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May 2009 | Volume 3 | Issue 5

“Freedom Writer” shares her story with students

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Track teams run away with another victory



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On Eighth grader Madison Campbell starts the run up the first base line while teammates Lauren Johnson, Morgan Smith and Th e Cover Kayla Miller look on with anticipation. photo by: zak drabczyk

In the Lead


School elections would provide students with opportunities For years, the members of Student Congress have chosen our school officers, but if our entire student body were to have a voice in a school wide election, there could be many beneficial factors. Sammy At Mona Shores, most students are Burmeister not aware of the issues and problems that occur at our school. Electing our Student Congress officers would permit students to become more involved with what goes on at the middle school. Students would finally be able to influence changes that they want by electing students who would make those changes Lindy within the school. Torvinen Letting students vote for Student Congress officers would not only be educational, but also would add excitement to the start of school. The seventh and eighth grade students who run for a higher position in Student Congress would be I would think it’s able to campaign throughout beneficial to the the school at the beginning of students, because everyone has an the first semester. This would opinion, and if they create interest in students in understand more becoming an officer and the about politics, they students would become more will have better opinions on the willing to join Student Conissues.” gress the following year. — Mrs. Halmich ~ Staff If seventh and eighth graders are campaigning during school, the political process that the other students will be exposed to during the election would help to create

illustration by: lindy torvinen and sammy burmeister

Just like Govenor Sarah Palin and Senator John McCain during their run for the office, Student Congress treasurer Ryan Fritz and secretary Mandy Versalle perform a speech for their campaign. This is what it may look like if students had to prepare a speech for a school election.

an understanding of real politics. During social studies at the middle school, students are only taught the basics of politics. If a school election were to take place, students would have an easier time applying what they learn in school to what they read about in the news. Allowing our student I think it would help body to partake in the electhe school because more students would toral process would not only get involved.” improve our school, but also — Clair Jennings ~ 7th the students’ understanding towards what our Student Congress is all about.

Our Voice Volunteering time benefits all that are involved Volunteering is an assignment in eighth grade, but we believe students should try to volunteer more often and on their own time. Getting your mind off of school and friends and the stresses of life are only a few of the advantages of volunteering.

There’s many different ways to volunteer. Whether it’s at a soup kitchen serving food, at school in the library, or at a community organization. Getting motivated to volunteer is difficult, but with the motivation and the will to make a difference,

it can be done. Volunteering is both self rewarding and rewarding to the community.

Our Voice is the opinion message selected by the editors of the Sailors On the Scene newsmagazine.



Two students represent Shores in the “Off the Wall” contest by: taylor groenhout / section editor

Two Mona Shores students were chosen out of hundreds in Muskegon County to be published in the “Off the Wall” contest which collects artwork, poems, stories, and comics from students in sixth through twelfth grade Eight graders Danielle Riehl and Reed Hrynewich had their artwork and poems published into a book along with 25 other “Off the Wall” contest winners. “It’s not really hard at all (to make it into the “Off the Wall” contest) if you put in a little effort.” English teacher Kristin Johnson said.

Eighth grader Danielle Riehl reads her poem to the crowd of 80 at the Hackley Coffee House.

Hrynewich submitted a drawing called, Ring of Peace, which is a lady transforming from a swan into a woman which represents a very peaceful situation. The drawing won the hearts of the judges and landed him a spot among the winners for his third year in a row. “My last two drawings were about an Arabian women which I named Scheherazade and a lady posed on top of buildings,” Hrynewich said. “Winning three years in a row is a great accomplishment and I hope to win next year to move further on in my art career. “My Mask” is one of the four poems Riehl wrote that became one of the winners of the incredibly competitive contest. “(My poem is) about the cover up everyone puts on to show other people,” Riehl said The ceremony for all 25 winners was held at the Hackley Library on March 18th to a crowd filled with family and friends who praised and acknowledged everyone’s hard work. Riehl and Hrynewich are two truly talented students who have been recognized

by the “Off the Wall” Contest. “The Off the Wall contest recognizes and celebrates students who exhibit great creativity and originality in their writing and artwork,” English teacher Beth Prentice said. “I am thrilled that both Reed and Danielle were winners, but I’m not surprised. Both students were always demonstrating ingenuity in their language arts work when I had them in class. I love the contest because it gives teens an outlet for expression.”

courtesy photos

Eighth grader Reed Hrynewich presents his artwork to the Hackley Coffee House audience.

