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Winter 2022 Annual Report




Helping people with disabilities better experience the world through partnership with a service dog

Unbreakable Bonds

Serving So Many

“It has been such a blessing. These people move out of their homes. They give up a large degree of independence. Part of what is normal is having a pet. Walker gives that to them.” - Garnet Gilmore

Ever since he first set paw into the halls of Warwick Forest in Newport News, Walker, a Saint Francis Facility Dog, started changing the lives of the people who live and work there. After completing his highly specialized training at Saint Francis, Walker was matched with Warwick Forest at the height of the COVID pandemic. It is the first time a Saint Francis Dog has been placed at an Assisted Living and Memory Care facility. But, his handler, Garnet Gilmore, says it couldn’t be a more perfect fit. (continued)

A message from Cabell “As we learn more about the capacity of dogs to do amazing things,we can expect to see dogs filling more roles in our lives.” When I was growing up, our dogs were mainly “outside” dogs. They were only allowed in limited areas of our house. If you wanted to cuddle, you got on the floor. They never got on the furniture. It’s a whole new world for dogs now. My dog sleeps beside me in the bed, often under the covers. Our dogs are found curled beside us on the sofa, riding in our cars to do errands, and heading out with us on our family vacations. No longer relegated to the dog house, they are full-fledged family members. Our dogs even get stockings at Christmas. My childhood dogs would be flabbergasted. And jealous. The world for working dogs has expanded just as much. As the human – dog bond continues to deepen, we are learning more all the time about the many ways that dogs can help us. From assisting police to catching criminals to gently encouraging a hesitant child to read, dogs are working for us and with us in many new and exciting ways. While Assistance Dogs are the only working dogs permitted to go with their partners anywhere the public is allowed to go, other working dogs from Therapy and Emotional Support Dogs to Search and Rescue, Police, and Military Dogs, all play a vital role in serving our community. The human-animal bond and for us, the human-dog bond, is one we celebrate and embrace as an essential element of human wellness. We are proud to be able to provide this important service and collaborate with other organizations that do the same. We are learning more about the capacity of dogs to do amazing things like sniff out cancer and even COVID. With this, we can expect to see dogs filling more roles in our lives. It will be exciting to watch as dogs reaffirm once again their claim to the title of man’s best friend.

In the meantime, at Saint Francis, we are working hard to keep up with both the demand for our dogs and with our dogs’ soaring ambitions. COVID continues to keep us on our toes. The Draper Woody and Jo Lynn Draper Pavilion has been a godsend – the beautiful and functional outdoor space means that we can continue to work together in a safe environment whether the pandemic rages or naps. Our Puppy Raiser Program is larger than it has ever been, with more volunteers stepping up to help us raise our puppies. We could not do this without the dedication and devotion of these amazing people. Our dog walkers keep walking – come rain, snow, bitter cold or melting heat. Our dogs greet them daily with tremendous joy. Our donors continue to rally around, making the dream of independence real for people waiting patiently for their chance at a Saint Francis Service Dog and the life they promise. Due to a generous bequest from Virginia “Boo” Fitch, we are launching some exciting Strategic Plan initiatives that will result in our ability to better serve our partners and our community. We celebrated six teams graduating in September and are hard at work carefully and safely placing more. Some of our dogs took non-traditional paths to new jobs – we have one dog working to complete search and rescue certification, and another few that decided against service dog work and have become therapy dogs instead. The one thing all of our dogs have in common is that they bring joy and hope no matter where they go. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of the journey. I am deeply grateful to all of you that help them along their way!

For more information on working dogs and the differences between them, visit


Unbreakable Bonds continued from cover

Garnet tells us, “It has turned out better than expected. He has formed emotional bonds with everyone he comes in contact with.” One of the best things about all dogs is their innate ability to connect so deeply with humans. It has been proven that the animal-human bond works wonders for our physiological and emotional health, lowering stress rates, blood pressure, and counteracting depression. That is why therapy dogs and other emotional support animals serve such a purpose. But, facility dogs like Walker can almost be described as a special “breed,” as they must be able to serve so many people in so many ways. Because of his grasp of high level task work, Walker is able to accompany residents to the grocery store, help with laundry, and even

“Only a dog can provide the particular type of bond that people need.”

play games like cornhole with them! Before his placement, trainers at Saint Francis tailored his skills so that he was able to help open doors, carry items, and have the stamina to assist residents in a variety of everyday activities. But wrapped up in that, one of his greatest gifts is the amount of love, support, connection and comfort he brings to everyone, just by being him. Garnet says, “Only a dog can provide the particular type of bond that people need.” Since Walker started his work in February of 2021, he has brought more joy to Warwick Forest than they ever imagined. His presence has had a major impact on the stress and anxiety levels of both residents and staff. Garnet tells us that recently a resident had to deal with the death of a family member. They called Walker in to help. “She immediately grabbed onto him and cried into his neck.” Garnet says, “You are dealing with people in a clinical environment and trying to measure success in care. But, it is immeasurable. No data we could run could show the impact Walker has had. Success is measured in these little moments as well.” There are so many missions wrapped into the role of facility dog. A Saint Francis facility dog is trained to serve as a dependable partner that will be able to handle the many needs of the people they serve. Whether that is in an educational, healthcare or courtroom setting, the need to stay focused is imperative. But along with that, the dog’s ability to connect is crucial. Like Walker, Mitz is a recent Saint Francis graduate and is already surpassing expectations. He began his work in July of 2021 at the Chesterfield Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court with Judge Duncan Minton as his handler. “He is just doing fantastic. He is extremely personal with everyone. We are so lucky to have him.” (continued on next page)


Unbreakable Bonds continued

During his time at Saint Francis, our expert trainers zeroed in on Mitz’s quiet fortitude and attentiveness. When the opportunity came to place a dog in a courthouse setting, Mitz fit the bill. Mitz provides stress relief and helps redirect focus for children and adults who may be testifying or providing witness statements under traumatic circumstances. But like Walker, Mitz’s reach goes far. “He helps everyone. If anyone needs help, Mitz is there. The clerks, other judges, even lawyers. He helps ease stress.” One of Mitz’s favorite commands is “Go Visit,” a testimony to his sweet personality. Judge Minton says after a long day on the bench, Mitz takes advantage of the breaks to go spend time with anyone who needs a little extra support in the courtroom. Through his training with Saint Francis, Mitz also knows commands like “cover” and “hug.” These specific commands help by providing therapeutic pressure, which can assist someone dealing with trauma. Judge Minton says that recently a woman was having a hard time after testifying at a protective order hearing.

