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Team Enerjagers Win National Grand Prize for Lexus Eco Challenge!

Saint Joseph Academy SPRING 2018


Letter from the President Dear Alumnae, Parents and Friends of Saint Joseph Academy,

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UPDATE is published by Saint Joseph Academy for alumnae, parents and friends. Contributors to this issue of UPDATE include: Allison Busser ’04, Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71, Kathy Flinn, Betty Hjort, John Manuszak, Mickie Matheis, Laura McCarty ’07, Mackenzie Schuler and Constance S. Sipple, CFRE. Photography courtesy is extended to: Maureen McCafferty Arbeznik ’69, Olivia Arbogast, Jill Satanek Garlock ’92, Adrianne Hicks, James Josefczyk, Linda Kee ’19, Amy Lashutka, Lifetouch Photography, Laura McCarty ’07, Maria Mueller, Kristin Nauman ’18, Cory Otto, Dierdre Patton ’19, Kristen Pungitore and Kristen Schuler. For more information, please contact Mackenzie Schuler at 216.251.6788 or mschuler@sja1890.org.

MISSION Saint Joseph Academy, rooted in the spirituality of the Congregation of St. Joseph, fosters unifying relationships with God and all creation, empowers each young woman to achieve academic excellence and inspires a life of compassionate leadership and service in a global society. On the Cover: Team Enerjagers with “Second Chance Candles” in the Makerspace innovation lab. Front Row (L-R): Seniors Tatyjana Henry, Joslyn Muñiz, Angelia Johnson, Jadalise Pacheco. Back Row (L-R): Seniors Stephanie Rolon, Esther Ngemba and Alicia Valladares.


• N – Nazareth alumna • T – St. Therese alumna • P – Parent of current SJA student • † – Deceased Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE Saint

Sister Juanita Shealey, CSJ never taught classes at Saint Joseph Academy, but she still teaches the students who attend the Academy. Sister Juanita often engages with the students, telling them that they are beautiful and that they are loved. When you are an insecure teenager, hearing those words are heartening and every student smiles when Sister Juanita speaks these truths. They are beautiful, despite their protestations, and they are loved by God and by Sister Juanita. She also tells the students that “you are the generation who is going to get it right.” Claire and Natalie, two Seniors, approached school leadership after the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14th. They respectfully shared their ideas for a student-led event in response to this latest loss of innocent life. When our students commemorated the tragedy on March 14th along with others across the nation and around the world, our young women did so in silent reverence. The only words spoken were the names of each victim and the prayers which followed. It was only fitting that one student made a sign reading, “the generation that is going to get it right,” quoting Sister Juanita. I pray and hope that is the case. As Catholics, we know that all life is sacred. Or should I say all lives are sacred. The lives of the unborn, the refugee, the immigrant, the marginalized, the student, the aged – all lives are sacred as we are all made in the image and likeness of God. Our students travel to Washington, D.C. annually to participate in the March for Life, as they did again this past January on the anniversary of legalized abortion in the US. They travel overnight by bus, pray, and march and speak with government officials – and then get back on the bus for the overnight ride back to Cleveland. Many of our students have leadership roles in Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice (CSPJ) and are leaders of the local activities for the March for Life, often speaking on Public Square after the mass celebrated at the Cathedral. They raise their voices for those who have no voice. Grace and Jane, two Juniors, organized the local March for Our Lives in Cleveland on March 24th, along with students from Saint Ignatius and other local high schools. March for Our Lives was created by, inspired by and led by students across the country to take action to stop the epidemic of mass shootings. Once again, the young women of Saint Joseph Academy addressed the crowd assembled on Public Square. The Character of a Saint Joseph Academy Graduate statement calls each student to become a woman of unifying love. She practices empathetic justice, our theme this school year. “Devoted to doing justice with compassion and respect for others, she works for systemic change to bring about global equality.” Some might think this is too lofty a goal for high school students. Not me. The young women of Saint Joseph Academy fill me with hope that they, in fact, will be “the generation that is going to get it right.” In this season of Easter, let us recall the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for all of us and strive to become His true disciples by living a life of unifying love. “…that all may be one.” John 17:21 Sursum corda! Lift up your hearts!

Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 President Joseph Academy UPDATE

Team Enerjagers Win National Grand Prize


eam Enerjagers, an Academy club, has worked tirelessly for years to help reduce the country’s carbon footprint by promoting sustainability efforts on local and national levels. This dedicated group of students has participated for the last four years in the Lexus Eco Challenge, a national STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) competition, sponsored by Scholastic. The Lexus Eco Challenge involves students in project-based learning, teamwork and skill building as they identify an environmental issue that affects their community. The team decides in which of the two Lexus Eco Challenge categories, Land-Water or Air-Climate, they wish to compete. Students use critical thinking and research skills to develop a solution and report their results through an Action Plan. Three out of the past four years, Team Enerjagers have placed as a finalist for the National Lexus Eco Challenge contest, earning more than $60,000 in scholarships. With this being their last year to make an impact, the Seniors had an inspiring idea and were even more motivated to win the grand prize. The team competed and beat out teams from coast to coast, including teams from New Mexico, Washington, South Carolina, Texas, New York and Missouri. For this academic year’s challenge, Team Enerjagers wanted to spread awareness about reducing carbon footprint through the reuse of materials normally thrown away or have energy spent on recycling them. This allowed the team to examine our reliance on fossil fuels. Their efforts resulted in creating

“Second Chance Candles” are now available for purchase in the Paw Prints Store

Team Enerjagers create “Second Chance Candles“

“Second Chance Candles.” The candles were created using clear bread bags, made up of plastic #4, a material that is no longer recycled. The team conducted research to see if burning the fumes coming from plastic #4 was harmful and learned it burns as a fuel. Instead of using components that contribute to our fossil fuel dependence, the students reused discarded glassware, crayons, beeswax and other eco-friendly ingredients. They removed trash from a local beach to use in decorating their candle jars. To promote awareness of reducing one’s carbon footprint, Team Enerjagers created an instructional video about their candles which was uploaded to BuzzFeed and YouTube, partnered with local organizations and shared their ideas with more than 500 people at a summit. “Throughout the challenge, I learned that my daily choices make an environmental impact now and for future generations,” said Joslyn

Muñiz ’18, Team Enerjager member. “My friends and family joined with me in making better choices in our daily lives to be more environmentally friendly.” On March 19, the seven Seniors— Tatyjana Henry, Joslyn Muñiz, Jadalise Pacheco, Alicia Valladares, Esther Ngemba, Angelia Johnson and Stephanie Rolon— were told in front of an all-school assembly that they had won the Lexus Eco Challenge grand prize! The entire student body leapt to its feet to congratulate them. This amazing accomplishment resulted in a $30,000 grand prize—$20,000 in scholarships for the seven team members and $10,000 for the Academy. After four years of hard work and dedication, Team Enerjagers ensured an amazing product would be created, shared with various constituents, kept sustainability as the focal point and raised awareness for global warming on a national scale. “Second Chance Candles” is a project that celebrates the Congregation of St. Joseph’s Generous Promise, “to claim our oneness with Earth and to take steps now to strengthen, heal and renew the face of Earth.” Congratulations to Team Enerjagers and their Teacher Advisors, Mrs. Mary Ellen Foley Scott ’76 and Ms. Kristen Schuler, on a fantastic win for Saint Joseph Academy and the environment! Saint Joseph Academy SPRING 2018


Engineering and Design Honors

L-R: Seniors Mandee Strefas and Bre Coleman collaborate on a Graphic Design project


aint Joseph Academy is pleased to announce the addition of our newest academic program, the Engineering and Design Honors Program. Built upon our existing strengths in these areas, the program is designed to prepare young women for a life of compassionate leadership and service in the fields of Engineering and Design through a rigorous course of study and meaningful experiential learning. The model of this program was built from the success of the Health Sciences Honors Program, as it has continued to be a model of growth and success for Saint Joseph Academy. The first goal of the Engineering and


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Design Honors Program is to encourage students to take risks, engage in handson learning, persist in problem solving, embrace creativity, feel comfortable with collaboration and become independent learners. The second goal is to become comfortable with the Engineering and Design disciplines in an integrated, engaging way so they gain an understanding of the type of study they would like to pursue in college. The final goal of the program is to provide students with the prerequisite skills and confidence necessary to become highly successful in a college STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) environment.