Next year female athletes will have a change in their seasons by: katie debruin / section editor

The season switch for girls volleyball and basketball at the middle school will effect many young female athletes. This switch allows the high school and the middle schools seasons to be aligned, with volleyball now in the fall and basketball in the winter. “High school players may be able to come and mentor teams like our little sisters program,” high school basketball varsity coach Brad Kurth said. “Certainly having the seasons coincide with the high school season helps players in many ways.” Because of the switch and conflicts with other extra-curricular activities, some girls will not be able to participate in certain sports while others will now have the opportunity. “Girls who want to do side-line cheer, like me, will now have the opportunity to participate in both,” eighth grader McKenzie Jackson said.

Most middle schools in Michigan have already made the girls season switch. Some just to be aligned with the high school seasons, while others are because of the MHSAA high school mandate last year.

illustration by: mike phillips

MSMS girls volleyball and basketball seasons will be switched next year.

“The MHSAA did the switch to align the middle school and high school seasons,” middle school athletic director Ken Byard said. “It will also make it easier for the athletes, being able to watch varsity games.” The change will also effect coaches, most of whom are teachers as well. “I coach both sports so it won’t affect me that much,” eighth grade volleyball and basketball coach Leah Kern said. “It will be nice having the high school and middle school seasons aligned.” A lot of the volleyball players are excited for the season switch because they are able to condition during the summer allowing them to be more prepared for the upcoming season. “It will help me have a better chance of making the team because I will be able to get in shape over the summer,” seventh grader Kaylyn Chandonnet.



Pod C students bring “Freedom Writer” Maria Reyes to MSMS by: rachel kelly / staff writer

On Thursday, March 12, Mona Shores Middle School welcomed Freedom Writer, Maria Reyes, to share her story. Jacey Eccleston, an MSMS sixth grade English teacher, had her students read “I Escaped a Violent Gang,” a story of Maria Reyes’ troubled past and experiences with gang violence. After reading her story, the inspired Pod C students were willing to do what it takes to bring Maria Reyes to Mona Shores Middle School. “My students were inspired by this story and asked if we could find a way to bring this brave student to our class,” Mrs. Eccleston said. “A bell went off in my head and the hope to locate Maria Reyes, the courageous girl who escaped the gang, became our Big Dream.” Anyone that has been a sixth grade Language Arts student of Mrs. Eccleston’s in the past six years, has read Maria’s story. But this year’s Pod C students went farther into it than any other class and were determined to have Maria come to our school.

“The students expressed a willingness to complete chores and acts of service in order to raise the funds,” Mrs. Eccleston said. “The support from the middle school teachers and all of the middle school students has been amazing.” In order to have Reyes speak in our auditorium, sixth grade students wrote essays and raised the money needed to bring her here. “Honoring Maria’s courage to free herself, my 100 sixth grade students also wrote essays explaining how they have been trapped, what they can do to grow wings, and how they have helped free others,” Mrs. Eccleston said. “Furthermore, they made moving illustrations of their entrapment, and we also made a short video to introduce our essays.” To help raise the money that was needed, staff and students’ families made baked goods weekly, and sometimes even daily. “The middle school has such a supportive staff and community, making one

awesome crew,” Mrs. Eccleston said. The 100 Pod C sixth graders accomplished their goal of raising $3,000 within two months. “Ultimately, I am so proud of my students, and I am so happy they found power in the pen, the power to dream, and the power to achieve,” Mrs. Eccleston said.

courtesy photo

Reyes captures the attention of MSMS students with her moving story on March 12.