“She was terrified. She was crying. Mitz came in and sat with her to calm her down.” Walker and Mitz join the growing list of Saint Francis dogs working full-time in various facility settings throughout Virginia. The placement of a facility dog is a very specific and customized process, as it takes a special dog to fulfill the many roles required to serve so many different people. While one of the major benefits is the deep emotional and unbreakable bonds our facility dogs form, there are key things that separate them from therapy dogs that may be used from time to time to ease stress. Some of these things are access, consistency, and time. Therapy dog programs provide an invaluable service by offering affection, comfort, and stress relief to a multitude of individuals. Most often, a therapy dog is brought in as part of volunteer organization. In contrast, a facility dog is handled by a staff member and is essentially part of the team. Our dogs have tailored skills for the environment they are placed in and the stamina needed to work daily. They are able to handle many different situations throughout a day, all while being a constant soothing presence for the people they serve. The added bonus is the love they both give and receive. And in the case of both Walker and Mitz, they LOVE their jobs! After a break for the holidays, Judge Minton says that Mitz couldn’t wait to get back to work. “He was excited. He wanted to get back in the vest and get back at it.” Team Walker and Warwick Forest are dedicated to Newport News Shipbuilding - A Division of Huntington Ingalls Industries Team Mitz and Chesterfield Juvenile Domestic Relations Court are dedicated to the Amy Elizabeth Lauth Charitable Foundation


Making Connections Together Team Justin and Tipper Dedicated to Marvin and Joy Smith

At Saint Francis, we are keenly aware of all the ways

After 10 years together, Ready passed away in 2018.

a professionally trained service dog can improve the

Justin’s family began to see he was regressing in

lives of the people we serve. But often times, when

some of the progress he had made with Ready

a match is made, we see a dog change someone’s

by his side. They applied for a second service dog,

life in ways we never imagined. That is the case

and the search began for a new teammate for

for Justin.

Justin. Along came Tipper! With his strong task work and his inquisitive, attentive personality, the

We met Justin and his family in 2007 when he

Saint Francis training team knew he would be a

applied for his first service dog. They hoped a

great match for Justin’s needs. Justin and Tipper

service dog could help with many aspects of daily

graduated together in September 2021 and have

living like opening doors, retrieving dropped items,

been thriving ever since.

and going to get help from Justin’s mom, Jeanette. When Justin was successfully matched with his first

During the matching process, Justin himself said

dog, Ready, in 2008, he got a partner to assist with

he wanted to make Ready proud and carry on the

those physical tasks. But, the impact Ready had

work they started together. Tipper is allowing him

on Justin’s life turned out to be much bigger

to do just that. Justin’s mom Jeanette says the

than expected.

unconditional love and devotion the two share allows Justin to be more open and connect with the

“When Ready became part of his life, Justin’s

world around him.

personality emerged. He became confident, focused, happy and interactive. It was like magic.” Family friend Susan Warren, head of Tackfully Teamed Riding Academy where Justin participates in therapeutic horseback riding, saw the change immediately. She says, “He is now an independent rider, a goal I never expected to see. Ready helped mold Justin into a mature, responsible adult.”

“Justin is a happier person overall. He doesn’t call for me every time he needs something. He is more independent, confident and eager to go out into the world. Tipper acts like a bridge to the world socially and emotionally.”


Peace of Mind

Team Kit and Penny Dedicated to the Hittman Family Foundation

There are so many things woven into

The expert matching between

the partnership between a person

Kit and Seth is a result of the

and their service dog. In many ways,

sophisticated training our dogs

identifying a perfect match is a

receive at Saint Francis. Our trainers

science and an art. Our trainers look

are always evaluating our pool of

for the particular strengths of each

candidates and our dogs in training.

dog and how they will best work

They are looking for needs and

with a potential partner. But, there is

strengths and how to make the

also the feeling. It is a sense of how a

perfect connection between person

dog’s unique traits may align with a

and dog that will serve both best.

human being, allowing a life-changing bond to form. We

Sadly, Seth passed away after a battle

are so honored to have made that

with cancer last year. Our trainers, as

happen for our extraordinary partner

they do for all of our candidates and

Kit. Not once, but twice!

existing partners, had already begun searching for the next special dog to

Kit has a seizure disorder, but

join Kit. During that time, our staff

maintains an active lifestyle. With her

trainer Debbie Clifton had Penny

determination to take part in all the

in the Advanced Training Program.

things she loves to do, a service dog

Debbie picked up on Penny’s

was the extra support she needed

innate ability to be in tune with the

to feel confident and safe. She was

emotions and feelings of others and

matched with Saint Francis Service

just had a feeling that she could be

dog Seth in 2012. Seth helped her

the perfect fit for Kit. She was right.

with vital things, like getting her

Kit says, “My partnership with Penny

medicine bags and going for help

has brought great peace of mind

from her family when needed. And

to both myself and my family. I am

although it is something we are not

able to be more independent and

able to specifically train for, Seth

navigate new environments safely

even started alerting Kit and her

and with confidence.”

family when she was about to have a seizure.

After matching, our trainers work individually with each partner team.

One of Kit’s favorite things to do is to

So, in order to support Kit and Penny,

ride horses. Her special connection

our trainers made sure Penny knew

with Seth allowed her to do this

certain commands specific to Kit’s

confidently, as he would watch her

needs. Penny can respond to the

from the side and bark if he sensed a

“Speak” command and will not stop

seizure. “Seth was truly my partner.

until released by either Kit or a family

He provided my life with balance

member who is there to help. We are

and motivated me to redefine

so grateful knowing that this next

my independence.”

great partnership is helping Kit live her best life!

“It is a journey and such a gift. I have become someone different because of Saint Francis and my partnerships with my service dogs. I am confident in myself and my ability to take on life with Penny by my side.” 6

Donor Spotlight Sally and Sam Craver I began giving to Saint Francis

my role as a social worker

Our passion will always be our

in 1996 after meeting with our

to a level I could never have

dogs. Well, and UVA sports.

co-founder, Carol Willoughby,

imagined. Being a part of the

We love cheering on UVA! (The

in her kitchen. Carol had

screening committee, doing

dogs tend to get a bit upset

known that I was a medical

in-home visits, and meeting

when we are cheering

social worker and a dog lover.

prospective candidates has

too loudly!)

She convinced me in her

given me the opportunity

charming, subtle way that

to be part of the matching

Truly, it is so easy to support an

Saint Francis Service Dogs

process that has vastly

organization like Saint Francis

could be an important, life

improved the lives of many.

when we are so passionate

changing, groundbreaking

about its mission.

organization. Little did I know

As a board member, I have

that in the next 25 years,

loved seeing the positive

Saint Francis would evolve

energy of the staff and their

into a full-fledged service

amazing enthusiasm for their

dog training and placement

work and the Saint Francis

organization that would so

mission. I’m also surprised

dramatically improve the lives

by the generosity of the

of people with disabilities,

corporate and individual

serving all of Virginia into West

donors, whose donations

Virginia and North Carolina.

make the mission of Saint Francis possible.

- Sally Craver

“Being a part of Saint Francis Service Dogs since its founding in 1996 has added great meaning and purpose to my life.” For information on all types of giving, please visit our website at

I have been a medical social worker all my adult life, and

When people ask us about

being a dog lover, I know

making a donation or

firsthand the importance

volunteering for Saint

of the animal – human

Francis in some capacity,

bond. Witnessing the ways

we tell them it’s one of

Saint Francis Service Dogs

the most meaningful

significantly impact the lives

and purposeful

of people with disabilities

commitments we

has been so rewarding. My

have ever made.

husband, Sam, and I have

The mission of Saint

always had dogs in our lives

Francis is a noble

and know how important they

and selfless one that

are to a person’s well being.

demonstrates the power of giving in

Helping people through the

your community

placement of Saint Francis

and beyond.