L-R: Lexi Soltesz ’20 and Lily Mayle ’18 work on their robot in the Makerspace innovation lab

There are several components of the program that exist outside of the coursework. Students will complete 75 or 100 service learning hours, depending on the pathway they select. Service learning is an educational practice involving active participation of students in activities that address community needs, is integrated into the academic curriculum, structures time for reflection, and provides opportunities

Program to Launch in 2018-19 School Year Engineering Students Create Puzzles for Memory Care Facility Residents

for the direct application of the knowledge and skills acquired. Students will also complete an online portfolio, showcase their work their Senior year during the Portfolio Conference and participate in experiences, which include guest speakers, field trips, shadowing, external portfolio review, external classes and projects. The Engineering and Design Honors Program includes two pathways, Gold and Purple, allowing students to choose a path that best fits their aspirations and goals. During their first two years of participation in the Honors Program, students are encouraged to explore the various fields of study related to Engineering and Design. Students will choose a focus/specialization during their Junior year in which they will be expected to excel. Choices include Engineering, Programming, Photography, Graphic Design and Visual Art. With an inquiry-based model, students are encouraged to follow their passion when selecting their classes. Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors who wish to enroll in the program may submit a formal application at the beginning of the second semester each school year. This will take place before classes are scheduled for the following school year. Interested incoming Freshmen are encouraged to select courses and pursue relevant experiences as soon as they begin high school in preparation for enrollment in the Engineering and Design Honors Program the following school year. To the right are examples of projects that have been completed this academic year which highlight what to expect in the Engineering and Design Honors Program.

Science teachers Mr. Bryce Ormiston and Mrs. Mary Ellen Foley Scott ’76 collaborated with a local assisted living facility to design a project-based learning unit for the Honors Introduction to Pre-Engineering class. Using the programs Onshape and Draw, students designed puzzles for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia to help stimulate residents’ memory muscles. Designs varied from caterpillars, turtles, beehives and more. The puzzles were produced in the Academy’s Makerspace innovation lab using the Kaitlin Vasil ’19 creates her puzzle using a laser engraver laser engraver and 3D printers. Students delivered their finished products to share with residents in March. “The most rewarding part of this assignment was seeing how the residents reacted to the various levels of complexities,” voiced Alyza Titschinger ’18. “This experience helped me understand more about Alzheimer’s disease. It’s rewarding to know that my puzzle can help patients with their mental strength. I hope that I can help them again,” shared Meagan Figler ’21.

JaguarBots Compete in OSU-Marion VEX Qualifier Competition In December, 13 students that are a part of the Academy’s Robotics team (also known as the JaguarBots) participated on four different teams at the very competitive OSU-Marion VEX Qualifier at The Ohio State University at Marion. The four teams scored in the middle percentile of the 53 teams that competed. The teams were granted an individual interview with the judges for the Excellence award, the highest award at the event. The highest place team included Juli Howe ’18, Lizzie Lewandowski ’18 (granddaughter of Pamela Pawlak Lewandowski N’65) and Lexie Soltesz ’20. Lexie’s code was successful in winning most of the autonomous portions of the competition. Congratulations, JaguarBots, on JaguarBots at the VEX Robotics High School State a successful competition! Qualifying Tournament

Saint Joseph Academy SPRING 2018


Audrey Kunath Named National Merit Scholarship Finalist! Audrey Kunath ’18 has advanced to the Finals for the National Merit Scholarship competition! Audrey has met the requirements to advance to the finals of the National Merit Scholarship Program competition, which includes maintaining an outstanding academic record throughout high school, an endorsement by Principal Mr. Jeff Sutliff and earning an SAT score confirming an earlier performance on the qualifying test. The National Merit Finalists will be considered for the National Merit Scholarships to be offered in 2018. Audrey will be attending The Ohio State University, where she plans to major in Biology. Congratulations, Audrey!

Audrey Kunath ’18 places her sticker on the College Acceptances Wall to note she will be attending The Ohio State University

The Academy Chorale Sings at the Cleveland Cavaliers Game In December, The Academy Chorale had the honor to sing the national anthem at the Cleveland Cavaliers game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Bravo, ladies!

Ingrid Cheung ’18 Receives Full Scholarship to Northwestern University through QuestBridge National College Match Congratulations to Ingrid Cheung ’18 for receiving a full scholarship to Northwestern University through QuestBridge’s National College Match. The competitive program selects high school Seniors who have shown outstanding academic excellence. From a pool of 15,606 applicants, from which QuestBridge chose 5,759 as Finalists, 918 outstanding students were selected as this year’s College Match Scholarship Recipients based Ingrid Cheung ’18 makes her mark on their academic on the College Acceptances Wall indicate she will be attending achievement and to Northwestern University a variety of other factors. Ingrid is the Academy’s second QuestBridge recipient. (Pilar Yesares Rubi ’16 is the first recipient, currently studying at Tufts University near Boston with hopes of becoming a dentist). Congratulations, Ingrid, on your welldeserved award!

14 Students Receive Honor by The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 14 Art students were recognized by The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, which celebrate student work demonstrating technical skill, personal voice or vision and originality. Shannon Walsh ’20 (daughter of Megan Darcy Walsh ’84) was a Gold Key winner for her pencil drawing, Feeling Through the Eyes. Congratulations to all the students who were recognized! Shannon Walsh ’20, Gold Key winner, Feeling Through the Eyes


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Women’s Leadership Symposium Brings World of Possibilities to Students


n November, students gathered for a day filled with inspiring stories and personalized guidance at the Academy’s 11th annual Women’s Leadership Symposium - an event designed to expose students to female leaders, many of whom are alumnae. Marisleysis Gonzalez ’18 introduced the keynote speaker, Linda Bradley, M.D., an internationally recognized gynecologic surgeon with the Cleveland Clinic. She is a Vice Chair of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health Institute as well as the Director of the Fibroid and Menstrual Disorders Center and Director of Hysteroscopic Services. Dr. Bradley is a Professor of Surgery, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Bradley’s keynote address was entitled “What Shoes Are You Wearing and Do They Fit?” The address used a shoe analogy to discuss aspects of leadership. “You have a whole shoe rack, stacked with promise. Who you grow up to be is determined by the steps you take. As we get older, picking out shoes gets more difficult. The steps you will take will leave an imprint in the ground. Donate those shoes to someone when you›ve outgrown them. Those shoes could help someone else on their journey.” She encouraged students to be a foxfire

leader–start a fire and let it burn. “Build other people up, be humble, bring people together and give back to the community. Practice bravery not fear. Remember, we are our sisters’ keepers.”

L-R: President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71, Dr. Linda Bradley and Marisleysis Gonzalez ’18

Emma Cleary ’06, shares her story with students

In addition to the keynote address, more than 50 professional women spoke with students in Career Breakout Sessions. Each brought a distinctive perspective on how she achieved her goals, sharing real-life and practical advice on potential careers. Students gained insights into various careers in the arts, education, health sciences, engineering, law, business and more before attending college. There was also be an interactive panel discussion “Leadership in Action:

Empathetic Justice” attended by all students. Panelists were alumna Judy Ghazoul Hilow ’81, P’06, ’08 & ’21, Executive Director of Malachi House, and Mary Sue Tanis, Founder and Executive Director of Youth Challenge. The panel discussion’s key benefit was to enable students to ask questions and learn from experts who are immersed in organizations that know first-hand what it means to foster empathetic justice in their daily work among individuals in the Cleveland community. “Saint Joseph Academy is where my empathy and life formed. Pay attention to where you are being directed,” encouraged Judy Ghazoul Hilow ’81.

Honors Algebra II Uses Teamwork to Break Out of Trapped! Escape Room


n March, students in Math teacher and Department Chair Mrs. Jill Satanek Garlock ’92’s Honors Algebra II class dove in, took risks and embraced uncertainty at Trapped! Escape Room in Broadview Heights. Trapped! Escape Room is a fully interactive and immersive group gaming experience where players are “locked” in a room and must use logic and teamwork to find their way out in 60 minutes or less. The students participated in the Chaotic Classroom Escape Room Challenge. This is an inquiry-based activity designed to place students in an unfamiliar situation giving them limited direction and a goal

of escaping the room. Students used collaboration, application and problemsolving skills, which they have been working on all semester, to find and solve clues which helped them escape the Chaotic Classroom. This exercise also enabled them to use their problem-solving skills in a setting outside of the classroom. “The scenario for our escape room was ‘Don’t Fail Fourth Grade’ where we were locked in a classroom. We used math and other riddles to find the clues to get out of the classroom. Because many of the clues were math-oriented, it tied in well with what we’ve been discussing in class. It

Honors Algebra II students at Trapped! Escape Room

caused us to work as a group and we had to figure what type of equation to form based on a math problem. The equations we formed we had learned in class,” shared Abby Lewandowski ’20 (granddaughter of Pamela Pawlak Lewandowski N’65). Saint Joseph Academy SPRING 2018


Kairos Celebrates 15 Years of Deepening Faith


airos retreats focus on participants deepening their personal relationship with God during three days of discerning and discovery. Through a variety of activities, including small group discussions, journaling and participation in the sacrament of Reconciliation, Kairos participants are encouraged to reflect Alison Barberic ’01 on the many ways they experience God’s love in their lives. The Kairos retreat program has been in place at Saint Joseph Academy since the 2003-2004 school year. “The purpose of Kairos is to eliminate the distractions of chronos (time that can be measured by clocks, calendars, schedules and to-do lists), in order to immerse ourselves in kairos (God’s time or the ‘opportune moment’ of the present in which God is speaking to us). By stepping away from the distractions of everyday life, students are able to examine the many ways God is at work in their lives, offering them His grace,” shared CORE Ministry Department Chair and teacher Ms. Alison Barberic ’01.