Eighth grader John Swainston takes the stage with his drums by: sam andrade and brianna panici / staff writers Four years ago, eighth grader John Swainston jumped on a drum set at his church and has been playing ever since. He performs at The Grand Oyster Bar and Grill in Grand Haven called “Jazz Night” every Tuesday from 7-11 pm. Along side him plays eighth grader Alex Pearson, his

courtesy photo

Eighth grader John Swainston practices drumming for his Tuesday performances.

drum teacher Scott Pellegrom, and local musicians Kaja Lill, Mike Drost, and Kevin Kozel. “It’s exciting, fun, and John raises the roof on stage,” eighth grader Alex Pearson said. He practices everyday for one to two hours, either at school or home. His family and friends support his dream by coming to his performances and cheering him on. “We go to his gigs and cheer him on,” John’s father Tim Swainston said. “We do what we need to do to help our son excel.” His inspiration to play is Pellegrom because he was his very first drum teacher, he made John what he is today. “He makes me a better overall person,” Swainston said. “If he wasn’t my teacher, I probably wouldn’t be what and where I am today.”

Pellegrom gave him the want to play and practice more, and John is hopeful that his future includes becoming a famous drummer. “I am Jonathan’s mentor and teacher,” Pellegrom said. “He is very talented and dedicated to music. He works hard and when he gets into it you are able to see the lights turn on inside of his head. He has come a long way as a student, person, drummer and musician since he took his first lesson with me. Since he has been playing out every Tuesday he has started to learn the ropes of what it is like on the gigs playing in a restaurant/bar setting. I feel that if Jonathan stays humble, works on his reading and versatility as a drummer he is able to go very far in the music scene in Michigan and even Nationally.”



Two scoops are better than one Summer is coming around the corner and students are starting to get cravings towards ice cream, and a local place to visit would be Whippi Dip. During the summer, students like to have new flavors of ice cream to experiment with. Since 1953 Whippi dip has been catering to Tyler the public with the 23 different flavors of ice Dilts cream. Instead of a laid back, same old, classical ice cream parlor that is found at any other indoor place, you can drop by Whippi Dip and experience the fresh air and the outdoor sitting benches. The swing set and weather rock add to the atmosphere that you wouldn’t get When I go to Whippi at any other indoor sit down ice Dip I get the vanilla ice cream with flavor cream parlor. burst.” A reasonable price for a deli— Tyler Patrick ~ 8th cious summer treat at Whippi Dip would be a small cup or cone for $1.75, a medium for $2.00, or a large for $2.25. This small price would last you for a good cooling down. With the perfect outdoor surroundings, you can experience more than a taste of ice cream. You can follow history back in time from the beginning of Whippi Dip, a small local ice cream parlor.

TCBY...a savory, local ice cream joint for students to enjoy any time of year: winter, summer, spring or fall. If you are looking to slim your waistline down for summer or get away from the extra calories ice cream has without giving up taste and flavor, TCBY provides you with Rachel frozen yogurt, the healthy alternative to ice Mattson cream. There are normally 6 soft serve flavors and 12 hand scooped flavors of frozen yogurt each day, plus the delicious smoothies, sundaes, and shivers. TCBY provides a laid back and relaxed set up of table and chairs that allow you to enjoy their deliI like the vanilla yogurt with sprinkles cious treats. At the same time, and gummy bears.” you may converse with friends or — Ashton Dilts ~ 7th study and do homework around the tables. Except for Waffle Cone Wednesdays, when ice cream in a waffle cone is a reduced price, normal prices for waffle cones are $2.49 for a small, $2.99 for a medium, and $3.49 for a large. Those are pretty reasonable prices for the quality of their frozen yogurt. If you want to cool down and enjoy a delightful frosty blend of frozen yogurt, TCBY is definitely the place to go.

A change in the seasons equals a change in the clothing The middle school dress code states that your shorts or skirts have to be finger-tip length, but changing the method to something that is more fair to all Megan students would make Moran them happier. Students like to dress how they want, but aren’t always allowed to. They choose to buy the shorts or skirts that are too short or the tank tops that aren’t three fingers wide, because that’s what is in at stores like Hollister and Abercrombie. After looking at the Hollister and Abercrombie websites,

I noticed that the only shorts that fit the finger-tip method are the Bermudas. While Hollister and Abercrombie are more popular among teens than JCPenneys and Kohls, they seem to be following the shorter short idea to get more teens attention, and to increase revenue. Finding shorts that fit the school dress code is getting harder and harder to find. The dress code here at The dress code the middle does effect me when shopping, but I still school buy whatever I want.” states that your shorts — Shayna Hoch ~ 6th have to be

finger tip length. That may not be fair to the students with longer arms, and an advantage to the students with shorter arms. At Novi High school they use the ‘skirt stick’ method. The students stand next to the stick to measure their leg length and then calculate 30 percent of it, and that’s the amount that needs to be covered. Using this method would be much better. It would be fair for everyone and not give students with shorter arms an advantage. Students want to be able to dress the way they want, but with our school dress code, that’s not always possible. Finding a new method that is fair to all students would make a lot more sense.