Service Dogs has expanded


Behind the Scenes Lending a Paw

“What has started to emerge is just a great collaboration.” - Tiffany Moeltner

One of the most important elements in a service dog and partner relationship is the beautiful bond that

Tiffany contacted Bob Villamil for assistance dogs that could be used for “distraction training”. Bob

interacting with a service dog on the job.

is created. By working together, they can accomplish incredible things! As we continually strive to better serve our partners, making new connections of our own is helping us do just that.

is a Saint Francis board member, generous supporter, and longtime volunteer. Bob and his therapy dog Jax are very involved with TheraPets, a local community partner of Pet Partners, the leading therapy animal organization in the United States. Jax started as a Saint Francis service dog in-training. Bob was Jax’s puppy raiser, and Tiffany was Jax’s advanced trainer. During his training, it was determined that Jax may be better suited for therapy work, where he is now thriving!

Additionally, during a recent training session, a therapy dog was able to bark on command, while the service dogs in-training completed some difficult task work. This strengthens the ability to focus on their handlers and commands regardless of their environment. “Our dogs are showing that they can still focus on their tasks,” Tiffany says. “It’s a win-win.”

It takes years of intensive training before a Saint Francis dog is placed with a child or adult with a disability or into a facility setting. As part of our program, our puppy raisers, staff trainers and field trainers expose the dogs to a wide variety of sights, sounds, smells, people, and places. It is vital that a service dog focus solely on their handler and the task at hand, despite what is going on around them. While our trainers are able to prepare a service dog for so many different real life situations, we are always trying to raise the bar. For Saint Francis Training Program Manager, Tiffany Moeltner, one of the biggest challenges in training is simulating the presence of another animal. When a service dog is out and about with their partner, they are often approached by other dogs. This can be a big distraction and potentially dangerous. Her solution? Asking others to lend a paw!


TheraPets, made up of volunteer handlers and therapy dogs like Jax, spends most of its time visiting local hospitals, schools and nursing homes to provide comfort and stress relief. The partnership with Saint Francis taps into a whole new area of their service. By nature, therapy dogs are well mannered. But, to become a registered Pet Partners animal, they go through a specific vetting process. This gave Tiffany confidence that these therapy dogs are safe, well prepared, and could be a great asset to our training program. TheraPets members started attending sessions with our dogs in Advanced Training. Their goal is simply to be a distraction, simulating an unknown animal

The results have been very beneficial for both groups. The expert trainers at Saint Francis have been able to help TheraPets handlers improve their skills. Along with training support, Saint Francis trainers have also offered to help TheraPets handlers prepare for their evaluations. For example, as part of testing, TheraPets handlers need to have a neutral dog interact with their therapy dog. Our service dogs in-training are perfect for this role. This partnership works so well, because despite the specific differences between therapy dogs and service dogs, there are parts of our missions that align. Through the work of both, the human-animal connection is made, improving the lives of those they serve. It is dogs helping dogs, so they can better help the people who need them most.

Volunteer Spotlight Mary Jo Markle

Before she was ever

Mary Jo has always been a

introduced to Saint Francis

person to donate her time to

Service Dogs, Mary Jo

causes that are important to

Markle saw firsthand the

her. So, when the time arose,

extraordinary power that a

Saint Francis was a perfect

dog’s presence can have.

fit. She started volunteering as a dog walker but quickly

Many years ago, after a

moved into puppy sitting and

post-surgery infection left

then fostering. Now, she still

her husband in a medically

comes most Fridays to walk all

induced coma, the doctors at

the dogs at the facility in the

the VA hospital in Durham,

Advanced Training program.

North Carolina were having

”I have come in the rain and

trouble waking him up.

they say, Mary, you don’t

They decided to bring in

have to walk the dogs today.

two Labrador retrievers, who

But I love it. A nice warm,

would often visit the patients.

light rain and being outside with the dogs? It is fun for

They noticed that during

me. It makes me happy.”

the visits, his hand began to move towards the dogs at

Mary Jo lights up when

his bedside. Over the course

talking about the time she

of the next several days, after

gets to spend as a volunteer. It

just a few visits from the dogs,

is clear how much joy she gets

he started pulling out of his

from the deep bonds

coma. “It was the dogs that

she has made with the

helped wake him up. He was

dogs and people she has

trying to pet the dogs,” says

encountered in her time here.

Mary Jo.

But, she also knows she is doing her part to change the

That special experience

lives of others.

witnessing the power of the human-animal bond left

“Seeing what these dogs can

a lasting impression on Mary

do for another human being

Jo. As an animal lover already,

is incredible. They have a

it added to her passion

higher calling.”

and knowledge of just how incredible the power of dogs

Thank you Mary Jo for your

can be.

dedication and commitment to helping us fulfill our mission!

“It has changed my life.” For volunteer opportunities, please visit our website at

A PUP’S p r o g r e ss Happy New Year, everyone! And boy, has it been happy for me! From my past updates, you may

While I have been

remember that my favorite thing in

working on my

the world is people, with zoomies

training, people who

coming in at a close second. Not to

are waiting for a dog

be confused with Zooming with a

like me called “candidates”

capital “Z,” which I don’t care for so

have been filling out paperwork,

much. Well, I am excited to tell you

going through screenings and home

that I have met some INCREDIBLE

visits, and taking classes with my

people lately, and soon, I’ll find out if

human friends at Saint Francis.

I’m a “match” with one of them. Just like my people have been You see, since I started my training

getting to know my strengths

way back when I was a puppy, all

throughout our time together, they

of the people who worked with me

have also been getting to know the

along the way have been keeping

candidates, their lifestyles, and

track of the things I am extra good

their specific needs.

at. In fact, I think I might be famous, because there is a binder with my

Now is the part I am most excited

picture on it that is stuffed full of

to tell you about! My Saint Francis

reports and information, ALL ABOUT

friends took all their knowledge

ME! My people have noted that I do

about me and all their knowledge

my breed proud with my retrieval

about our candidates and arranged

skills, and I also have the mental

something called “matching

stamina to work for long periods

interviews” for us. I got to meet and

of time or go on long outings. The

work with candidates whose l

thing that I am best at, though, is

ifestyle and needs matched my

problem solving. Figuring out how

strengths on paper, while some of

to pick up things with weird shapes

my human friends watched (and

or textures, maneuvering through

took even more notes for my binder).

tight spaces – these get my brain

It was some of the best few days

going and my tail wagging!

of my life - meeting so many new people, figuring out how to work with them, showing off my skills – it was amazing!


Now, I have been told that the matching process is an art and a science. I’ve never heard those words before, but I think it means that it takes skill, time, thoughtfulness, and a great deal of care. The humans at Saint Francis have made more than 160 matches though, so I trust them!

I can’t wait to find out who I will be matched with and solve all of life’s puzzles with them by my side!


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Visit to learn more!

