including jazz, funk/hip-hop, lyrical and musical theatre. Camp concludes with a student recital. July 13-16, 2009, 9am-12pm, girls entering grades 4-8, $75 (registration deadline - June 29, 2009)

Digital Fashion Design Students will explore many aspects of fashion design, including styles, trends, and couture, and have the opportunity to take a design from concept to construction. See your fashion ideas come to life using computer tools and software such as Graphire drawing tablets, Microsoft PhotoStudio and Paint, Moviemaker and PhotoStory 3 for Windows. You can showcase your designs with a narrated and/or musical slideshow of your portfolio to take home on a CD and participate in a duct tape fashion competition! This program is designed to teach entrepreneurship and product development. July 20-24, 2009, 9am-12pm, girls entering grades 4-8, $100 (registration deadline – July 6, 2009)

Two Weeks of Broadway

They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway but you’ll shine brighter as you sing and dance with us during this camp! You will enhance your individual strengths and talents and showcase them in a Broadway–style musical revue. Session 1: July 27-Aug. 7, 2009, Session 2: July 27-Aug. 7, 2009, 8:30am-12:30pm, 1:30pm-5:30pm, girls entering grades 5-8, $215 girls entering grades 5-8, $215 (registration deadline - July 13, 2009) (registration deadline - July 13, 2009)

Register before the deadline of the Camp you are attending.

For More Information or a Camp Brochure Call 216.251.4868

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Joseph Academy UPDATE Saint Joseph Academy • 3430 Rocky River Drive • Cleveland, Ohio 44111 • Saint


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Cleveland, OH Permit No. 912

Saint Joseph Academy 3430 Rocky River Drive Cleveland, Ohio 44111 Dated Material Address Correction Requested

Parents of Alumnae: If this publication is addressed to your daughter who no longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please notify the Alumnae Office at (216) 251-6788 X221, or write to us at 3430 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44111. If you enjoy reading UPDATE please let us know. We’ll be glad to send a copy to her and continue sending a copy to you.

Ahead Looking

Senior Farewell Mass & Alumnae Induction All alumnae are invited to attend the Senior Farewell Mass and Induction into the Alumnae Association on May 29, 2009 at 12:45pm at Our Lady of Angels Church. Alumnae who attend will participate in a meaningful ceremony to welcome the graduates into the Alumnae Association. Please call the Alumnae Office at 216-251-6788 Ext. 245 if you plan to attend.

Golf Outing 2009 The Annual Golf Outing to benefit the Saint Joseph Academy Scholarship Fund will be held on Saturday, August 1, 2009, at Mallard Creek Golf Course in Columbia Station. Golfers will play a scramble format. The day includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Please mark your calendar now and watch for further details in the mail. This outing is open to anyone who loves to golf and benefit a good cause! If you have never golfed with us before and would like to join us this year, please call the Alumnae Office at 216-251-6788 Ext. 245 for further information.

Day Trip to Lake Chautauqua Back by popular demand! Mark your calendar for June 30, 2009! We will visit Chautauqua Institution, have lunch at the historic Athenaeum Hotel, cruise the lake on the Chautauqua Belle, and visit Valvo’s Candy Store. Be sure to bring your walking shoes. Arrangements by Nowak Tour & Travel. Cost is $105 (with $10 of the ticket price benefitting the Saint Joseph Academy Scholarship Fund). Watch your mail for a reservation form. For additional information please call the Alumnae Office at 216-251-6788 Ext. 245.

“Forbidden Broadway” at Huntington Playhouse The Alumnae Department is sponsoring a spring evening at Huntington Playhouse to see a performance of the lighthearted musical review, “Forbidden Broadway,” on Thursday, May 28, 2009. We have reserved the entire playhouse for this performance – general admission seating. Cost is $18 per ticket. A wonderful pre-show reception will begin at 7:00pm and the show will begin at 8:00pm. Watch your mail for a reservation form.

Grand Reunion 2009

All alumnae of SJA who graduated in a year ending with “4” or “9” are invited to attend the Grand Reunion which will be held on Saturday, October 10, 2009. The event will begin that afternoon at SJA with time to visit with classmates and tour the school. Mass will be celebrated at 4:00, followed by dinner at La Centre in Westlake. Please mark your calendars now and watch for your invitation to arrive at the end of the summer.

Register On-Line at events

Alumnae Hall of Fame 2010


The Alumnae Hall of Fame was established in 1990 to recognize the achievements of alumnae of Saint Therese Academy, Nazareth Academy, and Saint Joseph Academy. The Induction Ceremony is a biennial event and will be held in the Spring of 2010. If you know of an alumna who is deserving of this recognition, please obtain a nomination form by going to the SJA website ( to download the nomination form, or call Alumnae Director Mary Ann Fischer J’66 at 216-251-6788 Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE to have a nomination form mailed to you. Nomination forms must be submitted no later than November 13, 2009.

Saint Joseph Academy Update - Spring 2009  
Saint Joseph Academy Update - Spring 2009