7 PDA is not okay

illustration by: tyler dilts

Assigned locker partners has more positives than negatives At Mona Shores Middle School, students are assigned their locker partner as a way to branch Taylor out and associate McCarthy with people they may not already know. Meeting new people and making new friends is what middle school is all about, and this is possible when locker partners are chosen randomly. There is a potential that your locker partner and yourself may have things in common, and lifelong bonds can be formed in middle school. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could say at your wedding that you met your maid of honor or best man in middle school and they had been your locker partner? In middle school, many people experience insignificant arguments with their circle of friends, or ‘clique.’ Having their closest friend as their locker partner could cause problems. Fights cause tension, and that makes people want to get

away from each other, but this is impossible when the person you are fighting with also happens to be your locker partner. By having the school assign locker partners, you can save yourself from a fight or feeling unhappy. Things change constantly during middle school and personalities are developed. This can cause a change in interests or also in friend preferences. If you had the chance to choose your locker partner, obviously you would choose a close friend. A clash in opinions could lead to a lost friendship, and a request to have your locker partner changed. By having locker partners assigned randomly, this saves the counseling office’s time, because they are not using their time switching locker partners and catering to students’ ever changing needs. By being assigned their locker partner, students can step outside their comfort zone and embrace all middle school has to offer.

Walking down the Mona Shores Middle School halls you see lockers, teachers, students, and surprisingly PDA. Nicole Your parents send you Bertapelle to school to learn about reading, writing, math, science and social studies, but no where in that list does it say make-out 101. When I see people making out with their “significant others”, I wonder what’s the rush, and what’s the reason that people have These rules are to be all over not fair. If its a each other befree country than fore class? At we should be able school you are to hold hands in school.” taught respect, — Alec VanderBosh ~ 7th and if these acts of PDA continue then you are not respecting yourself and the others around you. As eighth graders, we are the leaders in the middle school and are expected to be the role models to the rest of our peers. If we walk down the halls making out with our “significant other”, then what will they think? These acts of PDA will set the tone for the school, and our behavior reflects not only the students, but our teachers and administrators. At the high school the rules for PDA change. They allow you to hold hands and put an arm around the waist. Although the rules at the high school somewhat allows PDA, the rules at the middle school say that students can not hold hands, kiss, hug, etc. The school administrators believe that Public Displays of Affection are inappropriate, and the reason for banning PDA is to protect the students and to show that we are still maturing. Public Displays of Affection are disgusting to everybody but the people taking part in it, so from where I stand, PDA is definitely not okay.


Center Section

Is it Love?

What do you first notice in a guy/girl? “I like it when they

“If their cute, cool

are fun and happy.”

or fun.”

~ Mitchell White • 6th

Eighth graders Julia Walsh and Trevor Boyd have been going out for two years and three months.

When asked how many people they have dated this year, the results were:

“How hot they are.”

“I notice their personality.”

~Jared Steger •7th

~ Sam Reynolds • 7th

“Shoes and socks.”

“Her personality.”

~Greg Chandonett • 8th

89% have dated one to two people. 11% have dated three to four people.

~Marcas Williams • 6th

~Daniel Bryant • 8th

VS “How cute they are.”

~Sydney Dewall • 6th

“I notice their laugh because if its weird I don’t want to listen to it all the time.” ~Ashley Barret • 6th

“Their personality and shoes.” ~Diamond Tarrio • 7th

Eighth grader Madison Polinori and seventh grader Ryan Fritz have been going out for eight months.

“Their smile.” ~Danielle Pauwels • 8th

by:megan schluentz, malliika madduri, kayleigh dakin, kelly mcmahon

“Smile or eyes.” ~Sarah Jones • 7th

“Muscles.” ~Abbey Medema • 8th

Center Section



What do you get to hold your ice cream?


