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from the President Dear Alumnae, Parents and Friends of Saint Joseph Academy, The chailging

of the

seasons is surely ane of the great gifts of

Saint Joseph Academy

LVing in Cleveland. Springtime dways reminds me that f,om

3430 Rocky River Drive Cleveland, Ohia 44111

death springs life, Ihe lesson of Easter and the foundation of our Catholic faith. Perhaps ihat !S why Ilhis lime of

216-251-6788 www.sju 1890.or9

year is such

a happy one for me. Another happy occurreflce for me has been meeting with the generations of Academy women, as we continue

UPDATE is published by Saint Joseph Academy for alumnae, parents and friends.

Contributors to this issue of UPDATE included: Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis J'71, Mary Ann Fischer J'66, Dan Gunther, Marla Mueller, Eileen Biehl J'75, Betty Hlorl, Becky McNulty, Myco Hapklrls, Jill Satanek Garlock J'92 and Katie McAdams J'02. Cover photogroph courtesy of Katie McAdams J'02. For more information or questians, please call Eileen Biehl at 216-251-6788 or email her at

to celebrale the legocy of families thai share educalions sponsored by the Sisters of the Congregation of Saint Joseph I was parNculorly touched

of one such

of Accdemy women. In March, Junior Katie 8aiore'k J08 joined with her mother, ,Laura Stanek Bajorek J'79, and her grandmother Barbara Goldbach Lesniak J'53, for our third Legacy Breakfast with Ihe Presideni. Barbera s~ared Ihat her mother, Mae Keenan Goldboch, graduated frOm rhe Academy in 1927, and she bro'ught her by a receni story

family Iha! counts back four generalions

mother's closs ring to share. We were all charmed by this gesture, but what fdlawed was even more pOignant. Barbaro never knew her mOlher, as Moe died when Barbaro was iust seven days old. In those days, the maternHy words were closed to visitors, bui one young mother hod a nurse friend drop by for a visit. Unknown at the time was prior to visiting, the nurse had carE;Jd for a patient with scarlet fever. All the yaung mothers in the maternity word become ill and died, 路Inch.:oing Barbaro's reother, Moe. Although she knows Moe only through other's memories, Barbaro is proud of her mother's edL'Jcotion at Saint Joseph Academy, and she wondered if we hod the yearbook from

1927 Alumnae Direclor Mary Ann Fischer JI 66 come to the rescue.

Barbaro opened the yeorbook gentJy, scanning each page for a glirepse of the molher

11S, ION STATE lEN aim Joseph Academy, an accredired, comprehensive Catholic high school ounded in 1890 by rbe Congregation of Saint Joseph, exists for the purpose of providing quality education for young women of diverse backgrounds. Cenrral w rhe life of our school is a rhrusr for peace and jusrice in a community which promotes love of God, respect for self, orhers and rhe environmem rhrough living out the Gospel message. We enconrage each srudent ro develop positive values and ro arricware hl:t rhinking so thar she can be a leader making construcrive connibutions to society. We endeavor ro nillrnre the talems of each young woman so she becomes a woman of fairb with global perspecrive who is striving for imegriry and preparing for life.

S .

Ihot she hod never known Finally, she spied the grcduallon piclure of her mother, and there, next 10 the picture, hell mother had signed, "Lovingiy, Moe." Imagine, eighty years after her mo~her's graduation, Barbaro hod a message written lovingly in her mother's own handl We were all moved by ~h'ls exlraordinary and tender moment. There truly is somethiilg special abaut Ihe bonds that tie us together as Academy woman We also mark Ihe passing of two more incredible Academy women, namely Sister Mary Sheilo Sweeney J'40 and Mary Fournier Bill J'42. These women were pori of what Tom Brokaw has dubbed "The Greatest Generation," and great they were. Educaied women, dedicated women, women miss ~hem, and we are proud


c10im them as our

of leadership and service.

We will


These am exciting times a~ Saint Joseph Academy, as we celebrate our past and the iraditions we hold dear, and look ahead, as we prepare today's students for the

21 ", century. Thank you for your supporl and interest in the good work :hol goes on here every coy!

Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis J71

Mandarin Chinese to be offered at Saint Joseph Academy n January, we proudly announced to the school and the community the addition of Mandarin Chinese to our curriculum.

offerings is a significant and ground-breaking initiative" said President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ]'71., In an exciting vemure dlat wiIJ further this curriculum addition, Mrs. Menard and Mrs. Barb Kilker, Associate Principal,

There is no other school on Cleveland's west

are traveling to China this spring with educationallcaders 拢i.路om

side and no other Catholic school in the area

around the nation. The Chinese government is subsidizing

that offers the study of the Chinese language to high school students.

the majority of (he cost of the trip and their visit will include tours of schools in that country. Mrs. Menard and Mrs. Kilker will journey to five cities in China in nine days. To encourage our girls to collaborate with Chinese students, Mrs. Menard

"This is an exciting opportunity for our girls ro

is hoping to engage a sister school for Saint Joseph Academy.

participate in an innovarive educational experience with

"These activities will position our school as a place where global

global implications," said Principal Audrey Menard. The

thinking and learning happens. We are eager to explore how

school sponsored two days of activities highlighting study of

Chinese studies will affect the girls and their educations," she said.

the Chinese language and culture. Our students responded overwhelmingly to this new initiative, and Mrs. Menard was forced to limit participarion ro 60 girls. As part of the introduction to Chinese studies, the girls learned to write their names in Chinese, viewed Chinese texrbooks and enjoyed a Chinese lunch. Current students Elizabeth r08 and Elena Irizarry rO? performed a Chinese Lion Dance in fUll costume. Teachers from the Westlake Chinese School led the discussions and demonstrations. ''To posirion our students as global thinkers and leaders, the inclusion of Chinese in our course

Saine Joseph Academy



aint Joseph Academy's 2006-2007 Junior Shadowing Project took place from Tuesday; January 30th , through Thursday; February 1st. This project provides each of our students with an opportunity to explore a career of interest by observing and participating in the daily responsibilities ofher sponsor ~ a professional in her chosen career.

Morgan Brenner J'08 Sponsor: Dan Weiss, Senior Creative Recruiter, American Greetings

"I was quite amazed by everything 1 saw at American Greerings. 1 wasn't aware that so many differem departmems of people take part in the planning and prodnction of just one card. I found it to be an inspiring experience, as 1 didn't know that mere are so many different art路路related jobs in rbe work world," - Morgan Brenner

Morgan Brenner]'08 (inyellow) andAnne Cm'ey]'Oa (jal' right/fit right in with this grol~P .from American Gn:etings.