All Juniors are welcome to participate classmates and spending three days focused in Kairos. On average, about 85% of each on God helped me grow so much closer to Junior class chooses to attend. Kairos is led by people I never had the chance to before. I a group of Senior leaders and an adult team felt surrounded by God’s love and was able made up of faculty and staff volunteers. to see God through others that weekend. I “Students learn ways of seeing God’s volunteered to help lead Kairos as a Senior presence and grace in their daily lives. They because I hope to show my peers that same see God’s work woven throughout their own love and share my faith just as it was done for stories. One of the privileges of attending a me on my Kairos retreat. I hope to allow the Catholic school is being given the opportunity students to feel comfortable opening up and to focus on spiritual growth. Kairos is the truly immersing themselves in God’s love,” shared Nora Clink ’18. first opportunity a Saint Joseph Academy student has to go on an overnight retreat with her classmates. To have that kind of experience in high school can be a pivotal moment in one’s faith development. A student has the beautiful opportunity to encounter God in a personal way on Kairos – not in textbooks or through the experiences of other people, but in her own story and her own life,” voiced Ms. Barberic. “When I attended Kairos, it was such an amazing Bottom Row, L-R: Lizzie Lopez ’19, Ashley Ginorio ’19 and Lucy Casper and powerful experience. ’18. Top Row, L-R: Student Support Services teacher Mrs. Mary Charlton Being surrounded by my Laco ’74, Juniors Alex Baker, Iva Prcela and Jane Wight at Kairos XL

Students Practice Empathetic Justice in New Orleans Fourteen students spent their spring break in New Orleans, Louisiana living the CSJ charism. The students, accompanied by chaperone Nazareth Library Department Chair Mrs. Rebecca Synk and CORE Ministry teacher Ms. Kristen Pungitore, were able to “practice empathetic justice” while participating in service projects at a local food bank and an organization that served individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Activities included

L-R: Gabby Sowinski ’18, Anna Isabella ’19, Rae Rivera ’19 and Adelay Marks ’19 at the Love In Action food bank in New Orleans, Louisiana


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

celebrating mass at St. Francis of Assisi and touring the site of the Sisters’ old motherhouse, which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and has been created into the Mirabeau Water garden. In the evenings, students explored the historic city to experience the culture. Students spent the week serving with students from our sister school, Saint Joseph’s Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “The most rewarding part of the trip was forming relationships with not only the Saint Joseph’s Academy students, but all of the people I encountered at Love In Action food bank and at other times throughout the week. With the people coming to the food bank, I was able to find many similarities between us. Even though these people were struggling, they were so grateful for the blessings they did have and wanted to give back in every way that they could. I found their positive mindsets, even while struggling, to be very inspirational. The people at the food bank encouraged me to want to continue serving others, and to better acknowledge the areas where God is present and at work in my daily life,” shared Mollie Tirpak ’19 (sister of Maria ’15 and Mary Clare Tirpak ’16, and granddaughter of Sheila McDonald McNally ’55).

Students Stand for Life At Saint Joseph Academy, young women are empowered to lead a life of compassionate leadership and service in a global society. Below are examples of young women advocating for change on a local and national level at March for Life, National Walkout Day and March for Our Lives. In October, 22 Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice (CSPJ) students attended the annual local “March for Life,” where individuals gathered in prayer and unity. Cleveland’s Bishop Nelson J. Perez presided over the Respect Life Mass at the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist. Seniors Nora Clink and Anna Fricker (sister of Emily Fricker ’09) were gift bearers at Mass, and students held a rally in Public Square after mass concluded. Kiera Reilly ’18 was an emcee for the Rally and Kayla Lenahan ’18 (daughter of Sharon Stuczynski Lenahan ’87) gave a speech at the Rally. These four Seniors are leaders for CSPJ in the Diocese of Cleveland and for the Academy. “The importance of the Rally for Life is to remember that every person should be treated with respect and dignity. This Rally in particular is very special because it is all high school students coming together to use their voices to support an important cause,” voiced CSPJ leader Kiera Reilly ’18.

CSPJ students at the “March and Rally for Life” with Bishop Perez

In January, more than 40 students traveled to Washington, D.C. to walk with an estimated 100,000 others in the annual “March for Life” Rally. Participants in the national rally joined together in prayer and unity to provide voices for the marginalized. Our students, many members of the CSPJ club, were accompanied by CORE 2018 March for Life in Washington, D.C. Ministry teachers Mr. Dan Guion, Mr. Dan True and College Counselor Ms. Maria Mueller. “The March for Life allows individuals from across the United States with various backgrounds to be advocates for the voiceless, the most forgotten and marginalized in our world today,” voiced Mei Saurette ’21. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops shared this statement in the tragic aftermath of the Parkland, Florida shooting: “Once again, we are confronted with grave evil, the murder of our dear children and those who teach them. Our prayers continue for those who have died, and those suffering with L-R: Juniors Molly Rogers and Abby Weaver show injuries and unimaginable grief. We also continue our decades-long advocacy their support at National Walkout Day for common-sense gun measures as part of a comprehensive approach to the reduction of violence in society and the protection of life.” On March 14, which was also known as National Walkout Day, our student leaders and hundreds of students took a peaceful silent stand against the rampant gun violence in our country, on the one-month anniversary of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. After leaders read the name of each victim in Florida, a minute of silence and reflection was observed. The students were joined by the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph. A prayer for peace was also read and everyone was asked to remember the power of coming together. “We’re here not only to support the people that are leading this movement from Parkland, Florida but also just for each other because it’s important that we all have safe schools, safe environments,” shared Claire Forrestal ’18.

Juniors Jane Roche (daughter of Malena Nanni Roche ’93) and Grace Kelley (sister of Margaret ’14 and Nora Kelley ’17) demonstrated the charism of the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph, along with our student leaders, by organizing the March for Our Lives non-violent march and rally in downtown Cleveland on March 24. The event attracted an estimated 20,000 people. Sam Burke ’19 raised “prayers and hope for Parkland families and friends who have experienced loss or injury, and that they would feel (God’s) support and presence.”

L-R: Juniors Grace Kelley and Jane Roche at March for Our Lives

Saint Joseph Academy SPRING 2018


Spain Students begin their cultural trip in Barcelona

Students Embark on Trips to



n March, twenty-two students and three faculty embarked on a ten-day journey across Spain. The group visited the famous cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Seville and Granada. Some of the landmarks they saw were La Boquería, the

Students visit the gardens at Alhambra de Granada


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Mediterranean Sea, Basílica de la Sagrada Familia, the Royal Palace of Spain, Royal Alcázar and the Cathedral of Sevilla, the Alhambra and Córdoba. “My favorite part of going to Spain was being able to apply the Spanish that I have been studying at the Academy. It is one thing to learn the language in a classroom, but another to apply it in a foreign country. I enjoyed this trip because I was able to improve my ability to comprehend and communicate with different people across the country. Each city we visited had different cultural aspects and it was interesting to learn about the various sayings used from place to place. I strongly encourage every student to attend at least one international trip because it opens your eyes up to a new lifestyle,” shared Selena Alamir ’20.