Bold Chocolate

You dare to try different things, and you don’t care what people think.

Sweet Strawberry

You always put others before yourself.

Average Vanilla

You don’t like change. You go with the flow.


15% Strawberry

by: corrine dewitt, meghan ebare, leah glubrecht, meredith smith


up Syr ate oco l Ch


Danielle Riehl * 8th

Shayna Hoch * 6th

Mr. Buboltz



Jacob Main * 6th

You get to choose one topping what do you pick?

Sugar cone.


Mrs. Shaffer

Mint Chocolate

After school you are most likely to get?







What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?



Change your shirt


Sugar cone or waffle cone?

Waffle Cone


You have a sore throat what do you want?



t Le


Joe Kostrzewa * 8th


Cookie Dough

Cookie dough gets on your shirt what do you do you do?


Evan Duvall * 7th

After a nice day at the beach what flavor would you choose?

Chelisy Nachazel * 7th

Start Here


‘I Scream, You Scream!’


Sailor Days Voices

from the


If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be and why?

Quinn Kendra 6th Grade

Jena’a Matthews 6th GRADE

Jacob DeRemer 6th GRADE

“Spongebob, because he’s funny.”

“I’d be Sandy off of Spongebob because we have the same teeth.”

“Jerry from Tom and Jerry because he always out-smarts Tom.”

Reeta Chandler 7th GRADE

Jake Radikopf 7th GRADE

Holly Strang 7th GRADE

“Bugs bunny because he’s cool.”

“Spongebob because he lives in a pineapple.”

“Spongebob because he’s really weird and funny.”

Jonny Lawton 8th GRADE

Anna Beechnau 8th GRADE

Zach Brothers 8th GRADE

“Jimmy Neutron because he’s smart and he has cool hair.”

“Patrick from Spongebob because then I could be dumb all day long and get away with it.”

“Patrick from Spongebob because he’s stupid like me.”

Mrs. Helsen Art Teacher

Mr. Trautner Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. Veurink Library Media Clerk

“Superman because he can fly.”

“King Julian from Madagascar because he’s quick, witty, and funny.”

“Mulan because she’s couragous, funny, she doesn’t let anything stop her. She’s smart, she’s my hero.”

Doodle Contest Winners

1st Place Maddie Rabbit • 8th Grade

2nd Place Colt Pena • 6th Grade

3rd Place Samantha Fox • 8th Grade

1A. Kenny Olsen 1B. Andrew Vanaelst 1C. Jermey Szost 1D. Nathan Majeski 2A. Sarina Hobby 1B.Haylee Dykstra 1C. Meagan Huetnher 2D. Britni Gielow 3A. Kyle Petterson 3B.Mitchel Anderson 3C. Tony Chrum 3D. Andrew Denny 4A. Angela Kim 4B.Holly Polly 4C.Kirstin Schoonbeck 4D. Lonjarae Gamble 5A. Quinn Kendra 5B.Frank Kule 5C. Tyree Jackson 5D. Anthony Bradfield 6A. Kassidy Vresdeveld 6B. Alissa Firlit 6C. Dylan Gonzalez 6D. Kennedy Mosley





A 2



B A 6








A 1


A 3

Eighth Graders

5 Seventh Graders



A Sixth Graders


ade 8th Gr

H Paige


8th Gr

Dallas S chmidb auer

Students of the month

Wrestli n

ball Volley

K Emily




Student-Athletes of the month

Sailor Days




Eighth grade softball dominates Orchard View by: zak drabczyk I section editor

photos by: zak drabczyk

On April 16, the eighth grade softball team crushed Orchard View with a 16-0 decisive win, in only the second game of the season. Pitcher Kendall Sells set the tone quickly striking out the first batter of the game. “It felt good to strike the first girl out,” Sells said. “It really built up my confidence for the rest of the game.” The Shores girls made a team effort thoughout the first inning, with the first hit of the game by Leann Ronning, eventually finishing the inning with a 4-0 Shores lead. “I think we did a pretty good job,” second baseman Kenadi Carpenter said. “And we all worked as a team.” With Shores leading Orchard View, right Top Left: Second baseman Kenadi Carpenter begins her swing. Left: Catcher Megan Birr grimaces as she goes for the bunt.

