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Students Experience College-Level Technology Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


Letter from the President Dear Alumnae, Parents and Friends of Saint Joseph Academy,

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Update is published by Saint Joseph Academy for alumnae, parents and friends. Contributors to this issue of UPDATE include: Allison Busser ’04, Congregation of St. Joseph, Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71, Kathy Flinn, Susan Flood, Betty Hjort, Abby Keefe, John Manuszak, Laura McCarty ’07, Mackenzie Schuler, Constance C. Sipple, CFRE and Jeff Sutliff. Photography courtesy is extended to: Congregation of St. Joseph Archives, Laura McCarty ’07, Lifetouch Photography, Olivia Arbogast, Kathy Barni and Cory Otto. For more information, please contact Mackenzie Schuler at 216.251.6788 or mschuler@sja.org.

MISSION Saint Joseph Academy, rooted in the spirituality of the Congregation of St. Joseph, fosters unifying relationships with God and all creation, empowers each young woman to achieve academic excellence and inspires a life of compassionate leadership and service in a global society. On the Cover: L-R: Kellyn Lindway ’19, Aurelia Rivera ’19 and Mia Crayton-Prioleau ’19 exploring the Anatomage Table.


• N – Nazareth alumna • T – St. Therese alumna • P – Parent of current SJA student • † – Deceased Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE Saint

Opportunities. When I meet alumnae and people in the community, they often comment on the many opportunities provided to the young women of Saint Joseph Academy. I always take that as a high compliment, for our students have indeed been provided with extraordinary opportunities, certainly well beyond what you or I might have experienced in high school. It begins with an ever-broadening curriculum. This year, there were 18 Advanced Placement (AP) classes offered and 510 AP tests were taken by our students in May. Ten years ago, there were only 5 AP classes and 58 tests taken. This represents extraordinary growth not only by our student body, but by our faculty, too, who engaged in their own professional development to become accredited as AP teachers. These rigorous courses are designed to prepare our students for college, and it is not uncommon for many of our graduating seniors to receive a semester’s worth (or more) of college credits. Please read more about our exceptional college counseling department on page five. Our on-going investment in technology to support curriculum provides additional opportunities. Whether it is developing our students’ creativity with the latest tools in the Makerspace, or using technology to converse with students around the globe, we are preparing our young women for their further studies in college and beyond. We use state funds for these investments in technology, including the amazing Anatomage Table now in our Anatomy and Physiology classroom. (See cover story on page 2.) Opportunities extend beyond the classroom, too. Students traveled internationally this year for Model United Nations conferences, for language and cultural visits to France and Spain, for mission and immersion trips to the Dominican Republic and El Salvador. Cultural opportunities included a concert by The Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall, a day at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and a performance of The Nutcracker at Playhouse Square. Our Junior Professional Shadowing Program provides rich opportunities for our students to work along surgeons, engineers, and other careers in hospitals, laboratories, construction sites, etc. Opportunities on athletic teams and in artistic pursuits abound. As teenagers, our students might not fully realize that they have been provided extraordinary opportunities throughout their four years here, but I know they do after they graduate. When you read about our “25 Under 35” young alumnae on pages 16-24, you will learn how these young women feel that their alma mater provided an amazing foundation in faith, friendship and academics. Already, these young alumnae are leveraging the many opportunities Saint Joseph Academy provided them to make a more just and peaceful world. In 17th century France, it was Father Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ who encouraged the first six Sisters of St. Joseph to do all of which a woman was capable. Opportunities available to women today continue to expand, so it is our responsibility to help our students develop their God-given talents for our times, and to become the women of unifying love our world so desperately needs. All these opportunities would not be possible without your encouragement, involvement, and financial support of the 725 young women who attended Saint Joseph Academy this year. Thank you for all you do for the young women of Saint Joseph Academy! Sursum corda! Lift up your hearts!

Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 President

Joseph Academy UPDATE

Academy Hosts CSSJ Student Leadership Conference

Exciting Partnership between the Congregation of St. Joseph and the Academy

Saint Joseph Academy was delighted to be the host school for the third annual CSSJ Student Leadership Conference in Cleveland. The Academy was joined by sister schools St. Joseph’s Academy (Baton Rouge, LA), Nazareth Academy (LaGrange, IL), Mount Saint Joseph Academy (Flourtown, PA) and St. Teresa’s Academy (Kansas City, MO). Each school sent eight students and two chaperones, for a total group size of about 50. All five schools were founded and are sponsored by Sisters of St. Joseph, both CSJs and SSJs, together called CSSJ. The students were primarily rising Juniors.

The Congregation of St. Joseph motherhouse, circa 1930s, Photo Courtesy of COSJ Archives


e are thrilled to share exciting news about our plans with the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph that secure our history and presence on Rocky River Drive and set a course for the future for our students. This partnership will enable Saint Joseph Academy to renovate the Sisters’ existing motherhouse for adaptive re-use, including classrooms, for our students, faculty and staff. President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 shared, “We are incredibly grateful to the Sisters of St. Joseph for their generosity and support. This is an exciting time for all of us on this campus. We are eager to bring the energy of our students to this special building.” For almost 120 years, the Sisters of St. Joseph and Saint Joseph Academy have anchored the West Park neighborhood. With the building of their new motherhouse, the Congregation of St. Joseph renews and enhances their commitment to the community. The new motherhouse will support the future needs of the Sisters, as well as offer area residents and others a place for reflection and growth at River’s Edge Spirituality Center. The new motherhouse will be constructed on the northwest portion of the property and is scheduled to be completed in 2019. After the Sisters have moved into their new building, the current and existing motherhouse will be renovated. The relationship between the Sisters and the Academy is inseparable. For many years, the Sisters lived with students and together

shared their lives in the current motherhouse building. Saint Joseph Academy was truly an extension of the Sisters’ home and ministry. When the present Academy building was opened in 1928, an architectural reflection of the motherhouse which it faces, the Sisters assumed great financial risk and responsibility yet remained determined to answer the educational needs of the times. Although those needs have changed, the Academy remains dedicated to providing excellence in the education of young women. This latest chapter honors the values that the Sisters maintain to this day: to unify the world and address its hungers through many kinds of different ministries, including The Academy. Nancy Conway, CSJ ’65, on behalf of the Congregational Leadership Team, said, “Partnering with the Academy to adapt the motherhouse for their use will enable students to learn and thrive in a building that holds our history. We support the Academy’s efforts to look forward as we ourselves start a new chapter on this same property with the hopes that all of us – Sisters, Academy students, faculty and staff, employees of the congregation, and staff and affiliates of River’s Edge – will continue to carry forward the values of the Gospel and our mission of unifying love.” “We are so thankful for this generous gift from the Sisters! We will provide more information about this wonderful opportunity to expand our campus learning environment in the coming months,” shared President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71. “Stay tuned!”

The four-day conference combined spirituality, charism, service and leadership. There were small group sessions on the Sisters of St. Joseph history and different aspects of the charism. There was a day of service and also a day of fun. Vice President of Mission Sr. Phyllis DiFuccia, SSJ, Principal Jeff Sutliff and President Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 were the adult hosts, presenters and chaperones. The eight Juniors who represented Saint Joseph Academy in Cleveland included: Cassie Van Etten, Grace Kelley (sister of Nora Kelley ’17 and Mary Margaret Kelley ’14), Paola Camacho-Colon, Caitlin Patton, Teresa Schnell, Mia Crayton-Prioleau, Hannah Nussle and Hannah Rutkowski. Students dined two evenings with the Sisters, attended the Friends and Family mass in the CSJ Worship Space, visited the Cleveland Museum of Art, experienced a Cleveland Indians game and posed for a photo together at the Cleveland script landmark. A highlight for many students was time spent with our Cleveland Sisters.

Students come together at Saint Joseph Academy in Cleveland

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


Students Experience College-Level Technology A

s the Health Sciences Honors Program continues to thrive and grow at a rapid speed at Saint Joseph Academy, students believe their experiences with the program will be able to differentiate themselves from other candidates when applying for colleges. This prestigious and rigorous Health Sciences Honors Program has been significant in students’ decisions for their post-secondary education. “Being involved in the Health Sciences Honors Program has been the most influential decision of my high school career. It has helped me explore career options and we have been able to network with leading healthcare professionals,” stated Nora Clink ’18. “Applying for the Health Sciences

esthetician to make a difference in the lives of others,” expressed Quinn Patton ’18. In northeast Ohio, the need for health sciences professionals is at an all-time high. Thanks to the rigorous coursework of the Health Sciences Honors Program, our students will be prepared to fill this demand. New technology has been introduced to the Health Sciences Honors Program, allowing students to learn interactively with advanced equipment that few high school students have access to. The Anatomage Table, billed as “the most technologically advanced anatomy system visualization system on the market,” allows students to work with equipment that they will encounter in the medical field, preparing them for future

L-R: Krystyna Johnson ’20, Polly Van Dyke ’18, Elyssia Mason ’19, Hannah Lisi ’19 and Haley Diamond ‘19

A 3D image of circulatory system in the Anatomage Table

Honors Program was the best decision I have ever made. I love when alumnae come in to discuss their healthcare career paths. I have enjoyed going on the field trips, especially when we visited Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio. On that particular field trip, we took an in-depth tour of the Nursing Education Labs, where there were mannequins set aside to show us two different basic skills we would need to learn if we became a nurse. We learned how to flush a central line with saline, put IV needles in a patient’s arm and work with catheters and IVs on mannequins. We also used a detailed board game to simulate managing a hospital over a 24-hour period. We had to take into consideration factors when making decisions, which impacted our overall game score. These field trips have helped solidify my career path. Any time we have hands on experience, it is exhilarating. I am hoping to become a neonatal nurse 2

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

success. No other high school in northeast Ohio has this Anatomage Table. Auxiliary funds from the state were used to purchase the Anatomage Table. Whether it is the human body or animal anatomy, the Anatomage Table has more than 1400 high resolution threedimensional (3D) images loaded into the table and displays with the touch of a finger. Students are able to experience computerized tomography (CT) scans— which include everything from cadavers, the human heart, animal anatomy and skulls from the Smithsonian. The Anatomage Table enables teachers to demonstrate the various functions of the human body on an interactive level where it can also be isolated—blood, organs, muscles, the brain, spinal cord and skin. Teachers can also interact with the table by creating quizzes. “Using the Anatomage Table has been

incredible, as medical artists drew every piece of the anatomy and it was a real person we are dissecting. Most high school students do not have the opportunity to learn from an Anatomage Table, so we will be at an advantage when we go to medical school,” shared Nora Clink ’18. “As a visual learner, it is easier for me to understand anatomy since it is in an interactive and high-definition way versus slides or on a piece of paper. I have enjoyed learning about bones and muscles because I am interested in sports medicine. As an athlete, it is also interesting to see what hurts and how our body interacts together,” voiced Lucy Casper ’18. “What is exciting about the Anatomage Table is we are able to work on every layer of the body all the way down to the nerves. During my Junior Professional Shadowing, I shadowed a trauma surgeon. The week before, we had studied skin on the Anatomage table. A patient came in to the hospital where I was shadowing whose skin was cut up in multiple places and I was able to take that lesson learned on the Anatomage Table and apply it to real life,” said Maggie Sweeney ’18 (daughter of Bridget Lenehan Sweeney ’93).