Margaret Barrett J'08 Sponsor: Patticia Bernaer, 2 nd Grade Teacher, St. Mory's Catholic School "During my experience at St. Mary's, I lrnew I was answering my call in life - to be a teacher and mold young minds. I learned how to run a successful classroom full of laughrer, love, and learning, and that a teacher needs [Q love whar shc does, because teaching is a difficult yet rewarding job." - Margaret Barrett lYfargaret Barrett enjoys her time with the students from St. Mary's Catholic School.

Mary Grace Adler J'08 Sponsor: Terrie Gorr, Director of Volunteer & Provider Services, West Side Catholic Center

Emily Dantio J'08 Sponsor: Keith Libman, Portner, Libman Goldstine Kopperman & Wolf, Accountants & Consultants

"Before I shadowed ar West Side Carholic Center, I did nor understand how much time and efforr it takes to run a non足 profit organization. Some volunteers have been at the cenrer for over 10 years. ~ \. They have never received anything from the people they help at WSCC, yet they keep coming back to give co rhe community every day." - Mary Grace Adler

that deadline pressures and juggling multiple responsibilities are some of the more difficnlt aspects of being a CPA. However, he also commented that he is happiest and closest to feeling successful when business, community, and family are all equal in his life." - Emily Dantio

Angelina Chuppa J'08

Catherine Felder J'08



Sponsor: Christopher McHenry, M.D., Endocrine Surgeon, MetroHeolth Medical Center "One of Dr. McHefiLy's patients consented to let me watch her snrgery足 the removal of her adrenal gland. Watching the operarion made it much easier for me to learn the different parts of the body because it was more realistic than a textbook. Dr. McHenry loves to see the immediate changes in his parienrs after surgery." -Angelina Chuppa

"As I shadowed Mr. Libman, I learned

Sponsor: Keith Mast, Vice President, Environmental Business line Director, URS Engineering Corporation "At URS, I spoke ro some emplo:.ees about site walks, or going our imo the field to explore a project sire. This led me to the realization rhaL 23 an environmental engineer. 1 ',\"0 'r' working on things mat! . ~ - ab e to touch and see. I will be working on acrual Frob.'::~i ;'f,3. ,,'::]

be able to actually make things happen. iF 0, ':' L:~ ::.. i:::-'-., ,~:...~.

- Catherine Felder





(Left to right) J(illhlt:e11 Fi1f1l1 va with her sponsOi; lvIn-. Denice Hunek, at St. Vinant Charit)' Hmpital in Cleveland.

Ashley McComas j'08. Sponsor: Sarah Sphar, Editor, Northern Ohio Live

Kathleen ,Finn J'08 Sponsor: Denice Hunek, Nurs.e MQ oger, St. VlincentCharity Hospital "Nursing is a career filled with endless personal and professional rewards. A nurse is nor only concemed with her patients' physical well being, bur rheir emotional, social, and spiritual condirions as well. Mrs. Hunek told me rhat, as a nurse, she is choosing to spend her life helping others by using skills [hat combine scientific lmowledge wirh compassion and caring." - Kathleen Finn

Elizabeth Gaertner j'08 S:pOfisor: Ril:'o Ginley Andolsen J'82, Assistant News Diredor,WKYC-TV "Duriug my time at the studio, Mrs_ Andolsen walked me through almost all [he pwcesses involved in putting a newscast together. No day is ever the same in the news world, because rhe news is never [he same. Al[hough the reportets may go thwugh rhe same motions every day, each day they prepare for somerhing jusr a bir different." - Elizabeth Gaertner

Rebecca Kostell j'08 Sponsor: V.P. Boyle, Broadway Audition Coach, Max Theatrix "For my Junior Shadowing Project, I had the opportunity to go to New York Ciry. Mr. Boyle showed me how much hard work, perseverance, skill, and hean it takes to succeed on Broadway. I learned how to audition better, create resumes - everything that a struggling actress in Ne'.'1 York City musr MOW how co do." - Rebecca Kostell


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


"While I shadowed at Northern Ohio Live, Ms. Sphar treated me like a teal journalist. She gave me assignments, deadlines, and some constructive criticism ro improve my articles. I was told [hat two of my articles would be printed in rhe March issue of the magazine. I also learned how important it is communicate well with sponsors and dients." -Ashley McComas

Paige Pierce j'08 Sponsor: MichQel Daymut, Council Word I, City of Strongsvi'lle "After attending some council meetings, I have learned that more women need m gee involved in polirics. In the world of polirics, men srill seem to be in control, and women's voices need to be heard. I also leamed that teens my age need to have a greater interest in politics. We won't be able to question Oll( leaders' decisions jf we aren't well-informed about the issues." - Paige Pierce

Michelle Seither j'08 Sponso'r~ Doniel Petit, ;Ph.D., Chief, Division of atural Resources, Cleveland MetrCtp-arks

''After I shadowed Dr. Perit, I was much more aware of the wildlife in Cleveland and how many people. including me, are ignoranr of the gmwing problem. I learned that [he mission of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is to educare people about the need to help preserve wildlife." - Michelle Seither

If you are interested in sponsoring an Academy Student for Junior Shadowing next year, please call Becky Goede McNulty Y96 at 216.251.6788 ext. 255

Basketball Teams ComJ?lete Successful Seasons

Personal Bests, Mark the Jags Swimming Season


or four days of rhe week, during the four coldest months of the year,

members of our swimming and diving team braved cold water and very early (5:30am) mornings. This dedication by the girls resulted in a seasan highlighted by many personal besr times. Meg Story, Head Coach, and assistant

路 P

or the third year in a row, all Jaguar basketball teams finished rhe season with more wins than losses, a rnnrasric accomplishmem! There were many ex:ciring games with close finishes. This ex:citement culminared in the Varsiry team going to the Disrrict Semi-Finals for only rhe second rime in our school history. Led by coaches Jill Garl.ock]'n, Kerry Malloy]'OI and Jay Messner, the Varsiry team improved and gained momenrum as the season progressed to finish wirh an oursranding 14-9 record. The team rewrned only three players from last year's Varsiry squad. Senior Katie Berry and Junior Molly Lehane led rhe ream in scoring, avetaging 19.1 and 8.4 poims respectively. Karie Berry was widely recognized as one ofNormeasr Ohio's top players. She was a two-rime Plain Dealer Game Ball Nominee and a Plain Dealer Player ofthe Week. Katie was named an All-Ohio Honorable Mention as well as an alrernare for the All-Ohio Norrh! Somh All-Srar Game ream, accolades mar are given to only top senior baskerhall players rhroughom rhe stare. She was also chosen for the second team of the All Normeasr Ohio Lalces squad. Recognized as one of the top 20 players fi'om any grade level in the Northeast