fielder Madison Campbell cracked a home run down left field to score two runs as well as demoralizing their Orchard View opponents. “I thought it was lucky,” Campbell said. “But it was pretty sweet too.” With the game closing and Shores in the obvious lead the final Orchard View batter was making a last desperate slide into home plate, but was ousted by catcher Megan Birr, sealing the victory for Shores. “I got lucky that it bounced off the fence right into my glove,” Birr said With Orchard view defeated and a clear victory for Shores, the team looks on to a promising season. “We got our bats to start working and pitching went real well,” coach Paul Sells said. “They hit the ball really well, and had an all around good game.”

Contrasts between indoor and outdoor soccer affects players One of the most noticeable aspects of the indoor soccer game are the walls surrounding the fields, but there are many more differences that might not be as noticeable. Ashley One of the biggest Cory differences spectators see from the outdoor game compared to the indoor game of soccer is that the field is surrounded by walls. These walls create a very different environment for the indoor Amber soccer players because Dion they keep the game going at a faster pace and brings the fans closer to the action. While in the game, the walls help the players because they are able to bounce the soccer ball off the wall to create different shots. With the walls you need to be more conditioned and have more strategy. Another major difference is the size

between the two fields. Indoor soccer fields are smaller and they help the players so they do not have to run as far lengthwise, but because there are no time-outs or stops, there is more running around. The field is smaller so there is less room to get around the opposing team members. The size of the goal also affects how the players perform. They are smaller in indoor, so there is less room to shoot, and there are many more opportunities. There are only about three goals scored in an outdoor soccer game compared to six for indoor. There are 11 players on the field in outdoor, while only six for indoor. With less players, there are more shots to be made. So whether you are in the stands or in the game, be ready for an exciting game with non- stop action, that keeps you on your feet. Top Right: Eighth grader Amber Dion rushes into the scene to steal the ball from her opponent. Right: Eighth grader Anna Beechnau kicks the ball to restart the period.

courtesy photos



Track team, two steps ahead by: megan herteI I staff writer On April 16, Mona Shores Middle School boys and girls track teams faced off at home against Grand Haven with the Sailors taking the victory for both teams. In the 200 meter hurdles, it was a tight race between eighth grader Adam Ulfsax of Shores and Bazany of Grand Haven. Ulfsax, running as fast as he could, beat Bazany by 1.55 seconds finishing the race in 30.22 seconds. Ulfsax also took first place in the 55 meter hurdles with a time of 9.84 seconds. “It was exciting and the whole team did a good job,” seventh grader Taylor McPhail said. In field events, seventh grader Libo Chandler took first in the long jump with a distance of 16 feet and 4 inches. “I think I will do better on the next meet by stretching and practicing more,” Chandler said. Eighth grader Emma Milek showed Grand Haven how great Shores can be in the two mile with a first place time of 14 minutes, 34 seconds. “I thought that I could have done a lot better since there wasn’t really that much competition,” Milek said. “One of the better two mile runners on the Grand Haven team wasn’t even there and the rest of the girls

weren’t that good, not that they were bad either, but I did okay.” Eighth grader Renee Tardani stepped up big in the 70 meter dash, adding to the team total with a first place finish and a time of 10.16 seconds. Eighth grader McKenzie Jackson stole the show in the girls field events, throwing the shot put a distance of 28 feet, 3 inches. “That was my first time ever doing shot put,” Jackson said. “My goal is, by the end of the track season, to beat the shot put record.” Overall, Mona Shores beat Grand Haven by a landslide with the girls team winning 75 to 48 and the boys winning 84 to 39. “Adam Ulfsax won 3 races, both hurdle events and a relay,” coach John Adams said. “What is unique, is he’d never done that before, he threw it out there and just did it.” Top Right: Eighth grader Trevor Boyd demonstrates determination to represent Shores well in the high jump. Right: Eighth grader Adam Ulfsax finds himself neck and neck with two of his opponents during the 55 meter hurdles.

photos by: briann wilson

Muskegon’s rich tradition of great hockey players gives it the nickname Hockeytown by: trevor boyd I staff writer