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Tribute GIFTS October 1 - January 6 In Memory Of: A.J. Ms. Deborah Duerk Abby, Bailey, Bambi, Bella, Casey, Charlie, Codi, Conin, Copper, Daisy, Drake, Gracee, Graeson, Kiki, Laila, Lola, Louis, Lucy, Mac, Otto, PK, Rascal, Roscoe, Scout, and Wrunkles Dr. Courtney Wiegard Addie, Coco, Dexter, Nix, Pearl, Penny, and Toby Ms. Shannon Shaffer Elaine Addison Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sease David Earl Adkins Ms. Sandi Adkins Carrol Amerson Ms. Marcye Likens Annie and Sadie Mr. and Mrs. James Caudill Vince and Danilo Sasoy Arcenas Sr. Ms. Lisa Faist and Mr. Bill Nash Axl Aimee Shearer Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shearer Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sinnott Bandit Mr. and Mrs. William Hackett Banjo and Obie Ms. Jackie Werb and Carole Edwards Sarge Bass Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Poore David Baumgardner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Haislip Kay Hancock Margie Stinnett Ann Marie and Reggie Wood Bear Mr. Walter Miller Bella and Kitty Puff Ms. Emily Lunceford-Cook Bentley Mr. and Mrs. W. Churchill Robison Ryan Berry Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morrissett Jean Blackwell Mr. Lester Blackwell Bones and Nitro Cat Ayers Madge Bounds Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Willson Jean B. Bowles Ms. Anne Parrott Brandy, Dusty, Kappa, and Middy Dr. and Mrs. Donald Smith Bubba, Lucy, and Missy Ms. Lois Sumpter Tom Burgum, Dave Carr, and Pat Riviello Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Godlewski


Sophie Consuela Burke Ms. Joanne Burke

Fred Mr. and Mrs. Vince Snidow

Jim Loux Dr. Janice Buss

Ralph and Tag Mr. and Mrs. Joe Broce

Buster and Sugar Ms. Patricia Cargill

Cody Frye Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frye

Lucky the Lab Mr. and Mrs. David Bialek

Diane Hale Randolph Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Tucker

Shirley Callaway Mr. Eugene Callaway

Gabriel Mr. and Mrs. David Munch

Luke Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mohr

Champ Mr. and Mrs. David Derr

General Jack Mrs. Jan Barnett

Lulu, Summer, and Telly Ms. Eleanor Long

Joe Reynolds Mrs. Emily Reynolds Mr. Cary Stiles

Choco, Honey, Mattie, and Oakley Ms. Carroll LaHaye

John C. Glass Ms. Kelly Gray

Maggie Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hake

Guardians Loki Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rencsok

Maggie Mr. and Mrs. Robert Usher

Aminee Woods Jones Roberts Mr. and Mrs. William Benton Mr. and Mrs. William Hackett Laurel Smith

Palmer Hamlin Dr. Bridget Hickman

Malachi Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lemon

Otha and Hazel Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Wes Gordon

Bogie Hammersley Ms. Elizabeth Barber

Marlee Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McWilliams

Dorothea Romano Mr. and Mrs. William Hackett

Darlene Haymond Mr. and Mrs. Michael Michalski

Mauser Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Walter

Susan Hill and Barkley Ms. Beth Darragh

Stephen Mayer Mr. and Mrs. James Childress

Saint Ms. Deborah Duerk Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Holloman Ms. Kris Sorensen

Carol Hlavinka Mr. Duane Hlavinka

Harry McConnell Mr. Ben Cooper

Hubble and Katie Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hopkins

Connie McCormick Mrs. Maude Coggin

Frank Sheddler AnR Career Solutions Ms. Nicole Laroche

Fred B. Huber Ms. Sue Lynch

Richard McIntyre Mrs. Cheryl McIntyre

Leigh Singh Mr. and Mrs. David MacDonald

Cody and Dakota Mr. Ray Smoot Maureen Collins Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sorrells Jeff Connor Debra Given Mimi Copenhaver Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Strong Cyrus Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lockwood Cyrus and Lizzie Mr. and Mrs. Robert Usher Daisy Ms. Nancy Ruth Patterson John Danstrom Mrs. Julie Danstrom Dashel Ms. Martha Ann Litz Jean T. Davis Ms. Sarah Rubush Denali, Ladybug, and Tobias Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Meneghini Eunice Dickerson Mr. Wayne Dickerson Helen M. Dillon Mr. Stuart Dillon Dixie Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jackson Hunter Durham Dr. Courtney Wiegard Eldor and Ella Mr. Daniel Lynn and Ms. Rosemary Mitchell Jean Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Hutton Easley Emma Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rayburn Memee Evans Ms. Laura Evans Diane Evans Ms. Barbara Shands Annie Fancher Dr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Hagadorn Margaret Francisco Mr. David Francisco Frannie, Nikki, and Tam Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Polinski Freckles Mr. Lloyd Ruona

Jasper Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hoggan Jazze Ms. Bonny Spruill Jigs and Julep Mr. and Mrs. Pegram Johnson Julian and Juneau Ms. Fran Young Kailey Ms. Kathleen Robertson Mildred and Allen Kendrick Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore Kimba Dr. William Wellborn Bobbie King Ms. Pamela King Gordon L. King Mrs. Carol King Kirby Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Harrington John Kost Ms. Joan McKiever Alice Kurt Ms. Mary Marshall Amy Lauth Ms. Lucy Burke Mrs. Nancy Gillespie Ellen Hawks Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lawrence Lilly Ms. Sandra Hawthorne Lincoln Ms. Linda Ives and Mr. Steve Lucado

Kevin “Jay” McMahon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McMahon, Sr. Dr. Ronald Mergl Ms. Constance Chandler Lynn Huff Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lawrence Mickey Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Baer Brittney Miller Ms. Jessica Droste Mr. and Mrs. Ken Dunker Miss Chatty of Moss Mountain Ms. Anne Sumpter Molly Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Brown Lance C. Moore Mrs. Sarah Foltz Helene Morisseau Ms. Jeanette Mistele Raymond William Mortara Kathy Lamanca My mother Mr. Mark Journell My parents and Shirley Durrant Ms. Doris Simpson Paco Ms. Sandra Reed Allen Ingles Palmer, Jr. and Tilly Mr. and Mrs. John Bradshaw Parker Mr. and Mrs. Rand Garrett Piper Perdue Ms. Alexandria Davidson Rebecca Perdue

June Richardson Ms. Dorothy Richardson

Sasha Mr. and Mrs. Robert Renaghan

Patricia Sorensen Ms. Debbie Clifton Mr. and Mrs. David Holcomb Mr. and Mrs. Mark Milberger Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Moeltner Mr. and Mrs. Larry Raushel Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Somrock Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sorensen Tansey Ms. Jane Confroy Tehya Mr. Richard Lewis George C. Terry Ms. Jo Ann Terry Tilly Mr. and Mrs. James Woodson Mary M. Timian Mr. Tim Masick Greg Tolzmann Mr. and Mrs. Charles Souter Troy Ms. Louise Forsythe Troy Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rucker Tucker Ms. Jennifer Dickerson Tucker Ms. Jan Waldron Louis Waldrop Ms. Caroline Haddock Rita Weaver Mr. David Weaver Betty White Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sulka

In Memory Of: (cont.) Gina Wilburn Mr. Gary Wilburn Carol Willoughby Ms. Trinette Kirkman Ms. Marjie Sands Chris Wingfield Ms. Elizabeth Hammond Stephen and Perri Kawash Dee Wright Ms. Ann Harwood Janet Wyrick Mr. Herbert Wyrick Zoe Ms. Sharon Pheils.