coach Michelle Chuppa encouraged the swimmers who worked long alld hard. By the end aF the season, at a meet at Lakewood, over 20 Jaguar swimmers recorded their best t,;mes. Accomplishments such as this kept team morale and spirit high. Seniors Helen Pipak, Amy Schickendantz, Ohio area, Karie was selected to play in the Greater Cleveland Basketball Coaches fusociarion All-Srar Game. She concluded her career having scored 954 points, which placed her in me top five of all Saint Joseph Academy scoring leaders. The Jaguars will definitely miss Seniors Maria Ortiz, Rebecca Gooding and Katie Beny, but with nine players returning for next year's ream, rhe basketball program looks sttong for the future. The Junior Varsiry team fought their way m an impressive 12-8 season. Head Coach Marianne Mangan, with assistant coaches Melissa Conrad and Erika Falcone ]'04, guided the team rhrough an excellent season that ended on a three-game winning screak. A great season was also completed by the Freshman Jags. Finishing with a 13-7 record, the girls were directed by Head Coach Bill Scrong, with assisrant Misty Serback ]'02.

Megan McQuil,len and Michaela Munday and Junior Leah Smith, team captain, did an amozing job of preparing the team and geliting them psyched-up For every meet. Expect more great things From Jaguar swimmers next year.

Saim Joseph Academy U DATE


Breakfast with Alumnae Engineers

On March 9, three Saine Joseph Academy Pre-Engineering srudems and their teachers were treated to breakfasr with six Sainr Joseph Acaderuy alumnae who currendy work as engineers. Each alum shared why she decided ro become an engineer, what [ype ofengineering she works iu, and offered advice to the srudenrs. The studenrs demonstrated and explained some of their projects and assignmems ro the engineets. Ir

was a great opporrunity for all to learn ftom each other! The alumnae who attended and their places of employment are: Joyce Brady Dever ]'83 at NASA, Meghan Blayney Hanna ]'98 at NASA, Joanna Toth Jones ]'94 ar MTD, Peggy McCrone Jones ]'81 at Avery Dennison, Kristen Lutz Marshall ]'99 at Cintas, and Mary Liberatore Schragal ]'82 at Southeast Drive Systems.

We thank and acknowledge Claire Plummer (picrured here) for her many years of service and commiunent to our bingo program. Claire served as the coordinator of Saint Joseph Academy bingo for nearly 7.0 years. Claire's familiarity and loyalty to the Academy is evidenced by daughters Megan Plummer Williams ]'91 and Suzanne Plummer Rosol ]'97.

Firsr row: Mary Liberatore Schragal ]'82, Krisra Freeman )'07, Sang Du )'07, Michelle Kleparzlci )'07. Second row: Joanna Toth Jones ]'94, MeghaIl Blayney Hanna ]'98, Peggy McCl"OneJones ]'81, Kristen Lutz Marshall ]'99, Joyce Brady Dever ]'83.

Mrs. Barb Fagan from Campus Ministry organized a wonderful lunch during Catholic Schools Week, in Januaty, for faculty, staff and CSJ sisters.


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

The Kallos retreat nnrtures the spirituality of students, &culty and staff at Saint Joseph Academy. lniciared by the cla.~s of2003, tills retteat is led by seniors for junior rerreatants. The overnight experience encourages panicipants to teflect on their telationships with God, &mily, friends and classmates. This nationally recogniu:d program also provides an opportunity to infuse me charism of me Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph into oW" school community. Recently, our principal, Audrey Menard, made her own Kairos retreat with Students Jenna Munfotd )'07 (I.) and Maisie Regotti )'07 (R).


Mike Merriman, Chief Executive O~icer, L0l11SOn

& Sessions

B'rian Williams, Vice President for Enrollment, Christine Somosi, Director of Communications, John Corroll Urivelslly

Karen Reich Nestor N'65, Educolloilol Consv!jcn l Dr. Mark Storz, A5SOCiate Pro~essor, Johi, Ccrroll UniverSl1y Most Reverend Richard G. Lennon,

of Cathok D"locese of Cleveland


Susan Condon Love J'76, Coicmnist,

The Plain


Connie Sipple, President, PSI

Sr. Maureen Doyle, OSU, Director,

Urban Commur:ty School

Susan and Jerry Sch'roer, Frierds of SJA Bob Schug, former d'reclol', Saint Joseph Academy Bocrd

Emily PolkJ'lO (center) recieves rhe Knight~ of Columbus Scholarship from Mr. Bob Sears as Mrs. Menard approves. Emily is me daughrer of Laura Day PolkJ'74.



Patricia M. Buckhold N'70, Chef Operotions Officer, Cfevelond Sight Ceri~er

Kathryn Baugh Hofmcm J'79, D'irector of MOjor

Legacy Breakfast Left ro righr: Barbara Goldbach LesniakJ'53, Katie BajorekJ'08, Laura Stanek Bajorek J'79.

Planned Gifts. MorqLe~e Universily

Linda Kane J'75, Senior Vice Pres'dellt, Corporate Conlrol!er, Allan Krufok Vice PreSident, Director of Community Afbrs, Mike

Lonsway, Vice Presidenj, Asst. Confroller/lnterndl Reporting, Forest City Enterprises

Fred DiSanto, Bill Reidy, Dr. Mory Beadle. Boord Chairs, St. IgnatiUS High School, St Edward High School, and Magnificat High School, respeciveiy

Nancy Rodeno, Vice PTes:dent, Sherwin Will'lams Company

Wendy Shiba, Senior Vice Presiden1 ond General Counsel, PoiyOne Carporalion

Reverend Robert L Niehoff, SJ, President, John Carroll Urlversily

Steve Smith. Chief Flnondc! Or~icer, American Greetings Corporaiion Gina Sullivan, Director of COmll1~"lcalions, Congregotion of Saint Joseph

Anne Unverzagt, The Edward and BeHy Sloat Foundation

Marietta Storrie, CSJ, Bill Roediger, Dan Jenks. Friends of ,he Poor Cbes

Thomas M. Loird, Jr., Sen;O' Vice PreSident, Gilbolle BUilding Company

Julie A. Boland. Chief Financial Ofker and Treasurer, Oglebay Norton Company

Thomas V. Chema, President, James F. Borrett, Associate Vice President for Enrollment, Hiram College

Carol Zinn, SSJ, NGO for the Congregations of Saini joseph at The Uniled Natlors

Rosemary Breehl, President, Breeh!,

John Carroll University Presidenr Robert L. Niehoff, SJ, recencly mer wim some of me Sainr Joseph Academy faculty memhers who are also John Carroll University graduares. L ro R Erin Blayney }'96, Dennis Hjort, Paula Schuetz, Farher Niehoff; SJ, Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis }'71, Maureen Fallon Adler ]'79, Donna Schultz N'68.


