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ain-City was created to illuminate the beauty within and around us. We aim to bring light to the precious things that we often overlook such as self worth.Through photo therapy, we allow the real feel experience of Elegance and Glamour. With education and exposure, we feel the human race can learn to appreciate our differences. This Allows our creativity and imagination to break through the barriers of insecurity.


reative artistry is limitless with Sain-City. We deliver custom concepts through Make-up, Styling, and Photography. Not bounded by Age, Shape, or Color; Sain-City is here to set a new standard in the hearts and minds of the people.

Team members

Cheif Executive Editor Saindyse Germain

“BEAUTY THAT WE SOUGHT” Happy New Years everyone. If you ask anyone in the magazine business they will tell you that starting a magazine is not easy. We have worked very hard to present this issue to you guys. We thank you for you unfailling loyalty and dedication as readers. We hope that you guys are happy with your viewing. This Magazine is a fashion/people magazine. this issue focuses on the extrodianary work of our contributers, as well as the exceptional life stories that we bring you, of people doing remarkable things in our and your community. We recognized that these people deserved praise and recognition. Because they are the unsung heroes of everyday life. I am very please to present you guys with the New Sain-City Magazine layout. We hope that you enjoy it.

QUOTES This being Black History Month, I would like to ask people to celebrate the similarities and not focus on the differences between people of color and not of color. ~Lynn Swann I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality.... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cheif Executive Editior • Saindyse Germain

Graphic designer/layouts •Jeff St.Fleur Interviewer/Editor •Sharon king •Daood Obaid •Akima Gurley

CONTENTS COVER Model: Grace Modi Photographer: Sain-City

Hair styling: Inna Penkina Model: Olga @Image center model Mng

ABOUT PAGE 02-03....Model..Grace Modi

32-33.... “Red Garden” Photographer: Michael Anthony Makeup Artist: Ashley Furnish Model: Marie Sanders

CONTENT PAGE 04-05....Editors Note 06-07....ARTICLE/INTERVIEW Fashion Designer/Artist: D’Orea Alkebulaner Moore “Daft Nirvana” photographer: Vix Pix, Omi Rodriguez

34-35....Photographer: Arthur Tselishchev Makeup: Anna Krivko Hair styling: Inna Penkina Model: Olga @Image center model Mng

08-09.... “Muse” Photographer: Raisa Kanereva Model, Designer, Makeup artist: Alex No (

POETRY (SOUL) 36-37.... Poetry “ Young Gifted and Dead” Author: Akima Gurley Photography: Sain-City Model: Nosizo Mahlangu

10-17.... “Andromeda” Photographer: Brian Morris Wardrobe: Ladonna whittingham Hair/Makeup: Inara Lopetaite Model: Aneiszka Sea 18-21....Photographer: Ja’Dee Murphy (facebook/jadee.murphy1) Jewelery and Accessory designer: Phil Harris Model:( Left) Emmanuel Hooks Model: (Right) Bec Chandler

38-41.... “Its A Man World” PHOTOGRAPHY: Ted Sun ( STYLING: Bobby Reyes ( MUA and HAIR STYLIST: Kellée Sa-ree MODEL: Sara Cecil (pants: H&M, shirt: Theory, tie: Prada)

22-25....Photographer: Natalie Malchev Model: don Benjamin Grooming: Natalie Malchev Grooming assistant: Bryan Mendez

42-43.... “ Kuro chrome” Photographer: Michael Anthony Makeup Artist: Summer Johnson Model: Tomoko Peters

HEALTH (BODY) 26-27.... “ Living not Dying with AIDS”

44-51.... “Cheveyo” Spirit Warrior Photography: Sain-City Model: Natira Brown

28-29.... “Miss Williamson” Photographer: Michael Anthony Makeup Artist: Summer Johnson Model: Brylee Williamson

52-53....Photography: Sain-city Productions Model: Nosizo Mahlangu

30-31....Photographer: Arthur Tselishchev Makeup: Anna Krivko

54-55.... “Fashion for a Cause” Bringing awareness to the Talibe children of Senegal. Photography Sain-city.

Models: (from left to right) Anissa Lea, Essence Senaj Henley, Samantha Cole, Jenelle Travada, Samantha Claudio, Nosizo Mahlangu, William Pei Yuan, Gail Stairs, Rosalee Meshika 56....BIO Model: ( left to right) Prakash Patil Jamar Scales (Cacao) 57-59: Models from Azy Banks Fashion show, “Fashion for a Cause”. Bringin awareness to the Talibe children of Senegal Photographe: Jason “Eagle Eye” Forde MJG.Photography.Service@gmail. com Services 60-61.... “MZ Fierce” Photographer: Michael Athony Makeup Artist: Audriana Danielle Model: Marie Sanders 62-63.... “How To Feed A Starving Artist” Photography: Sain-city Chef: Theodore Coleman 64-67.... “Hot East Blood” Photographer: Arthur Tselishchev Makeup/Hairstyle: Chinnakiat Piakong Designer: Fama Nuavo Model: chanok Sayoungkul Location “ the jazz brown sugar” Bangkok 68-71.... Photos: Helen Cyr Photography Hair and Makeup: Beauty and Style by Erin Bradley Model: Taralyn Joy, Natalie Adiaconitei Wardrobe and Setdesign: Discardedcouture Location: Villa Marco Polo, Victoria, British Columbia 72-73....Photographer: Model: Arthur Tselishchev

Image Center Model Mng VEA Models Photographer: Hans Location: Mai Dao studio Shanghai, China 74-77.............Model, Grace Modi Photographer: Sain-City Makeup: Sain-City Dress designer: Versailles Boutique 78-79....Interview: Jacqueline cottrell jacquec/ 80.... Interview: GINA CAREY CEO of Gitco Music & Soul Jazzy Entertainment : By Daood Obaid 81.... “Reunited” Family find each other after 28 years. By Daood Obaid 82-83....Photograpy Photographer: Barry Druxman Makeup Artist: Eugene Conde Hair: Eugene Conde Model:Celine Maniu 84....Interview: Author: Traci Shuler 85....Photography: The Golden Age: 20’s 30’s 40’s Photographer: Scott Watson Model: Alyssa Glanzman Makeup, Hair, Style: Nomi Nguyen 86-87.... Horoscope By: Sharon King Back Cover: Iona cosmetics.