In Honor Of: Ed and Becky Allen Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Armstrong

Kathie Childers Mr. and Mrs. Roger Henderson

Buzz and Rho Griffin Mr. Robert Campbell

Larry B. Morris Ms. Cherie Wilson

Gene Smallwood Mr. Kirk Smallwood

Susan Childers Ms. Debra Given

Leil Roberts Hackett Robby Roberts

Betty Lou and Fred Newcomb Ms. Sheryl Newcomb

Steve and Lori Strauss Mr. and Mrs. Greg Haley

Sandra Chisholm Mrs. Nancy Bowser

Haley and Charlie Mr. and Mrs. Danny McCormick

Tommie Nichols Mr. Timothy Murphy

Those who train service dogs Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mills

Gay Clark Amanda Baumgardner

Joyce Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Richardson

Orca Ms. Carroll LaHaye

Evelyn Turner Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morrissett

Dixie Colbran Ms. Fran Young

Mr. Roger Henderson Ms. Kathie Childers

Matthew Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Lee Underwood

Diane Conant Ms. Cindy Carl

Clint Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Brian Britt

Our Employees past, present, and future Taaza LLC

Lesleigh Cook Mr. and Mrs. Danny Templeton Bob and Mimi Copenhaver Frank Flippin and Sarah Copenhaver

Algie E. Houchins Ms. Sandi Adkins

Copper Mr. and Mrs. William Moles

Allen and Jean Ingram and Leigh and James Simpson Mr. and Mrs Charles Jordan, Jr.

Allyssa-Elli and William Otto Mrs. Helgard Legg

Sally and Sam Craver Dr. and Mrs. Luther Beazley III Dr. Randall Rhea

Candice and Porter Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Cleveland Porter, Jr.

Chan Inge Ms. Bonnie Martin

Our Dogs Mike and Carol Anderson Wanda Paganelli Mrs. Susan Paganelli Linda Perdue Mr. Stan Byrd Dr. Bridget Quatmann Mr. and Mrs. W. Churchill Robison

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Vick Ms. Mary Marshall Tom and Karen Whitt Ms. Dorothy Dodson Willa Rose Joanne Holden Marilyn Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith Winston Mr. and Mrs. Vince Snidow

Allen and Jean Ingram Mr. and Mrs. William King

Chuck and June Rayfield Martha Ryan

Nancy and Ray Cunningham Ms. Gail McGirt

Chelsea Jack Ms. Heidi Jack

Ryan and Katie Read Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Cox

Nancy and Jeff Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Ed Allen

Cindy Danieley and Linda Frece Ms. Faye Becker

John T. Morgan Roofing Mr. and Mrs. Barry Shelor

Rebecca’s Mom Ms. Sandi Adkins

Mark, Kathy, and Chowder Young Rebecca Pendergrast

Stephen J. Aukward Ms. Judith Conley

Anna Danner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sease, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. William Kagey Ms. Stephanie McNeill

Gracie Risi Mr. and Mrs. David Risi

In Recognition Of:

Basil Connie Harvey

Lucy Davis Ms. Pamela Hanks

Kaia Ms. Judy Bates

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Scott Berglund

Judy Bates and Kaia Mr. and Mrs. Alan Turner

Wendy Day, John and Diana Holman, Mr. and Mrs. Kim Woodward, and Lynn Woodward Mrs. Leslie Frusco

Michelle Karim Mrs. Helen Carty

Bill and Carol Downey Mr. and Mrs. Jason Houser

David and Sharon Kitchens Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kitchens Ms. Melissa Lux

Hon. Frederick G. Rockwell, III Edward Barnes Deanna Cook Mary-Leslie Duty Alicia Finley Lindsay Hartz Brian Jones Harris Levy

Ben and Kav Mrs. Jan Barnett Hansen Bland and his not yet known buddy Ms. Christine Merriman The Boggs, The Bumgardners, The Jacksons, Brenda King, and The Wiesers Ann Wilkes Boon Hon. Frederick Rockwell III John and Matilda Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ellett Ray and Jane Brill Mr. and Mrs. Alan Follett Brian W. Britt Donna Britt Mr. and Mrs. Clint Hopkins Tristan Bryant and Storm Mr. and Mrs. Derek Bryant Jan Buss Ms. Rosemary Backer Rebecca Cheatham, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Ford, Mr. Herman Friedman & Family, Mr. and Mrs. S. Leard Huggins, Mr. and Mrs. Todd Livingood and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Miller, Mr. and Mrs. George Salley Ms. Alice Dugger

Alice Dugger Mrs. Ellen Byck Duke and Tika Mr. and Mrs. Steve Suttmiller Kathy and Al Edwards and Dea Malinosky Ms. Karin Colozza

Keeper and Zelda Ms. Carrie Knopf

Lisa and Chris Kliefoth Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Hagan III The Jeromes and The Kreiners Mr. and Mrs. Terry Board Werner Kurzmann Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bull

Marjorie Rorer Ms. Janet West Beth Ann and Steve Rossi Ms. Paula Wyche

Maddy Ms. Betty Young

Sandy and Whisper Dr. and Mrs. Edward White

Dr. Mark Finkler and Ms. Sherri Spell Mrs. Mary Jean Levin

Bonnie Martin Mr. and Mrs. Charles Palmer

Shannon Shaffer Ms. Krista Rogers

Janice and Terry Martin Mr. and Mrs. Charles Youell III

G. Leonard Shank Mrs. Nancy Bowser

Mattie Mr. and Mrs. James Caudill

Barbara and Leonard Shank Mr. Timothy Shank Mr. and Mrs. James Thurston, Jr.

Frank Ms. Heidi Jack Justin Frazier Ms. Jeanette Frazier Faye Gargiulo Gisela Nygards Ginny and David, Pat and Jerry Inge, and Shelly McCallum and the Steppin’ In Time Dancers Ms. Patricia Davidson

Stephanie McNeill Dr. and Mrs. William Kagey Pete and Kathleen Milward Ms. Teri Reed Pete and Kathleen Milward, Grayson and Kit Prillaman, and Teri Reed Ms. Lavonia Welfare

Abby, Boeg, Brosef, Forest, Jack, Jana, Junior, Lexi, Pici, Quinnley, Ridley, Ripple, and Trixie Dr. Marjorie Lewter Stewart Baucom Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bodley Coco Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rucker Megan Mr. and Mrs. Gary Koogler Claire M. Tupper Mr. James Tupper and Catherine Dillon

Saint Francis Staff Mr. and Mrs. Sam Craver III

Dr. Mark Finkler Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bauman

Shirley Fletcher Ms. Fay Wingate

You Good People Ms. Patricia Dowd

Beth and Dennis Shearer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Blaha James and Leigh Simpson Mr. and Mrs. William King Krista and Mike Sinnott Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Holloman III



The journey from puppy to partner would not be possible without the invaluable support of our family of donors, grantors, and corporate partners.