Hockeytown is not only in Detroit; there is a smaller Hockeytown right here in our own town of Muskegon. The tradition starts with the Muskegon Chiefs program that ranges from age eight to eighteen. In the last few years they have had many great players come though like Justin Abdelkader and Dan Bylsma. Abdelkader plays for the Red Wings and Bylsma played for the Anaheim Ducks and is currently coaching the Pittsburgh Penguins. “I like playing in the Muskegon Chiefs program because they have certain coaches for certain positions,” eighth grader Reed Schlender said. The Mona Shores High School

hockey team has a very long and rich tradition of great hockey. Winning 12 regional championships and going to the state finals two times out of the past three years. Many big names have come through the program, such as Justin Abdelkader and Boo Rowe, both of them playing for the Michigan State University hockey team. “I want to play Mona Shores hockey because they have a very good program,” eighth grader Adam Ulfsax said. The Muskegon Lumberjacks have been in the Muskegon area so long they have changed their name four different times. Each time there has been a name change they have gotten

better and better. This year they have finished at the top of their league and are fighting through the playoffs for the championship. “One reason for the name change was because of the historical importance of the lumbering industry in Muskegon,” Tim Taylor Muskegon Lumberjacks General Manager said. One of the best things about living in or being associated with Muskegon is the rich tradition of great hockey and the players it has produced. “The city of Muskegon is a mini version of the Hockeytown in Detroit,” Mona Shores hockey coach Bob Boyd said.



Jack Johnson relaxes teens with his mellow sounds Jack Johnson has been a popular artist with teens for many years because of his relaxing music and catchy lyrics. Before Jack started his musical career, he was a championship surfer on his way to becoming a professional. His dream of surfing soon ended with a near death experience

Johnson plays and sings to thousands of his fans at the University of British Columbia’s Thunderbird Stadium.

at age 17 when his body crashed into an ex- lemonade, sunglasses, posed reef, and from then on it was music. and flip-flops. He started writing acoustic based songs that Jack has been pleaswould soon make him a hit, ing teens while attending the Univerwith his sity of California. mellow I listen to him when Many people like him sound and I’m doing homework for his acoustic genre and relaxed atJake because it helps me almost reggae feel. His mosphere DeWitt concentrate.” lyrics tend to tell a story or for many — Allie Mccarty ~ 6th make you think about life in years. general. His music is very relaxing and is good to listen to whether you’re just hanging out with friends or working out. If you have heard him on the radio and are still skeptical, try listening to the song Good People. It doesn’t sound like most of his songs, but it has more of a rock/blues feel. Another song you should try is Never Know, it sounds like His music is calm, it something soothes the soul.” you would listen to — Kyle Peterson ~ 7th Johnson sings and plays quitar to his poolside, thousands of fans at Columbia Meadows. with a cold

Facebook provides neater, cleaner atmosphere for teens When most teenagload depending on how much content is ers get home the first spamming the profile you’re trying to thing they do is head visit. Your Myspace will only be neat and to their polished if you work to favorite keep it that way, otherwise I have both, but I like social your home page and profile Facebook. There are netcould become littered with more ways to chat Molly and get connected.” working all your activities and apSchaub — Samantha Pike ~ 6th site, but plications. whether they go to FaceOn Facebook you are book or Myspace is the question. instantly connected to all that your friends Facebook is known for it’s clean apdo when you log on. You know who pearance and easy navigation. The site they have talked to, any new pictures makes it easy to find people you know they have and what they’re up to. Everyones user posted and I have both, but I like pages look the same so it’s quick to load any groups Myspace because and even has chatting features making it they have more friends are easy to communicate with your friends. joined, on it and you can have music and Myspace is more customizable, giving which backgrounds.” you all sorts of options for your profile instantly page and home page. Due to this fact, keeps you — Rachel Resterhouse ~ 7th Myspace pages can take a long time to in the loop

with your friends. You can also visit a friends profile page to see exactly what they’ve been doing in the neat format that Facebook is known for. Facebook’s uncluttered pages and simple navigation rule over Myspace’s messy layouts.

photo by: molly schaub

Eighth graders Ryan Cooper and Lydia Karel are like most teens that use social networking sites as part of their everyday life.