L-R: Juniors Cara Staresnic and Julia Henderson at Royal Palace in Madrid


our students had the opportunity to close to our hearts. There was something so visit Le Puy-en-Velay. This was the special about standing in the same place as second half of the International Student the first six sisters stood in 1650. As a result Exchange Program and was a very different of this trip, I feel more connected to my than other trips. For more than two weeks, past, present and future sisters all across the students stayed with families who had been at world,” shared Abbie Helmer ’19 (sister of Saint Joseph Academy last fall and attended Clare Helmer ’17). the St. Jacques de Compostelle school in Le Puy, France. “This trip helped me to solidify my understanding of the mission of Saint Joseph Academy by connecting with those in our sister school, helping me to realize that the impact of the Congregation of St. Joseph is both close to us and far away. My favorite part of the trip were the relationships I made. I was able to bond with not only my host and her family, but also the hosts of the other students and their friends. I am appreciative of the relationships I made, because they were all rooted in the bond of the Congregation of St. Joseph. I think that these international trips are important to students at Saint Joseph Academy because of the opportunity it gives to learn about the L-R: Sophomores Marie Musser, Kate Flannery, a Sister of St. Joseph, Cara Ridge ’20 history of the school that we hold so and Abbie Helmer ’19 at the original kitchen where the Sisters of St. Joseph began


L-R: Cara Ridge ’20 and Kate Flannery ’20 with students from St. Jacques de Compostelle, who participated in the exchange at the Academy last fall

meeting in 1650


wenty-one girls and three faculty members set out for Ireland, England and Wales during break. They attended Easter mass at St. Francis Xavier and were met by Frannie Smith ’17, now a student attending Trinity College there. The group traveled through Snowdonia National Park, one of the United Kingdom’s largest parks and contains the highest peak in Wales

and England. The travelers visited Stratfordupon-Avon, the hometown of William Shakespeare. In London, the group had the chance to see the Albert and Victoria Museum, the National History Museum, West End, the London Eye, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and the Queen’s family home, Windsor Castle. The students and faculty also had the chance

England, Ireland and Wales L-R: Juniors Grace Lishing and Teagen Kelly at Blarney Castle in Ireland

to visit Stonehenge and Bath. This trip has so many opportunities: museums, monuments, shopping, sightseeing and eating. It was a jampacked 10 days traveling through the cities of Ireland, England and Wales – so much to do with so little time! L-R: Juniors Dyami Collier, Emily Shomon, Linda Kee, Grace Lishing and Lauren Hahn experience London

Saint Joseph Academy SPRING 2018



Provides Insights for Career Opportunities


ach spring, the Junior class experiences the real world of prospective careers, thanks to our Junior Professional Shadowing Program. College Counseling Department Chair Ms. Susan Emmerich and College Counselor Ms. Maria Mueller, Juniors spend time with a sponsor in a potential career or passion of their choice. This year, more than 170 Juniors were paired with a variety of professionals, including meteorologists, a congresswoman, lawyers, neurologists and pilots. Students keep journals detailing their experiences and thoughts on the professionals they observed. This career exploration helps students decide vocations of interest or hone in their post-secondary education selections as they narrow their college search process.

Here are some highlights from the 2018 Junior Professional Shadowing experience:

Mia Saurette ’19 completed her Junior Professional Shadowing experience at Cleveland Clinic, shadowing various physicians focused on neurology. “I observed patient cases, such as treating migraines and completing tests, which are more similar to lab work. I had the opportunity to watch an Electromyography (EMG), an electrodiagnostic medicine technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. The EMG is electrically similar to the electrocardiogram (EKG), which I learned about in my Honors Anatomy and Physiology class, so that was a neat connection. I could understand some of the readings and what it meant about the activity in a patient’s muscle. There are so many factors to consider when dealing with headaches and facial pain. I learned that medicine is not just medicine. There are many aspects, which include business, social and problemsolving skills. I enjoyed my experience, but I am more interested in the research-oriented aspect of neuroscience and medicine. I am grateful for this opportunity of Junior Professional Shadowing because it has taught me about potential careers in the medical field that are more aligned with my interests and passions, as well as the opportunity to focus my goals.”


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Grace Kelley ’19 (sister of Margaret ’14 and Nora Kelley ’17) shadowed United States Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, the longest-serving woman in the House of Representatives. “During my time shadowing Congresswoman Kaptur, I was able to learn about bills she is currently working on, which included giving more funds to the foster care system because of the influx of children whose parents have lost custody because of opioid addiction. I accompanied Rep. Kaptur to press interviews in the National Statuary Hall, attended meetings with lobbyists and members of her staff, including meetings on the opioid crisis and environmental issues. I was able to research and create memos on various initiatives. It was an awesome experience to be able to do actual government work for a congresswoman. I think if I was able to find a position where I could work on an issue I am passionate about, I could really enjoy working on a congressional staff and later run for public office,” voiced Grace Kelley ‘19.

Hannah Nodge ’19 shadowed a pilot with United Airlines. “During my Junior Professional Shadowing experience, I was able witness in-flight operations, which is similar to air traffic control. I was able to walk through the hanger, sitting in the cockpit of a 737 aircraft and even programmed a route into a plane’s computer, which felt so natural to me. I also watched a pre-flight, where the captain showed me the different things they are looking for, like weather, runway conditions, any turbulence, flight route, flight plan, etc. I toured the air traffic control area as well. Being able to see everything behind the scenes helped me appreciate all the people who help out the pilots. The pilot that I shadowed shared all of the benefits of becoming a pilot. I can definitely see myself in this career,” shared Hannah Nodge ’19.

Marlena Noeth ’19 (granddaughter of Alice Washtock Butkiewicz ’47† and sister of Greta Noeth ’17) was able to complete her Junior Professional Shadowing experience with an economist at Federal Reserve Bank and a statistician at Case Western Reserve University. “My sponsors, Dr. Dionissi Aliprantis and Dr. Francisca, started the Math Corps program in Cleveland, which is an organization I have been heavily involved with for the past two years. I was able to tour the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank and participated a meeting at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) where Dr. Aliprantis worked with other economists to create a model representing the opioid crisis. The research conducted for this model was completed by Dr. Francisca at CWRU. Before my Junior Professional Shadowing experience, I wasn’t exactly sure what an economist did, but I find it very interesting that they primarily study the choices people make and the reasons why people make those choices or have those beliefs. I also learned that an economist’s job focuses on trying to come up with answers to the questions society is faced with by conducting research and attempting to view the issues from varying perspectives. Through this experience, I learned more about the different types of economics and I think public economics (which uses economic reasoning to study government policy) is the most interesting to me. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to shadow both Dr. Aliprantis and Dr. Francisca because they have such big hearts and do their research with the common goal of creating better, safer and more empowered communities in our city and country.”

Imari Hill ’19 shadowed an audio engineer at the Coletta Fanta ’19 (sister of Katherine Fanta ’15) lived this year’s theme, “Practice Empathetic Justice” by shadowing Jackie Goodin, CSJ at Bethany House in Chicago. The organization provides housing and supportive services for women 18-22 years of age who have come to the United States as unaccompanied youth immigrants and are aging out of youth detention centers. “I was able to pray with these young women in their language which was a beautiful experience. Hearing Sr. Jackie’s story was so inspiring, I learned more about the Congregation of St. Joseph and the work they do. It is so wonderful to see the work and spirit of the Sisters from Le Puy, France many years ago being continued on today. Meeting the immigrants was an emotional experience for me. My heart is so full of love for these women, and I learned a lot about immigration and the challenges these women have faced. Not only do I need to listen to them with my ears, but I also need to listen with my heart. This experience reinforced the importance of education and it should not be taken for granted.”

Cleveland Institute of Music during a video shoot. “The shoot was the Cleveland Institute of Music welcome video and featured James Beard award-winning Chef Jonathon Sawyer. After the shoot, I watched the video editing process and was given the opportunity to choose the best take from the shoot. On my second day, I was able to experience a live broadcast at Mixon Hall with the world premiere of a student’s song called “The Madrigalist,” performed by a cello octet. Mixon Hall is THX-certified so students and faculty can use the audio and performances that they have recorded for movies. I learned about the various software, microphones and audio programs used. I also had the opportunity to tour the studios and listen to music I had created over the soundboard. The president of Cleveland Institute of Music gave me invaluable advice for my future career. With my Junior Professional Shadowing experience, I learned so much about the effort and hard work put into audio and recording careers. This experience has been transformational!”

Saint Joseph Academy SPRING 2018


Winter Sports Basketball Program Makes History by Capturing First District Championship! The Saint Joseph Academy basketball program made history in 2018 as the team captured its first District championship. Despite a great deal of success in recent years, the Jaguars had never been able to hoist the District championship trophy until this year. The Jaguars captured the Valley Forge Division 1 District championship with a dramatic 46-44 win over top-seeded BereaMidpark. Colleen Neitzel ’18 stepped to the free throw line with 2.6 seconds remaining in a tie game and hit two free throws to secure the title. With the win, the Jaguars advanced to the Regional Semifinals in Canton where they fell to state-ranked Solon 48-32. Led by their seven Seniors, the Jaguars finished the season at 20-6 overall playing a challenging schedule. Big wins this season included three victories over Magnificat (featuring a 54-31 win over the Blue Streaks in the Sectional final) and wins against St. Vincent-St. Mary, Archbishop Hoban, Walsh Jesuit, Lakewood, Hathaway Brown,

Laurel and Avon. Molly Dever ’18 (sister of Bridget Dever ’15) led the team in scoring averaging 14.3 points per game and totaling 371 points on the season. She scored 20 or more points six times. Molly Dever ’18 earned third-team all-district honors while Colleen Neitzel

’18, Kathleen DeCarlo ’18, Molly Neitzel ’19 and Lucy Lowe ’20 (daughter of Denis Companey Lowe ’81 and sister of Hannah Lowe ’12) earned Honorable Mention All-District recognition. Congratulations to our basketball program on its record-setting season!