Health Sciences Honors Program (HSHP) Seniors Present Their Accomplishments


(brother of Mary Gallagher Haight ’04 and Kelly Gallagher ’09) of West Park Dental, Dr. Emily Roach ’02 (granddaughter of Carol O’Reilly Hughes ’53 and sister of Meghan Roach Kapp ’01) of the North Royalton Animal Hospital, Dr. Terri S. Pope, Campus President of Cuyahoga Community College – Westshore Campus, Barbara Kuemerle P’20 of Case Western Reserve University and Dr. Meghan Crute ’02 of Westshore Dermatology. Purple Pathway presenter Christine Zaky ’17 stated, “I grew up in Egypt and my love of medicine started at five years old. By participating in the Health Sciences Honors Program, I have had the privilege of completing my clinical hours on several units: Intensive Care, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pharmacy, Palliative Care and Oncology/ Hematology. My dream is to become an internationally based physician. The Health Sciences Honors Program broke down stereotypes about healthcare professions and allowed me to explore the options and specialties that they had to offer. In total, I was awarded scholarships from all of the schools that I applied to, including Johns Hopkins University, full tuition from University of Pittsburgh (the Cathedral of Learning Scholarship), The Ohio State University as a Morrill Scholar, and Miami University. I will be attending the University of Pittsburgh in the fall, where I will be majoring in Neuroscience and Molecular Biology. I would encourage anyone in the Health Sciences Honors Program to make connections with all speakers, doctors and healthcare professionals you meet during the program. A simple handshake and a smile can go a long way and they will remember you.”





n May, Health Sciences Honors Program Seniors presented their individuals portfolios, including a summary of their clinical hours. The final capstone presentations are a vital component of the program, which prepares young women for a life of compassionate leadership and service in healthcare professions. Students in the program completed one of two pathways, Gold or Purple. Eleven students completed the Gold Pathway that prepares students for success in a health sciences career that begins right after college graduation. The Purple Pathway prepares students for an education extending past college toward a doctoral degree. The Purple Pathway was completed by Seniors Mary Hyland, Christine Zaky, Kaylyn Johnson and Olivia Battistoni. Graduates of the Purple Pathway presented to members of the Health Sciences Honors Program Advisory Board, including Dr. Debbie Ghazoul-Mills ’79 (sister of Catherine Ghazoul Nemeh ’74 and Judith Ghazoul-Hilow ’81, mother of Alexandria ’13 and Caroline Mills ’14), Dr. Fred Frost (father of Emily ’10 and Laura Frost ’16), both of the Cleveland Clinic; Dr. Cheryl Hagan O’Malley ’77 (sister of Kellie Hagan King ’78 and Lisa Hagan Berry ’81†), Vice President of Patient Care Services and Nursing at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Dr. Brian Gallagher




Purple Pathway Health Sciences Honors Program Seniors present their Capstone presentations, to members of the HSHP Advisory Board




h S c ie n


HSHP Presented at National Coalition of Girls’ Schools Conference This summer, Mr. Jeff Sutliff, Principal, and Mr. Cory Otto, Health Sciences Honors Program Coordinator, presented at the 2017 National Coalition of Girls’ Schools’ (NCGS) conference in Washington, D.C. The conference focused on “Education Innovation: Building Cultures of Creativity.” Mr. Sutliff and Mr. Otto presented the Health Sciences Honors

L-R: Mr. Cory Otto and Mr. Jeff Sutliff

Program, sharing the opportunities the program has presented, challenges faced, field experience possibilities for participants, assessment and measurement of the program’s growth, lessons learned and the current state of the program. Mr. Sutliff and Mr. Otto also discussed ways Saint Joseph Academy has leveraged relationships with world-class hospitals in northeast Ohio to help the program continue to flourish. “Because the Health Sciences Honors Program is so unique, it was wonderful to share with other all girls’ schools from around the world what we have learned. The NCGS Conference was also a great opportunity to learn innovative teaching methods from other educators and promote Saint Joseph Academy on a national and international scale,” shared Mr. Otto. The Health Sciences Honors Program has had impressive success, as graduates have received direct admission to several competitive undergraduate programs including physical therapy, pharmacy and physician assistant. Colleges are very impressed with our graduates’ clinical experience.

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: “I was able to observe firsthand an open heart surgery and the birth of a child, but what struck me the most about the experience was seeing how the nurses cared for an ornery, difficult patient with care, compassion and professionalism.” One of our students shared this story with me, and I felt a tremendous sense of gratitude to the members of our community whose wisdom and perspective helped to shape our Health Sciences Honors Program. When we were in the development stage, we began with what we thought was a certainty – that what students most needed to be successful in the Health Sciences careers was content knowledge and field experience. To refine and improve the design of the program, we next invited alumnae, parents and friends who work in the medical field to offer their professional input.

Those who studied and worked in the medical field reminded us that relationships, empathy and communication are at the core of careers in the Health Sciences. While the curriculum and internships were important, we also needed to emphasize the significance of relationships and to help students foster empathy and develop communication skills rooted in active, compassionate listening. As we heard the message of these experts, we were struck by the similarities to the charism of the Congregation of St. Joseph. The perspective gained in the professionals’ humanities classes were as valuable as the content knowledge acquired in their science and math courses. In addition to over 700 clinical hours of field experiences and internships, the Class of 2017 Health Sciences Honors Program scholars collectively performed over 2,000 hours of service to the dear neighbor. Together, these elements of the program prepare our graduates to share unifying love and thrive in their future careers as Health Sciences professionals.

At the end of the academic year, each Health Science Honors Program Senior shared her experience through a capstone presentation. As I listened to the stories students shared, I was moved by how they had grown in empathy and wisdom. Some shared the ways in which personal struggles with injury or illness inspired them and helped them develop a better understanding of all that healing involves. Several stressed how our spiritual retreat program was essential to their educational experience and directly impacted their clinical hours and service they did through the Health Sciences Honors Program. While you read the accompanying articles and hear about the amazing technology and opportunities available to the young women of Saint Joseph Academy, know that we never lose sight of what’s most important – the development of women of unifying love.

Spanish III Students Use Makerspace to Create Traditional Spanish Fans

L-R: Jocelyn Perkins ’18 and Rhyan Santarelli ’18


s Saint Joseph Academy moves toward becoming accredited as an International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) world school, attributes of the program are becoming more integrated into daily student life.

This past semester, students in teacher Señor Ethan Sauerwein’s Spanish III class continued to think independently and apply critical thinking through the creation of traditional Spanish fans called abanicos in the Makerspace. “Students had full creative control of what to put on their abanicos and they were assisted in the design and manufacturing process by Science teacher Mr. Bryce Ormiston. Abanicos were thought to be introduced to Spain by Chinese traders and have now become commonplace, used by women throughout the country. They are used mainly for keeping cool but have also entered into areas of culture such as art and dance. Certain gestures involving fans send a message to another, therefore taking on a type of language of its own,” shared Señor Sauerwein. Lizzy Lopez ’19


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

“In Spanish class, we do not just learn about the Spanish language, we also learn about the Spanish culture. By creating our own abanicos in the Makerspace, we are incorporating what we are learning about the language and culture then integrating engineering, which is a really exciting aspect of this project,” shared Jadalise Pacheco ’18.

College Counseling Helps Support Students in Transition to College


hroughout the school year, often behind the scenes doing jobs that go unnoticed, the College Counseling team works with the students of Saint Joseph Academy to help them find a college that will provide a challenging, comfortable and safe environment. But that is not all the team wants students to realize who they are as individuals beyond the classroom. “Our goal states that we value and respect the diversity and individualism of our students and understand that their lives will take them in many directions,’” said Director of College Counseling, Ms. Susan Emmerich. “At the Academy, we have summer meetings to meet with each rising Junior and her family, both individually and as part of a group,” Ms. Emmerich explained. In the individual meeting, an academic review is completed, future educational goals are discussed, course selections are reviewed to ensure they are aligned with those goals, and expectations for Junior year are outlined. “In Junior year, a framework that ultimately prepares students for college majors and future careers is built. The College Counseling Department’s research is focused on identifying college characteristics that are important to a student, including but not limited to location, majors, size and religious affiliation. We help match her interests with appropriate colleges or universities. We also offer students an opportunity to visit college campuses via bus tours provided by Saint Joseph Academy. This gives students an opportunity to see a

variety of colleges or visit colleges that they may not have previously considered, all at no cost to them.” Additionally, students are required to attend a college fair and meet with college representatives who visit Saint Joseph Academy. “These tools provide invaluable resources and direction for students as they narrow their search,” stated College Counselor Ms. Maria Mueller. “Another critical component of our college counseling process is the Junior Professional Shadowing Program, a three-day career exploration experience that takes place in the spring of Junior year.” This past semester, more than 170 Juniors were paired with a variety of professionals including marine biologists, structural engineers, lawyers and forensic examiners. While at their Junior Professional Shadowing, students are required to keep journals detailing their experiences on the professionals observed. “This career experience helps students explore vocations of interest and discover which fields of study they are or are not interested in as they begin to narrow their college search process,” Ms. Mueller said. Students are encouraged to keep a strong academic record with evidence of rigorous curriculum at the top of their list when applying for colleges, but colleges are also looking for leadership, involvement in extracurricular activities and/or athletics, service, employment and legacy. The College Counseling Department prepares

L-R Ms. Susan Emmerich, and Ms. Maria Mueller

and assists students and their families in navigating the college preparatory process. Like most American high school students, the majority of Saint Joseph Academy graduates attend college close to home. Many students have been accepted to prestigious colleges and universities: College of William and Mary, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, NYU Shanghai, Oxford College of Emory University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology, Saint Louis University, The American University of Paris, Trinity College Dublin, University of Notre Dame, Vassar College and Washington University in St. Louis. For a complete list of college acceptances see page 11.

Five More Seniors Sign NCAA National Letters of Intent

Claire Orsagos ’17, Annie Rolf ’17, Ellen Vichill ’17, Lauren Zawie ’17. Not pictured: Gia DiMassa ’17

Five more outstanding-athlete Seniors signed NCAA National Letters of Intent on Wednesday, April 12. Claire Orsagos ’17 (daughter of Jacqueline Aftoora N’78) will join Ohio Northern University’s basketball program. Annie Rolf ’17 (granddaughter of Kathleen Kelly Rolf ’53) will attend Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, where she will compete on their Women’s Division I Elite rugby team. Ellen Vichill ’17 signed with Marietta College, where she will play basketball. Lauren Zawie ’17 will join Cleveland State University’s track and field team. Gia DiMassa ’17 will join Otterbein University’s basketball program. In all, 14 members of the Class of 2017 will continue their athletic careers in college. Congratulations, Jaguars!

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


Spring Musical Songs For a New World Brings New and Exciting Challenges In April, members of the theater department performed Songs For a New World, a musical completely sung with no dialogue. Each song explores a defining moment of decision in a person’s life. The production team chose to set the show in one apartment in New York City and each character is a different tenant that has lived in that apartment. “Songs For a New World is not your typical musical and is very much an ensemble show where each new song introduces a family or person who has lived or has some connection to the apartment. The music is very challenging and the students met that challenge Members of the cast of Songs For a New World head on. They worked for countless hours learning the complex harmonies of the songs and creating their diverse characters. This show was not just a challenge for the cast, but for our crew as well. We had a team of student designers that created the set and were in charge of changing the look of the apartment with each new person or family that lived there. Students on crew completely built the set and kept track of the various props. From lighting, to sound, to costumes, I am so proud of what our stage crew accomplished,” shared Drama Director Ms. Anne Chriszt. Bravo, students, on a job well done! Ally Sheehan ’18

Spring Concerts Showcase Students’ Talents This year’s spring concerts were a success, with beautiful performances by several musical groups. Musicians in the String Orchestra and Concert Band, as well as members of The Academy Chorale and the Handbell Ensemble, delighted audience members during the spring concert, A Touch of Classical.

Carly Pinter ‘20


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

The Academy Chorale performed selections from their OMEA Adjudicated Events at both Districts and State contest. A collection of fanfares and Disney ballads were performed by the Handbell Ensemble. Highlights by the instrumental ensembles included: Sleeping Beauty Waltz, Rubinstein’s Melody in F, Coldplay’s Viva La Vida, American Sailing Songs by Gene Milford and a John Williams movie medley. The concert concluded with an inspiring interpretation of John Phillip Sousa’s Liberty Bell March. Parents, students, faculty and friends of Saint Joseph Academy enjoyed the annual Jazz and Cabaret Night. The Jazz Band, Show Choir and The Academy Chorale all performed in this popular, end-of-the-year concert.

The Show Choir at the Jazz and Cabaret Night

Instrumental selections included “Birdland” by John Coltrane, “Birdland” by Josef Zawinul and several hit songs by Maroon 5, OneRepublic and Adele. Vocal selections included “Concrete Wall/ Enchanted,” “My Heart Will Go On” and “All Star.” Graduating Seniors received special recognition in their last Saint Joseph Academy concert.

Paws for Pride

Celebrates Jaguar Spirit The walls of Saint Joseph Academy shook in April from the cheering and singing from all the Paws for Pride activities. Paws for Pride once again helped Saint Joseph Academy students showcase school spirit. Students did an incredible job of transforming the Academy’s hallways into themed areas to represent their respective class. Paws for Pride is a day of friendly competition, Jaguar pride and plenty of fun. The Paws for Pride winner is the Senior class this year! The Seniors also took home first in the class skit and won the hallway decorating contest.

2020 Class of Class of 2018

19 Class of 20

Class of 20 17

Prom 2017: A Night to Remember Prom 2017 was filled with memories to last a lifetime. Saint Joseph Academy Seniors danced the night away by the waterfront at their prom at Windows on the River. In keeping with tradition, the Class of 2017 gathered on the front steps of the Academy for photos beforehand. Check out our Facebook page for more Prom photos.