D‘Oreo Alkebulaner Moor



ario Mohr is an American Fashion designer and Fine Artist. He was born in Cape Cod Massachusetts, and lived in NY NY, San Francisco California, and Buffalo NY to name a few. His mother was always fashion obsessed and he would find himself looking through fashion magazines regularly without realizing where the unintentional inspiration would lead. He began as an illustrator later honing his fine art niche as an exhibiting painter and mixed media artist in high school which lead him to win the Fine Artist Board of Education award for his graduating class. Throughout and shortly after receiving his BA at Buffalo State College, Dario had 15 One Man Shows and Exhibited in over seventy shows internationally by the time he was 23. Throughout this time, Dario became increasingly interested in the dynamic art form of fashion and collaborated on his first fashion line called “BuddhaHood Threads” with OMI of SaiOne Elmwood Boutique, where he was interning.


he line graced the walls of galleries as well as fashion shows. Beyond the philosophy of his other line, Dario sought an uninhibited, subversive direction for his Fashion Art, thus Daft Minerva was born. The name Daft Minerva translates as “Foolish Wisdom”. It is for the pragmatic eccentric with a deviant bend. Having been inspired by designers such as Alexander McQueen and Mondo Guerra, he’s come to draw a graphic influence from abstracts, many of which utilized from a black book he had created in high school, in addition to new ones. All of his designs are one of a kind, hand illustrated, hand painted, hand embellished, and printed clothing and accessories. Caps, bags, dresses, skirts, t shirts, jackets, pants, and anything else wearable can be Dafted out and are sold in stores such as SaiOne Elmwood, and on commission. Owls and Abstracts have been the cornerstone of many previous designs, inspired by illustrators such as Bill Plym-

pton and John Dilworth. Spikes and studs and other embellishments have been another convention of Dario’s design process. His line has been featured in Solis Magazine among other publications and Runway shows. Daft Minerva is Dario Mohr’s intention to bring Fine Art to the forefront of Fashion.

Designer, Makeup artist, and model: Alex No Photographer: Raisa KAnereva








Jewlery & accessories Design INOVATVIE CREATIVE / ARTISTIC


Photographer: Ja’ Dee Murphy Model:( Left) Emmanuel Hooks Model: (Right) Bec Chandler

Don Benjamin

Photographer: Natalie Malchev Model: Don Benjamin Grooming by: Natalie Malchev Grooming assistant : Bryan Mendez

For Don Benjamin life after Americas Next Top Model has been nothing but filled with exciting and new adventures. It is no surprise that with his piercing green eyes, star smile, and fiery charisma he has signed with Wilhemina, one of the most renowned modeling agencies in Los Angeles. He not only has a talent for modeling but also has a passion for music and fashion. He is currently working on a new album and has created a clothing line called ADD (Artistically Deranged Development). 2014 is going to be a great year for Don Benjamin. By: Natalie Malchev

Living With AIDS/HIV January is Aids Awareness Month Sain- City Magazine would like you to be careful and protect yourself. Here are some information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

HIV is a virus that infects people by getting inside their blood cells. To avoid getting HIV, you must prevent the blood, semen, vaginal fluids, or breast milk of someone who is infected from entering your body through your mouth, vagina, anus, tip of your penis, or breaks in your skin. In 2010, an estimated 1.1 million people aged 13 years or older were living with HIV infection in the United States. Most (76%) of those living with HIV were male, and 69% of males were gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM)a. In 2010, the most recent year

for which new HIV infection data are available, men accounted for 80% (38,000) of the estimated 47,500 new HIV infections. Most infections occurred in adults aged 25 to 34 years, except among black/African American men (referred to as „black“ in this fact sheet), for whom 38% of all new infections occurred in the youngest age group, 13 to 24 years. Pregnant Women, Infants and Children HIV transmission from mother to child during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or breastfeeding is known as perinatal transmission and is the most common route of HIV infection

in children. When HIV is diagnosed before or during pregnancy, perinatal transmission can be reduced to less than 1% if appropriate medical treatment is given, the virus becomes undetectable, and breastfeeding is avoided. HIV among Transgender People • Transgender women are at high risk for HIV infection. • By race/ethnicity, black/African American transgender women have the highest percentage of new HIV-positive test results. • Efforts are under way to improve the quality of HIV data collected on transgender communities. Transgender communities in the United States are among the groups at highest risk for HIV infection. The term gender identity refers to a person’s basic sense of self, and transgender refers to people whose gender identity does not conform to a binary classification of gender based on biological sex, external genitalia, or their sex assigned at birth. It includes gender-nonconforming peo-

Today, an estimated 1.1 million people are living with HIV in the United States. Thanks to better treatments, people with HIV are now living longer—and with a better quality of life—than ever before. If you are living with HIV, it’s important to make choices that keep you healthy and protect others. Stay healthy.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW Most people with HIV infection do not look sick. Many people with HIV infection have not been tested and don‘t know they are infected. You can ask your health care provider for an HIV test. Many medical clinics, substance abuse programs, community health centers, and hospitals offer them, too. You can also • Visit National HIV and STD Testing Resources and enter your ZIP your area. • Contact your local health department. • Get a home testing kit (the Home Access HIV-1 Test System or the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test) from a drugstore. ple with identities beyond the gender binary who self-identify as: male-to-female or transgender women; female-to-male or transgender men; two-spirit; and people who self-identify simply as women or men.

ginning of a longer-term trend. CDC recommends that all people aged 13 to 64 get tested for HIV. Yet, 15% of women who are HIV-positive are unaware of their status.