The Varsity basketball team after their victory over the Berea-Midpark Titans for the District Championship

Inaugural Bowling Team Advances to Districts In their first year of existence, the bowling team had high hopes for the season. Led by four Seniors, the Jaguars hoped to have a strong first season even though they entered with little experience. Only Angela Weiland ’18 (who previously

The Varsity Bowling team with Head Coach and Social Studies teacher Mr. Brad Negulescu


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

bowled for a public high school) had competitive bowling experience. Not only were the Jaguars competitive in 2017, but they also turned out to be one of the top teams in the area as they advanced to the OHSAA District tournament after a runner-up finish at Sectionals. Angela Weiland ’18 earned the Greater Cleveland Interscholastic Bowling League (GCIBL) John Beck Award this season. Each year the award goes to the one Senior in the GCIBL who displays the highest ability, leadership and tenacity. She also was named to the North Coast League second-team while Emily Kovacic ’19 earned first-team All North Coast League (NCL) honors. Sarah Skodny ’18 (sister of Emily Skodny ’15), who worked to build the program into a Varsity sport, was joined on the team by fellow Seniors Erica Bryston (granddaughter of Joyce Steigerwald York ’57 and daughter of Deborah York Bryston ’85), Kathryn Rajnicek, Olivia Zubal and Angela Weiland. Congratulations to our Jaguars on a great first season!

First Year Gymnastics Team Builds for the Future Maddy Kelly’s Second-Straight State Meet Appearance Highlights Swimming & Diving Season Maddy Kelly ’20 once again led the way for the swimming & diving team this year. The Sophomore advanced to the OHSAA Division 1 State swim meet for the second consecutive season where she finished in 12th (100-yard backstroke) and 14th (50-yard freestyle) in her events. She set the Academy’s record of 24.02 in the 50 freestyle in the State meet preliminaries. In addition, Maddy was Maddy Kelly ’20 (center) at the OHSAA Division I selected as the 2017-19 North Coast League State Swim Meet (NCL) Most Valuable Swimmer by the NCL swimming coaches. At the NCL meet, she won the 50-freestyle and 100-yard backstroke while setting a new pool (Gilmour Academy) and conference record.

The Jaguars first ever gymnastics student-athletes are Juniors Emma Weiss and Sofie Buckley. They competed as individuals throughout the 2017-18 season at various high schools within the Northeast District. Emma Weiss ’19 had her best meet of the season at the Rock and Roll Invitational hosted at Brecksville High School scoring an 8.85 on floor, placing second, and finishing fourth in the all-around. Sofie Buckley ’19 advanced out of the Sectional in 12th place out of 91 competitors to qualify for the District meet on vault. At the District meet,

Eight Jaguars advanced to the District meet: Maddy Kelly ’20 Paola Colon ’19 Gwen Pierce ’21 Julia Patterson ’19 Jadalise Pacheco ’18 Kassidy Gartin ’19 Brittany Miller ’18 Jenna Wasilko ’20

50 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 200 medley relay and 400 freestyle relay 200 medley relay, 200 freestyle relay 200 medley relay, 200 freestyle relay and 400 freestyle relay 200 medley relay, 400 freestyle relay 200 freestyle relay and 400 freestyle relay 200 freestyle relay (sister of Kayla Gartin ’15) Diving Diving

Indoor Track & Field Team Sends 11 To State Meet; Annie Allen ‘20 Earns All-Ohio Honors The indoor track team featured 50 members this year as the Jaguars competed in the NEOITC. The highlight of the season was having 11 individuals participate in the State meet, led by Annie Allen ’20 who placed sixth in the 1600-meter run to earn All-Ohio honors. Others who participated in the state meet are Maggie Wagner ’18 (daughter of Karen Lee Wagner ’83), Mia Crayton-Prioleau ’19, Olivia Fallon ’19, Grace Kelley ’19 (sister of Margaret ’14 and Nora Kelley ’17), Haley Morgan ’19 (granddaughter of Marlene Manik Bergen ’61), Emma Pesicka ’19, Madison Wilson ’19 (sister of Samantha Zogheib ’11), Maura Jordan ’20, Amanda Keim ’20 and Faith Maruna ’21. It was the ideal culmination to a very successful season that demonstrated tremendous growth, progress and hard work.

Sofie Buckley ’19 on beam with Emma Weiss ’19 next

Sofie performed her best vault of the season, scoring a 9.05 which resulted in a three-way tie for 16th place, the last qualifying spot to the State tournament. She was tied for the alternate spot but lost out on the alternate position in a coin flip (really!). Overall, these two young ladies had a great showing throughout the season, demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and paved the way for future gymnasts at the Academy. Congratulations to both Emma and Sofie on their outstanding accomplishments in their inaugural high school gymnastics season!

Annie Allen ’20 (second from left) at the OATCCC Indoor State Championship

Saint Joseph Academy SPRING 2018





e would like to extend a sincere “Thank You!” to all of the friends and supporters of “Celebrate the Academy” for making our annual gala a success! The event – attended this year by more than 500 friends of the Academy – is a crucial fundraiser for scholarships and academic initiatives. Over $230,000 net was raised, thanks to the generosity of the Saint Joseph Academy community.

Olivia Martinez ’19 performs at “Celebrate the Academy”

L-R: Sarah Scarpitti ’20 and Maggie Sweeney ’18

Three-time “Celebrate the Academy” event chairs Andrea and John Ham P’18, Camille and Patrick Sheehan P’18, Lisa Adkins Lonsway ’84, P’18 and Michael Lonsway P’18

Academy Ambassadors help “Celebrate the Academy”


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

2018 Medaille Shield Honorees Medaille Shield recipients, John Cooney and Colleen Conway Cooney, were honored at “Celebrate the Academy” for truly embodying the Saint Joseph Academy spirit and mission. The Cooneys devoted their lives to service, spending the majority of their careers in the public sector—specifically, the local justice system. Colleen served more than 20 years as a judge while John was the senior staff attorney for the Court of Appeals for 25 years. They retired in 2013. John was a member of the Academy’s Board of Directors from 2001 to 2007, serving as board chair from 2004 to 2006. Colleen served on the CSJ Ministries Board from 2008 to 2014. John and Colleen want to help secure the future of Saint Joseph Academy and ensure that it continues to shine as an all kinds of girls school where everyone is welcomed and encouraged to grow. It is so important to the Cooneys that the couple is generously bequeathing a legacy gift to the Academy. In doing so, the Cooneys are now members of the Fontbonne Legacy Society. We thank the Cooney family for their generous commitment to Saint Joseph Academy! L-R: Colleen Conway Cooney and John Cooney, Medaille Shield recipients

Maureen McCafferty Arbeznik ’69 Distinguished Alumna 2018 Maureen McCafferty Arbeznik ’69 was honored at this year’s “Celebrate the Academy” gala as Saint Joseph Academy’s 2018 Distinguished Alumna. It is welldeserved recognition. Maureen’s lifelong devotion to education, particularly Catholic education, began when she was a child playing school with her brothers and sister. When her mother signed her up for a French class in fifth grade, she became enchanted with the language. Her love for French blossomed during high school. Many teachers left an indelible impression, especially Sr. Elizabeth Joyce, who taught French at Saint Joseph Academy. In her Senior year at Xavier University, Maureen was awarded a scholarship to study at the Sorbonne in Paris, sealing her fate as a Francophile and future language teacher. She recalls her four years at Saint Joseph Academy as being formative. She credits the all girls environment with providing many opportunities to develop her leadership abilities. Expectations were high but love for the students ran deep, tempering any feelings of stress or pressure. The Sisters were intellectually curious and wanted the same for their students. “There was very

much a feeling of everyone going through this journey together,” Maureen reflects. “I couldn’t wait to get there in the morning. We had so much fun.” Beyond the classroom were the friendships that were forged with her peers and with the Sisters. “It’s a blessing to be able to say that I have known some of my closest friends for more than 50 years!” As for the Sisters, Maureen notes, “Both inside and outside of the classroom, we knew that they really cared about us. We were their vocation. Even today, if I go to the Motherhouse and see Sr. Pat Finn, Sr. Karen Lyons, Sr. Marietta Starrie and others, I feel like I’m coming home.” According to Maureen’s nominator, long-time friend and 2010 Distinguished Alumna, Cathy Lanning Knittel ’67: “Maureen has become the embodiment of the mission of Saint Joseph Academy by continuously inspiring a life of compassionate leadership and service. The formation of Maureen’s devotion to Catholic education was deeply influenced by the Sisters of St. Joseph. After years of teaching and empowering her students, she was more than willing to take on a leadership role in establishing Lakewood Catholic Academy,