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


SERVICE IN ACTION The Academy Receives Inaugural CSPJ Bishop Richard Lennon Award Saint Joseph Academy was unanimously selected as the inaugural recipient of The Bishop Richard Lennon Award. The award is a sign of gratitude for service to the Diocese of Cleveland and inspiration to its schools. The Bishop Richard Lennon Award is given to a school who, through its involvement and leadership in Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice (CSPJ) Club, was nominated and selected by the CSPJ representatives and the CSPJ Leadership Team. Saint Joseph Academy was selected for its display of outstanding leadership, involvement and support of CSPJ. The Academy helped to plan a summit on migrants, hosted a fair trade Christmas boutique, and went to Washington, D.C. to march against human trafficking. A permanent plaque of honor will be displayed at the Diocesan Social Action Office. This award acknowledges Saint Joseph Academy’s

Youth Challenge Service Recognition Saint Joseph Academy students have truly embodied the Academy’s mission of service to the dear neighbor without distinction through their involvement with Youth Challenge, an organization that “brings together young people with physical disabilities and teen volunteers who inspire each other through adapted sports, recreation and social growth activities.” At Youth Challenge events, participants and volunteers are paired one-on-one, allowing for meaningful relationships to be fostered through the program. In 2016, Saint Joseph Academy ranked as the number one Youth Challenge Volunteer School with 32 student-volunteers. Youth Challenge is being honored with the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ “Youth Group in Philanthropy Award” for the service of their Volunteer Committee, which includes five Saint Joseph Academy

members: President Maya Cundiff ’17 (sister of Kendra Cundiff ’16), Board Member Grace DeGidio ’18 (sister of Emily ’12 and Elizabeth DeGidio ’15), Secretary Grace Kanary ’17, Board Member Mary Sessions ’18 and Board Member Mariam Tadross ’18. The award will be presented on National Philanthropy Day, Friday, November 3. Saint Joseph Academy students continually go above and beyond when it comes to serving the community. Each student completes a required 20 hours of service per academic year and in 2016-17, students volunteered 26,494 hours to various nonprofit organizations in the community. 74% of students also exceeded the 20 hours of service requirement this school year. Saint Joseph Academy is immensely proud of its students who have volunteered their time to serving others.

Students Receive Catholic Relief Services Global Advocate Award Saint Joseph Academy's Executive Board of CSPJ

students’ compassionate leadership. Congratulations and thank you to CORE Ministry teacher Mrs. Cathy Lanning Knittel ’67 for her continued leadership and involvement as a founding member of the organization 13 years ago, and to CORE Ministry teacher Mr. Dan Guion for his active role on the CSPJ Leadership Team and involvement with the organization.


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Grace Davis ’17 and Riley Justice ’17 were recipients of the Catholic Relief Services Global Advocate Award, given for outstanding commitment to the poor and vulnerable overseas having served as an example to the school community of missionary discipleship, servant leadership and passion for global solidarity. The award was given to these two exemplary students for their work on the Saint Joseph Academy Fair Trade Christmas Boutique and work with Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice (CSPJ) Club. “We promote student education of social justice issues so together we can take action against the injustices we face in our own lives,” shared Riley Justice ’17. Congratulations, ladies, on your outstanding example of compassionate leadership!

Art Students Create Portraits for St. Baldrick’s Foundation Families Throughout the spring semester, seven Advanced Placement (AP) Art, Graphic Design III and National Art Honor Society students volunteered to create portraits of children who have been battling cancer. The portraits were presented to the children’s families during the St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser at St. Mark School. Visual Arts teacher Ms. Tammy Sparks and Visual Arts Department Chair Mrs. Beth Pleban worked with the studentartists to develop their portraits based on information about the child, his or her cancer journey and various photographs provided by the family. “My grandma was diagnosed with stage III cancer. She always loved when people would make thoughtful gifts for her,” said Kiara Hoefsmit ’18. “I wanted to do something that would honor my grandmother while utilizing my artistic abilities, so I was grateful to give back to share something to meaningful with these families.”

Pop Tabs Help Support Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland Families

Students present their collected pop tabs to Ronald McDonald House

Kiara Hoefsmit ’18 embraces the child of whom she created a portrait

For more than 27 years, Saint Joseph Academy has raised money and support through the collection of pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) of Cleveland. RMH provides housing, meals and family-centered care for families with a hospitalized child. Congratulations to the entire student body this year for collecting 480 pounds of pop tabs, which translates to a nearly $400 donation to support families of hospitalized children at Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland. The Academy was recently recognized by the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland as a member of the “Collect a Million Club” for collecting over one million pop tabs!

‘Empty Bowls Project ’ Supports the Greater Cleveland Food Bank Students in Art I, Art II and Honors Independent Study: Ceramics III classes held the ’Empty Bowls Project’ to benefit the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. “It is our second year hosting this event, which supports the work of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and Saint Joseph Academy’s own student artwork,” shared event co-chair Bailey Brogan ’17. This year’s event has raised more than $1,000. Visual Arts teacher Ms. Terise Janca ’93 coordinated with students to make this a successful event. Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


Congratulations, Class of 2017!

W Valedictorian Liz Renner ’17

Salutatorian Maggie Seikel ’17

Commencement Speaker Dr. Cheryl Hagan O’Malley ’77


Seikel ’85), the class Salutatorian, will be attending ith their white gowns perfectly pressed and The Ohio State University to pursue her career a bouquet of 12 red roses in hand, the 176 interests of law or international policy. During her members of the Class of 2017 made their years at Saint Joseph Academy, she was a Student way down Rocky River Drive to Our Lady of Angels Ambassador, retreat leader, a member of Church for commencement on Tuesday, Model United Nations and a member of May 30. The class upheld the traditional the Balloon Artist Club. Maggie also was “Walk of the Roses,” led by President a Playhouse Square STARS volunteer and Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71 and a lifeguard and swim lesson instructor. Commencement speaker and Saint Joseph Maggie is a National Merit Finalist, Academy Distinguished Alumna Dr. member of the National Honor Society Cheryl Hagan O’Malley ’77 (sister of and a recipient of High Honors and Ohio Kellie Hagan King ’78 and Lisa Hagan Honors Diploma. Berry ’81†). Rita Flanagan ’17 (sister of Hannah Dr. O’Malley is the Vice President Phi Beta Kappa Rita Flannagan ’17 Flanagan ’10) was the recipient of the of Patient Care Services and Nursing at Phi Beta Kappa award. In the fall, she University Hospitals Case Medical Center. will be attending the University of Pittsburgh. While During her speech, she encouraged students to be at the Academy, she was a member of the Student humble, kind and to view each day as a gift. Ambassador Executive Board, Senior leadership Valedictorian Liz Renner ’17 will be attending the team, Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice (CSPJ), University of Cincinnati in the fall, where she plans to Environmental Concern of Students (ECOS), indoor study mechanical engineering. During her time at the and outdoor Varsity track, National Honor Society Academy, she was involved with the Robotics Clubs, and an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. She Book Club and Cross Country. Liz is a Girl Scouts also served as a retreat leader and worked as an intern Gold Award recipient, a national award representing for the Admission Department. time, leadership, creativity and contribution to After the diplomas were handed out, the class making the world a better place. She is also active stood and sang the hymn “Joseph, Father.” Keeping in her parish’s youth group. Liz is a National Merit with tradition, the graduates then faced each other Commended Scholar, a member of National Honor and sang a heartfelt rendition of “The Lord Bless You Society and a recipient of High Honors and Ohio and Keep You.” Honors Diploma. Congratulations, Class of 2017! Sursum corda! Maggie Seikel ’17 (daughter of Shannon Hughes

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

College & University Acceptances Allegheny College American University Ashland University Baldwin Wallace University Belmont Abbey College Belmont University Bethune-Cookman University Bowling Green State University Butler University Canisius College Capital University Carthage College Case Western Reserve University Clark Atlanta University Clemson University Cleveland Institute of Art Cleveland State University College of William and Mary Colorado State University Columbus College of Art and Design Cuyahoga Community College Denison University DePaul University DePauw University Duquesne University Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Florida State University Fordham University Franciscan University of Steubenville Gannon University

Georgetown University Hiram College Hofstra University Illinois Institute of Technology Indiana University at Bloomington John Carroll University Johns Hopkins University Kent State University Kettering University Lindenwood University Lorain County Community College Lourdes University Loyola University Chicago Loyola University Maryland Lycoming College Marietta College Marquette University Mercyhurst University Miami University, Oxford Michigan State University New York University Notre Dame College of Ohio NYU Shanghai Ohio Dominican University Ohio Northern University Ohio University Ohio Wesleyan University Otterbein University Oxford College of Emory University Pennsylvania State University

Point Park University Purdue University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Robert Morris University Rochester Institute of Technology Saint Joseph’s University Saint Leo University Saint Louis University Saint Mary’s College School of the Art Institute Chicago Seton Hall University Seton Hill University Simmons College Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Spelman College St. Bonaventure University St. John’s University Syracuse University The American University of Paris The Catholic University of America The College of Wooster The George Washington University The Ohio State University The University of Akron The University of Findlay The University of Iowa Trinity College Dublin University of Cincinnati University of Colorado at Denver University of Dayton

University of Florida University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign University of Kentucky University of Louisville University of Maine University of Minnesota University of Mount Union University of North Carolina at Wilmington University of Notre Dame University of Pittsburgh University of Rochester University of Saint Francis University of South Carolina University of Tennessee, Knoxville University of Toledo University of Vermont University of Wisconsin, Madison Ursuline College Vassar College Villanova University Walsh University Washington University in St. Louis West Virginia University Wheeling Jesuit University Wittenberg University Wright State University Xavier University Youngstown State University

Class of 2017 Students Accepted into More Than 100 Colleges/Universities

C L A S S O F 2 017 H I G H L I G H T S • 97 percent plan to attend a college or university • 26 percent graduated with high honors • 33 percent graduated with honors • 25 Ohio Honors Diploma recipients

On May 2, the day following National College Decision Day, 176 proud members of the Class of 2017 gathered at the College Acceptances Wall and ceremonially placed a Jaguar paw sticker on the name of the college of their choice. This acknowledgement of college choices signals another step of the Seniors’ journey to graduation. The Class of 2017 was accepted to 119 universities, with the most popular choices being The Ohio State University, John Carroll University, Bowling Green State University, Walsh University, Saint Louis University and Xavier University. Other notable choices included Clemson University, DePaul University, Duquesne University, Fordham University, Georgetown University, Loyola University Chicago, University of Cincinnati, Marquette University, NYU Shanghai, Syracuse University, The George Washington University, University of Notre Dame, University of Pittsburgh and Vassar College. Congratulations, Seniors!

• 1 National Merit Finalist and 7 National Merit Commended Scholars • 63 President’s Education Award recipients • 65 percent earned a total of $18.9 million in merit-based awards • 15 graduates completed the Health Sciences Honors Program

L-R: Frannie Smith ’17 will attend Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland and Katie Pellegrino ’17 will attend NYU Shanghai

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


Spring Sports Rugby Earns its 7th State Title 2017 marked the 10th year of Jaguars Rugby. The team finished undefeated, in Ohio and earned the top seed going into the State Championship. The Jaguars entered 2017 coming off of last year’s national championship which boosted the team’s confidence and ability to play high ranking teams outside of Ohio. This was shown by their trip to St. Bonaventure University as they played New York’s state champions Orchard Park and Kenmore Academy. Game MVPs Annie Rolf ’17 (granddaughter of Kathleen Kelly Rolf ’53) and Carly Pinter ’20 (daughter of Teresa Liberatore Pinter ’85 and granddaughter of Angela Scherry Liberatore ’54) were honored. The Jaguars traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to go up against the Tennessee Tribe and the Valkyries

of Pennsylvania. These games led to the Midwest Championship where the Jaguars took 4th place after a heartbreaking defeat to the tough competitor, Warsaw, Indiana. The Jaguars found themselves ranked 13th in the nation. Once again, the Jaguars dominated the state playoffs and captured their 5th straight title with a 66-12 win over Hudson. Annie Rolf ’17 was awarded the Ms. Rugby Ohio title, an award given annually to the top female rugby player in Ohio. She has won a state title all four years she has been a member of the Jaguars Rugby and even led the team to a national championship in 2016. Annie will continue her rugby career next year at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri.  Record: Varsity: 11-6-1; JV 8-4

Annie Rolf ’17

Crew Succeeds on Regional and National Levels The novice team kicked off the spring 2017 racing season at the Lindamood Cup Regatta in Marietta, Ohio. In their first sprint races for the purple and gold, the novice team saw great success finishing first and second in the Novice 8+ event and second and third in the Freshmen 8+ event. The novice team also raced up into several varsity races taking

Assistant Coach Kate Hanseman, Emma Gassman ’17, Brittney Ward ’17, Maggie Sullivan ’17, Cat Gallagher ’17, Mary Clare Corrigan ’17, Head Coach Rob Zdankiewicz


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

second in the Lightweight 8+ and Second Varsity 8+ events; first in the Junior 8+ and Varsity 8+ events. The whole squad competed in the 5th Annual Dillon Lake Scholastic Sprints. The team qualified 15 of 16 entries into the Grand Finals. Both the Varsity Lightweight 4+ and the Second Novice 4+ finished third in their respective categories. The Varsity 8+ and Third Varsity 8+ earned second place finishes. First place finished were won by the Varsity 2-, First Novice 8+, First Freshmen 8+, and First Novice 4+. The following weekend, the Jaguars traveled to Orchard Lake St. Mary’s for the Laddie Cup Regatta. Racing against Michigan’s fastest scholastic teams, the Jaguars saw first place finishes by the First Varsity 8+, Second Varsity 8+, Junior 8+, Novice 8+, Freshmen 8+, Novice 4+ and Lightweight Novice 4+. Second place finishes were won by the Third Varsity 8+, Lightweight 8+ and Varsity 4+. Second Varsity 4+ and Second Novice 8+ received third place. With a strong performance, the

Jaguars captured both the Girls Team Points Trophy and the Overall Combined (boys and girls) Team Points Trophy. Jaguars Navy continued the momentum from Michigan racing the following weekend at the Midwest Scholastic Championship Regatta. The team qualified 12 of 17 entries to the Grand Finals with 50 of 57 athletes competing for a regional championship. At the end of the Regatta, the Academy took home bronze medals in the Third Varsity 8+ and Second Varsity 8+; silver medals in the Freshmen 8+, Novice 4+, and Lightweight Novice 4+ and gold medals in the Second Varsity 4+ and Varsity 4+. This was the best performance for the Jaguars at the Midwest Championship Regatta and the team secured a second place finish in the girls’ team points for the second straight year. Additionally, the team sent the First Varsity 8+, Second Varsity 8+ and Freshmen 8+ to compete at the Scholastic Rowing Association of America (SRAA) National Championship Regatta in Camden, New Jersey.