HIV among Women • As of the end of 2010, one in four people living with a diagnosis of HIV infection in the United States were women. • Black/African American women and Latinas are disproportionately affected by HIV infection compared with women of other races/ ethnicities. • New HIV infections among black/African American women decreased in 2010

Body fluids that can contain HIV include the following: Blood (including menstrual blood) Semen and possibly pre-seminal fluid („pre-cum“) Vaginal secretions Breast milk In order for HIV to be transmitted HIV must be present. HIV must get inside the body.

At the end of 2010, an estimated 25% of adults and adolescents aged 13 years or older living with a diagnosis of HIV in the United States were women. a But not all women are equally at risk for HIV infection. Women of color, especially black/African American women, are disproportionately affected by HIV infection compared with women of other races/ ethnicities. The Numbers While black/African American women continue to be far more affected by HIV than women of other races/ethnicities, recent data show early signs of an encouraging decrease in new HIV infections. CDC is cautiously optimistic that this is the be-

Sexual behaviors that can transmit HIV Vaginal sex (penis in the vagina) Anal sex (penis in the anus) involving either men or women Oral sex (mouth on the penis or vagina)

Living with HIV It’s very important for you to take your HIV medicines exactly as directed. Not taking medications correctly may lower the level of immune system defenders called CD4 cells and cause the level of virus in your blood (viral load) to go up. The medicines then become less effective when taken. Some people report not feeling well as a reason for Bildtext bis stopping their medication or zwei Zeilen not taking it as prescribed. Tell your doctor if your medicines are making you sick. He or she may be able to help you deal with side effects so you can feel better. Don’t just stop taking your medicines, because your health depends on it. Do tell. Be sure that your partner or partners know that you have HIV. Then they will know it’s important to use condoms for all sexual activity and to be tested often for HIV. Health departments offer Partner Services to help you tell your partners about their exposure. Partner Services provides many free services to people with HIV or other STDs and their partners. Through Partner Services, health department staff help find sex or drug-injection partners to let them know of their risk of being exposed to HIV or another sexually transmitted disease (STD) and provide them with testing, counseling, and referrals for other services. Partner Services will not reveal your name unless you want to work with them to tell your partners. • Text your ZIP code to KNOWIT (566948), and you will receive a text back with a testing site near you. • Call 800-CDC-INFO (800-2324636) to ask for free testing sites

Model: Brylee Williamson MUA: Summer Johnson Photography: Michael Anthony


Model: Marie Sanders MUA: Ashley Furnish Photographer Michael Anthony

SOUL Young, Gifted And Dead

The average man says I am not a corpse, But I’m not living either Some call me a man pleaser Or a sin teaser But me, I call it living dead Not born for mans sake Nor life’s prison gate Yet it seems as if the 21st century’s Democracy on hate, race, and media Giving the fallen man a name plate Has taken over. I look up with my mouth wide open Pleading for a hope-filled cornucopia To rain an abundance of life On this lifeless dystopia I look to my left and there’s internet media on government schemes Damning the head officials Making articles on a fallen society Look as real as slave propriety Yes we’ve paved the way for the man to look down upon our people as they did back in the day Because men feen for Jordan’s and thirst for big name endorsements Being tugged on by commerce shackles of shame That they won’t let loose Because they’re posting pictures on Instagram with weed and grey goose

Females say that’s not me I’m not into sneakers Well take a look a little bit deeper Because deep down in your roots lie nothing but Indian roots Hair from women who thought they were giving to god When they were giving to women who knew nothing of God But 32 inch hair and Michael Kors wrist wear And on my right, I see Loss of Teenage dreams Because their having sex with Demons who give birth to innocence and leave babies having babies Videos of oral sex and fighting And then we get freaked out by the voice of a mobile device when Siri says the gates of a greek name representing a place we call hell will open Instead of re-posting I want you to really open Open your minds and live again Take a step back from what we think is life And live For society is dead

By: Akima Gurley


PHOTOGRAPHY: Ted Sun ( STYLING: Bobby Reyes ( MUA and HAIR STYLIST: Kellée Sa-ree MODEL: Sara Cecil (pants: H&M, shirt: Theory, tie: Prada) 646-552-0905


Photographer: Michael Anthony Makeup Artist: Summer Johnson Model: Tomoko Peters


No Greater Warrior Than A Woman. She Brings Forth Life. Hear Her Cries.

Bringing Awareness to the Talibe Children in Africa On September 6, 2013. Sain-City managed the production of a fashion show that brought awareness to the “Talibe” children in Senegal. A Talibe is a student of Islam, who may study with a religious teacher. In order to pursue a free religious education. These kids may be poor or rich. In some countries talibes traditionally live with a marabout (teacher), helping him with labor in exchange for their education in the Qur’an. However, in Senegal some urban teachers have taken advantage of this traditional education to exploit children. These talibes are reputed to be kept against their will, unfed, and forced to stay with the marabout until the age of fifteen or more. Sain-City Believed that “NO” Child should ever have to suffer. We believe in the freedom to be free of pain and fear. Children are our future, and it is our right and responsibility to take care of them, whether they are right next to us, or across the world. We want to make sure that we are part of bringing awareness to this Case. Together, one person at a time, we can make a change.