& Zehe

Daria RoebuckJ'75, Vke PreSident, Erico Jim Spira, Choirman, Brulonl. Inc,

Celebrate. O

ver 400 alumnae, parents and friends of St. Joseph Academy gathered on January 27th 2007, to "Celebrare the Academy." Co-chairs Cathy Gallagher, Denise Messina and Sue Folk were commirred ro the theme of the evening, "Our Futute's So Bright, We Gotta Wear Shades!" The crowd responded enthusiastically, and over $100,000 was raised to fund seholarships for girls to atteud Saint Joseph Academy. Highlights of rhe evening, emceed by parent Rich Sulzer, included a live auction of gteat prizes and the presentation of the Meda.ille Shield award to Sandra S. Sullivan. Next year's event will be Jauuary 26 th , 2008. Mark your calendars now!

Co-<:hairs (L to R) Sue Folk, Cathy Gallagher, Denise Messina.

Above: (L to R) Sr. Kathleen Kilbane, CSJ, J'52

Medaille Shield recipient Sandra S. Sullivan.

Below: (L to R) Mary Lou Durkin J'54, Tom

Sullivan, Sandra Sullivan, Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis J'71.

(Lto R)

Sr. Jeanne Cmolik, CSJ, N'65

Jacque Bishop-Klee N'77.

Tax law change is temporary but still available for IRA Charitable Rollovers Mr. J. Howard Flower is taking advamage of a cax law that will end in December of2007. Mr. Flower established me Barbara Tarchanin Flower fS2 Endowed Scholarship Fund in 2006 with family and friends in memory of his wife. He is using me benefits of the current tax law to increase dle amount of funds in this scholarship. ''I'd like the fund ro continue to grow and provide more financial aid," says Me Flower, "and this temporary change in dle law offers a good way for me to contribute to do so." Enacred lasr year, the Pension Protection Act included a number of changes and reforms in tax laws relared w charitable giving. Among (he charicable tax incentives is an IRA rollover provision thar allows individuals over rhe age of 70 1/2 to make donations up to $100,000 from an IRA without having to trear the donarion as taxable income. Previously, such withdrawals wete treared

as income and required donors to itemize deductions and claim the gift: w receive tax benefits. We urge you ro maximize the benefirs of this law before ir expires at the end of this year. For more informacion and discussion, please call the Development Office at 216-671-0166.



â&#x20AC;˘ continue to â&#x20AC;˘


Endowed Scholarship funds can be started by an individual, families, classmates, or other graups wha wont to hanor or memor;a!ize son,eone WhO has made the Academy c speciO'i place. Twa new endowed scholarship funds have recently surpassed the $10,000 mark 10 become fully funded.

The FalJst,in and Lucille Hack Scholarship Fund was eslablished by their ch'l!dren in honor of their parents. Mr and Mrs. Hack I,ad a ceep appreciotion for Catholic education and t'he volues that education illstililed In their seven children. Three

of the

~ack daughters, Jacque'lyn Hack Plen;zer

J'58, Patricia Hack Coleman J'67 ond

Bernadette "Bobbie" Hack Hallahan

J' 69, are aiumilae af Saint j osep;1 Academy. The Sr. Mary Brigid Griffin, CSJ

Calling ALL Alumnae!

Endowed Scholarship Fund was created by the GriRin fomily to I memorialize Sr. Brigid's

Check your voice moil! This year the Phone-A-Thon happened during a winter week of wonderfully spring"like weather in Northeast Ohio

of the great outdoors,

: devotian 10 teaching

Despite the lure

and her faith. Sr. BTtgid

we hod many volunteers, both alumnae and students, to

served cs

make calls. We raised over $16,000 in pledges over four days and spoke with alums in 23 states. But, we left plenty of messages!


principai of

Saini joseph Academy.


,.t She was also a former ,IV\'oiher Superior of

Contributions to Saint Joseph Acodemy ore critically important to help us ensure rhat all girls who desire an education here may receive one. During the present

the CSj Congregation ond a committed

school year, we distributed over $500,000 in financial aid and scholorship

supporter of Transitional HOUSing for Victims

support. We wanl to increase the amount

of funds

available to keep Saint Joseph

Academy accessible and affordable to the

of domestic violence. Her family estoblished the scholarship as


way ta cannect "her

families that we serve. Gifts to the Annual Fund

dedication \0 the Acodemy and passion ior

are one way that you. can join us in this effort.

empowering women in need" for generations to come.

To make your contribution to this year's Annual Fund, please contact the Development Office at 216"671-0166.

If you woujd like further informalion on haw you con begin a named endowed scholarship, p!eose contact the Development ORice at 216-671-0166.


Saim Joseph Academy UPDATE





Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE: _•............._-~~-_._~_._---~--~_._---




Mary Fournier Bill J'42

. s..

aim Joseph Academy losr one of irs most loyal snpponers in the death of Mary Fournier Bill J'42 on December 4, 2006. Mary died in her home in Lakewood

surrounded by her family, indnding her hnshand Charles and daughters Kate Bill

1'72 and Anne Bill Foradori 1'73. Ie would be hard co find anyone who was as

commined co Sainc Joseph Academy in so many differem ways as Mary was.

As a srudene, she served as ediror-in-ch iefof her yearbook, The Historiette, appeared in plays, and was rete[[ed to in me yearbook as "mis peppy little member ofoUI class who never seems ro rire." Mary rerurned [0

Saine Joseph Academy in 1963 ro reach Speech and Crearive

Dey of Reflection for Women Thirty-six women come together at River's Edge at the CSJ Motherhouse on Saturday, February 24, to begin the

of prayer. Joyce JoeckenF CSJ N F61 led season af Lent with a day

Dramarics and ro direcr one major drama producrion each

the graup in a discussion on new

year. Ten years larer, Mary was offered a job wim me Grear

approaches to fasting and almsgiVing

Lakes Theatte Shal<espeare Fe.~rival. Her responsibiljrie.s mere

Time was allowed for quiet and group

grew, and she was made Managing Direccor, a posirion she

prayer, including Ihe Stat,ions

held wuil she recired in 1993. She was instrumental in moving me Fesrival [0 me Ohio Thea[[e for which Tony Brown, Plain Dealel'Thearer Crtric, referred co Mary as "an Ul1SWlg heroine of Cleveland's downrown revitalizacion." In 1990, Mary was a member of the firsr "class" ro

of the

Cross for women. According to participant

Rita Hakey Szy J F63,

"Joyce provided so many wonderful and practical ideas to enrich our Lenten

she was rhe commencemenr speaker for che Sainc Joseph

Ginny Lubinski Dobrovic JF 65 added,

Academy graduation exercises, and she served on rhe Board

"A wonderful break from our hectic

be inducred inca the Alumnae Hall of Fame. In 1993

experience and our lives."