Track & Field Has Successful Season

Softball Has Record-Setting Season! The softball team completed a fantastic season, setting both a new team single season wins record (19) along with breaking six individual offensive player records. The Jaguars, with ten returning letter winners and five Freshmen, started the season with two goals in mind: first to break the wins record (18) and second to win Districts. The first goal was accomplished on May 15 as the team beat Sandusky Perkins 18-8 on Senior Night for Maddie Kimble ’17, Mackenzie Milligan ’17 (sister of Kayla Milligan ’09) and Sydnie Whitaker ’17. Varsity fell just short of their second goal, losing to Parma 3-0 in a hard fought game in the Districts on May 16. A few wins of note along the way were defeating Magnificat High School twice by a combined score of 31-2, Sweetwater, Tennessee (score 8-5) and Burgettstown, Pennsylvania (score 11-1). The team’s offense averaged 9.3 runs per game and led the way to setting the team’s single season wins record. Breaking records along the way were Ronain Heath ’18 (daughter of Kerrie Carrocia Heath ’88), (stolen bases 48 and runs 44),

The Track & Field team enjoyed another successful season with many high places in invitationals, dual meet victories and a large roster. The team finished third at Nordonia, second at Lakewood Relays and second Imari Hill ’19 at the Mentor Relays. All 85 Jaguar team members helped with dual meet victories over Walsh and Lakewood early in the season.   The team finished a very strong 4th at the Brunswick district meet and qualified athletes in seven events (200-meter dash, 400-meter dash, 1600-meter run, 300-meter hurdles, 4x200 relay, 4x800 relay and shot put) in the regional meet. The Jaguars also came back this season to defeat Magificat in the annual dual after having their winning streak snapped last year. The future looks to be bright, but the Senior class will greatly be missed with the talent and leadership they provided.

Mackenzie Milligan ’17 (HR 8, RBIs 44 and doubles 16) and Maddie Kimble ’17 (hits 55 and runs 44). The team was also led by two solid pitchers, Mallory Ambrosio ’18 and Erin LaBoe ’20. The Jaguars had numerous outstanding defensive performances highlighted by Ronain Heath ’18 in centerfield and Maddie Kimble ’17 at third base. Ronain Heath ’18 was named All-Ohio Honorable Mention while Maddie Kimble ’17 earned All-District Honorable Mention. Record: Varsity: 19-9; JV 10-4

Maddie Kimble ’17

Lacrosse Season Finishes Strong

Sophia Rechin ’17

The lacrosse program began its second season but its first as a Varsity sport in 2017. The team made great strides from the previous season as they posted seven wins on their way to a 7-9 season. Sixteen players scored goals over the course of the season, exemplifying their ability to play together. The leading scorer of the team was Ella Calleri ’19 with 32 goals. Highlights included a pair of overtime wins against Avon High School. On April 11, the Jaguars won 6-5 on an overtime goal from Ella Calleri ’19 and then followed that win up with a 3-2 overtime win on April 27

as Sophia Rechin ’17 (daughter of Helen Koustis Rechin ’87) scored the gamewinner in overtime. The team also won a dramatic Senior night game as the Academy beat Beaumont 12-10 despite the Jaguars trailing on several occasions in the second half. Despite the loss of eight seniors who helped start the program, the Jaguars’ future looks bright as many young players contributed at both the JV and Varsity levels. Record: Varsity: 7-9; JV 6-2-2

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


Five Named to Athletic Hall of Fame L-R: Emma Fox ’18 (representing Leslie Douglas Frye ’86†), Alex Miles Stiffler ’06, Clare Corrigan Woidke ’81, Caitlin Smith ’05 and Laura Hageman Cobb ’00

Caitlin Smith ’05

While at Saint Joseph Academy, Caitlin Smith ’05 ran track and cross country and played basketball. She earned 10 letters and was a track state qualifier on three occasions. Caitlin earned All-Ohio honors in track in 2004 and remains the school record holder in the 800 meter run. During her Junior and Senior years, she served as the track and field team captain. Caitlin also helped lead the cross country team to a district title, regional runner-up finish and a trip to the state meet in 2004. Caitlin continued her running career at the Loyola University Chicago, where she earned All-Horizon League Honors and graduated with bachelor’s degrees in journalism and theology. Running helped Caitlin’s education, professional life and relationships with family and friends. She shared that Saint Joseph Academy taught her that faith is key and can be difficult, yet making efforts towards deepening faith allows us to view the world from other angles. Caitlin is a producer for Above Average in New York, a digital entertainment company which makes comedy programming. She is the daughter of Celeste Kaloczi Smith ’78. 14

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Alex Miles Stiffler ’06 Alex spent four years competing in track and cross country at Saint Joseph Academy. She enjoyed the opportunity to compete with teammates who became best friends and hone her abilities under coach and Science teacher Mr. Fred Kieser, whom she regards as a world-class coach. Alex earned eight letters and qualified for state seven seasons. She earned All-District and All-Region honors five times and achieved All-Ohio status with an 11th place finish at the state cross country meet her Junior year. She helped lead the cross country team to a district and regional title in 2002, along with a 4th place finish at state. She played an instrumental role in the cross country team’s district title in 2003 and 2004 and currently holds the third-fastest time in school history. In track, Alex was a member of a 4x800 relay team, competing at the state meet three times. She was also a member of relay teams that still hold school records in the 4x800, 4x1600 and the distance medley. She was team captain for cross country in 2005 and for track and field in 2005 and 2006. Alex continued her running career at the

University of Dayton, winning the Atlantic 10 Cross Country Team Championship. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a master’s degree in communications. She works as a senior marketing strategist at University Hospitals in Cleveland. She recalls the community of support and camaraderie among students, teachers, coaches and staff at Saint Joseph Academy that gave her strength and a sense of purpose.

Laura Hageman Cobb ’00 Laura played softball, basketball and volleyball at Saint Joseph Academy and lettered in all three sports. At Saint Joseph Academy, Laura developed a love for volleyball, largely thanks to her coach, Ms. Lori Longo. During her senior year, Laura was named Honorable Mention All-Ohio, First-Team AllDistrict, Team Most Valuable Player and The Plain Dealer Player of the Week. She continued her volleyball career at Ohio University where she was named MidAmerican Conference Player of the Year in 2002 and 2003. As a Senior, she was named

National Player of the Week and MidAmerican Conference Tournament MVP and earned Honorable Mention All-American as she led her team to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in Ohio University’s history. During her Junior and Senior years, Laura was also named to the Mid-American Conference All-Academic Team. She graduated cum laude with a degree in community health services and went on to play volleyball throughout Europe. Laura continued her education, earning a diploma in Nursing (RN) and a bachelor’s degree in nursing. In August, she will graduate with her master’s in Nursing, with a focus as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She works as a nurse in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus and is completing clinical time in a pediatric practice and a family medicine practice. She has competed in road races, triathlons, has completed marathons, Ironman triathlons and 50-mile trail races. She remembers Saint Joseph Academy as an environment that instilled in her the confidence, faith and ability to pursue and achieve whatever goal she had set.

Leslie Douglas Frye ’86† Leslie played volleyball, basketball and softball at the Varsity level for three years. In 1986, she was awarded the Greater Cleveland Catholic Girls Athletic Conference Most Valuable Player Award for basketball after earning an All-Star selection. She was frequently featured as The Plain Dealer Player of the Week. Leslie played on the women’s basketball team at Kenyon College. In her senior year, she served as captain, was selected Most Valuable Player and was elected to the AllConference Team. She graduated from Kenyon in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree in English. She served on development staffs at Wittenberg University and Marietta College and became an assistant dean of development at Ohio University. In 1993, Leslie was diagnosed with cancer. She became active in cancer-awareness activities, speaking to groups and walking in events to draw attention to the disease. Her ability to look beyond herself and encourage

others was an attitude she brought both to battling cancer and playing sports. According to her family, Leslie’s success in all areas of her life could be attributed back to the values she learned at Saint Joseph Academy. She handled loss and adversity with strength and grace, aptly reflecting the caliber of her character as well as her athleticism. Leslie passed away in June 1998. The family established the Leslie Douglas Frye ’86 Endowed Memorial Scholarship, an award recognizing a student who demonstrates leadership, shows a strong sense of caring and responsibility, maintains high grades and participates in at least two Varsity sports. Leslie’s Saint Joseph Academy legacy lives on through her three sisters, all of whom are graduates—Leigh Douglas Fox ’87, Stephanie Douglas Gargiulo ’88, and Tobey Douglas Hanna ’94, as well as her nieces Emma Fox ’18, Elly Hanna ’20 and Abigail Hanna ’21 and other future Jaguars.

Clare Corrigan Woidke ’81 Clare played three sports during the early years of Varsity team sports at Saint Joseph Academy—basketball, softball and volleyball, earning a combined nine letters. She was captain of the basketball team for three years. As a Sophomore, she helped lead the team to the Greater Cleveland Catholic Girls Athletic Conference (GCCGAC) West Division Title and was named a conference All-Star. She earned the AllStar designation two more times, was named All-Ohio Honorable Mention all three years and was named an Ohio Northeast District All-Star for two years. Clare played four years of softball and was team captain during her Junior and Senior years. She was named a GCCGAC All-Star for those two years and during her senior year, was selected as the GCCGAC League Most Valuable Player (MVP), marking the first MVP conference award given to any Saint Joseph Academy athlete. She also played two years of volleyball and was team captain. “At Saint Joseph Academy, I gained confidence in myself and felt comfortable seeing what I could do. I think it was

because of the environment of the school,” Clare reflects. “The Sisters, the teachers and the coaches encouraged us to really push ourselves, and my friends and I really grew as a result.” Clare attended Georgetown University, playing basketball for one year before electing to pursue other interests. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and later earned a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from Case Western Reserve University. She works for MJM Services, an association management firm in Cleveland. Clare comes from a proud family of Saint Joseph Academy alumnae, including three sisters—Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis ’71, Eileen Corrigan Smoot ’74, and Catherine (Kate) Corrigan Tompkins ’87, a niece Megan Corrigan Estes ’01 and a niece who is currently attending Saint Joseph Academy, Cecilia Tompkins ’19.

Previous Athletic Hall Of Fame Award Recipients 2011 Mary Dienes Bender † Beth Grzybowski-Litten ’99 Linda Ensign Guentert ’79 Jamie Jimenez ’80 Don Kostell † Maryann Marek

2013 Brigid Arbeznik Radigan ’97 Maureen Fallon Adler ’79 Tressa Satanek Kemer ’91 2000 OHSAA State Qualifying Cross Country Team: Vanessa Georgeson ’01 Rachel Mistur ’02 Miranda Forgac Portteus ’03 Jennie Stockdale ’01 Brigid McHugh Szlempa ’02 Sheila Peters Vance ’01 Sarah Welch ’03

2015 Larry Chernauskas Mary Moloney Sever ’05 Sarah Lehane Walsh ’05 Lindsay Wolff ’05 † = deceased

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


“25Under 35” Third Annual

Award Recognizes Outstanding Young Alumnae Once again, the Academy’s alumnae make us proud with their dedication to others, academic accomplishments and compassionate leadership. The honorees for this year’s “25 Under 35” award represent a group of young women who have demonstrated impressive achievements, spirituality, compassionate leadership and service. Professions represented by this distinguished group of alumnae include educators, attorneys, healthcare professionals, as well as a video producer, biomedical engineer and Ph.D. candidates.

Alumnae Director Allison Busser ’04 shares: “We are honored to recognize another amazing group of young alumnae as ’25 Under 35’ honorees. All of the honorees are outstanding women who are truly living out the mission of Saint Joseph Academy and the charism of the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph. We are so blessed to have such a vibrant and successful young alumnae community, and we are so proud of these 25 women.” Congratulations to these “25 Under 35” Award Honorees!