PRAKASH PATIL I am from Maharashtra (India), often labeled as an amalgamation of several cultures, and have been influenced by a history that is several millenniums years old. I am very love; caring person always wanted to work towards charity and human welfare & was successfully able to execute my process to splendid latitudes. I love America which has taught me that starting career as model in crush times is a challenge, but it is also a privilege. Because it’s moments like these that force us to try harder, dig deeper and to discover gifts we never knew we had. To find the greatness that lies within each of us. So don’t ever shy away from that endeavor. Don’t stop adding to your body of work. I can promise that you will be the better for that continued effort as will be this nation that we all love. I successfully completed two Master‘s degree in USA ie Master in Business Administration and Masters in Managing Information Technology, planning now to purse Ph.D in Project Management. Worked as Project Manager, in major companies like Bank of America, Microsoft, Cognizant, Blue Cross Blue shield, State Govt of New Jersey etc. Fashion is something barbarous, for it produces innovation without reason and imitation without benefit. Modeling is my passion and I believe “if a person is passionate about something, it becomes a part of them; a part of their life. This is why I think when one develops a passion they don’t develop it ‘as the result of modeling of others’ but rather they develop it from the natural inner inclination to a particular aspect that the passion brings”. By god’s grace and people’s blessings I won following titles/awards in career as a model, Awarded as “International Model of Year” from New York Fashion Awards Mr. South Asian Prince USA 2013 Mr. White Star 2013 at President Obama’s Inaugural 2013 Winner of Jewel of India International Calendar hunt 2013 Winner of B4U Channel Reality Show (like Big Brother) 2012 Mr. Prince USA 2012 Mr. Photogenic India 2011 I bow my hand in humanity and humbleness as I believe that god resides in the heart of every human being. World PEACE “ Love & Light” Please contact me on facebook ie model

Welcome to the Era of Cacao What’s in a name? That which we call Cacao… Named Theobroma, meaning “Food of the Gods,” the seeds of the Theobroma Cacao tree produce the rich, smooth, and decadent delicacy of chocolate. The history of chocolate dates back to its origins in Mesoamerica; where it played a significant role in both Mayan and Aztec royal and religious events. In Mexico, during the reign of the Aztec kings, conquered regions were ordered to offer cacao beans as currency to pay them as a tax, or as the Aztecs called, a “tribute.” So what’s in the name Cacao? A legacy that epitomizes the true essence of quality; a legacy that can never be duplicated; a legacy that stands on its own and remains true to its origins. December 2012 serves as a significant stepping stone in the introduction of Cacao, as it represents his debut into the world of modeling with his first official photo shoot. This photo shoot was significant in that it highlighted his potential and the variations of his style: classic, sensual, smooth, and sophisticated. One month later, Cacao’s debut continued to launch and took off full flight on the runway of the “HIM” Menswear fashion show presented by LaMont Jones Jr. His photogenic appeal transcended photos and onto the runway as his unique style of walk solidified the Cacao name. The debut of Cacao quickly transformed to the evolution of Cacao. Landing himself featured spots in fashion shows and photo shoots throughout Pennsylvania served as a true indication of Cacao’s future success to come. As the legacy of Cacao continues to build and reach new heights, so will the drive and determination of this new face in the industry.




he air up heres different. Its like the higher you go the less toxic it gets, easier to think. I Can see the beginings of the williamsburg bridge from here. Stretching into the bowels of the bowery. The wind begins to pick up. Breaths of the New year reminding me of the season. I slowly transition myself closer to the edge, stones plunge toward the ground below blanketed with a layer of snow. Shouts of children playing can faintly be heard through the sounds of my headphones. I lose track of time watching them make snow angels in the ground their arms forming picturesque wings revealing the leaves below... {Abuelas kitchen,} The bananna leaves lay spread across the cutting board, echos of pastelles of weeks past. Sea salt, a couple twist of the pepper grinder and olive oil. “Keep it simple, the fish is delicate enough to carry the flavors but let it speak for itself..” I replay the words of my Sous chef Jai in my head from my inquries of cooking the fish in the leaves. Folding the leaves over, enveloping the fish and accompanied veggies. Then tying each parsel with residual strips of banana leaf. I begin to seperate the flesh of the blood oranges tangerines and limes. Saving the juices for the vinegrette. Deep purples from the traviseso and the greens meld with the multicolor flesh of the citrus. A mural rivialing the graffiti lined blocks of my bushwick neighborhood. i crush the walnuts on top just as the key turns in the door. Our first night alone of the new year.





Arthur Tselishchev

CONTACT artur.tselishchev.




Designer: Versailles Boutique

Model: Grace Modi Wardrobe: Versailles Brooklyn Photography: Sain-City

Jacqueline Cottrell I’M A SURVIOR MY STORY. MY LIFE....


am a 25 year old woman, or soon to be ( next month). And I am single, with NO kids. I aspire to be a house wife, and live with my family, and help care for my mom. I may sound ordinary, but I have an incredible story. Let me tell you how it began:

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, to a single mother (Carol Cottrell) who was, during her youth, one of Chicago’s black, prima ballerinas, and during her adulthood, the lead supervisor for the Chicago Housing Authority. My mom is--suffice to say, older than most parents in my generation of friends, she had me in her 50’s. She had her first anurism when I was eleven, with three more strokes following in the years after. when I was sixteen, became her fulltime caregiver, getting her out of the nursing home and doing my best to take care of her with no help from other family. I have a LOT of siblings (Thanks, dad, you loveable manwhore you!). I am in touch with some of them, but they weren’t able to help. When taking care of mom became to much for me, I had no choice but to put her in a nursing home. I stumbled around trying to find my niche in life from the ages of nineteen to twenty-one, and had no idea what to do with my life. On PURE whim, I bought a one-way ticket to California to attend the Los Angeles JobCorps and try and start over. ( Pure whim means I got a major heart break from my ex-boyfriend. We were living with one another, and situation became hard enough that I was eventually left homeless). But I’m a survior, and I never let a situation take me to far down. I had never been to California; never had any sort of experience outside of the Midwest, and didn’t even know anyone there. I contacted a fellow model from the website, SuicideGirls, and told her I’d be in town. That was a huge move for a 21 year old girl. I lived with her for almost eightmonths before I FINALLY got accepted into JobCorps, where I made a name for myself by joining student government and ascending high to the ranks of the school before I eventually completed the program. I was left without a place to stay and took to living at my part-time job before finally finding a job (Making my time in JobCorps useless as they didn’t help me with anything else)-but in the writing field for Nerdy But Flirty, where I was eventually hired by the Jace Hall Show as their full-time writer where I make my living now, doing my best to save up money so that I can FINALLY honor my promise to my mom and get her out of that hell-home nursing home in Chicago and bring her to California when the time is right. I am a hardcore gamer. Those seem to be the two biggest shocking things about me; I’m a MASSIVE nerd, and my ability to speak Japanese landed me the opportunity to interview the great, Japanese composer, Nobuo Uematsu, responsible for the Final Fantasy music for the past twenty years. I absolutely love video games, anime, manga, and all things nerdy. I think that’s the biggest surprising thing about me--especially to some guys who still believe that if a girl is attractive, she CAN’T be a gamer, but I’m competition level, and a selfproclaimed Pokemon Master (hahaha)!

running away. It was like, “HOW can I go back with my tail in between my legs now?” I lost so much weight during that time. Can you believe I even considered prositution just to stay downstate? Eventually, I got the eviction notice. I swallowed my pride and called my dad to rescue me. (This was the second time in my life, that I have ever asked him for help). I went home for the first time in years, but I was so depressed and humiliated that I didn’t want to show my face to anyone. Aurora is the second biggest city in Illinois, but IT’S SO TINY. NO ONE EVER BLOODY LEAVES. AT ALL. They just SETTLE down there and give up on ever venturing out into the world. I slept on my dad and stepmom’s couch for months, not being able to move forward and wonder, “Well, shit. Now what?” It was embarrassing, you know? My sister is a decorated Marine and her older sister just couldn’t get her life together. I hated the comparison. “Cara’s do so well, why aren’t you? Why are you so slow? What are you gonna do with your life?” HELL. IF. I. KNEW. I moved to California two weeks later, taking only one rolling luggage, some clothes, and a Build A Bear bunny I’d made with my mom before my move. She’s really special to me because my bunny has two hearts. You know how when you go to BAB and they make you make a wish on one of the hearts before they sew it up into your stuffed animal? Thats what I did. I named her Kasumi after one of my all-time favorite video game characters. I hopped on that plane and didn’t once look back. I met my friend Marina for the first time in person, not knowing if she was a serial killer or what haha. I lived with her for eight months before I got a job working as a dominatrix near Venice Beach. My start date for jobcorps was pushed back TIME AND TIME AGAIN and it was so infuriating because I was homeless and needed to hurry up and start, so I could live in the dorms. Eventually, I moved out of Marina’s place and slept in one of the rooms at the BDSM dungeon where I worked. I stayed there for another two months before I FINALLY got into Jobcorps. And I regret it severely to a certain degree. JobCorps is like a prison BOOTCAMP and that is not an exaggeration. It wasn’t ANYTHING like they advertised. For starters, I had to live in a room with FIVE GIRLS, all of whom were arrogant, ghetto, and classless. Eventually, I decided, “Yeah, fuck this, I’m making the best of this shit even if it kills me”.

I couldn’t afford to live on my own, so towards the end of November of my 21st year, the apartment I had managed to rent was forcing me out. I’ve been homeless plenty of times before, but it was that one experience that really, made me realize how to survive.

It literally almost killed me. The psychological and mental drama they force upon you is CRIMINAL. I got involved with Student Goverment and became involved as much as possible in the program, kisssing the asses of the higher ups. Eventually, I became a Floor Officer for the 10th floor, as Recreational Aide, and that entitled me to ALL SORTS of little nice luxuries, such as being able to share a two-man room with my best friend there, and a trip to Washington for the leadership conference.

They cut the power first, and the only electricity or light I had at night was by way of my laptop. I plugged it into the outlet in the hallway of our building and would sleep by the door. I couldn’t afford a phone plan, so I stayed in touch with people via facebook and email. I had no food. I had to go to a soup kitchen about an hour away and was frequent “shopper” at goodwill; all because my stupid pride refused to let me go home after

But after Washington, things went to hell SO fast and it’s all because of the heinously corrupt people working there. Even though I worked SO hard and had boosted my math scores (which would have permitted me to enter my trade), I was lied to and told I COULDN’T start my trade. I LITERALLY COULDN’T DO WHAT I HAD COME TO CALIFORNIA FOR. Everything I’d struggled and survived to achieve I just couldn’t DO.