ofTrustees from 1994 to 2000. She was a hmiliar face ar many Sainc Joseph Academy

livesl A chance ta shore with other

evenrs and was a popular figure wherever alums garhered.

women on the [ourney." A follow-up

In referring co The Plain Dealer arcicle wrirren byTony Brown, George Eppley said mar Mary, rhe "unsWlg hero ... deserves a long and loud ovacion for her grear work ar Playhouse Square." Saint Joseph Academy can add "Bravo, Mary" for your years of love :lIId support


of prayer for women will


planned for later in the yem.

for your Alma Marer! I~

Alumnae Director Mary Ann Fischer J'66, joins Sr. Joyce Joecken, CSJ N'61. 12

Sainr Joseph Academy UPDATE

Sr. Mary Sheila Sweeney, CSJ, J'40

Alumnae Basketball Game


r. Mary Sheila Sweeney, CSJ, ]'40 who taught at both Saim Joseph Academy and Nazareth Academy and was a member of the Alumnae . Hall of Fame, passed away on February 22,2007. Nearly every alwn of SJA or Nazarem recognized Sf. Mary Sheila, and so it was never a surprise that she could be found surrounded by many alwnnae at any evem she attended. She srarted her reaching career ar Saine Joseph Academy in 1944 and left in 1963 to become the second principal of Nazareth Academy. When Sr. Mary Sheila left Nazareth, ir was ro serve in the Diocesan Edncacion Office as Assistant Superimendem for High Schools. Beginning in 1975, Sf. Mary Sheila returned to che classroom, first at Nazareth and then at Saim Joseph Academy. Even after she "retired," Sr. Mary Sheila continued to tutor studenrs, mentot teachcts and serve as Chaplain for the SPOrtS tcams at Saine Joseph Academy. Her love for srudents was still evidem a couple of weeks befote she died as she told a visitor, "Tell the girls I'm praying for memo I know when all meir games are, and I'm praying." Sf. Mary Sheila's physical presence will be missed ar alumnae events and Saint Joseph Academy athletic events, bur she will never be forgOtten by the hundreds of women who, as teenagers, wete taught and guided by chis extraordinary woman.

S .

On February 17, 2007, the E!even'ih Annual Alumnae Basketball Game took place to benefit the Don Kastell Award for Excellence in Alhleiics Scholarship Fund. As usual, ihe even years played the add years, and the fino! score this year was 40 [for the odd years) to 20 (fm the even yearsl. During halftime, children of alums played go~es for prizes, and everyone enloyed pizza and pop after the game. Thallks to all our othlEJIic alums who played far this worihy couse and donaied 10 this special fund. And t~onks to family and friends who cheered fhem ani

Do you remember your excilement on your graduation doy when you carried your bouquet of roses down Rocky River Drive from S.lA 10 Our Lady of Angels Church~ Every year, Ihis some excitement is repealed for the new graduates and is witnessed by the olums, friends, relatives, ond SJA neighbors who line Rocky River Drive to applaud these young women on their big day. This year, onJune 5,150 young women will participate in Ihe Walk

01 the


and then graduate 01 Our Lady of Angels Church. You too can participate in this year's excilemenl in a special way by sponsoring a bouquet

of roses for one of the graduates.

You can sponsor a bouquet of roses for a $50 donation, wh'lch is lax deductible If you would like to be a sponsor for the Walk of the Roses, please send a check for $50 with your name, address, and phone number to Woik of the Roses, Saint Joseph Academy, 3430 Rocky River Dr., Cleveland, OH 4411 L If you have any questions please call Mary Ann Fischer J'66, Alum'loe Director, at 216-619-1653.

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


5 otli ht': Alum En ineers Tina Colombo Mares J'90 It was in het sophomote Biology class with Ms. Metro that Tma Mates learned ro love science. "She so easily conveyed the technical material in a non-technical, non-threatening way," lina recaUs of her SJA teacher. She credits that samc communication style as one of the strengths she herself brings to the engineeting profession. As Manager of Business Development fOt DRS Corporation, one of the largest engineeting design and technical services firms worldwide, Tina spends a great deal of time coordinating the commu.nication between a client's needs and the professionals who will ultimately lead the design, engineering Ot construction of the solution. "This could be anything from school districrs looking to build upgraded facilities to hospitals needing to renovate space for the latest MRI equipment to industrial companies seeking more environmentally

friendly ways of disposing solid waste to municipalities looking to enhance water and wastewater treatment processes," she explains. A civil engineer with a conSD'uction hackground, Tina's most rewarding professional accomplishment to dare was being part of the construction management team for the $113 million [ntetconrinenral Hotel and Confetence Center located in Cleveland. 'The team had 24 months to complete this project from the ground up with finishes from all ovet the world," she says. "It was a unique experience, and I enjoyed every minnte." It was the variety that made the engineering profession appealing to Tlfla. "Civil engineeting opens doors to many exciring careets," she says. "Bur you must have a passion for ir because it is challenging. The passion will build the inner strength needed to move through whatever hurdles come your way."


Karen Lisowski N'74

Throughout her school career, Karen Lisowski prefetted ptoblem solving to essay writiug. "Lots of things are taken for granted," she says. "Bnt someone initially had to solve the problem and design the result." "For example, do you really have any idea how water gets to your faucet safely and reliahly?" she asks. "There's a whole mulri-step process involved." As a civil engineer with a specialty in environmental engineering, Karen began her career in design by developing plans and specifications for water and wastewater treatment plants. About 15 years ago, she got into the financial side of engineering. Today, Karen is a Consulting Engineer, managing the funding of the Cleveland Water Department's mnlri­ million dollar capital improvement program. "I like the comhinarion of engineering and finance," she says. Civil engineering is a broad term which 14

Saint Joseph Academy U


inclndes public works and structures such as bridges and roads. "I think what appealed to me is that this area involved the building of structures which you see and use every day," Karen explains. "I love the outdoors and nature, and we need to become more aware and appteciative of the environment and how we use it and protect it for future generarions." According to Karen, even in the early 70's, schools like Nazareth and Saint Joseph Academy fostered the belief that women can do and succeed at whatever men can. "That feeling and encolltagement helped me considet a non­ tradirional field for myself," she says. "My father encouraged my sistets and me as well." The most tewatding pan of the job is seeing the finished product. "To watch designs go from drawings on paper to construCted bnildings or facilities that function as planned - that's gteat," she says.