Anne Bernat ’04

Katherine Colborn ’10

Science Department Chair | Elyria Catholic High School

Video Producer and Artist | Scenario Learning

Resident of Elyria, OH

Bachelor of Arts in English, Xavier University | Artist Residency, Burren College of Art | Bachelor of Arts in Irish Literature, Irish Social and Political History, Irish Language and Irish Geography, National University of Ireland in Galway


Sister of Veronica Colborn ’12

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame | Master of Education in Chemistry, University of Notre Dame

• Recipient of the Modeling Instruction Certificate of Excellence, 2015 • Recipient of the Elyria Catholic Pillar Person of the Month, 2015 • Selected to co-author the Secondary Science Curriculum for the Diocese of Cleveland, 2014

Working with students to realize their education potential has been a dream of Anne’s since she was a peer tutor at Saint Joseph Academy. She turned that dream into a reality by choosing to pursue a passion in education and giving back to the community after majoring in Chemical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. Anne has continued to model and build on her leadership vision by working to become the Science Department Chair at Elyria Catholic High School. She serves as a chaperone and volunteer on her school’s Alternate Spring Breaks, in which students assist National Relief Services in national disaster cleanup. Anne also leads St. Teresa of Avila parish in liturgical music. “Saint Joseph Academy is a place where you can explore your passions. What you learn at Saint Joseph Academy will grow into the some of the most memorable experiences of a full life. For me, peer tutoring at Saint Joseph Academy blossomed into an immensely rewarding teaching career. I love going to work every day and working with enthusiastic and engaged students!” – Anne Bernat ’04 | What Would You Tell an Eighth Grade Girl About Saint Joseph Academy?


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Sister of Elizabeth Colborn ’14 Resident of Cincinnati, OH


• Recipient of Honorable Mention in Figure and Portrait competition for “OCD”-Awarded by Contemporary Art Gallery Online, 2015 • Recipient of the Three Arts Scholarship: First Place, Honorable Mention and Longacre Printmaker Award, Awarded by Cincinnati Women’s Club, 2014 • Recipient of the University Art Award, Xavier University Art Department, 2014 • Recipient of the Sweeney English Award, Xavier University English Department, 2014

Since she graduated from the Academy, Katherine continues to demonstrate leadership, service, stewardship and a dedication to education and her faith. She has been passionately involved with the development of a Catholic young professionals’ group in Cincinnati called “Poco a Poco” and is a co-leader of a small group for Bellarmine Chapel, where she also serves on the Evangelical Leadership Team. The charism of the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph is present in Katherine’s work as an artist, especially by the message of being one with creation. During her most recent month in Ireland during her artist residency, she focused on the message of the earth and its natural beauty.

“Hold close to your friends, family and faith. Everything in life around you will change constantly. In all the learning and growing, these are the things that will anchor you and remind you of what is truly important and sustaining in your life. Say yes to as much as you can, learn as much as possible, and stay active in all sense of the word, but never be afraid to put yourself and your own sense of balance ahead of all else.” – Katherine Colborn ’10 | What Would You Tell Your 12th Grade Self?

Sarah Ginty Edington ’08 Pharmacy Supervisor | CVS Health Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) with double major in Organizational Communication, Ohio Northern University Sister of Emily Ginty ’12 Resident of Nashville, Tennessee


• Speaker at the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” event, 2017

Susan Cullen ’04

• Inductee in Omicron Delta Kappa, The National Leadership Honor Society

Speech Language Pathologist | United States Army

Sarah exemplifies personal integrity and emerging wisdom in her career, which has enabled her to become a rising leader within CVS Health. While in pharmacy school, Sarah traveled to several different “practice sites,” including a Sioux Reservation in South Dakota at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska. After graduating from pharmacy school, she rose to a corporate pharmacy supervisor position, managing 24 CVS pharmacies, 65 pharmacists and more than 300 pharmacy technicians in the greater Nashville area. Sarah spoke at the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” initiative in April 2017. In addition, Sarah supports the Lung Force and Easter Seals and volunteers at their annual fishing tournament for children with special needs.

Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Certificate of Parent and Child Education, The University of Akron | Masters of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology, Specialization in Literacy and School Certification, The Ohio State University Resident of Fort Riley, KS


• Certified Arbringer Facilitator, United States Army Medical Department, 2017 • Graduate of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) Leadership Development Program for Young Professionals • Recipient of the Award for Continuing Education (ACE) Award from ASHA, 2017

Susan remains grateful to Saint Joseph Academy for both preparing and empowering her to enter the world as a woman grounded in her ideals and dedicated to serving others. Susan felt called to serve the United States Army as a civilian soldier so she could provide clinical services on base and within military treatment facilities. As a Speech-Language Pathologist with the United States Army and the lead Speech Pathologist across the State of Kansas, she strives to demonstrate compassion with each patient (soldier) and their family members. Susan volunteers her time at a local support group for survivors of traumatic brain injuries.

Brenna Fasko ’02 Attorney Advisor | The Social Security Administration Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, The Ohio State University | Juris Doctor, University of Akron School of Law Sister of Caryn Fasko ’03 Resident of Akron, OH


• Selected by a Federal Magistrate to serve as his law clerk • Board Member, Summit Art Space • Akron Law Review Editorial Board 2008-09 • Recipient of the CALI Awards in Conflicts and Insurance Law

“The things that are the most rewarding in life are often the most difficult. Good things come to people who stick with it and believe in their own abilities.” – Brenna Fasko ’02 | What Would You Tell Your 12th Grade Self?

Brenna’s compassion for others drove her to become a disability lawyer, where her empathetic and patient spirit is shown to her clients. She is involved in a mentoring program designed to assist newly appointed advisors perform their duties. Brenna’s educational foundation from Saint Joseph Academy has kept her driven to succeed and achieve her dream job, as she was appointed to a fouryear clerkship with Federal Magistrate Judge John Greenberg, North District of Ohio, Cleveland, at the United States District Court. Brenna is a member of the Junior League of Akron, and serves as a board member for the Summit Art Space.

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


Jacqueline Gonzales ’03

Kara Isabella ’08

Director Global Marketing & Communications | Shake Shack

Visual Designer | Accenture Interactive

Bachelor of Arts in Communications, John Carroll University Sister of Caroline Gonzales ’05 and Abigail Gonzales ’15

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Bachelor of Arts in the History of Art and Architecture, Miami University (OH) | Master of Fine Arts in Design for Social Innovation, School of Visual Arts

Resident of Brooklyn, NY

Resident of New York, NY



• Leadership Development in Finance Program, Dollar Bank, FSB, 2007-2008

• Recipient of the 18 of the Last 9 Young Alumni Award, Miami University, 2016

• Student Co-Founder of Saint Joseph Academy’s Ultimate Fan Club

• Developed Backyard Lots, a program transforming vacant lots into safe and local recreational outlets for youth to self-organize sporting events, 2015

• Student Co-Creator of “Paws for Pride” at Saint Joseph Academy

Jacqueline Gonzalez has always expressed a concern for others. During her time at Saint Joseph Academy, she launched a fundraiser for oppressed young women who lacked the means of receiving an education. Saint Joseph Academy encouraged Jacqueline’s leadership skills, lifelong learning, compassionate treatment of all people and a global perspective. As the current Global Director of Marketing & Communications for Shake Shack and former National Lead, Growth Marketing, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Jacqueline has been able to take these perspectives and has lived them out in her career.

Brooke Hamilton ’09 Associate | Gallagher Sharp, LLP Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy, Baldwin Wallace University | Juris Doctor, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University Resident of Cleveland, OH


• Graduated summa cum laude from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, 2016 • Graduated summa cum laude from Baldwin Wallace University, 2013 • Achieved the Capital One Academic All-American First Team, 2012-13 • Finalist in the 2012 NCAA Division III National Golf Tournament,

Brooke chose to go to law school as a way to give back to the community and has found multiple ways to give back through her profession as a young attorney. She volunteers through the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s 3Rs program. She volunteers as a judge for high school mock trial competitions, encouraging youth interested in pursuing a career in law. Brooke is involved in the Bar Association’s Women in Law Section, which seeks to empower women in a predominantly male career field. During Brooke’s final year of law school, her father passed away from liver cancer. To honor his memory, Brooke began volunteering for the American Liver Foundation in 2016.


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

• Recipient of the Best in Class, Graphic Design Award, Miami University, 2012 • Selected Artist for Participate: Designing with User Generated Content. Book by Helen Armstrong and Zvezdana Stojmirovic (Princeton Architectural Press, 2011)

The core of Kara’s work consists of working with the end user to develop solutions that will assist and empower them. While studying for her master’s degree, Kara created the brand and narrative for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) new Policy Planning Unit, conducting ethnographic interviews to devise insights for the future trajectory of the unit. She worked with Two Bridges Neighborhood Council in Manhattan’s Lower East Side to co-develop commercial revitalization projects and connect local stakeholders to New York City resources. Kara worked to create trilingual signage in New York City’s Chinatown, Lower East Side and Two Bridges neighborhoods. “Saint Joseph Academy will shape you into a 21st century leader. Through the curriculum, service and extracurricular activities, you’ll become a global citizen, and build the confidence within yourself that you can make a difference as one person and are worthy of success and love in any endeavor you pursue.” – Kara Isabella ’08 | What Would You Tell an Eighth Grade Girl About Saint Joseph Academy?

Lauren Kluth ’09

• Inducted into the Nu Delta Alpha Honor Society, Mercyhurst University

Founder and President | CLESeats

• Inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, Mercyhurst University

Bachelor of Arts in Communications | John Carroll University Sister of Felicia Kluth ’05 Resident of Lakewood, OH


• (CLESeats) Winner of Cleveland Scene’s Best Local Startup, 2016 • (CLESeats) Named 1 of 25 Small Businesses Making an Impact on Northeast Ohio by Sixth City Marketing

Lauren’s business venture, CLESeats, a free website and mobile app that offers special deals and discounts to Cleveland area restaurants, has become a great success. Besides assisting with the promotion of local businesses, Lauren helps thousands of people throughout the city feel more connected with their hometown. Lauren has become a role model for other young female professionals to look up to. She has come back to the Academy to speak with current students about her experiences through the annual Women’s Leadership Symposium and “Women Leading in the 21st Century” class. Lauren developed into a dynamic leader at Saint Joseph Academy, serving as a member of the class leadership team and keeping alive the memory of her classmate and best friend, Dana Care ’09, who passed away during their Senior year. “Time is key. You can overcome any obstacle and achieve success by simply allowing time to run its course. Don’t stress about your future – enjoy the journey and always remember what’s truly important.” – Lauren Kluth ’09 | What Would You Tell Your 12th Grade Self?

Leah Baxendale Kozlowski ’03 Assistant Head of School and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Coordinator | Montessori High School Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Cultures, Mercyhurst University | TEFL/ TESOL Certificate, Pablo de Olavide University and University of Seville Daughter of Linda Sikora Baxendale ’68 Sister of Molly Baxendale ’07 Granddaughter of Margaret Mary Wagner Baxendale ’40†

Leah continues to apply the Academy’s values by making it a priority to pass on the gift of knowledge to her students. She shows them the benefits of helping others: building strong relationships with peers, contributing to causes that she is passionate about and working for a more compassionate world. Leah has led groups of students on several mission and service trips, including taking students to Nebraska to build homes for low-income families alongside Habitat for Humanity. In her time at Montessori High School, Leah’s position has evolved from teaching Spanish to becoming part of the administration because of her ability to connect with her students and peers, her leadership and unwavering work ethic.

Amanda Kaserman Leininger ’07 Account Manager | APG Office Furnishings Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, Bowling Green State University | Master of Science in Interior Design, Eastern Michigan University Resident of North Olmsted, OH


• National Board Member and Local Chapter Member, United States Green Building Council • President of the Cleveland West Kappa Delta Alumnae Chapter • Published Shelter Design: Four Takeaways from My Master’s Thesis (Nexus, 2015) • Published Global Modernization Review (World Scientific Publishing Company, 2015) • Published Interior Design in the Realm of Social Services: Housing the Homeless (Proquest, 2013)

Amanda’s experience at Saint Joseph Academy provided her with a foundation of skills to strive for more. She was recently promoted to the role of Account Manager at APG Office Furnishings, running the largest corporate, global account for the company. Amanda is a volunteer for the Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity, Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center and Virginia Marti. Amanda and her family are actively involved in St. Brendan’s Parish, where they participate in service events and fundraisers.

Resident of North Royalton, OH


• Contributing author of The Whole-school Montessori Handbook, The Evolution of Montessori High School • Earned certificate for Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studies

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


Rebecca Mahall Leiter ’02 Funeral Director, Embalmer and Assistant Manager of Seminars and Events | Sunset Memorial Park and Dostal Bokas Funeral Services Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), PreMedicine/Pre-Medical Studies, University of Mount Union | Mortuary Science and Embalming/Embalmer, Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science Associate of Science Granddaughter of Joan Geiss Mahall ’46† Resident of North Olmsted, OH


Meredith is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the Department of Cell Biology, working towards being a part of a team that will research disease and be able to intervene in therapeutics. At The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Meredith has co-founded a student chapter of The Thomistic Institute, an initiative of the Dominican order, which “exists to promote Catholic truth in our contemporary world by strengthening the intellectual formation of Christians at universities, in the Church, and in the wider public square.” Through lecture series and discussions, the Hopkins chapter seeks to provide a forum where scientists can engage the deep and complex questions about life, faith, and nature of science with the same level of logic and rigor they apply to their scientific endeavors.