Why? “Oh, well, you see, we recieved budget cuts, so your program no longer exists. How about office admin instead?” I was furious. I completed that admin program and exited as fast as I could. I had wasted an entire year and a half at JobCorps. What’s worse is that they didn’t help me find any sort of job and didn’t help me find housing. It was the worst. I was actually homeless and back to crashing on Marina’s couch. (That girl is my angel. Really. She’s more than my friend; she’s my sister.) Eventually, and to repeat past mistakes, I moved in with my long-time boyfriend who also attended JobCorps, but naturally, a year later, that fell apart as well. Couple years later, here I am, having struggling to get by all the same, but I’m very blessed and I know how fortunate I am and try not to complain, as ironic as that sounds. Now, I’m renting a small room in LA near USC (with ten other people, God help me), looking for more work (aside for writing for the Jace Hall Show, more on that in a second), and just trying to finally ground myself so that I can save up enough money and move my mom out here AT LAST so she can be happy and live out the rest of her days happy and NOT in a nursing home. (My grandmother died of an OD in a nursing home.) I currently write for the Jace Hall Show, which is a video game news company. I’m the first and ONLY female writer they have employed, and they wanted to use my perspectives, IE, being a a black female, as well as a black, female gamer. I write all sorts of different articles pretaining to video games, being a female gamer, and all that jazz. I’ll attach a link to my work at the end, but it should be in my signature. And as for what a hardcore gamer is, I can sum it up quickly: I’m a woman that has won multiple video game tournaments. I don’t just “game casually”--I take it very seriously. My tournament awards include Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Halo Wars, and my biggest claim to fame, Pokemon. I’ve literally never been defeated in a Pokemon Battle (The game, not the cards) since I was seventeen. I’ve honed my team over the years and literally have yet to be beaten, even in the World Tourmanents. I’m a major geek and nerd (always have been) and I enjoy it quite a bit, haha! I learned Japanese, I’m mostly self-taught from an early age, namely because I’d always loved anime and manga and COULD NOT STAND the dubbing, so I’d watch it in Japanese. I have a few friends in Japan who helped me perfect it. At this point, all I want for the future is to get a better-paying job, become a successful model and a world-famous novelist, move my mom out here, get a nice, two-bedroom apartment that’s handicapped accessable and in a good area, and take her to the Farmer’s Market near Venice Beach like I promised her we would when she gets out here. That’s really all I want at this point. I want her to be happy. (I’d also like three or four cats. I absolutely LOVE animals, but cats have always been a favorite of mine.) ~Jackie


CEO of Gitco Music & Soul Jazzy Entertainment As the CEO of Gico Music & Soul Jazzy Entertainment, GINA CAREY is unstoppable. Over the years, she has written,produced & directed three gospel stage plays, and is the program director and creator of “funky Soul Jazzy Radio and the new hit webisode series, “Tell My Story”. Tell My Story is hosted on the “ Soul Jazzy Entertainment” Website Gina Carey is also a writer, composer, producer, engineer and recording artist. Although many have compared her to Broadway’s sensation & recording artist Stephanie Mills, she has her own sound and style that can easily be identified in all of her recordings.

Throughout Gina’s musical career, she has writ-

ten & recorded 3 independently released gospel CD’s (In His Time, Changes & Tell Um) and 7 soulful albums, “My Journey” ,Melodic” & “ Love Letters” , “ Love Letters 2” & Live Love & laugh, “Gina Carey...The Songbird” and her latest CD “Funk Rhythm & Soul” .. Gina began her professional recording career in 1996 with her first release “In His Time” selling over 10,000 copies nationwide. “In His Time” also received the #1 spot on the gospel charts in the UK. In 2006, Gina was nominated by the Black Music Academy Association of America in two categories: “Best Gospel Performer - Female” and “Gospel Rising Star”. She performed at the event, held at the Cashman Theater, before a full house and won the “Las Vegas Black Music Awards 2006 Best Gospel Performer - Female” award. In 2007, She also performed at the first Lee Bailey EURWEB awards along with other celebrity guest Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get married” actor Tasha Smith, & Soul/ R&B singers Marva King & Shanice Wilson. and in that same year, Gina auditioned for the Hit TV show *Showtime at the Apollo* and impressed the judges so much that she was invited twice to be a guest on the show filmed in Harlem, New York. In 2008 BET J aired her “True Love” music video on the morning Cup show. Her CD entitled “Melodic” was the first and only CD that was all Written, Arranged, mixed & Composed by Gina. Her multi talented husband and recording artist Urban Soul Guitarist “JOHN CAREY” produced the “Melodic” CD and is also featured on this album as the lead

guitarist. On August 24, 2011, Melodic soared to the #1 Spot on the UK Top 30 soul Charts & on December 8, 2011 Gina Carey’s CD “ Melodic” was named one of the Top Albums of the year 2011. She was honored along with artist such as Jill Scott, Kindred, Eric Benet, Julie Dexter, Maysa and Brian Mc Knight. Her CD’s “ LOVE LETTERS” & Love Letters 2 both entered the top 30 UK SOUL CHARTS as well. On Wednesday April 11, 2012, Gina Carey won the Rising Stars of the Desert 2012 Music Video Competition and was awarded the Marker Broadcasting 2012 Jazz Music artist Award. This prestigious award was presented to Gina Carey at the Marker Broadcasting’s Inaugural in the Fantasy Springs Casino Lit Lounge in Indio California. This was the first “Rising Stars of the Desert Music Video competition”. This grand event was spearheaded by Marker Broadcasting’s New Media Director, Meg Penfield Marker. Gina Carey was chosen as one of the 8 finalist chosen out of 90 original music video submissions. There were 4 categories in which artist would be selected, Jazz, Pop, Rock & Country. The celebrity guest Judge Panel included, Tom Baldrica, former VP Sony Music Nashville & president of Average Joe’s Entertainment, Bonnie Marquez, of Average Joe’s Entertainment, Bonnie Marquez, of GOLDENVOICE marketing in Los Angles, CA & Marker Broadcasting talent & management. On the week of October 14th and 21st, Gina Carey’s gospel songs taken from “Love Letters” & Melodic” were both added to the gospel BBC Radio show along with many other well established Gospel and jazz artist