L-R: President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 with 2018 Distinguished Alumna Maureen McCafferty Arbeznik ’69

a new model for Catholic elementary education in the Diocese of Cleveland.” Maureen retired as principal of Lakewood Catholic Academy in 2015 but continues to teach French to 7th and 8th graders. Her greatest reward is when former students return to tell her that she inspired them to further study French. “Not too many people get to spend their careers doing what they love. I’ve been very blessed,” voiced Maureen. Maureen lives in Lakewood with her husband of 42 years, Gary. They have four children—Brigid Arbeznik Radigan ’97, Dan, Sean and Caitrin—and nine grandchildren, ages seven and under. Saint Joseph Academy SPRING 2018



Support a Senior by Donating to the 75th Anniversary of “Walk of the Roses” You can recognize a special Senior by supporting her ceremonial “Walk of the Roses” on Tuesday, May 29. As part of the graduation tradition, each Senior carries a beautiful bouquet of red roses down Rocky River Drive to Our Lady of Angels Church. Your gift of $50 includes a bouquet of roses along with a dedicated message to a specific Senior or provide a note of encouragement to a 2018 graduate. To support the “Walk of the Roses,” donate online at www.sja1890.org/walkofroses or mail your gift to the Advancement Department, 3470 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland, OH 44111, with the notation “Roses” prior to Monday, May 21.

Building Futures Breakfast Supports Scholarship Fund More than 110 of Cleveland’s female leaders came together to support Saint Joseph Academy students, the next generation of female leaders, at the fifth annual “Building Futures Breakfast.” The event took place at the Union Club and was sponsored by Key Private Bank, Thompson Hine, University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center, Eileen Baugh Biehl ’75, P’14, Huntington National Bank and Luma Wealth Advisors. Tim Colburn P’10, ’12 & ’14 kicked off the breakfast, sharing his gratitude for the positive impact Saint Joseph Academy has had on his daughters. Aaleah Krone ’19 shared how much she values her education at Saint Joseph Academy and expressed gratitude to those that provided financial assistance that enabled her to attend. Joyce Brady Dever ’83, P’13 & ’17 also shared her alumna perspective regarding the value of a Saint Joseph Academy education. Guests were invited to volunteer to host a student for her Junior Professional Shadow Experience or to speak to students in a women’s leadership class. The event netted more than $37,000 for the scholarship fund.

Fontbonne Legacy Society The Fontbonne Legacy Society recognizes those individuals who have included Saint Joseph Academy in their estate plans. Recently, we were humbled – or blessed – to receive a generous planned gift from the Helen Whalen Murway ’50† Trust. With sincere thanks for their generous commitment to ensuring the future of Saint Joseph Academy, members of the Fontbonne Legacy Society are invited to special appreciation events and are considered lifetime members of the 1890 Society. Interested in this opportunity? Please contact Vice President of Institutional Advancement Constance S. Sipple, CFRE, at csipple@sja1890.org or 216.671.0166. L-R: Student speaker Aaleah Krone ’19 and Joyce Brady Dever ’83, P’13 & ’17


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he Annual Fund is Saint Joseph Academy’s most important giving program because it benefits Every Student. Every Day. Students like Marisleysis Gonzales ’18, a hardworking and bright Senior who fell in love with the school on her first day at Saint Joseph Academy. “As soon as I walked in here I just felt at home, I really liked how diverse the Academy is and how it’s an all kinds of girls school.” Marisleysis credits Saint Joseph Academy for getting her out of her comfort zone and making her the strong, outgoing young woman she is today. “I feel like now I’m a leader. One of the clubs that I’m a leader of is called the UNITY Club, where we focus on connecting with the community, social justice and bringing up issues such as racism and discrimination.” She has benefitted immensely from her time at Saint Joseph Academy and

attributes her Junior Professional Shadowing experience for her decision to become a doctor. “I shadowed a cardiothoracic surgeon at Cleveland Clinic and I was able to witness a heart beating right in front of me.” Attending Saint Joseph Academy has not been easy for Marisleysis. She participates in the work study program after school and also works another part-time job. Both jobs help her family pay her tuition. She also relies on tuition assistance, maintains high grades to earn scholarships and is extremely grateful to all the donors who support the Academy. “I thank you because without you I wouldn’t have been able to attend this school. To be a first generation college student is something that will really make my parents proud. I’m going to study to be a doctor because I want to help my community.” Please consider making a gift to the Annual Fund to help us provide support for

Help A Younger Alumna Through Our Mentoring Program Participation in the Saint Joseph Academy Alumnae Mentoring Program enables recent graduates to connect with other alumnae in a variety of professional fields. The program is designed to accommodate the schedules for both the mentor and mentee, allowing for flexibility in meeting times, meeting place and frequency. As the program continues to grow, we will look for additional opportunities for our mentors and mentees to support their professional development. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, being mentored or learning more about this program, visit www.sja1890.org/MentorProgram and complete the Alumnae Mentoring Interest form. If you have questions, please contact Alumnae Director Allison Busser ’04 at abusser@sja1890.org or call 216.619.1653.

Contact Us

To explore the many ways you can make a lasting impact on Saint Joseph Academy, please contact a member of our Institutional Advancement Department for a confidential conversation:

Constance Sipple, CFRE Vice President 216.671.0166 csipple@sja1890.org

Marisleysis Gonzalez ’18 shadows a cardiothoracic surgeon

the 68% of our students who require tuition assistance in order to attend. To donate today, simply fill out the enclosed donation envelope or visit www.sja1890.org/donate.

Stay Connected on LinkedIn Saint Joseph Academy has increased using LinkedIn to stay connected with alumnae and help our alumnae connect with each other! If you aren’t already a member, please join our Saint Joseph Academy LinkedIn Alumnae Group to stay up-todate with news, the alumnae community, alumnae events and most importantly, network with others to advance your career. Feel free to share your professional achievements, articles on women in leadership or reach out to other alumnae to network. We encourage you to invite other alumnae to join as well! New to LinkedIn? Search “Saint Joseph Academy Alumnae Cleveland, OH” and click “ask to join.” Alumnae will then be approved by the group administrators to become a member of the group.

Erin Grace Director of Major Gifts & Planned Giving 216.619.1938 egrace@sja1890.org

Allison Busser ’04 Alumnae Director 216.619.1653 abusser@sja1890.org

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Eternal rest grant unto them O, Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.

Rosemary Frantz Schnupp ’44 on the death of her husband, Edwin Schnupp. Ann Quinn Doran ’48 on the death of her husband and Terry Doran Kittrick ’76 and Diane Doran Russo ’82 on the death of their father, William Doran. Marjorie Erb Timko ’48 on the death of her sister, Constance Erb Hauer ’44. Helen Kilcoyne Malloy ’55 on the death of her sister, Anna Coletta Ansberry. Ruth Foley McNamara ’56 on the death of her husband, Anthony McNamara. Barbara Singer Miller ’56 on the death of her sister, Carol Singer ’54. Catherine O’Donnell Andrews ’57 on the death of her son, Barry Andrews. Barbara Martinka Eichman ’57 and Christine Martinka Tomaszewski ’68 on the death of their mother, Ann Martinka, and on the death of their sister, Louise Martinka Pattison ’65.

Janice O’Malley Kurtz ’62 and Geraldine O’Malley ’64 on the death of their sister, Joyce O’Malley ’62. Gail Krimmel Bresnahan N’62 on the death of her husband and Nancy Bresnahan Sasala N’65 and Patricia Bresnahan N’71 on the death of their brother, Jerome Bresnahan.

Annie Rossman Andrako ’76 on the death of her sister, Elizabeth “Betty Ann” Rossman ’75.

Coletta Kahl Mulloy ’64 and Margie Kahl Forshey ’65 on the death of their sister, Mary Terese Kahl Blaha.

Susan Anghilante Sullivan N’71 on the death of her brother, James Anghilante.

Mary Bontempo Carlson ’65 and Rita Bontempo Thiron ’70 on the death of their mother, Agnes Kearney Bontempo T’41.