• Eucharistic Minister • Volunteers at the Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland • Graduate of Vernie Fountains Restorative Art Courses

Rebecca’s profession enables her to work with families during one of the most vulnerable and difficult times of their lives. While at Saint Joseph Academy, Rebecca decided to do her Junior Professional Shadowing at the Coroner’s Office. At that time, she made a decision to pursue a career in Mortuary Science, a career most people (especially women) do not pursue. As a speaker at the Academy’s Women’s Leadership Symposium, Rebecca shared with students there is nothing you cannot do, to always believe in yourself and know your Saint Joseph Academy experiences will impact and influence your life! “Never give up and always keep going. God will not put anything in front of you that you cannot handle. We only have one time to do this whole life thing. Keep your faith and be strong.” – Rebecca Mahall Leiter ’02 | What Would You Tell Your 12th Grade Self?

Meredith McGuire ’09 Ph.D. Candidate | The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Bachelor of Science in Biology, Saint Vincent College | Ph.D. Candidate, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Resident of Baltimore, MD


• Co-Founder of student chapter of The Thomistic Institute, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine • Recipient of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) F31 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) PreDoctoral Fellowship, 2016 • Recipient of the American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, 2015 • Recipient of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention, 2015


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Emily McGuirk ’03 Mental Health Technician | Akron Children’s Hospital Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy and Psychology, Mercyhurst University | Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy, Adler University Daughter of Mary Horvath McGuirk N’70 Sister of Julianne McGuirk ’99 and Maureen McGuirk ’06 Resident of Akron, OH


• Nominated for the Outstanding Student Award for the School of Arts and Humanities, Mercyhurst University • Senior thesis for the Honors Program, “Birth Order and Romantic Relationship Styles and Attitudes in College Students,” (North American Journal of Psychology, 2008) • Graduated summa cum laude from Mercyhurst University and was an Honors Scholar, 2007

Emily’s empathetic spirit has served her well, as she works with adolescents who suffer from mental and behavioral health issues. She listens to the issues facing each adolescent and teaches them to create art as a way of expressing their emotions. Emily assists in leading groups where teenagers suffering from a range of mental and emotional issues come together to discuss their lives. She lets each patient know she is there to support them through their suffering, as well as give ways in which each individual can work through a problem. In addition to her professional work, Emily volunteers at Akron Children’s Hospital and Open Studio in the Expressive Therapies Center. “Saint Joseph Academy is a fantastic high school because it fosters faith, service and community. You will leave Saint Joseph Academy with a stronger faith, value for service to others and friends that will last a lifetime.” – Maisie Regotti Mitchell ’07 | What Would You Say to 8th Grade Girls Interested in Attending Saint Joseph Academy?

Maisie Regotti Mitchell ’07

Kathe Pocker ’10

Intervention Specialist | Brunswick City Schools

Biomedical Engineer | AtriCure, Inc.

Bachelor of Science in Education, Walsh University Resident of Brunswick, OH


• Inducted into Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education • Selected as Needs Assessment Administrator Assistant at Orphanage and Schools in Uganda, 2010

Maisie serves as an Intervention Specialist for Brunswick City Schools, striving to help each family navigate the world of special education and encourage the potential within each student. Maisie leads a team of paraprofessionals and advises how to help the children in their classroom. Her faith helps her see Christ in each of her students, even when facing a challenge. Because of her dedication to young people, Maisie has participated on service trips to Appalachia, where she assisted with the rebuilding of homes and helped to organize a soup kitchen. Maisie is also an assistant at an orphanage and various schools in Uganda.

Emily Paskert ’02 Educator | Metro Catholic School Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education and Special Education, Mercyhurst University | Master of Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Cleveland State University Granddaughter of Mary Lou Lauer Boyle T’33† Resident of Cleveland, OH


• Inducted into Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education, Past Research Presenter • Created an outdoor classroom and garden at Metro Catholic School

Emily serves as an Intervention Specialist at Metro Catholic School, the only Cleveland Catholic elementary school with extensive programs to assist refugee students and those with cognitive learning disabilities. Emily is trained in environmental sustainability learning through the Earth Partnership for Schools Program. Last summer, Emily helped to train more than 30 greater Cleveland area educators in sustainability education. She volunteers for the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ annual musical theater production event, “Razzle Dazzle,” a production including adults with developmental disabilities and community volunteers. As a sibling of a person with developmental disabilities, Emily feels it is important to foster creative opportunities for people with special needs. “Be present in everyday experiences. Take full advantage of the opportunities life has to offer. Be a life-long learner!” – Emily Paskert ’02 | What Would You Tell Your 12th Grade Self?

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, University of Cincinnati Resident of Cincinnati, OH


• Cincinnatus Presidential Scholar, University of Cincinnati • University Honors Scholar, University of Cincinnati • Finalist for the C-Ring Women’s Leadership Award • Recipient Encouragement Award from Phi Sigma Rho Engineering Sorority

Kathe has developed a passion for social justice and serving those in need, which has led her to a career in biomedical engineering and her dedication to bettering patients’ lives. During college, Kathe created her own capstone project focused on designing a medical device for use in developing countries that included a self-led learning trip to Guatemala. She also took three courses with a humanitarian aid/global health focus, which took Kathe to Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Ghana. After graduating college, Kathe traveled with students to Mae Sot, Thailand, to work with GlobeMed and assist undocumented Burmese migrants with healthcare, worker rights and education. Kathe also mentors interns, leads volunteer team projects for the American Heart Association and Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati. “Saint Joseph Academy has an incredible sense of community, from the teachers to the friends you make. It also creates a very special faith environment, as all of the retreats and campus ministry programs combined with the wonderful Sisters at the Congregation of St. Joseph next door make Saint Joseph Academy a very inspiring place to grow in faith.” – Kathe Pocker ’10 | What Would You Tell an Eighth Grade Girl About Saint Joseph Academy?

Selection Committee Members Cheryl Brady Strom ’87, Regional Director; Origination, The Riverside Company

Dr. Cheryl Hagan O’Malley ’77, Vice President Patient Care Services and Nursing, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Karen Strebelow Barrett ’83, Vice President and Branch Manager; Charles Schwab, Saint Joseph Academy Board Member Beth Sebesta Piper ’78, Development Leader, Deloitte Julia Ann Love, Partner, Thompson Hine LLP; Saint Joseph Academy Board Member

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


Lisa Sanniti ’03

Laura Schlecht ’02

Special Assistant United States Attorney | The Social Security Administration

Vice President | HL Group

Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies, University of Mount Union | Juris Doctorate, Akron University School of Law Daughter of Norine Gedeon Sanniti ’76 Sister of Megan Sanniti ’09

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Minor in Communications and Media Studies, Fordham University Sister of Anne Schlecht Ference ’00 Resident of New York, NY

Resident of Cleveland, OH



• Fun Committee Member during tenure at Formula PR

• Recipient of “Exemplary Contribution or Service Award” and “Recognition of Contribution Performance Award,” The Social Security Administration • Member of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, 2010-Present • Chair of the Young Lawyers Section, Executive Council, 2013-Present

Lisa has dedicated her career to public service and government work and thanks Saint Joseph Academy for helping her appreciate its importance. Lisa currently works for the Social Security Administration as the Special Assistant United States Attorney. Because of her passion for the community, Lisa has volunteered as a swim coach with Special Olympics Ohio. She is a member of the Executive Council and CLE Chair of the Young Lawyers Section at the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, which offers networking and training opportunities for new attorneys and law students. The Young Lawyers Section also volunteers in the community, serving meals at Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland and working the toy drive at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. “Hold strong to the principles you have learned at Saint Joseph Academy. You know how to be a contributing member of society, a good friend, a good family member and an independent thinker. You will encounter people who challenge your principles. Remember what you’ve learned at Saint Joseph Academy, stay true to your convictions and you will find true friendships, meaningful relationships and success.” – Lisa Sanniti ’03 | What Would You Tell Your 12th Grade Self?


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

• Rookie of the Year during tenure at Formula PR

Laura is currently a Vice President at HL Group, a public relations and marketing firm in New York City, where she co-leads the lifestyle division, recently named “The Most Powerful PR Firm in America” by New York Observer. Laura leads brand strategy, communications campaign development and execution for a suite of global clients. She currently manages a team of eight and attributes her leadership skills honed during her years at Saint Joseph Academy, where she served as captain of the Jaguars’ basketball team. Laura gives back to the community as a volunteer with New York Cares.

Tracy Carr Schwab ’04 Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner | University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Case Western Reserve University | Master of Science in Nursing, Kent State University Resident of Cleveland, OH


• Recipient of Sigma Theta Tau International, Honor Society of Nursing’s New Member Pillar Award • Recipient of the Delta Xi Chapter Student Leadership Intern • Chairwoman, Cleveland PurpleStride for Pancreatic Cancer

Tracy recently planned and executed a charity drive for Project Night Night, a non-profit organization providing homeless children with the most basic of needs to provide comfort and security in the form of a “night night” package. Tracy and her team exceeded their goal and donated more than 440 night night packages to five shelters throughout northeast Ohio. Tracy has taken on a leadership position in Sigma Theta Tau International, Nursing Honors Society, which serves to advance world health and celebrate nursing excellence through scholarship, leadership and service. Since graduating in May 2017, Tracy wants to volunteer her time and skills as a nurse practitioner to provide for underserved populations.

Beth Phillips Synk ’03 Senior Communication Strategist | University Hospitals Bachelor of Arts in Media Theory and Production | University of Western Ontario Resident of Berea, OH


“Saint Joseph Academy is a place of acceptance that fosters strength and compassion. You will meet people that come from different situations and have had different experiences but you will all have a place. It will help you develop into a smart and capable young woman.” – Jennifer Moloney Taylor ’06 | What Would You Tell an Eighth Grade Girl About Saint Joseph Academy?

• Bayshore Broadcasting Corporation Newscaster of the Year • Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Celebrations Tier Four Award: Vital Sign Alert Project • Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Celebrations Tier Four Award: Downtime Communications Project

Beth formerly worked as a writer on the communication team at Cleveland Clinic, where she looked for stories demonstrating compassion and human connection. Beth considers it an honor and privilege to share these values and stories. At Cleveland Clinic, Beth moved from a Communication Associate role to a leadership role as Communication Manager. She has won two Tier Four Caregiver Celebration Awards for excellence in communication support for her work on major internet technology projects for the betterment of patient care.

Jennifer Moloney Taylor ’06 Assistant Creative Program Director | American Greetings Corporation Creative Director | Blkdog Design Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design, University of Dayton Sister of Katherine Moloney ’01 Sister of Mary Moloney Sever ’05 Resident of Cleveland, OH


• Recipient of University of Dayton President’s Scholarship • Work selected into the Horvath Juried Art Exhibition at the University of Dayton • Finalist in University of Dayton Women’s History Month Poster competition • Recognized for exemplifying Better Beats Best corporate strategy for excellence in innovative creative product development

Jennifer began working at American Greetings Corporation, where she started as an intern and has consistently demonstrated an exceptional work ethic, rising through the ranks of the organization and becoming a leader in her industry. She currently works as the Assistant Creative Program Director, directing artwork and sharing knowledge and expertise to clients in Cleveland and around the world. In addition to Jennifer’s full-time career at American Greetings Corporation, she and her husband formed their own design business called BlkDog. With this step, Jennifer has taken on a new leadership path as a small business owner, developing new skills in finance, project management and client relationships.

Alaina Manning Wagner ’06 Director of Financial Analytics | The Robert E. Miller Group Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics, Rockhurst University | Master of Arts in Mathematics, Saint Louis University Sister of Katie Manning ’01 Resident of Kansas City, MO


• Associate in Risk Management • Presented at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Montana, 2010

Alaina is the Director of Financial Analytics for The Robert E. Miller Group, previously having worked as Assistant Vice President and Senior Risk Analyst at the Lockton Companies, the largest privately held insurance brokerage firm in the word. Alaina led the Model Development Teach program in 2015, which oversaw the creation and improvement of Lockton’s United States casualty risk management models. Alaina volunteers with Junior Achievement USA, as well as Catholic Charities, United Way and Cornerstones of Care. Alaina is involved with Rockhurst University’s program, Mathapaloosa, encouraging high school students to pursue careers in math. Alaina is actively involved in her parish, where she serves as a Eucharistic minister, an altar server and participates in the art and environment ministry. “Say yes even if you don’t think you can do it; you can accomplish more than you think you can. Hard work does not guarantee that you are successful, but it guarantees that you deserve to be successful.” – Alaina Manning Wagner ’06 | What Would You Tell Your 12th Grade Self?