Diane Torres­

Perreault J'78

According to Diane Torres-Perreault, therc ate engineers who do it for a living, and there are "born" engineers. "Some people engirreer rheir lives, always wanting to improve something," she says. "That's me." She holds the distinction of being dle first female electrical controls engineer hired at Fisher Body Controls, formerly the manufactnring division of GM. Shc always had a talent for math, and she made the decision in her freshman year to pursue engineering. 'The suPPOrt of rhe teachers and studentS at SJA gave me rhe confidence ro attempt a field that was only 2% female," Diane says. Her father, who worlced at GM, tOld her abour General Motors Institure, a co­ op college owned by GM. Students rotated evelY 12 weeks between school and wotking at GM. "When I graduated, rhey did not want to take me because I was a woman," she recalls. It was sheer perseverance that gor het through two years of being virtually ignored hy her colleagues. As a Senior Manufacturing Engineer in rhe body shop, Diane designed, built and installed the automated rohotic welding equipment that assemhles the automotive body. "They called it the 'butcher shop' since people were known ro lose hody parts there," she says. The rohotic equipment broughr efficiency, repearability and safecy to the production process. During Diane's career ar GM (she retired in 1993), she was well known for gerring the joh done before the deadline, nnder budget, and exceptionally well. "On my last project, I was responsible for the equipment in one­ third of rhe shop, and the job was completed on time and 3% under budget, which was unheard of," she says.

Beyonds 19505 Members of the S]A Class of 1953 will meer at Krisroffer's Restaurant (30111 Lorain Rd.) on Thursday, June 7,2007, at 1:00pm. Call Dorma Smith McCafferty at 216-941-7298 or Peggy McIntyre at 440-239-1683. It's all abour fun and fond memories! Please come! Sr. Ann Kilbane, CS], ]'54 received the Irene Catlin Neighborhood Acrivist Award given by the Detroir Shoreway CommuniI)' Development Corporation at their annual dinner in February. Sr. Ann received this award for her outstanding leadership and in celeb ration of her 13 years of service EO rhe neighbothood through her work at Saine Colman Parish as Business Manager and Parish Life Coordinaror. Sr. Ann's accomplishments include leading the 1996 restoration of the interior of the church, built in 1916, the opening of CoLnan Court on parish gtounds in 2005, a 33-unit subsidized aparrmenr building for seniors with low income, and the year-long celebration of the parish's 125m anniversary in 2006.

9705 Patricia Buckhold N'70 has been appointed chief operations officer ar (he Cleveland Sighr Cenrer. Leah Gary N'71 has been named president and CEO of the William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Foundarion of Cleveland and will assume rhe job on April 9, 2007. Leah will succeed William J. O'Neill, Jr., rhe organizarion's founder and rhe president aud CEO since irs inception in 1987. Clare Cavoli Lopez 1'72 was mentioned in a recent Plain Dealer article which described how her class ring from Notre Dame College was fonnd by a professional diver off the coasr ofAfrica. Clare, a former CIA uudercover officer, lost her ring 20 years ago when she was stationed at Port Louis, Mauricius. According to me article, "Clare is now a consultant in Woodbtidge, Virginia and serves on the advisory board of Notre Dame College's iutelligence research and analysis degree program, which is geared roward educatiug furure CIA agems."

Mamie Greene ]'73 is head reacher/sire administraror ar Broadway Head Seart. Broadway Head Srarr is part of CommuniI)' United Head Start and Day Care, Inc.

Linda Golier ]'91 is now working with The Cemer for Deserr Archaeology in Flagsraff, Arizona. Linda is rhe Little Colorado National Heritage Area Project Directot.

Helen Sadler ]'73 was a finalist in the Florida Council ofTeachers of English Beginning Teacher of the Year Award. Helen recently anained a Masret in English Education degree from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Bridget Blayney]'93 married Patrick Kugler at Our Lady ofAngels Chutch in August of2006. Her marron ofhonor was Meghan Blayney Hanna],98. Bridget's sisrers, Kristen Blayney Koeth ]'90, Erin Blayney ]'96, and Regan Blayney ]'00, were in attendance.

Karla Pokea Wean ]'74, who teaches art at Mulberry High School in Flotida, recently designed the butterRy sculpmre, "Musical Flurter." She also wrote a song to accompany the sculpture's debut at the "Kaleidoscope: ButterRies in Flight" public art project. "Kaleidoscope" was a fundraiser for rhe building of CommonGround, Polk Couney's first "inclusive play experience," whete children with a varieI)' of ability levels wil! be able to play witl1 other children.

19805 Sandra Los Gladding ]'83 married Robert Gladding ar Our Lady ofAngels Church in May of2006. In attendance at the wedding were Christine Lesko Kiessling ]'83, Catherine Casper Loomis ]'83, and Cherie Casper ]'85. Sandy aud her husband now reside in Brecksville, Ohio. Sandy welcomes e-mail from classmates at coholic@ao!'com.

19905 Rebecca Dessoff}r Bennett ]'91 was recently named a partner in rhe Clevelaud-based law firm Frantz Ward LLP. Rebecca is a graduate ofThe Ohio State UniversiI)' and received a Bachelor ofArrs degree, summa cum laude, with distinction in Jourualism in 1995. In 1998, she graduated magna cwn laude from Cleveland State UniversiI)', Cieveland足 Matshall College of Law. She joined Fra.ntz Ward in 2000, afrer spcndiug two years at the Cleveland office ofThompson Hines. CUJTenrly, Rebecca's pracrice focuses on all aspects of labor and employmene law, including prevenrarive counseling, employment litigation, and representarion of management in labor relatious issues.

Erin Bowling Lombardi ]'94 and her husband, Angelo, recently moved to San Jose, California as a result of Erin's ptomotion ro the posirion of Narional Marketing Coordinator for CBIZ, which is based in Cleveland. In.San Jose, Erin focuses on all aspects of markering fot her company on a national level, including advertising, communications, and web development. Elizabeth Collins Lawnicki ]'96 martied Chrisropher Lawnicki in August of 2006. Beth worked for Intel in Arizona for six years before retutning to law school. She and her husband are now in theit second year of law school in Michigan. Melissa Roehm Taylor ]'98 married Derek Taylor in Ocrober of2006. They now reside in Ttenton, Michigan whete Melissa is a physical thetapist. Kathleen Meder Shumar ]'99 married Robert Shumar in October of2006. Memhers of her bridal parry included Aimee Misconish Andrich ]'96, Melissa Smith Fogle ]'99, Jeannette Walsh ]'99, Tara Carroll Yuhasz ]'99, and Colleen Meder J'1 O.