The combined thousands of hours our team of trainers spends preparing our dogs create lifechanging partnerships.






staff members

From the men of our Prison Puppy Program and our volunteer puppy raisers to our dog walkers and groomers, to the members of our Board, we would not be able to continue our mission without the tireless efforts of our volunteers.

Whether a part of our Program Staff, who work directly with our dogs, or our Fundraising or Admin staff, who ensure the efficiency, functionality, and feasibility of our programs, our mission would not be possible without our dedicated team.

We’re Impacting Lives



dogs matched with partners

38 dogs in training

6 1 17 54

dog placed outside of Virginia


repeat partners


puppy raisers

active teams

Thank you! 14

Fiscal Year 2020 June 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021


Contributions Program Income Contributed Goods, Services, and Property Grants and Foundations Investment Income Gains on Investments

2,295,327 14,571 44,869 147,550 23,116 173,810 92,300

Gains on Extinguishment/Forgiveness


Total Support and Revenue Operating Expenses

742,331 208,972 112,544

Program Services Management and General Fundraising


Total Expenses

1,727,696 3,396,280 5,123,976

Change in net assets Net assets, beginning of year Net assets, end of year

Support and Revenue by Category Program Income: 1% Grants and Foundations: 5%

Investment Income: 7%

Expenses by Category

General and Management: 20%

Contributed Income (including in-kind, restricted, and bequests): 87%

Fundraising: 10%

Program Expenses: 70%



This Annual List includes generous contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations during the 2021 calendar year. We could not fulfill our mission without you! Thank you!


tBig Dogs

vLegacy Society


$5,000+ (cont.)

$1,000+ (cont)

$1,000+ (con.)

Virginia Ann Fitch Trustv

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Milwardt

Mr. and Mrs. William Elliot

Dr. Courtney and


Ms. Mary Anne Mullins and

Emergency Veterinary Services

Ms. Jo Lynn Draper*t Edwin A. and Lelia W. Myrick, Joint Trustv The Karen Beldegreen Irrevocable Trustv Mr. and Mrs. Jim Petrine*t

$50,000+ Mr. Peter Emch t Hittman Family Foundation

Mr. Christopher Robinsont

of Roanoke, Inc. Ms. Lynne Falkinburg

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Zinn

Ms. Yvonne Olsont

Ms. Charlene Fay*+

Mr. and Mrs. John Olvert

Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC


Ms. Elizabeth Parsonst

Mr. Frank Flippin and

The Phalia M. and Guy M. Kinder Fund of the CFSWV

Ms. Sarah Copenhaver Mr. and Mrs. Hans Foss

Mrs. Sarah Plymale

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fotit

Mr. Luther Quickv

Gary and Sandra Bradford

Mrs. Emily Reynoldst

Charitable Fund

Ms. Suzanne Thornileyt

GC Commercial, Inc.


United Way - Combined

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hack*+

Charitable Foundation Kroger Mr. Marvin Smith and Mrs. Joy Davis Smitht

Federal Campaign Varsity Landscaping and Grounds Mike and Carol Andersont Ms. Dianne Woody*t



Abbitt Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Allisont

Mrs. Jan Barnett

Dr. Timothy Andriano t

The Carter and Kay Craigie

Ceres Foundation Inc.

Family Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Finkler*t

County of Roanoke

Ms. Lynne Fiscella Esq.

Ms. Carole Denney+

The Louise R. Lester Foundation

Duffy Family Foundationt

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McMahon Sr.

Mrs. Melodee Franck

Mr. Larry Morris

Mrs. Nancy Haskett


Ms. Sandra Henson

The Sam and Marion Golden

Partners in Financial Planning

Helping Hand Foundation

Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sinnott*+t

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tainer

Ms. Linda Webb

Waldvogel Commercial Properties


Whitlow and Youell, PLC

Ameriprise Financial


Kenneth “Andy” Anderson and

The Adelaar Foundation

Dr. Marti Andersont

AmazonSmile Foundation


American National Bank & Trust Co.

AnR Career Solutions

Mr. and Mrs. S. Rawson Andrews

Bessemer Trust


Mr. and Mrs. John Burress III

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, LLC

Community Foundation Serving

Mr. Ralph Baker Jr.+

Western Virginia

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Balzer*

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Craver III*tv

Dr. Eugene Bane

Delta Gamma Epsilon Mu

Bank of America Charitable

The Emch Foundation

Gift Fund

Enirtep, Inc.

Mark and Kathy Baske Young*

The Farrell Foundation

Pierre Breber

Fidelity Charitable

Brown, Edwards & Company, LLP

Donor-Advised Funds

Church of the Good Shepherd

Foti, Flynn, Lowen & Co. P.C.t

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crossley

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frantzt

Mr. and Mrs. Warner Dalhouse

Guilford Foundation

Lucy H. Davis

Mr. Edwin Halltv

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Dingler

Ms. Nicole Laroche

Mr. and Mrs. William Downey*

M.W. Armistead III

Ms. Alice Dugger

Family Foundation

Mr. Spencer Wiegard*+ Mr. Gary Wilburn

Norfolk Southern Charity

$25,000+ Jack and Anne Glenn


+Friends Club

Edward Jones Trust Co.

Mr. and Mrs. John Higginbotham Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hodge Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jones Ms. Annette Kirby* Knights of Columbus Holy Cross Council 595 Ms. Heidi Krisch Kroger Community Rewards Mr. and Mrs. Michael LaPrade Mr. John Lawrence and Ms. Elizabeth Adams+ Lawrence Transportation Systems Mr. and Mrs. James Lee LEEPS Foundation Member One Federal Credit Union Milan Tobacconists Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mohr N M Foundation NVA National Veterinary Associates Network for Good New River Electrical Corp. Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home and Crematory Mr. and Mrs. Martin O’Brien Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Olson Mr. and Mrs. Mike Poff Jay and Paula Pryor Mr. and Mrs. Preston Rearick Ms. Sandra Reed Reid’s Fine Furnishing Roanoke Animal Hospital Mr. Lloyd Ruona Ms. Mary Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Saacke Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shearer Ms. Nancy Smith+ Mr. and Mrs. Charles Souter Mr. and Mrs. Shane Spikes Mr. and Mrs. James Spitz TowneBank Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trible Jr. Vinton Veterinary Hospital

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aleshire Ms. Lisa Andruscavage Anonymous Atlantic Bay Cares Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Barbour* Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Barnes* Mr. John Barnes III Ms. Judy Bates* Mr. and Mrs. Terry Board Chris and Kellie Bock Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Bowers Jr. Chris Brown+ Jill Brown Mr. and Mrs. John Carlin*+ The Cartledge Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Brenda Clarke Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro Dr. Robert Copenhaver Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Coulling Country Corner Farms Inc. Ms. Lee Cox+ Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Craighead Ms. Ashley Craver and Mr. Howard Rice Ms. Karin Crockett Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cunningham Mr. Calvert De Coligny Jr. Mr. Brian Desloge Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation Ms. Deborah Duerk+ Ms. Carole Edwards+ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas England Mrs. Boo Evans Mrs. Diane Evans Mr. and Mrs. John Everhart Mrs. Kathleen Fitzpatrick Mrs. Sarah Foltz Ms. Carole Ford Ms. Jeanette Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gard III Mr. Brian Giles Grand Home Furnishings Mr. and Mrs. Dale Guidry Harris Office Furniture Hanging Rock Animal Hospital Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Harrington Ms. Cathie Havrilesky+ Heartland Midwest Foundation Mr. F. Staley Hester Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hoggan

$500+ (cont.)