Gina has performed all over the United States and has shared the stage with many well known and established celebrities including 70 funk band Rose Royce, Smooth Jazz Artist Michael Paulo ,Gospel Recording artist J Moss and many others. Just recently Gina Carey performed for June Kuramoto from the 2 time Grammy award nominees Hiroshima. Her CD “Gina Carey... The Songbird” is out and radio airplay by commercial and internet Radio Stations in the US, UK and Europe . Gina Carey...The Songbird is being applauded by audiences worldwide. Gina is currently working on her new CD coming this fall 2013

Press Link php/resources/new-jazz-releases/item/28523gina-carey-makes-the Video Links watch?v=1S6nHGXnsBs watch?v=uJGVmEYRsSQ discography?id=6969


Kelly Lott, a Denton native and resident, spent her entire life

ed but knew her aunt wanted to find her children. Over the past

overcoming drug abuse and homelessness. Within five years she

few years, Crystal and Kelly searched online to locate her sons,

lost her parents to cancer, her brother to a car accident, and three

however to no avail due to name changes. CPS and the adoption

boys to Child Protective Services. Decades have passed, but Kelly

agencies had sealed the records making it impossible to locate

has still managed to maintain peace of mind and life.

the boys by their birth name.

Born as a crack baby with several health problems

Crystal had a hunch of where Kelly was living in Den-

and taken at birth, Milton Lee Hood was officially adopted by

ton, and took J.R. to see if they could locate his long lost mother.

the Bradford family at the age of six years old and renamed J.R.

On the way to Denton, Crystal and J.R. had a great conversa-

Bradford. The young boy thrived in the environment created by

tion and became good friends immediately. Out of all the places

his adopted parents. The family adopted five children with J.R.

Crystal wanted to check to find Kelly, they found her at the very

being the oldest and the only they’d adopted from two weeks old.

first stop. J.R. watched as Kelly ran out of the house to embrace

Raised in Ft. Worth, J.R. spent his adolescent years searching for

Crystal for the first time ever. Taking in every moment of time

his true identity and family. A few years ago he found his passion

observing his mother, he anticipated the moment they’d meet for

and talent in acting and stage plays where he has been very suc-

the first time.


Finally, Crystal introduced Kelly to J.R. and asked her

For the past five years every Christmas, J.R. has

if she saw a resemblance. Kelly looked baffled, but introduced

searched for his biological mother. While his adopted parents

herself as “Aunt Kelly”. Crystal intervened and said, “I’m not

had passed away over the last few years. Time and time again, his

sure you’re Aunt Kelly in this case. In fact, I think y’all look a lot

research only unearthed bits and pieces of information but now

like mother and son.” Kelly’s eyes instantly watered as she asked

had lead him in the right direction. On Thurs, December 24th,

Crystal if J.R. was her son. Crystal’s smile gave away the answer,

he decided to search for “Lott” on Facebook and added published

and Kelly clinched her heart as tears of joy fell from her eyes. She

author and entrepreneur Crystal Victoria as a friend. He quickly

turned to J.R. and embraced her son for the first time ever on

sent a short message to ask if she knew of a Kelly Lott. J.R. had

Christmas Eve.

finally met one of the only living relatives of Kelly Lott, her niece

Crystal Victoria.

took J.R. back to Denton to spend Christmas Day with his moth-

Crystal Victoria is the founder of Target Evolution Inc,

er. For the first time in 28 years, Kelly and her son were reunited

a 501c3 nonprofit organization teaching entrepreneurship to at-

for the holidays. Next, for Aunt Kelly, Crystal Victoria and J. R.

risk youth and low income families located in Dallas, Texas. Af-

Bradford is to find the other two siblings, Christopher Milton

ter reading J.R.’s message, Crystal called the contact number to

and Brett Boyeau.

arrange to meet J.R. in person. She drove across Dallas to pick

him up and after one look decided they should go find Kelly to-

efforts to reunite their family please contact Crystal Victoria via

gether immediately. Crystal was unsure of where Kelly was locat-

email at

The three bonded for the next few hours and Crystal

If you or anyone you know, can assist them in their


How did you come up with the title of your book/business etc.... 2. The title of my book is called “Shattered: Memoir of A Broken Spirit”. I came up with this title really based on my various struggles in my life such as Loss, Rejection and Low Self-Esteem. It show cases that I Am indeed a Survivor. Who are your intended audience and why should they read your book or support you in your business? 3. My intended audience is mainly anyone who has struggled with any issues involving self-esteem, loss, fear and rejection. The main reason why I think people should buy this book is because it gives hope that no matter what barrier you face, the power of forgiveness and faith can change any situation. God honors faith and He will move in your life.

This foundation offers counseling, mentor ship and support services for women and men who were victims of sexual abuse, rape, verbal abuse, cancer survivors etc. We aid in the healing process survivor to survivor. (My book is currently in the works). If you could change something about yourself what would it be? why? 5. To be honest, at this point nothing because every situation I have experienced has opened doors for me and started my transformation as a woman of strength. That transformation has in turn brought me closer to my passion which is writing. What can your audiences/fans expect from you in the future? 6. My audience can expect just more involvement of me with more written works and doing great things to help survivors alongside our wonderful CEO Alissa Jones.

Tell your audience about your book/ business. Who design your book cover/business logo? why did you go with that particular image?

Do you have a website/blog where your audiences/fans

4. First off, I am currently working with a wonderful organization called, “Survivors With Voices”.

7. My website is currently under construction and should be available no later than the middle of 2014.

can view your work?