20 Os Mary Walsh Crist ]'00 married Jeffrey Crisr in July of2006. Mary is cmrenrly finishing her Masrers in Lirerature from Cleveland State Univetsity and teaching English 102 as part of her fellowship there. Mary and Jeff reside in Rocley River, Ohio. Sarah Gdovin Dubecky ]'00 married Joshua Dubecky in December of 2006. Calley Krivosh ]'00 was one of her bridesmaids.


Luella Platten McNamee T'29

Eileen Conway Geschke T'34

Kathleen Kaps Sullivan ]'35

Rose Doyle Ryan ]'37

Mary Dalton Pochapsky ]'39

Eileen Burke Bntts T'39

Mary Sheila Sweeney, CSJ ]'40

Eileen Corrigan Gaynean ]'41

Mary Fournier Bill ]'42

Charlotte Grenwis Malloy ]'42

Jane Winkler Cleaton ]'43

Mary Westerhold Masten T'43

Therese VauLoozen Wachtel ]'44

Regina Corcoran ]'45

Rosalie Kuzma Kerekes ]'45

Patricia Munley Sprosty ]'48

Joan Hruhec ]'49

Sally Steinmetz Cunningham ]'50

Ruth Jason Geschke ]'50

Therese KeIly Inman ]'50

Joan Gazso Perruchon ]'52

Mary Ellen Kirk Catalano ]'56

Delia Mazzola Masterson ]'56

Mary Lou Misciasci, CSJ .J'56

Marie Cameron ]'57

Mary Alice Crouser Lear ]'57

Joy Ann Elliort Moore ]'57

Ruthmary Kohler Clark ]'59

Rosemary Brickman Horton ]'65

Mary Beth Clark Scheible N'72

Phoebe Sweeney McCaffrey T'35 and Nancy Sweency ]'48 on the death of their sister, Mary Sheila Sweeney, CSJ ]'40. Geraldine Primavesi-Downing ]'39 on the death of her brother, William Primavesi. Nora O'Malley O'Reilly ]'40 on the death of her husband, John O'Reilly. Ruth Westerhold Riley T'41 on the

death of her sister, Mary Westerhold

Mas ten T' 43.

Marjorie VanI.oozen Reilly]'42 and Virginia VanLoozen ]'45 on the death of their sister, Therese VanLoozen Wachtel ]'44. 16

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Dorothy Hrubec Schnell J' 42 on the death of her sistel~ Joan Hmbec ]'49.

Rosemary Bosch Hartman ]'56 on the death of her husband, Joseph Hartman.

Noreen Norris Zak]'45 on the death ofhet son, Joseph P. Zak, J t., and on the death of her sister, Clarice Norris.

Catherine Sullivan]'56 on the death of her mother and Marilynn Kaps Oliver ]'40 on the death of her siSler, Kalhleen Kaps Sullivan J'35.

Jacquelyne Spangler Gannon]'46 on the death of her husband and Christine Gannon Zimmer ]'7l and Colleen Garmon Geondeff ]'72 on the death of rheir futher, William Gannon. H. Celeste West Hughes ]'46 on the death of her daughter, Catherine Greathouse. Janet Corcoran McManamon]'46 on the death of her sister, Regina Corcoran ]'45. Mary McNulty, CSJ ]'48 on the death of her sister, Virginia Grahame. Ann Kelly, OSU ]'49, Mary Lou Kelly Kraven J' 51, and Margaret Kelly Mackanic ]'56 on the death of their sistet, Therese Kelly Inman ]'50. Concetta Mazzarella Majher ]'50 on lhe death of her husband, Mary Ann Majher Alexander ]'77 on the death of her father, and Rosemary Majher Hudak]'47 and Carol Majher Krill ]'55 on the death of their brother, Donald Majher. Margaret "Peggy" Tumney Mullen ]'51 on the death of her husband, Margaret A. Mullen ]'80 on the death of her father, and Zita Mullen Tumney ]'53 on me death of her brother, Hugh Mullen. Colette Munley Mills ]'52 on the death of her sister, Patricia Mmuey Sprosty ]'48. Martha Winkler Deetz ]'54 on the death of her sister, Jane Winkler Cleaton]'43. Mary Hough, CSJ ]'54 and Kathleen Hough Stolar ]'60 on the death of their mother, Catherine Hough.

Mary Lou Wagner Bndek ]'58 and Katlueen Wagner Kelly ]'61 on the death of their father, Leo Wagner. Alberta Kunkel ]'58 on the death of her brother, Thomas Kunkel. Dorothy Sadowski ]'58 on rhe death of her mother, Blanche Sadowski. Nancy Brickman Prochillo ]'59 and Karen Brickman Walsh ]'61 on the death of their sister, Rosemary Brickman Horton ]'65. Kathleen Cooney, OSU N'60 on the death of her mother, Mary Cooney. Mary Ann English Bernath ]'61 and Judith English Murphy J'74 on the death of their mother, Anna English. Patricia Hudy Mannix ]'61 on the death of her husband and Sheila Mannix]'68 on the death of het brother, Daniel Mannix. Karen Kilbane Wallenhorst N'6I and Mary Agnes Kilhane Barrett N'79 on the dearh of their hrother, Peter G. Kilbane. Rose Mary Gadus Martien ]'63 on the death of her husband, Leonard Martien, Jr. Sheila Foshee Rosko ]'63 and Catherine Foshee Wingeier ]'65 on the death of their mother, Lila Gallagher. Anne Geschke Sara N'64 on the death of her mother and Ruth Conway Coughlin T'39 on the death of het sister, Eileen Conway Geschl{e T'34.

Karen Koryta Schonhen N'64 on the deach of her parents, Ruth and Edward Koryra. Lo uise Boltz]'65 on rhe death of het father, Edward Boltz. Christine Cuchna Chiara ]'65 and Francine Cuchna Wellock],66 on the death of cheir father, Franklyn Cuchna. Noreen O'Malley Hollo }'65 and Sharon O'Malley Trnavsky ]'67 on the death of theit mocher, Alma O'Malley Lynne Kanieski Deuchet N'65 and Karen Kanieski Dempster N'68 on me death of theit father, Walter Kanieski. Mary Peeper Davis ]'66 on the death of hec son, Michael Ian Davis. Mary Ann Bielanin Goary]'66, Barbara. BieIanin Kazel ]'68, Christine Bielanin Riggle ]'69, and Jane Bielanin Sheehan ]'70 on the death of theic facher, Sranley Bielanin. Eileen Murphy Ramus ]'66 and Ann Murphy Kostell ]'81 on the dearh of meir brother, Paul Murphy. Linda Moorman Grobe N'66 and Mary Moorman Gagen N'77 on the death of their macher, Shirley Moorman. Susan Pochapsky N'66 and Mary Ellen Pochapsky Troy N'73 on the dearh of cheir momet, Mary Dalton Pochapsky ]'39. Kathryn Lad ]'68 on the death of her brothet, John Lad.