Ms. Christy Izard*+

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Allen+

Ms. Anne Jenkins*


Ms. Joyce Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Sixto Aquino

Mr. and Mrs. Blair Jones

Auxan Capital Fund - AG Financial

Mr. and Mrs. T. Farrell Jones

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Joyce*

Mrs. Irene Betzel

Mr. George Kegley

Mrs. Linda Bishop

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kessinger

Mr. and Mrs. Abney Boxley III*+

Krevere Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John Bradshaw Jr.

Jackie Lantz*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bray III

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lawson

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Buchanan

Ms. Sandi Adkins

Ms. Nancy Leighton

Mrs. Janice Burr

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arent

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Long

Mr. Eugene Callaway

Cat Ayers

Lyerly Foundation

Mrs. Charmaine Carmack

Mr. Ralph Baker

Mr. and Mrs. David Macpherson*

Mrs. Patricia Carr

Mr. and Mrs. Abney Boxley

Ms. Ann Martyn and

Sylvia D Center

Chris Brown

Mr. Agnis Chakravorty

Mr. and Mrs. John Carlin

Ms. Cheryl McGuire

Mr. and Mrs. David Chernow

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cody

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Milberger+

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Chisholm

Mr. William Corey and Ms. Kathy Umbdenstock

Mr. Bill Morrisette

Clifton Family Fund

Ms. Lee Cox

Dr. and Mrs. Joe Moskal*

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cody+

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Crist

Mr. and Mrs. David Nash

Mr. Richard Cohen

Ms. Kathy Cvizic

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Nelson

Companion Animal Clinic

Ms. Carole Denney

Mr. James North

Mr. Ben Cooper and Ms. Polly Gault

Ms. Deborah Duerk

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nunnery

Mr. William Corey and

Ms. Carole Edwards

Mr. Frank O’Brien PhD.

Mr. Douglas and Dr. Kris Oursler*

Ms. Kathy Umbdenstock+

Thank you to our cherished group of monthly donors.

Ms. Charlene Fay

Kate Parker

Craver Realty

Mr. and Mrs. David Fretwell

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pope

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Crist+

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hack

Ms. Deborah Ramirez Ashby

Ms. Kathy Cvizic+

Ms. Cathie Havrilesky

Dr. and Mrs. Leroy Roemer

CyberGrants - Allstate

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hornick

Mr. and Mrs. David Rowan

Ms. Patricia Davidson

Ms. Christy Izard

Ms. Sarah Rubush

Ms. Penny Denny

Mr. and Mrs. David Kapp

Brandon Rutledge

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dewyer

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lash

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saplak*

Mrs. Barbara Dickerson

Ms. Angela Laug

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schwarz

Ms. Jessica Droste

Mr. John Lawrence and Ms. Elizabeth Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Seek

Mr. John and Dr. Elizabeth Duckworth

Mr. Jeffrey Lemons

Ms. Barbara Shands

Ms. Anne-Paige Duncan

Ms. Cynthia Martin

Joyce Sharma

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dwyer

Mr. Tim Masick

Ms. Joan Showalter

Mr. and Mrs. Whit Ellerman

Mrs. Lynda McGarry

Ms. Nancy Shumate and

Ms. Doris Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Karl McNeece

Mr. David Farnum

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Milberger

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sowers

Mr. and Mrs. W. Heywood Fralin

Mr. and Mrs. David Nickell

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Starr

Mr. and Mrs. Humes Franklin Jr.

Mrs. Susan Paganelli

Mr. Bodo Stock+v

Mrs. Leslie Frusco

Mr. and Mrs. Demetrio Perez

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Strauss*t

Hon. and Mrs. Ray Garland

Mrs. Drusilla Sexton

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sublett

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gatewood III

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sinnott

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sulka*+

Ms. Debra Given

Ms. Nancy Smith

Mr. Allan Toth

Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Godlewski

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith

Mrs. Corinth Treadway

Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Greene

Ms. Kris Sorensen

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Villamil*+v

Mr. and Mrs. William Hackett

Mr. Bodo Stock

Ms. Beverly Waddell

Dr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Hagadorn

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sulka

Mr. Edward Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Haley

Mrs. Nadia Summo

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Waters*

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hannah*

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Vann

Ms. Jackie Werb+

Mr. and Mrs. David Harman

Ms. Jackie Werb

Westlake Veterinary Clinic

Mr. and Mrs. David Harrington

Dr. and Mrs. Edward White

Dr. and Mrs. Edward White+

Robert Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wisser

Ms. Melissa White

Ms. Jeanette Hatcher

Ann Marie and Reggie Wood

Willard Insurance Agency, Inc.

Mrs. Betsy Hatfield

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Winter

The Helen Cadd Elderly Protection Fund

Ms. Susan Wirt

Mr. and Mrs. J. Eric Helsing

Ann Marie and Reggie Wood+

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Heymann

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Youell III

Ms. Celeste Hicks

Ms. Fran Young

Mr. Egon Hofmann

Ms. Teresa Johnson

To join the Saint Francis Friends Club as a faithful monthly donor, visit:

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Houser

(continued on next page)


ANNUAL DONORS continued $250+ (cont.)

$250+ (cont)

Mrs. Ann Hunnicutt

Mr. and Mrs. Lea Riddle+

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Inman

Cindy and Tom Roberts

Ms. Mary Garrett Itin

Robby Roberts

Ms. Linda Ives and Mr. Steve Lucado

Hon. Frederick Rockwell III

Ms. Nancy Jacobs*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roettger

Joe Bandy & Son, Inc.

Mr. Ben Rottenborn

Dr. and Mrs. William Kagey

Dr. Karen Rutherford-Coulson

Mr. and Mrs. David Kapp+

Mrs. Drusilla Sexton+

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kappesser

Ms. Shannon Shaffer*

Mrs. Holly Kellam*

Ms. Starr Shank

Andy Kind-Rubin

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Shelor

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kleiner

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shelton

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kriz

Mr. Pranav Singh

Beth Leech

Mr. Kirk Smallwood

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Ludwig

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith*+

Mr. Daniel Lynn and Ms. Rosemary Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mabe

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Smith

Mr. Brian Martin+

Ms. Kris Sorensen+

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Mathena

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Stavola

Mike and Carol Anderson

Mrs. Cheryl McIntyre

Ms. Lesleigh Strauss

Dr. Timothy Andriano

Mr. and Mrs. Karl McNeece+

Ms. Jacqueline Streithof

Judge Duncan Minton

Mrs. Nadia Summo*+

MKB Realtors

Ms. Lindsay Taylor

Mr. Phillip Montano

Ms. Jo Ann Terry

Ms. Christina Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morrissett

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tomlin-Brenner

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mushinsky

Ms. Jennifer Tonkin

Ms. Maureen Noftsinger

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Trexel

Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Nottingham

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Turner

Josefina Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Vann+

Mr. and Mrs. Demetrio Perez+

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Webb

Pledgeling Foundation

Ms. Lavonia Welfare

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Polinski

Dr. William Wellborn PhD.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Porter