Who inspired you to be who you are? 8. My late Aunt Evelyn who recently passed. She stepped in from day one in the place of my mother as a strong parental figure. She was a real intrinsic part of my life during my adolescent years in DC, where the horror and realities of the inner city were common place in the late 80’s and early 90’s . My father’s heroin addiction as a single father that took priority over being my parent. She was there for all my emotional and educational needs. She always no matter how I messed up, which was very often told me I could make it. Those words stuck in my mind and my heart. My book is dedicated to her memory. What advice would you give anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur? 9. My advice to anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur is don’t give up. Stick to one thing and no matter how many nos you hear, let that gut feeling in your stomach cause you to press forward. That gut feeling is called your “purpose”.

The Golden Age: 20’s 30’s 40’s Photographer: Scott Watson Model: Alyssa Glanzman Makeup, Hair, Style: Nomi Nguyen

HOROSCOPE The Aquarius values deeds and will go to great lengths to express their affections through them. They’re great gift givers and don’t bat an eye at the costs of spending a fantastic night out. Genuine and sincere, you can take what few words a Aquarius does say to the bank. Strengths: Responsible, good managers, disciplined, selfcontrol, dark sense of humor.

When faced with a challenge, Taurus will quickly assess the situation and arrive at a solution whatever it takes to get the plan off the ground! Taurus people truly move through life with their own agendas, which are always going to be their primary focal point. Taurus prize excitement, shopping, gambling, and playing the market are far more appealing. Money is rarely scarce because of the love of working, but it can be spent almost as quickly as it’s made. The one thing you can be absolutely sure of is that an Taurus will have as much fun as possible! Strengths: Courage, determination, self-confidence, enthusiasm.

You’re probably looking pretty good, but emotionally you might not feel very attractive. You may not believe you have all the answers, but this year you’re going to have the right answers at the right time. If you go to others for advice, you may not be totally satisfied with what you’re hearing. Be confident in your self. Strengths: Progressive, original, humanitarian, independent.P

A sense of one’s values is a huge motivator when it comes to the Gemini. Second to that is the love of the rewards that follow hard work. Because members of this sign love to surround themselves with material finery and enjoy the better foods and luxuries that life has to offer, work is very important. It is the means to an end. Geminis are excellent managers of money. They will pay their bills on time and will keep a reserve tucked away. On occasion, you can see some overspending, but this is only once in a while.

Inspired by the need to make a difference in the lives of those they touch, hardworking, dedicated and reliable, this is one sign that really knows how to get to the heart of the matter. They can be excellent problem solvers. Strengths: Intuitive, compassionate, artistic, gentle, wise, musical.

Deciding between practicality and pleasure can be a tough thing for a cancer. While money is a necessary evil, most don’t spend a lot of time worrying about where their next dollar is coming from. They don’t put much thought into balancing their checkbooks, yet they manage to get by just fine. This is largely due to the flexibility Cancers. They love to live free. Strengths: Curiosity, ability to share ideas, adaptable, affectionate, kind.

Strengths: Dependable, patient, musical, practical.


Security is of utmost importance to the leo’s, and money is no different. Making money generally comes easily, and putting it away is usually what happens. Leos are not over spenders; in fact, they are far more apt to invest a few dollars and make their money grow. Strengths: Compassion, emotional sensitivity, fierce protection of loved ones, tenacity.

Virgo love to surround themselves with the things they fancy. Because money usually comes readily to them. there’s always more where that came from. Money is meant to be spent as far as this sign is concerned and spend they will. Generous in spirit, a Virgo will give away their last dollar to help a friend. They’re always confident that there will be more, and there usually is. There’s never a lack of work for a Virgo. In fact, there’s generally more work available to them than they can keep up with. Strengths: Humor, pride, genirosity, creativity, passion.

Careers that involve justice such as police officer, lawyer, or judge are excellent choices for the Scorpios. They will also succeed at such occupations as diplomat, civil servant, interior decorator, composer and fashion designer. Group settings pose no challenge for the Scorpions - in fact, the more the merrier. Their strong sense of diplomacy serves well in almost anything they do. If you go shopping with a Scorpio, best to plan some extra time! This sign can be terribly indecisive when it comes to purchasing. Keeping a good balance between savings and spending money is a real talent for these folks. Their love of fashion and house wares can see them out and about in stores quite often. Strengths: Social, fair-minded, cooperative, diplomatic, gracious.

Respect is an essential aspect of working for this sign. They need to respect their coworkers while also feeling a sense of being respected by others. Sagittarius are disciplined enough to stick to a budget and unafraid of working as hard and as long as it takes to get themselves in a good financial position. They are great managers of their dollars and are not apt to overspend. Money means security and a sense of control, which is important to the Sagittarius. Therefore, they’re going to hang onto the majority of the cash, making decisions carefully before turning any of it over. Strengths: Passionate, stubborn, resourceful, brave, a true friend.

When focused on a task, the Libra will push themselves to perfection, leaving no stone unturned. They are exacting and take great pride in a job done to the absolute best of their ability. When they feel their talent falls short, they’ll turn to the books to learn whatever they need to improve. Careers suited to this sign include being a doctor, nurse, psychologist, teacher, writer, and critic.. They love the arts and enjoy decorating their homes with taste. Strengths: Practical, loyal, hardworking, analytical, kind.

A variety of tasks and a dynamic atmosphere favor Capricorn. Careers such as travel agent, photographer, explorer, artist, realtors, ambassador, and import/export trader all suit this free-spirited personality. Fun loving Capricorn enjoy making - and spending - money. Considered one of the luckiest sign of the Zodiac, they don’t worry too much about where the next buck is coming from. They are risk-takers and highly optimistic, trusting in the universe to provide what is needed. Moneymanagement tasks will bore the Capricorn to tears, so getting a bookkeeper or accountant is the best plan in order to stay on top of what’s coming and going. Strengths: Great sense of humor, idealistic, generous.

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