Asian Buffet brings variety and taste to the Muskegon area With a wide range of legs which had a texture of jerky taste. For Asian food and a good dessert we had the brownie that tasted like variety of American it had cinnamon in it and just tasted wrong. food, the Asian BufThe other desserts were kind of bland and fet and Grill is a great didn’t have much flavor. Overall, the best place to go to have a part of the buffet was the soft serve ice good time cream with a never endNicole and some ing buffet of toppings. Shady good food. The service was not I liked the noodles The buffet was good, with the best. Our waitress and the stuff they lots of food like chicken, sushi, was quiet and hard to make on the grill.” seafood, vegetables, rolls, and understand and was not — Dakota Wadden ~ 6th fruit. We tried to taste a little bit very talkative or helpful of everything by taking small toward us. The comfort amounts. By doing this we found some of the place was nice. It had a great layout things we liked and some things that were except the decor was a little plain. The not too tasty. There was a large variety of booths were comfy and the place was not chicken, there was sesame, General Tso’s, too crowded or loud, nor too empty or quiet. sweet and sour orange chicken. The sushi Rather than going to Subway or Brooklyn came with rice, crab, and a yellow pepper Bagels, we would recommend heading over that was good, but the seaweed was a little to The Asian Buffet and Grill and trying it overpowering. Three other things that we out. Although it was a little pricey at $11.34 tried were the octopus, baked mussel and a person, we got our money’s worth in frog legs. Each had their own taste. The octhe amount of food. As most of us know, topus had a peppery tangy taste, the baked middle school students like to be adventurmussel with a fishy rotten taste, and the frog ous and try new foods, and the Asian Buffet

is a great place to do that. There is plenty of seating so you and your friends can all fit. With a slightly high price and lots of food we were pleased, but wished we could have left with a little bit more in our wallets.

Paige Qualls

photo by: paige qualls

Cars line the front of the popular restaurant, Asian Buffet and Grill, across from the Lakes Mall.

Choir offers opportunities for singing and performing Students at Mona Shores Middle School have many different ways of expressing themselves, singing fun music, and performing with friends

photo by: rachel green

Mona Shores Middle School choir sings fun and exciting new music.

makes choir one of the most popularly requested on the elective list. There are several concerts throughout the school year in which students learn new and exciting music. Choir students get the opportunity of trying out to do a solo if they are chosen. Seventh grade students should get involved because it’s a new and exciting way to have fun and get a break from all of their regular classes, also you can become closer to your eighth grade peers. Every year there are more and more seventh grade choir students because of the encouragement of their classmates. Eighth graders should join because of the additional opportunities that take place; such as festival and the concert

at the end of the year. Eighth graders guide seventh grade students through their first year in choir and help them achieve Rachel what they learned in Green their previous years as a singer. As an eighth grade choir student you are a leader and a “lifter, not a leaner”, so get involved and show off your talent. There are many students out there with a wonderful, undiscovered talent of singing, and choir is a great opportunity to find it and show it off.

Photo Story

Eighth grader Lauren Johnson and seventh grader Reagan Wilcox perform a basket toss. Eighth graders in competitive cheer prepare toe touch.

Eighth graders Lindy Torvinen and Jill Klein talk after getting introduced as the volleyball team. Eighth grader Brandi Gabris cheers as she gets introduced to the crowd as part of the volleyball team. Seventh grader Sam Reynolds waves to the crowd while being introduced for basketball.

Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly

Seventh graders Taylor Southland and eighth graders Amanda Plumley and Nicole Bertapelle stick a perfect elevator.

Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly

Everyone Get on Your Feet

On Friday, April 4, Mona Shores Middle School held the annual pep assembly before Spring Break to send students off.

Mr. Wahlberg and Adam Ulfsax stand up to cheer for teachers. Eighth graders Helen Oldaker and Katie Tibbits cheer for the eighth grade. The crowd goes wild as the teachers began to race for the win.

Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly Pep Assembly


Sixth grade teacher Ms. Zimmer dribbles down the court keeping first place. Seventh grade teacher Mrs. Prentice long boards down the court to keep to pace. Seventh grade teacher Mrs. Brink struggles to keep up with Ms. Barnett.

Sailors On the Scene - Volume 3 - Issue 5  

Mona Shores Middle School Newsmagazine