Mary Therese Hart ]'70, Patricia Ann Hart LeClair ]'71, and Meg Hart Schraepfer ]'76 on the death of their father, James Hart. Kathleen Kus Helyer J'70 and Patricia Kus Kreidler ]'74 on the death of rheir farher, Arthur Kus. Kate Bill]'72 and Anne Bill Foradari ]'73 on the death of their mocher, Mary Fournier Bill ]'42. Maryanne Malloy Dmski ]'72 on the dearh of het mother, Charlotte Gtenwis Malloy ]'42, who was a staff membet ar Saint Joseph Academy in the carly 1970s. Margaret Ann Mordarski Wagner N'72 on the death of her morhet, Marjorie Mordarski. Katherine Lernbike Hayes ]'73 and There..~a Lembike ]'75 on rhe death of theit fathet, Michael Lembike. Mary Jo Butts Sweeney ]'73 and Mary Eileen Butts ]'78 on the death of their mothet and Alice Burke Humbert T'34 and Patricia Burke, CSJ ]'48 on the death of their sister, Eileen Burke Butts T'39. Mary Ross Coleman]'74 on the death of her husband, Kenneth "Casey" Coleman. Marcie Moore Fuerst ]'75 on the death of her mothet, B. Martha Mootc.

Phyllis Geschke Keenan N'-5 c. :_~.' _ of her mother, Ruth Jason Geschke J - -' Patricia Kellicker McNerney ]':-60" ::-.: death of her mOl-her, Patricia Keilic:-e:. Margaret Davies ]'80 on the dearn father, Thomas Davies, Sr.


Georgina Becerra Chesragi ]'81on rhe death of her mochel', Aurota Beccrra. Linda Polomsky Goil{]'81, Pamela Polomsky Hudson ]'82,and Margaret Polomsky Koenigsmark]'84 on thc dcath of their father and Ruth Polomsky Krueger ]'45 and Marilyn Polomsky Hirka J' 48 on rhe death of their brother, James Polomsky. Katherine Kerner Free ]'88 on the death of her farher, Thomas Kerner. Denise Somsak]'88 on the death of her father, Anthony Somsak. Monica Heyd Thornton ]'95 on the death of her farner, Kevin Joseph Heyd. Jamie Pischel ]'05 on the death of her father, Jamcs Parrick Pischel. Louise Blayney, Sainr Joseph Academy ReBisnat, on dle death of her morher, Mary Berezansky.

Mary Pat Ryan TappeI J'75 on the death of her mother and Helen Doyle Kelley]'34 on me death of her sister, Rose Doyle Ryan]'37.


Christine Jackson Weiler J'85 & Tim Weiler, a daughter, Lisa Ann, born August 28, 2006

Tina Tapaina Valencik J'81 & Joseph Valencik a son, Joseph Stefan, born March 27, 2006

Jennifer Schwartz Garcia J'94 & Lou Garcia triplets, Mary Mistica, Gabrielle Loreto, and Mateo Michael, born December 7, 2006

Saint Joseph Academ.\路 UPDATE


LOOKINCI Golf Outing 2007

.l.fWedding Gowns of the Century.l.f Fashion Show & Dinner The Alnmnae Association is sponsoring a Vintage Fashion Show & Dinner on Aptil 24, 2007. This yeat's theme is vintage wedding gowns! This entertaining event will rake place ar Saint Joseph Academy with a delicious dinner provided by Bucci's Italian Restaurant, and the fashion show ofyin tage gowns provided by Goodwill Industties. All proceeds benefit the Alumnae Scholatship Fund. Mothers & daughters are encouraged to attend as a ladies night our! If you have not already received a flyer for this event, plea.~e call Betty Hjort in the Alumnae Office at 216足 251-6788 EXL 245 for furthet infotmarion or to make a reservation.

Ninth Annual Spring Scholarship Luncheon Please join us at rhe Wesrwood Country Club on Wednesday, May 16, 2007, as the Alumnae Associarion once again sponsors the annual Spring Scholarship Luncheon to benefir the Alumnae Scholarship Fund! This year's event will be a sit down luncheon wirh a much-anticipated Chinese raffie and plemy of rime to socialize wirh classmarcs and friends. Please plan to attend and feel free ro bring a friend or two! If you have not already received a flyer for this event, please call Berry Hjorr in rhe Alumuae Office ar 216-251-6788 Ext. 245 forfunher informarion or ro make a reservation.

The Annual Golf Outing to benefir the Alumnae Scholarship Fund will be held on Sarmday, August 4,2007. II' will again be held ar Mallard Creek Golf COlU"se in Columbia Station. Golfets will play nvo nine-hole courses in a scramble format. The day inclndes bteakflst, lunch, and dinner! We are pleased to once again have Bishop Roger Gries as om honorary chairperson. Please mark your calendar now and watch for further details in the mai1. This outing is open to anyone who loves ro play golf and benefir a good cause!

Alumnae Day Trip to Pittsburgh Thc Alumnae Association has planned a day trip to visit some wouderful places in Pirrsburgh on June 27,2007. We will be visiting the Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, lunching at the Gtand Concourse Restauranr ar Station Square, taking a riverboat cruise on rhe Gareway Clipper, and riding the cable cats on the Duqucsne Incline. Of course, there will be time for shopping also! You should have received a flyer for this event. Please plan to attend and have a gtear day with alums and friends!

Senior Farewell Mass & Alumnae Induction All alumuae are invired to attend the Senior Farewell Mass and Inducrion into the Alumnae Associarion. This eveut will take place on May 30, 2007 in the Acadcmy Center of Saint Joseph Academy. All alumnae ate invited to attend, especially alumnae relatives of seniors. Please call thc Alumnae Office at 216足 251-6788 ExL 245 if you plan to attend.

PARENTS OF ALUMNAE: If this publication is addressed to your daughter who no longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please notify the Alumnae Office at [216) 251-6788 X2 21, or write to us at 3430 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44111. If you enjoy reading UPDATE please let us know. We'll be glad to send a copy to her and continue sending 0 copy to you. Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Cleveland, OH

Permit No. 912

Saint Joseph Academy 3430 Rocky River Drive Cleveland, Ohio 44111

Saint Joseph Academy Update - Spring 2007  
Saint Joseph Academy Update - Spring 2007