Marilyn Graven Stewart ’57 and Maureen Graven Meier ’61 on the death of their sister, Rosemary Graven Katusha ’49.

Linda Zielinski Condry N’65 on the death of her mother, Jean Zielinski.


Deborah Rusnak Carter N’69, Anne Rusnak Doherty N’70 and Mary Rusnak Voller N’72 on the death of their mother, Helen Rusnak.

Louise DiFranco Miller N’71, Anita DiFranco George N’72 and Susan DiFranco Varga N’74 on the death of their brother, Mark DiFranco.

Kathryn Thomas, CSJ ’65 on the death of her brother, Anthony Thomas, Jr.

Marilyn Johns Rupp N’61 on the death of her husband, Edward Rupp.

Colleen Cusack Prebish N’75 on the death of her husband, Michael Prebish, Sr.

Christine Getts Repasy N’63 on the death of her sister, Judith Getts McCann N’68, and on the death of her mother, Sophie Getts.

Maryann Sammon Picard ’57 on the death of her husband, William Picard.

Elizabeth Pedace Sponseller ’61 on the death of her mother, Elizabeth Pedace.

Nancy Nosetic Koch ’69 on the death of her husband, Rev. John Koch, Jr.

Margaret Lynch ’70 and Kathleen Lynch ’71 on the death of their father, Thomas Lynch.

Frances Viancourt Molnar ’57 on the death of her husband, Edward Molnar.

Carol Krzepina Archuleta N’60 on the death of her father, Louis Krzepina.

Susan Huser Dietz N’75 on the death of her brother, James Huser.

Catherine Bontempo Roberts ’63 and Theresa Bontempo Sichau ’72 on the death of their sister, Mary Jane Bontempo.

Mary Ann Roman McAnerney ’65, Jean Roman Powe ’68 and Kathy Roman ’75 on the death of their brother, John Roman.

Carole Violante Orsic ’60 on the death of her sister, Annette Violante Bruening ’58.

Linda Pollack Zdara N’68 on the death of her father, Frank Pollack.

Joanne Delsky Guta N’65 and Susan Delsky Marolt N’68 on the death of their father, Joseph Delsky. Ce Ann Sambor, SSMI N’65 on the death of her father, Edward Sambor. Karen O’Malley Bokoch N’66 on the death of her husband, John Bokoch. Kathleen Flanagan Abbott ’67 on the death of her husband, Jack Abbott. Karen Kirby, CSJ ’68 on the death of her brother, Lawrence Timony.

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Debra Janison N’72 on the death of her mother, Janet Janison. Patricia Makselan N’72 on the death of her mother, Beverlie Makselan. Mary Lou Moffitt Torres ’73 on the death of her mother, Margaret Moffitt. Kathleen O’Boyle Dougherty ’74, Carol O’Boyle Clark ’75, Sharon O’Boyle Fraley ’76 and Karen O’Boyle Beck ’81 on the death of their father, Robert O’Boyle, and on the death of their mother, Jean Ann McGuire O’Boyle ’52. Paula Kleinhenz Giera ’74, Beth Kleinhenz Borato ’76 and Lisa Kleinhenz Ziemnik ’80 on the death of their father, Paul Kleinhenz. Mary Egan N’74 on the death of her stepmother and Therese Durkin Lustic ’61 on the death of her sister, Dorothy Durkin Egan ’47. Mary Mahoney Hladky ’75, Peggy Mahoney O’Brien ’76 and Eileen Mahoney Harshman ’79 on the death of their mother, Mary Mahoney. Mary Alice Mickol Podgorski ’75 and Joanne Mickol ’77 on the death of their mother, Laverne Klietz Mickol ’46.

Patricia Steigerwald Burnett ’76, Loretta Steigerwald Zedella ’78 and Caroline Steigerwald Jones ’83 on the death of their father, Joseph Steigerwald. Maureen Dempsey ’76 and Diane Dempsey Riehle ’78 on the death of their mother, Eleanor Dempsey. Nora Jordan ’76, Mary Jordan ’79, Margaret Jordan-Keaney ’80, Kathleen Jordan ’85 and Julie Jordan ’88 on the death of their mother, Nora Jordan. Nancy Zavagno Vitrano ’76 on the death of her husband, F. Mitchell Vitrano. Pamela Kazanoff Monai N’76 and Michele Kazanoff Gavin N’78 on the death of their father, Steve Kazanoff. Kathryn Kovachik Dodak ’77, Mary Jo Kovachik Lawson ’79, Christine Kovachik Riordan ’83 and Suzanne Kovachik Benya ’91 on the death of their father, Richard Kovachik. Caroline Pender Petras ’77 and Kathleen Pender Ginty ’81 on the death of their father, William Pender. Michelle Chernek Budzik N’77 on the death of her mother, Edith Chernek. Teresa Cotner ’78 on the death of her mother, Mary Vasko Cotner ’52. Susan Smith ’78, Mary Smith Moore ’82 and Christine Smith Nelson ’88 on the death of their mother, Livia Smith. Michele McKendry D’Alessandro N’78 on the death of her mother, Barbara McKendry.

Remembering Catherine Pinkerton, CSJ ’39 Therese Ridilla Stevens N’78 on the death of her father, John Ridilla. Laura Shiels MacBride ’79 and Margaret Shiels ’80 on the death of their father, Michael Shiels. Maura Mackin ’79 on the death of her mother, Margaret Mackin. Cynthia Roginski Moore N’79 on the death of her brother, Raymond Roginski. Karen Zavoda Prcela ’80, Nancy Zavoda Schwind ’83 and Beth Zavoda Smith ’84 on the death of their mother, Jean Zavoda. Aimee Petras Bachna N’80 on the death of her sister, Jennifer Lynne Petras N’78. Kathleen Romanoski Monyak N’80 on the death of her father, Peter Romanoski. Georgette Habeeb Picone N’80 on the death of her father, George Habeeb.

Bernadette Carleton Bolognese ’89 and Karen Carleton Peterkoski ’91 on the death of their father, William Carleton. Bridget Kehoe Keil ’90 on the death of her mother, Kathleen Kehoe. Elizabeth Monahan McGinley ’90 on the death of her father, John Monahan. Amy Harrington ’02 and Maggie Harrington Nolfi ’06 on the death of their mother, Shelly Harrington. Rebecca Baker Kochis ’05 on the death of her father, Tom Baker. Kala Seeholzer-Siebert ’17 on the death of her father and Sarah McGinness ’03, Briana McGinness ’04, Alexandra McGinness ’09 and Carissa McGinness ’12 on the death of their stepfather, William Siebert. We extend our sympathy to the family of Patricia Short, guidance counselor at Saint Joseph Academy in the late 1970s and early 1980s, who passed away in January of this year.

Valerie Skiba Tocci N’80 on the death of her mother, Mary Ann Skiba.

We are saddened to share that Sister Catherine (Mary Pius) Pinkerton, CSJ ’39 passed away on December 28, 2017. She was a woman of strength who had a great influence on many students. She will be deeply missed by many. Sister Catherine graduated from Saint Joseph Academy in 1939, and served at the Academy from 1957-1973. She was the principal from the 1967-68 through 1972-73 school years. Sister Catherine is fondly remembered for her choral instructions, among her many activities. In 1996, Sister Catherine was honored as one of our Distinguished Alumnae. Sister Catherine later spent many years working with NETWORK in Washington, D.C., the lobby for Catholic social justice founded by Catholic sisters in the spirit of Vatican II. The Sister Catherine Pinkerton, CSJ ’39 Memorial Scholarship has been established to honor Sister Catherine’s legacy at Saint Joseph Academy by providing tuition assistance to a young woman with a demonstrated financial need and a heart for social justice. Once endowed, it will ensure that Sister Catherine will have an impact on Saint Joseph Academy in perpetuity. What better way to honor her memory and legacy by donating to an endowed scholarship in her name? Donate to the Sister Catherine Pinkerton, CSJ ’39 Memorial Scholarship Fund at www.sja1890.org/srcatherine and help us reach our goal. For questions, please contact Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Constance S. Sipple, CFRE at csipple@sja1890.org.

Patricia Rainey Hiros ’81 on the death of her father, Robert Rainey. Renee Karas ’82 on the death of her father, Francis Karas. Cheryl Czekaj Camiola ’83 on the death of her mother, Gail Ann Czekaj. Julie Simon Hetzel ’83 on the death of her father, Paul Simon. Tracey Malloy ’83 on the death of her father, James Malloy. Brigid McNeely ’83 and Mary McNeely Maloney ’84 on the death of their mother, Margaret McNeely. Gina Brasty ’84 on the death of her brother, Gerald Brasty, Jr. Kristine Esper Guidry ’86 on the death of her son, Logan Guidry.