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


Mary Wallenhorst ’08

Eileen Wyza ’09

Educator | Saint Columbkille School

Geographic Information System Graduate Assistant | Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, Ohio University

Bachelor of Arts in Middle Childhood Education, Heidelberg University Daughter of Eileen Reynolds Wallenhorst ’70 Sister of Ellen Wallenhorst ’10 Granddaughter of Mary Berry Reynolds ’32† Resident of Cleveland, OH


• Graduated magna cum laude from Heidelberg University, 2012 • Graduate of the Heidelberg University Honors Program, 2012 • Named to the Heidelberg University Honors Society • Recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship, Heidelberg University

Mary serves as the Co-Site Director for Saint Augustine Rainbow Camp in Tremont, serving children who come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and have learning, physical and emotional disabilities. Mary currently teaches fourth and fifth grade students religion, reading and social studies at Saint Columbkille School. She teaches Parish School of Religion (PSR) classes to students that attend public school, helping children nurture their Catholic faith. Mary’s passion for teaching has taken her to China, where she served as a Teaching Assistant to a Heidelberg University professor, teaching conversational English to Chinese college students.

Eileen Dorsey Captures the Beauty of the Academy Eileen Dorsey ’01 (daughter of Christine Lynch Dorsey ’66 and sister of Christine Dorsey ’92), inaugural honoree of the Academy’s “25 Under 35” recently spent four months creating an acrylic painting, featuring the iconic front of the Academy’s building. This painting is on display in the front hall of the Academy. Eileen has had other works displayed at the Cuyahoga County Administration building, as well as the University Hospitals Case Medical Center art collection. “My newest work is a contemporary approach to impressionism, focusing on the landscape that surrounds me. With an impasto application, I adhere the oil paint to the surface. I approach each canvas with an aggressive, yet subtle sensibility that distorts the image depending on how it is viewed in proximity. Like the impressionist painters, my focus is on the light in my paintings. Exploring in the woods as a child instilled an appreciation for nature and all the colors and textures from it. I continue with that exploration as an adult as I push the boundaries of color and textures in my work,” shared Eileen Dorsey. In 2011, she was selected into the Vermont Studio Center for an artist residency and has shown her work at Baldwin Wallace University, The Butler Institute of American Art and Cuyahoga County Community College.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Westminster College | Master of Science in Environmental Studies, Ohio University | Ph.D. Candidate in Biological Sciences, Ohio University Daughter of Margaret McGuire Wyza ’78 Resident of Albany, OH


• Currently conducting research on the endangered Fossa species in Madagascar • Recipient of the Trustee’s Scholarship at Westminster College, 2009-2013 • Dean’s List, Westminster College, 2009-2013

From Eileen’s research for the United States Department of Agriculture on irrigation systems to studying grass species in Texas, to her current work with the endangered Fossa species in Madagascar, Eileen displays perseverance and true leadership in the environmentalism field. She believes in cherishing the world and using her strengths toward a more sustainable environment. Eileen’s research on the Fossa species of Madagascar is so unique; it led her to continue her work in the Ph.D. program at Ohio University. This work is so crucial and pivotal to Eileen that she has made multiple trips to Madagascar to personally tag the Fossa with GPS monitors before their extinction. Her perseverance and leadership of this program show her true dedication to positive global change. “Saint Joseph Academy provided for me a foundation of critical thinking skills, writing skills and work ethic that prepared me for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Perhaps even more than that, Saint Joseph Academy instilled in me an empathy and genuine care for the health of our planet and everyone living on it, which guided me toward my current education path in an effort to improve the lives of all people while still being good stewards of the environment.” – Eileen Wyza ’09 | What Would You Tell an Eighth Grade Girl About Saint Joseph Academy?

Eileen Dorsey ‘01


Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE


19th Annual Scholarship Luncheon Reunites Friends, Supports Students


lumnae, friends and Academy supporters enjoyed an afternoon together in early May for the annual Spring Scholarship Luncheon at Westwood Country Club. The afternoon included Natalie Barendt ’18 sharing her reflections on her time at Saint Joseph Academy and her gratitude as a recipient of an Alumnae Scholarship. Net proceeds from the luncheon totaled over $14,295 to the Scholarship Fund. Special thanks to Presenting Sponsor Ennis Court, Supporting Sponsor Charles Schwab & Co., and Generous Sponsors Aristotle Design Group, Congregation of St. Joseph, Edible Arrangements, Friedman Search Group, Regency Construction Services, Inc., Second Story Productions and to the Westwood Country Club sponsor and luncheon chair Mary Egan N’74 (daughter of Gertrude Pollock Egan ’47 and mother of Deirdre Rossman ’10). L-R: Mary Beirne Bole ‘69, Jane Ryan ’69 and Karen Lisowski N’74

“Earn Your Spots” Kicks Off Summer Season Friends, students, avid runners and walkers kicked off Memorial Day at the fifth annual “Earn Your Spots” Jaguar 5K/1-Mile Walk, which has raised a net of $27,123 for the Scholarship Fund over the past five years. Alex Miles Stiffler ’06 was the first runner to cross the finish line! Special thanks to Presenting Sponsors Fairview Hospital and West Park Dental; Silver Sponsors Blue Chip Consulting Group, LLC, Kamm’s Corners Development Corporation, Cuyahoga Community College – Westshore Campus; and Bronze Sponsors Chuck and Maureen Fallon Adler ’79, The Alpha Group Agency, Around The Corner, Chambers Funeral Homes, Cicerchi Development Company, LLC, Harrison Family, Hughie’s Event Production Services and Dr. Casey O’Conor Orthodontics. Join us next year on Monday, May 28, 2018 to “Earn Your Spots!”

Contact Us


hanks to the generosity of so many, we exceeded our 2016-17 Annual Fund goal. Together, we raised more than $530,000! A special thank you to the record number of parents who supported the Parent Challenge and helped us to secure a $25,000 challenge gift this year! The Annual Fund provides for the margin of excellence in all that Saint Joseph Academy does, beyond what is possible with tuition alone. Your gifts provide tuition assistance, exceptional faculty, competitive athletics, inspiring fine arts and compelling service opportunities – all which make it attainable for our community to thrive. Thank you for investing in Saint Joseph Academy! Every donation makes a difference in our students’ lives and helps us faithfully fulfill our mission and prepare another generation of Saint Joseph women to build a more compassionate world.

It’s not too late to see if you can double the impact of your donation! Many employers match charitable gifts made by their employees or retirees. To see if your gift is eligible, check the Human Resources website for your company.

Future Jaguars

To explore the many ways you can make a lasting impact on Saint Joseph Academy, please contact a member of our Institutional Advancement Department for a confidential conversation:


Constance Sipple, CFRE Vice President 216.671.0166 csipple@sja1890.org

Susan Flood Development Director 216.619.1938 sflood@sja1890.org

Allison Busser ’04 Alumnae Director 216.619.1653 abusser@sja1890.org

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


A Balanced Approach to Giving Simple Solutions for Life’s Financial Challenges The two hurdles we hear most when it comes to giving are lack of resources and a desire to put family first. We can help! These obstacles are easily overcome.

Obstacle: Family Obligations

I have children and grandchildren to worry about, and they come first. Solution: Estate planning attorneys can explain the various methods available to fulfill your philanthropic desires without jeopardizing your family’s security. The easiest approach is to remember Saint Joseph Academy through a gift in your will or living trust. This gift supports our long term viability as an educational leader of young women in the greater Cleveland area.

Obstacle: On a Budget

I am not wealthy. There is only so much money to go around. Solution: Rather than make a gift of cash now to support our work, consider the following giving options. Bonus: they also offer important tax savings for you and your family. • Stock. For gifts of appreciated stock that you have owned longer than one year, you receive an income tax charitable deduction for their full fair market value—not the price you originally paid for the stocks.


An Easy and Affordable Way to Make a Difference

Monthly giving enables you to easily manage an ongoing gift to Saint Joseph Academy. When you set up a recurring gift to the Annual Fund, we will charge a monthly donation, in an amount you choose, for as many months as you specify. Recurring gifts are a great way to fit annual giving into your budget and allow you to break a larger gift down into more manageable monthly amounts. • Automatic monthly donation from your credit card or checking account • Complete statement provided for tax purposes in January • Can be cancelled at any time


• Life insurance policies. You can donate a policy you no longer need or simply name Saint Joseph Academy as the beneficiary. • Retirement plan assets. Highly taxed when left to heirs, this makes an excellent charitable gift after your lifetime. Explore the information available at www.plannedgiving.sja1890.org for confidential planning tools appropriate to your age or estate planning goals and important tax updates. Contact Vice President of Institutional Advancement Constance S. Sipple, CFRE, at 216.671.0166 for complementary planning brochures or a confidential conversation.

70½ or Older? Make a Tax-free Gift with Your IRA

If you are 70 ½ or older, the IRS has a special opportunity for you to lower your tax rate – and give back to Saint Joseph Academy. Last year, the federal government made the IRA Charitable Rollover a permanent part of the tax code. What does that mean to you? Upon turning 70 1/2, you are required to accept minimum distributions from your IRAs. Not only is this income considered taxable, but, as such, it will also make a portion of your Social Security benefits taxable – increasing your taxes and, perhaps your tax rate as well. If you donate some of all of your IRA distributions to Saint Joseph Academy, it will reduce your adjusted gross income and subsequent tax liability. However, it’s important to make these distributions directly to Saint Joseph Academy from your IRA account. If you accept the distribution and then donate it to the Academy, you will lose the tax saving benefit. Also note, because these direct donations lower your taxable income, they cannot be claimed as charitable donations. Contact your IRA plan administrator or tax professional to learn more and to plan for your future. Please use the form found on our website at www.sja1890.org/waystogive to notify Saint Joseph Academy of your intended gift so we can use it according to your wishes. 26

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Support Saint Joseph Academy by becoming a monthly giver today! For credit card donations, simply fill out the enclosed donation envelope or to set up online, visit www.sja1890.org/ donate and select “Recurring” in the Payment Options section; and choose the amount and duration of your monthly gift. For questions or to set up monthly ACH transfers from your checking account, contact Development Director Susan Flood at 216.619.1938.


Eternal rest grant unto them O, Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.

Patricia Corrigan Baranuk ’47 on the death of her husband, Walter Baranuk.

Noreen O’Malley Hollo ’65 on the death of her daughter, Alison Hollo.

Josephine Berry Fiske ’47 on the death of her sister, Catherine McConnell.

Karen Chapman Breznay ’67 on the death of her husband, Joseph Breznay.

Margaret Gallagher Lang ’48 on the death of her sister, Sr. Mary Gallagher, CSJ.

Joanne Reinhard Herdmann ’67 on the death of her husband, Daniel Herdmann.

Jeanne Pischel Winters ’51 on the death of her husband, Carl Winters.

Carol Harrison Panek ’67 on the death of her father, Thomas Harrison.

Sr. Corita Ambro, CSJ ’53 on the death of her brother, Edward Ambro.

Judith Celebrezze N’67 and Laura Celebrezze Haylett N’73 on the death of her mother, Mary Ann Celebrezze.

Margaret Cox Granzier ’54 on the death of her husband, Paul Granzier.

Linda Warmuth Brewer ’69 on the death of her mother, Rita Warmuth.

Jeanne Hejra Botson ’55 and Betty Hejra McCoy ’57 on the death of their sister, Marilyn Hejra Williams ’51.

Natalie Voll Kolczynski ’69 on the death of her mother, Delores Voll.

Virginia Schwartz Protsik ’56 on the death of her husband, Robert Protsik.

Carol Repede Masek ’70 on the death of her mother, Doris Repede.

Loretta Hardy Verhiley ’56 on the death of her husband, Harry Verhiley.

Sharon Dempsey Scully ’70, Patricia Dempsey Gilbert ’78, Jane Dempsey Borgmann ’79, and Jennifer Dempsey Smith ’80 on the death of their brother, John Dempsey.

Catherine O’Donnell Andrews ’57 on the death of her husband, William Andrews. Alberta Kunkel ’58 on the death of her brother, Rev. Albert Kunkel. Jacquelyn Hack Plenzler ’58, Patricia Hack Coleman ’67, and Bernadette Hack Hallahan ’69 on the death of their brother, David Hack. Eileen Somerville Snider ’58, Peggy Somerville Walsh N’67 and Mary Somerville Martin N’69 on the death of their brother, Dennis Somerville.

Carolyn Troiano Chernick N’70 on the death of her mother, Carrie Troiano. Kathleen Rutt Hansinger ’71 on the death of her mother, Eileen Gibson Rutt ’40. Maureen Gorman Mayer ’71 on the death of her sister, Margaret Gorman Samenuk ’74. Janet Bell ’72 on the death of her sister, Jean Bell Cookson ’61.

Brenda Brady N’60 on the death of her sister, Donna Brady Jancura N’62.

Anita Popovich N’72 on the death of her mother, Dorothy Popovich.

Rosemary Moran Wagoner ’63 and Kathy Moran Laino ’71 on the death of their mother, Rosina Wise Moran ’37.