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Whitley

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Milward

Ms. Paige Pruett

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Whitt

Ms. Mary Anne Mullins and

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ptaschek

Ms. Cherie Wilson

Larry and Patricia Rakes

Ms. Marilyn Wilson and Mr. Art Hafdelin

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Read

Mr. Neil Wise

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wisser*+

Ms. Carol Reedy

Mr. and Mrs. M. Lanier Woodrum

Membership in this leadership group is reserved for those who give generously to support Saint Francis Service Dog and our vital Prison Pup Program. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Allison Kenneth “Andy” Anderson and Dr. Marti Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Craver III Ms. Jo Lynn Draper Duffy Family Foundation Mr. Peter Emch Dr. and Mrs. Mark Finkler Mr. and Mrs. Victor Foti Foti, Flynn, Lowen & Co. Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frantz Mr. Ed Hall

Mr. Christopher Robinson Ms. Yvonne Olson Mr. and Mrs. John Olver Ms. Elizabeth Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Jim Petrine Mrs. Emily Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sinnott Mr. Marvin Smith and Mrs. Joy Davis Smith Mr. and Mrs. Steve Strauss Ms. Suzanne Thorniley Varsity Landscaping and Grounds Ms. Dianne Woody


For more information about Big Dogs or how to become a Big Dog, contact Amy Milberger at or 540-342-3647x409

Thank you! We could not fulfill our mission without you! Due to space constraints, we regret that we were unable to include all of our valuable supporters in this annual report. For a full listing of all 2021 donors and volunteers, visit We have taken great care to present an accurate and complete listing of our supporters. If an ommission occurred, we express our sincere regret and ask that it be brought to our attention by contacting Kari Grim, Philanthropy Coordinator, at or 540-342-3647x405.

Corporate & Foundation GIFTS Abbitt Family Foundation

GC Commercial, Inc.

Network for Good

AmazonSmile Foundation

The Giving Foundation

New River Electrical Corp.

American National Bank & Trust Co.

Grand Home Furnishings - Benevolence Fund

Newport News Shipbuilding -

AnR Career Solutions

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, LLC

Guilford Foundation

Norfolk Southern Charity

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Hanging Rock Animal Hospital

Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home and Crematory

Brogan Insurance

Hanover Insurance

Partners in Financial Planning

Brown, Edwards & Company, LLP

Heartland Midwest Foundation

Present Thyme

Carilion Clinic Orthopedics

Heights Community Church - Women on a Mission


The Carter and Kay Craigie Family Foundation

The Helen Cadd Elderly Protection Fund

Reid’s Fine Furnishing

Cejay Associates, LLC

Hittman Family Foundation

Richard and Karen Julian Charitable Gift Fund

Ceres Foundation Inc.

J. Fountain Real Estate, Inc.

Roanoke Animal Hospital

Church of the Good Shepherd

Jack and Anne Glenn Charitable Foundation

Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op

Clifton Family Fund

Joe Bandy & Son, Inc.

Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc.

Coldwell Banker Townside Realtors

Knights of Columbus - Holy Cross Council 595

S&P Global Foundation

Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro

Krevere Foundation

The Sam and Marion Golden Helping

Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia


Companion Animal Clinic

Lawrence Transportation Systems

Southern Team Auto Mall

Country Corner Farms Inc.

Layman Family Foundation

Taaza LLC

County of Roanoke

LEEPS Foundation


Craver Realty

Lewis Gale Regional Health System

Unleashed LLC

Duffy Family Foundation

Lyerly Foundation

Varsity Landscaping and Grounds

Edward Jones Trust Co.

M.W. Armistead III Family Foundation

Vinton Veterinary Hospital

Emergency Veterinary Services of Roanoke, Inc.

Member One Federal Credit Union

Waldvogel Commercial Properties

Enirtep, Inc.

Milan Tobacconists

Westlake Veterinary Clinic


MKB Realtors

Whitlow and Youell, PLC

The Farrell Foundation

Moss In The Country

Willard Insurance Agency, Inc.

Foti, Flynn, Lowen & Company, P.C.

Movement Foundation


Gary and Sandra Bradford Charitable Fund

N M Foundation

Thank you to our Legacy Society Members

a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries

Hand Foundation

Your Legacy. Their Future.

Anonymous (4)* Jesse T. Arrington* Karen Beldegreen* Beth A. Collins, MD* Jeffrey Connor* Sally and Sam Craver Virginia Ann Fitch* Grady B. Guilliams* Robert Allen Hall, Jr.* Edwin C. Hall Dorothy M. Hannaford* James P. Laurie, Sr.* Josephine B. Minnix* Lois Morris* Edwin A. and Lelia W. Myrick* Michaela A. Pate* Luther P. Quick* Trina Ramzinsky* Elfleda A. Ring* Susan Rivers* Walter Francis Smith* Bodo Stock Lillie B. Vaughan* Robert Villamil and Susan S. Villamil Rosemary Coon Watkins* Irene I. Wilhelm* Ann Marie and Reggie Wood

Make your giving go further by joining our Legacy Society and including Saint Francis Service Dogs in your estate plans. For more information, contact: Amy Milberger Director of Philanthropy (540) 342-3647 ext. 409

Lean more at:

Dorothy W. Wright* *deceased


Board of

Directors Courtney Wiegard, DVM President Nadia Summo Vice President Anne Jenkins Secretary Jeffrey Barbour, CPA Treasurer Mark R. Finkler, DVM Veterinary Advisor Craig Balzer John Carlin Sally B. Craver, MSW Carol Downey Jo Lynn Draper Nancy Hack Annette Kirby Paula Mitchell Jim Petrine Krista H. Sinnott Steve Strauss Robert Villamil Kathy Baske Young

Staff Beverly Amsler Doug Becker Madeline Bruggeman Debbie Clifton Deborah Duerk Beth Fulp Kari Grim Bob Lee Kathy Marr Mary Marr Amy Milberger Tiffany Moeltner Michelle Mosely Erin Morris Kristine Sorensen Loreen Thompson Rebecca Thompson Andrew Via Marilyn Wilson Cabell Youell

Ways to GIVE Thank you for your support. Gifts can be made in multiple ways: PHONE: (540) 342-3647 ext. 409 MAIL: Saint Francis Service Dogs PO Box 19538 Roanoke, VA 24019 ONLINE:

Saint Francis Service Dogs is a secular, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, whose mission is to help children and adults with disabilities live more independent and self-sufficient lives through partnership with a professionally trained service dog. An envelope is enclosed for your convenience, if you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to support the mission of Saint Francis Service Dogs. A financial statement is available upon written request from the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs. Newsletter Credits: Copy, Art Direction, Design, and Photography prepared in house by Saint Francis Staff unless otherwise noted.

The Balaban Center for Service Dog Excellence PO Box 19538, 8232 Enon Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019 Telephone: (540) 342-3647 | Fax: (540) 342-0906

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