Please remember in your prayers the following deceased alumnae: Mary Ann Teslik ’36 Catherine Pinkerton, CSJ ’39 Gail Martin Dwyer ’40 Agnes Kearney Bontempo T’41 Janet Landreth McClain ’42 Dorothy Kilbane Murphy ’43 Virginia Koehl Beutell ’44 Margaret Leight Gannelli ’44 Constance Erb Hauer ’44 Rita Kowallek Mickas ’46 Laverne Klietz Mickol ’46 Joanne Seeholzer Donahue T’46 Elizabeth “Betty” Gorbett Adams ’47 Dorothy Durkin Egan ’47 Geraldine Kolonick Schmucki ’48

Theresa Sullivan, CSJ ’48 Rosemary Graven Katusha ’49 Betty McCafferty, CSJ ’50 Mary Vasko Cotner ’52 Thelma West Mathewson ’52 Jean Ann McGuire O’Boyle ’52 Marilyn Greene Craig ’53 Carol Singer ’54 Eleanor Hejlik Smith ’54 Annette Violante Bruening ’58 Judith Radzimski Elwood N’61 Patricia Price Glass ’62 Joyce O’Malley ’62 Georgianne Italiano Krisko ’63 Barbara Bundy Smith N’64

Renee Gyurke Zeitler N’64 Marie Lemieux Grimmer ’65 Louise Martinka Pattison ’65 Coletta Lehmann Koenig ’66 Janet Rutti Hein N’67 Diane Metnes ’68 Judith Getts McCann N’68 Mary Catherine McNamara, SIW N’68 Marguerite Kawecki N’70 Elizabeth “Betty Ann” Rossman ’75 Carol McConaghy Gross ’78 Jennifer Lynne Petras N’78 Caroline Cukelj Meder ’80

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Margaret Lynch, Ph. D. ’70 authored The Day We Celebrate: 175 Years of Cleveland’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Extensively researched and lavishly illustrated in full color, this handsome 200-page hard cover book uncovers the collective story of a community through the lens of a proud and beloved tradition that has brought a people together for 175 years, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Margaret is the Executive Director of the Irish American Archives Society in Cleveland. Kathy Moran Laino ’71 was presented with the Insignis Award at Lakewood Catholic Academy’s Annual Gala in April, the school’s highest honor given to an individual or group who has demonstrated their commitment as a genuine partner in advancing the mission of the school. Cynthia Cianciolo ’75 is celebrating her 40th year as a court reporter and business owner. She currently has a staff of 12 and her company serves the central Florida area as a freelance court reporting agency.


Heather Kazmer ’96 was recently voted the 2018 Sherwin-Williams Women’s Club President. She will help lead 670 Northeast Ohio members to raise funds to give back to women’s and children’s charities in the region.


Siblings Lisa Abraham Hoekenga ’00 and Sandy Abraham ’03 were selected as honorees for the 2018 YWCA Greater Cleveland’s Distinguished Young Woman Award and will be recognized at the YWCA May luncheon. Lori Jamiol ’00 married Remon Reese on July 2, 2017 in Mexico. Shanna Kazmer ’02 married Nicholas Smalc on October 7, 2017 at St. Mary of the Falls


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Cleveland area, participating in a number of appearances, from in-park hosting for the Cleveland Indians, to quizzing sports fans on Fox Sports Ohio’s trivia show. In 2014, she founded the non-profit organization Love Doesn’t Shove. She will be recognized at a reception in June. Kathryn Tuleta ’10 married Chris Gorski on September 23, 2017.

L-R: Lisa Abraham Hoekenga ’00 and Sandy Abraham Wasnick ’03 at the 2018 YWCA Greater Cleveland’s Distinguished Young Woman Award

Church. Members of her wedding party included Heather Kazmer ’96, Jill Kazmer Gaydosh ’00 and Sarah Kalt Frey ’02. Greer Gibbons ’04 is being recognized as a 2018 Woman of Professional Excellence by the YWCA Greater Cleveland at their May luncheon. She is a Project Manager at The Lubrizol Corporation. Nicole Ambrogi ’06 graduated in August of 2017 with her Master’s degree in Social Work from Cleveland State University, with a 3.98 GPA. Megan Arms ’07 married Jonathan Bokar on October 7, 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her sister, Amanda Arms Cordell ’04, was her matron of honor.

Madeline Fisher ’13 graduated in May of 2017 from Bowling Green State University and is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Forensic Investigations. She has earned a graduate assistantship and credits her success in school to the values and academics instilled in her at Saint Joseph Academy. Erin Stefancin ‘13 was named the 2018 Ohio Rose of Tralee. She will advance to the Rose of Tralee International Festival in August. The organization brings young women of Irish descent from around the world to County Kerry, Ireland to support international friendship, educational and cultural exchange. Erin is a graduate of The Ohio State University and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology at the university. Sarah Sofish ’14 is graduating summa cum laude from Bowling Green State University, with a Bachelor of Arts in early childhood education.

Alexandra Borsuk ’07 married Matt Hasenohr on September 23, 2017.

Congratulations to Brittany Morrison ’15 and the entire University of Buffalo’s women’s basketball team on their run to the NCAA Sweet 16, the first time in school history.

Sarah Ginty Edington ’08 was promoted to District Leader with CVS Health in January of this year. She now manages 15 CVS stores in greater Nashville and greater Chattanooga.

Congratulations to Lauren Zawie ’17, a member of the Cleveland State University relay that set the school record in the 4x400m relay at a recent Horizon League meet.


Gab Kreuz ’10 has been selected as part of Crain’s Cleveland Business “20 in their 20s” editorial feature. She is a freelance broadcast and commercial talent in the

Emily Alberty ’11 was honored as a “teacher hero” by PNC Bank for her dedication to her students. She received $4,000 to continue her passion of helping students receive a better education. Emily is a Pre-K teacher at Marion Seltzer Elementary.

CubClub Theresa Wright Selzer ’97 & Kevin Selzer a daughter, Gianna Rose, born December 7, 2017

Megan Mayer Gaskin ’04 & Michael Gaskin a son, Colin Matthew, born September 13, 2017

Tiffany VanDeMotter Scarberry ’00 & Timothy Scarberry a daughter, Madeline Loredith, born August 20, 2017

Amanda Langley Griffin ’04 & Floyd Griffin a daughter, Amelia, born December 12, 2017

Sara Mayer Wanous ’00 & Matt Wanous a daughter, Abigail Ann, born November 17, 2017

Kelly Glasenapp Lisy ’04 & Brandon Lisy a daughter, June Helen, born February 9, 2018

Shannon Hardman Wahl ’01 & Scot Wahl a son, Henry William, born January 4, 2018

Kelly Friedel Balaban ’06 & Marc Balaban a son, Jack Ethan, born November 26, 2017

Nicole Mayer Cadiou ’03 & Jonathan Cadiou a daughter, Eloise Harper, born October 25, 2017

Alexandra Miles Stiffler ’06 & Adam Stiffler a daughter, Seline Rose, born November 22, 2017




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LOOKINGAHEAD Senior Farewell Mass & Alumnae Induction

Golf Outing

All alumnae are invited to attend the Senior Farewell Mass & Alumnae Induction on Wednesday, May 23 at 12 p.m. at Our Lady of Angels Church. Alumnae who attend will participate in a ceremony to welcome the Class of 2018 into the Alumnae Association. For more information or to reserve a spot, please email Alumnae and Special Events Coordinator Betty Hjort at bhjort@sja1890.org.

Our 24th Annual Golf Outing to benefit the Saint Joseph Academy Scholarship Fund will take place on Saturday, July 28 at Sweetbriar Golf Course in Avon Lake, Ohio. The day includes lunch, dinner, contests, raffles and 18 holes of golf with a cart (shot-gun start, scramble format). Please mark your calendar and join the fun!

“25 Under 35” Awards Ceremony This exciting event will be held on Saturday, June 16 and celebrates 25 of Saint Joseph Academy’s young alumnae who have gone above and beyond in their personal and professional endeavors since graduation. Honorees are chosen for their achievements, compassionate leadership and service. Please visit www.sja1890.org/25under35 for more information.

Grand Reunion Are you a Saint Joseph Academy alumna who graduated in a year ending in “8” or “3?” If so, mark your calendar for the weekend of October 5-7, to celebrate your Grand Reunion! Please watch your mail for more information and spread the word to your classmates. If you know of any classmates who have not been receiving mailings from Saint Joseph Academy, please encourage them to update their contact information by calling the Alumnae Office at 216.251.6788 ext. 245 or visit our website, www.sja1890.org.

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