Doris Koerner Ardo ’74 on the death of her father, Georg Koerner.

Colleen Siedel Schmitt N’63 on the death of her brother, Carl Siedel. Kathleen O’Malley Hoole ’64 on the death of her husband, Harry Hoole.

Catherine Calvey ’74 and Mary Pat Calvey Smith ’77 on the death of their father, Robert Calvey. Therese Fink Capaldi ’75 on the death of her mother and Joyce Keller Coyne ’57 on the death of her sister, Carol Jane Keller Fink ’52.

Laura LoSchiavo Kelly ’75 on the death of her mother, Dorothy LoSchiavo. Claire Smith Seeholzer ’75, Elizabeth Smith Hawk ’77, Eileen Smith Perrien ’78, Suzanne Smith Sweeney ’85 and Catherine Smith Russ ’90 on the death of their mother, Barbara Smith. Maureen McBride Stanner ’77, Mary Catherine McBride Daughtry ’79 and Ann McBride Goss ’83 on the death of their mother, Mary Ann Spencer McBride ’54.

Mary Hough ’86 on the death of her mother, Patricia Ann Hough. Monica Kinscher Hammer ’88, Anita Kinscher Juran ’90 and Tina Kinscher Waters ’96 on the death of their father, Horst Kinscher. Rebecca Fischer ’95 on the death of her father, Edward Fischer. Mr. Fischer was a softball coach at Saint Joseph Academy in the 1990s. Winnie McMarlin Mack ’96 on the death of her father, Jack McMarlin.

Cathryn Sosinski Powers N’77 on the death of her mother, Dorothy Sosinski.

Amanda Pukys ’01 on the death of her mother, Sandra Pukys.

Karen Brezine Schmiedl ’80 and Mary Pat Brezine Schirmer ’84 on the death of their mother, Patricia Brezine.

Elizabeth Hardin Burton ’04 and Ashley Hardin Braden ’05 on the death of their father, James Hardin.

Kimberly Bushley Roth ’86 on the death of her mother and Mary Lou Friel Lavelle ’50 on the death of her sister, Elizabeth Friel Bushley ’56.

Lashawn Chillious ’04 on the death of her father, George Chillious.

We extend our sympathy to the following Saint Joseph Academy faculty and staff members: • Suzanne Smiley-Rozic, Math teacher, on the death of her mother, Sylvia Smiley.

• Ana Miljak, Facilities member, on the death of her sister, Kristina Grgic.

• Maria Mueller, College Counselor, on the death of her father, Alexander Horoschak.

Please remember in your prayers the following deceased alumnae: Rosina Wise Moran ’37 Jeanne Carmody Hildebrandt ’40 Eileen Gibson Rutt ’40 Rita Gaul Eynon ’41 Patricia Scanlon ’43 Meryl Steiger Jacobson ’46 Mary Anne McCarty Sarlo ’50 Marilyn Hejra Williams ’51 Carol Jane Keller Fink ’52 Mary Ann Spencer McBride ’54 Elizabeth Friel Bushley ’56 Joan Bober Dianiska ’56 Margaret Stepko Lohn ’56 Jean Bell Cookson ’61

Donna Brady Jancura N’62 Gloria Bender Price N’62 Madeleine Hubach Gannon ’64 Ann Turowski Mead ’67 Margaret Saal ’67 Judi Joseph Mielke N’67 Violet LaForm Younker N’69 Gretchen Krach Pozek ’71 Kathleen Kevany ’73 Margaret Gorman Samenuk ’74 Eileen Gallagher ’77 Jennifer Janas McKenzie ’94 Christine Heidelman ’99 Morgan Sisley ’12

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


Beyonds Alumnae


Rita Mackert, CSJ ’52 was honored as “Teacher of the Year” by the Knights of Columbus of Cleveland. Going forward, this honor will be presented annually as the “Rita Mackert Teacher of the Year Award.”


Erin McAdams Fitzpatrick ’01, Katie McAdams ’02 and daughter Quinn McAdams ’21. Emily Gehring ’06 started a new position as Regulatory Intelligence Analyst at KeyBank. Emily Tarr ’07 married Colin Baker on June 24, 2017 at St. Mark Catholic Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Kara Isabella ’08 started a new position as Visual Designer at Accenture Interactive.

Christine Laszcz-Davis N’68 has been appointed to an honored federal advisory board, the National Institute of Occupational Health & Safety Board of Scientific Counselors, one of 15 counselors nationally.

Jessica Gawthrop ’09 started a new position as Marketing Specialist, Retail Marketing Communications at The Sherwin-Williams Company.


Megan Stefancin ’09 married Jay Pasquarette on May 27, 2017.

Judy Ghazoul-Hilow ’81 recently received the Progressive Woman Award at the Northeast Ohio Smart Women Awards Breakfast. This award recognizes female executives or managers who have risen through the ranks in their career and overcome significant challenges. Judy serves as the Executive Director of Malachi House. Jennifer Davis ’84 was named one of Northeast Ohio’s Distinguished Marketing & Sales Award Recipients for excellence in marketing achievement. She was recognized in Crain’s Cleveland Business and The Plain Dealer.

Jennifer Davis ’84

Sabrina Semidey ’11 was recently featured in The Plain Dealer for her portraits at Made to Create Studios. Morgan Draves ’12 married Jim Vogel on February 18, 2017 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Berea, Ohio. Jessica Musgrave ’12 married Andrew Henrich on May 6, 2017.

Bridget Lavelle Houlahan '85

Angela Zombek ’00, Associate Professor of History at St. Petersburg College in Clearwater, Florida, was recently featured on an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC. She helped actress Jessica Biel trace the history of her Civil War ancestors. Lauren McAdams ’01 married Nickolas Susanjar on Saturday, June 17, 2017. The wedding party included her sisters 28

Katelyn Kaiser ’10 recently completed a Masters of Education in Educational Technology with a 4.0 GPA. She is a music teacher at St. Mark School in Cleveland, Ohio. Holly Hamlin ’11 recently became Marketing Coordinator at Regency Construction Services, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio.

Bridget Lavelle Houlahan ’85 received her Ph.D. in Nursing from the University of Virginia.



Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

Sarah Reinhold ’12 started a position as Child Health Advocacy and Outreach Center Intern at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Madison Schoenherr Starke ’12, Digital Media Designer at MutualBank, recently received a MAXI Award for writing and producing the “Cooper Story” awardwinning commercial in association with Jensen Productions.

Brianna Dombo ’13 exhibited her thesis in two art shows, the University of Notre Dame’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition and the Second Annual Senior Design Show. Brianna’s thesis won Best in Show. Brianna recently graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design and works for Ave Maria Press. Mary Kate Healey ’13 presented her thesis in two art shows: the University of Notre Dame’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition and the Second Annual Senior Design Show. She was awarded the University of Notre Dame’s 2017 Emile Jacques Gold Medal for Fine Arts, for her thesis. Mary Kate recently L-R: Mary Kate Healey ‘13 graduated from the and Brianna Dombo ‘13 University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design. Brittany Hennings ’13 started a new position as Marketing and Communications Specialist at Sea-Land Chemical Company. Patricia Kay ’13 recently graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and is working with Grow Ohio Valley through AmeriCorps. Nicole Morino ’13 was a student commencement speaker on April 29 for one of Ohio University’s undergraduate ceremonies. Nicole graduated from Ohio Nicole Morino ‘13 University with a double major in War and Peace and Political Science. Caroline Mills ’14 started a new position as Visiting Scholar at Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics. Emily Keller ’15 started a new position as Heart and Vascular Step Down Patient Care Nurse Assistant at Cleveland Clinic. Emily Schuetz ’16 received a prestigious paid internship this summer with Parker Hannifin Corporation, in addition to an Engineering scholarship she earned from Parker Hannifin Corporation last year.

Jubilarians Congratulations to the following Jubiliarians for their incredible service to the Congregation of St. Joseph! Together, these Sisters have more than 630 years of combined service. We are proud to honor their work.

70 YEARS Jane Ann Comerford, CSJ Mary Jane Masterson (Sr. Judith), CSJ ‘46 Cecilia Nagel, CSJ ‘48

60 YEARS Marie Gillich (Sr. Mary Mel), CSJ ‘55

CubClub Eileen Joyce Mazur ’96 & Dave Mazur a daughter, Cregan Margaret, born December 30, 2016 Elizabeth Zupancic Supan ’99 & Craig Supan a son, Elliot, born June 29, 2016 Lisa Runyon Hanna ’01 & Robert Hanna a son, Kieran, born January 2, 2017 Melissa Eucker Kulbago ’03 & Chris Kulbago a daughter, Elizabeth Christine, born June 15, 2016 Josslyn Konczos Grijak ’08 & Mark Grijak a daughter, Zoey Elizabeth, born April 22, 2017

Marion Hauck (Sr. Raymond Marie), CSJ Catherine Lee (Sr. Ellen Marie), CSJ ‘57 Judith McGuire (Sr. M. Colombiere), CSJ ‘57 Patricia McHale (Sr. Mary Josepha), CSJ ‘56 Jane Ockuly (Sr. Mary Thaddeus), CSJ ‘57 Felicia Petruziello (Sr. Consuela), CSJ ‘56

GrandReunion Are you an alumna who graduated in a year ending in a ‘7’ or ‘2’?

Clockwise: Mary Jane Masterson, CSJ ’46, Jane Ockuly, CSJ ’57, Marion Hauck, CSJ, Felicia Petruziello, CSJ ’56, Catherine Lee, CSJ ’57, Patricia McHale, CSJ ’56, Marie Gillich, CSJ ’55 and Cecelia Nagel, CSJ ’48. Not pictured: Judith McGuire, CSJ ’57 and Jane Ann Comerford, CSJ

If so, please save the date for the weekend of October 6-8, 2017 for the 2017 Grand Reunion. Festivities will include a young alumnae get together, special alumnae dinner, a Homecoming Mass, reception and tours. Receptions will be held for the Classes of 2002. 2007 and 2012, as well as the “Golden” Classes of 1942, 1947, 1952, 1957, 1962 and 1967. Be sure to have your email and address updated with our Alumnae Department, as they will be sending out information about Grand Reunion! For more information, please contact Alumnae Director Allison Busser ’04 at abusser@sja1890. org or 216.251.6788 x221.

Saint Joseph Academy SUMMER 2017


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PARENTS OF ALUMNAE: If this publication is addressed to your daughter who no longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please notify the Alumnae Office at 216.251.6788 x221, or write to us at Saint Joseph Academy, 3470 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44111. In an effort to be good stewards of both the environment and your generous contributions, we are now sending only one magazine per household.

LOOKINGAHEAD Nazareth Academy Reunion Luncheon Nazareth Academy alumnae are invited to attend their annual luncheon at The 100th Bomb Group on Sunday, September 10, 2-5 p.m. to celebrate together. For more information, please contact Alumnae and Special Events Coordinator Betty Hjort at bhjort@sja1890.org.

Grand Reunion/Homecoming Weekend 2017

opportunities at Saint Joseph Academy. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about our Makerspace, Health Sciences Honors Program, and our progress towards becoming an International Baccalaureate® Middle Years Programme World School. Come meet with our faculty and see a demonstration of our new Anatomage Table. Contact the Admission Department for more information at Admissions@sja1890.org.

Grand Reunion/Homecoming Weekend 2017 Are you an alumna who graduated in a year ending in a ‘7’ or ‘2’? If so, please save the date for the weekend of October 6-8, 2017 for the 2017 Grand Reunion. Festivities will include a young alumnae get together, special alumnae dinner, a Homecoming Mass, reception and tours. Receptions will be held for the Classes of 2002, 2007 and 2012, as well as the “Golden” Classes of 1942, 1947, 1952, 1957, 1962 and 1967. Be sure to have your email and address updated with our Alumnae Department, as they will be sending out information about Grand Reunion! For more information, please contact Alumnae Director Allison Busser ’04 at abusser@sja1890.org or 216.251.6788 x221.

Important Admission Dates

Fall Open House

• Optional HSPT Preparation Class: Offered by Seeley Test Pros at Saint Joseph Academy on Saturday, September 30. • Visit Day for 5 , 6 and 7 graders on Friday, October 13.

Prospective parents and students are invited to attend Saint Joseph Academy at our Fall Open House on Sunday, October 15. Student Ambassadors will be giving tours of the campus and are available to answer questions about the educational and extracurricular 30

Saint Joseph Academy UPDATE

We invite 8 grade girls to the following events: • Shadowing begins on September 18 and runs through November 30. • High School Placement Test (HSPT): Required for eighth grade students interested in applying for admission to the Class of 2022: • Saturday, October 28 and Saturday, November 4, both tests administered at Saint Joseph Academy. Students may register for the date of their choice. Results from this test will be considered when reviewing student applications for admission and scholarships. th




For more information about any of these events or to register, please visit www.sja1890.org/admissionevents.

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UPDATE Magazine: Summer 2017  

UPDATE Magazine: Summer 2017